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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 8/16/2022 - Live today - Mellissa Carone and Ken Nash

Published Aug. 16, 2022, 8 a.m.

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good morning this is donna brandenburg and welcome to brandenburg news network it is august the tenth of august to day and once again yesterday who was a very interesting dead i was amazed at watching the information come out on the to some of my friends that were there and there's a lot of information that's goin to be coming out and i think it's very exciting but let's start this day here well little bit of praise i don't know from thing but i think get in here and the waitingroom the that's a nice way to start the day and going to go ahead and can into the there good morning can how are you very good to turn your microphone out just a little bit i'm havin hard time hearing you are start to the bay to day i think every day we do best it always gets better right but so it but yet that lot better it's a good discussion he had yesterday and i really wanted to continue an odd there there is so much information you know it's like like i focus i typically focus on that's what my mind said i is that i look i acted that are the only way that you no i know that they are sometimes a little but hard they want to know that everything okay well everything is okay always any way because as an introit for me my mind and some one who who typically i don't really care about the stuff that's going right the stuff is going right does leave my that's going wrong that means my attention and that's why i can't the avoidance of problems is really in my open where we ben led down this so everything is wonderful and shiny and beautiful and only and the work that john pallantides you know you don't have a just money you've got a just monster in the and we in the maintenance our man live i as in all of the away in the little bed were you not afraid of the yet more or less as a morning i was reading a quota it comes down to we're going to that's part of life these are going to go go wrong in the way that we think we want but those things going wrong can give us some of the greatest adventures of our life because go into we never go in i am and i'm always trying to think but when my plans give rail to little but i obey let it legally i will put very really gave me an opportunity to go in a direct and needs to go going back to just be in america he so absolutely corrupt and leading we had a lame night you know well we're not going to jump off the some people are not going to jump even though it it's matter of public and you traitors it not chanting that throw your plans astray or sideways cayotte divergent as it you wouldn't necessarily take and i guess within my course i become definitely less republican i suppose that's where i started if i had a political view of her certainly you know understand where the people call democrats come from his orisons to take care of your new bringiers outside yes the concept of being american first you know and not having those two parties with now it will be where i would probably fall more than that but i think in all of these things there are also way of defining what i am and if you think a ball in just by that self how do you divide or define i am eyethorne just the in it as i am this hate other i am an all inclusive all if i say i am american an that's a limitation to and i only potentially a bigger thing than an american or certainly a republican democrat a single debt whatever the case may be i am even if you were to go to colorado you really that the skin the shell the definition of the party the great enemy was the truly associate with and we now because of where i strife well over and brought associate or soe then i am mnasidica respublica tom i think anything that those labels are such a lazy way of not having to take no no people and in to people are much more complex than any label whether its gender or or race or whatever i mean these are all just a dividing their absurd and their childish and when you when you watch you know when you want to very small children play together they are completely oblivious to and there just and out with you know plantains it around or something like that we we had a family that came to the bar on the then they were so hapless were so happy just to be there with the that you know it's like they can you know the and one on the the way god made it not the way that we divide it up for our ladies we have only the so willing to aronach other you are children of the same room like even in a doctor's waterson like that somehow some way a six inelegance made eyeball contact and no time for playing together they just so welcome to a somebody to associate with the willing to not a risk saying holloaing how the other child might respond were the better word rest scared the death of you know and that man he went on now to have a mark like a marketing agency i did for generally never and that's a pretty good absolutely i have never a any one one for the they will make the trout and almost almost exclusive on a base on where the risk is and where the so like there's two products or you have ten per that they will make where do i have the less and that that determined the outcome of so it's really unfortunate because the best action may be overlooked oh it's unfortunate when we adopted my youngest they told us is that child it's a dab we always go what these or the walking away of the familiar even if it's in a better when we adopted my daughter she literally had the big meetin at worms curly not verse had boils all of her body it was it was really really bad i mean it when i was hearing her home i was literally i was literally so and we had a doctor help her out but people that have not been in a third world under how how bad it is see one of her eyes had fallen back in her he a horrible and when she got back here fight for food and like she could ever be in two bites and then she would make herself throw up so we had to find other strategy that we have more here it was every day was just you look at her she would look at you all what of my favorite stories as we went to mc don one and it was a noise was was right after we got and i had french is french i am a frenchman by the way i love and and i had some she to go she bent her lion to be he has so she try to so i took all my food and i pushed it all in and she was not she looked at i was just i then i went and i got a whole tray and i filled it with you know look and i put it in front of her because so i communicate with some one who can here and you find all these alternatives finding that the world isn't what you think it you and honestly that we got going on here the world isn't what we are out it was it here to go in a direct even though it the right we walk away from i can every one is then right now where we've been given from rather than in what that even like we don't even know what that looks we're going to really have to work put that back to i add her to the under i think you minister you do god do even the cans and re of what we you know and where we're going to go with all yeah it's going to be interesting that's for sure it's amazing watching the yes came out did you were you watching the stuff you have to do with it and you know he ended on the will become and doing a whole lot of research that i that i would find a digging into it a little bit and he had dogged what you found out the this is going to be something that's going to absolutely probably one of the biggest crimes in the of the world and its yes and you also share yesterday with me o the power hourelle and i looked out a bit on that and he has inherited fillips were they really emaciate we was also being discussed here in this area nara software engineers and grousing to show their face in donevan and share their report so yesterday we were talking a bit about some of the companies that do some election base software software programs and you mentioned one comic or something like that i had cheated on the day and at wollaston again in shadow and so i used to basically to corporate research a look into companies or to find employees and fine people and look for the needle in the haystack if you will for stopping i support it most of the dot coms to orontas braveries of familiar with most of the software engineering roles in companies and so is to us like a visit to a to a used to do is to find out about this city coronation but doing little bit more of that type of work lately spending time doing that and so connection as the company based an ocotillo that were there but the counter location as well as a headquarters in michigan as well can use two different locations and they have whitestown six people and all other employees are pretty much available publicly because of social medicine see through their social media conically directions and talk to each other in a line to each other and hawenniio this school or worked on this software projects together and this is why their such a great most of us have built social mediate on land and an entire social friends book face but media things together so we get a pretty picture of whom people are and who they know and where they were and where they bagatine congou can see that you know we have the very skeleton american base grotewell most engineers are for organist a people that have come quite for one act one beseech one bennett but just about all of the people are working out through universities and graduate tierras a people that are only here briefly doing a small piece of the project and the minatory part metalized by people from all over the globe really brought together to quit this package together what they talk about a bit on that particular broadcast is that if you do work with somebody that is chinese or with a chinese base company all their companies are considered a national companies that are all owned or part of the government in fact every piece of data that goes in and through a chinese company belongs to the government and so i'll be personal data that they got a hold of one point eight million all workers information it numbers children the background i mean everything it is it is honestly a identity to paint sitting over there on the and not only that you know you've got that much into working the ability for black i am in the inner foreign in there's no two ways about it this is a matter of they could target anyone working in our election and that for me to believe that that i had an already most certainly data is also out there all over look place from transparency require wenongonet to again just people willing to put their formation out there when i remember when the internet was prone privacy was a big once everybody was always worried about having their data compromise to ripton out there the haven still had numbers back if you will a coloradan awatok on the big main frame because i had to take when i was in college i had to you know of course we were and be programmers back so you know you start out with a go into the big main frame and you know there are thirty two thousand students in my university and like twelve terminals and twelve computers to sit in the hall way to clock in the morning you know you wind your way on the billet on a thousand then we went to all the pieces that control of infamy and what did we do we went right back to cloud computing again but all of our day in the hands of somebody else so we we we completely ignored the program that is an incredible free he and went right back to it again bintekee you know where we were not learning from the i guess two thoughts on that first of all the main frame maria and the decentralized computing as far as i have taught the first client server architecture class incorporate america when i worked protecting intensified the achenois young a client mediceans custom is it trade and i had a wonderful mentor who retire from billabong een and so he helped to come if you will imitate chittle bittock advantage of not intelligence it be well in the expertise on the communication cetraro lianas for what the ancients ever was an he asked that to understand the architecture novitates class coat was a grand new thing as local area now works on wide area now coming out in i got to participate if you will in the beginning in the roll out of that technology way back before i moved into a staffing sapping rollo now about software into an talking about that way back we eviscerated it was put on a castigation in a videlicet the store by an tardigrade and bring it back and stick it into your machine and you could run it over and over you and affectations to have that copy but it wasn't connected to an he had that was softer as a product and for years we could go down and by word processing program and operating systems and of the shell of ringhoof a product well he actually companies started to realize with technology grew as client serrate henology grew with the processing power allowing interminable to do a lot of the work instead of just the main printing at all they realized that as i prostate were losing revenue through people copying it sharing it like songs of the radioset they realize they also lost a lot of control so they moved to software as a service and right now were streaming violante each other streaming concept is now what the software is whenever you use a program so it cut on one testament that what you were saying was software as a okay to me here has become a service that streams instead of being an off the shell product that you have in a cartridge when you go use microsoft word now you're actually longing interfusing this cetererar on their site and its being delivered to you now as a frame for you to work and like a half and so unlonged have access to everything unless you're not online and you no longer have the product constantly you have it as a service now this election company come that we talked about yesterday what was interesting about them behind say that they specialize in boiserie and artie a technologies streaming software as a service says that anybody who's got one of their implementation does not have a box product that they can contain it has to be delivered to even run which means anything that's in competitive can have new ones and zeroes put into the sequence at any time and those ones anteros changed the date of formations arose it is easily half of aanything that goes that direct you know i've got a little bit of him no technology background but is it is it is and the motto back to the the control your day as they can shut you off at any time they want that i am in the insurance companies now are pushing tiber insurance on all of the companies that are out there and we've gone through a huge deal with that with a couple of our in order to get certain contracts you have to have sir and what their asking for is yes part authentication to get into your email or anything else like you got to put in either a key or a smaller providers what he is really about is smaller providers i do not have the and work around no but oh but guess what we winiston all capering jump on into all their day that in months to their those ciders and the big the big providers they've got your business right there they all turn you off if you don't if you don't fall in my as mandates or with the old palais or whatever else that that you know black ravana arabella who you don't jump to their tune they're going to cut strength i refused to play ball with it and we actually wrote our own has made havoc company a technology to do it he wrote the work round so were and we're like like i am not playing ball with the the lescande entered a noontime it's hard so in us lessening it's very interesting that's just very interesting with us i have beale to look into it i been really busy with then i have been but the it well ye gin come programme but i know how you know i know some of it no enough to be a new since you know the namable and what an if i don't know program you know i know programmes that do know how it you do all of you know and we've got pretty good everscourt quite honest and then hired been hired a like crossing the the how secure they are so we've got a little bit of knowledge in the i i i waltham my head upon one security for a bit if you will the book called corporate espionage was all in overseer your corporations and how it security and don't quite a twicer security he pointed out that no more all his security would in place there's one threat that you almost can't do anything about anastasia engineer the one that can call up and basically gain access to all of your network through talking to people and daily information to get around it yet one really good way to try to address this is when you write languages to write languages the more well to the take a line tahitians pretty security is so high that he morani we've got this whole place is run by a gondole more so high we have to bring down our security revel in order for purity and as soon as he rode we lived it it is in a like about oh my gosh you know ninety percent of what we see there in his and and the houses are made by absolute non functional they probably have never had a job in it they have no idea how it really works he had i do a work round to get what needs do it with a reverent they have they have no idea he ran over it he had to deal with a long enough and these people are in charge of our regulation you into while we went in we went to our private univers come out thinking that we know but in an get a regulation jacob like you know i don't know we are while it is being served up even software now most of the computers just like everything else is dilectissime commodity as long as you can continue to pay for it you often have your internet connection you can get to the document ended up taking in the clouded and bertolini the way the program will open into low to see it unless you subscribed and paid i think it's funny how they got commercial outright now from going to and all that stuff about not being watched by coleman how secure there saying as for search but by the way you can go go down or our apple wooer a good way i mean the selling a product sadly that i save you from the google i will get you gotta go over the galafrone on to dalmatia and apple makes you sign in riotous telling you what you're going to create an account your sinitor countering through your capitalising on the back side where you think you're not beetroot being on the penultimate backside to arithmetical their galaghetti recognise you can post on this arcot i ran ahead now it's we like when we get our servers we've got some as in the united states we went to different areas of the united states to put redundant though that if he take one area of the grid down which operate to another are you've got a kind of thin had i operation you know that this that and as you transmit some one else has it and they own and they've been doing this it's not list is not anything new going back to it after nine eleven you know and probably quite a bit before that as they were after that i got much much more to be but be before her eyes an a pretty good at just programming outside of of the you know there is an option even though nobody knows that it's there there is there are like anything no matter what they do to take down the united to national moment where americans were most we put our heads together get around any attack the just as they would have a database is were talking right now i had collected all this information to wallaroo are and so forth i was i came from work and was stuffing and what is called heineman cement and intimidating unidentified in people he had a certain hilarity ill skilled people very few exist on the planet you have a hot those people up and what he found out who those people were you know who they are alone skill on the plan so deathlike track of that information you don't want to go rediscover it again and in there nothing to do to discover to you just enter those people into some man foreordination tact relationship management system or some form of tracking and then if you're in the staffing business or if you had a team or a corporation and you knew that you were going to be one of these people down the road you begin trying to foster so formal relationship with them in order to hopefully one day in attract them to come and enjoy your tea and so if you're running an organization or a vast company you need to keep track of all kinds of candidates in a people and so most corporations have a huge system based on and all the applicants on think of a company omarite open a new location and the post who had had were hiring it within an hour they'll get sixty thousand resumes that sixty thousand contacts had come to them that they might meet for the ringing for walmart to throw that information away and not keep it for potential stuffing purposes and still now they also need to foster a relationship because they don't want to upset fifty nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine people because they want to write china has database they wanted to learn how to track and find the people for their talent means we we do it in that connection we were talking about there as at nice now in press release where they have a need for stating it needed help giving their talented and so they actually went to the michigan economic development corporation the government and then there is a big problem right there no so let us drink their right back to the economic war let look at the connections that we have with world economic form coming to michigan and all of the i tried in any concerted attack almost where a very large you said it alienated pockets the big money the form agendo that have decided to put their resources together to get down and make an impact toilet and they laid out their agenda for a mennonite while so conceived the ear after ear after ear what the agenda are they have farms where they in together with topics of the ovidio like this that you can down loaded and if you could get a look in the concho the people are that participate in that and then loose type at our local aiguier its here the money seems to unoriginality programs were again students some out some way at the access to come to different locations different jurisdictions and then begin to under some form of theoretical tutelage to elope rustications solicitude does not begin generate actual awakens the rosette it's really unfortunate because now watch of politicians much money the bear excellent these foundations the university a miser from the republican fifty million to you about and that's just the beginning when you start seeing it is wayne state i got an article that if an impost later on was and going to the connections of wayne's and it's like this is absolutely a monster find a lot of points right within the universe and if the students prove that were there that's where the valiant i had to make a dash my guess is the i is the he is the masculine ground which we all know is like a baronight and jan all the other it and within a plot right you know it's all in the going in there this is my guest are going in there and they're not only growing all the time compliant and whether whether people are going to jump on board with their agent and if they do well to give them a push little a government job or where they can find a more money that that's what i'm seeing here and it's the that he i agree and we absolutely know the difference between right and wrong you know it when i got involved in the in politics why don't even want to get involved in politics it was just you know after working the election people when i went attacks that come at from the the attacks they try to recruit you left and right i had i had people recruit me to run for a found out all the it goes so deep and you know that but i i mean he's got are bad the attorneys are by every one a branch of the a word into the bar so lawyers absolutely as an what happened i received i looked into just like i always do at everybody in very that are each other you know it's a tainter all they all know each other and they're looking for other who will fall in and it's almost like a gang mentality and who are lost and are not well tell you what if you step on a landwithiel not even funny i had the republican party not being associated it with really any political knowing that you know i was asked on by people that were not and like you know what i felt like god but as goahead and got my bible know i'm willing to so i am hanging with in the bed who was on the executive board for mid while i ran into a room the state of he lied to me about the they said you can just a them off and i'm like i don't think that that's proper protocol so they sent me from the the so i got down to the core a nice woman there i've got her and i told him this is what they said you haven't she have thundered the guy that was to need me the cannonade and number don't give your name and number gave land i'm like what business he's a mayor and one of the surrounding area give me so i abruptly went in hand and and he had an he went into the hole the whole what is in lintel this and i got the woman's name mamma in around with instead of saying you know what we need to what we're in the as we had a map as they found out that i wouldn't go along to get along people john and i think that it's important for people to know that anybody can anybody can it doesn't take a special kind of to play their listen to them and control you and be premised position you know we promised that you'll win the it call out our car i in your loyalty as with sorry about my loyalty is with god and once they figure out that you it with their cover and they nothing to do with you and then you see all these attacks both sides mostly from the republican and i have tried to set people it takes a to anybody they will accept anybody they will accept you felonies for election broad and if you and you know i believe that people i believe that i believe in you know i i believe all of them but when you are you have a back still sketchy individual in you have hang it all with scutcheon actions to other people not to inwestigate notions to other people who are also dead center in the sketch a category and larionow looks like a dog lancelike a dodge here exposure that's going to be a yes and you would think that these kind of attack party they don't republicans people that are the democrats tell you how they feel the republicans lie about and the lifting about how but how they feel their views the light about marian to make a clarification there because but there's a lot of people in the republican party who are trying to do the right thing in the thetis is the way that grew up to either parents voted that way and this that now and they think that this party is what they believed it was to be at one point and the problem is that in due really become judas and a stud they want me fernand and trout for the right thing but the crow is people who are in leadership or infiltrates and i actually heard people the boy believed that and undergoing a say at an people think o this is he say such a thing we pass or you know what we're seeing things we never thought would be possible in a million years i have heard and i have to am i one person said that they believe that sixty per cent of it nina more and whether they are elected or unelected are actual a bad by or the they don't even revealed a real people they are actually placed when you want how they act react and calling when you want how they have a legal problem in all the sudden get fifteen layers on the phone as their answering you got a now bigger than what any true american would ever have access to i don't care how much money as they had unlimited money unlimited and and it is against in every way a man i agree and also i may just add this really it when you look at the individuals involved okay so much on mankind a ballot the chair of the everybody around her surrounding orbellan where they come where do they where did these salons come from how did she i've never known anybody in my life that so look at the lord look at the laramie yeah it's like you know even going back to the an earlier there's another person on the i went i was looking for eugene you for there's another person the and this person is i can't even tell how many and you know in i find out goethe wares in anything and you can find it out but the balloting that to it's like there's difference in we watched james come of the director of the bi do in the same he was register our and looks like it and when you go to circe or do a boy on it i am destined surely not been as exactly the reason why she does it i ran several back i just do it on nobody has who they say they are that's why i so if you have to like i said everybody surrounding her it's like to the recruit her husband recruiting their own claims is that what they're doing because seems that way and then they have these balance every one that disagrees with media posting things that are true when you and talk about death i mean my god defamation and plans nino what they're doing what they've done to from the very never not one time have so people i just don't i never see any one in my life anybody can go look then i don't i've never if somebody wants to say something that nature about me and i is just in the last two years alone i can't even articles have been written about me that are completely you know i only beneath the roman a grown man says says basically i had pain in emotional suffering over what somebody you know it is they show up to a meeting are actually people there cry interactions that are happening seawomen i heard yet on the wings are i do i think that you know this and i think everybody knows this if they don't know it if they don't know the the situation yet they don't know but if you know the situation you know that i more emotional children by its movements were a public it's a lot it's a lot but when i for party or what you thought was your party and your you believe saw it with you all these every if you we have in the very what i said and what i at about stand i have the paperwork to back it up about people that are not true i do not no articles what they've been oh melissa caro was a wet two was with a ready julia at which has been done also signed an affidavit of identity got her removed from the ballot i have i did do that i did sign that after david but i was advised by our own i had that the affidavit of identity took three or four days to press i had two days to go down there was no so you automatically assume the the smother it's another set up from within our own government it's happening all the and if you are uncontrollable like i believe ran in bird crook winning ticket is we're both uncontrollable you know we were here to fight for me the people and you know the is not our they are an object which to be removed and go one of the things that i know is that there was a group of people that were kind of again lately back in the day originally as tax protestors back when it was her winship late seventies that he mentally in a red manetabee became one of the patriots was the mainly changed it over to intellect a dirty word and then it became constitutionalists samentu that into a sin it is kind of this group of people that have been educating themselves in the awakener of the percentage of people across the country way back when i was very very small and very limited but he ever spare keeps finding tender keep finding something that living and if that happened over twenty thirty years now to where that first gotten much larger and as i think both parties have been that one party they began to experience a problem in that more constitutional is more non party non partisan people showed up across the country that were out of it we became on another almost larger than either one of those two parties by themselves and so happened is a certain people that were kind of prevalent in in that kind of constitution as mine set of the people that are kind of seeking to rain things back in the cross the country some of omnipotent care if you will mostly by the top side and kind of the pecan putting themselves and incentives amongst the common or constitutionality and as if a time there has been this marriage to her now some house on warehouse tuition was come on a party assumed and i think both parties were on that the democrat side if you will and their main stream media has not led up with tying trunk together with all of the grass roots organizations and he picked the tiniest ones on the ones that made it most sad so they can say work you know it's despicable over here but here is the optimates grass roots organization now i see the friends that share emails from bunches though these grass roots organizations in michigan he got a big campaign to get all these political people mostly how on the republican side to side a contract with the constitutionalism a state of michigan i don't know if that was brought to either one of you but in the michigan contract of all a whole mile and the next thing you know the mails are all co gravitates part of this grass roots organization and and i don't think that any of us had a really communication less want to to have the top if you will uningenious then you you look at the gooloo at the ranch they are all corrupt they're all infiltrated the money and organize mary this country the dance they are an when i got involved i was one of those people done i voted state i always i know that's the worst when i hear people or my family as voters i always say don't vote don't even vote of your it's terrible thing it really is now indeed be on the ballot two parties also these organization or a single maybe not wandering not howitt one of the two part one of the two parties that isn't there only to there they are not there for the name of in fact they are probably actually working and look at look at the titles that used just for the like the amendments and michigan look at the title of sebenico lately miss lang look at the red cross only twenty per cent of the blood that the red cross take i state the teletype cent of that bunch and when you look at what happened in the red cross was involved in some really bad stuff down there and and i hate to say this but i must everything on the table and start close right to i know that one of the women that wrote the and they had basely that were the to deal with were the right to basically what it comes down to as they stop abortion there at the and they said they were the ones that and they will we have to go for everything the how many babies the and on the prince no instead of well let's see we're going to take a whole year so at one shottie we're not going to get to the bottom of where we want to be here god meissonier all or nothing so that is so one was an lucubratio here a right to life whatever exists as an with cancer and that a woman that works go and they were pretty up like a twenty million dollars and that i don't think i'm doing the right they do not want to it is look at i know ten years ago a dollar to and that's what the word you there interested at all in wrong the end of never same thing with all these foundations no they're not so they are that it would it would kill their organization all of their jobs and what are they going to so why does he oriole in one paradine that their self or without the money just to the money i tethered to be careful in following the money as well though i realize the the money is never reported have ability when they when they report their this is what i saw when i was when i looked at my i was i was so stressed out i had to the i had to and it's not hard i mean i'm not upset about having something that i at that the manager was going to do it he was going to do all my while when i started looking into as where are these people coming from i've never heard these names before come to find out a lot of the names were really they they lie about so much if they they're going to hit it with organization one money through it exactly what they i mean yeah we're going to find in the way you find such as you look back i they've gotten very smart of it's almost impossible to find what actually going on all of the organizations the affiliated with with the all let's go back to the cab stuff that we have gone on with the pit and the things that you were uncovering to because i mean i think we can talk about her disgust of the political landscape for you know this was going to be a life one thing for me you know you want away from it nor and immediate problem which is the anterior elections of our to what else do you on the election of well there are other things circulating around the election of course conclusion of one and you know the people around that company in that organization mentions well well the ties too you university and again the four and organizations being in it you can see it right there and some of the profiles for some of those people but some other interesting things that kind of sound that the election fraud conversation if you will was that it's there's investigation that went into it and there investigations there radically still on going gentillet ended in the square cases going on and tormenting yesterday that the charioteer case gone and it didn't matter what the crime was that he was investigation investigating because there was an obstructing in resisting problem that someday was covering up a noting him to do to me how the people of requiring the anatomists is against the attorney general and the secretary of state and mischance the extraction that was happening was in the area of that election france or again into these machines whether or not there were tempered with a compromise her son so so it can be interesting to see that we know that the sheriff is authorized to do law enforcement he do investigations they are the ones to television and pile everything on the prosecutor's desk for them to make a determination and the attorney general and the prosecutors have not gone that are authorized to do these investigations there not an investigative body yet somehow they got it on to his and around this election thing in michigan it says if the attorney general and the secretary of state have begun to use their their michigan state police and o to do investigations into the election and they used that arm in that organization to travice the machines of alerting and accuse everybody else of tampering with all of this and trying to interfere with this election and at the same time there the ones that would be responsible for running it and in delivering it to the people and in a satisfactory way and so somehow said water claiming that their their acting like thereon investigative body in this attentater there only one responsible people and required to have the whole and be part of these machines and so on and so forth cue everybody else the carter ah the townships the sheriff's department even of our trying to tamper with elections of the animating to me to watch people who are not investigators lamothe authorized to do it investigation ultimately into themselves and then call every other investigated body out there a crook he and i just came across yesterday as we were digestion eration i think i satinette over there the attorney general and michigan right now that by the way that you alone you know she is basically made a press release and she is now calling her political chapdelaine for in trying to be involved was gone was investigation into what her but what she's been doing and i don't care she looked at me donaldgowerie michigan as an employee when the peoples investigate beat once to go look at you you don't talk that you don't have i ordeal of that outright to use your office of macdonald to tell him what he can't come in the door and see what you're doing the whole company was coming in with the share and so in that one of deputies that are actually the investigator on these cases has now been called criminal so that way he can take it nance we timeliness body whose an utter investigation for a colony to be part of this investigation so we could darwinian aposiopesis to hartenstein and undomestic tions for alterations so trolleycar be approbation at their crimes and so the linkinwater general calling now a candidate returned to magicians now he supposedly that even in a cameron with the questioning whether or not these people should have custody but the anything to mons and dead like we're going to cinematic terrorist here with you and because work cracking the terms the words and all of the latter that's going on there in charge and they can shut people down just by had a grin on and lacking a mottling about a nay tactic i mean not the eight straight out of the march i had to be done they shot my bakoonin my campaign bake they said that i have extreme political views city bank in paestani next to you because i love the fact that you're a fighter and that you're just not a yes go get them and to think that i wanted to bring up that you brought up the one and the white the white banks so what do they do they put for our state rapier investigation you know i'm sorry why don't they will any of the records of the truck looking to the driver who is taught to all of the nobody looked at any of these yahoos like a good trunk its uplifted he how much it was looked into the day i tested on now out he was a senator testified now the he was moved he got elected he may even be he was so i testify election was in november so he was already elected to make put him on the board now i went individuals of our state let no who was on i was involved in i saw when i got up there when i felt and what i saw and questions they were answered asking me and what they how their body lay i felt they were not believe a word if they actually at what i or if they even run it if they even ran the if he even read the affidavit they would know i was the only one that worked with dominion the only one that overhead the only one that knew that samuel to the chicago warehouse to assist with balance which the wind for balance the only one that knew all that i really though the situation went away and we knew who the ballads with the white man sam i have every way to every dominion and voting in all of their over the the never been asked not a single legislator has happy of the recorded as over an hour the day lost that i witness they had a big day a loss that wasn't a day alas it was hundred thousand they started to this ship tigers to none of asked about they never ask a the paper work i have all the evidence i the that this guy can and i waited when i start he was affiliated i realized that he was a good and do anything anyway and really really upsetting i mean obviously as you know now and being sued by the party that pretty high up bribe money and everything but i believe that all these people are what do you do when you are working with people that you that are as corrupt as you deal with that i am a mother children the only reason i got in in my personal opinion in my life so i saw an open you know get involved but when i got involved a like my god sometimes i wish i never knew his and ever found out about the my the go along and you regularly than have to face some of the nuns absolutely intense are all the same real using the same software every single one of them is an as her dominant there all the same that they use the same software everybody and you know anybody system on an now we have a weather no it's the same soft because i already know now so they don't allow anybody to with people looking into nobody is allowed to do that besides the well allowed to actually at the pain election or protein the well the a monopoly not as one of his you even nobody can get into another the contradictors they say if anything you're going to get prosecuted for it right well i'll tell you right now when i work the people were opening the i worked for the city people why does it that that we can titania lock everything down i mean you can't walk down flowing softer because it can't be put between the box and held separating else you know we talked about change me and i went little bit he had about various things everything is a process i mean that i can come to our change manageress improvement area with the corporations he got a whole principle behind it not a sick segmentation to that that a concept of profession and it's got by identifying problems he had the problem is typically and in the steps taken on the way through the process and the sound of a joke with in that community that if you don't think everything's a process try to put your asonante otie shops you know how you make everything even your matronliness changes but the outcome to it so the idea is to get the fine that the perfect process if you will but one that removes the fool and to what we call that a fool proof process he had if you can get all the mistakes with all the problems out i a perfect process to an once you find that perfect process the optimist process you just stick with that because then you don't have errors you don't have mistakes she don't have laws you don't have the costly expensive reproducing until one we always looking for that atomized process that perfect way of getting things accomplished i think if we tried to artois and find ways of perfection in monitoring just for more ways that we make a mistake it takes the mistakes if you will and if their albertists and falling down in order to figure out how to tie it back up a little bit more taste exercise makes the stronger and the alexis in wanton we can't do to have left with that chose i got more work to do so you know these machines are certainly a problem and how their being used potentially as an offset a service based tremendous with external access instead of a like an old nineteen eighty four stand alone commodore sixty four would have enough processing power than at actually run basing calculations like an old scandalsheet would do for our old second grade tests or something along alone so we don't haven't really found the optimist process selections here we talked quite a theretofore machines and we talk yesterday and venonian uses those paper ballots but they might get that into a machine to be read but our humanitarian the process that you will but do reticently that's the it is to the believe a prominent go back to we will never have a lot a voltairian of ballot from beginning to so when i say that i that you know you have voted often occasion where you come in and you have your idea or you identify yourself and you provide some from identifies to who you and then in a driver's license isn't going to cut it any more because anybody can get a driver's licence to or a person who has the right to so we got to get the and about like turner ballad a measure will they do with our so you know that they cannot be he that on to cut down on a lot of an we need to get rid of this absence he voting unless we're miles one day odin i mean the there's so many things that that we need to get rid of the ballot boxes and all of there they have already you know when you find prove absolute failure absurd and nonsense out rid of it i mean we we can also cannot where there there is no possible way there is absolutely no part way to make that to it he manipulate said but we got to get rid of it we do it so that well it has where are the person voting oh randomly in all the way to the end they can actually verify that that was the correct all the way to the end the ability goes right back on the voter which i completely believe right now that all of us who want a free in a way that we were the one how our vote a ballad they agree nearer out i don't know but at all worked out but i think i can do better than what we got going on right now i franti he he my year old son had would be able to figure this out a better one you want to know something crazy that i heard i was a i won't give you but i was at a of course one of the mission recoup there you know if you didn't believe in m taine control watching you know that it in so in a great job of the you know the audit were added or i am an they're doing a great job and i sent got an apartment in an and and lancinating themselves with a copper money and i'm like are you livin kidding never going to find anything in there and they're going to hiding of it because they're all involved you know when you look at what they're capable of mandates and locked down and putting our businesses out of out of business by opening the age one of the so up when she stood up there and raised you know terror on the for what they were doing calling them out in absolute throwing down the gauntlet to say no absolutely no and this is why and in that one of the and that's why every single one of them need to give on it out but i tell thee go to get all of them it no there's no sooner this one was we have people in with colliding with with however the cat i'm not going to name any however they got the information on the in one point millions at eight million election and there these any one that was involved in that that's a matter of and i'm going to say right now the one of the crimes of the one of the biggest the and no one of them should be a quarter or any mercy on any of you don't make the if you're going down the road and make a and you accidentally are tactical or responsible for that crime or if you commit a crime and you don't know committee you know ignorance is now is known you know and i'm sorry i'm maybe a little bit hard they certainly were enough people that knowingly knew what they did but to oh i can tell you another one i was in a meeting they brought barney situate sat there group of our politicians so i bought barney because i bought this that they act to the politicians gainer of this said i love you you love and stays trying to get you go along to get along that was in that room rather and forty five million dollars of where did it go all you showed was no and their pace barnstable's be read everybody to get along an nobody to ask pretty well known unity unity unity real it's interesting you moved to the absurdity and brought out a character like barney because he errington going on down at battle creek that even kind of hit the local news of anything even so national a poverty putten a couple of neighbors had been going on so long there's always bilocation lispenard out multiple times and in a sergeant deputies has had chosen sienite dispute if you will and make his own calls on every situation as to ways comfort and doesn't it fore he came out one afternoon for an official call in response to an official call in his uniform and he had a bad man mason and he actually stood there knowing that everything was in camera and everything and he sat there and looked at the local citizen or resident of that battle creek community an he said it whoopin his shoulder like that manister i came in suspension i bring some levity to the situation and this is a man who is serving as a police officer in the role of a sergeant called out for a real problem between two neighbors and he shows up mocking tapewell as if this is what the residence should have to endure but in any indolence this is what he endures as a result of all this this man whose disabled to have metal from accidents and surgeries and up in the conversation and visiting the field office he beyond sharing all of the fines and everything that's going on with the poor performance of the local municipal police department and in their isolation and their lack of performing their duties on his weak from the by meeting and sharing his whole files with them after they invited him down there as he came back into the accountants force to arrest him and trail and then i'll be comes out physically damaged for being put in jail and of again because he's been outing and in the words come out that this is the way that that locality is treating there basically laughing in the face of their duties their citizens and making a mockery of the whole system in buying it as still back on the people at manner bore a guest tourgueneff the other ridiculous and in entertaining to ventilation all this to still comes back to the attorneys they infiltrate it all anteater ate it the end brought on to to find words that you and i can't define you end up a danger that one particular word in their cots where they decide what it means in that particular occasion that you have no opportunity to know whether or not your being compliance you point out that you whether you know the arno is somehow you found guilty of breaking it even if you didn't intend to intensional for it this gentleman that he has the bad men situation going on as he was coming back into town he was charged in michigan under seven five zero not one seven zero which his disturbance of a public meeting peaceful assembly and they call it disturbing the peace but the word disturbing as any man in the statue and now is peace public meeting and we had another friend who was charged with that by local prosecutor and in public meeting is where you're supposed to go and have contentious heated argument and debate ah and so as we had to go through these court cases we hit these corpses we've had to look through the history of these ports and it's just again the ability for the bar to the watchers they want out of the bamboo that you couldn't know like a disturbance and then to go on to her guest what constitutes a disturbance and they now reside there is no way that you can avoid not causing a disturbance in fact it's to a noise somebody well i promise i'll make a promise her that when i get out in office as governor i will write in common language that everybody can understand and we're going to have to read to a thing leave and legal speak going on stop it amply needs to seeing them up as you know it's like dad you know years and years ago read the bible because the only one deathworld be not the whatever so they read it in latin or language and nobody spoke in aileen reading your bible and knowing what's going on you know they're the brokers knowledge just wanted to go along to get along on that over and over again no i file to call you out that needs to happen when that you are many of those we got going we could go into that later at human huge kids are going this every year it is and were this a human trafficking by our own government the amount of a refuge or illegal illegals whatever you want to call it that are being a our government government travel in a inhuman trafficking on such a subject at such a large subject had beaten the sex worker antithetical ren the well it was for proposition brains right you mentioned in your yesterday and that is the marriage what is the concept of a marriage and if you why i am in whiteside from wires and still used what is significant in what are the details on the applications on the forms that are on the port it's been a conversation if you will the people have because their forms with specific legal terms put on one of those terms that's all there is the mother and obviously one as the other and they pointed out the mother has a residence she is not as a resident the boer has an address and so the something different in all of this insolent stare and get some digging on this and at a guess more reason is trite resting facts of oftener stationary in past if you will of slavery which again is human tragedy and this is in the americas the slaves were appeased by their oars used lipperty for whatever they wanted to be used for and so of course sexuality was part of it and we know that the people at frames country had slaves and we know that many of them also had children their slaves and if you go maintain how many of the children were born to white women and how many of the children were born to black woman the numbers would be disproportion you like women have children no quarter of the children were basically molecule the white man was reaping the female and so the problem started happening and the people of the time the white males had a canoeman a problem and that is with his child with his offspring what rites do we give this child to give this child the right of the father which is now a property owner of white male typically or do we give them the right of the mother a black female a piece of property to be raped used they actually have died alone well type of right do we give the offspring of an interracial marriage and it was decided that because the numbers were so disproportionate because it was so uncommon for a white woman to have a melancholy that they gave the child the rights of the mother every child that was born at the right of the mother and that way they could limit with a number of modeler actually gaining access to the just us category of justice he had so since that time and it is it is just as service or just as it is evident right here now so that's the word relevant interesting pieces that all the children had always had the rights of the other which is wide and most of our carcases the mothers also obviously the physical vassilitch come through its matters no question there as to the source it would they allow as well that child to be attached with the residence of the tornow if we go back further in this country was originally a crown country and all crowns the words and the king the king automatons of his ain every female is considered a member of his gang noather for part of his hero and i if you enjoy the movie brave art with melusina back in the day they were in a peasant if you will living in under a very lord if you will underneath the king's land and when they were going to get married they had to get permission from the lord to marry one of the females and that comes from getting permission from the king to marry and that's what your original marriage licenses is to get permission to marry one of his residence now originally background in the movie greatheart the problem was this that the kings of the lords had the right to sleep with the female before the husband it was a way of insuring that good canes and good lineage went through both stock and we populated the kingdom with good people and so brave harmonises fighting against the lords and the king because they want to sleep with his wife the one wedding night before he did so a visit from the lord in order to create a child before the two betrothed couples get married is a common story especially if the child is eventually born so we have the word as we have the word formication under consent of the king and atonement we call a curse were because any man who would have to give permission from another man to marry a female that exist is one of the most highest creations on this planet and allow to render her to him it is problematic so kingdoms companionway basically females under the protection of the sober and as we get the king of a hereditary constituted a new sovereign now as the state the state began continues to all the tepees just as the prior sovereign did the word read and flatten and in law is property you are proceeding to return and as his property and so if you think about restatement together with identification of property you have resided property properly identified and the females are residents one wants to mary joined with one of those female citizens in the country than it has to get at to get a license and now the state hold the union had any of the issue from the union the children again the offspring their wits are determined and held by the sober now with a man were to go and treat child outside of a legal contract or agate they would be potentially making a child that we would know as illegitimate or legal and so a man has no right to a child that illegitimate illegal in fact most of our court as tempting to make sure that the man receives the purgatories in in that responsibility but ultimately the resident that is the female in a dismal who brings an address and can be addressed because he becomes the recipient of the holder of the property but ultimates the state who holds the license the marriage and the children and if not the state automatically still as their resident where they can go ahead and have control of the cootehill one of our children or our there are it redecoration ships with the state and if we go to the state i guess that's how you stop and how you cut it off how do you stop from abortion to everything else how much at least problems that get solved by another entity some worse one federal government to stop the abortion thinker as it actually decided in our home between the women and the daughters of the families that would raise the children and have to deal with willing windows a vanecourt said astarte to party stop going before a judge willing to split their kit in half so one can prevail over the other one if neither party and from the hannamanoo then they no longer have any revenant who will want her to do inbreathe parent in that system outwardly entails it isn't a way building up a responsible calendar to put under the yoke of the impression of the court so it it's a nasty situation who we traditionally to i believe that it's very important for people to understand that process that explain to something that the assembly i sobered a no a lot about the assembly but he talked about the how children to the state but he very well the that is very very anti here's a safe question on the bursting right and i've seen a lot of stuff moved to the constitutional movement right they say when you are bordered on perceiving and it's got all his brow when they treated it in its bottle and you mention chances were two hundred fifty thousand it said that every citizen a resident for the state represents an income tax value as well as indeterminate technology in grandmothers all kinds of value associated with you as a being of the state in creating that thing is a bletherin monetization think about their taxes bility against you that's an account receivable and in banking and financing receivable is as good as money in the bank because it could be supported by so they got this old theory that because the government created this account for the creed in the bonnemain all their money in their system of one all these people think well obscure to be getting all the benefits of of this but wonted you don't do any of these things is what they do for farthing so i asked taschereau can ask and here's a question for you is there any law that we require is that you go down to the bureau of ilettes and get that perfect and use that very there isn't one you can't be arrested for not using your versified it's not technically ours it's theirs they created now you mention doing it affidavit earlier an attendant is always supported by your secure and you saith bottoms and that i put this on your free and i means and erineach or safety is a confession or an academic a statement of fact and it has to be given freely in your signature is all that now when you wouldn't do the literalistic here you go out for somebody full out of former the bottom saying hey i am the one swearing that i've got the right to get the documents it it's a statement of an i am the one entitled to the benefit to the until we got that out and you are not forced to do it because your sicatuna every thing at your is free and voluntary can't be coerced otherwise its worth as a means so the next question i asked the surfaces there a law overtures that i register myself at the secretary of state can be arrested for not going down and getting at it and there is no law requiring that you have to do this but what have you get pulled over without an idea well will it that's an interesting question it depends on the mind that of the individual you deal with and there is no man that you can ever say that insures a particular out that you might be dealing with somebody who has a bad day don't like your smile in your attitude or the chiffonier shoulder and so their catarina day now what happens when you get pulled over we've been meeting with one horse when people for quinine and share a consonant and discussing as in trying to find out the answer to this in his partisans to what happened there happens to be a court case in the six district court federal district court which affected michigan he had that name the court cases double morgan then take it on the patient used scourge it scholar not who will not come it only searches had flown articles of a so i have copies of it i can die just as you keep all your doctor petition to one when you say i've got all this even presentations in the sereth the sherifs of friends so the case is dollars more he got hold over his man got in oeneus again he didn't have all your balance things that they would encounter his court case was against the sheriff and the department of public safety ahead of the whole thing and ultimately the problem he ran into his he did have had her and because he didn't have an address he could fill up the forms and silander polly offertory that you know to get the certificate a title or to get a driver's life so he would have to commit a felony by putting it at the rustler in order to complete the form in order to have a secretary of state issued the certificate of title and the driver's license so i was in nicaragua all to me what tended a happening in the conversation as the judge basically said that what the police were doing it to create otherwise unconstitutional and at that point in time they had a real loithaire doing why they're doing it and how they're doing ultimately if you haven't subscribed in the system the man you have an apple on the and if you have to apply to the vehicle is not subject to inspection because it's all upon application does the secretary of state have the right to begin inspecting the real to see whether it's qualified to maintain a certificate same thing for the operator to provost had to find a way for a man to hold property without an address and they all let treating a man why he was a business is an unconstitutional act so more people are beginning to abandon the residence because the residences we allow for personification and i don't have to be a bit i'm not required to use a birth and so it was a mean term for a slip of vessel that comes on to lamponius of the unperceiving about me in your vessel in bogland and you being bound by the law of the land there is no requirement for the use all of these things in just because so many people have a michigan state of mind or at your state of mind doesn't mean that everybody does douglas did not have a state of mind to where he existed as a resident in any particular state so when trying to make him bound by the laws of rules of that state they couldn't because he had a stated that he was in that state so what happened being pulled over now i want to jump to and try to go real quick to share some more solutions for you paris some people now that our travelling around without commercial license plates on there but new hampshire had a will seventeen seventy eight that went through one of the senators talked about how they were not also posed to be licensed to commercial never we've gone to conversations and question and he found that they can't identify your private automobile consumable good as a motor vehicle without us certifying it and they certainly can't certify it is that we began to be if you will i can if you those as well is basically holding a portico room on the side of the road the moment that we reach of another officer reaches out and attempt to a private man or woman moving down the road in the private property and so a tree and we had a series of peers if you will to rosita court rooms and that hasn't a big impact as you can imagine an officer really doesn't want his job either and that's something the sheriff is explained as they learn how to write tickets they learn how to say certain words at a legal eraser to persons things like that but they don't learn the longer certainly not lawyers they're not certified by the law to practice law and there out there to his molesters so a moment ternate i make them tell you the definition of a moerocles of commercial motor vehicle versus vehicle which has the different definitions motor people comando it they really have a problem prosecuting under the motive of when they can be identify on a motorcycle and it's caught on cameron the side of the road now what now one of em so so i understand what you're saying and it makes a lot of sense and i agree with i agree with it but how do we know who people are not at interesting thing do you have a requirement or do you have a right to know who the person is next to you just because the next with that might be a fear based position to start with how do you know i'm worried about the neighbour an altercation with a neighbour and so that question i think ultimately stands for me if there's a problem of what the fear now here's a solution i don't want to be mandate to register i mean i shouldn't be able to be but i have no problem telling you who i am and so one of the things that we've also put together i mean we talked about private organizations straithwaite back rooms but you can basically go and self register to one of our systems you can put your stick from good housekeeping calabria on the back or car and anybody can go in there puncher and and see because we was technology as well when so we have a personal self registration type system if any way wants to they can go to that site they could punchinello the back of the car and they know exactly who there looking at where so it's not you know we talked on a chilian we talked about all these imputations and all these things but i really believe in doing things in the light a transparency is about being visible and i say that it painting to do in the dark in your trying to do it the fact room is gone brought to light i know i'm not trying to hide i don't think that to tellers are those i would follow in his steps are those that would to try to hide her obtaining and so a sight where people could go in you know maintained violence people who would want to say his who i am and why the incautious me here's where you can reach monteith me but i won't interaction tenement part of that what what fellowship hath with an equity is the conversation how you keep working the outlook working with and were asked in scripture you know what are you working with them what fellowship do you have with them and we have the abilities we are on organizations and work with empathic we are i'm going to go ahead and put it a clamor in her real quick a man and say that this is do not constitute this as legal advice we've got so ethel that have been working on this to compile this in years and years and if the person without that background tries to go up against the legal as it is right now which is almost wholly on long on its rig and its unlawful seen that over the to hand your tale to you or you have to have you're going to go in or out like this you better get into a group that has and with you or give you advice the when not everywhere not a tone that do fight in court and they've been the deduit in one person i know he's been in court and thrown in jail several because he knows the he knows the actual lawful process he ended up getting like two porches out of the deal then seeing the attitude that are a given cudworth stood he stood with it but it's a full time job when you so these there's a lot of this are actually legal lawful and unlawful your fighting unaffrighted involved in stealing of right get in by god rights and they're just making up stuff as they go look at me i mean they are literally making judgment calls as they go and no one is he bigger and bigger and i think that we have a wonderful opportunity right now to that eliminate most of it is not tenable cut off and yennadon the size as so beg right now fighting you know half a mile long squid that you know without a butternut so though we do have that opportunity right now in a cut of back deciding get rid of all of this which now and i am a man can i guess i i'm not one quick to call it an awful it being that corporate united states legal system and so that i know for your coming from it again just a nation that because one of the things that i see all the time as the people say they do this they are doing that the stealing there and can we get power to that and i guess if there is one spot where i could allow it or find a way where i could be wrong and allowed to be awful the only behaviour or calling is that in the concept untethering is that you have the right to subscribe to it you have the right to choose it to be part of an into constitute what you want and that is where the line is and that first piece of the law they constituted their united states and in their documents in their stuff that they created they create all of an ability to never in this way back on the other and really kind of undermine the people at which join it rantaine and so if you subscribe to it if you joined it then it is under republic lawful in fact it is the lately to your word and it's the duty of everybody else in the republic to say yet that person bound themselves with their word to that and so therefore it is only lawful that they are now subject to that democracy that they subscribe to from the republic that's the only thing that i say makes the behavior within that democracy a lawful in that it is being done to those that have that in their mind participate in that in our concern with that more again myself i been shifted kicked and bounced don't he and that just now the okusama and so funiculi aspect for all the people that are subscribed to it then it is proper that they are bound to an equity remedy because of the equitable situation in the system of equity that the silence into now it's absolutely absurd what's happening in it it has to be righteous and just in following properly in order for it to function otherwise all the people that enjoined it her basically being ototachibana there's no way to navigate it properly i cannot elect officials came money he can't raise your family educate me just beaten figure ever don't even know what to do i mean they don't even know what to do to fit and i think i think quite honestly we get a couple and therefore willing to to go to the men on this issue and i say you know what we're going to to start cutting this you know you know cutting the back and people other i i really think lots and lots of rather than having once described way for everyone to deal with matters we have to you know choice as we have to have actions going forward and you know being able to carry out those right given by god and a pigeon hole i think that what it does is it does it does power the empowerment away from people in after a while there what am i going to do actually live and live free we don't even know what that you know it's like you know i'm older than you we have never we have never seen in our lifetime the way our entire lives is it was already rode and as as it says with the kingdom for the people at her familiar with the new testament all you have to do is received it's already been done it's yours just accept it have faisanderie now we keep having this huge conversation that across the nation on taking back taking back getting back the republic in ultimately it's never loved it's never been done there's nothing to get back is still here if when you say that we don't have it and we don't see it well then i hear where you're coming from i believe on the face that's coming over your lips as your spirit and if you had not felt in a new scene and haven't seen the that certainly not the state of mind to stay his statuette at the same time it is here it is now once the mind becomes renewed and you no longer subscribe to these things that a man crafted way back when that's not sufficient for women children or men apparently either and i mean every concept from the country and he cantonnement to bunches induces of kingdoms coming and going and coming and going and even ardent servant all our documents for his i hear say that the time coming when you got to throw off the documents and reform and so can those common dinmont you know that one thing that truly sticks in residences they and that majority of us feel like our country was taken away from us by now and i think that when you hear like taking back the the erosion of what we have had really taken and i in abating is i believe that we have extra count but and we're in the middle of the war right when you're in a war you take that when i hear that that it means to me to take that america we lost ground that in our now sange involved because some one has an opinion on opinion on something doesn't mean they're doing anything or even showing up at meetings to ameni no heavy lifting nets not actually moving that that line at a you divide from the boys right there as it were it whether whether people are willing to actual work my friends that kind of amusing comes to doing actual and and you know exactly what they say that's great i'm a painter marie what a to do and are you agreeing with every or in sidney you're right i agree with that i go are you getting out brahma glass and unwavering are you actually in the fight or you sitting in your green about with things spending the rest of the man and save and not being involve not even remotely and for plain or have it all these great ideas around the dinner that is not that does not to be willing to do it in an actual not establishment rather than hating unity system we have going on right now are we actually going to fight or are just going to step in line like a bunch of lambing going off the cliff where we want to absolutely burned the gr take all of us i want to be involved in this is what i want i'm going i can put a list what we're doing and i have information on you know you're gone on you know i think a day or i can read groups that can reach a thousand or i can go when i can do road rallies in to my now he had been any one exactly what to do or what the riding on a you know that even if i use redbird connor governor lieutenant cover unapplied and walk in on in this almost you know a part time did it knowing everything that there is to know about that that for ned going all of these all that would be on that you know and actually doing it does and at this people i don't know how people can live there wives the not everything has you look at the government is labeling people as domestic terra if you look at their website to the do not the they have made these two you if you put him in rare now you are a domestic if this doesn't scare people if it doesn't scare you that my bank account was closed down and who well might michelangelo not even not even a month i think it was a day before it was actually one i was that we look i trust the government there are social media there going through everything about to trust such a neat work because it is unused anterior but it's also an now and covering is a trust and so our outrush that which can't be trusted if he intrust the tolerate shut down was the very resident card that you got from the secretary of state through the pursuit which go to the antico which it was where alterations and can you probably know a lot about this too with to your house there is also some hidden language and there were people actually never really on her houses of it never while if you look most of your mortgage documents actually say that what you purchase the simple title and if you do a quick so john feeble title you'll notice that it comes from the feudal system were the lord owns it and you pay taxes to the lord for the title i for the rental realise of the land so most people mortgage actually says that they only bought the simple title now you actually believe that you took it free and clear as actual possession and ownership so allan if you can get the court to follow it we say that the belief that you took it for a clear material clear not a title that they intended to pass to that which you would tended to take so you know you got to it any time we pay a tax on something or weave our property and in a position where some one can take it based on failure of us to the tact we never but we do it we're paying property taxes we do not all out of in looking at this double cape and talking with a share of a routine studying the motor vehicle code of and looking in your car right trying to bring your car and get it register the more vehicles specifically says that you take it you have title of that car and you so render the title to the secretary of state and the issue you a certificate of the bias that right in the code and it's their title from now on out and they can in that certificate any time they want now there's something that happened wayback before we were alive and almost the depression all old people got afraid that the ground could produce for any more so they all signed up into the the new deal and the new deal allowed everybody to move out of their state into the united states where they had worked out the solution for bankrupt and so on in the new deal people could sign up and become that us citizen and participate in that curt martial infrastructure will they have authorization from the international as to low how whatever money they needed into the system but you need to bring collateral to the table in order to get the money released from the international bankers so when you showed up in frontieres on him to the united states under the new deal you declared whatever property you want brought into the united states and when you brought ananias a sign of other value as collateral so they could release the idle use through the federal reserve when you buy a car for me i sell out all my interest in all the interest the state had in it an so it's actually pass to your incertain of type you have to worship of the bear no sheriff would wallow a tacoma a keep that from you when you show the contract the receipt and the sign over certificate proving that you have the right to the ownership of that and so by not going to the united states by not taking that car and applying to bring it into state of commercial michigan then you don't get to use it to buy himself as a collateral as i do in the financial and the whole system was based upon the residence bringing some collateral concept signing it and alert the state and the state beginning to use dolorous representing that collateral brought now dootin't shoes to bring his car into the commercial united states he chose to own it himself and limited and so it never got brought in it is not carduifolius he can't take the man and turn it over in a three thousand i don't use to be transferred and moved throughout that commercial united states infrastructure so it's not in the system it's not a financial asset or value in a cannot be exchanged for money because that would be illegal now the same thing happens when you buy your house you by your house you took it in record it in that country as it becomes an asset something that becomes collaborated in you could not assign it as a valet in turning into dollars and cents and training for more with it but though i requirement that you go and bring your house or your property into the commercial united states and there's not a couple of bites of some people at a southerner to other men and women and then they went into the township boarded a theoretical a toime here the reception over tiers everything else in the mamamouchi as i'm not going to bring it in i don't want to redistribute my signature to bring it in and so just as cars are applied by the person who wants to give up their title to get a certificate of being entitled to use it in the commercial united states financial infrastructure there is a difference between those that are signed and in using it in the rules in the laws that their bombycidae system or it's the law that everybody must follow even if you're in it equitable so yes you said yesterday you own nothing and be happy about it well i do share with you how you don't on your home you thought you did you do on your car you thought you did it you don't on your children you thought you did and you don't on yourself you thought you did you know happy the greatest country there is right it human trafficking all through that identity we if you look at human trafficking cases right they don't use the word slavery any more they use conditions like slavery his slayers been written out of a book like cousin there is no crime to recount conspiracy and there's no climber slavery that you more is then really it's conditions like slavery and if you look into the human traffic in cases that they prove conditions like slavery you'll see the first of all the people are held and controlled and gain possession and that certainly the case in this country they control the offspring the control of any common the expenses they control the money they control the living conditions they control the education every thing that we got through throughout reexperience in life if you will has been ultimately the result of contrair because the education that we were given time towards the site the money that they fantasticalities ration system for pointin technically in the state owns ovation that socialism the difference between communism and socialism is what a dictator we don't have a physical dictator we have a bit bullitt crafted by layers known as the sovereign state now can the whately do what would people can at the american people do it regarding this as with well first of all works of your work absolutely mean nothing if you're working on it and your doing it is still not the ultimate what you are so pray first of all i think we brothering it's for china to merchants and have to work on any becomes natural now if it were to give you an action and not that i could advise any action here i found for me personally is that if you don't use it perhaps if all of a sudden you don't use your name he can go to rayonette benefits i mean have white partnership to actually have with a system of mammon and thou it fearful now its fearless and we do have atheistical all fear all close and don't all i know all those things but at worst called his forcedly walk that way but that the same time that you can exist in this world without it but whereunto exist in this world so tough marianne her antennae i think we have to go back to meeting to have people in the that are willing to in things back i mean if a person can fight this truly on their own unless they have a group of people with an extreme amount of knowledge on this or they're going to get in a lot of trouble for the first good people in fight for and of a so i can i think that i hate to cut here because i think i nowhere were getting up to manala a really lottie and so i guess i'd like to have you back on again that i may be in joyance in so yes i erinnerung now what the main thing is as we're talking about things maybe other people talking about in our i am to aretino normal but work in that's really how we get down sobbing as prosecutor in every an intelligent things rather than emotion you know emotional reactions potent and but but you know and in listening whether we agree or not we even we have going here very very healthy and good quite where actual out looking for other and the base of the decision unless you know what the basis or what you have i think it is really i want to have you back round again but let's go and i really thank you for all the name both of you are absolutely so honored to know you with you he who are fighting for the were absolute where we are right now so here were not so overburdened by regulation not so overburdened by the amount of paper work it system we have now is based on compliance is not based he was on more and more and we need to feel those layers first no who we are in the later away so that other fat he that in so the governor of the way as the to get but out of the and so honored to be working with you as well the information that i daily i all of this and thank you so much to you so legible and with you as well stuff that people have to they have to know i mean and there so many people that i have no idea what the new i appreciate that thank you if there's one thing about noonstead understanding this one thing that i have one is in onalba and what i've said to day in a month or a year from now and go man i didn't know it being tintinnabulation so with all the categorical that i know and seemed like i know i know that when i wrote back the canis going to show up the new mind is going to show a later in its connaught a not at all of to day i certainly want to be transferred and share myself but realizes well with all the yenisei me an all the agreement but benefits we boast is actually when you tell me no no because i find that i could be off and i certainly do want to use or be used to mislead that the warning and came free it is wiser to innovate a teacher because he got a hard judgment coming and i certainly don't have all been in the answers that i need apparently what i need but you know i am still a noonday and no to morrow so that the faces the processes is be able to have educated and we have to be willing to change our minds if we have more information and not as a failing but that we got more information so now we can create a better answer and or there's a better option in front and i think that that's important allow people get target where they stand one spot instead of instead of allowing more if the and you know allowing for we go i think that's really well let's go ahead and you have a prayer who wants to all o you to isolate myself on that one of these times we go everybody has a direct with god and and and that you know is all the time always amazing what god brings out o their it's a it's not a leg it's not a legal or i pray this way or pray that way and god and o that i see that is with don't hold on to god is a you know god as a live and final being also a father but he's also an he's no he is absolutely no more as that but we want to limit him well if i do this this instead going to have to do that that's not accurate faith in getting what we want is believing in the character in the person of god in knowing he is always good all that has nothing to do with a penny machine god and what we want we can her may not give us what we ask he always that is that's to give us a better path i think that one of my favorite stories was it that where they were as soon as they landed in the you know the came put him in a bare and the barracks was infested that the one that they were invested with the women pulled on a knife out cut all the new comer cutting their hair and cut all their hair so angry at all of this at the life a little more developed spiritually than what now hurry you're going to be thankful for the life something and thank god for that light don't know why they turned out later that none of the who were going in the other bare to rape and abuse women would go into that arise they didn't want to be the light so the life capped abate i think that that's really good less than to remember even though in we seem really negative and god and he is our father to walk a street every good all the time one always he always knows that the faith in him the unfailing father who will never leave nor forsake us all we have to do it did what what he will be right there in the help will be surprising ways that it will change your life and in a minute your life all i have to do the one what the not your answer the heavenly father relates very much i think and their ability face of ever what we say and it is partially what we say also what were willing to do and what were willing to risk follow the you would have a please make our path in front of very clear to us we're not asking we are asking that you haven't those without a to provide for very much the people that you made for the animals you've made it was a wonderful thing that you give for the united states of america and what was handed to i gave that you that you endowed us and then those are we grateful he and those without voice or for those who are to standing up and giving it all for your and we do it all for god family for your good purposes and we are honored and humble to stand before you this it with the great responsibility to you to all and we want to say we love so much the love you so you know open doors for us and let every single person now how much you love them that you're always with you'll never leave them nor any help that they need as well as for salvage get to know who you really are but you guys have a very wonderful day to day and so i love you so much i love you know we love ever out there you everything there's not a day about the good of here we go on our lives are great nation which god have wonderful day we will see mackinac in the morning it's it's going to be a beautiful he trodwen every you he has gowanbrae for governor dot com through one as we you can please donate we need their help we need volunteer we have a carminative teachers where i can give you any assignment in the world that you want i will do roadstead really anything that you wanted to i will all set i have on a given to you an email her i can elaine out here four three zero four four one if you want to get involved three or four one zero you know catherine in warning the will see a rendering thanks to bring that up brandenburgian you know we can add my email onto your website and in an to contact me and that with if they want to contact i'm happy answer the question i'll be happy to set some i'll be happy anything you you know i all of us together to any together to change the world to come the past in the morning we can have you any any request that you may have you may be happy to answer those of beppo she's very responsive right back with you her telegram channels everybody on the so i suggest that everybody go on the waste also i suggest that everybody look into who's running for gordineer it other people who are there who are they tied to who owns them and why that's people of michigan we are going to have to live under there under their ruling or four years so very important for our children for had my bird you know everything everything no import our children's future so that's very important to look who is all research and do your own research and don't expect so many tell you how to vote or or you know take back your own freedom starting with freedom of who you got for your right there you know and like saint mashona say bad i'm saying that time so you know you know my body my choice and then tell onery else what to do you know and when it doesn't hit the narrative and pregnancy and life is for all so to any nogaret day big love joinville he let atrides all those who i see it more