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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 10/31/2022 - Live - Ken Nash - News Update - policy and procedure

Published Oct. 31, 2022, 9 a.m.

Current news of the day. Complaint filed: Dixon and RGA implicated in massive campaign finance violations and illegal candidate coordination. Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i'm donna brandenburg and it is monday october thirty of michigan thank you guys for joining us today i have as on we're going to be the procedure everything lawful as well as doing a morning i cannot like this for it where it goes through some because i think sue into the gas that i am a man i've got like our screens going on at the same time right now i'm getting better at this quite you a rumble good morning everybody and rumble and the we can be kind of fun i did a reaction video on the debate i thought it was kind of a kind of fun processing know i got a lot of feedback the people like it a lot it really gave me a good line on how bad the other candidates are and they really they really the summary of this i'm sure karen the river is going to have a summary of quite honestly they had zero and i mean zero solutions on anything the entire debate attacking each and i found it to be fairly a fairly in performance by both of them there was no winners in this and there was no solution so the man take away that i to and is in rough and the other the other major party candidates have absolutely no solutions but so so have to i have to i'm going to go go to the second debate and see if they got any better by the second debate but i haven't heard about it i've never never looked at the bat i didn't i didn't and the debate so i went in there pretty well pretty well without without any preconceived notions i didn't have the questions like that did because it was clear that the reading answers off teleports ejus morning with my computer no knowledge of anything or no knowledge of anything in sonnets go what good look at some news marcia walked forty eight was jerreen years and two thousand three after rapping two girls one of whom was he for is now being segregated in a male jail do to propose two female inmates who were housed in the woman while i lay there getting a little smarter there may be there is a difference between man somebody wants to play dress in order to victimize women that we should maybe be a little smarter and not allow people to be victimized in our jails or anywhere else very important issues proof that glowed morat set up legal pots who were issued permits on jane denying trumps already authorized democrats legal protectors who were issued about on wednesday column in gateway upon it i'm not really believe everything comes out of the definitely worth looking democrat pushed fringe benefits having to do with a company and apartment of payment for the education of and we'll begin on monday coincidentally rat before the big midterm no criminal brought in the united states for the executive and democrat peekaboo james so happening just before the a no no disgraceful i keep him down and most hillary clinton about of the populace is right he's wasting no centime and turning twitter into is not censored in his latest move call hillary in times article the aim to pay a far right conspiracy because you know what all of us for right people clearly were conspiracy the amazing however on most recipiency theories come to right at wisits david de conservatives were fabricated they were created in deleted on saturday while he at least trying to cover it up seems to be an awful lot of panic around around thin it's amazing i do have i do have a really interesting video that i want to bring up because because we're going to talk about a little bit the evidence is many there are so many enter nor with interment within our governess one situation it's a lot of this thing out of it because i going to be more of the story to trying to while guess what wonderful things he happened when you lie in put things out there that are maybe exposure of the people who really come said nancy her daughter in a professional capacity a lot of people professional i shall be wonderin this that means there's a paper trail that man is the request i mean you there's a bunch of sign off and a routine to get that access when the and insure now that there was all kinds of clearer there was talking with we talked about it not on this not in the show then a lot of questions before i came on her so antipater she was the government a forage how did he other and overseeing and in january objections at the congressional she to know that this time she wanted it filled more palatable for the audience to see i invited her daughter and a documentary film crew into you know what what say the basement of the white house when by an employer if they're going to nuestra rush or something and she had her film grew in there i think that's pretty significant rite what they're talking and also it needs to be it needs to be explored more because we have two of the people for my camp who are were arrested on the for being a there in their words that they were actually escorted in their by law enforcement when they went in there and they are going to be as charges i believe on the or third of november and also its note worthy to see that both catherine albright and greg are also being arrested whatever i mean and i don't mean trumped up donald trump and i made up charges for whatever they're doing the i don't think always works out in a bad way quite honestly the same thing that general landed is if you if you move forward into how ben an investigation go forward and throwing your front of it all you end up dragging things out into the into the light of day so that the whole thing at which i do think is not a bad and i now with canasatego my little bearing on as i good morning ken how you doing morning danegre help much oh i'm doing fancy a little bit about a misty day out here in michigan we're all up in the clouds a little bit good dawson up like this on the thirty first of october i haven't seen the costumes years pretty miserable on this tell you that right now but at any rate how are you this how do standing i had to spend a week kind of out amongst the community helping serving at a wonderful the son rose dinner last night at some new people and i and met for the first time when like so many michigan as they just open up their home and receive people and enjoy the conversation around the dinner table it was a really good week you know what people in michigan i if you're not from michigan to say you know people in michigan are incredibly hospitable that's a great gift that we have and it's really it's really a really unique state a unique oh and i think some of it is to do the that were used to welcoming people in enjoy all so obvious when you're when you're out in about we talked of the mornington before got on came ritually for a little have crinoline know ere the conversations going but we just kind of talk about what going on in our life and can i know you were were you are busy reading a legal cases all weekend but also we both are faith and a very important thing to bring to the forefront especially right now when we have another week couple of days before the mid i really think that this is a great time to pray for our we are truly in a very curious and i do believe from the bottom of my heart that it's got himself and that moves all the things around so i did post this yester should be click on another by grace you have been saved through not for ourselves o god for we are god's handy work created an acre good work prepared in advance not by works so that no one can boast to he himself is made to and story the barrier the dividing wall of hostility by setting aside in his flesh the law with its commands and regulation as to create in him one new humanity out of two thus making and in one body to recite both to god through the by which their hostility through him we both have by one he came and preached peace to you who were far away to those who are to the at ourselves to prayer and praise this give glory all mighty because we have the we have the piece that is in control and we can walk through any storm we can make it through any situation god himself is with us in and his purposes will be a couple and we ted and celebrate that truth every day i absolutely agree the more you pay attention and focus and turn your eyes towards him i find that the more you just see and feel as presents the more you just now but he is in control of everything and all things were to his will i know i know if i get too far away from god i tell you what my hostility start to rage a little bit because you see things in the world that really you know are wrong and you know and i can tell you that right there that when i see things that are wrong my blood well you know it what he implemented is to turn us towards him and so if we know what light is by knowing darkness were not going to get rid of the antithesis if you will you see that wickedness and evil it caused hostilities it causes you to repent from that return back and towards an infusion him the reason for implementing can't have one without the other we know what love is by what is not when you start witnessing and all the things in hostility and people that are quick to quarrel it's what you would naturally tend to stay away from catch yourself bumping into it becoming embroiled in it now we can give thanks at all of a sudden something inside says he this is not the right path turned back towards the proper an instance to are all of those all of those things some of our some of our anger and anxiety are to a certain degree but it's not in our so angry one of the things that i find it is some sometimes that anger does move us in ah the week end i actually was really struggling with a scene the apathy and people want to walk away they don't want to vote they want don't want to do anything going to help anything whatsoever when the things have storm happens when things go wrong that's when you double down and you jump right into the fighting for what you believe in fighting for those good purposes rather than run and like a rat to i have a problem with that and it's probably because my nature is one things go wrong to jump right in the middle of it to solve my my husband even said that one time after a while he said while i'm i really finally get you any well good job honey how it you you don't show away from conflict the way to rest him not a and my answer to that was where you sow problems you have to be in the middle of a in order to bring people together and situation and our peaceful resolution sometimes sometimes we have to face the we aren't going to always get along and and that we're not always going to like what everybody does so how do you get past and bring people to gather in the midst of that kind of of agreement in such well first of all every weapon to everyone thinks though the hero of their own story that's the way that were made and that's so that we see in being we might be wrong in any situation we may be wrong in a lot of sitting he be right and there may be no neither right nor wrong we see him or even the the words that we and stop and sometimes figure out the behind it is a lot o the way we are looking at the then the way we're i minimizing how many people still even a face i know we know it's the same god but we have slight discrepancies between each other's understanding which again go happens our own lives are our own world's kind of revolve around us and we see ourselves as the one as our own hero as you my goodness i'm in a group the fighting and they say they were you know shooting arrows at each other something off in this kind of a back in and then i threw a bible verse in there you know on peace getting along and then the dull turned on me and started started after ebrietatem like okay i can't help this kind of stupid go hadn't make yourselves like do you know but you clearly don't want to solve the problem the fight and solve nothing because when they start fighting my debt the only thing gets a not and everybody gets angrier and for her part and it's really kind of stupid you know we've got to have that in the front of our mind that we need to we need to the other person may have different i think we're going to need to talk how to bring people together radically different views on police well i i with either we need to educate not get angry but let the in fact they have a better way to well the nature of man united is even as you brought it up this morning a post a body just that and he says that it's made a many parts i mean and so not everybody gets to be a fort or a way or an arm or a hand we're all one piece of that body and so body would see being part of that body perspective slightly different expect if you would the foot to see things like the hand you know the dexterities different their purposes different and so there there focused their past as well as their understanding and experience would be different and so the hands are understands one thing like a foot wood doesn't work and so if they are constantly fighting amongst the help how the body not recognizing that we are united in christ and in that figaro at each other were like is not really even a misunderstanding as to points where you good namesake prospect right and they just go just one be right for being right sake is really you you that sometimes sometimes too we can take the blame for things in order to heal others because they may not be spiritual sally get past the anger that they have in the just may need to grow a little bit when i look at the debates this week that the ah that i went through and watch how for even a questions were formulated to divide people into the core problem the issue of a more the missing the core problem there and they just keep everyone fighting you know abortion is murder i should be legal and they go back and forth in the pin potable the ping pong ball dukes going back and forth and nothing is getting what is the core first off we can say that we remove god for our society family a base line of so now we've got complete chaos in our thought a big we can't even recognize when life began and or that life and we've gone to the core of it is stated itself wore it you know i want my life i want my way blamable you know what if you're going to play around things or had the potential of getting up pretty much extra sure that something's going to happen because that's the way god made our bodies to so we secondary problem is so many unwanted pregnancy if we can't change the behavior using the equipment that we were granted by god poor so that problem how do we solve it in another way so that we actually move the line stop there and then bring in education and or help stop the the unwanted pregnancy should be our first there should be a game plan there's not because the only thing they do is want to keep us divided and fighting there's no game plan there's no way this is and i mean ever going to be resolved the way that they're going adrift now so shame on the shaman all of us for refusing to call the out for what it is it's a so for on where people to two actually provide them were the product stand going for the court issue just how do we all the unwanted should be the first step first step in this is because you know it's kind of when you look at when you look at so as like a drug or alcohol or any other any other i can be i can be in a in order to stop so how do we help better instead of running to the makes them feel good for a little while whether result being unwanted pregnancies i mean when when you don't make a commitment in relation and you jump into this you know going from one thing to the next this is a big i really believe that one of the ways that we can formulate an action could we could put money into finding becomes or allowing people if they want to have as or getting their two that that would take a big bite of how many unwanted pregnancies that we have and and i think that that would be a wonderful i think we should cut all funding public funding for four not it is not as simple as what a lot of people their goal is to make it legal to change the and make it legal this we've got it in two states right now to kill an infant to twenty eight days after bird abandonment words going it's going to basically farm baby parts of in order to save you know god only knows what he and it's disturbing every single person you know what is going on in this but this is all about having the ability to murder human being you for whatever purposes that they have i think one of the biggest in at that they would raise our confusions that they cause that these laws are to be imparting the people themselves applied to the people the woman that might instead of an abortion you point out your things are product based there for sale estan so a lot of the people i think don't realize that what statues with these laws that interacting with these amendments actually regulate is the businesses that provide the sea the people that may or may not go purchase i think it most appropriate in understanding that we're talking about regulating the the doctors the planned parenthood organizations and you know the big question is as do we really want a country or a nation that allows the creation of businesses in organization in the busines endeavour rob her being and in the life of a human being in order for just about you know the mos right turn us into a bunch of cattle to get a product of and human beings and there's the veins that they are they will a hat out of a baby while it still it still beat go right back to the problem of you know of human trap but not to human trafficking the lot the process of alva alive organ trance a global scourge right now and nobody wants to talk about this so i look at these low ideas are actually just there to hide what's actually going and nobody gets to the core of the there hiding and those that are involved in it are and using the communication hide what's really going on here look at red cross red cross actually only uses of all of the blood donated the rest of it is sold primarily to farm every one should be absolutely more fried for morality say it's non profit but it's one ugly why the whole thing is a big fat ugly time for adults to the and talk about what's really going on here and in the background you know you see mom who you know maybe this seems to be a term solution to a problem they were they were involved in for the very most of course you can go back to the raven and cast is a real however we are not prosecuting any of it and when you see when you see you know say a child that that is reaped or i really that every single person around that child to be because it's not it's not just the rats there is enough even kids are being traffic people around the and you know you know who got him pregnant nobody's asking this in the abortion in the abortion so i bring a kid in there that doesn't need to have the pair miss yet in the divorce brought a man and who got the child and why is this not being from the roof tops you know why because they're all complicity in trafficking human body parts in victimizing our children you know the random random things at need to be they're not going after the right thing are we need to have the ability to have to have you know trainor bath okay i'm sorry guy comes up to me in the bathroom it makes one wrong move he's going to be unconscious on the floor for where do you is i live in breath and or if somebody wants a to begin you know with kids or women is wrong and every level we should be protecting our just gives access more access to the ability to have other people victims under the guise of so many getting their feelings what should be the the first and the core is people who are vulnerable who are who are in in to really be hurt badly but no we want to jump on this not psychological a derangement of letting people feel good and of the most vulnerable it's going on in our elder here homes it's going on in our whole society to leave children and the weakest in our nation or our elder population to leave the vulnerable those who would commit the crime and then we refuse to commit the crimes and ask who got them pregnant you know so we're just going to hide it with proposal three and allow these people to have a place to the one of those things the kind to get confusing to is that has a set of children if you will different than those that are within the family in order these orphans and in legal is to some degree there they've got a definition if you will for minor or for children and their really the words of the our in the state of this point in time is trying to decide how it supposed to deal with the children again a legal term meaning a ward of the court in the court sensitive jurisdiction unless the kids are abused or neglected so now when you do have a situation of a minor again legal term being free then potentially that does qualify for abuse or neglect and potentially the state does need to step in the question really comes down to do we want a that's so hypocritical i mean michigan does not have the death penalty and were talking for the ripest themselves for some reason michigan contemplate allowing business that offer the death penalty for the innocent one not the wicked one when it sidewards yet what a young woman becomes impregnated i can see where it takes the village to raise a child concepts steps in and says of this child is suffering from abuse or have suffered from abuse so like you say perhaps we should be looking at those people around that child that are now you want to and not only that lost so many kids in our government is guilty as for human trap son of sin kidnapping because it was in son of isis a dollar more people get to fill a quota to prison system next because we're going to go beat up on that for a while or can in our policies in our power or power absolutely failure carrying out a governance with also things that are morally correct and i actually had one of these moros come up to me when we were and look rationing what is truth and help you in cupidity i can't help that kind of if you don't know that you don't have any business being in any position go go take your with an you know increase our mental health sighing through the politicians or you then you know i don't know they need to go to another kind of hypocritical true the moment a young lady becomes pregnant not well off she can go down and apply for aid and they call it a for dependent children the moment she's pregnant the moment they can validate a heart to begin supply needs and resources to her but it's for the child that's within her because she's basically stated that she is a name so the state actually consider that feeds a wife to her they acknowledge it will even give resources to that child then at the same time if the woman decided instead to go have an abortion now all of a sudden that which the government considers to be a live being enough to give a resource it doesn't consider it to be a live being to wear say the other party the father would be able to come in there and say he i walk that life being to exist i want that child to exist i want to raise that child even though she in one point it's not a living being that a father could have rights and access to the abortion yet at the same time the moment the state does for the dependent child the man can also become financially responsible for the debt of the state willing to pay on we have to a child so the state canastos directions of this point in time to hear an it's a hit a child when its unborn the purpose of pain for it man but wait a minute it's not a child free able to protect it and maintain its life you know if she wants to terminate the big there's quite a few of these things at the steps in a hypocritical way again frontier and then and then it finances you know and then look at all of the one why are these companies paying for a board there's a whole list of that will pay for estate abortions or will pay for the man to get in while why are we waiting on towers of child there there is absolutely no reason an individual to her for a country to have as many abortions as we is not in their something else going on that there's no person plant that can convince a o h this is just the way it's as this is just the way it is well if it is just the way it is then we are failing or the people that are in hard are failing a by to actually deal with the and then they keep the average or the pope fighting with each other with his stupid pingpong bouncing back and forth which solves nothing just creates more more problems with the emotional response to something that's very emotion i don't i don't i don't disregard the act of this is a very emotionally charged if like anything else or keeping everybody all in all nothing this is what this is what the state does in order to keep i saw it on the part that were for the ballot initiative that and nothing ever moves the line in any and people thinking that they're doing yet it's not solve in the problem because we don't we have no plan there go consider i was in the boat there was no there was no on the what is it to be emotionally charging people to pick on cider and other when both sides are absolutely in i don't believe that the portion is sold at the government level i believe it comes right back down into the most local thing you can get in that right in the very family as many faith based people are that are in the state that in your local area now i offer reminded though that there are better so amongst the flowers israel had surrounding communities like moss where they worship malicious critic their children to the fire i think there's a lot more people that are a face now and we'd love to have a government representation of that seek to get the top of businesses that actually walked in the proper light and is appropriate for the people of face there are that the wicked another there's no entrance or buts about it and i don't don't think that all the fat base people want to see you know their nation you will represent those that would sacrifice their children to the fires of mora it's really a time if we want to a nation or a state or even a local government that represents the faith of the people around it then the one we certainly have to look out for those we better soon amongst the and we need we as we need to be willing to stop up too you know if we're going to go make policies that impact other people's life what are we doing to help what are we actually doing to help you you need to live this way you need to live this way especially when our society his groom to have that mind set for years they have been groomed in word put him in a position two in fact have abortions and so now because we've let this go on so long we need to be willing to you know provide real solutions to this and i'm not seein a comin for any so that is i guess it's up to us you know it's up to two are you and i and anybody listening to start jumping on this big time and he had a more workable solutions not but made by these needed don't want a thing the change because the proud part of the problem well again back to the the young ladies that would have to make the decision or i or even those that are maybe considering themselves beyond the age of child come back down to the decision that you know kind of steps from the court met there and so i can understand if they don't know the truth or have the same in especially if they've been raised outside of the truth outside of that they could see the man to solve a problem and in such a well in one more thing i'm goin throughout there as a woman in fact is that anybody that comes back and charge as a guy with rape years and then the you know ten twenty years i'm so sorry but i'm not believing any of it's we have to you know this is somebody's integrity cause they can say anything and there's no so i'm sorry but we have to have a process and in place we do have when some one somebody is raved or or has a problem you know rather a like that first of all the better be their better be some pretty pretty solid prop you know because they can go to the hospital right away especially you know i custonaci it becomes much more complicated i'll give you that but when an adult woman is she needs to be the adult and go down and have you know have the at the hospital or whatever there can be no iron clad case and that just so many lives destroyed by just being able to lead aloof with no proof whatsoever and and you know the other thing is is is somebody if somebody accuses someone of rate and this may sound well radical but i don't really i don't give a lot of the wine snow a lot of a lot of leeway here either i so much there's so much wrong with being able to allege a crime with no and how they can destroy people's lives and they have they have destroyed life i think if somebody accused some one of a crime in it it brings in evidence to prove was absolutely a set up a frivolous lassiter anything all the story somebody else's life serve this the person that they are trying to if somebody is somebody legs twenty years later oh this person did this or that there's no proof and that in it the more evidence is brought into the shows that there was an ulterior motive there to destroy that person with no proof whatsoever that person person that they wrongfully absolutely if you know there's a case that what happened in hastings very towny recently where a citizen wanted somebody arrested for committing a crime right there in their best and upon doing on rest that person in standing across the room for billy arrested on and then there was an officer standing right there on the demand of that the officer take custody of that person and that point in time i believe the officers supposed to take both pete he complain if you will and the one that is allegedly the criminal directly to a magistrate because one of the two is going to be staying there in jail one either to bringing about false allegation and trying to arrest all that be an unlawful detainer when there's no evidence if you are the accuser and you're wrong or lying you're goin to be paying the price for it yet at the same time if you're the perpetrator the alleged perpetrator and a that point time in front of the judge that judge would find probable cause to find you over in order to carry forward the the case through the judicial both parties you know should be held accountable now in that particular case the person who attempted the peaceful style of verbal arrest instead got charged with a disturbance of the peace where the other person who is the alleged perpetrator not even taken a trial in fact the the local prosecutor said the persons enclosures the only reason they considered clear as because the local prosecutor refused to prosecute and so it was by them that local prosecutor's own decision of the boers and who not to prosecute that when she decided out i'm not going to prosecute so that person clear now all charges the people are left without any recourse and instead he tried to bring it to the people's attachment and bring this perpetrator of at least two bear anarchial trial didn't even get it brought to the light of day as it nonsense with the prosecutors i gave turned around in there making determinations and our entire just is based on the prosecuted so this opens another whole can of worms of problems with our i guess i'd like you to be able to talk about turanians and you reason adventures and what happened to you recently those of us and you know they are on ground in certain situations he had a very clear managed talk with intelligent and what is wrong with the yes for the background first of all i have two children two sets of children if you will from two different women yes i was married in california and i got custody upon divorce of my older two children and all intents and purposes that that woman she did everything she to use the and weapons to the family courts in order to try to gain custody of the children mostly for the check he got children you can basically be paid and a half years were it extended by amandine the budget you know for medical and so with her she made up several false claims one example was out in california after moving the michigan for seven years she went to the courts and california and started a custody case also find the proof of service and said that i had been sure and then they held court without me being present and she was granted full custody for ever later she went back to the court and literally filled out and after david stating that i had left the state of california to come to michigan and that i threatened to snap the babies before giving them over or her and so she asked for temporary custodian mediate temporary relief in granting her the custody of the and a visitation in custody here in scheduled relater down so i had to you know basically prove to the quarter that we lived here for seven years and that there was no way possible when i could have been ensured and so on i literally proved that to the special investigator of the court that it was a fabrication of a proof of service in order to hold these corporate and improving it had echoed that i had been here for seven years in the less kiepert coral these direct yet evidence that there was no way i could be at that address that i was supposedly served judge refused to release the case inanition for the sake of the children worrying about whether those kids could actually be taken judging balliol not release you know the jurisdiction and eventually set her up with visitation schedules during the summer that summer time she finally did qualify and meet all the parameters forgetting custody or hesitation during that summer and she refused to return the children at the end in time to come back to children were basically kept in an arrand they were moving around the low did area between the multi county areas of the delta in california basically kit it was for something plus before we finally managed to recover those children to get them back and get them back to you now resuming cool and because of that kidnapping situation she started a case to terminate her rights that was here in miss and out locomotion we went through nine months parent in glass having seen some visit with the kids not only those older two kids but also the younger ones that i now had from a new relationship that i have he was involved we did parting classes counseling and for the kids for myself all these different things to help these kids get through it will spies trying to terminate now at the end that job general basically represents every department within the executive branch psis represented by the attorney the attorney general refused to finish the prosecution to refuse to finish the he actually solely sought external budget in order to push the case through because they felt so firmly in terminating her legal rights as a mother so at the long run though the court just because they didn't want the kids to go without a he all of i have gained as to what kind of father that i've been i had a raise these kids all the way through all of that and most unchild ren basically never got the the medical support that they needed from the system when the economy got tough so onund so i got two children that are basically been neglected by the because they were raised by a father and this i got the custody of the for howsoever john staunton the other guys kind of raisin a little girl mary kate ashley that was the time that i was kind of granted the case was a new thing kind of fruit for men to be single bad all he jumped forward to the latter kind which i had twins i have twins or twenty two and billy an allegation came to the court that i had she couldn't basically she for to take care of against he went to the court from what i read the court it only have jurisdiction in your family if there's a bus or neglect in the beginning of every form when you file it in child custody and are is that the one part is either abusive or neglect now at this point in time i worked for ideal i had ceased my position if you will from working for myself i have had benefits to be on the top benefit program on the plan i had the ability to take care of the kids without her support in any way whatsoever with my second senachie just like i did my and to have the courts come through and start a claim of that i'm being neglectful or abuse in order to form them to even get subject matter jurisdiction in order to get involved in our family was an erroneous claim and so i had it brought into the court system and i shared with a coryston that there's no way that this could be possible i had every painting after david that would be needed we had all the custody and visitation set the first time we had she and i never go to court one of the judges look through all the all the while to make sure that everything was in place to safeguard those small ask was the judge of the and after looking through the whole fire she said everything is here everything is all the provisions are necessary for me to feel comfortable that these children are provided the without prejudice because the court did mean to get into it because we have handled every now we don't years forward and all of a sudden the desire for a chapter something like that created a new court case a new claim that somehow i had become abusive or neglectful in order to validate having a court and i have just paid for the down payment for the braces there wasn't a visitation that i missed i could take every day if that had been yet the courtesies to release they refused to step out of the way and let someone who could provide for the family take care of the family only because the other personal as i went through the case i watched the attorney file an affidavit heretofore an affidavit and put it in his evidence in the case aren't supposed to be able to witness and filled we kept going forward and forward and forward in the court case and on the second motion we're not in a talking man friend of the court learning about my other children that were in school earning oroetes i could handle myself in court would hire an attorney decided to make a change without knowing any background any way whatsoever basically took my right to sign on the dotted line and control my money be involved in my children everything else and he just dictated an order what the new solution was going to be between us from a face as stand point i'll tell you they ask me to raise my right hand in court and swear to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but when the world failed me at that point in time i moved to my face i don't my face moved on me and i could swear it to me it was a swearing that this lone that these eyes we're honest and i said i couldn't i was told i didn't understand could be done to me was one since then i have walked in face instead of in the world and working if you will to illustrate demonstrate this is ultimately what the system is not that when you do have a carrying wellington fathers doing everything that can legally be done physically being done in emotionalist being done for his family with a nod how on owed it and i learned what was necessary because of the first one and there was no way i would put myself for my children so at that point in time i stopped participating in the world as you can imagine i expire because i didn't understand i didn't sign any so i haven't been able without an idea i couldn't continue to work for it anymore i couldn't on the price get the money out of the bank that i might have earned everything was given away to the children that were neglected to the state throughout the year to friends family people that were also caught up in the system and a pinto the world and continued to just live in the faith and in and what happened was as you can imagine they created a debt against that person my person if you all myself so many years later ten years later i was kids all grown up and i haven't seen those children in ten years a real hard thing they eventually came and arrested for not taking care of my child i went to can't county jail and the first thing they asked me to do was but my finger prints on the fingerprints galette first thing you know coming in and i did come which again it's all speedily consensual and when i declined to let food me into holding for for hours i spent a holding cell and alproses in area the drunk tank if you until eventually they moved me down to solitary confinement with no clock no stimulation no nothing i mean not a for i still had a home call i spent twelve days down in solitary confinement suicide watch the amoureuse not allowed to sleep and they would come and ask me regularly do you want to go through cross do you read in to go through a process longears came down and told me we don't have a prospect for people that don't process so we basically just leave you down here indefinitely no court for you no nothing for you this is what you get if you won't go through the they did come down at the seventh hour it up and they rolled a video screen in front of the door they did not when the door another a little plexiglass window and they opened the food traps so i can theoretically he brought down or had any defender i guess online as well and they had they did what they would call an arrangments were they asking these questions like do you understand is this you you know i asked basic quest you had about understand because i still honor that judge who told me back then i did understand i agree i don't understand so i don't mark on the dateline that i understand you know now in this situation he said do you understand i said how can i understand what's going on the judge basically if you want to call at judge such any more i don't consider a respect to firstling respect or the answer came back as i find that i addressed a curt and so you do understand how can you a personal jurisdiction and the answer was i have you in jail i have jurisdiction and so the total days in jail and took twelve days before i finally realized i give my the and i processed and finally was allowed my first one they will be another cold red quarantine area which is a ridiculous concept within the jail had the meeting all kinds of other people going to court and going back into the cold wet area and then he recalled the move me over and take and of the de block or something like that where i eventually met the general population and there i was it was opening was shocked and so for your no some of your colleagues that were arrested recently is no treatment of you like you innocent unless profanity not until unless proven you get treated as if you're already guilty you don't get the basic amenities to stay an you don't you don't get all calls the freedom the respect the decency of decent meal you're just treated as if you've already been found guilty because again it's been alleged the allegation your life is already ruined for some people you know just being there for a couple of days when you're living pay check to pay you know as it your job is gone or or at least in its because the process now is to drag you in there and hold you there until your your poor he forbid if you don't have the the money to be able to bind out to be able to even defend your they don't allow you access to the law library if you have a public defender appointed to you and public defender doesn't defend the defendant the public to make sure the public to didn't air on the way through the process and taken fani a leg perpetrated so they're there to make sure like a third party debt verifier that tayoga proper notice you they've got properness they got proper preceded and they don't put a defense together for you can't get to a library or do anything to help with your case together you're pretty much struck with the knowledge you have in your head on case precedent because that's what the court was and the prosecutor the defenders that they give to you pretty much the what their willing to argue or what their willing to say i in my case when i brought things up no no no what disgust what disgust this michigan supreme court case that would be applicable in your condition because i don't i watch people that didn't have two hundred dollars to be able to bind out basically in the jail until their courage and their you know the court made for you know finally getting a trial starts a couple of months down the road so by the time they go in on a misdemeanor case or so they've already served more time just waiting for the case to happen then they would be for for actually being guilty or something along those i watched him again people trading food and whatever they could get in order to get just those few men like a cup of coffee you and i are enjoying our copy this morning you know and that's something that if you're used to it if you enjoy it while the moment you been alleged to be a perpetrator you no longer even get that that ailment and so there are so many things that are wrong with basically holding people in so many of these crimes are financial i mean they are not but the replies the stabbing the stealing the you know the actual crimes the majority of the people in the area that i was in were all there for some form of compelling law you know the theory of headpiece it on so many times and now were on to hold you in court for months and months you go through your trial you know there's a lot in going on where the aback to the attorney general the eternal that is coming after me right now and even if you read like the motor raced the definition of your prosecuting attorney first identified as the attorney general then at the local county prosecute so there responsible for the business aspects like talkin back about abortion the attorney general is responsible for managing a planned parenthood a non profit corporation they're not responsible for managing the people we see where people are turned into business and they can basically could tell these business license holders to come to examination to participate in contract ah non performance or of performance in order to dictate that a person is going to put their seat belt ooboe so the penalties are if not strong in a jail where they almost refused to honor their own it's really disheartening again even this problem as i with the abortion issue we don't solve these problems with government government and the state is there to manage the the corporations that are created through the state economic development corporal the solutions are actually backed down in our family when a woman decides not to go get an abortion we want when a man decides not to go on the rob and asked for a check and decided instead to raise the family the child and then we made a wind at the same time if that's going to be the offering of the state the hypocrisy of the whole system be the desire to actually get involved the family court actually gets their budget based on how much business they do it's the author you know profits gales and report i mean if you ever seen a company profit actually only increased and increased in increased effort de that's exactly how the friend of the court reports there their profits every year it's the only only business i've ever seen he goes up and up and up year after year after year and there i sent a lie in order to to get more business because in it justified more judges and so they can come build a people for more money through bills passed through the legislature in order to support more judges to continue the process over and over the entire government is to exist expand itself into a rich those who are involved in it rather than on the backs of the taxpayer the people of michigan the few will the united and it is absolutely for profit i'm very about private prisons and how they work with you know the qualified prison contractors i think is as nonsense and when people come up in a private prison when they come up for getting out a pearl a lot of times they will be turned down because they are are required to have a quota and if they the released somebody even if it's justified in now if the should be out they will extend they will extend in order to the quota of people in these and all in the meantime you know they're letting their letting trust the community goal you have to have to look at this and say this is my den to create chaos destroy law and order in our state in our country it is by de there is one company in can't county that provides all of the commissary i anything that you buy any from a underwear to a long john to to the newest coffee anything that comes to the commissary within within caounty come to one company and they've got the grant and they've got the right to offer all of the products to the people whether there nobody in jail to make deposits really on their own account and take a extra family or congregation but people that love you and support you enough to actually come to posit money into the account and then after that gift is granted to you from external outside at your force to pay you know like to robinson or something like that where outside cannot hem for fifty nine they've got an inflated price or from there is ornamenting money off of people in a band so institutionalized problem in the united states are doing the same thing to our two were population when you look at the funding for the altar facilities they are absolutely gouger from people who are in unfortunate yet there i just read a carcases terday when one of the inmates had ordered books and they control your reading material i mean everything has to come through a qualified publisher of that they will prove of which again goes back to a single company granted the opportunity to riandar much marxism as being society tax books are being written and or published out of this out of this nation and i believe it audible that elaborate what we're do what they're doing is there absolutely situation there absolutely push the mark is a god throughout our society and in a trailing the voice of any one who has a dissenting there there might as well just start book burning and such as this is exactly what they're doing will make they can't draw us all and so that it back to my situation so i got after thirty eight days they said huge bone for me to get out with cash asserts and our someone who doesn't he work for cash i don't charge anybody i'm grateful to be asked to be a solution to somebody's problem and i hurt but they don't get to muslim silence as i ottoboni because the congregation the people that kind an what's going on that are involved in these areas that are paying attention decided that we needed to be out so he can talk about what's going on in here and so it is the people that while silence put up the very bond that has me out right now and i still have my court case pending and i face you know time if they find me guilty for basically not providing for my children when i couldn't i could not a better way or more that could be done that to the degree that i should meet a neighbor or a group a neighbors to come in and interfere in my so they don't get to silence the did step up or dust at up and refuses to allow such things to happen and it is in my case i find i really importunate that the only thing they really are concerned about is money the areopagita bunch of money and it's no problem you can just you know you go away and if you don't pay us to go to jail or michelotto as involuntary servitude rothwell i been forced practically to subscribe there's a good word for you we know who the scribes were why would i subscribe but their demanding that i subscribe an to make money or produce money and that's involuntary servitude and gathered to practise my faith my faith now makes me know i can't susie no i can't swear on the under the penalty of murder because it says pacifically not to do that in i am being held in debtor's prison which is another a whole according to michigan i says you can't be held for debt yet here is a whole recruit a case right now is that we created a debt in our judgement in the very beginning and now your responsible for the debt in unless you had the day you're going to go into that prison system and they offer enough time i believe it is like one year is the amount of time you can spend in county jail but then while i was there a totus are on the now they said the dame i expanded that treated of the two years in the county jail without having to go to prison but an even over two years you go into the fire most of actually say that anything over it years you're actually better off going to prison than you are in stainton chair the prison actually afford you more freedoms and and i betrayed then they do in the county jail which to me again goes back to your friends or all those that they just want to show up elliston a block or they just want a strong or or force into these into their jail is less free then prison and were talking people that are just a wedge to be offenders morality friends again arrested because they didn't say the right thing or marina who has the restaurant out there you know mayoralties days in their just on these allegations that gal is is more restricted than the prison that people go to as well so everything is backwards about it and it is i look at judiciary the bar in michigan granted the right practice the law or provide the legal services for the state of michigan through the judicature hundred is the masculine six hundred it hartebeest blastment of the judiciary in michigan and the very thing starts off with the bars on to be the one authorized by the state to be able to provide these services listening to michigan i kind of like having only one restaurant in your town no other alternative no other offerings just that one rest the prosecutor together with the public defenders with your lawyers would the judges everybody in it is a member of the bar but then we go back and we let the legislative branch writes the laws there all members of the bar you go to the executive branch and the governor is a member of the bar i don't find a place anywhere within the theoretically separating powers from the legislative to the judicial to the executive branch i don't see one among that is an ultimately the more the bar is the lawyers we go back a couple of thousand years it was the judiciary that hung him on a tree so you know the nation yes nation of these that new implementation a nation under law was what israel was then what happens in the book of judges when the whole judiciary no longer makes proper decisions when you call good bad a boy a girl the nation of israel was always thrown under a dictator in order to cause him to repent he go back to speak and walking in truth as a nation we have now been infiltrated by those that hung him on the tree the lawyers the fairies the teachers of the long describes now every branch within those three branches of the state government have been infiltrated by those same individuals and now they're basically calling why truth so it is a pinnacle spot you know dona giotto give the message didn't want to give the message and so he tried not to give the message but eventually find realized i can't get away from speaking out and a message as a nation as a people and he told that time we need to repent we have to stop doing what we're doing otherwise the end is i think we're truly in that here you know i was taken from doing fantastic in the world again it was an international operations manager and i bemocking out of the house to where i was always available to the i had that career that most trying to climb their way into and then like all in all i could no longer participate in that any more and now i walk in and trying to share that message that we as a state when he repeal of the silliness and we need to start being truthful and honest with ourselves in her family level as well about what our state is and about the state of the we rowed in we've been able to see in the last few years how all of these unconstitutional agencies which were allowed to power and be weaponed it is if anybody thinks it were it you know what we went through with the colours and all this no he began of them absolutely as a power grab as a money grab for self and i wait to economically and ah uses ages down anyone the ability to work to commandeer all of these uses some to go into these big multi national corporations which all everything they own the global own everything and they're trying to brain wash everybody in the fact that you will all nothing and be happy i don't really think it's going to work out very well if i not as that that that is predicated on you know believing this if you know it's on the fact that the people who own everything are actually you know benevolent in their not their tyrannical leader and they are set against as they call us worthless their preying on our children their studying up to be able to pray and our children and leave them without in nothing more than form and they either work off of the griffon and honestly do so renews out there my official statement is every one of these people are nothing more than a bunch of paris now you go to have john tate on tomorrow i hope for it is peter today every day every tuesday a tater he's one of the solutions he's running for her of a contention of shares the people are starting to realize that that we have a true law enforcement officer down at the local level that is capable of safeguarding at the centrally dealing with some of these robe entities and rode actors if you will with an what being perpetrated on another case i was reading yesterday it's here in michigan it was even this year in april of this year it's a in regarding burden be you are ours as opposed to it the catalina scholar go another share of that i know who's a constitutional share we need more of them we need tattooer and anconies running in forever their giosefo good she every county has one as well and he made this same i can go ahead and do the investigations he can take your in fact the required by statute in constitution to take your claims and investigate and see if there's a complaint to be and in that case that i mentioned earlier where that citizen attempted the as there was two hundred signed affidavits of witnesses that this crime and happened was happening in front of everybody and it was taken to the sheriff and so the sheriff having two hundred constitute sign it appertaineth mandarines igion he can share had no option but to go ahead and do an investigation into that and then of course after the sheriff finds enough even submit that to the local prosecutor and the prosecutor is the one that supposed to decide to bring the charges and again they act on theoretically the will of the people when i would say it's more on behalf of the bar as what were actually starting to so the birds that i read that happened in april two people burst and one other immerging his name because he is a fit or two has got to be they actually went to the courts and compelled the attorney general in the local prosecutor to come the court and explain why they weren't sighing like to bring a prosecution because a criminal complaint doesn't get in the court without the prosecutor indicate the people did know of the other of this court shows we the people want to get a case into the courts and the prosecutor won't sign off on it there is a bond amount that can be placed by the people her situation what are the other is going to court the one who's making the allegation or the actual perpetrator going in for probable god and so in that regarding birds just earlier in the year they ask if you won't sign it as a prosecutor tell us how much money we need to put up as a bond against our claim they wanted to actually bring a judge he police in other and you can imagine the prosecutors not going to want to help you tatooing their bodies and that the whole problem with our government is the whole government the whole thing is protecting their bodies because they're all guilty of it magenta other protect them because they're all guilty and we need to share it like tater whose willing or like that charioteer county whose willing to do the investigation when he makes the claim and then an i put that towards the prosecutor to the prosecutor won't prosecute the case while the now we the people can see that and i initiate montereau what he does is he asks they're going now sure on an answer this that he's going to pull something out of his back pocket and say you're wrong and that no telemachus which is amazing because he so knowledgeable that john waters very very significant he's running on the taxes are like my there were i'd like to say something about that taxpayers party and about you in that aspect you started off in the republican are you're a business woman you in all you all multiple companies that's the part of the majority if you will especially of people that are involved in the train to run successful and profitable use to watch the fiasco that is gone down with him that party within the and he was going yes and watch them a tent to extricate you from what the agenda what their plan was up front to basically an organization to take five of you out all at once from that one party absolutely as so for all those people that have been long time life members of this party they jumped together with you and so we got to find a solution to take this individual you done a rainbird yet he still on the ballot because these people are not necessarily about the republican party there about the candidate so it was there was no time after another liberal short amount of time after he asked of such a illegitimate for so rose with perpetrated on the people that the people found a way to get you back into the running at that point time i didn't have to do it the thackerayan point i because everybody here at a what a hope the party system has actually become and so to me the fact that you are still running among the late shows that the people actually don't really want the republican party they're not really straight to it people anymore because we witness what that it stands for nothing they stand for nothing they do nothing man taller part of the global uganda who you know run wiser as on the atlantic counsel if if we don't think entire organization is run by global it were as much as i can all the priests standing up for mark and leo which was a good to beg to fight on that level the ballot initiates they're giving people things to keep them busy which keeps him away from the core is so while they're getting people to do something over in with him over here and that's exactly what's happening they are not going to be able to make a sizable change all we get rid of this yet if the united states did not start out with them george washington absolutely against us in didn't even want to be president i kind of he was a true soldier and in disorder to the job and go home and the kind o the kind of coerced him into being the president but he didn't really want to either and what we've got is to get people that have jumped on board it is a way to make money their parasites they are parasites they have no no enter the rest of us and now we get come to terms the that the whole thing topped bottom is corrupt we and the whole thing needs to needs to be to be reputed manethe constitution in the constitution that government corrupt it is our not only a right but a all back and go back to the constitute our foibles knew exactly what was going to happen they'd already seen it and you know it's really crazy i did i started the series called pure corruption on my tale and i want to read this they do they make laws and rules that are in their see the sable marketing calls and tax for all but political why give the benefit to politicians that no one else why are they more special than any one else does this with big money behind them right the laws in the should have been an amuser designated and filter on email rather than an ass weapon an advantage vanished the flaws in the and what needs to be changed i really think that i've been able to see to be able to see this you know you know immediately within our is running and as a just a normal human being that wants to run you know that once to live my life in happy with a cup of coffee and really i just want to see the world with better a thing that i'm really disturbed is alceste got a lousy candidate they got to bring in people that are now croiselles turned the political roam into a quasi the beginning when i got into this with all of these people that want to have these debates in the sand and their creating other creating the and if the candidate's don't fall fall in line with them they locked their heads right off in the political or so even all of these political political organizations even the canteen look how many candidates are at angers news angers that are coming now to dixon's and because she had a lousy candidate they had to bring in other big guns in order to say i adore her i endorse who is not who is a right is a pro choice candidate that they brought in just hop in the grandpethe democrat and furthermore ever to my look in an outfit that the slaving party but it's an observation every time i look at the outfits at dixon is wearing shoes to wear like the standard uniform of a news caster which was a you know you know the dress without the sleeves and you know fairly fairly body can conscious and and then all the sudden i start watching and she's worsted wearing the exact same outfits that i am all of a sudden she started to her jeanne she's got the white shirt or no she's got you know she's got the you know the outside to which is actually what i wear because you know i go to my burnouse now are nesbitt outfit is to wear a vast we were i were so were vast because that way it keeps my arms free to move to do whatever i need to do without the incumbrance of and so it's really crazy i watch us and i'm what do you do in my look at what i'm weary in catechising your outfit of the day that the to do it for before optics yeh will danster and so here is my perception post number two that is absolutely nutty and animosity at the truth tellers out at hollywood but failed to address the castlebar class of politics her whole being that people are domino follow the and and oh yes this is a good person because they may have their mind that this is a good person rather than actually looking at what's going on why did john why so celebrity a gentian did ate it involved a police why are they jumping in in politics to manipulate the why any different than being manipulated by the follow the star hollywood style program there is no difference a leading people down the primrose path being told who vote for rather than making up their own minds or the what happens when those who tell you who to vote or have an agenda or part of an age part of a global adjoins research look at the candidates who are part of the state no you know trust god and then i also posted let no man be your teeth you know surprise surprise that comes from the bible anybody that understands remains aromatic where he would throw a few words out never bring the congregation you exactly what was being that's exactly what what i did in the situation it's really a roman let no man be your teacher look it up than bible and there's lots and knowledge around that as out of true it and then we're going to get to the next since out former michigan secretary of state say proposed takes away a lot safeguards do all the proposals are and then we're going to go down further because i am looking into connection all of the funding for who how it comes to there was a case i'll read progress michigan filed complaint alleging serious michigan campaign finance and violations against the republican governors association are and the michigan working again i'm on the chap that i was able to get to republican governors association and the i am as an the army republican doccia how from the public effect that our gas actually billions of dollars in spending on dixon the orgies reported to the iris that it has has the spending money propping up dixon's while foretelling the public in michigan i am aware for all that spending was not as outlined in the complaint desperation to save his boundary campaign has led to potential violations of campaign finance law and potential illegal cord scott and executive director of progress this city show game between the republican governor of association and get me she and working against super pat is not only a major major violation of michigan campaign science law but it implicates coordinate camp which may have been illegally coordinating the campaign at then i released the plan i i got the actual come they and then with further things as and his report is spanning hundreds of thousands of dollars on independent in the gubernatorial election campaign finance for however are as reported to theirs that it has may those from the car in the the reveals the duke he comes on i am a a is telling the michigan through its that it is making while the arga is telling the hours that it the ideas actually making those indicated in the three columns on the right this whole thing shall game it's unbelievable in my so complicated that an average person would never understand how is of things for me i've never accepted any pack money or any dark this was going to be a black hole of and they will look for was to set me up but you know what they are doing it all the time but the parties hid it from the people and go along with it completely it including the two parties absolutely manipulate the voter then to take them right down the path of their leading them then in power and who are their over lords they are only a bunch of the long level puppets in their two stupid now that their being used or maybe they want to be used or maybe there being paid off the he like my liniment one earlier kind of one of the white people type the constitutional as common law tired of the ass in and thornton it's amazing how many there actually are in the state and another group stepped up and started approaching the various politicians and asking them would you honour your old oofie in they started getting signatures and things that had so as they call just like what you there watching what the real people to leave the people than the people that actually are tired of this their watching what we're doing because we are the vigorish so they mimic and they the granting all of these people even into the republican party martinswand you will somehow for the republican party were sheer really benches on the common law we the people take but be they need be able to make the people while we in that there on our side that republican party they have been grafting everything that is we the people from night even the grass roots groups i had in grand the head of it to hans of the grassroots to me and ask me to run as a democrat rather than a reel you need you absolutely need to run as if it was a democrat that's how you're going to win this is a grass root who has a candidate of candidate within an resume an expert they absolutely were trying to torpedo beginning and this includes not just at the date docharty left me alone because they knew that the republican party was going to try to finish me off as he can why why and why are they would there all working together they just let the republican party eat up and destroy good candidates because there all and the rat a lot of them and i've got names that i can name from top to bottom in this in this organization and that are working organic you know you look at the republican party what's an organization that's right hand of that stand up right right there to stand up michigan were working together stand up michigan started off was again the common group of people that were tired of having what was coming into we were gettin master the time which really had a even to the republicans to take our speech and our decision into theoretically that republican party it started out i believe as i've heard that it started out as actually communist organization down in i was moved to miss it is i think in the beginning to the members of that organ man well they meant well and they were they went to try to change things because they soft things going wrong and then all of a sudden the slow burn and what happened sally information torpedoing the candidate that was behind starting it and then watch the deception the infiltration and the tearing down to have it just become something that i didn't start out just exactly like the republican party is the republican party stands were not does not never stir out during any of the code they were they have not to speak out about about anything with election there go along to get along under the part and i in allusion but of the it's a unity with dimming the the voters the illusion of the all these are the candidates that we're going to put up the give you the illusion or actually all they wanted of us we love your candidate that you chosen for us to go and pass our boat the you know lowe have no choice the torpedo any one that was going to get in there and all the system around and restore it to but i think when the actual we a people that are actually concerned about this that our good the voter and you know involved in all these different ways i think the more they recognize that we've all actually kind of left the republican ticket the democratic ticket was never one really available especially in line of the people that are up in the executive office is now that being metal and a white i think the more they realized few people there are actually less better voters in the republican party and then looking at what the option is in their ticket being tutored i think they'll not finally make their way over into that light into the truth into the weed the people are into the grass roots organization because inaction was another one of those organization like stand up again like marina who started off really not being the republican or the democratic was left both our problems in this subject has to and i had i think no more the people realize that were already out i would hate to be one of the last republicans in the republican party bastard up at because i ran was so successful that turning to have to be succeeded amenothes governors are all so you know i hate to say it but new anchors and or after sorry but i have a little bit of a problem with scout and see in it you know this is a this is not the way the to work it's you know in my opinion it's election to have any of this i know i don't i don't agree with any of we now and we all laughed to california when they elected arnold i am a governor i mean it is tutor of better alternative for michigan than our armathwaite was reclining now and there something else that i want to throw out there that i think needs to be investigated i think we need to look into this lumination that's out there because lumination is looming over the head of pretty much everything there's been a lot of things that looked like they've been taken down a scrub from the internet but guess what internet way that machine is forever and you can find a lot of things you know you look at lumining women technologies and then i i am i anerithmon he's put into this education fiasco in now and then then we can we can start looking further than that i think that everybody should start looking into lowenstein news if there is a cone this is i should be it at least investigated to see if there is a direct contact it seems a little it seems a little odd to me who am i watterson have to go dig it up i love that stuff for i you know i enter observations to things that just damages sense to me and if they don't make sense they should make you know or should be herthelf doesn't make sense in all was like a duck quack probably do ye you will part of what i did for work you know was basically had hunting so my job was to find information and research and find the needle in the haystack of an individual i loved to dig in it looks through that truth and you know he sometimes in order to get information as a social engineer he rascally a share information that isn't somewhat clouded now you make statements that allows other persons to run with the idea and build the unlike the movie inception you know i don't have to say its pacifically i can say it rodentia you to leave the direction and there's a lot of ativeness so my husband is an absolutely wonderful wonderful man i love him smart he said he did to see the video of bombing boon and a wall not at as it's really pretty funny and then he might donataire so many high profile people coming to michigan to campaign for both sides my point why are we having no taste coming to michigan and people to surround dixon because she's a lousy candidate and his things he's got laughing face he is like to campaign for both sides may be somebody is ringing on their parade i wonder who that could be all the name that shall not be mentioned you know a brandenburg running for governor i wonder how that that election are that debate reaction video went over because eccelino how it went over because we were watching the and you know it's like the bad is there now honestly the funeral they kicked me you know kick me off and you too good luck with that we just started a channel now we're not like streaming to that yet because the programme is going on but not only did i start brandenburger in our wet we are broadcast twitter you tube and rumble we've also got brandenburg news network dotcom that is going to be the replaced for for for a conservative voices or whatever i'm not going to i'm not going to go there right now but i tell you what they try to sigenok when then you know i own a little to company we can step right round the outside we got to replace as we people i care they can only they can only get part of it and after that they're going to have to come and take a shot and take us out because you know why if it goes to if it comes to that they've really open up a can of if you're in michigan and you don't understand why michigan so important yet look at the world economic form and look up urban transformation they have chosen tis the place as the headquarters transforming every every local municipality in so michigan is a key location for the global caballito those corporations that on everything those international dollars that want to get down and control useth local level so orofenans formation anybody go abetting an out decriers there preferred going place instead has a global or or international he has ways of hiding because of the water that's around us watch the water this is a part of it and also trafficking that's why michigan is a drop of a train i want to know where these people are going and i know that i've been told by people in law enforced on there's several cities that are a drop of it and not one person is is investigating this the way that it should thing down the immigration of the refuge or the illegal immigrant prove that we have i can guarantee over into human trap there's no accountability of what's happening with these people and why are they dropping off people in michigan so easy to hide them in part so i ended up going up eye and stopping by taharuu there i come out here in the middle of all the billionaire's right here within like a half mile every one of em has gotten a residence he i was taking an information i thought i was fairly significant why is it that all of these these global billionaires are sitting there but there in a harbor why are they connected to to the rest why are most of them developed watch what happens when you get land and grab and developers involved in look at you know bill gates and the amount of farm land in such so through gates the globes to china the you know how much they own a then that their trying to do a landriani can guarantee you something that i feel really strongly about this muteness the happeneth the wind mills in wind power which is a complete and utter financial and ecological and economic after and i've gone down and done the analysis of it because i actually know what i'm talking about with so study with the western illinois university years ago and we ran down main this this is really what started me down my pen he really waveworn the wind energy because it's not it onomatopoeic it works like a ianthe day gives them had lain and so what they did this when they wrote the contrast for putting these multi million dollar windmills and to each one of them as a minimum of two million dollars to put in and then you've got all the civil work the gathering and i not they lose three per cent of the efficiency through the gathering system the other in the energy of from the windmills and and then you can get into the composite materials and what happens in the cool and now come and the pay offered this dickson but what they didn't tell everybody because they raised the for so the farmers were starving to death as they went on so far as society you know what we're going to go ahead and alone to pain these windmills to defer some of the burden the tax bird but what they didn't tell them because this is what the energy companies in these global esto is they don't they don't tell him the intent steel which is exactly what it is they did not put in a way to remove a remediate these winds they have a twenty to twenty five year life so now at a million dollars of to remove these these wind mills burden is going to be left in the farmers oh my gosh where is this going to probably it land grab by corporate who are owned by the global to grab that that those farnfield when the re mediation is going to be probably legislated by our by our god our own government well that before they all have to be lubricated in order to run i guess what it takes for lubrication for those things all and of hundreds of gallons of oil in pacifically for the purpose that the refining it so as an alternative it's not a replacement because triplanetarian product a trio replace it's worse going with the alleged fossil fuels because i want it i absolutely reject there's no possible way and we can get into that another day but there's no no possible way that falsifies are in fact foil that was a designation made by the rock o fellers in order to people into the low scare he the only the only way they make money on a the alleged possifus which is fat ugly lie you go and that's the reality of it it doesn't take so many to the smart iron the world can that many dinosaurs died in the covered up and under bad rotten thousand ten thousand feet a bad anybody actually think that that is big deposits are made up of vegetation and diana dying all at the same time with millions and millions and millions of barrels of oil the petroleum products in that one you know yeah it's something altogether different and atalanta show i know we're getting near the end i could launch into that one and that would be a fine one to get into because the light is the lie the lie the lie brandenburg who with whose name shall not be mentioned will continue to talk and and how the sun in pounds we break every last one of their lives down to what they are is a manipulation anyhow they go alicia you close so i can tend a couple things and that afterward i know he tried to get keepit hours but you know honestly i think you and i could probably talk for years and never hit the same but were continue to do so to be a tartar here in the river such soothsayer on to morrow there may is cerinthe riviera as jason in the river and wednesday i think we might have a special gastein the tournon that day with not the details but i think that could be a lot of fun so anyhow let's go ahead and put in close with prayer here and move forward into our day or eject i can't tell you the move off or equity i'm sure he had something to to deal with their so we're going to go ahead on and move him off the sides to you and i know so here we go we're going to pray for the day and for our elections and i'd like to ask every one to commit to prayer our elections now until next there are so many people that are i need right now who have been a band that can't for that this is an issue of people they want to keep us it is and always come where is our for as our heart for the or are we sally out to be a a people we need to be able to stand a stand proudly on every level for our fellow archaean and be there to was the only one that was he chose not to throw the time to wales weapons down and people that make and be able to identify the real threat in the real criminal not people we have petty differences we need all of these people that are hurting children stealing from the nation that are committing treason knowingly knowingly doing these violent crimes or those are the ones that we need to be not our neighbors on petty defence that we probably can step into a role of being a or someone who can help educate them on what the real issues in love but i'm going to tell you what anyone who set up themselves as a true enemy and a true oh your managin i'm an bring you back in yet any one who would i seen as we need to be there for the people are not necessarily the enemy they've been trying to keep us divided and fighting each in reality there are true atomies out there and we need to be able to identify the the monsters who are in that who are actually working for satan himself destroying people people lives victimising those are the true atomies of we the people of god's people who really have good hearts every single one of us is guilty of something there is like the verses that i read earlier is that i don't know if i read these early that all had fallen short of the glory of god and to those of us who really want to do the right thing sometimes fail in our it is background or feet again they were sorry we confess and he has come in her feet in a walk and again he believes that continues to how out o the the dear heavenly father thank you so very much for bringing us together as of those without a who have been evil evil evil in there in there the warps of how the world we ask that you and pour your grace and your spirit out our very hurting time use every plan of the enemy and that your your will be done here on earth as it is you is that you give in every single they would ask that you would turn all hearts to you that every new about and every time jesus is in our lord our saviour a counsellor or provider in our thank you that only perfect to throw a and we asked that you to be more daily was that we would always glorify you that we would honor you stand for that we would stand in the gap for people that don't know where the or that are in they are a little you to educate those who are lost that we would come beside people that we would be true then we would go and minister people who are hurting that they don't know where to and we asked all good purposes your good purposes are forward and every day in that more people would come to the saving knowledge of jesus and be thank you to every one so this is the part of the show or you go to mining we remain to brandenburg for governor tom or brandenburg news network dotcom i've got a ton a videoconference were counting on the other day and that number keeps going up we did a whole bunch of tapestry so i think we're going to have a bunch of less than five would brandenburg tadeos that are going to be coming up shortly that you're going to be able to to pass on a people and share so that we can talk about true allusion and what's wrong and also true solutions that how to fix constitution constitution constitution constitution guns to shane somehow that i constitution nowhere going to go back to constitution and back to god and exactly the way that we need to to go we talk in it to morrow a day or two days reconducted to morrow suit and also now that you're not alone out there there's many many restarting for you that are god fearing people and i don't mean statesmen though having father has got who swear who do swear and let no matter what none of us are afraid to step forward to come against this global is this international global cabal national crime senate that our people were so done that if they pick mechante picked a long place because this is that place of faces a wonderful community here again so many people in the spirit so really knows look for the symbols journal to pick him out easily from the see this he see that happening see this see when you see that actually i was talking through my hands i wasn't trying to form the pyramidia like when you see that happening fact is there's many of them watch for them because they will point you exactly to that dear to go to and and no who you're talking to at that moment in time it's right out there all you got to do is look for it because the craven exactly been trying to hide their guns smart and look for that sort of in its pure evil and when people really see the peril that's been going on it's going to stop many people's hearts absolutely so anyhow there's many many of us that are fighting for you and we will never never never back this is not a backdown moment this is a give it every single thing you have the longsuffering as enter the pearance from abernaquis we intend this with god bless you all those whom you love and god bless thank you so much for being an today can always enjoy conversation anyone else we talk in later and thinks everybody have a great day