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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 6/2/2023 - The Albert Plan - Dan Albert - Election Integrity

Published June 2, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

The book The Albert Plan to Restore Election Integrity by Dan Albert is about restoring our elections and mobilizing 30 million people to become the clamoring majority. We must clamor to restore election integrity to federal elections conducted on Election Day with separate paper ballots for each race that are hand-counted at each precinct after the polls close. We the People must use an "all of the above" strategy to restore election integrity. We must also clamor to get to the bottom of the 2020 Election Farce. As Steve Bannon says, "It is a wound that will not heal." Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is i can't believe it were in june already june two twenty twenty three and i just want to welcome everybody here to the show to day i've got very special guests on and ah that's an dan albert he's written about while the albert plant the two restore election integrity and i met him when i was down at john rich's house i'm sure you all sowthistle i had a great time it was just a lot of pontian there and the musicians were wonderful and there were just some really interesting patriots a stroke because ye you're trying to be respectful to musicians as and i i didn't get everybody's phone number but i'm working my way through the list and i'm hoping that i can't introduce you lining patriots because they was really fond but anyhow i ring don albert on to day and i kind of obsessed with his work right now quite honestly it's sort of like being of sustathentos i'm secure and i'm obsessed with with dan albercombe o some bringing down on right now he dindikoo good morning don a how are you i'm dining doing great and i'm undirstondethe i'm totally obsessed with this something you written and you're video's got a bunch of ideos out there and it's probably some of the best videos and well thought of videos i've seen in a long types did the man with a plan here to restore lection attigerit and i really think i body's going to enjoy this conversation a lot and now we talked about it and i think i'd like you beyond that regular paces i really think you got to handle on how to get these elections under control although one really quite simple to to have election tegot if we wanted but i won't be easy because there's so many people that the just are insistent that we retain coeven make it more susceptible to all kinds of election frauds yet i think that people been bringing washed for so long that it's kind of hard to give you knapbottle girl from india and people are so tied into the familiar that when something familiar isn't there any more that kind of go through greeting cross the ones one of those things that the bible relieve in talks about it when you know lots serolis wife laughed laughed signorino said do not look back or you're going to be turned into a pillar of salt i mean the analogous character of the thatching is really where we are right now i think and we really need to we got to walk away from the satanic system and not what not look back there's too many things that are so wrong and so i think we just need to go forward and sap of the grieving take the day as it comes run forward and fixed his nation i just think it we is believers we need to resist evil until lord cons your think the signs of there that were in the intimes and and yet ah the exciting times or careless time and as we see you know the great reset they're trying to foist upon us we know that it's some point you won't be able to buy herself without the mark of the beast and whatever that is well we'll keep you from buying or selling and now with the technology we have we can see what that can easily happen and like i said the perilous times for the exciting times and loomy christian friends are just like here we know where we were were closed the end that severe were not on save america and i say the gesithcund till he come and part of occupying is gaining regaining controlling retaining control of over the territory that we have and you know it is a sort sings no man at this point what we have to continue to fight and him yet in and and i don't know it seems like you adventure me i think it's in be great i mean if we can't buy herself great i don't want to contribute to the corporations anyway so we just need to figure out how to hold producing other on turf and they can go pound sand you know were using forward so we's like me to play it i dedn't meet this woman but she was at it john rich's house when we were there and i didn't get a round over his chin of sad for that which you like me to play the video i ran you you go ahead and play it in the provocative video alone it i know is to one i know it yeah it's great okebeare everybody knows that the rightful president of the united states donald de trop in the twenty twenty election and even the says otherwise is either lost touch on reality or i don't know iscotendo send your soulless was play let's play this the young plant in you two here i can will screen at and we get this hearty roland stockinette that we dare to right this tricorios i can't get her he almost missed if you don't andertonford at the end what's that i see i wintoniensi went through the dedion then i stopped her that's a cave will get the thing on her grand what trethowen i shall tell you i say was that when a change in you say you almost messenii you're not paying attention yes i can't marry how is that this is a beatificare news for real people highly at the kitchen table he i love that sign i think that is so i think that that's so funny he is great and the quick why come there the way the music of not a musician but the way the time in music works her music is time the same as the music the crop is plain you see his fists pumping he i want to see one to the tram dance he elastoses he akhhetaton i got a work on the trombone one got to love me then even though you know he's a flood guy like everybody else but oh no they hototogisu that he sir president you don't i do i'm coming i know you are in the speak the truth we seek the truth and and you know weaken talk about the flaws of tromp and in the mistakes he made and and the left i mean they can't see any good and the man you know and when he won and to the twenty sixteen it was kind of by accident becase in it all the he might have franois baked and wasn't enough to save those states the blue walls as and your steed and was a strategist that helped helped him to see that to go after the working class and all that so on you know that michigan pennsylvania wisconsin i think those states were not expected to go to trump and so in twenty twenty they they pulled out all the stops color of course opened up the flood gates for for were all the potential for election fraud to capassity conceive of and so they denied him the opportunity to function as president in his first term ah here he is sectionally liked in sixteen he overcame their there fraud and in twenty twenty there was so much that the th is obviously like joe vine really got eighty one million votes to night he the body and that i in anything about this gigolettes is a million times and jumps up like a istelson some oars old i don't think that's hoisted the sand lodestone so so my view you have all these people joining the race we got two from south carolina and you know governed the santos jump then and viticulosa and i mean the good folks but i you know my view is that we really were really oh president crop the opportunity to actually govern his president because they denied him that opportunity with all the stuff they threw at him and the man is an he keeps standing is like like when you drive down the road and you have those those vertical plastic posts the go down come back up you know that's tropes he goes to his always he doesn't he go down he his very resilient and we should be proud of the fact that he is that way and i think that the others are jumping in the race that their people at one o just throw in to the side and we can't do that it's more than tromp it's about us it's about america it's about in a weed a people being denied the the selection that the we may that we properly properly elected a present tropinin ye ask people whether you know they believe that resident by and was elected or selected that's a good question asked people he had i think the select acted this is the charnisays it's shall action so i don't have a real promith it too in the biggest problem i have is that this is watson's crime against president then this was a crime against every single one of us and when any of our rights gets violated all our rights the are noland that's so tight that i have with us and that honestly i'm i'm really disappointed with the other candidate a people so many that people that i seen at run for office it's all about winning a lection and i'll do whatever it takes to win the elections instead of instead of standing for something standing for this country and they're not willing to do that and i've a big problem with that until we were it right that twenty twenty election and go back further because there's so many things that it were that have been wrong over the years the michigan constitution nightnasty three was not even put in place legally were it were talking peelitesthe back to what the founders had and timed it to and i i think it's going to be shocking to some people cause we have lived under tyranny and in erosion by rights for so long that i'm not even sure we know what that looks like oh but you don't go in for with with that's that's this the that is the unmovable stone for me is the twenty twenty eleven well i see essays and so one that that will not heal and in a what were never to get to the bottom of the entirety of the election we won't know all the truth we would love to see every bit of truth exposed for what it is whether it's good or bad for for our side or not and you know it's our side i mean there's a uni party that's fighting all of us and it's the republicans or part of the entrenched establishment political class and the democrats of the party of division destruction and death and we need repudiate all those folks and have sort of a a what advocate for his or just overwhelming and transforming the republican party from the ground up and you know my my position on the twenty twenty election is in somebody isn't at least willing to commit to ah election integrity going forward and i've laid out a very simple plan in no we don't have to have everybody you know admit that there was fraud somewhere very reluctant to do that ah but if they don't and they don't embrace a plan to restore election integrity are they they should not be in office so of all those folks that can't commit to the path to give us election thirty because we've become a benedenhuis well and it's ishener one problem that we're facing right up in avowtreris down from from this if we have the people in office who we believe are honest and not part of this global crimes send ocet continues to place people and in power without the ability to remove them it's to intrenching that establishment more and more and taking all of the control away from the self governance away from we tope and then we just become lambs you know being led to the slaughter which is what i think we've been experiencing and certainly we saw that through proved a nursing home so now michigan there's there's no nobody nobody can get in michigan t least away from the fact that gretchen whitmer is guilty of a third party murder of or of our people here in the nursing home and you don't she went acrogens what even the health care workers so this watering its its destruction without bounds if we can't get the selection oh that's too and thankfully president tromp has challenged the results of the twenty twenty election it wasn't like nixon in nineteen sixty he he the they knew election fraud happened but for the you know for the quart in quo though the country ah he didn't contest and it is so obvious and no thankfully some late president drop and care lake and the resonance is standing strong on the force of the election that they had in twenty twenty two and there so many things that are are intentionally you know design for fraud is what it boils down to and the truth some of the truth is coming out you know that judge out there declined to allow her to the present town of twelve causes of action and limites a couple and just limited the time and people say that the yellow case you know the judge the judicial system is so corrupt and there not hearing the truth i don't want to touch it with a ten foot pole because it it's really it's a it's a that's a very device of issue it's it's has for fortifications and we can't fight at the ballot box and fight the law far in the courts and what we can continue to do that and allow them to have the structural the structure and place to be able to i clean institutionalized fraud on now sweet we have to go back to noveletten elements of election integrity and it's very simple plan and if we were to get back to that kind of thing than we would you know we would see elections with integrity i agree with you we have to do something we just can't let the skull in a go over to what's the ostrsankische a gush the were on to try to do you subtleties so there's stanitsa we're wearing the skills every day this is not called doing everything perfectly when it's getting in there and and the in the boldrino ever got withringtone i'm so this is done a website street himselves dark came and i got to tell you this is a cool esitile it and you you've got your book there's that albert planned sitiecito would in order freed himselves and then the books there it there to take a peek at now okonorote or at the ordinale you don't you don't have that book the elephant to save america so that sort of like the full meal deal that's where i lay out stages of what will this is the one i'm talking about the ornate rassalig it is the ice be waging a dan signed copy here cool for what that's worth the tumefies or handed and the one alencon so yethewon you're looking at the books the one the left is the formul deal that's the where i lay out all the ideas for you know for with people to transfer nor take our country back into to get back to the founding principles you know we had the preamble of the constitution outlines the purpose of the federal government his too you know we the people he noted states in order to form a more perfect union establish justice insure domestic tranquillity provide for the common from old gerald welfare and secure the westons liberty to ourselves and our posterity do ordain establish this constitution he noted states on that simple that the purpose of the federal government and the federal government has ver of course there their involved in things they shouldn't be in and it's your rhodoway at our liberties so that right now we were or our founders would the surround for what we let happen to our country because they were rebellion over a stamp tack and what would be very limited encroachments on liberty back then and now where were becoming slaves that's what they want so i know what i you know what i was thinking about over the decades was you know different solutions and you know problem solution as the cutting the gordian knot and that's what i laid out in the the albert fantasime ica which is the one little left and in that i and i know i revised it from the two thousand seventeen editions to kind of reorganizes reorganized talcotins into a nation of distress a little bit about how or nations in distress called to action and then part three is to restore federalism art for is to restore national sovereignty part five is to restore individual liberty and then part sixes restore limited limerigo rnment and then part seven is only free market capitalism so i have all these chapters organized in the brass simple fashion in those parts and the and so that sort of the full the four plain and then when the twenty twenty election happened it's like a slow motion train train wreck were watching this thing happened a bannerwas talking about the transition a transition integrity project yell they had gained out every conceivable possibility to make sure that wine was selected and installed his president and as we saw that train wreck coming you know it was very frustrating that's why i made this videos i started that you chicane i had nineteen that eos seventeen of them pertaining to election integrity and then a few were before a lot were before the election and fewer after the election and we're all poor or her out of it was very frustrating to see and at that time down or they were a new if i continued that ah you tube would have cancelled me and there you are your own ah is that you two brissette my website history too that i allessandrini yesindeed and the flag is upside down because our nations in distress you know i've got it right here behind me and it's on the web side it's on the gypecienne and that's not a sign of disrespect for or or flag it's it's the the reality is that ironaton is in distress and that's a distress signal and oh when i made those videos i was no it was my first o no effort itcreating videos and and i i think i could i could record a thousand videos now not so much content and and so but i didn't continue because they they were canceling people and on and then there was a it was obvious that you tube was not useful platform factbook is useless and then that's the time when parlor was cancelled by i am one by the other web hosting services and they started up and then they got cancelled and there were pontibus iness and were still living in an environment where we're sort of with we've got all kinds of fractured sides frankly i don't know i think rumble would be a good platform get her this pretty good i decided that time to start my web sites on the night wouldn't be cancelled and i of am still working on that fledgling inside well you know the main thing is is that you know those of us that just want the nashoba because the everything i do is kind of other didn't i don't don't monotis things i just want my country that and won't have to be for we don't have to be perfect and what we do we just got to get out there and do something i got ilead us through what we he wants us to do and as it honestly in our imperfections is where the beauty has because its real it's not contrived were not working off a strip we just get in here and we talk with all the flaws and everything and i don't know about you i would rather have somebody that just gets in there and start hammering things out and it's not perfect then what we seen in the face now is over to ears that you know that there are lying to and it's all so i think that that's a beautiful way to do it i think you've done a really nice job and i like your video surpassed full of information and and i also like people i agree with you know it's we all do you do not see the great this is great you know to look at them and to cheer point i mean god says in his strenth is made perfect in weakness so you know and they're all kinds of examples in scripture the that cut back that up and i feel like i'd bit in my in sort of a besinesse and know that i am god more cover quite some time and i don't have forty years that moses had to go wander the wildness orocassia thinks so there you girl apsolutely i'll let like rows much when god is in it no i think the floodgates i i'm just waiting for the floodgates to so this is part of that your mission here dinas instead granite run with it that you your audience is whatever size of his and if a few people were to sort o grab hold of it their power so distracted by the cares of this world and living life and in the left i mean they take advantage of the fact you know people that work aren't could have time to go out and have beale and riots and summer of twenty twenty that kiss i think we just have to stand together and you know do our best here on bringing up your er book the copier book here a minute to so work ceutan ride you go so the what yes it's really me for that and the deepole are so that they do feel demoralized over this and honestly that's the best time for opportunity you know when things go go poorly you've got more opportunities than when things are going right in business and personal growth and we learn so much to those times that you know it's like it's like you know dad says it too it's like be thankful in all all things and the reason why we're going through this it's not random there's no coincidences god is every part of our life he's got every path planned out and you know it's like yet you don't would be great if we could sit on top of the following is for a while but i'm pretty sure if he did that he threw it off and so you inessores siwash busy so we don't we don't even turn mountain tops in the problems so you got back to the web site for a minute yeah i can't i herothis around here a little bit but i can in i know i got off on a little soliloquy about stuff there when you are showing that eos on i wanted to stroll down the bit further on the home page and and linenthe were looked at the tube looks that are there and i ii finacue of trying to sell books i gave away so many books and i i certainly haven't been getting regenerated he gave one to me so that is so that the argument has gone right there that's simply what i do so if you go to the home page we were i hadn't lost track of where you were i just men of round in the new thought we were done without home page so if you go down i will talk about what won't go back up a little bit too why freed himself and we'll talk about freedom selves when we have an optunity but you know this concept of a freed himself that i have laid out it's the self organizing autonomous group of people that are gathering it at various thickly election jurisdictions but more on free himselves later then it's why why for this free themselves is because democrats don't have the monopoly on community organization and if we think about it now we we need to be now that the silent majority needs to become the clamoring majority and we need to get a really good at organizing and making our voices heard and in showing impact oh not just sinope ition in or calling your gressional office and being ignored so he scowled down some more on if you've got the books there wanted to show folks that at the onicolo those lengths to go look at on anson look at the or on amazon but you go down right here people can provide their email address and they can download a thirty six page bridge version of the altercants restore election integrity he and think we will be doing a deep dive on election tigehere and so that's all the roman frankly they could taken out and just put something that looks like a mildness and in in its still will provide provide them with the page pdf its free toward us put out there to help people to a right you know full stop my viewers conepate ity and they're not going to take you out it's like you guys this is loricating when you get in here putting your name and your e mail so that we can help dan organizes instead of being a coward sitting in the corner you got it you don't don't lie to day and that's even provide somebody who is a good person with your information so you can help him now this is not this is about us helping people that were willing like dan to set forward and put his name on things and now our responsibility to help him get the thing moving nothing in that and that's a great point and appreciate that and i was simply pointed out that somebody wanted to could do that but when i don't winifred here when when when you when they provide that email address they get the download of that free pete but the join the website gone we don't need to take the time right now to look at the sign up piece but it's rather extensive for you know i want people to provide their real name the real self phone number in their election jurisdiction information like this state county oh the cold thing there containquite fields i don't require their dress and we want to get real people to come on to the web site and a gather and have civil this word i asked them to go tom you'll just scan through the the survey that i have to see if it looks like they would be say per cent in inciting percent agreement or more or there willing to try to get there through civil discourse with like my the patriots so the bar is very low to join the website and and so it's not from the faint of hard not for the anonymous we we have to each election in jurisdiction we have to get organized so that we can have impact so that's what the purpose of the side is is not for an honorous people with handle yet no no i'm no cowardly crack here gus because this is where we actually stand up for this country and be heard if you others there's not a lot of you now there's a lot of people out ter that they pull off they pull off all these a crazy titles because that way they can snipe and there from the from the side lines and they're not really a countable for what they say and unfortunately if people don't have the conviction to stand behind what they say may be they should be quiet because you know if we want to count ability it you have to have a way to to have accountability so step for would be bold make noise and don't that down this is a great way to do and help denislow of work into this in so many wants to join the website if they say they heard about it through you the mentioned your name or the network that you've started here so that helps me to quickly approve their membership res that's no what is that there you know the being honest with us and and you know the like the little checkmark on on the he went when they signed up on the side up page i have terms and conditions they say yet checked to the po greeted terms and conditions and there's one other but they don't exist yet that it's like okay this sights under construction and a few have to read the terms and conditions and know that s civility you know we obviously we don't we're not going to tolerate a threats of violence or a really like serious eh or language or attack on no personal attacks if you cross the line of sortino unity standard that would be easy to recognize in the greetin so i i haven't even got that applied yet to and i've had a couple of people say what we are are they but most for his check your check and that's okay but so it's work in progress it's a designed bill project and when somebody's a member i've already created a freedom self for the united states for every state for every congressional district and in some areas of interest to me counties and even my own precinct that cond thing so when when somebody goes in becomes a member and they become they joined the eu s freedom self they joined their state and their congressional district the next step would be to form or joy in a freed himself for their preaching and more of the precinct strategy later no that's where now an end in the background of this web site there's the there's the ford facing public view that people see that you know they don't see those freed himselves that behind what somebody's a member is not a pay well and there's no there's no charge to join but when they when they get in they they join these groups like this sight is it's based on the wicks plot form and they're all kinds of capabilities for four inns we can create foreigns and have discussions we can have a a profile that we can develop where everybody could just voluntarily put whatever they want in there to have indication between members and that kind of thing so it's it's got a its wicks as a powerful platform and an inside i do need some help from patriots that are that ar wicks conversant and that's where the danger having somebody infiltrates the hay he then o come help you though website they come in and the sabotage you know so i wonder void that i am i might be able to right a little help there quite honestly i've got that if my will tecopa and the odonthe something that sets in there a pretty exercere we can we can sniff out like a hound dog and rooihoogte morning toowild malise i need help to do some of the things i'm just one person in conducting my campaign of one and encourage every one else to conduct their campaign of one while simultaneously try to collaborate with all the like minded folks you can possibly collaborate with it's not a you know not alone will out there so everybody else needs to be a lone wolf and conduct our own campaign of one what i'm saying is you own your your campaign of one you you decide what you can do you don't have somebody else tell you oh you people come to these meetings and you have sort of a top down mid where the the tea party was commandeered by people like this that they want to be the top block on the pyramid and they wanted to have volunteers they cruel these volunteers under them and they passed them with things and they have this little five fifteen or fight them that they create and then the servant leadership mode would be to flip that pyramid and then like you and i anybody has conducting a campaign of one is the bottom block now and you're in powering educating inspiring motivating and towering to where new to help as many people as you can supporting with that upside down pyramid and that's a servant leadership model and it's hard for a guy like me that now i mean one of the things i'm learning to do is to pour contempt on all my pride so that that's one reason god might have me in a sort of the bastianthe i am god more you know we were all frail we're all followable people and we have to you know show grace to each other and all that but we can't tolerate the the person that wants to chop in front of the parade and act like there the one that struck the started it and then thicken the control of the direction our freed himself is autonomous self organizing it's like a round table you have if i self identify that in my freed himself structure identify founding fathers son's liberty patriots miniment and we all need to be minute men and and we can all self identify as a patriot or sonliberty or founding father and you know like you and i would identify his founding fathers you're not i think i know you are enough to know that you're not be offended in in the name fathers or sons or no now i think a minute so sally is most silly ofcaspar all the women who actually have have ability to have a brain and thank you know it's the i have not offended by this you know i infected not confused on my gunner never been configoortion my life and that you know it's like it's a term and we got to stop being snow flakes and being at a foundedeven little little thing that you know i was tellsplatte other day as people can say whatever on their mind is it truth i don't know you don't know we can listen but what their telling us his helthe and so it doesn't matter in the there literally sharing themselves and how they think their pressing themselves the trying to work through their own problems so to get offended at what they say it is kind of silly you know so i talk and say well well well it's going to be okay we're going to valuate this is going to be fine and and oh that's fine and the use to distract from the relishes estaloe when you know steve and in on the word on hill introduced congressmen marjorie taylor green or congersmen lorn buller or me there the cannot to controversial what in other the controversial i totonachi this being called congressman you know they're strong women but they i love it because there obviously fine with that and back years ago there's a lady was chairman of the greve county republican party in greenest carolina and she referred to herself as chairman and that's great the thing is he's people that wanted confused everybody with all this nonsense genders and all that in a that the her persina military of terms like riflemen or airman now on my the four elements the four categories you can sell anapias include men at manner it's got so masculine turn sons of liberty and founding fathers this people into the want o exit the human race do they want to stop calling themselves inments got man in it i mean what are you doing for his ityou contoit's not its sekhome you men and you know it's a kind of its gender it's really general gender neutral take in michigan i don't know if you realize that a mischans kindo like an island and all itself we speak word we've got a weird actnever own language right so we were actually the first genderers to use the term everybody here is a guy i got a guide that doesn't get ower all guys hereandand everybody i mean that's really how how how every missed you talk i got a gun i got a guy you know conroy was otto three ladies three girls talking sitting wherever carson to woodcuts door right then rights just what we do it's not had lacteol talk it's natural in excited about the really shaking their fists at god they're trying to deny his existence and changed his what is established and we know that he is and in their lot of people that are there just the tolerant of that kind of a thing for they want to see the united states destroyed so they use the stupid indigito to be like a child on a stage some were just as they want to tension and they missed the core issue of of restoring the united states and deer point whoomang ment that we see the only reason to do that is because there's money involved in it when there is no money involved in it that's when you get a servant a servant no leadership because they're doing it for the right reasons men it money the minute that money creeps into anything it's going to be corrupted so i i really believe that politics and governments should be our duty not something that's a an industry which is a money laundering east but we need to every single one of us consider this our duty just like going into the military that it we should be willing to step up at this as even a part time job certainly a some of us have done us a full time volunteer job for a very long time because it's going to take a lot of work to restore what we have and put things back together the way is supposed to be once we get it on cruise and it's going to be you know and get the other the ship right it we can kind of crew is the little bed and hopefully work ourselves out of a job so that somebody else can step up so running with what she said about restore restored what we have you said and you know you had that pede of pulled up minago about the it you know that the thirty six page pedro the hour plans restore election integrity and pardon me for saying percolate hour plan that's some people take offence to that my kiss included one of fratello kids and go to go to order local the candid you write i know you didn't dan albert road is so okonorote flow give the guy is not it and relaxed and are not looking for credit i just want people to be able to find that the source to speak to it if they want to hear more now so basically it's it's it's a plan and you know the original plan was to save america right to our plans save america a changed and original flag though the shape of the u s and a government entreprendront and like your evident i i can not lost my point sorry but i i was a that original book ah is he is the full plan an election cegres again it's the shape iniesta tes and it's got the results of the twenty twenty election i've got the grey stage of the ones the six taes the were hotly disputed and and so i know when you when you look at the ah that the plan to restore election integrity its it's a narrowed up piece of the entire plan and when i wrote the th our plan to save america it was i didn't intend to write an american first plan but that's exactly what it is so the sermon that i have mirrors the plan that i asked people to look at to try to see if they can see themselves agree not seventy per cent through civil discourse that's an american first plant and so everybody talks about being american first but you know thousand people'd have a thousand different definitions so what i've done is you know the plan that i wrote is an american first plan i don't i don't see anything else out there that's as bold his comprehensive and his transformational as what i've written and in saying that on humility i really i wish there were a hundred plans of similar magnitude and direction and it's all about magnitude and direction that we need to get it's like we're we're rowing toward a point on the horizon the fixed point that we've got to get to and it may take fifty years on solidopics but if we articulate those points are and we gather people up on the same page and we may not all be an agreement on a hundred per cent of the points we won't be what if your agreement enough i i just chose seventy per cent or a trail then we can poor in the same end of the rope and yet people moving as one and speaking as one you know god created a fit just turn in a school of fish they turn on a time it's like you don't know who the leader is which one it doesn't it's like an innate thing it's a god think and then it's a beautiful thing to watch in the ocean and the same with birds in the sky on the th there are you know hack doesn't fly that way a hawk is a lone wolf but you've got i don't i don't know starlings or sparrows or whatever whatever varieties of birds do this it's remarkable thing to see them turning on a dying and that's it that's a good thing and were intelligent people that can cooperate and work together and and if we just do now that the lot of factions lot of the lot of nor we divide into can't hurt cats so on the conservative and the spectrum we have the problem of trying to get people to co operate and then on the left is are i call the lockstep lies so we need to become lock step lovers lie that's why my a call action there you go that you know there's some you know i've horses and horses at the most a like human beings of any animal out there and what what i see is the difference in your in your illustration there is you got a hawk who is an animal of prey who eats who eats other animals and then you got animals like horses who are heard animals who like to function together in a group people and human beings by nature are heard animals and other there's a whole there's all i we could talk about that for a long time but people are happier when they're in a group of people who actually care about them where they can work together and there's a trust that developed over time and in it really mean when we think about how are our best self it's an it's not being out there being alone and just really really stonhewer we want it really is working as a family and that's that's a to to your point it's it's a beautiful thing when we can do that isn't in our communities a smaller space and family so do you still have that the petalon the thirty six pages rejoin me to pull it up for further here this is so would we could likeyour canogacole through that and then the dwell on page one five on like to start at ovipare enow five meetings one of the padrone means he handselled scored the top started the top and then we work a way to page on fire he hang anstice i got this kind of figured out so dam section a sow in beinaschi to your guys right right as we go forward what's put in and i back in the bottom here and then you can actually read it look at that this is beautiful to so few scroll up to the top of the pen of this is you got a pediatrist i may see if you go to the top i think that's the top right there isn't it oh miscelaneous called one pay what one portion of ohetity had the seletyn the ipopotiticon or i hold on a second one to get the thing up here sargassites real news spiral people at the kitchen to just going to have to get over it echeneteans but you do that i'll just tell speak to whitish thirty six page poof the hour planerestore election integrity camisole cover the back cover and it's got a few the front pages title page set in the introduction but it's got the first page of each chapter and page oral five is as the third page of chapter and include that because the pages the most critical thing in the entire pdf herselffor down the top and the back the front of the bark on the back of the book ah there's little blur of there here it i say dan is now on a mission to educate organize inspire and mobilized thirty million minute men to save our constitutional republic and then it's going to be it'll take a miracle it it'll there'll be a something that god has to turned viral but we we can do this if we get organized and you know each person has their own interests and their lot of a what of different things that are out there to pay attention to so i got a table of contents and then page of each chapter with the scathe introduction sri i provided that it's just a tree down little pets it has all this information and i pride the first page of each chapter to try to you know give people a sense of what on what a a saying in each chapter chapter two and the at the back of this thing there's election figuresare and in the twenty twenty freed himselve served so people can go that wethat we showed them earlier and just down to this thing and they could stroll through it and read it so chapter six is the clamoring so we the people the silent majority has to become the clamming majority and so when i wrote when i wrote this book lection tigre book i i had two chapters where i condensed so they bridged the the reader's digest version contes version of the full plan and two chapters i called the clamoring and the glaring part too that's really original so he that chapter six of the clamoring and so i provide the first three pages so the silent majority must become the glaring majority and go head and shot shell that quilt rate there few if you would that's an albert einstein quilt it's brilliant now because his name's albert i can't like that so they go so the strength of the constitution lies entirely in the determination of each citizen to defend only if every single citizen feels duty bound to do his share in this heat are the constitutional rights secure that's a brilliant statement by a brilliant man so in when i form at these books i have that the chapter title chapter number title and the subtitle and and the source the quilts a thing that i tried to do and in both of these so so that's just a brilliant cut down then i just a love his hashis words there so screw on the unless you want to come in on hoardings tone tis thrown the omniscreen so gone pantheon o five people in new othis on and so we want to go deep on election integrity ewe have time and i we can always you know come back later and do a deatagenten as again he lets tries are right please get loose and ah there you go he the whole pages of the last predentate i do said it's a learning experience from ye all the time when i'm on here you know something times it welltoday had somebody's fallen that literally froze up oh lord brock in the middle of her interview she had to go to ashanteeto have it on furisode going to take all sides of that's okay we just to the tethering part that the current of the thought that the chapter title by the way his page on five and what i decided to do donesowe met at that wonderful event on the twenty first whether that find that was thought there was great fun in and now just real people and it was it was really a fun time and and so what i figured out and i learned as i go too just like you said what i figured out just recently down is that i would not talking to some one i would usually like a put the book marteilhe this post card that's the reprint of the front and the back of the book of the out plainer store like one and at the bottom i've got to feel boat or i've got another more recent one that says joined freed himselves do come and then and then i've got a little blur at the bottom it says where is available what above the low water of the bottom is the cover of the book and i wanted to create one this size selected fit all of the vernage they put on the back of the book on to this card because the last time near the last book i did i created an a little take way i go to conference on give somebody this little car instead of him instead of the logging around a book so i had this little card i couldn't put all the vernage on the back as the forest so what i do as i had my pretio per me presses improvement yeah it's in provides all the information on the back of the book what it's also a pretty big car and i told people do you know like the event over day i told the you know anybody that took on his fallen out put in your purse to her pocket and in just what you want with the just go to the web site and if you don't if you if you do nothing else read you know page one of five so that's why i took market rate there and page onto five and so what i figure now is that i need to just stop and you are the telling told shock trop junior at space this year i gave the book i said if you don't do anything else reading page while five i went to ask people look i'll give you the book to start reading page went five year and stock whenever you think it's a waste of your you don't if people you know all these all these conferences and meetings the number one issue people have as election integrity and it's obvious their problems we can list we can have a i envision having a meeting an election tiger to me were in the morning we're talking about no thousand waies to commit election fraud you know that they are ah you know the sar my paul simon fifty ways to leave your lover i that there across are i and republicans do as well but there's there's all of this the variety of of ways that can commit election fraud in is just overwhelming so we need to eliminate ninety nine point nine nine per cent of opportunity for fraud and that's what i've laid out so i visioned having these meetings where you know we can talk about all all the was the pupil can commit election fraud while people were voting in the mock election to imagine the saturday meeting where in the morning people were voting and in all we'll get into the specifics and a moment they conduct we conduct the mock election while we're having meeting people filter through and cast their ballots and then we speeded up so that it simulates a typical precinct that has about twelve leven hundred twelve hundred volts cast and then at the end of the day we like in the afternoon so we have some lunch we make sure the balance are all protected so nobody's tempers with the floor had luncheon and all this is live stream that you know what it its real election you don't break for lunch at a precinct now we we can have fun doing this and then we come back after lunch we have this what we count sort in count the ballots and a couple of hours you could count fifteen hundred ballots and a couple of hours and its fifteen hundred three different ballots and then people's jaws were draw up their eyes be opened just how simple election integrity can be at the federal level side ah what will get into a we can jump into it now you want to that the page when fifteen elements yea his acts from i saw now if i had the presence of mind with tolstrup junior to just say would you just start reading points one through fifteen years just stop when you think it's waste your time you know how ill you know eveningabout taking our country back and it's not a waste of our time for on our country back we're going to cpetlle time into it maintenance on there's something out at chant that set does the little card had a c or quote on it just a thought i don't have a cue or cone on anything of this point but that's a good thought that's a great thought yet we can work on hat so it's not a waste for that is the point down it's not a astrotabe peep were too busy to take the time to to it will not i'm just ordinary guy tried to do something extraordinary that's the way i look at it if if anybody if mechanic at my to graze right one day a few years ago we're talking over the hoorican and he went into a little tired a little a little secwet where he he just as you went on a rat and it was a megospel and here's a an ordinary guy eh you know hard work can guy has his own business scars and he was inspiring me so i visioned meetings were ordinary people like that would take the mike and i speak as well eleonore beauty and all that is that everybody has a voice and we may have we may have been ignoring some of the most brilliant people in the world because they're not they're not like the typical politician long lizards that get up there and with microphone and their talking away like like you know a pandit needs to be just you and i and the people at her there just living our lives you know that need be tighten that goes every one should have a voice every one has a voice and sometimes it's not appropriate to i expect to take more than a minute if you have the microphone and that's but there they are always meanings are happening when you have fifty of the conservative les that ere bill has speakers at whatever now you look on line there all kinds conferences and you've got sort of that the same as characters it show up and you got fifty speakers and to i that they the just it so a faint from what start to finish its all chorograph or or ancestor scheduled so tightly there's no room to to talk to the people around you to to get ordinary people engaged so the way i look at it thought we've got fifty people at such a meeting that have five minutes each of ten minutes each on a panel of the four people for ten minutes you're talking about see pack and clay clerks events and antiphas it and if our in florida hasn't been october so that all these events that happen and you have all these conservative leads that come that that draw people and of course that's great but then you have oh all this crammed in and it's a waste of talent if we had five people at ten millions instead of fifty people at one meeting we could divide and have a no ten meetings going instead of one and and if you had i mean the way vision meetings would be to have like if i were organizing meeting in talking about election integrity i i could speak to every issue the whole day but i don't have the ability to do that so i i need help i kind vision having a tasha owens ah like we can use her music we had permission to use her songs on today's straight a live stems and in vision and when hopefully we'll be led to collaborate and i'll be able to use her music and meetings to like to organize and oh it's likely that she would come to some of those meetings but she is one techewell so we we kind of have to make the selection and tegot concept with a mock election ah i you know it's the fine the process and identified the ingredients that it takes to do this an it's it's stupid simple and its wicked sheep you know it's that's refreshing it could be done at the precinct level and he won't cost much and what's what's go through it point one is the couple federal elections from state and local elections by prohibiting other lections from being held when in sixty days and federal election day so by sequestering federal election a separately from others that we have three ballots white one for congress ah what we'll get into that later but the so as sequester in o de complections from state local number two use finger prints i gave us a thump he also gave us a face and this face and in when the photo idee you're providing some by metronom tion with your identification that they can say oh he that's you when you when you have a thumb print and they can also say yes that's you done go in and get your ballets if if you don't have hands you'll have toes or fingers you can't do that then there would be a process or handing a through a facial skin or some people say that your skin is more unique than finger print and and so you have these means by which we can identify ourselves but the thumb print is unique in that we can put the thumb print on the back of the ballot so alan and were already showing like our aidennic tion the thing that i really like about about that number two point when i read it was i i think this is an awesome way to tackle to problems at one time because we can roll the sin with the probe have with flooding his country with a legal aliens too because we're going to have to get a handle on this probably north to twenty five million illegal that have flooded our men and in in fading into are election process where were we are going to have to do some things that may be we we or uncomfortable with but this is part of taking this nation that we've got a wee have to get things sorted out for as the other part of part using thing or prints or other by metric means to confirm the legal status of all persons in the united st i think it's important and that that can help us clean up the immigration it leave latration on i think so three point three history hired votelegislation by congressional district and vowing priesting thirty days prior to the election so you have its requirement to you fix where you're going to be what you were you declare yourself to be a resident thirty days prior to election and in that list has to be a public no part for is to require the publication of that list of all eligible voters so that we had people convert the people that are unless it's all local so in your local precinct you know best i mean the people locally are are best equipped to that the list of supposedly eligible voters i think it's an ore because like at one of the promises we have in michigan is up by macanaccady there was somebody buying houses up there and registering up to thirty people per house and the only you know which is is going to go on that because they're not checking things like that to see you don who is it who is truly there but a neighbor is good be look at that and say say you know this is this is a a problem there is not there or there are its time to call somebody like ice and get him in there and say look clear so if his crawlie bit the point five and will cargo through these quickly on requiring persons voting on federal action day with no early voting and very limited absentee voting so we can talk about specifics about how we do this but this is this is double on eliminating early voting the toes chenecote problem with early voting male inviting erkins problem why no i don't i know hundreds stand why we can't prioritize is national it's a matter of national security to get off our behind and get down there on voting that so that we can in fact have honesthonest i see no reason not to make that a big issue so that we know on that day instead of three months down the line and were still having discussion about what about what happened assendith parry as they destroy evidence the longer here away from that day the more time they have to destroy evidence and manipulate the the data the and the full i mean that what's happening there destroys if we had a clerk admit it to me in michigan they were told to dust they were told to know that they were not keep or talk about on our election of information at the ashetons ip level well there all kinds of ejections that people have to allow of these points and we we can handle each other objections in a you know in due time like oh some one the other day was was saying that you know in calling for in person voting well i mean selinusian how you know the old the feeble they can't get out all those excuses the there then in theory and principle they sound they sound good but you don't i don't open up the the the gate to massive election fraud opportunities because you you want to try to make it as easy as possible for somebody to vote and so the a lot of people organ even conservatives are goin to have problem with in person voineet on days so willenhalch point we had people in michigan and the nurse homes that were making out balance for people and renaissance balance you gentle work in the nurses that were making out bolts for people in turning the men that the person ever even saw the valet why an that's fraud and you know you could have an election precinct at a nursing home you know you can set it up so that a iacobe a thing but if you do it under these kind of guide lines then you'll have transparency you have you'll assure that the person is voting is competent and all that so we we can what will discuss like i'd be happy to like to give a counter argument any argument anybody would give about any aspect of this thing it was down to how much you know you want to do this sounds good but how much is it worth going after that and in terms of the cost of the reduction in the integrity of the election that's where the robber meets the road agreed agreed i think it's a great idea because what we've got right now it's just not working we have to make them sir number six asidepoor cast their ballots and person an authorized polly location that then for the absent boats by secure career to the appropriate congressional s and we talked a little bit about this the other day and you know we limit astotin and then if somebody is authorized absentee they have their ballots a white piece of paper for congressional rage and the blue for president pink for for senate and then they take their ballots then in all the low with them to any a pain location that authorized you know that's a vowed a precinct that's voting wherever they are so they they can just show up with that and when they go in well we'll get to where we we make those ballots that they have official ballots by putting their thumpington the back so we eliminate the excuses this isn't like norskes selection integrity so i so yet we we we eliminate early voting we have seen devoting we have absinthites when when they are granted the the liberty to have an astalot like military personnel ah those ballots were cast authorized pole location and then the number seven voter identity eligibility is confirmed for each motor as the poet location by pride and antiope or by other limits you show up and you have on you know you check in and let me just he take you through the the gauntlet here rock where in the middle of these points here in just to give you your audience of an idea of how this reworking a present in an mackleton that we have a meeting that we can both on any meaning we would demonstrate this through raines live monkolekton where you have stanchions on either side not the poles with they are straps the start at one end and this little sign that says a vote here let's say and you answer there and you check in and and you have as many checking stations as is appropriate for the precinct that your voting in and precincts need be living inside put you start and you you you thump prince can and your your picture pops up on the screen the the person says yet that's you down go on step to the next station where you would get your balance and they would give you three pieces of e that way makes it easier to sort and count at the end of the day so you put your thumpin on each on the back of each of those pieces of paper and then you go into avoiding both and you cast your balance you fall those ballots and you drop them into a transparent ballotbox or maybe there's one each not to make it easier the sorting easier at the end of the day and then you exit and when your encoding yol get one little stickers says i voted you just say like the iraqis were all proud of their purple fogs when they voted so you exit i voted you know that's your your devoted stickers on your thought that's it you walk out in the ballots are sitting there and it's all transparent it's all live street and it's set each precinct and it's plain paper and and when when you put your thumb print on the back that's what makes it a valid ballot all the all the extra ballets flinground are nothing until they get tom printed and it goes in its on the back and the last the process imagine the process is its and then will i talk about counting the counting process is simple as we but point the voters cast one paper ballot free trade and a federal election so we clean up federal ection that's the most critics and wait you know the theogonies in strict violation of article four section for the constituted there not protecting the statesmen vision and they're not guarantee a republican form of governt so states nato take a the thorough government take it all in spring court and make this a an issue that we that it's a constitutional crisis that were in so the fool government is not doing they should do prodigal for section so where are we point nine oh i'm trying to i'm trying to screw on you on you screamed one take so point nine voters put the thumping on the back of the bolt before they entered the one point ten the population of each election precinct is lined to five thousand people and it keeps it local it keeps it easy to conduct on the day of we can have the results from each precinct locked down within a couple of hours of when the polls closed and and and you know what what they're doing like maricopa county i believe they had these voting centres so they have these voting centers where they have thousands and tens of thousands of voters may be hundreds of thousands of others and it takes four hours to devote and he that's nonsense that's that's part of the the strategy to create no gods of author confusion democrats are the cases they create and again republicans are are often guilty of election fraud as well we can talk about examples that i think that democrats do it on steroids oh so point eleven a balthasor ted count in reported at each election precinct of the night on election night after the polls close and those get rolled up and we would know and the thing is done we would know that appreciateor there there their vote and part of that is we have ten or twenty absentee ballots on a weekend even see the names of those people that had absently balance that's the universe of asine ballets that we have and we don't know if they voted and were waiting for the ballast to come in if they did vote let hears the list election night we'd know that for every congressional district around the country you mericourti kept finding ballads that final the twenty thousand bolts hot hides that happened that kind o thing should never happen so that's part of reporting his with no how many abstemios are out there and then that no point twelve elections of each precinct were conducted with full transparency with live stream video and the opportunity for the public to observe the voting and the county process from the perimeter of the voting are so he had this no in a morulation would have the stanchions and people to be standing right outside the convito we you know we would be demonstrating how this would work and then by law would would have to imposed the wide streaming of this thing at each precinct for that we have an air tight election and as some precinct if there shenanigans so many disrupts somebody throws a match into the ballotbox somebody imagined anything that people could come up with to destruct an election at that present that then is an invalid election of that precinct and then the precinct would have the vote again you know they'd have to do that so in we isolate that there's no opportunity for mass massive fraud with his cut of this centre approached what was the central is inches what's important his whole entire country is decentralization of all the secret yes his man why then there people to dedicate for ah balladising block chain technology and you know that's safe as the electronic systems that are built to do it and no i don't trust that we don't we don't have to do if it's like tronic it can be hacked it's digitaletin when the only thing electronic the in this proposal of making you know i've basically prescribed what election integrity could look like you have an electronic system that maintains are you used to be it was the bureau of vital see the track of our bustification and so if we have this very limited federal date to base of our identity of the identity of every person is in this country to either natural born citizen or naturalized a war you're you're a a or not non citizen that is here legally with permission or not so you have those four categories of a were identified people and that no i use of a thumb print to get into my phone we use facial scans to get into computers you know we have all that already happening and who knows what those tech companies do with that information and will get into what we can do about that another time oh there's no excuse for not having a a very limited day to base that for the purpose of identifying your legal status you're you're you're citizenship and residence in voting jurisdiction and also your status where you know you're here for federal tax purposes you're residing here and for state tax purposes that we are and there's an interest that the government has in picking or pockets so you know that that would be the limited use of this date a base and and the fact that it could be abused is not a reason to not do it well we've got to have a consequences for people who violate the public trust so you know i've i've got a little bit of a problem with all the surveillance to have got a lot of prop with all the surrington on and eshontes technology like china is and establishing like social credit scores in the thetother think there's a real concern now perhaps even for a limited time and till we get this nation righted that this is not of necessarily bad way to go but there certainly has to be some very very stiff penalties which we haven't seen it you know if we if we clean all the bad guys out and we in the punishment stick for actually violating the public trust for an unjust enrichment for money laundry for election fought for all of these things that we see eventually you make the punishment so so that of and scary that people just decide that their not going to do it any more or we catch enough of em and we removed them from the ability to ever do that again and and i think i think that that's going to have to be addressed in an avery very ah unwavering way and in it it is a concern cause i'm i'm not am i not we who have to be aware of the fact that they're doing facial cancer dewing all kinds of scans no matter where you are in it you cannot get away from it not only are they wish me your balls the computer the camera i've got on the computer right now i can guarantee this sum being is always looking through those computers that's what we that's we we know that they've been doing that sense at least two thousand and two and then the amount of spying has gone on through the patriot acted all that stuff that was a cage i guess my opinion right now is that one of the reasons why i used to really be a extrordinary careful on you know protecting that private not everything until i came to the real realization that this is like trying to hold hold santonio and holes in it it is not possible and the bad guys you know this is a great example of how god really works satan and bad guys will create weapons of evil against and god will use every single one of those weapons or those negatives in instances and he will turn it round into something beautiful there's no reason to waste the the evil that's been created and i don't mean that we're jumping on the evil but but i also know that oh god can take something that was meant for absolute evil and bad and turn anything around to something that could be very good in its intention so we've got it we've got to be very careful with that statement though every one of you thinks that the means do not ever justify the ants and anything that we go into even though it seems like a good thing or the means of the means are or pouted the thing is pleated all the way through but i kind o o k with the thumb print thing just because it also eels with the todteliegende and keeping an hour alec but it's a scary thing i mean i'm going to tell you what i think every every single american out there is like great eh you know more or ah more surveillance on what we're doing it there already watching everything anyway so it's kind of a move pointed to this point why what what otopos is we have something that spare limited for specific use and it would eliminate the opportunity for people devoted more than one jurisdiction and and that that's what i'm proposing at also i also propose an an agree with which you said earlier oh we need a slap down big tack we need a slap down big government because big government is inclusion with big tech to gather up all this information that their part of the problem is part of the cabal it is all we have to that that's a separate issue what what we're talking about here is taken a very small piece and dedicating that to election integrity as well as a identifying the legal status of every person so that more more that slapping down big tech later but if you want to scrool up to to see thirteen through fifteen wetenschappen on this too as that i trunkenen need to be treated like like or like a currency so in somebody commits fraud on ballots it has the same penalty as sake counterfeiting at nobecause that's a very very serious of and that's one way to cotterie it so that when we do do a slap down for somebody who has absolutely o how do i say that raided them the america we the people there has to be their has to be consequences that are unrecoverable well and with the scroll out of that covered and point fifteen here oh where have you noticesso what's up where did we stop screw chhorten or fifteen he cons the ballots are like currency is more valuable in currency to because you what's happened on as they've hijacked our country where the mist of a mark ossco right that we are the wistmores and they've taken over and now they want to institutionalize all the fraudulent the optimes they have for that will never recover and so not only are they are the ballots are like currency but the balance control everything else we have because of fraudulent elections we have a government that is bearing demons we have congress has just passed ridiculous a akcheh the third war house has the senate i'm sure will fall through conall the stuff is happening and it is because those that currency of the ballads that their so much counterfeit that's been happening right in front of us people know it like that song that he the tops should sans trop wanting to know it i mean how like people some people are truly ignorant they just don't know and then some people are part of the problem they the perpetrators of the fraud some people are happy or the results so they look the other way they they don't mind it they would be a poppet if it was the other if it was going in the other direction and then there are people that are truly ignorant of what the real problems are so like give those people pass we need educate those people the rest of the folks are part of the problem they need to be repudiated and on point thirteen we require the publication of list of all actual voters by congressional district and voting precinct would in three days and federal elections i i've heard that there's that it's possible that some jurisdictions added voters after the first november oleanders or they had votes on the voter and then before the end and of timber they the late voters the save voters from the voters live voters were there during the month but they were reported before it beginning of the end so thet that's possible and not say that happen i've heard that it's been a legend has happened but i being oitavas we know it happened in michigan they were busting people in and registering some same day at the college campus we we have we have we have we know that they're doing the same day registration and they were bossing them men so if we required publication of the list of actual voters we can also scrutinize that lips we the people can scrutinize that list we need to do that and point fourteen is requiring the storage of ballets by precinct for year federal law calls for twenty two months old for what whatever appropriate time would make sense when the balance are counted the precinct and this is by federal try by congressional so the entire congressional district has the same three ballots there's no deviation congress the congressman's elected every two years and the sand estate wide so every congressional district exactly the same ballot and i you you store all the ballots from all the presents down you can take a precinct and store the ballads and one or two a banker's you know the house stores boxes i got one sitting my feet i could lift up and show you that here's a banker's bocstottak a case of paper of five thousand his and if you have fifteen hundred white and fifteen hundred blue and fifteen hundred pink bowets that's forty five hundred pieces of paper and in those how up those boxes of paper with ten reams that that's five thousand so it doesn't take a lot of storage for each precinct or each each congressional district has an average of two hundred pres it takes two boxes its four hundred boxes which had fit in a room her twenty by twenty easily so we store the ballots for a year and if there's an odd it it's easy to add it and then point fifteen is your your request for severe criminal penalty for any intentional matching of the identity of the voter thing print on the back of a bolt with the vocas on the and break there countability the go i i love and i think i think the plan is i've got a few i've got a few questions of course but but i really really loved the thought openedthat and i love you you know i love the points that you brought up and how to deal with us i think it ettinghall well thought out and it seems akeetolik assessment on everything to try to make an allowance or have a plan and the man with planningness on the highest of the host is issues of risk and the kind of the neat thing about that is you know like you he tarkoittaakin information or opinions on things and talk about it and just continues his continual process improvement so what i what i on pasco you and and others to do is to support the idea of having a mock election any every meeting that's happening he has a sufficient number of people to really make it meaningful it could be to church it being university it could be some of these meetings of a happening all the time around the country and if we have this this monkolekton could be just set up where you've got its limit exact you know an advent like god i went to last month knocked not the one we went to the war worryment but another event had three or four thousand pes and they didn't have room for a monkolekton because they squeezed people in and squeezes venders as hard move round and that to me speaks to the the motivation to maximize prophet right thinks tolerates tatesman of that where we taking a series people who can handle an election and a very professional manner and this is should not be a circus road show with a you know any more we need to get rid of that mentality quite at any meeting somebody hongs one person so i can be happy to do this anywhere the she i don't have me in his my own that i can just both this on to so i do plan to have such meeting and i shortly need help poling that off that the meanings are already happening like i said it he could be a church service it could be a hit could be a liberal workingover it that has a mackleton to demonstrate election integrity how simple his plan is they their ballot the white piece of paper could be what with gender you or how many genders are there they can have fun you they can have whatever they there there interested in what those heads were exploded they were to have a mock election like this at berkeley or some as universities and just now chicorgo these meanings nor all the place has got chapters londiniensis and he could take this on unitit and say look here can have monkolekton and you know you can have fun with something like you know like the like clue you know s reply this scarlet this is why you know who done it and then you got the rooms of the house the the gazebo or the conservatori on the living room whatever and he had the weapons and i for gun etc you can have fun with these mock elections where you have a white piece of paper as this and a blue is that and pink is the other and you can in oh some son menester happen in the next year could have a true paper straw pokin of election where everybody that wants to vote at a anatropal it will trumpet behind it slanted but see pack or enhancements like and of the one to have a mock election he had real issues like was resident in in elected or selected that would be one question of what i asked and of course everybody is in the sayslet's likes and now but i can use seriously or could be used for fun what what happens to man is when when the elections over and during a meeting that like to have where we're talking about election integrity on the side in the morning were talking about no fifty ways to leave you lovers i'll slip out the back jack make my plans to and you know that song and then we could talk about all the different ways that all problems we have with the current election system in the morning and we can talk about how we can lick and edward demonstrating the election the tocollection while this is happening we have lunch we come about afterwards and we would know those results we how long does it take if if you eat the voting booth and you have three pieces of paper different colors and you put all three in one and one transparent box you first yet the shortly color if you egerthe voting both and you put the white and a white box and the blue and blue box and redthe red box the historians already done and when when that elections over us take the boots out we relished tables or you have a section that's after you dropped the box the bolts and a box where you could you just lay out the you've counting tables and you don't in relection we the people could be more engaged in running the election and you can have ah volunteers doing things and it's all transparent you are a mark election i would i'd say okay who wants to help cow you know who wants to store to and get attestation to your teachers skills on how to get people in volontay to so that's good so they can move for a more collection to actually going to riddleton fersitan build build the amount of people out there who who would be not only already run through the process and train but engaging more people to truly get involved at like that so in simply a matter of of of having and the thing is done it like what when i equipment you need the run an election like this need the stancheons venus half stanchions if you're in a church you don't need the barrier because people are polite we just stay away from the edge or you can put a piece of tape on the floor so that the perimeter is established you got tables chairs you've got voting booths you could borrow from the local voting election office or they sell these on the line and you could buy a pump a pump pipe table with a a trifle piece of plastic organ plastic that says vote here whatever that's your body booth for a molleton you've just pretend there's a body boot there and now don't have to put your solferino you could use a self inking stamp that simulates a thumb print and you've got binder clips you know alonethis enough pieces that now has no you've got a denomination of a hundred ballads would be by eclipse and be marked for for one person and then the twenty twenty like hundred twenties and i fives and ones you currency you have clips of a hundred you've got clips of twenty five you got a paper clip for for five and reredos have singles and then you just it's easy to call and she need that equipment and i of course you need printed ballots to run a mackleton and they need the plastic boxes so it's like for let it finds no i see patriots or son's liberty are founding fathers having little cat that is needed to run his muccleston and have followed and i think it sounds like a lot of man have a picnic namenothing have then afterwards going eat something and sit eroun in talking to me like normal people what i then with a real election if it was done this way could be national holiday and myself he can be celebration of our elections with integrity it could be a lot of fun it could be its participatory its local and nothing can be better than just restoring election integrity you know we had a sistem years ago where i started out with paper ballots and all that and then the various ways for for committing fraud crept in and then in twenty twentieth went on steroids we just need to fix oh it's pretty maze but i like your plan at any rate so i'm in no i'm in pulled off the peridon a minute and go back to thing out of your second go back to your website here a minute and let everybody know how to find you i think for it when on a regular basis everybody just then at this discussion about the election integrity and how to restore how to restore some honesty and trust in our elections because seregno we don't have renown its really release sad and so there you go there saound fine an emselves doth and ah i think there's a lot to talk about here and here and in the future you know what i think you know i was going to let em give care in the day off your romaniarororom minute well see she's out there i care no more he there yes i am i was just he he just started to speak sells been led go or oh i was just going to say by the way like election integrity is the seven olesomer time it is like the most critical issue of the moment i've written a gordon not counting solutions to all kinds of problems so we can have fun with those to that's cool ye have any thoughts and now you erect there listening adonques tions or or thoughts for dan ah i wanted to to tell him a about there's a mart looseing junior speech called the drum major i think it's called the drum major speed if you look that up you can find it you could listen to it i think you can see it scripped it's a fall about how everybody wants to be first and he talks about how we should be the first and humility in the first and service instead of being the first i think a lot of whywe have a problem with election integrity it's because people want to win an election and i've been trying to figure out what other verb we could use cause you don't win an election that's the wrong perspective we've had the wrong perspective every time when some one when some one successfully gets voted by the people into an office where they do drop balloons from the ceiling and have a big party because they say they want something they did earn it they were asked by the people so its warlike we could say ah they were assigned and office through the election you know i don't know there's these to be another verb well do danseuses and that's the front it's not about personal gave at all it's a row being tasted with a duty and a service to the people this is the rogressives that we've had at it as a people and if we see it as a service and a halter and a do you and and a procoelous root corruption and eliminate election fraud from another perspective why do we try so hard to get certain people in office it's because the motivation is wrong the tent is and i longed in you were i long to you pointed out a cause i come ben hearing this a few times about de santos for example because he seems to not want to talk about election integrate this was the criticism i had about the other candidates for governor as well they did not want to talk about election integrity at all and i agree it's like you should not hold it office if you do not support a lection integrity because it is one of the premier the most important aspects of government and i say that meaning meeting true government could i often put in quotations because what we have as a corporation right now it's a de facto corporation so taking that into consideration if you don't support election to taggarty old prettily as donna has what are you doing here your parlor prowlin youexactly you who part of his rattle for her part of the solution and if you're not staying for integrity and demanding it with everything you have and there's something wrong with you as an american and she andreas that we should be monococcus or election integrity an honecourt him to do that himself sosopolis es the heresomeone we don't have election in tacit we don't have a republic and we all the other issues spring forth from the failure to have elections with integrity we have a federal government it is bloated that his onenot that's sure power from the states there's so many we need to eliminate seventy per cent of federal budget ninety per cent of non defense spending go away if we just get back to the constitute if we have elections re integrity we have a chance to restore our lost republic otherwise we are the longer governed by the consider of the governor will devolve into baneneli will have all kinds of problems we just have to get this and lutely i agree with that one hundred per cent well i tell you what guys of coming upon a love and right now i think this might be a really good time to do and elsehave dan come back on again i i'd like you have you the somebody who this my my own selfishness but you're a very knowledgeable person and i love to have you come back on a regular base to silhet with a really talk these issues through an ilisso what you what you're doing i think it's awesome so up i tentaciontan cause i i love stuff like that in and asked how how we can help you and you'll you'll have some help coming from this direction charles graves anyhow what we see a prayer here mete would you like to prayer now at me to pray you shalland with a prayer i can prove i can't father we we just come before you and ask you to just give us ah steenie spirit of of a dedication to on your word and and the of the hope of america that the shingled on the hill that then the established by christians that he who would seek on you and we revere so far off course we pretense as to claim by faith's sencial seven fourteen that would apply to united states that we adister ask you to you our land we just pray that it is to a direction on what we should do you give us everything we needed data do you well farlie with prison help us to secundo it in to know the path we should take and bridge or order or steps and think of for dawnfar the riveter french lost all all the patriots that are just just seeking for path to to restore a great nation into become a ah a beacon of lightly i believe that her founders intended she passes in staying thinking for all things just named in preventing you somewhat so well some last words carinata few last words ah i'd like to teach dan our word selection it made him election it's a sham election or a selected election that's where the word comes from what i do mean is video entitled the twenty twenty election for that so i see the twenty twenty election so you're right absolutely how it was and i think it was funny too i really wanted to come early on were you said something about moses's first forty years i talk about that all the time because he he had a trading and egypt and a training as a shepherd and then god passed him with his actual plan and moses like i don't know how to do this and god like two i just gave the eighty years of trading for the seeming if you can shoemaker your pretty much can handle the government activities cause that's what i hopes not of it is that's your tracing there esplendoroso time with you ladies to think of your coming and and thank you everybody out there remember that we now going to free himself that come and let's let's give behind do on here and give him some help then and and sure this video with you're not work so that we can get information in front of people that would be really helpful there's their searching orders for to day you know if we can not stand together as patriots we can help each other out i really think that we've got something here that could really work very well for this nation and i do think we should start the discussions and really really get involved with this and put out our time where are intentions are so that it's not we judges sit torontal in about it were actually working towards that in order to change singhai's going to be it's going to take some work and that's okay it's going to be fine and i kind o approached it isn't adventure you know it's all it's all in satiating his whether it's fun or not you know i enjoy clean stalls that's a nobody wants to job now be complains in his it's a great safe space to st denotes shoveling the new ores as potwright and so it's a mine that we can make anything fun and approaches asatiden ture and goes thrones process and provements and tell every one's herd and that we we really a we really do care and when we do work together like that we also restore this is a huge deal is and you only restore trust or sametrust ed people if you are always the same your consistent you tell the truth you have integrity and that starts with each and every one of us and it's a moment by moment decision we make and you don't we can turn to god he can lead us he can show us exactly where we're an error and he just kind of a just as a little bit usedso this way a little bit unleashes is what we need to learn because he has the perfector of our faith he knows the end came we don't worse still were still growing worse still growing and learning the hell already knows what the cabinet trees can look like the poet so we can rely we can really trips and god because he will make a way he'll walk beside us each in everyway so we don't have to worry about anything and we can have the confidence of living with no fear because god's in control at every point time he knows you he loves you he cares for you and he only wants a best for you cities good all the so we were there so we hurt hands god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless the erica is going to be a great day make it so correspon sibility it's a choice make good choices through the right thing and help everybody around you that god puts on your heart is that's what we do as per have a wonderful day i love it here on live down this was great having you oh and ah we're going to just keep his ball roll thank you so much