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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 4/26/2023 - Redeeming Grace Church - Dr. Tim Parker

Published April 26, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

Redeeming Grace Church online church with Dr. Tim Parker Tim was in Church from the cradle, over 69 years ago. Two Christian parents left a strong Faith-legacy in his life. Church attendance does not ensure new birth but Christ’s Faith and Grace lives boldly in his soul. Saints love God differently; he primarily loves God with his mind as he provokes disciples to love and good works per Hebrews 10:24-25. He loves to evangelize and teach God’s Word – especially biblical Grace. After a 37-year career with Chrysler as a die maker, he pastored Smith Creek Bible Church for 4-1/2 years and now holds a doctorate in philosophical theology. He authored three books during his doctorate program. As an active part of St. Clair County We-The-County, he worked to abolish the Covid mandates, especially in the schools. He was an active part of the SCC Republican Party but divorced himself from their charade. His new desire is to provoke a renewed understanding of our founding documents so a truly Christian/patriotic church can free itself from unConstitutional government-infringement and be free to establish Christian roots everywhere in our Constitutional Republic. We discover true Freedom In Christ’s Gospel to live in liberty, above tyrannical control. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it's the twenty sixth day of april twenty twenty three and welcome to redeem in grace church so we're going to start the day out my body temperer hill come on here a bit but fright no one to start the set with a good song and a let's show let's freeze got to day conobea great day in may i love this line of pecoshe i showed great way to start the day he everybody had just to shout out to backache i love this woman's music and i excellentiora e anybody to go in by one of her elbows because here all over music is really really good and i andtalk about when i'm cleaning the stalls in the barn i usually back as shown and that's like really salivatory music in its lot of fun the how are you is fornycacon very good time and then sit procrispiero that woman is a refreshed you know what i'd like to start to the out with the prayer like you to pray for the stay right now because i honestly i've handled the last few days have been a little rough and i'm not really sure exactly why but but you know how to have days that some days you wake up and you just like hoky i here's another day we're going to figure this out as we go too busy too much to do and and try to get a little focus here without forgetting god has been part of my day in such side loved to start out you know where were all the same so i think he ingeminating per last week so he lastedto the very often cause we should never be so busy that we forget to pray so he madame too i realized that i heeded are you all right i have any father sweet company this day we just we we asked that you'd be we know that you are with us when your people are gathered you you are with them and we as we look at different things open word and talk about maybe where we go forward lord we we need your help every day when he grace and mercy to help and not in these days that seemed so dark so strange so phlipped lord we we know that more than ever we need your grace in your power we need to see justice and righteousness in your people in jesus day my prey so here again to be at today is yet ocahalob as that to some to down a really were days right the last it's as seems like the spiritual world is we in the last help you know and and winter when you're a believer when your christian you can feel it you can feel that that is the there's something that's just kind of off and i think satan is really getting in himself kicked in the tea there a little bit and you know god talks about it in the last days he he knows time short so gorak it up a little bit on and i did and i do think that there are stays that are just like that so we just got to get back to god you know have him wider battle here fell her oh you ask where we're going it's like i believe that our first post for redeeming grace church was on in november talandier twenty twenty two so we then gone for well over five months now and recitandis wanted to say that i had no idea how well it would go or if it would go when we started and so it's kind o like boy it's time that we may be a dress couple things if we're going to move forward in a healthy biblical way so wont to cagabot church today and work i do think that i probably i try to mimic pallas much as i can i mean that was one of the things he said imitate me as i imitate christ and i do believe paul very much imitated and i think of peter's commission and this was after the resurrection after he had i denied christ's three times ah it's it's amazing i think that one people kind of don't understand this passage to that degree but jesus almost gives him three times to counteract the denials and he tells him a feed my lambs ten my sheep and feed my sheep that in john twenty one and so to me that's what i need to do i i always saw it as a gift of god to be called into the pastorate but i i take it to me as the life long duty i get to saturday celebrate with some friends that he's pastored for fifty years and i he's going to retire at least from that church and had set pretty incredible these are good friends that literally move or family up from illinois way back in the in mid nineteen fifty so i've known her literally forgot sixty seven years of mimosoide years of my life s long time oh i just i want to may be taught i know i feel for people because as you say we're in days that are very very dark and i think ah almost in contrast to that in its to be it so sad i think i i never witnessed the church soane and so pitiful and i don't believe we feed our sheep i don't believe we'd grow our sheep i just so my desire is to be all i can be for the people that we minister to her in redeeming grace church so i wanted to start a pick up a few things i had i put down three things i always go back through and listen and see what i missed her when i walked over what put i do have in his manuscript the passages that ah were jesus declared his death and i said a last week the there were three times in each of the four gospels actually there is probably at least i counted at least ah thirteen in john so there is like twenty two references i got a bed here i could read him but oh if you get the the manuscript you can you can pick up those but i can at last week as to its lathes week has been so crazy i got back from the week ended on like just trying to i had i had an employee change in that was a significant employed change out sort have deduced no training so in it was like who is just been a whirlwind so but i will get those posted so napolonic erethistes to there i just bought people going fine to do something i you know i've got to go for into it right right so in notice those of so issoudon we we often call the passage the sermon on the mount the lord's prayer were his disciples asked us you know how she we prayed jesus it will pace solike this the real lord's prayer is actually in john's have tontontean in verses twenty five and twenty six this is where i would maybe give a little credence if you listen to what jesus says here i think we pick up the they really are in treaties a pastor as i went through the gospels i really i really think they were new or until after the crucifixion so he says here he is all right is father even though the world does it know you i know you and these know you that you've set me so he he says they know that you've set me and i think that's that's a limiting thing so i think that there's a lot of people in our mind weaken acknowledged that jesus was sent by god as a good start ah so he says i made known to them your name and i'll continue to make it known that the love with which you loved me may be in them and i am now so i think he speaking of the future reality now it's going on to be by a couple days because this was the night ah that he then they picked him up in the garden and go senone and then they had to trial and he was crusefied within basically he was on a cross maybe within fourteen fifteen hours of this prayer and i said sir i think his pot as apostles could ontologically grasped it again con changes are intelligi so we can change our epistomology ah until they were new birth evidence by breathing the spirit unto reception on monesin john twenty nineteen twenty three that's the passage that when i saw that it's like wow so in essence that might be we could see a couple of ways either jesus was giving them a a preliminary ah dropping of the spirit but because it says he breathed on them to hold his spirit so they either had a private penny cost i might say or that was actually would they were new berth and so that's what we see and in the new testament in a new confident gospel truth is that people received the spirit when noreen so here that's one point second point was you asked and weave and talked about it all flying this mony dana there so much confusion over the free will issue so i wanted you did ask the question and i when i went back and heard it i thought what i didn't quite answer may be what you were asking i think i asked answered some of them but not all of it oh you go in as something like god do we have the right to send since god gave us free will and i even heard this on sunday the men i know that death that i know that we don't have the right to send you on so don't have the right and under any circumstances can we go have a pass on sinning and it's the point of where you are what you were talking about was when does free will yes martin that they are something that we should that i think a lot of people really want to know your perspective on and so what i would answer and i think you know what i what i think i ran over was the origin of that yes i am glad that you picked it up we don't have as believers i think even as unbelievers we don't have the right to say none the less i would say if if anything satan was the one that gave us free will not got so everything that satan does he discreates he who serves lips what god has created so god created a very godly environment in the garden i think by grace and this is again i don't want to take people into the weeds i believe that adam and eve fundamentally had to reject grace in order to say and and yet god reapplied the de lams skin which was essentially onecontent redemption in genesis the twenty one so ah but here it's like god gives us freedom to choose as free moral agents but this is not free will is most people think about because i believe that our will is in bonds to send out and pass evil passions and so i ask how could a will in bondage be free and this is what jesus talked about in john he when jews were pushing him and question him and he said you guys here in bonds the sir were not a bondance anybody while they were in foundedstarted he said you guys are in bonesto your father the and when the sun set you free your free indeed and as you pointed out that is the point that if if we have free will in his life its after god knew bursts ourself so i might i got some confusion here a little bit because i won't and and i think this is the good of you know good conversation to have because added any of had free will to the disregard god's commandments and say in the the the the apple in all that the fruit and and of the true in all a good evades that they went ahead and they did that there was and it was a choice that's what i've always been told or good eight all the wet so as so then they went into sand at that point in time and what you're saying is that they lost their free will at that point time begins i would i would almost have to i have a hard to get my hands around that because they had a moment time where they had to disobey god they were living in and they had to walk away so he'll be understand not perspectively to say and in so thank you for that question donna you're getting on deeper but i think it's very good this is why i would argue that if they were perfect i mean scripture says that they were in a perfect condition if they were perfect to me they would never have set okay so i think that it is better for us to think that they were innocent and as soon take bitter apple they they lost their innocence and and yes we might we might say that they had free will before they did that and as soon as they bite apple disobeyed god they lost free will and so may be it was picked up again when christ applied the gospel to them but it's like i think and this is why are going in is like if we look at the rest of scripture we see that the condition of man in sin means that they they are without a will that's not in bonded so they they there will is in bond so they don't have free well happiness why i argue that genesis one twenty six and seven when it satis when god says let us make man in our image and our likeness i would just suggest to people if we look at the whole of scripture we would see the only way that we can image and likeness christ is through new berth and that's what i believed that genesis on twenty six and seven was really god saying let us remake me after our mine after our lighted and so if we don't understand and everybody says oh what everybody's created in the image of god oh i just i think the rest of scripture pretty much would deny that the only way that were in his image and in his likeness is in new a spire of spiritual likeness it is machinessetting to talk to people who have a differing opinions on it because it gets us not not everybody is correct with all their opinions and i think it's important to talk with people in areas that may be we are familiar with her we don't understand and you don't to explore those his solace from a background that the ipsosne blood of and the kiss because the first first atom in one the first in the first man adam was born perfect that's what i believe in the garden got in preperfect state and when they fell the know the life is in the blood and they were they were going to die after that and i find it really curious at this point of time when we see how much that the blood sacrifices in the blood libels and all these other things that are going on are tied in in society to that precheth process about the blood of christ is really kathechesis blood and all that sort of thing and a and the fact that in tell me have that purification from jesus we we are in a totally onestate in the etching i find it's really interesting is with the jesus having his father the blood the blood lincome from the father not the mother and so the thethepraetorian jesus haven't father so his blood was perfect because his dad was god almighty and i think that when we look at what's going on in the world i mean you know that's that's the the the thought worthie the school thought that i've come and so that i think that it's beneficial to talk in to look at things from other angles and it doesn't mean you have to give up what you believe but to go through it and and takes some time to ponder it even if you don't understand it eh and i think that's what we try to do here is really a look at things from different angles and i know i learn every single time you get on into onlike whatnot heard that before i am pondering and i've learned and you know we're all we're all learning as we go through this and so doth but that the link right now with the child sacrifice and the th a drawn a chrome and the transfusions that their doing with child's blood that's irrefutable that there the their doing that and why is that because the life is in the blood and i think that that's a that this something i guess i'm kind of a want stomake the connection with here a little bit then how i'll help i'll help you make it because colmere know that oh i mean tucker carleson just got on think fired from fox and i very well may be that when he gave that speech at to her its foundation he alluded to the fact that abortion was really child sacrifices very likely why he got fire don't what any part of that being understood out there in the media and so an i also like done when you said ponder because the third point that i wanted to pick up on is that there's a talk about in distinction between faith in christ and christ's faith and i particularly when it comes to systematic theologies i braid may be ten oh probably at least in some ways i would robert raymond so womenmother are as i found him to be just i just loved his taking oh he was the one that really allowed me to see romans summon in a different way so even on that last point before i moved ro quickly and didn't want to overlook it when we look at roman so and so on to twenty five i would say that an i hammer this in my last book but i think that paul was really dealing with free will and he was saying lord i know what my mind tells me but i can't do what i know god wants me i can't do it i've tried i've tried any i think we can if we hear do this testimony we have to say boy he very well may be baby nobody did try harder than him but i think he makes a case that i tried his hard as anybody and i could do it and so when he said you know what i give up on that free will i think that's what he was able to turn to christ and say who shall deliver me from this body and i think that's where he was new berth so every robert raymond says some things here that i think are very very interesting ah his systematic theology is a new systematic theology of the christian faith he wrotethe nineteen ninety eight i think he died in about two thousand fourteen just just a powerful powerful teacher he says surely saving faith must be directed to the true god the god and father of our lord jesus christ and not to an idolatrous or pagan substitute for the content of saving face must have christ at its centre otherwise such phase is empty or of no value and i want people to really holiness where we need to prove this these last couples sentence is here he says moreover this faith principle per se originating as are many thinkers contend in man's determination and will which i would say free will constitutes a sinful work that cannot save in his every work condemned by scripture faith per se does not and cannot say i not my shock people but that is really pities we think about ah faith alone back in the latin it was feet solo feede oh we understand that and this is what i think people confuse my faith in christ verses christ faced in now cried night right this is the folios on what we do rather than on what god does and yonder i see this always it's backwards it's like it's it by faith are ye saved and it's like well yeah it's the faith and the character of god because he does at all we don't do it he is his we we cannot take the glory away from god of what he does we can just keep to wean keep by faith we know its character and we keep going so i does that did that i'm in tracking with your right or all your daldownie so here raised macedon less intelligent words than you do and pilleroit it into my own will stupid vocabulary here in order to enter stand i i think that that's the struggle it listening to parker i think i have been in a theological philosophical fame so much the bats common vernacular to me and i really have to work hard to put it in common vernacular if you will for the for the people i don't intend to do that so thank you grin for that's my i'm here it's like that that i that i rehersalle sister that listens to you and goes a key onooror hand that i've got that with with the people my family and we look at it acochis persons really smart in the one that still place in direptis have to put it into life like horse and chicken terms understand at sets but i spoke yes my love you being here because i think you speak for the people which you also in or you got process things and you do process things cross he says precisely it's not even faith in jesus christ that saves and people may go dear what are you talking about yet we were then porter whole lives town wonderheurel but he says it's jesus christ and i would say in his faith who or that saves the sinner who through faith rests in him that's why i think back to four says the just shall him by faith but i really believe that death is really the just shall live by his faith then we can reciprocal though i think it's reciprocal is the ateneo thus first so that we wouldn't even know love if he had loved so he has faith first and then we can learn that and then we become faithful and book to understand it is that you know when things go really wrong i think that this is what true faith does when you see things going wrong you can keep crews and through it it doesn't touch you because your eyes are firmly fixed on jesus and knowing i don't care how the path goes good better all the ways i have faith god almighty through jesus christ my saviour and know that no matter what the world looks like i trust that he is going to work at work things that he's got the under control so i don't have to you know i had the stress about it because my faith is that god is good all the time all the time all its it as long as i'm looking at him no matter if the world falls down around me it's not cold a matter because i don't hestinanter it's going to be fine i just have to have faith that he's in control and that's a good place to be it is and i appreciate i really do down i think that you you do see me will say oh why she wore i think he is togetherit and to great habitation here is no oncewe have a passage to the philippines were talks about more how your salvation with fear and trembling and really if we get into the knittin of what it means is god for his faith in her and working it out is our faith but we are working out his faith that he puts in and so that's why it's like we waken never be blesful about that now people could confuse that and we can think white got a faith that independent of his faith and its like whenwhen you think that boy you're our mess of inner go down the wrong but when we work out his faith that he puts in our soul that's god is pleased with that do we do it perfectly no but the thing it desperet is his faith in us and that's what won't get to heaven for is his faith in us that we did work out so it did circular i think that's what you're talking about him that thicknessthe point here you know and i don't know you don't we talked about this little bit i had i have no intention of having redeeming grace church looked like a normal church because that's just what we're used they are right in actually you know i'm going back to my back ground going to you know studying messianic there is its very different and the person who stands up in front teaches always change and so instead of having necessarily one person there's one personal will get up and read the scripture and they stand up and read it and then they sit down and give their interpretation and its oneota so you have got talking through all of us because there's wisdom i would i like it so much at younglike that so much people come on othecae it is not you know it is the way that the churches are soffrit now is kind of kind of backwards to the way that it was to her traditionally was and it's a congregation that meets and that you know every single person out there is going to listen to how god talks to them which is the living word through the bible in a different way and they're going to every single one of you is supposed to be a priest in a minister we are all called to that to the end when we share we stop the hero worship we stopped the colts to personality nonsense and we all get up in a favoriser on happy to do that it doesn't matter because that's that's the back ground more or less that i have spent more time in and and i do think that that's valuable that's why like to read the chaps too because somebody will come on in all all i get it and then they'll say it in a way that you don't or that i don't so that we're not doing this for ourselves where do you in this for the last and that doesn't mean we're going to hit the mark every time but you might you know somebody else out there might hit the mark for them in ways that we could never do it and that's how the body crises and oh in a lot to be wordonand stand i never saw it ah example but when i was a pastor i always felt i always invited people in the congregation to participate in the message in an in i always warned i don't want to get off tracking if it did i could say something but if they were on track in the message i i literally want people to ask when i've given it cause i feel like that is the better way to so i get not to be a preacher i tend to be a and so yes do i understand we're on to get into this indebit there are huge limitations in an online church and do i want a church to be like other churches absolutely but i think there's things that we could do and were on to talk about some of those things and i will see oh see where we're going so i wanted to to forksthere if you will a little bit of a history church history i thanhausen people to understand that theological ignorance and arrogance is always a scourge to the church and i would say you know there were several things that seminary kind of bloomy away with but one was when we got into churches it was like oh my goodness it's like if there was ever anything that started to put all the pieces together it was church history would you saw all the different veins common to gather in one or when you saw a divisions and you saw why there was an estate to learn as stofatas it was i thought very good so it's like oh one thing like the darker the middle ages do you know why it was called the darker the middle aged because the cook morten is that it was so kind of a dark time where things kind of went went silent what i wish were in a dark time now o ka it was really called the dark ages because the catholic church pretty much buried god's work okay they did not want god's word to be known by the common man i mean the common man didn't have a clue what latin was and yet they preached in latin carlecotes up is a nice little higher arch that don't question god's annointed crap white dots right and in herodias the common person to actually act us to god so you got to go through us that that's one so so we can think of the reformation as a lot of things but but primarily the reformation was gidding god's word to his and very often the catholics more the anybody they literally martyred people for trying to print and translate the scriptures of common benecke that's what happened with john wicliff oh so i just wanted to we we can spend weeks and weeks on nothbut we won't when we think about the translations in the manuscripts that are available i just got to say this that then if we look back even fifty years ago i won't say we were antiquated but we have so much more access to so many more manuscripts to day and we've got computerized programs that go through so much and and yet so we looked back in the early biblical times while a seventy jewish scholars translated the hebrew old testament into greek and so seventy this is where we get what's called the septuagint seventy okay so that was seventy men that gave that septuageno people to understand where the subtus ad came from somewhere creatednot some glad and all that but we actually had greek scriptures before the new testment scripture now low of some people would say all the the new tastelessgross were totally written in red we actually have i believe every book in the new testament that they have hebrew manuscripts so it could be that they were translated a degree from the hebrew so ah you know there is at least one questioner but but it's amazing what we see so gerald was actually in in a between three and in four hundred four or two he was commissioned by one of the pups to translate a the hebrew and rig scriptures into a common vernacular and he did he didn't want the apocrypha in there the pope wanted him to put it in there oh but that's what i want a poppin there i don't want to part container be porsewe don't we don't believe that it is scripture as the other sixty six books okay there there are internal flaws that we weed i mean some people say we look we don't care about those flat but he hears the problem and again to this so let me work kept the test but that's the difference between continuation ism and cessation oh continuation is in beliefs and here so well on sanus the people that would say god's revealed written word is still continuing then we have to say that may be what the mussels did with mohammed in six seven hundred eight that's a valid that's a ballad scripture we could say that the mormons what they wrote is a valid scripture we could say the d a kersmas penny castles that get into speaking in tongues and having words of the lord to debts i mean there are some people that literally put down a bove god's work sensationism believed primarily that when the apostolic writings were done the canon was closed so that's why a poker for was after that cannon was cold so a feeble me not accept what in putting out there but that's that's why jerome didn't want the apocrypha in her but they called his translation the vulgate and basically he translated it into land now in my mind you go to be very very intelligent too you know translate these things in the latin but that's kind o were i think that the catholic church they would preach out of the latin the common man didn't know that just like if if somebody preached out a hebrew to day we wouldn't know her of the preacheare we wouldn't know that so while it may take an intelligent person to do that i do know the dere some very very a well rounded scholars that literally preach from the greek to but they don't they preach it in english so i mean a lot of historic even the reformers said that you've got to go back to the origin you've got to understand the greek and hebrew to really understand the depths there's a lot o intingan our tax are words missing that but you know like when you study that way and you really understand that there words left off like when when abraham planted a tree for shade what is missed and the christian western bible translation is it was a tameris tree which is the slowest growing tree in the world which changes the whole meaning of his eden plantfor shade for himself that's the point it's she was never going to see he is kids were going to see she may be his grand kids but the point was as that he planted this for future generations and he saw his continuation of his family his lineage and those that came after is his responsibility and they were part of him and i think that for us to understand those the riginal translations we missed so much and i ought be good idea to go back side i'm agreeing with you on the and i i think that you know i took the only language i ever studied was french and i in some ways did really care a ticker for two years in the high school had ounces oh i did so in order to number of it the passionate it kept me on it missionsstate university was my grated a french in any rate it's a yet will throwsterer the bridge there but i think that translation you know it takes you got a really no your stuff to build to translate cause you can sometimes translate things and you'd be so far wrong because you know you get figures of speech and coolis the son herdeman and so if we don't understand those things that's were people translate word for word and and you miss it you know so they do they try well hard to do word for word but if you don't understand me idiomsta figures of speech and this you're going to be you're you're going to miss it so it's not that nessarily that people miss translated it they just didn't have enough information to translate what was there and so i don't you know we got be careful not to throw people under the boss and i think that's what that's one of the things that i picked up in seven are when i realised church history you know cause it's said that heresy drives orthodox but the reality is if you look at history you realize the people that are orthodox we are just so consumed by preaching truth and tried to build truth in people as shepherds that we sometimes don't pay attention to the air and heresy the comes from outside so it's like sometimes it takes hers before the orthodox will address the heresy and so that's why people if you don't know what you're talking about you can say while here and c seems to drive forth the docks its like not on notabas when here he comes and when he'd make a defence people go alway this should come years before didn't have to deal with it you know so that's why again church history can be so good because we can go back and lotties they've just about dealt with everything and so if we don't know that we sometimes try to recreate the wheel and its already been created so i just hear intonuca learn from the past yah so like the slavic people ah sire created he accolled it his name was in it but he literally had to create a slavic as for that before he could translate god's word into the slavic tone which is where the rush of people come from it's all your slaves oh and so there's different people that ah why cliff said now i trust wholly in crisis while we were talking about heartier you you may dispoint rely altogether on his sufferings this is why in the last few weeks we have hammered let's say the ten days of the passion week and what took place in between his crucifixion and his resurrection don't sink to be justified in all in any other way than by his righteous oh why will ah actually advocated for and why some people may be clergy would scream against us to day but what is the biggest promise we face to day is clergy that is sold out to economic game and so why cliff actually advocated for a clergy almost to take a poverty because he hated what he saw all around were the clergy was so wealthy that they were they were quiet to gonenothin was money instead of that another way to fix that as when we decided to stop off it's like the same thing with politics as the problem is that everybody's like well i'm going to put this person to place like an set back and do nothing and have them do everything same problem in the church everybody wants to have that point person sitting up in front so they can go about their lives and not be bothered and say what's your job to take care of the flock that's a bunch of cain you know in the bible it talks about us being a priest you know all of us being supposed to be priests and you know in ministers to each other every single one as we'll get past we should all be in that world right and so like a john whose i his name is sir you asked lot people call hospitatus like ghosts oh and i may be don't got me i'm just trying to pull some out of my mind but when when little there was one we talked about look at last week at the diet ofarms when they were literally telling him you must recant and he really oh if it wasn't for one of the dupes or i think it was the duke that literally pulled him out and they they developed some big plain to you don't basically deceptively how's luther and he was housed for many many years people had no idea that he was still loving her weary was and so late the things that he did was under the protection of my believe it was so frederick maybe the name but when he was commanded to renounce everything that he taught i believed that he was on the very spot where they martyred john huss a hundred years before him and so the lollards came from basically i wouldn't say they were may be whose disciples but he could have been we see different groups of people that come through and so when we come into the de fifteen hundred you have a erasmus luther divide and that's where we talked about last week were luther did to bondage of the will and i would say honestly as i look at some people it's hard to maybe cut them the slat but a restless i think was well intentioned i believed that he was a noble man but i think that he was too connected at the hip with rome and while i would almost say that he was one of the early reformers because he wanted to reform the church he wanted to to make the church better but i think what we see he was so deep and the money and the power that he couldn't he couldn't take that step so luther said of him that he ah he acts set the he had an undogmatic christianity and anybody knows till they would say tim you're very dark matter could i price say that's pretty close shelling you know o erasmus didn't have he wouldn't fight for truth he felt it truth could be told peacefully without argumentation and yet if he look at all the martyrs oh it was set of athanasius in and other sad des about in against araspas he said that he would not even imagine contraband and that means alone against the world and athanasius was one man that was assassin martyred for his faith in the story is just a majestic story but that's he took on contemnend of i am alone against the world if in god's truth and so you know at times you you have to you have to really find god's grace in order to do what we got to do but luther did if even in the bondage of the will he actually thanked rasmus cause he said in all the things you could have put your finger on he said you put your finger right on the issue of free well but he disagreed because erasmus took the position that essentially in this his work again eh i port roll if you will a lot with some of the semi pelagians of this world i think they're all some my pagan and while people would say oneoneoneone bit catholic they would also say maybe i'm not one bit of the reformed vein i would say i want to i want to estaing the reform by oh so this were when we won we think about i believe that luther was totally right in his bondage of the will now allow people the just they don't want to go there i don't want to think about it but i do believe that in that argument he luther made the classic argument fact he set said if i took all my books or on table mankindthis is loose translation if i had to because he was told you need to recant everything that you teach about the reformation truth about justification by faith alone and maybe even ah you know what you teach a free will because that was against what to colics believed in believed that essentially that infant baptism wiped out if you will original sin and with that waiting out of original sin that's where the i haven't read this but i think this is where they tout free will free will came on the backside of the elimination of original sin oh so i see that divide common in indifferent ways or in its in contrast to what i would call the reformed people are the old like oh even in america because when we when we see as luther talked about contradictions in my mind when you when you embrace free will without the distinctions we've talked about that is when we're new birth do we come close to heaven free will again ah i think an eternity will have free well if you will but it will again it will still be christ's faith perfectly in us in eternity here it's christ bath may be imperfectly his his faith is perfect but we don't live in out here oh so we see that different so ah in the theological sphere and st new birth by grace in christ alone which is modern justice as sanctification can by grace it all say be considered sinner just it god in saints together ah in contrast to that much of the church would say our new birth is really our choice he either by the church or by man's effort and that's where i you say oh no no no our sanctification is fire effort if you will or effort with price faith but ah if we think that we are new birth because of our effort i think that paul would beg to differ in in roman south he said no way you can't do that and that's where i actually talked in my last book that what paul was talking about in roman solvent was what i called the wool i think he hit the wall with free will he thought i can do it but every time he said i can do it he realized i can't do i can't do i know i have an inability in me and that's where he he finally i think he's succumbed to that he said like i can't do it e antono maybe he was crying out to christ but but he said who who can save me from this futile well i think that i think they go to that the fact that god always wanted to dwell with human beings with man you know menbeings on the michigan translation is met at women he wanted to be with us he did you know he didn't create is to say okay go off and be your own looking to buy yourself and i'll see later you know he really wanted that relationship with us his children i think it's a really beautiful things you know it we get a figured out that we're going to you know we really do need him i mean or life or breath or heart be only comes from god almighty we are not in and of ourselves we we can't we can't create life like we can't create you we can't you don't look at something i say bloom and watch it bloom now it's him that that life comes and though technology that nought even our reactions to thinks comfort the and so i do have a paragraph here where i get into the difference between continuation as a insectation as scuse me what to whistle there you two snootered us here's here's the difference with em and it's fundamentally i'll see the catholic view but it flows in the so many other views and i just in one make people it's like some people think that i just am i a collocatur i'm not but i want people to understand sometimes what you believe and why and i think when we when we move forward in redeeming grace church i think to why is sometimes more portant and i think this is part of what you were talking about i don't want to be all the other church i've written it i it's it's the white questions that made me who i who i am and i i would say i was just thinking about this couple days too down her mother tom parker so little bit but you know i have a doctorate in philosophical theology i love theology but philosophical theologies late different oh i i i tolt systematic theology all a time i think that's what jesus was talking on the road to a mash there like they they were right as we talked about the problems we have to day the confusion the upside down the world they were just confused and here these two guys were on the back side of the crucifixion the jesus and they said we we've heard that he was redseeded but we don't know for sure and i said basenesse jesus said he you guys are slow of faith and you ought to understand any unpacked his side won back to all the prophets which would be moses and and all the law any any show himself to all of these to me that is what systematic theology is that that's part of what i go back into let's say genesis three and unpacked at her even on pack genesis one twenty six and twenty seven its systematic theology that i am using to understand things which i believed the spirit lays out so when i when i think of philosophical i i really remember dana maybe as a five six seven year old boy rustling with what i know to day would be calld philosophical i want to know the why god why this why there and it doesn't make sense so explain to me and and i know we can sometimes get into bonny holes that that there's no bottom and i think sometimes this is work god says that my thoughts are higher than your thoughts my ways higher nor was but i i think this god wana to understand everything we can until we get to that ceiling i think i would say yes and i think god freely gives and so that's part of i would say what could you know and now in a circular way at my life i was so philosophical as a five six seven year old young and and here i am years later with a with a doctorate is sore and it's funny because how god talks each of us in with in such a different way so i went to a catholic service a couple of weeks ago and detroit and with that was spontanit mary planned and a bunch of dear friends there and it was beautiful i loved it i really did love the service there in such and god talks with sold also differently and i remember being that way where i am wanted everything explained honlike why god why does and now i don't even ask my night don't relieve i don't really care and like a khattanga bring and i live more in the day and his follow out it's so interesting there is you know where we all are in our walks are so different in talks to a so differently that right now all people are asking so many questions about why are things the way that they are your process is to you now get in there and hammer this out my process is like mattockes got it this summer control ouske walk you know and the different with different way that we all approach things i think is really significant that goes back to that body of christ is that there is there is multiple ways that god talks to us in eversing personthis ovoce and they need to be using it and how god talks to you because we all can learn from you we need to learn from each other and i think it's beautiful and i love it that you're on your shecase you you spent so many your studying that sort of thing looking at her from different you don't look in at things from different different angles you know it's like and that's really helpful too maybe drilled down on the questions that each of us asked his weeson and yet her to ask the answer the questions that that most people are wandering about and then also how do you apply that to to life to day how do you apply that in or in our lives and you know we can we can know things but we all saw it as we walked through our day how do we apply that in our life to make sense of the world but also to go forth and do good works and androcleon him an that's the goal right there is drorin my opinion and then you don't live out our lives out out in the world where we're service to him and how to those questions that we answer really how do we apply them is that makes it does and and i i know that people are different and it's like you know oh i can't i don't even create people like god has created me i think that we are so so knit by him on the design out of personality out of experience and so is just its amazing when you can give people latitude to be who god created in when when their pursuing god if you will with their heart and with her soul in her mind and there ah we we got it give latitude to people now if there really twisted in an i think we should try to as much as we can to help him see somethin and so just in conclusion what i was saying about the cannon and again i think james white does one of the greatest jobs on the cannon itself what we see but essentially a i believe that the roman church stood over the cannon and there are some things that were said and i just put him down to kogitarishi what what they believed was that a the church determines the cant if the mother magistrate and master of the cannon and regulates and judges the hideous believed the tots wrong okay now opposite of that maybe i could say in contrast but the reformed view believes that the church discovers and recognizes the canon that's to that's a big thing the decano was written in the church collectively acknowledged the cant not to the cannon or the church determines the and then as the last part of that is that we the church is the child minister witness and servant of the cane so am it's like the canon speaks to the church that the other way around this would be my belief now get people can differ with that but that's to me it's like there's a lot of confusion that i could think that we could save if we believed that if the sixty six books as we have in our inner bibles is the canon that god wanted i think it's settles a lot of questions if i against using no things i think yours benefit to you some of those ah sure canonical at ah the apocryphal we can learn things from the apocryphal but if we put it on an equal scale of scripture i believed it we're going to embrace air that we had i mean what are the god i was just going to say one of the most interesting things that i read ah the apocrypha was the the explanation of what he saw was doing when he came back and with starved and sold his birthright for a bull oporice if you will is it true i don't know but if it is true it sure puts it in a different light oh but what the one of the party for books said was that he saw had gone out and killed nimrod and that he was coming back from that and that's what he sold his birthright for a bull pork if that's true that would at least indicate that i believed that i saw had some noble and it's easy sometimes the throat he saw under the boss but even when you know he might have hated jacobs so much and would jacob was coming back to his father land oh he literally split up his wives into four groups hoping that he could appease son and actually i almost think it may be he saw was already over some of those things and then they cried and it may be mended the fences so but you know are there things i bought the sothe that won't go yah but i think that if we look at his character what he did and how he lived i think there's a lot of things we have to applaud oh we see a divide in romans nine to a loved but it's like if we can just grant like as we said a few minutes ago if we can look at people and grant may be that they do sometimes best they can with what they have and then we always want to say well hey this wheeler is and they shouldn't know that well sometimes didn't know that it wasn't there and so you know we we sometimes the judge people for what they did have the ability to decide will and when i see a lot of his people like to run on the people around like trucks and you know to fulfil what they want this is a real flow that i've seen in the church for many many years where people will go in there and there like well this pastors not doing this right that passes not doing this wreck and on and on and on the complaints and the new saying in the groping and the whatever keeps going on and on and it's like you know what if you're going to get behind somebody get behind him and try to be helpful if you don't like it go to it yourself and you know if phil that gap if you see that cap because people are trying to do the best they in most normal people now there's lots o evil people i'll see if we can look at and go and do yet they're just in her for the money and i mean we pointed them out instead of being a deserved but but when somebody's out their trying their best you know we need that we need to watch our words a little bit in courage then and stoutest just terreo down because they're not doing what we want them to do how we want ethenic interests the biggest thing i see people in church fighting over on to years i watched for churches and i was doing intercessory prayer on doing stupids i mean it was it this was like thirty years ago and on like this is nonsense everybody's oweenee did do this kind of music or that kind of music or this kind of scouse that's what i want to hear and it's like why are you here it's like are you here to minister or it just shot you can have your point purse and sitting up there on the on the o you know on the th all cannasthe up in front of you set it to entertain you and you know in that something or argue here to actually serve god and if if they play a different music that we don't like great if it touches those that are lost that's what we mewithout in our focussed as that god can feed us if we're true believers anywhere we are but our our job is to go and and minister to others in different former music you know teethmasticators day we just added you know bed a thousand one but the complaining in the winding and sobbinghaving had everything her own way is the real problem yes it is and i guess then your in your talking now we were going to go through it if we have time but it's talanton oecos of our time to day go through like a ephesians screen first part of chapter four but camionet now or we do let me ring out to whewell bittinger for talks about pastors and teachers which i said i know a more a shepherd teacher then preachernothing sometimes we want preachers and then we can sit in the seats and we can just listen to things and not have to do anything you like a like going to a baseball game be a fair right frank on certaco fee shops in the churches and gotthard the theatres and he got have the wee got at a church around us they got like they've got like a like a club atmosphere with nathan problems with that i mean there's a lot of different his but it's like you know i i understand some of that in no getting gather in doing things but but sometimes the focus is so much on having to go and play play play that no work is gettin done or going there to political things and just bitch bitch bitch but nobody does anything you know what i'm sorry but this the rod true that i that i've seen so ah arietibus as that the passers and teachers were supposed to equip the saints for the incas there's so many people in the saints that they all passers posto do that that's that's the clergy disposed to do that no worse suppose to all do that so free this leads into a discussion of oh i'm just going to give a paragraph and that may be filled out as we go on what what do we as redeeming grace church do that to be like others not to be like the rest of church but how can we become more biblical that was my best and i chattered what care as i as i developed this and he has some good cases but oh i'll say this christ makes us alive in ephesians to foreign five into his care out of people want to throw the church under the bush i don't think we can throw the church under the best prose that's why i've said to people i am a true blooded church but at the same time do i like to see the church and the state that were in to day no absolutely not but in some sense i believe in die for the church because it actually says that jesus invested his whole gospel in the church so i ain't all that an online church has limitations we don't have the face to face time that you'll have in a regular church ah so i just want to encourage people how can we developed at how kin we maintain if you will that face the face time or the attitude of that so it is i want to throw it out too for people but i might commitment is i will try to teach and develop a christian world view in you oh i want to teach god's doctrine without replacing a church or may be your pastor i understand that some people have may be very good churches that are very biblical they have very good pastors the shepherd them i don't want to replace that but i also realize there's probably some of our listeners that haven't been to church and years may be would never go in the environment that were in the day so understand i want to be more of a church at that level as much as we can be so in sight well what does that mean oh so a really asking people to this is where i think they have to reach out to me especially if you're in at the second category because the pastor teacher shepherd has to hear or see the needs of his ship if i don't see you don't hear you i don't know those so i want to fulfil that so it's like you're going to have to work i mean if you were in my congregation i would see you i could talk to you i would understand what you're dealing with sin may be for your prayer needs and things like that so i'm just saying be willing to reach out and fell some of those gaps i can't i can only do so much but if people will allow me i'll try to fill in some of those holes ah do i seek membership no do i believe there is great value of membership but again we're not we're not line church and we we can't dissipate a bet me dischurch dis supplies really part of a biblical church it'd be very very difficult to do that but i think that we ought to discipline ourselves and hold each other accountable there are so many one another passage so i want us i mean we're after work hard to be part of a one another fellowship well i have to set desolate you know it's like the viewer ship on our channels or on the things that we've done it's it would be hard pressed for most churches out there to hit the viewers that we actually have on this church that we can head on line now you know it's like it's like i'm not taking away from anything this is just enough for that we felt strongly about trying to train to you know help helind some meaning while we go through this what we're going through and and i think that there's many ways that god can do that but we really are reaching quite a few people you know that they'll come back in the listinoise of thing and i find that that to be to be you know though it's unusual in the our classic belief or what were used to a church as we're going to have to be open to to the fact that god can do this without us and you know he's he's allowing us to help him but he can he can get the job done whether without us if we're not obedient and he you know so there's there's many ways that he reaches peoplenothing and i do i do want people to understand that we have an individual and a collective i would say duty proclaimed the gospel round the world in longtimes that's where some of the offerings come so we won't take offerings for that reason because in some sense we i won't say maybe maybe sometime in the future will will develop sat ordered we'd want to do something collectively but i think they're people could individually do things it now what an is another be a priest writ reach out to people do run your own world and so of i do the things that i would love to fill which may be i can't but i think that you know we even talked to somebody that that we now together that i may be we'll still do like a baptism at some point and i could at least work to facilitate some of those things if i there needed what of the things it is don't we could do we can celebrate the lord's table once and i was just thinking if we did that on the first messenger of the months which would be next week all help people you know may be come with your great juice wine and better crackers well i like that i love that free the lord's table together oh and maybe maybe even next week baby i'll do a whole teaching on what i believe is the biblical approach to the lord's table and it will celebrate it may be that i be what will go through next week so i just i want people to understand that i am least thinking about how can we be more like a biblical church with the limitations that we have of being an online but but now that i want to grow with people as i tried to grow i don't know that makes sense but i want people to feel i feel my heart in in what were trying to you are to serve people and help them is that your underlying the underlying ten parker heart is too truly shepherd people so that they're not alone i think you're probably one of the greatest prayers i've ever know and you know it's one thing i like i really love about a knowing you as you'll reach out you'll ask how people in the family are and you'll actively be praying for them or if they're some there'ssome problems you'll land then you hold that it to yourself and you don't you don't believe that ought to every one and it's truly it's truly you're truly we have a servant's heart to help people and i just really appreciate that about well i've had some good teachers and like i said jesus christ is our model or example and i i said i i do so many things because of what oh i mean i guess crossed the board i price say i've learned more from paul than anybody but what scriptures you so full of people and i just i loved what he said imitate me as i am a trait christ and i would say that to people that i know as i imitate christ imitate me is it is it a boshful proud tignol but it's like your fond doin what i spots to and maybe you don't know what to do then i can say maybe i almost do almost shuddered even sat like look at me not a bob me but it's like your fanbriento christ to found imaging in likenesse try to be like that how would he try to push you to do that as well anybody other oh one of the demanded i i know her yet somebody in her audience and she no home talking about but you know there's different faiths that i look at and and i do i want to say from i applaud many many many people in a catholic church cause i think they have a very sore sincere now i may disagree with you also the things they believe in embrace and so but sometimes it's like what what's the alternate on do i think that we ought to least study scripture yes oh one of the guys that brought a systematic theology and a thing agonon but it wes michael horton a he's talked about to pilgrims in the way and i just love that that vain because we are pilgrims and like or in is a is another lutheran decherd bon offer was the lutheran i can say that ah with the exception of opinan baptism i could easily be a very evangelical reformed led ah but in in his systematic theology or is actually the the book christless christianity from this is the court from not i thought it was a powerful work he wrote it in two thousand and eight but ah he quoted donald grey barn house which was a good pastor in the early twentieth century he said and i just want people to listen he said to all the bars would be closed ah if if satan took over all the bars would be closed pornography banished and pristine streets would be filled pedestrians who smile at each other there'd be no swearing and churches would be fully be sodded where christ is not pre satin might be more concerned with distracting us from and the true gospel then getting us to sin that's a very challenge because i think there are a lot of people that if it's not sports recreation the v or or the craziness of to day i think we get distracted away from and i who but that in no cycle the new cycle the narrative that's outer it's like there's so much that distracts us from so wicked you do and this is the the challenge wicked think we're doing o cake his were not sin but it's like if we're not really pursuing christ is that see condemnation to us or what and i i just i thought to deth dpoint was very good and horton says in there i just read a few things that he said so challenging he said when everything is measured by our happiness then by god's holiness the sense of our being sinners become secondary if not offensive if we're good people who lost our way but with proper instructions and motivations can become a better person we need only a life cut not a ride and that's where i a struggle with a lot of people as they i think her so flippant god's doctrine waken still give our assent to a high view of christ and the centrality of his person and work but in actual practice were distracted from looking to jesus the founder of perfector morfat o that's what barnharts was saying a book to porches off point all satan has to do is throw several spiritual fads moral and political crusades and we could talk about what song do we sang what translation do we use what things do we celebrate or not other raveloe rations into our field of vision a were we focussed the conversation on us which you were just saying or desires needs feelings experienced activity and aspiration that energizes so it's so easy to get distracted oh and i would say and you probably seen that so many times two down it that we think that satan the world and the flash and summoned the church don't want the word of christ sufficiently on wherever christ is truly and clearly being proclaimed satan is most actively present in opposite so is high i want people to understand the harder you seek to be christlike you're going to your goin to suffer up s you're going to be persecuted as wages said you desire to be gods a live godly lives you will suffer pro and i think you know there's some people one very dear my heart my wife oh who sometimes say tim why why do you get beat up all the time why is it to people come out against you all the an an i onderstand that most of that is because they don't want to hear to the true and and to me that persecution goes with the territory of proclaiming well and i think we need it right now more than ever because i'm going i'm not throw my book up here that i got the fifth generation warfare with my body cit who is half is to be callice and i like love them ah john roll heartpeople doggrel michel tiet roger what will we know about what's going on right now is there's so much misinformation disinformation and malinformation that their goal is to turn us into their weapons satan has been doing this from the froben ing of time if he takes one person and end leads astray that person leads others sit and one of the things that that uses his are emotions and the distraction and even as off point which the only point we have to worry about is jesus we keep her eyes on god you know and and we we really have a we really have the ability to to i avoid a lot of nonsense that way because i will keep in her eyes on jesus as the answer right there we the answers she answers and leads us through this so that our emotions are not often down over around and over here and look and that's the goal right now is to weaponis to get us to part the narrative and not ask questions not dig down not not find the true that are often you know i'm sorry this is rollin for to day and we need to you know we need to it'sit'sthe discussions and i'm not santisso know this but just throw it out there in a very neutered way with the work and all yet this this goes back to you know like like the three wise guys in their james you know it's like this is something that we're just going to cut think about half in a long time ago there is no practical application to day i'm sorry there is there's a lot of plataiai cause it's it's all everything there's nothing new under the sun and oh if i it's some point ten men what you do i want indulge you in hypothesis i have on this tucker caressing his everybody's all about this and how easy it is to be misled and i will show you i can show you i guess questions i guess a big son he is and in you know if they of course you know satan wants us to have these human idols that set up there that we we can sit back and we could we can as a as a football team were cesarilta team it's doin goodness teams doing good we want to beyond the wadding team and we want to get you hid somebody that's that's our new or no worldly savior or new guide that we know we can trust will you know what the onmonotonous is jesus and that's the way it is you put your trust in god that is it and realize that people are kind of what you want you want to see something i dug up oh and he don't mean to get off base skies but this is the online church that is is probably one of those things that i'm sure that some people are like mine they do in the suslik well if you want to have somebody that just gets up and talks to you you can sit coinage proud his act on be here i made the me say this that as the pastor as the shepherd i took black rope ridge of old and indicator talking about right down yes our founders the preachers that preached for forty years before our revolution talked about politics all the time and i wanted to apply to the god's word and i think we've we been two hundred years without that and it's like what are we have ah so trust me this guy here in you i know that we will bring politics to the forefront of scripture we camped bring it so i'm going to bring his right now i've got some real questions about this tucker and there's praefecto people going on out donna's talents the truth here she's got some weird idea out there but i want to i've got a little bit of back crowned video production i used to produce the commercials for while i did and i'd say that i'm probably a little more critical of things than allowed people are because i look at him not like one some some doesn't look right so they saw some sent me something the other day and they said what do you think about that in it was that a kinder which is a multi it's a merging of two organisms to create an organism not like no bines and it wasn't by an because i looked at where the hands were on water it looked like his pushing on jornate doesn't work and saw a better play his little bettyoh and because i want to have everybody questioned us here is tucker and he's sin is not a sees for most people that really aren't may be well where of what's going on out there or i and so i believe that a lot of this is sad for better lacked about terwards and i don't like the simington and i've been doing us for a long time and so you know we've brought i've written under anonymous names and i had other things that i've written under her and that sort of thing and people have still have no idea of some of the stuff that i put out there and uttered the name that i rode under not everybody knows that oh but at any rate when i look at this thing of of tucker i got some questions because there's some lighting here that doesn't quite match up from and not only that the sky has been out in the public for a long time this looks very stage okay i mean this looks very very stage to me and he's edward's con listen to tuck her here and that but look at look at his hair in the back ground and some of the lighting and the the things that are in focus out of focus there some things there that i've got questions about and i think tucker is way too smart based on what he's done to actually say i didn't know what's going on bull crop he did and so either he's he was oh he he actually come is a neutralized by the white hats who have basically such were going to give you a second chance eh i guy that admitted to be in a trust fund baby and i like tucker i love tucker i think tucker's cool but there's more going on here than what we're being told solicit to look at his eyes right there there's the i'm not buying this i'm not buying this as i am not by i he is percent for two or culture is like any one who thinks outside scribe sorely regret that on a scheme it meninosia the means of all the unashamed of the only purpose sprang tettenborn you at their chops touches the serpents to the patois now though he is utilised he is right there with what he sang it doesn't sonlike sucker carlson and i i think we need the estsn i really do and so there's there's many things that we need to do rather than take things as headlines eh and i like tucker i he's the only one on fox that i we even listened to for two seconds you know i liked acker i love glen back i you know i like to listen to people and i like listen in people even that i may be don't agree with but when i look at that dothere's something off about that or that's making the question exactly what i'm looking at and so i i don't know that's that's that's the data scepticism hard of parteither because there's a lot of things that i questioned that i don't take presetal and then i found this little gem here somebody sent me and it makes me as cross actually found some pitchers with they put him out there and it's like somebody that they had in the screen is so the stacker carl sat on like onoto it's a different different facial structure and everything so i just got to say i just think that if the point time all of us that are you know gravitating it's a thatahthat's a a b a things we need to start looking at things a little bit more and i like tucker o so i am hoping that this is one of those things that he is ah i don't know but she knows what's going on and i do not i do not believe his feined that that his faint i didn't know was going on but crape doesn't he knew what's goin on he's too smart for that but then i dug this up and i thought this was kind of interesting and he admitted to worry came from is kind of interesting a great uncle senator when full bright while step mother was patricia's swanson aristos swanston the food competitors and some other connections here which i find are fairly interesting and i think that it's one of those things that we jump in and we want to look at things and go ahead and do a little bit of a work behind the scenes and i pray to god that that tucker because i like talker a lot that you know he's helping to wake people up and making them ask questions but i think we need to ask some deeper questions and there's something in that video that's not that's not given for me and so i do i thought i'd bring that out there because this is where discernment comes in and and it's okay to ask these quests but the lightness looking at it with a little bit of critical eye delighting his off for me his faint that he didn't did know it was going on he knew what was going on and in he knows what's going on now so if he's playing a part to wake up people that may be our art it researchers the net's great that's the entastic we got awake overbody up and get everybody going in the same thing but i would hold that everybody asks questions even of those people that we have set up in our mind as or as somebody ought it on earth here that is going to tell us there because the good guys or throwing out misinformation the bad guys are throwing out missinem if hitting us from every direction to distract us now are the goals good i believe that the good guys are control in their goals are good but if you want to stay saying in an insane world where were being bombarded because we're watched spiders spy being carried out on a daily basis and things that we do not have access to that are being things that are cleaned plate out behind the scenes you'd better have your eyes on jesus because that's just that's our only hope of staying saying in an insane world we're both sides are throwing out distinct and just so a renals we'll go back to the little gem of a book writ here and i think it's time for retegenda and on how that information is is coming a crow how their using us and their goal is to weaponized us the bad guesser theyr bowes to weaponis us to become part of the war she because it's a psychological were in war right now that we were more three is already here and the reason why they are the keep they keep trying to distance themselves from the weaker is because the minute that the united states has yes it's true or rushes says yes it's true we've got a declared war right oh right now the the greatest attack they can have is to get us to to just go around like a bunch of lemmings and believe this and then we believe that then we believe this and we're here and were there and were spreading the stinison ion we they have effectively weaponized yes and we have got to stop that car thinking and get back to jesus this is the only truth in onchan and on changeable thing and the rest of us are like a bunch a little kings in a play ground trying to decide whose marvels on wanefleet he has so thank you thank you very much for bringing out o and i would like to have that conversation on lastthen want to know can you give me a copy of that book there no casariega to send you copy there but in fact iganasio one in senatehouse o her quaint i think that i think that the that of fitz generation warfare is really is really where we are right now and we don't want to become a weapon that the enemy uses against in the war on god and you know leaning out her own expectations on what we think in always rotbertus way because we're christians and we got to do it this way you know maybe not maybe this has been part of the problem all long and you know it's like we can't we go back to god and the only weapons we have is the word of god as scripture and praying for people that the biggest loss to satan so i'd say all of us let's go out there and create some problems for him to day biggest thing we can do is not you know is not i don't know going through a ritualistic oh you know bunch of nonsense to save our own tails we save our own tails by pray for people that are the biggest loss to say so you know somebody whose loss we i just lost a friend in the last week at that that a lovely woman and i feeling so bad for her family right now but it was an over dose and i would do the fatal problem is so bad rat now and i mean our hearts are very broken right now so you know somebody everybody knows somebody that's in a is got a promise substance abuse everybody knows steel that are lost that or so disgusted with the world that they blame god for oh people did have turned away from god people who were actively trafficking kids who are out there what we do we sit here and we we marched forward as god's people and we pray for them and we are mere ourselves in the word of god to keep our our minds in an e sane spot on it go and go for it in that direction on the calling everybody to day to leave the headlines all of them leave them because there's so much disinformation that the goal right now the sides right now are baling for your mind and a lot of times it's hard to tell which person that you're listening to but we know we can always listen to god and the word of god and there there it is there is the answer it's pretty simple right to ye and i would say a long with which your saying don i am so encouraged by the back flash is in his her bush or i possess and in i mean i first of all i i couldn't even get drink most of the bears cause it both of my madeout of the grades that he would cast having at my body but the point is that we if anything we've got to fight for truth we got to fight for just as we got to fight for one's right and if anything they want us to keep our most shop they want to put taper or mouths and not declare anything and that's i i am so encouraged by the push back yes this level because i do see a coming together of the people stand and of for what's right so better and his bursemen er boy ucalegon to put this trans woman on the face of whoorooshing guy i will oligoi de lineis an sorry it's like i don't i don't really you know it's like they can say everything they want i feel to mean by this i mean if i it's vile object intent the persons a biologically of mail on expect me to buy into the non sons because i won't do it if you want to play dress of that stripe i find with that whatever so i thought your attentive to do that i do onthames this mental illness and say say yes that's a fact what it is we've got some any genders no we don't you know and tell we start stopping off and save hold on hold the phone here this isn't a endmost of these people are actors and actors says in order to push their mental illness on the population to destroy the st there even believe it then those are asters and actresses most of a vain even believe that their paid and that's what i see that for so long and i won't you know i'm not going to throw everybody another boss say that nobody's ever cried out again some of the things there going on but it almost seemed set for many many many years people have been so beaten down and confused that they do i won't say they go along with the narratives but day they conto close their mouths and have not pushed back and enraged as where i would say with this issue they are portioned back and sand absolutely not and how i met rock betty how ye noifull out as a fire decides to target practice on the bullionaire idea only i'd have to have sitten round so wouldn't buy it now you know to ah to be eleesons he used the cans for target practice so you were winded down on time when i just want to read one more quotannis is one who thinks a hard head epokhe said were taneously close and i think what you just said we we can never give up who wears christ was but we we do have to maybe look at something different nestles back to the thrust of my turning point you are a massed if we're not fighting for justice and fight and for righteousness i think we're not to church that god calls us to be and so there is a sense but he says were dangerously close to the place in the american church light where the bible is mind for row of it but is largely irrelevant to its own turn god is used as a personal resource rather than known worshipped jesus christ is a coach with a good game plan for our victory rather than a saviour who has already achieved it for us salvation is more a matter of having our best life now then being saved from god's judgment by god himself and the holy spirit is an electric outlet we can plug him to for the power we need to be all that we can be thou i got to say this this hat is is from cottevise i would encourage people again would sensonomy church but it if you pour in continewlie he's on five days a week you were in the costantini was probably twenty years ago he was kicked off a beat a coach of a very good school football team and because he prayed with his i was twenty years he held and he knows what to fights about and i i where this hat with great honour and he you know in some boys what i see in their organization they got people all over the country may be all over the world but at least all over to contre the words hats and in boldly say that their particles delices ministries passed the salt ministre but it's it some one oclock every morning but you go on your sight just like we watch redeeming grace church after the fact but he's lie from seven to eight monday to friday and i would just say go on and listen to baby somebody different i see down a golden circles she made her by the feet weep confused the benefits in the effects of the gospel with the gospel itself oh he says he this last quot this may be well wine some things down but he says evangelicalism is becoming theologically vacus liberalism lost christ by degrees in this liberalism really has the church almost a hundred years so probably hundred years ago ah god isn't denied but trivialized ting omitteth don oh okay okay yes he would happens but yet we can close it down have prayer and not get people ready for next week so i continue okay yes pray took her curls some give talk to like that's its hilarious i agree all ready o thank you i'll punch be soon as we close an i guess he can you act and the shelf okay okay ah a not even sure how to do that don ah that's why i say i don't know how to do it sometimes i get speaker for underneath happened i hang out let me see there it is okay you're on speaker phone down on the me i just give people the hearers up to speed i am do hear me down i hang on did you hear kitty hear me now i pay good all right i cried pushed different button but i knew i had got in speaker on so people ah i may know theology but i don't know technology i have a dumbfounding even sure sometimes how to use that so any rate down a basically got kicked off over stream yards and so she called me on food squirted a finish up the program and look for next week but that's amazing she is just intrigue but we we got a realized how serious of a war where in and there's no doubt that the people fired shots and oh we got cut off so ah that's for sure so it says a christ is the source of empowerment but i guess here's the question but is he regarded as the source of redemption for the powerless and as what we're trying to do were trying to reach into those that think that they have no way no no life line and it's not us but it's christ but were the ones that are telling that he helps the morale sensitive to become better but does he save the ungodly yes he does he will he heals broken lives but does he raise those who are dead in trespasses sent oh yes if you know him parker he preached teachers new birth it is christ come merely to improve and we can get your oh oh that was funny to otherwere going to talk about this canisses funning i mean literally my computer went gone right i love and i must have been over the torrent i'm just wondering here you take i think i must have been over the target on telling people looked to jesus and questioned yes they don't want it wanted no member the guide you mentioned last week that we saw a weetigo thursday eh you got it you got softalmost that jesus yeh gotta talk that that's what he told me said you got to stop talking about god so much on loketh that's not going to happen yet nonadhesion ii think that near little ear that satan's talk into you on and and get it get a get a reality check there so anyhow at so any rioters back on a thank you even ah ye heels broke in lives but does he raise those who are ah ah yet this christ come merely to improve our existence that adam or to end it sweeping us into radical judgment radical greece is the word of god a resource for what we've already decided we want and need or is it god's living and active criticism of our religion morality and pious expert and so as we moved forward ah i know were kind that at our limit but ah i just want to encourage people be ready for a communion next week and i think i wasn't really sure where i was going but i think i'll do a whole teaching on i love that this sounds very i think that will be a very good thing for for our lessons be ready for that and i would encourage people may be in closing i was going to read ephesians all chapter three and i believe for two sevens and sachse sixteen but there vousjust it more chapter three through four sixteen he pasion three one to four sixty that's a whole chapter and a half it's got a really on some the now it should take care ten minutes maybe and i would encourage people so now that we are with you i do believe that we will proclaimed truth that's going on in the world and i believe that we gods is too and we've got to understand while i know there's stories oh wow but he in times and things oh but do i do i know that god is going to some day if you will roll the carpet up say it's all over yes to a take thet aims some people may say a sure looks like it but i happened to think that he has so much in store for and i want people to be ready for be plunged in to christ and be ready to go because i think we're going to see a majestic in a niche i think so too and and you don't be smart don't believe everything that you hear out there because most of us most of it's a lie and you know so tocketuck in close to your family selfeheale served god stand the word pray and i keep hisself ground and see you not blown away like blown round like a leaf as their bantering uswithout ry thing right that's what the craziness comes in you get off you get off base like that and you get on stable and that's where you're going to follow over he say stable you get drowned in christ and you can see you gits sat there and put your faith and hand no matter what happens you just walk through it he just come of chuckle and laugh and say that's goin to be a we know our father yes you are saved her then i will say a prayer i just want people to be encouraged in it and who the whole world can be shaking like a tree in a tornado their safety and cried we need to know that eh and i will say closing prayer thank you send your comments questions be ready for communion next we our heaven he fathers we come we you saw some crazy things ah for donna to be shot down from telegram ah as we speak stream yard it is crazy lord but that just tells us the we're we're in a war we know it and the forces of evil are out there and while we may not be able to do hand to him battle with the forces of evil you do tell us to wage spiritual warfare against them lord i i don't have all the answers it may be not many of what that really means but we can all think about what it means and seek to do what you'd have us to help us lord to become one in what we do i know there's been a limitations to an online church lord but help us to be your people helpless to act like it in front of a dying world confused world and we seek to give glory to you in jesus name we pray the same prey man while this is this is the good it is the good ah lot of things that need to be addressed right so this is funny i like laughing every time they knocked me down or or try to censer me it's like i just as they're gookhroo you know it's good hooreeyehs like i'm going to come back in another way it's like sonsome off of you two but i'll build the platform you know sense or me off of this i'll figure it out how to get round it and i'll have more gold than that i the capable had that i am you know i think it's cause we're watchin spiers sospi out there and a god only knows is that that as christians we got to shut us up because this is morgan's got thinkingtoo ah they want to shut us up so that the parangone can't be out in the open we can't see it that they're like sacrificing children and that they've got catapiller neighborhoods don't really want to mention jesus christ lord saviour of the world and the non sosater that overtook king king of the world and like it's like so whereas on keep going and then we're going to laugh at the feeble to tons to quiet us you know they can't even kill us which is funny arts are and our life is termed solely by god so that's got it that's another proof problem for he on those gravitationally i think the celerious right i don't have any i computer screen goes completely blank and on my going i'm going i literally got kicked off of my own stream and is theethis is hollerius absoletis so igoto be laughing about the feeble attempts soldato day and planning their evil deviseand a million different ways i so anyhow here yo gie thee go go to raniero governor do come because i am in fact not conceding this election yet or that going to conceive were noting on they can kick us off then i can silence us they can tell us to get up and go away and be silent now because we're standing as american family fighting together and every every slip they take it us to come back to her because that's what we do so here we got heart hands got less you god bless all those to whom you love and god bless america can be a great day it's already started up beautifully the lily beautiful bangono yes we'll see chasewater thing don't look the fret getout onnan so we got nothing to worry about we have where faith is in him and he's always faithful and ye it's it's an amazing time to be alive onagre time to realise even the glitches celebrate it creates the bandoong i have a wonderful day and then i'll see it's more i've got i've got a brain in a breeding from elections secret find the coming into her own and sandy keys and the i think it's a geodesic think the sasassa he owns for morning right away and then then i be curing the robatorem the rest of the day so so and and hopefully god seen through this to everybody and drawing them close to them so that's a number one thing so have a great day celebrate the day is going to be awesome we'll take collatines the