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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 7/7/2023 - Breaking News - Blowing the Lid off Politics

Published July 7, 2023, 9:02 a.m.

Breaking News - with Chuck Ritchard! The Michigan Republican Party is imploding. Go to my telegram channel @Brandenburg4Mi for further postings and documentation of the problem. Chuck Ritchard and I are Blowing the Lid off Michigan Politics. The amount of conflict of interest and connections between people engaged in politics is astounding. Truth and encouragement for the world we live in! Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am in fact donna brandenburg sitting here to day just punching in our direction trying find out with bad guys are and who had good guys are ethics becoming very very clear a moment a welcome checkers are his over your own phoney i do a shock i'm doing well in my opinion life in no where were you guys are at a is great and your have a great time indication right the kind o sort i don't think i ever take any hanson but any great now i just one rounded work in different places that's what i do i work i if i met shaliman or throwing hay or something like that the work so at any rate out her work in like crazy then you brandenstein el right now because i called cock on that poisonous your chaps are your chattingthe to it occasionally but it makes little difficult but i wanted to put something on to day than i thought was going to be wonderfulthat ah a good start to the day so i'm going to start we all need a little bit of patriotism and some happiness happy happy joy joy as we in fact run down this goat rodeo of political scene we have to when on all there which all of us can agree is a bunch of so at any there all connected news flash there all connected in some one sitting in the seat got to ask who are they who is paying em where's the onecoming from and what are they trying to achieve some before we ate we're going to have a happy piece of moment and a so enjoy well this is interesting this is amazing it just disconnected me totally so working to start over again because if that wasn't good enough the first time for we're going to play it again god bless what you say with that the military guise yet at least of the guys of sand by a rushmore and they just disconnected this the centriscid because every time we get over the target some one is going to try to interfacial so that's okay we're just going to do it again to make sure that they know god blessed every will do it again if they just connect out hears nothing in stopped with coming is if so how all things were going on a long tolstoy isidore in with as much honored in madongamook so toerinterfere the fires still stands for reed olland the cacao americanisation forget the man of gay then ritothomas got when the fan her another odontacanthus from essedones who crossed the plains the shin she told you stand and now your heworthes tried and agreein hard as time we stand in the americans on loan to wood forget the man who the aegates gie to me to be nesting when the andersonthere contests he had to forget the man die and rise to be a penestan the inherent the otis ah some one a great way to start the show he fire work nitidiventris to him you guys keep you as keep fightin an dese were as good to the content because you know what this is what you're not used to is actual patriots in activation and activation that's the rearing so i am how are you this morning and how is your week end your talking to me i had outstanding weekend osorapi lettington it'shot thirty thousand strong and told it was unbelievable there's one in thousand people in something in the petty but i with his down trump down joy gash was it would it it tis his unreal noise ellet's go printedthe were four people they gave of sodown in to get the fingers but to those that came to fingers i pointed to my pot and it blew kisses did the kisses on and a lady of later said you really were to i go oh ye was thrown his hedges with the polpito the hands and it just shows you that people really want truth people one change they don't we like what's going on and they don't like what the democrats stand for i don't like he don't like algy he is just he don't throw it down or down on throat coksatisfie you know and grew weaker the re at the reality is is that a we have so much to be thankful for and this contraries were fighting for and when you come elsewheremany you know and women that are out their served i mean it's it's just like china we have no issues with the chinese people we have no assure with french feel we got big issue with the caballing on the top which is an organized crime syndicate and gawayne we've been talking about islianoy this morning one of the chance that was like oh my gosh brandenburg was actually right you know who who would have thought that the one that they attacked and hand remove and twenty have their on the ballot and an end up taking me out a in order to try to to try to get to me then work while formed in it and so em at any rate so i'll say and shockers was right is that not amaze check over the target all the time twenty four seven is some itsame so here we are content away and in order because we we we got around to look at anger and that we actually do little bit more critical thinking i think what we see now or because the failuresso systems people dost hold think a more they just go and do it and think nobody sees what we're in a new air unters of communication and so information is more readily available and so were sartenese the sees and the slime bind the safe so i've got i've got a post and i thought was fairly significant because i'm not afraid like had the godless cowards in popolites who were trying to tell you not to look at things we look at everything and we will either find out it's true or it's fall falls or if its leading us ask questions so onscreen right now i've got a coplestone three eight and it's a pitcher of donald up and it says the president doluerit president of the united states not back on now no going to and good to stay at least three times that every shot says my her sweet dream which i think is great and did you know that to day is seven seven twenty twenty three add up twenty twenty three and that's also another seven so we're on the seven seven siven and ah in things and i find that to be kind fascinating because i do believe that there's a lot of time stands out the thetre telling what needs to go on any on this post was from july eighth twenty nineteen and seems to me to be significant so i decided put it up here before we want into the decimation and destruction of the republican party in the state of michigan which it this night time there are much a lion bastards on both sides there all working the ami deepe is just a tentacle of the previous one the gien the the grand new party is another tentacle and there are both part of the same beast that's also got a tentacle of the democrat part there all working together and when you start working down and see what's happening you can actually see how they are using each other to bounce back and fore themselves in power this is what this is all about keep them and power so that we have no power underreport an with that odorico agriotera initiative with the lansing on cornel spectral and set in opegraphas the chairman of the mission paper commerce with three four years he in and a pair predit that he matresthe way to control his guns to control the grass roots peoples of coperated otahitian what do we see how exactly that sootable to like the manichean others do it exactly that the grand no party no grand new grand no party we got to call it as we see it grand now party thereunto news anyhow i do he one of the then then you got hierof who decided that he was say two days before prayer rally and jumped on the stage and people believed this nonsuch in the thetheyou know i'm a christian happen last friday on the show i'm a christian this is what christians do gaslight in telling us how to eat don't fight late on put up with us pardon them all this one that was here quitonian costerton day one before he was even elected cackalation who cerinthe called thee when the after me you hetelike goes on as the greatest things this lace spread i do oh no he's got his greatest fake he's just like john rochois disguises and john smith there all that same cabalsta about fellowseemed liability corporation that's noticeits liars losers and criminals like that i thereloser and crippled because that's what they are and they want to say and no party or in new party ondaras we say no to him i came before i move on i'm in nostro my telegram channel there would you have to go on to wayanoak through this there are all some articles that i posted there so this is where my documentation for the questions that i'm asking i'm not accusing anyone there'll behaviour will accuse himself and so all we have to do here put the trunk out there or the fast you know no more opinions if you got something to say back it up or shut to help and so that because it discredits every one so but in any re iwanaga through my telegram channel little but a otabeitans to the fore front yourself as we say to the right for president of the united states president donald j trop who is i my screen right now i'm going to move on to another shocking thing that came out yester now i don't know i am going to hop this a little bit but this came three yesterday cause i thought this was fairly ne jos schreiber oh i think we need to question some of the connections there epitomy property and there you go that's you know your long time ago he was putting there by my clavet so we need we to go back to who who is it that recruited all of these people and what are looks high so yesterday he wiped all of his social media accounts i thought that was very interesting why when a person white alder media accounts were their connection children on those media county that was brought to my attention that perhaps there were some concerning photos on their i don't know i didn't see them good ask lot o questions cause really i'm just poor stupid farmer who likes to shovel manure i do what could i know what can i congratulated oreodontidae ratold the door why why could i how could i possibly know what's going originalso it inhere there there's a question and in the great thing is as the internet way back echineis a she is if its digital you can find anything so garvey sure were old find out what's going on you so i put loftimore pitchers up there of of a miser shriver who like you statesconsent to in you i you said it you say that he's connected to my calamity at let me tell you why because when they called me a long time ago cold called me and they were pitching oh about christina because they had been known to a notewas they talked about jo shiver running in that district i remember all that stuff he may not i gied locked it in my book i'm goin to see every single person that makes it in office except one that keeps me out of leprosi want tell you that one is whether the fact of it oh but the reality is as every single person goes through a rotting process to see if they will fit in with a political machine and if they pass the task they move to the next level because this is what cults same thing at the masons it's the absolutely sane process you do not progress unless you will protect their secrets or they can blackmail you or threaten you you know and that that's the ama here so that here's another one i wore his comento go down a little trail before we get into the the meat of what's going to happen that because i'm settin the stage here or some shocking things and i i hope that all yaller passed on the side of your body's right now that you know as you will hear this nowhere else other than brandeburgensi as i'm the one that they keep threatening and old brandenburg i was somebody said something like it on the whist to be suicided last friday and which is interesting magadayao go home began earlier i don't care i'll hear o be here to fight as long as i am but but at any rate nobody can kill me only god pen my life so so you got we have a wonderful picture there il prosethe crome and molenneck i am notice if you if you scritto it's charwoman and cochrane so what is this mean in the grand scheme of things i wonder i have some one and a the phone calls and the text last night were ethically panicked and i mean atocpan going at so a coacher is a person out yettocome and right now ah ah in an second ah tis so anyhow ma'am i've got a we've got a horse that's having a proper remember reducegars reskuse have too take care of thoughts those things on the lambs that falling holes will i not here been a bad case anyhow oh sore see chairmen and co chairman so i posisoning a few days ago that showed a it was a statement that his men out there that christenin fact took on oh the the bank accounts which melinda had in fact set up so i posted it that unlike ah if teletapes equal to cramaho to cromita her off an accounts of financial for the amidogen it and my my my point was to melina was go after this moidore will start seriously questioning you and your contact so this is not going to stop if there's a problem and somebody is just trying to sow so all of us so that will shut up and say you know this is what they drew in the legislature were going to write a bill but you realize they're sore dewiness over over drinks in a somewhere or at the capital and they're like you write this bill and i'll be to to it they're all working together so here we go were given a londonifif this if she was taken off the bank account then she bade her start fighting for it an actin like a cocher not a vice chair whom his ishtot women are equal so hinder the act or their both in it together as my point so with that with that side the other thing is as with all of the accusations and the reports of miss management of financial from the six hundred forty thousand dollars in dotting that we heard and that was sad at the convention or that the committee which i was asked to leave because god forbid should brand a burg be there because we might have some transparency that would be a problem right so anyhow oh from that the six hundred forty thousand dollars that were asking questions anne also payments made two others that are looking like there's a conflict of interests there and how much was made and was it was that with a cocher this was to spike the salary my question is as was the salary split or did it all go to christina and leave menaoient the outer reaches of the world but i questioned on lots of those i have questioned about a melinda's em a lot of questions about melinda's background too because she seems to be and i don't i don't know this hitori know i'm just a farmer right she seems to have a lot of connection to the jobsand two yaboos up in his so but what do i know and then he got to open those curio and that all my isn't that a coincidence and then we've got to make a jump for melinda to sack laying and asked some questions there which is that told me in his own words in a meeting that he would never interfere with the world burning down because that's against god we want to let god just burn the world down and we're not going to help unlike well that's not that's not the god that that you know that i worship clearly because i would step in the way of threat to try right things and ask god to help us through a bad situation instead of saying you know ah the whole world needs to burn to the ground so anyhow but i digress so let's let's go on to my next post was well looks like this deed thing is a thing here devecti administer this week she was firing daily bore a lot last week fire i called the doll tore weeks ago that old director danny's fired and where is danny and why do we have james colpus sitting in there who has lawsuits for financial fraud it appears i don't know what i know i'm josefor aright and so they who appears to have some law sins on there for financial franna's gone don bite's gone matt johnson's gone for bringing a questions financial questions and not a one of them is as its throwing this information for people the betsies what do i know in s so hang out an i know adoniram berg so we've got de don meete d b dining barlowand d e donebringing ye've got a dv of version right now that's ole but i digress so we're going to go to the next post i'm going to i'm going to go to ah i am a take the screen down for just a minute because i want to bring this up on the internet set all yo i see exactly what i'm talking about here because i find this to be kind of kind of a significant just me maybe it's not significant but i find it to be a little significant here all these connections and a lot of em are in the news i don't believe the news for most for the most part i'll give you that but it does give us an interesting trail to go down and start checked so get to go to the landing city post sright now and let's just check the out for quick minute dose quick mint do you are you familiar with this article cho no i don't i have not seen it okay so we've got city pa de depperty apparatus to sin a grating and to dysfunction under erratic korano amerigo back to why is it that that oh that a present trump called her karananan there's a lot of things out there i i don't know what we need to check him all but i think so i should ask the quians were the questions it did she in fact blow off a couple of meetings with president trump on a trip down to malaga i have a question catologo that there wasn't true too i haven't verified yet i haven't talked to present trump i i don't know i don't have that line in but in whether true or not i mean i have just a lot of questions if it's not true we need to know in order to absolutely say this is not true and christina is in then we start looking at the people that said that she did blow it off and find out what's the deal there so now they're under suspicion for whatever day is the machine republican party is can strophically collapsed and harder and faster than even a scatinian were talking about the state michigan republican party here in the entity that abandoned its own downtown lansing building and rented the space of washington okay and is now our peelbox at a walker ps stork i found that cronicas why walker what's going on in walker and who is there to have a peel box there because christina is not from this area the state so who's picking up mail who is on the side of the feeling seems in convenient to every one because you know you've got everybody else in everywhere else but walker so who's pick in the mail up and walker so winterthe gonetheir itoyou have some one there so that you're right to ask that question the extent customehouse that's what you need to know that tells you that other connector is who is the connections of walker and where is that seems the little colt while you know what it is in atocanti so i think we're going to find these in county connectors got to walker think it walkers and cant county gottrop because right towns depprssre reims gratitying walker is in kent county o can a bad thank you for the correction and i'm always led for correction so that you get in sitamarhi prosecooted the parties budget committee chair matthew johnson because he apparently kicked her chief of staff out of a committee on committees and mightwith his the alienated one of johnson's close political confidant crownless own coterie who had her access to the party's financial accounts curnow melina saying that that may not be exactly true but there's an awful lot of people squeaking than sane yes she did so why isn't this being of a dress i don't know but but i think we need to ask the question because this is come up an awful lot and there's no reaction so come claimed johnson wasn't keeping her administration for about the money coming in it out but he sees sponse johnson set was cromlechthe keep in the committee for when i can see for all these secret meetings and i was removed from zometing ah that i brought casteline i was the only one that broadcast at life why the secret for the rout their coward so on crumbled wasn't keeping the committee informed from what he can tell he's a lot going on in salary so he was trying to draw tension the salaries and also to payments that's what i'm getting out of that and like the forestry to napela little bit but in he claims is removed for his pulse because he tried to scale back staff salaries including paramos and ordered to write sides the ship apparently the emr p is on the path of total bankruptcy jot o johnson led so this article i believe fairly significant now we're going to come in to go back and remove that and we're going to go and see something that i think is fairly interesting because uh the problems that i'm seeing coming from said outcome make your person go what is going on in our counting let's find out here because this is significant so come hevorste pressed into the songhois now we're going to go and take a look at this to this i desponded what i know i know nothing so we're going to work to take a look at this and ask can questions so this conforteth jonson why you want to go there first before he had that eh what machanshire er a belinda wanted to have ofrecerte to be in i could storescolonial it to tonacatepetl and ended proposed no he gave a kitchemanitou her that socitairethe staff toisten what happened was echinate way that is to oliganthropy is something gave her wouldn't she wanted not johnson there is the finisher he could man there donasiano i think he's correctives in now why because man's conehasset the stinginess treasure you know look him up as there so this goes back to that you've got to look at every one because you there's problems on every side he can other questions of that pass was estimate what piece copies here where's come money coming from well there's more to cow that's when you get into these eleven accounts and i'll corkerino in the back door is distractedthat s what you got going here i don't know it is to lie in there calliteuthis no king is for free so soisante scenes and that's what that was shawonis right and letter was right and till she notorieties got i agree with this this point how can if you're going to say transparency transparency so that's what's going on maneasy said they fired on declared danny we don't know why we know that compostela if you got to go into a meeting that's hostyou don't go into stupid momifie down right now right at once to godmother with a second stupid folsom introduit later i newcome of things from the chatiment earliness and his was precinct delegates need transparency let alone republicans and i and to everybody sawelas you asked hackers find the constitution or yes i am and i didn't leave you all picked me out refuse to stand with me as a candidate so i never laughed he kicked me out and foliageper too deprecor cluster doubting commissabere we know we used arearistocrat n we don't like being told a oncobatis is all to divide us were also to be standing together as americans not these little colthearts and such so is going to keep on with it and the the point being as that with the amount of money and power of the republican party has few better believe your behind that every one of us is going to be atinyeta painful point because litthe prepubian party does affects us all and so we're all in the same game so it into what a republican rely is look at later be gohad on warantise um ah anyhow so lass asked the lessassier end who is a delegate and she knew nothing about this no meaning down in got kicked out of the sweet earliness still had not received where the money has been well you have the esses use balance sheets to see where we're at when word were adam eeting as a guest for the suastika we asked for copy the budget and i don't believe any of them got it but i descressioun he see when christophine and asked me to leave oh you couldn't see the screen of where the financials were out there it was back lets he couldn't see things like i would ask you not to publish it on like all i'm not takin pitchers that in taking pictures of people here and is showing that trying to be i came there where the good intentions of trying to be helpful and i'll give anybody a chance to do the right thing but when they don't it goes to scorched earth realskoler you know is the one that menteith that pitchpine's got odorless don't know what he is but he's not anything i think his funny trying to be something he was tied to them conternental you cry in ships shortothing it's panehemisis the riesenaccent look like a fool rincoes out of the gate looking like a fool o so i'm sorry but that's just my opinion of it when you got i listen to him at one meeting say we need to go to to thorectes and i'm going on my gosh the guideraient bout things he's knows nothing about and i love i love his parents that's what's crazy in love his sister but i've got to tell you hinting in with a cope like that and in knowing my friends over motolinea open they don't i don't want to see the river run crosses to canbecause the copy don't be did some i don't know what all you did i know a good osfried that said haines he so forsoothe crazy the crazy thing as is it's like you watch calesha in callegos for money scheme to moscheto money seaman i've got a big problem that and i i'll go back to if he really did respect his supporters he shut up got he should be the refunded the money or taking the campaign money and used it to challenge the election his in one of the areas he got more he had more supporters than he had both fesoiens it's not possible so that meesseesip this little click here now this is joss from otto he winchestersome were was change ronconi and i hotellier i hope we continued to come really honoratiores northallerton a kick so we've got mister no conflict of net so let's on let me go back to my telegram channel now and we're going to to take a look at that little that would cost and he and ah see where this leaves because the next article i think is next article if he go think we can just rolled a slow but just just be patient when he guides cassius not to professional videaris actually sitting at the kitchen table and i'm just running through things and some new out of cut out of coming word members a word no bed cintractia law firm hm a joel come and see a fresh frownin and joe moss the new chair of the antecurrere commissioners sliced as we can go and look at all those ooinion or file papers in sacks supreme court boneblack and the moves were taken by the board will why is this important oh why is this let me read you why hang out uncle back to my that a junior a wide doing that i agree to the one cotillion some of the stuff but i gringoire with her his well somethine steep car he is a little bit like skeart say to that through elseplease and otoconite is so a big mess out a good tree crooked then will be in this wet by steamerand now little koobijawanna it and will take competitorsto you in reportswhere yes so so we've got we've got calm man and we've got that may i think they worked for the barrister no now i think that might be enough he of one of them so we got a lot of connections here in a lot o appetisis sort o the same thing with bill baluther in an omountain that derision did i believe that man the perno is bill bailey's not which is a lie if we went up to andro that law suit up there was kind of like observe conditionthe little professos well and it looks like it looks like it might just be a pier scheme because there was nothing up there that was going to write the election because they only had six thousand volts why if they really wanted to go after why didn't they go for detroit but i'd just be in what am i am stupid farmer on i and so with this post here i have some as ah i wonder who created the new geok website curious about payments and is considering the amidei six under forty thousand dollars in dat is what they said when i heard what what i know and christina fire met johnson praising his turns about it punishes and salaries in now things that go make your home so who is this toll colman and who hired them now the question is where is standing bargaind where is don bedand that soissonois dogaressas onlooker his crew nice that great cold the nights and i think i'm going in to a goin into a meeting like this week and on saturday it's it's not toleto morrow thursday down it's like are you kidding me are you that called are you that i don't care whether it's christina or do or or llawethar fill as seewhat do that unless there was a like crowd or whatever would idolatersthe any of that but i would say it is an even if the work it's a tombecause anybody that might support you say how do you notan you cannot have that instability go not a bit not a bit you and you be gone i also want to go back through what abraham lincoln said in the speech to be of a too oh i came rentaking sixty four down wasn't alive that i don't somewheretalk to pitiesfor i would save the sottostante horses and the bellows three my pacatapas the pit athensabolition you the octahedrite generals but he can't lead horses the grey he knew what they the wind well you know and i and i think that when you find somebody who is pretty seasoned and business we don't react in sometimes people say this is a very cold on person well you are it's because i'm not for me i'm not going to go into the saporantis and the wings cause you don't think when you're in that situation that that is an unthinking reacting person and it is always you will always make your biggest mistakes if you are emotionally activated rather than factor of an incision to keep asking questions so who is this who is made or canoes to alonebecause of what's got is go here first let's look at you shall and mad command the dark old calm and is a looks like a business part oh of is but desolate secure we go so and man calmon is he can't county commissioner i wonder if matt camenis in the eare of walker to be you know i theseconsciences don't i i had just eisgagonto so anyhow we've got in and a brother to joel joel is joe moss's business mass as if there are students a grand valley that are not educated about sex keshan pen to educate them okay ah if it gets stupider by the minute sir i hear you here's a pitcher of i believe this is joe command never met the guy john mosses business partner allegedly and so we're desportes running through this cause i'm kind o curious who are these so we're going to go over here and find we have a company called for liberty all c registered to joel okay ah this looks like who cramped for the ami gopete but i don't know that because we don't have open books and nobody will answer the quest and wondering if it looks like cause we don't know joe moss his business partner joe comment was the brother of mat comment who was a cant county commissioner joe moss maintains no conflict of interest i wonder how much the six hundred forty thousand dollars in the whole a paid for the website because it's here that for in the whole how much was paid for the web site is there any way that we can find out and on worded it go so joe mosses business partner company for lillibery else okay that's what that that's the article of saying i don't know we're going down the rebatoe here so white as in here's another question why does joe moss heaven am i depma address my got dot a gorge and that i published it joe at my my god do or and he have in connection to every one here insideseems it is can aunt right so three go now we're going to go to another article that is nelly can avedis turban it as i really think we now done to run down this little bet and contestsuch and countess i know i'm looking up or the i is more o maker ilokanos toltecat cooresetores you do that ye so here we go we're going goodnone we're going to do another one you see this is what eresiarchi does as we go through things as we go to see snow i've got the bridge michigan which i really kind of like the bridge i think they do there are an interesting publication so at any rate we got an article here o o county highes lower that sought to void the two thousand twenty alike garter that command represents your district his theme i encountered this your city while his regard is that yours ye acolman represent sonant oh yes septimine a minute may common lives environs golooking to see who represents walker so i wonder this is why when i went to get my voting record i wonder what the connections were that the bird a township a clerk refused to give me access to the electronic coal book because the because the board of elections told her that she got a letter pickedbecame i came on she said that they were not to talk to any one that all the information went to the board elections and they had nothing admiring towns except for them drives she said we're empty i said well the therapy who swiped him or coco who o who wiped him and she would answer the question i said well somebody had to wipe him if their empty and why do you not have any records here in biron at will they went to the county went the state estates and we can't talk any one and it goes directly to the board of oro so in violation of a law that requires them to keep not only a federal one state law the townships were told either to send their information get rid of their nation but she admitted that she had no income and so and then the next question is as how did they transport that data did they use the same lines that connect used to to take out one point in million of our poll workers information and shift that stuff off to china or do they use the same connection that the guy who went into the border canvas say miss mark a glenark i'll have to look it up a minute thought lashings but what do i know i'm just one and that when in there and a in admitted in a board of canvassers meeting to going into the bordelestun no one bad in an eye can all the petitions set them to bang the dash for signature verification i don't think the law allows that i think it has to go to the townships well local clerk to verify signatures now no no no they took all of them ship them to bang the dash for signature verification against iss which they already had in their posts so they've done this before and nobody batted an eye as for intervention in our our elections and every single one of them that touched it is guilty as hell of treason every one snow got calm men environ sumner who risrpre ents or district and i'm not saying he's guilty of anything i'm just looking at the contact so here we go so we've got no let's go over here and i'm going to zoom down this article a little bet all conformations born in sixty five to higher a concern law for him commonweal group and a in such but i believe they did it ah but i am an ewentfoollest of interest in transparency the higher was approved without to a competitive bidding process required by the counties purchasing policy and despite coroners at state records include commission charas a thisness partner with a brother of the two men i think you penistoun what is begonioid i know he hired him to do did i have been no day and i think i gave isonokami disagree with his support of conglomerated lycon i tell you on many other issues de colmenas been been outstanding on an so i come to think enough for him and i think that a palminerviis been during very good of decorous wonderful with the home school or ear the commons were wonderful for the home school legaltender i don't think the theseion of people that get sucked into these things without once again checking back home now this tree be the case of christina there an were other people i i you have to realize that there a lot of people that are dragged into things that they either they either a black mail or an i'm not pentimento blackmail on on any one particular onesand is the or sister is rife with with threats coercion blackmail suicide in threats which i received as well as all these other things and screw all of them because we are going to continue to go forward and get the truth out here so i can read what i said in this article i counted this article overseas its convoluted in the connections and conflict of interest iisection it really does so no competitive bed every one is either related or business partners the higher was approved without competitive did process where in required by the county's purchasing policy and despite concerns that the state records indicate commission charis a sisister where the brother the two colensonis hired now get this can was hired on a two year contract of at least two hundred and eighty thousand eight hundred dollars the first year in two hundred ninety nine thousand five hundred and twenty second year this is a crazy mounted onderstan look at this and i go i go what the living he there a lot of my intent we're going to go a step further casiam actually not a john gemstan at all not i'm not fanny so during the same meeting the board fired for formicas they like to aspire people that's as their body and process they don't like it you fired i'm will do presente so here we go during the same meeting the board fired for her administrator john shade on placed in with john gibbs now gives makes an annual salary of two thousand two hundred ten thousand dollars the same of his processor john check according to the copy of his contract i questions people i have questions part to moses was as the treasure of the jones on base company fight fresh hone in according to the state fillingham and present the company is related to david common and stephen calm and two major attorneys in the common legal group calm and also works as in an undiscording an article here this is down as opinion i'm just quoting the highland sentinel and in the bridge the bridge arches here call and also works as an employee or owner of a clarion and after burn or two of moss is businesses the newspaper reported these people are overgotten all over the place i believe you should have refused himself from the voiremant the bridgeand the bridge there was no conflict of interest that warded a recleaned to elaborate why jack gordon an attorney of the calm and lee group told the bridge of it business relationship does not necessarily translate into a conflict of interest his business partner gave him money specifically and such her i want to do this for me in terms of a contract and i have that i have with the county then it would be conflict of interest its conflict of interest if we're getting favours to our friends and given contracts to our friends in sorry it's not just a money exchange there's other ways of doing it i disagree respect the definition of conflicted interest in missions state varies but it says that a cerulic servants must not participate in negotiating or executing of contracts if they have a financial or personal interest in the business receiving the contract moss its relationship with common lack of open betting process as well as the border the boards she swiftness well as the boards swift january three decisions sparks and protests from soon counting residence while others cheered on the board for keeping campaign prose the trelogoe ofearnest and there was a lot more pointer i just like to comment in fee that is circonstances salsoloid like to the the talk of little bit about it i think it the feegeean time you have we all use a people that we know or red in a resisting to be true because we know that we can trust him right so it with that said it doesn't mean that they get a pot o the standard key or or kerreson able catonis you tell me to hundred ninety nine thousand hattiethat's way to i you got to say that's all things coequal there may have been more things to see her on the calvin grew that they took over i don't know i only come any right we don't we don't know but there is no competitive big shock yes as the right is that right i absolutely grieved because when we're dealing in the finance work down in business side when i had that and i had to go out and there was no other competitive and they would have to submit that there are no other of there's a single store and there's the reason for what the anticosti it tried at the justify who's going to a single source and i had to by the way put it in writing and this kind of so oh they get away with it the scoring the law little bit but but you in continuity so i think come it came out of nowhere i came in to kencote that is a good question god like john absolutely i do i think he's very knowledge will i word you go to school to you go to school yale a carpet i think but i must here that god anyway don't know anything does that he imelot of people that are very nice in their nice to i know that that when he came to talk to me and then oh my started hearing the words that i said when we were talking on his campaign trail eh i asked if i could have a pitcher with them because i was really excited to meet him at everybody else in his like no i won't take a picture with you ah ah pat cold that good the same thing where would not have pictured taken with me and it was absolutely hostile would not be seen with redeviendrait think it was somebody told me that calvesand that he wouldn't even be in the same room with me when i first started on so i was told to another person whether it's true or not i wasn't here but are ordo yes tell her where she i like that don't give you wrong i'm just say there's a lost doinaine but they see stood out then that town times come back to britain not so anyhow so because i'm kind of a curious person maybe we should do more checking or maybe i have done some more cake strange coincidences makes strange bed fellows i'll give you that you in for the night and so much more select how i left her body last not with all these things to kind of the and i i am going to go with one will think a minute and then we're going to go on and we are going to do order got to ascarides tostication the first on representing the walkers the cherchrent denote can county a cacacomy for his names stands oh i got customsorigin bad gravener the train could either so anothercontribute yea and probably ignorant of that right now because i've been you know there's one of those it's one of those things that you can pick your e pick your banks to get into and you can't have all the information i need to know some godlike at all i do so on dongola once that now at such a convoluted mass that we've got not only people in office but we have ah we have public functionaries who are almost more confusing and convoluted the peel them in and were talking thoussand thousands and thousands and thousands that's why we can't do anything to government is just too greg is too so i i saw this conethough this is really good because you know we like to stand our comforts ons we don't want to look at things that make us uncomfortable and we want to stay oh it's like a stock home cendrole want to stay loyal to people these on the fact that they've been kind of abusing us since such that i thought this was really interesting the problem is of the giant can't read the problem isn't even that johnny can't thank the problem is that one doesn't know what thinking is and confuses it with feeling so within the stockholm syndrome which clearly we have a lot of that going on here the misplaced loyalty from the people that in fact or abusing us stops us from looking at facts and asking real questions and i am going to continue on with this because because i think this is significant we cannot get so tied in to those things that we believe to be true that we stopped thinking and a blind loyalty to those people who are infected abuses socorros the smart morning america's big prominent in that the war we are in as an information work the goals to capture our minds of the tensions and throw us into the mental lazy pen where we don't think but only repeat what they want us to stay they cared the strainer without the help of americans joining them as unwitting pons furler further in their narrative who attach he feelings have no place in this war we have a job to get done total destruction of all threats for in in domestic is the only path that we can take bismark dorrach and such and then i that i put a little bit of a video hero play this is that it logquick humorous commercial right the ego rome wake enough i how was she going to hang you and he will tofano ethie's funny so that's about our propaganda maistre media sleepers waking up to the truth truth of throatthe so anyhow there got corciano what a row republican is in about what these guys are two other kinds are doing on the backside beside were calculated in christendie hope we need to talk of this other faction is cold akin you can in an participates acaparan that alcancen i bring something of on an compounders and addresses to that because we were in eratidai now and to the next layer that we need to infract look at because this is significant guise this is really significant cool is it when you said that somebody recruited josh shriver tried right up i i did it could go so we're going to wording down to the next layer and an i want to bring something up because i think this is very signet and be a minute here before i sorry wooman cork protective source that cond i am going there every one to talk about going to guineas to see a mount down about to happen here because we have some insect so here you go you've got protective sort oh the tangle willy weave when firstly practised to deceive and horsed ill can why is the phone number connected to a person claiming he recruited christina crome and there seems to be a shared a dress with mis shon made cousin puzzling not i i don't understand this is it a posing faeryplace with the heir of here we've got all kinds of protective bioscope tide serving critical infeather structure women all patron wrong protectives facial protection love of love of though we got all kinds of things to creed into a pharmaceutical environment sanitation and form sical all kinds of of protect and so i'm curious here where is the skin aliados so we're going to go back to telegram can again and i'm going to push so borsholder cadetinho save your cold is corect about tailed lytester altogether woonende so strong because over find him as we thought before there are multicolores in these races so that the increased their chances of within and control remember it about winning and control he voisinance even served people and narrows the red pillet's going to be hard to slip if he who in whose phone number in a leestonewall charities out there and the covers traces saw because they wanted then to take in diluted so that the real candidates come did in so we got our people did it so we got a phone number there in a dress i think we are going to start further documentation to share with you and i want to show you what this lorn it some think says under contact why would a person have more in ipso in there in what does this say and why would they include the son a web site seems like there's an awful lot of of crazy stuff going to let's just read what this larmes are the peanuts office very important it would be followed by the education of the student but it happens at such a time that there is a great deal of work and pain for let me come to the smallest detail who does not in an exercise any kind of work i think we have something to go down and find out here and i will leave you with that for the day because we will be going down and looking at more so and perhaps there are more concern and alas and a kind of wondering where the is going but my word for for the lenape ah was i suggest this co chair you do your job an open the book so and i let them heat or your complicities how and so is every one that you've been standing with so watch him all start to squire over there and oh in the suite and his periodo your job and if you can't do your job gas what if people are not going to step up and say the truth sorry there to go it seems kind of odd that the person who recruited christina and schriver and and i believe we have some other connections there that might even take us up to they however a task not olian got the blithe wit with a incite poinctes another one that seems to be big which is connected to an else some people who have a few chinese names on them and connected toronto wonder why this is guise is this the gean is the agrandar is this the agop or is it the same thing you never had a chance yet it's a and i have the question of the god tripoliticus williame doesn't have this kills on residier and interlocked them but she doesn't have the ideas you do coenothecalia greed of person or his i shall press i way doesn't matter it's just that it's the sad let's go there a minute chatbeau e i wife some more class i will live in it we all know about john and chickaree there down or in the virgin islands what prey close were absent so let's make a connection here or pay not save any but his guilty what do i know i'm to sissupen farmer right but he got a ranch up north called the amorosa who seppi i heard and i believe this to be true was visiting the maybe melinda needs to come forward and last note was going on there i diggers to so many connection we talked about jobs connection though the onceinto the michigan conservative coalition made one sionthe that that would be ristocats kept going to the scenes in nocciole knew where she's siedetemperatur we are going there okay called go now it does it's got people to the know exactly what's going on i see she wishing to serve collision was added up my back panics until he left the run for the rope in rose answer colverteen why did the close co the trumpsor that is certificates apostellae to somber i may be wrong in that month of the drachenstein he watched the peel in i mean is to the big sons to me he so pretty copperlike likely ones daughter like pan cortes like to pose her all those days lovemore and they went to work for whom report my went to work for very johnston in his rather very johnson campaign on enogai and who is working who tis working on perry johnson a campaign i can i feel sorry for for him you know i really do because ah i feel may be sort of kind o you know stupid or stupid does but you know just as what it stupid as that so do but so were a goin to my telegram channel again because it's nessessity to continue on and go now we're going to look back here again boys and girls were going to look back at the now here here you go boys girls as we run down this rabbit hole of o my gosehawke ple were sleeping all that that i was sixpenoth verminatio look at this he draws her five hundred north coniectra wollebeter so come on so there is an address now move ahead on this essa little bit and there is the little ring up his show oh my goodness some michigan can serve to collections the same a dress who would adeps nobody who would have gone his amazing you know how how would we hoped me even a magic that serves selling all of these estoffer informase with circles is also that the same address is the michigan can what do you think's happened there that now it's a it's the raising or because the they're all intertwined and the core cooshatti the bit we don't know who first wisconsin and who on third i mean is in killed habit and costello whose ours what on second endothoracica in president trump in the back and you don't present trump the right old president of the united states and who is who is or who is sitting in the driver's seat let's take this back a step and i think that we should get a everybody time to digest the and or jump over to my telegram channel where you can actually share this stuff and help people become aware of what's going on including i believe there's another secret meeting to morrow and useless amending or conceals the clothes meeting up there so they don't control the narratives and set with the people that agree with them instead of on your own entersthe coverit shutout go cut fell a delegate they want to look like his hemicrpha the laugh i got one i got one that said come on to speech oandolle who sent it out is the these the group out of the northern michigan and the really fellatah and there practically stopped the receptacles meeting so they're going to go there apolidon this no because they capitte note to make it look like it there being osoittamansa pontecraft to here we got to remember so they're street faces not just to o that's elongation chock there is none annamanese same prop of people and don't stupid any one out there they are all working to go in work anacoluthon in accolas light so ready by the grand no party what did they talk about they thought the bout that working in collisions i got isn't that interesting they have met the lady that's a moslem there that healreced amity they had changed retentandi general and he never got anything you got on smith the criminal john smith the colleoni that guy was a dis district here that him on it and he had supposed he could have maringunios not know what and what do i think he's an impostor i think she is like to bidisha they the weekeither deteen know any hope any idea that is called the cracked i don't you got to be getting me his lady and to he's done nothing the grass roots as he got a luckasos would share agent does nothing for them and why is that why is that cockenoe keep getting reelected again pleased on this a little bit because i'm in i securedere you know why why would these people get it off well because they are they've got to protection in those people help in their little network of behind the scenes and money came away wi and influence his norampton what it is in each smiles and looks and looks good causes withes not what she pretends to be i keep tellin people that these people are very devious werenowsorter what i been even know in that he come last in forswhat not in nothing one people joined very few i didn't i didn't have to because i looked at his sad hoersterberg your siriometer can first america first what is america first got nothing i think so we're going to organic go to a quick commercial break here raneberg cotoner not come and go to my telegram channel at brandenburg the r and n b u r d the number four am i was of impostors a few don't type in the right one you're going to get a fat donicourt lot of people want to scan my name and try to see you bet conanach i don't ever give financial advice on line or rarely because i believe keeping to be smart enough to do their own research and decide what they want to do so many of your lissodelphis mine isn't that woful another there seals we have seals jumping isn't the ways and our own her having found the beautiful work worldly god made even though we have sharks right under the water we can still have a great day and make its so ever once in well put something up like this because because people have to have a break from a look at we had nice flowers here than ethel antecessores odosanta rose danton cowhides oh no coscore with was told it was passdon't know so if people tinoco into the callinome yeh can really seen my hungering in off the hook here so all the galloperif beef some demen at nice hearts sculpture so do to do deledelete joy everybody oh relating cyanogen that must coloniser canon his tone he is conterdicted the discoloured about having to beat his priesthood no not any kadasech areisid wellprefer we is preached the fact that or this is this is great i got it i got to have something so we have a rally we're going to do or the people and isabel county is going to do and so i got to show you that you want to see how how pathetic the republican party is right now stand for nothing do nothing bunch of monogamous and i'm going to say that right now chrisostomo in this are an i don't know why you know were rude yet herodotean i'm just going to be stupider that's entitling pointed only over understand so hang outed at thismrs crazy how bout out as he bugs bunny to say that alteraron ecreecheen here we go we're going to go to him and knew looliness from the michigan republican party here you go o guys and here is the new law that because god forbids should we talk about our election oh man man it you men with no it is i go dolgoruckis were told in you oh my goodness in that the rifle president of the united states present donald jastron was not given the rightful seat and every one of our voices of americans silence this war is against every single one of us any one of us has our rights taken away it absolutely is is is a fight against every single one so you isabella county republicans denotes the election denies all know how can there be in isabella there representatives for isabella have announcedthe are not affiliated with the group of election denies holding the rayat island park in isabel he contorts on monday that's right because they don't want to talk he is well a county republicans do not want to talk about the reality of the problems that we have had in our elections how much more evidence do we need to say the whole free consist of his corrupt on talked about i i don't know what you but i don't need any more ovietens to me like we got enough show anyhow the on birth a chair of the ice rp sending a letter that the really does not represent the intent of the giannicolo long and not say anything i don't give a rap of other elections it is a bellicose party or housetop through education and powermen and unites wrote we encouraged alcindor local government in water elected officials to engage with us in these and so fail grade to the isabel a county republicans who were refused to stand for the night states of america as the butcher got the cowards who only go along to get along you just got asked your fire right there you won't fight for elections baby good bye don't care tis made yourself rolling completely and totally irrelevant so they're not you know it's a this acrasy other right now work by this so great the week for the chap but we see it and i think i calledhome down to morrow we know that the the second district in those looms up there the second i'm part of this second that respect so entocodon shock well i did it must be a lovelight death because i'll tell you what i'd like him called me longbecause i can pack it up with my resume that to be seen my resume your the scare you will be confectionate me on monday there anything you hadn't gone in all there's a few things but when you look at the reserves carry you're right we lastseethey rightless scare me he dewisol larry cotlogon dead then and then you're our trump mask you know it when you dress up his trump i got to tell you the creed or factor grows hot forintot or lisores identatis that it's dissert on one industrythey had they wanted their pincer taken or giontini as the great healer and as oothers poor the pinter dog in all others the people it's part of the rock of the the revelry to be able to do that it's thought like rolston we're breviores conduct his wonder women do you know what i wondered i wondered about that in it it's like that that to me is i don't get dressing up it's like like i see a lot of the political the political nonsense out there and people here on going to go back to the malesse give us unnourished hothouse german and a night of over he thinks he shoretheir delusions of grandeur is the asseestay for they with us as to the avatar or no pascodrainage about that then there was good old my favorite ones regard or i call told my assiette an as regard that the nemertine pisistratus for the grand no party the treasure for angela regis the treasure could in county copy you want to talk about the tangled webs we weep look at that one look about the loan you weren't to alkibiades doesn't have the redones it lives at all can is guid in there so many people that are in dikeby there really are with their scary when you look at him and listen to what have they done you said it many times others said it please tell me what you've got into life i ty question can my bag of in ground these ten of isenach seminoleswho to rosario like i want to see it oh that's the guy that always ask for resumed well there's a reason we ask for esmerarse one we want to baseline and do as we want to know if these people are telleroh they paced the resumes if you look at mine thakested i have this on cape mine all the time because there's too much to i do i think oh you know i worked twelve hours a down at the lake yesterday while i just because i like hard work i want them for letter word he yorke so this is funny this just popped up when i was right this a channel called thebes wander out there on a on a ah telegram and this is where i usually go there in discord through it not do i agree with anything even resist now but they got to stuff on their right so elissited up it's the common cuckoo this is funny he there go here i go yes the otherever is folks here it is his he played a rail was to the end his yetts half to that was honored cocheeco es up not on his thin again walk in love as christ also has loved us and given himself for us and one friend in the sacrifice of to god for a sweet smelling a roman ephesians five to a mellyben up therefore so there we go so what are you doing he talk about your chuck i mean we can we can go on for but i don't most think just me what do i know you know in her nor to ask questions and find out the real truth ah you not had enough people composite we just have to pardon every one that's what a christian does really i'm not really sure that that exactly was jesus's intention when he was torn in the tables over and whipping people for turney his a house of worship into a genoese my got down thieves doesn't that soldier self interest using religion to grift and people's good intentions to grit off peak keep on your in money every one keep your money give them not one sin that one said none have politic parties do not give them one sent because in if there is good as they say they are he should be able to rally the truth and outrun them okay it's as like when they say all were afraid of a week that's what that's what i was told by christian while i'm afraid of a leak really why you are lyin it's not the people on the outside as if people on the inside that roycaroll this step so how is it working for you and you know what to christian everybody else else out there if you're really that good you could out run on and you don't worry about come steatopygous simpleton keep no for your counting in because the democrats for use against you no the democrats are agestwelve ause you lie that way eh you had got there you other couple his flock or grooteren recallthese i don't care i may be a competing in the in the chair just posted on twitter charlotte about the republican party colonary but still they cause the gas lighting you when the call you names in the tell you're wrong it's somebody's gasoline you try to make a shot off for shame you you know i'll tell to go to take a walk or consent i ken they they want me to do ain't money to their party course they do she said she told the shower the shot snowshoes says got into it we'd got me about dickson and at blocking her last loves his commenseres byron's sonner and wyoming loves sos i think rocks sand de shane is walker's de s c h a n e i loves as gives proved to be very weak charlotte says thanks down on you gave war tools for tool for twitter to day an owl and a a for am i gopan you put that in the chat donanworth the sun ye you discorso brand and bird news network that is of a give you my ooltewah do all put in the channel put my brand on bird is my telegraphic so yes we go we go to start ossipee the claim the leaders and we've got to start asking them what did they do in their life i i have to take his call on the cincinnati on if you guys can hang out a second i'll be back i've got a horse going into the hospital just at okay to rack so yes sapor from inworks i've got a horse going into two it's amazing how all this happens when we're on when we're on broadcast bring things forward because you don course satan doesn't want us to le and ah i mean that's that's absolutely the truth but you know what it's a the horses and god's hands and we are not going to be a distracted dissuaded or havin our attention a destroyed when things go wrong it is gives me more power as far as to have more of resolve howers wrong to have more resolved to go forward because this santickan us right in the teeth and you know what he could so and ah and ah because god's people don't back down can a sucks to be hand to day doesn't it yeah i'm then her stated all these people i said if you poor about the resident that i would ask them others particularly mention of some oleaster in rings rather tell me what you've done to ealre ublic an ism where you reduced government are you you look at limited covered in limited different to be governess roll keeps expanding all his time and these guys stay quiet allegiate have they introduced as they while we're not power but you were in our oh you were about what you do or the now when there what if he done sensitivomotor you her voice and angela and i riverdaleon since really tell me what you've done to me a difference we don't see you well to other thing cool came up with this good never plan that there breaking out this spy program this is exactly what it is a there using people's spy under neighbours to take in personal information and post in two and apt it's an apt that they walk with in conversations and they put people's perseveration to build their day to base of contacts and a personal information this is wrong there leonithe american people against their neighbors and this slave been denounce germany this is rough and then my second question is who built this man was a lady and how much they pay for it and up you know so i know you not otolithe tho the whole thing is is he is a proud one as far as you're easterton ing on men the whole thing is a problem i can you the whole thing is the proud long i had something that is got lost he rememoration to cure with her sellentin who are they recruiting another sign that work that's what i want to know and could want more than he that that is exactly what i want to know and how much did they reward we eternae gone acetophenone lentokoneen and uncoiling people selling information who does that will be a hosois information the gracethese in information the question of worthy soles though we don't know okewood they do in cantoniensis over there selling the prisoninto do you go i can seekingone the profile any time in you i mean whatever they had been copied as a nitiprsi republican i said now you're off i too no clerical those those spread sheets then you can get i was shocked at all much information of republican party has on each one of us to a the message and the candidates in order to appeal the people to statementscomparative that it's who we are i know this is we're not going to manipulate you this is so we are if you'll like it you like me if you like this for some vote for the but i what this meant this marketing manipulation is a bunch of crap in any insult all the other duties there using it to mislead people that's what it that's what it's about it's not about it it's about winning at all costs and croneeinbeg in front of peoples in peteinoon so that those people who are not thinking and are lazy about doing the research will go oh yes this is my issue they're talking about my issue oh yes this is my issue they're not malerthor talking about whatwhathas me feel good and so i'm going to because this is important to me and so on at and less well it may be important to you but it may be more important to find out if these people are honest or if they're just spitting something out to get you to bolt for them and then as soon as they get your vow guess what i bywoner were often run in all by yourself i come it's you said it we got to get to the manipulator is the pope pastor so you will guide the scene and scroll and get him out of there is scardon what were supposed to be doing it be intransparent befront been were either like historian this foot we do with this how we do it he winked at you say that simple see down you down the ravine let's go down the rat hole it that since you brought up costand you and storing in formation and yaps connection to his sperandos somebody said this morning that they saw twenty million dollars to appear from the republican party i was told i don't know what i know that that when in a criesca agn and who knows where that money winner for happened cleuch twenty million they was given here given that from wiser well i go in that right away when that happenedwhere in they gave her a lot of money and i believe that twenty millions is correct so ye had lived right from the cover and then the two million i believe that two men million other went to john oberseers swell that's the noble was rough in the campaign and that usually given contactwhether draw so of tonale we with two million dollars from craig's camping in after twenty million dollars was gone to crescendos whitson here and be whipped ladyquite quit yet drawing out quit after got the morehundreds retorted orejones the porter thought gioerida ah a character assassination at the orange that was january or twenty twenty one that came out with dennis a acherley our coracle sorry don as lenox and john allen called and it was involving john cerigotto of the virgin islands copies and is we quipondrance she got dunting about it she should clean their masopust there awasete with it it was i an article in the end he and the play the press he can do the other other word about it so i deseables answer echoes down in the virgin islands with something that was so aphidavit so now all to hamper david so there's a lot of stuff out and people don't even know and we think he let people think they're good gus now there not he was tied to the cake counted gopati the new orinoco or and thank god he did that because the old guys work all interwoven in there may be some still there some remnants because i guide out there like a inspector trying to austerity think that no one is the new proof of trying to do the best thing for or people but i got to do there's some people behind the sea other works in don thrust them don't like them on them chadick ill i thought god leave those guys we called it make foemina little dicky we talk about otological the one and condemn jackeroo save much consisted no she just eustathians here he gainsayer the art of his nets on the british virgin islands consortium or sounded crazy is a handsome let me alone one of wine for doosoor ante because her coniected both there what they were doing was playing casley were trying to set up so trumpetweed control the night goats because a noneboston money and trumpets what they'll do lookin in protested mosstrooper for a fee or a pepoikota about it this conscelles and they will do it they will sell your grandmother if they get away with two slaverypeon are looking the economic development down there with their nine on committed republican votes how is this even care having so after he and johnnie a political operative this is what the virgin islands consort on his say i'm just readin it i'm not my opinion what do i know i must read it after and john to political opera from mischenden trying i do say political operative law because there's a lot of motthaven trying to see john chairman of the british are the others the virgin islands republican party tidefor some time this summer after filed a lawsuit seeking in junketries against contamination a valachian of the bigouden credited after les or is it a ackley's filing concluding the condenado was eight the valachian of the idea penal of the accurately then piled the motion with the virgin islands bore election seeking to unseat mister congo the board elections rejected after les um or commence into the stay recognizes johnjohn ponogenes termine of the b i deep acle then hired political open opera jadenes laises the good article centrolecithal osserverete is weeksripley clinics he's a regally prope and he's down in virginaling in gorgonians right now is he in that room and neck of the lights oh is he in a gross neckwas i don't know i don't know where he was priest know he was strong tepee questions questions questions i don't know so who ran apply failed then for delegate to congress and two thousand sixteen who has been charged with corruption relationes in michigan to dentition the republican national cold committee to order a new election the iron see based on mr lennox arguments or order that vii geopende new officer elections and after these elections cannot in anent of the organization many believe in the ancestried against mr cowhead prevailed in his arguments before the british islands court and more elections only to be stingy the what the recess in bad two gone i am i discosceso i got to see see what this others say there's a text that came then so this is a pulse that somebody sat me that randy copisid is that i have confirmed the two budget committee miners that they have not signed and as with the ends were being prepared for them to so now oh the people in the budget committee there asking them to sign or they've not signed an die because of course they don't want these people talking as they had been prepared for them because now the amideo pianosin on rybody sucked or yogis the cause it's all out there and we're going to keep l so its smart people do not sign and dies the tone the hot i'm so anyhow if they did the right thing why would they have to sign something like that in a potical one thing i saw i can troncoso's called tractate in the wethercocke trust this with truth i guess the porterin getting neck they want to be in the skirting look i don't want to build cross don't cross yelled it so some haredale further the arntson lenoxes are bessie simey the irons the consortism taine and on the recording of the call made by mr lennox to the vi topsecret robert mass or sanfter immediately after the irons the order the new vo videophone tion in this recording mister lennox to army before the irons on behalf of mister athlestane or smarten of guy you have to to have sat in the room nay and realize the handwriting is on the wall at the ironspring that the iron sea was bias and discriminating against mr condotieri the conversation let ecoper to have a counted to extort secretary robert matahambre to joining the gordon actenoides may recall johnwas involved in a scandal several years ago where he falsefeid aidin attempts as a republican garthener the recording secoms up here on curious in but he and indecorous enough of the dilated the files ok there you don't got to lead the files on in this poetic they've got it in writing so am letschte said the program the good newport freaked her out in the showiest bill shoot and fall in the videophone that's a great question maybe we should go there there's a does those outgoeth boss to have how on down there as well have you others poison into the fosses base and at a county holy goodness how you lessen the writing on the wall for that i told you there were connections to back atocanti it ofcount and so is interesting place that's all i can say so yes so meredythor in the recording mr lennox to be heard telling mister shanfar that mister chamber were shot support goodnaturedly john abantid has slate in the outcoming iron cornelesson str lennoxa of the anti stating that if mister shamburger didn't not support after re or appleton has slate mister lennox would reveal that miss mister shanter had allegedly been arrested in the eighties on the tape lace to be heard sic stating you have betortured and you never showed up for our appearance as an offering to the opportunity to score one actionarii the party those records will disappear and never show up again most jurisdiction prohibit threats aimed coerce behavior do you think a promise of expending a record for support of the wonder this is happened again i wonder just the exterior they let it called a ascociations in character assassination of oorothe actually threatened to the other pole had to the thing tenable character sassination less she stepped down that one you read doesn't how it but his original article does that they threaten him characterisation when of the os werewhich one which a publication was then in good i want to say was a washin i don't oh wash on cosimo have to look it up i can't look it up right now but i got a wash again and it was basically saying that he got a distended they wold charactersascent man what tessitura life does the bedstone hovered comforters doesn't that sound like the very people that will after general plan and give the same day of things this thesepeople are usertesen they went after companyeon they would have eridon australisto in his family wingspread to teethsomething to it on the enginesimportant about these are political mercenaries that go around and try to destroy people's lies that's what they were doing the cargoesan he fought back i believe and i don't have the proof but i believe that he went to the epinette twenty one because all of a sudden he went quiet and then will onedollar ponteton orenstein condit and one of the home and let take a look at this casethe eye afgeneration take about six to eight months to get going eight months from april with its forsgan to march early april the i think that might be connection there you got there's a lot more going on the people relate there are some good of i people out there not all the pisani work out of it the one honschoote not bad the one that he gronroos rs amanyensis here for john after leaders a john are on the atlantic council and that last article i don't go here in the last article that i had of it was john please these two different people i got accurate we was actually in in they got it and they got it oh then they got a spelled wrong in the article that i was just tired of i think it is i think it's actually i can't look it up later if i do for you said he to but i do fear it in or at colonsay there is no doubt about it i'm going to have to go i was going to give you some more information we have the chehalis people on republicanism in people like medicine is an riverthat one of the door republicanism who did they stand on all their collegefor because i don't think they do i think to conspiracies to be gettin away with it because people aren't following that closelike pisander call him to testator jobhis is this is exactly what we hehehehehero back and see if i can find it i recolleck back into the way back machine here and see what we got here so much more to be talked to honigonro amazing so ah yet her virgin islands could sorsomat yet ihonateria ones there what the goodeniace reportanother may not dull greediness has those nine uncommitted palette they can chop goes where they want why isn't virginians ah it not even the state rioteth only time they can go is in the presidential nomination and opettaneet in the orange pils to know at the very good question ask who is the one had got that inserted to ther i don't have to answer unfortunately i can find get promisesthat done that and it does crazy that we would allow that sir of course and i agree with your hundred per cent love as i thought that the glasses made home as an aid and they have a vacation home and matoutou got the princes over there which is bettyish and that grooms prow it a county and oh my goodness where did word at what is it called what was eric you know here prince blackwater here prince right if backwatered piso what she thought on this i mean look at that look at that the mount of connections to this is incredible wait over aircraft oh i don't hetherington had some of oient to school with that we mercenaries couldn't remorse the very and or than a bat guidoni don't know i don't know he sardians were there but i do know that there is frenchque tions raised to go i am you know and one i'm not going to go on out on identicus i don't don't know i not question have re one i don't care if it don't you eat onishishinine rence because if the guy is so you know it if everybody's opeongo in his person the mind being question they don't want no corslets icore i just don't know you ask me i just go to how the cap much on him of because he donationem rador i been on all these other political people that have been greatgoing after right well i sometimes it's a good idea to have a spook on the inside who can tell rhoda's really going on so he may be in their smoking wrong and bring the truth to that you know i ought to what's going forward maybe not we don't know the so much we don't know and i think it is certain she really important because there's some people that i i believe are playing roles that look like good people who will and in the entering be look like bad bad actors but the glasses some people that look like bad actors who in the end are going to end up turning to look to be a very good person that was able to infiltrate now that now go to watersthat may be the case with any and all of these people that we have brought forward to day we do not know don't have enough information on him we got a lot of questions and i'm throwing it out there and hoping that every one out there will join me and be it become a little bit of an anon join the join of the digital the digital soldiers out there and pass the son look things up or turn and a full fledged and on going a thesis on let's go find the real truth and however falls if this coenogenetic it's important i would like to see a prayerturning here and then we're going to go forward ah as encindanos why is going to take a peering with john rose to had some unreserve week end now in reno that the foolishness on her part and the rest the people there are known as they all hold what rittenhouse but people already beyond corethose people are still committed to wether people woonders much foothold pityodes another rodovallos like the first of tentage all their doing his undine own sources and roches doing that and pending his own packet molinosists says she should be called rotellin off his pack we believe he's livin off that a thathe's not working whereas you get this money omissionthe back he's got in from some one and it's not goin in nitsingeraye words money come from testudinate do you killed know that there's something of various her you just eat isgoohe just got you you've just got to ask questions and we got a wonder but i'd do all in on the eve by geo pright now for complete and total transparency throw those books right against the wall and let's see what's going on and i got enough to do him in you know to get nothing high throughout there and if you got something to hide while we're going to figure out one way or the other and you will not be able to stop what is because you've got a lot of people out here who are sick of seeing our country taken away from us spit in our face spitting on the constitute pinion the role was spitting on all the palace rogers and flat outline were done with this lot and were also done with the mount of chiaha on guy sought in it was like you and i to forgive every one while you know what i think i'm going to just throw something up there and i'm madame a comfortable i don't really care oh because we are going to have to get our hands wrong what's happening so we should forgive every one we need to forgive every one we need a pardon them we need to go along to get along we need to protect and defend in all this nonsense will guess what when we fail at our duties to protect and defend who protected her defended her winter call smith is the little body and found a couple of days ago it it who who is about disseveration the people that killed her or the person et because there's sorry they're never going to do it again to crack you the bull cropped her part everybody meter just got and we defend the children in this nation with no backing down and no mercy for those who commit crimes against children this nation or treason when i think you forgot to get back to me and what a patriot is all about living your faith living to her constitution and therethat will be fined not well let's see a prayer a minute and then well well you like a i'll do like a a happy happy joy joy screened he makes your everybody knows that what we fight for is worth fighting for we're fighting for not only the united states but for god's people his creation his people we fight the fight for god's good why we fight and wearing out in fact down from that in all amigo find mine my channel here in a minute that his happy stuff so leave orebody with with a little bit of happiness stone we'll go back to the happy moment her remember less saper dear homely father thank you so very very much for all the blessings that you've given us for the time to gather for leading us through the amount of crookedness corruption self enrichment money wandering murder ray oh invasion of our country and our southern border and from within the trafficking of children drugs and weapons we are thankful that you put it is in a position to be here now were thankful that you chose us to be here at this time because you put your best to the best at the time when things get the rough us and we thank you for that it's an honour and a privilege serve and work for your good purposes and we are willing to do what our you ask is to do to say to be in to reach out thank you so much recovered person let them know how very very special they are what an honor it is that you chose them to be here now and that you will equip them all of us to do the jobs that you ask us to do without backing down wavering and with no fear we can look at things we can go forward and your power it's the it's only by your set that we can do what it is that you ask us to do and what we feel like we know that if we feel like we can't do a job that's the perfect place to be because it's not about us or our how smart we are or how much we know or how strong we are it's about you and were you take us and lead us saw that it the all the glory is to you we lay everything your feet everything that we do that's right we pray that people would realize that their only seeing you through us that we are weak a man being on human beings make sad so oh let your purposes prevail in all things pleased to try any one or anything from the enemy camp who is waged war against you the children that are out there that we are we are here to protect and we will swear on honour life to protect the children they are your children and to continue to work for her to your good purposes we love you so much may your kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven we love you not only are you or best frende want to be your best friend god almighty havenly father nor hearts help it it nor hearts help us to draw close to you and complete love in an honor and integrity and purity of what we do we know that it's a walk that we never going to be perfect it tell the entremet you and heaven were perfect in your eyes and that's good enough and that you will walk her through and see us through the perfecting of our faith to our lord jesus christ our saviour thank you so much of his day we love you so very much and in jesus christ purchasing pray men so thank you so much for coming in to me chuck i am he i othersmuch for like got to go with them it's it's tremendous i'm goin to be put something out to day and light of mosetig i'm going to be putting out a post cotelier there's some questions rewashing the pulse at all the cisippades we got to ask the house his quarantine should be had answered tomorrow because you got so many players out there and even the question of raised in the cosiest quotes on the tangled geweihen we first to deceive to that so throw these people are out on the sesenda we know what they've done and we know what these pintothe hearts are evil we know that he vatterale and i we we we know we can we can know you know now your friends are expectorated but that didn't real friend and when i say a real friend somebody that you're willing to leave the kids with an all estreno going to get raped your triact you know and so i'm all here is another one that i cut out pray until your situation changes miracles had in every day so never stopped believing a god in his time a this is going to be a great day make it so our good choice says i we make good choice as you know when we make good choices we honor each other in honor god so make good choice as this day you you can be a force for things going in the right direction just in your every day making the choice to live with integrity don't lie you know even if you're a little brutal sometimes tell the truth that's what we need is people who are willing to stand intelligent ask this uncomfortable questions we have to ask uncomfortable so and that's the way we get to the truth and above all you know let everybody after that you know that you love them that they're not standing along it's not that you're got not to stand around now we've got a spread out here a little bit you're love we love you this lot of people out to that love you are standing with you now it's your job and pick up that cross and start and start working as a warrior out there in the world and do good things if people are fallen if they've done if they done something and they fall in weather its itonids or whatever you go picksome up in you help carry them if there's other things that we need to go for and carry creach other and is that we believe it you come out you can do it you can do it get him up again we don't we hold people accountbut we also should be the best encouragers on the planet when we see people who are just struggling there's a difference so anyhow if your straggling we lock you so here go at the end and here at the end of all things so beget me answer it god bless you god bless all those whom we love and god bless america ah we're taking this nation back without apologies and if people aren't standing where thus you are against us choose a side