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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 4/16/2024 Removing Electronic Voting Machines & Real History

Published April 16, 2024, 9:02 a.m.

9am Lawful Defense with John Tater. We are going in a new direction or creating documents to use in removing electronic machines at a local level and putting together a network of people who are willing to go to their local governments to instruct them on how we want our elections to be run, using the law. We studying the law, lawful process and the Constitution. Know the law and use the law - using the law to defend yourself. All things Constitution and Lawful Process. Tatar Tuesday with John Tatar 10am Real History with Courtenay Turner - A weekly discussion on real history and the connections that were never taught in school. Courtenay Turner is the host of “The Courtenay Turner Podcast”, “WIM what is movement”, & her new show coming soon “The Right Voices”. She is also a speaker and aerial acrobatic performer. Having spent her academic career largely seeped in the world of philosophical and psychological texts and being a passionate athlete and performing artist, paved the way for the world in which she is currently immersed. Many today know her as the host of “The Courtenay Turner Podcast” where she boldly seeks truth, diving into a myriad of deep topics surrounding issues of health, fitness, medicine, philosophy, psychology, politics, geopolitics & sociocultural zeitgeist. However, she was born with a rare set of circumstances that has greatly impacted her perspective on life. “All human beings are designed to move and the ways in which we do are our unique creative expressions.” – Courtenay Turner X/Twitter: Rumble:

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Good morning and welcome to Brandenburg News Network. I am Donna Brandenburg and it's the 16th day of April 2024 and welcome to the show today. It's good to be back. Yesterday I was traveling all day so had actually a really busy day yesterday. I was up at five and didn't get done five in the morning and hit the road and I wasn't done really with my day until about 10 o'clock last night. And then, of course, you know, so it was a busy day, but so I wasn't slacking. I wasn't forgetting about everybody out there. I was actually pretty busy. So anyhow, let's go get right at it and welcome in Mr. Tater. How are you this morning? I'm good. I'm good. So you have a song for us today, sir? I do. But before I do the song, I would just like to make a couple of comments. Yesterday it was the people in Dearborn, not everybody, but the provocateurs in Dearborn that said they want to see America destroyed, destroy America. They were touting at one of their rallies. And it is the provocateurs that are creating the animosity between people, between whites and blacks and Chinese and Japanese and, you know, all in different races and everything. In our society and in our culture, because our government likes to keep us divided, because as long as they can keep us divided, they can be powerful and strong. Once the people unite, we will take government down without any issue, because we will all be united in the same direction. Well, I would like to wager to say something here that I'm pretty extra sure that all of these people that are involved in this, like, oh, I don't know, let's just say most of the grassroots leaders are actually, that say that they're grassroots, are actually political operatives and they're paid. You cannot look at the structure of how this stuff is going on and realize that these people have got way too much time on their hands without any income streams. Now, I have income streams. I own businesses, right? But these people don't own anything. They just kind of show up and then they're all of a sudden, I don't know, moderators to 100 different, different chats. And they say, oh, we're grassroots, but they're moderators on 100 different chats out there. And they're moving around. They're working for somebody. Somebody's paying them. They can't maintain this type of a lifestyle without being paid. So when you see these people that say, oh, we're grassroots, grassroots, really? Who's paying you? It's a job. When you're a moderator of 100 chats, That's a job. That's not a casual person there. Or say, I don't know, if somebody starts a ridiculous proposal, say like, you know, ask my tax and has three pages of political donations and says, I'm just a casual person. I've never been involved. That is so much bullshit that, you know, it's like, no, no, no, sorry, not buying it. This is bullshit. It's like these people are being paid by somebody. There's no way that they're out there doing this to the extent that they are for free. And we just really have to keep our eyes open on these people that are jumping around in the streets, acting like a bunch of idiots, getting younger people to join in on some emotionally charged thing. um a case or a issue and and you know what I noticed that yesterday is they were actually doing fbi was actually doing uh uh dry runs for a color revolution and how to make this work you cannot tell me that this whole thing hasn't been engineered by our own state from the inside what and and Low IQ idiots are following them and they're being used to cause disruption. Thereby, they're traitors to this nation. Anybody that says a statement like that under the flag of another country on American soil is a traitor. Absolutely. Absolutely. And should be such. And the problem that we have... is until the people realize that it isn't the actual individual that's living because he wants to have a nice house and a family and he wants to have a good job and that's what he wants in life. He doesn't want all this crap that's going on between different types of group, different types of factions. He's not interested in what's going on next door to him other than they're friends. They're not enemies with each other because one person is Muslim and one person is Christian. That stuff is crap. Well, that brings me to this song. That's where I was going with all this. You and I could be doing the grumpy old man and grumpy old lady thing all day going, I hate these people. Oh, the white folk hate the black folk, and the black folk hate the white folk. My folk hate all of your folk, it's an old established rule. But during National Brotherhood Week, National Brotherhood Week, Lean a horn and Sheriff Clark are dancing cheek to cheek. It's fun to eulogize people that you despise as long as you don't let them in your school. Oh, the poor folk hate the rich folk, and the rich folk hate the poor folk. All of my folk hate all of your folk. It's American example, my way. National Brotherhood Week, National Brotherhood Week. The New Yorkers hate the Puerto Ricans, cause it's very chic. Step up and shake the hand of someone you can't stand, you can tolerate. Oh, the Protestants hate the Catholics, and the Catholics hate the Protestants, and Hindus hate the Muslims, and everybody hates the Jews. National Brotherhood Week, National Brotherhood Week, it's national every once while on one another would weep. Be kind to people who are inferior to you. It's only for a week, so have some beer. Be grateful that it doesn't last all year. That is really fun. I love how irreverent we are on some of these things that have been canonized as hate speech and all this other nonsense. It's all engineered. It's all engineered. I reject it categorically. Absolutely. We have lots to talk about today. I think we should talk about everything we talked about before we got online this morning. So this morning we had a work session, a quick one before we got online this morning, guys. Wish you were there. It was great. And so I want to see what's on your shirt. Cause I didn't even, I wasn't even reading it until you started singing. And I was like, I'm a grumpy veteran. I served a sacrifice. I don't regret. I am not a hero, not a legend. What's the bottom line? My oath of enlistment has no expiration date. I have anger issues and serious dislike for stupid people. I am proud to be a veteran. If this offends you, I don't care. I love that. That's a great shirt. Get over your bad self. How's that? I like that. Get over yourself. Get over. Get over yourself. That's right. We're all a bunch of little kids trying to figure this thing out that it's called life. And none of us has got it figured out. You haven't figured out. I don't know. I have it all figured out. But I'm at least in here swinging every day. I mean, that's that's that's the point. We're in here swinging. You know, you get those people out there that are like, oh, I don't like Brandenburg's rants. Well, at least I'm saying something. I'm not sitting on my sofa twiddling my thumbs. Whatever will I do? I don't know. So, well, let's talk about this letter thing that we got going on because there was a lot of points that you brought up that helped me clarify things beforehand. And I'm going to tell you people what we're going to do here. We're going to take this letter. It's almost complete. We're going to go through it one more time, top to bottom, so everybody understands what's happening. And I, Donna Brandenburg, I'm going to be sending these letters out. And I hope that we can get a group of people that want to do the same thing. I think that I can pull together quite a few people in my local township because there's a lot of people here. And I have an incredible database. This is amazing. If you work on networking and you work on things like this over a long period of time, you can really amass a lot of contacts. I think I have 14,000 local emails online. Just, yeah. And I mean, that's just like in, in this area. And I started a couple of, I fought a couple of issues years ago. And so, so what was kind of cool is that we, and one of these, one of these issues, we had 75% or so of the vote that, that, and we, we, we, deep sixed one of their stupidity things they were doing. They were trying to get rid of our master plan so that the developers of which a bunch of them were sitting on the zoning board as well as the planning board. So of course they wanted to destroy it. They were going to pack in, you know, like you could have had a thousand apartments jammed in everywhere, destroying all the farmland. And we're like, I was like, you know, not today, Zurg. So I started an organization up and we went after them and we got 75% of the vote. Well, through this whole thing, we were collecting signatures and emails to keep people contacted and such. And, uh, and then there was a couple other things that we did to, to, uh, really organize the area and it works relatively well. If there's something that they do, that's really dumb, which happens often, we can call things up and, and get a bunch of people involved and say, no, you're not going to be going to do this. And then, then we, we, um, analyze all the, all the main points and actually, and actually, uh, go after it a little bit. But this is going to be a new one. So I'm going to try to see if I can get quite a few people involved. I've gotten hundreds of people to go to the township meetings before. So this is something that's a doable thing. So we're going to try to get enough people in the local area to change it. Local action, you know, equals national impact. And so what we're going to do is if we can change it here, sets precedent. And then everybody else can do it across the state. So, and if you want to do it in your local group, I think what we need to do is we need to do some practice or mock scenarios so people can go into the township. I've done it before. So, you know, I think that we can do it for people that have never done it to go in and do these, do these in a, you know, a dry run so that we know what we're doing when we go in and tell them you have to remove these. And if you don't, We're going to have to have our questions answered on why and or remove them. You know, government fears an alert, awake society. Government fears an awake society because they cannot control us. Yeah. They have no power. They really have no power because we actually authorized that power to them. But we could take it away from them just as easy as we give it to them. And they really know that. They know what's going on. And you can go in there and say, because I know that in our township, allegedly, they broke four election laws. And because we haven't had a professional investigation, but we know we can list those out and go in there and just put them on notice. I mean, I've put them on notice before and said, this is officially, I am putting you on notice. And this is what it is. And then lay out your facts and such and say, you know, we're not putting up with this. And then if you can get the media there, which is pretty easy thing to do, get the media there and or have somebody record it. Like I record it on Brandenburg News Network when the media tried to corner me after I was in that press conference with Nestle. And I was like the only one there that wasn't like in an official media capacity. I was the only candidate there, political person. which I'm not a politician, but just a citizen. The rest of them were all big media that were there. And I walked out and they tried to corner me. And I was like, great. I love this kind of stuff. Hammer away. You know, I love debate. But I had my camera going the whole time and I was live broadcasting on BNF. So I'm like, there's going to be a record here on what you say and what I say. So if you think you all are going to lie about this, it's going to come back and haunt you like a bad dream from hell. And so, you know, it's really amazing. But you have to think about what they're going to do a twist it and make sure that that you have some sort of a form that can say this was live. You're lying. Period. End of story. And that's why we go on like, that's why I really like going on live. I never know what I'm going to say every day. We don't even know what we're going to talk about half the time. We just get on and say, you know, what has God put in our heart to talk about or where is he directing this so that it's not our words. It's what he wants. If you plan too much, it's your words. If you don't plan at all, he all of a sudden will go ping and you'll have an idea or ping, you'll have an idea or you go in a different direction. And if it's live, they can't, you've got the record. You have an actual record of what was said at the time. And I think it's important. So if anybody wants to do it, I'll snap the cameras on. I'll give you a time to put it up on Brandenburg News Network Live at any time of the day so that we have a record of their criminality that they cannot dispute. That's right. So there you go. Do we want to pull the letter up? And you want to go there? Yeah. Okay. So Going to bring the hammer down, boom, on these people. The machines have to be gone. Not only that, it has to be a one-day election, too, and it has to be paper ballots. Those are a necessity. But that's brought out in the letters. So as we get there, we can talk about it. All right. So let's go through. And I'm going to ask you some questions because unless we ask questions, I think sometimes you know the material so well that those of us that haven't had like 50 years of training in this, because, I mean, you've been at this a long time. And with your background and such that we are not as knowledgeable as you are. I'm going to absolutely state that right now is that John Tater knows this information inside and out, backwards and forwards, and is the resident expert on BNN for this type of thing. I don't quite go that far, but okay. Thank you for the kudos. I acknowledge and I acknowledge you as this. So we're going to acknowledge it right off the bat, okay? John knows this. We do not. Not to the degree he does. John knows the material. Now, there's some people out there that do know it. And give me a call, 616-430-4410, because I want to beat this thing up so bad that we know what we're doing. So when we walk in there, we are loaded for bear. legally. Okay. So here we go. So first off you've got from your address. So I'm going to have to put my address on here and the correct date and customize this. And then we're going to go to the two area because this is what we talked about before we came online. Now, if you look up the public functionaries for the township I'm in, which is, which is Byron township, We have our public functionaries from the supposedly higher echelons, which I'm going to flip and say Nestle, Benson, and Whitless are down here at the bottom. This is how it should be. It should be that the governor should be you know, on, on a low level and the public functionaries locally should be the ones that really are on the top of this. They flipped it, but we need, we need to turn this around and everybody has to understand this and how it's supposed to work, not how it does work, but how it's supposed to work. Okay. So let's just say though, for sake of a, I'm going to start at the bottom, which is Whitmer, Nestle and Benson in your face, you three. We're going to start with them and say, we're going to only put three people on each letter. And we're going to break this down into smaller groups of people, but signing our own names to this. All right. So let's start out and we're going to say we're going to do Nestle, Benson, and Whitmer. Okay. Is that a correct grouping? Yeah, that would be a correct grouping. That's the way I would group it. They're Executive Branch. They were the biggest criminals in the election fraud. And they covered each other's behind by their actions. Absolutely. 100%. Okay. So we're going to put only three names on this. So this is a process, guys. And we're going to go through and outline this again. We're going to have three names. No more than that. You could put 12 on it. But I think that we need to group this, or like what the Brunson brothers, what Loy did, and I'm friends with Loy and Darren. It's like to group this into like 385 people, but we're going to do this very specifically when we do this, correct? Correct. You have to zero in on a... You know, one letter per person would be better. And actually, you're going to be sending a letter to Whitmer with a certified number and to Benson with a different certified number and to Nestle with a different certified number. But you could send in the same letter. but each one has to have their certified number on it. So as you put the two, you would put Whitmer, her address, and then to the right, you would put a certified mail number. And I generally mark it as a SM, certified mail. And I would put the number there, whatever that number is on this letter. and then, of course, you'd put it in the certified envelope and send it to them, and then you would do the same with Benson. Benson, Whitmer, and Nestle would be on this same letter. With the respective numbers that you write in. So let's just say you go to the post office, and you have your letters, and you go to the post office, and you fill everything out, and you get your certified letter, and then you handwrite that. after you put a little space as a certified letter and then put the number, hand write the number in. Does that work? Yeah. Actually, can you type onto this document right here? Yeah, I can. Yeah, do you want me to pull up Nestle's? Don't pull all that up. Just put her name down. Right. Okay. So I'm going to go underneath here and say, governor. Okay. Two colon and then put there. Yeah. Okay. Now continue over to the. H okay. Now what? Continue to the right of about, oh, I don't know, set eight spaces or so. Okay. Okay. And type CM or SM certified. No, CM. I'm sorry. Certified mail, not SM. Certified mail. And just put a number sign, the hashtag. And then just put a number in there. Fake a number. 564-821-21. Whatever. Just fake a number in there. So people understand how it's done. That's good enough. And then go down and put another. I gotta put something in here. No, you don't want to put that in there. I'm just being a smart Alec. Hang on a minute. Don't be, but people might look at it and put that in. We don't want that there. Okay. So I'm just being smart Alec. You'll be legally removed for violating your oath of office. There you go. Okay. So there you go. Now. Go down under the two and put another two. Give it a couple of spaces, because we're gonna need an address in there. So just put another two, colon, and put one of the other public functionaries in Benson or, yeah. Just so people get an idea what the structure looks like. And then again, CM and then fake a number. yeah that's good now we got a an idea of how we would do this okay gonna put all three of them in I hope they're watching this because you know what would be really great I i I if I have a knock on my door oh man that would be like extra prizes for the day wouldn't it you know I'm like I'm like what a great story to tell awesome So there you go. There's their names. That's how you'd put it. But you'd put their name and their whole address below that. That's it. That's all we need to know. Okay. So then you got an address here. So I'm going to, let's see. Oh, don't tab me over. I don't think you have to. I just, no, no, no, no. Don't type in address. Just type the address. Right under their name, type their address. Just like I did on my block there. Okay. So that's where it goes. And then we look at this format and that's what we do. So kind of tab it over here. tab it over so it winds up nice and you don't do it the way I did it, but just like, you know, well, the two doors are fine and, and they're, they're, uh, uh, it's lined up pretty good where it is like it is. You don't have to move it all the way over to the, to my, to my address because it was directly who you're sending it to. So that's not necessary. I would, I would line up the CMs, uh, And that's it. And then everything, and you can push them over further to the right if you want. I don't care. They can be further to the right. I just gave up. I just gave an idea as to where it should go somewhere over there and that's the way I would do it. Yes. All right. So this is what we're going to do here. Okay. So we've got that done. All right. Good enough. And then, now, let's go down here. And then you're going to have the numbers in there. And then you're going to send one to each one of them with each other's names on it. Oh, that's going to be an interesting morning coffee up there in Lansing, isn't it? Yes. Hey, here's Whitmer. Hey, Dana, I think we got a problem. Benson, oh, crap. Okay. Okay, what are we going to do? Let's just call it the state police and go after Brandenburg. I can hear the conversation already. All right, go ahead. Yeah, except now it's out to the public. Yes, and now everybody knows. So come stand with me. It's like this is what we needed to do with President Trump when they attacked the entire United States. You got to stand with him. Because it's an attack on all of us. It's not just an attack on him. They come and they arrest me or come over here to harass me. Everybody jump on this thing. And let's stand together. They want to make it an issue. Let's make it a big freaking issue. Okay, so here we go. So what are we going to say next? You want me to read the thing next? Do you want to read it? Yeah, you want to read it or you want me to read it? And then you start commenting. You do comment. Go ahead. Okay, go ahead. So dear public functionary, they are not public officials, they are public functionaries. The election of 2020 has proved over the past few years to be a fraud upon the citizens of the state of Michigan. Wait, let's stop there. Why don't we put in maladministration? Yeah. Okay. A few years to be a maladministration, in quotes, and fraud. and or and fraud I i kind of like that administration we want to use it here too I think Okay, because I think that the fraud is, I'll see if they'll comment in the chat. So Donald, if you can comment in the chat here and make sure we got this right, that would be great. Because there's a whole bunch of people working on this sort of thing. So we tap into other people that have the experience and they can explain things well. And I always appreciate everybody's input. So this is how we work together, and we don't need to know everything. We just need to keep going, and then somebody will come up, and they will help us to get it right. So we put it into quotes because... Because it's kind of a term of art. Fraud is a term of art, a legal term, so it's in quotes. Okay, in mail administration, I can read the... Do you want me to read the definition, or you said not really? Okay. I wouldn't put it in there, but if you want to tell the people what it means, go ahead. Let me see if I can pull this up a minute. I got to move things around. I see no need to tell Nestle what it means. Okay. Let me see. She's the top cop of the state. She probably doesn't know. I'm not talking about having the person that's like the top of the... Here, I got to move this around a minute. Let's see if I can... Okay. Bear with me, guys, because I got to move things around here on my... my lovely screens, and I'm going to read what I brought up. And this is a hang on a minute. If I can get this up here for male administration, because I think this is important and there there's reasons for it. Male administration is a term that can have several related meetings. It can, refer to corrupt or incompetent administration, such as in the management of a public office. It can also mean incorrect administration, such as the case of administering a drug improperly. In the context of a government body, maladministration refers to the actions that can be seen as causing an injustice. This includes delay, incorrect action, failure to take any action, failure to follow procedures or of the law, failure to provide information, inadequate record keeping, failure to investigate, failure to reply, misleading or inaccurate statements, inaccurate liaison, inaccurate consultation, and broken promises. In the context of an organization, it refers to bad and inefficient or dishonest management of the affairs of the organization, In a legal context, maladministration is the term that refers to the failure by a government organization, agency, or entity to carry out its duties and responsibilities properly and fully. Public maladministration may be unintentional or intentional. It may stem from inefficiency or waste or clerical errors. or mistakes, incompetence, negligence, or carelessness. Now, why I think this is important, and we all know that they committed fraud, okay? We've seen it. There's so much evidence here. You'd have to be blind not to see it, right? But you have to prove with fraud intention. So by calling it, this is what I understand of it, and everybody can tell me if I'm right or right. By calling it maladministration, it covers like everything. And you don't have to prove intention of an evil intention. You just have to prove that they failed. Yeah, that's what I understand. Good. I like the definition is good. And I don't think we have to give them the definition if they don't know if they better look it up. Yes. To Donald and all the people that work with Donald Williams. Thank you for clarification on this and always coming in the chat and giving us extra information so that we can we can get this correct. Karen says you can absolutely use brackets or equal signs to make clear any term you want to highlight. or define them, it can add emphasis or make clear how you're using it. Okay, thank you. That'll work also, yeah. Okay, so awesome. We're getting there, people, okay? So do you want me to go on or do you want to comment? Go ahead. You're doing fine. The lack of accuracy and integrity of the election process as prescribed by Article 2, Section 4, Paragraph 8 in the Michigan Constitution, 1963, has been brought into question with the lack of a forensic audit The results of a statewide election audit has demonstrated your usurpation of authority and your violation of your oath of office. Section 11, Article 11, Section 1. Remember that act, acts of usurpation are viewed as act, acts of treason against the United States Constitution. See attachment of the following excerpts. Title 115, Section 2381, Treason. Okay, now you've got 2382, Miss Prison of Treason. Do we have to also list 2381? No, 2381 is the major section of it. So no, I went into it and I pulled the specifics out of that. Okay, so we don't need to list it. They can look it up if they need to, but it's kind of a general list. They're public functionaries. They're too big to look up the law, John. My gosh. Too much of them. That's exactly why I spelled out the most important parts. I wanted them to focus on because they will focus on the minutia of it. I don't want them to do that. That's why I pulled a specific misprison of treason. And I spelled out exactly what I want them to know. I've got pretty low expectations for these people. Okay. Just so you know. You're right. Okay. Acts of violations of an oath of office or violations of articles of the Michigan Constitution of 1963 are exactly acts of usurpation. 2383, rebellion or insurrection. Whoever in sight sets foot on, assists, or engages in any rebellion or insurrections against the authority of the United States or its laws thereof. Got a comment? Do you want? No, I don't need a comment. Keep going. All right. So acts of rigging elections, which result in the overthrow of a duly elected public functionary, is an act of rebellion or insurrection. What I did here is I wrote the actual part of the law, and then I put my own two cents in, acts of rigging an election. That's what I look at it as. That's my particular viewpoint of it. Okay. Mine, too. They rigged it, so we might as well call it out for what it is. There's enough evidence there. It's amazing. Acts of rigging elections... which results in the overthrow of a duly elected public functionary is an act of rebellion or insurrection. Section 238 for seditious conspiracy. If two or more persons in any state or territory or in any place subject to the jurisdiction of the United States conspire to overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force the government of the United States, or to levy war against them, or to oppose by force the authority therein, thereof, or by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States, or by force to seize, take, or possess any property of the United States contrary to the authority therefore. And then my viewpoint of that is an act of two or more persons conspiring to overthrow a duly elected public functionary through an illegal election process is guilty of seditious conspiracy. Where's the proof of that? And do we need to put the proof in there They know. And we don't need the proof in here. This is not a case going to the courts. This is a case going to them to let them know that, look, this is what we're looking at, folks. This we can come up with and this we have evidence of. So does it make it stronger? Because we did talk about inserting evidence that we have, you know, based on some of the stuff that we already have. Does it make it stronger, though? I understand that, but does it make it stronger so that they know we have the evidence on them? They know we have the evidence on them. I don't think they're that stupid. We're citing this stuff. We have evidence on that. We're not just blowing smoke here. Sure as heck. We've got a lot of people you could call into court as... into discovery for evidence, you know, that's for darn sure. The other problem is if we put all of the evidence in here, you know how long this letter would be? They probably wouldn't read it. They're probably going to read it anyway. You know what they're going to do? They're going to have somebody else open it, and then they're going to send it to the city attorney or the attorney that's representing the township. They might. They might. Yeah. It was really interesting because I had Chris Dardzenski on, and I think he said his last name is Dardzenski, right? I don't know. Yeah, he's a friend of yours. I was over there. Chris. Chris. Yeah, he's over by you. He was a city, I think Lincoln Park. Oh, he's part of the U S tax. Yeah. Yeah. So he came on and was talking exactly on how these city attorneys were. Cause he said three and a half years as on city council, pretty much laid them all out on what's happening here. It's really, it's really interesting. He was on last week. So give Chris a watch on this. Cause it's really interesting. The interaction of the city attorneys or the township attorneys and how, how they're, they're pretty much running the show. Well, yeah, because remember, they are then their own boys club and they are controlling the judicial system, the DOJ, which is fake. They're controlling that or they're part of that. And the DOJ is attempting to control the world, just or control the United States through their usurpation of authority and their usurpation of legal ledger domain that they have in courts. And they just play games with us. And we, the people, haven't figured it out yet, some of us. I don't hire attorneys because I know that they're all corrupt and crooked. And you're smart enough to defend yourself. I mean, that's the other thing. You're educated enough. The majority of people could never do what you do. And so I'm really grateful that you're sharing what you do. Well, I'm hoping that by sharing, we get more and more people involved. Well, Karen's posting like a beast here. This is awesome. So she said, fraud equals deceit, deception, trick, artifice by which the right or interest or another is injured, a stratagem intended to obtain some undue advantage. Lawful definition of fraud, as Tater may use it, might be different from how Karen uses it, but I use fraud equals deceit. So point out what I mean in casual usage. They could send it to their attorneys, at the taxpayer's expense, of course. So yeah, I'm pretty, I'm pretty amazed. So Tom is like, Tom always learning says that's brilliant, Donna. So cool. Good. I'm glad somebody's listening. I sometimes I wonder if I've got two bullfrogs and a cricket out there, but no, I see that. I see the numbers of people watching on just a few of them. So that that's, that's great. I love everybody out there. So do we go, do we go forward? Go forward. An act of two or more people conspiring to overthrow a duly elected public functionator through an illegal election process is guilty of seditious conspiracy. Section 2385, advocating overthrow of government. Whoever knowingly or willingly advocates, abets, advises, or teaches the duty, necessity, desirability, or propriety... of overthrowing or destroying the government of the United States or the government of any state, territory, district, or possession of the government of any political subdivision therein by force or violence or by the assassination of any officer of any such government or the use of Dominion machines has not been Authorized by the Michigan Constitution in 1963 or has unique ballot harvesting, drop boxes, or the delay of elections. In fact, the Michigan Constitution specifically specifies in Article 2, Section 5, under time of elections, all elections for national, state, county, township, offices, She'll be held the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November. Okay, we got to back up here because there are three election systems that- I know, but I bring them out in the next paragraph, but we could add them in here. Oh, I think we need to put them in all over the place so that they know we're calling them out. It's E-S and S- I believe. I might have to. I'll tell you what they are. They're in the next paragraph down. Dominion, Hart, and ES&S. Okay. So, see, I'm getting some of this stuff memorized, guys. I'm getting better on this. It takes me a while, but we'll get there. So, they have not been. So, we're not going to pick on Dominion, though we've got all the receipts of, I think it's Comer saying, we suck on the stuff that Dar Leaf posted. I love Dar. He's cool. So anyhow, I considered Dara a friend, a good friend. Right in there. If you want, I just typed it in my document. Okay. So I typed it in. Okay. Let's see, make sure I've got it in here correctly. Where did I put it? Oh, you're going the wrong way. Oh, there it is. Um, there we go. And then we would go into time of elections. Nowhere does it authorize an extended period of time for Ballot County as was carried out by this fraudulent fake election of 2020, 2022. As carried out, let's add maladministration as was carried out through maladministration. Carried out. How about that? Okay. My computer's thinking, so I can't do anything right at the moment, but go ahead. Maladministration. The fraudulent, resulting in the fraudulent election. How's that? Carried out. Resulting in fraudulent fake election of 2020 and 2022. I'm going to put quotes around it. I'm going to slam it right in their face. Fraudulent fake election of 20. Where are you putting quotes? Around fraudulent fake election of 2020, 2022. Fraudulent. That's good. Fraudulent fake. It should have had quotes in there and I didn't put them in. So I quoted around the whole thing. Does that look good? Fraudulent fake election. I can't. Yeah. Okay. So we're going to continue to save this as our work because I have learned a long time ago that you save often so that if the deep state decides to come in here and black out my screen again, like they did last time. I mean, I had, I had the, all the screens attached to the computer went black last week. I think I hit a nerve there, but guess what? We're on tour. So screw all of you. You're not going to take this. So anyhow, See, I differentiate myself. I should probably get a hat on. Say, here's my hat when I talk to my lovely, wonderful supporters. And here's the hat I put on when I'm talking to the deep state. That was for deep state, not for you guys out there. Oh, they're probably watching too, so that's okay. So anyhow, probably many elections, you know, probably... Should we do an and? That's not a proper sentence. Fraudulent election 2022. Why don't we put a semicolon after 2022? Okay. Then probably it would fit. Many elections before that. Not capitalized. Okay. Probably many elections before that. Okay. Love it. The usurpers involved in the violations of this fundamental right have committed acts of treason and the Dominion. Oh, we got to put it in here again. I'm going to catch them all. We're going to get them all. And the Dominion ESS and heart machines were the vehicle to allow this to happen. Well, including, so, I mean, this is one issue. I think we could do this to do another one and talk about the fraudulent voter rolls and the cheating that happened through the CISA manipulation. We can also do the one, we could also do one on, on the using a, the last four numbers of the social security number. Cause I think it was Idaho that just outlawed that. I don't know. Yeah, they did. I'm using the last four numbers in social security as an identifier. So man, we can pay for these people to death. This would be great. Attorneys do it all the time. We just got to use their crap against them. Okay. As Pacific States Telephone and Telegraph Company versus Oregon, 223 U.S. 118 stated that political power rests entirely with the legislature and that the legislature does not have any authority to transfer its duties to another branch. Okay, so is this letter crafted for the legislature or does this need to be in here? Because it seems like, depending on who, we're going to have to have a couple of different letters depending on who we address, right? No, well, we can address the legislative, but this particular court case specifically says that politics is a legislative process, not a judicial, not an executive. So do we need to comment above this? Because these people are always in small words and short sentences. Do we need to put something above this that explains why that paragraph is in there? No, I think you read on and you'll get the drift of it. I don't think so. Okay. That political power rests entirely with the legislature. and that the legislature does not have any authority to transfer its duty to another branch of government or to a private concern. Private concern being the electronic machines and a branch of government being the executive branch. That is Dominion Machines. I'll hear if you want to put the three machines in there. Yeah, we're going to call them out. We're going to make sure they know we're talking to them because... Okay, so let's put Dominion, comma, Hart... comma R and E S and S. Dominion, E S and S and heart machines. Okay, I understood it differently, but it's all right. The Michigan legislature carelessly and abusively transferred their duty by handing the responsibility of the election to the executive branch and therefore usurped authority never granted to them. They cannot transfer their responsibility to another branch, to other branches or departments of government for any reason without the consent of the people. Not only did they usurp authority never granted, but the executive branch usurped authority for accepting such duties. And that's Pacific States. Okay, that's cool. That's what I was looking for. So I got ahead of you. So perfect, all addressed. Okay. And we're going to save those changes. Okay. So to inquire whether a tribunal existed and its character in doing this, it pointed out that owing owing to the inherent political character of such a question. It's decision was not by the constitution vested in the judicial department of the government was on the contrary, exclusively committed to the legislative department by whose action on such subject, the judiciary were absolutely controlled. The court said page 42. Okay. Get it. Now you understand. Yeah. You cited it and then you commented afterwards. So further, I guess I'm used to seeing the comment come first and then supported with evidence. Does it matter? No. Okay. So furthermore, a dereliction of the legislature's job description making each and every member of the legislature guilty of treasonous acts. Well, but if we're calling out the executive branch. Yeah, you know what? I would like to change this a little bit instead of treasonous acts. Guilty of usurpation. You want it in quotes? Yeah, usurpation should be in quotes. Of usurpation, which... are acts of treason. Okay. Okay. All right. Okay. In order to return sanity, to our election process, it is the duty of each and every public functionary to return to one-day election, remove ballot harvesting, ballot drop boxes, and above all, remove the Dominion Heart, ES&S, and any other electronic-assisted machines, and return to paper ballots to ensure integrity and the integrity to ensure integrity to the sacred honor of voting. It shall also be necessary for all citizens to register to vote and prove their United States citizenship. Absolutely no other days will be permitted to vote and absolutely no allowance for non-citizens to vote under any circumstances. Voting is the right allowed only to citizens of the United States. All public functionaries shall swear an oath and a violation of such oath will be a fine of $1 million and 10 years in prison. Such legislation shall be implemented through the legislative process. That's already there? No, no. We're going to do that. Oh, we're going to do that. Okay. Such legislation shall be implemented. It isn't yet. And, of course, this letter will go to a public functionary who is a legislator. And they may choke on this, but that's the way it's going to be. and they may diminish the dollar amount in the years in prison, but we'll see. Failure to do so will result in countenance lawsuits, both civil and criminal, against all of the public functionaries involved in the greatest scam perpetrated upon the public. None of you are immune from prosecution because you stepped outside of your de jure duties. See Norton v. Shelby County, 118 U.S., 425, 1886, and ex parte Young. 209 U.S. 123, 1908. The attempt of a state officer to enforce an unconstitutional statute is a proceeding without authority of and does not affect the state in its sovereign or governmental capacity and is an illegal act. And the officer is stripped of his official character and is subject in his person to the consequences of his individual character. The state has no power to impart to this officer immunity for responsibility to the Supreme authority of the United States. I'm going to call that the braider clause right there. Okay. That's the braider clause. I expect that now you have been alerted to the fraud, to the maladministration and yeah, you're right to the maladministration sense. We're going to use it. Let's use it there too. And fraud that you have been involved. I expect that you have been alerted to the maladministration. How about you have been alerted? Now you have been alerted. What? Why would you say I expect? Can you say now you have been alerted? Okay, I see what you're saying. Just use the word now. Yeah, okay, I'll buy that. Now you have been alerted to the maladministration and fraud that you have been involved in. has then it's then it changes that structure that you have been involved in period and has come to light it's gonna go away yeah I kind of like that it's more like blunt and direct timing here you know that you have been alerted to the maladministration and fraud that you have been involved in And that you can no longer claim plausible deniability. You will stand up and correct the problem mentioned above with great expectations and publicly announce your intention to fix the election fraud, to fix the election. Do I want to put maladministration in there? Yeah, I did. I put a break behind plausible deniability. I put a period. You will stand and correct the problems mentioned above with great expectations. and the fraud. Okay, yeah, let's do mail administration. Donald Williams has got to be really happy right now. Mail administration and fraud. That you had your hand in. Thank you in advance. And looking forward to your response, I expect to reply regarding your personal plan, outlining the steps you will be taking to resolve the maladministration and fraud in our election process. And then I'm going to say within 30 days receipt. Should we give them 30 days? I need to count here. 30 days receipt of this letter. How's that? Within 30 hyphen days. I'll send you my copy. Then we'll be on the same page here. Receipt. Receipt. send you my copy john of this letter I got it but yeah you can send it to me just to be sure we're on the sit we have the same letter but I think we do well and I want to I want to make sure that like like there's one thing here you've got e um uh I want to keep the this like why did you capitalize this right here what heart yeah I capitalized all three of them. Okay, but I got to see. Did they always need to be? Well, they're names of the machinery, so I would say they should be capitalized. But in the fact of the way that I made them in all caps was just to bring it out. Okay, so should I do this all throughout the entire document? No, I just did it at that one point. Why did you do that at that one point? I'm curious. Just to focus attention on that. Okay, so you can do that. You don't have to have the same throughout the document. No. Okay. I just want to make sure I get it. I'm yelling at them. Above all, remove the Dominion, Hart, and ESE, ES and S machines. Okay. Cool. And then... There you go, and sign this puppy. I'm going to put this in front of Ron, who is the legal eagle in the group. At least he can use his legal expertise and say, yeah, don't do this or don't do that, or yeah, add this or add that before we do anything further with him. But we have a pretty good direction as to where we're headed with this. Yeah. I think this will be great because you know, it's like, it's like we can use this and, and I'm going to post all the letters that I do. Okay. And I've got a group of people here that I think we're going to call together. And I, you know what, when, when I get, when I get this stuff, when, when we, when we call a meeting together, whether we do it through zoom or in person, we might, we'll probably do it in person here first. And then we'll, we'll, uh, We'll do a Zoom on these things so that anybody that wants to join in, I'll post this on my Telegram channel. I'm on Telegram, Getter, True Social, and X. And I'm getting over my grudge match against X a little bit. But, you know, even Telegram. Even Telegram is being moderated and censored. I know a lot of people don't think they are, but they are. I've had like 300 people disappear in a day, and people will come to me and say, why did you kick us off your channel? I'm like, I didn't. I didn't kick you off the channel. And so, you know, I'm not kicking anybody off the channel. There's been no kicking happening. But Telegram is kicking people off. And or manipulating the counts. I can tell you, I've seen them do it. And I've had people call me and say, why did you get, you know, so there's none of them that's bomb proof. And even I know that Jonathan Kegel got kicked off of X. So explain that to me. And I still haven't got my old X account reinstated. And I've appealed it several times. And they still haven't reinstated it after I got kicked off the same day all the Flynn's got kicked off. So I don't know what exactly is happening there. But realize that a lot of the personal communications we have together where we're talking to each other. I don't know if Courtney's coming on today. So we're just going to wait. I'm not seeing her there. So she oftentimes gets pulled into something. So we'll see what we'll see. Courtney comes on here a minute. Otherwise, we can sit and talk as long as you've got time. Well, today I don't have an emergency out of here. So next week. Let me see. Oh yeah. She's running five minutes behind. So we'll just, we'll just fill in for her. That's great. What a beautiful, wonderful person she is. I love Courtney and, you know, and I just love both of you guys so much. And I'm so thankful that you come on and, and share what, you know, it's, it's really amazing. so it's important to know that we are being censored everywhere anywhere and everywhere by those that that are in power positions right now and that we have to overcome this and and we will just by continuing to work at it because they eventually will not be able to to interfere with with our discussions There will be too many of us and not enough of them. And so we will have the control over the media eventually. But it's going to take time. And right now we're still... coming out of our slumber. A lot of people are still coming out of their slumber, waking up and realizing that there's something wrong. They haven't even come to the fact that while we're being monitored on internet, they haven't come to that realization or that their Facebook is monitoring them and recording everything that they put on there. And they still put their entire life story on Facebook. I don't get it. Yeah, and their kids. That's even more disturbing. Parents that post pictures of their kids. Are you kidding me? There's people out there stalking children on Facebook. And everybody thinks that this is, oh, we're going to put them on Facebook and share all this and let everybody see what my kids are doing. You're throwing them right out in front of child traffickers. Idiots. so you know I'm sorry but it's time to call it out for what it is because too many kids are being put at risk and there's too many of them they're being grabbed um yeah well I can tell you the one place that I know that is not being censored is brandenburg news network I mean we say all those things that nobody wants to hear but you know suck it up well I don't know if you're not totally being censored because I remember doing a couple of songs and getting hacked in the middle of the song or something like that. Yeah, but we keep going. They can keep they can keep lobbing things at us, but it doesn't matter. I'm going to keep coming back like a bad dream from hell because it's like or we could say a really good I mean, That's probably a bad term, but you know what I mean? It's like, it's like their personal problem starts with Donna Brandenburg, because if they keep hitting me, I'm just going to come back with it. They will not be able to play whack-a-mole enough to end this thing. Cause we'll just come back with a hundred thousand little mini me's everywhere. And you want to talk about, you know, you know, crowd, crowd, uh, striking or something like that. Just wait until you get 100,000 little digital incarnations of something you want. Everybody's afraid of the AI and such. Well, you want to know something? I'm going to tell you a project we're working on right now. I'll tell you about it right here on Brandenburg News Network. We're working on doing a localized AI model because right now all the AI models, everybody's all scared of this. It's like AI can be a great tool. But the problem is, is that Amazon owns one of the biggest ones and Microsoft has gobbled up the other ones. If people think that they're not being moderated, I got a bridge to sell you. So right now I'm working on a project. I'm working on a couple of projects, but one of them is a localized AI model. that people can have without being moderated. You want to strike fear in them? There's the warning shot right there across the bow because they can't control it. And this is what they're really afraid of. They are afraid of losing control. And guess what? They pissed off the wrong people. They lost control. So we're going to get this thing up and running and in their face to all of them, screw them, all of them. And so this is a project that's in process right now. And guess what? It's going to happen. And I'm going to tell anybody out there, if you want to see the beauty of AI that can work as a tool, it's not something that you have to be afraid of. Just... They're AAI. Chatbeat, GPT, Claude, Open Inc., all of those things are being moderated by these big corporations. That's why you can see the hallucination happening in it because they're being moderated. They've commandeered it, as it were. So you got to know the subject matter. But what if there's a localized network where you can tap into this information? It's teaching itself because it can. And and it's under it's not moderated. So now all of a sudden, guess what? Juice going to come out and it's going to spill it in a way that is on steroids. This is what they're afraid of. And I think it's a beautiful thing. Good luck with that, idiots. You know, and here's my here's my hat for the for the deep state. Good luck with that, idiots. You know, they just open up a big can, a whooptail. I'm not going to say it, but you know what I mean here? And it ain't going to stop until we're done. Every last stone's going to be overturned and calling them account. So they're all going down. When President Trump said we got it all, he meant we got it all. And the great thing is it's getting decentralized. It's decentralized. It's information. The beauty of how this plan, all of this is working together, is the decentralization of information. So it's in the hands of everyone. So once you have it in the hands of everyone, the corporations cannot – they fall. They fall fast. It's beautiful. I think everybody should go into this day today going, this is an exciting time to be alive. Oh, absolutely. We're going to watch them have the pummeling of their life. They will not even imagine the pummeling that they're going to get. So I love it. This is awesome. So have a great day with us all, everyone, and realize that the only time we lose is when we cowered out and we stopped fighting. That ain't going to happen. Today's not that day. So anyhow, and neither is tomorrow or the next 500 or 5,000 days. It doesn't stop. It just gets worse for them. So anyhow, so let's go back to the ladder real quick. We'll bookend on this. So anything else you want to say about the letter? No, like I say, we don't want to bring it out until my friend Ron takes a look at it. Okay. So people have a general idea of what it is and where we're tending to go with it. And they have to decide that they're going to get involved with it. Getting involved doesn't only mean just writing the letter. Right. Forgetting about it. Getting involved means getting involved, that you have to be ready and willing and able to stand. And also, we brought everybody along on this process. We're going to repeat the process. The process is going to get repeated over and over again. So I want to give a word of advice to everybody. I know everybody is ready to go in there, you know, and nail this thing. But this is one of the ways that they divide us is by having somebody that thinks they're going to cowboy up instead of bringing everybody into this process so that there's so many of us that they can't walk away from it. okay so we need to go through the process to have this in in a in a system in a system systematic elimination of these machines and so anybody that wants to do this based on ego that says I'm just going to run ahead of this and do this and screw it up for themselves because you're going to screw it up they will screw it up for themselves until we have this process absolutely smoothed out all the rough edges knocked off of this Then all of us get in there together so that the whole group does it together. of 20, 30, 1,000, 10,000 of us. There's 11 million people in the state of Michigan. I don't see why we can't get 10,000 of us. If we had 100 of us, it would be intimidating for them. But if we've got a whole bunch of us doing this, they're going to be removed and we're going to remove it from just a bunch of people that decided to say, you're done. No, we're done with this. And we can do this. It's going to be fun. So we'll do Zoom meetings. We'll get everybody involved in it. We'll do it like almost a military structure so that there's captains talking to people so everybody's questions can be answered so that they're brought along and that everybody's super comfortable doing this. And it's going to be a great thing. And I can tell you right now, I know they're listening. This is great. I hope they're listening because the end is near of the cheating. So, you know, go sweat some more bullets, guys, that are cheating out there. Because guess what? All of the people out there that are supporters, that are actual Americans that want to save this nation, that are not going to put up with this nonsense, all of my friends that are listening out there, we're going to do this together. It's going to be great. And this is how we unite. It's going to be awesome. That's right. So any last words you want to give a plug for your meeting? Yes, we're going to have a meeting on Wednesday. Again, if you don't have an invite and you want one, you can either call me at 734-968-4715 or write me at jtater2 at And I will send you an invite to the Wednesday meeting. The following week, which is the 24th, we will be at Nicholas for a face-to-face meeting. And we'll see how that goes. That's cool. So before I end, I'm going to say something. There was a group of people that stole information from the local standee or from election integrity force. They paid for it and decided to make a for-profit company out there. If anybody decides to do something like that, John and I will absolutely fry you on the spot. So, you know, we're not going to tolerate this kind of stuff because you can't. It's like it's a subversion, subversive action by a paid political operative that does this kind of stuff. That's right. They're going to get called out for it. And so, you know, it's like this is too important and we need to stay united and work together. Yeah. Thank you so much, Mr. Tater. And love you to pieces, John. Thank you so much for all the work you've done. You're just totally amazing. And I've learned so much from you. So I really appreciate your time. Thank you. Thank you very much. You all have a wonderful day. Awesome. And I'll be back right after a little bit of a break here and with Courtney Turner, my girl. Thank you. Good morning and welcome to Brandenburg News Network. And here's Miguel. Courtney is back. I am. How are you? I missed you too. I know. I love you and I missed you. And what adventures were you on where you were gone? Oh, we went to see the eclipse. Okay. Yeah. Where were you? We were in Arkansas. We wanted to be under the totality. I was down south of Indianapolis. Okay. Okay. How was it for you? That was great. Did you see the red lines that came out from it? I did. Do you know what they are? Well, there's a lot of conjecture out there, and I've been trying to do some research on that. But it appears to be a – because you could actually see, like, anomalies in the edge of the moon with the light going on. So there seems to be a lot of papers and things out there that talk about it being a reflection out of the landscape of the moon. And they said it's a very, very rare – occurrence to see in an eclipse. Interesting. I heard it was a solar flare, but I don't know. I don't know. Well, it could have had something to do with that, but we don't know. But what we do know is that it was seen in the path of totality. I saw it with my own eyes. Yeah, I know. I saw it very clearly. We have some pictures. There's pictures out there of people that saw it. So we don't really know exactly, but we did see it. But evidence does support that it's a very, very... unusual thing to see. It's happened before. So we can track that down a little bit. Do you mind if I read a few things from the last chat? Yeah. Okay. So Tom says, this is brilliant. And so Donald came on. Thank you, Donald. I really appreciate you so much. You're amazing. And you always contribute and you put things in and you give us really good information to steer us all back on track. And I appreciate that. Malad administration of the election process. I put three posts for you on X under the show link. Thank you. Thank you, Donald. You know, that's really helpful when people repost the show link so that we can get it in front of others. The notice needs to be on a 14-inch legal-sized paper. Okay, thank you. Notice to principal is notice to agent. Notice to agent is notice to principal. I'd like some more explanation to that. I will call you after I'm offline so that we can clarify that. And I know exactly what I'm talking about because this is a huge education process for me. It's amazing to talk to people like you and everybody else who knows so much, and all of this is great. So thank you for fighting for freedom, Tom. Thank you, Tom. We are guarantors of the trust. The people are realizing our hidden authority in law. Thank you, Donald. Charlotte, X shut me down for 12 hours Saturday because of the post about O'Brien and measles, that what you get if you vote O'Brien disease. Or O'Biden, not O'Brien, O'Biden. That's funny. And amen, Tom. Thank you, Tom. Donald says judicial notices on legal paper sent certified mail will return green card receipt are then entered into the court of records. The green card is all receipt that they got it. Even if they throw it away, they're interlopers. infiltrating our moment. Oh, I just had something. Do you, do you mind? Okay. Since you're back, I don't know if you have something prepared, but I have a really good friend, Jason Ikes. Yeah, he's awesome. I love Jason. Let me, let me see if Jason's cause we're all friends. Yeah. Let me give him a real quick call a minute and see if he needs to come on Brandenburg News Network or if this is like a, this is what we do. This is like awesome. Isn't it? Isn't it awesome? This is making up, this is like Braider for Braidering. This is like actually making up things on the fly only legally and honestly. Unlike said Braider. Do you want to come on BNN with it or is this just for me? Okay, cool. Well, I will call you when I'm done. Thanks. Bye. All my friends know that I've got that little bye. Goodbye to friends. Bye. So I have other friends that go out. Out. Or ciao. Yeah, they'll just instead of over and out, they just go out. It's hilarious. So that's some of the greatest friends in the whole world. I'm going to tell you what. We have amazing friends out there fighting for this nation. You know, we go down, we go down the holes and looking at what's wrong because you have to assess it. And it's the first step in their pummeling that they're going to get in their defeat and absolute destruction of these illegal power structures that they put in place. Got to assess it. Got to know what you're talking about. For sure. For sure. All right. So. Where are we going today? Are we going to talk about the Jewish Christian thing and really like rattle some cages? Oh, we totally can. Yeah, we can. Do we want to talk about, oh, I don't know, gay and lesbian issues? Do we want to talk about all these things that everybody is like avoiding that we on Brandenburg News Network? We can. Yeah. I don't know. I mean, where do you want to start? Sure. I mean, we can start with the, the Jewish Christian issue and they're, they're clearly trying to divide, you know, they're trying to turn them against each other. I'm seeing it constantly. I recently did a couple of shows on theosophy and apparently a lot of it stems from theosophical beliefs. Um, I can read from, uh, this is from her secret doctrine. What does she say? I actually know quite a bit about theosophy because I have a friend that is or was very much into this. So I have such a broad spectrum of friends that people would be kind of shocked that, you know, because I literally talk to everyone. I don't sit there and I mean, you know, when you look at what God would want to do, does he just come to one or two people? And if you don't agree with them off with your head, He sat with prostitutes and tax collectors and it was the religious, it was the religious Jews that executed him, Jesus. And it was not, it was not the Romans. The Romans wanted nothing to do with it. And so we look at it, the religious people in every religion, they're the ones that are sitting there together right on the top with Satan himself, not the people. Yeah. And I think it's more the institutions. It's the top of the institutions. I wouldn't necessarily say that it's the, you know, yeah, exactly. I wouldn't necessarily say it's the devout religious people. I would say that it's really more the, you know, the orchestrators of the institutions. And they're the ones with, you know, a lot invested in controlling people. There's a lot of money. I think this episode should link. Somebody should send this to the Anti-Defamation League. See what happens. Yeah. The Anti-Defamation League, from what I've read, I've read it in the Executive Intelligence Report. They say that it's actually an arm of the British intelligence and that it was created. Really? You can find it. It's the Executive Intelligence Report. They talk about how the Anti-Defamation League and Benai Breath also were both created as an arm of the British intelligence. And that's why, if you look, they don't really advocate for the people they claim to. Right. Oftentimes they claim to be advocating for all of these, you know, underdog groups. And really, they end up hurting them way more than they end up helping them. I think they're there to be change agents and agitators more than anything. Well, look at the Republican Party and all of these parties. I mean, they go in and the first thing they do is pray and then they turn around and screw everybody. It's incredible how they use God. talk about taking the Lord's name in vain, that would be it. And then you can look at, you know, from the Christian perspective here, and I'm really offended by this. It's very offensive to me. Like you have, you have the DeVos's and Amway and Van Andel Institute and all of these guys. Well, what do they do? They have these big conferences that are, are, carp I'm going to call them carp catchers people that want to believe it without looking into it you know yes I just made up that that word on the fly but it's like it's like people go to these things because they believe they want to have something so bad they go into it and then they bring somebody out there like those people that are involved in seven mountains and all these pastors there's about 12 pastors that show up predictably right and their events and it's like you know, claim it and frame it. You know, you're going to hold God to a contract kind of stuff. And if you do this, say the right prayers and do this, you know, he's going to bless you with all these riches. Well, I don't really think God likes to be used. Just, just guess. Yeah, I know. Another example of that is you're seeing a lot of, uh, you know, political figures and media figures. They're, uh, They're using the slogan crisis king. And I understand some people really believe that. And that's it. But my experience is people who believe that live that. They don't go out saying it as agitprop. And I'm seeing it where they're intentionally doing it as like a signal to the initiates. And it's also agitprop to try and stir, you know, division. So division. And I'm seeing it everywhere. That's true. Yeah. And I mean, prior to like two years ago, I never heard anybody say it. I knew people who believed it. I knew people lived it. You know that that was how they conducted their lives. But I never heard anybody go out and say it. I didn't see it as like a media slogan. And now I see it everywhere. So, yeah, it's it's all over the place. So, you know, it's the other one, Christ consciousness. And that comes straight out of theosophy. I mean, that comes straight because they thought Christ was an ascended master. They didn't think he was the son of God. They thought he was like an ascended master. So if you're familiar with the Theosophists, you know, they had these ascended masters, which are essentially people they channeled. I would say they're demonic spirits. That's kind of what it looks like. But they believe that, you know, they talk to these spirits, these Tibetan masters, and they call them ascended masters. They have many terms for them, like spirit chiefs. But ascended masters are one of the most common terms. And that several of the Christ they believe was one of them. Yeah. Well, if you and if you look at this, it's like Jesus even said that, you know, that Satan comes as an angel of light. He's not going to come here with the with the horns on his head. And, you know, unless he's already got him, you know, he's he's a master like our political. Yeah. Like the political climate. It's all deception. And it's it's smoke and mirrors. It's everything's upside down and it's deception. And, you know, if I if I I've I've really not seen a whole lot of good examples in churches. There's some a few of them out there. But all of these big churches and such, I mean, look at, I think you brought it up, the Crystal Cathedral and all of these people that have been involved in these big church movements. Look at, say, Kenneth Copeland and all of the little churches down there around Dallas and such. I got some real issues with some of this stuff because- I need some big ones. And I'm I'm probably much harder on the Christian church than I am on anybody else. Sure. Well, you should be. I mean, if that's something you hold dear, then you want you don't want to see a disgraced. I want to read the this is what is from from the from Blavatsky. Theosophy founded by the anti-Semitism, sorry, Blavatsky took root in Germany during the decades before World War II. The superiority of the Aryan race is the cornerstone of theosophic belief. However, Aryans were not identified with Germans and violence was not advocated. Arisophacy, also an existent in pre-Hitler Germany and Austria, was closer to Nazi ideology. But Hitler was very influenced by Blavatsky. Only Aryan god-men possessed a cult spirit, and soul led to the spiritual hierarchy of society. They believed in reincarnation, and they believed in the hierarchy of the souls. And if your soul didn't ascend, essentially, if you didn't achieve the gnosis, right? They were very much Gnostics, and they believed in through intellect and reason, it was the rational soul that would ascend and reincarnate and And elevate and that otherwise you would be, you know, swallowed back into the earth essentially. And this is very relevant today because they're talking about like consciousness evolving and there are all these different cults, but you really see it when you hear the UN, the people from the UN talk about And they are Theosophists, right? The Lucius Trust is like the spiritual underbelly of the UN. And that, of course, was the brainchild of Alice Bailey, who was a disciple of Madame Blavatsky. It was originally called Lucifer Publishing. It was a little too on the nose. And so they changed it two years later to Lucius Trust. You go and look right on the website. Like, they're very transparent. They say, let the love of light work out. And she has the arcane school. She has the goodwill, the world goodwill. And then they have their festival week. And that's like every seven years they do this festival week where they have for world servers. So, of course, we've heard the term like global citizen being touted. This is all preparation for what they're creating, which is an AI world society. In the AI world society, humans are literally called objects. And they have digital twins. They're saying all governments will be subverted by AI. There will no longer be human governments. They say that there will be AI citizens. It's very scary stuff. But yeah, this is let the plan of light and love work out. And they yeah, the arcane conference is coming up. It's actually right before I'm supposed to be going to Geneva. We're still working on that. Are you going? I don't know. I think we've raised like $200 so far. So we're on me and let's get it. Let's get. Yeah, I have I have the gifts and go. It's on my Web site. I'm going to put your website up a minute Just so everybody knows where it is Because I love you to pieces And I think you're just an amazing woman Okay website It's C-O-U-R-T-E-N-A-Y T-U-R-N-E-R Dot com I had to close my computer down yesterday Because I had so doggone many Tabs open Oh yeah So now I've got to get all my tabs back My website. And if you go to the support page, then you will see. Okay, hang on. I'm looking around. While you're doing that, I'll just read this. Only Aryan god men possessed the occult spirit and soul to lead the spiritual hierarchy of society. Jews were the prototype of lesser races and were identified as animal men. Jews were? Yep. For the Theosophists. Yep. Okay, I'm trying to figure out where I got to go here for your support, Paige. The occult anti-Semitic Thule Society provided missing militancy and acted as a crucible in combining racial superiority, militancy, and the occult mythological anti-Semitism of the early days of Nazi ideology. Yeah, because they... It was about the root races. And so they believed that the... aryans were the supreme race this is where a lot of where a lot of that ideology comes out of it comes out of theosophy um but they believed that the jews were of lesser or the lesser rates and I think this is so important because you got to look at the infiltration into all of the true religions or the the ones that were there this is straight up satanism And it's in it's in Christianity. It's in the it's in the Muslim religion and it's in the Jewish religion. And you look at you look at where some of this stuff came from. When you have when you have a book that says it's OK to have sex with a three year old girl. Right. Nothing like you got a problem. That means that at that failure point right there, that was there was infiltration that happened. Of course. You know, it's crazy. Can you go to the three dots? I think the three dots. Yes. Support. Oh, there you go. Okay. So go to the three dots. Yes. And then scroll down and make gives and go should be. Oh yeah. Right at the top there. Okay. Right at the top. Stop the who gives and go. Here we go. All right. There we go. All right, I'll post this on my Telegram channel today. Thank you. Okay, so we need to get to $8,000 here. Because I won't go alone. So my fiance has to come because I will not go alone. I think it's too dangerous. Well, yeah. So both of us have to fly out there. I'm pretty extra sure that God can protect you wherever you go. Just walk in like you own that place and we'll put him on notice. Oh, God. thank you yeah it's it's definitely I mean what they're doing is I think really really commendable they're uh just it's two women who really started this and they what they want is there so there is a three-day kind of thing that they're putting together and two days is like one day is a rally and that's open to the public anybody can come they're also doing kind of virtual so people in their own hometown can start this, you know, protest against what the WHO is doing with the WHO pandemic treaty. And then they're what they've invited me to is a group of they're keeping it, they're capping it to 80 people, but around the world and what they're this is beautiful. They're trying to create essentially a think tank is a summit. It's called the Inspired Global Leadership Summit. And they want to brainstorm to create a bridge, like another path, so that there is something else besides the who, another vision for the future of medical freedom. And I love that because I think oftentimes people in these freedom movements are really just who are anti-establishment. They get put on the defense. And I think we absolutely have to fight the system. but there needs to be some sort of like a bridge to a parallel system. You can't just, right. Yeah. So I love to tear things down. Cause you're mad at the way things are being run without having something to replace it. So it's just like people say, well, we got to kick all the politicians out. I kind of agree with that because they, and so, but what are you going to replace them with? Do you have enough? Do you have enough intelligent capital to, and guts to be able to walk in there to write things. And that's going to take a lot of people in order to step forward who don't have an agenda and say, well, I guess now I'm going to be a politician and fall right back into the same trap that they did. Can't do that. Exactly. Yeah. So, so they're doing that. Um, and that's, yeah, that's, uh, All right. That's going to be the end of May. And we are fundraising for that. I think this week I'll probably have in my episode with the women who have started it. It's Dr. Andrea Nazarenko and Susie Olson Corgan. Susie is really like a medical freedom activist. Her son was vaccine injured and that kind of. woke her up and that's when she began the fight. So she's incredible and she's definitely a force for freedom. And Dr. Andrea Nazarenko, she's really a statistician by trade, but she's looking at all of the fraud that we've seen the past few years and how they use these statistical models to promulgate false narratives and implement tyrannical measures. Would you guys like to be on Brandenburg News Network? Yeah, I'll talk to them. Anytime you want to schedule yourself or somebody else, let me know because we need to get things out, not by one channel, but by as many as we can. Yeah, let me... Next week, I'm going to be, I won't be broadcasting all week from Tuesday of next week to the Tuesday of the following week. Okay. Unless I, for some weird way, am able to, I think I might be able to connect in a different way. I think, yeah. I'll be on the road. So I've got to I've got to be gone. In fact, so that that's that's something that I won't be broadcasting my normal broadcast. But then after that, let's schedule the week after that when I get back. OK, so that would be the 30th, right? I am back on. So many skills you have to have to manage this stuff, it's amazing. I will be back on. flying back on or coming back on the 30th, unless they decide to change that date. So anything from May 1 forward. And so May 1, I have Liberty Essentials every morning. We may do a recap on that first, but the second would work. Okay. I can't do the second. So May 1 through the 6, I can't do, but then I could do the 7th or anything thereafter. Well, if you want them to come on May 7th with you, I could do that too. Well, I'll ask them. Yeah. Or I'll give you another time, like the 9th or something like that. So I think this is what we do, guys. Real news for real people by real people. Scheduling. Scheduling is a good portion of my life. Oh, my gosh. It's just incredible how much you have to do for scheduling. It's busy. I know. And I'm, I'm booked through May. So like, I've got people reaching out to me and trying to come on the show and I, you know, that's great, but I'm like May, sorry, July, booked through July. Yeah. And I've really, I've got to start blocking on time to write. I have a book idea and I've started to outline, but I need more time for writing. Yeah. Oh, that's cool. That's very cool. Okay, so back to the theosophy and such. Yeah, so I think it's very, very relevant. I've been looking into it because, you know, the Lucius Trust, it's theosophy, and they're the spiritual underbelly of the UN. And we see what they're doing with the AI World Society. And I think they need the theosophical religion in order to, of course, they want a one moral religion and theosophy is very conducive to that because they claim to be very inclusive. But yeah, they don't have it anymore. But the UN actually had like all these pages on the age of Aquarius. And that's very, very relevant. They very much want to usher in the age of Aquarius, which is all about the greater good. It's about the group, the collective. It's the polar opposite of Leo, which is about individualism and individual agency, personal sovereignty and very like heightened passion, emotionality, individual emotionality. And the age of Aquarius is the opposite. Of course, Lucius is a form is from the Latin word Lux and it means light and They are talking about the light of Lucifer. And Madame Blavatsky makes it very clear that she is a Satan worshiper. People have argued with me on this. And I'm like, well, I will read you some quotes from Blavatsky herself. This is not really disputable. She says, Lucifer represents life, thought, progress, civilization, liberty, independence. Lucifer is the logos, the serpent, the savior. She also says, it is Satan who is the God of our planet and the only God. She says, the celestial version, which thus becomes the mother of gods and the devil at one and the same time, for she is the ever-loving beneficent deity. But in antiquity and reality, Lucifer or Luciferus is the name. Lucifer is divine and terrestrial light. the Holy ghost and Satan one at the same time. So there is no, there's really no discrepancy, but I hear it all the time. People tell me, no, she wasn't, uh, you know, she was just exploring or I don't know what kinds of, uh, euphemisms they craft, but she was absolutely a Satan worshiper. Um, And she by no means created theosophy. She definitely popularized the New Age movement. And again, the New Age movement is very important today because they are doing something, and it's in partnership with the UN. Again, this is the UN, which is really... kind of priming themselves to become the centralized governing body. You know, they talk about the new world order, how there will be a one world governing body, one world governance, and of course, one world religion. And the UN really does seem like they're priming themselves to do this with the UN centennial. So the UN 100 in partnership with Boston Global Forum is creating this AI World Society. And this is going to be, it looks like a cyber Satan to me, but it is going to be the central controlling governing body for all. And this is, again, a nod to the new age because it's based on this white paper book that was written by Michael Dukakis, who was the former governor of Massachusetts. And it's called Remaking the World, the Age of Global Enlightenment. I don't know if that doesn't sound new agey to you. I don't know what does. But the whole thing is based on this. They, of course, want to make Ukraine the centralized hub of this AI world society. They talk about how Ukraine was decimated in the war. So we need to rebuild Ukraine. We need to send lots of money and support to Ukraine. It sounds a little like Build Back Better to me, but they want to make it a centralized hub. And then they talk about how there will be all these offshoots and all the offshoots all around the world will create this grid for the AI World Society. These offshoots are, of course, the 15-minute cities, smart cities, C-14 cities all over the world. They did a whole symposium on rebuilding Ukraine. And the other thing they're doing is something called the Parliament of World Religions. And this is a partnership with the U.N. If you go to the Parliament of the World Religions website, they say it's a 501c3 that works for the U.N., It's the Office of Public Information with the UN. And that's actually started in 1893, 1893 out of the World's Fairs in Chicago. And it's the idea that they're going to create some sort of concordance amongst all religions. And so this is, it's very, the whole tenet of theosophy is that it's, you know, inclusive, which is a great, you know, conduit to usher in a one moral religion. They then in the centennial, they love their centennial, they did in 1993, they reenacted this World Parliament of Religions in Chicago. And they've since been doing it like almost every year. I don't think it's every year. But they include... Now, they're just very much... They're pretty bold. They're trying to legitimize things like ayahuasca ritual. They're trying to legitimize Wiccan religions. What's ayahuasca? I haven't heard of that one. Oh, ayahuasca is... It's a plant. And it's like a hallucinogenic plant. And it's, you know, a lot of like... indigenous religions worship ayahuasca and they do ayahuasca ceremonies. But what you're seeing now is they're trying to promote it as plant medicine. And so they're trying to normalize it. And I think, and I've been talking about this, you know, for like, since kind of, I started the podcast and I've gotten a lot of flack for it because people love their psychedelics and, you know, one of their sacred cows, don't you dare tell them psychedelics are somehow bad. But I think the whole purpose, and now that I've seen these videos from the World Parliament of Religion, I really think I'm right. I think I'm vindicated on this. It's because it makes them feel a sense of oneness. This is the core tenet of theosophy, is that all is one. So there is no individual. We are all one. And ayahuasca makes you feel that way. I've got to look it up now. Yeah, look up the World Parliament of Religions. Okay, I think I'm here. Dot org? Let me see. World Parliament. Vivint came up next to the thing. Yeah, I believe he has spoken. Oh, wow. That's wild. I'm like researching this. Vivint came up a lot. I'm going to tell you, I stood right in front of him and we started... dash gov dot org. Sorry. Sorry. Okay. Yeah, you were saying you had been next to... Yeah, I was like 10 feet away from when he was talking. Okay, and so then the one that you want me to bring up is what? No, no, no, you can go to that one. That one's good too. But this one, yeah, the political legitimacy of the Earth Constitution, the Earth Constitution strategy, the 15th session of the provision of... world uh parliament it's the 2019 conference report on climate change and earth constitution so there is it's very theosophical they're talking about how um you know essentially the climate religion comes out of gaia religion it's this worshiping mother earth um and they they talk about that like when you scroll down like some of the I don't know where yeah faith democracy um They were talking about like the feminine movement, the climate, I don't remember what they called it, but yeah. Why do people have to, I don't understand this, why do people have to be defined by these groups they're associated with? I don't get it. That's by design because it is much easier to get people to fight each other in groups. It's also much easier to weaponize compassion when people have allegiance to a group versus individual identity. So they intentionally create these. I mean, the Frankfurt School was very instrumental in this. It certainly didn't, you know, it didn't start with them, but they were very instrumental in creating group identities. And so they weaponized it so that people would be fighting against each other. Well, let's see who's who in the zoo here. Oh, yes. Congressman Bobby Rush. Let's see who's who in the zoo. i have not had a chance to dive into all of these people but yeah kind of went kind of fast on that I don't even know any of these people it's just like you know what I hate to say it but you get through one one layer in reaper world And then you go down another layer in the creeper world of people that there just seems no end to them, you know? There's no end. It's daunting to try and keep up with all of it. Jane Goodall, that name is familiar. Yeah. There's a gore. Corinna Gore. Gore, yeah. Wonder if that's any relation. Don't know. I don't know. Nancy Pelosi, we know her. Yeah, we sure do. Well, there's another list we can add to the list. You know, I'm working on a relationship program diagram. We're kind of building one. Oh, awesome. So that we can connect these people because there's nothing out there that's not rigged right now. I know. No, that's great. We need Marianne Williamson. And she is part of this cult. I believe she's part of the World Evolutionary Leaders, which is like a Deepak Chopra and who else is it? Bruce Lipman and... Who else is in it? Barbara Max Hubbard. And they believe that, you know, we're human consciousness is going to evolve. It was a Robert Mueller talks about this a lot, too. And he was one of the people who led the 1993 World Parliament of Religions. You know, he kind of resurrected it. That does seem to be a cult. Yeah. Yeah, this is kind of crazy. So here we go. You've got you've got a person who's a Jew and a person who's a Christian sitting here talking about issues. Oh, this is scary. I bet I bet the world is just going, oh, no. What are they going to say next? Yeah. Well, I, you know, so I try to trace the roots of things and it looks like theosophy really started, I think goes back to the ancient mystery schools, but it really started to take hold with the Neoplatonists. And this is pretty interesting. I think it was in a competition with the rise of Christianity. I don't know what that is. Okay. I will tell you. So the, so during the time of Plato, you, it was 400 years before Christ. So Christianity was not on the scene at the time. Right. And then you had, you had, then you had Christ. So Christianity was emerging and developing. And then you had these, this school of thought who was trying to revive Plato's teaching and, And Plato's teachings were done through the academy. Now, I have a different perspective on Plato than some of the more popularized intellectual thought. I think that there's really a very contrived kind of effort, and I do think it's a bit of an op, where they're trying to market Aristotle to quote-unquote right the Republicans, conservatives, and they're trying to market Plato as the father of communism. I don't really see it that way, to be really honest. I think it's much more nuanced than that. I'll just start with Aristotle. Now, I think Aristotle did some really great things in terms of his beliefs on virtues. And I think that's something that we absolutely would do well as a society and culture to revive. I think virtues are really important and we should honor virtues. and cultivate virtues. But Aristotle was very much a materialist. He was very, he did not believe in Plato's forms that things came from the ideal. Plato very much alludes to their being a creator. So it's just interesting that people pit him as kind of being a you know the the father of communism and he's like the enemy and I don't think that's true that you know he does talk about his academy uh which was esoteric in some regards and it was an initiated process but the way I saw it is he was fighting the the mystery schools and these occult groups and he was trying to create something that could you know, reveal esoteric knowledge. And by that, I just mean knowledge that's been hidden and withheld from the masses, but do it through a meritocratic process. So unlike the initiation of, you know, the ritualistic bloodlines, you know, either being through bloodlines or ritualistic initiation of the occulted schools, he was doing it through teaching. So people who had gone through the various stages, you know, he started with the trivium, which was rhetoric, logic, and grammar. And then you graduated to the quadrivium, which adds geometry. And he believed that before anybody got into any other branch of, you know, whether it be government or academia, that you had to complete this very rigorous education. And this education was foundational tools. It was not indoctrination like today. I mean, we don't have grammar, rhetoric, and logic today. And these are very foundational building blocks because they lend themselves once you have these tools. A great example is like, they've taken phonics out of the school system. And they've, you know, a lot of the school system now has this like look-see type of reading, teaching. And this comes out of, it was a mother's primer. It was Cattell who created this. And Galudet adapted it, which was wonderful for the deaf community because they don't have the auditory processing skills. A lot of them don't have the language skills to be able to do phonics. But for people who can... So for them, it was a beautiful thing. But Cattell was a disciple of G. Stanley Hall and really was instrumental in exporting the Americanization of Wundt, Wilhelm Wundt, who was... you know, I, I've talked to you about him before. He is the grandfather. What? He's popping up everywhere. Yeah. Well, I think he's so important and people don't talk about him enough. Uh, but he really was the bridge gap and his grandfather was Kersham at, uh, Carl, uh, Kershmer and Carl Casimir Wundt. And he was known as Raphael in the Illuminati. And then, of course, G. Stanley Hall was one of his main disciples. And then his disciples were Cattell, who was very instrumental in bringing this, like, look-see method. And then, of course, John Dewey. And they were all tied to... Daniel Coit Gilman. Daniel Coit Gilman set up the trust, the Russell Trust. The Russell Trust is what became the Order of Skull and Bones. Wow, I didn't know the history of that. Yep. And that's how we know about the Order of Skull and Bones is through the Russell Trust. That's what created the Order of Skull and Bones. And that was created by William Russell and Alfonso Taft. William Russell's relative was the one who donated the money for the Tavistock Clinic, which later became Tavistock Institute of Human Relations. Alfonso Taft is related to President Taft. um and so they but the two of them created the order of skull and bones in the late 1800s and the order really did take over our education system anthony sutton has great book outlining how that happened the way he got that information was through charlotte iserbeet whose father and grandfather were both members of skull and bones and so she had the rolodex she had like the little black books and she had all the you know like memorabilia and paraphernalia and all of these like you know, disclosed documents that her father had kept, uh, from the brotherhood. So she gave a lot of that to Anthony Sutton, uh, to compile his research. Um, but yeah, Wilhelm von, uh, really, he was the one who changed our system from, we originally had this, uh, Education was to give people tools. And I was talking about phonics is a great example. When you have these small parts for children to sound out and they can piece it together, it becomes like a puzzle. They can figure it out for themselves. This develops critical thinking skills. But when you start with the whole, you can't reduce it to smaller parts. So you're not having the tools. Yeah. They, they went to sight words instead of using the phonics rules. I mean, there's rules in phonics, which makes it all become logical. Mm-hmm. Yeah, exactly. So they, you know, so that's an example, but that's what Plato was trying to do. He was trying to create this, you know, give people the foundational tools that would build critical thinking skills so they could use their talents, their gifts, and their skills to develop whatever, hone those talents, gifts, and skills. But if you don't have the foundational tools, you're just going to be indoctrinated. And that was really what... So Wundt really changed the education system and was the father of psychology. He was the first person to call himself a psychologist. He was the first person to have an experimental psychology lab. But now we're treating... people as lab rats and experimental models. And so it's no longer education where we're giving you foundational tools on which to build. It's now we're programming you. And they actually changed the definition of education to make it about like neurological responses, which I think was really paving the way for transhumanism later. but as opposed to foundational tools to be able to develop critical thinking skills. But in my opinion, I think Plato was really creating an academy and he had to do it covertly because he was up against these ruling, the same oligarchs that we, the cabal that we see today. And I think he was trying to make wisdom and education available to people through a meritocratic method. People will argue with me on this, But that is really how I see it. And I think there's a lot of evidence to support that. I think it's very nuanced and people want to make things black and white and, you know, polarize everything. And so Aristotle's good, Plato's bad. And I think it's way more nuanced than that. But then you have the Neoplatonists. So this is 400 years later, these people who wanted to revive the teachings of Plato and And one of the first ones was, I always mispronounce his name, is Ammonius, Ammonius Saccas. And Saccas means the sack bearer. And he created an academy. And it was, again, through like covert teachings. And it was supposed to be only oral teaching. And his disciples, Plotinus, Arrhenius, and Origen, they sworn to oath that they would not write his doctrines. But it was Arrhenius who broke this. Was it Arrhenius? One of them had broken the agreement. And so Plotinus didn't feel bound by it anymore. And he wrote down all of the teachings of Ammonius. And this is really, I think, where we get the origins of theosophy. It's very interesting. A lot of theosophists were Christians, and they were rebelling against Christianity. And if I can find, I will find this, because there's a whole interesting section. You probably know more about this than I do, actually, anyway. So there's a whole interesting story about how Christianity was coming on the scene at that time, at the time of the Neoplatonists. And Catholicism, you know, was emerging. And of course, Catholic in Greek means the whole, which is kind of similar, right, to theosophy. It's all about the whole. It's all about oneness. They don't believe in individuality. The whole, it's a, they incorporate, you know, all sorts of religions, but a lot of it's very inspired by Hinduism, Buddhism, the mystics of the East, but combined with Western esotericism. And they believe that we, you know, dissolve into matter and that's part of the human journey. But the whole quest is to get back to the one. And this is very similar to, you know, like the Eastern Indian religions, you know, this idea of, you know, you know, Brahman, uh, you know, uniting with Atman to reach Nirvana. And this is again, this idea of this, the oneness. And, uh, so he, so this was, uh, ammonia. So, but I thought it was interesting that a lot of them were Christian, they were rebelling. And so I was about to say that there was a, so when, uh, Christianity were rising. There was Constantine who he was a pagan, but he then adopted Catholicism because he had murdered like most of his family. And they said that if he converted, that he'd be exonerated. And so this was an interesting, I feel like just, you see the, the, it was competing Catholicism. Schools of thought competing religions, essentially. I think Neoplatonism, you could argue, in a sense was, I mean, it's a philosophy, but I think it's just competing. They're competing for power, right? They're competing for- It's all it is. It's a power grab and a money grab. Yeah. Yes. And so Ammonius was a yes, it was Porphyry who wrote down his doctrines and Porphyry and Plotneth. And they he honored the mysteries, the ancient mystery schools. So, you know, like some of the teachings of the sun god Ra and. They worship the moon, you know, the ancient gods and goddesses. The, of course, Hermes, Hermes Trismegistus. And very interesting because this is the thread you see throughout theosophy, this idea of the collective, the oneness. And Hermes was the god of the herd, the thieves, the shepherds. He was also known as the divine trickster. Theosophy literally translates to divine wisdom. It's a very Gnostic religion. It's all about through divine wisdom that we can become God. They essentially think that they will become gods themselves. When I was talking about Christ consciousness before, this isn't the way a lot of Christians interpret it. They believe that God is within them. You hear people like Yuval Noah Harari talking about this, like how they will become God and they will supersede the biblical God because they can create gods. inorganic life and the biblical God can only create organic life. And this is a very theosophical view that they will become God and that God is within them. God is not their creator and they're not imitating. They're not made in the image. They are God themselves. Well, I want to interject there a minute because when you're talking about Gnosticism, I actually see that a lot in the way that people are approaching life in general. The more they know, it's like you'll see people that are absolutely insane trying to get every bit of information. And they'll follow anything just because they think that that knowledge is going to save them or that knowledge is going to change anything. The knowledge that's not put into practice is basically something that's going to clutter up your head. And we can gain knowledge. And I'm a research junkie, okay? I'm not going to say that I'm not. I am absolutely a junkie on research. Obviously I am too. So yeah, obviously you are too. But, but the point being is that once you have that knowledge, what does that translate into? Knowledge is not going to, you know, knowledge isn't going to save you. You know, we studied ourselves approved. I get that. But it is, it has been, A lot of this stuff is misconstrued in trying to make ourselves little gods in our own right rather than servants who serve the living God, the living God, our friend, our best friend. that, you know, it's like, do you know what I mean? It's like, it's like, it's, it's a miss, it's off base. And I, unfortunately that's what Satan does is that put enough truth into something plausible and then just twist it just a little bit, pervert, pervert it just a little bit. And the reality is, is that nobody is our personal project. God is the one that it's there. They're his project. They're not our project. So it's like, it's like, we don't have to sit here. You know, is my, my Jewish friend sitting here and I'm a Christian sitting here. I was going to ask you, is calling somebody a Jew? Is that derogatory? No, I don't think so. It shouldn't be. Well, I don't know. You know, everybody says it. I think a lot of people are using it as derogatory. You know, it's just, it's just a lot of misinformation because it's like a little bit of information becomes very dangerous because You have all these people who are, it's like they've learned a little bit about, now they've learned about the Balfour Declaration. They're like, oh, you know, Israel is a fake state. But they don't realize that the same people are funding both sides. Right, exactly. The same piece of land to two competing groups. Well, it was our CIA and Mossad that developed Hamas and Hezbollah. In conjunction with MI6, right? This is the Five Eyes. And people forget that the... And Australia. And all of them. Because the Crown has the territory, right? All the Commonwealth of the Crown is Australia. It's Canada. Right. It's a, it really is us. Yeah. New Zealand. Exactly. These are all Commonwealth of the UK of the British crown and the British crown works in partnership with the Vatican. And so again, this is, you know, people have to separate the mystification of religion, the infiltration of religions from the people. They're good, decent people. Just like you said, you have friends who are theosophists. I think there are plenty of, you know, new age people, uh who are in my opinion they're misled they're deceived but that doesn't mean that they're intentionally bad evil people they may really believe you know they've been misled in my opinion uh and they think the love and light is love and light of god and that it's a it's of goodness you know they don't realize they're following a false light but what so what's happening is it's become this buzzword like oh the jews are the problem for everything and I'm like really I mean, Christians, I mean, look how many Christians have been killed. I mean, it's been a slaughter of Christians across the planet because they go after groups. They go after groups. And it's just much easier to play pin the tail on the donkey and say, OK, well, that's the root of all the evil in the world. But when you know the history, it's so much more complex than that. And it is so much more complex. So nuance and really, I think you start to realize this is just inherently sounds very reductionistic, but inherently is a spiritual battle. There's good and evil, I think, within each of us. And I think it's, you know, the journey of people to, you know, find the light to drown out the darkness. And we should be judging people by their fruits. If you're a Christian, I thought that's what the Bible says, right? So judge them by their fruits, not by whatever label has been put on them or that you're putting onto them. You're going to be able to judge a Christian because, as I believe, I mean, I don't argue with anybody else's belief system. I respect people enough to respect the fact that they are where they are right now. And I am where I am right now. And when other information comes forward, that as God leads us, not as people lead us, but as God leads us, that he has a specific purpose for every single person. And the things we go through, good and bad, we accomplish his will in his time alone, not ours. We're not God, okay? And I have a real problem with that. Now, I have no problems talking about my Christian faith and what I really believe and what I believe to be true. And I believe that Jesus was God's only begotten son and that he lived a perfect life and that he died in order to make a peace between God and ourselves, not based on what we do. But what based on what he did for us, we cannot live a perfect life. The law was given in order to show us we can't keep it in order for us to turn to God because God always wanted that relationship. He never wanted a temple. He never wanted a building. And it states it clearly in the Bible. He wanted to dwell in the hearts and with men. And men being men and women. That's it. That is the message that was was absolutely from the beginning of the Bible, Old Testament, the Torah to the end of the Bible. It's not changed. OK. And so that is a Christian is what I believe. And I accept that gift that God gave me as Christian. You know, as a gift and knowing that I am, in fact, an imperfect human. I know I'm screwed up. I know I'm not worthy. The only way I get there is for God to say, yeah, you're kind of a putz, but I love you anyway. And I paid the price and I'm going to come on in. I'm your dad. You know, and that not being war with God. Now, that's what I believe. But I'm not going to sit here and argue with somebody on their belief system because they're not my freaking project. We can have a civil discussion. I think a great example, I mean, there are people in parts of the world who have never been introduced to the Bible. They don't know it exists. Does that inherently make them evil people? I mean, I think there are plenty of really wonderful people all over the world that, you know, they're ignorant. I mean that in the literal sense. I don't mean that, you know, to be pejorative. Like they don't know. But if you judge me. There's a biblical stand for that, which people miss outside of it. But I'm going to go back to something. I'm sorry to interrupt you. C.S. Lewis wrote this. And it was in the Chronicles of Narnia. And he actually did a pretty good job of taking complex things in the Bible and putting it into terms children can understand. And I love his writing. But basically, do you remember when the starts with a T, the tartan? The tartan ended up, I think it was a tartan, ended up in heaven in the last battle. And everybody's looking around going, what's this guy doing here? He didn't serve Aslan. And Aslan looked at everybody and shamed him in this. And I think that C.S. Lewis had a pretty good grasp on this. Everything that the tartan did was in service, actually, to me. he didn't know it because he didn't have the ability to see that. And so, you know, you have to, you can read words, but if you don't have understanding, you're going to miss the mark. Yeah, of course. Come by pulling a word or a verse out and saying, you know, saying here's the verse and this is what it means because there's no study to actually know what actually meant within the concept. You know, we're Western Christians. People that are Christian here, we're Western Christians. The Bible was written by Jewish people in another part of a world, in another time. And until we see it through that lens of what was said, we're getting the Bible in like black and white on a page instead of full color video. I mean, I studied Messianic, Jewish Messianic for years. And I think it's really interesting because there's a part in the Bible where it talks about Abraham planting a tree for his posterity. Well, what we all miss over here in the United States is being a United States Western Christians. The fact that the Jewish language is very, very different. They don't talk and, well, God is grace. Well, what does that mean? God is this. They're broad generalities. But when a Jewish person talks, it's tangible. Yeah, they are. They're very tangible. And that's kind of like one of the core tenets of the Torah is to question everything. It is like the origins of really a scientific method. Yeah. Well, and when Abraham was talking about planting a tree for shade, what we all missed because nobody translated was it was a tamarisk tree. I don't know if you know this or not. And so Jesus actually told a lot of jokes. Unless you knew the culture, you wouldn't know that he's being funny. He's hilarious. Same thing for Plato. This is why I think he's so misinterpreted. And you see it through Socrates, who is his disciple. And most of the teachings are done through Socrates. But Socrates would, through the Socratic method, right? He was always using the most absurd example. And he would use humor to point out all the fallacies in someone's argument. And I think that's what happens is it gets lost in translation because people who live in a soundbite culture, most people don't actually read. And so if you really played his style, you would see how funny he was and that you wouldn't take it all so literally. And you wouldn't take it to the point of like, you know, you listen to people go, oh, most holy God. I'm like, he's sitting right here, guys. I don't really think you need to go through all these pains and problems. He already knows what you think. And so it's not like this is a mystery anymore. Right. But that tamarisk tree, which I find really funny, is the slowest growing tree on the planet. Oh, interesting. So it's a joke. He planted it for shade. Maybe his knee would have seen the shade. He wasn't going to see the shade. And his kids weren't probably going to see the shade. maybe his grandchildren, but the whole point of this entire thing was lost on everyone. The point is, is he was planting this not for himself, but generations and generations and generations to come. What if we actually looked at the world that way and said, what we do, it's not for my next cup of coffee. It's not for this amassing a whole bunch of things that I go and die for and leave sitting here to rot. We're actually putting things in place to benefit, to grow the virtue, the honor, the honesty, the processes for people to actually embrace those things that are greater with an internal perspective. Because you're going to die. I'm going to die. That is one of the guarantees of life. I'm closer to that than you are. Although, I don't know, the transhumanists don't think they're going to die. They seem to think that they're just in for perennial existence. Newsflash, you're going to die. Yeah. You're going to die. And you've got to be using 150 supplements a day in the hopes that he will survive. I'm like looking forward to this. I die. It's a win-win for Donna Brandenburg because I know exactly where I'm going to be sitting. Right. And it's like, I really, I really, you know, I've had, I've actually had the privilege of actually having some amazing experiences. I've already been able to see it. Yeah. And I mean, you know, it's like it's like which is kind of one of those things that it's blessed are those who have not seen but yet believe. Well, I kind of believed anyway, but I got a chance to get a glimpse at a point in my life, which was kind of cool. And you had nothing to be afraid of. I mean, live the life, run that race right to the end. And, you know, you can go into all situations, not anything. Like, you're going to go into Switzerland? You walk right in there like you own the place because you do. You know, tell them exactly what's going to happen. Well, yeah. Well, I would just encourage everyone to not take the bait. What they really want is us all divided. And I am not advocating for anybody, you know, give up their beliefs or, you know, I want people to stand in their conviction. But there's a big difference between standing in your conviction and forcing your will on other people. And there's a big difference between standing in your conviction and leading by example than there is by, you know, righteousness and deciding that somehow your way is the only way and that anybody who disagrees or who believes something different is somehow evil inherently. And that is really what they want because the more they divide us, then the easier it is for them to, you know, cliche, divide and conquer. And I'm just seeing this so much. It's really, and I think a lot of this was resurrected. You know, it's certainly not new as I just went through even with the Theosophist and that's, you know, way predates us. But I think with Q, it was very much revived. And I think there was a lot of, a lot of- Did you? Oh, yeah. I think that I do, whether initiated as something, you know, good and honorable, I do think it was co-opted. And I think part of it was to sow these seeds of anti-Semitism. And you saw it very much resurrected with Q. I mean, people who... Okay, so I'm going to make a differentiation there, okay? Yes. Because this is very, very critically important. Okay. The Q posts were not anti-Semitic. I understand that, but that's what I'm saying. And co-opted it. That's what I just said. I agree. I think it was an excuse. Yeah, no, I just said that. I think it was co-opted, but I think it was an op. And I think it was intentionally designed to divide people and to mislead people. And I think one of the things I really saw was this resurrection of anti-Semitism and And I know like you can't use that word because people say it doesn't have any meaning and everything's anti-Semitic. But no, I mean, I saw people really bringing up things that were just so obviously old, you know, intentional agitprop tropes. And they were resurrecting this and people who never would have spoken this way previously. And now suddenly they're drudging these things up to turn against Jews. And I think that we've seen now that that's really been amplified. And I personally do think that there's a funded op in the alternative media to promulgate this anti-Semitism because they've been so successful with the quote-unquote left, you know, from the Marxist agitators, you know, they've been, you know, championing this for a long time but now they're they're really working the angle through the right and through the christians and you're you're really seeing this where you're now you've got this two-prong approach and I did find an article I think that there's more than this this was actually quantifiable evidence where because you're seeing the same people like they're parroting the exact same narrative and obsessively and you're so I found this article it was about the serena shim award where it's funded by the Saudis, so who are Israel's, they're not friends of Israel. And they fund this award for journalists. And so these journalists are being given quite a bit of money. I mean, it's also a prestigious award. But what you've seen with this award, I can send you the article. Every single one of them are promulgating this very anti-Israeli, Israel narrative. Now, I do not support Zionism. As I said, the same people are funding both sides and promulgating, stirring the pot on both sides. The Fabian socialists, very instrumental in advancing the Zionist movement, they're the same people who funded the Islamification of the West because they knew that both are very instrumental. One, it creates a dialectical pole, so you have both people fighting against each other, which is always great for them because it's breeds chaos which is breeding ground for usurpation of power but it also they realize that both are very advantageous to their end goals of creating an internationalist world order the islamic religion and faiths are very tyrannical uh this is not to demonize you know or uh You know, to grant anybody who is there are lots of good, decent Muslim people. That's not what I'm saying. And I have friends that I have friends that are Muslim. I also have friends that are in their Sikhs and such and such. And so, you know, it's like in their their very. Very peace-loving. Of course. I'm not saying they're not. But if you look at the religion itself, you read the Quran, it very much lends itself to a tyrannical order. Agreed. Yeah. So they knew they could use this to advance. They don't care about Muslims. They don't care about Jews. They don't care about Christians. These are Luciferians. I mean, I just read you, Madam Blavatsky. She fully admits. Marx also. Karl Marx wrote odes to Satan. These people are Luciferians. They don't care. about the Muslims, the Jews, the Christians. That's not what they care about. They care about creating chaos and having everybody fight each other to do their bidding for them. And they care about creating an internationalist world order. Of course, it goes by many different names. The names have changed throughout the years. You look at the pyramid on our dollar bill. I remember I was talking about the Neo-Platonists, they worshipped the ancient mysteries. That was one of the things Amoninus was saying, was that he worshipped the ancient mystery schools and the ancient mystery religions. And what do we see on our dollar bill? We see the pyramid. And what does it say? Novus Ordo Sanctus. What does that mean? New order for the ages. It's not very new, is it? Right? This new world order is not new at all. Woodrow Wilson, one of the first presidents to talk about the new world order. This is what they care about fomenting. And so they realized that the Islamic faith was very conducive to creating a tyrannical socialist one world order. They called it the internationalist world order at the time. And they realized that creating the Zionist movement would also be very conducive to those goals. So they promised same land, two different competing people. And now you've got these people on the quote unquote alt-right and the You know, the Christian right. You go ahead and you're OK. You're not going to find me to say it because it needs to be said. There's there's a lot of these people like like Shuler and and I'm going to say Kenneth Copeland. And in those those circles that are also manipulating people. And I mean, I have to look at this as a Christian and go, how is it that somebody sits up there and begs for money off of families while they sit in their million dollar homes and their families are, what is this any different than what the politicians we have are doing? I don't get it. Well, it's because they believe more than everybody else. No, they don't. That's not what God wants. He wants us to serve each other. And Jesus said, give people the shirt off your back if they need it. And it's so opposed. It's diametrically opposed. Yeah. What's going on. You can criticize Christian, the Christian faith, all you want in here. And I I'll criticize the Jewish faith too, because we need to be able to have that dialogue from perspective. I met some ladies a while back that were, that were Jewish. And I was really shocked and afraid of Christians. They were. And I was like, Why are you afraid? Help me understand this here. I don't understand why you're afraid to talk to somebody who's Christian. you know, it's like, I, I'm like, I don't, I think we should be able to have open dialogues with each other and listen to what somebody says without going into a debate format, you know, you know, because we're, we're sharing information and, you know, there, there may be a point in time where that information will resonate with that person to look into it, but you, you don't debate. And, and I've always told people this all the time, you never win an argument. You only make anatomy. Right. And so interesting. Cause I had, I had somebody reach out to me. I had brought to, you know, very well-known kind of people in the, you know, thought leader space. I hate that term, but like, you know, that essentially I, And I brought them together for several podcasts and they're both doing phenomenal work. They're pretty juxtaposed in their religious perspectives. But from my perspective, where it really counts, they agree on way more than they disagree. They're both, I think, doing, you know, I think they're both doing God's work, even though one of them is he's a former atheist. I think he's now an agnostic and the other one's an Orthodox Christian. I would say they're both doing God's work. And I know that sounds weird to say, but they are because they're fighting against the evil. They're, you know, and they're, they're educating people on, and they're seeking truth. And I've had people reach out to me telling me that I should orchestrate like a formal debate between these two. And I, I was like, I'm not going to do that. You know, they will, they will do it. And I was like, I don't see. And they were, well, we have to prove that the, you know, the atheist is wrong or I think he's really agnostic, but either way, he's wrong. And I was like, I, that's not my battle, you know? And I was like, they're way more. Think about the dynamic of that. Well, and also I'm like, I love when I bring them together and they share information and they're, I said to me, they're aligned where it really counts and where it really matters. And that's what they're both, I think they're both doing tremendous work. But apparently like one of them has been, asked and the other one was like yeah I already asked him he won't do a debate and so they're coming after me and they're like well you're gatekeeping I'm like I'm not gatekeeping this is not my battle I wanted to bring them both to the forefront where they could discuss the the bad ideas that are pernicious in my my opinion to the world and to educate people on that And I think that they're both doing really great work in that arena. So to divide them and have people turning against each other, to me, that's not productive. You want me to defend you? I'll defend you on this. And you have this debate stuff is straight from hell because all you do is you make an enemy and it's about humiliating one person, dividing the teams, seeing if you can keep people divided instead of bringing, bringing some sanity to this. And you know what? I, I, I absolutely oppose this on all levels. Debates. You should be able to say your case. Yeah. And that sort of thing. But the way that they do this is to destroy people. Now, when you go into a debate like that, you become, okay, we're just going to sit here and fight. There's no working. And people tend to retreat. So they will retreat into themselves. And then now you stopped all actual dialogue. Right. Right. So I would differentiate between good faith and like well-crafted debate. I actually think that can be really beneficial. You know, I was on the debate team in high school and I think people can debate. I just think this sort of Jerry's because I agree with you. I just I want to make the distinction between the two, because I think people learning how to debate where it's actually in good faith and it is very structured debate. I think that actually breeds critical thinking skills. It opens people to you actually really have to listen to the other person's argument. And I'll agree with you on that. OK, so the broad category of debate is is if you can have those discussions. Yeah. And in your presenting your your viewpoints and such. But when it comes down to just the win at all costs, destroy political climate, we have. And, or, or media controlled stuff that I'm done with this. That is such a low IQ activity. I can't, I can't, I can't, it's like, it just turns it into caveman fighting. Here's my club. Here's your club. I, the debates that I saw between Whitmer and Tudor Dixon, I was like, this is just a low IQ cat fight. Yeah, exactly. That was it. Right now. I agree. Terrible. Yeah. Terrible. But yeah, Well, well said. So, yeah. So, yeah. I don't know. You like beat this up really good today. I love this. Yeah. This was great. I love these discussions and I think that they need to be had. Yeah. You know, I really do. It's like it's like I think that we should be able to say our our points of view on things. I don't even agree with me. Go ahead and have your point of view. I'm not going to debate you on your point of view on something. Right. But I also have the right to say mine. And I think that's a lot of people that are Chris. This is if you want to know what the Christian perspective is. The Christian perspective is that we've been so demonized in so many different ways that it's like people are ashamed to say what needs to be said for being shut down. Oh, you're just a white privilege. You're just a racist. You're a this. You're a that. Well, that shuts everybody down. That's not okay. No, I'm an individual. I am Donna Brandenburg who has these opinions. I do not think that all men are evil. I do not think that all women are evil. I don't think that all people who are Jewish are evil. I don't think that all Muslims are evil. I think I have all of these differing opinions. I think evil is evil. And we can we actually have thinking skills and the discernment to be able to say when you mutilate a child. That is evil. Yeah. It is evil. You know, there, there's all of these things and you can, you can try to say that this is not evil by cutting off somebody else's body parts for money. This is not okay. You know, there, there's all of these things that are not okay. So, you know, to go after actions, which are like violations of human rights. Yeah. You know, I think that the practice, the Muslim practice of, and it's not just Muslims, they do it in African countries, of, you know, female circumcision, which is basically cutting off anything that gives any, you know, I mean, or castrating men. This is something that still goes on. Terrible. And so, I mean, when you look at turning in, you know, people, modifying them out of the form that God created, put them into is evil. You don't do that. If they get to be older and they want to do that, that's up to them. Right. But I have a real problem with that. That's, you know, it's like, it's like that needs to be their choices. And that's my stand on it. Men, you're not evil. You're wonderful. Jews, you're not evil. You're wonderful. I've learned so much from wonderful people who are Jewish that had wonderful insights to things. And what it did for me is it painted a clearer picture of Jesus for me. Who was, in fact, a Jew. Yeah. Who was, in fact, a Jew. He was not Gentile Jesus with a lamp sitting on his leg. Okay? Not happening. It's not reality. Right. And he was purely hostile. He was a provocateur. He talked about everything. And he'd go right into the temple and say, you're wrong, you den of vipers. And why did they kill him? Because he was trying to destroy the religious falsehood that was about the money, the lack of people. And he did that and he talked with everyone. Right, right. Yep. And, uh, yeah, there's so much, uh, falsehood, you know, I mean, uh, I, I don't know enough, but I, I'm hearing like even the, uh, original Kabbalah has been completely distorted. The, um, I do know the Lurianic Kabbalah was around the 1600s and that's where this, uh, like Tikam Olam kind of shifted in its, uh, meaning. It was originally about, um, the, um, I'm blanking on the word but to it was about the ratification of idolatry. And then you would have when it was just the the one God, then you would have, you know, restore the integrity. And that's what it was originally about. But they shifted it to mean essentially social justice. And that's what you're hearing in a lot of these, like more liberal modern Jewish organizations they talk about the Tikkun Olam and the UN has really adopted this as well and this is again this is the collectivist type of you know mechanism and belief system and that comes out of the Lurianic Kabbalah that's not the original so there's been mystification I think all around I mean obviously we see it through the Christian religion as well you know there's lots of Christian mysticism there's certainly yeah Yeah, absolutely. And you're absolutely welcome to say it because if you haven't, if you don't say it, I probably will. Yeah. I'm not, I mean, and I'm not an expert, but I, but I'm seeing it everywhere. So I, you know, I don't have all the details and I don't know. Yeah. But I, but I'm seeing enough of it to be able to say it with some sort of a definitive. Let me tell you how I got kicked out of a church one time. Okay. Okay. And I thought this was kind of funny. I will go there. So yeah, I was in this church and it was a, it was a, it's a very large church and they were having this big revival, right? It wasn't a revival. It was a satanic invasion of this church. And these women, they would get up on the altar and I just decided to go there, you know, a big church. I thought I'd disappear here for a little while. And I brought my kids and I put them in Sunday school, but there was, this is, this is how this goes. They had two teachers in Sunday school for 40 kids. between ages of four and seven. And I'm like, there's not a chance that I'm going to leave my children in here in this chaotic thing. So I thought, well, I'll just go, I'll go in and sit and I'll be quiet and, you know, but I'll sit here. So I keep an eye on things low because I didn't know anybody there. And so I was in there for, for several weeks and they're like, well, you're, you're in here like every week. It was actually probably a couple of months. And they're like, you're in here. So would you help? And I'm like, yeah, what do you want me to do? I'm a great second in command. I'm a great last in command. If you need toilets cleaned or whatever, I don't need to be in charge. But if you've got a job, sure. They're like, well, here, take this book and that table over there would be a huge help. So I want you to realize this. This is two people that are working in Sunday school who are really trying to do the right thing. Church leadership did not give a rat's rear end about them or what these kids were going through or anything. If they would have, they would have prioritized the children. But they didn't. They sat up on the stage trying to be the biggest dog in pack. So I started watching this thing unfold a little bit. So this pastor comes in. And he, he decides to check on, there was like six or seven pastors in this big mega church. And he looks at me, he goes, are you a member here? And I'm like, no, I'm just decided to bring my kids here to church and see what, see what happens. And well, you really can't be in with the kids unless you're a member. And I'm like, okay, that's probably a pretty good check. You know, at least they're checking something after two months that they figured out that I was in there with my own children. Right. Right. And so anyhow, he's like, he's like, well, we really need you to be a church member. And I said, well, I really don't believe in church membership. And I said, there's reasons for that because denominations are just another way to divide people. And I believe that we need to be standing together. And so, so, you know, I, I can't by my own conscience do that. But I said, I understand Chuck. I said, you know what, how about if I go to your membership class, but I'm not going to join. I want to prayerfully consider this. Because if this is something that God wants me to do and I need to change my position on this, I will. So I go to the membership class. I show up on their Saturday class or whatever it was. And there's all of the books with the payment slips right on top, all neatly rubber banded. Because this is about money. No kidding. Got to have the air conditioning. I got to get butts in the seat. Pay these six digit salaries that the pastors were all making. I'm not kidding. I kid you not. Okay. So anyhow, I go to the class and this guy, this guy pulls me out of the class. I sit in there nice and quiet and respectful, didn't say anything and just trying to. And he's like, well, you know, he said, so your church membership and and oh, I got a tag sticking out of my collar. Oh, no. Yeah. I didn't realize that's what that was. OK. Sorry. Thanks for telling me. Lululemon. So anyhow, so he pulls me out of this class and Donna being the being born ornery. I will not be told what to do and what to do on things. It's not going to happen. If something doesn't make sense, it's not going to make it past. Right. But anyhow, he pulls me out and he decides to grill me out there. And he's like, well, you're disobedient. You're this, that, and the other thing. And you're on and on and on with the religious spirit beating that people go through in the Christian church. It's incredible. Incredible. And he pulls me up and he's like, well, you're this and you're that. And I'm like, well, you know, I said, and I was real quiet. I said, you know, I meet with a group of women on Fridays and we pray together. And I've kind of had some questions because we're going through the Bible on some of these things that I'm seeing. And I'm like, I'm watching women up on the altar disrobe or you have to throw blankets over them through this revival. And I don't think that this is something that actually has any biblical precedence on it. And I'm seeing women... lacking arm and arm walking down the children's area, like out of their mind. I'm like, I'm going to tell you right now on good and good evidence, You're not pushing spirits out of the way. You're pushing children out of the way. And when the revival started, they left the kids in these Sunday school classes because I was there. Nobody came because the parents were all hanging out like a bunch of zombies in the church, leaving the kids in Sunday school. The Sunday school teacher didn't know what was going on. They had no food for these kids. Nobody came to pick these kids up till three, four o'clock in the afternoon because they're in weird, demonically instigated trance. And there was no food. Parents didn't come. The kids didn't know what's going on. The teachers didn't know what was going on. And I'm like, and they're pushing children out of the way, not spirits. And I'm like, and he and he. But before that, he said, you don't ask anybody about what's going on here unless you come to me. And I was done. I'm like, sorry. God is here. Sign on that door. I'm not buying it. And I outlined all of the sermon. I said, you don't have God in this church. You got a demon in the church. And I said, you do not. This is demonic possession. So they wrote me a nice three little page letter that said I was not allowed back in the church. Oh, wow. Children back. And there was about. There was a bunch of us that get kicked out of the church. In fact, I had friends who had been on the management staff there for 20 years and they started asking questions. They got kicked out. Three months later, they decided to come back and sit in the back row of the church. They said, we love these people. We just were saddened. They sat back there. The church leadership came, tapped them on the shoulders. And there's a 70 year old people escorted them off the property and told them to come back again. So I got a lot of gripes about this stuff. Yeah, of course. With these psychotic, demon-possessed people in leadership in all of our structures, or you're voted off the island. Right. So I got kicked out of that big church, told never to come back again. It's a church right here in Grand Rapids. Sounds like that was a good thing. Yeah. It's not a good place to be. It was for the best. Yeah. It was first assembly in Grand Rapids, Michigan. And supposedly they had a huge changeover and changed their ways. But that's not the only one. But I don't know that because I've been asked to and said, you know, we screwed up. We kicked out people that were actually telling us that we were. we were following a D you know, demonic possession. If you saw a woman, they all do the same thing too. It's crazy. You know, the women, all of a sudden they, they devolve into a Southern accent. Oh, the Lord told me this. I'm like, dude, you're from grand Rapids, Michigan. Not your life. Do you speak with a Southern accent? Right. And the Lord told me to do this. And I said, no Lord, no, don't make me do this. And then they start hooting like an owl. I literally saw this. Oh gosh. And I'm like, I'm sitting there as Donna Brandenburg going, I'm not really sure why God led me here at this point in time, other than to sit here and look at this insanity. Right. And perhaps call attention to it by drinking the Kool-Aid. Right. Right. You know, and I do know the Bible enough to kind of point things out. I may not be as articulate or as a lot of other people are, but I'm sure it's not going to sit there silent when I see somebody leave. Yeah. You know. Yeah. So I don't know if I always know, but I knew it in that instance, you know, crazy. Yeah. This stuff going on. Hang on a second. I'm going to read a few things from the chat here. Yeah. Judicial notices on legal paper got passed that Tom says, may God's kingdom come. Oh, love says my daughter was dating a guy that was a pastor only for the free perks he got for being a pastor. I've seen that before, too. She Lucifer is transgender, too. And I think, is that true? Is Lucifer supposedly female? I don't know about Lucifer, but they did worship a lot of the hermaphroditic gods. There's a lot of, obviously, the Baphomet. There's a lot of... Asherah. Asherah worship. That's all transgender. And Vivek Soros is 100% shady-do, big talker in big farmer regime. Brian Mitchell on Facebook is an excellent source about AI and transhumanism. Awesome. Well, call me. You got my phone number, everybody. Brandon Johnson. This is very fascinating, Tom said. Knowledge, understanding, and wisdom from Donald. I'm seeing people on Facebook believe this also. They believe that they will also go into 5D. Tom said, that's true. Just as faith without action is dead, knowledge by itself is useless. Donald said, understanding the kingdom gives wisdom, and application of wisdom brings fruits. Agreed. They believe in reincarnation. And Tom says, amen, this is wonderful. And I haven't seen anti-Semitism in Q. I didn't either. I saw the people that jumped on it, just like they do. I'm not saying it necessarily came from the Q post, but I'm saying the movement, it definitely bred a lot of anti-Semitism. I think that there was... There was a division, though. And so, I mean, you can't even say the Q posts were anti-Semitic. I didn't say the Q post. I said I'm not talking about the post, but I'm talking about the movement. It definitely came from a lot of people who claim to be following. And I'm not saying it was in the post, but there's a movement. Well, yeah, that's how ops work, right? Right. Yeah, it was definitely, in my opinion, it was very much a contrived off. And you had people talking about things like the protocols of the elders of Zion, which, you know, I've done a whole show on it. And I mean, there's, again, it's like a little bit of information. Do they read it in the original language? Do they know what they even said? All they hear is Zion. And suddenly they're like, well, the Zionists are the problem. And therefore the Jews are the problem. Do they even know how Zionism came to be? I had these people talking about things like the Noahide laws. I had people calling me up at midnight being like, oh, the Noahide laws. So because of the Noahide laws, all Christians are going to end up in the guillotine. They're coming after the Christians. I'm like, if I were Satan and I wanted to divide people, now the Christians are, you know, biblically, it is, you know, it's the Old and New Testament, right? It is one book. They are supposed to be allied. They're not supposed to turn against. I know that there's, you know, differences in beliefs, obviously, surrounding Christ as Messiah, right? But they're not supposed to be enemies. As you said, Christ was a Jew. But if I were Satan, would I want to divide these people and have them turn against each other? I think that would be very convenient. And what better way to do it than to use fear? So now we've got all these Christians running around saying, oh, the Jews are going to put us all in the guillotine. I mean, this is... I literally have friends who are Q followers calling me up at midnight, like terrified about the Noahide laws. They're putting us in guillotine. And I'm like, can you please show me like where it says you're going to be ending up in guillotine? And there's nothing in the Noahide laws that says that, you know, they argue that, but based on their interpretation of these Noahide laws. Now, I'm not saying there aren't people who may use them and co-opt them for evil purposes. Of course, we see that throughout history. I don't think the Noahide laws are... I think the same thing happened with the Q post, because I know a lot of people that follow the Q post that have that never went down that thing. But then you've got people like Phil who got losers. My point is not about the post. My point is about using it as an offer to create a movement. And it really, I saw this. I saw this with so many people who never would have even known what the protocols of Zion were. You know, this is an old trope that's been resurrected and it was done through, I'm not saying it was done through the Q post. It was done through Q movement, which I do think is an op. It's the same thing with what's going on with things like the, you know, the Christian nationalist movement or what's going on. I could go through the list. Because I want to really do it because I know a lot of people that were in the Q movement that never went down there. So I guess that's what I'm trying to just really make sure that there's a lot of people that follow those Q posts. that went into research and think for themselves. And then you had the people that just wanted to make money off of it and build audiences that grabbed those Q posts and said, this is the Q movement when it was never meant to be that. It's the same thing as the Zionists that co-opted the Jewish religion And these claim it, frame it nonsense that corrupted the Christian movement. It's kind of the same thing. But I wanted to have one more story on this church. Somebody else said they used to go to the Assemblies of God. This is how nutty this got. My son, who was in Royal Rangers, had a Royal Rangers teacher who we loved a lot. He was really nice. It was their Wednesday night group. After I got kicked out of the church, I'm in the grocery store with my kids. And this Royal Ranger teacher that was there, my one son walked up and he's like, well, Commander Dan. And he says, I was such a commander because that's what they called him. And he was so glad to see him. The guy backed away. for my seven-year-old son for fear of the demons dropping off of him and turn his back and on my son like stay away wow seven-year-old this is on nutty this nonsense came assembly of god in grand rapids owes the entirety of grand rapids an apology an apology to those that they kicked out my son and the other kids that they did this to I was a great teaching experience but shame on them Yeah, totally. Wow. I'm sorry. I hope you're changed, but if you're not, I'm still going to hand your tail to you because they didn't make it right. Right. And that's, you know, you can make mistakes and all of us do that. But when you do that, you have to go back and make it right. And they didn't. Right. And so it's like, it's like, and they didn't call these people out. And instead of coming forward and saying, I made a mistake and seek out the people that were hurt by this because we weren't hurt. I wasn't hurt by it. My son was temporarily, but I explained it away and it was okay. But it was like, there were so many in the community that didn't have somebody that could help them frame it. They hurt this community. And it's like, and now they need to go back. I mean, the cars were backed up for miles on 44th Street to get into this nonsense. Soon as the manifestation went away, they were all gone. It's not a work of God. That's a temporary, that's a temporary. So, but anyhow, I love this discussion. And I'm glad we can talk, even have a heated discussion back and forth as we try to understand each other. Love that. Yeah. Of course. Love that. Necessary. Yeah. Me too. Yeah. It's, you know what it is? It's real. Yeah. It's important for sure. Important. And it's real and it's beautiful. It's light. So. Absolutely. I'll say a prayer because we both got to get on to our day. Yes. I'm picking up my beehives today. Ooh. I decided to start up more bees. And so I'm getting two, two big hives today. Brand new ones. And then I got to get him prepared because you got to paint him and such. And then I'm going to go get my nukes and let McQueen suit up. And I love bees. Okay. All right. Dear Heavenly Father, thank you so much for Courtney and all of our friends out there who are fighting the good fight. We know that they're everyone out there is your child that you created the way that they are. and you know the path that they're going to be on, and you're willing to walk through us no matter what it is. But we're just thankful for everything that you're teaching us and bringing us to the conclusion that you want in our lives. We are here to help. We're here to help people in whatever it is that you ask us to do. We want to be a servant. We want to be servants to you. We don't need to be in the spotlight. We don't need to be We don't need anything except for your love and your provision for us because you are good all the time. We don't have to fight for that. We don't have to put other people down for that. We just need to stand on truth, speak what we know is true as you put it in our heart and you lead us and just lay our lives down as you did for us. We lay our lives down at your feet and are willing to do whatever it is that you ask us to do in service to you, our fellow man, this world that you created, your creation and whatever. We just love you so very much. And you're so good to us. Thank you so much for good friends like Courtney and John. I ask your blessings just abundantly poured out on Courtney and whatever does she do that, that, that she does that you put in her heart. We ask that you would help her with the provision of having this trip help to be funded to Switzerland. We ask that you would, you would really speak to people's hearts to help her in her quest going forward and, And I'm just thankful that she's willing and able. And we know she has your protection. We stand on that. And knowing that you are literally encamped around her, that you're going to lead her through this. And she's in a great place right now. And that it is a beautiful thing to watch the processes that you put us all through in life as you bring us home with you. It's beautiful. Thank you so much for the stay ahead of us and let everybody know that they're loved and that you're with them every step of the way. And we love you so very much. In Jesus name, we pray. Amen. Amen. So with that said, here we go. This is where we go to go to I'm the best non-concealer, whoever not conceded and did not concede in the history of the United States. Yes. Maybe even better than the rightful president of the United States, President Donald J. Trump. I'll take him up on that. I'd like to debate you, President Trump. Yes. Over coffee. So there you go. And and so that said, God bless you all. God bless all this whom you love and God bless America. Make it a great day. Go love somebody who's Jewish or Christian or Muslim or somebody that you know out there. Talk to people. Talk to them. Yeah. Be friends. Be friends first. You can't you got to be friends. you know, before I think you earn your right to talk to people. Absolutely. People need to be able to trust you in order to talk to them. Yeah. You don't just go in there like a, you know, you don't just go in there and say, I'm right. You're wrong. Right. What kind of an idiot does that? You know, a lot of people. I don't know. So anyhow, have a great day. Thank you. Bye.