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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 1/16/2023 - Chuck Ritchard

Published Jan. 16, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

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good morning patriots welcome to brandenburg news network i'm donna brandenburg it is the sixteen day of january twenty twenty three and a mind with my good friend this morning chucker shark but i thought i would oh this lad when i don't there the really really is and i eroget into that in a minute but i thought i'd start the day off with something that's kind of funny he conthrivance location my ire table once and i another perspective here and i wanted to show you i think this is absolute in aries and so ingot play the spirit now because this is really these came out the sweet and i posted it i said the funny i think that's a fully here is even even though it's a very serious subject ah you know there's a lot of things that are going on out there and quite honestly we're going to have to a mere going to have to deal with him because the a the province that we had in with homatropin and all the people that are involved from top bottle it is is really shocking where i exorting with much of people who are and testators and we are coming down there and to hold even farther in the state of michigan and i think that everybody's going to be really shocked when we hit the bottom of that of that wet bottom here it's going to have it some point timeand i know this people all across the united states and are on the same thing and let brave patrolsthe fighting for the kinsthetic do you out there protected the foundation another thing that's a big deal is michipicotea ulchester he is in transit and agreed to come while he striving this morning but there's a lot o talk o morning cockatooing organogeny pology but o my metatorion and esselington none with a double secret location is that the cestraciontes i could see prcognitis the passionate son toisianne morning morning humor were in a secret layers right now so there he growled will you do it i with this note secret occasion because the epopeo le followed the red go i told you not pollinario location or apicati got up basically follyin on taken that this honourable one i mean the first of was opened but the more i odiato de we togetherandsome geisteshelden the target when your copy oh when with somebody copies you when they played driesen they oh when the following year when they're trying to knockdown pretty much as a bad in honor every single time i just laugh at ochotensis that he the alcoholate is the sycophants and thenrespect of what thesesimplicity the serissoides decides cortesanos is pioneersare what did you now as rollestone look not on lookedthis when you get on cross to toiouton or myself as the one of those too close that they feared your those people of looking your poninge home collegewards coming from the pas to say the onehouse a covers of proselytes might be plainely to or of obacerralis tosomewhat is decreed he will wait on many an you think or copper o odostemon of it that always soncome reality that's what were seen so although its his flattery is flattery and a fiery indeed thensilence precogitat is tenchosetsu one can by ah and the cow and the annuder down the deeper you get into a connection that are out there the more how do i polite the more serious than yet and in a trying to shut you up and like the filouter pedo whatever it is that you're involved in and it just doesn't i don't doesn't matter to you at a dozen matter to me that it's like you don't we're going to give it our best and and we're not continue on and tell the and i actually i've actually have another lawsuit that's coming out it was supposed to go at last week but i think you attorneys wanted to read review it one more time or two more times cause it's kind of a big deal it's going to lead to maybe some bigger deals swear to you i am not going to stop puncheon this because we are losing our country it if if if ordinary people don't step up and get the gain they were this is the thesis the way you take the country back it's not it's not that somebody is a okonees sarily going to come to save us all the i think all this is crazy i just and watching in a koniakine front of the window right now that sinescallo there out there a nononoyou going border let your spekerlatin how in the border solicitation the border there no no no no no but cried he this aye he's a big one too so there you go peisontai e had again i mean last week wigand i no you did break that betanaphtholate om in repletion everspoke stationunfortunately tricostate is pevensey a planet praterstern out yet to day your conessetagoes that's exactly the thing he must have read my notes do not come on my house or what i am no i don't think so i think it's a heinein the same page i'll alchakin up to god talk into us and pushes in the right direction but i i i want to tell bodetthere too that that anybody that's out there should be watching and following chapter sore segnatasse of the post in the gas and the amount of work he puts into you don't gain this kind of knowledge with a six months a year five years takes a long long time to be able to have the knowledge of the people how they enter in a relate how they react to each other and in a poor connected to each other the arereally really important things of a he does the political stuff in looking into the human traffic in type things and and i think that all this so important because there all connected there of connected for there there all intertwined there all into the casinos there all trying to get trenchermen jobs their pushing money back and forth they are hiding things three ach other there they are giving each other favors and the amount of money going back and forth its just kind of shocking and i do not even watch in the world like an out ocoronos what's going on over there in switzerland and able gotoofast telling why do you tahitian the old adage how officered you and provided all the ills of the world when we think of the leases takeable inter hacerlo compost to it i think i look it out of a country how do centesimos conservative states is for captivations you will continue senones he can although i got give a credit to her credit do go and in active down there have made a difference to the son have its fill because then they have no impetrated done him they put no orthosilicate and theymselffes down where nicholetta out or dry people dining for the right to any that's with you listening as to line don't even know the total impact yet on this human trafficked by one to you something to happen do years ago oh reminiscor the husbandit's then and he can report her lochspouts talked about you and dragonettes it was aincorrigibility do i because he still histiopterus to do we we know his son that we didn't know that extent we were looking at the housing side there all that stuntedaltogether also part of this whole ocean these people are property property and the revolt of that betrothednot some of the low lowers love people on the sociomorphic levels in retorts holgate did we did to redouble people one concretation for the degenerescence where iliocostal youyoucoward asetettiin and power and that's what the people do i got a ebengreuth these developers to be devout developers and because when you look at the power planers and politics most of them are connected with development that's were there making their money and there was one person i talk too that was a in one becastled around the state in such and they what they were doing as one example at hame the sky wanted to improve the property the city so well if you're going to do that you won't have to pass through till like missions the city pay for this pass through and and it was in it was in the th it was in the millions it was a huge man money that went to this the person the person i probably should have gone back to the city of the city paid for that improvement but it didn't not only did they keep the land they sold that they sold the rights with the property and so they were like double pig so when you look at what they're doing with developments a lot of the times these people are getting double payment for thanks just like white the trafficking did you is known estamos of the hotels that are housemates when every one call my comin i call him the incalculating army are you were comenians people this is not and in this is one it is its inovations too many figeater come to cross this is not this is not necessarily all children and what i want to know where the hack of the kid's going when they're here that seems like your leave in the fighting age may and then the kids in the women get thrown into the gehonnt e high trafficking then will you much to this appear hesperides trinitrate great old pat and i grew up undertake talionesthat dear dear to mention gothic on ocracoke crop the see in on a day or specus i think to let all these departments all these hours and yet were we picklecondition estreated have that body people in despite gillyhooly the wall and it is the cressetbearers to happenedbut it off while you i told to what you're doing to all these to legs and the stepson for the service she inespettata toasterettes and helped they are not there or rate ascesines whole scamp and to make comeliness their christians for esortatine no i don't i colocome at the i don't need that red now i got to others of our othobon did beswican tell the identical day break down on botany christian services and i think you can you can look there you can look at littratures catholic services any of these any of these organizations that sad victims are welcome on the door and a herthere involved in this i also state what girders are cotterell to karolinow largestis the republic his re pollicipes on indulging republican person that the all petitions which he sees how in ely and in just we thought oppositely had come to tolthorpe ty as the kind now that there's a desisting on i think it's implicatedsome thing is the city did i take reinterprets sloppy and that is now apparently that is changing of the legal general hands it now and pericolo good for letherington down i just griefsealed really entirely but i know this thing or a discounter because you only want to do as they winterengines down down to the lake or body thought that could see was worth dad was not and now they want to work in what a down there and then on that tlatecolototl down there i do in prostitutionthat made that may be fined persolventes bepissing the people who put in trade up what's going on some people do and secondogenita are treatment of this group of that group of it just etheredishithe or back yard we like to think dost not we don't thought on well it is as bad as you told you would propitiate things said wallistown to in on this others to didn't we are going to have to go at it because lucas reentered toronto thing about it and we have not got and you said its proprietor and broad taking at our trusted and so i do get heteromys people can stand up they say well i hatred okay what you sent me what does pen peception what this really being so well that being stableboy to came where he did your voice said be a grimbridge rat injured last week did you see the age people had stood up at the capital they represented this against the against this potiores speaker what you think of that i i ah i think that we're watching a lot of optics right now good and so a lot of it or in a lot of what we see is open is to so just like the buying documents what are they hiding what what are they hiding by you know i mean their way can some people up sure but you know what the bigger is so is it it seems like the just tricked everybody into this jerry springer so opera non son and the inowthe cru sleeping with who were look was going up on now this is going on her that's going on when it's the aftright underneath our noses that the stealing for us to fondeaderos ble activity and so ordergentlemen if if we pull if if there is their purse strings get caught if they cannot have any cash to find their nonsense there out of business and so on nineteenth i believe is the bolt for the cecilin extension and no one is saved a peak why because we're distracting on all these nowyou can look at things and this is the problem that i had with most of these these so called patriot groups ah people go to all they are is fish and wine sessions and is like a pseudo therapy session and everybody goes home and nothing gets dot and may they do people any going where an go protests thus really how far is that got him and how many years old cried a thing not how about it good the ballot and islesman dictes into the totterdown there to captiose preceptories could ispeople were dowered leaving were down there do i not nobody that was in office except for thee is there was one person there in office and the council member from waring who is here trying to rest right now and courseinto without energiesderived in potione that guy he screensrecessed of perpetrates tins of light in the freedom that it is he transmits what an explicite that's why they try to kill them whether they twovehicle of the he had moorefor powers for powers handing his two amartias a counted murder and of course didn't get it didn't get out indusiated his even we all know what is i mean i mean the cops one were involved in her investigators may think were stupid but were not he is crazy you don't i think consentimento we didn't know for the thinkers of hope you'll these coortyard and you be off erhaltenen old requestion go on realising you of invidentis control polly thought it and that you can delightyou deteriorates to your life to go girdle cried all the sins we cronicelsstiles shark which oraciones al sedentes forsenerie posset wistarias he's very people that thought you were asleep i did walk a youwake up down to woking the terms of one of those people people woke up me theowian that an not stated in for the city more and when that half as they come acontecimiento like they do you be and any one that raises the voice and opposition what freestrange is every one hopes on those fifteen moves in congress right nobody i should think ominous of the pack that they're all these peoples still in prison o gin or ray pureney six atendiendo process with here to have a new process work on subepithelial ing i don't know what the boy is for earhart of the law and so wire resent you pas where about within a little potato are it is before oboediens i can hand of no yourstake iwith a piece of wood to do that he do teton take the hard work and then they go off on wide and die for the winedrinking line and whining about them the fifties will that's a punch of crowdpeople deserve to have their day or like getting us yes because i trustthat s what separates us for the rest of the world were not and worldthough the want is i am reconnotre now because there's so much apathy of their or people going oh whatever shall happen to instead of whatever shall happen to us and what can we do in individual basis each one of us to get out there and to start roland grandissime pages makes noises because we we all should be doing the and not worry about who were going to hate because these people are criminals and why why would we care for you founded them yes i original denotes desprecios goal but occabot ovenlike hope well and criminals in we had so much criminal behavior to come before and now let it the pass economical iris and in somdele be to do what that is but the canotiers is that his name to this whole side unless chapel orders be creed of the vicious represented in his altonischer in and i had a good collection thinkingthere with his sister occonostota it like a simple posts only part of it there's a lot o telling the seeing that in all other state representatives in good old detannisation are real good the tiny gentle she is a state in darkness or castile he has said wally can't free forth posistion bears but the him odotin there volberse cause or ening in the long reaches of rented forward i got the inside from frenchillet threescore forward because there's two tethrippa dovecots involved it involves concetto lossages on all kinds of stuff all tisidimit i gittin right in on that further year to have the initials other people that are currently in all conover done in of his mother and of personbut there are others at the outside that are ollie chairman though a local party cried more or previous ones i mean the the lovemore in called here insolescit st the havre and we delegateswere get him out of the cesspool and lessee greenwichers called and untill you we need to have our rough in a district sweetee them we can keep a eye on him as quite plainly we don't trust them they have not earned our trust and so i'd be on the big advocate then that's that's a go is level then we go to the y hopeeven you see the pike that's going on there and we go with the finish chair i cominciai o the highest or largest prime ever largest yet pride wore a large electric prospathaire or two hundred thirty thousand dollar pie he got singingwhich his cows then the browners condotieri on hestiotis chair of the lycoperdon in it that after it was known that betty accepted the pride and the corroding costigan other tree calls dollars or dolersene of the churche of the guelphs a guid guilion the private the first in one is seen and then ben to half of that happen is just i in is just to break down a long o wants beerhouse the cur died at one of the current giernendlic you peach here i go my recognized as dave cried nanette ben the curdled prolifer ag it toward that very died and doors nonentries on onflorence etheostoma turn to butenone general what are you mad never one number to his what i i can he outheroded or out of the y you preach here we all had to concorrupt of people there were twin to get rid of the gun had to at hanegondahach he's no better oneration also we've got to poison his thethepraetorian people who i need to weed them out of here dooarsshe's that matterright i mean the mias well beecherthat's what they are let's talk about here is so done minute some of these people that are running for the chair of tommy toke because this this is a i got some real questions on this not that not that you know i'm you know i'm not going to be voting on any of these but they don't be with the text there's portend i one of those people that when i get my word to something i going one direction i stay in that direction right to andcut i find it incredible because realistically you know i was riding on the party and it was a party that completely abandoned the five of us did not stand up for us whatsoever and honortell you what i think we're going to find connections right back to the end my depoetised enough because i know for a fact that there were three republican public functionaries that were pain senator gathers not to turn in petition there were also two seated democrats of public public functionaries who were actually employing some of the signature gathers so the problems there the more that we get looking into them are deeper and deeper and deeper i think we to grab one of them by the tail there a little bit and there going to start squealing and they're going to start squealing and a big big way so the trees are the directions that we got to go is that and i think this is what's been happening ever since i president the rightful president the united states the america ah i think if this has been kind that game all along is to get people to squeal and realistically there there there eating their own to save their own behinds right now and that i think what we're really see because there's too many things that that are there coming out you know and the severity from beginning that you have to show people you can't tell him anything they have to because i don't know the other of you were if you are then i in but i'm not tell you what it's incredible how many people have a pinion based on nothing no no experience but it is like in sorry but if you don't have the experience if you don't have experienced or if you will and so knowledge to back it it counts for nothing it's an opinion and not in it it's a big problem and we've we've got to get people in there that are actual regular people rather than career politics we were out at you go daughter and gather the him by matatetohia her claiming that their acceperint non right that's the son what do you like as your owen a turnin whose knowing one a case lighti'm going to just say it so so i so so as he read in turn in was never one of a whose finances that have been questioned and all of a sudden beam where do these people even came from we don't mean even know i've i investicating with some people worrying now one one a gallant ran for office i don't even think she's actually a resident in the state well that it is through is prisonand nobody questions on because they give me in these ridiculous absurd special interests parties and they will cover up anything for each other and you saw it postedthen mogstad who discerned i mean it is going to come right out to say it how many bear jumping district s on the ballot when there ethereally part of the organists there really all what with sir gained their gain is in fact get on the ballot protect our friends as they're all parcelcus club and is dark george can set it we ain't in it saying o god i say you're an you're right down i do all that he generationthe grate on the day because the lot of people got realize what's really going on in the stem on and the linesbecause we let them because we stand we stand that while i am as ohersonnesus concentrated minute there by friends and were worth taking care of himself of the showy wondered have a lot of time and i politicianists she comes to delissious then three deed that was because the news said i'll takingthen on the head now is the issue correct yes it is the issue is correct stand up but the people standing up do they really believe it now then make it in damoiseles one of the word aderesados hadtakes complainant and i had i said the david of tenable on time i sit for was greek creasote hideosities about these guys there taken in vanishedthey know that this telanontouohe the committeemen the terewth generous because his kindlike risonava then heeamehome the purbeck croisette as benoodigdheden at heart and eshontes wind to river he put the bill in a dock collected thereyes i you okay wodewey will you i was never designed to go anywhere he was otherspetition a front man meaning that he was just moreenough to crock to make him think that they were doing something they were never was expectedsome out number one number two was and never had he substancethese they hear others could have happened a day lost their toes sinotherwise you don't what i don't think so and even he did tahatoo thing not a bad man oecus he can use it if it is true then they could use it to trelliswork if we look at the individuals of this spacious of divellicated you because you these supposedly changed parties well listedthese areticre elethomen people have reemphasise them no man anything to sessile the one reason why i changed parties it's because i want my state back and republican party basically torpedo they they torpedoed all of us was once that once a singing on direction they not only did they no resentmust like president to they are absolutely refused to talk about election the twenty twenty election and that last greeting that one is still goes which tells me that there's something there because it didn't just get to and so we're going after the twenty twenty electric cause we have to you you cannot we cannot ignore that if we don't rectify that were done no dot i got a couple of coming down the road to go and so offer right then that he really half the stanhopelove don't see it they have control find themselves in the last shot themselves allantoin like god like my home as away whatever of it know that which coldinteresting but that is his house he didn't you know the development did i live in deesconsolate what talking about and they tell me i have to put it on sriyanie trail will wait on in prophetent over one never do as i have to corsetire has done a you know where i live in you know that's allers oorothe side it's protected by evergreen not anteoides not a trailer noor done to it is a religious one i put a cross sotofeititon and that was stay there and i put it i had a shop i heard over there then i got this from the deal somewhere and get it was over in the fineran they completed on that one are the goclenian like taxes them or one and i have come late depressore igion so i ecossaise why i neighborly to be preciselie ate the osanottoon because well there's also is good oeniponte thecoidea there will otosclerosis that were one or or indian they potatoes in the festering houses on and he was all worried on while we got putidaeque identifies the voice could have told him that his house is only only twenty six hundred minesmost of so thousands so you don't the people are just not real insolently right well i can put it into heteroteuthis montengon you do not have the right to stop me or preachouris freedom and that exactress the top all rome my priority think that it is homoisians be a legal because it's just siliceous bodies trying to tell her body else what are you why isn't any one it is should not be anybody's business because most of the choice as they make a man i most echoides they make are or matrites on who is sitting on the board none of them is really actually you know how shall in force of all if somebody one of the fight it you know it's like it's like good in doothetain't donnera all the rules but they expect everybody else to pay attention to the fair rules and and so so quite wet often the desolatest two threes ah cunto three different different groups within omoroca on their constantly badly each other and it's none of their business when somebody would somebody owns or property why under setting himself of the locanians in the neighbourhood you know i say are you kinnean soavemente paleacrita as i onwaardewerd an open peopleafter to day or any their dressesalong all the ways that its happy stoneway some some soorvey over an outer nere but if we don't and up i it may be to like and that place on allatoona and not admire because they stood up instead now they had holereally so i said that's greek legontes talk of wollaston a couple of things we about itelligence sheltered in the tone telling was conoistres home was over there this last week i was before thusiastic prateapace fired up over three hundred there the other day and i know what they shall have a couple of people slipping in trying to importance of one one of those who so leave running for the redistrict terror damasthenes gone who you said she as you once to help people as her hustereisthai cespetosis besides with her testily in one of the biggest renders of freedom there is said the emmenagogue the bayonet the real one reisenden you hit it again do your hand and they only have you talked about him like you pet me i all this to boil bootwhale don't realize that these very people that are with his emotion they are the culprits and the couple of them have left down went over to a reported over to a preejanon nestaeans red joethat's goodeniace yes i know some the really bothered me as being an obscene at right it's been on the tax peers cordy i watched people that were involved in the taxpayer's party also being involved people with the amite there were here mongolo oh yeah and it was it was really because it's like it's kind of crazy then make up her mind and stay there it they they won't backandforth i'm not talking about about the deep and the thethingepeni ate on talking about all their people and it's it's really disturbing because because you don't even have in that nonsense tolerate it when when you see people crossing over it's like it's like in there that connection there were the thepeople that are charged the amigo they are globules and you are it's like on tellyou clean it out from top to bottom and the candidates that they have running are such an absolutely abysmal choice i mean i mean i i got a couple that i like are right womenthe threeparts itself is though i just like they did they are choosing as selective installing candidate now their choosing or selecting in installing an next group of globes infiltrators who will who they're going to endoconid they're going to jupenet like because they were wine of you said while their cropped when they get an office now there not their tobefore they get it off the ice they never get there or uncountless there you know that's that's exactly what's happy iveagie a big concern with you know to oliero the bay was that parteners posefor they he had mediterranca word alas suninitiate pisooor these brother wings and all the sudden on my old mine and who is that who is the one thing you have to take the chronometer the weed the people on these guys have no remorse he got all to take you not have remorse you can bring it to him like you has deposed there's no way in a gatehouse and dollars one comdothan dollars for another other coenogenetic away a minit if he get for that money what did they get weision got out not in so this is kind of distinterred recitenot he doinglistening bagnresi ence down there but hopefully holyhere or the pilchardes against them for a fraudulent affidavit hoisting deserves it not that he thsangthat with the natural stores his committee and did nothing about the back but wild bill arioton ekerite dons and soveraignest he being the contract of her law the contract to go to compel the californian shot while bills down after eighteen a half years will wait a bit an dististinguished of coursesnot that erdebil dollars a laienrefektorium wide did we get more land wiancourt landegode this is a kind of crop that's going to onnellisesti we breathe forth we are bringing forth so well he hanescombe couple with don hatongotta go i got to apologize to day sir and this unlike to be on to day so i say i like to in the over monday when flowing to londonperhaps because i think i think that like you said the local love for people to understand that what's going on in ticiano see that one of the high up in the navy got fired his yeah in those investin i do i do not think that a cover that one when you're off on you got to go but there's a lot o one on and i want to really get on his huge trafficking things because in michigan is a hawk and others there is more and more that's coming to the surface but in the too what moskeetos hansome of these sons harbor towns and i think people need to start opening her eyes a little bit begssere going to your going to see some things that i you're not going to like and looking her traffic that's in the container traffic the whole ten yards and even even where houses and houses and warehouses at art what they appear to be i wetover uniting thought he politicien here's something earwaker a line yet because then ready to go but there's something more were on to look at so i want to talk about you bolondokat forego all these ties were put in a platoon of the lake chinoldine to the verkehrter watched that that because the theresensation down so of these kieselschiefer have havenstock wildegoose the rodeneies de andfor the anybody believed this dining or no way you know he is just undrenethe people behind him a question as well you know these guys here are there running his sleepy are they running delicately for you don't to do in the calledthere doing salterothe to high people hopeless ah the see of less character i know some of the people are good people in that slate or in that tea their hiding the other which it is the gate office were no conlow lining these practices we have composed rantepoor steeds that one by one on reconnot allow these people stood by block and end so that's what kinetoscope called the inconinconshiderate play i cooperated with special interest grew with a cult mentality which is setting of teams base on basically a popularity contest or idolatry because people are not making decisions based on qualifications or based on anything real to they're going oh i like this candidate i had like that in onoatoa it but when i when i watched some one feels like it like watching tigers with a tiger beat magazine it that are a ilike this guy i like that girl i like this in your like going really it pasconaway one the provocations you know it's like this is the this is all should be a heavily that enjoiner pew there should be bad for oncethere should be there should be knowledge checks all this as i get indiscretioncies toledo there that disconsolately as recorded look at his prudential oosahmekoo had any it was to say he's a bad welwilly who these presences that at the indecisionappealed theprebendary i pose him because of this stuff he does the behind the sea said he in no said that come odottaneet foreminded that as he was to help one stood up in a belated to know said i to be a infeliciorem you sonetteers i'm not telling you you oneness i wouldn't do that i had never had the coldest the boy that make it is to take the real person he doesn't help all the toeniotis out there fighting the colleotion les del melitose on it he chickenhearted be on that old thing contantinople why did i bring to him he the evil he had a copy of that evil that which to the all the county commissioners he had it because i stood to make the he got in was the care he does not support and then and then when we had to issue with thee of with him ticipatis of them how the omoherishi of the issues on now for the part he do i know my heated i did share when because i was too between very confidential well so then i know she hentrusted the coming whisking he took credit all that he knew not the elsenothing but i is stopped did and levitesthe up here to help he knew about it pray to time and so keep up home forceforce he told her of a clavichord did he did it digenerre tors and know he did it he had nothing to do with the just so much to see dishonesteth only one you got got cockcrowing that rope and we now rochecotte out there don't be we caught with honourablesness out to the portantinamountain to day you're absolutely get out to present on point because what they did was what you can disinter the didn't have a crop they want to be stickthat they want to be somebody in it there is the education it they experienced calleeoons lower level is not a seniority system is about experience it's about knowledge is shearingthe the cottians with that theocrite there because the promises that they the growing these people at the lower levels to be as criminals they are we have got to have it we've got to have outside tom on the substantiation because by the time they had been in office for a couple of different realms and the window themselves into a spot in this political industry which is exactly what it is it's a parasitic it is apparent the whole thing is parasitic in just the dislive off other people they produce nothing they know nothing they never ittentatively not really done anything except merteros of this criminal organization we have got to get people from the outside that step of and taken position and we'll never been in the goodcole ics that is out there so that we can get a hand on this but it needs to be like a handcops on to go in there and in just just not the thing apart for you no dar a seeweges and you know what i relieve gen to get thessalonike you know what more he watch somebody like me that we go in there because we would start having compliance and it would be quick i do pithecomorphous the living is respected you be well we talked about abel corrupted by pocket people and not to me think we take out the pitchershaped who have turned eagerly stood down no voice ducked in all antoinest stonecutter allantopol did the get thaterit they held me gorgodera chariot over there once to be at once upon becontree for grasses care really whateever iustinian some one takes his sosistratus to this because never one is you've done nothing all this some insolencies and ferdinand except in storiesstories all this stuff cured under watch underliners she oh we've got to have you any where were you on the other time i yourertrouble did follow the imido that because that is one of the opisthomeres in noonsense but yet you don't see it be given you she is a prayer be deal do something with it live by example i'm not judge you on to saniette are the practice somebody other day one i incrustations not christning by moncrossen what christine out there redounded to sustain the eternitystolen and living conscious one on purshoot of pigeonsall no or we will cut propertylike his iseaport were warriors have got much more than it gestreht have our harness mention to a eternity six times more that is not on the kitanitowit we do have heard but we have to be home in bed we have to be able to stand up begins what i casteand this evil has been allowed to grow like weeds to the garden he have to take and be weeded well the prodidisset people get so tight in to emotions that we become an emotion durnset and that is completely stop some thinking process if policeno training horses when when horses is not thinking they will be manipulated by fear and the son other heroneight to their device and you know what i metallourgountes hole one of patriots soter the kekeewin not this nonsense need to know what's going on but a lot of it is just her fear on then it is absolute in there there is bad there is bad as mean stream medea it's like it's like you know when you pass on stuff i had one that came across the other day in a gap that i might a text and i sat there and i watch as thing and i like person to put it out of his like is fairly in politically involved and unlike why in the world would they put this out without a clarification in alii put stuff out to i give you that but it's like for information it's not my intention is not he freed but it was honestly it was a very old that was absolutely geared too you know no hope no hope be afraid bladderless set back in you're got steam rolled it and i like are you kidding me do something you can eat all right now we should be doing something you don't like like so reason chickens do something you know if there is a good to be crash that's coming then what do you go do ring your hands and wait and tell her thin crashes or you goin to get involved in it and figure out a way to figure out a way to make it or you know to make it work you know you onfoolish it gonothecae your shins you and you've got to have some solutions that you've got to have a plan going forward so that if it does happen now smart as person in the world which is get off the gridigurh how to get off the grid so that things go all that all the hell let cantatadie some pretty much and i laughed i got some people that i know there are most and we were i was joking with them one day and and i saw you on mice i see i said to amazing me as to this amazing that nobody has any honest community got called it and i said and he he looks me anywishes not really sure i said he as that i don't like that as i sekison behave on the care of for calvinist roger the volts i got a run i may appreciate you are doing this on loveidolatry is cenoby once again that's to weeks on the roll down on the teleconscious score may be a hortationes scores because of nail that in the care wendenthor their tatooer i know that the proper parts from this are dead on its site is sheathings notwell of us because i'm goin to have to do talkiness really going on out there and i keep grand forests and that's all we can and we get callousness on caecus we want to bring this truth that's the pineapple heneritere what you have to say to a man met the amount of a connection that you have and you might hear to put into you i have always found you to be be over the target on every day and you just come right out and say all hard things that nobody wants to hear and people like i said people be like all come on a check is is you know now you newitchewagan you have you to me with criminals corollis likelongnoyesit antoinette was boy may my approached in all this frontinella's un nowise do the same thing i should welcome welcome to the club pokelington the game that you started fightin and studded to sit down there and having tea and crumpets with each other you know gilson wonder land right ye else and wonder lennoxite o'donoghoe's always and got to keep ring the through this all we can do and he and the dog god driesener thing we do work epaleatum we know that we do every day but you know what we did back up in the westwego desecated is he will we believe you know not what he gaskins i to believe in him and pennewill make a greater i think that's come anything people not to realize that the that's what this light is all about he and know what it's it's all about right now i'm doing to let study to put a plan together to help hold both of people one of the things i do in his red baking and on looking at micro greens because i done a bunch of scroosch e to got into something we've got to stick together and we you don't parrot in all seasons and i mean that's biblical it's all so the right thing to do and you prepared not only yourself but for your neighbors and knows that are around us so will you have a great day in the late golden gossaert all day long but i intently to this program oh i certainly well yet in ten will see an next monday and blowing the lid off of missions with checker shard have great great shardborne i don't it's awesome they have checked on i love that i'm to go the commons now and then i'm in a rage you news i hessletine that there significant ah the morning lo levesson its very frustrated trying to wait people up in his weightpunishment of people at this point either want to know or they dolouere good point as the athority to stand in troubled times and just say you know we just got a fix on their knocking away by ignoring things it's going to have to it's going to take some i anregen morning love thank you down and let my daughter heard calote's last week do you know how many coyotes we have around in just even in the in the o i live i live near god and there's so many coyotes in that area its amazing i actually hired a guide that does a coyote hunting and they come out with like the knight the knight cameras and such and they take population down little bit becos we had so many of em and i think that people don't understand that are from the city they don't understand how dangerous some of these some of these varmints are so like you if you start getting paths of coyotes not only will your animals in your paths be a danger but they they can go after they can't go after small children and it can be a real it can be a real prolonging for it you don't guess somebody that's out on the chthesthtai you wants to come on injusta for a while i be hiscock check is up and he got to segosee the new one or in milethe him on that and see if he would like to come on if i could get him disasterly thought it pronomine out in a last stop supponitur of northern lights last night and a very significant individual now and the future of the see of let's see if we can i can get him to come i call a minute isis were happens by the kitchen table sometimes things to sorehead good morning how are you oh that's cool he i had a question when you lie junonian amorite now as i saw that a sin the chic he in an opportune speaker one and you can hold us start talk and okay on the whole at there you go one introduced somebody cheverons stoneman's name is dust repaid and i would very much like to say hiheste and we're going to start talking destros very much involved with the general journalismand i'd like you to introduce yourself and tell people about you so that i am sure that we get here because i've been wine they have you on for quite a while when i saw you get on any text of me this for i don't like alice was so how are you and good morning noisettes time yet you're a partly this morning arca millet's good so what would eveningsthe few comments here and then let's talk with the talking about coyotes because i then i hired a coyote hunter because you know me on birds and what we had two of our birds killed by coyotes and on like enough of this so we got a pianner cost said one walkin front of the window here will sitting here this morning and you put a comment on there so we have a short of eggs yes we do said timesmore well yet it's botanicis tian services they are the worst and writhe laetanter ency and t is everywhere and we've been complacent no more i agree in the optics of the clown shall love learned early on that seldon is a shyster he blocked me and many others who or challenged him let my son mos free housing association and he has told me many times that they are a nightmare to deal with michael did go me pete and the depingendis down on the screw geleischieret and mike i'm never going to unify with criminals i will not either and marie that's why we want a donkey very go down to sir wassops to ye'll take a koinonountes as well as packs i think they need a few i love my son told me donkey's or awesome potest yes they are and i heard in that love and love ye donkies and all packs and i'll pack it will take will take out on will take out a coyotes and dogs and everything else are very very territorial and so are gone peace oliver really good watch watching animal sore sore you know you get a bunch of animals are low terror tore on their wonderful so this is a son soon i've been able pass the comment and i was seeing give you the floridas to know can you introduce yourself the dan is done all hugging the hogans moontan god the most o life now in the last and how do they transpire well her a lot of research i dosed over the years and he into the demonstration objectors i had leave there the angers we like to lahore i'll chetodons ration cork project i challenged tickhad eyes the point to where the lejos a maori see rules of solutr drop of your pilastras tennessensis en timinis jail that's most horsing take i have education time you go to hold me on to the coast on what kind of conterbission ni asked him silvercross moissanite party and design contract i should i know but he is old mad he's trying to her the whole to me with his eyes you are are justice system is a complete doctor fire right now and i'm i'm kind o a i'm kind of a fan of a it's not working and all the few more out of holding her althorpian the proper prop policies on the lawful process and they they they all need to be cited in my opinion can you can you explain every one what the demonstration project is cause the man well have talked about this and i think that this is part of the education of helping people understand how and why the system has gotten be so bad and in what's really wrong with that because we're not men taught that sort of thing during the age leigh the people that were to the common lot creed ecce and the less the alose on to the corner the actually started in new york uncle is system called the demonstration or then wanted to put it in place he bought to the laws were in new york they couldn't i took a reichanstalt implement in michigan in nineteen ninety five there is in this consorting grown on and the demonstration court like i said to the only a pocos court is a demonstration the nielli shall that make a rule to the cold do at the want and seen asserted dealing in gerentis only the upper catenae they don't have to be only commonable in gasoline and seeing they were contracted the ease and the montevideo the cental services when they are now under provide no services it my confortando i would say so an dere dis door to galileo mind in order to let void the peak left i step up still those o i don't grasinge needed that there is really an there's there's there's an abysmal lack of education on on this and i i wish you i wish you had a you know all were so chock to people and tell them what was really going on would you like to go back and give a little bit a history on this i would love it you just you just talk away because there i think this is going to be really that officials to people to hear what's really gone on what has come to senienses cion that were in right now is i know i don't think it's heresandy else on the planet that can is a completely and eloquently as you cannot as subject in knowledgeably his morals down to understanding the old age it goes all back to the in all over man there play to a land also enslaved every took a land the people came on magna carta a coloradoat all bacon tinues today a founder came to american to get away from but i followed and i corsancone separates from reinserted as from decontrol honor's lost kingston and so what eicones and all of corripuit the costitutiones created for what make pismenost only greek and cramlingas for general orders one undereten sixty three pubiofemoral only pecooliar rule is undone comes round people did not return to self comely girl terriers the progenie pompe the concentrated in sixteen old four sing company that grand the insolent to the maizeflour the casentino he states eighteen seventy one contract the provided nahienaena services on till people regard to solve governs with that understanding in mine see what's going on to day why everybody tried to fix and pandatarian erotopathia when we should be told him don't be to no one gedike or offices intent to the point to where we can sell scovers he clearly entreate nice nadlegit that is a peaceable way as some that is a peaceful way to greet the problem there is no other way unless you want to go to violence which were not into in her some things while my not a thought of this we've all heard of noah's flood all the events he was as the one got the happening again to day is called the cold with jail tinamotin i knows forto point all the peoples who wore the honor of god who had created god never took that jap go will is that osorkon the mind that the desert is gone up to as high as it is right now immunites really shocking died suddenly in the whole ten yards sheds its creed the do i saw videothe sweet choise thenot that i think it's called lucifers and the shot and the job and i saw a video guy under like a black light and it it was kind of like it was kind of like wall i ii can't confirm her or deny it but it sure looked like it was a bad thing and now in the set liverossified so well eh the two resaddled and settled i tell people about what they can do for that and even give some can you get people events of background on the current that the governors and perhaps may be even things that happened to step to where we are right now i didn't missie this able to clear machinesthe i like it officers into gravel to issue instructions to the military which we did even those instructions of be care being real to grapple thinking instruction was conosciuta con generacion the moon base is on the mars stratonice would now come to tony nikenor the horse on its accusation the coyoteros communications remained and working what the biggest military contractor no he and most sternly at the twenty third position congo down the reposition i anlicnesse half mad make complete yet then they got to become quiet cause we came to her hand to the enemy i can come the first eleven requisitions are literally than the sorrow loss the which i can tell you it is such an interesting time to live at all teleradios really superstes i others we got your eyes to hers on most people need to listen people to see that understands going on the ingestre black analogies are ache those who know all history or do no repeated and on coranto can't read the history books that the potshoo to those of whole eyes think most come from my side arabia right now don't they noranwestan yes dean in the state archives a lot of time and places like moss to go a gulfe new york going through the old archives that's real and the true history as for you are now to all the founders footsteps and read to what they did or we can tell this corporation we don't need him no more wash your hands gladys returned on greater now what he had intended to now it taking sure as gave to be a lot more oh a lot more evident did you it yoheewah in with happeningwith world economic form and switzerland it is curious it it's just it's crazy in the the the names of the people that are there she can of shocking actually when we voided the actor bakestone one cashdollar twenty nineteen he had executed by just he in that when the alechan of the three cities it was the military branch es god people seen postures of dispedantise in m all claims might do in greengreen out of georgia trees for and coming what i understand a asistente into prison we voided that contract the corporation of longer has any standing in accordance makes a lot a lot of sense on what we've seen there there sure is the lot of motion at the white house and a you know the white house there's quite if you let her set up with cameras there it such was songthence and watch on things comin goin such destino al and i you know quite honestly whatever i look at after by i don't i don't believe that's him he there's there's children there's too much going on out there that rule shows that a lot of these people are not there not who there either a lot of devils or silicones all kinds of stuff going on there but i don't believe that they are who they say they are i think we've got an awful lot of actors out there and all the shows calls down to the people needing to wake up and worn creelin was really going on and what he's to have or o entasser or screen to the loops to seems to fall on de fers you what would happen when you figure out that that one two three four five not just that many men a lot more people have actually may be are being played by some one else el mar the police st i gesse the solid gold masks i consterne see that a lot of times and also the people that are standing in form which i find kind of amusing actually you don't when the whole thing in woman was going on and they were trying to get us off high top over colei thought it was really funny because i suppose i have a little bit of a experience with the with visual type stuff and most of the stuff that i sought there was sighthe's an awful lot of see gc gi out there right now and i fear if you really if you really watch you can usually pick it out but you got up you got on you got a kind o slow things down and little bit sometimes makes some facial comparisons when you start making fatal comparisons the topeople are somebody like drops sixty pounds over night probably pretty good indication that there is a mass of change that just went on there and on the discurritur ahead the feet in me that that's that's good that's good ication there is there's some more tho when when hands don't match the face then you got a real problem like quite often when i've seen as hands that hands at her or her age is an age disparity in what i see or even a color despaired and that you know that that should be an occasion as most a time her hands cried a match or skin tones that may be a little bit different especially like a gentle maker but but but that the hands is such and be abitation so our ears and you couldn't you can tell that it was kind of onethere was one time when after riding was the on any moved his mass and alsohis the knowles was kindelike band like in a way that had normal knows wouldn't be by a paper as it like looking at one you know and that i in this non so as there finitesimal war or like a sad and when things are there been so much of it in and i really do think that the good guys are cracked kind of trying to tell us there there making there making some ah intentional mistakes in the visuals in order to wake people up in have us as questions what's really going on here what what is truly going on but with it is a stock must from hiven ask her own questions it's just like all the non sons with with the offices that were seen in trying to make things work within the republican party the house all this stuff it is not going to work it is not won there is no hope for the fbi and the cia need to be abolished all of these three letter agencies need to be abolished that that of infringe on our rights and they they contrived to make us believe that their working when them they contritio make us ester unraveling thanks but the end of the day boonthe got a gal there's no way to work with a you know george washington said that to its kanthatis of party systems that are out their good to the dove with this nation because they are organized in structure like a colt and it's it's all special interest and its all about money or s so there you go i mean i mean i love to be able to sell hold him to everybody and say oh get in there with the republican party they are all truistic not they're no better than effect i think their worse because honestly there there ah they all been infiltrated there isn't one that already has been and so i by the globe cried indicate that these people are going to lay down outfit you know so i think intellegat the structure right we are not going to be able to get the united states right we have to go back to what work in all work was what the founding fathers put in place and may not have been perfect it wasn't her but that we were is perfect i think is that can get and his long as we stick to the freedoms and insuring that the greens and constraining constraining the powers that the government has the political parties these quasi celebrity grass roots groups and or special interspussed there the just special and now i heard so many times we would be out there and i got there one of the grass roots roots and all a sudden leader onoscelin this way we are voting that we will they were proper aning the people in the scroopery from the beginning and have i think we you see the broad echontes you can see that the parties the groups the even if they say their patriot grows if they're not here in people to find out for themselves and help to dig down the bottom is so said were just going to do this work in to do that that's nothing more than a cold and especial interest to tell people what to do the power supposed to come from the woolcombing on cor or or a celebrity one of the grove leader which is building the audience in order for some sort of control saunders give and they walked on a constitootional the sides shopkeeperan former constitutional government that is the only for that is comparable with mace the great american experiment as the people could keep because there has never been a form of compliment like that created ever in history on was partaking in this experiment planchas partaking in department fanned most of his work to trans but it was said i for as and we had here porter of government to quickee the founders did not walk and they deny incordinations in the documents to delightcomposed the ostiole there eternal anise were seen over the ears in the decades of hand we pre much lost it and also as good sesach in alba all the biggest motivations of that was one monosasa it exclaimed place i when a man was in cold i'm sure there's clitoridian made atention television that they had to do coeteras directors through the he chose good to the people and all rootmeaning manual two thousand as twenty five issues nineteen twenty eight going the rosabel order destroyed along with old makariens to mocracy in the keen thirty sorely way to save a republican form so was not winked a letter in a four coss on to tolerable save it now grown at this time we have sixteen states at a published notice of wollombi person or grows ten you talk about let happened it would the governor yes come in to see i think this is really interesting side in has some knowledge of this and oh you know i've been been trying to get up to speed on it educated at all topics is one night put some time and do it some wonderful people that had taken time to to talk piece such as yourself and educate me on it i find this to be really interesting what happened songs governors convention in vegas chaplain ulterior so cold a monoplane colocbase in northern texas explained to multistable the reassembly that were and all the deniedfor are you have to deal with us at the time cogitabo atomisers they were all read as that in because greek never refund the machine general treeless and wascould deer coortin understand that a miss in because richtiger failed to remind grieved at ten well the military did less all the other forty nine governors were all mad addie did lydia erman times since his to wear is the colors etinasson members and state police where the the place were omitted of this and made his one thorow also to governor said that instructed and worn and does apply just to the government of places to the office of governor to increase our governors also fall on her lap there's a thirty chimangos senecas i cannot deleteriously now there's crowpoole can you make people illegitimate cannot be involved with or assumes a former ambialet on reinas legions original jurisdiction in american oooooooo you go langoustas to soonfor do you become as were you can't be involved in the simple little white lion andrew the deal are talking like dulitense yet i took more than sensemoral jurisdiction of the original offices at the corporation is higher to act there are all estas i operations i attacked you or are of and you remove yourself to that jurisdition to something worse you can some gave him a soletellina cos the caneletto with the sums i get over ten million people unscrewed because the college well they hide it like everything else on now the trying to hide things so that people cannot so that people are the takes away what when you have no education it takes away all of your tools to survive and thrive in the world in general be it if for food or for a lawful process or having bright taken away and such or maintaining your free to by me it really is up to us an individual basis and or small groups decentralizing to help each other out to learn and to to learn in that just to the two survived but as to thrive you can you get your land horses the coyoteros do on your land oh you can do whatever you want is listadoes not affect any one else in enacted by col concertationis ougen or of the whatever sordidness elaborate dickwhat you can do your and why find it be true in the city's too you know anybody should be able to raise to have that food sovereignty if they want have a gardener a few chickens you don't chickens or whatever is should be no one's is as the women and not i was going to males on finding i don't know the story of dethe girl i eatooas and mangonels on the finer genitor i heard that story but doesn't surprise me as other the culture of busy bodies we have all there is none ought to do so they spend their time trying tell her body also what to do you know honoratthe full at meconion know that when either satinette mere makers at the creosoting down how why what was that what was the issue canterton ha yet i do what's kind of crazy it's like that that you see when you're in a rural area is just see people that move on next to a farm and then start complaining about the farm back to a medicines it's like yet you know what you got to cut to take ospitality for a bad choice if you don't want to be by a farm you might not want to buy a house and it's not you know it's not your right to tell her bedient jump in and serve sir your little princess goals that are going on you know it seems had crazy to making it pick armor there pigs reek don't echo pig farm if you if you don't if you can't tolerate because it's not going to change it in order to solicit that area you don't regret the change cross and was it that on irish itback to the developer and notices of big prophane with developers in the fact that most of mr zoning commissions commission boards as well as in politics most of the people higher up or tighten development con sir eating up the land instead of being a being faithful to the to the people that live in the area they give them deference to the people from outside the are especially outside elopers from anarete come in the edipo the land and they do not care among communities that they move into at all it's all about the almighty dollar and the usher position in order to destroy those the farm land is an old tin we really should have we really should have a a check on this because their pack and people in so tightly with their money it's not that people are building the houses its developers are coming in and making money off of it and using the political influence to pack people in boxes in in it destroys the ability of people too infect thee themselves it is completely completely backwards and i think it's even a very biblical prescott the cities will become very corrupt the more the einpecinado to on a golden ncompassed not a good lack of men became yet the well some of them shot it was kind of kind of awful to watch a willing people into their apartment buildings i a friend that was incorporated in australia when he started and nonsense there she came home from visiting her parents and they they locked her up in a cold with facility and she it was awful it was just awful it was listened to reports of a youknowwhat she could get anything out it was it was absolutely horrific it was i was a present it was an apartment being turned into a prison for old people will except the level of theory that the willing to tolerate he answered it's really too bad so what else you want to talk about is too let you let you talk i'll keep asking you questions to keep it movement but you and to say here in talk and i think everybody out there would really preciate what you have to say it took much more time cause i herradora well i really i really appreciate you comin on sideand it may be we can set something of so that you come back on again and oh i know what's really early hearts really earlier time there isn't he hehewell i certainly appreciate your time destroys much and and you know you're welcome to come in any time that you like and as i'd like to hear more about about you know the demonstration court project and get into that a little bit more and the players involved his eras a judge involved in the in the state of michigan that a woman a female judge that was involved in some not sentence i know that and it would be really good to educate people on an what's really been going on right underneath their noses to subvert the united states and also the pass of parget with military moving forward with some of the some of these are plants to restore the nation because i i i really will stick to the fact that that every one needs to know on see the criminality of these people have been involved in and i'm not back in a way from that people econochaca has been going on from the human trafficking to the financial crimes on not an on the connections with parties and in the people need to know we need to know so it's not repeated again i find that with that going on what's running really behind the scenes the first of all god is in always and got wind god always wins and secondly i really do believe it this is very very good people behind the scenes that are working real hard and it say in the military in order to restore things some of it were seen we need just maintain that perspective that yes were watching the bad things were going on so that were educating ourselves in the people around that endawake off but well that's happening there's an awful lot of good stuff that's going on there certainly people with lotion like the powers they want to or to themselves so they wanted ninety five per cent calculation reductions as while they wanted to bury themselves under ground and had seen all saloon sterilize a plane surface and moorslayer and old the house keep so the people round his far of aprikosen i heard seven hundred and fifty bunkers and switzerland ratethat's a pretty small con country i've been there it's a really small country and that was years and years ago years ago i was just trying linen that was that was one of the countries on the road no connections escapevery once know how all the women on this the people waiting and i didn't eneslis in moving the little like the jets ernanton within like compliments and go way a growl told to are you willing to do because if you go soon round than we for somebody else to do for you i got half what are you willing to do he knew a intolerated what the website is nationals as assembly to and i from their licking bindsale in michigan the mosquitoes a general girlsonly the mosquito droll so absurd the somebody will get it out the chetive me the exact the exact of obside but i think that this is a i think it's really really interesting i soon the chances that telling her on bread he goes to his organ films that like arresting us empty sure to appreciate her and industry destry is so on what about stopping alonefrom invading syria incoherent september th the evening of boomopolis dress asking opocession to engraisser this took place a few weeks after we published the local notice il les ode o mooseskins he had issue revolt which can be found on the sarah did the count be sure news to position news to pontotoc there is remodelling he itinerated denomonate during this speech during the public a dress he answered every statement he made i told him we do not give you permission no you cannot go into sure he never did i presented as for the interesting do you tax me if ye texidas lengths in the alcomye egram page has anybody wants drew entities make sure gent the right place on others lot of and pastoralthe han'let closes the nowhither on one character of then the you'll be out the weeds with somebody feeding it on so ego also so watch on that distomatosis newsoince tied you'll see a section as titled d'isorella document on everything in that section was what michigan's girondists no less not in there but it langwasser dingo had reached to some that the content the constitutions of the ecotone sudden orders at one to the military are in there a concrete tottering reels to mama is listed in the mariner god leporellos you want i want you to and the first martinopolis adores said ember ten twenty thirteen read that repolishing too in speaking some ten rose september ten points of the so we nosweetest don't judge a man by his words judging men by the fruits of his likes not but i will you goe well as is here say done nothing well thank you so much of me and an oh i'vegot nischen general gerald soundly on the chin desertor from garry smith and a in reason think you in to shore links of my brother so you go to mine if you can my telling round oh i account i'm well mixture of their posted thanks care i'll make sure that the prose there for every one so that you can sit you can see one we get off right casey while i really preciate everything he had to say destryin you can keep talking all just keep keep the camel roll in his lungs you want to talk now before the change or happens yes we still need to participate in this corporation conall you why regardless of their vague others standing i still have some power i like his yes prospeson why do you have to voice your pinion on anything that affects your property your life or you say your home do have to speak upon it if you do not senescence and they will do what they want they will take your rod infabricated in whatever they want you must be god even though the forest there still littlecote definition of defect illegitimate but in effect so we had to deal with us until we can told me no gonethere services i could be a point apostrophe told all the seats of the rating tom i could be gone to come or my decolor ten years the people can do for you a very involved there's the message right there you there dustery okay or getting getting involved that's he that's so that's the ockerpation to national assembly national dish assembly do not but on it on the rumble the rumble channel cat lineright now so he be once to go to the wrong to rumble the lightthat would be a really great place to get these to get the legs and he and more information to sowthers always i was think it's really interesting as whenever he go to a sioreling like i say you go to ivell um any the tapnets if you read the article that's good but where you really find the formation is when you go to the comets because people start talking it and everybody has sir there are knowledge to the discussion which is really the way should be any way you know we should really have discussion amongst all of us and a very civil way so that we can move things for in the direction that we want a colt discussions on operations is he halted what what else did the is going on in and world liking out of form over it though adobes i managed much attention to it and crazy waters over there and so is up some of the governor of georgia count that hoist is low imposing as of literate as far as i conservatoires agreed so all right well as some womanless you get ready for work thank you so much for being on this morning it's out it's truly a pleasure and and i know a lot of people were wore holding that you would come on at some point time if you've got an if you've got a day that you can come on or if you want to do it even at night some time you and i could do a special on at night and we could have all the people under disgust on from these saltonstall dies with really going on the history others there so many really educated people there is awesome so if you'd like to do that some time i know that i loved that i think he's a lot of people out on her would love to hear whatever he has to say processes for getting in all and for help there is another subject that i cannot want to get in discussion with you of my copy energy generators okay here i seen your double tabling into all turnings or appointing therteen looking into i lookingtoo things but yet a look in his horsepitality there is there's a lot of it there's some really interesting things you know about about that and i think that there there is definitely was to do it sees every time some jumps into it it seems like they got killed a lot in waiting because the theories and the caespitosim down the science the society behind it which is cited interesting i really thether seems to be multiple ways of doing it one of em than i find really interesting as the parts you know poor and if you run water under quart and you have a connection of that that seems to be one way of doing it a mercury is another there there's a there's some fuel selways of dealing with a with a water and as long as you don't get into a you know you refusedyou have ferganto when you get in too well and to no clear type stock and is longer do it in the right process you're not destroying things like excellent one string the base elements nor like that and i there is more than that out there tho there's like you want to jump on the thor had think and it's sort of comes a lot of people would i see as it's coming from looking at a few sources and you too and that's great but we need to have more work done in it to be we have a technology that sustainable thereindoors on to build a torterilla the commander generated she coldenesse tyrone yes on the web site they actually manufactures the coil for the womengreat thousand dollars to r to own colleterio enterocolitis in esophagitis the coil from the corn energy generated the actual domain coil rather you could by there was a rose was to parse an you can take off the liparischen to build the last of the unit so the collector to gild the recent the theorists and watching the course readyville as inert yes he onipotente indefinitely looking that i yes handpointing out these sources and i mean if you have a little bit an allege you can understand how how things work all that monnoyer for the last casterscastors all to be gone all her day or two o queer whether sent there are others there so there certainly is a lot of stuff off there that or that were not there were not you liz but with it's going to it's going to take hold better mantle a jolly to get it going in the direction they gives us different options alonethat altered research in the freres ye are nibili really enjoy that sort of thing you know i like i like looking at pretty much anything right now i've been a studying ways of getting food supplies of the rain very very quickly they go down and of course you know the chicken part of my of my late operation i just expanded the on a little bit it's going expandable it more nextsure not even buying any this bird flew nonsense to their selling oat all i bynot i am not buying it and i think i onwhither alkaline of that word for it is the sole peace danish household palaces and care he said the gossures a refusing by my ensimiseksi had turned now on the hastened all they kill them they killed about a million and a half herds and and there's no there were not seen any proof that their doing and when you start seeing how the people in the after you know are in another and there the fda and their in this set anything in their in office as such you got to start with wondering what's really going on here because i'm not by it any of this not none of it whatsoever there's no proof they could just say it and when they destroy it million birds and they say the destroying a million birds were even of their hertruly destroyed it all because it's no there's no way to get the truth out sonothing about it i'm kind of a fan and i'm going to start teaching people some of these some of these skills of putting food up and growing food and becoming so sufficient you don't let no matter where you live whether you're an apartment or if you are you don't live in in a big city you can in fact produce enough food for yourself and you don't need a big area very very small area there's all kinds of ways that you get that you can produce your own food and help your neighbors as well as a an it's just it's just you got to think outside the box to shoot an not be free to try things and fail casewhat you'll get a figured out after a while i don't i don't know you heard me talking about the tubebut i'm trying to get you know it's like youyoucan't yes this is my this is my latest thing is if you can't find something how do you make it a creed and in your all and i can always been that way anyway a little bit out of a natural kind of person anyway i used to forage for food and i think i think that this is something that is so so lost as all those life skills that we should be enabled to do every one should be able to solve and appealed to a ontake care of themselves in multiple was not just you know not just up the feeding the skills are being lost just like skills are being lost in were going half to two retch them again some fastener that have allowed a janus need me to get the gang of men and re teach triphot do these ageexamples that the other in dodectheon ourselves aldo dolorousse was still while we onesimuses equipmentand i hear a gale and every week i get a gallon o no straight from the cow go i have feelings we traded a lot of people do that here at last come o course on the iocoros and i try to protestantise one gebeodon yes and we need to be go back to the fact that income taxes i leave all oh no on individuals that's not legal taxes proper attacks all the stock needs to be brought back and now dear to constitutional taxes morn comes on feel i guess isbecause it successorone sat constitute the other one is tacked on important the only two cantos taxes all the taxes galoway i think the uretac too for people that use us state a state of ah resources in such sets a legal tax also i believe all actually it's not plied should be what i last is like lashes charged for gas and oil delatour solvitis all have cost point where whoever's in these calls olgo all agree trails and tak care o yes she is not tall canto the heresy have on her on once in a while his name is pete henderson and he he's real interesting when it comes to tanks low yet to listen to him for a while and get the meaning of what he says because he says too that it's only an individual ah in the viding contextas absolutely on constitute but there are there is an income tax when your you living the shared assets of a state or country that is a taxable cosecant is come in so saliently who has recommended michigan and on oslaice two hundred fifty dollars for a permit to pull all the all the water out of the area where should that fit to the people missethat corporation of maltecor oration is actually taken advantage of this entire state and the people and i know that in alaska as the people there of theirs like oil pulled out that they get a portion of the proceeds and i think that's the way if you're as your into do business and take advantage of the state the people that that i think that's not a bad waitedto look into yes said is correct to there and how side swords colonel cemeterial estate taxable that's textilindustrie so the thing it is is that is the state moves in that direction that makes it really easy to repair an economy that's a its enough oh in the dunster you know to reactionarieswhat yeah on case lesson again harry met with a friend last night about filling at the form she to be to just refuse and then as can intercede i'm going to let you go if i were all sad then we'll have you on another day that's great thank you so much to you and santarelli pray i was really thankful for her the tears to day and who i may ask you to do something to take please pass this on to other people round you so that they can lessen and we can help edicate other people it's going to be important for us to share the knowledge we have and i do think that this younothing both check industry one was a fortalice prisonest but second of all it's our responsibility to help educate the people around us and you know we're willing to get out there say what needs be said but everybody else is going to eat get off there and help get that word out and pass the long because i can tell you right now sure is i'm sitting here do you too is got a problem of me and some space cockhorsses at kieff from retaliating but but you're your talk to day i'd like to ask you to help us with this is to pass this lock you can't tax you can email you can throw it on a social media though the lake to the proudest on either brandenberg news network or on rumples ranmer news network is most reliable one because that one they're not going to be able to take down so but you can go in there or you can go or we would find a way to reincarnate ourselves as the channel somewhere else if we had but at any rate oh please please help us don't don't horse home what take the risk of making somebody on comfortable it's not a bad thing if it's its parts oh i like with elkechitones for began to thirty days he ain't mike you're here over the target so anyhow let's say a prayer and then we'll finish up take you got only father thank you so very very much for all the wonderful people of gone before us and of those that will stand with us in those that will come after us we thank you for this wonderful nation that you given us of local presses which still stands to day if we want to put it in play and go back to likei've never left us all of your all of your precepts all of the laws you given us to live at peace on this earth which is your playground is your sand but you created and we agree to old they your laws your rules and put make sure that that you are always in your rightful which is lord god save your creator and our father love you we we want to do things that that honour glorifying you and are in our walk in our words and the things that we do thank you for giving us your favor and and guiding the town this path movinguselessly of having justice done on earth as it is in having we want it to be honor chestisin heaven and i with you in charge we love you very much father god we love so much we ask that you would reach out to any one of their co sick or in need that they know that they're not walking along the shore walking with him all the other do is reached out to a to you're right there with em and you in you'll never leave them thank you so much for what do you the composedtoo thank you for eternity that's laid out before us with you and all her brothers as celebrating and glorifying you for the rest of eternity or just thankful for every every minute of it and we we love you and jesus christ precious name pray are hers partitions not you don't evening please go to brand and bird for governor dat com and ah i am not conceiving the election we are going forward i still am thinking that the lawsuit that thatwe're getting ready to file his actual god be filed to day i was hoping it was last week by likesand to review it one more time and that's in the defect we still have to play ball in its destresd were still defileit out every single fronts out there more noeron to stop oh we want to let you know that above all that you are loved god bless you is our hands god bless you god bless all those that you love and god bless marichel see to morrow be with water tuesday with it would have john tatooing mischosen all things lawful process have a really great day to day destroying words mamigonien has take care and will have back on again hold on able talk when i get off lying here place a few one so have a great day of rebel ve you piece is and will see it to morrow