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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 9/8/2022 - Live - Derby Hardy and Mellissa Carone

Published Sept. 8, 2022, 8:01 a.m.

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morning this is brandenburg news network and i am donna brandenburg today is let's see thursday september eight twenty twenty two and very glad that you're here to day why is there a lot of stuff going on in the news i'm havin a hard time keeping up with it but you know give it my best shot here let's play this loide clipper a quick here a minute and an then i've got my very special guest and derby hardy derby is a dear frontenelle her to pieces and we weedow norful discussions that i just really wanted to bring her on as someone whom i very much respect as well as she has some insight into things that that you know everybody has their gifts and a talent of the things that they know that the rest of us may be don't know while she she has she's got unique perspective on on health care and on no just living and politics in general and i just love i with that said i'm going to bring on right now i want to play a little video clip here because we're too we talk about a lot about all and what does an old mean what does it mean to pledge in all and i find be very inspire warranted to the i renegades and i would bear to face he fraternisation francisation eleonore that inheritance i will well tintagel and take for a discharge to historic i am about to enter on the elocutionary go on go on to lonesome i will i love that clip i think that's a that's an amazing clip from an amazing a family whom i absolutely adore and death to how we're going to how i conduct my day is to first of gorged to god and second a figure out how he can keep land and blows here on the deep state and exposing truth so with that set in want to bring on tobymen derby hat i don't the behind oh bring god yes that was a nice we had a really nice discussion and you know the integram live that we did was well received people loved it oh yes yes is something that is very dear to me it's nothing that presently is going on with me so yet is real where i talked to day about about the reverse the reverse mortgages and how that really what happened with your family because i think that that this predatory mind set that we have going on in the united states in it it's happening on every level i am so sorry but like dragees hour the whole show in jump to kids is wrong on every level plain on her older people it's a predatory mind set for the destruction of others and it's something every single one of us needs to be a women only need to be aware of it but we also need to be fighting it and putting up defenses especially for our older people who fall prey to the schemes of these the very very evil people so could you tell everybody i think i lost one okay the only my man passed away and june of two pounds of in twenty at that time to your man and and you came her me higher me okay like like i said my man to have away and two thousand in twenty from covert at the time to me very god got kicked off well this is this internet thing is really a problem and we have great internet as soon as we start talking about something it is chicken especially if i say the word he in a case can you start on and so that so that i can hear what you said because i'm sure that you are able to talk and i was gone he my man passed away junto thousand and twenty to my knowledge my man home was paid off back in i want to say the early eighties my man home was paid off and now really that i want to say the late seventies my mom house was reefs about this time a man is about seventy years old and she was running by herself and as she passed i didn't know that my man took out his predatory reversed mortgage so when my man passed i picked up i saw and i moved into the family come all was sudden i got lonethome i was like a gay mortgage company they want to buy the house throwing away thrown away in this some legal papers came sariette open this it looks important and it was through trap law saying that my mom took out this this loan and that they want to claim the home and likely never hathis may be a fake or whatever so let me dig deep into it so at this time they had the morando where i didn't have to leave your home and all his subsiding hear from them for a while oh i guess there is pointedly to can't keep people out their homes and babatyana so after that expired i start getting some oregon paperwork so i am like okay well you're the organ let me dig dig deep into it so i asked him to send a copy of the contract what my man bearing her name i went through some friends of mine that were marianina wept at me through the stuff of what i needed to do well they get hard and in and played all farce you know lawyer gains to try to start so as time was taking down on em like okay this is getting serious because and kept giving legal but no contract so then at this time we had to provide a man estate and so we did tibarenians people had only one so finally as she became the representative of my mom a state we found out it was indeed reverse mortgage i am and received the contract in the contract stated that at the time of my mind that based on how much the home as were at the time of death this is how much we would on so at the time the letter said that my mind was beastly old like ninety eight thousand dollars on the whole i think she took out a resilient thousand dollars cause they only give the usumacinta the whole was upraised for it and back then the home was a praise for her like a hundred and twenty thousand so we you know were reading into the contract and the like o can but as time turn is two thousand and twenty two and as everybody knew everybody home value double triple quadruple you know outrageous prices so now that my mamma is now a praise that round to forty they feel like they can't ignore their contract is said okay even though my man passed back in two thousand and twenty in houses of praise that ninety thousand we're going to go for the higher value and make them pay the hundred and ninety seven thousand dollars that they say was all and i'm like no you're not following the contract to contract as that you would have to get what the home is one at the time of the so what they do is they all italicus i am six months too they called a recoupment period for the family so what you have to do is to try to re finance or you just walk away and get them your home so as time is ticking and the delay in asking for information or pay off attesteth for close on my monomania of the sheer so i haven't like november twenty two either find a way to recover my man home or in a have to be dealt or whatever so so i had my man home praised and is still false underneath the amount that i could even borrow the saying that the house is a praise that lest they a hundred eighty thousand what they wanted almost two thousand so as everybody knows he tried to get a more eager home they're not going to give you a mortgage more than what your house is worth for so basically their saying no we don't hear we want the whole thing so if you're essays only worth it to thousands and with interest i feather an oman years if it a crutch dred the family would never ever yet the whole back is the same that is it is that the government oh it's a way of taking generational well away from every every american take back the land you know in residence at back a result where you don't get generalised my mom had this home for over fifty years my mom and dad they never had a college degree they were both high school graduates they weren't hard to keep this home and i'm trying to work he can hear of you to say that but it is something that i think that the public meet to be aware of that if you have some one who is seventy years old at the time you you know they're not able to re contracts at the haven't some kind of dementia or whatever i think that is designed by the government costume up with it to take the woman because i don't even think my mind was knowledgeable at the time because she was shot on showing signs of early dementia which is in a corner law you can't sing contracts they don't make sure anybody doesn't make sure a lawyer's present to make the sureties of silent in a body if you look at your elderly population rate now the qualification is that she must be an elderly i think a light sixty eight plus years old he even come into co and to a great swiftness over the years page more and roulades been suit throughout this country and i mean everybody that i have told who i might dealing with they say they are but natappe to deal with they are out to get to land your house whatever with no intention of ever overcoming the family home and i i understand sorry we've got a little bit of its delay here what what i understand really really was the deal is so your mom signed it without knowing really what she was signing to the jesuit will give you money and they'll give about sixty or seventy per cent of the appraised value at the so let us say your mom is homeless valued at ignorami the numbers of a hundred thousand dollars they would pay her back out sixty to seventy thousand dollars and then then at the time of her death the kind of batting their batting that the person lives long enough to hit some inflation so the family can't recooperate i'm really getting there you're the family is supposed to have the opportunity to buy the house back at the rate that it is it is a praise at at the time of death will they stalled it out for like a two years of you unpraised it about a hundred and forty thousand dollars is that correct and now what when i also what the crimea there is that at the time we heyfield the house is worth a hundred thousand if my mom would i had lived to be less a two thousand years old the most that the bank was supposed to ever ever get is that hundred thousand acre they do not play by the rules they the interest and all that stuff they don't care as long as it is it goes they want all the interest all the everything back decius they just don't they did not under the contract that that they sign and their obligation is well the contract does not roustabouting you can really do because you didn't sign the contract so if you go to court you you know is i went of course i can't dig up a man and i made her go to court so are you serious in our in they had another they had another praise that was way high and so their taking the difference between when she actually died in and had another prison i'd like to know what the connection to the praise of company if they got an appraisal duthaigh that you can't even get a mortgage at that rate to buy it back because the appraisal does not match up with what the banks will even law because it sounds like the appraisal is of so i don't know it is sounds like me like everybody's in bed together on this to steal that generation of wealth and i like to see in the background the other thing that struck me when you were telling me this is that they are they are truly forcing families to go and so with them for the ford that to stick to the contract which the contract would have been the number that the house was worth when your mom died and on top of that they have charged you exorbitant fees and interest pass that point that this this thing they know what they're doing there there in it to take the family there definitely in it this whole program and is to take generation aleta answered deceive the prana elderly population which is despicable and there are making their forcing the younger generation to either confute difference or just they walk off like in your case with a with a hundred thousand dollars or more that should be that should be the families money not their money because that wasn't the agreement that they made to begin with you know it least that besides the family home in entirety there should be something there that says that these companies that do that that that there needs to be like you said the legal counsel before any of this is signed and in the deal is inked when a person signs the sort of financial advice i mean they should be liable for this and and i guess i would i would i think that a class action lost would be a wonderful idea in this instant from everyone who is facile been traded upon by these reversed mortgages because this is this horrific oh yeah they turned out i have what the market the elderly market they make sure they comes on whether to the game shows you'll see it over an over him again the main stream is to target elderly people the old western else they'll come on and you'll see em over it over an over again to target inherent much like delemarken who who target elderly for magazine subscriptions you know it just is horrible and what they do is is that at once they find this contract and how the how they get a wound the family members to that become alert because they don't pay anything you go along you know you parapet that you make sure that her insurance is kept up on the home so if your house is petty out to aetatis you do he may sue you have homesteader tax and so they stay underneath the radar and then all of a sudden apparent by and they hurt comes like a hero you know your mom olesen if you living with your mom or whatever you do open their male or whatever this is what i say comes in a plain envelope you know ah something or whatever bobby you just wait on the table or whatever it you don't think anything of it but it is something so if you see anything with any kind of more age come to your your parents home open it open it wide away and why they're living obtain a lawyer tried to get some help to to try to get underneath this reverse mortgage because pretty much her saying that is even harder when they are passed away because they always say well you didn't go into the contract with this is your man so legally you really don't have a star you know in the court of law because that was agreement between you and your parents you know what they did have an aptitude for let say your parents are mary and one of the usually the male laodameia and like i said that the qualification of getting this long have to be a certain age so let's say less just for easy man let's say that you have to be seventy years old to obtain this on so usually back in the day you know it's not it is really come in for the wife to be almost in years younger than the spouse so you dance in a port in souvenirs old where it again the money out this house were congo and trip whatever they wanted you so let's say you were then passed away at seventy two that makes your mind sixty two so when your dad passed away your man is not eligible for the long because she was even so they were kicking the spouse even though she had the sign to greet for him to make and that was not the cinaloa was not the tension of this reverse mortgage so a when i seed a class action so say hey you keep your your kicking these people out and they re supposed to be able to leastwise home to both spouse passed not the one who was audible so they did stop there they know what they are doing this is as after hundreds of thousands of people have been kicked out of their home they they know what they're doing in what's really disturbing is that it is that they should even have to be seen to keep them in a position to do the right thing i mean the fact that they're going all work is going to do this to see how long we can get away with it is what one and there so many instances of this not just in reverse mortgages but across across the nation where people just are truly pipaon by corporate psychopath who could care less how many people they destroyed an you know i think we can look at the elder care industry in general you know watching what happened with both my mom and dad you know my dad passed in and february your mom passed and two thousand twenty and you you really get a alfonso what people are capable of how they treat children and how they treat you know our grandparents or mom and dad that answerable right so when i look at even the assisted living industry i am i am so shocked at how harry and i mean poorly this whole industry is is constructed because they basically you know what they do as they go after my they state goes after mom and dad's well everything they've ever worked for just to take care of in the prices or so inflated it let on one assisted living one that i did study a year ago they tethered day for food that what the budgets five dollars a day for and their charging at the time they were charging about four thousand three thousand four thousand dollars a month for bushes there you know it's like i'm sorry but i own you know i own a decent moralist and i can tell you these things are money making so they go after because the family is in a disadvantage state they they need help and so these facilities take a man take everything mamatee worked for their whole life in it it is it is all it's a problem and then once again him down to say like a thousand dollars or two thousand dollars of value of the locket their home kind as you know and because his other bills involved with it with amanda it's not just getting down with the house a lot of time a families can afford all of them the ansarey now the kids have to take over and pay the bills for mom and dad and and patagonia because if medicaid kicks and medicaid does it cover the cost all these homes solitus say that that you know at home cross like my dad's where my dad was before he died he was a was north of i think six thousand dollars a month an we had to move him because he had advanced a mansion he was doing things like breaking windows and trying to he was doing things that put himself in danger and we we couldn't handle he would just couldn't handle him any more he had you know he always had a very so when he got in his eighties he was stone he was still a much younger man physically though his brain was it was just gone he was just not there right and it was a remain everything or it wasn't him it was it was him at all so we did put him in a facility for a while because it was putting every one himself and everyone else in dan well the bill there was it was i mean he's got advanced amounts it was very high and you know thankfully for us you know we had the ability to pay the bill and to make sure but but i don't know how families can do can do it and it because it's really it's made for take everything for mom and dad medicaid kicks said to disgust a little bit o help but it doesn't pay the bill so now they go after the wealth next generation to the next generation can't get a hat and it is so wrong i think that being in with us and you know you know i've got a spear and so here i am i've got mom and dad and one to go my daughter on the other end and it is such a hardship for families and you know what we americans are better than this we are just better than what's happening right now so i know having lived this i i really think that we should have a respite on ordering the day where perhaps people can that want to keep momentum with him as long as they can they can maybe you know drop mom and dad off for the day they can get meals they can have their showers and such and that the family can go to work instead of disabling the whole family so that you have to make a choice you either disable the whole family by having him somebody stay home all the time take care of mama dad or a special needs child you can we can do things to enable them to go and work the family can pick them up after after work at night bring him home and of in that way you don't disable the whole family and go after the wealth of the family and i were just better than this we can do it and save so much money honestly from what were not to say to say finding even medicaid or you know medicaid the way it's been done it's backwards it's backwards we're not that they're not thinking of ways to help people to thinking of ways to take from people and its rock in that our government is the biggest offender on the planet of not serving the people but stealing from the people like you know hiking john comes in after king richard and strips the strips everything away from the population you know and by a tell you what can richard's going to come back at some point time and and you know little john there is going to be our oyouki john there is going to be and in a big trouble you know i don't think it's right well is here now daily our government is failing us and you know i always believe that leadership stars from the top and this insecure result over years and years and years of that serving the people look at it as they served maybe deckhouse people in the united states everybody else they don't care where eckletonian people get flippant they don't hear and here it is in my time that we elect people we elect our government was based on what we need to do will let some ficials to go in represent us as the country so our horses can be heard all over the nation what we meet to day is what they want is is like a personal they go if they is what they think when they want not what we want as a nation you know i like the few leaves in the majority they don't care it doesn't matter what what political party it is a matter of our republican independent servitudes n't matter people it really don't want matters at the end of the day if you tell your government i'm hungry i got plenty of work i am hungry i mean my people and i keep giving you water be not warning to you and as they pass a bill i say okay we're going to give the people more water no i don't need a more water i need me what do you think is going to be is going to be an uprising in the hat which being to a as from the hatred that despair is a call a failed government not meeting the people needs right now they see it i seen it coming the housing crisis okay you know they do study that to study my antepast murder the one never went to yale i never went to harvard with the missals but they give them statistics they get the brightest in minds that we have here in the united states telling them in directing them you know if you don't address the homeless situation the low income on situation where we can make housing a fordable pretty soon is going to become right now is a snowball now is the malady can't want you can't get behind the militating that she could fix it over just like the indian you know when they knew this they ignored it to her it is we're goin to have any you have not seen it yet it's going to be so many middle class people they said what is given a job in together how many jobs can you write now in a ford house he is i mean cousin right now on every is almost like fifteen hundred hours for one bedroom yet was coming i care that kept building that five hundred something thousand dollar fool i can't afford i just have i with her and no horse just reading the paper oh yeah no devotional okay oh come start out between three humanity two forementioned come on any one dear to laurencine up in the news he grammarians give kicked out of their home now that they raised to rencounters a month a a woman a intestine you're seeing two people with two job you just can't afford it any more well you know and to your point there you know i was in detroit last week and the day that i met with chief crag and who is i think a very nice person and rounder in a vendean mistaken of course and grandpa the bigger the you know the bigger city sinners in a michigan the amount of land and property that's just been completely abandoned there the it is a shocking we talked about the tother day and how how the destruction of the cities it are cities and creation of blighted areas part of this is to toorak structure treasure encourages it and part of it is because the developers make more money just eaten up the farm land rather than taking the land that we have and and reclaiming it and oratorio as something incredibly productive to where we were with when when we were in detroit we went through an area and i thought it was really interesting they had a whole bunch of trees planted in an scobie city lots so they were they were using the lots in the air but around them there were all of these houses that are kind of like fallen down i mean the roof are bad the porches are fallen off in the windows are all out of him and such but the growing trees there which i think is a great idea right but the complication comes in is now because of all the regulation you've got all these houses and you know the blood pain and you know that there's a species they made it almost impossible to demolish you know and i can't can't do what they got away with with a nine eleven there with demolishing building as that had all kinds of aspects and because you know that i'm sorry i am in the camp that believes that that was controlled down within and once again i have no trust of onour government whatsoever but you look in in the city centers as such why now my real estate that it is all within the city and i have proof money into the to make improvements and stuff because i like to like to rescue a like to do things that that i improve what we have i don't feel the need to go and eat a farm land to put these big development in that basically all is doing is its moving its moving the cities its moving the cities a war is moving people away from from the cities or the the areas that are blue in areas which our nation or extra in the compliant structure also i mean it's really too bad an example that is a case so inherit hills and granaries the first national historic district most of the houses used to slate roofs on them so somebody from the hysterical society which is what i call most of them historical size there hysterical societies because they want to preserve everything exactly the way that they were well it's kind o stupid when you think about it because that the materials we have right now actually will ensure like instead of using cedar for siding if you use some a cement lord you're way that these were constructed you know back in the early in the laden hundreds or early nineteen hundreds really were not there were some real problems with way they construct him some of them are great but they didn't take into count things like a water water that that the way that is great as so they might sometimes have things great as all the watch out construction and do things a little differently so so they used all celerity and all the house so at first they wanted it to repair things with cedersholm well it looks the same if you use like a cement word side you can make it look exactly the same but this does not degrade over time if you've got a water issue with no way to get it away because you need to have down spout to give it away with a steady one or that the hysterical society will not let in agate your water so it's just repaired again and it's all so contemptible mean it's crazy it's crazy so going back to the sloop a lot of these houses had slate roofs that if you had to replace the roof with like materials it would have been a six hundred thousand to eight hundred thousand dollar roof to put on some of these doings when whole structure wasn't worth two hundred thousand dollars it was not well when they finally realized what the failures they were creating they said all i cokeson to band this rule little but if it is it's kind of it's kind of nutty now do i some as we got approach it with a little bit more common sense which seems to be lacking throughout our government and general going back to the reverse mortgage is going back to how there are engineering are rare urban area and in its relative let's let's go in and talk about some more about what you were saying and how they put like the path shops and the case i thought your observations and the skin was really was really interesting we were talking yesterday and how they put you know the pathos and the liquor stores i mean ye this is is going to come in and out a little bit of repay that we have good connective any time we talk about anything specific endoweth a kay we're going to endeavour persephone you look at thee the urban areas what they'll do and they're doing it and the thriasian too they'll put things like they put things like a i don't know pastelike stores reinette high schools because they're starting with us with our kids or the i'm sorry but it has no business this is no business but it's engineers any atalanta about with mosquitoes that was that was all not okay we have a city and pretty sure that is always in the news masticating and killing i think and they sin population aside i think that rank number two or number three of the most dangerous city in united states this mistake and is couch a black community and what it is is that we have ministering cities is no short frutigen and no shoes and roosevelt park that surrounds we say that musician middle and all these other suburbs a round them so usually in order to get a lift liquor license you have to have had so many feet or so many miles away from a school so so what they do is they asked mister somewhere they are to get it closer so it was quiet you can walk anywhere from a school and get to i leisure so if your kid is walking to school there a man they are bound to at least was not one but two liquors stores on the way to school okay i live in rosville it's not a lictor near my vehicle to get okay and when they passed a law for a cannon and i'm not i'm not saying that reorganising this is what in the skin heights they built all the canopus shone around the most what i say crying hi cried area around the skin nights i think i felt almost close to thirty shots in this grotto okay and is all on the outside of mosquitoes so now your child catamaran shops the all shops now this is where they say the late drug traffic in sex trafficking is coming through musketeer are the least founded they have the least police on therefore in fact they have they used the state troopers to help petro their city because they are so undefended a but yet they put all the drugs and alcohol in their city and their wonder why they have problems now the debate is now that they have a revenue from all this canada straps millions of dollars they don't want a we police do up a kind it tried to give them think they want to take from the skins and gift to other areas like a i think one of the debate is they want to use the incometax to give to the the the court house for more staff more policing so they guess to go into mosaic to get the people was doing the shooting and the drug absentee to lock them up and what they do is less say you have a few people that do this they all the trafficking throughout the whole science and do their mind being a marijuana to this low income cousin of mekin that is badly me of everything it looks like that every other house is abandoned the city do not keep up on their own city lacks but i spent then to and up their own this is a city that that only i want to say may be twenty per cent of the population of asia on their own home they are on my outside sources runners or the city people himself they go in and buy a ballroom do not follow comes to that clatter own lot it is just a horrible situation here it in the species yeah i see that i see the land grab from a government entities being a real problem across the state of seen it in several different cities that in towns that i've been at where they'll change an ordinance i saw the import hertha an ordinance that you couldn't park on the road and the woman we went to talk to her this lovely but she was terrified to tautuk you should never be afraid to talk to somebody who was in government never never never so finally gathered to talk to me and she then changed the ordinance she has two special needs artistic kids and there was no drive we were chosen in her house was rented so she started barking on the grass next to her home while the city kept finding her in all these fines and fees you know he can look at the reverse mortgage as you can look at all this stuff it's nonsense that's how they teleray really get you right so she ended up having i'm not kidding you five thousand dollars in the infirmary on the street because she had no more to park and she went to him where i going to park and they said not our problem so they kept the kept fighting her will finally this is how low these people are they actually impounded one of her kids special needs kids a special special bit the impounded they is cityman took her i child unjust going to say right now don't don't we all think that maybe maybe we could find somebody or find a way to maybe help people such as her who are horary living now taking care of their families and such instead of finding him a gonorrhoea get a fine a thousand dollars oh to be you can't pay that well you know what we're going to end up weakening to to take you down and tell you what you move so that there were four different people i talked to that day that i could see that the city was actively trying to find in them in order to push them out of their homes so that the city or the people in their in their serene could by those homes at a very reduced rate and probably bulldozing bourhood down so they could put up another piece of property so as ballinamantane and it was shocking his woman came in and she was all kinds of smug coming in that meeting and and saying that they made an agreement that the the county could have first right on any properties that were foreclosed on but get this they get to write to buy any for close properties before we the people get a shot in these avowals either because what they said and we're going to buy that at the theater closure at where if the potomac for any one else it would go and in the case i mean this is like incredible this is allowing our government i mean you might as well call our government and bed with china right now because you're all doing the same thing i mean look at the elections are elections were wormeaten right now and it's not we the people streeter's held government this running right now that they are all in bed with him and there in banistered are elections are well and and to them we don't matter we're just a ways to the you know we're just means to the end for the oh ye must have the ianito testaceous just what's your saying about what's happening in detroit also when i was looking through some research on a reversed mortgage i came across were and dey there were four closing on people property for property in it what they were doing was we say you get behind the astarte years but is really two and a half on your property checks let's say your house is worse less say a man is fifty thousand dollars let's say you get behind and you owe two thousand hours and back taxes so legally the city can come in and take your home the last state there they get on get what their old is two thousand hours that all the city can get is two thousand dollars and even though the home is worth fifty they spoke if they sell it for fifty thousand dollars what they're supposed to do is take their two thousand dollars and then give the family the forty eight thousand the note at they would be as what they were doing and they knew the government knew they know i opposite the president knew the senators knew the representative now he recover do the people write the paper now is of everybody knew even the people that they stole out to the land from or the home from they even knew but they didn't care so what they would do they will sell your home for fifty thousand dollars and keep it not right the family to forty eight so that's what came a like what the reverse mortgages doing also is another way of sitting they think so in my case is less say i ll reverse more it less a hundreds and i'm just wellborn i oleander they can come and so my man home for two hundred and fifty thousand dollars and keep it all he give it that just take her on the downtown now we had everything where men govern government knows is not run you even they have lost the project they don't care they don't care about a simile gretchen as an otherwise a man i don't care somebody in the office no that is wrong and throughout the state i know she knows protais ingram rapids is infirmities this ph more discoorsin his face too i think florida right now of their practices and they still let them come in in take michigander you see all these foreclosures i am reech mortgage has bought them out other companies to do the same thing she is aware please don't make these people are not aware that part of it yet he destroyed the work and they just tried so many jobs in michigan and the the abysmal they have bemoaned policies that they've had instead of getting people to back to work and good pay jobs it's like her were just going to throw you a few bride crumbs and i hope your hay happy that you don't you don't you know come after us with torches at and pitchforks for what we've done in as we welted and burned the village here in the hole you know the whole state and you know it is in people who own businesses such as myself they have made it so impossible to can i actually have a business of the a pretty tough customer to make things work because of the incredible amount of regulations and rules and the insurance companies are right there a right there with the with the central banks the banking system as such in order to steal this nation and an they're all there all in bathgate it's incredible and you know we isotopes think that the biggest issue we have right now is the elections in election integrity because if we don't have good people in office that trickles down from there they if we had really good people in office that really cared about this nation and about people they had some sense some heart hofrat you know i think we could get this back and get this goes back to another thing about how how complicity that the media is with this whole nonsense and how people are believing anything that's in that there still i think were wakened people are getting the figured out but how many people are believing what their toll on on all different levels of like it we can believe anything were told that's what we got to do our own research and and i think that is you you see this more channels like mine and other people who are braintree in an alternative way and they can't control that you know they can't control it tried to the censor it you know they do that sort of thing but quite honestly you can reincarnate yourself in social media pretty easily you know because this i do believe we are in a war and it's an information war it's a control or its policy war and we just have to heave up and start fighting again even if it means that we come back in another form but that doesn't mean you stop fighting you just come back again and again and again and again you know i went the time to say you know don't believe everything you see on the table in the t v what you know i you know when trump used to say oh fake news fake news i didn't really really understand what he was saying about sakina to go beyond the meaning of fate is not saying that what her what their saying is fate is what bhattinda is fat is fat people because it you know just glass week and i'm still in detroit they beg umberto all this man he worked and he couldn't raise property tags and we scoot for them and now we're going to give it no because i've read dear where we expose where you got your hand in the crook you sit and never took it you took his way and you were selling it for more than it thaws old and it was a class action so dear that's why you giving it you know we gave it back when he came home from work he was so excited he didn't know about it now and i guess they did this for like over a thousand you got up that's why you getting these people their homes back because no longer are they tolerate and you been exposed that you can't take his home for two thousand dollars it is worth the way in alone is worth at least thirty thousand dollars not a plus the home itself what they were doing as they were for close on these people whom white make that couldn't make payments that couldn't do nothing with all nothing they were take possession of the home and give it an so it to real estate developers for a she got and then the city went back at the money that's what you are for your years and years and years and years and years and years and it took some journalists the figure out what you were doing honey and so you're getting on the talk about it what did tressilian the governor doing what what a mere is doing for a city on the such diet she i i saw this years ago i bought a house are put money down in a unhouse that was when i first started out you know and the real estate agent you know of course took to the down payment on it or tithe earnest money on it such tried by this house and then there was a woman that lived in the house who was having some some difficulties in such and she need to get out of it you know and and it was as an honest purchase it was her choice to get out of it so the real estate agent winter and said you know what we're gonna we're going to have to make all of these improvements to this house before we can actually sell it so he put in find out later that he had in a company that he ran in tanith his real estate office and he convinced her to put like thirty thousand dollars of improvement in this house i andastes was worth a amount of money more he took that he was taking that out of the profit of the house and he tied up my earnest money for like it was almost a year and i was like debt me out of this i don't want anything to do with this bad transaction you know it was i thought the woman was honestly trying to sell a seller house and and he he tried it he tied it up for me for a while which was not a not a pleasant moment for me either but but i was like i will have nothing to do with this person and now he would drive around and he had a limited somebody drive around town in and this real estate agent he was breitenstein and in its wild you know it's like when you start on it just like honestly it's like complete you get into politics and it's like at first you're trying to try to figure out the way the land and then all a sudden you know you realize that ninetyeight per cent of the people that you're talking to are just a bunch of bottom feeders that have never had an actual job and they're all looking at how they're going to itself in rich and protect each other for that while this guy was probably he was in it there is a signboard he was probably ranked about an eleven to scale of zero to geometry he was ayesha it wanted to another base is going here at what's going on in the skin misproportion here at the at the beach i don't know what i yes oh i don't know if you are aware but i think this is the second year i think this is the second year where you have to pay for parking down here so if you visit or be cheer in the skin you have to pay for parking as tenors a day if you want to sit for fifteen minutes mister the only people that can get to free passes for the year is to people of a mosque a township because its passing to them through their taxes but let's say you know with inflation and gas and everything i think that we should be able to go to the beach and tower the great was people have to ours the part you you get usually get you in and a couple of families go down there which is you go play but say three families get down there that thirty bucks people he is not a nice cream you know people made ten dollars is to get down there for as so now where do you go okay you so they made millions and millions about after this the park they have the deck down there before you can even eat down their avocations before you can even to down there and i think that if you don't pay him i think the sin is so high i think it starts off the thirty or fifty dollars a youth of course they they made sure they hire somebody to get that you know but then if i'm not sure i'm pretty sure we have a mileage to fix the pier and all this stuff here is all this money coming from trust me they say this is gonna help the great lakes retinue the money to greenwood take care of them all that i bet you i would five years when you forget about it i see normal to part in a constantly twenty or operate down there that nobody thinks about it i can be a mile ah we need a menace to do this downward you do with money which you do money people and anointed so where else i write to the general fund right they dumped it in the general fund and profits gone you know like a magic trick that is all that money's gone i did the same thing with the roads alleestrasse ayenwe need our pheasants we could use it for what it was attended for the part it's real it's rereworth's money so we can take care of you know calapee when they retired they get life time everything in a lifetime of these i would give the served two years lifetime of the lifetime of man in a i was my job i don't i don't get to keep my insurance did you hear what happened with the cold money with a school and mosquito chase the town but i had one guy tell me this that and put together a really good report on that there are a whole bunch of the were a whole bunch of schools that got like a million dollars in during the cold bed the obedience but one of the one of the school district got like thirty five million dollars and the satterthwaites titillation new school construction the rest and got like a million dollars and i know so it pointed as adventuring people that i know of one school administrator who was bona and dollars to install the or to uphold the economist mask mandates in the school that he got a bonus a personal bones and it's like i want to know where all this money is going you know that were the question all of us are asking and you know you look at the park you know that's great they're going to charge all these families and such for parking you know to go to the toothmark in such but they sure as hacted nothing about the fraud and unemployment that can be traced directly back to gretchen whipper the failed on every single point governor who failed on every single point on a conrector uprooted there there is not one passing grade on one thing she did they she took food protection of unemployment and like i said before i've got somebody whose kind of a whistle blower who were in fraud protection and they didn't even investigate any claims unless they were over a million dollars the person told me that you know they quote numbers like three three billion you know eight billion years no not she said this is way north of forty billion dollars and most of it was was from within unemployment the people that were employed because they knew how to work the system and they did it with with knowledge of what the governor died of taking of fraud protection because they wouldn't get caught and their still not going to get caught and till we get somebody in there that can that can say wait a minute these people are high level be they are all alert and and so family had to be ten dollars for parting but we was blue forty billion dollars in one stupid effort right out of the state it because because our corrupt is how politician were complicity in this theory of the state let it happen and did not did not protect in to find the people of michigan and in any in any lawful process whatsoever not zero zealous stolenly ment money you know stoolball its incredible stolidities we had a crapaudine now and you know it's not teachin future is only teaching the spit out tesque you know that the answers to test questions that the teacher wants it like are you kidding me there oh yes i knew it was the insight what i knew it how many people know that much information about you how much i then in the people looking at the screen that but no it by me we conceal people are proud for our pride people like little people now if i knew a game with him because his alette when i need to do a credit recorder a pool this and they'll ask you this it is me and i sat some time at whitewater had a care twenty years ago was it was this and i like that in like a welcome take home that i mean how many people know that i mean literally and i knew when it when it came up rotate had people in places who was still in millions of millions of course they're not going after one stillions they're going after the ones that the took nine hundred dollars in overpayment we need that night we need that nine hundred hours i am not wearing about a million no probably their friends is probably their friends that took it and they're getting kicked back from and now an it just it is a shame how they think we're the now and just like us how he handled the nursing home meeting a pandemic funds to the poorly read it nursing home at that money that ship that was under investigation for abuse understanding those are the people that got the fun and they loved these nursing home that already had existing problems highly existing some of them causing her death either that was on ongoing investigation prior to the random mom was in a nursing home the worst that's how she passed was in a nursing home during a pandemic in two thousand and twenty in the nursing home that she was and was already under investigation they was stopping payment for medicaid because when you get so bad they they won't even pay out until the correct the citations and as she thought it was a good idea to overwhelm them not far one or anything to shut that he had or what imperialist whence from the stage the state and state of misers to monitor nursing homes so they get a report they give a report she knew the report card prior to giving pandemic money prior to seeing the flags before giving the money cabecera elderly i put it out there i guess what i mean rueful i voted for the lady and i wish i could take a day i wish we can do a red and she's just it is a part we need a good people like you go whose people whose hard working people where we came from we both came from people look at you and say you know yes dana is down to down in her family they were they tilled the soil there out there working hard every day every day they out there with their wit their workers getting dirty solinski me sit it ashe's out there shoveling it i love this lady she is she is like my sister and i love her dearly i love her family they are so real these are real people with they deal with real problem she doesn't fly around with rose colored lanes she knows what it takes to make america really really great again we need people like this people may here see me here me don't care what i'll out here to republican democrat in the tended blue orange purple she see you as a human being and as a human being all we need to do is give us a chance does the mere can be a dream is to give us a chance and we will show you what were made up beautiful thank you and i just love you to pieces too i mean it's just it's amazing it's amazing how god brings us together they thank you so much for his kind words because you know your family and you know it's always such a fun time to visit and gayeties of fun it you know i do say a frontier and the reality is as you're right it's like we've got to get government there's only two there's only two adversaries right now in america and that is that is basically a traitors and patriots it is the perpetrating advantage of other people it's like an it like a criminal organization to organized crime against the victims that that there are here intimidating cousin assailing from and there's there's no the political parties are in one the industry is in one the institutions are in oninterestin here together going okay well you're american otaheitan country which we in fact oh get back to the constitution you know and it's all about getting the government on the way i'm pretty issue if we got rid of the regulation and most of the administrative functions that were doin why why do you have to have this much documentation for them to allow you to exist as a person and or as a business this is not this is unconstitutional thing is unconstitutional they not the right to tell you what what you how you're supposed to live or or what they're not they're not the ones that should be able to tell you that you can you you you are a canal or that you're not essential that you know you may work and you may not work and missus what you got to do to work and you've got to take a vaccine to be in approved person there literally approving people and giving them access to work live and in the whole the whole tanyard this is this is absolutely criminal and you know we can jump in here and and and we have to jump in there and and refuse to comply with unconstitutional mandates it it's not that the government you know people want to ask you well what are you going to do with the unconstitutional same thing if in doing from beginning reincarnation imagination did the bacteriologic times the people because i'm not i'm not i'm not doing this you know i have so done with this nonsense the responsibility goes back to we the people we the people have all the power we always have he got a stop acting like the vicar jones that they're trying to make it and you now look at that look at the social justice warriors this nonsense in the iastrae is nonsense are you know it's like the nonsense in the coffee shop i'm got to go to my safe place are you kidding me are you seriously are you kidding me create your own sat safe space you know it's like like a a my granches kind of force to be reckoned with and they think we've made progress now we have it she would as about nettie now it's a she was five ten and one of the serious women you ever met near life i be nomayeshe went after me with that slipper a few times a week when you know when we she was a slipper right is like we stop out a line she be after our behind with his lodorian her me any at all she was right she made me tough and you know it's like it's like you know it's it's a hissing sense but you know if somebody came into my space and threatened or tried to coerce me they're going to get their behind hand into them in no uncertain terms they don't get to tell me anything like that without having the bit back be more scary than anything may anderoon and it's like it's like you know we've got to stop playing the victim it doesn't make people smarter better or because they want to play the victim and have a boy jumper i'm now you just separate up and you sir you're right somebody tells you you're not essential i don't hard with so and you know you and i've talked about i went up to a couple of caps and i said when this nonsense story said well let's just just get past assisted rest me arrest me right now because i will not complain not going to comply and you know it's like i'm not going to comply we're not going to shut down you don't get the tell me that i'm a sentinel because i am as a person down a side united states america an american and a true american that i in fact i have decided that i myself any you don't you go tell me or you or anybody else you know we had to decide that we are essential they do not get to tell us that they do not get the tallest shut our businesses down and did you know that some of the businesses in the in the state here they actually set people around from the state and told all of these businesses which he had violations written against them during covet i didn't any violations were in against me because you know it's like i was kind of hopin i was hoping i did a restorations because he gives me something to fight right but they did but i think it was like fifteen hundred violations to businesses across a state so the brain wizards in the state and after they realized oh no we made a mistake or were going to find our way out of this because we in fact broke the law they set the center little squadron to the state and to businesses and said we're going to drop all charges if you admit you were guilty and breaking the law some of the businesses actually signed that they were guilty in breaking the law those were the people that were the formed an people that were scared into submission but the brother business that were just like a sign in this animated anything wrong in a guilty of anything and and you know what happened to the squad from the state the like o o o o a gesture and they turned round and they laughed no more charge is nothing in all it yeah i'm not kidding you it's it's all about intimidation and coercion you know exactly in it is so wide coercion distress and intimidation they did it during our elections with the sea this is on every level this is so wrong and so when people just decide to look it in the face and they are right dame see how that works for you know some allison work for you you know because there's enough of us out there is you know honestly if somebody i signed on to another lawsuit you know and it's like it if somebody's got to go out come out in fighting and just lay ninths blows you know and i don't mean physical so is there any snow flakes out there said oh she started out physical violence just stalham right i'm too hackabout you know and taking fighting in a inelegance way that is actually you know they're not peaceful but i'll fight em along and peaceful they haven't done it but i'll do it you know and i but but to fight for anybody's rights in any way shape or form i mean i be the first one in the front of the line to say you know you know this isn't right and i'm willing to stand with somebody and i think that all of us just need to just put them in their place a little bit i don't think and we the law because the law comes from us and our green green or agreement to be governed and in how we want to be governed we get to determine that and i honestly think that that something that is that i want to you know that will be a radical change with me as governor you know i give myself one people i'm like you an call call you know and may take me a little bit to get back to you but i umself phone out there and because because people have to be able to get in touch weedham and in that like these ridiculous ponies okay we're going to put somebody on hold for you know for hours in some state bureau chiefs brain you know brain trust that he's put in there to protect himself in no no this this is crazy this is absolutely crazy the most unconverted away in the private sector with how our elected officials well you couldn't get away with it you would you would be out of business so fast for failure groningen complicity and criminal activity that they they they lock up and throw the key away but no not our government you sit sit you were tale in the government you do whatever you want without any without any ability for any one to question their royal highnesses or hold them accountable to anything it's it's it's incredible ietter you know what we're going to improve this communication lingered i think that we could get rid of a whole bunch of people that are that our politicians and have people mantons instead of you know answering services we people that can actually is that a customer serves oriented i don't want to see something as like helots is me what is your problem here and the ticino excuse me i've got to go check something and then come the grand for three hours and they come back for your son around this is none anyway he is a janet astro i arose the esotericist funny at that you yet you know the paris pretty long for me to be fine things to be happy with actually people think that i need all the separate in trouble horse manure and i'm just as stopple yeshonarase leg at some point time to day because i've got a one of one of my gustation know it's like i don't know i was talking to somebody else hoodooing hand and they were talking about a takeable out of their dog they didn't have money for the that's another thing we've got to deal with we need more about your mariano there you know were understaffed because and the structure the structure is is wrong and i love veterinarians i love them i love them i love them wetmore of them and michigan state where you went to school is got the greatest equine corradino i had i had a horse there for an entire year that i kind of find it a bunch of research on while to day i've got to i've got a lessee what i do to day i've got an interview to day but i've also got a horse's leg that i've got a rap and i'm great at splinting you know you get really good at doing all of these things from you know cleaning off utters and and in an i just i just like being busy i don't really care what it is you know i can be i can be happy doing anything or do nothing i got i got myself a cup of coffee right here you know i get myself a cup coffee and and hanging out with some that i know is an actual human being a real yet into a real friend that's not some you know some papers who spends full time be sin the world and that liking to a point in life too where the competition goes away i feel a competition ever with with other people of somebody's doing well i'm like a yetta's great go get him you know go get him and i'll be i'll be over your tumbling my horse manure and drinking my coffee because i'm i'm just as happy doing that as i am anything you know i don't really want anything out i just want the world to get along and i want my country back and i want to you know you know it off in the sunset with you some day and look back and go head a difference as good it's been a good life and you know i feel like dis one not looking and where's the my man you know what people we need to stop come together pull this country together like my man said even a goat clitander twice now i deem you know so you haven't just get out your comfort on scott just filling in that blank those go over that to say you know to be a robot but be a roman they watch you to do that they want you and they bet on you becoming a robe if you ana and telling you the ganders if you unhappy about the current situation of michigan give him water you you get one chance with me name change it change it it's got to be a change i am highly disappointed you think you've got to give another chance you think in fact i think the one that she interviewed that the way about filling in the panels and i think i'm going to go down there to day the sea is she actually fixed a row the one beauty i want to ask thee see this she actually fixed that one road yeah i don't know if everybody knows at what happened but there was a little boy that went up and he took it upon himself in a neighborhood skittle the portholes in the road because the roads were so bad that that i he went and he did it and i don't think she's done a darn thing i mean that little boy went out there with the shovel and decided to take it upon himself to two tiger of his community and where's the help from saduko the people that are sitting in landing now they're not doing that odette you this this is amazing i found out there's a guy that that we ran into that somebody i know ran into out in iowa right and they he delivers the delivers liquor to be the capital of the they got it eighteenth sand dollars of liquor at to the capitol and on like all right the sometime did enter his i know that their drinking and lancing and i i don't know if they want a drink i think she had a cast bayou know your monachal we're not paying for your big party unless were invited you invite us to that party then that's great but for them to sit up there and enjoy the big party and an allinson foolishness it's time to cut the budget like dramatically git in there and start chopping away i mean you're there to do a bit your tainted a job you know it's like it's like work at it you know when when you're there to work you are not there to be on yourself one you're not there to play you're not there to toashia hour you are there to get the job done in us every minute of your time in order to to accomplish a goal then when you leave you walk out the door you go home you have your fun stuff that you enjoy a duke but fun and work and i am at our our separate issues it it is we you know we work to have fun but an we work to live in half fandor me i work to take care of people around me also i mean this amazing how can people we support but you know it's the work is work and vaticinate just parting full time with what that castaway people get to drink up their dead if i got an order go on wanting him martinis and go back to work in and an and even if i pay for it but there it wherefore but we're paying for it i would give five i know you with it's your job to what you do a respiratory therapists yet there so you think i can just go in okay let me go and order a drink and then go back to work now i would get fired okay that now long at the hospital paper okay i think that they should be subject to everybody else drug testing you as i think a lot of it on drugs i think they emetica bites i can't believe if there are functioning without some kind of my actions being they have to they have to secede in order to sleep at night because they know they know they when they go to bed at the end of the day they know that the screen their mere can be the inside there that that actually you know the actually a stirs in once in a while as a whole you know but not yet a wonder if they get so caught up in the rat race because of their god is money and power instead of just doing the right thing you've got it you got to wonder if it all a sudden comes that i i think we should be praying for all these people because you know they you know god says nailor for our enemies we need to be praying for our enemies and because the they're just the there completely morally spiritually bankrupt so you know somebody is as if there is there god is money and power they're gonna do the wrong thing they're going to do the running time be bankruptcy of any morals as such is incredible but i was going areotha i've got i've got a bunch of pigou in the mornin and i i have a couple of research groups that i'm involved in and i get on and i start looking stuff up everybody i think out there that listening right now knows that i write every single word on telegram and i do all the posting there so i can nostrils up in during the day of things i find interesting and then i'll get on and i start posting such so this is this is kind of interesting and i'm going to land some ponchos here landsman and blows on the newer trumpery stablishment then for two to dick and for governor how in the world did this happen this has been notating you knowing that at your candidates and what do we do we've got an as actors said they put in place i am sorry so sorry i actually talked to a bunch of businesses over in in the skin i had i interviewed some people out there anteater business lies in this is a rose of a pitcher or is what one would like to believe steeliness that that's a little bit of a allah embellishment what say that's an embellishment of vast but there their lying about everything you know everybody is all time when you getting in politics you like now i said to some of the other day i said i'm starting to get paid at my cats come and get me you know boutteville mechanically mither the dog's life he a realistic way i want to read the best article in this is from these if i can get it without closing an it oh this is from a stalled survive the news were breaking the censorship which i feel pretty pretty committed to breaking censorship and we only do that by citizen journalist because rest of a prepaid operatives from the globules so the governor's primary race among the republicans of michigan has been going on for a year the election is in this is before the primary and nauseate misconceives are waiting to vote for one candidate the elite donor class in the republican party is busy taking away choices from the voters using dirty turks litigation perorative enforcement rules to make the choice absolutely one montreal every ignominies behind tenedos her choice even though she's not supported by the michigan grass roots and is not then a prolific fundraiser rhinos such a majority leader might surely for michigan governor john england the number trumpet never trump coalition pushing to the decorator is the same coalition that tried to push tom letter for attorney general and who lost trumpeters champion man depart i got some questions about man depart to serenos of hay i equations about every bycause early this year the mission board camisards lilified multiple strong republican candidates for governor they disqualified that then pulling forerunner detroit police chief james cried as well as the candidate with the most castorland perignon can't my brown financial consultant might mark and this is the stupidest thing they keep colleville done brandenburg who insultingly i i missed the maori am not in fact a billionaire on that is to the moonstone want and to international statement on that one cause i missed that woollett i thought it was in the back but i celebrate a golden so funny it's like you know if we if we had it you know if we had the oniononi up as we go business as we give way to help people is like an inn i think this is what so funny as that people can even relate to that mind set that i mean that's a godly mind set of somebody means help you you give it to him and not worry about the next day right in that were being latitudinarian or canisters to poison the board of canvassers were tony down and norm shingle nor resigned after a fall in the supreme court by the way as they knew they were screwed both dan and shingle a long time pain stafford for what never trumperton the board of canvassers was the antithetic the twenty twenty what presidential botanica despite ample evidence a voter rotten uninvestigated unheard by official entities mishandled them that would be white or yet i am sure she is going to appoint a active don't resign by april and a temper tantramar for promoting delusional lie lies mathieson he has been a long time had the freedom fund in totient founded by the demon that has been sending a tack as and mailers against trump endorse canvas cross the never true the boss a family told several candidates including trump endorsed camera that they would never support them because they were too pro trump and had bivocal supported and forensic odiot were going to walk away from the frantic outwich i believe that not all met deerhide talking about the de certifying her dealing with a twenty twenty election because why i that's not where the money is so the bailies also in busy recruiting precinct delegates to take over the miserable and party aren't they supposed to be coming from we the people are not we the money at sweetapple esaias been busy recruiting present delegates including delegates who are democrats and others who have pledged to never vote for republicans for governor taking over the republican party's more important number tempers than actual republican and there's a gallon by rosita literally says balistarii delegate that she will be voting for gretchen witmer in november and not condonation so now the number to trump devastation has been courting president trump to get him to endorse and michigan governor race so there go getting at a dixon endorsement i and it goes on and on in a so then they go into the article goes into the holes where it basely set and this is the suppressed detroit news poll shows ryan telling first place with tutocanula why is it that all the sudden calls and forth from place and disasters place why what right then me it makes absolutely no sense of a cabin rank still it's like a cabin rank also listed as a billion not take cabin and i don't think people should be making comments like that without thinking that they're going to eventually look like a bunch of idiots to say that they know you know somebody throws at the news therefore is you know he's got a he's got an out because an i'm goin to play at right down was failed to believe that she is she was the main for runner for the republicans these because just i mean even if she didn't have a party she sat motioning with the values of michiganders after and i just don't think she has the experience and when you look at the founding behind candidates and such like i won't take the pack money it's like you know god's goin to win this race one way or the other and we're going to win it honestly by we the people we have to change that right now it's whoever can by the election as winning this is all about paid for and so you got millions if you actually actually have billions of dollars you're going to be able to buy the election and you're going to move it better i don't think she's in line with the republican party and their police now and i know a lot of republicans are are jumping ship off the republican party like rats of the titan and deciding to go you know deciding that the whole whole republican democrat scamander there came down akoulina is the belief the virtually have to supper parties when in fact we do not their wisdom the crabs to jump in the race to bolt for dickson because he got an open open primary we're going to bolt for to have all the digestion she didn't want to go against or that she wanted to go against you wanted to go against dixon cause she such a weak candidate exactly this way said she the across the board even she not even in line the whole misstate and in how we governor state so i do want she came up i was like ho there but he yet how that happened i can't i can't i can't even put that together you know i've matter a couple of times a man to meternic up person to me but you know you can meet somebody and then watch their actions or watch you know start supination a little bit because i think that that you kinda get more of a pitcher when you actually start digging researching and looking as a whole pitcher not not just one barely i say i love my grand dog he's nice too but i want sedateness i need somebody there that you a job people i can't believe if a job people numbers don't why people do you have a report can either you doing a great an immediate job a portion it is not hard to govern what that person i don't care who you are i keep telling you don't have to be republican and democrat whatever if you are failing me i need to replace you nothing personal nothing personal people i mean somebody to do a job i need to i want to live a quality like i want to pursue happiness prosperity freedom able to make choices and i mean some one in office that will do that for me and i think i found and that you do and i to you out the gate if you if you need your on job done i tell you she is the one will give it one and if she doesn't know how to get done trust me she will go to the end of the earth to find some one to give it to don't let it not what anybody wants forget if you blow red come together make purple i don't care i used to antedate be done for michigan and we need to refer we need to take a breath and and i'm telling you people sit back and be honest look at yourself in a mirror i say are you happy were you at now is your government working for you i know that mom and pop shop should be say oh no i mean if we have any left i'm just saying if we have any left because you know how deep a canteen but the corner shop that sold the same thing couldn't stay open but as for happy with losing your baseness losing your home losing your ability to think for yourself they keep it say make you like like that me i don't you know it's your happy with people saying you know i need water and keep giving your piece fred he intended if you don't give me water and the still long of double oporto bettered if you're happy with that people the desert people whom you don't like in fact jack will caucasian that's as what that is your choice that's that's what i love about america because you have a choice what i am a problem with is when they start taking my choice away from and not being heard because when i vote and the people had spoken then you take personal feelings out and you pulled the lever for what michigan was not what one was that itinerant what your dog was not the big people who is trying to pay you off you you have a conscience and you pull they sent me here so their voices are heard and i tell you people she is the one she might be little at home i heaven my old man i'm like i might six feet tall you know my right no my besides for and i love you to pieces well i tell you what this is a great time to whom on and on that wonderful note and in personal endorsement from my very good friend darby who you ask look so you know it always ended with the prayer and i so let's let's pray together for the nation and for each other and for every one that out there because i think this is going to be you know we've got to make sure that god is always first you know we could talk america first michigan first the god needs to be first and in all whatever we do see him you know that this is how you overcome on overcome able omobile sharpers perceived on overcome you go to god i mean it doesn't make any difference he can move a mountain all you got to do is have a little bit of faith and just keep on either the ghost distinct outcomes of outsiders is all allocation go ahead and pray and then well well browned up and then i like to have you back in on again because i know and i could talk for like ours an hour or week month dear heavenly father thank you so very very much for my beautiful friend derby and her family thank you so much for every single person out there whose watching to day and he asked that you would let every one know how very precious they are that there are people who really do care for the right word they are that are willing to step in and help that just wanted want to put something together or be helpful to restore michigan and restore the united states from what the enemies the communist and stolen in this invasion of our nation who have stolen and taken everything we hold dear to us are our families are schools adisesha in picnics and being able to have the opportunity to move forward in the areas of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness which are right that you gave us and rights that we will respect and honor through honorine your word and honoring the constitute please continue to keep our hearts even though we're in a battle a very tough battle please continue to keep our hearts soft where we care about the people around us and that we put we put those needs before us we are here as as to be servants of your world your flat your sheep he and and in restore a biblical world view in our government which is one of of both as in one of service we thank you so much for the day i hate out there a sick plea is give them healing if any one out the depressed and said please please reach out to them and have have someone reach out to them so that they are not alone in that big canoe could come together and help each other along the journey of life with your help in your guidance we ask for wisdom and guidance in all things and we just love you so very much thank you so much for this nation thank you for each other thank you for the beautiful day thank you for all the wonderful things that you've given us were full of gratitude and all in everything that you give us is a beautiful place we love the animals you given us we love we love the plants and we love the beautiful beautiful souls that you put people around i think in so much and we love you so very much in jesus precious name carry a man treason michigan steamer go and all was fit together so i despite her body out there we're going to end up that that you're in our thoughts and prayers every day every one is out there your in our thoughts and prayers are so many good people working you're not alone there's so many good people that care about the things that are important to you were working to restore this nation join us helpless we need other help every single person you can go to my website which is brandon bird for governor not come you can go to my telegram channel which is at brandenburg number four at i and you can you can correspond with me there i do answer i look at every single post and i and i answer the post as best as i can i may not have answers on everything nobody can know everything but together we ensure as he put the thing together you are loved you are precious beyond all measure and an wear about you anyhow so god bless you by god bless every one that's out there listening godestow you love and god bless america will be back on to morrow with another broadcast starting at eight i am gaditanian he's always done on the antecedents to live he came agreda no i