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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 10/19/2023 Tech time with Ralph and Karen the Riveter

Published Oct. 19, 2023, 9 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it's the nineteenth day of october twenty twenty three welcome to our show so i read do something a little bit different to night because i'm really sick in the new cycle right now like like completely sick of it i had ah you know i've seen all these poison israel and and palestine in this nonsense letting the the protestors in in the of the cannon building and a decanos rested all the cameras around in his cables evergreen the scarious are clearly protecting the protestors a few have got a rested but we still don't know if the red has sang way as the ja six po so this old nonsense has been going on in penissiere just now watch and see how plays a case eterois line every res lying at each side we don't have the truth and so i'm just kind of watching this it's it's there's no heroes happening here sore on to take it a little break from this right now my going to it a little bit but i'd like to introduce the new character to our shell and i decided that we were going to two a explore this a little bit probably on a weekly basis and i would like to welcome ralph the guy morning all hoodood morning doingthey good welcome welcome the shell this i think you so we talked about we talked about a i would like to explain to a recasion wollte company and i would like to explain to every one out there what a true i te person is like i'm not talking i'm going to differentiate here because what we see in most i ter teck out there and you can correct me because i know you will if i'm wrong ah because you're a true iteuya o that there's there's the companies and people you can bring your computers into and they'll say there is no fixed in it show they wipe the hard drive you lose all your day to and you start over that's pretty normal a true tact i is a person who not only can do system administration but programming and all these ons and understands every part of the system in my opinion it's not it's not compartmentalize and that's what we have here and ralph rolf is a very very high level programmer system administrator and somewhat who probably knows more about programming than any single person in that i've ever known my life further more than that the amount of detail that goes in to somebody who is a true programmer how how many languages can you program in oh goodness i kind o lost count wild back and started putting a list together and it took me actually quote whole put together a list and i picked up a couple more senses it's quite a few this is not his habitant expertise and in one or the other you can now like all the well and it's one of those things too were i you learned the general price of in or the foundations of one you can pick up just about any programming language they're all pretty much as comes down to it computers are just big old fancy out and in all the foundations of computing release are rooted in wrath and mathematic and so to contunder stand some of the general principles behind the history of come pretty to figure out a lot of the modern when you learn how we got to where we are a lot of where we are makes a lot so you and i have heard of a bunch of grapes against how computing and computers even taught and the backward step that we've taken and computers to cloud computing is the the i'd like to explain the history for every one i understand it but i'd like you to explain it because what we did is and when when i was in college in the early eighties all of us were were going to be programmes this is a new thing right so we all had to take these ridiculous programming class that were pretty well youth use it is taught us how to do things like maybe a little bit of logical critical thinking that sort of thing which is valuable but there was no practical application unless you took it into a master's degree level when i was in college so it was kind of a joke he really was but the way that their teaching computers right now in you you can speak very articulately to this is really not doing a service to any one it's like the rest of our education it's doing everybody down to the point of of not relieve learning the basis is in my corn yeah yeah that's one of the biggest problems i have seen with modern a computing education as well as what you've said a lot of other he that his leading up to the modern times they don't through all these that were made by very smart people to arrive the conclusions of and a lot of what i've seen of lake computer science curricula are very very different than what was studied and saved the the seventies even into the are the nineties that started getting a little bit more of red and think part of it is the field grew so much that computer science now encompasses so many to instead of teaching a comprehensive understanding of what people are doing they try and touch on as many surface level details as they came but it really isn't helping anybody because they don't understand why things are the way they are going back right in going back to it some of the original computers were really were designed to solve math problems a lot of them were for ah either breaking in a drink you know like during world war to that drove the lot of advance ping was breaking but also doing stuff like generating a ballistics the for arter figuring out a few fire round the scot this much of a powder charge at this angle outwards at he and in a wild grown kind of from there and a lot of the advances step incremental process of i come from those early days to where we are now and instead of teaching going back to the base of what is your computer actually doing inside the ships to inside of them one of the circuits inside of the inside knowing how all that stuff to be foundational knowledge for one and any more looking at the curricula a lot of that's lost a on fortified actually a couple of the modern a couple of recent computer science bachelor's degree graduates only had i think one as near the end of their degre he used to be one of the first in a the science and in particular a programming the district he so critical to how programming and that lack of understanding of the core of things a lot of the reason why modern computers run so slow so really now even a lot of modern programmers don't really understand what's going on inside the programs the writing they've got so far away from the basics i can make something that work can't make it wrong oh and it's i don't blame modern programmers for that it's definitely feeling of or educate yet and there's this is this is the other problem that i have a lot of it of the education system as there is no practical applicate so you know when they teach math it's like ye sitte i watched it over the years sit down with your book and you do ah a problem after prominent or provence problem for pages and pages on as well that's all all great but how do you apply that and i think that that's true crossed the board with what we're seeing and education i'm very very disappointing quite quite actually now you you will you get into things like orbelean make your own cables and you make your own you do you do software i not mahasoor which you hardware mortication as and you also talked about that the warnings that were there at the beginning of computing and where we are now as we're doing exactly what the first program are said do in this has to do with the day to access security and and he and storrs others there's a lot of lessons that i now security lessons that were learned back in the for out of the stuff in everything comes full in or we started out with big big mass of computer in no would basically take up a building and multiple people came into access them and store their data in a central and then we you know that went to more of smaller computers that were in a main frame in a central place in say a business or bank or something like that am in multiple people would act on we weren't a lot of the same lessons about security between different users on a system then we run into with wet sites now same exact thing we've gone back to a main frame model with the whole idea of the one ah and that's you know we went for main frames to come soot of those and now we've gone right back to that of putting everything back in the cloud put of our data back in some one else then taking it into our own hands hector dato to and were running into a lot of the same security vulnerabilities that were already discovered back because that lack of historical knowledge oh in a word were doomed to well and in when you look at what they've done say microsoft and google of don was say say the two step often occasion in that sort of thing that's really created a lot of problems because it is it's a barrier for entry for smaller ah providers because most people don't have the programming capacity in order to find ways around it to comply with their nonsense the regulatory non s and oh in if you can't comply with that most of the business is out there have no ability to do business because they won't get contracts and or people say well we need cybersecurity and we no deciperet and a insuranceanything you want to have insurance so it's it's sort of become the same problem in my opinion of what we see with the auto anisty you got to get googlies an order godliese you got to have you've got to have insurance so any novation is is throned right down to the big companies and it it really is a hisgood on this at it centralizes thing back to one dusting point of failure or two for or turns it into you know a industry and two kind of microcosm of what we see in our government centralized centralized centralized rather than centralized you know things up in a smaller e run independently of the that way too if you get something that happens to want it doesn't take down the entirety of sosie centralization of all our structures there making many cart howls and i mean many like small cartels and every single industry too their financial interest we see that all over the place and they do it through regulation a vast amount of it so it's something to be aware maybe we should talk about and and be helpful to every one out there on how do you protect your data there the wood with all the the threat of war were at war and with threats of say like a powered possibly going down to talk about this end and nausea as well as the apes we have been taught with her lot about potential e m p h or mpecatoni how or what would you tell people in order to protect their day to what can they do just normally to form the threat of centralization of their data and further go expand that a little bit with what you know cause i know you you know this you know cybersecurity inside out upside down and back in for others there's a couple of things to think about and vol anachinosis your throat and not just consider major disaster the same token what happens if he computer burns up in one what happens if you get a virus a where first chrisaor data what happens if a tornado hits your house what happens if the how do you protect your data in the event of a disaster even localized or nation that in on number one number two what happens you know you get an imp or widespread wide spread a grid what happens can survive without and without the internet computers are nothing more than a and like all machines they can have the ability to break down to survive without and your business survive without i know if if you've got a small business continue operating what's your back up plan and oh as far as you know operationally make sure that you've got a paper back up for anything that you're doing computer wise make sure that you can survive without an can continue to ah going back to the of risk management for your data ah picture that you have back upon that i see people fall down on a late ah the count on their primary des the company told us all that you know your data safe with us we know what we know what we're doing can protect it better than you well no they can't know the plan others there's been many many and providers losing dated and or having security vulnerabilities were your data that you stored with cloud provider co provider didn't manage their security on and even if they did you know there there are so many located things running on these scored provided one small vulnerability in one of could and up being a vulnerability in your own data regardless of whether it was the clock providers felt others there's a lot to think about the bet security into your own hand you can want to make sure you're running virus can software and yet you're to a certain extent trusting that virus can to do a good job of finding he but if it doesn't and your computer gets a virus think about what happens here make sure that you have a back up and make sure that that back up is a protected at least as what was your regular come ah and i don't mean just a cloud back up called back up can be a good agin to a regular local back i providers as i would say there are a couple of him that at least try to do it reasonably good job at protecting your data the point where the cloud provider is see you at and if that's then a hacker getting into that cloud provider probably also that shouldn't be your first line first line of defence hold what do you have woke do you have your files backed up to say a flash or you have your files backed up to an external harder do have multipled where you can you know if you've got like say to leptops ne ah make sure you've got copies of your files on both legs you know if you're even just backing up to a hard drive hard drives are cheaper you can get just an enormous amount of storage from external os be hard dried a pretty much any computer or electronic or you can even get him at a lot of grocery stores like myers or walled and most of those hard drives come with back up soft where most of them that are targeted towards the son a level come with back of soft for loaded on the and if they don't peter probably includes back up software with it windows has that belted i live machines when as you can on your own if you're running lennox you probably going to be able to back stuff off anyway but that has one different backup options for limits and if you've got a back a hard drive that's all we in good how are you going to protect the back of her fire prose do you have to back up part drives you can rotate out so that if you have a power surgerie in stuff up is a going to fry your back ter he start keep keep adding more layers and train find at each one just you don't have a gradual improvement is figured out for to day i'm going to go get a hard drive and i'm going to back up all of my family pick now you've got a second location for that data if your main computer gets wiped out by some at last got on and off line copy of that on puget on oct that's an improvement over not after that may be considered getting a fire proof safe maybe for consider getting as a hard we consider the photos that you've got are something you know anything that you really want to archive that has sentimental value for you that is absolutely irreplaceable in an unrecorded i think about printing some of it out in the event that you don't have any or that all of your day i gets ted by a ransom or virus or something i can't and cryptic in actual printed you we are we are situation where there is a a gal hoo lost all of her photos and she had a child that died and and you are asked to help for e treve retrieve i know her stuff what did you see was wrong in that situation that was so alarming then she had a child that died that was the only poor she had was on that computer in the computer was told year while in a that case too we actually lost a lot of alternate ways of retrieving that data ah not a monitory not only did she have her computer so ah but also her came heremore can when you leap piles usually those files are actually still there and are recoverable for a certain amount of time after you've let it just goes back to once again computer history in that as marking a file as not being there what faster on a slow hard drive then actually going through and deleting these so instead of leading the date i computers usually just delete the record of where the data is ah and because of that lot of times you can go back in and recover data off of a hard dried even as spent leaded or even of age a even off of a lot of memory cards for a but in this case computer was told camera was sold and then included all of the memory cards peter was set up while sore she had run out of space on her cloud storage from whatever member and so the cloud provider started based leading a and so none of her photos i think there were only like a handful of photos it was like then ten photos that were retrievable on their and all of them were older photos storage limited and she hadn't had any kind of notifications from their mere anything she stood the cloud proved in the car provided led her down and this was a very well known cloud on and so once again if she had had a back up that's all well and good if if the back up was in the same place as her computer was and got stolen at the same time then it would a done her any good what is so the back up keep it in a different loke a room in your house if there's a fire as it might serve you could also give it to a friend that you trust really well he more finely my only mother and an tretout with them or you might have all the remote locations where you can put things and and that sort of thing i think that that's what i edward snowed and did he had he had a deadman switch on the day to that he was going to dam the nets i think captain alive he had he had no out there that if if somebody ah if somebody would after him they were going to the orlease all data like god you're on the way he did that too as she and crypted it spread it among multiple people and gave the encryption key in for people that he is that the only way to reconstruct it in the event of be for multiple of those people that he does come together the key back together to and because it was in there was no way to know what was in that place which meant there was was a definite threat there because nobody could count on what it was but in the event of his hans he had a back up plan and those people remained effectively anonymos if it really was kind of a now if you're going to do a back up that's not a bad way to do it because none of those people that he trusted individually was able to decrypt that if they came together the there is a it there's a good presentation i saw on that wild and and i don't remember it was as a president stationed by his security god named deviant old and he did he does a lot of really good presence but one of them was about basically the things that you need in a set and he had a whole list of them such have a haven attorney ah cud up to be able to handle anything legal back up of your data spread among multiple friends and he had a strategy for all that as how to do that ah in a secure way to be able to in case of your death be able to recover your data for your family members that are served ah and it was a good presence he's got a couple of really interesting ones like he's got one on elevator set it how do you spell it is divinethat omohami le it dios del pedient and he runs a security company that a basically he gets hired by companies to come in and test these ah and then document their failings so his corridor a lot of really good insights how to properly set ponders locke and in addition to doing this professionally i was comfortable that's some kitchen behind the bar as i am a gun range or overtopple discover the collected to channel not so easily into any one definable on it's been around a long time but it's probably never going to be a huge thing on the internet because not very rossmore likely to see the prop up on other people shows on the internet after all it's my job to get into places where there are supposed to easily be able to go right so i'm seldom interested in the right nor normal way of among friends colleagues the typical frendlyer is the deep is the wrong way persis notis point he but that's absolutely what is my life on i'm going to find a way to operate a door not the right way he fired a way to get into this losse cobbler's most to do it and a lot of my thoughts and tinkering and practice in play is all about failing quickly failing forward and learning and improve on getting to thickhead and heir of so often you'll find me posting about tools tactics and trial in or as i hacked my way through life feel for watch what i put up here and learn with me i don't have any kind of sponsored and looked really he doesn't have sponsors i like this guy better all right that's one of my big grapes about everybody right now is already trying to make money off of every single thing that they do ratherthe see it is a a duty to protect our nation which we are losing thank you very little to all the politicians that are making money off of that you know something came up to yesterday and i'm going to say it you know i'm going to say it because if it needs be said you're an find her brandons not some of decided that they want to talk about erioration for the black immunities and on on like no not know no i'm done with that i think if we have operations at scottie for every one we cannot have protected status any more this is nonsense i have ordered your operations we need to do it for the entire united states of a citizens down the side individuals here not not dispoeted group become because that's the way it is you know that the white population of the world is i believe about fifteen per cent of the world so if you really want to go get into that stupid is cause my family's as a mixed racial family and i think it's absurd in its ignorant you know it's a whole thing is ignorant then then we can go there but it's not going to end up with the with the with the ah ah pushing in a johndosia that have gone on all there so i'm going to do it the down away which is probably the wrong way but it's as she yet few if you want to see a kind of kind of a little glimpse into the mine set of a security person though eh and kind of think about how to guard against various is in your life i would highly recommend about hacking not that you should be going and hacking oth as a man he he definitely cautions you against why that's a really terrible idea of you if you don't know what you're it gives you an idea of how to think about and elevator security vulnerability to our and you know that a lot of those same west he applied to a thrust of a life but especially to computer related if miss manage in a risk management find your find yer i find your weak keep patching up and to you to your comment earlier about on finding multiple the store thing is she a lot of so i do and the sutenaba way to do back to back up drives and run your back up on one of them while you're at work when you go home bring the back up next day take back up drive number two in or to that one so that back of driven umber one is back at or and that way of something ever happens you have a back up of our at home something ever happens at home you have your primary data still at work and ah you know that that's a very it's a base to do that that way its reasonably well thank you i really preciate this wore off and ah you know i think if we take some time and may be collected things what people want to know out there what what do you want to know that we could be helpful with and we can address that as he his being able to help each other with the knowledge that we have an order to you know function like like were supposed to with watching out for each other is very valuable so if anybody's got any questions let me know and i'll pass them under off and next week there is a will have a roll on again and we'll pick another topic to look at for security cybersecurity and and oh in such anything else you talk about not really not unless you got some questions for other topics you want to go on no right now i'm not seen alone in the chant of think people are are assented i think we're i think we're good soles to this next thursday temanding here and oh and ah and ah well this carriages with an for ever beyond to thanks were all thanks for being so had a willing to be helpful to have help every one okay here go and get anybody care mornin carnadon you more an this is goin to be a short vennemouse i ah i'm going to be leaving to go to a national meeting here to day and but i wanted the other consistency of being an i'm trying to be faithful to every one out there in case they incensethe want to hear what i have to say and or you or what's going on in the news that sort of thing and is trying to be helpful in the world of opportunist its castalotte and i an i'm on a roll right now with that are you excepting a nickname of old faithful the cold the old faith something in heisenberg day with that you just had a birthday sim teethin he bit you otopathy o what so yes so it's going on the care and world who's listening to your ship the tear i'll tack guy ralph and i'm like you know i feel like i'm already hit that point well i think i hit that point when i was like well where the current state of technology is so far above my head i'm in the old category the police and get be one of those people that got the quilting a fit followed and trying to get out the internet with it and going sunny come over here and show me how to do both well i've taken prove gray and i absolutely hate it is it it's one of those things that i'm i'm not i can you know i understand it and i've done some programmentausch but it's not it's not much force nor will ever be my forte because because they the focus on it you have to be so focused to be a good programmer and it is a tedious tedious things so follonica se i own a tack company i've sat in an one of the one of the crates discussions of ever said in my life which checks love he guys i looked true tegis loving to pieces they drive me nots okay if i i'll tell you what they they are they and i and i love them for their their characteristics so detail or in so meticulous it's ined when i realized that i was never going to be cut out for being a full time programme was in the middle of a dish with four very very high level progrs very very high and they were going over a contrast and spent forty five minutes talking about where the word de was supposed to be in a sentence in the corner nicesti'm been there i gathered on the careless dis put it here and then all of a sudden we we got with the room broke into old english language you know of a dialect and and i've seherin go i'm going to go get like a cup coffee here and i'm just going to watch the festivities as they try to eat each other alive being right on the contract and i i'm thankful for the because they're so make you have to have that amount of meticulous behavior security and contract an you know i think next we were going to go after some contracts one thing i know about ralph is ralph likes ralph never hits the ivory button no no no no no we're going to go through that contract and we're going to take hours before we agree to anything and find that the problems within the contracts ah and there's there's a good deal of legal knowledge that goes along with a lot of this two you have to know the law you have now the legal inflicted of all this all this so there's no bit cross over there which is from nordson and abner all say that i am a little bit of a herd and but i'm not a superne okay there's a difference between some one who has super ned an inert and but the comte contracts and understanding the law goes along with that become because of the meticulous nature of handling security and a and a how to interact with with with that sort of a of a primiter you know there's got there's some semitic kind of alliance between law and and in that you have to know both sides of it and their meticulous and i know ropistes and there are none though i thought we love and yes i ran ordered back from elementary school ah we had computers in a class room and we were we were trying to learn things like sea comback lash on the new type and stuff and then it would give the computer a direction to do something but i never understood it we just did what we were told i never could comprehend it my i i do have somewhat analytical brain but it the wine of technology i china in and out for me like a conchiuder stand things like a combustible engine you know but if it if you if there was a break down in my car i wouldn't have a clue how to fix it i could tell you what the symptoms were and what the parts sound like based on my personal experience you know it that sounds like there's some error getting into the fuel lying or something like that but i would have a clue how to fix i just that just not for me yet i know it it never has been ralph his text did me and he said that's the procurence talking about is exactly my probe with modern computing education they taught how to tight commands into dose without knowing why they work as and in so abbasites one once again you've got people that were taught to know they were taught how to don't really know the subject matter redemanded their handed a book of cricket by some by some emmie anie overlords withowte cricklum books coming from side arabia or you know where god forbid china or somebody else that's trying to take over our nation by making a self stupid man you've got a real problem you know it's like you're not really teach core the cor things which are in inadvertent in the education and the future of individuals the whether their cranmerthe can spit out the answers right that was us so we were like the first generation that was taught the basics make up we weren't taught the basics and that that he seems now looking back that's probably purpose they wanted to he turned like they were teaching of something without actually teaching he don't know son yeah an sold then and you know in college i was using a computer to do research you know we talked recently about having a cyclopedia set when i was a kid that's where i got my research from growing up so i knew how to look into book to find answers for things i had a teacher that which just adamante that we actually had to dig for research she was very complicated that what she was the only teacher that i had that was that difficult oh because you had to find some other sources besides the text book he did you couldn't just go home and look in the chapter that they were signing for the weak that's now worked with and i resorted it but i was grateful cause i knew that she was actually teaching as to it now she was the one by the time the bell rang for you to be in your seat you were turning in as she and of paper with answers to a quiz that she had written on the board so school you old her class started before the bell rang and if you didn't have it you didn't get credit for that amoenitate this is sounded problem is the the modern education system is not about educating its about spitting at back answers that there looking for so that they get the funding for their school look at the meat testthe any retaken part in it is its taking part in something that's subverting the united states in my opinion because all the doing is not for my that teach in the thing they lose six we out of the school year or more to the meat that is not it's just given the answers to the kids so that they now in the question comes up that there able to spit the answers up solet the school gets a high rating for actually teaching such tanatic anything their teaching fell in the blank here's the answer do it oh and in that way they get the funny not i saw that an industry too which is why i had i took on a project years ago to rewrite our safety program one of our companies cause i'm like this is not you going to safety training just aufilena the industry that were working it see you got to go sit the same type of training that you've done a hundred times for the same issue you know and such that they can put a check mark in a box and so they can avoid liability it's ridic and the people are not even paint attention so they go through the training there on the fans are doing this that the other thing at the end of the class she instructor gives everybody the answers as they go through the test they set ok so what is that what are the the man is is pinched point when you're working with excavators at a hazard that kind of an ii so so that so that oh i should just bring grlier because he's you want to come back on again roll i can as tigehere of is so to a your taxing me so like a gate which is bringing it heavy talk here so that you know the problem when it is is that at the end of this the three hour for hour eight hour safety training the instructors sits up there and goes through the in on each that those say okay here's question was what's the somebody in the in the class will shout out the answer and the teacher goes you're right now let's go to a section to sandaled really knows that you might have wondered compellers students but nobody's getting a test there's no test they're getting the answers given to fill in the blanks to be able to fill it and put it into you know put it into the risk mitigation fold right inst is the goal acts actual do they act on what people to go home and make it a commitment people the come on the job and go home in the same that they showed up in the morning well that was my goal i don't want you but a good in her i don't you know that that came before put it in in the risk of mitigation and if you're not doing it if companies aren't doing it that way to make sure that they that they can avoid all accidents if you are all accidents avoidable i would say in the perfect sereo yes in all there there are some things that there are most of them are there are some things that probably are may be an anomaly but a lot of things are avoidable and some some accidents i would wager to say our plant and i've seen i've seen things that in the in the gastornis that i sit back and go he sure this was an accident and as you know there there are there failures that they they they knew about beforehand and they let it go because they were probably part of something that was much more devil and there was one to happen on that i've been preaching about for years and going yet they knew exactly what was going on before this happened they let it go on for two long be could ha stopped it up and they did they chose so there's my sences but anyhow regan say oh oh speaking to her ah your point about now just passing a test and not actually learning anything that's kind of a bit of background i do ham radio as can of a hobby and and i galligant'ing when i was thinking her owner panel and ye an ayou've seen this before to that you know first hand for how the hammond day courses a to get into ham radio you have to which is he comes from the ass and they give you a to all the questions are public the possibly put on the then they pick a kind of at random of the questions that are going to be on your part and you have to set back the answers and how that there's a lot of people in the amorado community that see it is that the actual ah poisons in ps that of joke can pass that tests and you can get a license and have all the privileges to be on the air without understanding how any of it or andesthat may richerthat rule and that's part of the reason why there's the hamonades ah that lot of the ham radio groups put out there sally the purpose of those get your lice try and learn all this let us get you your license we can make sure you get a license in a day ah without really a whole lot of prior study but don't try to understand it because it's dragonder stand it at the same time it'll tiphous basically shovel this information from stop your short term memory the and then we'll get you into the ham radio community and we will actually teach you the proper way of how the stuff work that something that we this test him lot of the questions on the test are actually completely relevant to what most people do with him ride italy a totally foobar you get on like men's knowing nothing just so that you pay you you pay your price to get the license and so they can say yah we we've already done or at alibility mitigation and what is us like five so i had the questions printed off beforehand five hundred so i'm thinkin i go into the class and i'm thinking this is a ham the day class right i'm all all excited about okarito go sit through here i i started the cores i studied some of the questions in such not a lot and i'm like i would just learn it when we get into i get in there the hand me a second set of these as okay a o ka boys and girls now we have six hours to sit in total silence and whatever organ and you have time you got six hours to memorize the with no teaching going on whatsoever i was like i set up your kenning me right i thankfully i had a a very brave kind soul the time to a part of it before i got in there it if i hadn't had that free knowledge there was no way and i and i said one of the guisthorpe ple you fail on this there's actually a decent amount of of electronics and there sat all there's no electronics has other is then in abdominal what he do for job on electrician on like ok shore you know the others there's quite a bit on there about electronics as the thing is that a lot of the hammer idio community has actually found that license such a legal technicality are a lot of the hammer radio command it has found that its actually more effective to the people beforehand just get him through the and then teach him afterward there so much sought on the test that's a real et number one or that you would never train go by memory look it up on a hard if you're trying to figure out your feet transmit on and what power levels you can transmit on a mat cant this chart and like everybody has the and you wouldn't do that my memory you'd figure out where he going to transmit you look it up on the chart see where you're allowed to transmit see what your power levels are that you can transmit it you don't go by memory on the no not until you're not until you've done it for quite a while but this that should be pre requisite and yet there's a tonic western that can come up on that test one that are in that question setting free and power levels and all that and frankly you don't need to memorize it you you look at but that fire education system right and that's one of the things that the hammer radio community a lot of people in it have seen that tests such a backwards way to do it that they kind of embraced that backwards way of getting people their license okay you won't play ball this way to this a short term memory and we can get just about anybody alice in short term memory and not having a learned but then we expect them to actually in now interacting with the men and then the community can actually and then they connect all understand you know these are com practices within the community cause there's a lot of like etiquettes stuff that's not even on the hose that is just you know this is heard of politely a talk with other people on the rise and you know you're if you're going to be if you're joining a conversation here's how to knock interrupt somebody else and yet that that information is all now expect to be after the whereas in the day that would have been something that you would have learned a lot of that before and now the tests a related in detail on people don't really need to memorie her it's kind of been embraced she by some people is a silly exerce is there to satisfy a legal it is a government below its ridiculous half the class failed in my case they didn't has there was there was a low amount there a lot of people i didn't pass that that and in its in it was you know i don't i don't understand there's no teaching for it so you dissiples to memorize answers and you have no idea what the what half of this stuff means you know i i put more time than to it because like i said i had a very kind soul that that i'm like i'm not taking his clan is joint for i want to know before when i get in there what we're talking about i can't i can't attically do that is just going there and spit the answers if i don't know the subject and so that's that's what i did so but but if i hadn't had a kind and genera soul with their time with me i would never have i would never have an end i believe that person's name was ralph that the wind enough fattuchiera others you know i sat there and in like oniononi take this test if i don't know the information it's nightlights i'm a question for ralph cause i'm in one of those people that i just needed to get to i i had the eddicatin the training for the purpose of intention i was taking the licence for so it worked out for me i don't i had not using it right now i don't have the proper equipment to to do anything with the inradire but i do comprehend the language he generally how works though is responsible for creating the test and governing it is that a government agency came herrick as the test a stupid how's that for an anser i i would to wager to say it's worse than that activitiesthe ah he and all of that is really governed by the and he got on the the problem that you have there is that a lot of good reason for the asses the radio can carry very very far it's very easy the air waves to the if it weren't for the fcc's regulations you could not run wifeandyou the airways be so polluted that your fond would never be able to hear you out so there's good but ah it is also i know it's one of those things that has kind of oh i would say it singly bureaucratic over and you also got a lot of and this was not so much in the ham radio divisions of see but you do have a fair amount of regulatory capture of the f s from a particularly company's lake verizon and come who if you look at top management of the on they quite regularly wrote out with a corporate se ah in concas and horizon as some of the other telegram as well but on to those two are i would say the primary ones that kind of have a revolving door with these oh there's a lot of things there that are men i don't mean to pass the whole of the asses they they serve a good there's a lot of things that happen at the scs level that really i do not benefit the american post what i'll bash him for it because it's time to clean out their own houses you know you if you've got a problem with like the fbi happy the federal bureau of insurrections if there they can't keep their own house then the people that are silent are cold so i'm i'm going to be asked a little bit on that elsenstrasse teeth people that were complaining for years about how the etant switching offices for the internet had rooms in them dedicated to the ann says wire tapping of the american internet and i mean this goes back to i would say or probably heard about it i'm going to say like that and it had been gone going on since before then where they were basically just wire tapping the entire internet and a lot of us in the technate were were a squawking about this anybody that would list for a long time before but nobody took a seriously it was all just in a year conspiracy theories more now we had pictures oh you're the conspiracy theres a ralph that's the problem here yeah we not i'm hockessin that i had the same experience to get my fa a and p licenti had quite a bit some mechanical electorate ch a background that there are companies that teach you how to memorize the test you and it happens in every hindustry there's no real training going on out there an industrial training you who look at em i sat through a lead base paint with the pain epilobes paint training and one time and in the guy the guy told me totally take me off and in he was wasted my time in my employees time and finally i spheares bringing into bats and as into into any piston a screen to like you know the the make people afraid and i like finally set okay hold hother i said why are you what is there of that and and he looked me so this is nothing to do with a lad base paint class and why are you putting his picters on and talking about about raby shots and then he gets into killaton and he didn't know the information he's like you know if you have to go through celation and he like a nineteenth horror movie type or fifties are where the now people with like needles and around had me was crazy with all sensationalised and unlike if you're going to waste my time my employees time we had better things to do and i and i literally said in my son to the subject matter or get out and i'm going to file a complaint on you and i and he got right to the th got rid to business and in we got it done but the training the train for all these industries is none you're on a fort for led i actually had a fair amount of exposure to let over the between soldering and one of my hobbies is fixing up old he now antique of various types and a lot of that either has led pain or lead bearings or in other there's lead a lot of old and his handling at our exposed the lad and then you know with electronics doing soldering in or for many many years the only real practical sorter out there was led base and to this day i tend to think that a lot of the lead free solders camp and the a tin saucers for both performance as well as ease ah then they hold up better over time and that that's another discussion that we probably out of have because a lot of the lead free sodder stuff ended up a forcing planned obsolescence col some of that gotten solved but not all of it but anyway i've been exposed to a fair one wad over the years and i mean it it shows up on blood test had to i've had to do helaton i had so i went through elation and it's no big deal it's no big deal at all in all it's just basically of it's an it's an oral in worse on hills and it goes in grabs the light out your body and body solders it out and that comes culation or celation comes from the comes from the greek cli grabs the crosses the spartles that its looking for it vines two and you wollen it's not a big deal so it this there's no there's none of this horror nonsense going on it's not a big in so in its so while gus welltownno talk about here we've gotten into many subjects in lots of different directions and in carnwath end and what what do you think about israel and palestine which isn't to ah well i think the most important thing to keep in mind is that the information coming out is really difficult to discern what is actually happening from what is false or narrative etc the hospital situation is the the key the kind of blows that up for a lot of people i'm sure there's a lot more information that's more important than the hospital thing but there is the report that a hospital and does a got hit and then there were questions between was it a missile from the israelites or was it a missile from and was it an accident or was it purposeful and there were five hundred people that they said and then it was well actually we don't know who did the the missal and then it was well he actually struck the parking lot here's pictures of the parking lot and here's pictures of the hospital and we don't really know if there were five hundred or five or no one was led but what happened was the information that initially came out was the hospital was hit five hundred people killed and the news went crazy with that and so of course that causes an emotional reaction in the people world wide so you have had we've seen protests in a in front of embassies in the streets of chicago and other cities in america and all over the world there are propaesin which is this is another challenge there are protest which are being labeled as proposicion and they are also being labeled as pro human and i think we need to be careful about that because some one who is concerned about the civilians and palestine might be a part of a protest that's being labelled as pro terrorists so the labels are also a challenge to get around ah where is you have a pro israel which may or may not be what we think of with that he so is it racial is it cultural is it religion is it just because people are angry because they heard the children were beheaded or hospital with his we have to be really careful what we do with the information that we receive a and not getting emotional is very important because i think that has been what evolves quickly into hate and that evolves quickly into murder and i think you and i have followers that don't don't go and the anchor that realm but there are certainly people the world that go really quickly there and so if we respond emotionally in share colonnes as if its fact too quickly we could become a part of a narrative rather than questioning everything and thinking critically just like he was ralph's talking about with the computers oh what we're taught or what we've forgotten in the past we need to remember how many times of weeping fool another thing that i ain't heard the last night it's related to this am i heard a law maker and michigan out front of the capital talking about ah israel's nine eleven was the attack and it dawned on me that when i called it nine eleven i was thinking about how the government attacked its own people in order to spur them into an emotional response allowing them to attack others in a war time sort of response what the law maker was saying was the people were surprised and the people were a and that is how she was associating that phrase there virgin of nine eleven isoude ly i realized that what that phrase even means to some people is very different for what it means to my people so to speak ah so he is correctly hard for us to keep up with the information coming out and not getting emotional i think is really really key because we can respond to something that's completely false like in france being beheaded oh i've seen footage of some of the atrocities and these are not just murders that their committing over there they are really released spiteful hateful on kinds of things so are there people being beheaded yea i believe it i absolutely i've seen footage which indicates the but should we get emotionally bound to news coon of something like that and then immediately support our congress sending money over there in order to thee with it no we have never be more careful than that and that includes being careful about what kind of information we share and how we share well you know they sent that we sent were sound and money to all these entities and when you look at it how mass was created by masidnesse i had so what this is this is a terror organization that was set off to help instigate so war and i'm pretty extra sure that that's exactly where what they still trying to do any united states of me their trying to create a civil war situation to divide the country not only of they been working out for a long time with raised yonder whatever i mean you can you can use a milling down to crateropus cans who ever thinks are the most righteous the and in it is a rope problem the basis you know and if you go back to the bible en wipe away we should probably do this another day because we can weaken establish a biblical basis for honestly what came before the three major religions at all seen be fighting over their pay which would be islam ah the jewish religion and christianity over there what's the problem we they they all three religions go back to the bible and there's some theresome how to live your daily life advice in going back to the bible and eliminating a lot of these ants larry books that were that have stemmed off of this an ther's terrible thing in the ant in the books that came after the torah the original the original bible and i think this is a good way place to go some point time because because just like our government go back to the constitution and then watch what happened after that all these unconstitutional laws that just granted favor to did stay tis to out protected states to his sober and he started divides right he same thing happened when you go back in history and ends the the only fight going on it's ever been going on is good against and where is from satan on god and his crew go back to the beginning and that's what's carried throughout the we are in a spiritual war and people who are looking for favor who none of us get paid for any of us okay and so anybody says well there there getting paid for the snow we are not we are not getting paid for this i know a lot of people that get sponsors and there getting paid and are trying to sell this that nor other than to try to make a a in industry out of information brokenshaft sent down havenae i find this did you know jim could be so got paid a hundred and thousand dollars two to be a speaker at the mackinaw conference for god they had thirty thousand dollars in the ranks i know that because you told me so i find this to be a little despicable because what what are we doing here are we just got to we just going to trade out one money grubbing an organization for another one this is this so with this is about or are renegaban to the basic here and have everybody intersecting a try to make some decisions on their own lives that we we are not were going to take this nation back unless we get our own hearts right and we come before son as his spiritual man it is possible we may not ever get there as a country but there's always a small group left behind i in i anatomical stories are the remnant in the ely the others always a remnant so that's the key isn't it that we have to always keep our faith above everything else going round us and focus on that you know we may never be in the majority of the people but as long as we keep her faith will we'll get where we need to go ourselves well any last words here how about from you were oh no this diss i think we have to talk about real things instead of what's the new what's the next scheme of making money out there but how do we actually solve the problems because there i enjoyed you in promoving as there's so many things that are so easily solved if we just get out of the normal way of doing like okhyo don't they go long to get along crowd we're just going to do it because this is the way we've always done it why stock critically thinking because we were brain washed by the education the the the government schools the indoctrination to get their little pieces of paper to make us a note validator are wonderful knowledge and in to make sure that we know all we can prove that we are we are approved you know it's it's kind of crazy it's almost gotten cartoon house you know this is his hingeson of the old the old supervisin the comic books you know truly that's what feels like so anyhow well carry one last words now now okay so are it will set lesson of the prayer here because i really do believe that god think control in the answer all this is all of us just going back simple fie they now in ninety per cent of the nonsense its inner government this is to protect or whether industry or somebody whatever people are identifying for and almost always there's money there's the money is sent of involved in these almost always i i really cannot say that i've seen one pure ante i don't know a rover in a long time maybe i need to dig deeper but but it's usually for money in seno her favors a seven special classifies to are be better than every one else instead of being one nation unite it under god solisbac to that dear home father think you so very much for the stick for ralph for cared for every one who is willing to step forward as their duty to help restore this nation under you were so thankful for all the wonderful blessings that you given us in america you've given us the ability to have the the lawful p in our favor and into remove people who have who have committed treason or who have acted against against a your people in the freedom that you've given us the rights given by you that were guaranteed by the consent were thankful for all that's gone on before us and that's going on now i asked that you gave your favorite to care and please give her good health and held her we all want her heel and syne thing for ralph please please give him healing mercies and everyone out there that's dealing with anything that's health health wise we ask that you would help help an argive he mercy to every one that you would be with us that you would give us to cement and weds one and all the gifts of the spirit which we treasure far far far more about moreover than any material blessings that were thankful for him we treasure those things and we seek after the gifts of the spirit the things that are of you that help us to become more like you even a great friend to us and we want to be a friend to you the name of jesus our lord saviour we pray at then a right guys curedyou can't do her hand fell hottestfor hitherto got it you've got a little bit of difficulty here because there's no hand i tried to make a man with a the same which had just didn't work to fanny so he haggis ah go body and make it a good one god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless the mercante get a great date starts with metal toughness criddle till thinking jontlie things off the bed don't if if you are emotions are activated over something we all fall prey to that at some something of just wiggle in there in a wiggle and there an old and you'll be done with it and but if we just sit back graver coffee and go well well well what do we have here and how is he going to shake out because i'm still going to say that i believe the white hats to you are in control that the is on going in a good direction if it weren't there would be an awful lot more destruction going on in what we're seen right now and so we can see we know where the wind blows we can see where the wind blows we don't have to see we don't we don't have to see the and even even god talked about it we won't know when jesus coming back will know so we we we know what we're seeing in you can trust yourself god's given you that ability to talk to him go to him every day see if you're doing the right thing nat good choice as i'll be your man to day make good he do the right thing don't lie cheat or steal and if you don't have a good example be one and when that sad in it here and tell ah i'm going to try to do some live streaming from saint louis misenat lewis at the constitution party meeting it's in issue conference and there's one some great people there general plan my friend is going to be there and so hopefully we'll get some talk time with him and if you can come and join us come in joash's great group of statesmen and we're all trying very hard to put the nation back and maintain it into what it was intended to be which is fighting for liberty the freedom that we have in going back to the original going back to what work the constitution the rights were given by god charted by the constitution we don't even know that looks like but were still fighting to redefine the and bring things back on the rails a little this ihave a great day thanks guys for being on stand and in the end the stream right now