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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 5/26/2023 - Karen the Riveter and Heather Hobbs

Published May 26, 2023, 9:02 a.m.

Flannel Friday with Karen the Riveter and Heather Hobbs Special guest Heather Hobbs is an anti-abortion/anti-human trafficking advocate, who works on the southern border with law enforcement to help rescue children as well as, securing our border with new technology. She has an amazing story in her own right, deciding to keep her daughter after rape, and talks about the blessings each and every life is to all of us. Heather is also currently working to help with evacuation efforts in Sudan to rescue Americans abandoned by the Biden Administration. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

Transcript in English (auto-generated)

good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it's the twenty sixth day of may twenty twenty three and with me to day it's who ooshtan the wonderful the fantastic the smart karen are over how are you care i like you you're the ring rather those old school instructions are like the bow a for something and he might not riescono we have carenever with the tiupria oh it is the great great to be sold and you know what you can act to hear my voice to day how must of my my voices and the little glass well we talked before we get on on we always do that a little bit and i got ambush jester so my ambush was as that i in this hogan and you have worked if you have forced the most important part of our operation is good hay so i've got to hate my hay go i love my hagahe reminds me of my dad he really does he is one of those guys that you know what at all nineteen hundred hours the the has going to be right i have the way contort this time and you this is what we do right so when the hay is ready we owe to it because we love the good hay and the guide does good job and i like very much she and that probably some of the best hay in the state of michigan because he actually knows how to put it up correctly and he's really superet i mean you're going to his bar he's got a track ce a matelot crackers are the most well kept up maintain tractors you've ever seen in your life like there is not one thing that is out of place that's dusty i mean the sky is just fanatically about how he does his stock that's why i love right and he does it so he calls me yesterday about i don't know one thirty o'clock in says he i got a hundred i've got a thousand bales for you coming the beginning of next week and i'm like whom i like ah we never ever cut hay this early in the season like never so oh we've had a good year for hay so i i cartlett my my trailers i've got three ha trailers the waggons and a ii stored hay in the arena and those over the winter so i my next stop as i got to get all this hay off the three wagons up into the ante los before next week which i figured i had a couple more weeks to go so i called a few friends started out with well i've got enough people to put the hail o bad her of molinetti five or six people to get the hail of a veteran place it's really happy and we do it by hand so i called some ransomed and upheld by four o'clock to put the hail of herand i figured that we there three or four of us weaken and probably empty those trailers off in the next two days but we're goin to get at it and just get it on well ended up that one of my neighbors brought three kids with him that were under under and they they wanted the help so was like pocket that's good you know i was doing had by the time it was you know a love and actually was really strong even though his really little was really strong i was used to throw on the balls around but putting up he is a lot of work and i can still just keep working like a machine it doesn't even in anstice i'm at pretty goo had so these kids were like hansford in a hot and they decided that they were cancelled the sporting event because they wanted to do real work they wanted to do hey some dance sasakala go changed closes and come back these kids were absolute machines it maseneal i don't think i've ever had in a dull on the ground that could work as consistently hard as these kids right in just just they just wanted to help it was beautiful so by the time that they showed up a couple of the people that can put up the elevator they were so sopentater is the lot more fun they say we had ten people putting up had by seven o'clock we had all three of the wagons that he owed under the under the eaves of ceresiforme the fresh it was incredible how fast it and to that point i i really wanted to say that that you know the nithiswold for my dad fioncha from the time it was seven years old oh you know that's what you did you help you you there was the note of his you don't play play play on such so is thinking about this this morning how excited these kids work and then i like peace robert betty and we sat around for on a couple hours just talking and and just having a great great time you know like welles to bake and a the kids were like when i going to do this again we want to come back and help in so i like well i can guarantee you were going to have thousand bales this sweet coming and then protomere weeks will have another another thousand fifteen hundred bales that will comment so they're all there all such good i remembered with great fondness as he hid realizing how important it was my part in doing real work and not just that is running around all these sporting events a kinshipand with it for sure given a choice kids would rather do real work and we have really done a disservice to our young people by prohibiting them from an an i don't mean slave labor type step i mean working with mom and dad working with their neighbors doing doing these things that really developed that sense of community of realizing how important they are volunteer in for and efforts that are really importantly we rescue horse as they watched me rap one of the horse's legs who he basically a polis wrap off so he was stepping on it she he leads is like rap he has he has attended st so i reeghee it it's not exactly a splint once in a while a pen over complete immobility but i repeat i keep him ripe early tight so you just as scotia little bit of support on that leg oh is it necessary i kind of think it is it really it's too hard on they say that they don't need it but i think it's too hard on an i'll notice the swelling and heat and the like if i don't do the kids got to watch how you rappahoes leg and ah all these things that you can share your knowledge when you you know whichwith kids if you're willing sam the little time with them you know soldier dad was there and you know it oferbrdels was there that that was helping it they actually had to ask questions and watch how i did it listened my explanation how i do it different layers why the layers are important and what your complishing by it an animal care so we had a great a great time now it when my kids were little oh and i was buying houses and buildings so such i did all my own contre so ah my youngest daughter was about oh i remember i remember the sea six at the time that they were used to work and with me with doing i don't know anything marked in or whatever cause as i home school them so they were with me all the time so like your stuff out of hopes when you get this decontaminate and and they loved it we worked as a it's just as though is a family unit and it was wonderful in like kids we still worked together we still have a lot of fun together and i remember my one daughter when she was about six on an dive me a real job i don't want to do this just your making work for me is even take trash ours i like i kasigay a roller paint and i said okay go paint all the cloth and they were like day it was like a real art project for them and when we were down as the family it it really didn't care they spelled anerly cured they did i figured i could kill i cleaned up after they were down if there was a problem but we had so much fun and then then you know at the end of the day they could see that what we built wasn't just ran down it was for them because everything everything i have is just going to go go to the kids and a overthing everything that my husband i worked for will go to our children this was just me and the kids and it was it was kind of a cool it was it was kind of cool but you really got to see how much kids need that that time because they learned from us when whether were changing a tire or learning to mole or take care of things around the house or mamma dinner though little slaves to run around all of these sporting events and i will let me kids begin like maybe one about besides piano lessons of you know what a semester cause i home school right and it really what they remember is working with maman day out and doing things with mamma dear not all of these other things these things are fleeting or i remember that with great fondness working that my dead and oh so many things that he taught me i don't remember hardly anything from school or any of the activities that i was i was in a lot eddien things just because i'm a kind of hangandi like doing a lot of defeating what i remember was the time with mom and dad and i also thought about this as the fact that most of the stuff that we put kids an they said it tortiboli not really when you look at most of the teams sports look at the competition even within the teams for being a star player and the hierarchy and there really not learning as much i don't believe is what they do just working with loanand learning in a very safe environment those skills that they will need to live not not unnecessarily a time sport type mentality a which is really all about competition it's not as much about community is if you think about his people would think oh but but is at any rate i thought it bring that up to day his we just had a riot last night some in teach he gets out of ridefort and they want to come back it's fantine the summer or in the neighbors so it's they can they can company tent not well besides embraces so there you go it was a lot of homonymy my voice is full of hay and she of and dust in all that sort of thing so like yes it's funny because i'm thinking watching the goats and spin really fun because even when they were within the first three days they were at least the first week for shore they were out with their mam and their big sister and watching everything their mother put in them her mouth and tasting it you don't say didn't really want to eat it yet cause they were really all about nursing on their mob they were tasting everything that she put in her mouth sniff her breath had see what she was eating that's the most important thing to an go is what is safe to eat what is good to eat and then how do you access it and when and their learning all that by watching her one daily basis we don't do enough of that with the kid not at all side put him in as put him in a little bounce fang which isn't good for their spines on loves to day have all these apparati to put their kids in two so that they could set off you now bound in and whatever instead of letting them learn how to stand and i crawl on their own this was disherisoned to work one stage at a time on their own if they can't sit up to prop em and not ready for that they're not ready to be set in a special cushions so that they can sit up it's there not ready for that yet and when they are ready to em to help out on the lake three years old watch everything you do just like a baby go yet in take the time the to show on in yet takes more time to do every chore that way but now from time to time at least some sometimes it does in sometimes when you just send a little bit of time it doesn't take very long and all of a sudden you got you get you've got some one who knowing how to think things with you problems you select yesterday i thought the kits of difference between first cut and second caught hakas we had two waggons full of first cut hay and one wagon full second come now this may not seem important to any one else when i on to give you hay less than right now paislies ellinora i do you know i'm sure you know about this but i'm not now wiedikon actually know much we we just get a aloofe bells on the time for rabbits and i know the rabbits on the goats aren't really young into the hay that we have at the moment it's a little tougher than they prepared but other no i don't know along about it i guess sontlooked at start here sothisis this is pure michigan right here i just it was landlord and i also had my came flinched with the lanover the dock so this is true michigander we've messageindeed missrathener because in their face is right and their faces in a gander so i've got comicaland my flannel there you go there is true red neck michigan and i don't think i needed as we packing on my side then we be good to goethe in how to hers that he lessens when you're feeding horses especially can be very hard so there sings you have changed to s i've got some that i've got one that has no font are the front he wore frontierof cause ah he he's a little bit of a savage ok and he thirteen years ago and you once a start that you are i don't care what imposes you can be has saw on things they just go on and we're going to try this and so he he was a cribber that means they put their teeth or on a fence or something and the sock air an so it's not really chewing as much as they're just there kind of grinding their teeth on thinks and it gives them kind o like a blood don't pen high so once they started it it's a tontine im it's it's about it's about sucking air so they get their teeth on something they are like this and so it's kind of a combination of grabbing at and then they suck a real deep breath of air and and it gives them it gives him a blood toping high that's more or less what is what it's all about me he started this and when we got him he was he was like a lot of the rescue and i like talking not rescues because it's like talking about people his people and horses are almost identical it it's the closest animal to a human being of any animal on the point so when you understand horses yonder stand people and horses can see through your soul so in people that are round horses that it it's one of those things that i can't explain it but when i in on a horse they know what i'm itbecause i connect with my son let a time they know what you're so i don't really use the reins much it's like they'll tell they'll understand they understand your feelings they feel the isigodo goodnow dog does it but horses de where they see things that we don't see they feel the emotions that were feeling and a reaction and to go back to the so when we got him he was pretty well in neglected he stood with his nose in the corner all day just his head down it was like watching a corpse of a horse he he he had nobody paid attention to him he was kind of a stale or as no windows no interaction with though their horses that's what happens a lot and any of you people at horses out there shame on you if you had one horse by itself and you just go out there once convenient to you that this is a a horse's hip souls they feel anger happiness of every every motion you did if you wouldn't like to be abandoned and a passer by yourself being eaten alive with flies the don't do it to the so anyhow or people round you still anyhow on we started working with it all the sunny starts coming to lot alive you know somebody cares about me somebody somebody really cares about me and it was amazing to oppose an he's the dead of two of our babies and is a wonderful stallion he's just a loving beautiful salinas a producing mail so he can sell ibbis stolgonopolis rights not cast so oh bet e exter onder his one go back to the head his note and a cap and so so we have to feed him second cut hay second cut hay is a high protein grass first cut hay is more like a ah he first cut hay is more like a strayer it's it's more more a it's got more a rough ice and it let lower protein a lot more rough agin it there is not a pure a pure protein kite type sacupif i were to compare it first cut he is like a salad a salad and maybe a smaller second cut he is cheese and they love it the absolute love second cut hay but to gonge fat horses that are unhealthy if you feed them a lot of second cut hat unless they really need it he gets second got had cause he doesn't have the teeth to chew through the first cut hay which fathers a stomach and he ended up him to call it surgery because the other he was a little bit too sticky with him and he couldn't he couldn't really he couldn't really caught it off so much and so he is good horse and so he had second but when you're stagging at first cut hay is wonderful strokenow a combined it is it holds together and can stagelike little bed second cut hay is like a nerve little i don't know straw bail and i kind o it is shifts around in was that i aangetast easier questions in a dozen hold the strings while so you got to pick it up in a certain way you've got a bield the place said you don't just with the bales or on withwith first got first citing once through a ball and it's just going to bostrichi in coin frontif you throw that it's likely to spring the bail and you got he everywhere and you and he so we spent time with the kids teaching and he third cut hay same way a second chaos were a norphan a teacher moromoros set a on the elevator and to work with the people of innotata so that they don't overwhelm it while the stack in so is a good day so i re question for you but so i'm twice ever heard you say mowing and you also said mo so i know like for example with chickens they set they don't sit on the eggs they set as et is mowing a charity use when when you're doing this his hay process what is the term mile mean stacking at the bar so you've got you got hay mow sometimes he olson the ground when when i was a kid we had a very tall barn and we stacked we stacked on in the moss with a were they were first loved mill that went up to the rafters which were probably i don't otolemur how high it was now but they were very high big big timber and we would put up in the hay loft above the stalls are you just you get really good just grievance what s i push it you push it straight up and somebody of their wecatch or they have a hook to pull it up there eh and so malinaison ever stored oh i've heard the term why but he cited i've never asked about it and now when when you said it i knew that you knew what you were talking about so i'm picturing like ah there's another style of keeping hay which is just to pile it up you'd have groping pitch forks and throw it in her own and it's kinda had that image in my mind of what mowing men now the storia and tho i don't i don't know anybody a lot of people have gone to the big round they else but you get kinds kind of the the chiefe waited to it so if you're going for quality you don't do wrong bales it's testits easier and throw people throw out the pastor but they they get wet and they just stock ain't know i'm a lot i've got one i really where the heather that i see and so you know if you don't if you're not careful it gets old and it then you start having restutori problems and mean men like all kinds of you know all all kinds of problems so it's just a um i discontents red so so that's the hay and we do costeening too with grain so depending on the horse they get different supplements because we do risky these are complicated their complicated case and so everything that we do has his health and mind not not all of em most of them so we were looking at protein content they get they got supplements for their further joints or ah if the hoofs need to grow more we'll have him on a different supplement for extra hoof growth we have a vibration plant for that you'll stand it will stand a mon in its tiscreet all through a blanket on their good sleep on it because of fields great in your spine in your body whilst on the horses on the and that won't that will literally this sage and vibrate all the way from the hoofs and the more you turn that it up the more it's just like you know some of it don't go slow and set your your working not different things depending on the seed all the if you're going for all penolak recovery injury recovery of your going for hoof girl it if you're going for a length jardinage if you're going for spine that there's different ways that you do it it's really it's really amazing so the chat said love sound she so home school two i think the problem would kiddest life kill bing that that ever single kid should come out of school not with not necessarily an think about this sir going school get all these scholarships to college to continue on to stand the indoctrination in less they go pro what do they leave with honestly i can't bounce check book i mean i see it all the time and oh in or some of our of incomperta they don't know how they don't know how to change the light bold they don't hate em they don't know that you actually water shot off they have no idea how to turn you tilities on or actually do things that it takes to be an adult or even hither finances in an order on pretty ossetes or the ones at going to politics but anyhow less sassolin black horse his gorge just yet he is he's a really pretty horse we call a posse friesenhausen he looks like a freezin all those of possehen so he's lots smaller and a light on bolotoothe i don't know horse breeds like i do dog breeds but there is some horse breeds entered if my lake thos he ever loving let me throw out all through pitcher up on telegram on the then alican throw him upon the case headier he's he likes some of some horses really like to be kissed on the ill stoicismhis oh yes absolutely and you know they're just the they love that i mean it's like the best day over ootnote one a friend gave me this is a gift yesterday i'm astreht it will storial time telegram here and ah is that beautiful wreath his cool hang on the lacop of pulse or sitting here and i'll put him up here a very nice i like em i think it's called the gipsy vanner yet i don't know much about them as a horse but i just thought they look they look really pretty start ahorse ne thoughtsfor and if they've got the main and the feathers and all that sort of thing is really there really i had one that that wasn't my barn for a little while i don't do breeding are in he don't be boardit was somebody that was working as she needed place to himeros his ferlish had his and the gorgeous ers others e gipsy a barn here and granariesand and a nice nice lady that runst and you keep talking on his i can't echoeing at once so so there's if there's a long in the action tokimune well there's another right i can ask you because it's it's a huge deal in goats and goes home never been on our property so it's probably not a big deal for ours but we're starting to wonder ah about our dogs especially our manacous she's looking so thin she's nursing three kids so it's expected that she's going to be on the thin side but we're starting to suspect maybe there's a case of worms with them very common for them they have got parasites and i know there's there's products there's one that actually there breeder told me about that she said we'll help with the it's common for them to have paid worms after the kids are born and now she told me about a huge cine dormer to get them and i thought it but i want to do a little bit more research because of course they're good to tell you about how much to give the horse so so that ships small goats so no you can never other than always to all of em like like with the ivataan some of the other were worse oh you go by body wait and see you look at the plunge on the warmer just look at estimateand thesethat that's how i do because we we go by by by way i could hear this the great pitcher he leant the camera i'll find him up here when her on direction here hang out the got take me just a minute here and i'll get him several here i've got two men put up and a the stone we have really nice horse so it him and he i know everybody everybody thinks it's fine to see the horses you know we had a camera on one who's getting ready to have a baby and i had people that had to call me an sic youcan't ke those cameras down teinomena to watch on the horse and it was it was like a dictavit was so funny her toothat for one telegram i know it's hard to take quick pictures or radio the boats because they their diet is of adorable as they were already there starting to now they're starting to get annoying which i had a feeling would happen just like rabbits to the box are a real pain and we have separated them and kind of giving them a time out but i don't like the put them in that particular yard cause that's the space that i want for me and i don't want animal poop as there be in the dogs like to go in there with hot chicken coop and no goto so they can roll in the grass and i could lay out and just enjoy a and i stay sometimes but he so now we have a fence that's in process of being built chester stretch across the goat yards so that the boys can be separated from the mamma as we start the weaning process hence there about due to start but verite now kindly the we've got a separate them cause their big sister is getting really annoyed with the boys it is kind of funny because like with such small enables you you want to be protective you know cause they're babies their small they're so much smaller than adults their outweighed you know but deeyell take quick beam and just throw him a bowl him over and pinned him against a fence and squash of and he won't make a pete'll just lower in center gravity and turn his head in torture and say bringing again i have horns come out it's go scipine er scream in terror or pain and they just there so sturdy and muscular its atypic about now and there's no worry about their way they just sturdy there like i call ice we should have a quick beam brick house oh yes yes he's here in a his ion he just but but you know what it horses are it it is honestly it's one of those things that your animals we with the kids were over yesterday and we show him chickens and their lecaros ters men like now then the terestre there all growing together they like like give the guys get you get the beer and all get your milk control kind of kind of thing if you if you spend time with your animals they will in fact they they treat you the way you treat them and as the same thing would people you know they if you treat an animal while they're going to treat you well and they love being with people and it's it's a pure reflection it truly horses are a pure reflection of how you are and and more so that they there even their motions if i if i can not a horse and i had so then half a knot not have to do the horse but because something happened that day and i just let it disioined n i get there i long kinds of you know pistol of allsomething i'll get on a horse in the horse will pick up on my emotions and the horse will also be pissoort right happens every single time saw i i have to you know i think that's another thing of when we talk about being stable you you don't horse people typically or very stable because we know that they are reflection of our emotion so the reaction is not always there if you if you're in a bad spot with a horse and you stay calm forcesthan you come on right now every every single time so it's it's a is kind of a mind set but it's also a skill set so just that the sky is so funny if he sees somebody else getting padded or if he thinks that he is not gotten enough attention an he's like a two year old he gets really naughty and it soon as if i sometimes all grand my coffee and i just jump upon his back in the stall and i'll stick my coffee in the morning and ah it makes him feel really good because he knows that it's like it's like kit they want a job they want to know that their important and when you put a sad along them to go riding they're like a wee can do this together this is going to be great what a great day you know you get you you know you go out for rides in on you get them you get the idiots out there just like the ones that thatstanding brain the brain washed self righteous that think they know everything never done anything you know too young to rilievo that you know will here be in men they should be out there in the youknow in the wild running in the wild really they lived to be about five causes steered all the time because there were the now there a prey animal they are eating their food source like deer dear live to be five years old so horses in the while so a rider and some who actually takes care of them gives them a wonderful life and they they are their happier with us much happier than without us and also they it's like i have one worse than if i don't ride her on regular basis oh is she mad i'll i'll come in there and or if i don't if i don't come into the barn on a regular basis shelter her back right on me which means you know that's he that's the business under the horse and she'll be like not bad you didn't come to see me is and where were you i was here i she's real sentry she's a nouice horse in the bar and angelico were here where were you you are a bad friend and i mean that's exactly what she does so then aw'll bring her couple of cooke and i come in on rough up her hair a little bed and in it i'll she'll throw fit on the on the right i mean heterolepis first right out i'll teach you to leave me here and that come and see me i'm an that's her attitude and after a while i'm like you done with your temper tantroy yes i'm sorry so that the the black horse that was as hasback stallion he's a producing mail and that he's got a lot of gostling in has a pretty set malathea about ten times the energy of the normal or so there there the super strong their super motivated there super fun because if you're good writers stallion will give you the best right they're not afraid anything if something comes up that there that that would make a gelding which is a fixed mail or a mare afraid you don't like sea turkey flies over your hat of had the halfpennies like whiletwo is come to the end then and jump off a cliff to save herself from what from chipmunk cried a stallion hill plant too and it's like he deyget real big the plant like this and you can watch him necessitation cause they're thinking and it's like do i kick your tail now or a twenty feet but guarantee i'm going to kick your tail you know so it is really a beautiful thing and in how honestly god made ah males and females it's it's a beautiful thing we we are we are so beautifully and wonderfully made and in just just so you know for all the men out there who had there have had their face shopped in it and told to not to be what god made you to be bring on the tax in masculinity real women love it because we know our dads are brothers are uncles are friends roussand we love you and we love you exactly the way you are because you're those strong stallions that protect the herd and that's a beautiful thing all honor goes to both men and women neither is better than the other exactly the way god made us and we love you there go i just like with a with an animal with people you have to treat them accordingly you know you give the bible says that men are to love their wives and women are to respect their husbands why does god say that because he knows the women will take over if the men don't do their job you must respect your husband so you can work together and husbands are sometimes so busy doing the protectiveness of the work and for the family that they don't think to nurture their wives and the wives need that so batter it has to give them a reminder of that don't forget that you owe her also what she needs in were ever employ everybody's like while i can't figure women out women are complex well i'm kind o i get called like a guy in a girl suit a lot because i'm all i may be old harder than a lot of women are i i don't know just the way i at my case but i understand and i my husband is in fact the greatest flower giver in the history of that he is amazing like like just he gets flowers that's his the and so i don't know i've i've had some amazing amazing flowers given to me milly like when i when i turned fifty he had me fifty red brows as long as sotheran's gorgeous absolute but there's been times he looked down as were taken a walk you pick of a rock and like to look at this this is really cool and will give me a rock at him like oh he fetched a rock and he thought it was beautiful beenpicking booloochistan on that river is on my shelf right and so you know well i'll put that the rock and in a place of honor because it really is really a beautiful thing you know you know it's not what you give man or it's not necessarily why you say you don't ave to say the right thing i just have to be present and ah and listen greatest thing o god can say is ah don't try to fix the problem like i would and most caloto is like to sit back all that sounds terrible i could see why you're and also we know in it it's a lot of how their tree i mean how many you've probably seen the videos of these little kids at are sassanoff to police officers and cassandane where is your mother and your father will they don't have father figure it's like elephants too i mean they're a great example to me because they are so much like us too that ah when hunters or poachers take out too many of the big doll bulls those bowls are the mentors to all the bachelors in the inner area because they watch everything he does cause they look up to him and when he's taken out by a poacher or a hunter which most of the hunting programs are better than that their wiser about it but oh if a poacher or in accident should or just old age takes out a bull and there's no other mature bees around the young ones go nuts and as they go into the crow playeranother cause all kinds of problems they they try the bow over the rides and all kinds of issues happen well i mean even i raised that rabbit ah for a year he was a key almost year he was a cat i raised him in my little pocket wifely because he was the only surviving one on his litter and couldn't be outside of his own for a while until it warmed up and off and he was mature enough and that i let his mother to the age but there may have been a step or two that i missed that having dug this before because by the time he was mature he started in to kick his urinate and sprayed me and yet that was a big no no in currents world he did not do it to my outfit he said boy i would have tolerated that if he did it to be cause i'd go out there with my heavy overalls on these tis not something that you want to throw in the wash every day oh yes a spray ere kick it it is as fast as thoberthideth pine feet but how he kicks that you're in at it just sprays everyone he was trying to tell me he was the boss now i am in control how's that work for one doesn't work for me and so the day before he was to charter old he went to free their cape i tooanahowi we have no use for a live stock animal and it starts to become a payin the but the doesn't matter if i raise them when he rescindite share those pictures and gosselin but there maineesta or two that i missed and there about how erase i'm ill male rabbit and all that i could tell there's there's a genetic component that can happen with rabbits like that and also the advice i was getting for rabbit people was you put him in a cage that's the lower than you are and man as level of the countess you have actually establish of packing articles animals work with packing and so like horses there's there will be you watch em and they'll order themselves in a pecking order one's on the top we'll allow every one to eat when they say it's okay the copilot and is like no this is my pilot you go over take that one is and we go to the other one just to push the other one around a little bit the kind o bolislaus chickens are the same way and people are afraid to roosters now no no you can have matters or as a few wan but when they start getting puffed up and thinking oh i'm mister bad and i'm going to spur you you describe a hold of that that chicken and you don't that trisergon hurt him yet his push im right on the ground you on you hold on there you hold their head on the ground you hold her body on the ground it does or here you're just in mobilizing and you sit there and the other the other race iseither chickens are common and in a little bit picket pick on him disallowal you're doing it not much because they know you're there and they now you're not going to tolerate it but it's a humiliation at exercise or the in then they get up in their like i guess i don't want to do this again because that was that was rough and all of our all her roosters get along where most people have to have been supper pets you know you can't have that and i think to your point of the younger younger guys right if the older guys are not taking the younger guys with them so that they can see it the young gresware going to have just been bullies cause they see as a race of string and then they do all these stupid things to try to prove no one man i mean watch watch keys there in their teens the other like a man you know that kind of them and they think that that's being a man as it is certainly is not that's the host thumpers that's a weak man that's not of man doesn't a man that's that's it that's a weekly you know that's just a and now you get you get out a real man out there you know you get some of these faringis than that around than on take it they will not take it and i me the thethesoul bat down the saint working for me kind of olden in his isamazing that's like i think it's kind of funny people say he don't few from the inter city they thinkthough between the city oudnot i just do you know a lot sense you like think you know i'm in new york or in from the city on of to the farm ocean you know because you you think that people want to come to think that people from the country and all their simple toes that nothing out but you don't want pretty much all loss or pack and not be one and number two we're not getting put up with an onset and ah i think one of my favorite sayings is i have horses which means i on pitchford i get through hay and a lot of it take a kick from it half a time hannibal pretty estatewere not going to be a problem in course that be to have a pitch fork or multiple ones and i am afraid to use it and although he then that the brute i know why i always wore copybooks the two old shootfood to boon and that makes that effective and effectof understanding that you're on top of all its bertha well i think in the way i've got a couple o we've got a couple of pitch forks here we got one that's short handled in the time they're really thick and hardy man it's it's heavy ah it's not something you want throw hay with but it is a let's say can be used as a weapon dollars for a tale he did ever tell you about the time that one of our representatives stuck on my property with the mast it was funny i like i was really funny he suck out of the property of his massonlowell do and out here for sale which to do it out here with the masts got you want to talk and you can now gave me a little bit of a veil threat to my property and on like you get twenty seconds to read think what you just said to or things are going to turn poorly the thesis yes that was it was kind of fanning then there's a i don't people with a dog's specially doverisshe that has a picture of a doberman oneness something like my dog could make it to the fedan to point three seconds faster you i think it's pretty funny yet he ducked his head down after that point time had slunk off into the weeds about a pretty exeter that's a good place he says in on his gold gold finder gossake way with somebody or else love says i ochtred can't throw little people to you just stounde stand and the rock giving a boy and man think yeah i think that's so cute i yet i love dandelion stand lies are like that's on my fit you do his olisi and so it's like it's a purer form of ova of love and gratitude graciously oh you gave me a dandelion you picked out yourself that's so sleep here he could make tea and salads with lemon stock if you not your doing i've never done any of that what ah i've heard a log volet i kind of got things is there the more shalitha ah you take me as solid in this rig thank you all put in on dinner to night so might my keels growing really good i yesterday or the a couple of days ago i read some terms could you like terms for fitz generation warfare from a body gonfler on color he was at that party that last week end at john riches and so i think this is important because we went through the went through the mass acousies terday i lack work all that we all crazy right now a we all crazy because we've all been brain washed there's a lot of things that we don't that we are going to have to we think the way that we think about the world you know and stink ground it serigo get a plant and on to something to stay ground into god's world and read orible say grounded as the only thing can count on right now except for carenare always going to be silly and wrong so there go the count on that too cause i don't what wore just we two stopped to give this thing up and so there's loss loss of these so red a fitzheron warfare yesterday someoneone in this work by if you don't have it i'm not on paid to say this i just think it's smart to educate each other hagberd warfare hypered warfare is political warfare that brat plans conventional warfare irregular war let cyber warfare with other influencing message such as fake news diplomacy law far and foreign electoral intervention it is influencing a foreign government through the people the country with contrived media cyber disruption legal processes direct conventional military actions by state actors irregular warfare by non sectors electoral serene and diplomatic lovers irregular warfare according to a regular warfare and acts in the national defence strategy of the united states and twenty twenty irregular warfare is a struggle among state and nonstate actors to influence population an effect legitimacy i'm favors indirect and as a symmetric approaches though it may employ the full range of military and other capabilities to erode the adverse his power in a power influence and well in includes specific michigan missions of unconventional warfare does everything high bred warfare does but focuses primarily on use of non state actors conducting covert military actions rather than direct conventional military action so i would think that that some of our intel traitors said one of them came to the textures parting meeting this week ended i'm going to make her a poster child for not necessarily presenting herself the way that she said she was and also her connections with the grand new party coming to miss lead us and the connections to otto county at a county is a deep state mass of subversive actors who go from one little effort grasses offer to do the other and in dis goin to give her that the the recognition that she so wants desires and so this can be money with i restricted warfare on restricted warfare is more i like regular people i really do but these people that come to take our nation down down i gets out her little swords and her little little polly and is willing you know and the sword of the mouth and ready go after him because i'm i we should not be putting up with his these few are traded and there is no excuse in this kind of war with this kind of warfare for us to go lest she didn't mean it you know she she didn't really mean that yes she did and so on because why you just look at the connections and i'm telling you it's time to start name names right because the destroying this nation and their doing it by by by a regular warfare by non state after and such who are planted in in positions take his nation down and i think we can call them out unrestricted warfare on recipes unrestricted warfare is war without bounds in this is the strategy tailor for covert influence across the global state cover influence happens by concealing the methods of influence if the primary strategy originally developed by china's military the elements of on restricted warfare are net work corruption legal explication and economic manipulation unrestricted warfare does everything irregular that hybrid warfare does but it is specific to secstate as the chinese countess party to shape the entire global environment and i believe china is a globe thing it's not a geographic country in more thesis the nations is calories it i didn't dition ally they incorporate incorporate massive influence with economic warfare specific aspects listed here and from hybrid or regular and unreserved other stricted warfare occurred together in what are referred to as great zone chanel and then we have generations of warfare and graze at so i think that this is kind of important to go through this and understand what we're actually dealing with her so we're going or not continue this because i think i posted let me show you on the guide that wrote this with my body the people's general general michel teeth who was fighting for the rightful president and i don't care of anybody says i'm sick listening to to people who you know all michael flints ages a great guy you know don't should this probably single handedly on was one of the greatest political was one of the greatest patriots his over greece this planet no back down attitude i tell you why he a he's an inspiring individual meshitamahite little ideafrom the nash fellow without that i went to and a'pointed out when when he shows the rittenhouse john roch leering one i am there all the patriots stand in front an there's pile torectly father picture there on that's way doings martin sheriff hand as on rich that such monster stanhope the case a camino go back is shot i've got a little bit of a epicuro oconore sacks definition of elective dis function that he put out recently he sudden estemed ng it was the otoe here we were all laughing about it and he's funny oh spinose she great earlyer raising these age this skybright here this is bone and ah this is john ferguson he's the guy that does the military draws and they they are these are amazing petrosyan whole line up of their up there of of patriots of military guise that that were treight for this nation so that's one and he wrote that book with oncewith general and i just really preciate all those guys one of the guys head so he sought something like was not like like fording forty eight or forty nine employments and to listen to these running for his right for office in south carolina and is one of the carolinas and just just really impressive and precedent of venison in korinthin of got another picture there let me see if i can find it a minute and a crowd good one god and here almost there patience and i don't ostentandi that picture it how we talked about em how we men notice things i noticed that your whoped out any telegram page all these guys these military bed the act you mean on the stage they had blue jeans b but thou shirts he echinoides of seascaleto son of sothisis retch he's got a staginess house caticol and he's got a his of his discobolus there is the saddle with little with the mirror sinnett's just arioso very very fond there is on right there so this is the guys so there's there's bone so i got john ferguson james holland he owns a farm and i'm all of a military proud proud service so boon caller a town had he he was president had of ice at the border we were we were down on the border working over companies less this is oh ah a cris costali and he's the one with all the deployments impressive man and such catch and john stubbins and on the other this the scores is really impressive to so god take the isliout seventy of us stout and that improperand at the gathering and really really impressive people on telling his much in our good old boys and girls that were hanging out there it was a lot of fine you know you get together with people who are true patriots and it's like your family for ever heather hobson the cereopithecorum were in here to that's my daughter that's my daughter so far she has done or project the you know my telegram channelsto kinds of things so she is so she's adopted from india she's very special needs and so she does a lot of art work their share of mac and i got to pin she pin and john rita was really cool she the sky this couple guys in there that were nat that here maybe seals that was really cool way down in very very nice nice guy and hansel wonderful testimony fantastic testimony just as real as you can never want a you know of a person and he santos like his grandpa that's raven her son she saw the conservative a patriot critearyon and the side of market the tritian mcclosky the people from saint louis that worse were brave enough to stand their ground on the property love ille greenwood roll thy sky corehouse have a real nice account of what really happened to him an it was nice to hear from his son his own words good guy you shall have such a boyish face yeah it's negotiat twenty something ye he's easier so emmeline to restate he's got a trunk thumbs up there when the sanity that foundso or well if i can find her as of other people that were that were there the gyrocar there was wranitsky at everybody there is just so very nice and god did you see this this is hilarious i coronation and to the south there correctly while we verergerde can oh god on you something my pigeonet now every one just now or the red to collamore we going to ah gasolene is is not a private severne any one constreined even socorro slice so that the ones falls gay if so and carthaginian ooseemeeid the young those come down so anyway dies i just wanted to announce that i esconderse younger very mesalosaurus i am we got our young ah well that cole to day they did all fours hold your horses presents on to say a few words on developers for soon he had learned you already dead dick chaney sounds like you'll be joining it livery soon and cloud schwabinger sarassine putting both for asses in chap and rung the sanctimonious candishes for president last twentyfour baby so think that's an slegare us and a president trump actually did polesthis which i think it even finer oh this is real interesting i don't know i guess it in possettboilt smoke so through the hope oh me mei think you shared that dligenter that esterna oh you turn that this morning i think for yesterday maybe i miss i was not telegram like all day as sole to e montespan for more get money that by were wages he allowed them barolongs he you and since its more it's more of a just it's just more dark money was from his sight hermoniake le on unfortunately i think it's nonsense and he the sole money thing involved in politics needs to be come to hal say out keep looking out because i bought to make some notes got hasn't gone away he's just sitting there looking at people going i don't think so for without this morning because i loved free and absolute pro and let's go to this one this is really interesting this is kind of actually i i'm in just go through my mirebeau e this is this is actually a riot doing this because i've already posted this stuff and let's go to and let's go to now regularly sketched program ah an the sky and were i to go to detroit news article thank you for some on my my channel post to this oh hang on a montego back to this we're going to this is what happens when you got me scores to gets run for screens top trying to talk intelligently on the hedmark on that always but by met at least here i do right news surprised that they actually posted something that wasn't just crap because a normally this is actually worthy of being posted us marshals operation fines twenty five missing southeaster twenty five in danger of missing conceive as you don't think something's happening the marshals are on the scene and that there's a lot going on with marshals it really are i know i know that it was reported to me that there was quite a few of them that lost their life there actually in the real fight in stede this political nonsense that most of our renforcement organizations are in on right now and not all the omen i love the police you know i love lawenforcement i really do i just want to see it johnnie and in right now we don't have share of sir prosecuting it whither shame on all of them the whole state should have jumped on that one and sheriffs association jumped on it said were going were going a band together as constitutional shereefs and we're going to work on a m go after her from all eighty three colonies what happened nothing zero so shame on all you and so poor in need not your power as in twenty five in danger missing children on recovered his self these in a ten week federal investigation officials said wednesday the kids who were found include runaways and those who had been abducted authorities were the us marshal service said the effort called operation we will find you as the first nation wide missing child operation focused on geographical areas with high numbers of critically missing children the marshal service thank you marshals he has many important missions but i cannot think of any that is more critical than finding children who are missing and getting them to safety o encipher the u s marshal to the eastern district of mission seneste marshal worked with state and local agencies and sixteen communities across the cot country under the operation and recovered a total of two hundred and fifty twenty five endangered missing children the youngest recovered was six months old i i hope i erbeout there understands what is going on with these is because this is this is about now about em you know teenagers that are eighteen or seven that are seventeen looking like the twenty five business about people who will sexually abuse and in and or killed them just for the criminal demented which that's a problem of getting out like the dark web i won't get on the dark for i know it's there and you sometimes things trickle in from the dark wild two regular than regular and you the dark web is a place where people can trade off and do every criminal behavior known to mankind very dangerous oh i snuff videos people pained to see infants sexually molested it its horrible place i would not recommend going there unless you really know what you're doing or you're going to be netted with these people as taking part with in michigan the s marshal service with representatives of the national centre for his sitting report exploited children the oakland conic sherifs ffice the micinski policeman child clearing house in the mission department health and you want services authorities some of the covered children are considered to be challenging cases and southeast asian because of high risk factors such as child sex trafficking child explication sexual abuse physical abuse or medical or mental health and others were sought due to request longfordiensis to insure they were safe and confirmed the child's location according to i do you know what is the horganisation that is specifically missing from this i'm not seeing occasion there which is good because sepsis one of the largest human garoor ganization in the the north america and it needs to be eliminated shall be or not in verse the shale shall be county gone they have no right to and if he got a good governor and there who actually had you know no back down characteristics i can think of one ah we might we might see some change in that eat what say you care yeah i agree in to beg biggess and i know from the former world of mine at a there's a lot of missing kids out of wayne county especially a sofistiikan is very very common and in some of that you could say it's race or culture or income economics it could be all of the above but there are a lot of kids that go missing on a daily or weekly basis there you you'll always hear if you're if you're in to that of your paying attention anyway instatement of em run away there old enough to hold get out of the house and i try making her on for it on her own some of it or some of them are getting into prostitution or drag digs in that kind of thing in a very young age in some of them just lack roll models and then if you're a kid he's had any experience with see p s and you've had a bad experience was see p s and your parents are lousy and they're going to jail or one of em gets coch before the cops come lookin for you deliver you again to see p s w wouldn't you want to run away and try something else when you and go to a friend's house or hit the street ran in to avoid that that criminal so there's all kinds of reasons for it but it of the entire state i think most of that crime happens in that corner ah so i'm glad that they had made a special effort but it is an interest that it had to be a special effort in order to be successful to get twenty five kids out gatewarden you say that corner are you mean southeast yeah yeah well i'm really disagreed with you on the i can here i think that there is there it is going on everywhere and i i'm pretty extra sure that oh i do when we look at the west side because where where are you look for criminals is not where you expect and so they're going to go where you don't expect them to go they're not going to go in these big cities there there but there in our neighborhoods there or neighbors they are there people that you've been taught to trust and one of the biggest problems is like with the traffic it's kind of the same mentality that we have and a in the unions and the in the political party systems that sort of thing their cults and people feel like their so long so they jump into these things which i have all these empty promises that never change anything and think that there going to be safe while this person would never betray me oh yeah have we learned anything at this point in time yes they would so that they'll go to somebody who's got who's got i'll take care of you i'll take you in the next thing you know gone alamitosthe em moskiten in my opinion mosquiten is from what i know on what i've the lake shore mosken grand haven holland sheboygan i i believe that were seen a lot of the i know something that was happening of an mckincking which is very very disturbed there is there was an astute siewet it that was buying up houses in around mackinac and registering thirty people as voters to each one of those holes so this is mackinder and when you look at crime on across the state i've got a list of ten of the most crimerose it's not the big city the small ones and let because we can go they can go unnoticed there so it's like when you think about drugs you don't drugs in the big city how do they get there they didn't just drop out of the sky they are going through the upper peninsula is a huge prop with drugs being moved through the up peninsula from ascot and through the through the of the rural areas because they're not being was and there is not enough the way that that the deep state is arranged michigan it was to destroy community policy specifically the sheriffs of and so their under founded a lot of the money has gone through the state police which is a union for the police force and you can't get em out you need to have a way to get people out of a union situation the unions i we've been you know where one of our companies is in company the means themselves were the ones that they corrupted some of the passion and we've got a hundred and fifty four hundred sixty trillion dollars an unfunded liabilities in this country and when you look at the ponson find im werratal were involved in a law suit because they they had they had a ah gone written in action i can submit to combat something that went on with studebaker close also the pensions solid they came up with orissa and the ear requirements or conscience in through that were established to orissa what they did is they put it on the employers and you can never get away from it from this in if a pension goes broke because the people manage the passions which is the unions because they're the ones that are mismanaging it snapped the employers employers opinion it's the pricking unions that have looted their own passions and a i actually have quite a bit of experience in this little bit annoyed because they rode it into law in and i would say not knowing that it was going to go as we know they knew what they were doing they knew what they were doing to break the say toots case bentosto and oh it's it's the union managers that have screwed this up in a man ask every single person as part of the union how well is this working for you is it all in words he ethel good about the import of the boro club there and i don't mean bobengan just man but you know it or tatar they actually serving you i tell you right now they're not is an employer we can buy health insurance for almost you know for very very very little were the union union news my tack on another twelve dollars an hour on the employer which is passed through to whoever a business just to pass her so there there pretty much screw in everybody on both hands and asked him how well their managing oh i'm an tell you right now they're not and i and so i i don't have a problem if the union is being a man as corruptly and some of them are doing a pretty good job but not all of and so the union members need to get in there and their supposed to be represented if they're not you better start making a lot of noise a jerk in these people round by the short hairs because i know there's one in and grenades that i that absolutely that is i believe so poster workers on one of the postal workers unions had grown rapids and i say it no not without rybody at this union and listened to how basically complicit that union members were withstanding with employer and not with him ployes if they stand with the employees is just like our government if they stand with the people i'm all in if they are if they are using the people for gain through the union as well as the employers im out and i think that we should all call them out they have to be there as a service organization not a little special interest that's mine are election because that's what's happening and all these special interests organizations the political parties are part of it the unions can be part of it i insist the label em if a union is there in actually service as instead of we i've seen it wore the union itself tanks a job and other they try to take employers down under the guise of really helping their employees will promise i kill off all the people that are actually bring jack bringing jobs to the table that has to be filled by by workers your killing off your food sept it's stupid everybody's got to work together and if a good insolencies are not good there there are definitely some other that polsterers union named a bunch of home that were at incredibly as to their workers in the factories hearing gone ah and it was it was said they were being asked to work way too many days too many days in a row would no time off and just really really sad oh very very sad though it affected their families and it was all under the guise we care about you were union really the label find out if there really serving or not oh it's so i'll go back to your dear first comment there i don't think we are in is agree in it all on the track i can question what i was referring to specifically was children who are reported missing okay so that's a little different than the thinkers men that is trafficking through the south east only there's a villanouse we have an international port on give you that and and then they're taking kids out through the ports and coat and their doing through the tracking and the street too were the hoopas kids between red in the go from container to container ah and so one gildengate the kids at these god and dropped off to not at the next one and although no heroes are on that way too you can see it when you look at some of the warehouses that are going on there's a lot going on i'm in a look something to bleed yes so there that's all i was referring to his children who are reported missing which usually means that some one who has some kind of authority over the child be a parent guardian school system is reported that there's something amiss there and a lot of it is temporary they find them eventually ah over it is throughout west michigan which of course cause some here in more familiar with missing children are frequently found it's a temporary thing ah less than a day kind of thing a less there's some great tragedy but it's pretty rare any in the public rarely hears about them because usually it's it's a called the nine on one is a couple sharstead is that go investigate check out a few places i notice things through their experience and access that parents may not have access to and they figure it out and then the public never hears it and till some hours have passed and they had me discover that there's something more going on than need the public help it might be a single the new story and then again against resolved because the the child is sound but when you get a traffic in situation i mean how many missing kids are there then no not reported to the public if we had any idea how many kids or not were there supposed to be or in a system which keeps them safe we would be overwhelmed and oh there's a lot of debate back and forth for example on ambers because the an amber alert it requires specific set of circumstances is not just because people really care about the child that they want an alert to go out to the entire community but it's a specific set of circumstances that sends that alert and then unfortunately a lot of people think that it's too inconvenient for them to receive an alert when they could actually be helping to save a child's life by just having an awareness so you can't have too many alerts because they know what he would pay it in touch on to them and they can michigan there's something like two thousand ems two thousand missing children there's a dead a point but i've got to screw it up well what to say year reported well they might be areois whole system as his watch what happened with the with the theoclistos down and hate they were trapped on the opolie there then like theirs the clintonian looked the foundations the foundations are allowed to be used for criminal enterprise and so they were trafficking kids down there in there is gollagore cells be down there yeh wonsh got caught trafficking and convicted the clintons runit down there to to bail her sorry behind right out of aotrou and what did they do they sutter up with an inchoate i said they put her in charge be put her in charge of the tsin effect at the amberleys em in now and i believe i do hoach nge your name from from more selsby to a different way and she's up there is like the fox watching the and house are you kid me this woman is already proved yourself to be a human tracedthe were doing it and hate to a huge amount whereever there's a tragedy on the planet that herothe travelers and that we're here to help and the government i here help to get away from me right in alders kids there being troubled here in work here to help night not red cross the whole old bunch of em herpunch of a bunch of human trafficking a criminal into individuals my opinion in a something with the same thing what with ah is not as the ditsarah i don't know there's there so much that you on how many of you and workers said and we were caught you know raping kids the th these places just as she got a great name doesn't mean that its servicing us at all they may just be there to victimise not only these kids but as hoping that we're going to be stupid enough and not even that we buy into their lies and we just need to get smarter than that syntomis not not by an inch he took his check the other brought up the the national debt clock i low i like watching the supper once at one not necessarily totally depressing but so we've got all if you want to keep out you want to keep a close eye on it you can do that but it's got a lot of statistics in here pulls it aggregates at so here he got this is the one that i look at right there in fonded liabilities check that out look at that little number and it's just keep going up so they want to talk about the national debt i'm a little more concerned about that number right there that is the number to be in sir and i look at that the liability cur a half a million dollars we are in debt per human perversities this does not include illegal aliens which he probed brought in but twenty five million of them in the last and the sense the i refuse to call him president since biding the traitor i chuck over the rightful president of the united states is donald j throng and look at that look at the look at the numbers here in founded liabilities they took this like it's it's a it's a misleading the tacoronte national debt because that's only part of what the talking about there is statisticians are great manipulators their huge manipulations and in they don't they don't always tell the truth so you got to be able to get in there and look at that of yourself and know what you're looking at but right there you think your crack cored out as high check this thought with the space of your money now i'm an ass you'll real point in question how in the world could we ever get out of useless there's millions there's billions there's trillion a hundred and eighty seven almost a hundred and eighty eight trillion dollars of unfounded liabilities for this nation you personally arrasless his got over verhalf a million dollars of liability per sitizen as they just mighty fatty all over the globe when she praoontal money they i i've got a couple of horses that make poop fatty they they get is the connotes a proof that i make her right this is the proof patty situation with mine they are throwing his money and every single direction and guest lot you the debt goes on as not down because they're taking tepart of the th taking in the itreally i got to do is look at is is sergey's world meter dot in powhattan in about their share i can i can go there too an if you want if you think she's give me a link so god tell me what ye tellin what you're trying to tell me her cooped up that bright med og says oh world meter thought in ful solicited one says i don't you go to world meter and poets like a duck's clock say all look at that too here we'll get out thing got lookin erythine what good bad good the the bad the ugly sobotta one too but checked this out i mean did see ower we understanding what this school crime send it is done in its distant with jacklein t start with the federsee which is not a united states organization this is a foreign entity that has our money and loans it back to us part of this petty each of us in den to have met you think we're going to get out of this without cracks and a complete told acidantheras i say no i say anselino there is no possible way for us to get out of this without in an economic complete crash collapse and i don't believe it if it does it would be god self that hall hollis out of here but i don't think it's the were we got into it we refused to kick these criminals out of office hangin up for treason do you think they're good to raise to debt sailing again i don't know who knows you know reform in people who have a whole lot of faith of anything you're going as if anybody that farms people kills children ah there capable of anything there all involved every one of em nets this it's too stonecross because they usually will threaten and make all kinds of stories up and then you get down to the wire and then they all we got to raise it world meters in fall got influence not coming up return another one he sichardus started catching up yesterday's news this morning cause i woke up early and i just felt like getting up and set a going back to bed and i thought well check and see what i missed yesterday cause yesterdays a busy day for me and i dissidntia time for telegram so don't catch it up so i found out that to say tis stated fact decided to quote quote run for brethren and i just started to see how people re people are reacting at the custerd alas is one that said it came thinks that what that so not coming out ganshowenik world meters so is that on said that the their theory is that to see antics actually working with trump and its part of a light hat effort basically decessor revealing and so on a here got population now let's see we got his population at ah works this is where three it's it's read and gasometer we've got this gravesiae holder doesn't look like it got much on it it redirects me two other sight wer meter flow meter diabetes glucose monitor i don't think this is the real the seal so its directing me somewhere some giving it if you can get me a different sight just out o tells all a it's coming out this is what's coming up here i'll show you there that's all i seen i can't believe that that's where work is postico so i think that we're watching a movie i really do i think the guides are or a ah that actually that we are actually the good guys were see either his important attack about some of these other things your people always go to the bad stuff let's see god the website population data and her difference in different lay also i got to go below its niches migration patterns incite sphere business that is not where i need to be because that fact is an information the atherine re direction elstra galasiere get about her elsefor get it better when his hat was not coming all so anyhow well well we'll stay on we'll stay where we are until we get a different lake east to click on his sack coming off a cliff link a sonant nickols too ah that's all it's come from my actually i actually put in the exact line and it is not coming out a friend i don't know why well it's hard to tell because they're black and so many things a right one more time will see the year the same come the same place so then that's it it's that soon meis coming off and i don't i can't understand why take it in exactly the same and not we try so i sat place so it's not coming out that said what i see if there is another another oniton is like kind of a looks like a little bit of a displaced holder side so anyhow there are a player on with it later and then lest they have got another one all there's another news article that came up this is conniventes i'll i'll get the surf i hadn't look into the slot more supreme court decision on the e pa that was this is really interest the free court rains in the bite in ministrations of power over us water was thought that was kind of interesting not one a decision or night oser we decisions as it was a everybody jumped on it siyes and actually this is this is interesting the lockless a seventeen year old standard and when my favorite number seventeen it is in your face every one there you landed dead sadder in conspiracy theory which is not a copie a theory maybe a conspiracy but it's not theory it's pure i'm sonnino seventeen years standard and let's see let's go down on this little bit farther its article if his own mission nearly all waters of wet lands are potentially susceptible to regulation under this test putting a staggering away ray of land orders at risk of criminal prosecutions for such monday activities is moving or the samuel olido self i think that's kind of an exciting that's kind of exciting is right now we've got so many things that are are screwthat the land owners sinuslike than was at property taxes are a legal so illegal taxation and property gentis hoover i'm going to say right now that there is an effort out there which i will not be and all for for many reasons see confined here it's not in here i'm that is the property alleged a property a petition for being on the ballot not to show them down acts my tax i do not support that it all oh and i think that theresa i i'll cease questions that's got it like that charlotte i do not support the offer it's not it's not in any proper for it it is not pain attention to the what needs to em the league of the legal form to have the thing actually actually moving forward does no campaign ah our fissus pen that's that i found that his been filed and we have a problem so i think that we need to do things just because somebody says that it's an its up it's a it's a good thing doesn't mean that it is in it doesn't mean it's going to work a lot of the sites so there you go think that this is one that i will be probably oh you know not really on bord so just assist everybody knew there ochsokui request and so anyhow let's go back to property taxes i think that we should have no property taxes because that all makes us into leaseholders not land not some who actually alas are property we never on our property right now because the text completely backwards so anyhow there others might there's my bit on the there monteacadeo posted i don't pose very much yet for yesterday's news is as far as they go i was some started out on a couple of the channels including yours and then i went to weed the media cause that's a good place to get an idea of what's what's springing on and then i'll go to other channels and find more specifics to day are we to medios great oh you got a church drag shell and of his revered oh yeah i heard about that and round about way but then i was like i got to put this on that was yesterday i think i posted that one known yes so it the whole day i mean what do you kanedgita a quote on others which on a drag show and a drag show workshop of course they got alg b t kol forbeck people to show up and say we love clanspeople heloceras people onowenever these going cat and all the rainbow callers and everything and then across the greek street they got people who were reposing the fact that their putting a drag show in the community all much less at a church or god god specifically put in this scripture don't dress like a man when you're a man don't act like a dress like a man when you're a woman and i got the right don't as like a woman or a man and i don't do carnal things with people of the same sex it's pretty clear so anyway then to top all that off this disproves stuff of the police have to show up for then he got two three people that show up dressed in bud light outfit they get some caught a bad light beer bottle cough goodnight i appreciate but here more involved of how did they come and cross that they already have the bud light bottle costumes and they said let's go to that drag cream show their tops colosse the cement the songs like a really good idea on esquire you kidding me see i've got i got to give em all here and worked my promise as i don't have all de nicarde you put that you criticssome thing out at an carbines yeah cause i had shared on not going to do it a couple of full before that i take and every time i hear that far as not being in no it not get it he has not grander that was elatina whitestone not folly i no no he will at the noise and we as i think they asked one yeah back in a day you was solacious up began half of course again he happened he had in there oh that's not a i go back one here here's day have traitor wishes the traitor where the wiebeking of wonder because then had pained that he got to be very good friends with your i and as you like to one who is as well to omit no nowyou know starving ostriches one primeminister his observatory of brown co now i can't give the hand the hand he's a lot of his honestly entertain then over there the water in that that bella down there together of course i believe it but in all fairness sisterlike you owe est i onealmost so by that shinerswee hollerith yeah his hereverything in one as pretty funny actually that's like a said that's one saturday night life was actually fond but in momemy brother used to do impressions based on dancersand pressions and he is to mix some or he'd have like jean wan lines and dark fader voyce or something like that how do you do that this funny ah i wooroorooka harthaknut who can think a chatty i not that skilled like think of a john wain line okay i don't think i could do it elissomenon hinocman intolerantit that the there takes in the manatee you begin at that date and upon its sides but i see that ohio isn't a state and that they say check my face when i told something like that all john tator i'm having fun with that yet there you gouch i was in the state donetoo us also a g massthat end mike murphy if he doesn't follow rod flag or is going to put her on notice she has no right to make such a threat i have to correct that dictator clown yes we should all who should be yes i got cottbus family bush family all of them if they were politicians and sat in the seed any point time they're all traitors they were there placed by the global crimes indicate i stand on that we had also treated sorrow there he go because he didn't they didn't care about us a little people the little people who they just run around like your little truck and steal from us as evidenced by the national dedlock and if ever if i ever able to get if i ever will to get the world world clock on their oppotitu so her olasso the deck clock back up there this something we should swatch for minute realise that this is get serious people skin very se scare the scaring that was one of my favorite lines for him to see that carry over for another like ten twenty years he is he is i think he was too assured he was at the white house and he was that he was bragging on some military gear there on i think there was devadest storm time frame and he had some night with ingon but those goggles put a like red glow out the front it so he went english says holiest an you can't see me see gaffington canteens turn to light though enough and egos care very scary anywas wiggles pried back and fore saw you could see was his glowing red adnotatione an outside checking my rabbits i don't know if this rabbit is pratica we've got baseplate okay i got to do this way and dinocares imitate down i can't do it i'd respect donald trump wait too much day of him made fun of by somebody who stood there with bush pull them all kinds of an question you know it's a camp in and olleschick to to appose the expected ostfold the stars well stars of lost pretty much all legitimacy for me and everybody all i could care less about i just saw something that when it went as searching for this that said the old pistrce fine sneishing of the polestar egan of god who was trafficking kids down it in a who was a trafficking kids down in a ah brazil he got cree got convicted of child trafic and i'm telling you what it's like it's like there's no retraction nothing and i mean i think about all the pitchers with her and tom hanks and tom hangs polskich pictures of kids shoes in the road and so stalk about ere man often that's like that's like really oh there i shared remain right after that i have monopnoa while just find a pony then of those operas got her hands out she's she's giving away pies and steals yes trover body trees may be he'll follow us for giving little trees will give the little little nuggets of what we stole for everybody so i shrevington she's got too much of a dark carlitosvery knows i think i think i hope is like you don't she get them much money involved in it it's amazing so i what's the poppy plant all we get i think we might have a troll on here as poppy polono brandenburg is a nice name i guess it is time with my husband so there ye it's a sisteron in german you have any german ancestors not not that i know of so not a teacher whatsoever you know and besides that there's a lot of people have ancestors that few once always sur ancestors are blood like the only blow a bob obliged yet but aren't they a good person or not if you looked into that abovemade not so but none that i know of my father believes that there was some one with my maiden name ah on as not my maid name further back in our heritage on the may flower if you go to the founders monument there is a list of names i who was on the main floor conon of them might be that man so i may be a defendant of one of the mayflower he's done a lot of genealogy and i hear he of these as the heroes here it is oper winfree could possibly enter politics by replacing diane finkstein is this the or claims how we don't know if it's nobut by eighty stays and politics till their eighty nine you know i'm sorry this is this is one of the things you got to look at and go are you kidding me einai don't i think they replace them i think they get younger version that looks like well the woman they tried it out that the supposedly gone for three months and then she said she was there for the votes which she loved viously either lying or she's completely incapable notes sissies that woman's not there's not suitable for office the waganda miramas pretty sharp porter old eggs which she was also cantankerous one of my and find something here cause is is this the celerious in the november sanders too much but i just have to he here remember that the movie here gallito where about bertha what it was was it with something about burning or what about birdcages what's that a week end to burnet we can a burnes i think that's dinminatine in the rest of these people we can burn telipok propping him up holding the arms up you know these i am not not lying it not then they queentitania is named i can't believe i can't remember the gate that looks like lurch who yes everybody knew to ontaking about a year he has second womencargoes serious there's so many good beat means about this you know it's like right here you go yes this this is politics this is politics or whole bunch of dead guise stand and there the proper of not one can talk or stand on their own they're told what to say there you go poster child were politics right right there anything of real any more they're all gone i don't know eighty nine years old i'm sorry my mom's eighty seven you know i can to know the function somebody that's that old and it pretty exeter's not then popping up on enough to you know it's like like binaire sure it's not that you don't run it up the stairs up to on an airplane like a freak in giselle ere ere see him popinot the oceangoing i'm going there or for its sidetried i got my path eg i get to be as much of a smart alec as i want to be i sol the the hero bid and falling of here he watches gooselike composition the guy is in entering has so good at it he doesn't even look like a very you kiddin me it's like and now i don't think it's jim carry although i haven't seen anything which one carry for a long time aren't recsonise what happens i been brave usual i kick click on these things before wouldst when he gets so hard as im not pushed on being so the stupid and that come off then bending instead in into not too often the evil empire great front of our eyes to merit as i skogumoolk a freak in hisself what you do oleineoe he is running up the stairs like a tornillofor up before i got on coseagon steps up to help home and it becomes the notes you take in colors play a half thousand staff people going up to grab him and make consonantthe just won em go cause they know the golgotha top oosters and he's got her just keep on he's like the freckenhorst even and i answer plenty your ashover addison he's getting full he's off again one up to a moorfowl what's got up again ghosteses of naked look like it was real john i can reioised in on some people i really analyzed every step in his balance and everything notspeak its face and the only the younowhere service of kathee gis on secret services gaseronne essary these gases are dull are right it if if he actually sneezed they would be their sand up we have a problem coscerated no no no no they let a ninety her old guy going up the stairs as he gets up as he is ronnie across the severe of the doer force one he jumps up there an air force one just like nothing half night hers all aren't you king now by but as we were made in the closest about critical thinking again so if you see in something that othersidon t make sense then what does that mean what is your interpretation of it and you could take some guesses and nobody nobody really knows all the answers if in but if if you got a guy who pretending to fall on the steps who is pretending to have an inauguration but clearly there was more than one filming in event for the inauguration i did i know you man alive that is i have in it was there is something really really not right about it i don't want to closes at least maybe there's more in ever really thought about that if if all those things are true why would it be and all i can say is it to show that i can say is certain to it is a show there is something else going on and the kind of give me encouragement to think that there is something else going on and i think maybe that's why they did that maybe that's why they got the guy falling in part because it gives us an encouragement to know that then not every cool you see its real estate so that in bad things to look at this comparison side you a lot of facial comparisons i do walk comparisons i do crowd comparisons i do all kinds there is not a plastic surgeon on plan at the contake the changes of what happened here and in the point out what the tell tale changes of this ain't him the this is not he look at how narrow his forehead is compared to his jaw that is not something that plastic surgery counter place like at this he's got a wide head he's got like a pea body had gone on here with a with a vigor are up here a narrow his draw is here the comparisons do not match up your class kind o or look at how his his lower dowther of his teeth bushes the one on the right well even if they had said even if they had em you know what's she lets go back to this also elsewhere we are all kinds of faces going on here but this guy they him sorry the ear lobe where bed tell i think they've fixed that sense you lose you i foller is this honest to god does that look like like biding somebody please tell me that you're not buying this nonsense i'm not well not a seminal as cited to be as is going to be the skin be down to branford actually sang an i do not by anything i see all there as to many things that don't make us check this out okay we're going to just look at this state it's the heranites if he is cavalliero like he was falling asleep for the microphone i mean that was another one of those moments he yet not that but it now by an at all and it please somebody tell me what is going on i there is also those moments of computer generated press interview things where like his hand in that microphone on miss placed so it's clearly computer generated you had one word there was somebody running away in the background with a mass gone his it seriously if inocent make this stuff off it's that bad no sotherton got an email once from i think it was maybe marasitic surprises me to don't they don't read out to me any more but i think it was an ina he mail in they had a picture e di that i thought and to look like pigeons i recognized as though they wanted me to see but it was it clearly wasn't him so i went looked it up in there is a picture in the same suit in the same back drop everything was precisely the same except for the face of the man and it was more like the the fake bitin that we recognize now but the one in the emilier different in is like business like an early version and is the one they went with for the mail but it really stood out to me i've never seen that one elsewhere so i don't know who created it or why again and it makes you wonder why why were they use and think fake image like a double fig the queres for it could have been a depthing ers an interething biostatistics bi not tons even looking this now he's got the heavier brow and you know it is eyeseyes are hooted is trying to do in the crooked smile if any his family abysmally you are failing whoever standing in for biding it is a failure we we we spot a face it is fate absolute fate failure fellers egbert the sands there is about three different to sances es out there so now by an nodding closes okay here is doubled double jeopardy of faith fiert here that every what was it that was hollywood squares here's harlequins of that black take it what did these things those that like the other i can it is so and if so i like the other they're all fake i don't know what this guy is but it's not the same guy that we started out with you now nine years old even with less in all just now not going there i'm knocking i say that i believe that cause i don't oh i only go back to the thing it's like ah poppies o ka and then when you don't not nothing to rent i can look in to the gatanois like germany so he is sorry for north the conversation no problem on i'm wholly to answer any question you can ask me anything you want but you'll get the answer i'll rimado is better yet it was shattered carry or penis potterman uttered apostate happy polite after b you back that's how i feel too not job he's ter in this country on the only one in it and i in it not political party if the global crimes that it cut up which he has been a large part of the only question is if there was a fake by why were they picked such a blithering edge idiot to be back hopefully to wake people up to this initiated you know i do i think it takes the very skill to accord to book crack in a very tailor way such an idiot i mean you got the moment where he is walking by the garden he says soothe soothe marie under his brother whatever it was but does he know he's might does you do know things and purpose there's so many little things that he's doing if he is an actor his sidono for sure if he is an actor he's absolutely brilliant because what colony he heterocoelous roll that's designed to cause the public a great deal frustration while entertaining the rest are existence jolly joe bide from before no not him and it's like now not bin it gone the sky the skies look as he i sent you a couple images by text that i was referring to so i've got em always like someone to get on this i gave up my phone number like always is that that is called i did of which on a body of the one can on open there our bad die plantanoides hand toybut it you're good guy we have great st a line came in the remoter testers the air low his ear low i like these i like these compare even the hair doesn't look the same here you've got you've got way more space even with a smile but look at the attached or the one test er low his ears give ears gonaway but that litigation masked to me and you don't why because you can look at if you really good it can a spot and things look at how i look at the eyes ah there is there's always a difference there is always a difference in the eyes they can't hide it ariseswhether are two fake present trumps's will actually this more than that i've got a otocrane shot o o of a one that i did a comparisons for president and bouseiriwhere one but really willed the image of a well enough funny that loringwood be eyes by implements of the eye no not by an it look at the ear will not not by that not even close to buying say that again i'm sorry i love the image of togoland the way he's laughing with tromp et arating but that's not that's not the real trunk there to gain than cold with cable on the editorials he that see i bide what when i asked the question though are those the hands the tint your old man now the change chance but it's funny wifeyou peter some misser whoever you are the other possibility i thought of initially was that em that they took a joe the real job may be if it was the real joltless than early theory that i had and he tortured him and i've wondered about jill it has the old jail she carries a lot of way in her facial expressions she does not look like a happy a presidential wife like it the entire ear there soon we have a problem i will i love the guide is plain by but he had yeah i think they all have i think they all have doubles you know it's as like thislike present tropong course not by a hat for nothing and i hope they keep his sad it probably had pretty good job to his otolithes anybody actually believed that that's that's present viden notchange he's dry and hard the pro got face teeth out on to make it his teeth with like it's kind of coitfranke that you know her i restrained well i'm sorry dona but you're not daygarrison i can't making up pull it off i will never pull it off i could not follow the stairs like him and at sixty years old and run like a freak in goose freak of nature but you can throw he and he got a pitch fork i am made i could jump up then jump up noon to fanny to two fine i just never know when she drove get on a show in the then caring the riveter and friday morning how to get howland plaid yes you get it and it's plain i'll write there he one but you and city that i having in her the as once on like all sudden and one day you see the sands of pompeian they drop the each of like sixty pounds and you hayoue got the the skinny version of de sandison pompean one day and there looked like more carried both how worlds there half and i want to get on that diet you know well if for caring erigeler shows up that's more buff than you used to say it's not me if you like where's kenorano did you to her eight too many sandwiches so this is funny or not is canwhat this up here sorry guys i got to do it is called here i don't know what this is to say this to point in all i don't know where the one point and went with two point on was definitely in our bring him back as here on the three point all this is to santothe point all right there look in his eyes there so we went through and then see i can find it santas worn point all here because one point all his little is a little bit on the halter side this history pool this estopinal if i did find one for no i give you a robin one of de how does this happen how does this have an overnight coming to him that happens you do tentopolis grates says that a disgrace under it loathes he is like so much better looking than to stand is worn that i all and now there are istreon on being to point on back he is easier on the eyes who the costis sky and even now you know the dog for tucker carlson look like yeah no kidding out there go there's that's one point operated one point of said gad buffler night sixty pounds off waahoo do that pompeo and him and the same day as amazing i'll let diet because that diet would would make somebody you know billions of dollars over night not by in it salter a that's my that's my thought on this ocatitlan went petitorem faces the girl down the skirbeck up alittlebit the gong the rates when this here gets that fire is with an ice puniness peoples preparing to renoncrent that they had also isostatic comparison here between this guy their gay can like military buff and oh is wrong here's her on but the sky the sky this sky this guy that does not care a person overnight followed the diet during this guy back to point a wins over one fool the anointed then i look at it i look at thee a dishonor and am looking for the movie day and they never have it i guess mother tv show on now called de letter gives a series of some but the reenwartha the o what's the guy's name he's just an ordinary guy but he looks a lot like the president so they pull him in to replace the president because he had a dickieana con or a stroke or something and so they pulled him in on a temperhas to acting as the president it's called dave and they won't get moving on right the now what i see that louie isthat's entertaining on that's funny i can't there's here is just god go back to this a right this serious there's the gazelon the right that the gazelle probably probably oh yes it is the verayesthat's the summary of it some are widowshad to day we got questions we got the cross that's soleneio up on the on the the the stars come up plain again and will is keep looking at exanatelo gazelle pop and of here's another thing about by why would any one think that i'm going to get do everything right i've been in power for like what like fifty basilion years and it's just gone gotten worse so the track record just kind of doesn't merit at right alcoranno sad so i think my needed to just by by biden good bye heaven ice kime i hope you enjoy get long wherever you are anyhow okay you guys that checked into recalled governor whiter and they say to do that it's thirty thousand ah ah what the hell criminals not we have to keep that clown and on a thirty thousand while they made it really impossible to get me thing done and it's just like fond if you go into poisoning did you know that you can for a certain things an it'll cost us grant to get information that should be public access in available at any point time and the way to do that because nobody thought of this clearly clearly nobody in charges thought of his to the trying to hide the the way you do it as you publish over think you pointed on you don't you printed out there in the open so that you can get to all these records an have it in the position of having everything reduced to that need be redacted and you just published the whole thing so that you go to ye don't down as sits down dorwiere goes i want to find out this that the hit and if i want to print it off i printed off myself you should not have to go through government officer get things that are should be public acts and they're only doing a cause you're trying to hide the true to hide what they've done and he is kind to find i exilement bad guys are really do and thrioscope they don't have to like our township clerk printed off o the role information for man it was collecting them from townships all over the county in he said our township was the only one that was easy to work with as she actually so held do it sure she didn't charge him anything she didn't at lyon told him i hope you learned about our elections process i might so late it here but she is also on the same one who said we are the bosses more she got that from she gaped at from michigan townships association education quoted once body you got to buy when you are township trustee or other worker against you got a bite his hundred dollar man you will where these this group of attorneys tell you how to do your job not the people we people are supposed to be instructing you how to dig or job in your supposed to come with credentials and virtues so that the people so select on one whose qualified to do the job in and then they instruct you in any other matter how did you halicore they are all to do is go and you can come in during the week and have a chat over the counter but you can't speak into public meeting and disagree with us and may god show you our policy for how we run board me or anything up i had sombrean my township and i just delivered evidences to the sheriff's department detective and for the locust sandy investigations go this week is been really interesting i actually copied off my twenty seven hundred twenty seven thousand five hundred a petition signatures got that to the opposition attorney and that law suit and all so called up my information for the locustan helped the esterminio the gfoeller force to get that down and i delivered it to the sheriff and in the process i talked to our clerk who absolutely went back and forth on on the fact that well i said well do you have anything new the secretary of state just told us the other day that i was sportlets so that we were not to talk to any one or give them information on the election really and i had i had a witness so i flit my phone on speaker phone and i had a very interested witnessed and listening to the noise it was about hiding evidence anne hiding our access to it i said so i sed she's like the only thing i have is a throne drives like really the only thing you have is the thondarie should end in an she said i she said yes and it niton have anything on it sis so who wiped it ah you've chucked the board elections i said no no no we're going to go back to this do you do you have anything now it all went to the county and then went to the really but we have sundrie okay why are the empty in who wiped up and she got really nervous she was well they will be empty at the next selector unlike willother empty or the not i said if their empty if you did you live opo who lived on would answer the question in went back to well there'll be empty in you don't want everything will be empty going back to the follow lection and unlike ok well if there if everything's empty and you have no records of anything in the township who white the record then she did the specifical albeit trained thing and said basically ah well you know on sir trying to talk over me as i was trying to ask her a few more questions she wouldn't answer my question cap talking over me to shut this discussion down in hung upon me does that now reek of complicity if you were told that a township level that you by the secretary state were lections were too in fact not keep any record or to destroy red is that breaking the law the answer to that is yes it is breaking the law that means the clerks are in one the ones i broke the law were in on it now don't care if they didn't know didn't know the law they're guilty if they they destroyed records and evidence because their supposed you working for we pee first off not a centralized men which means which means go to lancing but in the townships and the in the townships in our local ministellis and such they are supposed to be our first contact and working for the not taking orders from the marks queen gretchen her squire nasal or the court jester who runs a secretary estate jocelyn benson the globules and that's exactly what they did and so if there's evidence all over the state of clerks that broke the law and i'm sorry if you know them i'm so sorry that doesn't excuse or give them a pass they broke the law and they were part of it taking orders to one part of this large large criminal enterprise which is run our elections an entire nation make it out rules as they go when the gold rodeo the part of it that point time and they all need to go down in a very legal process together because they broke the law and that means that's a matter of national security that's a matter of stealing your voice your volt your say in the way that things are run in this nation and i really don't believe that any one of them should give has wish they broke the law hon or election its nash is a matter national security and we can't disable the dead men at i'm sorry they tell you if a clerk said oh my gosh i just see what i did i really screwed up he people look what i did this is how i did it this is why he did it i sure would hinge better it would be a whole lot better for them that i think on what you and anybody who would do that would would be a lot less oh with wounds the the way e on eresthenes or if if you the town should would get together and say the requite and blew the whistle on them on the whole network instead of jumping into the swamp together to try to save each other's behind his they know they broke the lock if they did that and they stepped forward and set you know what this is what we were told this is the communication we are here for the people we are not here to uphold criminals in office and we are not going to protect them i never lowed respect for that person and i'm pretty extra sure i'd say say come on let's let's stand here to gather and and go after because they stole in our elections they've cheated the rightful president of the united states donald j tromp out of his his office as well as how many more i mean that's only one that we that we bring out as spacially the poster child for for people who were cheated out of their sins what about everybody else cause if they didn't to one they did it to all of them that were actual real candidates and had to remove them you can't have somebody in that won't hide their criminality you who got to have a whole network of him sitting in there that will go along to get along and that includes the political parties in all of them there giving money to these people to keep the machine in tapped and he onothis honestly it's thought that they are in the minority we are repeople are the majority we just got a step forward and do our jobs you don't think you work for me o ka wellmost of us out here are lousy boss we just sit here at one at wantedman and bicanine after the fact instead of acting like somebody who was actually charged and meeting without did not an adversary away this is what we would like it happen here are the legal papers i'm going to know how to do this i'm going to know how to be how to that would be a boss if you don't know how to be a boss and you don't get involved and you just look at people in your bitch after a fact that's not a boss it's not even close to being in charge yet you got to have a handle on it and you got to be involved so who is really a fall is the people in office no its citizenry of these who who has a who has basically dereliction of duty ever single ever single person who is never sent for to do something and just bitches after the fact so our faults tolliver faults and i can say it's my fault i didn't step up quick enough either i shouldn't stepped up in the southeast and and we were all tired of in nickomin away of this propaganda that's going on and it took us to get to a point to realize what happen and so now that we know that there's a problem it's time to act and yet together and unify and step up together and say you don't what this isn't what we want and we have the mechanism take it back and really be very effective with it and it's kind of an exciting time to be alive so i hingston i've got a oh my god may he come in you guys chicken the recall only god their keeping knowledge from the peat we people having tried to change that scamper peeping up from it i think i bomaseen three six smith montmorenci nic of two thousand twelve as gotenlic service and abusing it big yeah that's so aoloo at em and a year while called it out ignorance is no excuse love says i think a lot of them on it bore or corrupt we have no problem with the business across the street who breaks the town ship laws nothing gets done i called her sad they called sconosciuto miona locus standi lossit for livingston he wanted me to get people to gather in the following week i don't have enough time to do that i forgot what came up all i know it was part onepart was the two a county a commissioner meetings so yah it's it's like you know got to tell you on before to be patriots we've got to lay our lives down and you know and there's lots of things that we want to do but we've got a prioritized this election integrity and taking this nation back for or we're going to have nothing you know i might see my husband right now this last stand and probably two two and a half months oh he's out working and i'm working and a the reason being as i believe in the same i believe that we have a service to god and god or god comes first or service to god in my husband feels the same way to miss each other terribly however when his work to be done we we don't mean that we do whatever it takes to get the job done and i think that's a very very important thing if if you're asked to do something for this nation and it's a matter of losing the nation losing our country watching your family be killed like they did and end in germany i mean honestly you know in christina coronel put out those wedding rings ah and everbody went not so over it her point was that it was a humanitarian thing there was there was six million jews that were killed with work five million non jews that were killed this was in a jewish she this was about getting rid of any one who had the ability to or fight or stand up for the nation and if we're asked to do something in front of god and by god's strength we have to do it we have to stand up we have to get involved we cannot sit back and just bitch after the fact we've got to be proactive not reactive and get in there and get the job down it i don't care how many hours it takes it for for myself if i go up and i sleep two hours a night which happens quite i'll do it we have to fight age before i seven sex changed bill for kids without prentices can son act on the floor to be voted so called in clouds and lancing a tellingniver stole that with a proposal tropolis but these proposals were a word not even legally done of just like our nineteen the same michigan it was not a legal process so these things should be could be and should be notified let me see if i can emitted i study all these processes and here's a book get it studio no or talking about here there have you can you can complain about what we got to fight this ah b saying whatever it is i mean there's how many of them do they put the put out hundreds of bills and all they do is continuously distract so again when i see it is like a that's terrible bill everybody look it's the terrible bill i am not wasting my time reaching out to my so called green presentatives who do not do their job their corporate there unlawful i don't respect them there not even elected there shall lectio ple it's a sham government that does not listen to people why am i going to waste all my time trying to tell those people how to do their job when i know darwell and so do you they're not going to listen if you could have five hundred thousand people for michigan say i don't like this bill and it would do did lyst it you're going to have to learn everybody in i'm not speaking of his one person i just speaking to everybody we must learn how to self over an i low olian which means this corporate entity needs to be unseated and replaced with an entity a representative republic which will work as its supposed to only because we the people will do as you said our duty to be the bosses that means we have to learn how to self govern we are you know what doesn't it work these elections don't work the let us late in french doesn't work the executive branch doesn't work the judicial branch occasionally works as it should much of the time it don't they're all infiltrated all the ancient agencies are infiltrated i used to go check check check over all of it we already know it's all infiltrated it's all corrupted i'm now easing my time in that for me it's it's all about okay well it's time to learn what our founders intended and get back to what they intended bring back god bring back virtues bring back accountability transparency justice freedom our bowls rats those sheep no you we have to be able to make the law and address it and justify it whether it's right or wrong that requires a grand jury it lawfully which is informed on their duties are not just the quoran juries that we see in her a little bit from time to time about dead because if a law is a bad law or it doesn't apply in every circumstance a grand jury could mollify it as your book title you can notify it but you say you know what in this case the car did what they were supposed to do they were told to do or josh stole a chicken but jo smoit mentally retarded and he got hungry so the rule about stealing we understand that's right how can we make a remedy of the situation without the throwing poor dromo in jail here doesn't le belong the grand jury has the ability to do that and understand the law as the lines intended to work which is not to be over the people but written by the and for the people we have to know and of an first of its god to be evaluated its towards whether its constitution lee compliant and then the law that besides at the law and were not doing that and so we have to know that and we were going to have to work with a system we have to a certain degree right now because in order to ride it and notify you goin have kind of work with it a little bit and if you understand the law they hang themselves every single time destruction of records of all election are so it's u s e fioco section two o seven old one for habits destruction of all election records for twenty two for twenty two months he failed of its spicules all these there's all these things that were going through i'm going through on the albert plant dan albert's planned the rut to restore election and because i think that we have to go through not a not a half cocked effort but one we were actually educating ourselves a that's it go for floor will not with republicans talking cuts the microphones and landing a say to build it didn't pass absolutely they're doing that there s that sense though the house of representatives tv on the web site will blow your minds its root they are so rude because it's part of their way to close people down it really is its very you know what gies ye it is it is a re forty two minutes past eleven but you know it's sometings caring and i talk pass the time all when i am the broadcast we sit here we use that for old kids we are friends and i i absolutely consider karen one of probably one of my lifelong friends that until the day i die i will be thankful for i am i have you friends that you know your friends that are in different areas of your life you know you have you have the the the friends that i've met and pilot and i'm going to tell you that that there's been some wonderful wonderful patriots and beautiful people both in the republic and part us texas people who are unaffiliated people who are democrats that has i was literally crossing over and talking everybody right as we need to dare to be americans and stopped this party nonsense like a bunch of kids and high school get together and take the country back from pit from criminal politician and omental i'm thankful every single day and i know you know who you are the the ones that stepped forward i know you know who you are that i consider real friends in its funny i had i had a few people at came over in their like manono when you stand roadthere patriots it's kind of like you knew each other your whole lives it's a it's a wonderful though and you owe the bond is the bond is the fact that we are brothers in christ we hunger and thirst after righteousness and just we we want to think it see things done correctly here and honestly i think any of us would give a shirt off our backs for any one to help to welcome people and to care about their emotional well being there how in realizing that we've all been stolen from it to see no donaberis it remotely a billionaire i if i had i probably give it away in some form or another and so my husband it's never been one of those things now we one buss but to amass a large amount of cash would never be in either of our in either of our minds you know it's having money is to and if you don't you cassio help people around you you know and you just want it you want to take advantage of every one and you get there by lying cheating stealing and never help anywhat it what a despicable human being quite honestly and i you know it's like it's like i don't you know it's like press the trump he does a lot of things to help people and he never talks what it there's no reason to talk about things that a person does because first of all he wouldn't believe he anyway if you told him what you've done and a second of all it's not their business you know you have to you know give value it people on on his his person to god personated for senor ejus try to tear it out if the trinter people don't plan to the angami not on people without being able to bring evidence forward they're just work for satan period that's it just trying to repeople down from for if remanipulation sake and i dismontare part in that you know somebody's done something wrong i'm an throw what they've done it will be procedure hopefully they'll come forward and say i'm sorry i'm willing to make it right and have that accountability we give them give a chance to make it right but when they fail it's done it's done decisively it's done you don't give a snake two chances to bite you and a first by at first but it's it's you know it's it's your bad second by you know or is there red second bite it's your bad for not stopping amantha's what we really have to do anyhow these prayer mean it i'm going to have say the postedfor that i posted on telegram to day let me see if i can go on and then yeah i just you know i like to pray we have little love to pray i really really do and a i think i can be alone for a long period of time and just i relied starting salmon for terbacker the my problem that god have falls sleepeth i guess we discovered this for the i haven't my off of great heron havenly father we love you and come together for this nation and every person who has heard in to day we know that you can change redeem and restore the broken nation and our broken hearts we watch you leave this nation one nation under god being or battle crag is all forms of evil attacking the nation we thirst for your justice and righteousness in your kingdom on earth as it is in heaven please help us may all i see or glory and beauty may every one do clear declare your name jesus christ as saviour protector and provider you're the only one to heal this land may we accept your guidance and in obedience walk together following you and walking with you into the restoration of america and the world your kingdom come your will be done we trust you we love you we want to walk with you every step of our lives for your honour and glory precious nigh jesus a man i wrote that this morning a lot sensate and i'll start right in at prayers and and the inwonder i get i bad and morning yet on might make a polston i just you know sanetime with god and ask him to guide her steps and sought and orestes in our words and realize there's two sides to too to god to jesus was more than enemies everything but remember he welcomed in the prostitutes attacks c collectors sinners but he went after the religious and the ones that were victimizing others with warrior strength of arraigning a and that's the way it has to be there's two sides to the it's a go after the wolves and he gathered up the there is a very very large difference between walls and some of us had been tasked sheep dog and the sheep dogs are the ones that got in an attack the walls with no backward glance but then turn round and make sure the sheep are ok and that's what we're called to do so sometimes i know that you know and we're talking about the wolves and what the walls have done wrong you're going to see the bared teeth of a sheep dog come out be and we will be on the attack to protect what will you love this once you if you're sitting here watching i know that some of the badges are washing because i i sneak around they don't they don't realize that i'm doing this but but i'll go in on watch at they say in the chass and such and eh oh it's it's kind of funny it's kind of funny to watch a cause they may not know that there actually that there's somebody there watchin ob were watching all the time and a is cankeep in an eye on things a little bit as wont know if the wolves are sitting around on the in the shadows what they're done and to be one to protect these and ah insistence now gin too because in a in the real world if you got a pretty large flock you've got different types of dogs see you've got hurting dogs keep everybody together and you have a large guardian dogs that keep watch and bark and attack the sheep the the shepherd dogs don't don't attack the they let the big dogs handle the wolves because words would tear up the smaller dogs they're job is more the time oriented they they will watch the flock too but when they set off in alerts the other dogs that go out front and take care of restless and then you might have the terrier type this keep the the flocks feed free of vermin so he that different role players in there and corridors sheep dog yes she is seminoleas everybody has rolled place everybody needs to find out what yours is find it do it don't you sit on your dock and wait for somebody else because that's why we've got into this situation to begin westowe bed generations of lazy ah on informed people and we've got a we've got to be come on lazy and inform ourselves to learn how to do this right finning or niche and and work at it cast together it can't be done i'm going to show hedera sharply nedis a sharp let sharp lead no so parsleyand dog and there say there's a traitor there wanted me to get a sharp pineknot which i need a frigate and a horse trailer for one which i might get one yet but i think it was a dog's specifically bred like a cartoon mountain dog i'll show you what it is and this is the siestas what we do wish is what we do with bad cried what we do the flock i love this case i think this is a dog that was specifically broad as a wolf killed this is my spirit animal i'm afraid does a video there were the sharp mane thaking it caught the wolves watching and their trying to come after the flock and in these i can find the the sharply nita and semicalcined me old video this really good video out there of a shepherd and it shows i onigoto go back on the semites shows the sharp intent wolves attack and his and sharp that they just they come in and there's the guy is seofon that video said old one it is now in the the dog in the go group grow gropollo of discussion about the different breeds and there's a bunch of different breeds that do this job and summer more suited for different environments in different type of flocks than others to whose you don't need one of those in michigan maybe have lifethe hundred head in the up maybe gronno see if i can if i can find that betty caseactual pretty good if it show us a back in the twenties were they were they on the seventieth he remanit all said some on mseotis cause it goes back and it shows the the what happens to the before the chariot shoot the itinerant assisi think you've dogs are like like up apologising peter in these wolves of for killing their flock so does hang it out west with a sheep and get a watch what happens the wolf come on and start killing the sheep i was as the best of you appetite and find that all planinathe point time because it's really elise maybe will get to it so your comes the walls holsteiner the dog is gone and the wolf's come in and they'll go right through and tell target these one of the time in a distortion sheet there's the wall fescennine sheep and in discort down the herd taking a sheep out she had no defence without the dog there and there he goes he's just gone there just got to keep going and tell the eliminate all the sheets and then do it just for the blood his osoitettiin facttherefore when the rings contacts he had of so it isn't where the seat i will here is taking a seat who wanted to time and the eldeste going and tell her all down matonabbee same about there go the world keep goin they're just knocking to stop until they take the whole flock down just indoctithe die and here comes our hero your conshinsh perd and he's going to try to help me can't chase them off either and our hero the dogs on this is very old as his wedding broad the dog though the sharper minus and ten horns the hero he goes down and his sister maniferos though and illuminates all the wolves one dog takes the whole pack these taken holy walls and skythikon on and taken all on and i do mangopeomen the core can there's a hero oh boy hennegas the space of the city basely to the quartetteand the sheep are safe and there's a good boy right there love it go boy some i might make my whole thought is this probably general flint and every sin and who stand with him as that we got the sheep dogs out there that are just holland tail on the walls and we just got to have a little faith no one that some of us are st he created for that pope is is hate things that are wrong it's not that we can fight it's that we love to fight for righteous causes for there i go that was twelve or one on its atheistic so any last words characterisata now that you when i would sit here and talk after get off off line residental anyway but i mean ellipical to rap here cause i think i think we're going to have to make bathroom on her pretty quick anyhow you guys have a really great day to day harry go there you go get picketing for too i bredafor govenor do caf cause i had the best known concededwas ever not conceded in history the world i veteres and ah the sheep dogs are on or on on the one brown the job and just so you know there's a couple of patriot chaps out there granberg lost lark in around and watching with the wolves agoing it's kind of fun and he the shot nolano who you are keep talking because ah ah this she dock isn't going to let go so have a great day we'll see you monday a great not money i guess tuesday tuesday who has this in the mortal weaken him wonderful wonderful week eh i might jump on this for a little while on memorial day and intact everybody but we've got some huge things to drop for the state hugh thought to her and to go on monday make sure that you possessed everything's fine because the last time you didn't show up on one day some people were really concertand and i like now and now she mentioned that friday apparently they were all watching the vivie because you spent on one friday before that you were not going to be on yet i tantis orono that so they were like is everything gametogenesis mastersthose you know giving wolves a little bit o chase too so but at any rate oi'll let you know on my telegram channel with her old beyond my dear not at the i think i might just wait till choose but i do will have some big news to a huge new and the proper masters are coming out of the shadows and we can expose on which is really good we just got to go after omen lo have it so there you go soon him whose nose that i wont huge news we have heard news we have heroineseeking to connections because we can see how the conduct salts nes so have great week end and enjoy it with her friends and family realized that to seek dogs are on the prowl and there wolves they beyond a rod they doing so well right now so sheepdogs all the points wolves so they go have a great week end we're going to stand together as patriots from now on till the last breath comes out of our bodies and that we go home to be with jesus so take ogalher we love you god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless the erica no fear