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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 7/31/2023 - Monday Morning in the Mitten - Chuck Ritchard

Published July 31, 2023, 9:02 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is the thirty first day of july i cannot believe all fast this year is gone if quite amazing when we pull up my i'm goin t pull up my room will channels here so that i can who holds out there and such but i thought that we would do a little bit of a tribute to the rightful president of the united states president ja trump and look at the inspiration for it from him as well as another great leader president this mission less responsibility for preserving the peace which i believe is a response to the tepecuate water country cannot sure our responsibility is the leader of the free world because with the only one that can do here for the burden of maintaining that these falls on us and to maintain the peace quires s marriage in his annotation creish politecnico fors the weepers but other nations will not treat america or three spectres by that we do see a marionstrangers lamerican worse chassepot only of the past wolroun is in homer american he recovered he he on strong man the fire and for ragerecourse they are americans this cape shooting the spa show you longs entirely he often taking the round chin for mind as people three i here standing out for america and for evertobelamented ng p his prey eyes monasteries enter what a great way set out this morning and a one ashot to the rightful president of the united states and with that come to the show a mi you doing so i am doing fine we're ready to go tackle ticket he goes so much going on under a trinobantian ed to play something that was that was a happy moment for every one because before we get into just just a just laying ended this whole thing because you and i both like to dive into the pronouns and let em have it i am i like that you have brought that out strength through through the pieces straight ye after preith that that's a a hold to promise in negotiating the negotiated from clsicos strength and i think no one can exemplify that more than rodrigo and god donald tropi think gods really he is so aeginomon on he didn't want war he wanted to he oneoneoneone cotations from the positions string sometimes it became a necessity and the course of that be when it was needed the use that so habilis absolutely agreed with them and do ever captain was the guide unless also o o on obeism americanism and everybody composed that not everybody but a lot of the people concluded and they thought all these just hispaniolisation is what is not and look where we are to day and so well he had an forgot that's exactly it you know and i've been listening to the other people that are out their campaign and i actually i met there glass when i was gone and i got to tell you the guy is a great speaker and i really like his motivation but i think that what we got have to really focus in in he was playing ball with a lot of the global is around the around the glow from what i can and on and i his young eyes a good speaker and such but we got we've got some one with a track record and then he came out with with a a ah sweeter something like that all i can postulate no i never met a meanes night nice guy great grace be hurled to the right there but on he's very very young and i he he didn't seem to have a real good grasp on maybe maybe globally some game theory about what's going on out there but on we we've got we have got to get past listening to people that have the great speech makers and get people that actually have tracked so when i look at it this is a job interview for gossakes this is not a popularity contest and president and died in my opinion much everything right and so he he we had we had one of the best examples of how to run a country that with this nation so i even like his mean tweeds because you know what i spoke the truth and said what nobody else had he got to say that we were often so you know has an an i'm i'm concerned the guy condoce out in nowhere you know and might he a good speaker i mean he's a he's a great motivation all speaker but i'm going to tell you what everybody better really put your thinking caps on a little bit and listen to what they're actually not what not what there overtly saying that makes us feel good but what are they actually said and sometimes having somebody who's got a little bit of an ordinary delivery on the and or to the point delivery on things like present trump did its telling you what you need not what you want to hear and and i think that's an important sir to leave it to the clock to day i've got to i got some stuff i have to do i mundificative difficult so we got a lot to comfort to day there's so much to going on to a iliocaudalis to night to a coming or the second district of the logport and kelly or solar armostaan it least touch a little bassinettes interest because there's so much that effects are daily live people are informed we don't have newspapers so where they get their information we have to try to educate him anmischen what's going on around this fate he would do what you call it you you have a name for it a goffigan teasing something of it or chinesesame thing i this is monday morning in the mitten and took yehuantin a lit off on mission politics because it really needs to it really needs to wed a drag everything out in the life and i've heard a lot of people putting articles out there say this is device over the republican party had of blant's not it is bringing the truth forward and we're going to have to deal with it and i don't care i don't think that any party or any person should have a protected status oh we can't talk about this because the you don't let her that's how they control us i'm sorry but nobody gets a pass and ichorous otherit or strong and and we give a reason why where the facts come shall we people can see for themselves if they don't believe it we will make sure that it that we support it with with detonacin in so i think that's really he and with that mind of were you i go first cleango first cause i also have facesomewhere things that are really important and we talk oothers since we ipoctonos c there is some sotises we need to otto but the school with ten county farmer started to night armorsir can county on and do with an unattempted asteraster in it so childish that way because if you do you like it you duly lockupthe time frame okay and this is always she rather i agree or disagree with him you know it matter there luckeford like a estonishes control the chetodon the lection i'd say there there try to do your where we can work with him where we can and work towards the solution not towards father side wishes is opposing because then nothing gets done drahnigan and i see that happening all over so we had to find some commonality and divine and thus were we done at that the old way the discussion on the issues we were talked about and we still parted as friends we wouldn't part as enemies or adversary and now what i get i see hopping in and i can caught into a two of them then that if you don't agree with me for an hour my enemy the enemy of my enemy is my friend if you think about that she got to careful with that so i just think that we need to find for the next two years when we have in the odor or have we stand behind it at least on the principal but now that does it mean we can go and go along with all the issues know that at all but we don't walk there and try to stop and every which way unless it's truly illegal or or a coral well i guess the real questions and i think we need to bring forward to you now it is on a couple of uses to thirst come there's some corporations that have been formed in at a county and at oncounted to be scrutinized because i'm actually thinking that that's probably the seat of the biggest corruption in the state or at least on because what i seen there so any other some corporations that have men that have been formed there and i want to know what's happening would them ah the good neighbor program in all of that soothing going to with day to let in whose in or the going to sell that later is this going to be some in it whose on these corporations who filed the anconeous honan and that sort of because i'm sorry i don't i'm not going to give criminals a pass and as somebody has been doing this for self enrichment instead of for saving the nation we got a drag or out in the light gets on to it it has far behind criminals we braveout and you know it i i if any one is doing it for the right reason and andtry to make a difference that the different story we can have dioces but if somebody is honestly doing things for self enrichment we are up to her and then in people with self and richard there's no way we can you can peer up with that make it on up good i imregnated per cent on runthat when because frailties together in baseball or donohoe course she one once a affords is not wrong it's the more wont there trying to do i intend i think when we look at criminality we look at people like a boarding cannot a district or re locate the john smith and the no criminal here they are in all then and politics he can through the guise we can assendentes tementhes weardoran i gave her we can never indorse a criminal behavior you mention it there and has been my focuses it look we've got it we got to get a rokeford o out of there and you mentioned out of a county after concur with you on that out of a county is he is he is at issue that we go out of the deal within it is a problem i said a long time ago how to account he was connected to i know incountring the time now things had changed now in a county which have changed the toomilat had changed an automicon how they really changed or is it the person i don't know what time will tell coeducative absolutely gone to sheopoor four for the a man like pison thy person know we got to go we the people is called we the people are decoration of independence it was based on the on that promise about us says a people are right are human rights or constitution in the same vein so it's not about individuality it about we osteogenetic os one out there chuck so it looks like the day of the incorporation of this new new antony was on june twenty three twenty twenty he and they registered a please let let me only give the sororities posted on my telegram channel here if i don't count the republican party and that was like the incorporation so it twenty three twenty twenty three and it is a registered to johnnie shepherd colly i ackensack others he lernantaro a skean i i has come from the date witichis that is shootable a good boy will play it by that a great and odontograph for so very god so so i got to ask or question it's like it's like it we don't even know how this is really structure but all of a sudden regateco oration the list for it county and then you've got the good neighbor out program o dea con you know are they going to charge for this after they collect it i i've got some really questions because you know as you know like em so done sold sold out to a stand up michigan and basically stand it mishandled all the day to that they collected when they were running forward which sad and in wrong in my opinion of it there was no deistische right now a lot of them reflecting dearieno there there selinesse victimone look of joy sonsmahomet one or so i did it not i i i can't complain it is capitalism but at the same time why do i want to give him information if that information private i don't want to give people my information and i don't want to cook people have my reines go in now i go go in other undiscounted issue wait a minute wait a minute now you do mariners do you profiling me your profound is this or that would have got individualitythe it out there my telegram in age a minute so people was to go to aunt brand and burg the number for a gouging to be able to see what i am what i am throwing out there hanoveriensi just wocation we do ask his contado doing on that holmendis she retorted the good name he program is another one as the emigrants and concern as you do what you going to the day to housebandrie this sission american citizens this resonantis because their encouraging people to go get information on their neighbours and enter it in to the apt there is the literally spying on americans and i think it orders and you know what he shows and his woodenware did in germany sir dan i i somehow think o shades of a nauseous of her and one spolier so in innanbordes for sure no kiddin and then there's another thing that i just want to bring you for her for you to knock on ohanoak about that a man per came forward and i'm not a not in it i might the profane just over knows but he is bringing up a point that this is man'spoint now i believe there's something deeper going on essecooma even me outen put out mission new sorcery shouted prone about the state of the midpersons in efforts the missinabie on parties been infiltrated by people who called themselves the new republics they don't understand because why there are all trying to keep the establishment are they called themselves in newer public and they don't let onontake the depart the people defensand on the nearer poons they do not understand the purpose of a political party or the base sick blocking in tackling strategies necessary to win elections he's got pontareuse eratosthenes they had met titlecannot ing about raising money instead there main goal is to burn the party to the ground now let's go to the rest of the he continued but why the reality is these infiltrators are democrats so now he's calling all of the new a precinct delegates on people that stepped out as a new web as down acres he's kind o got a point because the anna way though because it sure is he looks like a christina and the people that are standing with her are absolutely um not maybe coming forward with actual information to give any one any confidence in them so that they could it feels like the ternatan the gold is again let's let's first care this thing i hold that hold that one in winsen so presently the most cropetorn e general in that can't country titanesses using her one hundred and eighteen million dollars budget moschitoes gate republican and it is like well the republicans fight with infiltrators about by laws and internal he's got a point there but the whole thing is nothing more than an absolute the response yes i yellthis taken apart corsothat to pearls not a cononoque personagenever to even make eleven like that i think it a part of an come an go right on the attack there is no doubt himantolophus say will i go in the tack no love give you that i the girl lied to come back to condover no evidence and anything rises i lie on the stocks of the capitol i told him called you now call me although it you're doing in you know what i'm doing here lawyer and i'm just a delegate but i know what i can to go in going to pologise so now going on i started at him or they wrote heart he was the fellow that he knows it the widow lection to you don't back to put one there too you lost i know of plesour losengour i have to tell you that if you got to get a little more credible by winning to say that i new republicans or democrats as it insult on it in the presidios that were welfare i think come in the talkabout there's another point you made about going to the ground it is people the very people in the second district as supporter of the very people cause in this descension and as canebreak care the next month a couple of them are going to be under under under some rosecone onlegal scrutineer closes so work were to see that change that to amicable change early quick depilitant of this and the other part of it is with the show and his grand no party to all work an inclusion to try to bring christian down do i think they're doing everything right now do i think the holestad is sometimes but in corporeity cannot put everything out there i understand that but i would give them a little bit and these garpel that plain while there's no transparency will chediston istreonede of griseipectus two weeks and days guisesat on the website there was nothing on the websterian through their teeth and these of the kind of people that are out there promoting this dissension there the very ones that wanted careotis we don't want the rhinos we don't want this stablishment but there are some things we need to clean out there is no doubt there's some things that they my dopey mention it ossining things is not wrong here i solely right on that does sheque tion things like the two year old but bad why are my wife the rod but is how we do it we follow protocolled to and sometimes we can't and then we get we get a little bit more louder right like some of us do i think the idea you're what she objected isn't the objected to make your ganization better or is it is it in fact to chardown feelee'no be my cook power the second district was to take it don't have to follow the by laws and will have to follow the rules they got to get a woman out there that's really going off and she had some bad up a dicas sadday care serapias me i would not want my kidenei would be worried worried stresses up in different characters that would worry me on to say that he once oneself one's mind i would not komachi dren in her and that was a teacher in a school i would be worried as she was of doing that some anyway i'm going off on the pirate but the kernel is behind a lot of this stuff untold and he's working with him the grand one party to working in collusion and be a benegas my friend do not what they look like the work of one and there dividing in conquering and they think their waiting i got news from god gone take care of a wall i have no qualms about that yet i think i think the whole thing is he is an absolute disgrace the thenboth both parties that the party system has to because its special interest in it and it being our elections and i have a real bay concern about and they still are not dealing with the twenty twenty election the twenty twenty two election none of them are it's all they are just distracting going back and forth this person's a good person that person to confers nor all bad people come on gods i mean the there's there's nobody out there that's really em putting her putting her hat above any one as a leader i i could never put my trust in any of them because i have seen no performance i have seen nothing that looks like professional way to the state back in and i know it's like dan and ospringe charges against the republicans ah i i don't think the republicans first of all because they never they never really stood with president trot in order they stand at the elections i think all of them are just part of a a larger organization probably globalisation but they certainly are not representing i got one of them there's no diei gotterson that i can can say that that i know where is hard as i can personally testify that one of the electors although of your tapaiseen all testified to one that i'll sport i'll take it to my grave but i spose on the shadow of a doubt his name is cliff frost i heard that i i want to tell you with nothing but honourable my credible nothing abe i told and i i i do that because i know the industry came on the which is to save his iden also he is a very close friend the portable under per cent because i can run him i see him operate i know how he operates a hale talks for people he can talk to this group that are you talk to say message oorothe talks about doing the right i did it he did this because he truly felt it was right i believe that they were totally right even though i disagreed with stand and wishedand marion i can tell you i would love to argue this case cortabanse i think the court of law will prove them to be right on this one the president's can set the mission long nineteen fifty four that was enacted has never been challenged to my my my research that i showed ever been challenged because there was no reason to but there is now and so with that comes to be dated use is going as for for to try to make herself look relent and she's not and so what is gone what i want to be do peletote his co after charges against you tory general she's been hideghid sobremonte oh we go after onaparte he got his first two in these people in court under personal side not the not after as their title but after personal side and tied him up in court had banked there can hers the bankrupt giving cork have everybody go after him because when we know that a suddenly were going have them looking out as we wacant to go after him and their position and as quickly the habindolas illissus the law against them and as penwipers using the law to make our point and you're going to see something i tell you about so listens to rest we need to go after a citizen's arrest ye periodthat undegraded herschel come after a citizen's rose noble site than the deregulation of we need to go after dana in an solistic your andesites a long seven sixty four point one six and seven sixty four point to the citizens arrestationes still legal on the forks and wolfwine to be used however to use it you also most eighteen years cold two forty two because it has to be a colony to go to camp ondiscriminating on a colony how do we get a belly on the day onesel the cock that she accepted a crime a bride was staying on because no charges were ever brought which stand brought and because she said what you give me the two hundred thousand dollars mister wiser and i won't charge you gus i'll let you off the work that's the factedly what she did however that is what we call it quit pro ful that be you do this i'll do that something for something and that's what she did under his shieldermine long seven fifty point one one enthrone too it is a criminal cansexcept the bribe and in the case of one on seven you will be excluded from politics for o kee besides the fine intestines present tone is one of the rules we have to go and use the law against her and i want to be the first on the liberte and delivery in that they felt shouldn't do it but i want to be the person and delivering her seicentesti date enosso i explained this to mark that you was turning they've got it i want to see if any of them have this strength to go after those judicious house seisoit on piccolo also has it because i wanted to in this faith i wont have idesia people like dananus she needs passionaire but yes i do but i think i electors i believed on that they are correct or what they did the other states to allow it and it's cold loudenemies i know it says all rights not to do gratanensi tution resided for the state and his people as setender president princeton one in the stillness and was in effect before the miscelan therefore i believe that this the it is lost to be interpretation by the courts but they will ought in in on behalf of the electors get a note well there's an awful lot of politics then played here on on both sides and i think we're going to have to wait to see how this is going to shake out because there's so many questions and how this is his a plate out i don't know that i've got questioned the allegorieo process worse she do in i cause the cortener discovery you donations of the poles overthing had it opens up the election or twenty twenty and why release because the electors acosta my case to you as supreme court which should the track on the entry general on the secretary of state on the democratic party was all all reproves on this electoral slate joe realized the reason the rejected a tous supreme court was because well yours your legislature did have a probe with electrolyte the certified the original should have been never certified because of teressa win county and on the board a chemistry so you see what he thought is the alonefor es that we could looking for if we used a correctly we can nail with this george where they will even know where i come in and had to break like a two light for when there goingtoiling about i want to see it cause i want to be there i want to be there well i think that everything were seeing has got multiple implications in that'sthat's what's really interesting i mean i mean i suffereing that there's there's more to this is like why would why would she bring tosh the time in has got me for it so it ye have to question the time you note and or or whatever else that she may be wanting to accomplish but any time that we that you can throw a thing ah into a situation where this more discovery when you have questions that's a really good prose discoveries the great tool hereinafter great mechanism process and i like both because his what you can hide from there there and he you collect those babies did not knows where they go so let's mooie don't i othomitorum i ain't got what do you want to look at that clarencerope ed you get in any of occasions to come on ah i am put out there i talked to a stephanie boon and she described her processing gave me an email with all over grievances against the and i said then re i think ye i should come on you and next she come on and to like about it and she said i don't think that at this point time that's roll event so too i sheetthe cares be because they can't they don't want to discuss it there's no why do i can cure tell you last week on the pot it out there in the public scidon's like hide hide anything i like to be out there were people can hear ask question the context your shell you know i don't understand this or in that we can explain it to him so that people get the truth because when they hide they like to record things and then restructure and i don't like that i like to hear how it so that people can see and hear first hand what really is going on and that's you bad to night i were scared at the cane carosse hold how well the how well they do i'm going to be there by the way i'm going to hurt thee i growthapples department just in case nick periscope after his sixty nine gerold guy how you might say oh you worried i did know i'm worried about him get hard i'm worried about about excessivos because i won't stand down i will not let them all this crop on me noway no way no how as you will know it to meshari that will be two and i quickly found charges against her i detest in justice to the antiquary i want the truth out there is some one's doing this or that when you do say it is to be has legitimate claims against him the only holy claim that is she on him was when they were talking about em about the money i looking to what that's alsecus ii to say that but that's really true his charge with things he's following what the directors are he's trying to be the coach be coach is not an easy job and remember it's a not a paid position it is a volunteer position i think that's what me times people forget so we just need to keep in the right context it is for two years and to years come along and by you you would you go in tosomebody else and tono dono to drop and i the way personally i think there should be a review before the three years had before the tri or time is up a what have you done then what have you though in what do mean there should be almost the review of to what he accomplished in pinicolus goes and jack this and then then a report normanthorpe le can see it it does neeshing wrong with this the all of these hostile interactions that's what oh i really feel like politics he turned into jerry springer held i let that you do if feels a cerise you do not get it to elocootionist for i've had a too little bits o conocimiento bit i do it in a way to the bad him to bring out the truth when i know people are are not leaving it or other not real or both at doing that as cool you know i menominees r is the goal when i just want the truth out there i don't have a pony and that race i don't other than in cats every one of us as true republicans true republicans terinaean i'm in amicabiliter true americans and we should be striding to gather regard less than in were on have differences but but dividing into teems the provenisset er you agree with the teams entirely or you are your demonized and in there not always right and that's that's the problem and people need ethomme think is the best for the job instead of saying oh i'm a this or i'm a hotter it's the same thing that i see us is a dividing up yonder race or whatever yet you have to go with your team or you're a traitor all you have to go with american as the best osestes what it is in life for me that's always what it is the life the cost of so we have had in the constitution party wheat we lost somebody over the week and joe sanger and a very sad to lose this man he was very active and he was funny in the meetings he were he was hilarious because he would write he would write you know like official statements for us to ponder and they were they were amusing in how far they went but anyhow what to say also to sanger's family and every one that were very very sorry for the loss of as well as her body in the constitution party because you which is yours textures party and michigan he will be very much most state was stated he is that is the siluerous ive member that is really helping move the ball forward so speak in one of the things it is that we hostelat howe reducing government what we're doing to reduce the floriselemente is soon of control and when we lose the one like thee joe as what things have you can serve to come these people have their heart is sold in it because they want the gusts homerica they won america sit thrive like an inattention of on the pedestal is that i know the shining light we can't do that when he have these types daterunic policies like which come in orite now in america is this so wrong so long in and look at me to get on in my case and when thogether they're here to the chinese corporations everywhere to a young ilasterion look is we sell our lands to them where hething about weorian were we always called a whatisname put all your eggs and went basket but it's sure to what like were poor eggs and all the chinese basket doesn't asser does which on i'm going to bring up that that video that on westland that video on the solar farms and then it is all in otricoli's that this is something that everybody is going to have to come to terms with and what's happening there we got called to a failing solar fire to do some valuation in such they were short sighted and ignorant enough there's the word looking to anselino not constructed in a in a way that word the run off in such out so they basely turned it into a huge swamp without without i intend to these plaetorius tested me and side of said well anonryt say correctly oh hang out on the we have she so let me know if you have one between her and the borough nick i i why would you say i don't think it's wrong even to chat with you i told you i more than one now it was like she she said she wasn't sure that it was rolled to come in bannocks the or there is going to be a productive for a reason i don't know but you're still welcome to come on when when we can talk it out it's some point time cause i think but in places for you will get an honest inside the lock at all things so learned this media were not talk about or so houstonias and i warn and don't forget to like in subscribe to woldo get notified me on post additional videos just like this eswareinmal or panels yet a great question charles the reality is that most of the materials are going to manufacturing a soul of panel or abundant in earth rainless glass illumination however in the manufacturing process tossing compounds or us for example led in the soldering wires every soul natal has about fourteen and of the leg from the manufacturing mischancethe walk when you propitiation you compared to other industry such as a battery and mystery that produces over nine millions hung in solid for er it's really not substantial that we should make mention that we're talking about policrita no soon however there is a concern with senior that is correct in the process of manufacturing in the solar and knowing her senegin congenitalit is huge and then is encapsulated and very little any of the leastinto the environs there is the common assumption that solennels and your monoropolis since one solari the long term environmental benefits of solar for outweigh the potential negative impact it come from the manufacture watching if you enjoy this information is short a life this video strike her channel he the thing about the thing about that i have a problem with a with the solaris i think it's like a three hundred times more polluting then say other forms of the three kinds in alencon and carbon pope from what they described now settle but i got to think expression with that video and conoscas can say one thing but they are not good not finis i can tell you that right now how when they cocked about the polycraticon or the monocracy aline the linton there forgetting about silicosis their forgetting about the fact that this will develop the poles with the logs their sayalways now ogils no big delationno gotwoe about his pen felt ohthat's not stroke the cabin tall right is exactly in issue there is no doubt about it but thildette are also a bad so when they say that this it the healthier not now go coparceny him does and what it becomes cold to in the body and particularly the copings now and they say oh oh well carino well that's no probable what about the other forms the cabin the other when you take in or adding to this you are you are putting children apres we needed attack him on on this child of us law with that because what they're doing his risking the children to risking our lives the rest of us in what it does but it's not just capital meant on can be won on our things they did manstolid but the letters probably of this a small amount oh is he concerned as it is much concerned know and yet they went to blow it off as if it is to be gill there the new one coming out on the comprehending liem those things are incoepit were selected histories gathered nationally yet when they're naturally one that doesn't mean that their healthy a radium is naturally found too to be processthis not to do wastwood we have does cochopees to contain it if there out there building his colorarms how do they go in there to open the for the cespiteuses life because the all the land colorcolored look at the cost of her of her recycling perses land feldlandes about a dollar to two dollars according the epic is earth is thirty dollars or cycle i questioned the thirty dollars because if in fact of the hass materials which they are they in fact you could after wear its special mysterios or onthat's iceland filled do i mean it starts getting the lock more serious then then what they want you to believe still that's why i have become very concerned about these guys are doing the itgood information but i when i pull up the of the of the stachetone its toxic and the cocainisation of home haltiatar it tell me how the hambletons roy that didn't feel that you look at the diagrams of that you break in here or screwed i'm sorry i'm in orsini other waterways are wet lands heliocar and in heart concept of gain the there have all these sore panels already delivered there not in sel until you right now i want to see an what's called it msticamente safety datuships if you re in manofactorer ng hematoidin has to have one to see why because fire fighters need to know in the event of a fire what potential of hazards there go face alisiers to has a toxic we don't you think they ought to know if i pierrotsitting to happen will wait a minute yes can you got to lectrocute you've got this mathewe don't know what's going to happen was interfacing with it so we have to be scrutinized in his topnotchers enteralthough a bill for the sole herfaren he's been down there on the one down and miscegenate wonapi up on masonite got this one here they want to do it or i want to tell you we need to go after the personally go after not as the representative personalisation for what is actions are to you harm callosities to harm them and in my best if your private and you shoot somebody you have to go as the civil head and so okaseri and a crooked case in a crealocke we can't because he has sovereignity as represented but he doesn't have sovereignity and a simple case and so we go out of his cards to the law against them so when they do this stuff we sartachali these guys and put him in court and i up an bankrupt and tell word atabak rupt you why did time we've done we are going to bankrupt you collectively because you have put all of us at risk every one of our lives every one of our financial basis are property values to go down i shall life will go on the god i angry i got that that's good boom there goes chocks glad man exactly yet you are you know and then look at look at the people who have sold out to these people for big dollars when orweather that's a big part of goshen up north where are the the property owners of mosqueand you got the same were peewits led property out for big dollars i have the same concerns about about most of the developers around the state and how when you look at the money flow it that that is really calling on lewesiensis its activity of a traitor to sell out to some who is a who has a lined or part of the the traitor that some out to the i have the green we been read that you know i can only think that too is looking at omissions to eostre it was of their traverse one farmer sold out because somebody offered him and time its gay startling contos or even scared his almost like a chain reaction to the hands or the answer console in the same region or farm land the fines or fine up and mucus the chinese either i know orleance were looking at the land across from principiarlo by to silver ago and is like all my gosh only as were going to go out there and durango to apparently she did and now it ask on what they were doing they were from an over and they were up there looking at her let all who were they looking for farmland for while you could only guess no not to say that all chinese are bad does not throw back when you have chinese companies you don't know if there are funds for the desipient more many times they are while they out they all are because that the chinese government considers all corporations accompanies that are within china their proper to their all national age so every single one of them is in fact property of the see what do you think about the blue and investigation as thou be undone with their relationship which the sestian china the fact that the the knowledge or gustationis at what took so long i dessay that the other day i said this the house judiciary committee so long to go ascape because there their building at plant marshal and there gentry to do that one in goichinin is why are we allowing this to cure wharwith to wash something in that we don't need to quit well in the prestige this and owerover clearly but the least make sure that that we covered our bases i want to do it the russians through its technology do don't even know yeah they they well they don't care because they're selling or out you know i shoot i think that they do know they they know exactly what there intergenerant the the dew not care because this goes back to a hang out a pollinator he for a blow of all this is two sisters marshal and there's a ford sideright here that this and they they don't care because they're god is one and i don't bleedingduring soon not here who they had then they do not care who because they just move on you know that i will never more for protect that's why don't buy now i could never i like the portion i think it's a very sharp look in venice but i won't buy it because why it's a for it's a blow it's a collusion with it with the chinese and osawatomie doing that too i don't know roadthe organs stop do you i mean is that clear we have to walk with our money we have to build to go with our bonny because it with the feeling thing we have love that we can control the king constellacions for sure while she the proud that i have with demas like isis call it what it is government loders witherpotolili fo we called in coleochaete collingwood at general orders is it to consigner orders i call it begins government molders is what it is donaldthatthat happen with with germanand a crier and the whole the men that there is there's so much money we the american people on those corporations because of the amount of money that we poured in new noonans to talk about that but let's just do there a minute all of these bouts mean that if if they have not made good the londs it's just like in that the the breaks that mary baragat and by the way she was one of the biggest o donors for gretchen whitmer for she got one she is not hinderwell she is there to a hundred forty six million dollars and there was no there was no rationale the other was no way to make sure that they got the four thousand as are we're not in the math here eight hundred and forty six thousand dollars for the promise of four thousand jobs screwed down four thousand ostensiones do you see it the congress and i did going about it last of the person that was recalled to the industry for a while realized as she liked and in this diggeresses out the right now to existednot want to pick on me gayatoncheragona morebecause this holdening is none credible she tried the she did do the about it but you know when this stocks going on it gets all the way to the top there is an issue with with the one of the product lines its commonalty crosses the felsen in unentangled on profecto over ten years and cost throughout six hundred dollars because the felsennasen the theophane in the the peepul and when one hawcopole are listening a few algeology and product in your seeing that this castor gasates flowed up and down sometimes it usually do obedientiae known about it for over ten years because his unmuscular they caused me six hundred dollars a first time i argued it with with the the local dealer here backed of these onmeanin to i would after calicothe of the back i said look to tetootney buy another car from you guys ah again because you did come to to my aid i went over to the next one i bought it dead the betooveren granaticus these keys were stated by but i said if the ything ever goes wrong with that in the felgate you can better any dead and then i think it charged because you can know i wonder stand on it that i will i will take him istress actions so fitawe should form a class action shoot on that alone and see where mary borsad on that one shall stay hidoodim tell yousomethingi because they did what's called a red expectansie high priority they got to soittamiseen solved yet insinooates halidom sorry but this i didn't know what was going on he does not does not absolve them of break the law you broke the lowered and so it's just like i had somebody horton her politeness i had somebody on here you know i don't know if you weeks ago in everybody's all bound shape of all the guide that i seised the guy the guy came on he he probably shouldn't have been stupid enough to say this in front of me because he knew i was going to have a problem with him we should pardonvery one really we should pardon every one if they say their sorry that's a christian's do really ah how you can to know if they're just did just john at your not how are you going to know that they just you know are just trying to get out of trouble as most people will lie to get out of trouble most people will and and so you got a real problem there with that you don't just say oh you know or ignorances is not excuse for the law all the stuff now well why like crazy they will come back they will do it again they will do timeful they will re group and reach re group and out this really kind o funny i had somebody that decided to take down a brand and burgon on the fact that i called him out for his none and desolation i got in email from this one individual person and was trying to shame me into talking to him again and not like really well he left this calling card on the bottom of the mail and this gisante solar industry and is taken findramore for solar trying to get me to talk to this other guy who i believe firmly is not who sends and so i i see the connections there it's like fine you just found it yourself with so many taking solar money or federal money first for selling solar in your work in your all on me right there because they're all in it for the money and that's that he proves there were candles ever it is as good to be try he is taking the federal monter ou need to talk these and then you find out their businesses depending on getting federal dollars because they're all standing together and in people went to listen o theirs such nice their greatest i like this field let one blood one let the jobs and the butterflies fly at that moment in time is the pulling their swords out to get this nation in their act we ritterhaustmarkt was he with the chinese were of course you uttered of chersonesethe thy sty we all were seen like a colonisation if we find out really it was the cosseting gore here where the canalthat he was really with his chinese illities product there i believe it was held that to everybody walked away and do course i mushrats doin now i heard somebody ah that was how do i say this and good to try to do this so that that i can a few bride crumbs here you know is somebody who has the whoredoms certare that's no hung out the annoncement for a very very very long time it was researcher and such without like like throwing out their i did in fact yours talking about him many many years ago and he had other questionable behaviours in china and i think that we can all go to a thing like a o i don't know the same thing that mecanas in to when he was over there i mean if you don't think that he was as the admirals son got given every you know ten year old girl he ever nowdetached dead it's like it's like and i wonder how many of these other people and you know all he got odo is look at look at the poster child or for a child the last named and sexual crimes as honored be you know i yiddisher child for what not to do then let's look at john the cane and the john acenaphthone of arizona and all of the universities need be questioned there money laundering bethout there while in thundercrashing lawsonawhile groupevery grandmothers and grand one the was to wash by the losers savings all john began was guilty you would have told you that all he didn't do anything wrong he was exonerated now he was and i was to agethough to get with the surely did not exonerate because charles keene capable hotonhissen that human tracking nivation the university of societiesthe persona and i think they took him soletellina and then they nerianthin out in the new look at the board of their men a disgusting mass that was he never did th and you know and it's like i'm sorry you know you want to get to the keen five and such you can go on no can trace that back to the franklin cover up in the hole tonners and gretel forget don rankle our own ishans don regis all part of the keeping five he was one of the five that there sat there is springthere's some big big big deals that i'm in i tell you what anybody that was doing business over seas the the sect was then setting up just like you know absinthin ab son wasn't the only one there is there is so there's so many people he may have been a big player in this but there were others and they would set the honey traps for for these guys and then they owned and anon a lot these guys you look at second look at sex tourism and where they will go so that they can go and rape a child and i'm not talking about sowhich is bad enough of sixteen year old that looks like a twenty five year old hooker i'm talking about in ward three or three years old or so these people are absolutely no that's old thing so i don't know i got a lot of questions anybody that would over there and was dealing doing so i have chosen for all of them and and i heard i heard a few things that he really would make your blood run cold about several of these people during business and tried go by now no anyway eh i could have to go here shortly but i wanted discusses second district over disaster the other employed they are employing those people there i think some of the people there and that group what to do with rice with there being misled by a kind named john rodestain and he sembland breath cremorgan boris just out of control concebiste haviour i when i've been opposed yesterday on not i made a comparison to her to roam willie walked in the chocolate factory really characterized sir will coterine greane member member that show when he walked on and catheterise she sigeian it to want know is just come seewell that's kind of the briarean gave a person somebody some people get mad at me for doing that but in doing it for reason is doing it to pay them in doing him to give frimousse the behavior is solely on professional it's folly not what we need and the gallaway i can get him to even discuss he did use like the great name to be discussed he means well and i and i think everybody needs to come out it's just like ice i still would like to have had a very nice discussion the other day was stephen it was that she took a lot of time to talk with me and i'll give her half of for that cause i loved that i love it when people are only dis and i still like to offer an invite to her and nick pearl to come on i would i would welcome them to come on we need to get to the truth regardless of what our precognitions are on think if we have any we to lay them aside and i did not want you connor got a why wykecombe consistere protocopper unit to day who had been a propinaverunt for her to make her point to make her point of inspired in that is not it i saw her note i saw the note that nick word and it ootower rotational i ah i sure who do oterschaden stentorsanimalcules but i would save this if she could go there could be eager in her husband's practice practice is going down because shores to the antigrease we can't bring that into that right there you know i really i really am ah i thought totoposte personalities on what they do nickanoose wersebe with us on the day in time to come i reached out to tidemand we weren't able to connect with neck i did reach out and i called and taxed and then stephen called me back and we had a very nice conversation and if you guys next week monday if you guys want to come on next week monday i would walk on that and then we can have a discussion let's be statesmen about this and talk about this because our country is going down and make points let's let's go down through it point by aaanother eater and none of these i don't want to hear that that's what really got me goin on this oh i think we ought to be respectful yes if you know any time i met a forgotten will be respected because that how i been school yes i've been out of the coronoid been out of corporal that's where i came out of yes but the practice we still have to be civil or what we do and particularly in meetings for possessede robbers rules or whatever a rule of order we want to use as fine an we still have to follow through an inbecility hother and i think what i have seen is when the police get called had to get called his case that said something repair that's those more pooding made but the ten when you condone upheave or like a parent if you can do that ever is one to get better so you better of kind and then a onestate e was one time think now what has it been a one time think it's the it's another one time and i'll stephenstephen is taking me in two and she said i asked you what your intentions would be of having us ought and you stated that you would atone the fire is out by strikes spreading truth that's exactly what i'd like to do my is sasafras lagging and that sure if you're getting my common i thought the letter that she wrote was really interesting and it was worth it was worth reading and going over and i appreciated her for saying that and she sent me some time between ten and i a conversation neither old in total context because what they've done and and ask her about how she had an agreement not to record and record something with it whether a pistol and then carson of integrity as what i was telling you don theycome to her said the craftiness because don't follow through i do not when you make it climate with you in a very horrible deal i'm going to follow brown my word your word is your word carried anas to be but that's not the case and that's why i'm so vemently against these cries if ee got a point is supported when they're right just like i do medanit now on the lecture i'll support him when they're right but when they're wrong you can to go after em soilhave her choice next is said next week it is looking forward to it very low and he also said a man we just want wall and got to follow the rules or called on me for making emotion that himdidn't monaker has got true that's not true ask ask other people that were there in fact somebody yelled at him a person that supported him yelled at him because of his behavior in the favor was out a control is nahor was out of control to an make nimis take about it he always nice to i wonder then i would to ask ordealto or in soccer ones be collect you know it you in the soccer if you commit a fowl okay can it so a serious cowllike enough okay you're going to get two days to games suspensions cried its automatic i give two caves to the tagavor out and the next will you help i think any didn't tell this an unprofessional behaviour like i i would give him two days i will walk him out or maybe maybe longer and stand when you can deitado come on back do you not to be in a tone way as we have we have responsibilities too are electors here and we have to produce something attend of the day have to have gold in a checkered to meet those not delay tactics not this type of childish behavior that i've seen so far so what we need to do as when he'd get on and talk about it and see what we can do to actually i bring the crashford i think that's something we need to do i know that there is a meeting that is scheduled in crystal coming up that was not responded to i believe by christina akinetoses pounded to yesterday was sentisection feeacehe responded yesterday and that the very detailed response i might at will you agree with her answered grave whither does the matter she responded i thought however rode in a fair job okay on onoorin candy questions on them to begone fool in my questions to intent you are fast yourself you will be going to be part of the solution of part of the problem as early as the notho well do remembercommented well we have to have qualified people in the possessions that will actually nullify most of this nonsense and get back to it the founding fathers wanted hunches go along to get along to keep the parkinson polyander as special interest groups that's the answer right there that's a crux of the protocyanide problem clearly in manufacturing the very first thing to do is clearly defined the proctor write it down big sore gon before ye can look any solution old people opinions were how do you be answered when you really know what the probity knowi know the problem really have you preached of methodical doctor dummy he guided taught the japanese how to eat our lunch after demi has a very strong process eysereeyeh that's only one of many we go after it from moethol stand point we attack if we to weet the fin it in we attacked it with your co i don't hear any of these kids talk to him of that i don't hear anybody talking about the practice seventeen hollis went out of the eighty three seventeen went keywords compongan to get those something back what about the sixty five as the margins the victory there how genius in him these of the priorities we need peace of the way we we need to understand from his tonogen to abrogate the singitic it doesn't matter we need to understand the individuality and the commonality altogether that's how we approach and we don't i have in one well i am looking for to hearing from them directly dissertating it's good i think it's good for everybody to be heard i really do what do we grow them or not we have to give them a chance to and around and in it and there there are few things that i act thought was a were really good st there is a seventeen thousand dollar expenditure that was done by i believe the cant con geop i would be asking a whole raft of questions and not what i got thessalian tell monocal it added i conchoidal and i know why because the son no for the oncoming then i don't agree no sir with this speaker i will be honestly i don't agree with gussiethese or the usongora fee i don't like it that's what i don't like i don't know i can cetolite honest could i tomnot deceive didn't know i hate it when people do that when i when i know the lion and i get angry i do and i think that's where i call out that's why i stick on my so orso much so wanaspati morning why do you go after i should because these people are not telling you the truth if they were telling on the struthion their side the printer not you know i i claperes i i've done it all my life and there still i onnontaghe chairman of the second district i have to be the secretary i was one in the talk show on p cable tv right alfieri line a political a real time program on came i told my said bob you know that's a lie you that's stopping more than just rhetoric i call them all right on her he was supporting to the different candidate than i was and i just let you know i did lanewhere skill coins by the way to this day but that's the more we got to get back to that we can disagree and take care or points strongly walk away still as much grande well and i think i think absolutely as that we should just be able to get long together in as coatif there is an if there's a sticking point like might my question is always on the fundamental structure of things and that's usually where i keep my head in those and in those areas everybody's got in a ganda and they all think they're right it's in you know everybody's do it the hero of their own story so of youre never ever talk he to somebody who is without bias but you cannot live my background my masters in organzation development by my doctor almost done him good have chapter less of the dissertation on his organizational coulton on very much and lerinensis tional development how to be a practice of his coat for twenty eight years and it premillenialism stands so strongly on it we have people that want to do the right they agree they may not be as skilled as we would all like understood what a least behind now wore the hearts are of winsomeness the lie and i get very incense because then that the person i don't i can't crossewaies truchsess you see this all the time for me through its wegeston when trusts we get relationship and if we get relationships we fill communities strong community and strong state that were it as she started to have testardige and if we don't get the truth in all bets are off well and i and i think there needs to be a respectable ways too to listen you my point here with this is it not to either elevator demean any one it's to say that when i see somebody who is being paid seventeen thousand dollars for a speaking engagement and a lincoln day dinner i have some real quest because you asked by white takercaretaker calls on his coming into comecon do you know what he's probably getting you know a david even in ostensacken i have and i have to cry on his hostess on possible fires i don't like it i think you corpulento get gradating other than travel cause i'm not i'm not justifying anybody else or whether the whole system is broken we deinotatois kind of money to be places were seen or heard or doing something that is part of building a political hierarchy and a political ruling class not a representation but a ruling and i i really think that they would be better served honestly if they pulled somebody out of the community who is doing something unusual an innovator rather than wear in recovered talk to them about what is like to be in his prime courts could occasion this prince what is like to be taken on these pater corporation like prowided like to tenderwith secedersas blow talkingabout fighting against the tempiute doctorate now what we talked about what he told her fires ionettes no doubt about it that i am poorampan on this one we have touched to mobilize we've got this to gee i'm a january six or for reason i don't like the coccolite mykelle cleave guilty this openheaded do why would you plead guilty in a forevery one makes us all look that and we're not right and were on and so i mean the point being is that the structure is wrong for in a political and politics in general in its overgoing to be honest or right until we change the they should not be paying these big speakers this nag on ottonian and i have that sets my biggest concern i have with that is like when i look at i mostipelo are making twenty grand or more a speaking engagement and have turned themselves and to a quasi celebrity is so so now we've been even grain against hollywood and the child trafficking and all this nonsense going what are we think they're doing in the political class right now the same thing they're doing the exact sathisthe same instead of let's keep this local and instead or trying to jump into these great bag a great vague vanes that we should be focussing on what can we do to bring people here locally who are involved in the community and how can we engage more people now if you're if you're talking to seventeen thousand dollar bill that they've got a cover which is not completely an utter nonsense what if they had not eryoodition have one on to go it's done either way okay i'm not i am not even going to go there when that is aloes downtonian you don't you stand on principle you don't even do of the other money there's a lot of things can't you don't fronmon on they choocheroo you don't you doesn't matter give me your money you can do what you want in a great hole this is an organization and it not a good steward of the money they would be much better off is getting somebody who has local connections then he all this go asked him to day both nor is this the portlanders him i find out that it is i like to know to the boat for rose to the one for angesuertes if they did they said this is why the rules required the entire body to vote on the seventeen thousand dollars and nick son an infant the she do you would go to don yes but they said that they were not in involved i don't know i wasn't there but i don't think the filedirectory it but i'm willing to we're going to get him up next week on it if he comes on he won't have you got to be able to listen to them and that could mean i really feel pretty strongly only outdone then the when i sent for is the pet a partial gateswhy on account er him i want to be able to say not true yet no nor that next sederit now the esse is not voted on the contract and imon the east the sance i doubt onerble ask the question to night stillthat's the grace why does it nick bring it up to night it would be one of the things she there would have that would be valid if the ice didn't vote on it yes she would have to go on the scissor they wouldn't have i don't believe that the cook has got but the truer to the treasurer signed it in the treasure signed it then gessit got the waterthat's way the sister work honorat of mine next will get shot next week mack and hold her bothering so i think i think of this at the questions though are well thanks for coming on chuck i'm going to continue cotoneaster day and i got to be older and grown up ansleie or whatever when time is the meaning five clock on montioie now i do i got to look i counter so packed like i think it's like a bielinski don't know for dornissan sericcalis here but thank you for your montoya's always find what poor redetheile wheatear to hear what he has to say i really am because i want him to go friend his position i do to greet his about defending the position with truth not not coursesouth but as we hold that truth and wooginoos yes i crirait with the one great day he to thanks jack in greece so i've got tichonicus the meeting is that six three nickelic commoderate now for a second soccoman right now into i was reading it i like to listen all sides of every story and ah you know an pinesor sortito takes a little while sort through things but the thing that was glaring to me was a seventeen thousand dollars ponthiere its way to this way too much money in politics i would rather seen somebody that was local who has an a lot o respect who has not worked here oh ye that again for a few minutes hang out an i'll give you the phone number you can if you would call in on this one meteor in the give you of a phenomenon on and we can we can do this and then we'll have you on next we as i do believe in on coming on that one man and i will do it in knocking to be able to see the chair when nick is on but that's okay i'll come back to that in a minute and i we'll see if we can if we can now ah here that side of it because i do think that that's important and my biggest concern was the fact that like i said they were spending that much money on a speaker and i think i just think there are about her ways of doing it always and the save on conway neck i'm i'm ready for him i thought they had a you know if there are concerns i i don't really have any any heroes in politics at this molmenti i think there's a lot of people that the people that are trying to do the right thing but i'm not seeing any one in leadership that's really blowing me away in any non ah in any port because in it i've got another another video at some point time that i do want to play for every one and there a neck idonea you good very nice save you on and i'm glad you took the time to do i my point as is that even looking at from this from the outside is that the something thousand dollars spencer seemed like a lot in just cause you can doesn't mean you do such things that i don't people are trying to do their best in a lot of em in a political climate that's absolutely out of control so but but if you want to if you want to talk for a few minutes here i'm i'm going to i'm not going to i want to give you a chance to say yes so am it'll prove corroborates rules which tobias adopted the cane expenditure from the body requires that if he approved by the body you can buy laws that the allow or give authority to notonecton expenditures are certain dollar amounts so as as the county executive committee we allowed up to twenty five hundred dollars to be with an approval by both the treasurer and the secretary or fired at the treasure and the chair so you don't hooftrack them balance are just on a sure that you do nothing he's things spent without at least the yousomething off on that right so this contract for this eccomi comes in at the value of seventeen thousand dollars now or we can talk about the weather not that's the right speaker whether or not you know as speaker should be getting paid evening calls and dollars but at the end of the day the road has been passed by the body that the prophet contract directly violates the rules of the executive committee esthetes and we have with the chair rightnow where is not recognising or not taking into account the wolves and the will of the body and is just utlatlan decision it's like we you know we haven't an entire tenuity but were expected to just sit there and a windle follow the lead of the chair on and you know this sites one instance where you know the the roles will proeeedings up this itpartly i lost my temper and i meeting and had had the cops called on me to this is another instance a cheer cancelled the meetings over the summer without approval to the executive coniecerant have executed committee meetings on the last monday of every month in order to conduct business for the airplane and the char decided he was rescuing to see and he replaced it with another meeting in close standing comte chairs and i should appear and and simply asked him on the robber's rule of order to galen the meeting that was kind and he he ignored my request i repeated it i was attacked by other members of the body i was screened at a and then the cheer ordered me out of the meeting i ordered the sergeant at arms to to remove me from the meeting which again if we looked at the woes and er emplace the cheer doesn't have the authority to do if any member is out of order the cheer can ask for emotion and the body can go to remove some one but the chair can't do that on his own ah so you know so the audio recording his out there of that eating i never lost my temper i was simply making emotion polemoio and i was the one that was attacked for fooling out the fact that the chair was violating the rules so you know i appreciate that shock is trying to spring bring light to where he thinks there's darkness but he is not doing it with all of the facts and its incredibly frustrating be getting attacked all across the state for simply standing up principles and asking that the rules be well and i think that that there's a there's a point there to be made is that people have to look at the facts not necessarily who is even presenting because you know that we get in the weeds real quick real quick that way so i look for it to have you on next week monday and oh i can bring both you and stephano with with the chalk at that point to and i would love to have a discussion at the were where we can go back and forth and get to the mahisasur that most are publicans out there would really like to know what's actually going on and you know so that they can either ask st which we here we can write this nation until we can ask questions and get down to the the cold hard facts of the situation regardless of whether we like somebody or we don't like someone exultation or escape was at sistoff asked questions about the seventeen his gold on track in our meeting right with well within congressesthere c to question you know that this contract is shoes immediately attacked by other members of the executive command if we can't infertilitas questions right who can a world does that they were living in well we have rights under robert's rules of order and in right porteraient the republican party platform from the arc of pure republican you follow roberts that it's it's kind of i i'm really glad i'm super glad that you call it and i look for to talk to you and stefano next week monday so that we can you know we can wait through this because what the republican party does the entire state and i'm i'm not i'm not a fan of political parties i'm to tell you that right now just too much money involved in and when i saw were running for governor was how much that money is passed back and forth between candidates between the party at her there just to have one great big party to infect by our elector and ther fluence tenemos one forget all of the the in estructura y know behind the scenes that put in place passing money back to former great i agree now you got all those people who have iscaptain the day to have capitalized on printing have capitalized on failing of capitalized on signature buying go and its sin and it is it is secretsthemistocles youdoesn't stand a chance against this big corrupt you're you are you are seriously over the target and that he who it is i she completely shocking to me see see the machine that's working in order to elevate the candidates that they want em place to protect that power stand it it's it's it's incredible people would would be these if they got the enormity of what a problem we have with the amount of money that is involved in it they would be absolutely shocked and what these people do when they get in continue people that will protect that power structure and that money structure that's my were at an over seventy per cent tax rate for for americans that is going on we've got an over seventy per cent tax or because they are taking it and deciding word they want it to go in order for self enrichment is the problem now an when i know is that i believe that the speaker is abe johnson for seventeen thousand dollars speaking engage cut is correct i have i'm sorry but but when i look at serving the nation and especially for protecting shoulder inside canteen thousand dollars though it's an accepted practice i know i've heard that can disown his over twenty grand a month and and there's a lot of people that are more than that tucker is is i i heard his way more h i have rolled problemabout because it's just another venue for creating celebrities and any i don't appreciate i think it's wrong i think we should serve in this nation and looks talked about offerecendo right the as the seventeen thousand dollars a contract with speaker burrai's not even to the contract directly with the speaker sooloos on me i don't know what the oontracts speaker biomass only make an gofive thousand dollars onwegoncernes infrastructure behind the scenes that nobody normally thinks about that is getting rich of booking speakers that are you trying to pull at the heart strings of people in order to get them out and go and get the end of the day that speaker berdoe n't care to purest prompting of a bitjust like the printers just like the malesthe datethose the people that have the date of that you know in order one for office you got five deetoor then it not me the real establishment that were fighting that nobody talks about is this behind the scenes in a structure that is just you know getting rich and doesn't really care whether you wear loose at the end of the regalas long as they get the funny their pocket is not as they keep that and the gain go anything keep the game going then the next elections psychethe just jump right in and take the money again because that is the end and at the industry has here nothing to do with her scoffing my reins for county commissioner riles tobosian bolchester up against the incoming commissioner he comen that position that these you know twenty thousan dollars year that i did he connotes a eight position and so i was well into my capand and in we find out in one of the dollar families here in michigan i don't need it you hands of thousands of dollars to our opponents for telling commissioner so your you talked about it a governor level but even all the way down on me the concomitant it is such an exporrigi forms a government right here in the united states to menfootsore inal bothe county shire for the county commissions it is it is insane he moumone that secured to even those low level positions in casters yeah i agree with you on that when i tell you that because it is it it seems very criminal to me because it seems like once again the corporations are ready and then i found that in the listing and laura for the accounting publican oh that was registered on i believe the twenty third of june and who sit on the top of that isn't credible to me and then you got a wonder are they are they who always the day of that their collecting and are they doing it to sell day to later on who's got the you don't how how is the structure as in what are the using are the using the say the prestecote and the people that think they're doing the right thing bohehemian party in order to honestly profit of this at a later date where that were the controls put in place to make sure this is carried out correctly that's what i would want to know that that something that were you know i arthuraccount watch some watch the roll out the good neighbor rogando am not i am not a point where i can say whether it is a good or bad program raccontarono of our program the same questions that you have about the data rate there's a partner's gelders a precontract between an my goot and in a third party to provide this apparere is that atostor how is of protected was the chain of custody it we want a talk about securing elections will my my pepompa identifiable information is iarmor secure than than when my bold i don't care teleoplacophora if i share some information my neighbour and that's going into an act that is then you sheered off the sun third company what is the chain cussed me on that so i have no promising that this is a bad idea and that this whole thing seems like nancygerman using neighbors to spy on their friends and family and to input information into an apis and twenty twenty right as your neighbors are having a thanksgiving party were at a allegeing dinner during the lock down you need to call the police and afford them that's exactly where i'm i'm standing on this isassi's so wrong and then once i get that day that the neighbors are collecting on friends and family you know i would never you know i'd rather rather you know i don't know poor lemon just a paper cutter something like that into the the jump on board with us because they are rapining people to spy on their neighbors and you don't what if those people are doing this they literally could ride brought up on charges of treason because this is this is such a serious offence and then furthermore are they going to be selling this and wearisome money going who is in charge of this little partnership that's going on and a new a new finding in otocyon know it what would i see over notacons really concerning and i've been writing about this and nosehere about the no bedongen to comments to represent the public in party i've heard christina's get twenty grand a month for a salary i passed and in like reinette dollars the igniferous and dollars on shore or still on my my question is as honestly i've got to so many questions that nobody seems to answer in words republican party goes the state is also going the republican party lost the last selection to what mary wasn't split the boat down to brandenburg and i never left the republican party refused to stand with candidates when i honestly was vindicated in or i said that it was that my rights were violated and not one person stepped forward to say this is wrong not nobody in the republican party has meaningfully stepped forward to write the twenty twenty election when present trump the rightful present the united states rights were violated nor the twenty twenty two election there they are set down laid down do nothing non patriots talking has that refused to stand for the nation and i've got a big problem with his onmany of the people that are in an feeshion in the republican party across the state of michigan right now he either publicly or privately come out and made unifacial spaniodon support president trompette and deliver michigan saisthe antisemiten fourcoming who done so much for this country and the stanislaus oonsciousness to santos is the globes watch what he said is just like listening this peel you got to listen to not be i'd like what they say i'm so happy to hear what they say like you know like a native sixteen year old is looking through a tiger a magazine to pick for he to sky you know that's not how this work and it is really it's really a shame on that the things are going in the direction and and i'm you know i give everybody a fair shake you know to have their opinion i don't really care what side this falls on his honestly you know i don't really care about people's opinion i'm in what my opinions are i am entitled to them as an american to as much as you are but i want to get to the no matter what it is and i appreciate very much your coming on and you know i'm sorry but but oh there he is there's things that we should do and things that we shouldn't do and that does not mean that they're always carried out either but the truth still stands and thenwe've got to be able to look at that truth and get you no matter what does it mean i mean when i talked to chuck chuck his check is over the target mostthe now his i find very few things that i've thengood think about that with him usually i agree with with his perspective on ah but that doesn't mean that either he or i always have all the information i know i can tell you right now that i am in a constant truth seeking mone because i want to get to the truth i think that that's what we all have to do is la or preconceived notions aside and listen to things at face value and have discussions estates met in order to get to the truth for this nation i believe that with all my heart i really do his we're losing this as and it is going to take us to be able to work together i believe in cutting out everything that's criminal and in any body comes for was something that is criminal they get zero passed on down to brandenburg its scorched or take em out typeforty i have right but we ageilat the truth got a ray and dilicacy that opinionsopinions every grievance that we have indirectly be tied back to a violation of the rules of we agreed to operate under it proposes and on it we have people within the executive committee on one person is actually tried to seek out a leadership position right now that as beclysed up and said you know if we followed the rules and lead chaos it connotes that is so astonied to me you have the rules of an colored rosader if you follow the rules it's meant to prevent a in and in a week we try to bring the you know the facts to light but you don't we put him out there and you can lead a horse to water but you can't for some to drink you and you know that this is everything that we have is documented its it's proving to be violations of the rules scutys and in a significant portion of the executive committee or standing on principle and truth and you know will find out sanitatis thirty when the motion is is brought forward to remove our chair in a wet side people want to beyond whether they want to stand for the trissotetras being violated and broke in and and letting a getoun person run the on the party though we've got now eighty four members that were elected to do well in i'd be willing to have him wellingon you know it's like i think i think we need to have these discussions so that so that it's not my rule necessarily but the people can listen to the facts and make an informed decision for themselves not not like his part of a political but as an individual that says wow you know this makes a lot of son said and i do think that i do think that if we do have discussions like that that we would be more united on our decisions going forward in all manners of des then then what we have right now so just to see now i would let i would let anybody that wanted to speak come on here and in tussore clear me we didn't end up where we're at overnight right yet everybody there does small comegather wants to say that you know we just decided to start attacking them right i mean the bible tells us if we have a problem with somebody we go to their person individuity to address the if we don't have that problem we go back with with other witnesses if we still don't give resolution to our problem then we bring it up publicly in all of this started in march and many of us have tried talking to tioga about this and it obedient get answer as we got excuses you know i don't know why violated the rule we can you least admit that you buy laded the rule apologizefor promised to do better going forward no one not going to do that rasonare people give frustrated more people go back try to have the conversation with and you were now at the point and in compatriotus on following topical principles that where were dressing this publicly i and in whatever way the vote goes to night we have to accept the will of the body and holmford to start rebuilding the party well though i preciate comin on to day nor look forward to next monday very much oh i think there's something problems in this nation that we have to interest how on and oh and listen like a silesian all sides and they make a decision based on what's been soudan it i tell you what if if i find out somebody's lyin to me they will be tried you know it's like i fry on to a christianitatis here and in short order you know so so just a just the you know it in its omeisius like if so ymages people are flat we are going to make mine but you make him stake the best and you can do is that yessoonat s go head and fix his let's see hicksite the stops solentarily and then you know hippolyte people have the to that you shall like humility to extend your grace and yethowever ward yes and then and then everybody needs to give behind the people if they're willing to follow the rules and the policies and pre procedures unlike the board of elections who make up who make up policies as they go as they see fit ordination most the people that are seated at an office right now are just making a policies they they make up procedures they have no accountability for whatso and our if people are actually trying and they are filling when they screw up in mittitass were all of a circonscritti these are the steps that were going to take to try to and the thank you for cochin and for making sure that you know i that that's one of the things that i think we need to realize is that if we want government to work we have to be able to kosato to these people and says he i think i you know not to grand stand that to destroy on but to to go to them and try to try to resolve it and get a plan to what's wrong and then ah then support these people don't try to every time drag him out on the street when they make mistake and and a trio try to annihilate them but if they are with they were folded on if they were placed there by we the people what as we all are to get behind them and help them and and i think that's the proper policy right an i just requicken you you red stuff nesiotas went out said the entire executive committee i think she doesn't really got job and on opening there where she talks about you know what brought us all together right what a god okoa lot of us so you don't conservative republicans that burgesses atives right that you know we got out you know we went and dinerout we didn't we were octostyle what god is sanasin that the people that were elected true lead us we were not following the rules in a work standing up for us i am in you know if we can't do a better job at that they have the country party move at the steep party level and what are we doing here ah and we we get a week we got us all together was this it'll be need to follow the rules we eeeoow the constitution we need to band together that's why we all got involved strandno were actually in control of the county parties were in control of the i jeopardise the exact same behavior that that is what we couldn't stand that brought us together so and essence we become the new establishment and done nothing to totter yea this country well and i and i really and i i heard another story i interviewed another gallon i've got it the procurey on in its form a gales up by army and her her county party decided that the chernosese to remove his presents elected in and he just decided to remove her so she came in armed with information on why he couldn't do that and she captured position but then they kicked her out of the colony concarneau he didn't agree and this is happening all over these where where if you don't agree with the establishment or the you know quasi new establishment which is about the same as the old wonder place that either they're just going to kick you out and and i i think it's a it's a shame but if we talk about it maybe is sisessome icans can sit here and come to agreement and in rain to think back nothing is so as ever on thank you so much for forgiving me littlebeating and now you have for tidn't know rputoit but may be will see if they the categories six thirty otherwise so i looked forward to touch up oyoon your sonetti think this sounds great thank you and a very very very much and you haven't honourful day to day totoonga well we think is canaan interesting little ah ah conventton eration to bring a mind and see what's going on out there it's see we've got when we go back here a little bit he loves as those stalking a man yesterday who loves and big rapids brought up the battery plant he acted like he didn't care he told us that half the people don't care and have people do care to assoshate also spoon i got like three foes onright now oh the signed back of my face but from charlotte couldn't get my old count strange charlotte hammock on face big foot and me on the profits have to send it out nothing the it much o stuff with a neck and a globous or what's wrong with michigan so i sorrows i think so big news in gateway pon an amician twenty twenty lection today o ka will let's look that up a minute charlotte i preciate that i'll stop this and will run over here i've got a few more and what say what we have pence news to the site some link there charlotte the little belt a little bit so late as news let's see what we got big news in michigan demener or francs estudient twenty now you're she goes anywhere i love this hole get no news but the real proof as if it actually goes somewhere so that we can so so here go we've got restudy into the twenty twenty detroit mission election find of the thirty four thousand illegal ballots and additional warnings from detroit clerks at thousands of as paper was different than normal ballots heavenly father please give us your favour and bringing all to light we need to we really need to get this out so that everybody knows there the country will be brought to gather over first of all the truth and the truth extends to things like the rig elections as well as child trafican that's the big the big items so here the times stand and how when attester going to have two of jump into this little bet istwenty twenty election was still one plan unexplained ballet drag of one hundred forty nine thousand seven in seventy two ballots for joe biden take the lead on president trunk at six thirty one in the well we all know what happen posed by full or hollerin questions about that source but that's okay national expen child and criminal forensics completed report twenty twenty election in michigan and has found no further evidence of chronic systemic voter francespecial among absentee ballots and that challenge election wrong so wrong that's an he's not an expert he's sore spending back in forensic e is speckiness and they have a wide national experience of testing for criminal tribe so at any rate here we got this oh i think we've got some stinson the by we will go to we will have to dig into this further because this is so much larger issue than just thirty four thousand illegal ballots am going on in the twenty twenty election and at any rate to the rightful president of the united states see we are thankful to president jundonal trump the rightful president united states for all that he's done and hopefully we will continued to get more and more news in an action an people were doing the wrong thing including date and nose including pretty much everybody that sit in the seat they seemed all be doing the wrong thank but discoveries good were on kintinue to find find out more and more what's going on breen the truths forwards so that we can all so that we can all good informed decisions as americans and they got the beautiful line so sapor in the morgantown and then later in the week i'm going to bring on that testimony from a gale who was illegally and unlawfully removed by a county party is de scored on across the state guiseswas not a one it's just like epstein of sens i live was a long of this is a cordinated effort and i believe they're all connected and their all protecting each other in protecting the the system in place to make sure that they all are getting and rich of he crowed the other chair her menindie got two channels for screens going and i was so her over on grneberg news network on this fleshy we got doctor moon it said oh there is no vot it wasn't brought before the executive committee no check no vol bromine times the chair and his people do not want to discuss it thank you down a from stphane and a scaremark is there cockiness who was feeding on the false information i don't enter wouldn't say that it's necessarily one side or the other was just look at the facts and i think that's the better way to do it said we should have come all in god next one so marigold do that to a timecolonel i'd welcome at rboom on and have a civil discussion not the nonsense that goes on in the county parties i only understand this to get together and everybody yelling and screaming and ball kicking and whatever else nonsense is going there's got to be a better seestates men rather than rather than the naughtiness that's going on it an outlasher dear only father thinks so very much for the day i had of us and we ask that you would guide us into in two the truth into your truth that you would lead us down the path to truth righteousness just as we so want to see the we want to see this nation working so that we are indeed robesone in our government and that true justice is served when things are when things are going wrong ah you gave us a process the founding fathers gave us a wonderful process constitution a constitution or public where we can have our voice is heard in the truest more of self governance that's ever been seen on this on this earth we ask that you guide us as your children in order to defend the rights of others those without a voice and those who are in the most vulnerable position in a well we're here the unborn in children who are being traffic are elderly population and all of morvenite where we've all been exploited by a very very corrupt system and by people who don't love you and don't i may be realized that you're watching all the time we thank you for ah for watching over us we ask that you see every single action every single word that comes out of our mouths or intentions are actions and that we may realize that not only will we stand in front of you some day were sending in front and now that nothing escapes you and were thankful for not only do we want you to be our friend we want to be your friend i want to do the right thing in ah ah we want to do great thing we want to honor you we want to make you glad that you crave it us and that your standing here with us and we're just thankful for the stain and we love you so very much please bless all those people of hsien of power to change things it de seems like things are so off the rails but we know that you have caught nuity and place i believe in the continuity of government that there are good people that have stood with us and that our breeding things to a conclusion which is going to be glorious as well as bible and we thank you for all those people bless general plan admirers the rightful president united states president donald trump melani i loved that video that i was that i found this morning play that you put in front of me this morning and benilo see malone i love money she's a great person and we ask you bless her and all then present trumps family gonfanons family admiradores family and all those people that stand with them that some wonderful people that they had a are working to restore this nation last week and i ask your blessings on each and every one of them thank you so much for the day were you love you and jesus name raystheir as gus i'm going i'm going to go ahead and let's let's do it we did what we've done before where we and this with a little bit of scripture because i think that this is a very important thing to in mind is that god's and control he hasn't left us for and he will show me our crowd of those which happened courseindeed is hertlein adds going for an is important it remember putting with bible first put god first with the onesciriti first and whatever were going to so twirleth rough he's in charge we don't have anything to swords i shall not i continued to go for knowing the gods in charge he is in control and that is chaotic as its king he still on the throne gods into trol and he's going to bring this to a wonderful conclusion castillus all things all things work together for good to those who love the lord or called according to his purpose no matter what it looks on the outset we've got to be willing to charge into these these tough issues in resolved though not for not for our gain but for god's gain that we lay everything at gods it at the feet of jesus christ our lord and saviour so let's let's out listen to some scripture and understood with that she makes me lie down in clean masters beside still waters she restores my self we fonspertius for as names though our walks through the sole of the shadow i will hear no had in your strong come prepare a table before me presence of my enemies your norma my cup on first low surely she the desire i shall the house for a so for percy piece i will posidon as you long golden being men twelve its fifty proper sixteen first night the heart of man plans his wing ford stablishes his steps processthe hart though six trusting in the lord with the long your heart and do not on your own understanding as your wings on the if she will make straight your paths to rome twenty eight ancora and if you facebe the voice of the lord your god being careful to do all his commandments that i command you to day for your god will send you high about molefaciens of all these blessings shall come upon you i offer taking if you obey the voice of the poor your god lash charube the city clash shoetie blessed shall be the fruit of your and the fruit of your ground in the fort of your cattle the increase of your errors and the young of your son wash shop your basket needing last show you be when you come in lessore you be when you go out to cause your enemies rise against him to wait to feet it afore him the shot coming out against you what way now eofor you seventies thorirthe blessing on you in your barns and in follow that you are certain i shall bless you in the land until toward your god is giving me lecointre first of full tithes into the storehouse that there may be formed in my house thereby told me to protest so proportions if i will not go windows cast in cor down for you blessing until there is no more he song in her he won it oh how abundant is her goodness which you have stored up for those who hear him in the work for those who take refuge in the sight of the children of mankind so the worth i wish to my eyes to tails where just my help more comes from the word who made have it it she will not let your foot be oh she she keeps you had not slumbered the she an keeps israel only the slumber nor for tis your keeper the ford is her shade on your ride sun shall not strike you my day why not hope from all she thought she sorelie the shore going out when you're coming in this time for the torrid we're going to stop right there so going to be a great day make it so so here we go dinging to brandenburg for donor not come i have still not conceiving won't can see delier's chief of thieves and stolen election and so just so that you know is he here then i get this sort when the times besydes all those whom you love and god bless marcais going to be a great day make it so is ah gods and control the rest in that and now that that it's going to it's going to be a to morrow i have john tatertate tuesday wednesday over he being grey church and friday i have a generally coming on cruel is very very involved that it was yet some important things to do on child trafficking and he actually has some first hand experice so i think that's going to be a really interesting interesting day i think i will be all so plain that ah that prod cardivides to morrow with the gallows kicked out of her colony very very telling right there sonny how men to keep to one on this have a great day and we'll see to