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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 7/31/2022 - Live today - 10am interview with Jericho Gonzales!

Published July 31, 2022, 10 a.m.

One of the most educated people I've ever listened to in politics! Self taught, humble, and VERY interesting. Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning this is donna brandenburg with brandenburg news network and i am in for governor of the state of michigan is my morning broadcast i have a wonderful gas to introduce you to to day his name is jericho in alice and he is a right and candidate i want him to explain himself to you i i met him for the first time at a meeting over very county this week and i got to tell you what he is probably one of the most interesting people i have met in politics yet very well educated and he but he self to which means that he's thinking individually is not being found answers and i am really interested to hear what he says on a variety of topics he did he have some incredible creative solutions and in response when he was at the very county meeting so we adding him in the just a minute here so hopefully we are all sariette glorious day that god has given us in it it's as beautiful out here in michigan yesterday we had the parade environment and a lot of fun there lot of people out there so we were able to say i do a lot of friends and people that have been following me that were along the parade round such and that it was a lot of fun we ever schedules right now who are in fact in my schedule across the state so we will be doing a lot o more many men more appearances a speaking gageac i have been able to uncover the mother lode of information this week having to do with with the other's actually a michigan little michigan oligarchy going on which is a bunch of families at really are the ones that are controlling most michigan politics and to be able to look into that and see where the money is going how their filling it hollering at through foundations and such i monteori on that more this week as well as the demolition back on on monday and a cruel investigator on tuesday mascot and and he's also running for office i had the almost the first words that came out of scots mouth when i talked to him the first time as you do realize you were set up my response was a yeah i sure was so we're going to continue to expose all these things of the attacks their own actual candidates instead of the installed one by the by the the institution are political institution that we have going on right now and a onotowatishika think the very very important this battle even though we look at a lot of things that are going wrong this battle was already won before we ever started it and why i say that is the god always wins god winds and god always when he knows the outcome of whatever it is that we are going through what we're going to have to face and fortunately for us god is on the side of believers so the victory is already won before the balearic or is god and god in god always went when you think about it think about what peter did peter walking on water daniel lyon to the three in the tree ferns even even parting the red sea or walking across the gorge river on dry land god to intake any situation with any threat behind us and with a little fat we're going to win regardless of what it looks like on the outside and he will hand us in if will is for this to be done nothing can stop what's coming absolutely nothing can stop what's coming and i do believe that the favour of god is upon us because we've been heaven hearing our prayers the evidence is out there in so many different directions and i just want to courage everybody to to stay in your bible read feed your soul as we're going in your spirits were going through some difficult times and i i'm guessing that this invasion to more difficult things come in the future okay we can make it through that it's not it's not any different than any other day we live by faith they think god and knowing that he is good all the time he can do anything and no matter what no matter which way things go it's god's will be done on her own so at this moment time i'm going to ask i'm going to add carcassonne to him and i think you're going to find this an absolutely delightful and pleasurable and wonderfully informative interview good morning jericho are you unfasten oh oh wonderful i'm so glad that you're here today i was so impressed with what the your presentation the other night and how you conducted yourself you know i've been in this political good sense a september of last year a little before that because i was i was talking to people and in focus groups in one thing that's really missy is the ability of men able to talk with people who who you have a difference of opinion with and it was so it was so beautiful how you handled all the questions your answers were thoughtful and wonderful during that debate and i didn't see you as necessarily competing as as providing good answers because i think that i am of the opinion that really this is too important to save the state and the best answer the best candidate has to win the one that's going to be able to unite the unit the state and get everybody pulling together because we are not pulling democrat or republican that's a unity we are pulling the teeth to the two adversaries going on here the real adversely institution the establishment the unit unitarians we the people and we need to make sure that our focuses on the right replace i say that there is definitely a easily disconnect between the contents of a man's mind and the contents of the soul and soon disagree with somebody but if they are a decent person and he in all it's just a matter of disagreement is not a celibate of i think that this is not necessarily by the saying that i think that this individual is a proteus think have information yea and in every if we can take things out than we usually get the mean that's the way that the united states is supposed to be working where we we talk or discuss the insanest idea wins no matter you know at the end of the day the best idea going forward that that works for the people is the way we need to go and and i believe political people need to listen to the people so i'd like you to kind of introduce yourself tell every one what you running for and why you're running as well as some of your ideas i really thought your grasp i go back curse was wonderful when when when there came another idea to a back current under with what we have under both down and your aunts for the atlas brilliant i began i say that first repeating it so deafening i'm running the congress in michigan second in and received it in his personal i think that the democratic party has beyond a i have had with republican party can be but as a right now i have a sedate current standard of republicans getting into office i think that they have abandoned their base and that for the past thirty years they've just one of the balls lyndon the hill every compromise has been promised towards the democratic the democratic agenda blackbeard and i would say that then that beyond balan it was a post and that we had to see a republican and a long time we actually was concerned about calling back some of the territory that we have lost all those he i think if we can get the democrats on the face and reformed the republican party i think if we can get the democratic party on the defense that we can get them to find the compromise our direction of constantly ever increasingly left now in regard to but the debate that i was hastings i would say that you made my my poems assertions we should back the national debt that we should back the currency with our natural resources made little to no sense upon father analysis because what that would be functionally a convert or and that a national debt into something i can more which means that if ever i for an adversaries particularly china with its four point two trillion dollars of foreign debt that holds of hours if ever they decided that they would be necessary if ever they decided that it would be necessary to foreclose upon any portion of that otaheite lay siege some about a torso a default on a dead in any part with allow for the allow for the the chinese government or any other government potentially may see to our theosophical rent administration seems how bent dispensing with us strategical observes that a different problem but i do think that at the end of the day a volunteering that is something for foreign adversaries to exploit directly as worse than perhaps equally bad enough come as having administration that is hell bent on dispensing with our earth i think you can back the currency but only for a brief period of time and if you goin to do that you should have you should have a series great vance that mortal cases will be made during the transition period which by definition must be just what we can stabilized parents over a small period of time and hopefully encouraged supply to meet the demand and since ye well the other thing is that that you know have worked with the gas and oil companies i can tell you there's a shallow game going on especially when they deal with as natural resources and mineral rights and such one of the things that the gas companies the oil companies were doing for a while their is they would pay people for their mineral rights under property and tell him that they were going in after the natural gas but what they didn't tell him is that there is also oil under neath that so there there isn't you know there's an indeterminate amount of of natural reserve anywhere and that we can't get an accurate count of it so in a way by approaching it that way we may be selling our selves was short for taking care of the death when all the sudden they have all the rights to the minerals or the natural resources and we find out that they're like a thousand times greater than what are politicians are are estimating it at you have to realize that that point time is that if you give anybody that's an office right now an open checkbook it's going to be empty and there's going to be a so i don't feel really good about that and i thought your analysis of it was brilliant this hearing you at that event impetus that we have the oven has produced responsibility and look to idemnify agree with that i am i've saying that the years the government is to take taxation is upon the argument is that we can more justify that they by applying that money to what we will with a and in the in regard to intervening that that seems to check out a bit everything else i think there's a degree of grave i think we owe the taxpayer would the green degenerating to spend the money the most effectively were going to reptilian we should be trying justify that to the best of our ability and currently washington set no interest in doing it's a criminal nest of you know of living off the tax payer and voting themselves raises how how did they get away with us i mean how can they possibly vote themselves raises or give raises to the people that are cooperating with him you can see the cross the state mention that our politicians at our of course are going to get themselves a raise that they can get away with it because they've already proven themselves not to have the character of the do what's in the best interests of the population i have a little problem with with property taxes quite honestly because if you are charged property tax as the way the tax system works you never truly own your property you are merely a lease a leaseholder because if you not pay taxes if you do not comply with any rules or or cod or anything like that they take your property away while then if they can do that then you don't own it and that's that's wrong absolutely i think aship is so ship of property in particular has a has always a historical record been the number one way storing wealth from one generation to another and this is one of the reasons that i don't really like reverse oh because what they are is the basically saying yes i am i allege should be a london my retirement there would not that a good deal with it but the back and castitate you wrong your children are now longacre will not longer feeble to have the wealth that you and stored in the value of the whole if they want to dispense with their backs very well but i think it is so a generation generation itself is supposed to be the best way of living that at and the stuff involved in it too because he personages have are not necessarily it's more of a quick gain scheme than when i let you know from what i've seen then then in a something that actually functions in the best interest of those who are employing the reverse mortgage is really easy to to create a very negative situation that you can't get out of very quickly with the reverse more that and acatalectic so like my babying him there by engaging in homage by seating woebegone or you end up doing as you end up doing the exact thing instead of your children inheriting your house right now organisation such as black in entire neoteric ularly in the d c yes it's really it's really kind of interesting how that works it's like when you look at alderson too you know when people have to put their parents into facilities so i had it before my dad died we had to put him there put him in a facility casemates breaking windows and and you know he tried to break a couple of windows and i mean it was it was really really difficult for us we weren't set up enough we tried to keep impositions and soothe strip away all mom and dad well whenever they have earned in their lifetime bring him down to a very small amount of money and then medications but it's not enough to pay the bill so then they go after the kids wellaway know he doesn't pay for mandane to you can keep him here or you can take you now you can take him home but but you're going to the remainder the monthly cost you know the remainder which is in the thousands of dollars the kids have to pay so not only do they go after ramadan they go after the wealth of the kids of their other you know of their kids and it it is absolutely a another waitedst the family and keep it from being strong having heavy nay verily a daughter as well as dealing with my parents when i think i think that would be really helpful if we work on having reset son or across the state where say you know if you have an older parent you can maybe drop them off during the day they could get meals may be some i get help in a shower and such so that people could actually go to work during the day instead of being disabled at home and then pick him up at night brigham but mamma dale at in their home at night and that way you don't disable an entire family trying to take care of my adoration bills that are that are you know that the older industry charges and when you break down how they're doing it the costs are absolutely absurdly high yes i agree is interesting that you bring up this particular subject i because when my grandmother was my grandmother fell in with a stroke to keep a home and that he accepted the vast majority of my only plenishing for her on purple trying to the given education and the supposed is why i didn't universal but i wouldn't trade that experience for a world i had got turkey grandmother here with me and i although it was difficult work was well worth while especially in retrospect a mathematician doing as a result of that noisome stunted go i think that it was ultimately necessarily was a necessary thing to do was the right thing to do she wanted to go here at my grandfather would be the home and be on my grandmother had time to go was a hot breaking far and but it was the right thing to do i think she even all you wanted to be sent off to do she want to die was that she remembers that in the whole she built and i don't think it would have been appropriate to a sacrifice the entire product of life just for the sake of sensation to the illinois would so just manage to death rather than actually do or any good man i agree with that it was really it was really nice so we my mom had broken her back and we took my dad and i didn't realize how bad i was i was havin problem when it started with us and we were able to keep him home here for about nine months and it was he he was getting progressively really it really hard to handle us a really good man with a really good heart but i tell you what some of these some of these diseases that we get or do you know as we get older are so so incredibly hard to deal with and my heart goes out to any family that is dealing with it right now as well all the wonderful people like you who have worked so hard to keep their family members home because that really is the best environment if i can make it work and my thoughts are as we should work hard or to be able to help keep him in their homes as long as we possibly can and also help the family members who are caring for them to nottoway disabled a whole family of there's a way that we can do that and work with you know on both sides i think that we have a responsibility to our population america first rather than to what is it is like two hundred seventy five billion dollars to win to the ukraine again and all of this oliver are weapons in such posthorses going on i mean talk about mismanagement we can't even take care of our own people without stripping you know with the strife everything they have a way yet that seems to be the political merit now yes i would everything that happened to stuttering soyera when other thoughts do you have because i know like like a wegetable go in a million different directions here and and this babenberg news network is kind of like in a menever really have a plan for where this is going to go i get out in the morning and say say to god well where do you want this to go to a kind of moves in ship shape and in two you know this little memento what else is like to talk about what stunting that's pressing on you and the particular well how about you let her in you as in your mind as i had something that i did pull off that is about the the fact that there is the purchasing and wisconsin well baas were banned but now they have founded by the sucker box mobile home traveling voting machine and they were spending the lethe purchase for the vehicle was approved august ten twenty the sienese wisconsin for two hundred fifty thousand dollars and is paid for through the city's grant from the center or takin civic life a non profit one more wavecrests are five one three men we saw that with you know two thousand miles for three hundred million dollar donation from baboo folder marked zabern once again tucker box are involved in ringing our election i keep in imagine having a mold immobile vehicle and that i saw another one to day that showed it showed the smaller vehicles also in other cities are managing the absentee ballots through now the mobile ballot though we dispute terminates what they seemed to do well i'll say this next a sum the sake of men but they have been no less intention there is more possibly care this is what literature such is unimaginably as but i can't canaanite it is to imagine but it even more painful to accept the sort of conduct that the aconite without election even if you assume there is no point think this a very good argument that the i think that even if you are is not from when you will end up with what we now with is just a system which is so late to be insecure i arrives absentee batty you must apostolate which no nation in europe because it's it's unreliable it unsteadying and addition to aceronia existence are the bitten most countries there are also difficult to relieve lithe integrity of a particular program with that that i think that i think may be perhaps the entire nation should remove back to paper that i think so too paper ball hand count one day voting and try to put the back into something that looks like a secure system because right now it's not and there sosie points in our election system that is that it's almost hard you get her hands around it you know yes like i was saying in haste i'm not inherently against inherently against absent i think without that but the military could not so i think and trigeminal times in places perhaps out i think if you're going to do abstention just man out balance in a male deever citizen a renunciation i think that in that going to do absence you may request wraps into ballater one on any one wants to put taken that system can just think universalizing the system is an unsecured running an election finest necessarily mean modafinil halibut it doesn't necessarily mean to happen in order to have gotten the terrible result it just so happens that we had a terrible system developed and then we also acted yes it's a new the s p election division will oversee mainland balance is that going in a room or good direction fast you know what endorsed by soon they endorse how can they endorse a candidate and then you know we we have to assume that with all of these i thaletis anabelae while they were they were good or not you know that that should fall under the category of male fraud which is which is very serious if they are involved in this you know but that would like a whole nother camors to go down but i think it would be a good one at the very least a question all the palace to be refused to doesn't necessarily well increased in trust in our elections now is this that your number one issue really is the election integrity it is an issue i would say it's my number one as she reinterpreted to be honest so the the extent which i mean busful in action for naathin i could do things like congressional reform and education i really think that that that's a wonderful answer in an honestly the integrity of the people were voting for is more important than than anything at this point time and its helpful if there's malice to back it but the fact that people are willing to you know go to the mat for fighting for the american people as the most important most important on the bales you know like the aimante keeps coming up well that's the great and we can defend them because yes there unconstitutional or banyan leaf would go to the core of that which is the fact that it's it's a violation of our constitutional rights right in my god and you know it is sure by the constitution they're going to come up with another mandate or another way to subvert constitution so to go back to that everything has to hang on the constitution and not have target vexation on one way that their train of mass with us because guaranteed they probably have a less i am at this list in vision maybe ten thousand things on their list in their dwell we're going to try we're going to try and unconstitutional mastiate that works shall it see how they sheetiron and then we're going to go to the the vaccine mandates and then we're going to go too close in the schools bound you know covenanters the let's go to monkeyin how many more things can they go through a distant theodore you know well in interesting fistesses is this a major part of congressional form at my estimation of you not to the history books i think you'll find that the constitution was thrown out some time round the administration would re wilson oh there was a book written in eighteen ninety politics and administration and the argument of that agitated but the the argument in that particular book is that society up to that point had become so advanced that the traditional constitutional form of government just would three brethren separate colors of government just insufficient to be able to solve the problems of a modern era and so the progressives of that time tried to find a figure head reform the government to into assist into a framework that could address on problems in a way that was independent of the old constitutional frame what was that book called politics and administer who wrote that a blessed the authorities me at this moment but it was revealed and i think it was something german no my malison at sea sand so that since then resist time of both the republican and the democratic party have been have attempted to find a figure that i allow them to reform or to government to separate the political apparatus from the administration and so you have the people electing a potion and that sort of visitation is taken under revise of the administrative any time that new figures that is proven to be unreliable the establishment shifts and tries to quarantine that strips power away from under so in italy it was the speaker of the house but the speaker of the house with the speaker of the house could function much like the prime minister and so the thought may be that could maybe that work so they tried that that turned out to not be a very good in that temptation came in office that they ended up moving over into then stripping the speaker of all of his powers and they moved over to the office of the president and from wood raison on the way to the ministration of nixon they are the precession was that the congress would just give as much authority to chief executive that they could just deal with problems and the massive congressional reforms of the nineteen seventy reform and the way that the administration work and the way that congress worked and the end result was that comes no longer passes built longer passes laws bills which are an instruction to the various administrative and regulatory agencies he in the blacks so congress has a big wish it sent off to an elected creates the laws in the forms of regulation the kick those new administrators no administrative agencies at their own law enforcement agencies so antoinette judgments and so we created the small of of responsibility that a functional many dictatorship under the so the so the department of education his truant officers and if you come to the judgment that somebody is in violation of one of their regulations and so it is both judge jury and executioner and is to make the laws and decide whether not your and so the entire administrative state is nothing more than an the initial act of the count and so you know provocation but that formeth health and services the eye if all of these the inimical in particular the department of natural resources all of these things all of these agencies can make up their own regulation based on some vague past in big bill passing fill it in turned into law and nobody is abortion the product i think what of the things that we should do as at least had i think montesano the registry agencies cannot be respond either cannot be responsible for enforcing the laws the regulations or any regulation they make haste then be asked then be recommitted to congress but has to them be voted because right now congressman got away with having no responsibility the compass something like fine and say who would be against clean a but at the end of the day environmental protection agency fills in all of the things that we would disagree but they got to say that they would aoenian take it just sweep under the rug all the ramifications of i am making a here making a lot of sense and and that's a wonderfully educational and i really really look your nothing beside seen that in the engorging you know working with them and how they create a barrier for entry and then they extort money from companies in order to play volantes and destriers right there writing the writing the policies there the enforcers there they there the inspectors and and they also using on to copyright our laws which we've already paid them we paid for these laws to be written the way they get around it as they publish or they file one copy of these rules regulations these many feet and laws that what you're talking about not real loss but they filthiest but we don't have any access to it you can go look at it you can't capitally useless so there extorting money from companies or people that want to play volumes in the stories and this is so backward and so wrong it's it's incredible and the politicians are in so i'm going to rest in our analysis of the because its brilliant and it means to get means to get out there so i think that's part of what we're doing is actually educating people on what's really happening because our news media the main stream media is public enemy number one they're doing the cover up their craft in the narrative in the propagandists so that mister don't even have access to actual information and because it's so hard to survive very few people have the time to put into you know we're raising families were raising families were providing for a family and such to actually sit in there and do the research in order to get out of the problem so we all need to be in a together in and you know communicate what we know but that that was that wonderful keep going on that is i'm really enjoying iron well i say this the initial problem posed in politics administration is that so is that society is too complex to be run under the old system and for a time they were right but eventually congress developed the subcommittee system which allows a handful of commencement at a given an instance to specialize in particular area of ice another point farther had the idea that deliberation was supposed to take place on every bill that you would have he was supposed to have discussions about things that way in the delivered through the deliveries reason could be injected into legislation so you couldn't just as the possibilities it felt like it was the right thing to do he had to be some degree of disco we've shot that up but shut that out to the administrative agency the good things and i have no word about the action of the end of now there was in this that because congress still held the purse strings i could read in the administration but i can twenty sixteen when republicans had every branch of an every borehaven ment and failed to do anything they failed to even be able to successfully pass a budget they demonstrate to the administrative state of even one single party rule this no check against you he was in them what we call the deep the form of it which but listening is the proprietors of the bureaucracy that last from one administration to the other who viewed the departments the various departments of government as their own instead of the antelope attention the election they they have decided that because in bouillon we can read them in that now now more than ever they they own their departments and so it doesn't matter what he is matter in the president of the united states he is the sole jurisdiction of the d and be with the president of the united states is middle middle offices which i believe come i materially in favor of that you read of the bureaucracy i would not i say that to from that point forward what happened with demonstrate to the administrative state that doesn't even need to fear the electoral the elect electoral process any more because elections now have no bearing because even when you have seen boyle they can't pass a budget which means that they can't successfully bring them emma and to go further to my point is that any time that something is demonstrated to be unreliable progressive every the progressive and of the always has for its abolition of norther than rome was being over right what immediately have enough towards the courtesan the jimmies polish the correct right so anything that that is no longer liable to right in if you dare to disagree on this is a century or debt disagree with the with the progressive world that you are considered to the you have to and in you have to be that has to be quarantined a reformed away a scriptural its real power and so i think that danger is that because you have set it in this that people who have simply disagree with us with but they are old oneself to their own the press to the extent that they can be called prince i'd say that danger that we ran as a society is allowing that to take home things because something can no longer rely on to be depended upon to be the area of disagreement and every one has to be a lot step just just democracy by i put it the people is no longer relevant especially to yet there has to be checks and bound ones that at so otherwise i will actors are going to fill these positions and use that to their advantage and that's exactly where you know that's exactly where we are so so that the asonder description of the whole process you want add to it but i really joined us listening you taught it is something which i study the law but i say well if we go back to your foot back to the subject of the original intent of the constitution but it is well that were i hold to many gennelmen you have a line going all the way you have a line of glassy going all the way from place great through to john and then you have a line going from one of another tangoing from moses by in both of those are contained within the same oh so one of the basic within the constitute within the framework of the where are we ornamentation in bathers were discussing as we are but mortal men capable of corruption as anyone else how if we expect a society how do we expect a society human beings are infinitely fell to run a system long term and i think they did i think they finally figured out that the cause he won being corruptible the only trace that you can do is to get that corruption to working your van so i have you seen it seen the ice the caribbean he so you mean so there's a one i did like that when i thought it was pretty italian burly i like you because you i can trust you because you are a dishonest man and you can always count on a dishonest man to be his but it's the honest one you got to look out for but the moral busy bodies i suppose is what we call them to day but i think if you will i think if you say people are going to try and sequestrate much power as they possibly but the letter he took their power as if if you put the key to that power as a detriment to the key to somebody else's power in another set of section then the whole system becomes an internal fight deadlock corruption against which i think is why which i think is why us constitution is last it banks on the fact that people are going to be basted a and so he sort of rely on that critical fellowman nature a sort of land every one so so your order to improve your own position in standing in society of blanche another man his desire blancan so the initial design of the system a sort of yes people are going to try to become corrupt but in every one trying to become corrupt it in defense reformation after the chapter after resisting in the wood system i think that corruption has just been allowed to run right without really correcting against i think we've just been limping along on the settees of an old system quite well up until up until about the open to the resimont hesitating way and now now we must dispense with everything that has kept us going on that's funny that i have it would be wonderful if everybody would just turn to god be spiritual you know and do the right thing every every minute of their day but we know that that's not that's a little little law unrealistic you know at the work so so i think that that's the we have to have laws and we have to have order in order to stop people from hurting others and it means the enforced in force i like your idea gendered of all these departments of me to leafiest thing is going to be firing sixteen hundred two people and i have a last taille if they cower out and and resign before i get in there has he that that would that telling that's going to change the number is if they decided not to stay for the fiery and start there and work our way through the whole system because most of the system is going to need to be eliminated that from an operation organizational standpoint we have to cut this thing back this is a monster that's just gotten it's a beast you know let's just gotten completely out of it a hand in so many different ways so so the good good point good good you know good observation and that so the withersteen yet so this is sedition question as to how you design overnight do you have a monarchy have an allegiance what you have not liked to marcy houdiniere the founding asked all of the above so we have in the form of a man the obscene if you need quick decisions to be made you can't rely on a constant mate you just have to have one present that is capable of just to be made only one mind to consult isolation show you my soul he might be thinking you know you have you have your course of democratic that the house the senate which hasn't the seventeen the men and i think he was the one greatest the the that the entente which so moved the election of the senate from being something that was held by state register to popular election i think this is this was necessarily a bad move that mostly because the senate is there that in his mien of upper houses in general the senate is that to ask the eternal task quite question over and over again and that is does this power along with the states or does it belong with the federal government and it has to keep asking those questions across time because the apaches from generation to generation from historical moments of historical moment and what the alehouses power exchange i should be considered like a stock market of power between the states and the federal goes moving some powers up and then taking some powers back down as is necessary a crop the pastime and in the form of the east preparations of elders and of the problem and the problem that we have with the democratic system a short time limits your only focused on the here and now immediately what happening you have no sight past the next and a president four years advance hungerers down the road senoussi years down the road with the supreme court because it had a low hasteth has lifetime point so i can think generation and that's a necessary component as well you have to have a long view society the short patches seemed and the reason the senate has the ear now the reason that the senate has the ability to the reason is the senate that has evinced but just just judges and the supreme court justices because federal law state the states being subservient to federal law have to have their input direct into that into the process of yet to override that's why the senate that's a mysian why is the that has the responsibility of housing the appointment and combination of federal judges because the responsibilities of the senate of senators should not necessarily be represented but i represent governments that are the states right we are one nation of fifty states which should operate semitones more responsible i should be lessening that should be in washington more responsible should be invested in the town hall in it is a landing a local power is found power that is post you is formally be able to respond to you that you may be or argue that federal funding would flow down to those areas but ultimately those systems have to be structured locally because that time and titian i would say that i am in addition i would say that ah and tediously that oh well eleeven history or in eighteen i think it was the election is that eighteen twelve eighteen and the election any i mainwaring and in virginia there were more people who voted to be governor of that who would be president the attitude of whom the president is was that there whoever the present doesn't affect me as much as the governor because that was more relevant to me i think that sort of an attitude is something that we should go back to i inferred federal politician handle such manhunting that should not affect should not have you on the deliberate they mostly have how you relate to others the big overarching sweeping questions of our society but i think that at the old bitpin we shoves much power from washing down as far to the local level as we did it ultimately landing at the ear yeah that's absolutely true i think that and the fact that there's so much federal overreach that was never those powers were never given to the federal government and they have taken they have taken power away from the states i truly believe the state should function as a almost like a separate country so that we have imports and exports that the federal government only had he had very limited powers in that was the intention to you know to that was given by the original constitution i think we're in constitution or for right now honestly and couleuvrines and that was the obligations and the chinaware darn good system that they created at the beginning to go back to that there's only there's only a few powers given to the federal government and it's completely flipped an if you can look at something such as the doctor the lesser magistrate the lesser man distract the one that's close to the people in the one that's most suited as sad your point to defend and to respond to and listening to me the people and because because it's been flipped on us we are not being heard we the people have been wasil brainwashed into the system of listening listening thinking we have no power when the reality is is it already that a stablished and we just me we just need to get involved in take that power back and and flipped the organization it is kind of i i you know organization he right upside down right now we the people are in the top branch of government i believe there's five braverman where does not talk that we the people being the most superior to all the rest we don't have politicians that are listening to what the people really want their handing down laws and edicts that nobody agreed to the making them up as as we've seen on the fly and things down to two matteo i think these discussions with each other whether you know like i said whether we agree at what it everybody says it's it's a good starting point for for research on thought and making up decisions or making up her own mind and how we want the nation to be wrong so in that cart would good indication which right now we don't have a real good education system going out it's mostly indoctrination and there's not enough there's not enough actual education going on of orificial seven economic life skills and sat here often you know where i have discussions like the one we you and i are having right now where were heavenliest people's minds so it's really nice to her you know you know we really it's really nice to hear this yes we are the owners of the dona dead down to say we are not a branch we are the owners but you can you can see it as or carwithiel being above all the branches which are branches of the government i have met i had with me a copy of the george washington that kind of a note isotherms madison that he remain the federal government unreasonable jealousies and local interest you no remedies to reason and liberality let us lose originator a little bit there try that again cause them the connection broke of the salive prejudices unreasonable jealousies and local interests to reason and liberality look to our national character and to things beyond the present moment no more n ever done more favorita orse and no day was ever more clouded than than the rest wisdom and good examples our necessary at this time to rescue the political machine from impending storm they did the tarletane through ariodante chattered in it also yet no and i think i think it is definitely a of definitely we arrived from a sense of care national guard the american experiment itself governance that's that's what we've been to since and i agree with this and i agree with this to large extent but i think self governing starts at least emanates from the character of of the anointed all you have to first be able to govern your own instinct their own desires and your own impulses if you are develop a sea society of people who can do that can most certainly developed in mercerton govern themselves and i think it is high time that we start to foment that same character are in our society to the i especially within without children we have got to get them to the point on which they can depend upon themselves and govern the aragon and regulate their own intuitions the roasting and the one ambition against their worst natures that were they can bring up the best natures and i think that if you if we stop develop that kind of a character in our children then perhaps at one one day very soon after we will be able to have a society capable of going itself yet again in the cold all emanates from personal it identity and moral character absolutely really like i done just said that is that we are not a branch of the government we are the owners and that's that's a good correction i'm glad that you said it that way because that is that is the truth i was thinking as a liner i think about it is a line or the which as you know that we the keel on top of the graduate three branches of the traditional government that we that we have done that we have been taught but you're absolutely correctly are the owners of this nation and the directors of it so while saddened point taken thank you yeah you're absolutely right that it is it's built on all his documents were built on a moral people not not just in an unfortunately when we started taking god out of schools when we took god inoculated god to a sunday on only involvement in our life we really lost a lot of the character and a standard that we had to apply to know the first go to the bible first an organ to find out everything we need to know on how to run not only government the how to regulate our lives in a better state of late i was listening to you as that did fighting one common but he in which speaking of natural natural is the assertion of a human with a man it's the assertion that that because god created the world that i am gordoletti seven that law is that portion of god's creation which we the reasonable on and that that is that is a strong base is and i think the mark of god is in all this i think we and perhaps perhaps ignorance perhaps arrogance he desired to be bigger than as we ever can be for a distance pensile i think that we in this decided to elevate ourselves about the hat and while this is great for things like master i don't necessarily think that that's great bertin of man as a certain great humility which must be maintain in the in the heart in order to carry out he too seriously that's true because we are all learning every day we learned from each other and hopefully the next day will be better than the current in that wherein is not as a perfect that say that being right is smaller than i'm sorry and so it being right is more of a gift from if i am correct about five things over the course of my entire life i consider myself a very likely the most productive that guessing the like direction in economy hope i'm wrong and some cut so fantastically useful yeah i think it's important to stay to stay open to information and if you have information that you have before it's okay to say i didn't know that before and i've changed my mind on this because more information came to light i think that that's a big problem when when people are packed into holes for any reason whatsoever and not allowed to girl usually when you see that i believe that it's because people have a different john agoing on or they've got there they've got they got an outcome different different than just wanting to know the truth they actually have a person when the mining judgments when they making like eternal judgments of people souls or their intentions and such so weasel be able to be there to help each other grow and to you know to hopefully if i fall down some day in now somebody else a pickpocket with grace and then if they fall down all picked them up and will walk forward together and in the tourney distortion life that god has given us so there's that was very interest is anything else that you that's been in your mind well i suppose tatting i ride a lot of research constitution reform something to thought a lot about the past seven years and also my work in a hospital so all that is something to abate that i interact with so he cares about the thing i fired out and through health care out come to the realization that although the left is oh i can sympathize with the desires of the left to try and take care of this i think they are far too i in the social we can have one we can have one solution to this problem because a price one s of the american economy extraordinarily complex and i don't think you can solve it with one so the problem with health care isn't that is it's not one problem and the most the problems that i society that ropes maccabees because it's easy to think of i think that is really it's just a matter of breaking it down in the manageable problems and solving the series of problems instead of just trying to solve it at once but in cannister blest how like our primary care is not the same thing as an emergency surgery is different from sourness different answer ambulatory the ambulatory industry that is a separate issue or oneself all of these require separate even pharmacien foules that requires a cetaceous i think that i think before you make any move he outgrew have to first at discussion as to how many problems health care is in this country and then see if we can come solution in favor of market beltons for as many of those possibly the i personally in favour of fate and the heart of direct primary care yes yes and i've heard primary care and palace private medical associations as such and i think that that's a wonderful wonderful idea there's the there's some really good solutions out here to get away from the testiere ownerships absolutely and i think if you can reduce the cost of the front and then you can increase the leader of the of providing a better quality of polity of life is to the cost of professional services across the board one of these ways the universe i see a being self taught one device towards towards the method of and i think that if you are capable of learning you have passion to win these anything that i think you should be rewarded for that and i don't think you should have to go to your why should i have why should you if i am so willing to become a lawyer and i willing to study on my own time why do i have to go to a law school before i am permitted to take the bare this is what i want to do and i have enough passion and drive intelligence to master the material of my own i should just be able to straight to the bar examined take that i have to have a body before him permitted to take this absurd it is absurd and look at how many core classes are having to be repeated in the university system when we had a lot of the court classes a lot of enough school but yet you have to repeat those in a university system that that puts it in the category of its allibone rather than in the category of are you actually learning something new that the whole system is broken topped bottom the ascending by going to university is that i can shut up and take any amount of estates job because i was able to go to university for if i had a pet i can really take the but i think i don't think we should subject people to that kind of abuse just for the sake of getting a piece of paper that's only good to so i lavoisier expensive way to get your foot in the door and i think i think that roadway i don't know i think there is a place for university we all need help and certain there is and i think in the barge i should be able to see the bargain favorite because i have studied for the bar and get my results back to know where i am strong and where i westaway i can go into a i can study out those particular areas that i in particular if you look at it if you look at psychology there are several courses of doctor some everyone has to take psychologists have told me repeatedly you only use about two lectures with material from that entire and so my my question queechy can't i put the shore by course bass unmanageable but on the election the cost down as much as possible and i think any message to educate his is a valid method on this cheating on the final exam i think that any i think that we have to get a system where it isn't necessary where it doesn't matter how you came to know a thing only that because right now we live in a system where it's not what you know it's who you i think that's definitely a problem that we have to rest particularly in the yeah that's it that's a really good point and it's i'm the product of that because i took a lot of college and i was at the university for a lot of years and seeing that i advise my kids not to go i would advise you not to go to college or two university because i think that while there are some instances that it's that it's reasonable most of it is indoctrination rather the not really teaching so much how to think as much a pittite required for their answers they want they they're not teaching critical thought they're not teaching problem solving your not teaching you know putting things together and coming up with your own solution it's all you know these are the expected answers if you can slip back the answers that i'm asking you then we approve you because now we're all in the group think together and then we will make sure you get a job from there but they're not even do a good job on that sad look at lathering out of college with two hundred three hundred thousand dollars to have a job that's paying maybe forty to fifty thousand dollars a year machynleth universities and by culture a product which is the university education we never have a pay off at that rate so in that in that regard the truth if you're going to be truth and advertising or truth and sails of you know how much of an earned latitat program with understudies you know real realistically on is the realistic outcome of that where where is the go in that you know and and they're not they're not being honest with a student so their selling a pianney stuff knowing that these these these industries will never yield the return that merits the amount of money that the putting into this so there there creating debts when and in so many different directions it's not even funny and i think we need to call them accountable for the behavior it just like the theurgist in that crash we had two thousand eight there were whole bunch of mortgages so people and they relied too in some different way if you have the have the responsibility for ourselves let the buyer beware and be educated in our own right so that if somebody who is a shy sir comes our way to steal it or mislead us the bad also rests on us to so if i can go both move the best protection that any one has is critical thinking an auction asking a lot of questions not believing what some one says but digging into that foresees and making our own choices and then then look live with a consequent and the consumers had oscar but that the only way we really achieve true freedom and and cessile the out interesting you recommend but you get an office i would suggest one of the first things that you could do it instruct the water to create appetite basically a genuine university so if you are capable of mastering the now that i think you should be able to just get through an act right and i think may be to those of a quarterly basis because i fall rather pay a three hundred dollar fee for taking a text he twice fathers he ate would be a good recommendation of my into something that you could not answer yeah now then something that you can now at the same level and these for my end i think about one thing infortunes it's born if we are going to fatalities are than we do the same with same way we do they do it the rest of the developed world and that is a fine you're going to college on the public time these are the positions we needed society things you can a study in the public we need dismay physicians this is how many disseminators we wipe the educated we need this many layers this is how the robinia engineers so intense for but i think what we really need to do is pretty tiresome site of ah that allow us to achieve that allows to move in that direct the low to educate themselves the educated was that a just beyond the unity it's absolutely ridiculous that universities are past as much as they do in proprietors even harrateen have a university provides a lack lustre but i think on the yeiris the at the one and there he really pain for people just a just a top not to do like i believe it fully funds when you look at how they take us down through through the subject matter in universities and with training you were were at a huge deficit of large animal veterinarians in the state huge deficit here on a were going to become a critical mass at some point in time an what's really unfortunate is part of that is our food supply as well as you know the farm in economy and in and the skilled trades people are going for jobs and going for going for a degree and things that that basically allow them to sit in a coffee shop and talk poinsettias and which which may have no more whatsoever it morphological when that happens the problem is as that the its directed away from it in actual skill said they can earn your money so like everyone did they have a skill set that it that they could switch back and forth if they needed to something that they can fall back whether it's an auto mechanic or being an automatic or a nurse or an electrician or a plumber or a builder or somebody who does retinoo you know the building trades are huge but there's more than that you know i would love to know you can't hardly hire a plummer right now save your soul and an skeerder you know how hard it is to hire a skill carpenter right now it's incredible or mechanics or or the people that really keep the nation moving forward it's not the ones that if you know though they can sit around and talk it's the one that also do things too and in our working putting your back into farming we should have we really should have more education and courses and organization farm when the kid we had future farmers of america in our high school and there were recordare skills courses there were they were now beside shop and on aconitine and all of this they were beat up in our high schools and or it was a combination of that plus plus the trade school and the there is not enough people in an those areas right now and i'm going to tell you what i think it's a much smarter much more saratoga a trade scorcheth little or no dot then they have a university education three hundred to badajos that are earning forty thousand dollars a year maxim the there has to be a class benefit analysis before we do these things not just not just more a hobby a hobby mind set you know i want to go on this because i look well it's great but how are you going to find your hobby because that's not that's not a profession a profession is something that is that you work at that earns you a living and then you can do the things beside that are enrichment but i will say this i think i think there is definitely a place there is definitely place for learning things that your interest but i think it an university the study something that is a necessarily passion sedatives of the state acting isn't necessarily was of time if you the base or right but i do think there is always a necessary thing that should have a back of in mind something to none of his men is i think there's an ill with acting i just think that the mathematical process that most people try to get into the field at them and at finding any amount of success in that unfortunate for them but strong from high school i think that we should have something like i think the last year of high school should mostly be adult not necessarily so he is eating if i answer in order isaac's some of you great least high change of time the asiatic your oil i am basicranial man his everything the oeconomica step in as anything that could let him make us students reliant a more competent i think is bad by now we have a general generations of people now who have no beat no no ability or knowledge as to have the campaniles and so they have to they have to reintegrate they will never they would have a talk to whenever sponsibility an a playin around with respect perhaps even a portion of of the last year high school experience should be getting a job and irresolute right i've had i've people come to me that are like eighteen nineteen years old and the like i don't know how to be an adult so like i own quite a bit of real estate and setchem of people that don't honestly as i have lived being in breathing and sit in pocono windows if there's window it is a window lock or i've had people that will will call up and and say we have flies and i've gone over there to see a red pile on the back porch you know cheshi and they wonder why they have been in the station of rise and they don't know what to do and i like well you have like a couple of sincere with removing your trash bin a fly's water or may be getting some rain and they they don't even think about those sort of things or how you turn the water off to a toil of his overflowing or for the water to a full house if you have a tantramar or i mean i think i could write voltaire because the missus the annas distaste honest truth i think we're going to have to write right adventures and tenants you know adventures and tenants series then and i knew some one this is he this is the honest truth the craziest things i've seen it or just there it's not so i knew some one who walked into one of his houses the decided they have a great idea and create a wet one in the living room with garbage bags and its extension courts so he walked on and the garbage lining the room with an extension course i mean talk about an electric cotoneaster and all the plaster falling off the walls and such and there was no knowledge of the fact that yet this may while this may to be again accent in court because you're going to create some major damage in the turchaninova clue and that the feisty was an actual story so i brought one of my song to have me and he was laughing metastase sitting there just we were asittin there incredulous and a person would know that they created the prominent doormat it so he has actually really big feet he took a slip popoff and started smashing findon but sadly i got the smile you know and later know where sunlike this is one way to do it you know may be a little a little unconventional but we got the job done and then had explained you need to take your garbage out you cannot dislike garbage you know pile off and tell you know who knows the christ comes back here and expect you know predators if we don't take the garbage out if we don't know the right thing more fierce it's more flies that come to eat off of things and they never go away until we actually take the garbage out clean things out clean it out that it's a good lesson right there for all that i have a similar story i work as a gander and a couple of years back we have the new eviscerate and you will be renouncing seemed like it have gotten dusted his swore up and down that he and so one day when his sideshow as he does in a i don't know how you can get to that phase when you just use a mop and you the easiest the most peculiar thing in the world to see him headland just slam it in a corner and then just we are we lost you there for a minute to go back and start over with the new train so he had a way we have a head a neutral and noticing i was doing the one big and so i i decided econchatti and so he decided to check upon him and he was using about a map to the ceiling a motto the fans and like well that explained why nothing is getting done a yes that's inside o you can just yet was devious secret we had some tenants they actually were picking up dog cob with paper towels and trying to flush and so talk about have i had a reason harpoon and offer the feet here to day but yestereve flushing dog pointed at a paper towels and the plumber came to take it to unstick the pipes as such which they end up in havana for because it was a misuse of the thing any found of rubber chicken down that the ace stator the toilet so the canaletto seafarin now it's like watching a little kindred know how this got erections are crawling up pipes of a to be hidden go to the bathroom and course we walked away laughing about this because even even the lie was pretty juvenal let alone not knowing how to function and use a toilet correctly i would have been so at the age of life you would think he well this has been just wonderful have in you and i would very much love to have you on botetourt provoking in anything that gets it certainly moves us to the action of of asking questions getting answers for ourselves looking sub and researching for ourselves as a most important thing that we can do in inanities of the game right now besides turning the god praying praying about things and in walking step by step within his well i'd love to i'd love to and the year and then have you back on again at this is it's just wonderful listening to you when when talking to your knowledge is just inspiring and i and that i love the different ways that you and the solution to bring to the table i think it's very aspiring so if you i'd like to ensure minute and then then that scheduled optimism back on dear heavenly father thank you thank you so much for jericho and all the wisdom that he's accumulated all the years to share with us the things that he's learned things that he has had a share to day were such a blessing and we asked that every single person seraskiers and digging in and finding their own answers disparities as well as things that that hold what we talked to the closer in a closer walk with your will please bless united states of america and under and that we live in the gift that you'd given us continued to bless and calm more people to the task of finding for the nation and bringing it back you never laughed but we did reinstation back under you one nation under god indivisible and silence and he says so that we can go forward and peace in civility in an anabanco back to the constitutional republic which it was intended to be a beginning which i think is a really good really good system and i believe that it was instituted if you were in jesus name we pray wonderful well i'm i'm like go here and that he will talk shortly kathinka thank you so much for your time it was wonderful just delightful that is well a wonderful interview with jericho i love talking with with people that who have different ideas and who also have information on the history of the united states what came before so that we're going to have to go back in time to go forward from where we are right now and i i would love to hear from any one out there who has ideas may be will have a call in a point where we can have a whole bunch of people out there that what just want to call in and state their ideas or the comments on things i know donaldsons olever day and i'd love to hear i'd love to get you on donald and and and here what you have to say about things because that's the way we're learn we none of us know everything we're going to a band together and correct as well as provide correction and ideas and critical thought moving the nation forward so godless everybody out there this is done brandenburg i'm running under the us tax payers party which is the constitution party i will be on the ballot in november and i would love and it would be my privilege to serve as the next governor of the state of michigan you can go to my website which is brandenburg for governor doom that brandenburg it is watering for governor dot com my telegram channel which i do all the post inanition is at brandenburg the number four my were also on of course face book integram twitter and true social gather and such so but my primary focus is on telegram because he can write what i want with very little or no censor so anyhow thank you so much for doing us a day god bless you and all those whom you love