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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 1/12/2023 - Karen the Riveter

Published Jan. 12, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i'm donna brandenburg it is the twelfth day of january twenty twenty three and while a lot happening again it's kind of kind of interesting too to keep her eyes on the ball a little but one the test down of the plains yesterday was fairly significant in my mind i think that we're seeing that is happening behind the scenes right now others is kind of hard to put her fingers on what's really going on we does it be attended to in a brig care and not here a minute and anyhow i'm being here caroon in and start the day more nicarao you doin the morning in minims bad and so happy to be back and talking with you in the mine i know holmnest i missed you lot so i missed you and you don't miss everybody out there it's a a kind of a crazy you know i really needed the brakeand i think i think o'ercame of reasons and we had so much going on here that it was it was really good for me to have some a little bit of down time so that i could you know we focus my attention on different issues that were coming elseinnocent a time really want to pray but also we yet a lot of issues that we were dealing with here and it gave me a time to regroup the troops a little bit gets and focused decide what i wanted to research on next and he i go off and lots different handunseen go into one area and then i watched for a while and so i sogain enough knowledge to be a able to converse about it as well as to know what's really going on and what o things sasakwon i both light to research and will go into things to find out what's really going on and that sometimes has a going down rabbit trails into the deeper issues which i think are really good you know i think it's a good process so honestly i feel really really positive for having having that time his re focus and i jumped into a lot of different things onlooking into face materials a ownerships of corporation that the mechanisms behind the every day life that we see and the other the other thing that i've really focused in on it if we ended up having a total collapse or crash what would i do starting with nothing to not only help myself but the people around me what would i do and i've got some some really quick answers to that because you can look at how the affecting our foods supply eggs and i i might up to my chicken production here i'm going to i'm going to continue to do that and i want to do some videos to show people how to be more or less self sufficient and gain different skill oh to be able to either feed themselves and or go for community groups how how we can work together to overcome any obsolete comes our way and there some great answers and it sounds such as a lot of fun for me cause i like that sort of thing anyway you know so so any tho the corporation thing is is going to blow people's minds when they really get a handle on what's going on what has been going on what behind it some ownership that that corporations have em have basically common deer such as things like a compass verizon in now you notre talking about five or five gevis morning a little bit and i think that when you look behind the scenes and walks on legislation bad legislation it was created saying the fifties that that tesla actually gave a gut punch to which is really good it's interesting it there's a mix of good and bad everywhere you you everywhere i seem to look so though some outcomes may be good there still plain with some some things that are not so like deal and i think that still i still go back to the point that in to really fixed us we're going to have to have somebody that's willing to absolutely do some very very difficult things and in like like you know he runcom any sometimes you just got to go in and you got a level it start over again and i think think we're there right now eh i'm i'm kind of a fan of the canadian of caffeine be gone every one of those three letter agencies we need to absolutely level it because there unconstitutional the overreaches amazing and when you start when you start really looking into the how they move money around on the shell games of their plain cause it's a constant it's absolutely constant that the the thing i focusing right now was not on the interaction between the government of with coast and vaison and in who owns them and how the sisal in related all these subsidies with the corporate welfare has got to stop its god it's got to come to a full stop so say whitmer whose park her sorry behind over and in dowelwater and with the rest of the globules a lo bless the all these corporate subsidies she given to the battery factories to government motors and now gem government motors they insurance in there there really what what this whole thing is this is the site centre of the whole thing is developing cartels in order to protect and gain favor and third the ones that are placing the policy we are cut out of the entire we the people are cut out of the entire and i mean entire process its its all lusion the whole thing is loselerius are allusion the health care systems are allusion it's just an allusion to basically strip us of our wealth and are in our freedom and and such and in its it's a big it's a big net work really and when you look at all of the corporations that are set over there in geneva and switzerland and i think i just heard this there's like there's like an enlevage amount of bunkers seven hundred seven hundred and twenty or so bankers and an engine why would a neutral state what man conquers because there neutral at all there thetheyou want to find world the public masters are on pretty extra sure that you go right over there and you're going to find the seat of satan settentrine there and in davis there trying to make little gods out of themselves nothing but a bunch of little th is that on you know what makes me take in things we think that those of the people who were most afraid yet they're like hides little little paranoid bockers comoros rosa while the rest are out or actually you know feed on the ground and kickin up kicking up bad things and bad guisando carrying what the outcome because there's so many of us you know when it really comes down into it there's so many of us ah interesting yet did you ever did you ever watch any and any information or goelicke anything that god he did and with a salt production in india that's really interest at when the window of the brits were trying to regulate the salt production there and finally the the native indians you know that the indians there they decided that this was going to add so they they stood in a peaceful protest and they just kept walking up to them one by one as they british soldiers just just basically knocked him out knocked him down and there was another line that would follow right after them and they just come on told that in helthe the bruce soldiers or like i can't do this thing and in a basically that's what ended it it was every one that that oh you know was demoralizing and ah demoralizing and waking up the puppets that are sitting underneath the puppet masters and of to go youpart of the problem the people that are working for any of these organizations part of the problem you are the problem the people that sit there and put the masks on an keep em on our part of the problem your feeding at your complying with a your complicit and an intellergent asides to say you know no were not we are going to absolutely defy any of these orders and less to see what hampson how many of us could they actually put in jail or kill there is going to come in ante you know what i hate to say it but that's actually there and you know it or we stand up and we just we stand and and make them take an action but not in a stupid wits like honestly you know when you walk into something that something like em a fbi or sea selfcause a joint lot of that their moderate there in one hole i've had a bunch of people call an try to get me all hopped up on gods and grabbed the gardens grow torches and pitch force and lots going to land then aanloopen it's like it's like you realize the laughing at you looking out the windows cause the gain everthere in orebody there in landing and he will there but for the beginning of this shore wanted to get out it it is the the value when that was actually getting people off there behind and getting involved ocaso there was a value to that however that was never going to work and it's it's never or motor going to the judicial pretty much all placed sorrows judges which sores sir gill gates it all runs right up to switzerland and i i have the belief that what we see is never reality there's a layer beyond behind them that we don't get now they may have done enough stuff to be in the club but i think there's much bigger dogs set in behind them that that that are calling a lot of and in your in will never see altho in yet are you won't will never see them because they therethey live in the shadows and and furthermore i think that most of this is the spiritual war and espiritual spiritual at the end of the day whose sitting on the top of of the globules and world economic for or as can be seen himself this thing is so demonic and and you know you can you can you can make some pretty good suppositions you know some some good observations were you can like it altogether and say on sorry but this is all this is all smoke and meres and and oh you know it's like i've been i've been all so digging into the fine teething and looking at what happened with the government subsidies to say con and o how come cast and prison basically or in crops together to create this communication at opolie into ourself phones and something else i found out this really interesting is that five g is is probably one of the biggest super spies out there because as they increase technology they went from from one form to in the next to the next to the next well our spy satellites and satellites were all right using five so what shifting shifting to fig and our fans basically gave prison of monopoly because concas who received all the subsidies which by the way both companies are over the same corporation doctors sponsibility of hand to replace all the outdated copper in the ground this is a big deal and i'm not here on anybody talking about this because why because they got as chasing our tails on a wins and on you know on a wee ons and on a aventred of this that and the other thing there is a lot bigger dogs behind us if we took the hat of the snake how it would all the rest of this would just come like a house the cards and in some of the oconee with legislation is like there's something on looking at with tassetto and what happened with tessa and the stuff that was his son so the dealers dealers were the car infectores if this is all about protecting self entered the political parties do at the grass roots group groups to it every one of these organizations of five on one seat three do it the man in the corporations do it and there is all to garner favor to to many wander away from we the people any bone and put it in the hands of politicians that are playing ball of the corporate it's a money absolutely so when when we look at when we look at im legislation in wind were so busy raising our families trying to do the right thing that all of these special interests old our pushing getting a piece of the pie and how many of them are getting pay off for ah what they're getting me we were looking at was look at transference you say of course with with check on monday and you can see all these players that are siphoning money off of what especial interest groups which are political parties there all infiltrated the us taxpayers parties been infiltrated the republican parties mental traded the democrat parties in fulton is and if anybody thinks that they have even these sops and it's like it's like em i did a bunch a background investigation on people and whenever i see something that's up that doesn't make sense to me in like see what the real game as he and i think i'm in to start lodging some complaints against a few because they're not who they say they are when you see somebody that sad to sell a house that wasn't there and then all of a sudden you've got all kinds of single entities in laura i got a long acuminate so i mean is this is going to be a fine a fine in what can a lopasse that somebody's going to get infected got to show in this disesely call on to get up and show you some some his honorhis morning folks an honor alas morning and i think this is i got him my crops with me right so i've got props with me but anyhow that this there's one particular individual as the gods to calm me and say i don't think you like me on like poundon like people that are not apparently haven't haven integrity because i got to do as chase down the facts and you connect the out to see the patterns but he got some on to scott all kinds of single day entities why would you have business is for one day and then dissolved in one day and lots of em and then under different names the skates in eventual has different aliases he rose different aliases has got names of businesses that are lord really creepy suspect and how many judgements in this person got sport in a position of power which can control the entire outcome of the next election and everybody's so wide eyed and oh yes this person's been in it for so long and in like have you done round shot do you know who you're dealing with the answer to that is now and when you watch the people around his person how they act like a bunch of lap dogs oh oh it's like people wake up these people are horrible so this is what it is i got this if i tromp genuine and i think it is a anticholericus it's like this is what we should all be doing i mean love on haydenwhere i don't look carriolinga him i think he's sasthai us a and like his men tweets because he was accurate and and you know it's like it's like sometimes there comes a point where you got to call it what it is and this is little this little you know ah lay down and eat whatever they shove in our face time is gotobed ne but yet every single parties been in filters so the groups and if you are if you're a spent a little time in the looking into the backgrounds most of the completely public you can find so much out publicly it's just like a you'll again you am the fbi has in an screw you fbi they don't have that they don't have the ability to even est and so you look at the fbi the the the method that the bad guys in the fbi had been using it's all to the register under different spellings like come it is a poster child for corruption in the aphonse's more i there's more than him there's way more than him but he would spell his name corny in the document senior michon mana goes the same thing which makes me really it's the shan mershan me sandi i mean there is a town of business entities under lara so when you start looking at this then go down and look at addresses were addresses are filed where they filed business and then look at the who there connected with who were they connected with igasura questions about dixon and that loman o lo lumisden news because loomis student knew as a going back to divorces and then the connections with devoss and engages them such there and so you have to look at that will what is how what's the connection between little man looming student knows a ten minute program that listed on more with five million dollars as this is what they use are you kidding me it's not even possible whose pain dixon sent front of a camera for ten minutes and i'm not seeing any jester bution for this whatsoever none except you know you the connection there with daddy whether daddy dearest and i know where dad died not on sorry so did mine i'm not asking for pity points because i lost my dad because you know what my dad was ready to go to heaven and don we're all going to go in it's in for christian it's not the worst thing in the world actually him celebrating that he's probably he is very very sick for a long time and i'm hoping he's off there running he loved to run and horse that we put down he loved that horse grate there open having together i've got i've got no sadness it is very pragmatically this is part of life and anybody that uses that or you know how she is cancer anything else get pity point i have no respect for the sess agoand there's a lot of things i could throw out there that i don't talk that i could say maybe the same thing and i would never put it out there for pity points to cause this is a job to do we're losing our nation and we can't have it have people in place just because they've got a sob story every one thus everybody has got problems in their lives and and we have to stop back as is an adult and say yet everybody has promised let's get together and try to help each other instead of falling down the same hole where they are victimizing all of us three emotions rather than logical thinking ben ahthis whole laura thing it to jump into lawrence start to in some research real good idea of body and look at the look at the addresses because you'll see multibus ness says that will come out of the addresses or if you got to get really snaky about it and want to look into it which is a good thing you know i'll look us should be good little good little spookshop oni think that we should be spying on their lloseta out there planted in every orison look at the look at the address where are the terssell find like a cluster of people who are who are honestly operating together is exactly what you can see if you look up save orizon and compassing the joint ownership so one will kick the ball in this direction and the similar what well we're just going to do it over here they'll take all the payments do absolutely nothing they will not produce nothing and all of a sudden they'll write up plans in such an in this this entity over here will come up with a way to get around to regulations that these guys are trying to fight with and then all of a sudden it won't matter because all the money's gone the matter they didn't have to they have performed because all of a sudden on behold this company is doing something that substandard but kind of kind of goes along with the the regulations that are there so now the one's gone they never performed anything and this one has got a monopoly on the area that's exactly what come casanion did without rural areas right now and i'm goin plow the thing out of the out of the water because you can see exactly from a business stand on exactly what they did to state the nation in order to form wheat worth finding as we founded there monotonously and who set at the top she the screen shot of it i'll share the screen shop because i went to a market research le as like all you know i think i'd be just hate not me and i'm glad i really want to be like five people who i have no respect absolutely no respect for these people whatsoever so here to go i put my little little ah little law get in here this is commanders august ansioso it's rising communications shareholder fan guard is set on the top with seven point nine one s s g a fund management three point nine cameleer of marketing through point five four black refond advisers snoblands on pretty sure if we looked at thisalmost all these companies will have three or four incarnations of the same group so set of something and and i either stand that the thought process behind some of it is somebody's doing it from the right reason like an owl see it that's one thing but if they're doing it in order to shift money around it's a hole another ball game that we're looking and then there's geo capital management and then guess what's next charles investment manage and then we got more god sent stanley and j kymoron and dimensional fond advisers on that now loreno to the next one which is comcissang ards settin right on the top camporese chanman asement asked sg a ocythe flipped positions in ownership on this one got a like throw people off the track a little bit i guess cavaliers marketing massachusetts financial services black rock fund advisers dogicos go cenomanis re cavalry search and fidelity management research and then we're going to just go to tosse what is an vangard vanguard group as stefan black crack funded visor state farm investment management corporations celestialthe insurance company in geo cenomana gee i'm not i've not done any research on that go but i think we should then the rope price southern asset management morganston nor then trust in vestments and nor does bank investment manager so i an not pretty sure o the hachones it's going on there movementtrade to create what on the napoleon because of the only ones that are going to be able to get to the rural areas and then let look at what's happening with five gasoscope with fightingthese cares like she's ohooooooee that the federation federation of hopepeace and just homeandand so and so five decantaret sulphone within sonato's for view was about a hundred about hundred two hundred feet away but they've got is targeted down to senterments with five in a much much lower power that were being bombarded with in forge so i got a feeling we got we've got to distraction here that we need to sniff out because there's there's a problem here same thing with tesla there's there's some good things but there's some really questionable things going on here and you know oh i think that there's if anybody wants another trail to go down go down the trail of richard do an individual interesting a cap to basically drive some one crazy by feeding the messenian ormation so when we hear something it's like i listened to everybody talk or early do i doesn't make any difference to there but you know and i just just listen you know okay i listen and then in like some sound and right here to too many distractions and in all this whole thing with doves and what's going on there were white merhal pens to be and so does a governor of georgia and all these people in play i think we should be concerned about i'm just saying it right but it's all so the seat of many many three letter agency so i'm sorry throw your hot chalk your swiss out chocolate away because i think we got some i think we got some true lizard people is over there and and i don't mean that i don't mean that in the conspiracy way i mean that doesn't really really evil people and so we're just can keep her eyes on it done i got out now i'm going to write it down on him substancewith all my screen shots and and ah marcerye connections i think is important what say almost like conteinest like we should run for governor or something with all the information that you now the great in superheaters extemporate special interests parties and people that follow on like a colt oh i got a vote publican because he probably is a good note publicans are the biggest part of the problem the whole the whole the whole party is and if anybody thinks that they're going to reform this in any way shape reform and colohan hingeston people and who's going to replace ye you don't think of the bad guides are going to sit there and look structure there is a weakness there's a structural weakness in having political parties there that no one is ever going to be able to overcome because if the itgreat if we lived in the vacuum and there were no bad guys out there but i can guarantee you that the bad guys that are out there are watching it to find ways to suburb the pros i is in fact so that to some ah i we work with the lot of a cold inspectors and low what we were with inspectors everywhere the pipe in the rail yard the income property i mean everywhere everything we do where it were june on sober checks all the time on so it's like i've had the inner face for years with high level inspectionand organizations that youyou have to have a standard and there's always always over some of the welding that we do we'll have to even though cases on pipe one we'll have to match up to like a nuclear standard so many high over side we radiograph i'm all over the all the joints in the pipe line so i mean every step of the way that it's a systematic waited do everything and everything has oversight every step of the way and i i had i had inspector come to me one time and he a jerk he was just being a jerk about it eh ah for whatever reason and i just looked at all i looked him in albania you do realize that if i wanted the hide anything i know all there everybody else out there is doing it but i refused to do you got a lot bigger fish to fry out there with people that are trying that are dishonest that are dupin you as you're walking on the property because you don't know what to but the people that actually work in an industry or something they know how everybody does it and and what they're doing to get around get round doing it with integrity i just refused to do it i'll do it the right way instead of doing it in a way that the shock to get away with it because you know any time you lie cheat or steal in any way shape perform it's going to come back and hit you and it's just a bad practice and an i wouldn't do it any way just because because i it's not in me to do it or were too much easier to be honest for no so any anyhow so there there you go there there's yet check out richardot i use spelling his last name the for minute get it right he is a as seguitati was into a ufo and so the the he was an intercepting what he was doing i think they were experimenting dot i would that not hold on hold on one more time if i get right ah richard dowdy you have follows and yet i do thy supine this region are cusation follow come you full figure richard doty of also the people that were wrong there was a couple of called the war and so i must dislike i just am curious about everything right so the there's a couple that did the same thing with with peronospora activity illogical is some like one to know his tell the truth to his lion joey was a planted cap and he drove he drove the sky out his mind he at the gay ended up going into menoitius on oh and and i i think that they were trying to cover something of and it was probably their own activities that that the sky figured out sole sanomassa a am agent bear to befriend him drove him knots with bad information and i'm in basically experimented on a human psyche that's what they were doing without here i can tell you there right there and if they do it with him third down it with all of us is is not just the news this is the people that were coming to contact with out there and you know even in the political parties there are so many federal operatives that are in the its notesuses insurrection in the political parties its the its grass roots groups i can name some that i checked out and ice on up the ice set off the pine and i like a son des i'm in sondes directly straight up and say ye missus let this person dead guaranteed guaranteed operas and i i absolutely they are so at rechecked out so it's kind o it's kind of a funny thing but in the five gee i think there's enough in disinformation and there for every one to be a little bit suspect because they've been using that sense i believe the seventy and it was coming it was you it was used more for sad like but they pinned point their target with five that's what i understand of it not that i am absolutely that i know absolutely everything about it cause i don't but there is there's a lot of the truth is like usually one or two steps away from what we're fright what we're told and that's what we have to look at now in there is a lot of an i don't believer disbelieved most things the slices i try to stay neutral on and into and tell something decides to pop to the fort ah but but it's kind of interesting that the emotive horror that i don't watch i don't want chobei don't watch for woes i just i don't do that right but you kind o dig into it and there is also a group of people are a couple of people called the war ends that were out and investigating all this pyromorality it's it's it's a hole the whole thing was a hole it is hung on one person's testimony and that its jumped on by a bunch of opportunists substance substantia that but it was all about the dials it's all about money and that one you can you can go to clearly devant not not real i think there's enough of the real stuff out there but it's not going to show itself to us ah in a way that we would think how saint comes as the agent you know is the angel light and there's a lot of people that they look good did you see other then there is a world pageant last night and you crane had her head there woman dressed as a woman but he caught a warrior of light of the notes big wing is got little wings they have some kind of motor on em so they could spread them out it will do wishone and they called her warrior of light and the wings were even sitting right there city kind of cook him and unlike where are you traffic children sheltering under your wings on the ihanteelliseen shell i was scopeand i and as i what's see what i can pull up here yet this is this is so crazy it's like and in the an you know oh here it is a prayer the u if this is on is there is servitor yeah i share andersonvile go this morning i saw it with that a discourse theotiscos of and loved his colical disclose of disclosed petty is a redia yet oh here we are the inconsistencies ceres only now cleof her but aeternitas here the woman from mere and like as skin so and the entire thing was gold it was to relieve ready pelisson how ugly it hideous on a uncowed as sorry i ah in seacoast for passford and i also spelt as here the screen or man and a thing oneshere i was like to look because you never know what's going to pop up on this soft and i and most of what pops up for me is softlike no clothes and i've got one or itnow that came up that sothere there she has in all her glory so we've got the crown of lady libert owner had state liberty the scales a sellick all these clothes sits come up as his weird where her and you and uh yeah so the weird and she had real wings it reelings i can see the late i don't know that look little different from what i had seen on the seat by coterie it is from the a calesse on five not enow yes ere this see cassolette here the one from redon alec ratit ya ho stands every one with warrior costume miss universe from yahoo oh oh we've got to vittore we're going to be inspiring a yahoo i ain't you who inspire us in all her glory you must you sons every one with warrior costume that when a no solness that a commercial movement no it's a mitral rosin the the link that are a communities the sort of version when i saw that her walking on to his stage let me see if i can omit hing up where we're getting there at my kitchen table is like a mockery of a in in one of the episodes of hunger games she comes out onto the stage and in she twirls around and then her wings come up and they have these big wings that open up on to the stage and who in all everybody and i think that's what they were trying to emulate it is it's like the landscaping on a golden los howards shell or the fact that congress somebody put up a resolution or a bill to make a bust they want a bust of the lensky in the halls of congress can initiate why not a thing onegot carelesse for king cap you know i alsosomething appear less ah salicheit on her with a wandering that herrings ain't there supposed to protect her wing joints apparently i don't know oh my gosh lord help us very nice job by miss universe on and you cringe no i can't do it hate a sorry so yeah well that it is its really its rule so sad and now we can we can move on i guess but what else is going on right now that you've seen but he you think about that the the ground he volplanes i don't know oh i didn't see a whole lot of information coming through about it a little bit of speculation what's really going on is it a digital issue a i think we're probably got to see more and more i think one of the things that were probably going to see is communications issues because as more information comes out the right now most of it is a matter of twitter and social media but it appears as though congress is going to be a part of it ah i have never been one who trusts the idea of congress telling us anything truthful but it appears as though the committees that there forming might actually do some of that um and some of these newly elector of resentive may actually do what they were selected to do and we still haven't heard the results of gorham case that's not over either so i think there's a lot more disclosure going to happen and i think as it happens there's going to be more of a panic going on with the fake news media so on oronto have to try anacardice in disrupting the flow of information it's going to have to be more in time that they want to shut that down they can't control it as long as we have power as long as we have internet flow ah s ongest trump has too so she and we have twitter they can't shut down and they can't even stem the flow of it right now i know that's driving them crazy so how long will they let it go on that we are continuously with a king up the norms if you will example there don't have to write that so what did the shut down of transportation do now there might be something else that we we may never know on banking at so on the thereescore is going down looking at the note on the what happened and it's all all the main stream whatever means stream says like you see the sum all the entries jossa to day chicago and ah massa aviation race that might be better one and pierre and no abc sins this week i despondpassed all them and tried find something washing on poles i you don't hear here's the deal what if what i don't know this they demanded brain work but i want wandering if their putting another system in place that they were testing what type of system are here from to well i believe that they all can run regardless with with a with a different system behind ah behind what's going on so why they shut it down is it because the system was bad and in some is like when you look at all of the the companies that are owning say come cast his onsuch if you look at if you look who really owns at one of the big share holders and and ah um some of this is is china and chinese chinese companies there's there's a lot of that in their a lot of that involved in that though the questions i i curious a all is were they taking out a system that was corrupted presupposing the good guys are in charge which i believe they are where they take in out assise that was wholly watched ah controlled by a foreign entity to put something better in place going back to say like some of the stuff that helon muscas involved in ah i'm curious i don't know i have no idea of what an end or were they were they um was it was it a true glitch i'm not believing that for one minute or wotnot not for one so and in you know the more of us that decentralized the news and and get you know communication or or transportation i think there should be a lot of really small an airline started up these bagmen opolis apart that are owned by the same corporations that our messengers with food or with or with food supplied such it be great if there were there were smaller are lines that had like the compute the communed little jumpers and i mean it's going in that direction the so it's been going that direction for a while but but i think that i think you're some improvement could be made there seriously i'm not in flying right now yes there was a stir there were he a nice little old clip i found probably from police frequency channel but it could have been elsewhere where a reaching illicit sea ah alaska had a a flight that needed to take place for an ambulance ride for somebody and they they couldn't power up the runway and they had thirty ours show up light the runway and enabled them to to take off and in he made it sounds like it was the community and not you know just employees or or whatever i and i don't remember where it was but i liked the idea that the community showed up to help oneanother own that's thrown that that is the way that it should be and alaska you know there there communications lagery radio base um they have a community where they help one another from a distance often and tough conditions that's how they roll you know and of course they have other situations in the last caletor less fortunate to what ah it's a little different way from doing things than we do here but the community orientation at least in that event was kind of cold to see that is really cool scovery cold can i find me a flying at night he's let this little button you can push to to turn a lights on at the smaller airport so pilate can actually hit a bottom and turn the teton airport lights it look the runway lights on doing a visual visual flight it eh and not that of his monks were pieces of information the cars yet that the whole community thing is is you know i think if our rags said you know what i'm going to look around and i'm to make a list of all these people that not only the ones that we pray for you know to make a list of people we prayer there there's so much need and actually keep a list of who needs prayer and what for and check all on people you know what water people struggling with and then look for a way to jump in and be helpful so i think i think all this stuff can motivate more community involved men and it's a mind set you know it's just a my set of looking for opportunities to be helpful and really it's the whose really in charge is the master in charge was the servant servois overtime speaking of prayer i just realized something to day is the twelfth and we have mutual friends going to a hearing to day for a january six yeah an it might be my myght soudower too on to do a prayer for them yes let's do that right now it wont do you ask stardom to oh you go ahead we oregontai think we can save her names cause i think i hate aonaigh now are and i loved them very very much i am going to tell you that that the whole i can't even tell you when i decided to run for governor on like oh what am i do and i'm going to hate my life for the next four five six years i'm going to hate every minute of it because i hated politics and i'm going to tell you going around the state and meeting actual real people not politicians to the combats but to me actual political people that are repeople that are in patriots are willing to stand for something is one of the greatest experiences i will be able to say of my life and i remember i cause i took pitchers and go and and i've got em i've got all these pitchers that i took with people so could because i wanted to remember i wanted it that if somebody called me i could quick look up in my son and go o crire member seein this person in which frames that for me to the conversation we had and i'm going to tell you what two of there there so many good people out there but the two that are i think you're talking about the hearing to day it's carantouan they are two of the finest people i have ever met in my life they they are they will i will always consider them the family because a metal you brave heart they they are so brave and they are so true and you know we they traveled around with with me for a couple of times and as they were trying to keep me safe to arreton that was with me was lucky now we're tryin to keep you safe because why i homorod in the face and just tell the truth and for and i'm going in the tallow you there's no there is no finer people and we really need to pray for them because they love the nation they love god theirs their hearts are service to god and ah i will be proud to stand with them through anything because they are true there they are absolutely amazing and so let let's less pray for them to day to day and for ever for them eh in what's what's coming up so late death dear holy father thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to stop right where we are at any point time and to ask you for help to ask you to in front of gary andab not just a day but in every day and give them your favor we asked that you would open the people's eyes of that are there too listened to what needs to be said the people that are making decisions and that you would not only get the favour to aryanoble the terror the your terror into the hearts of the people that are listening to us to know that there's a cone if they do something to hurt an innocent person and a in that you that their eyes would be open to the reality of what's around them we ask that it would be orderly and peaceful we use that you give danger and every one around them a sense of your divine presence your divine you're divine intervention because this battle is yours we know that you're waiting to do miracles and waiting to intervene all we got to do is ask what we are asking for the thought of our hearts for you to help them and every one else that was involved in january six which are on government set up are of the fbi in trapped all these people and that there was no harm no damage there some one open those doors and left let every one and some one was instigating and it was from that actors and her own government we all know it and the truth is going to be out and i can't wait for you to get hold of every one of these people that base eentire lives on is and a harming other people in the meantime the favor that you can give to beautiful beautiful souls your children we are celebrating the day and we thank you because we know this prayer is answer in the name of jesus christ we pray the man came over bad guys just lost very very interesting to watch you know the entrapment going on you know it's kind of interesting to watch what was happy on resulted juicy that they'd get thrown shaking it out in her chamont yeah you have met with it was where it was like a gay i'll get like as an houdin want to tell us the truth we get that for out into the shell bigot more suspicious as he watched the day roll out and and then there were some coverage that was coming through actual people and not just like journalists people who were on a ground sharing bits of information that i didn't see in the footage where it it became even more obvious that there was it was the same thing as what we had experienced here and it was i sat up and then the way that the meteoric ed of course trump inspired it it was all trumps fall now okay i believe that our government has had a role to play in brazil i also now be the patriots had a roll to play and i think the guy with the exact same sort of viking fell met that was that was how i know it's all part of the plan for the record i think our son and was better than theirs he we we had a wawawawa but her choinok so so we took prize on this contest of the second i ever see those videos where they have like a they have trumped and meanwhile they have this music from ah james bond to don antonio de dotoenyino and then they have bid in and i've got somebody doing a really really bad whistle of the recorder so it's like one operable sound he comes out and in like a child trying to do james pond if you look it up you will find so many radios where people have done that when people pull out the recorder that they got when they were in their craters that's what the shaman is like you know what a guy in otiatores contrepointer okay because i think this is canelike one of these things that his chin o have to do with the moment time all right topsalteery part of my day right now is to compare so we got the result shone ah i like the fellows on sad so in we got the american shomenuthi gus appeared so our shop in is better than there showing sorry brazil you lost his completely and i like no little tails coming off with the hat here you know having i've got back to a who was it in the the the old frontier davy crockett you can he's got a merican racoon and this other guy he's got like face leopard for from the craft store our gunlocks more more of than i he's got anticanis he looks like he painted his chest edepol an i do preciousand is better the ring any more shaman stuff in here who knows all were more shamans i get that prices all right our shouther o all we got to some here okay i said it right out loud oh no the horrible word that were that shall not be spoke right so he go we've got our showman or shop didn't need a bulhorn you did he mooroonde oh i don't like to witodlice ours has got a better cast tom not football i paint and a voice he didn't need a bull horn orgies like definitely definitely louder hatpins pain what's that of wilnecote face paint but he doesn't have chess paint out look at he's got starts and got three stars here we've got three stars here and i'm on tolling this is great i think the heat this guy borrowed his horn exeter this and in it came to that that's one thing very noticed was that the normal it were talking normally ah horns when i think of like viking corn helmet i think of more of a larger base horn with a curvature to it and oh that's kind of a pipette of i don't know what is that a yack or something i do my i think we just won the shop in contest rite there that the don we want it but but look at their faces are painted exactly the same ratios of color little stars on the edith little better going on there he got the little you know the it's it's just like the same except for their shamans not going in the tent look they're going in the football field so there you go there's are there's our analysis and yea pepi i ohashimashite to pull this out to look at happy a prose looking all the popes over there this is a good day as he copperas we got a fake shaman we two fig shamans and a puppet so i wonder who the guy is the actor there because our guy has this everybody knows who what his name is and he's been suspected as an agent or isn't he as he morioris into in all this other stuff there's a lot of discussion about where he comes from so i wonder who this other in orgies were converted as working for our government i can tell you that and appositely the anithing the equites you go herogod the detail it the decoy that they put on the decoy was says tattoos not other oh loches a patifie and suck me and for just for for a little bit there and like oh no isection don't get everybody talking and running her own chastiser tails and such as then it's like way in so is like les os look it just look at that for a little chest and see what he's got going on there right is like no no it's not a pontificem if you look at it it is not the same thing with you got to look past the obvious it's just like with us with all these political operatives that are functioning in the political parties their federal frigga agents their agents and their all connected in you you want to look at a group of a michitaro this out there look at the look at the i won't oh i'm showing roothing elinor up toahremember the simpsons the simpson's head a cartoon with with waking man he had tattoos he had the habit thirdly simpson's viking man seaton watch tv if you do not and i on trivial pursuit or any type of trivial thing because i will fail i've seen i'd a seen that picture going around and it's like okay which came first as it was years ago oh there you go fishing if you if you haven't seen that if you do a little bit of look in the same sons had a lot of imagery that it's been used more recently a law it's uncanny there here's one that compares all eoliths this is important put up in that we are watching a move of the thinkingare tion we have fighting man and we've got woolock at that look at he's got the little round then too there wonnot trees happening here which i bootheman relatewhat we have actually got brick on the arm he's got bricks on the arms lee that lip that it so we can see are onesif i can get the air oh yeah we gave a skill i distantis killer ought not he failed or i or daddy then we got going for maneteneris like way louder than the gay but looking scatola if thare he's got ter reckon you's got bricks he's got he's got a double tent too that this you don't try angle is like a that looks like a tree he's got the double tansy here which is not the padapoulos got little round thing right there he's got the lion thing he's got breaks he's got bricks you got a loppetin i wonder if the blue paint was after was inspired by braver and now he's got a blue eye there too so we got all like godinot blue ilatarrat so our guy is still better than the synthesis sky the patronatsherrn tion he's not like yellow which is condidisti bing so was again united states winds right the arm wellarticulated on the yellow asked me characters i don't howevertoo le sol soon ones grown up ah which is like a rare kind of thing on that show and she's wearing a purple dress with white pearls and there's an image of camel harris with the same kind of outfit that's one ah there's one about cove nineteen there's a viris there's a whole episode is like a man ahalf or two minute recording that you can find in you too if you look more they talk about a virus and it's just like over nineteenth it's it's a they pretty opatic on the news and so on set there to ponchetrane things that happen on the same sons that pre date the experience that we added its really unusual and i don't know what to make of it i don't know if it's whose sense that he merit isn't hal but it's there so in that picture is up on that's nonsense dot com and nonsense as for there operations i think is probably shared it before two you share all the cool means the try i fear the boring stuff a i lay on the cool means the disorder in the soft pedalities f oing wait morrisonthe yea i shan't go in on like all the fall every overseas seven alien party a line here down the thick hold the food ecossaise and before we don't on any ball we should he asking a lot of questions listened everything questioned that bethink holder s and i here to make giving means for a while ah around the holidays renew were taken or break and we weren't shattering it wasn't making much means and then a minor source pipikwatesis to itself in alledgeance congress came on and for a week and i did some means for them because it was dave just got more and more funny oh i could i guess the point where i could even watch it it's like show of mer i genetous mething else i'm like i'm like this is so absurd so like i'm like certain studied trod bacanor or making the soler don't for regy out onto the onlikeliest i can't do that it's like they got some dirt on the cars i there's no two ways about it they got dirt on every one these people sitting up there i i'm sure they do you know and it's like jump monkey jump we belit was kind o fond in a way but after a walloon i can't i can't put this is like watching for microcosmthat is why we sonoran one teleias a cloud show and last they got so various icethe last i got so funny just this morning i saw one ah it was from midnight rider i saw this morning i shared it somebody's been doing these voice over and they took a clip of keep all making their vote and the clerk on the floor looking up at them and answering it it was so boring for much of the week where she was a macarthane she would say somebody else in one of the rapness it's just cat really monotonous you could put that actually i did fall sleep wants to it took it that because it was so monotonous so they took her and they did a voice over with her and several of the raps and it's really funny it's quite hontage to see i need to make me like a man with the white with the charming eyes hair oh god he have you really found it oh we can do that the money i have you are merry be guy though rightnothing guy where to go and one college hostetter colors everything is better you know it's like our guy is better in every in every way it's like in all i like the colors fans that's color i wear a lot i would never wear green pants that cold not in a millionaire hears what i wear green pants that called i saw guy were green pants that the funny story actually we are i was out i was out on a drive to pick up my husband from a bi cried and oh i had on the way noticed to sign for rabbits it he needed at the time he needed em a new dog or two and i thought maybe i'll check on the check back there on the way back so we did did not anything about property or who they were just signed for rabbits so we pull in and this place is is fairly sizeable they have a whole fenced in area and they had pens with different flocks so there keeping certain lesters and breeds spread all kinds of live stock around and it was quite clean but ah the man who came out had these pajama pants that were like green now maybe they were pike cause they had cached eye on them it was a cactus pen he quits the factwere taishakuten the farm and he walked a sad and he didn't speak any english or much english at all it's like i think he was speaking spanish but were you just gesture to one another and he he understood that we were asking for the rabbits so he takes back to the tanobong up these rabbit and we handed up getting rabbits from him but they they would not grow well at all greeted could not use them for breeding the ended up uttering them with a regular rabbit meat ah or other rabbits but a on the way out he gestured over to his flock and he grabbed a half dozen eggs and handed them to me he didn't put them in a box or anything he just gave them to me and he was just giving us an extra caonlike a bone so there i am with my king's full of eggs and my husband carrying a box with serapikin spanish with the cactus pants were just looking at each other i we wotted die laughing so hard people people be in themselves as just funny you know and not not funny his work we're all so corky it's hilarious that you know it is its wewe all do things that are just funny and i had a i had a net hat and the car and that's how i nestled the eggs to take them home is so you i can see that happen that is only caleb what a great story and we have here have the heart to tell we got chickens at home we have our own eggs but here is bessonowi you know in somebody desideratis that they really once is such a i'm always touched of somebody brings of pack instichoot chip cookies any more you know it's a collinise you know you know the graciousness that we used to have when we were kids is not there you know when you're a little older you have a little bit of a and you know when a guy opens the door for me i'm always think you so very much i think i think it was a very sweet wonderful jester and you know i try to i trailthe doors for other people too but whether on any of these and of the women that are out there that bit of guys set up for opening the doors you know shut off its senses is competing to get up sit about you know it's it's a goanese really gracious or just to please and thank you especially like when we go to rest or ants and somebody is a server third they are trying to make our lives about her plate and not all servers are of stellar quality i'll give you that but but the way we treat them doesn't excuse the way we treat any one we shall always treat people really well whether they treat is poorly or not and maybe the lernsome say please and thank you and and that sort of thing i always love it went up when some one who saw whose work in a restaurant you'll you'll ask for something you cannot comptes ore coffee and of course i love that response of course you know i think that's a i think it's a very very elegant way too ah to answer and ah and in just those niceties i was going to tell you that i bought her life the chatiments argasidae to be ignoring you good morning ladies swamp fox he sumtyme wedell good morning morning mike ah get cracking the riveters from garry loving lobiger loud good morning love wait to any people didn't look closely at dick that is a fact and connect the dots to every single person in around them to you might want to look into how that family destroyed the foundry industry misi pretty extra shore you can find some soft a terrace says jodie doty garry smith oo ah garry can't shot frank speech down ah garry said our shaman has been voted and bad let's think fine so funny so let lots going on you there caren dampier i want to say something else bought saihai have all these i like to bastings you know i used to forage for food and you know doing far men and and all that stuff i like i like doing things myself you at home birth my kids and i ah last thing was born in the bath selwich is the great way to have a baby i literally got up i literally got up and what made dinner that was how easy it was an end of my long labors it's not that i won the long layers of totally totally non dramatizing birth literally got up i had sinamane up in the in the freezer i go go into labor and i've got the thing time out to when i think the babies going to be born so i'd pop that puppy in the othneiois mataorathis what's that you bereclif it what the baby that you popped in the oven i othothe over knowing that knowing that baby was going to be born it was like estimating on the canovas problemare in it at this time because i knew where i was and sipossono the vencuse i hadn't been able to eat for night in months i literally was sick for nine months with his child and and so anotolie oven jumped in the third and birth i birth baby and you know basically went on it was i know that's that's how that want it really was second note from atic situation really ah love said i had my youngest at home too yes that you know this is the medical hemetic community has for years and years and years tried to turn everything into a medical emergence and i'm glad that there were then things go wrong don't don't get me wrong but but i and one of my first was not in what was not ideal and i was i was a kind of glad that i did have was a limerical attention but i kind of think that they also caused the old and a so that there's that there's that little twisted twisted thing and after that on my hand out were not going to do this again were in to were on to stay home and do it differently because i kind o think it was cold so caused by intervention side to sanatogen do that so i mongoosen keep on in an actual your book and a mettendosi out of the there's a scar in a montpinton episode where a woman is standing at the sink and she's washing dishes agessince drops a baby on the floor she ses which i get that door and of course it's the character as a man so it's just the whole thing is really funny so it's to lohitakuta i haven't a baby in the kitchen on the bassoon water has like flowing away she came out swimming low petty great oh i am i am that pioneer stock that kind of like something to donnay i got the snap problem anyhow i leave here oh nesbitt neckties whenever that no days you logotheti up hill both way those of the in the it's horrible so i've been wishing you have been looking into i know how to canonries and dehydrate and all that stuff and i learned that is kept and i think it's a word my cooking classes i like to cook a lot when i was seven years old you know is kikassias as an adult i was a kenteket i was a weird little kit o ka in i like things to look in the things that nobody else had thought with going to lie very as seven years old and what when i read i would re can weird for seven year old and i think but at any rate cause in and i never really liked to fiction booksalways right not extant i wanted to i don't see how the world works so i've been evaluated his amorous a lot of different people a daily basis and the skill sets that are missing eh the millennial seemed to be able to figure things out and cook right then the next generation or as gonsier whatever it is ah doesn't have that same s and and i i had somebody that was a millenial that pointed that out to me actually and in like one well that's that's that's crazy and it's true and started looking at the sun like but so many generations passed all of us that of ditton older and of done you know some things old school in covent to be sixty years old this year or so eh which i wouldn't change this age for anything and i mean you and i've talked about issues with aging and i love it i love me in this age you know i'm going to the jeementley to write horses i could ride a horse for eight hours a day you know you get your nutrition right you work on solenaidie kind of experimented on my body for years just on wallwork's best trainers years of gives a lot of time to make the state can get a right and sometimes get it wrong but a is so a lot of people that the people that were remote that are my age we didn't have doubles when we were kids okay so every one cocked to know you went to pot luck or picnic or something like that you didn't stop if the double cause there wasn't a doubly i mean i remember i remember everhards that we went to and i was when i was little and then went to cashmerette older than that i remember pretty much the first time that there was a mire store open which is like a local long mark type store only i think better no better quality may be but a sort of like you far costs coto say i'm possedisset only but there were no doubt lies you you bought food and you made you know how to cook you know how to cook your vegetables you know how to clock me you know how to cook it a million different way sohow do you help a stay get back to and so with my bread baking bench her and said if we have no food we have no no yes that we can break that bag bread with well we can make our own ease by doing by doing a bread start or you know somersetshire side been playing with that and is going back to scratch the saint you know if everything followed part let's go back to pioneer skills cause you know i know how to find food anywhere and and how to how to process the preacher on his i'm nothing so any one i decided that i went not i bought this am i bought the series of books and i an it's like amindelse home at curriculums you know old school home at curriculums and see what what as i never took home back because i had learned all the stuff at home i took shop in want to know how to use power tools right i want know how to use all the power tools in shop class and do the drafted the giasone girl in my shop class byedays it and all the other girls were home back and i was in their building stuff with wood and you know all learning learning how to do that sorting which i absolutely love i already had the whole macskeldie to go through this you know is endured what normal life skill ah innocent only be you know one segment of life skills but i do think it's important you know every one should come on to school with the abel ability to manage the finances to understand the law not not this nonsense thing these you know like yonder studies i'm sorry but if we hang out men and women together we kind of get the other sex figured out you know it's like you know guy's taught differently than women so katseet they were they were created right walt with a girl friend and you sit there and not the conversation you're like and nobody says a word and you know exactly what the other person is thinking like unspoken language that happens between women and sorry guys i guyon have that same ability i never seen a gothing if the men on ihm you got to come off say it in a scotopelia and which is a beautiful thing once you get that figured out it's not a problem right on the curriculum the home at tricklings through a orechiette consents on this and and i think that all these things should be really everybody should have the skill of her face sick you know cleaning organizing em how to clean windows learning about mastril cleaners sleep for wash dishes make good food choices okay so i own a bunch of income property and the generation that there right now kind of assent abysmal fairly they that as far as as far as just doing normal adult activities to be able to rely and i've had so many of them come and talking and say i don't know how to be an adult really sad because nobody tells how to get stains out how to properly fold class clothing and wardrobe oh i been to lot shopping lately i figured that i needed an opera since her care had jane mending some way we also did you learn so in when you're younger i did the gap did you ever get the parasemon that was my man to these basic so they had a little bit on school ah i figured out some of patterns to later on not very good at it but i have enough to get by to do the best are and i i hoistingengines in i have made my own patterns i i used to do that and you know as like a i don't sleep much i always got her something to work on em how sold mandanswere per cars and driving cover ladders personal finance babysitting oh my gosh child care when some help in that are a mass of how ah ah unspoken language opportunities to serve this is condoned because it it really it really of this this book actually called calls on being a cow and i think that's kind of interesting and then organizing in ploponnse ment skill major kitchen appliances then it gets in to in in a cooking entertaining making long i goes through cooking this this particular boat goes how to cook different types of base foods you know like like i'm of vegetarian so and i do it for health reasons so i don't eat i don't eat em any any a be for and i used to love it i really do but if for health reasons i i've gone hotteterre and and ah ah i do eat cheese and eggs and that sort of thing but and i do etsch so was that paritarian and he and such but it i think it's important for people to know all those scales and the able to make something out of nothing and in that that's that's a huge it's a huge advantage that you have you can survive with nothing on nothing and don't need anything and so actually e's kind of it's come on neat chantignolle well this is what i got here's the as that's warm me going to do with what i have when things go wrong and it doesn't throw you quite so he so also love says that she i had my ones at home hold there going other home school mammoth there and then my man great aunt was a mid wife midwife col love as i still saw on that's as and i says medical third leading cause of death absolutely it what is it the doctor's average age still live is like fifty seven years old and we listened to these guys i want to have something is to be like a hundred and ninety years old and i'm goin to listen you how he howdelowe old listen to those guys not soporose he soon are so i've got this i've got alice i bought the life skills for young man her interest and then i just just to go through it and see what they did in scope and see on economics kitesolls there's a lot of repeat that when i think the green ones this actually powder but ah i cannot i kind of want to just see scoland sequence of what of what an old school held out cricklewood look like the last things i've an you're a mature etern the care in the roll oken ah then the remainedbut this the number of people who never for a eyepieces in natal is the pettings so we people who happens schooled home earth and people who natural rapidis an oh me oh ah all is of the things like that my co up with last cairn i figured that was going to happen there when she turns into root voice karen you know that it's the connections bad and here she comes back again it strideanother oh yet they are not tea there are are you hurrying us me hearing and remover and and i screamed and now can hear me she leaves in tom's back again we might a third and echarati that can hear me i can hear you i say we got his though they go so back to that i most skills people have the old people are amazing if we shared our skills we could educate each other and a skip all this nonsense going on in the colleges were got pay for education you don't get into a prenticeships and learn things that way you can leave again herelet can i hear me yes i think he let let's let's have her up she is lost there she was dished oh i think i think is kind of interesting but there's so many people out there think about what skills you have that you can share with other people and you know you can always do like a pot castor a broadcast like what i do just jump on and share your so people will love what you have to say in it it's doesn't you know every single one of us has got so many gifts that we can share with other people and we can we can make this thing work outside of any of their corporate nonsense that they've got going on and ah and even the political the political part of it you know we can we can jump outside of this enforced the change that needs to have and we really have a good a good way to force the change politically too we just have to employ it and that would be through the legislature not the judicial because ah i think that they kind of rain washed us in doing and to doing it backwards and still researching this a little bit because i have no experience with us but i'm willing to try so that's kind of where we're at lipscombe came on back on the free don't and i am going to just call and how you understood by call your enright now let's let him die in the neck upon my lot flag up here a minute and see if i can make this little more interest and a not either so anyhow what were we talking about we were talking about how i was saying that oh many members of the assembly are of the type of people who care about their families their health the environment are the same type of people who care about the government and and one of the politics and the incense that were used to but they care about our country there is so much to learn i mean i mean i love listen in to jason jones i love i love listening to john jay and john taterer jason jones you know people who have so much time studied jerry van sickle who was running for the attorney general the party is such a nice man what what oh what have you for man you know he does he goes through about four hundred pounds of flour a month has he doesn't sleep either so he turned it into bread baking a night and he gives all the sprawa he just he just gives it away it's part of his is that not went that just the amazing to wake up and have somebody sang here i take this and your like oh my gosh this also and i don't have to pay ten dollars a loaf of heppner or you know it's like a hey i've got i've got these eggs just like that guy did with you hey i've got these eggs wow and i don't have to pay some dollars on a copper mats on hold it if i don't have to pay like say seven dollars eh oh guess why i just got a pop up again face took me down again they did this wind when it was so with a i think it was john the weaker i think was john is where heavy trouble streaming to face book this may be an issue on face looks and it is possible stream was under her to leaded on face fled or how but wild with the danes in it or they just decided to censor as we were talking about things that break their little control system when he think hereon abe was my voice my voice broke it the other tried to break you they tried to break the connection when you were on on the stream and i brought down with followingly note were going to take care in right out o here they're talking about uncomfort can't have that and steamyard does wonnot let me come back on it was taking long and i had it had been quite but because i wasn't speaking i would here i can hear you but it would be like a moment's lapsed as for second or two but it wasn't until i started speaking that it really broke up interesting so well here i am said he with my flag and you on the phone let's go its way and that's his cares i gets for the kissendas there you go i'll yethere's just a lot of colston all that stuff is kind of fun to do how what are the hobbies you've had over your life a lot of drawing that what i did initially ma of trying and later i started doing what burning i haven't done that in a long time oh and then i did some scratch board which i shared a few of those last years i think it rosond thanksgiving i decided to share a little bit of my art work because when he or shoes went by by with a scampering m and i turned to doing other things that were more important to me than our i haven't done a piece and per year polly year and a half i miss it but i don't have time for i may now on in battle book yet you're going to very talent and i love looking at yourself and can i have a word all over my house and a punch sitting up stairs just waiting it so oilfor sale but it becauseas kick me off i haven't had a place to sell it and when i did i sheresiarchs on lying and considering getting back into doing that everybody wants such a chunk of the pie and they want to change the rules all the time to take more of that pie because that's what they do they get take advantage is just the music industry is rife with its itreally sad i just want a i i don't want to go between between me and a buyer of art because it's a personal fight i took hours to create it sometimes usually days and am i so typically like to do personal art work were some one sends me usually pets or if they have a particular interest in wild like a guy like fair or i like tigers osastossa got a lot of it or tricks were some one is about to or has lost a pet and i used to do portrait and the way that tripersonal one time my had a horse scratch for to they did it was the horse's last e and they had a boy two little boys taking out a bucket a grain to the horrors on the last day and i took off all the background that's distracting and you just see these two little boys and the horse a friend of the family had sent it to them and they took a picture of them opening the box and their expressions and that for me was really cold because they had open sand eyes wide and roundup and they were like who it was so special to them what i love about or or is it seen the expression like that on some one's face that's going noiesemont right that's the other feedback loop home and i haven't had that her quite a while that's that was a a cost for me of the scamoni how i i used to have that direct connection with a consumer if you will by face book because they could find me that way and i haven't been back on the creed on page because why why bother em i'm not doing any of it i don't trust the the avenues that most artists are using right now and so it thatjust i don't have time for it anyway i'm too busy trying to save my corner off the world right now the season for everything and then i think i think that's you know those of us that have really putter lives kind oonting to try to save what you know to strato save the nation and as he had beheld ful i think there's all there's all there's so many people out there too that that are just such here as you know you're one of em you put your don't think about this as a patriot think about the statement you just made you have really laid down things that brought you great joy in a word to fight and do something too save our nation that thes to such amazing sacrifice and i you don't to put it put down all things that that you really love in order to fight the good fight ah it's as some one sent me a radio yesterday with a take tock medio was a comedic thing but they were pointing out the first two things and they wrote being the founders was one i say what you want to say and too if you're going to do that your better half a god the rate to bear arms and it makes me think of well sometimes you lay down your plough you lay down your axe laydown whatever you do in a normal basis and you pick up your gun i pick up i am all you pick up the shovel what whatever it needs to be and in my case it's not a gone of an my arms and my foot is the key board in one of the wendische myself i guess as a digital warrior you are and i began of myself and the state of misoneists of marion on thank you for all the working hours you put into it the insights and the things that you write about to explain them or so valuable and i i can tell you you know it's like a i remember when we first met i remember i remember that as it was it my barn and i remembered that and and i was still trying to pick through things to figure how to do this political thing and the the the information that i learned from sight you and lend and jason and i mean i can go right down right down the line a and and really really point out so many people that have they the pond decades studying studying a particular subject and i know that you know the monitors that we've had him in your your amazing wealth of knowledge and having to do with a with a the desareste the de facto you know the defacto structure that we had placed right now and the documents in what what is a what's been done but i think your greatest skill is is the yourselfnoble to analyse and summarize when you you'll get to the bottom of it i'm always amazed you know you get to the bottom of what's been said and you're not a good person for forgetting pushed off track your ears you seem to be able to focus on the court issues and and really really a analyzed it out and then you know this is what they said but this is really what they such that that's that's what i hear when i you know when i write here when i when i read your writing and your very very very systematic and your nails it makes it easy to follow so anybody this listening out there go give care in the riveters as she posts a lot of information and and i'm really thankful that we live more or less close together and that you know we really become friends it's a wonderful thing to go forward as patriots or having a a a shared mission and then all of a sudden it like man on my last day i hope cairnsthe ah i remember that they too i had no idea who you were and was invited to come and meet you and oh amy who is this home in what is she doing let's check her out and see what she is about and the probe gave you a little bit of our time osewaldestre to figure out where you were at i'm still i consider myself very much of beginner and how i would put it as i no one has to be ingenious i don't need to be a genius or no everything in order to invite some one else to learn with the sen and you and who haven't fooled me before i would say go to the pampos on here in the riveter and greed the substat articles check out on oscitancy general corassly on telegram because those posts are also really informative about assembly about our nation's history are true history and documents which are foundational thinks that we haven't been told before the last exact that i did i did three posts of which were about some of postolical documents i called them historical but their only less than a botanical a little more than a decade old they are historical battiments though and that's subsecivoe thing that i still think was really helpful to me to go through in study for all such an try to simplify a little bit and connect people history and the future and what were seen going on now because a lot of people are like what is happening now i don't understand what is happening in the future and why are you keep talking about the decoration of independents some things like that i didn't even know that there was a decoration before the decoration of independence and they know the magic art we can now winking o well back in the history and examine that document which i might do in the future too because they think the place said to the same thing to the king you're in tomthere not granting us our god given right and we have a limit there was another one it happened ten years before the declaration of independence if you haven't heard of that to suspeck because it connects or decoration of independence and that declaration and what the assembly is doing right now in a way that necessit the history and can explain why we are where we are what will do me about it the only way to get out of everything that's going on how he are people here he are land in short over man is too returned to the original jurisdiction of the laws of and comply a lowland jury and the longomatus ure that are oftorfod er started us with ingrami think that that all the south you have in yourself cracis definitely worth oread and for anybody out there he should go to currents of stack and read on because they are really well on and then also the mission of an ego shot out to the a general tearlessly and i say it rice general mission general charles soundly but in county gathering owncome girl assemblesecret a long telegram for if you go to their website the chainless telegram is great i actually have a file that i put together of the information that you guys put out and so i've got it organized in the file because i wanted to be able to read the invenisti together and actually read it as a whole and save it to pass on and so but the amount of information that there and i think lend lend samples probably done a lot of work on that too i'm not sure who is his doing all the work but i know that she is significant chrissy's significant ah jasonsatisfaction allowed politereal significant there that i think or it it's worth the look and another to people that i want to give a shout out too and these two are some of the finest patriots that you will ever ever run into in your entire life and i also consider the family and that would be and robert there over and stained working working to receipt of also and motley's you you will never meet finer people in your life and mean there's so many good people out there that are working to restore this nation it's really inspiring and setting tessens clare therefor here on area but eh but there there working with gastarse start looking into these organizations which at this moment time i think i want you for a little bit of a caution out there the cause there's a couple organizations that are out there that i think we need to really be cautious about and i've got questions i've got a lot of questions and that would be i think it's an on dan rick the anna then rises and there's another person she works with what's what's his name a itstraight david straight and i might i think that she has i think they've parted ways but their doings similar distractions etcetera there they are obstructing a correct path a compete in people and putting them in arms we and and i think i think that it need that it needs to be locked and too and there several people that were kicked out of that i know that were kicked out of the the general gorley and i and the they've gone into other organizations and what i've seen is that it was probably merited that they got kicked out case the one person especially that i see s to be out only for that person's best interest and an i would have done a little bit of a background check on this first i am really cost and really really concerned but you can look into some find out who got kicked out of the general jarlsson ly and ask some question see where they popped up again when you see a founder agent or some in this co operating on a on an agent level or subversion level they will always pop up under another incarnation and an i don't and i mean in a very disturbing way you you'll get you understand when when you start looking into this without me you know rat nevery body out i mean i can't run em all to have read it i ococolin ontelligence notes though all that we with are as i passed it around make sure the people know check check his persons out of this background you know see how he bankruptcies there are see if there are judgments against them see see what are they hiding and why are they opingand trying to take up position and an influential are why is it that the other people in these organizations don't start asking st and in it it's really it seems so naive to me people think they've got these little groups that are their safe space to get in to in to tell you what there isn't one out there you're going to have some one in every organization that's going to come on and try to infiltrate to keep every one busy to mislead and two to basically take any of the power the focus away an is it something that every one is going to have me very very watchful because there's a lot of em there's a lot of these people that are out there and i you know it's like they they they eventually if your diligent in your watchful you'll be able to spittle and then then put some foot some mo a blocks in their behavior so that they can't wreck your organization and a and a recreation is steered the whole thing like a that we've got it we've got it in every organization and and so sad so little paranoia in this in this area is not paranoid its aren't you know it it's a tough place to be for people who were new to all of this because they don't have the education first eh and it can take time to learn so it's easy for people to be swayed by the wrong way said a red straight havelot of similar language that he uses and so did she ah i then they break it up against his weird sidefall this is happy all over the place where the communications are getting interrupted oh there you are you back again you're no longer o back here okay interesting ah i was saying that people who don't have the education can be easily swayed what of the things to look for is that michigan and the last cow and other states who have one through the lawful process had gone utteredbut so masking county for example and all the other counties which were settled in this again michigan as a state and arnation equal state and alascoat made public notice is it are made public notice and a global scale and have been recognized by other countries you can't think that or other organizations so if they have not made a public notice in gone on rioted or if they have it em taken the same steps there not lawful a will not be recognized by the us military and you know if you're not with us what are you you reinstates like i've sailed the time choose this day whom you will sir i cannot be a friend of friend is something that he that i was always told in as little of friend to every one is the front to know one because they that person either you know you the group of friends or the world is too big for most of us really we think everybody needs to be friends here there and never in a friend of somebody who want there on your last day that you'll stand together that you know what things get and that you know you you you don't waver your loyalty and and you know you do your best to you know you do best not now doesn't always work out and me some people can be really abuse of an that's time say you know what other certain bakers that i can't tolerate because of your oneyour penchant for abuse whole course he you i don't accept that either but it's really really amazing i i like our body that i've gotten the the general girl soundly and toskian and a nice nice committed group of people to hang out with an unrealities or you know through jesajas on jones is does with his hard line pohoche does a great job he's got a couple of pikes that ere like in contempt of the constitution the document is what what document what to another document in such and so heah's a good one too to follow just like carniverous yet citieswhere friday yes he s this is but i love it when the three of us are on and we can go back and forth on such you know what stuff if he has some good cause to one in he just here another one this morning i haven't listened to him yet and it or care in the robot roe outer is back again he there and here am i can hear you now but it's cut now a limit you know it why don't we go hand in hand love and o'clock why don't we go ahead and this for the day and you got you know you'll be well be back and to morrow cause i cares on with the anthers and friday which i really preciate ah hear you so much in what you have to say to commentary that you do it amazing and i think our thursdays and fridays are wonderful just to go over current topics news the asserting i know is a little long some people want to listen to it the whole time some people kind of fly in and out in all if you're on ramble you can hit the you can hit the fast forward thing i most time i listened to things that double i went on a grumble outery can change your speedless into it and speak things up a little bit takes pause salondame you quicker and you can always slow it down whenever you want and you know to i now really to really jump in vitelot of the top shows that her on i thought about this slick the lad of wore on for two to three hours in the morning and people cinosbati come in and out of it so and what whatever is that the help but when an we finished the sop and then we'll come back at it to morrow and ah and that i think that might be a good time when he thanked a rat now you're back so of course so after facebook kicks us off and you tons are you tubes already kicked as of and and an aphonite break upon us so caring the rooter so any ado on prayer do it me to you better it might get me out anyway it could it really could dear havenly thought her thank you so very much that this wonderful day i had of us we have another day to try to get life right serve you and to be helpful to all those around us we are so thankful for everything you given us here united states of america the founding documents which have kept us on the rails and kept the satniois out of here to this point time and i think we're going to see that that complete and total destruction of any and all advances and oh wrong doing that the enemy has done we ask you protect the children that all this hen tracking that's going on that you had just blow this right out of the water so that every one can see exactly what's going on here and give us is to see the things that you want us to the ears to hear that what what oh is being set in all so the mouth to speak up at all times so that we can speak truth when integrity and in love sometimes with unwavering resolve so that we can move our country our nation humanity in all of your children into a better state or we live to serve that live to subvert and to take advantage thank you so much for opening all the doors that we need to go through to to information to educating us and also for bringing and true friends and patriots together i thankful for every single person out there and the on the unsung heroes asked a special prayer to day for terra the there's so many people that have such quiet spirits that do so much work behind these and every one of these people that does that the bats are emil smile on them give him your favor and let them know in their hearts that how much you and all of us appreciate every single thing they done every moment they've put into writing like carrot every every effort that they've done to to actually serve their family and cisissa about serving you god family and country for now to for ever thank you so much for the stay we love you and let everything be to your honour and glory and jesus name praet in the the ego so annoatok dieinig thinkingthing go to brand burgoerner do come please i have not conceded i will not concede to illegal and a failure in a failure of an election because it failed on even and a the loss eptetos talking about me being a piled on money looks like to morrow is go day so it's couldn't be kind of interesting cases surrounded fireworks i think might lead a bigger round a fireworks so be fun because why because we sit there and we just kep gestochen pointed punch and never racked out on wavering if you don't know how to do it to day maybe i'll figure it out to morrow and let your voice be heard i had never ever ever backed out so at any rate are do her hands her hands to you god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless the arica abbe lest words and cared as turned back into a robot yet and he less works i love you now i love carron so well we'll talk to you to morrow and have a great day everybody out there and a bit piece everything's going to be led