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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 12/18/2023 Red Pilled Michigan and Karen the Riveter

Published Dec. 18, 2023, 9:03 a.m.

9am Red Pilled Michigan - Holly DeBoer Supporting Constitutional Michigan Leaders through Fundraising and Events. We aim to fulfill this objective by gathering and distributing financial resources to deserving political candidates at the local, city, and state levels in Michigan. The candidates will not only share our core values and visions, but also demonstrate a firm commitment to the Constitution. And Karen the Riveter!! The Reason for the Season Twitter/X: Rumble:

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Good morning. Welcome to Brandenburg News Network. I am Donna Brandenburg and it's the 18th day of December 2023 and welcome, welcome, welcome to Brandenburg News Network. I am still working on my first cup of coffee. I did do a 5K this morning, but I'm still waking up and it's a good day to be alive. I'm going to tell you, there is so much crap going on out there. I'm just finding it amusing beyond all words. So realize that in the history of the United States, I think that at this point in time, Donna Brandenburg, who is a non-conceding candidate for governor of the state of Michigan has put out more information than anyone in the history of the United States. I'm pretty sure unscripted, just get on here and not know what to talk. So anyhow, if you're listening to these political morons out here who are by and large political operatives, I am not, I am a, uh, and not at all. You got to think through things a little bit, because this has almost gotten to the point of ridiculous and funny. But with that, I'm going to bring on my friend, Holly DeBoer. And we're going to talk about red-pilled Michigan here a minute. And we're going to go, we're going to dig down some of this nonsense. I've got some pitches. We'll start out, and then Karen the Riveter and Ralph the IT guy is going to come on in a little bit here. But I thought we would address some of the political nonsense in the state of Michigan. You know what I'm seeing? This is ridiculous. The people with an agenda want to tell you who you talk to and who you don't. That's about the most anti-Christian message I've ever heard in my life. It's like, let's all sit in our churches in our little eco chambers and never reach out to anyone. And if you do, then clearly you're an occultist. That was what was said this morning about me. I love it. Please keep attacking me because you know what? I am absolutely doing what I'm supposed to be doing. In fact, I'm going to bring this up right now. It gives us more content to talk about on your shows. I love it. I love it. Please attack me more. It's like I'm living rent free in their heads and their heads are kind of small. So I'm expecting that I'm like taking up a lot of space there. So this is the new one that this is this is the new one. So when I ran for governor, it was great. You could see the political operatives don't vote for Donna Brandenburg. She's splitting the vote. Right. Don't do this because she talks to this person. So third-party candidate for Michigan governor who tried to split the votes away from Republicans in 2022. Yeah, no, the DeVos has split the vote because they put a lousy candidate up there and pulled the funding at the last minute. And oh my goodness, who has been funding the four labs in the city of Grand Rapids through a major hedge fund named Arlington? to produce the Johnson & Johnson vaccination right here in money-grubbing Grand Rapids, Michigan, with the deep state actors just, like, coming out of the sewers. It's like, and who regularly has fellow Karamo hater hustlers on her podcast to propagate the lies, projects her actions onto Unshackle the Mitten. Yeah, well, you know what? You call me an occultist, I'm probably going to do that. In doing so, she defends occultist Jonathan Chapman as an esteemed victim. Well, yeah, because they're kind of victimizing anyone that wants to bring forward information on the financial misdealings of the MIGOP. If they would just act like a professional group of people instead of idiots that are destroying the state, which is what they're doing, I could probably talk. In fact, somebody said, when have you reached out to have you reached out to Christina Carano to help her? And I said, yes, I did. Multiple times. She doesn't show up. She tells she says, yes, we'll get together on next Tuesday. And I had her do that at a meeting where Mary Flynn was at. Oh, I'm so tired. And I'm like, let's meet on Tuesday. Then I said, you know, we can we can, you know, I'll help you. Right. Never showed up. Doesn't return calls. Nothing. And then I watched her, you know, stall out the Michigan Republican Party. And if any of you people out there think that she's in this. to do anything to put any good candidates in place to run the state, I'm sorry to be the one to tell you that everything I've seen is absolutely, everything I've seen is absolutely the antithesis of that narrative. So with that said, I would stand with the Republican Party as the vice, you know, the first vice chair of the taxpayers party, the actual constitution party, I would stand with everyone that wants to take the nation back. But we're going to play this little kindergarten politics crap and see all this nonsense, this financial nonsense that's out there. Yeah, I'm sorry. I'm not going to stand by somebody that's out to destroy the state. I don't care what banner or label they're under. I, in fact, will think for myself and dare to be American. And I will talk to people who I don't agree with because I think that's actually what Jesus did. Did Jesus not stand with prostitutes and tax collectors and such? He was there to help. He wasn't there to sit there like little pariahs saying, we can't talk to these people. That is anti-Christian and anti-Christ mentality. And I'm going to call it out for what it is. These people are evil. And we are supposed to be not in, in, you know, lock stop in a party like the Nazis. We're supposed to be reaching out to people and helping them that, you know, our, our, our, our battle is with principalities and powers. It's, it's not, it's not. You're watching high school move, right? Oh yeah. It's a, it's turning into a popularity contest and God forbid, if we find a way to, um, release Michigan from this, this power that's been placed, you know, that we're trapped underneath and we find other ways as we, the people to break free from it. And then we get placed in label as the bad guys. I mean, it's, it's like, we're, we're hovering over a target obviously, and we're getting closer to figuring it out. So the more that we hover over it and the more that we realize that, um, you know, the worst, the worst, this little back chatter is going to get, um, on, on there and stuff to kind of deface us and, um, you know, kind of go after, what we're trying to do, which is bring good back to Michigan and free our state. We are a key state in this election in 2024. Yeah, and Kent County is a big deal. So is Ottawa and Muskegon because Ottawa is like a nest of corruption over there and the ties to the Ties to the DeVosses are just unmistakable. Same thing with Kent County. You have to see the money and where the money is coming from and how they're funding, defunding. We've got about 22 strong oligarch families in the state of Michigan which are buying our elections. And they're they're great at making people stupid real quick because people want to get on these teams, these little cult teams and be with these winners. Well, the problem is, is that most of them are losers and the teams and they were chosen as losers. to distract us rather than keep us on point. Now, the nonsense within the MIGOP is as bad or worse than the Grand New Party, than the old regime that was in there for the Republicans. It's the same group of people. And you can see that with the shared address through a company called I got to think about it a minute. Protection services that was owned by one of Christina's handlers and shared the same address as the old MIGOP. They're commingling people. This is nothing new. We've got the Republican Party, the Democrat Party is working together. Now the two factions that they split within the Republican Party are now, you want to talk about split the vote? They're working together in order to divide us enough that if you think that you're going to support someone as a straight on Republican instead of a candidate, which is why I applaud you so much. And what you guys are doing is that they're going to yank the funding at the last minute so that whatever candidate they want to get in is going to get in and who loses we, the people, the same thing that's been going on for a long time. So we started to realize that if you're not going to be fundraising, let me take a look at what happened to MGLP that they got rid of their events, right? Their events team. So if you're not raising money, you know, you start play, play the tape forward. If you're not raising money, and you're not out there talking to the people while you're fundraising or having family events, you're having a little bit more high-end events and stuff to go through as we have a huge election year, what's gonna happen? How are you gonna get the vote out there and let people know who these people are that we need to vote for to get us out from underneath this dome that we got trapped under here in our state? And so you just start to realize that if we don't start forming the PACs, And we don't start getting out there for ourselves and getting people, it's regular people coming together to see this. All the phone calls that I made leading up to our event at the Gettysburg Gala were people that I knew from, you know, being working for different people, you know, throughout my life when I was a nanny or, you know, I was doing daycare. And when I started calling them, they don't even know who to give their money to anymore because they're watching the mess unfold. Yeah, it's disaster. Right. And so the thing of it is, is that they are starting to see this lifeboat, one of many lifeboats, hopefully in this state that will start to form that people will be able to jump in and start to raise money and to get, the flyers in the mail and the signs in the yard and hold meetings. We're trying to have some free events where we can actually bring people in that want to run for office, but they don't know what it looks like. They say, we're not, we're not experienced. You don't need to be, you have a passion for saving your state and you want to do what is right. You, I mean, you don't need to be an expert. You really don't. And so we're finding that over and over again, but that was what was told to us. And then it's tying people's hands up and then they're afraid to run. And it's like, you know, we were, I mean, you never ran for governor before. I knew nothing about it. And I'm telling you, you can learn really quickly and you can change the game because you don't have to play the game anymore. You don't have to play the game. And they say, this is the way it's always been done. It's like, well, yeah, sorry. We don't like it that way. And we're changing it. And that's what we're, that's what we're doing right now is we're changing the game and they don't like it. They don't like it because they don't have control over it. So. And I think, I think the thing now you guys aren't taking like, like dark money or any, any, um, other money like this, this is individual, which is why I, so like, I've never been a fan of packs and I did not take any pack money or any dark money. When I ran, I was asked to run and I, well, I'm like, this is going to be the worst, the worst decision you've ever made. Cause I pretty much hate everyone in politics. Right. Because I'm like a true outsider who I didn't have any ties to anyone, none at all. And I wasn't beholden to anyone. And I'm like, yeah, I'll give it my best shot, see what we're going to do it. But we're going to do it honestly. And if I win, great. If I don't win, that's okay, too. I want to see if a regular person can get in there and do this in an honorable way. and the attacks have been brutal so now this unshackled mitten bunch of political operative morons are after me now i i think it's great please attack me some more because you're just giving me free advertising it's awesome so but but you know and and you guys have been attacked and i got attacked for talking to you and i've gotten attacked for talking to you know everyone oh you can't talk to this person it's a bad person it's like this is how they're they're splitting us And but I like the fact that you guys went ahead and started this on your own. I know the background of how you got started on this and why and what happened and the fact that you're nonpartisan and that you just want to support good candidates. And I would say, you know, anyone that's held office at this point in time, I'm suspect that anyone who's held office because they only got there because the machine, the political uniparty, was giving them a pass or some help in some form or another, whether it's exposure or whether it was money or whether it was access to actual help, that there's a huge divide there. And I feel really privileged to come into this from an outsider's point of view because I'm representative of most of the people in the state who absolutely look at people in a political capacity and want to be like, You know, this is like so distasteful. You know, I want to you know, I want to just like be done with the whole thing. I mean, the state's ready to truly vomit this whole political climate right out because it's it's crazy. But you guys are you guys to tell let's talk to everybody about about what's going on with you guys. And let's go through the event here. I'm going to bring this up. So while you're pulling up some pictures, there's Alexa and I. I'm going to say, hey, Alexa. This morning, she wanted to say hi. Hi, Alexa. Thank you again for having us on the show. So with this event, we had so many different people that came in that offered their services for free. The settings on the table is from a business Um, that, you know, all of the, you know, the place settings that were on the table was offered for free. um the backdrops that we had um one of them we we um we paid for you know what i mean we put together it was three or four of us putting this thing together um the we the people but this backdrop that you see right now is uh jared jacobowski um which was so excited about being a part of this he was actually one of our speakers that got to talk about lincoln um the past and what lincoln was going through And he also put together the beautiful backdrop and of the Gettysburg address. And he also did our Trump and our Lincoln life-size cutouts that everybody got to take pictures with. And, um, Just a fabulous job he's he's gifted he's so talented that's the cool thing everything that came together with the different people that came up and helped us. Was what their God given talents and abilities that they wanted to jump in and help out whether it was somebody who. knew how to do just different things. If it was like, hey, you know, we understand the financial piece of this, or we understand kind of the flow of it. We understand the importance of having different people. You know, we had turning point action there. We had vaccine choice there. We had a lot of different people, you know, just, you know, giving a shout out to the area that they're helping. Jill got on and mentioned there's a group that prays over people and it started off small and it grew. And so it was just kind of like a way for people to get involved at even at the smallest level if you don't have a lot of time to the biggest level. And it was so cool just watching this go. Yeah, there's Trump and Lincoln. And they're huge. Like, I'm pretty short. That was kind of I'm hoping Trump's really not that tall in real life because it was really intimidating. You're a very small person. You're like Karen the Riveter is going to be on in a few minutes. She's also a very small person. So it was really kind of a cool thing to have. And just it was we the people coming together for this event. We didn't have big donors. I'll just tell you that right now. No big donors. We had our volunteers went out and bless her heart, Sharon, I'm giving you a shout out this morning. She went to different businesses and asking. for donations for auction items. And she was just a trooper. She'd always come back every week saying she'd find something. And, you know, and so we would put baskets together and we spent a lot of time putting those together. And it was, it was amazing. They're beautiful. And Well, we were able to pull off in a short time we had somebody tell us there's no way you can do an event holly you need at least three months, and I said no, I don't I'm this is the industry, I mean I don't need three months. And they're like yes, you do, and I said you watch me we're what alexa and I will pull this off and we'll come through and we did, but we couldn't have done it without all the help that we got. Just different people surrounding us our team is incredible our team of volunteers that jumped on board and and Every step of the way, you know, even even moments of breaking down a little bit You know wondering if if we were gonna see the finish line knowing we would Because there's no way God brought us this far to drop us off and then having Ian Smith I know you sat there listening to his story and we did. There was pieces I did not know. I was laughing my head off. He's hilarious. It was like I sat there and I was like, oh, my gosh, I don't I don't think my husband would have let me with my business get past the first five thousand dollar fine. Right. Yeah. but knowing what he did every step of the way and knowing that they had people they could call tucker said anytime you want to come on my show like you know he had tucker in his back pocket that was such a driving force for him um to to do what he needed to do knowing that he had the support of all americans across know across the united states was and and people from other countries was absolutely incredible but his story if you don't know it um i got his uh his book here we do have more copies you know if anybody's interested in them but it this incredible incredible story of what they did to an american He's hilarious. He's absolutely hilarious. You know, every time they hit him, he just came back, you know, he just came back in with more resolve. I mean, you know, he's, he's like, he's like one of my spirit animals there. Right. He's funny. I got to say something about the table. I'm going to pour some of my pictures on the table is beautiful. Do you want me to go back and you can point out who's in that picture? Fine. I was just going to say, this is the, this is part of the team that was in place. A lot of, you know, there were missing, you know, obviously some people like quite a few people here, but this was a, this is your, your red pill team right here. um, coming together and, you know, even last minute stuff, we would call 10 o'clock at night sometimes and say, Oh my gosh, I think we forgot X, Y, and Z. And they're like, no problem. You know? And I'll say, well, I can do it. Nope. You've got enough on your plate. We'll take care of it. So, um, let's go left to right. So that's you on the left. And then, then that's how, and then we got Alexa, uh, and then Ian, um, there's Sharon and Cindy and Jill. And we're missing, we're missing, and I don't know if we have other pictures that are up at all and stuff, but you give a shout out to those guys as well. And coincidentally, Jill and I are not related, though we have the same last name, but we finally got to meet each other. Yeah. And she bought a lot of baskets because I kept her in Brandenburg and I was like. Yeah. She was a trooper with, she did all of our print, our menus, everything. She did the basket tags and the printout sheets. She did our VIP passes. I mean, just incredible. She just said, no worries, just tell me what you need. So she helped print in when we sent out personal invitations. And then we sat there and we all addressed the envelopes. So the table was absolutely beautiful and the food was really good. So I would if you guys keep doing, you know, events like this, I'm going to tell everybody it is definitely worth your time. And our team members and big supporters as well, too. We've got Tom and then you've got Rayanne as myself. And of course, Justin Barclay was our emcee. Alexa, you have Nick Pearl and you have Doug Lee. Yeah, I thought Doug Lee's story was really good, too. It was really interesting. And there's Ian. Ian, he's funny. If you get a chance to listen to him, talk about Resolve. This guy's hilarious. And I really enjoyed his story. I think I was just laughing through the whole thing just because he's so committed. Every time you think he'd come to the end, then he'd be on the phone. Was that Lewis? And he said, Lewis said we should take off the doors. Yeah. What? And then I'll say, next thing you know, you hear the drill. The other guy's taking the doors off. So when we did this, we had a stage that we were going to use. And the stage, something happened at an event prior to ours or whatever, and the stage broke. So we had to get a new stage. And we were deciding if we should do eight inches all the way up to two feet. And we knew this backdrop with the people was probably eight feet tall. and i thought oh my gosh ian is six so if we do a two foot stage he's gonna be literally at the top of this thing so we had to figure out how to adjust the stage which was a blessing that the other one broke so we had to drop the stage down uh to eight inches just so he went his head wasn't clearing the top of the of the backdrop for him because I mean, he's tall. I just noticed that I was actually in this picture. That's the back of my head. I didn't realize it until just now. And so that was really fun. I just want to tell you that, you know, I've gone to a lot of events out there and most of them are different. a little, people are trying, let's just say that people are trying and, and I give everybody credit for trying. You had every bit of that event was so elegant and so well done. And the food was amazing. Oh, they did such a great job. I got to tell you, I'm so I'm a vegetarian, right? And I usually go to things and realize, okay, I'm probably not going to have anything to eat and that's okay. You know, I throw protein bars in my purse if I need something to eat. And I had my meal was so good that everybody at the table was like, oh, man, can I try some of this? And I was like, yeah, I'm like, they're like, wow, this is great. I'm like, I want the recipe. It was acorn squash stuffed with quinoa. It had cranberries in it and walnuts and spinach. So Anna McCoskey was sitting right next to me and we were sitting there going, OK, let's figure out how to make this, you know, because it was so good. We had a few people that had the dietary needs and stuff. And I thought that's, I should have just said I had dietary needs. Seriously, it was fantastic. I remember I had to keep getting up. I was going from table to table. And I know Alexa was too. We were, you know, greeting people and seeing how they were doing and thanking them. And every time I left, I said, don't let them take my plate. Like, don't, I mean, I was like slowly grazing on it. But I said, don't let them take my plate. The chicken was fabulous. Everything was so good. that they did. And we let them know that. We said the staff was incredible. They were on top of things for us. And it made for a pleasant evening, you know, flowing. It was a gorgeous evening. And it was, you know, and the thing that I really saw there that really touched my heart, quite honestly, is that having been a truly ostracized by everyone in politics for the time I was in there, I was lost. I actually had quite a few people that came up to me and apologized for And, you know, and because I think that they're getting it figured out that the that the that the political machine is only there to support the political machine. And, you know, I don't hold it against anybody that, you know, people were, you know, whatever they said to begin, because I understand our nation has been taken captive and it's going to take some pretty tough people to be able to get past this and not hold it against people because of the amount of brainwashing that's gone on in this nation. But we have to get better at learning to go down those paths to know who we're talking to. You know, when we see people that are sharing an office from the Grand New Party as well as the MIGOP, that's where it started. You can't tell me that they're not working together anymore. to take down anything that looks like it's standing for God or Republicans. And so we have to get better. We need to do some background checks. We need to find out if these people are competent enough to fill the position as a service. This is a service contract that we the people have with the people sitting in office in our government. We're treating this like a popularity contest. I don't care if I hate a person that's sitting in, you know, and I just like, oh, you know, I don't like this person. I'm glad they've got the job, but I'm not going to go share Christmas with them, okay? I'm not going to hang out with this person because I don't fundamentally like someone, right? And we all are like that. We have people we just don't like. OK, but if a person can get in there and do the job, I could care less if they have mean tweets. I could care less what label they have. If they can get the job done and restore this nation that we can fight together. That's fantastic. And I'll go hang out with the people that I'm friends with, you know, but we've got to get past the popularity and vet them like you would an employee. And until we do that, we're gonna get what we deserve. We're gonna get popularity contests. And usually the least effective person is going to win that contest. And they're just gonna be puppets. Well, and the thing that we ran into, and it's true from people on our team, that stuff that was said about different people, but nobody vetted the information. So then you take, and it just keeps going on and on and on and on. And then finally people come back and they'll say, oh my gosh, this is who I thought you were. And that's totally not. I can see that you're actually fighting for Michigan. And it's like, of course. So it's like the loud, crappy voices, you know, they think that they have information and they don't have it correct. I mean, even on our event, they they don't have the information correct. I mean, they're saying that we're you know, we're getting some money from somebody in Ada. And it's like it's just broad generality. want to see what we're getting you can pull up the donation records later right i mean it's going to be public information pull up the donation records later to find out where you know who bought you know auction items or who paid to you know or whatever whatever donations that they did you're going to find out that that's that's not true but what they do is they put this out there and then people take it as the truth right but at the same time on their platforms that they're doing they're proclaiming to be followers of jesus christ And then they put out false information. And then it goes through the system. And while it's doing is it's causing the enemy to infiltrate us even more. And then it just stirs the pot. Nobody bothered to ask Alexa and I the truth about what happened to us. They just assumed from the information that was given to them. And it's like, okay, well, when do our voices get to be heard? Well, I tried for certain. Okay. Right. But you know what I mean? Like our actions at the beginning, you know, and so without a platform being on your show or without being on different things that we've been, you know, part of and company that people finally have asked us about this and we were able to share the truth. It's we the people. I mean, you got a grandma and a mom that don't want our kids and grandkids growing up in the world that Michigan is right now, and we want to free it. And so if that's our driving force as mama bears, then so be it. That's our driving force. Even when when you're going back and you're talking about how like, you know, even mean tweets or somebody's personality is not not what I like or what I want. I say tough crap right now. If you look at if we had to go to war, who do you want at the helm? Do you want Trump or Biden? And I'm like, I'm sorry, but I want the guy who's not afraid to take a stand. Do you know what I mean? I want the person who's going to lead the charge and not be afraid of what people are saying about them or distracting people. Just keep plowing ahead. It just takes one person to trailblaze and the others will follow. Well, you can't worry about hurting people's feelings that are evil. You can't sit there and say human traffickers and pedophiles, which is look at what's happened. It would like the Baphomet statue in the Iowa Capitol. Knocking that thing down. Yeah, I was really happy the guy decapitated the little statue there on the ground. It's like, you know, take that Baphomet and just, you know, knock it right to the ground. I mean, if you want to talk about tolerance, you know, these people are into human sacrifice, the people that worship, and all sorts of bad things. And it's like, we cannot tolerate this. I'm sorry. Oh, it sounds to me like I'm getting attacked right now. Let's see. We're just... let's see, somebody just put it out there. I think it was, uh, uh, Nick Pearl. He was there this weekend said that, that I'm getting that red pilled Michigan is getting attacked. So good living rent free in your space. You know, we have the right to have an opinion on the fact that without, without somebody bullying us and saying, you know, they're, you know, bringing up all of these other things, you know, I, I don't, I don't get it, but you know, I think it's, I think it's time for us to do some vetting. Do you know how many people out there have, uh, aliases and there's parts there there's parts of their lives that are missing. And that would be people that are sitting on the top of the MIGOP. And I think this is an important decision to look into it. And people are like, well, tell us, tell us what it is. No, I'm not here to spoon feed people. We're here to try to help people get smarter and have them say, I think you should look into this a little bit. because they won't believe what I say and they shouldn't. They should figure it out for themselves. And that's the only way people are going to understand because, you know, you can say things, I can say things, nobody believes anything anymore. So, you know, we'll just say, go check it out, figure it out, grow up an adult. And the point is, is that you really should, you know, we encourage people to vet the information. We don't have anything to hide. We don't have, you know, and you've got, you know, I've got my people behind the scenes telling me to, to don't forget to mention things we just got a posting that went after us as well um from um and i'm not going to say the name and make sure everybody knows who it is um but uh maybe i guess that's usually on your show at nine in the morning but um that they're talking about um Just how we, you know, we've got, uh, it says, uh, any, it says, uh, it was rumored to have been paid by a generous donor. Any guesses who that might've been from grand Rapids or the ADA area, which is false. I'll just tell you that right now, if you're reading this garbage, it's false. The original, uh, ticket sales, uh, we will just tell you it's, uh, when we were doing this event with the, with planned by Kent GOP, um, oh, there you go. Yeah, I just put it up for you. First of all, there was no big donor. And it was originally planned, when we were planning it with Kent GOP, they wanted to charge us $250 a ticket. We kind of said, people are not going to pay $250 a ticket. Um, you know, for this event, we need to lower it, you know, and that was our thing and it was an actual fundraiser. It wasn't a group only party. We had people that wanted to come out and support us. They wanted to be a part of this. We did don't back down. It was not advertised as a Christmas party. This was not a Christmas party. We did go up. It was the same night as the Senate debate, but everything was well. attended the Senate debate was well attended our event was well attended and then there was a GOP Christmas party that week that was well attended so everybody pick and chose what they wanted to support and be at and there was no competition for that we had amazing speeches by Jarrett Jakubowski and Doug Lee Stephanie boo and Mike White's Miguel and Nick Perel. I mean, we had a ton of people that got up to share what was going on in the community and what was happening to area businesses, what was going on. And I think when you read some of this garbage that's on there that you allude to what you think that you know, what you're doing is you're sending people astray. It's a stumbling block. I'm not going to go to the debates. So no matter what anybody says, the debates are just like a low IQ type of an interchange. If you ask me, it doesn't prove anything. And that's why I don't like them. It's like you don't go into a job interview and sit down with all the candidates and debate each other. That checks debate skill. That does not check their, their confidence in running the state. It's a bad metric. And it's, it's absolutely as an outsider, it's absurd. It's like, So as an outsider, I'm not going to go to debates. And I would say probably the rest of Michigan looks at this and goes, oh my gosh, please, dear God, stop this nonsense out there and get somebody in office that's actually professional. When you're looking to win favor in a position, do you sit down with the other candidates? And you don't. This is like a Jerry Springer ridiculousness out there. I want to know what they stand for. I want to know their background. I want to see a background check. I want to know, you know, like you would for a, you know, do you understand the job? Not, well, I don't like the color that that person's wearing. And this person sits next to somebody that's from Ada. And this person does this. It's like when I watched the debate. It's so high school. It is. It was like between Dixon and Whitmer. I'm like, this is like watching a couple of high school cheerleaders going at each other. Neither one of them had even a serious answer on anything. It was a cat fight. It was ridiculous. i think what you need to get back to we had mentioned it would be kind of cool to say let's start going back into the community and going back into talking to people at homes around the dinner table about what it means to them to see a good candidate come forward or somebody who is going to do what's right by the people and not get tied up and well i exchanged this for this you know and i did that you know like alexa and i had talked about doing even um you know when we interview. We're going to interview our candidates. We want them to sign something that says, if we're going to give you, you know, your pack, this money, you know, to help promote you, we want to ensure that you're going to do what you said you were going to do, because that's what you told the people. and that accountability is critical and we're and we're so lacking that right now we people just say ah you know forget it they got in and there's we can't do it and we can't change their minds right you most certainly can you know we have the power we the people have the power to change stuff look what they just did in goshen they completely removed the board OK, they've got some more stuff to go through, but they got rid of the board for the battery factory. And that's power. We own the power. We watched what happened when Target and Bud Light went woke. What did we do? We stopped purchasing things. What happened to their sales? We have more power than people realize. Collectively, it's just trying to unite people and bring people together for that. So even sitting in people's homes, if you said, okay, we need 10 people to offer a spot in their homes, get five other couples with you, sit at the table and have soup and salad and sandwiches. and just talk about what's important to you, then come back and say, these are the top things that are important to these people. You know what I mean? And from that, you're going to find somebody who's going to be a good candidate from that, right? Because they're going to have more passion and drive. And then they'll say, then we're going to say, hey, Bob, why aren't you running? And then they're going to say, well, I don't have any experience. You don't need it. Well, you know, we'll get you. That makes you qualified. You're qualified right there because we don't want the same. I mean, obviously, you can see that the same old cookie cutter idea of what it's supposed to look like, we're smashing it. We need to smash it because look what it's doing. I mean, they're coming after our kids. They're coming after our kids, and people don't even realize it. It's infiltrated on all different levels. I mean, you're watching the cartoons. On TV, you're seeing some of the stuff that some our kids have mental health issues. It's what's being pumped out on their devices, you know, and they're sad and they're seeing stuff. I was saying to some of my girls when I was doing Bible study with a group of high school girls. And I said, guys, this device here, you are seeing in real time that you are not invited to something. Back in the day, we didn't know we didn't get invited for two weeks. When the pictures came back from the store after you turned your film in, you know, and then the pictures came out and started circulating, you're actually seeing this in real time that you weren't invited. And I said, so don't do that. Don't brag about a birthday party that you had with five of your closest friends and you eliminated five of the other ones. Just don't do that. It's, you know, you can celebrate your birthday and have a good time and have pictures that are near and dear to you. You don't need to blast it on the Internet because you're basically saying, look what we did and you weren't invited. And so I think sometimes that's where we're at in politics as well, too, is it's almost like, well, we've been doing this for 20 years. And that's like, yeah. And look at the garbage that we're in right now. Yeah. How is it that time doesn't count? And and let the people who have been suffering your decisions to rise up and take action on this, and I think that's where it's at you know we've got it there's so many good groups of people in in different communities that are willing to rally around. good elected school board of the you know school board candidates and um you know people that are running for different local offices and such and just people just need a little prodding a little push so we're trying to we're going to be doing another i should have sent you the picture to that but we're going to do another event called calling all superheroes in march and we are going to do just that we're going to say if you're interested or you want to see what it looks like we're going to have somebody who's been in it so it can kind of give you a little bit of what to expect, you know, whether you're running for school board or a different office, we're gonna have people who are actually running to be at vendors, you know, out in the hallway, but we want it to be a time where it's, you can come and see what it takes to be a leader in our community. And chances are, they probably already are leading somewhere in their church or local community or rallying people in some way and people trust them and they're respected. And they want to be held accountable. There's people out there already. We just need to push them forward into the light and let them not be afraid. And don't listen to the garbage that you need to be an expert or you're ignorant. We've been called rebels and insurrectionists and rotten people. And it's like, seriously? You know, we're trying to do what's right to to break. Oh, you you're like bucking the system that has gotten us nowhere. Oh, my God. Who would have thought? You know, it's like it's like people voting for fake President Biden was in office for 50 years. Did anyone actually think that anything was going to change? No, because they were you know, if he could have changed something, he would have and he wasn't going to change anything. If the MIGOP, if the Michigan Republican Party, if the Republican National Committee, if any of these guys are going to change anything, you think they would have changed anything? They can't even get anybody elected, let alone change policies, because none of them spoke out for President Trump. I heard almost no one defend him. And the same thing with the elected. We have to have regular people in the seats and boot these people who have been in the office as career politicians. They need to go see if they can figure out how to actually earn money in an honest way instead of grifting off the system because that's what they're all doing. Well, and look what Trump did. Trump broke the mold, right? He was a businessman that came in there. not a career politician. And he broke the mold. And I think what that did for the rest of us in the United States was to say, we don't need to be career politicians to run for office. When people ask the question, well, what do you know? I have no clue, but I know this works for me up here. And I know how this works for me when I need to read information. And I also know there's people that do understand what it takes to do that. You just, you just glean the information. I had said this once before, if you're willing to run, you're going to be Moses. Okay. You're willing to take the stand. There are tons of errands all around that are willing to help you and hold your hands up. So don't be afraid of that. If God's called you to do it, then do it. I mean, God called Alexa and I to do this. And the whole time while we were watching this whole thing unfold, we kept saying, there's no way he got us this far to drop us off on the end and let us fall flat on our faces. But we wouldn't have been able to do it if it wasn't for all the errands that came around and held our arms up. I mean, there was times, you know, that I had probably, you know, five, five minute meltdown on a phone conversation with a friend. And then I'm like, OK, I'm good. You know, I put my battle gear back on, put the sword back in the sheath and I said, OK, let's go. We're ready. I'm done. You know, and but I couldn't have done that if I wouldn't have been able to have been real with somebody to say, you know you're struggling at certain points or or you you know you feel like you're trying to bust through on something and it you needed help you know and there's no re oh there's there's no crime in asking for help you know you can't you can't do it alone it was like me running for governor we i had so many good people and i mean i could i could go through none of them are part of the political establishment because they weren't interested they were actually interested in real change And, you know, I mean, we could sit here and just go through lists and lists of names of people that were just amazing, that were amazing supporters of, you know, of my run. I mean, and, and, uh, you know, and I'll, I'll remember every single one of them. And one of these days I'll start making a list. Cause I've got a content list, like, like people would probably, you know, do, do a lot for that. And I would never, I would never ever, um, share a contact with somebody i had somebody that's trying to i think he's kind of a setup he's a he's a fed that's been trying to get a contact from me and i'm like i passed your information on if he wants to call you he will but but there there are so many good people out there that just really want to see real change and i had some amazing people just like you have And I think it's important to to call to call these people out because, you know, they they really you know, it's like Erlina came and helped you. Erlina has been with me every step of the way. She is a beast level patriot. And, you know, we have we've had all the time. So she just interjects that into, you know, into the equation. I have to tell you really quick, too. by you running and you having people come along support you look where you landed your own news network and you're coming along and you're helping more people so without that without the journey that you went on donna we wouldn't be where we're at today with you kind of pushing us forward and interjecting us into into a platform that is brand new for us and we're not afraid, you know, I mean, but we, we got, we got our help from, you know, our, our pushes from behind and on, you know, and being on your, on your show here and stuff, we, we couldn't do this without, I mean, you know, it's not like people are showing up to talk to us about it. We have to, we have to kind of get it out, but to go back to early, I ran into her Lena in a parking lot at an event that was at a, a, when we moved my business into the church, I think it was River City Patriots at the time. And I thought I recognized her, you know, and I was like, hi. She's like, hi. We found out we didn't know each other. And and then it took off from there. So it was it's been an incredible, you know, friendship. And in even when we were struggling with finding speakers, she was the first one I reached out and said, I need help. I need help. What's really interesting. danny and lois on board for me and that's been fun to get to know them as well too just really positive energetic people and fighting the cause and so it's been really fun to get to know new people and um to see that there's people who want to see people succeed and free the state of michigan and they're willing to do what you know whatever they can to help you know prod this along so um yeah so it's pretty cool Well, yeah. And it's kind of amazing, but it really does help sift out. It sifts out people who are serious and who are not. And I'd rather have just only a few people that are willing to stand with the truth with me than have a whole bunch of people that are just there running around without any direction whatsoever. And I really feel like that was a gift God gave me with running is the people that were helping me or the best of the best of the best and that they're true patriots and not part of the cult that's out there trying to steer public opinion. through manipulation. And, and that's, that's a lot of what's going on out there. But anyhow, it's funny, Earlene and I, we travel together. She travels with me and we sit here, it's gotten to the point now where we finish these other, each other's sentences and we'll be, you know, we'll be going somewhere and it's like ice cream time, you know? And it's like, you know, it's kind of like watching, it's like, we've got, we laugh. It's like neither one of us had sisters and it's kind of gotten to the point where, you know, you know, she, she, uh, she found my, through the last, uh, uh, thing that we went to she actually found my dress she goes I found your dress I'm like where are you and she's like I'm telling you it's your dress it's in your size and everything and so I ran out I ran over to Holland where she was and I and I couldn't believe it they had one formal in this in this shop and it it was like somebody had custom made the dress for me it was amazing and then I found the dress that she wore when we were out. I pulled it right off. I said, this is your dress. And it's funny. It's just funny how that works out. But it is it is truly it's truly an honor to be living at this time. You know, I got kicked off of like everything. I literally got kicked off the ballot twice. I got kicked off YouTube. I've been censored by everyone. And that's how being unstarted. It's like, fine, you know. I own a little tech company. I'm like, they can keep hitting me. I'm just going to come back bigger and stronger and give people the ability who are truly good people, give them an ability to have their voices heard. And when you look at the interviews that I have, somebody was saying this on one of my – I'm on a call on Friday nights, and it's a whole bunch of my friends that were in, I'll just say, the Anon community for many years I was in that. Okay. And it's kind of funny. Somebody brought it up last week. They said, you should see Donna's list of interviews. They're like, she's literally documenting everybody's journey through this incredibly... And because it's their long interviews, you're really getting to the truth. Like Troy Smocks, the first J6 arrest, and Ivan Raiklin, amazing documentation we have. And I've got more that's coming out on J6. It's going to come out very quickly because I've got some sources that have been very much targeted by that is going to kind of shake people a little bit. And they haven't really come out with it, but it's common. And I keep trying to bring these people out there being silenced. And I don't care what anybody has to say. I don't care if I disagree with people. I wanna hear from everyone because there is no one who has this whole thing figured out except for God himself. The rest of us are pieces of his puzzle that he's bringing us together so that we can say, hey, you know what? I can do this to help you, and I can do that to help you, or this person can help you. And I just got to tell you that your event was one of the nicest events I have been to thus far. Just even to attend, it was great. So whatever you need help with in March, you know, I'm your girl, I'm going to help you and, and getting the word out there. And I'll tell you right now, I'm the first to sign up because I'm signing up right now by my word. I will be there in March. And, and yeah, I just really want to congratulate you and you and all your volunteers and run down the list of names of the people that helped you in this last one, because we want to call them out and tell everybody who was there and who helped you with this, because I think they should be thanked. Exactly. Well, I'm going to tell the group right now that if I miss anybody, just put it on our back chat here, guys. Help her out, guys. Give her the name. She's in a hot seat. Live, broadcasting live. So help her out. Lynn Shepard, Hal Mollick, Nick Prill, Jarrett Jakabowski, of course, Alexa Adi and myself who run it. Jill Bradenburg. Oh my gosh, you guys. Sharon. Sharon, I'm going to mess up your last name. That's okay. Keep going. Just throw out the first names. uh tom nam check um we had help from uh people on um trying to think of who else oh cindy alberta and we had uh sharon's granddaughter came to help out cindy's kids came to help out uh jill's kids um we had i mean we had tons of people that came to help all right guys start naming some names here they go My brain's going to fry right now. And then we had just a ton of support on the outside. Okay. Yep. Yes. Stephanie Boone and Doug Lee, Rayann Fortin. Thank you. And but and there's so many more that different people that came and supported us and even the people who spoke on stage. We couldn't have done that without them. You know, we had Miguel come and we had Mike Lloyd's that had come speak and. Even Jill, Jill Greer was able to fill in actually because of what she's doing. And it's like, you know, people just, even if you're jumping on a prayer call, jump on a prayer call and help out. And so I just want to address really, really quick too. We've got, it's The event is kind of posted. You can't miss it. It's little superhero guy says calling all superheroes. So we're going to try to rally around the state of Michigan to come to Grand Rapids. And what we're hoping to do is start to get a list of people, even in like school board, who want to run. And so we can put a list together of all the patriots, constitutional, biblical-based leaders that need to do this. I listened to LT on And We Know, and he was sharing a story. Oh, there it is. I love LT. He's great. Yeah, how he had one of his, either his sergeants or one of the guys that he calls one of his three kings that kind of showed him the way. He said, first and foremost, He was a Christian first. He was a follower of Jesus first, and then he was a Marine. And so I think that's what we need to look at is that first and foremost, that we are obeying God's word. We are doing what is right by God's word. And that is our first and foremost platform of what we are doing as followers of Jesus Christ. And we couldn't have done this without, I mean, God gets the glory and honor for us crossing this finish line. And all the people that came along to help with their gifts and talents, whether it's being on your talk show here on the podcast to the people that kind of help behind the scenes to kind of push this forward and Alexa and I are so grateful for everything that everybody has done to get us to this point. So if you are sick of things that are happening in your community, if you are watching what is happening to our children in culture and how culture is being pushed on them as a norm, find your way to this event and we'll get you connected and show you how to file and everything because I had help when I did it, when I ran. So it's pretty incredible. Hang on a second. Somebody just said, don't forget. Trisha, thank you. And her mad steaming skills. Yes, Trish steamed all of our free linens for us for the tables. That's great. John and Sherry, thank you for doing what you guys did and putting our succulents and our potted plants and helping with our flowers together. I have that on my counter, that little succulent that I got. That's so cute. It's in like a little little Christmas ornament. So I just I just had the greatest time. And everybody there was was truly nonpartisan. And it felt really healing. And I think that that's that's what we all have to do. You know, like like and I'd like to invite everybody that's in your group, too. So the we have a we have a meeting on the 27th of January, the U.S. taxpayers party, which is the Michigan affiliated Constitution Party. And we're tackling a bunch of issues such as the gun laws that they're trying to take our guns and the buybacks and all that sort of thing. And we're meeting at Center Shot in Door. should be a really fun meeting. And so hopefully we'll all be able to get some range time in there too when we're there. It's just like a work meeting and then let's go target practice. Yeah, exactly. So it's just, I mean, we have to be able to work together and not just in our own lanes. We've got to take what we're doing and say, you know what, I'm doing my own stuff here, but I'm also gonna help with their stuff there and maybe we can come together. the things we agree on and that's so important because everyone has something to offer and and that's important you know everyone has a role to play as karen always says and uh i just think the garbage that is being pushed out there because of rumors and you are You know, just attacking good, innocent people and you haven't even talked to them. And don't claim that you're a Christian and do that. And don't claim you're a Christian if you're not willing to reach out to other people. We're there for the healing of others, not to sit on our little thrones and be right. If it's sometimes, you know, sometimes it's OK to be wrong for the healing of others. That's one of my sayings I've had most of my life is it's OK to be wrong and and sit there and take take the arrows and the darts from other people. If you're you know, you can defend yourself, but that's not always the best thing. Jesus didn't. He sat there quietly. He just sat there quietly and said, you know, we'll figure it out. You don't have to go into crazyville. And there's better ways of healing, especially coming up the Christmas season. You know, we're all going to be with family and there's always crazy, a crazy factor in everyone's family. You know, anybody tells me they're not, I'll tell you the liars. it's like some people are their voices they say look look what's going on look what's going on just give facts i mean if you you're going to keep dumping on people i feel like we're standing around this toilet watching the swirl and they keep getting more and more people and it's like why just walk away from it you know my suggestion to me is on the platform if you don't have anything nice to say don't say it if it's pertinent factual information people need to know go for it Yeah. But it's factual. It's not we're doing what you have to have something that's factual, not just an opinion, because they're probably killing off. They're doing a political assassination of those very people that are here to help us. And so, yeah, I mean, you're you're you're somebody's already alluding to the fact that we have help from a big donor and Ada, which is false. I just say it's false. okay so that person is a liar that said that so we can discount anything they say right you're going to see the records they're going to be public information and then and then it's going to be too far down the road that you listen to this come and Come out and actually ask the questions that you need to ask and stop spitting out. You're getting this in second and third hand all the time. It's stop and vet the information. You look like idiots if you keep pushing this information out over and over and over again. And then you come to find out that wasn't even the truth. And you're so far down this rabbit hole. That's the plan. That's what they're trying to do. They're distracting you from what is actually happening with the truth. It's fifth generation warfare. And when they can get us to jump on their ridiculousness, their idiocy to weaponize us against each other, they've recruited a captured asset through their brainwashing. We have to stop this. And, and, you know, if you've got somebody, you know, like I asked, I asked, I actually called Chuck. I said, you're going to come on this morning. Everybody's like, you know, but John, is I going to have Chuck on again? I'm like, well, you bet I will. I called him or I texted him and said, you want to come on this morning? He said, he's going to Grand Rapids. And it's like, I will talk to anyone. I'm not afraid of anyone. And if I disagree with them, that's the person I want to talk to. Yeah. You need to glean the information. It's about gathering information, and then you can vet it, and then the truth comes out from that. I take a look at what happened with January 6th. They hid these tapes from us, and then they got families to go against each other for years over this. They went against each other for what happened during COVID. That's the plan. It's a psyop war. They're going to divide us. They're going to divide and conquer us. And then the good people that want to be the truth tellers and not afraid to stand on the platforms to save the truth, they're going to start going after us to disinformation us to get us off the platforms and people not listening to us. And I'm just telling you, if you... Tucker's right. If you got a gut feeling something's off, trust your gut. That's there for a reason. That's got talking to you. Yes. And not only that, but that the information you have time to research, you have time to look it up. So and that's how I got started on my journey was what I was listening to and what I was seeing was completely two different things. And now, you know, you just hone into it every time it comes up. I don't even question it anymore. I know that I need to research it and I need to view it and look at it a little bit more under a microscope. And so I feel like it's, you know, you're not going to see us on a platform blasting people, you know, for what they feel and what they feel is the truth. It's like I'm willing to listen to both sides. I think that's the beauty is you can hear both sides of a story and then you can make an informed decision based on the facts that are presented to you. But if you're just going to start name-calling and stuff and bring that to the arena, it's going to just tune it out. There's better ways to do that. You don't need to bash people and go after people across the state of Michigan that are trying to do good and name-call or put them on hit lists as they're a bunch of rhinos. I mean, be very careful. but it's ridiculous and not only that if you give people like enough rope they'll generally hang themselves and then if we try to tell people something they won't believe us anyway but if we give people a chance to talk it the truth comes out human beings aren't good at lying and so You know, the more time we have, it's like you think they are. But if you're paying attention, they'll double speak and they won't be able to hold hold that persona. You just got to be quiet and listen to them a little bit. And then all of a sudden they will hang themselves. It's just a matter of time that we should watch body language. Your muscles in your body do the same thing over and over again. It's very interesting. I was just in a meeting. And asking some questions, the other day about something and I watched two people out of the corner of my eye both do this. And so I said I got your number, because now I know i'm on the right path of the questions that i'm asking because now you're trying to hold information in. And so now I know who to go after to ask additional questions to, because I watched it out of the corner of my eye in the meeting. And I thought, okay, they know more information, but you just pay attention to this stuff, you know, and you can kind of see it in it. Watch unfold. Even when somebody, um, you know, is, you know, like a little kid that says, did you just take the cookies out of the cookie jar? And they're like, no, you know, this big lawn out drawn out. No. Well, Even you do it as a five-year-old, you can do it as a 50-year-old. Do you know what I mean? Then you know somebody's lying. Or when you're watching them talk to you, they're trying to tell you what the truth is. And their eyes are as big as saucers waiting to see if what they're feeding you is true or not. And it's like, do you watch it over and over again with kids? So you kind of, adults are no different. Like adults are no different. Adults are worse liars than kids are if you're paying attention. Because then you can not only, you know, it's not just the cookie jar, it's the motivation. And they're a little bit better at building alliances than kids are, which outs their entire network. You know, before we got on, you were talking, this whole globalist structure is an organism. And organisms are made up of cells. And these cells that we have going on in the state and across the nation, across the world, there are cells of people, which is cool because now you can connect the dots and and then you can see who they're attached to. And I personally love doing that. I'll go into people's backgrounds and check things out and There's a couple of ways to really figure out who they're attached to. And there's a certain this is going to be funny. I'll drop this here right now. There's a certain clerk on the east side of the state who seems to be who seems to be in the middle of a lot of conflict. OK, a lot of conflict. I don't know why, but he's got an entity registered in Oklahoma. so you know i registered to an address so he's claiming an address in oklahoma though he's a clerk in the east side of michigan and i start looking at this and not only that they're attached to somebody who's also a cpa and also in aviation over in mount clements which tells me i'm like going why is this person attached to Somebody who's in aviation, who's also a CPA, you know, somebody who could like cookbooks or something. Not saying that they are, but it just, it just like, you know, gets the wheels to turn. And then I started going down and property records and such, looking for this sort of thing. And, oh man, can you find some cool stuff in there? People passing back and forth properties for a dollar. into different entities and such. The list is long. I'm sure right now there's probably a few people over there that are sweating because guess what? If you look a little bit, we know we can figure things out pretty quickly. And it's just going to keep a roll because they're not that smart when it comes to lying either. They've just gotten away with it because people aren't willing to look into it and find out. Are they qualified? Answer, no. Are they part of a cell? Yes. Are they part of the globalist organism? Yes, they are. And so when we need to really critically think, well, thank you. You know what? Maybe we can have you guys back on. And I would love for you to pick out some of the people that were volunteers in your organization that made it and let's get them on and let's talk about why they got into it and let them say in their own words, why they decided to help with this thing. Cause I think that's, that's a great way to approach this. So after the first of the year, let's do that and let everybody have a voice, whether we agree or not, you can call us whatever you want to say. I don't care, but we're going to continue to talk and bring the truth forward. and or let people make up for themselves without bullying. So, but thank you. Yes. And if you go back and look at it, if, you know, if you do two really quick, two biblical stories that if people just realize one is Hemshem and David, Noah was drunk and naked, right? And the one, one brother was the son was laughing at him and mocking him for it. And then the other two brothers walked in backwards and covered their father's shame. OK, so to all the people out there who think that they have information and they want to just blast and talk poorly about people and you don't know what the truth is and you're going to sit there and be him and mock people for stuff. Just realize that there's two more people, double the amount, that are gonna cover up your lies for it and the truth is going to be revealed. The second story is when we go through Nehemiah and they built the wall in record time. They got people to come alongside and help during time. That's where we're at right now, okay? We need to rebuild Michigan in record time. And even a prophet came to Nehemiah to try to tell him to back down, only to find out he got paid. so we know that there's those kind of people out there a lot of them claim to be followers of jesus christ you follow jesus christ and you'll be christ-like you don't get to be a you know a player for the enemy in this and stuff so we have to be on our guard we have to be the watchman on the wall to make sure that what is coming to us is not a trojan horse that we have to be wise in our decision-making. We need to vet the process. We need to vet the people that we're surrounding ourselves with. And we have a great team in place for us, you know, just like you had a great team in place for you. And it's just to find out that we need more people out there. We need more people building the wall. And even if it's just the smallest job or the simplest job of making a phone call, or coming to an event or encouraging somebody to run those are the things that we need right now we're at the time where we have to rebuild this wall in michigan and i know ian wrote in my book it was so sweet he said uh uh thanks for um for the great event and he said don't back down and then he wrote save michigan save the country and we're doing it one one you know, a faction of, you know, what's going on at one group of people at a time. And there's many more group of people that are out there in Michigan that are like us, that are like you. that are willing to give people a platform to speak on or to come alongside and just say, where can we help? So for us, go to We have a volunteer sign-up sheet on there if you want to help us out and give a little bit more information, like, you know, where your gifts and talents are, where we can plug you in at. And also, you know, for this event that's coming up in March, we're still working out the details and the date. And we're trying to keep it low cost. It's not a fundraiser. It's going to be paying for a meal and have a platform for people to come and see if this is really what they want to do is be a part of a team in Saving Michigan, whether it's running for office or coming alongside as a volunteer. And so, yeah. That's where we're at right now. Well, thanks for being on today. I appreciate it a lot. I got Karen over here and Ralph, the IT guy. They've been really patiently waiting here, too. So I really appreciate you coming on. And I just I applaud you. I applaud your volunteers. Big love from Donna Brandenburg to all of you. and for stepping away from the cult system and doing things that you know that God put on your heart. Remember, Satan is the accuser of the brethren. When you see people accusing other people, that doesn't mean that you don't bring the facts forward. when you you know it's like like i published the migop um uh their their books you know anything i found i i would go ahead and publish it if i found it it's like this has got to come out in the light anything that's hidden in the dark is evil it we cannot have these secret secret societies secret things where things are hidden in there it is it is required that all of this stuff needs to come out into the light so that we can actually make good decisions and such and uh and uh You know, it's not that we don't call out bad behavior, but you call up bad behavior and you pray to God that the person repents of it and does the right thing. We don't want to see anybody fail. We want to see because our quarrel isn't with them. It's with bad decisions or the principalities and powers that are that are driving this evil behavior. you know and if we can go in with somebody and snatch him out of the out of the grasp of of satan himself in hell that's what we want to do and i mean we we need to pray for every single person out there that's making bad decisions and and hopefully they will find things more important than money or power to live for and that's the love for god family and country and that's what we stand on right there in virtue virtuous behavior but anyhow thank you so much have a great day and i'm gonna bring on our, my buddy Ralph here a minute and Karen's on the phone and see if you can get a group of people together and we'll all come on after the new year. Love it. All right. Awesome. Thanks, Don. I appreciate it. Have a great day. You too. Bye. Hey, and now we're back here with Ralph and Karen. How you guys doing? Thanks for being so patient. Doing great. How are you doing? Doing great. And Karen is in that Nanook land up there with no internet this morning, so we're going to do it by phone. So what's happening out there, guys, besides snow? And I had somebody gracious enough to bring me a very nice, wonderful mocha coffee with whipped cream on it. Nice. Which I'm thoroughly enjoying. Oh, there's Karen. I couldn't hear her a minute ago, but yeah. Yeah, Karen's on the phone. So we had a little issue up there in Anak land. So how are you guys doing? There's been an awful lot of internet issues lately. You know, we had rumble that was having issues last week. The fact that we have a very steady and I think it's preventing the box. You're having a lot. I missed that. So I'll just call it the box. Okay, I missed that. You're having a problem with what? So your internet is not working because of what? The sticky snow. Oh, the snow, yeah. But I was able to get onto the live feed and hear bits and pieces as it was coming in. And I did hear something where Donna said that I was a very small person. Yes, you are a very small person. You're so cute, Karen. You're so cute. More muscle mass than I do, probably. But I'm not that small. It always cracks me up when you say that. Hey, I'm huge. I'm a huge stature in my own mind. So there you go. So... Anyhow, so what we're going to talk about, guys, this morning, I think there's so much going on. And, you know, it's like we've talked about this nonsense, Karen and Ralph, we've talked about this nonsense, this political hit job nonsense that's going on out there. And it's what's tearing this nation apart. You know, we've got to stick to facts and it's really too bad what's happening. And people need to put a little more time into not trying to follow the cult of personality, but getting educated on what's really happening out there. Got to show you something cool this morning. So I'm opening my new package. Guess what I did? I've been canning. I'm going to get off topic a minute. I've been canning like crazy. And so I bought these neat little labels. to go on top of my canned food. So Karen and Ralph the farmer will probably both appreciate my cool little labels. Yeah, that's very cool. That'll look real nice. I hear that cans have gotten pretty difficult to come by lately. So they say, you just gotta know where to look. Yeah. That's very cool. What have you been canning? Let's see. I've done blueberry jam. I've done apple berry sauce for like pancakes and ice cream, mushrooms and onions, beef and pork. And I got quite a bit of beef and pork done, by the way. And I don't eat it, but people around me do. And so that's that sort of thing. And I've got a few more things coming down the pike here that I'm going to do because I decided to give that away for Christmas presents. So homemade homemade food and and canned food. So that's what that's the plan. Very cool. Good way to kind of keep things preserved and, you know, in case of disaster preparedness kind of stuff, you know. I think a lot of people have asked me how to do that because I've done everything except for I did buy a food freeze dryer. So I've got to get that perfected yet doing freeze dried food preservation because you can preserve things for 30 years with that. But I know how to pretty much do everything else, freezing, canning, dehydrating. I've done pretty much all of that over the years. And people are really curious on how to do that. I think I might teach some classes next year and and, you know, really, really show people what's important with with canning and and food. You know, all of those old things, you know, it's like like, you know, I've. do stuff with a sourdough starter and you can start that from nothing or you can get friends that share that with you and such and how to make a really good sourdough loaf of bread. That's kind of a fun process so that you have, you know, you grow your own leavening ingredients and such. So all of those things that were lost skills, I find to be amazing. And I know both of you are kind of in that same camp that we all have, We all enjoy the old ways of doing things and doing things from scratch, which makes us great friends because we share information. Hey, did you ever try this? I don't know. Let's weld it up, you know? Yep. Hey, I work in IT and you know what? I've got a show called Homestead Rescue. Okay. And I really like it because I learn a lot because I didn't grow up learning those skills. you know, how to create things and build and construct and I have creativity, but I don't have the knowledge or skill set that the homesteaders do on that show. And they go to help other people that tried, you know, they got some land and they tried building up their own homestead, but they ran into some big problems that they can't solve on their own. And they basically give them a... They're out there for several days and they... Help them with water or shelter, power kind of thing so that they can be off. But it's given me some ideas about what we want to do out here. You know, we tried goats and I think the larger livestock are not for us. and we've backed out of rabbits but we still plan on doing chickens our chickens are not doing well by the way oh really like one or two eggs a day that's it that's that's not bad though that's normal not for us no in the winter time for for as many chickens we have we should be getting a few a day at least a few to several a day and one or two is we did have a lot molting right at the end of fall, start of winter. So I took that into consideration. Where are you getting your chicken food from? The feeds might have made an impact, but I don't know. We've had chickens long enough that we've always had a better winter than what we've got right now on egg. Where are you getting your food from, Karen? Well, we've had different ones. We've had feed from the Amish Um, we've had from major manufacturers and we've got some from another guy. It's good stuff. Um, so that is, is quality feed and some of it, maybe not so much depending on if we like ran out for a time and had to go closer than the longer distances to what we needed. So I can't say that it was or wasn't a feed issue. Okay. Well, I know that ours take a break. We're down, you know, we've got about 130 birds and we're down to a very small amount of eggs being laid right now. But we don't force it in the winter. We let them have a rest period and thus the freeze dryers. My plan is to freeze dry eggs in the summer so that we can use those freeze dried eggs in the wintertime. And not, you know, let the chickens have a rest period because it actually decreases their life expectancy for egg laying if you have them lay all year long. Could you do me a favor? Could you see if you could try joining again? Me? Yeah. Do you think you can try joining on? I can tell you it's not going to happen because I don't have a signal. I have like one bar. Oh, okay. All right. Well, we'll go on this way because it's easier to step on each other this way because of the speakerphone going on, but that's okay. Okay. Um, what, uh, where are we going to go this morning? Uh, Ralph, you sent me a, we were talking this morning about an aerosolized, we were talking about aerosolized fentanyl and problems. I think, I think that you sent me a, a text here. Let me see if I can find it to, um, to show what's happened in Russia. And I think everybody better be seriously thinking about, about, um, things like, uh, uh, some of the anti-fentanyl drugs, you can go and get them. I'm trying to figure out. Yeah. So what I, what I found is, and this is something that I hadn't heard about this event before. And this was, this was an interesting one that I ran across recently that I think it was 2002. There was a theater in Russia and they had a hostage situation going there. And the conclusion was that they couldn't figure out any safe way of getting in there. and rescuing the hostages and the people that had taken the hostages were starting to it had been, I think, several days and some of the hostages were starting to be executed. So they decided they needed to do something quickly. So what they did is they pumped a bunch of some kind of a gas into the theater, basically knocked everybody out and, uh, took out all of the people that had taken the hostages. And, uh, um, that that's basically how the, how the, and then rescued hostages. Well, that's how the story goes, but, uh, whoever was right or wrong in this situation, there were an awful lot of the hostages that died from this mysterious gas that they pumped in there that it turns out was probably, it wasn't really officially disclosed what the gas was. And that's part of the frustration that the medics had in trying to treat these hostages that were knocked out by this stuff is that they didn't know what they were dealing with. They tried treating some of the hostages with Narcan, and that seemed to be quite effective. And so when I think several years later, it finally came out that the stuff that they had pumped in there was two different fentanyl derivatives. And here's a mixture of a carfentanil and remifentanil is what they used. Yeah, there you go. And yeah, so if they would have had Narcan with them, they probably wouldn't have had so many people die. Yep, and they treated some of the hostages with it, and it was effective from what I understand. So with that particular mixture, that would have been if... supposedly they would not have even had enough because none of this was really disclosed to them the medics on hand on site there would not have even had enough narcan to treat everyone yeah i'm more concerned with this whole fentanyl uh nonsense i've had john ferguson on a few times and uh I think that the people that are involved in this fentanyl nonsense that are bringing it into this country, there's no way that this is not for the purpose of killing human beings. I think you said it, Ralph, that no one takes fentanyl for fun. Yeah, I can't imagine somebody taking fentanyl recreationally. I don't see why there could even possibly be a market for how much is being produced to be brought over across the border. I don't see why there would even be enough of a market to produce that much of it in the first place if it wasn't intentional. And the reason I say that is I've had several... fairly bad medical emergencies, one of which after surgery, the hospital tried, they had me on one medication. It was an IV medication and they decided they were going to try fentanyl to control some pain after the surgery. And so they put that in the IV and my gosh, that made me so incredibly sick to my stomach. I, I finally, I, I, uh, I told him I will take the surgery pain over, over this. Don't give me that again. Um, because it was, it was that miserable. And I was already on two different anti-nausea meds, um, for the side effects of some of the other things that they had been giving me in the hospital to try and control the amount of pain that I had. And, uh, um, Even being on those two different nausea meds, it was like the most, when they put that fentanyl in the IV, that was probably some of the most nausea I've ever had. It was just terrible, terrible nausea. And that was being on two different nausea meds. So I can't see why anyone would take that recreationally. Well, normally people just, if they, if they, you know, I've had two friends that they packaged fentanyl in a different type, you know, the little bubble wrap packaging and such. Somebody, a very good friend, right at the beginning of COVID, a friend's son, he was, he got, I don't remember what it was, but somebody gave him an off, you know, they said here, if you need to control anxiety, take one of these and a younger guy. I mean, very nice person, very nice person, but a little bit of a little bit anxiety ridden. And he took one and it was fentanyl that they packaged in one of the bubble packages. And he was dead before he hit the ground. I mean, it was that quick. His death was that quick. And it was it was intentional. That was an intentional murder of of this young man. And he was the I remember the last conversation with that that I had with him. He was talking about suicide. He was a very sweet person. He was talking about rescuing a kitten. He found a kitten next to a dumpster. And he was so proud of taking care of this kitten. And, you know, people are having such a hard time coping with the, you know, the evil and the pressures in our society, of course, there are going to be some people that are going to say, I've got to do what I, what I can to, to dull the pain and they know the weakness. And so they're doing that. They're putting fentanyl in, in the bubble wrap of other types of meds. Yeah. Other stuff is getting diluted and polluted, you know, with that. And I, I do tend to think that that's it. I don't see how it can be anything other than intentional. Intentional murder. Because I don't... I would have a hard time believing that people are actually intending to take fentanyl outside of a hospital environment or where it's even... Unless there's a darn good reason and they're under medical care and this is their only option for treating something, the side effects of it are so miserable that for that to enter the recreational drug trade, I don't see how it can be there other than basically just specifically kill people. Yeah, well, and this article, but the other articles associated with this talk about not just to what John Ferguson did of aerosolizing fentanyl. They know how to do that where they can detonate it like 300 feet above the ground or, you know, in a stadium situation. Can you imagine in a stadium situation if somebody decided to aerosolize this? You're going to have the entire, you know, boy, what a way to go for the juggler of the United States. And these people, these drug dealers, when President Trump said that they deserve the death penalty, he's not kidding because this is intentional. This is intentionally overdosing people to lead to their death. And what this said here with this theater, and this is in 2002, they deployed it, not just aerosolized, but they put it into a gaseous container. state and and it was in the building's ventilation system. Yeah. So imagine that, you know, having that and then just basically everybody suddenly just kind of collapses, you know, not even seeing, you know, any kind of like a fog or anything like that, just totally invisible. Everybody just starts collapsing. Okay, now I'm not going to want to be a conspiracy theorist, but I do want to look into potential risk factors. I want everybody out there to think about how many school systems had their HVAC systems replaced during this whole COVID nonsense. And one of the things that was required for them to have is being able to deploy an aerosolized system disinfectant in the HVAC system. Think, think this through for just a minute here. Oh, I'm sure that has nothing to do with anything. That's a great idea. If, if you, you know, if you've got good people standing in, in the, in the seats, but what I have, when I know that there's one person in the township I'm in who is in the school system, that it is heavily or widely known, took a $20,000 payoff personally from the state to keep the masks in place. This is a person who's working for the state when they take that kind of money in order to further the Marxist agenda. Now, supposing we don't have good people in place in the schools and the schools are now outfitted with an aerosolized deployment of a disinfectant. How do you know, first of all, what's in the disinfectant? That's the first question I want to ask. Second of all, who has access to this? I can't even imagine how much havoc that, you know, even just looking at added as being just a disinfectant, how much havoc that could play on everything in a building, you know, as far as making, I mean, there's a lot of disinfectants granted, but that, you know, a, that's a great way to breed, uh, antibiotic resistant bacteria. Right. And B, there are so many of those disinfectant substances that can, um, that are really, really hard on materials. Generally, they don't attack metals, but some of those disinfectant substances can be really, really bad on plastics and rubber. Well, what about on children's lungs that are going to be exposed to this? I mean, who in their right mind would spray something in a kid's face or have it around them? I mean, are they going to do this when the kids are in there? What kind of a residual is going to be there? I would say the assumption would be that, oh, we'll only spray it when the kids aren't present. But even assuming that, even assuming that they hold to that, you're going to have all of that residue on everything unless it's completely evaporative. And if it is completely evaporative, how are you going to get that outside of the building then once it evaporates? Because with all of the energy efficiency stuff, there's so little in any of the new buildings, there's so little air exchange that now they have to put in outside air exchange units because the buildings are so tight for insulation. And then not only that, get this, and not only that, they did it in a way that they can turn the heat down on these places and save energy because they're killing our power grid with these stupid EV, heavily polluting, the most polluting energy. effort or initiative on the planet through child slave labor and the cobalt mines and all the lithium crap that they have to strip mine. Somebody tells me that they're a green energy person and they're driving an electric vehicle. I'm like, are you kidding me? Do you want to know what green energy is? Wood-fired steam locomotives. Go back to that. There you go. What say you, Karen? Here we go. We're trying not to step on each other a little bit, but what do you say, Karen? It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. You guys are filling me with hope and good cheer. No, you know what? We're trying to give people things to watch out for because these people are lying to us. And, I mean, haven't we figured this out already with the COVID nonsense and then the jab that the, you know, that are being, you know, Johnson & Johnson? Four facilities in the Grand Rapids area funded by who? Who people that are buying our politics? Are you kidding me? This is one great big money laundering, money generating facility. criminal group of people I mean who is it people who is it and that's just the facts I mean this is the dynamic of what happens when you get organized crime involved in not only politics but killing people this is the goal is to kill as many people as they can because they think they're better than all of us well and you can't find solutions if you're in denial that the problems exist And there's all this stuff about aerosolized fentanyl and what they had in that event in Russia there. Had they had Narcan on hand, they probably could have saved a lot more people over in Russia. And there's your problem, now here's the solution. Be prepared. Yeah, get yourself prepared. In Michigan, you don't need a prescription for Narcan. In fact, I believe nationwide, you don't need a doctor's prescription for Narcan. And I should say in Michigan, you don't need a doctor's prescription for Narcan. You do need a prescription, but the pharmacist writes it. So you can actually just go into a pharmacy, ask for Narcan, and the pharmacist can write you the prescription and then fill that prescription themselves. Now, if they try to lock this down, there's proof positive that they're trying to kill people. Yep. So I would recommend that everybody listening go out there and have some Narcan. I don't remember what the generic version or what the generic name of it is, but have some of that on hand. It comes in both an injectable form as well as a nasal spray. Um, nasal spray is probably, probably easier to administer unless you've got someone who's completely unconscious. Uh, and even then it might still be easier to administer, but, uh, you know, even in a lot of cases, insurance will even cover it because it is considered just a regular prescription. It's just the pharmacist fills it. So I would recommend everybody out there. get themselves prepared, learn how to use this stuff and get it on hand, because there may be a time coming up where that is the only thing standing between you or a loved one and a medical disaster, because in a lot of cases that needs to be administered fairly quick. Well, and I think this is really important. It's like in all things we have to be prepared. So, okay. Off the doom and gloom here. And we, we, well, that's, that's the generic. Okay. And I will say there was a time when. I don't know if it was just like a first responder type of thing, but I was able to get multiple. doses for free from pharmacists a couple of years ago, I think it was. You could go into any pharmacy and ask for it and they just hand it to you over the counter. It was like a week or a weekend or something like that. And I went to multiple pharmacies and got several of them and handed them to people that I knew who were first responder type people so that I knew that they had it on them. And they were grateful because they just didn't have the time to do it. But you could just ask for it over the counter and it was absolutely free. So I don't know if they do that from time to time like they did it at that occasion. But yeah, it's and the whole purpose is, you know, because if you're a compassionate person and you see somebody collapse on the sidewalk and they've got a needle laying beside them and tracks on their arms, you're not going to hurt them by trying it. It might save their life. They do require medical attention afterward because it can make their heart race. It's kind of like an adrenaline rush that happens when you do, what's it called? The injection for anaphylaxis. An apricot? Yeah. Like an EpiPen. I think it's like that. They do really need to get to a hospital afterwards too. And people can become aggressive with it. But even police canines will be dosed with it if they think they got exposure when they're sniffing. Like they sniff in somebody's car and they think the dog got exposed to it. they can give the dog Narcan too, but they warn you, they put a muzzle on them if they can, because when they wake up, they can become aggressive. Hmm. Well, that's good to know. Yeah. Well, that's really good to know. Great thing to, for everybody to add to their first aid kits though. Yeah. So, so, uh, what's the plan here for the Christmas season? You know, I think that we've been going through and seeing a lot of craziness, um, out there with reactions to things and, and, uh, I don't know. I'd like to tell everybody, don't let anybody get you all upset about things. Find something to be happy about and realize. Let them own their own craziness because everybody's got it in their family. Expect it and just sit back and go, well, well, well. I guess you're on the crazy pill today, but you don't even have to say it. Just smile and wave, boys. Smile and wave. What's the thought? Mic drop. Okay. My Christmases are typically, I don't get as seasonal about it as a lot of people make a big fuss. I don't have kids, so that's one major reason. When we first got married, I said to my husband, you know, I'm doing all this Christmas card thing for people that I don't even see anymore. Why do I do Christmas cards? And he says, yeah, okay, you don't have to. And I'm like, okay, cool. So I get cards, I get a few cards, but I don't, I don't invest in that. We don't do major, most major events. We have a tradition of, um, I actually go to my chiropractors on Christmas typically, and it's, it's a family event with them. They, they just created a tradition of inviting us over and we'll meet other family at other times. But, um, Otherwise, it's kind of like any other day. I don't make such a big fuss. I do have something that I want to get to you, Donna, that I've been wanting to get to you for a little while. And so if we have opportunity to meet up somewhere this time this month, I would like to do that because it's something I want to give to you for a while. We can call it a Christmas present if you want. Oh, that's cool. Well, you know where I am and and I'm going to be here for Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday this week. And then I'm going to be gone Thursday and Friday. And then I probably won't be doing a lot of broadcast next week. I haven't decided what I'm going to do as far as I know that a lot of people, you know, if I if I don't show up on here, I get like panic texts. you okay? It's still upright. Did they get you? You know, I put it out on my telegram channel. It's like, it's like, uh, when, when I can't be there, I will not be on, on Thursday and Friday of this coming week or this, this week. So I'll only, I've got two more days left this week and, and, uh, Thursday and Friday will not be on. I will not be on Monday. And, uh, I don't know if I'm going to be on Tuesday. I might take some time off next week just to, just to hang home with, with, uh, hubby and, and kids and such. So we'll have to see if I do, it'll be short. I might just get on with Karen and we'll, you know, Karen and Ralph or something like that and say, Hey guys, we're here. Merry Christmas. I hope I already survived the holidays and, and, uh, To me, it's it's for for our family, it's kind of like another day because we have animals. So so the first thing is, is is we have to go to the barn in the morning and and feed all feed, you know, feed all of our animals. And make sure that they're set for the day. And so the day feels real similar to us because that's what that's what is. You just do the same thing every single day when you have animals. The day is always the same. You know, you get up and you take care of your animals first. And I think. There's something really beautiful in farming, in farming communities. And that fact that, that the other, so this is this example. Yesterday, I had a very long day yesterday. I was in the barn. I was the first one to feed in the morning. So there's only one person that beat me there and, and mucking out the runs and such. And so I was there feeding animals and such. And I ended up, we ended up digging up all of our potatoes, the russets. We still have red potatoes in the ground, but we'll dig them up, you know, maybe tomorrow or something. But we had a lot of them. There was a lot of them that we dug out of the ground. And so anyhow, the day was very long. I didn't get back home until late in the afternoon. And the one pen of chickens that we have has a small coop in it. And we were supposed to be under the winter weather advisory for for today. Right. So I started looking around and they have, you know, this one is we only have we have like roosters in this pen and they're like the friends like hang out. It's like, hey, Bob, here's remote control. Let's watch football. I mean, you know, people have given roosters a really bad rap. And if you handle them, they become like pets. I mean, we can carry our roosters around and they're like, oh, man, this is the best day ever. I'm with my person and they're looking around and they're really super friendly and they get along good with each other. They don't they're not fighting. That's a that's a that's not what our our birds do. So, you know, this is a rooster pen guys hanging out there. And I was looking at the bottom of their their coop and the the the wiring underneath it is was kind of not doing well. So I got a bale of straw and stuck it up underneath there. And then I bedded inside of their little coop so that if it was cold out, you know, even though I was absolutely exhausted and really cold, you know, I bedded that out so they had somewhere to go. And the discussion I had was when you have animals or something that's dependent on you, there is no quitting time. You will take care of those animals, even if you're up all night long. And We've all done that. You know, we've all done that, stayed up with animals all night trying to help them and such. And you don't put a condition on your caring for either human beings or animals. If somebody needs you, you just step up and do it. And that's what people in farms are like, is that it's not, what do I get out of it? It's that, wow, there's something in need. And your service mind is much greater than probably people are used to. Good parallel for how the public sector should be working. That's right. You don't do it for money. You do it just because it's the right thing to do. Period. I was really glad that we got our chicken coupons. all wrapped up and ready to go for winter before we had any major snows. This one I was ready for. And today there's snow in which they're not probably too unhappy about. At least they're not going to blame me because they were not wanting to come out into the wind and snow. Our chickens are kind of pathetic that way. They will get out into a little bit of snow if they really want to. But since they're not laying, they're not looking for other places to go. So they're just kind of sad inside. So I gave them a fresh several flakes of straw and threw some corn on that so that they could scratch around and look for it and have something to do today. And then I shut the, the, the gates. I have an insulated blanket and then I have a gate with a tarp on it and I shut them up so that they're protected from the wind. It's pretty cozy in there today. That's very sweet. They really keep things warm. You know, the animals, you know, they really do keep the barn warm. They used to, I don't know if anybody knows it, but they used to house the animals under their house, you know, and so that's how the early settlers lived. They housed the animals underneath it and the heat rising from the animals. is incredibly warm. And our barns and our coops get cleaned out entirely twice a week. The bird coops do. They're entirely cleaned out twice a week. So fresh bedding, fresh straw in there and such. And it works out really, really well because I think that that part of disinfecting and keeping your animals healthy, they would not live in a poop-filled barn out in the wild. They will go to the bathroom in one area and they live in another area. The way that the mass farming does it is that they basically just sit there and let them crap all over everything and they're sitting in the poop. They've got it up to their knees a lot of times. I find it to be absolutely disgusting and it's an integrity or a morality problem in my opinion. I'd like to see the mass farming decentralized and go back to where you have small farmers that actually care about their animals and just not do it the way that it's being done now. Have you ever been in one of the big turkey farms, in the big turkey barns? It's shocking. I've never been in one of them, but we have several that are very far from where I live. It will take your breath away when you walk in because the ammonia smell. It's like literally you walk into one of the big turkey barns and you will not be able to breathe. It takes a minute to adjust to how toxic that environment is. And it's kind of horrifying. Or if you see how a lot of the farmers keep meat in the meat lots, the big meat lots where they fatten them. it's, it's kind of horrifying. We do not do that. Our, our animals are, are, uh, living in, in chicken and farm animal heaven here. I think one of the other things too, that is really lacking in a lot of the mass farming stuff is the socialization of the animals, because you look at pretty much any domesticated animal and, uh, kind of the theory of one of the reasons why animals are domesticatable in the first place is actually that they have a social hierarchy and so like with chickens you have the pecking order um cattle have a hierarchy and that's you know that it's one of the reasons why they figure that they were they could be domesticated in the first place because basically once you can, once you can get the leader of the group, you know, the, the flock or the, uh, herd or whatever on board with you, then the rest of the group kind of follows along. And that, that, that's one of the reasons why, uh, they figured that, uh, there wasn't a lot of, uh, there weren't really domesticated animals in the Americas prior to European contact is because almost all of the animal species native to the Americas don't have a social hierarchy. That's why you don't see like, from what I understand, this is still true of bison. And that's one of the reasons why bison weren't really domesticated. But because of that, pretty much all of the farmable livestock are, you know, from social hierarchical systems, which means they're all very social animals, socially centered. And I mean, like you look at chickens, they're definitely social. They stick with their flocks, and even in a large flock, you'll have sub-flocks where they group together with their friends. It's real funny to watch chickens when you have, you know, the roosters, the roosters get a bad rap, right? And so, you know, we have two roosters in each of our coops because they're the protectors. And it's really funny because the hens can be horrible. The hens are like so vicious to each other. It's amazing. And those, those roosters will set up like demilitarized zone between two, two of the girls that are fighting each other. They'll like get in between them. And, and, uh, They're just like, all right, knock it off, knock it off. And they will literally chase them to each end of the coop to keep peace in the coop. It's really funny. And, you know, some people, yeah, roosters, they're fighting, they're horrible. It's like, no, they're not. They demilitarize it. And it is funny. It's really funny to see. Yep. And it kind of, I think, depends too on how people raise them. You know, if you have a rooster that's mean, you got to look at kind of the environment that they were raised in and say, okay, what needs to change there? You know, because you can have some roosters can be great little guys. Some of those guys can be so much more docile, you know, and just friendly toward people, you know, they're, they're, yeah, I'm a big fan of roosters and chicken coops too. I think, you know, it's part of the natural order of things. They're supposed to be there and they, and the flock works better when there's both the roosters and the hens in there. Yeah. Well, if there's something that comes up like once in a while, we'll get mink around our, our barn and a rooster, if, if something or a hawk, You get a hawk, if a hawk, you know, like ours are all covered, they're in aviaries and such because ours are really super spoiled. But you get a hawk that comes in to attack the chickens, they're going to have a fight on their hand with the rooster. And we actually had some that we had that the males died protecting the flock together. And but but they kept they kept the girls safe. It was really. And, you know, when we were like really sad, it's like, wow, that was a very honorable rooster that died to protect the girls. And, you know, it's kind of like kind of like we were we were kind of sad about it because it was it was, you know, he did his job and and he was was really, really amazing. Yeah. It really bothers my heart to this day that he died protecting all the hens, really. It was kind of heartbreaking. We had a really lovely, big, what was he called? Blue Splash Red Lace Wyandotte. That was the first rooster we had. Our coop is currently situated right behind the house, and so it's very close to our bedroom, actually. Husband wanted to be able to hear if there was any problems in our coop, which was a little handy the night of the bear. except he was underestimating what species he was until he saw the bear i wasn't expecting that but uh how'd the bear fair we sure probably would have made too much of a difference in that case but um we are thinking about moving it this next year that's that's what we're thinking about doing right now because The chickens are doing so much damage to the property near the house that it's like, okay, something's got to change because I do like not having to step in chicken poop when I'm coming to and fro. um just right next to the house even or to go to my car um every time you go out to do chores and there's certain paths that the chickens come and go all the time that are well worn and it gets muddy it gets icy in the winter and then it turns to mud in spring and i'm like you know i'm kind of over it i really enjoy them having free reign of the property and i think tick numbers down But there's a cost that comes with that because they scratch everything. And so I'm thinking, we're thinking about petting them up more permanently in a different, a little different place in the yard. So we'll just move, we might just move the setup that we have and change it up a little bit. We're, It's kind of fun thinking about it in true homesteader fashion. You use what you have and you keep your eye open for scrap and upcycle somebody else's stuff to make up for what you don't have. You don't buy a new lumber nowadays if you can help it, for example. You just reuse something else. And but we have enough of what we need, I think, to do a really good job of it. It's just planning ahead and thinking, well, now that we know what to expect, like we put up a goat fence. Knowing the goats were going to be fairly destructive. Not goats. They were very destructive. And so you know how destructive the chickens have, what they've done to the ground level of the pen that they do have now. What part of the property are you willing to sacrifice if you want to move them in order to revive the property they've destroyed? So that's part of it. But anyway, with the rooster 10 feet from the bedroom window. when he started crowing in the box at 3 a.m. Link, if you want to crow when the sun is actually coming up, that would make sense to me. I wouldn't like it, but I might be willing to. It's one of those sacrifices, you know. So you've got a rooster. All your roosters right next to the barn. And I remember going there and it was like, and my mesophonia is like, and you just don't even hear it. You know, so I'm one of those people that's like, no, I like my sleep. I do not want to hear the crowing all night and morning long. So you've got an Olympic level rooster there that's an overachiever. He was one of those friendly birds. Oh, you got a was in there? Not a problem. And he was definitely wanting to make sure that if there are people in the area that have chickens, but they're a good distance away. I'm sure they can hear him. What is this was thing? You don't have them anymore? Oh, no, that was a long time ago. Oh, okay, yeah, okay. And the 3 a.m. calls... Put an end to him. And then we had another one. We had another one for a season because, um, when we got some, what were they called? Amber links. They're a cross between, I don't remember. They're a crossbreed. It's supposed to be a good layer. And isobrowns and something else. And they're mostly white. That's what Alice was. If you remember Alice. See, we name our animals people. We got four of them and a rooster, but he was crowing all the time. And I actually tried putting a collar, I made a makeshift collar on it for him, and it would stifle some of it. but it was uncomfortable for him. And then when I was, I was checking on him to see how it was going to work out. And he was getting a little bit bruised up with it. So I was like, no, that's not going to work. I had to take that off. Yeah, that's not good. I think we butchered him along with the meat bird. Yeah, we don't butcher birds. I think we used to have Alice when I was maybe first getting to know you. Yeah. She started coming to my feet, which most of the chickens don't. We've got a barge rock right now that's very social. She follows me around and talks to me all the time. She does the same to my husband. But they, they get attached to you. The chickens get attached to you. And then it's like you become their perch and they're like, wow, this is cool. I'm on the top of the perch here. And so, you know, though you can get them to jump up in your arms and then carry them around. And, and their little fluffy feathers are nice and warm, you know, Alice was the closest I ever got to that, but she started coming around to my feet one day. And I was like, look, my husband was nearby. And I said, look here, she's in the middle of the gravel driveway. Coming to my feet, it was really strange. And the other chickens were watching her. And I said, she's trying to get away from them because they'd been picking on her. Oh, yeah. Within about, I don't know, a few days to a week, I was looking more closely at her and determined that her eyes were not clear or at least one eye was not clear. And oh, they were picking on her because her behavior was different because she couldn't see very well. And eventually she became at least somewhat blind because her feet went up and out in front of her when she walked. She knew where she was. She'd get around just fine. But she wanted to avoid the chickens, especially chickens that she knew would pile on. When chickens get near each other, they often will make a little sound that says, I'm coming to the water bowl. I don't mean you. We're going to get along. We're going to share the water bowl right now, okay? And she could tell if there was another hen all around her. And she would recognize her voices and know who was going to jump her. She would head the other way. Oh, I could tell Karen's over there. And I would look out for her. And we would sometimes sneak some food and put it down for her where the other chickens weren't going to be. and not notice that there was a feed source there so she could get a chance to eat in peace. And for like a year or two, we were very careful monitoring her. And then all of a sudden it was like she could see better for a while because I didn't notice any of those behaviors and she seemed more confident. And then it went downhill again. One of the things they say it can be caused by is parasites, but we never saw any signs of that. So I don't know what happened, but she eventually got really sick. And we took her in, brought her inside and was monitoring her in the sunroom where she'd have quiet and more warmth and had her in a crate with some hay and picked her up out of there. When I tilted her to kind of put her back, a whole bunch of fluids just flowed right out of her mouth. She couldn't get anything down her craw. And I don't know what happened, but she, I think I was there when she passed. She's done on her own. She was sick. Something had gone wrong with her. That was one of the hard ones because I even brought her in the house one day just to hold on to her because she was not feeling good and I felt bad for her. We don't do that with chickens very often because they stink. She was the closest to a pet chicken we ever had. Yeah, you know what? I hate to say it, but ours don't smell. They don't have a real bad smell, but I think it's because of the combination of the feed and the fact that we clean them out like twice a week. They really don't have much of a smell. But I don't know. I haven't had one in my house, though, so there you go. Yeah, it makes a difference. Might recognize it if it's actually in my house. Well, guys, this has been great, but it's after 11. And I'm going to try to cut my times down this week a little bit, but I've already gone to my time. So thank you for being on. Let's say a prayer and head on our little merry chicken loving ways. Okay. Dear Heavenly Father, thank you so very much for caring. and Ralph and their willingness to always come on and share pertinent information with people and just share some time. It's amazing to have great friends who we can just sit and have coffee together and talk about life, things that are important and the things that sometimes are just part of life that are funny and just part of daily living. And we just want to thank you. This is a great place to be. We're thankful for being alive at this point in time and that you put us here now. We ask for your guidance and your direction on everything that we do, the words we speak, the thoughts we think, the directions that we go, that we may honor you every day of our life because we love you. You've done so much for us. And kind of happy about this being the Christmas season and the challenges that come with that, with people getting together. We ask that you would help us all to be bringers of peace and your peace to every situation that we're in, that we would be able to speak kind words and words that need to be spoken to encourage each other as your children. Thank you so very much for everything you've done for us. We love you so very much. And we want to be a great friend to you. In Jesus' precious name we pray. Amen. So here we go, guys. I'm going to do heart hands because I'm the only one with hands right now, okay? So anyhow, go to I'm the best non-conceiver who has ever refused to concede to an election in the history of the world, except for maybe President Donald Trump. But I want to see him in cowboy boots to make a determination on... on that because that that's part of my metric for, for evaluating everything. So, and it's mine, but anyhow, just so everybody knows out there, this is a wonderful season that we're entering in. It's the, where we celebrate the birth of our savior. No one is perfect, but Jesus came to forgive us of our sins and to help us make peace, you know, to create peace with God. All we got to do is accept his gift. And no matter what you think you've done, or how unacceptable you are, or how bad you're feeling about yourself, God loves you more than words can express. And we're going to be taking his evaluation on this. And if God loves you and approves of you the way you are, then you're fine. Just turn to him and realize that the gift of his precious son dying for all of our sins was meant for you too. No matter what you've done, go to God. He will accept you with open arms and help you through whatever challenges or heartbreak that you're going through right now. We've all had heartbreak and things that we've done that maybe we look back on and go, well, won't be doing that again. And we learn, you know, there's no one, there's no human being that's perfect. The only one that was perfect, lived a perfect life is Jesus Christ. And that's it. The rest of us are muddling along here and trying to do the right thing. But at any rate, all of us who are imperfect, who are here to help each other. in the name of Jesus Christ, want to see the best for you. None of us want to see bad things happen to you. And when people attack you or you feel like you're under attack, there's those of us who will help you and stand in front of things that are a threat to you because we do care. very, very much. And so with that said, I'll see you tomorrow. John Tater's on tomorrow. So God bless you. God bless all those whom you love and God bless America. Make it a great day. It's a choice. Starts here. Don't let the turkeys get you down. They're going to try. And, you know, you don't have to listen to them. It's their own craziness. It has nothing to do, even if they say, you know, you know, whatever they say to you, it doesn't make any difference. It doesn't mean it's truth. It's the way they think. And we don't have to buy into their craziness. So go out there and be happy and practice being an observer. And don't take on their judgments of you because they're probably coming from Satan themselves. We don't want to buy into that. We want to listen to God. And God says you're okay. That's good enough. And he loves you. He didn't come to die for those that are perfect. He came to die for sinners and his precious son, Jesus Christ. So the expectation wasn't there for you to be perfect. It's for you to accept his gift. And then he walks with us in perfecting our faith, the perfecter of our faith as we walk through this life together, helping each other. So have a great day. We'll see you tomorrow and right back at it again.