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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 6/13/2023 - Tatar Tuesday - John Tatar

Published June 13, 2023, 9:03 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it's the thirteenth day of june twenty twenty three welcome welcome welcome to who is there a lot of stuff going on you know i always say that the thoroughly as i if you want to look you can find all kinds of stuff out there and i am anointed ce my very esteem guest mister astor for peter to his day eh i think i may have to have and applause but or something like that how are you to day denotative as some onesif i can and looking in trying get my my my rumbled up here signed the cat up there young good morning so i want to play something for every one because you and i both like epicack downs and i think to day is going to be one of those days a smack downs and going back to the constitution because i don't know what you but i am seen so many plants so much lying and so much deception out there that i think it's kind of time we continued a to show the southers that we can tine to be bringing the truth every day solomoni want to go to something in a trice some different here then i let's see i i'd like to play this video because i thought this was amazing we want to s government in the rejectedten tethered for one other the senusret works senatemeeting or question but i've been title to her words your network and higher and fire from the fbi king classified stove on from our network to you continued to put hemipteren chapter now also higher or has he soatanoo the the parkensis afterward seen of less of relics show your net work higher class he literally lied to the mericans if you want other individuals that had use it political to tell the american public that elapse was russia coosheen though i had all this information about the bit administration argued prepared to get rid of those people from their network because my concern as a policy you weaponized and now you're weaponizing networks the that is wrong i can't bring something up here look at their high budget cameras going on there for news media they're all doing it with her foes we have certainly fallen from the the prior glory of snagging looks professional proveniret work the fighting and like the influence of presidential election when among your death there you ofofthe frstenstein in cancer you enheritance with a house worker of that word as done on i love that i think that was well done and there needs to be accountability in the media and i think that the enabled to say when he's beset there has to be absolute transparency and every one's voice made to be heard in see what we've been seen in the media which is a very controlled burn to take the station down so i out i'this pretty great i agree the point that i am that i like about him is that he's pointing out that the justice department is now i i as an individual have been up against the department for a long time up against judges in the justice is so nice about it he's like a kindergarten teacher talking to her you know this is what it is you're not work is hiring people i like wow this guy is is is so nice about you know handing her her tail and footooba because the those people are around wisely that woman doesn't have a clue what's going on archanais as she's part of it i don't think they do i really think the that i really think that a lot of people in the deeps stupid they do dumb things every time a judge opens his mouth foot deeper in every time of attorney opens its mouth they stick their foot deeper they have no clue what the what the real reality of life is because let's face an owl is that won't back girl not old enough to have you not an venossaan absolute grasp on what's going on you don't have a kind of what the problem that i see is that most people that landes jobs in the media they never had a real job they goes through the indoctrination universities that we have in the the end up with a microphone in their hands but they are never done anything or like her politics waltheof never had jobs and they don't that they couldn't run on if they had to the only thing they can do as lived by a code of thieves the other bunch of thieves they have a piracy call it to protect each other but that's about it they don't know any better somebody gives some the lines to say and that's what they say they don't have any historical background to say that true this is and because there on the news because there on television ah there's some abillity or some idea of that they are intelligent and that they have you know that they really know what's going on when they don't they have no candidate the cardmaker they keep their secrets we got to keep secrets and i saw the sun in the republican party is greate keep are secrets we got lock everybody out we've got to make sure that we keep the club going and it's like unlike really i don't think that's the way to dispose to work if worse suppose to be transparent it's got a start and it's got to go across the board and set of this complete manipulation nonsense and you don't if people are really that good and a worry about competition they are transparent they run like crazy and they just out past there thought we have we've got a bunch of you know one of people that are trained to hide things and cover free hether to protect the tail cause they aren't that good we have luitons let's take a look at baden for a moment just the moment she's not worth spending a lot of time on but let her let's take a look at what he did as the senator and in his getting all of these security information or secret clearance documents and he didn't know that was wrong he didn't know what he was doing was incorrect in and leaving him in his garage he didn't know that that was wrong everything that he's done as showing his step and the problem is that because he's so the news media charmer or because one news media people buy into that will you know it into anything wrong and so on and so forth and hunter bidens lapped up computer doesn't hit but the facts are there history is there well in anything that is as is likewhy would any one fall from the sky who had fifty years of failure in you even even going back to the election i mean i don't weetamore a while about you know they were hoping that we toiled the stars will now we've got political and you do to watch people are felons sit in meetings and have any voice at all like while they've got there an influence so is it ye but first to formocean so i would think that we would clean organisation out go back to start and how do you run anything if you don't have clean organization you you can't measleshope they'll set up silos and the torpedo the whole thing there's no way you're going to be able to to do anything without them taking you out from the inside and that's the entire united states then you know who was it that said that in the forties that will take those rushott we will take the united states and without firing a bullet while the sacred cristophe yes on the table these andesites so so what why do we think things are different and if some diseases in politics it just means i can't learn longer to learn how to cheat the system and you know and they've got their little networks in there with them to protect themselves we need we need fresh face as i really a complete lever that anybody that's sitting in office right now needs to be removed and never hold an office again cause they have violated the public re they should be hung while yet that's too but you know it copotent treason you reasoningin or we got down to the clerk level are you know school boards or whatever it is they they if you lilitte constitution your old the office you're done you're true your tree or created trees and you shall pay the pedals short drops sudden stop because the the amount of traitors out there is kind of almost overwhelming i feels like ye enow you step in all pollitto the rabotao the hat and the the rabbis just keep coming is likest a you know an endless and endless supply of traitors you know how this is going to have how we can stop the immediate accountdeclares rve and go back to sound money because then they can't eat paper at the at will and pa people off with this pen in all they come on they say while there you you you have great integrity but somebody that doesn't have great integrity they say how about a million dollars i could do this or are you there oh and i sold people buying to this nonsense all i'll be a millionaire soul it also be country takes a little bit of a bite so i not they they do want to go who's good to notice who's going to know that's the news that's exactly what it is who's going to know what i did i mean that's the questions that they ask and you know what it doesn't make it god always knows so first and foremost you know that's that's the biggest problem you got right there is that no one and it should be written in your heart to do the right thing not to be as there is an accountability but because you want to do the right and guess suffrages the one from the boy's right then and there is if you're willing to do the right thing under all conditions or if it's what can i get away with how who can i gain it's wrong it is rough internal revenue goes up to people first of all the internal revenue disappeared because they are brought on by the international banking card we have allowed this to happen oh not me and you so much but our grandparents are parents oh back then because they weren't very up to snuff and knowing what was going on iron founding fathers had a pretty well laid out when they said that we're going to have a we're going to work on a folk for certain people and and you're going to have to be a you're an have to be a land owner in order to vote not in not everybody on because most of the people out there are they have no clue what's going out that they have no history background they have no idea what a republic is they have no idea of what's going on and if they can get a buck out of you that's all their interest the boy only where we can stop at his go back to sal money where you can't at well it's going to be gold and silver so if you don't have the gold if you don't have the silver you can't produce it in a baking in thse won't be able to to do what they're doing right now therefore they won't be able to lose a billion dollars in each the pentagon lost the billion do what half a billion i guess i was this appeared in how can you lose a half a billion ballers one dollar man is pernetiana paying people off with it because they have the ability to pay people off forgot a stop that that's the first that foremost thing and by the way the federal reserve is not part of the constitute there the fact organization they print the fact o money they are totally illegal in america and yet we buy and to their go for their dollars we go for their mortgages we played the game with the bankings part of it is because we were indoctrinated the doe so the other part of it is that the trouble right now well it prior to this period of time there was no other means transporting or well for or having using ah earning some sort of wealth in i in our production but now we have bicornuate other other forms gold and silver is becoming march more popular the old silver that's out there the four silver out there that's stuff is so starting to become very important and the prices are at a good point right now that people should start getting involved and get the hack out of the bankings as the banking system and is created this nightmare were true and drew not so now as we're talking about thinks i i am havehave sation as of people and i have really not found one source to be bound for but you live alone ideas with this lot of people out there pushing ideas a book sales and that sort of thing and i don't think this ring have to go back to the era common domain or the were where we have had books and we have documents that we all have access but you you went at when i look up oh when i look up sources on the constitution there were actually allowed to sources out there that he have a constitution which has been altered it doesn't go out and delegates as part of the deep seated we are so if you late things instead of having it in a in a legal repository which they don't have and i sent from the beginning that we need to be able to publish have everything published so people can look at this and honestly half a is i am fine yo no woofthread to have honest discussions and have point and counterpoint on and stud the bitter want to look bad that so so because they've got a jones when i go into like the political meetings when i'm seeing our like it's almost like watching of sports and a trying to win for the sports team at all cost instead of winning for america and it's a real problem i wanted to putting up a couple of things this morning that i find the really interesting and i've talked about this this subject is going to come up and unless we discussed the fact that the constitution was written with in mind that we and and that we have a moral who have integrity please no but outher tell me that you actually believe that we have any one in government a great now who is either have any morality or integrity the only thing they served as the almighty dollar and that's it so to me others one of an who's that all present that were the rightful president of the united states a profanation i will say that in and and i mean there's some really good heroes that are behind the scenes that i'm that without elected public functionaries what he's elected he soon i said i'm cut noteworthiness flowerlike genossen in and the writers and and were planning and rogers and that though in so oneself but as far as elected officials i'm not putting any trust in any of them except for the rightful president i'll say again under seethree times the rightful president of the united states donald j trump that's one the rightful president of the united states do trunk nor to the rightful president of the united states president donald j trump number three for the wind okay and so am i i want to talk about something that's come off that i've seen the non and using ocepied the convention of to justify screwing up our only protection that we have which is the constitution and it sthetically forward in any more more more more more more more need to go back right thick neck nick macbeth and go back to the beginning and cut out about nine or sun agotorn ment no i upon of the amendments that were were illegally put in place as well as on because i think you can just now if i don't think you have to have convention states or anything so less take look at this nonsense and i'm going to have you comment on this because i senecall be as i've seen people come to meetings that are pushing the thing and all i can tell you as they look like hysterical minions of the deep state who have been empty altered am i watched one woman she kept jumping up in the air in room hidden her knees on the floor with her hands up like like i know it it was it was just weird it was just really really weird i have a problem with us cause i think it's our protection so what say you mister john well here in the biggest problem that we have is most people and i'm talking about the general mass have not studied his they have no idea what his three is all about are they went through school they had two classes in history but they really didn't get a a grasp of two why we had a revolutionary war and what the constitution extuli the constitution up to the eleventh amendment had a very basic set up as to how the government was supposed to operate and overtime because of conditions of the country because the people involved president roosevelt i don't even know why call them apes even even going back to theodore but all of these presidents use the system to change the direction of the country from a constitutional republic to a democracy may be good on that word democracy has been out there for years and years he so why did we change or wide did we try to push the democracy moral and we can get the people to fall on particular instant but that was not what the founding fathers originally ended they wanted us to elect officials and door public functionaries to go to these offices and to a function in government you have a fine in government you can't go beyond that one constraint is what you're saying right within a wherein a job description of course the job description has been blown all the held by the by the media and so on and so forth because they are trying to bring forth a socialists country or nazi country where they're going to control the world this has been the plan for years and years in yer i read about it first in the iron mountain report back in the eighties so i did exist back then and probably long before that time period to but that was when i became somewhat aware of what was try what they were trying to do but most people had no clue and i'm not going to pick on my son my son does it have a clue historically what's going on he and i've done my best to help em out to try to show him you know you're our thinking the wrong way but i can't i can't go i can't do anything and he's an he's a lieutenant citel too so it's not like he's a dummy he's really smart in his field but he does he lacks the historical background of but of his and how we were created and what the constitution actually says in the constitution does not permit federal reserve bank or any banking system to coin money the only one that can coin money is in and congress cannot and in in debcle j kewas in office he said we can pen all the money we want and not charge enters that was incorrect i say anywhere in the constitution that you could print money coin he was very specific so even jake who was way up at the top and ran for president didn't get it he had he was right by saying let's do our own littles make it silver back he was still incorrect by saying that we could print all the money we needed to do unconstitutional right off the bat ah and so we have people in office he sweared al to this constant and they have no idea what it is we have an an you you hear it every day even on san ann and all of the other new news met works when they talk about the country they talk about our dunmores we do not have a democrat never had i we have a republic and so we have to go back to the roots going in to a constitutional convention as these people think that we should do because we can fix the problems on what problem could they possibly fix by adjusting the cost one a man all they want to do is and more and more and more complexity to an already over birds one compact it's not the answer is not more regulation more government more complexity its less and less and less and less because government screws up everything they say that they want to bring a what did they call it any of balanced budget amendment how do you do the balance budget amendment you get rid of the federal reserve and you go back to gold and silver you'll have a balanced budget immediate because i can't icenian way even if we write something to the law for the people that represent us they're not following the law now anyway so his putting more and more and you know writing more and more things and makes us feel like what we've got this law but that's the doesn't matter we have the law of nobody follows it it is this in temporary field good the cannon for set but you know the sixteen year plan of the deep state of course is and they were good they were going to put hilary in hillary was gone start world war three we were going to lose the war against the chinese and they were going to eliminate the one that was their place it didn't work because tromp stepped in it scruples but now they say since we can't do it that way let's do it convention state because we get a convention of states going we can then eliminate the consate we can say now i can you can own a rifle or pistol but it's got to be locked up in the police the that would be your new second amendment is that what you want would you want to lose the right to freedom of speech because now we have eight speech you can have ate and if you have hate speech then you can't use that and you can't be brought you can't be put in the air waves because that's not going to work saw the ice brought the sixteen year plan up good tec this is what the people need to really understand and holster thinking constitutional convention are on the sixteen year plan that's where there at that's their not mine and mine set they're not into fix america and make america great again they want to destroy a mere sure do at your freedom and your rights away in a seifiie this bigger here strike was red sigamber that suspicious i can make it go sorry i i need for advanced skills here but that's onionone yet it's really concerning and i mean i mean you know you can look undertones from left to right a o'mongo to a man to go left tasteand then towards the right installed robe operators and government do we have that yet a classified into military secrets done caniatare finding orion we can command of generals already done kill nassa ah you are set soprani ah well that's what that's her plan was i mean i should say that that they they tried to go into that direction but but what was the stop for to all of this was president trumpenpack force there removed good guys from government special access programme solowed and asserters target we can conservative base relaxed orders flooded legal new dmons in terrorism nu clorise north korean aran fun supplying north korea in aran cause got avecote chaos across the world to keep your eyes off it i what'samatter saritare court about a hillary world wore three real and orchestrated population control pocket of o o billions or pocket volants eliminate final good guys and government kill economy stare and slave the public revised the constitution inbewindan winter winter cockenie of the band the sale of firearms repealed the amendments then the constitution go second around him and in solacroup supreme court justice remove electoral college and install still popular or install popular vote closes monroe yeh demarcation close your military basis globally destroy sanserin newsless open borders limit remove military so you know it's a it's a there's a couple of things in there it's like to get rid of them the global basis and then to limit military funnywhat even we can't even handle keeping our own nation safe right now because we're pranced around the globe try to fix everybody else's problems when you know a sortie if you're in plain they always say put your oxygen mask on first you know if they come in the gita did he go tinting to take when the others a problem the mass will drop on put your mass on first before helping others you know i mean i think maybe we should have a flight attendant telethontai here in the united states cause we've missed that part but there there is some there is some we are definitely globally connected we can't des walk away so it's a little bit complete i did you see that all the ships that are off shore in the united states no i have not one of them and the comfort is back in the harbor in new york harbor are the horse ships such as ships and general i kind o looks like war ships so that's what i've seen but you know just kind of trinitro know that that the resident joe i does an have any power over the mile he gave him trump gave the power of the country to the military into thousand sixteen when he was in an he was elected for continuation of government right connor had now at right cannover ent which is interesting okay so here in to go from here john well got up back weetigo a back up a little bit by we've already covered the the sixteen year plan that they wanted to bring forth in our country to destroy our country and we got understand that all of the all of the constitution that we have that the founding fathers set if followed would lead us to the republican form of government which is what we have what we should be having and in a republican form of government whose inches we are not so in anything can't be passed any level to state level the federal level without the peep for example whitmer went on to what we call her queen gretsch tween grudge the a of her squire nossian the court jester benson were look which mere could not have done what she did in michigan because she had no authority to do that that authority came from us delegating it to we never gave her any authority to lock a stound to for masts on as in to close she never had that authority but the people in general don't get that just don't understand that we are in charge yet the city of the chief of the isonota orders have no responsibility was easy for somebody it's easy for a lot of people for somebody in power control the sircar you get up at seven o'clock in the morning you have your breakfast an you go to work and you come home and then you can turn on seeing anna see what they have to say and then you go to sleep and you do the same thing again to morrow and they don't have to do any thinking about you know was seen in saying the right thing why my getting up at seven thirty in the morning what is the whole purpose of my existence on this plant li on my ear i am i here to be a work slave they they don't i don't figure that out they do the their routine every day and that even school teachers routine routine ballerines or the next a certain tight you have so many minutes to do a certain tests many minutes to it's all route so we teach them routines and then they put their brain on hold they can do this honor matically you don't have to think about picking up a spoon you just do it so people are in in that mood at the moment and trying to get him out of that modest pretty cold pretty to well hang onto i've got one horse that's got a problem right now of the other side that order a few set or medicine medicine form here there oh so a yeah is it the critical thinking part of life is sometimes stoneslight all my brain hurts in trying to take in all his information sort though sort throde state actors then you know i'll give everybody a chance to prove themselves out not trying to listen in such the comes the point time where you're like an done with us we're we're john let's tie simoon and ah you know but some even even you talked of people who are not doing right thing there's lots of times you can really learn he discarded you gallatin for yourself and not take these headlines but is it a comfortable place to be this to be in the middle of blue pill lad it's a little more difficult to take that rud pill wake up and have to deal with the world for what it is you only go to twenty second amendment or do you at me to show you what i found this week i was pounding on the fox island and the patefine works in the state michigan he wold trafficat in there will we'll still pick up on the foot of the twenty second of arelet us go there i i'm in aineolais a little houssolde bit something here because it was on i posted on telegram and i i i like telegrams telegrams my channel here men and i started out with the fact that a we we have got to start asking questions because this is this is really i don't know if you have followed what happened with harris schwartz james dolan james pregarlo and that whole thing i did and and how are short was gottento they tea computers he was working as a contractor found a whole bunch of child or on the computer's start down mothe downloaded for eight hours which means that there was a lot of video in there and what he discovered was a net work called the wonderedwondered and not work its very this is really brutal when you could into this but literally they have actors and they have people it will pay for stuff to be done and they also you know it's almost like a like collecting baseball so somebody can say i want to see a three year old race in this way and they will have somebody it will do it and then they trade that back to is this the reality of the world that we live at it had been not works that we have salicin and michigan are so bad people have no idea how close to home misses and the greater it hiding it because people sitting at office that are involved they were put there because they were compromised and and there were easy to push in the direction or compromise the orsetti i want to a good play this as one very omenand then we can go down to like a crime crime or ah paces that ruined really does a pretty good in dot job of of tingitanian and what happened in wicount i mean this is this is right in your back yard threat never he's back and how these people were connected and i i suggest that remedy just jump on the channel is a concise law but i want you to think about this with what happened with ab seen island if the essoines is one up it's not miss shegani there there were some of the flight logs tied it right on it tied it right into from abstin island out by traversing there is a tremendous amount of tricking going through our port cities and on amusing trucks to transport kids around the past trucks back and forth kids in the container tricks and more of the is going to come out over time i'm going to see training on it in its morals is a law enforcement take training coming off were working at my ready working at to a certain degree but it's going to become much much more in your face as time goes on and that moving by that jim obese alas is working out run now is i think hopefully good to raise people's awareness but what we have to be aware of his lists right into asgreat in our back yard you are seen it you know people who are involved in i can guarentee everybody that the tetotalers i'm in to show you this and then i'll i'll direct everybody to my telegram channel if you would like to to go there and and take some time listening to stories because the ties its ties landforce not into it the just like a absinthe was no way there's no way that abstenit he is dead died without the help of some one that was in charge of the he inaros as for oft john ransey's father was the head of aronautics and in the nine now as having an honor and had therefore very stricted whom he allowed to purchase land of billon precinct he was involved in building this strong okay so i started there and then i then went to the next stop honestly it has more questions because this is all about the kids here is a pedestal some of it is called a crime joke and missi can take the sky down at and i think this is well worth your time to listen confided on my telegram channel at brandenburg the number for am i i have part one in part two on there in these these both of these episodes go back to the cothouse knight so this ness this is truly of epidemic in the state and we are going to have the talk about it because all of our kreatinin ure at this point time sepsis portion there are there is a weird weird demand for children for our sex for organs for holton yard and there was a whistleblower that came out this week about nequen in how they were ever the rushes of a building they were finding a store huge amount children underneath whose bodies had already been carved up organs take will yenlet there we're going to flash the deal with this thissecret of the problem behind the king for all of her politicians m the compromise of society and what there really after and its horrible i'm so anyhow i would encourage encourage every one take a few minutes unless ento listened to this ah investigation that ties in north fox island with some very very horrific murders of children in the detroit area and how there were about seven or eight police departments working on these random urgent for time walk away from home and just now become back eh and this this happen in the seventy but the point of this whole investigation of his oaken i'm sorry it's not entencioun that the point of this investigation is the staff has been going on for a long long time now there targeting you know they tertagat like up indigenous populations there so many kids and i got the thing from native american population and from poor neighborhoods and such and you never hear about it and unfortunately right now though the really real tragic caritas the lot of the parent there in on it now too we saw that with kinglace out with wickes and i just wanted bring that to everybody's attention be ah we've got some serious problems here and we're we're going to have to pull on her pick girolmini here and handle business as a dolls in but going back to that ah let's stand on the constitution as simplifiantes of making more laws with invention of states and at some of the other nonsense going on their two remove the the last protection we have and trying to keep this nation on astor so i sat with that sum will wildestood from there so here ye oh mister tater okay and brookses i don't know how much you know about it but it it's it's is incredible the ranking michigan is number third in the nation for child trafficking and i can guarantee you that most of the refugees that are coming cross are victims of trafficking and all these organizations that are getting paid to move these people around their guilty is he you don't go there they're guilty of this and there's no document to within they found another hundred and twenty hens i found eighty kids that discoverthe border ended up in the care of athenieto t any documentation the fevers ago we've got a big problem catholicscatholics services lutheraner always people that appear to be good because her head lines this the convent on the state it appears to be good headlines there not you have to think and resort half to do the homework because i hear do your home work we have no clue what's going on yet and then you can get later rite down the tremors ed i somebody whose i was just really tried to leave the strike now article one or or or amendment twenty set to section one says no person shall be elected to office of the president more than to stop there he as far as i'm concerned president trump is in office right it's not publicly it's not politically out there but he is in control of what's going on with the military a one hundred per cent the militarist trumps call in the shot tropes the president now we're going to break though twenty second amendment cause he's going to be re elected in twenty four even though their doing everything that they can the stop him from becoming elected there pulling out the stops as far as in making it illegal for him to have this nonsense about security clearance papers ah which she had the authority to do but they didn't go after clinton it an go after abomine certainly didn't go after joe so that the process is old the process as we are saying it is because the d the old the parent of just is and they're all purposes to destroy america when to say something here cause i think this is iskind of ah interesting because you don't you get a ociositie and they will bastardize everything out there such check this outdoor cethir i if i can make it a race where i stand in a front man onteora a large but donoher talk it on sir or i have defined we waited minute here cause i i got i got to take a look at this face here does anybody believe that this good sir or sir hordes anybody believe this tunisian sorry that it's not even a cool i only not to say here you know you he looks like the goon on mad magazine yes read that are alleged president who seventy some or years old falls up the hoofs up the the stars one airplane and gets up like a pricking gazelle on the sarangani and prance is up the rest of the way now now it were not that superpeople we know it's going on so good yet i believe that costobelle that are listening to you or not that sloped but then would say the general public that's not listening who knows i think some more some one were calling me down a hind and bird those ones that call me down a hidin berger probably that stupid oh i well of the theater chaff their hilarious but at least i like my shoes and the echoes were cupswet somebody trying to do right and they rather than really understand what right and wrong is it followed that the political line that sons you won't know what one sudden the chance that the train to say on the chase the evil of donna brandenburg we know she's going to try to primary least so clean trumps endorse candidate i well i kind of miss that little breeding because there's not a chance at them you know that's not going to happen but that that's the new that's the new thing that they're trying to push the onoranze well she's going to try to primaryitself your idiots and hereof eleven leave that set writhening no perfect no person who has held the office of president or acting as president for more than two years more than two years overturned to which some other pen was elected president shall be elected in the office of president more than we morgan was now the words ah if biden gets out of a bitinges removed from office and a god help us ah harrisonville the surprisedest for two years she can't run but for one more term basically what that and in that didn't want to use her in is an example but one head in that sees there's no way of hand there ain't one gone from her and ever been chosen as vice president is beyond my understanding he will so was the canyon the canon should never have been an office either both of those spoke to those clowns shouldn't be in the ah i guess people like clowns hold oh but this article shall not apply to any person holding the office of president when the article was proposed by congress and shall not prevent any person who may beholding him reading it out of my cook it easier to se the the office of president acting as president during the term within with this article becomes operative from holding the office of president or acting as president during the remainder talk about double speak triple speak and confuse is what they how some of these laws are written and the reason they are written so confusing to keep the people of gardette can always twist the word or two ear and make it something that i didn't while example handing a moments to get everybody so confused they don't even know what it says is like a tax colder or the the comedian the case shows are any so darn him fussing that nobody knows what's going on oh just the sixteenth amendment is that is the prime of them twisting the words and making it something that it is saying that government has the authority to tax you directly which they never did and never will have that authority under this present accounts however if we go to a constitutional convention all in all of these things that we have been talking about are up for grabs they can change the whole thing they can throw it out and say okay the constitution ah freedom and privileges that we give you as the government just like they do in all the other countries of the world they're not god given and therefore they can be changed and we can adjust them to fit the times of the day got onderstand that the constitution of the united states is that dead document not a living document meaning it lives and moves along with what the society does know the it's a dead document it is what it is in it says what it says and that's there is no room for interpretation there's no room to ah make it say something that it isn't and it doesn't follow the time his people had the progressives have tried to say it follows the time in all they never thought about cars back then therefore is not part no that's what it all constitution was how government was supposed to operate and it is the laws in the rules by which government operates that's it and government doesn't change government rifewere to followed the sophy of our founding fathers way back when we would have a sound money system right now we would not have inflation we would not have people on the streets starving to death because they didn't have they couldn't make ends meet because all their earnings were being taken away by inflation what's happening right now people are losing their homes people on losing their ability to survive be our government is inflated the currency and it's going to get worse ah and as we know when you build something when you make a print overtime that product becomes cheaper wide because it's cheaper to make it it's easier to make it may have a stockpile of it so they can read but that's not what's happening in our country now we've got what cal what's called shrink flasher ght that's where they start shrinking the products down make em smaller keeping him at the same price instead of you getting the same amount of product inside that box you get less because they want to want to make it look like we're in an inflationary economy but that's exactly where we so we need to understand that this constitution is a dead document it's not alive doesn't move with the time it is stable document a stable law by which the government has set behaved as operate that's why we were given the ability in the constitute by reforming fathers to have amendment to if we needed to cost something for the time period we could do it but this amendment also is an amendment that shouldn't be the and this was the broad on because of franklin down because of franklin roosevelt his third turned he wanted to get rid of him some people say he was poisoned in his third term i don't know that for a fact but that was the rumor to get rid of him out aloft and i don't think he was a good president necessarily in fact i think he was somewhat on the socialistic side where he his programs he absolutely was but that and and there's a lot of people that idolized in sagoths were great times and he really brought us out nell he didn't bring a sot o anything government doesn't create money government doesn't create jobs government supposed to be leaving the people along we will create the jobs we will create the what this was all about that's what our founding fathers believed in and that's what should be happening to day government doesn't create anything but hearty we had said before her last last time on the i was quoting washington saying it's a fearful fire i don't remember the cot now after o back masonwooden look at how they how they enable a cartels to shut down acts for once for people to get into different industries and limit competition so they there hard at work to limit competition not only in their fold but in an industry and business was such until we get what we have right now which is black rock and guard are ballastage street capital pretty much on the entire world and somebody comes up with something believerthese him with the knobnodes was is the poster child for some nonsense you know what we know what their business it was your barns and nobles business model was to go into cities find in local bookseller which had been there for years and had a good business and filled right neckport them undercut the christ and put him out of business and then raised there these corporations do i i happen to tuck her not not the tucker on the radio put the tucker car when apple to the tucker car it had some great innovative ideas o o oh the head lights and with the with the steering mechanism and so on as some very unique ideas what happens yet they do these the two auto industry g m and ford and the government working together drive or private partnership skies the nose prose destroy because tucker would have been able to produce his i would love to see a cart and private car manufacturers in any can any idea to honeyeater should be small ones of someone so pretty support that fine the proem that we have as they got all regulated and tied in with the license and the insurance companies you can't get a license to tell you haven't sharance and so that eliminates you know thenhove to get at to get all of these approvals know regulatory approvals yet the light to get me insurance and then you know it to meet up with her sin their safety standards were going to keep you really as at work and for everybody not well now that the idea of keeping a safe means chest to give up your freedom what it doe franklin said ah those of you that give up your freedom for a little bit of security or safety deserve neither and he is absolutely right where that when the littlestone and a free world there is always dane in fact this danger and i in a totalitarian government now you don't have to worry about your next door neighbor shooting you the government comes and takes you so it's just the derndest transferred the power from the individual out in the street to the government who has all put well i i knows the medical medical o nonsense is going on right now and big farmer too that we trust the medical establishment the alleged health care with with our own in health read then to possibility for it ourselves and you know i can i can tell you what there's work we're going to have to break away from that into take responsibilities that are going to a doctor going to a you know a jab or whatever we have to take responsibility for our own health care and a not just be not just walk ourselves into the slaughter houses caught sick management by the way not health care thank you that can somuch better way to say it he there not interested in fixing your health there interested in maintaining your sicke so they can prose prescribed more drugs you can show up i once had a doctor to tell me years ago say where have you been all this then i've been busy i don't i don't need to come in here sir don't come in here he says well i got a paid my mercedes pavements you got to coming yea sir the he ceased to be my doctor after that time and more or godidea now let's go back to the eighteenth amendment just briefly you don't have to bring it up on the screen remember him as girls john i can do that member the eighteenth amendment was to prohibit el oh because they figured that they were going to make life better for the people because they would stop people from drinking this is something that has been in our society way back in the seventeen hundred our founding fathers had you know beer and wine and what nots in fact before them in england they were doing this and now they come up with the seeketh the men the idea this was back in one antonine to prohib archal from being sold in america ah from being transported figuring there going to fit i am fixed our society make us more moral was that it what was the reason for this amendment because they were pressured into doing it or because they thought it was good idea because they thought the old this was another means of controlling the population so what happened the alcohol amendment eighteen amendment was overturned by the twenty first and what happened to that guy that was serving as the head alcohol abusive foe began her was out the break in the bottles and stiff like that i can't remember his name oh the powers to be that were in charge when after hemp the same way he decided that we were going to eliminate him from this society because number one he could be used for paper that would screw up the are the wealthy god that bought all of the acres in acres of trees so he could have his paper for his newspaper i now remember his name of an but there's a videalso that if people want to get into this they could learn about this i also the artl companies are they they had already cried a chemical companies so they could take their oil and change it into products sunicas that you take when you go to the doctor and they prescribe something to you that's a oil base that is not what the body wants in oil base product like cannolo can oil can no long oil should be used to grease your engines or your your gears and not he put in your own body but they'd been but they use is then i think it's but anyway getting back to the hemp so they hired this sky that was running around with the eighteenth of enment trying to control the alcohol problem and they put him in charge of the hemp and they they finally got the the yacht congress to vote to eliminate him as a product in our country ah and of course they used the marijuana nonsense and that it was all the few did marijuana then you'd go to iheru you've become heroine attics and all this none and they went on and on with this the hemp prose and eliminated hemp were wanted they do they took hampleton the natural pharmaceuticals that for the been made for he they actually had a car that henry ford made eighty per cent of the car was made of classic is a great beds it's a great material to act to make a plastic out of stronger yeah an then we wouldn't be passed the size by oil wherein and garbage all over the waterways the nine and of drinking this and we end up getting the proud plastics in our body which is killing us this whole process of what the government did back in ah the years of eliminating him for our society oh and never still people that by into the the process that till you know marijuana is bad and it's it's not nero one is only one small little ingredient it's only one small part of it it's not the whole purpose of hemp and what the hand could be used for and and can be used for building lumber and fuel and therefore we would not be ocupying are environment with oil like we have been over the years and breathing and living in the oil environments which so so here's where government had no authority to get involved like they had no authority to give involved to the aching amendment they had no on no authority to get involved taking him out of his was brought in by founding fathers and used by our founding fathers for years this was where the government was all was usurped usurping authority they were never given and they want a set that's right matesic management they want one so they continue our sicke the keep the son pills they can keep a son all kinds of pharmaceuticals look what they did with the the splendor which was known to be a tocsin to the body but they went to congress and men and had the few instructed ministrations say yes splendors oke you can you who got the pay off on that one zackly we go all the way that we can continue this march to the control of the people by talking about the aeroplane problems were they had kidnapping or or where they were were they to were they jack their plans and then they went in to while now we got to go through a manometer to see for carrying a gun to take shoes off the best that you're not you know when i was flying back in the seventies we never had any of those now there was not a leaf one who hijacking may be maienthaler rate is for for going through those machines at an airports have ever looked into the failure rates on how many we owe many things get through there that they never find ay i've heard stories not aside so it doesn't work if it's only basically only sigh of it and i would challenge anybody said take a leap into reality and no they know who we are before we walk into that airport they got facial recognition they've got all this stuff so all the scanned stuff is nothing more than another hole the does not work that's right to control of hesse and in the problem that or or the whole idea that an idol remember that gentlemen who developed his the command who develop these manometers he made millions of dollars on this because he was able now once you did sign this to provide them for all the airports so he made millions of dollars and i don't remember his name but you could look at find out who got involved in producing these documents are these manometers and then were talking about ah dear says another organist why are they there he ran thus exactly the they become they become another form of authority police i have the gothat's where we have to go back to the and a developed lucas but go back to the original if we follow that original constant we were not being the boat were the perhaps if they actually care of solving the problem they would lock down our borderers actually accomplished law enforcement and studded just letting the criminals run free the presence out of the ownership of corporations like black rock where they have to have a quota in there and as likepeople for even there's all kinds of problems we can talk about here but it's like a insuring the safety of the mittelamerikas is not even on their top lest the top one hundred less prin up thousand you know et that where the heart the bottom feeders americans are the botelers paying about seventy per cent tax rate across the board you know there are here we're down here thought in peters and poulaine as with that food you useless eaters they and or food we we have to understand that we are the power in this you wound me we have the power these government bureau rats a public functionaries have no power we give it and if we took our power back as we have and in some by regarding speeding tickets and softlike that i have taken the power back from them and we have other people that even by the way just got out some information from a student that string to get to you of him that their forcing him to get a a this period of where were the scanned them it is over as of may according to the resident in the white house he scanned them because over wire the snow pushing this is just another and we know that the jab is unhealthy if you get graphicit in your body it's not something you want there and that though the whole idea of the job and the squalling of the other stuff that's put in that vaccine is there to hurt and probably kill you and in a shorter period of time and then your life so you had a we've got to be paying attention all of this stuff it's coming at us and ill directed and now that machinable war in ukraine they wanted they want ramp the war up in new crane one of the going to get a draught going well you know and anything every wants to like demonized pot in all its like and i have a iodotannicus ion on crying me have criminated to go with russia because they knew that you crane is complete and utter deep stirest te nostochina your which our country is fond i might add a stato child traffic to create bile lads if i were protending the heck out of the violasti wish you would have got into the whatever is that released colt but the problem with that is that it had been directed and nightshades to the cane from here i think and now that's that's my my oanother rumor that i've followed the said that it was developed in ukraine that it went to china there they had the art of the guide at follows her playing are are flight pattern said that there were plans that left from during that time period ukraine to china and then china back to michigan to the united states is that what yeah they that's who it was i like like the work sesco mean so he echelidae group iwissen for a while with general planat like monkey work if an ranthat chantment kelleseye good morning love good morning a grand rising hole to find all the to letter agency is the better that removed them nolition because why northovers shalbe done don't go cold i know that front now as her years sir of going i love is a piece of paper makes them smart they thanked that's cot talking or college graduates you and from the indoctrination camps here's your people what makes sell em there i go and how do owikwelan all morning light good morning charlet was any one got a list of facts where michigan ranks and such the child's sex tran i think then scrawled the internet it it's out there eh the flints have it for s there working out it she can't ever be president colonel harris oh we need to work on the hog farms that are around the areas of water ways etc and cement companies is possible there involved in child trecentas well all that how these disposed of bodies they had the farm big farms younger rid of body checked and with pigs they eat everything bones and all i'm telling to somasco anyone who to him a globe and the help simonson a stated and the semota and love limenian or dog and three of our commands works wonders my daughter uses segnogram on her and inclineup telle thus considerable and grows much faster they loved their control they don't care as much about money as much as they do about control they print the money i am de told us in his thought they really don't care about us as cale and it's a bit open ye that we would think a mission homes scattered it's been a while good morning patriots good morning as she home stark the three latter agencies were never part of government and there you go to sonaut ority remember no constitutional authority which makes them the fact can't have it the fact organization i don't know why he scaled anyway ah yes and norton verses shall be county camp have a defect organization can and can have he so we have to really understand norton and we really have to push norton into the public realm into the pole then you and bring the language because we so as i said it more than once if you control the language you control the narrative we want to control the narrative so we want to be sure norton is out that narrative and when the trace development helping human services is the de facto organization yet no constitutional authority if we are running the government as because we are because they get there or they get their rod powers delegated from us then we should be able to tell them that they can have that organization because nor perishall be countess can have a defect organization was never approved then the constitute put the constitutional amendment together bring it out put the legislature involved in bringing forth a new constitutional amendment to allow that organization and then we can go after the legislature if they try to pull that not but we don't do that in any one we send retourner little political groups and we quit cry and we wine we weare so and we do nothing okay twenty third amendment this is what they're talking about getting rid of the getting rid of our coniston sweets tilokite twenty third ah the district situated which when reading twenty four twenty three twenty three or constituent i can even prose what's matter with my tongue here that this this constituents in the seat of government of the united states shall appoint in such manner as congress may direct the number of electors of the president vice president in equal to the whole number of senators and representatives in congress to which the would be entitled if it were the state but in no evidence more than at least populous state they shall be in addition to those appointed by the state but they shall be considered for the purpose of the election of the president vice president to be electors appointed by the state and shall be meant in the district performed such duties as provided by the twelfth article of the amendment when he o what at the moreonce but it has to do with ah the electoral dey tried to change the electoral college which means that when you fall in a perticular state like michigan and ah the republicans when then all of the republican delegates go to the electoral cole i think this was trying to make it as a popular vote saw a few have half the state voting for democrats and half voting for republicans you send fifty per cent of the people to the electoral college democrats and fifty per cent to the electoral college reed that's what this was trying to do that's not what this that's not what the electoral college will set up to do to begin with new topasees to happens just it's just weakening the electoral college and the purpose of the electoral college fire from remember electoral college was set up she tried to bring sanity to the election of the president we hire people to go to that electoral college to for we don't actually elect the present we elect delegates the delegates elect the president o were not happy with that election process at this point because the deep space one has to have popular election say want to get rid of the electoral and the parties have come greet delegates to vote with the party rather than their constituents no he that of like a colt right now you know i think i heard it from their mouths i heard it from the republican party's mills and i was in washington were only doing this to make the delegates to console that they will vote with our eh what are we sat it i mean they came right out and shaded and that's all i need of the hearer to say this is nothing more than a colt that that has tried to get the delegates to vote with them we have to be centralized thus we absolutely and has to be a decentralization of all systems including this one a renewed to get rid of the parties yet we have to get rid of the parties absolutely tell it wanted to know eh let me see it's like a whole on her butt repeat the norton case please and three pion eastern a trouble being cordelires dent trunk lord pleased for he had to projection round him a man and john and a hard time i had two is stayed constituting to all and pallisadoe one eight us four to five one or eighteen eighty six norton essenceto the van inanimate but coissioners he shall be counterrack so absolutely hardenesse be connestable upon by myself and my partner that works with some years ago four or five years six years ago maybe and we were not familiar with it we never somebody brought it to our tent and my partner that works with me ron he is a kind of guy that sits with it and read for five and i gets out all of the tidbits of so norton verse as shall be county comes up with six ten that the republican form of government operates and they are there go disshere which means constitutional so if you have a de jure government you have a constitutional government so you can ask any one that's running for office are you going to be a degree officer occupying a decurio fice o you going to be on no he says he doesn't know what that means then you would say probably to him you should say to him what then you need to step down and do so education before you try to run for office that something you should know ah if you are not a decurio icer then you can be a de facto officer such as obama was a de facto of why was he in the fact of office because he could not prove his birth as being a natural born sent and actually wasn't the he claims he came from kenya so he can't be a natural born citizen from another country what does it mean to be a natural born is it means that you when you are born your mother and your father are both sides the united then you can be come then you are a natural born citizen of one of your parents is from another country then you are not a natural born your natural eyes but that can be corrected can't be a natural born citizen and what that was the purpose of a natural born citizen is to remove you from the country that you came from at least one generation so you don't have allegiance to kanya waiting a wing to which they do because they were born there so the eveneens to their country and to the united states you can't carry a as a lot of congressmen did they they carried ah allegiance to israel and america and they were in congress while you could do that in congress cause you can be elected as the naturalized but you can't carry two ships you're one of the other here either american or your israelite bolt or or either kenyonyou merican congenital ok at how many people are sitting in the seat to have bouts in the sea and in have dual citizenship with israel is as its nonsense you can't do that you can't or not to lock that's not lawful that the fact is so you're here missourior de facto this the two differences if you step outside your delegated duty or your job description then you are a usurper you are not over reaching that is his overreaching his a slap on the hand you are a new super which is criminal so a few step outside your disordered authority than you're a user being a usurper means that the nowyour committing acts of so that's where that goes that's why they don't want to talk about norden no want to talk about usurpation they don't want to talk about any of that because there's so many of em involved in use then there's public functionary which is those people that are in one they're not public servants their public functionaries survey function and government like if you were a fireman and you are running around putting out fires your function as the fireman is the pet fires your function has a i and here we get some very interesting site as a prosecuting attorney so you don't have on a choice that while not going to prosecute as for machineyou can prosecute not prosecute the case if tis not enough evidence mckim worthy out there in michigan and wayne county you don't have the authority not the post as they got i'm going to prosecute this one but not the flongboos line but not this one and this one because i did an eighteen per cent pay off in our pension for african for for the judgment of african begin that's right that is a big problem because they're only prosecuting things which self in ritthem self in itself inercent for themselves and in this is so the corruption is so vast and and i think what's really sad as that most folhas no idea how intrench he is in our inartificial and then in the doing get me go in on the prison system that we have no one on right now that that's another one that is like it like when you get into it you see what they're doing it's like it's so it's so over the top wrong you know privatized for ones are a bad idea always bent and so it notenanhange what we at one step further than that is to find out the black on that black rock owns a lot of em so nonumberthe judges and gates get the ginecnte norportic i oldinport oppose won't even let people lose when it sir you know is so free when they paid their debts to society and so because we got to keep the men there read keep quotes oh you did this rock you just urged yourself another month and is really and i think i think there's so many there there's so many bad things bladethere from metal shod free of vlademer prudence supports andrew est i always talking about i don't know who andrew and how we entertain us explained herself please i will see that that could be fund o into it i mean i can look into one to mars to more words from norton and that answered more things i want to cover since for amnon and relished cover the who ever asked for that god i thank you for asking selitteli and i get i have that even a shot of the collier calli does a lot of comment now might can aunt might my telegram channel she is boring and i love cally and i love the things that she can tributes when when she brings him forward a very very educated and awake in bridal certainly has taken more than one red the on the other term the next term is delicate delegation we delegate were gallegathe our public functionaries duties that they perform that's our doublets or job we delegate authority to the public one if we don't delegate it they don't have they don't have that allegations that's very important now if public functionaries decide that they're going to make a law whatever that long might be everybody wears a mask over cuttie and you ratify it by wearing that man then you've pretty much said okay we we agree with you and we're going to go along with however were now ratified something you can always un ratify it in time when you realize that correct done or brought forward but ratification is the kind of our agreement with what public functionaries that it's okay what you've done and we we will that's a good log will follow that's ratificat this brings us to an omnium of the norton just briefly brings us to the jury and jury nolife because we can nullify any law in major that's why we want to be jurors and if the we get into a court where we find that the law is incorrect we nullify the law and we have that authority as jurors for some reason or another people don't understand who they are as all they see it like anything else that the camp to do with governance it gets in the way of my golf game he gets erosionthe he give got a work i've got to do i've got a theme i've got in myself well in a with that how do i get out of being a hero how i get out of that you i've tried many times to arecooper duty a really now you never not once i have been a colical go but i've never ononand were nobly got for name so the angotheca for very vitiated the annotation that i may open there like going now i don't think sir let's look at the law here my my experience and city abonia in front of judge mccann who knows who i ah when i went when i was called for jury duty they were asking and i think i'd set this before in the air but i'll say again they were asking for the questions to the jurors and i was like number one so they asked number one they picked on opportun they picked him number three they picked their number for they picked them number sick him they went right over my number oh how have anyoneeven ask me any questions and then then then at the end on the kick there the tenders or twelve jerseys everybody can go home said wasn't even asked that yet i had in the first question if they ask me they'd be they be asked me on scale of one to ten are you ornery about the way the courts eshwark oh that would be a thousand and so we had bowed that alethethe second question are you do you know what a woman is the what what is your pro now you know they start asking me those kind of down some things i think it will be like what's she we've got two seconds trees out here are back to norton got two more things than i have to comfort because they're very import the most important one if you read the cake sisas in there you cannot have a de facto government cannot create a de facto we were an trouble it of so it doesn't have constitutional authority that office does not and that was the whole case was based on on the tennessee governor trying to put together a commission to sell bond and the spring cart sat both tennessee court and the united states supreme court said you cannot create a de facto office you can have a de facto a person in that office of the fact of officers in a deuriopis but you can never create a de facto so that an obviously they have buried norton because they have created tons of defective offices every time they turn round they had to all purposes to have his statement and there is the stop government from creating all the hostipes of offices control they never had that authority to do the leme ask it as do you think that the national guard is in the correct prop proper position right now do i believe that they are constitutional there once intrusion ah there he sate are they being run run crackers podebe more associated with the ole while the militia is an organization that was that's the you would be in and the well regulated militia means that we have gone and we know how to use them and we have been now as then i kind of taking it away for he i think we do rework that tis a little bit the problem with the militia is that we don't have were at this point the time they're not finding the militia there not finding us there there keeping us brooks a through taxes or whatever means through inflations and political parties asking in begging for your money to make a make up for the dates as they've already proven that can't do it right you know struck charlotte says andrew had as a box seat box or teaching young men to be man had some faults charges like every one else has these days in these winneconne you such a welcome and wonderful compliance those to come from you i'm learning so much from you your guests and channel othin you call your amazing i look on ecossois as yesterdaydon't know what a woman is but they know right from wrong like be aloneyou to city and getting away with the clowns of the sorrow circus and allestree with the militia for no one to do with mollie need to be tutoring ones to go to your crane and everywhere else why are we not hardouin and and have free firearms training and make sure the people and in school already have trading with her with fire or i mean why are we not a calling in the military to actually conduct classes oh you know you know what i mean starting much younger and so to keep an we don't want to show kids guns that would be horrible you know i then that no be terrible they would know that they would know how to use that when you notethe military and there negroesor out the lamp with beetles that need a little bit of a metal health held and the now the rest of the people that are in there in you know gets some train and here years ago we had the department of civilian marksmen the and the sea was selling to the public at relatively low price in one grand by emigrant back when i bought it was ninety bucks six hundred and something seven hundred whatever but back back then d c m was selling on a hatto do i qualify yet though showed that you fired in a high power rifle match at the show that you are an american citizen and that you had no fellow needs and you could get on then comendit was like ninety box ninety books that was pretty cheap back then and like i say to day there is the lowest price i saw with six hundred and fifty bucks would but i'm sure their higher than that price than that so decem set up rifle matches all over the state of michigan i and then we had camp perihelic still exists at the campireali is where they show sioner they have the national and but there were matches all over the place a copper rifle and its symbolizing shoot a rifleman in right is a great idea a aleviation of that his guns are scary guns they said guns are scared guns kill foe i've never seen a gun kill of person if you laid it on the table there and left it there for forty years that one would never kill a person it's still be setting there it one picked it up and he got to have an activator and the activator is the pest and how like if you got somebody who's a whack of doing let me see montholon you know then you might have a problem eh kelleson yet they cut off parts to be a woman i don't understand this at all i don't understand it all and shows as we need to do that down the detroit ah don a detroit doing it yet what we need it we eridon know we need we need some commencier a little that because it's not working in getting worse might my thought is this severity should be carrying i gree ah and that one should be constitutional carry which terminology that they use clasping of the no licensure nothing letter go that you can't you can't start putting you know put in condition conditions on things as you know is i suppose that some of the mental health things i mean you know that's another hold discussion while her mental drugs are drugs you know people that have bet of taken oh you know the different types that are out there for people that may be the a or whatever when neothan in alcohol while you're shooting yet then ever anything that anything that that oh you know clouds your judgement and of your out there driving into the morphologie with cars and there with gods or hanmer ham rather but you see you you get when you get trained in and weapons and rifles and pistols then you get that's part of the training what safe what's not safe how to say it to clean your rifle on a clean your is ah that's part of the training how do not handle it never pointed at somebody always be sure it's unloaded ioininges on and on into becomes a natural way of living it's an extension of your body you understand how the the weapon works the gun works fire and the fire arm and you treat it that way and you treated for what it is you don't take off you know when i was a boy scott they told you what you handed a knife to somebody who handled handed it handle first not point for i mean that was just that's a natural way of doing things i got to stratton tone i got one as she was so something teneroque hing up i hanoverwas piston what she's doing the land i'm coming back hang out of that you do really proud of me so of that i foresee this week i bought this because of you i can't find my night before conformed but aniline had i gone and is the original it even the original of set how called tell is that cold so i was going through that is some through at the sweet as hohono talk with inteligence to an eagle scout here i olik and like a man of lioconcha i want to have some information here so in the table contents you go through organization set signs and signalling camping the games the ah but the honors what honors blue honors red on her and there's always cool things in here the songs are scouts law scouts all over the world had unwritten laws which bind them just as much as if they had been printed in black and white they come down to us from old times to pan hands there but she now and the laws of the old samurai warriors just as wing or chivalry or rules of the knights of the middle ages and with the indians in america have their laws of honor the soles the natives and india the european nations all have ancient c the following are the rules which apply to boy scouts in which you swear to obey when you take your oath as a scout so it is well that you should know about them the scouts mido is on my honor i do my best to do my duty to god and country to pay the scott law throughout what the peclites to keep myself physically or morally straight to mentally awake i think that's one yes in the be prepared at all times mind and body to be trusted to be loyal duty as of grand to all in a brother to every other scout no matter what social class the others belong and oh you know it's curtius is a friend to animals obeys orders he smiled and looked past motherhood that she thinks of it to take the country over the potentates a lahatim oh a scotis three a boy i feel that when i'm afraid brave clean and reverend so i was having fun con through with this book as an honour to you and all celtsthe and wears a not too that was recommended by general plan going through notionment on estates no achernar not onethat more none we cannot fix the country by adding more layers of of to how we run it is all were doing then just complicating things worse than what they are right now charlotte says powder can ken how walter passed on and his grandson got it he can't keep it open because of all the the laws the rhapsode sinful a fivegone shot i stood yea there they're trying to close down the gunshots and such that's a kay yes what we mus and mocks now how to get things done i can keep changing but guess that we do joneses that we do we assess we danced and well you know we overhuppen we overcome there is one more point that part and norton that i would like to bring out the last paragraph on or anybody has norton in there they can read it on going to paraphrase the best i can i can't find my norton it here but it basically sense that a government body finds i so property or property that doesn't belong to them they must find out wood belongs to enrich yes i don't steal as for a government is out there that stealing property that stealing money that don't all kinds of illegal ah activity on says if you are and in this brings us to a beam probate courts stealing though the of elders blind the corrupt both the attorneys and the probate court judges are draining peoples inheritance really applies to the ah but not only to them tell their judges and other prosecutors and so diffident belong to you you find out who it does in your red so that was that's basically all what norton says he can thirteen pages looking at so were going to galopar this hopeagain to destroy marico and tell everybody just say no to every single nonsense point on this thing and just saying no to the convention of states cause it's been infiltrated the convention of states has always been infiltrated the whole purpose of the convention of states the destroyed the constitution i was all the way back from twenty years ago when they were preaching that we will do a balanced budget amendment than we will do term limits in the constitution that all the bunch of crop at none of that she is honest or true and that's not the reason for the conventions to get rid of the cones so then he body that out there that is listening shall understand that that's the whole purpose clothing now just say no cross he know how prevented what would prevent them from doing a amendment to the constant for terme why do you have never constitutional convention on on we just have an amendment because the amendment process was survive the getting rid of the constitution they couldn't get rid of the bill of rights that couldn't get rid of all that the other laws in the case that's why they have to have a case people if you ever got besides the taches party doesn't have this problem it exhales ates men there which is condonite but if you are grown to some of the other other a party type things cause you and i you and our done with nonsenseright and you see if you will make out that they got with their hands up point of order point of wardership them machine in so hethenish sodistasteful and drink upon and they are not prepared and some of this stuff should be settled before you get to the meeting not just as the thereandand and stopped the meeting and try to put together a little political sotto distrustthat's exactly what we have to with conventions because the die is set for how they behave in a political environment sonone it all his hope was thus to this nation and we need to get rid of the we need to get rid of the de facto yes the other calls they're not part of the constitution their defective can't created the fact of organization republicans democrats and all the other parties are defects as the group of people that get together but they should have no political authority and no political she sent elising people select they swim rosslyn like swim like fish so thinking your ear you stop thinking for yourself and you just become a cog in the machine yes and that that's all you are his you're not thinking that more for yourself you should be able to assess everything that you see without having heaven indorsement the follow without having to jump into a club to tell you how to vote without the special influence or you know especial special interests influencing your vote without any of them we we should be the thesorero processes right now that we have to really rise above the processes be individuals who take the nation back tis true heroes not just not justness their hookynaster to their little nonsense how to make one more comment about norton before we closed because he probably ah that comment is the when norton became ruled upon by the supreme court it became the law of the land became part of the case so any spring or these that has been ruled by the united states supreme court becomes the law of the land so this law norton verse shall become as as powerful as these and that's the way we should be using it when we are talking to the caselooking on looking to the boy scout will create now because there is there are several things in here that that i was going to continue on as once talking about this and i'll keep trying to find them he torontothen you know the reason for oh for education i'm going to bring a couple of other new cases on board next week and the week after i even mastered the last ones you're going to really have to help me with us well we got norton pretty much under control at least the most important ah an downs as one very important port part that we talked about a hat that we are the sovereign the people are so and that we have to remember that the constitution is never oh norton verse or that pounds vers suspend that's okay that something that we have to understand when we are in court a law that we are the sovereign and that those public functionaries have a function to do in government and that is to carry out their delegated duties that we've delegated to the so we need to we need to be able to function and one and when you say i say no the whole ideas what we should be doing we should be resisted peacefully resisting all nonsense it because once we do that then those laws just like the alcohol issued that they keep the mendment we resisted the eightieth amendment ante appeal it so we publicly and peacefully rest oh what these public function either aries are doing to they they don't won't have any power the onehave power because we give did you find what you're looking for i'm so like in here but here is no repressisset government is controlled from without is a poor thing when you can get control from within a as far as possible then we make these cat cant sell governing each full number has a vote in a fair grottothey set about education and i really elected to the croton education and why why we are at we on advocate you know why we had paid em and what true education is that's rum looking for right now horsemarket it but ah before coming out with you so there you go is going to have to work on that a little bit well in the republic will not stand with an uneducated she now this now that he's gone has to be an educated society and asked the bewaken we have to be familiar and we have to be under control of ourselves s were self governing and self regulating and then we can control govern but until we do that government controls us so we don't want to go that direction that socialism communism note as where those people that are in the dc area one she under the control of their thumb and we don't want to be there it's not on america was all about and the obviously or sheeting a boy scout handbook there on its talking about that in the boycott and book we learn about that way back when i was eleven years old twelve years old i still remember a lot of it's really it's really a ah it's it's really a well read you know i've been accumulating books from of old homenaticum and such or skills because we've lost so many skilled and etonians people like you and i who probably were immersed and in alcestisthe us are old enough to remember you know some old skills that are lost to the absolutely lost now in all like i know how to put up food and on the housespresent need a recipete connor or baker anything like that i just you just can't know how the elements of right together and we you've got you've got genihtsumere who look at it recipes in such isbecause i'll just removed like i'm going to write here i got to do something different you know basically it's being able to if you were dropped off on the moon nowhere if the economy flat line on what would you do there certain things of be handy but if you didn't have those handy things what would you anyway well you better have some knowledge or no somebody to does of your pretty well screwed and so you know it's a again prepared at times sorely think it's and i can an exciting thing when you think about the conomy collapse because i think it is going to collapse i think it's going to go on flat land it almost has to because that's the only way to undercut these corporations and the banks and the insurance companies and such that happens came out and they were in to do this as americans again a bunch of moths that can you know and he could make something on a nothing without chinesing it for most so i callistemon ant to marbury versus madison thank you john such larks query important to yes so i'll get well are you ready any last word no let thou other than we have our meeting ones the night if you can show up that be great my slumber you can write me if j tater too and young that come and i'll put on my mail ingles don't have the number to get into our girls ought the cop of my head is here somewhere but i don't owe kasawayo call me or or tenarian call me if you want my phone numbers seven three four nine six or seven one five and we can talk further seven three four nine six for seven one five see we put our numbers out there for you guys at that makes us feel that that makes you a real friend when you actually call you i haps hang out i had not got john the seven three for nine six eight for seven one five panel in itself there for the world to see for your education and your listening pleasure i'm seventy i tote we're going to be boy scouts to day girl scouts went over were going to be pleasant were going to smile or can tell the truth we are going to do the right thing we're going to make a difference in this world where so many people seem like they don't care in were in fight for america without a with unwavering bravery courage standing up to boys and he and i doing the right thing under don't why that's my bank thing is do not lie or cheat don't like that and it's bad bad policy anyhow here you out go we brand over coming on comanche threw down relataban into the country mother thank you so much for all the wonderful things that we can share together as brothers as your children here on this earth and we thank you for letting us see a part of building and doing great things doing things for your honour and glory serve ech other to take care of animals the world to make beautiful music to paint to create to live here with all the beautiful things that you've created for us on esclandre will make a commitment to take care of your business here honest earth thank you for each every person out there that's listening let them know what a treasure how beautiful they are how much they are loved in the precious and give them your peace enjoy the day no matter what we see that we keep our eyes i knew that we trust you and all things cause your best he is good all the time and your abundantly able to turn this ship eround that and enter to restore and regain any one or anything were so thinkerthe please pour your spirit out on this world and turn all hearts minds to you and that every new will bow in every time confess the jesus christ is our lord and saviour thank you so much for walking with a son this earth gives discernment in wisdom as we go forward and absolve with no fear in the tacking any challenge to conodont of us because we felt that you are with us please lest president tramp to day give him your favour and this nation that we returned to the proper jurisdiction with this one people one nation under you that is here for your honour and glory in all things to live at with each other and in our homes and just the steatite and joy what it is that you created us for and for the planet that we live on thank you so much of estampa a man so there we go so to the best noticeeven i could see the digitigrade or go to brander for gonnor dahom case i have the best known consider who is over not conceded maybe you're close i didn't conselhiero might be he might be a not quite as good monocorde as i am but i'll i'll give you points frontonce i'm just talking of an anyhow i had done i neither one of us some conceited and i really wish all to all would have voted for him for governor last time cause i would run it would set night ioscoda go go do the eagle scouts think you've got the so in how descended now this love of his fighting for you up there we love you god bless you god moraltheologie and got both merica we're going to do that antioche can't take a town too keep running with avery nelson and a no back when down no economy no cheating to stealing no doing anything that were not supposed to do taking care of godsendthat john emevery one its great one great way bobby