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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 4/17/2024 Liberty Essentials & Mike Bambas

Published April 17, 2024, 9:01 a.m.

9am Bill Mohr II will be teaching his Dad's perspective on religion in government. The Mohr family has a long history in the study of the Constitution and lawful self governance. In our new series of Mohr Minutes, he will be teaching current issues and apply the Constitution for guidance. Also we will be joined by Ralph the IT Guy and Karen the Riveter 10am Mike Bambas - Mike Bambas Challenged US Senate Candidate Mike Rogers with questions about the lawful practices of the United States. After being unable to answer questions aabout his record, he walked out of the meeting. We will be taking the Trading with the Enemy Act, as well as, other lawful practices not followed by our government including a lawful path to abolish property tax and convict political criminals of concrete violations of acts leading to treason. X/Twitter: Rumble:

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Good morning and welcome to Brandenburg News Network. I am Donna Brandenburg and it's the 17th day of April, 2024. Welcome to the show today. So glad you could join us. We're going to move right into Liberty Essentials with Bill Moore and Ralph, the IT guy. How are you guys doing? Good morning. Good. Another Wednesday morning. I tell you what, I was outside. We were doing a bunch of drywall yesterday and I got to go outside several times. And man, did I enjoy it. finally feeling the summer sun again. It was a long winter. It just felt like it. I went horseback riding yesterday, so went to the barn, saddled up, decided there was not a chance I was going to be inside yesterday afternoon, so hopefully everybody has the same. Today's going to be a little rainy, but I think we've got hope on the horizon here for warmth and sun here in Michigan, the second darkest state in the nation. Nice to see leaves again. Yeah, we don't want to talk about leaves, Ralph, because we all know what happens to leaves. And what would that be, Bill? That means I've got to get my big 72-inch mower out and chew them all up, scatter them across the yard. That's not so bad. Got to make them leave. Leave. Oh my gosh. Dad joke. Nice. So, so yeah, you know, it was so funny. My dad, when I was, when I was a kid, no, no matter what you did, mowing would fix everything. That was dad's thing, you know? So if I was sick, he's like, go get on the mower and go mow for a while. And I'd be like, are you out of your mind? I'm sick. I go jump on the mower. And after about an hour, I'd start feeling better. I'm like, how does he do this? It's crazy. So mowing clearly can fix anything. Yeah. That's what I learned from my dad. So there you go. So what are we going to talk about today, guys? One subject I want to get on is the debate slash forum we had and talk about that a little bit and what's coming up. Yeah, well, what did we see over the last week? We probably ought to touch on this with our screen. Speaker of the House, I think we've all seen that. What's that? Speaker of the House. He's the squeaker of the House. For all of us still playing party politics, what did we just see come out of the Congress? We saw the majority of the Congress in a tiebreaker vote, and one of the issues was the unwarranted surveillance of the American people, right? through all these unconstitutional FISA courts. And who else but the great conservative put up there as Speaker of the House, and I'm only yapping here because I can't think of his name right now. Johnson. Yes, thank you. He got up there as a tiebreaker, and he played the Judas to the people and turned on the very people that elected him in there for that position. You can't tell me that they are not being extorted in some way or another. The powers that be definitely have something on the guy which would have turned his vote that way. Nonetheless, they have now put this up to the American people, another unconstitutional act, and we all know they've been surveilling the American people for forever, at least since through the 50s when we started developing tech and then in the 70s and 80s with computers. Ralph probably knows the issue with the third generation Pentiums that came out. I forget which year they came out, sometime in the late 80s, early 90s, where they were caught bugging in bugging into the CPUs and claim to have some surveillance system built right in. I can't vouch for that. I don't know enough about it. Pretty much all modern CPUs have a second CPU in them that runs independently of the first and is completely unauditable. And a lot of those have direct network access. So... At a hardware level, it's pretty difficult to say that any computer is really trustworthy. Yep. And I had an issue this morning where I was trying to get on here, and this never happened before, but I had nothing but browsers open. And I was trying to log in, and it wouldn't allow me to use my camera because it said the camera was in use by another application, which was not up on my screen, nor running in the background that I could find. It's little things like that. I would have to ask why, maybe just a glitch, but I would almost doubt it. We've seen so many attacks, and my screen last week went black. Both my screens that are attached to the stream service, it went black, and I had to literally leave and come back on. We've had people who have had the fans in their computers fried while they were online, all sorts of things. So we know this is happening. Yeah. Back in the 50s through the 70s, what was the big cry there? It was the CIA and other government agencies being able to wiretap into people's homes and listen to private conversations. I love the memes about, hey, wiretap, what's a good recipe for pancakes? Yeah, I was just going to go there, too. We look back 50 years later, and I don't know, I would have to say the majority of people in their homes have Alexa or whatever, Siri, whatever they use. I don't know. I can't have any of that in my house. It's bad enough I've got a cell phone around. But we just voluntarily brought them in now. We went from complaining about it and trying to make sure it didn't happen to, oh, look at this convenience factor we have as the American people. Let's go ahead and get in here. Now I can just speak to a computer and it will order my groceries for me. I know one of my sisters not too long ago bought a refrigerator that had a Wi-Fi connection that's capable of letting you know when you have grocery supplies that are low. And then you can order right through there. Are you serious? Yeah, I thought that was absolutely nuts. I think that's one of Samsung's products. Well, my refrigerator, I don't remember what the brand is, but I am kind of against the whole Internet of Things thing. But this was a smart fridge and all of that. Well, it's not connected to anything, but it does have a microphone on it. And, you know, so I try and make sure there is no way for that thing to exfiltrate data. However, once in a while, it turns the microphone on itself. So you got to know that if it was connected to the Internet, that that data would be going someplace. And same thing with security cameras. I've had security cameras that I've gotten that, of course, I'm going to spy on the security cameras themselves. and watch what they do. And they'll try and contact the internet. Even when I have all of the, all of the features turned off, they'll still try and contact the internet. Well, and all your cameras on your phone is a computer and everything. They, they can flip those things on and you won't even know it, but there's, there's other forms of surveillance that they use too, such as like an active phase array. That that's a, That's an antenna and such. They can direct communications as well as pick them up from any direction. And you'll never know that you're being surveilled that way. Yes, this is nothing new. And I'll tell you a true story. We were working in a house. For those who know me, I work on a lot of rental properties. And we were working in a house down on the southwest side of Grand Rapids here. And we were supposed to go in and replace the front door because it was broken in by a SWAT team. We get there and SWAT's still there. So we just wait around until they're done with what they're doing so we can finish our work. And we overheard them saying, they took this down for drug running through the house, right? They were hiding drugs up in the ceiling panels and such. But we overheard one of the guys ask, how did we know? What is the proof that we had to know that this was the house? And one of the other guys chimed in right away and said that it came from the audio from their DirecTV remote. And then they all turned, three of them that were standing there, they all turned and looked at us and kind of had this shush look about them, like, oh, don't say any more about that. And then the conversation went a completely different route. So that was right from their mouths. There was nothing that was made up. And I was saying that early on when they started putting these remotes and smart TVs and such that had microphones where you could talk to. And that's a common thing now. People have them all over. But they are obviously listening in. So this entire thing that happened this week in the Congress, it's nothing new. We shouldn't have been surprised about it because they've been doing it for a lot longer than what anybody really suspects, for decades. They've been monitoring the people. And why? Because just like we know in the Patriot Act, they claim that we the people are the terrorists to the government. You read all 72 definitions, the majority of them apply to the people at large in America. They don't apply to any outside countries or foreigners that come in. They apply to the American people. With that, one of the things that we should be seeing out of the president's office, we know by our constitution that the president is required, it is his duty to faithfully execute the laws of the union, right? That is one of those, when you read the Fourth Amendment and the 14th Amendment, that is one that should have been put a stop to immediately. and all of those people involved in that, both Democrats and Republicans in there, who are supposed to be representing the people instead of representing their high-interest groups and their own parties, but they should have all been held to account for it because they violated the law in that one vote that they all cast, including Johnson. They should have all been immediately arrested by the sergeant at arms there and put to trial for it. because it is a clear violation of law. What they did is no more than pretended legislation that our founding fathers thought. So you wanna talk about the presidential forum? We have to know our options, right? The process that we're going through right now, I think there's a lot of exposure going on and people are getting more educated every single day on, what we shouldn't do so that when we do go forward, we actually have a grasp on it. I don't know about you, but even in the last two, three years, I cannot believe how much we're all learning at this time and have a clear path to correct it and never let it happen again. And I think that that's really super positive, very positive. So whichever way you want to go, because, you know, we talked about the debate a little bit last week, but I think that we're honing our our skills here a little bit too. And, and I, I really want to do another debate, but not really debate a forum on being on an invite because there were several candidates that came forward after they saw the last debate. So I know we're being watched by, by people. There's not, it's not just like two bullfrogs and a cricket, which sometimes is what it feels like, but there were actually people in other States that watched and said, Hey, there's this person to that person. And I think to your point, you said there's a thousand people who are running for the president's office right now. But we only hear about two or three or four right now, about four of them. But it would be nice if we had a venue to listen to every single person out there. And I think that that's important. I really do. People need to have a voice, not necessarily, even if I support, and I do support President Trump, the rightful president of the United States, because that office, it was an attack. The attacks that they have on him were an attack on the American people, on our voice. And I feel like there was such a crime committed there with fraud, both fraud and maladministration, that we have to address it. But Going forward, we absolutely have to allow everyone to have a voice and let this thing sift out a little bit. So we're talking about doing another one. And what I want to do is I want to be on Brandenburg News Network, and we talked about this, and invite all of the candidates that are running, anybody that wants to run, including President Trump, Biden, whoever else wants to be on here, and give them the same time, the same questions. but not have them on at the same time, because it was really clear that the candidates in our debate were learning from the answers of the people that came first. So they were not debating them. They were mining information going forward when they heard an answer that was good. So if we do it kind of blind and let everybody have say 15, 20 minutes, and we could do a whole bunch of these, 15 or 20 minutes, have the questions asked and give them a little bit of time to talk about themselves or what's on their mind, and then have the questions That that come forward and give them all the same one minute to answer the question. We don't need 10 minutes of rambling. We need a short, direct answer that shows that they have a mastery. So they're not just just fluffing it up with a whole bunch of bull crap that we all have to listen to to get to the actual point or not never get to the point. And your point was when we talked about this is that we should ask everyone out there to submit questions that they would like to be their questions. And I thought it was a brilliant idea on your side. Instead of us coming up with questions, let everybody else ask the questions. We'll just give them the venue to have their questions asked. Well, that worked really well, too, having the questions from the room. That was great. Because there were several of those that were very, very telling. in how the candidates answered them. Yeah, and that's the whole point. I mean, anybody that sets up a debate or a forum, you can easily guide the answers the way you want them to go, right? Especially when you start doing candidate rebuttals and such in a debate format, you can guide the process to get the answers that you are looking for. However, that's not my goal. when I present a candidate to the public at large, I don't want the candidate to be guided down. I don't want to be fleecing their answers. I want the people to ask the questions, and I want the candidate to give them the answer. That's the whole point. If I go out there and try to find the answers that I think you need, Not everybody thinks like I do, and I can honestly say not very many people think like I do. So the answers that I try to get from people are not necessarily going to be either understood or be taken in the way that I'm searching for them. Anybody can fish for answers, but it's specific to the individual for what you're looking for. So the best thing to do is you ask the questions and you get the answer directly. That way there's no misinterpretation of it. And I think that we need to tape them so that they can't see what the other candidates are saying. So there's a degree of separation and you run it like a business interview. That's what this should be. It shouldn't be a debate. It should be an interview on what they know, because you could ask them a debate type question. Within the interview and have it be professionally done and see, you know, to expand on what they said, if you, if you wanted to do that, but I don't think it should be a hostile thing because like the Nestle and Dixon are the Whitmer and Dixon interviews were nothing more than a 16 year old mentality cat fight. There were no good questions asked there. And all they did was sit there and turn into Jerry Springer and beat each other up. That doesn't test what they know. That's a distraction. That's a circus. So I really think that we should do this differently. So that and I talked to Dan Cummins yesterday and I very much like what Dan had to say during the debate. Every single candidate had things that were, wow, that was a good answer in this direction or that direction. They all had something to bring to the table. So when a good candidate steps up, you don't want to destroy them. You want to give them an ability to bring ideas together and have good answers. You're not there to fry them. You're there to help them get their ideas out and show what they want to do. and have it not be a hostile environment because the minute you have a hostile environment, instead of getting to the real answers, all you have are people that are just fighting and that accomplishes nothing, absolutely nothing. So if we do this correctly, when I talked to Dan and I told him what I want to do, he's like, wow, that's really, that's really unusual. But I, I, I really like doing it that way. And I'm like, well, if you don't feel like you're under the gun here, You've got a minute to compose your thoughts and give a true answer that is well-crafted and such. And I think it really gives people an opportunity rather than just see who's going to get knocked out by the rock-em-sock-em robot approach and give them an opportunity to shine instead of to destroy them. And you made a good point. regarding interviews. If you break that down, any way, we talked about this earlier in the week, but any way that a business would hold an interview, you don't bring all you know, 10 or 20 or 50 candidates in at the same time. It's absurd. And allow them to speak one at a time because each one will build on what the last one said. Right. Um, we don't, we don't want influence from other candidates. Uh, we want to know exactly what the candidates say for themselves without any outside influence. Exactly. And not only that, but in a debate style, um, Debates usually end up, at least the public debates that we see with candidates, they usually end up with a candidate attacking the other candidate and the other candidate attacking the first. It's a form of division. It's to play the American people against themselves. Exactly. We might provide in Congress. And then watch what happens with the media. Then the spin doctors get on and tell everybody who won the debate. They aren't listening to what anybody says. That is a huge problem within the government, within the media, the whole thing. They're literally crafting the division. They're crafting the answers. They are setting people up against each other. And let's see, who in the Rock'em Sock'em Robot ring won the debate? Now they're telling people how to think. instead of presenting the information in a non-biased way and letting the American people make up their mind, their own mind. And it all goes down to demoralizing the public, right? It's the belief that we are governed by a two-party system and that those are your only options. Yeah, if you look, the screen that Donna just pulled up, this is from Ballotpedia. These are all of the candidates in alphabetical order that are registered with the FEC and are running as a presidential candidate, right? And you can scroll through this for a long, long time. And there's independents, all the Democrat, Republican parties. The Constitution Party is in here as well, the American Independent Party. A lot of independents and nonpartisans are listed. You can sit here and scroll. We're not even 20% of the way through here now, and we're only in the Ds. But these are all the people who are registered and are willing to step into the office. And what I have always said is you've got to be able to contact every candidate that's running to determine who they are. Go meet them. Go ask them the questions. And I fully understand no one person is going to be able to make it through this list before November, I doubt. But here they all are, right? And I haven't counted all of them. Oh, there's Jill Stein, predictably. Yeah, Jill Stein's in there as well. Predictable. And some of these we know, right? I can name several on here that I know of. I can't vouch for who they are, but I know of them. But that's at slash presidential underscore candidates underscore 2024. You can see that line up at the top there. That's where anybody can get all this information. And you can go through and find... who's running, and then go find the way to contact. I wish it would list them by state too. So if they were local, you'd be able to see and you'd be able to actually go hunt them down in person. Well, they have to have their addresses on there. So you could do that pretty easily by just digging down just a little bit. That wouldn't be too hard to do. Yeah, you just have to go to their FEC record and it'll show there. Unfortunately, most of them always put PO boxes on there because they don't want to be found. That's one of the things I never do as a candidate. I will never put a PO box to hide who I am. I'll give you my front door address and tell you which one to knock on if you want to come talk to me. That's supposed to be not allowed. You're supposed to put your actual address on. I had to. So if they're putting a PO box on, they should automatically be disqualified. Yeah. That's an automatic disqualification right there. I don't see Vermin Supreme on there, and I didn't see literally anybody else, the guy that changed his name to that. Vermin Supreme? Yeah. This guy's funny. Yeah. So Vivek's still on the list. I thought he stepped down. Oh, my bad. Yeah, there's quite a few of them, though. So if we think we're just being played by a two-party system, we are. They're playing the old divide and conquer again. Well, that's what the Republican Party did when I was running under the Republican ticket, which I really have no great love for any of the parties right now, except the taxpayers' party, because, you know... but but our goal is honestly to end the party system one of them because it doesn't work yeah look how many michaels there are mike huckabee I saw mike huckabee on there there are a ton of people named michael running that's pretty cool look at that that's crazy I don't know if I can do that. Oh, there you go. Yeah, we got to get out of this mentality. As long as we continue to just divide and conquer that they've pulled for so many generations now, the same thing that John Adams and George Washington warned us about at the very foundations of this country, that it was the greatest evil under our Constitution to allow a two-party rule That is exactly what we have submitted to. It's not that it exists. It's just what we've submitted to. And at any point, the American people can change. Now it also falls back on dealing with the election, the fraudulent elections that we see and all the failed elections that go on in the states, we've gotta get that dealt with as well. But I'm not saying that it's impossible. I'm saying we just gotta get our minds right and start going after it the way a true American would back in the 17 and early 1800s instead of what we've been doing for so many decades, running around in circles thinking that we have political saviors and one of the big two parties. Do you want me to show you the Vermin Supreme? Yeah, yeah, it'd be interesting. I haven't heard that name. It's kind of funny, actually. So hang on a minute. I'll bring you this up, and we'll see what we find here. Yeah, he has such campaign promises as a free pony for every American and not sticking to any of his campaign promises. So I've got to have a little bit of a look at that. Donald Duck usually always runs every year, too. I can't hear it. Yeah, I can't hear the audio on the video, but I can see it. I think most of the video kind of speaks for itself. I'm not sure I want to hear the audio. I would assume he's going out there and making a fool of the whole system. I mean, I don't know the guy, but based on his visual appearance there, it looks like he's purposely making a fool of the system. Have you ever heard of a group... uh, called birds aren't real. Yeah. Yeah. That was a college kid who did the same thing, uh, going after some of the conspiracy theories, um, But they came up with this whole group called Birds Aren't Real, claiming that through Nixon they established mechanical birds, that there are no such thing as birds, but they're all government flying spies. And he did it purely as satire to show how stupid a lot of the things that Americans say really are without doing full research. And I've seen it even up here in Michigan. I've seen bumper stickers of birds aren't real on it. And I thought it was really cool. The guy did a fantastic job. putting that all together, and it became a pretty large group across the U.S. I think it's a big waste of time in my opinion, but purely through satire, I think the guy made his point very clear that we need to be careful what we allow as truth. If we're going to accept truth, it better be right. There's so much misdirection out there. It's incredible. I'm always amazed at how quickly people will bite on something. without getting past the headline. Oh, yeah. You got the dihydrogen monoxide group, too. Man, dihydrogen monoxide, yeah. Leading cause of drownings. Yeah, yeah, and they're spreading it all over our crops, too, Ralph. Can you believe that? Putting it in our coffee? Crazy. Just one teaspoon is enough to drown. Oh, boy, oh, boy. That's fine. There is so much. I watch a lot of those social, not tests, but where they go out in the public and they present something like that just to see how people respond to it. And a lot of it is absolute garbage, how people don't think about what they're actually saying. On the other end. On the other end of the spectrum, one of the things I love seeing is the Ig Nobel Prizes, where it's from the group Improbable Research, which their journal is actually pretty funny too, but... They're kind of on the other end of the spectrum of presenting actual scientific studies that got done that are so incredibly ridiculous that you wouldn't think that they would have ever been funded, but somehow they got funding. But then you actually start looking at the stuff that they were researching, and some of it is actually legitimate and valuable research. It's just the concepts behind it are absolutely absurd. I'll have to look that one up. I haven't seen that yet. Yeah, they always do a ceremony every year of the kind of like the silliest research that they could find and ask the scientists behind it to actually attend the ceremony and present on this. And a lot of it ends up being really interesting research, but it's the silliest sounding research that they can find. Like they had one on why don't pregnant women fall over? And it ended up being basically just like a physiology study on drastic weight distribution changes in the human body and how it adapts to that. But the study at first blush sounded just ridiculous, you know, that kind of thing. I can give you the quick answer because women learn how to waddle like a duck pretty easily. You put your back back and you waddle. Been there, done it. Yep. Improbable research. They had one study on why dogs tend to align themselves in a particular direction when defecating. And the conclusion on that was to figure out, I think, the circuits behind various animals' magnetic field detection abilities, because there's a lot of animals that have basically a built-in compass. And it turns out that dogs are one, and it's quite easy to actually see that by determining which direction they're facing most of the time when they go to the bathroom. I don't even know what to say about that. Nothing. Yeah. That's the kind of research that they collect together. But, you know, it's the same kind of, for that one, it's the same kind of neural circuits between dogs and like homing pigeons. And so the study was kind of like about that, but that was, you know, part of the study. And it just seemed really ridiculous, but Yeah, all kinds of interesting stuff. It kind of is ridiculous, but I understand why they're doing it, but I don't really care which way my dog's nose is pointing while he poops. Yeah, he's usually staring at you anyway. One of the funniest conclusions that I saw on that was someone's suggestion that the poop itself is actually what's aligning. And so the dog is just aligning with that so that it doesn't go up sideways. We're doomed. We're totally doomed. Oh, my goodness. Okay, let's get this thing back on the rails. Well, let's go from improbable research to probable research here. Yeah. You know that we just picked up some viewers right there. Or lost them. Or lost them. We probably lost them and picked some up. So last week we ended the show with a brief, just a quick brief discussion of video games, right? And so I wanted to speak on this, and I think I can still fit it in in about 20 minutes or so and still hit most of the highlights. Okay. But I think last week I made the mention that it was once said by a tyrant that if you give the people a spectacle and a piece of bread, you can control them, right? And that's absolutely true. When you get people entertained, they fall away from their duties. And we can see that whether it be sports or TV or video games or public shows. Movies used to be a big one. You remember when most of the churches really frowned and would disband people for going to movie theaters consistently. I'm not saying that's necessarily bad. I'm giving that as an example. Well, they may have been on to something. Have you seen the nasty stuff that they put in the movies and such? I mean, I'm not going to say they're, you know, I like going to see a movie once in a while, but my gosh, you got to be a little choosy here because a lot of that stuff is absolutely just filth coming out of Hollywood. So you actually hit on that. And the same thing in video games. And I told everybody that I used to be a big gamer. Everything from racing games. One of my old favorites used to be Guitar Hero. That is a cool game. I've played other games as well. Along the lines of Grand Theft Auto and the old Manhunt. a lot of military first-person shooter games, such like that. And just recently, right, in the last two years, I've packed all that up and put it away. There's a reason for that. When I became knowledgeable and understanding how it was affecting, not necessarily myself, but how it was affecting my children, and I wouldn't let them play certain games like that, all right? Don't everybody jump the gun on that. They were playing other games I didn't think were that harmful. But... The purpose is the demoralization of a nation. So I'm going to bring up some law here. I might as well, let me see if I can just share that whole screen. I don't know if I can or not. You know, I'm going to tell you, game addiction is a real thing, but you can, you can get it severely. In fact, in fact, we just had a story of somebody that's they had a, they had a son who was really having a problem and he's in his, he's in his late teens. So they, they ratcheted down how much he was playing video games. That was too much. You know what he did? He actually is probably late teens, early twenties. He ran a wire game. outside of what their mom and dad had in the house under the carpet so that they couldn't see that he actually had reconnected in a different way to foil his mom and dad's plan to help him. And I got to say, the dad wasn't putting up with it and kicked him out of the house. Goodbye. Goodbye. And didn't give him a second shot at it. He said, if you want to train wreck your life, you're not going to sit here and lie to me in my home. We're trying to help you and kicked him out. So, you know. You're right. It is an absolute addiction because you can see a lot of parents that take drastic measures. They'll take and like run their. run gaming systems over with a lawnmower or throw them in a pool or hit them with a hammer. And these kids, and I'm not just saying kids, some of them are in their mid-20s. Or 30s. Or 30s. Yeah, probably or 30s. So if you start, these are all Michigan laws, all right? I'm not even going to the federal laws. But in 722.685, and you can share a screen if you want, Donna, I got it down there. 722.685, the legislator referenced the Michigan Constitution where it says, the public health and general welfare of the people of the state are hereby declared the matters of primary public concern. They say the legislature shall pass suitable laws for the protection and promotion of public health. And after hearing from expert witnesses and law enforcement officials, considering the testimony of expert witnesses before other legislative bodies and reviewing dozens of studies and meta studies of hundreds of studies, the legislature finds all of the following. And you can read that, but basically they have an interest in the legislature to protect minors from being subjected to certain things. And one of which, in subsection C, is ultra-violent explicit video games. That was one of the things that they listed there. And these are all the disseminating, exhibiting, or displaying sexually explicit material to minors. It's all an excerpt. And a lot of people are going to say, well, the constitutionality down here says the Supreme Court. Yeah, we're going to get to that. Give us a minute. A person is guilty of disseminating sexually explicit material to a minor if they knowingly do it, any explicit visual or verbal material that is harmful to minors. They knowingly exhibit to a minor a sexually explicit performance. That goes into a lot of things we're seeing today, but not on topic right now. Do we ever stick to a topic, really? No. No, but I really want to get through this because this is really good. Anyway, that is a felony, all right? A felony punishable by imprisonment for not more than two years and not more than $10,000 or both, all right? Keep on moving here. This is 722.687. And this goes, there are more penalties here as well. The person that knowingly disseminates to a minor an ultraviolet explicit video game that is harmful to minors, except a couple of things like teachers and historical figures, for instance, museums that would publicly display things for historical reference, such like that. They're responsible for a state civil infraction, maybe ordered to pay a civil fine. If you violate another section and you have a prior determination of responsibility, you would be subject to pay a fine of not more than $15,000. If you violate that section and have two or more determinations, it goes into fines of $40,000. So they get pretty serious about this, right? And this was started in 1978 and then most recently was amended and it came into effect in 2005. The term harmful to minors as used in that act means sexually explicit matter that meets all of the following criteria, which is only three. That is considered as a whole, it appeals to the prurient interest of minors as determined by contemporary local community standards. It is patently offensive to contemporary local community standards of adults as to what is suitable for minors. And it's considered as a whole, it lacks literary, artistic, political, educational, and scientific value, okay? And I ran into one word there, the pruriest interest. And I didn't know what that meant. And luckily they defined it for me here. It means a lustful interest in sexual stimulation or gratification. In determining whether sexually explicit matter appeals to the pruriest interest, the matter shall be judged with a reference to average 17-year-old minors. The issue with that is we demoralize them to the point where that standard has been lowered so far that it is hard to prove without going back to what it was in 1978. But that includes such things as homosexuals, sadomasochism, homosexuals, et cetera, et cetera. There's more definitions that are used in this. It is a very long section, but I'm just kind of breaking it down little by little. Well, I think anything that's sexual in nature, it's become so accepted that people don't even realize the degradation, the slow burn that's gone on over the years. And this was all organized. It was absolutely a concerted effort to break down our families and our children. And it's just gotten worse. When that slippery slope starts, it doesn't end. It continues until total destruction. This is where it's going. And we have other laws as well that deal with obscene material. And obscene today, I say it quite often when Samuel Davis says how strangely the tools of a tyrant will pervert the plain meaning of words. Obscene is one of those words that has been perverted over the years. But a person who disseminates obscene material, and this is not just to a minor, but is subject... for imprisonment for not more than a year and not more of a fine of $100,000. And a second offense can be two years and $50,000 to $5 million fine. All right, this is a felony, a felony to display obscene material in the public's eyes. All right, especially around kids. I'm not gonna tolerate. So, You can go into the local rules as well. I wanted to hit that one a minute. Whoops, that is not the one that I wanted. But a local village, township, city, they can put up ordinances and should put up ordinances to regulate and deter such material. And I think I lost one somewhere. But that's okay, I don't have time to get into it. So this is a list, I just did a quick search, obscene video games that have been in my lifetime pretty much. And a lot of these I can actually remember, right? The majority of them focus on blatant murder or sexual acts done in public. And there's even like JFK Reloaded. I don't know if anybody's ever seen that. But this is actually where you're playing an RPG or a role-playing game where you're going through and you're trying to assassinate John F. Kennedy again. It's such like that. Does that fall under obscene material? Or does that fall under disseminating sexually explicit material to minors? That one might not be sexually explicit, but I can tell you there are some, such as Grand Theft Auto, a popular one. All these others listed here, and I won't go into each one. It's shameful to speak of those things that are done in the darkness, right? But the majority of these games focus on death, murder, lies, cheats, thefts, adultery, fornication, any other sexually explicit material you can think of, right? The destruction and harm of other human beings. Yeah, that's right. And this is what people are subjecting their children to, all right? And I would never let my kids, anything on this list actually, they got into Minecraft for a little while and I'm deterring that one just as well because it doesn't provide any artistic or literary, political or historical education. It's building blocks, right? It focuses a little bit on team building, but there's a lot more in Minecraft that I won't tolerate as well. So, what is it that we are supposed to do? And a lot of people, I've asked the question before to people, what does Scripture say about video games? Well, everybody can ask that question. It doesn't say anything about video games. Really. Let's look at a little bit of application. Going back into the Psalms. In Psalms 11, it says, The Lord trieth the righteous, but the wicked in him that loveth violence, his soul hateth. It says in Psalms 101, 3, I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes. I hate the work of them that turn aside. It shall not cleave to me. Psalms 119.37 Turn away mine eyes from beholding vanity, and quicken thou my way. In Philippians, we are told as a brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of a good report. if there be any virtue, if there be any praise, think on these things. In Thessalonians, 1 Thessalonians 5.22, it says, abstain from all appearance of evil. That's also mentioned in Proverbs as well by King Solomon. In Colossians, Paul tells the brethren at Colossians, mortify therefore your members which are upon the earth. Put to death your members which are upon the earth. And that being fornication, uncleanness, inordinate affection, evil concupiscence, you can never get that one right the first try, and covetousness, which is idolatry. What were some of these games that we were just looking at focusing on? They were looking at fornication, uncleanliness, inordinate affection. They all apply to this. It says mortify your members. Put all of that aside. Because if we're in that, you've got to think, what did James say about it? He says, does a fountain send forth at the same place sweet water and bitter? Can we partake in both sides? I say no. You can't do it. In the letter to Ephesians, it was written, Ephesians 5.11, and have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them. When I was being reproved by the Lord for the things I was doing in video games, that became so clear and so convicting, I had to get rid of them. I cannot tolerate such things to look at or partake of anymore. And if we're going to call ourselves Americans, law abiders, Americans, and we just read through some of that law, but we're putting this kind of filth and garbage up to our children, It goes back to Timothy, I think it was 1 Timothy 5.8 that we read. A person that doesn't, let me just pull that up. One of these things I need to need to memorize yet. In regards to the schools. I mean, this is a clear cut line in the schools for the kids to seem to be able to know everything that, that there is to know about sex. I mean, and, but they can't balance the checkbook. They don't know how to get a job. The, the writing skills have are abysmal. The, the, the normal things that it takes to be an adult are not, they're not coping. And I, I, I think this is pretty clear what the problem is. Yeah, and 1 Timothy 5.8 says, but if any provide not for his own, that's religion, morality, and knowledge. It's listed in our state constitution. And specifically for those of his own house, his children, his family, his relatives, he hath denied the faith and is worse than an infidel. It's pretty cut clear and dry when I realized this. And this was only around video games, but you can go in farther. You look at stuff that's on the billboards when you drive down the highway. You look at bumper stickers on the backs of cars. This is the same kind of filth and garbage that people are promoting, and it's in clear view of our youth. And what are we going to get out of it? What are we going to get out of our posterity? The same garbage that we're promoting to them, they're going to bring into the public square. Our posterity are the next... the next government, right? The people are the government, and we're leaving it to them. And if we're going to fill their minds with such garbage and filth, we can only expect that they're going to portray worse than that to their posterity. Because what one generation tolerates, the next generation will accept. It's a string, it's a slippery slope that we've put ourselves on, And you brought this up, Donna. You can look in the school libraries. The same kind of thing. And I know according to the law, the librarians are not subject to that in some manner. But by common law, by the broad application of the law, they are still subject to it. Because they are allowing... the same filth to be promoted through books that are open to any child. And we're talking anyone, even down to the kindergarten, right? The very innocent youth can go in there and pull this stuff off the shelves and bring it right home and put it in front of their eyes. They're grooming them. It's a grooming tactic, and our education system is guilty of grooming. I mean, absolutely. So it doesn't take much to see what's being promoted. I mean, you don't have to spend 15 minutes outside, especially in the cities, going around local convenience stores, for instance. There were several, when I was just a young teenager, I remember living in the city where you could walk into a convenience store and right at eye level with children, there was movies and magazines depicting pornography right there. Just open view. That is obscene. That is illicit material that should not be tolerated in the public square. And what I think is... What I think is absolutely disgusting about this, you've got the FBI who has been caught numerous times now organizing and operating child pornography websites to try to catch criminals in the act. But there have been numerous FBI officials who have been caught with child porn on their computers. Their own personal stuff that they're using, not subject to whatever garbage they're running over there. But what they're promoting is exactly what they're guilty of. And if they can put that up, they definitely know who else has it. And they can go down and shut it off at any time that they want to. But because they don't, they are just as guilty of it. And our government is the one that is pushing this agenda. They're the one that's funding it for the most part. And they're the one that should be held to account for it because they're not trying to put a stop to it. Our laws in America are clear. We're a republic governed by law. And we have forgot that. And we think that the culture determines the interpretation of the law. I'm here to tell you it doesn't. The law is clear and we need to start holding people to account to it. When they swore an oath to uphold and protect the Constitution and the enumerated laws in it, they should be held to that same standard. And our legislature's not doing it. Our governor's not doing it. Our attorney general, who can prosecute any of this at any time she wants, is not doing it because she's guilty of it. She's publicly admitted that. None of our local communities are doing it because our local governing bodies, our local servants have forgotten what even their authority is in the matter. They can put a stop to it. But more so than that, the people themselves are not putting a stop to it. They usher this garbage right into their homes, into their own kids' bedrooms. And for the most part, I can vouch for it. I see it all the time working in rental properties where these kids are left alone, unsupervised with this nonsense in front of them. That's child abuse, right? You're teaching them to be lawless. Grooming and all sorts of violence and such and hate. And if you don't actually know people and Actually talk to people and have those relationships out there. How are they ever going to learn to actually care about people? Because if you sit with a screen like this, you're talking to a non-person that doesn't have feelings. Kids need to have that bite back a little bit. when you're relating to people and see the difference between love and hate and experience not just the good things in life, but also the bad things because it's a teaching tool. When you sit them in front of the TV, they miss out on so much of what it is to be human. And all that we're creating is non-feeling people who really turn into nothing more than predators once again, to use other people for their own just distraction. So, so when, when I see all of this, there's, there's one word that comes to mind of what you were talking about that the thread that runs through every single thing you said today was predator. And I think that most of this stuff can be distilled down to predatorial activities instead of people who are servants who love and care for others. We're grooming this entire nation to be predators. What do I get? How can I use this person? What gives me pleasure? What can I, I, I, I, I? Instead of you, you, you, you, you. How can I help? What do you think? There's a whole dynamic that's tied up in that one word that runs through everything you said. What's that? There was one other game I was going to mention. It's actually a role-playing game regarding the Columbine school shooting. I don't know how many people have seen that. On the Columbine school shooting. You've got to be kidding me. It's a role-playing game that will teach children how to go in and do that. It's step-by-step. You do it. And you look at things like that and you realize people, children, I'm sorry, not people in general, but children are not being taught the value of life. They don't know where life derives from. They don't know what life is. And they are taught in these games to take life. And yet, we expect them somehow to be better than what we see out there. The media promotes all these school shootings and such. Why is that? Because they have not been taught the value of a human life. They value, I'm not going to say this is very broad, but in specific circumstances, they value themselves to an extent, but have no value for an individual next to them. And you hit that. There's no care for humanity. There's no love for your neighbor. The basic principles that we ought to be promoting. Well, when you look at it and you go back to the whole impetus of this is that Satan is the destroyer. He is a predator. And when people exhibit those characteristics of using other people, they have fallen in and or have turned into predators. a predator also. Those are predatorial activities. And all it does is it leads to the destructions. It's a hunter. It's somebody who is a hunter, not in the classical, I enjoy hunting type things, which I'm not a hunter. I know you're a hunter. That's not what I'm talking about. What I'm talking about is somebody who is a hunter of anything that satisfies their manipulated worldview. without regard to who they hurt along the way. That's a predator. And what is a predator too? They destroy and they kill. Yeah. Yep, the thief comes to kill, steal, and destroy. And that's exactly what's being promoted in such games and such filth. It is stealing away the innocency of children. It's killing the mindset, killing humanity in general, and destroying the morality of youth. So we need to put a check on that, what we're allowing into our posterity's minds. and what we allow them part of. One thing I didn't touch, is Mike Bambus back there yet? I don't want to take up his time. That's okay. You want to say hi to Mike? Yeah, we'll say hi to Mike. Morning, Mike. How you doing? Mike's muted. How's that? There you go. Morning, Mike. How you doing? Good. How you doing? Pretty good. Pretty good. Thanks for joining this morning. Really appreciate you coming on and what all of you gentlemen have to say is so important. We were just talking about the obscene and illicit material found in games and numerous other things. And one thing I forgot to mention is in those earlier laws regarding the distribution of such material, that it's held the constitutionality of that law. In 2008, the... the gaming industry, and I forget who actually did it, but took on to the Supreme Court, and the Supreme Court said that they ruled against those laws, held them unconstitutional, because of the freedom of speech and the 14th Amendment. I'm not sure what the 14th Amendment has to do specifically with video games, because there's no real age listed there, but The First Amendment gives us the freedom of speech, very clear. However, the First Amendment does not grant the freedom to lie or the freedom to cheat, the freedom to steal, or the freedom to kill. That's all covered elsewhere. Liberty is only the right to do what the law permits. We know that. And that was the whole principle beyond this. The Supreme Court, though they may have ruled on that in a case, they had no authority to rule against such things. They were to uphold the law in that manner. And I'm not sure where it went in the Michigan Supreme Court. I haven't gotten that far yet. But the federal Supreme Court had zero authority to speak on the matter, except they should have put it down and upheld the law that we were reading about earlier. So Mike, I'm gonna let you take over because I saw you were promoted in several groups that I'm part of. And I know you and I have spoken and I've heard you before. So this guy is much more knowledgeable than I am. That guy, camera's backwards. Much more knowledgeable than I am. Well, it's amazing how knowledgeable everybody has gotten over the years. And, you know, we can learn from people that have been in this for many, many years, like Mike and yourself and John Tater and all the wonderful people, not politicians, just people that decided to go out there and do everything on their own. And I got to tell you, I'm absolutely grateful to each and every one of you, Ralph, Bill and Mike, for coming on here and helping to educate the population with what you know and what you've been taught. Because this is how we reverse some of the damage that's been done by our indoctrination system. It's not an education system. It's indoctrination. And the goal is to destroy families, destroy individuals. It's what a predator does. A predator wants to peel people or peel off individuals off the pack so that they can have total control manipulation to whatever they want to do. And it's, it's real clear that this activity has been going on for a long time, but you have to say, why does that, why does that mindset exist? There's only one answer. And that goes back to pure evil because people, It doesn't love. It doesn't care. It doesn't care who a person is. It is the ultimate predator for death, destruction, and murder. And that's Satan himself. There's a clear definition. It's very clear between what's good and what's evil. What is selfless, what's selfish. what lays its life down for other people or gives for the good of other people or tries to draw everything to for its own gain. And we can look at the politicians and know the politicians do, you know, it's, it's clear who they serve. They serve Satan himself and he's using them, you know, and running them around all day long is that there is agents of destruction. Very clear. so well I really appreciate you bringing bring everything to the forefront you're welcome to stay on with mike if you'd like and uh either either one of you were all for builders there's no clear defining lines here on how how this is going to go because honestly you know this is just real news for people real people uh buy real people at the kitchen table And having honest discussions of what's really going on. Because you know what? The answers aren't going to come from the experts that are out there. It's going to come from we the people. Just sitting around talking. That's why they have to divide us. That's why the lockdowns. That's why the grooming of our children. to keep us divided so we can't sit down and have a discussion and say, this is what we're going to do. And we have the right to do that. The Constitution guarantees it. So really appreciate it. I don't know if you have to go to work today. If you don't, stay on and we can have another discussion and just keep talking. It's okay. Yeah, fortunately, I've got a crew to run, family to provide for. Yeah, well, that's a good thing, too. The highest office in the land is being a mom or a dad. taking care of our families. So thank you so much for being on, Bill. You can leave whenever you want. Same thing with you, Ralph. If you want to stay on, that's fine. Or if you want to leave, that's fine too. All right. It was a pleasure. Pleasure. I look forward to it again. Have a great day, and we'll be talking more about this forum, this presidential forum that I believe that we will both be on in order to talk to people and allow people to have voices and really help people to know that there are honestly just a lot of really good people that want to fix this nation, thousands of them running for president of the United States. It's inspiring, and it's amazing. Yes, it is. All right. Have a great day. Enjoy. Good seeing you, Bill. Same here. Bye. So welcome, Mike. Welcome. How are you doing? Very good. Thank you. Thanks for coming on today. I pulled up some of the stuff that you sent to me. So I don't know where you want to start, but I have everything locked and loaded here. Great, great. I'm going to apologize in advance. I lost my voice completely on Monday. So I'm just getting my voice back. So if I start squeaking a little bit, I'm still working on getting my voice back. Oh, no problem. We were just talking about squeaker of the house, Johnson. Squeaker of the house is what I'm calling him. That, you know, he gets up there and he just – you know, they're all placed. All these people are placed puppets of this global crime syndicate. Nobody gets in the office there. The great disruptor was President Donald J. Trump, the rightful president of the United States, was the great disruptor. And we have to have more disruptors. That's one of the reasons why I actually like the Constitution Party, the Tax Service Party. It is a disruptor. And the Establishment Unit Party hates a minor party or the third party, and they will do whatever they need to do to try to stop it, just like the prosecution of the rightful president of the United States, President Donald J. Trump. So, you know, we need to continue to talk about it. You're a disruptor. You went into this meeting, and Rogers ran out of the room, didn't he? Yes, he did. Yep. It was amazing, and I love the video. You did a great job. You know the law. You can quote it, and I'm thankful that you're here today. So what are we going to talk about today? Well, you wanted to continue a little more in the trading with the enemy act. And I came up across, there's been quite a few things that transpired since we've last talked. And I came across some information that I think everybody would be very interested in hearing also. And why don't I touch on that first? And then what are we going to do? This will kind of lead into the trading with the enemy act. One of the things I came across was the, I hear a lot of people say, And I've heard even Sheriff Dar say, you know, I can go out there and arrest all these politicians all I want, but we don't have a prosecution that will prosecute them. And I see a lot of sheriffs not doing their jobs the way they should be. Absolutely. And I think I found the source of the problem. Now, what I came across was Act 59 of 1935. It's under MCL 28.6. And in this Michigan law, the Michigan State Police have the authority to order sheriffs to perform certain duties. And if they refuse, the commissioner of the Michigan State Police can remove the sheriff from office. No kidding. What's the law? MCL 28.6. And what I find disturbing about that, and so it prompted me to do a FOIA request to the Michigan State Police. And right now they're trying to buy time. I should have the final result on that FOIA here by the end of the week. But one of the questions I asked them was, provide me documentation that shows that the Michigan State Police is a de jure department or agency, which they are not. They were created in 1919 and basically have evolved into what they are now through legislative acts. So they're not a de jure department or agency. They're de facto. So for a de facto department or agency to be basically given the power to remove a sheriff from office, I find that most disturbing, being that the sheriff is an elected official. So I think everybody needs to take a good hard look at this to see why our legislators did this. Now, I'm also challenging the fact that the state police, being that they're de facto, under Norton v. Shelby County 1886, they have no authority over any of us. Zero. And, you know, as the Supreme Court ruled, it's like they don't exist. So you start challenging the state police on this matter. Start challenging them on the fact that they are a de facto department and agency and have no authority to do what they're doing. And especially to be given the power to remove a sheriff for not complying. Now, you've got sheriffs out there saying we're not going to enforce the red flag law that Governor Newt put into place. So if they refuse to do it, was the commissioner of the state police going to remove those sheriffs, uh, from office? I, I, that's a slippery slope to be going down and I hope that, uh, they don't even attempt to try and pull that, that, uh, with, with any of us. So, um, it's just a convoluted mess. They knew what they were doing when they incrementally infringed on the rights guaranteed by the constitution. Yes. I can't believe 1919. That's amazing. Now this act I'm talking about came into play in 1935. So that's two years after the Trading with the Enemy Act, where they made all the citizens enemy combatants. So they're shuffling the power around into administrative offices to try and control the people. And this is why I think one of their steps in trying to do that, because surely after that in 1946, you had the APA, which is the Administrative Procedures Act, which is where your different departments and agencies can proclimate a rule or a guideline and the courts enforce it as if it was a law. Now, Judge Borrello of the Michigan Court of Appeals openly admitted during one of my hearings that I was up there for, and he admitted that the APA is what they're using to circumvent the legislative process and to get all these administrative rules and guidelines in place as laws. And his attitude was, well, we've been doing this so long, that's just the way it is. So, yeah, we've got judges who should not be in the positions they are. Last Friday, I was up in Carroll testifying as a witness in a case, the Misty Land Thompson case. And during that hearing, I testified that the judge, and I even point blank the judge, I said, judge, correct me if I'm wrong, but you were appointed, you're a retired judge, you were appointed by the governor to sit in this position. You did not take the place of another judge. There wasn't like another judge became incapacitated to where somebody had to be appointed into that position. The governor created this judgeship and appointed him onto this case. So it's a defacto office being held by a defacto judge. He never refuted it. So, excuse me. By law, that makes him disqualified. And he's using, now these judges, I've disqualified quite a few judges. And they always go to the same playbook. They go back to the court rules. Well, the court rules are not a law. And the only law that actually exists regarding judge disqualification is Title 28, Section 455. That's a federal law. And they use the excuse, well, that only applies to federal judges. Well, if you read it, no, it doesn't. It applies to state judges as well. Under that, under the case law that I rely on is Taylor v. O'Grady, 1989, which was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1994. And the judges opined that if the possibility of impropriety exists, and the impropriety does not have to be proven, just that it may exist, a judge is automatically disqualified. Does that extend to other offices or is that just for judges? That is specific to judges. judges, magistrates, and justices. So because we have these individuals claiming to be judges who do not have a proper oath of office, who don't have an anti-bribery statement on file, they don't have a foreign agent registration statement on file, and there is no such thing as a license to practice law, which in order for them to sit on the bench, they need to have, according to the Michigan Constitution, Article VI, Section 19. So all this is bogus. These are all improprieties that aren't a possibility. They're provable improprieties. So all these administrative judges are not judges. They're just administrators. So we don't have real courts. And we called for this judge to be arrested in the courtroom. And the sheriffs refused to move. They refused to do anything. And actually, They actually started threatening us and me and the court watchers that we're going to be charged with trespass if we don't leave the courtroom. So, yeah. Yeah. So you have a real problem with these sheriffs not doing their job. This act may be one of the reasons why that you've got Lansing telling them this is what you're going to do and what you're not going to do. And if you don't like it, we're going to remove you from office. So I'd be curious to see whether or not we could get anybody who is a former sheriff or even a current sheriff tell us whether or not this is something that they're hanging over their heads. Are they being threatened is absolutely the question by using this law? Yes. The weaponized legal, unlegal, non-legal system has been... It is a situation that has to be dealt with because there's no justice there. There's absolutely no justice. It's a weapon. It's become a weapon, a terrorist weapon from our government against we the people. Yes. Yes. And... Again, if we're enemy combatants, then we need to start taking a position that, okay, if we're enemies of the state, then we need to treat them as enemies of the people and start taking them and holding them accountable for their actions in every aspect, whether it be the local or at the state level or even at the federal level. We need to start turning this around and going after them for what they're doing. You know, the quickest way, the quickest way for any of these unconstitutional systems to, to, uh, to cease to exist would be for people to wake up and say, oh my gosh, I'm part of the problem. And, and stop participating. Can you imagine, can you imagine what would have, what would have happened if everybody all of a sudden, boom, full stop. Full stop. I've often raised the question, what would happen if everybody just stopped paying their taxes? Just stop funding the terrorism and insurrection that they're placing upon us because they never had the authority to put any of this in place. Never. That would be an outstanding thing. But the downside that I see in that plan right now is that they're getting way more money off of the corporations. So it's our purchasing power that is actually funding a lot of it. If you look at the big unconstitutional corporations, or not unconstitutional, but the ones that should have been taking it, taking a task with the antitrust laws and such, they are absolutely funneling money in that direction. But you would definitely cut all the purse strings to the universities, the higher indoctrination camps, the levels of higher indoctrination and such. So it would be helpful. It would be helpful if the money supply was cut down. Well, everybody has to understand, none of us are debtors. We are all creditors. So the national debt is money that the children of Congress owe back to us. It's not something we have to pay off. It's something that they have to pay off. Under 15 USC 1691, we can never be denied our own credit. And so when a bank says, well, you're going to fill out this application. We'll see if you qualify. I can't be denied. Nobody can be denied under federal law. And this hoax that they place on everybody that, oh, you're borrowing money. Banks do not, under federal law, have the ability to loan their own credit. So where are they getting the money from? It's from we, the people. It's through the birth certificates, the public trust through the IMF. And that's where that money's coming from. Now, I'm going to throw out one of my opinions on something here, that one of the reasons why we have an open border is is because these newcomers, as Governor Inwood would say, they come here to this country, they process them just to a point to where they get all the information they need to go back to whatever country that they came from, get their birth certificates, bring them forward here to the US, Now they've got a stack of birth certificates that they can go to the Federal Reserve and go, hey, we've got this much in futures based on these birth certificates. Give us another $7 trillion loan. Okay. I believe that's one of the things they might be doing. Now, that's my opinion. I can't prove it 100%. But that's one of my theories that that is why they're doing what they're doing. They're letting all these people in to get the birth certificates so that they can funnel the money. And that's basically what they're doing. You're moving the slaves from one country to this country and using them as chattel to get loans from the Federal Reserve. Excuse me. It's a mess. It is. It's all about money. It's always about money. Well, it's unfortunate, but until we drop this greed, every single one of us, and decide to help each other as we would want to be treated, we're going to continue to have the government representing the moral decay of the people. Well, only by our consent. If we stop consenting, they lose their power. Right. I put out a long series of different FOIAs to different departments and agencies. And my voice is killing. You have a sore throat too? I'm sorry? You have a sore throat too, or is it just your voice? No, sore throat. It's just I'm straining to try and talk right now. You know what? If it gets to the point where you're having a hard time, we can do this another day too. It's not a big deal. I'm good so far. I'm not squeaking yet, so we're okay. Okay, so that's good. So, yeah, but not a problem. I think you're coming on. That's great that you came on anyway. I love that. Not a problem. I sent you a bunch of these FOIAs. I sent you the FOIAs with the responses. And in there, one of the things I requested was certain specific information, like are they enforcing the Trading with the Enemies Act? In regards to property taxes, where's the contract? What's BCA payment? Now, the reason why I bring up this one. Do you want this one up? Yeah, that one will work. I've got this one, and I've got this one pulled up. So we'll go back to this one in a minute. Go ahead and talk for just a second. I'm going to step away for two seconds and then tell what you want to say and I'll be right back, okay? Sure, no problem. Regarding the property taxes, the FOIAs that I put out there to these different townships was asking specific questions. And one of which is what specie of payment do they want? Now, not to be construed with form of payment, credit cards, money orders and such, that's a form of payment. That's not specie of payment. Lawful money is gold and silver. So if you take a look at MCL 21.153, under the obligations due state of Act 20 of 1842, In there, it specifically states, no receiving officer shall be required to receive in payment of any debt, taxes, or other obligation collectible or receivable by him any tender other than gold, silver, coin of the United States, United States Treasury notes, gold certificates, silver certificates, or Federal Reserve banknotes. Well, under Proclamation 2039, Proclamation 2040, all debts only are there in the United States. So we don't have the ability to pay in any of those forms of payment. So the question now becomes to the tax collector, what specie of payment do you want? Now, we do have here in Michigan a case called Montgomery Ward v. Eugene Glaser from 1982. Do you know where that was filed? Do you have any documentation on that one? I want to say Rochester or somewhere around there. Okay. Again, it was 1982. And the judge ended up accepting coffee beans as the legal tender. And I've done the same thing with Livingston County on two cases where I paid them in coffee beans. So, excuse me. So we, the people, get to decide what has intrinsic value, not them. But at the same time, they cannot, by federal law, state a specific specie of payment. They're forbidden from doing so. So this is another way that we can try and cut their purse strings and stop them from funding their shenanigans. So these, yeah, these are the county... uh, FOIAs that I sent out regarding, uh, cause I asked, you know, okay, if, if you're asking me to pay on the warranty deed, if you look on your warranty deed, it says that you're a tenant. So if you're a tenant, who's the owner and shouldn't the owner be paying the taxes. And if you're saying that I, as a tenant have to pay it, well, where's the contract that I signed agreeing to these terms and conditions doesn't exist. And they've admitted these, uh, through these FOIAs. I even asked, okay, well, when does the term of the contract expire so that I can come in and renegotiate the contract? Again, those documents don't exist. So how are they able to charge property taxes absent a contract, absent any delegation of authority? They can't. I even asked them, are you prove that you're a jury department or agency? Again, no documents exist. So they can't even prove that they have the delegation of authority to do what they're doing. So these are things that people got to start asking. They have to start going after the local tax assessor and saying, hey, we got a problem here. Wow. Here's all the denials. And this one here is from Livingston County, where I asked for proof of de jure status. And this is their response. As a result of the Proclamation of 2039 and Proclamation 2040 of 1933, which prohibits the use of gold and silver to be used as lawful money to pay debt, provide documentation that specifies specifically what species of payment is accepted by the Livingston County Treasurer for property taxes. which is not to be confused with form of payment, which is defined as cashier's check, money, order, credit, debit cards, or cash. And you've got this all laid out, and it's like your request is denied. The county certifies that your request does not exist under the definition of public record as cited in MCL 15232. So they have nothing within their procedural documents that can justify them doing what they're doing and charging. They'll say, oh, you got to pay by credit card or money order or whatever. That's a form of payment. That's not specie of payment. When you ask them for specie of payment, they don't know what to say. They clam right up. Huh. Well, that's really interesting. I'm always amazed at how much stuff you bring forward with actual cases and disparities in language and such. It's amazing. So this is how, you know, I've talked to different groups. I said, you know, we got to start going on the offense. This is a way to go on the offense because you do it through a FOIA because it costs you some time to put the FOIA together. And the result is that however or whatever they respond, It's a certified response. So now you can use that in court. So if you're getting foreclosed on for back taxes or something, you can take these documents, go in there and say, look, how am I supposed to pay this? They won't even tell me what species of payment to pay. I'll give you coffee beans if that will help. But number one, who's the real owner? If the state of Michigan is listed at the top of the document, that means that they're the owner. Why is the state of Michigan not paying these taxes? Why is it left to me as the tenant? Well, the only way we become tenants is if they're enforcing the Trading with the Enemy Act, because all property is that of the state. So if they say, well, we're not enforcing the Trading Act, great, release absolute title back to me as the owner and holder of the property. What do these people say when you do this? I'm sorry? What do they say when you do this? Because you caught them in a catch-22 there massively. No matter which way they go with the trading with the enemy act, they're in violation. It doesn't make any difference. They either commit treason or, you know, I mean, the options are all bad there. Yes, there's no way out. That's why Mike Rogers got up and walked out. He didn't want to answer that because no matter how he answers, he's in trouble. Some people say that the Trading with the Enemy Act is not applied in that direction, but can you counter that argument? Because I've heard that. Applied in which direction? Well, they'll say that the trading of the enemy act is out of context or something. And I can't remember the specifics, but a few people brought that up. And I'm like, well, it applies to, it's not a broad application, but your research has shown that it really is. It's very simply designating Americans as the enemy. Yes, it does. What it is is they changed from the 1917 version of the Trading with the Enemy Act, had the exception in there that American citizens were not considered to be enemy combatants. In 1933, FDR took that out of that act. They changed it. They amended it. So that turned it to where we, the citizens, are the enemy combatants as well as foreigners. So by making that change, that's where the change happened was in 1933. They altered and amended this 1917 version to the 1933 version, making us a citizen's enemy combatants. Incredible. And you can see this, their treatment of Americans carried through by what, say, the Patriot Act did in making us the enemy. I mean, it's just carried through in their policies that we are the enemy of the government and they treat us as such, weaponizing the judicial system as well as every other system that was supposed to be for good. right now that's why they're trying to push this fisa thing through to where they can spy and the nsa can spy on on everybody and it's just you know it's getting way out of control the nsas have done a de facto department agency they have no authority they have no power we need to start shutting them down we need to start sending them notices of liability is it your intent to do I a harm through your actions as a de facto department and agency and start holding the heads of those departments liable for their actions. Because they are doing, we the people, a harm. And they do crazy things. I just learned of one action that they did years ago, and I'm going to try to get more specifics on it, where they took a communications cable and they went across into Canada and back into the United States. Because as soon as the communications cable went across the border into Canada, that allowed Canada to intercept people. messages and to spy on Americans. And it was an AT&T move. So that was another great big breach of privacy. And they did it in a very, very subversive way. It's incredible. I believe that came before Five Eyes, actually. Yeah, they're constantly plotting and scheming different ways of doing things to get absolute control and power over everybody. And we just have to make sure that we don't consent. We have to make sure that we educate ourselves on everything. I mean, a lot of people say, oh, it's overwhelming. There's so much. Just concentrate on your local. Don't worry about so much the feds so much. Worry about your own backyard. Clean up your own backyard first. and then move on from there. You're not going to be able to conquer all at once. You have to pick your battles here and there and Now, I tell a lot of people, I said, you know, you look at Douglas MacArthur, what he did in World War II in the Pacific campaign. He didn't try to liberate all the islands. He went after specific islands because he knew that the other islands around would fall once he liberated certain Pacific islands. That's what we have to do. We have to go over key specific points and the others will fall once we get those under control. Honestly, the only thing we really needed to reverse all of this was one honest governor. If you have one honest governor, the entirety of the United States can be turned around. One position could have done it. Because governor can remove every single person from the entire government structure except the legislature. And they all committed treason. So that ends up becoming a chip shot right there. And as long as you have people that are willing, that you're able to and willing to staff the functions that need to be done, which 90% of this can be wiped right off the books. Yeah, I'm not one. I don't care if you're black, white, red with purple polka dots. I don't care. I don't care if you're Democrat, Republican. I don't care. If you're going to hold public office, act de jure. And if you're a de jure and you perform your duties as a de jure officer, We're not going to have any problems because you're following the Constitution or founding documents to where they're supposed to be intended. Explain what the de jure office is to everyone and how that looks, please. Well, it's hard to find an example. Basically, a de jure officer is one who understands the intent of the founding documents. They understand that our founding documents are a trust indenture. that we, the people, are the executors, the public functionaries are the trustees, and we, the people, are the beneficiaries. It's a trust. We, the people, gave them numerated powers in which to conduct their affairs, to oversee the trust as trustees of the trust. And they have a fiduciary responsibility to make sure that they're always doing what is in the best interest of the beneficiaries. Can you honestly say that our children in Congress are doing what is in the best interest of we, the people, the beneficiaries? Absolutely not. Absolutely not. So they have violated their fiduciary responsibilities. We need to start writing and hitting them with notices of liability for their acts because they have done us a harm. Think about what they've cost you, what they have cost your family. And the notice of liability can't charge them for it. Unconstitutional taxation. I mean, you could start there, but it goes much deeper. And once you hit them, if they end up getting hit too many times, they're going to lose their bonds. If they lose their bond, they have to resign. They can't hold public office without a bond. We actually found some people that they don't have bonds anymore. And a lot of the counties or entities that are out there, they have umbrella bonds. So they don't have individual bonds anymore. And some of them don't even have that. Well, then hit them with a notice of liability. Now it comes to them, they're not protected at all. Now they're going to be exposed very quickly. You got to start hitting them with notices of liability and charge them for their conduct and what they've done, the harm that they've done to you. The other thing they do is they hide those bonds too. And they hide who's holding the bond. And so... We found that, too, in quite a few places, that you can't even find who's got the bond or any information on it. They're just like, oh, yeah, it'll be fine. We're bonded. That's what they do. It's crazy. Well, when they've usurped their authority under Norton v. Shelby, they lose their immunity. So there's no immunity, and they can be held accountable under 18-241 and 242. and be held civilly liable under 42 USC, 1983, 1985. So their personal assets become tangible because if they don't have the bonds in place, there's nothing left but their personal assets and their marital assets become into play as well. So- Can you give that, but those bonds are those that MCL will offer that again? Sure. 18 USC, 241 and 242. and 42 USC, 1983, 1985. Okay. Interesting. Huh. Well, I appreciate you bringing that forward. So where else do you want to go with us now? We've got, um, the, the Laura PMA regulations and FOIA secretary state license to travel. Yeah. The, uh, the PMA, um, I'm in the process of, uh, putting together a company under a PMA. So I challenged, and this is one of the challenges I brought up in my case down in Ann Arbor, is the fact that I converted my construction business into a PMA. And under a PMA, PMAs are not bound by state or federal regulations at all. uh being that they're private uh they take on a whole different uh realm in in the business world and what I did was I looked at what the bar association does and how they set theirs up so the bar association is a pma and so this is where they get off saying well we're licensed our bar members share bar card is our license well spring courts rule that it's not a license But this is their premise, that they can internally do and create their own documentations to justify what they do. So I challenge this in the Ann Arbor courts to where I say, okay, I got a PMA. I can do exactly what the Bar Association does. And they never refuted it. So... The judge, unfortunately, found a scapegoat in a statute that really doesn't apply to how she's trying to enforce it, being that there's a PMA in place. So there's a motion for reconsideration right now before the Ann Arbor Court. I don't know where we're at with that right now. It just submitted it last week, so I'm still waiting on a court date on that. But I'll take this as high as it has to go. And I'm challenging it on the basis that if the Bar Association can do this, so can we. And until you clamp down on the Bar Association, we get to do exactly what they're doing. And you can't say we can't because there are no state or federal regulations. I sent Laura the FOIA to find out, are there any state regulations prohibiting me from doing a PMA? What regulations do we want me to follow? What companies are exempt from a, uh, from a license as a PMA and show me that Laura is a jury department or agency and whether or not you're operating in accordance with the trading with the enemies act. And their response was basically, yeah, those documents don't exist. Wow. So there are no state laws governing a PMA. So if you have a business or want to start a business, start as a PMA. Do you have documentation on how to do a PMA? I started looking at a lot of different sources for information. And I found one discrepancy in a lot of them. And that is that a lot of these guys out there telling you how to start up and do a PMA, well, I've been solid as far as setting up the paperwork. What I ended up doing was I already had existing companies, so I already had bylaws and everything already in place. So all I did was basically make some adjustments to convert it over to the PMA. And my bylaws have already been tested in the courts, being that the state of Michigan back in 98, 99 tried to pierce our corporate veil. They couldn't do it. They lost. So I know my bylaws are solid. So that's my template and moving forward to the PMA. Would you share that? Would you share your template on that or what you did? I'd have to do some redacting and stuff, but I think I can put something together that I could share. I would really like to see that. I'd like to see what you did so that we can have a great example to work off of. I think this is amazing. One thing I want to give you some props here because talking to Mike, I'm going to tell everybody out there, he doesn't do any of this for money. This is all volunteer type stuff that he does. He doesn't charge anything. And he is honestly been, been quite a champion for sharing information from what I can see, you know, from my experience with Mike, because he just wants his country back. And I just want to give you props for that because this is how America is supposed to function. And you, you have, you have spectacularly carried that out. Every single time I've talked with you, you're willing to share and actually help people. And I really thank you for that. Well, thank you. Yeah, I'm not out for the dollar for all of my information. Everything I post out there is shareable. I hope people can learn from it. I hope they can use it to help their situation. Do you post in other areas too? I mean, do you have a website or are you somewhere else where people can find yourself? I don't have an initial website. I'm hooked up with a bunch of different groups through Telegram and such. They sign me up. I don't say that stuff. So I'll post my stuff there. I get to know them. Then I'll start sharing my information with them. When we're done with this, can you text me those groups if you haven't already? I'll have to go back and look. But I'd like to see exactly where you are so that I can also follow what you're doing because it's extraordinary. We have a county that I know is one of them that I hook up with. Paul Urban and such. I love Paul. Yeah. I know we're getting close to running out of time, so I want to put something out there real quick. Oh, I think the camera's going as long as you want. It's not a problem. Okay. Well, we have an event coming up on June 1st. And there's going to be seven speakers. I'm one of them. I'm going to be talking about trust. It's going to be up in Burton, Michigan. And it's June 1st of this year. It starts at 1 o'clock, goes until 6 o'clock. Doors open at 1230. And we're going to be talking about a variety of different topics. We're going to be talking about people getting over their fear, talking about the Bible, just a lot of different things. And I'm going to be doing some stuff on trust and probably some other information because once I get going on something, sometimes I start going all over the place. should be a real, real, uh, it'll be a lot of information. So people are looking for, for information. Uh, we've got a ton of information we're going to be giving out on that day about a lot of different variety of topics and such. So, um, again, June 1st at, uh, up in Burton, I can give you, I'll send you the, uh, I'll send you an email on the address and everything. Okay. That sounds great. So, um, but getting back to the, uh, to the PMA, um, the, uh, Or was I? Lost my train. Yeah, the state doesn't have any, through that FOIA, I asked them if there was any state regulations, there weren't. So, yeah, if you're going to start a company or if you have a company, convert it over to a PMA. And that way you're not having to do all those things. Now, in regards to the other guys out there talking about how to set it up, the one thing I found a discrepancy was being that we're not under federal or state regulations as a PMA, they're talking about, well, once you get it all established, you have to register with the state. And you have to go get an EIN number. Wait a minute. If I'm not bound by state or federal regulations, why do I have to record it with the state? Why do I have to get an EIN number? Now, remember, the IRS is one of those alphabet agencies. They're a de facto agency. And how are we going to pay a debt that they claim is owed when we're not able to pay a debt? So there's, to me, that's... My opinion, I don't think we should be dealing with them. I'm not going to get an EIN number on this. I'm not going to record it with the state. It's a private company. Private means private by our definition, not the bar associations. So when I get this company up and running, this new company I'm putting together, we're going to really test the waters here. both on the federal and state level as to whether or not they have any delegated authority to interfere in any capacity with this company. So it'll be interesting to see how this works out. That's going to be really interesting to see how it works out. So a lot of the other ones do say you should get an EIN and your stance is there's no jurisdiction there that they have to force you to do that. No, because again, it's private. There's no state or federal regulations that require us to do so. Just like, you know, you do a trust, you don't need an EIN number for a trust. IRS regulations actually talk about the fact that if the grantor dies or passes away and there was no EIN number associated with the trust, the trustee could always acquire one after the fact. Well, that tells me right there, you don't need one to set up a trust or to operate a trust. So the fact that if you're under federal regulations, that if everything that's in the trust is for personal household goods, it's tax exempt anyway. So all these rules and regulations that they create and put together are intimidating to most people. And again, all you have to do is start educating yourself on what is actually their authority. Do they have any authority? And do I have to consent? If I don't have the consent, they don't have the authority, we're done here. That conversation is over. Because the burden of proof is on them to show and prove that they're the jury department or agency and that they have the delegated authority to do what they do. And 99.9% of the time, all these departments and agencies don't have it. It doesn't exist. We're only 18 enumerated powers granted to congressmen. And 99% of the stuff they're putting out there that the children of Congress are spending this money on is not within their delegated authority. We are supposed to start clamping down on them. We are the executors. We have the power to make sure that the trustees are doing their job for the best interest of the beneficiaries, and we're not doing it. That's the problem. The children of Congress have run amok, and we've got to start clamping down on them. Well, I love that. And you also have the next one you have is a FOIA licensing and travel PDF here. Yeah, this is in reference to the company I'm looking to put together here. We're going to, I challenged the Secretary of State as to whether or not they had a monopoly. Because where else can you get a license or an ID or a plate for your car? and there isn't any so we're now challenging that and there's a company in arkansas and I'm looking to bring it here to michigan excuse me to where now you'll be able to go through us to get your id and your plate and not have to go through the secretary of state and I'm looking to expand it to the point where uh the ids that you can get are for anybody and everybody no matter what age And the reason why I'm looking at that to expand it in that direction is that if you've got a young child going to school and the school says, well, you're gonna have to get a vest, you're gonna have to wear a mask, any of that garbage again, well, they just pull out their ID and go, I'm exempt and done, it's over. The school board and the education system has no say in the matter. And so these IDs will be used like in a diplomatic immunity process to where you're exempt from the regulations of the school board or the state on a lot of the unnecessary laws and regulations that they're trying to push on everybody. Well, this is really interesting. I mean, there's always more than more than one way to skin a cat here. And I think you found several of them. So so this is this is amazing. I like some of the language you have in here, too. I did I did briefly go through this. I didn't study it and such, but I really I really appreciate all you've done. This is pretty much, you know, the Dun & Bradstreet numbers, the EIN. This shows and proves that they are corporate bodies, which means they can sue and be sued. So there's where your notices of liability come into play. You can, you know, if they're doing you a harm, then you can hit them with a notice of liability for the harm that they've placed on you. Wow. And it seems like we never get to the bottom of what they've actually done and how much this has been absolutely engineered to take down America. I'm kind of loving this. This is awesome. So is there anything else you want to talk about today? And I think what we'll do is let you go because it sounds like, you know, you're struggling, but I'm going to tell you. My voice is starting to go now. Yeah, you really did have done well, though. But thank you for coming on. I really do appreciate it. Are there any last words that you have to say? And then I'll finish up with a prayer. Just hope to see everybody on June 1st. Again, we have a lot of information we want to pass on to everybody. And, you know, it's all about education and learning and, you know, moving forward to starting getting this back to a republic and the way it's supposed to be. So it's up to you guys. Do you have anybody up there doing video? Because I can send Brandenburg News Network. We'll make sure that there's a camera there. I don't know if there is or not. I haven't asked that question. But yeah, you're welcome to bring the cameras. We need to get the word out. The more people find out about this, whether directly or indirectly, the better. Because that's what needs to happen. Well, that's awesome because it's returning the power back to the people away from the criminals sitting in the seats, the puppets. So let's just finish up with a prayer and then we'll go on with our days, okay? Thank you, Heavenly Father, so very, very much for all that you've done for us today and for bringing wonderful people like Mike and Bill and Ralph and all true patriots out there that just want the country restored. And they're not in it for the money. They're in it for those characteristics, which are integrity, valor, honor, and in service of you, for you, to serve you in this world. Thank you so very much. Thank you for the day you've given us ahead of us. I'm listening to the rain outside, and it's a nice sound. And we're excited at the fact that we're coming into growing season, and there's so many good things going on, and the plants are waking up. It feels really good, and we're just thankful for that today. Let everybody know that you care for them today. that they're not alone, that there's a lot of wonderful people fighting for this nation, for their families, and for everything that they hold dear. Thank you so much for helping us to write, you know, for you writing it, because we can do nothing. It's all through you. Thank you so very much. And we love you. And we want to be your friend. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen. Thank you so much for coming on. And so here's the part of the show where we go to, boys and girls, please go to because I'm the best non-conceder who has ever not conceded in the history of the United States. I think you'd be better at it than Donald J. Trump, but we should have that discussion, I think. So with that said, God bless you all. God bless all those whom you love and God bless America. Have a great day. Make it so. And it starts with a good attitude. your head in the game, your heart in the game, and walking through this life with God. So have a great day. Thanks, Mike, for coming on. Thank you.