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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 11/27/2023 Chuck Ritchard & Update Justice League/Oregon Pro Se

Published Nov. 27, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

9am - Monday Morning in the Mitten with Chuck Ritchard! Blowing the Lid off Michigan Politics with Chuck Ritchard The amount of conflict of interest and connections between people engaged in politics is astounding. Truth and encouragement for the world we live in! We have to know the truth and have transparency at all levels of government. 10am Justice League of Oregon - Pro Se Case Dana Hindman-Allen and Mei Wong Dana Hindman-Allen - During the primary race in Clackamas County 60% of barcodes were unreadable in the primary which spurred many doubts about the security of the election. I was introduced to Mei Wong and was shown her discoveries of the time-stamped screenshots of her votes going down in her race which further solidified the questionable results • Formed the Justice League of Oregon and held a symposium sharing our discoveries • We filed formal complaints to the State and County only to be ran around in circles for over 2 months only to be told if we want to redress our grievances we must file a suit in court • We filed a federal pro se case in court for Civil rights violations and election security concerns November 4th, 2022 Mei Wong - The first time the votes went down was on Memorial Sunday at 4:30am. Calls to question who is updating/changing votes during that time? Along with over 60% of the ballots sent to voters with faulty barcodes, people in the election’s office outside of office hours, the county uploaded wrong numbers to the Oregon SOS website, and the Oregon SOS website was hacked. As candidates, many concerns about the security of the elections was apparent. The state and county denied all queries and complaints by the candidates. Then told us to appeal the decisions in circuit court. • Twitter: Rumble:

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♫ Good morning, welcome to Brandenburg News Network. I am Donna Brandenburg, and it's the 27th day of November, 2023. Welcome to the show this morning. I hope everybody had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I can tell you right now, we did. We had a great Thanksgiving. My daughter's new husband, he decided to smoke a whole bunch of meat. And so we had smoked meat for Thanksgiving, and it was a wonderful, wonderful time just to enjoy our time together. I'm gonna tell everybody, our little channel here is growing and it's kind of fun to watch the numbers go up and where this is going because you know what, all I want is my country back. That's it. I want the country back and put the truth out there to help everybody understand, get to the bottom of what's going on. And the only way we do that is doing that together. So I'm going to introduce or invite in my good buddy Chuck here. Hey Chuck, how you doing? Great holiday, thanks for having me today. So did you eat a lot of turkey? No Oddly enough I did not but but I did reward my dogs because my wife actually went to look at the turkey yesterday and said Where did I go? I guess ask the dogs That's funny Be fair and sometimes a little too much like these much like these raspberry, cheese, whatever they are, apple bits that my wife made. I kind of liked them. She said no one else liked them. I said, but I did. Good. I got more for me. That's great. Well, we had smoked salmon, smoked duck, smoked shrimp. I don't eat the duck. I do eat some fish. Anyhow, we had so much food. It's just crazy. I don't know why I do this like every year, right? It's like I'm cooking to feed like a whole army of people. I could have had a hundred people over here and we wouldn't have had too much food. But you know, the kind of fun thing is that I pick it up and send it home with kids and everybody else who's here. And that was a lot of fun. So anyhow, just want to welcome everybody in this morning. Hey, let's talk about this two-party system. I'm gonna go ahead and bring a video up a minute and look at this quickly because that's what we're going to talk about this morning is how bad things are in the state of Michigan and what's the problem? The two-party system right now, they're nothing more than puppets of the globalists. The American government, the two-party system, at least on the surface, has been dominant in American politics since the Civil War. It makes good sense for young people to ask, the way it has to be. Can't we do better than this? The 117th Congress had just two independent members in the Senate, who both caucused with the Democrats. The only game in town are the two major parties. A study in 2022 found that nearly four in 10 Americans wish for more political parties. America is a diverse country of 330 million people. The idea that Americans would neatly fit parties is absolutely bonkers. We saw a huge uptick in support and interest in 2016 when Gary Johnson ran for president. Over the past, I'd say, couple of years, we've seen a lot of that support translate into grassroots support, where people are not just checking a box every four years, right? Like, they're actually wanting to get engaged and get involved at the local level. When we get put into two teams competing for an hour versus we engage in high levels of demonization. When there's more sides and more possible coalitions, we can govern ourselves much more successfully. But that's not as easy as it sounds. There's structural obstacles as far as building up their campaign finance apparatus, getting on the ballot, getting included in debates. There's a wall for their parties in our system, but generally speaking, if you have too many you can end up with very incoherent, hard to control politics and in that case voters get very upset. Alright, hold on right there. What did he say? Hard to control politics? What kind of weaponized BS is that? Who's controlling them? That statement right there should be disturbing for everyone. Hang on, I'm going to let this play for a minute. Consider moving on from a two-party system and what kind of changes would it bring? ♫ For the majority of elections, the United States relies on what's called a single-member district plurality system, where just one winner with a majority of voters wins the election. Experts say this winner-takes-all approach to elections is the main reason why two parties dominate in America. The reason that we have just two parties is not because Americans want only two parties. It's because we have an electoral system that punishes and marginalizes third parties. Essentially, these gravitational forces start to emerge. And those forces dictate that because there's only one winner, a rational person is going to pick between two choices. And elites who fund those candidates are not going to spend money on a long shot. But more Americans are expressing frustrations with the two main parties. In 2022, 61% of U.S. adults found the Republican Party unfavorable, while 57% shared the same sentiment toward the Democratic Party. party. About a quarter of Americans today say they have an unfavorable view of both major parties, a considerable jump from just 6% in 1994. And that's from 2022. So now you're coming up on 2024. I'll bet that number has just gone through the roof on that. What say you, Chuck? I know the Pew Research did some research on that. I was going to pull the article on it. They basically said 4 out of 10 people are discontented and I'm going to see when that data was from. Well, the Pew Research Group has lost credibility with me because they're being funded by globalists, so I don't even know what to say. All right, here's what it is. July 24, 2023 article. It said 1 in 4. I think it's extremely high. I would probably say it's even higher than that. because of just listening to people all around, we know that true loyalists today, to either party are not happy. We know that. Because why? Because they don't like the direction of this country. I mean, any of us that have been around to know the food prices are tripled. We know that gas prices are more than doubled. Everything we turn around is high. We can't live. People can't afford to live. I mean, that's what we're talking about. the party system itself is not doing its job, okay? If it ever did, but that aside, the fact that it's really denigrated itself now. And part of that is the corruption itself. The only ones that I know that actually feel good about how things are going are the people that are making money off the system.ists and the Patriots. The Patriots just wanted their country back, they wanted things to have their rights given by God, and the Loyalists were making money off the crown, it's the same thing. I watched a video yesterday on Algeria, and the change of power that's happened there. But at the end of the video, what was really disturbing is, guess who was walking right behind the new president of Algeria? It was Prince Harry. And I'm like, it's going right back to the same people pulling the strings and putting their puppet governments in place. And when you look at what is happening there, the people there are so broke and there's such a disparity between these criminal politicians and globalists that it's absolutely shocking and shameful. Absolutely, and that's one of the things you look for is as much as things change they remain the same and that's what you're really Describing is that things aren't really changing? It takes people like us to bring it out It takes people like the average person to stand up and say no more because they cannot they cannot Support this kind of activity that we're seeing. I mean people We've got people coming into this country that Just they just do not care about life in general. They're about survival. So they don't care what happens I mean our whole our whole societal fabric is is broke down and our parties have done what? Nothing. Absolutely. Nothing. Well, I want to bring up a I think it's Migro, um, I G are all I think I've got that name, right? It's the, they fight for gun or for firearm rights in the state of Michigan. Let me see if I can pull up the article. I'm sure I probably got it wrong here. Let me see, hang on a second. And this is so disturbing on what they have, let me see, on what they have done to our, just signed it into law for misdemeanors, you can have your guns taken away. This is so dumb. It is so dumb that I can't even ... Yeah, it's Mikro. M-I-R, I don't know. I'm not even going to try to say it. It is so dumb what they've done. anything and it doesn't matter if somebody pushes another person while they can have their rights terminated. And it's for non-violent offenders. I'm pretty extra sure that this is going to come crashing down around them, but here you go, Whitmer, let me get this in another window here. Whitmer signed sweeping bill stripping gun rights There she is, traitor in chief right there, Gretchen Whitmer, traitor in chief and everyone standing by her, traitors including. But the thing of it is, is it's not just Whitmer, it's the legislators too, because she just signed it. They rubber stamped it and she signed it into being. So if you push someone, well, you can have your guns taken away. there's a whole bunch of, a whole bunch of, let's see, definition of the term felony to expand the list of crimes for which a person may be prohibited from possessing or transferring firearms. So they're going after misdemeanors. If you're guilty of a misdemeanor, they can take your guns away. I don't remember that being anything that even looks similar to what's in the constitution. in Lansing and in Washington DC, they're criminals. It's, it's, this is crazy. They would add specific misdemeanors and fines. Of course, of course, they got to go to extortion here and racketeering. They would add specific misdemeanors and fines for current crimes, such as breaking and entering and vulnerable adult abuse. If the violator were the victim's spouse or former spouse had a dating relationship with a victim, had a child in common with a victim or a resident, former resident or the victim's household. These additional misdemeanors would be considered misdemeanors involving domestic violence. But there's more to this than that. If you enter, let's see, here you go. Here's the crazy stuff that it adds. Josh Shriver from Oxford opposed the bills. Well, that's a good thing that he's done. Prior to the House of Representatives vote on the bill package, he noticed several specific misdemeanor infractions that would result in individuals losing their right to defend themselves against what? Against who? The criminal politicians, of course. That's what it was intended, the Second Amendment was, with firearm for more than eight years, including a girl pushing or shoveling her former roommate at a college reunion, an ex-girlfriend using her key to get into her boyfriend's house to get her things without his permission, an ex-girlfriend smashing her the boy and egging her boyfriend's house and accidentally breaking a window, an ex-girlfriend repeatedly calling her ex-boyfriend. And these are all he said, she said crimes. These are going to be things that are not necessarily non-provable. And they are, you know, it's not like, and it says I don't recommend doing any of these crimes. It's stupid. Don't be an idiot. usurpation and an attack on the Constitution and the United States of America and Michigan and the rights of the individual in ways that, I can't even put words to this. And you know what, I'm sorry, everybody wants to point out about Gretchen Whitmer. I agree, right? I agree with that. But why are we not going after the entire legislature putting this in front of her? Well, that's the whole thing. The legislature is responsible for it. The executive committee under Gretchen is only, only responsible for enacting it. So, so with that in mind, the responsibility lies there. Uh, we have the legislature who wants to divest themselves from it all and think, well, we're not responsible, but they are. They are because if they don't raise the issues and they don't vote against it, they are the same as she is. And they don't wanna do it, they wanna hide behind it. That's all they want to do. That's all they want to do. And it is, it's a, let me see, I'm gonna go ahead and I'm gonna add something here. Let's take a look at who's seated in the legislature. And these are the ones you guys can call out and name. Alright, let's get a list up here so that everybody knows who these criminals are because they're friggin criminals. And let's see, it's going to take me a minute to find some. Of course they make their site so difficult to use it's not even funny. Right, right. Isn't that easy? You cannot you cannot find a Thing on this. I'm gonna get out of the Michigan. Am I the Michigan what gov website? This is ridiculous It's been terrible you should be actually Fairly concise and easy to use I go in there to look at Michigan gov and I want to go to Say find something about a law. It's like crazy or election election commission. It is not only is it hard to use, but it doesn't look professional. It's terrible and you can't search for anything. It takes you a million, it just takes you like a million tries to get the information you need because they want to hide it. I am totally convinced that they absolutely't be in office either. I mean, right. It's either incompetence or it's intentional. Let them choose, but it's either one or the other. Incompetence or intentional. Yep. No doubt about it. No doubt about it. So here, I can't even, I'm going to right now and I can't, when I click on this, I can't even pull anything up. Oh, here we go. Here we go. Got it. We got to see this. Yep, hold on here. Okay, here are your list of traitors in the Michigan House of Representative. And with all their phone numbers and everything, we can go down here and we're going to start calling them out traitors, traitors, traitors, traitor, traitor, traitor, traitor, traitor, traitor, who took away your gun rights and no one got in front of everyone to call for action from the people of Michigan. These are all traitors in the Michigan House of Representatives. They can't take away the gun rights. That's what they don't understand. The gun rights don't come from a state constitution. They come from a federal constitution that was in play long before the state of Michigan ever thought about being itself. So they can try, but in the end, they will lose this battle. They cannot stand against the constitution unless you destroy the constitution. And maybe that's their intent. Get rid of the federal constitution and then it's a free for all. Because right now by passing this legislation, they can pass it all they want, but it's worthless paper. What they should be concentrating on is a reduction of the laws. All they're doing is making us the criminals that we don't even know it they pass stupid laws that none of us have even input our legislature Does it inform us until after the fact and they go? Well, we didn't vote for it They hide behind it when you look at look it up you find out yeah, they did or or they didn't say anything about it Yeah Yes, again, let me get the let me get the Senators Yeah, they they don't even read these bills when they said, well, we got to pass it to read it. Really? Is this what we have devolved into? Yep. The anti-Pelosi type approach. There's no doubt about it. You have to pass it in order to read it. Well, and this is going down. I had a guy on last week that I want Ivan back on. Oh, here we go, here are all our senators list. And so I might just post these today and you guys, I'm gonna give you a job, go out and just call every one of these bastards and tell them the traitors that they are for even thinking about stepping on our constitutional rights all the rights given by God upheld by the constitution. I know somebody is gonna have an issue with that, but here they are, traitors, traitor, traitor, traitor, traitor, traitor, traitor, traitor, traitor, Traitor right there traitor all of them The whole Constitution is under attack we know that yeah, it's a second it's the first as well Free speech is not free speech anymore. Just yesterday. I had something actually they on Facebook They took a it's a picture. I shared it was something very pretty. I shared it They go it was a fake picture. Is it a fake picture? We saw was altered Oh, wait a minute, Nancy Pelosi was altered her face many times through plastic surgery. It doesn't that make her a fake, but they never, fake checkers never do anything against her. What about making comments about the Bible? And they go, well, that's not true. Is that next that we're gonna do away? What I'm getting at is who decides what is or isn't. We have to have a standard. And when we go back to this second amendment, who are talking about the Constitution. What I'm getting at is we are under attack, folks. If we don't think so, whether it's the First Amendment, Second Amendment, or the whole Constitution, these people are finding ways to end the Constitution and suppress us all. It sounds conspiratorial, but it is. In fact- It's just truth. It's truth. It's not conspiratorial. They're the ones committing criminal conspiracy. It's not. And if we talk about it, they label us conspiracy theorists. We're theorizing it's conspiracy. No, we're not. We're just telling it how it is. They are guilty of extortion, racketeering, money laundering, unjust enrichment. They have violated their oath of office. They have committed crimes against humanity. This is treason, people. It is treason. And if they're not out there throwing an absolute tizzy fit and getting every single person in the state of America, of the United States and the state of Michigan on board with this to say, you're done, you are done, you are done right now. And remove them for the crimes that they have committed against this nation. Serious atrocities going on and I think I think we have to call them out I think we do that on the show. We do it everywhere we can everywhere With the truth because with truth, what do we get we get trust and that's what we don't have anymore We do don't have trust why because our politicians have let us down. Yeah Describe it disgraceful. They're absolutely disgraceful I'm gonna I'm gonna throw something up here that I posted so let's go ahead and get into into what's happening in Michigan since Christina Caramo, once again, another one that is failing spectacularly, removed 40 committee members, and has now cut down her committees and only puts people in that she's agrees with. So I've got the GOP information because it looks like they have a meeting there tonight. And so- I can cover both of them. We can talk about both of them essentially. Let's go to this meeting tonight and then I'm going to go back and find her little faux paw letter that she sent out to precinct delegates telling them that first of all, removing them from committee assignments, getting rid of a bunch of committees and only allowing people to be there who she considers worthy. I guess just kicking Donna Brandenburg out who was there of a meeting, who was there to try to heal the rift between conservatives, Democrats, whatever. I don't really care. I'm an equal opportunity political party hater at this point, you know, and literally asked me to leave when I was her biggest supporter, giving her a chance to do the right thing. I agree with you on that point. When they asked you to leave, that was wrong. However, I will disagree with you on a lot of things right now and what's going on, Now, the one that makes that point would be the second district. Let's just talk about them. They have been the most obstinate, most obstructionist that I've ever seen anyone. They don't believe in protocol. They don't believe in doing things right. Processes are enacted to ensure not so much control, but as much as effectivity. I can tell you that in a corporate America, that's the way it is. So these guys come out and obstruct. And as a result, in nine months, nothing has got done. I can speak on one committee for sure and that is the conflict resolution committee which now has been dissolved. Should it have been dissolved? Absolutely. Some of these committees were formed I'm not sure why they were formed it doesn't matter it may have been an honest attempt it may not been but the fact is if they're not effective then get rid of them because they don't do anything. The MIGOP actions may on the surface look bad in some cases they may be they may have not been totally thought out because sometimes errors get made. Okay, I will grant that. But I will tell you the second district on Andy and Brie, those two should have been gone long ago. They're not really helping the organization. Their direction has hurt this MIGOP. And you can say, well, so has Christina. Well, Christina's fate will be decided this Saturday because that will be, I'm told that there will be a motion to remove her or vote of no confidence. They were working with Scott Greenlee, I'm told before. Scott is out of the picture because he's working for Peter Meyer and getting Peter Meyer elected. All again about money. However, they're all pushing Pete Hoekstra. Pete Hoekstra and I are friends. However, I will oppose him on this because of who's supporting it and what they're trying to do. We do not have the choice to stand to change. Abraham Lincoln told us that clearly. change horses in the middle of the stream. And I agree with him. We are in that same scenario. Do I think that Steve is the best leader? No, I don't, but who is? And the fact is that errors get made. However, if we had our choice, you should have chosen somebody else. Excuse me, I'd like to add even more. 2000 people elected her, 2000 people. And now you're gonna have 100 people this weekend trying to depose her. What about the other 1900 plus people that voted for her? These 100 people are basically, in my opinion, being rogue. Are rogue. And why do I say that? Because have they checked with their delegates? What their delegates think? I doubt it. I seriously doubt it. And in some cases, I know it for a fact, not to be true. The way, or so for these 100 people, the district chair, the two state committee women, the two state committee men, okay? You start looking at these people and you ask yourself, wait a minute, what are they doing? Well, I got it. I'm laughing, you coughed, you even choked on those words a little bit, but I'm gonna tell you what, it doesn't, if somebody has the guts to step up in this little cult that personality and the Republican Party, Democrat Party, the parties. That's what they are, the cults. And stand up against the brainwashing nonsense that's going there. And just look at the facts. The facts are, is that Christina has stacked the MIGOP with felons and has absolutely been non-transparent. And so I got a problem with this whole thing. And then the money, not coming out with the money. Nothing is out in the open for anybody to see, except for Donna Brandenburg has been putting out there, faithfully to put things out there. I got a huge problem with this, absolutely huge. Can you put your financial statements out there on your corporation for everyone to see? Donald Trump didn't even do it. So when I say that- This is a party and this party is not a private club. It affects all of us. You don't run things that way. Don, it doesn't matter. How much did you contribute to that party? Do you have a pony in that race? I would take exception to that because I think you cannot put all this stuff out where out in the front. I don't do that. That's what's wrong with the whole system. The whole system is setting it up as go sports team, right? Go sports team left instead of go America and put it out there. There's no there is no transparency to any of this and we just remove them like you know Like what happened in World War two? We're just gonna move people out of the way that we don't like She can't she hasn't been able to gel this party from day one It's all it's done has been fragmented and now now the party not only are we hiding things on the outside? We're hiding things on the inside and brooming people out of the way. You don't run an organization. That's like amateur hour I don't agree with all what you're saying there. I don't and you know my corporate background So I'm pretty strong mine is pretty strong, too So I mean it doesn't that doesn't give anybody and anybody a leg up here But I can tell you the people I dealt with it at those levels you it isn't a grooming You don't have all the facts when you don't have all the facts. There's there's But you can say that on any issue I mean any issue you can say you don't have all the facts that this is a failing and if this, if this, the, the 2024 election is going to fail, if we even have one, and it's going to rest right squarely on the Republican party for being a bunch of nerd pops, not willing to stand up for this and to write something when they know it's wrong. I will, I will, I will take agreement with you in some of it, but I won't agree with you all of it. And I will tell you, because it is not, it is not that simple. The process itself is an issue. I think that the problem, if we look at what's going on in Michigan, we look at the fact that it is listed as the most corrupt in the United States. Well, if it's the most corrupt, where are these people that said they would help us? Where are they? Where are they coming to the rescue? Why aren't they helping us to clean up the act? I'm talking specifically of the RNC. even the fact that we have continued to flounder for the last 20 to 30 years in this state. And yet nobody wants to clean it up because their oxes are, that would mean their oxes would be gored. So who's really behind the scenes of this? That's where we have to get at. Who's really controlling this state party? We know that Bob LeBrun said the way to control it is control the grassroots. Well, who are the grassroots? The grassroots really are single issue people. If you really want to look at it. The grassroots, I believe most of them are political operatives that are running these organizations and dividing people further. And I've got a real big problem with that because they have done, they have done another spectacular job of fragmenting this state instead of coming together on, on, on a, not an issue, not on how much money can I get for my good of all people instead of just how much money can I get? So anyhow, I've got, and you got to remember that Christina ran, she ran on financial transparency. So how can you even justify this to run on financial transparency and then never, and not put it out and say, oh, I can't tell anybody because then they're going gonna know what we're gonna do. Really? What happened to financial transparency? Okay, did you support Trump giving his financials out to the New York state? This wasn't a personal thing. This is the way that you, if you're gonna run an organization around the country, you put those financials out because they are not theirs to control. That is part of we the people. Personal financials, I could give a crap if the Easter bunny could show up and run this nation. He'd probably do a better job than the people that are sitting there now You know because you couldn't get much worse than people that can't even run a friggin worm farm That's what we got there right now, and they say one thing and they do something different. That's my bitch with us right there There should be no competition this should be Americans and we should be able to put it out there and specifically if you if you've got a strategy and you've got a financial and you know that because that's what corporations do and perform a statement do not take and give that to your competition because it tells you where you're where you're focusing where your focus is going to be for the upcoming year five-year plan you don't do that it's not shared it nobody does nobody in their right mind would do that nor would I expect him here I would budget committee to be able to see data. I think that's been an inherent problem with the MIGOP, but let's be honest, mistakes get made. I'm not condemning them on that, but they should have came clean sooner. I believe that Joel answered Warren Carpenter's complaints. He answered in a detailed presentation. I said to Warren Carpenter's wife, if she wanted to take and do it right, said that what Joel was saying is lies. She needed to hold and make a presentation point by point, call a meeting and we'll all be there. Point by point, why his statements were not true. It's point and counterpoint, but not once have they done it. You know why? Because I've already proven them to be wrong. I've proven them that they won't do it because they can't. What they need to do is make sure we put the truth out. The truth will set us all free, but we've got to make sure we're able to discuss it. Dialogue is important. Kelly Carpenter would not talk, would not do what I ask. Why? I don't know why. Only she can answer it. Warren should be able to answer that. Get the presentation. If, if in fact these people are, are as bad as they say they are, bring out the truth. Don't do innuendos. Don't do this half truth. Bring it out because that's what people got to see. Chuck, I've seen the truth over and over. I've seen these things. You know, it's like these people individually, when you get into a public venue, hang on one second, I'm gonna see, I wanna check something out here a minute. My 10 o'clock is gonna have to reschedule for Wednesday. So I'm gonna have to switch gears here just a little bit. But we're talking two different things. When we're talking, hang on a second, I'm going to see something because I might just give somebody else an opportunity. Come on here a minute. Because this is a political party which is turned into a... The political parties are nothing more than financed by whoever is going to gift us with our little meager choice of who we can vote for this whole illusion nonsense. And then they get on, then they get on and they want to say, we're going to run for transparency. And then all I saw is, is Warren Carpenter and some of the other people that had the guts to stand up and call him out for this. Cause they're no different than what was there before. I disagree with you on that wholeheartedly. Warren Carpenter has no basis to make that statement. He hasn't provided no fact he'll provide innuendos. And what I'm gonna say, I'm gonna be very straightforward. I would definitely want to come on with the fact that Joel gave that presentation. Why hasn't Warren refuted what Joel put out? He hasn't. Why not? Why not? He says about, well, IRS whistleblower. IRS are not whistleblowers. No, they're not. The DOJ, as you go through, if you're a whistleblower, you go through the DOJ. They are the ones that enacted. It is a strict approach. It is not even constitutional. He ought to realize that. The IRS, where is the IRS listed in the constitution? The fact is it is not. And that's why I get mad because these guys go out there when we don't get the whole truth. Why don't we get the whole truth? I don't know. That's a good question. But I would like to, there are answers that I want to get from this MIGOP, no doubt about it. Some people say, well, you're I've held back. But I do say that this late hour, we don't have a choice but to push forward. We have an opportunity to change it next year. Yes, we do. And that will be the opportunity. All these people have done is created dissension and put four sides. They have not, they push unity. The very same people that push unity are no longer pushing unity. I could never claim unity with people that I have seen fail as spectacularly as the M-I-G-O-P. There's no way that I would stand there with them at this point in time. They're tearing this entire, they're tearing the party down. They're tearing, it's, and anybody that would dare to speak against them is removed. They won't even have a dialogue on this. They won't even stand up and defend themselves. No, they just like get rid of people and move them out of the way. And it's too bad because, you know, could actually run something, which they can't. Chuck, if you had somebody in a corporation that was failing this abysmally, would you actually say, oh, we're gonna stick with the program that's going on right now, whether you liked them or agreed with them or not, or would you get them out of the way and get somebody in there that would do the job? I would've removed them long ago, but here's the point. Yeah, there you go. To go back to your committees, they didn't remove them just, they let them stay stay there that long. That's another failure another Christina failure in the Christina case right there No, there's there's rules you have to follow so so I would but I would have done it I would make sure though that it was very clear what was going on The second thing is you mentioned about dollars and cents about them. They're not getting dollars We all know they're not getting dollars if they're not getting dollars. They're not Obligated to anybody that's been the problem in the past. We look at Michonne and we look at it Ron Weiser. We're all failures They were allegiance to the money, right? But you can't say that now because there's no money so you can't have both sides In other words, you can't have your cake and eat it too. If you say that they're not getting money They're not allegiance to anybody with money. That's pretty clear. And I think that's what they're doing They're trying to weed out this very corruption, but they can't they won't read they won't reach out to anybody either out to try to to try to do anything that looks like a unified effort. Nothing. Zero. Nada. And they start the Good Neighbor program, which is all about spying on your neighbors and entering things into an app so that they have a different database. They've already got that information. Why don't you bring one of them on to talk about the Good Neighbor program? How about Lance Griffin? I think he's a guy locally that could speak to that program. wondering why everybody's resigning too. I mean, you had, you had four people from the budget committee that resigned because they saw improprieties happen from within and they were pretty clear on, on why they resigned. One of those is a friend of mine. So I can tell you, um, I think the whole, the whole scenario of there is just created a toxic environment because you don't have truth. I don't have truth at all in the Republican party. There's my point again. It's like there's no truth there. So how can you stand behind something where you can't trust the people who are in place? I wouldn't do it. I think you'd be stupid I Don't know and that's a good question I've got a lot of questions there because and and why is why is you know, why hasn't anyone? You know I'm not I'm not seeing any meaningful motion within the management there just like everybody else in in office right now crazy corrupt as you say and it would affect their careers so these people are younger people their careers will be stifled their careers will be stifled who cares about career we're talking about losing our nation i know hold up but i look at them they've got a lot longer to live than you or i do it doesn't matter that that's a that's a moot point there either you do the right thing under all circumstances regardless of the outcome or you don't and it doesn't matter how young or old they are what they stand to lose what they don't stand to lose how long they live I mean if you're either you do the right thing or you don't under under all circumstances oh no no no no that's not in politics you know that you realize well that's what's wrong with it well yeah sure it is if we were doing the right thing we wouldn't be having this discussion that truth is out there. The problem is that if his truth is out there, we don't have trust, because people realize that our politicians have been screwing us well for years, and they've been telling us one thing, doing another, and that's really the heart of the issue. So in order to really get it back on track, we've got to get truth. Now, would I have done things differently about the budget? Yes, I would have. I would have put out something about it a little differently and I would try to appease the people, Give away the farm if you will. Oh, you know what? I'm gonna I'm gonna say not a chance there with that because the problem that I have is that is that there are going to Be mistakes made in in what we do because we're human beings and human beings are highly flawed But if you cannot recover from it and admit admit what was going on instead of hiding somewhere you you have to you have to clean with what's going on. They refused to admit they were 400 some thousand dollars in debt when I was at that meeting, that's what they admitted to. And then they had the cockamamie idea of saying everybody that's involved needs to, you know, bail ourselves out of trouble here. And it's like, but they weren't coming clean with it. And that's the problem. How are they going to get somebody, everybody behind and say, this is the nonsense we were left with. And then all of a sudden, who have you know who have you know no ability I mean my gosh to talk about selling a building they don't even own I don't know that I have to dig the articles out on it but there's plenty of them because I want to see it we know that that was in a trots we know that was in a truss. So with that in mind, don't just do those things. I'd like to know, in fact, I'd like the MIGOP to come out there and say, hey, look, we don't know where this story came, but here's the facts. Why isn't the MIGOP called out this, this unconstitutional law? Why haven't they called out and really stood for election integrity? Why haven't they, they stood for any of this stuff? I'm not hearing anything meaningful except for a bunch of children squabbling and yelling about this person's right, that person's right, and while the country is burning to the ground. They literally are so tied into what, that they're absolutely ineffective and stand for nothing. Donna, in sports, I'm gonna give it to you, an analogy in soccer. Other sports, what's the best defense, a strong offense, we have to go on offense, but not everybody is talented to understand that. What I think they went into, they went into a defensive mode because they were being attacked. They were being attacked by every time you turn around from day one. You could or I would not stand for this. Day one, they went, that sour grapes come from Matt DiPerno, coming from JD Glasser, coming from the whole host, coming from Andy Sebo who supported Matt DiPerno. This has been an orchestrated event and look behind, look behind where the money's funded. about the MIGOP funding, let's take a look at the alternative side where the funding's coming from. People behind the scene, like, like Michonne has been meddling in this stuff. See, I don't really even care about Michonne. I don't care about any of these people because they're all have done the wrong thing. The point being is that the parties are corrupt as hell. And this Republican party, whether it's run by the Grand New Party, the MIGOP, it is completely ineffective. It is a shame and it's going to land on these these entities to destroy this state further and to deliver it into the hands of the Globalist the Marxist the people who are running it and nobody's fighting The very people you're talking about are the people that are funded behind the scene take a look at the money people take a look where the money comes from it's always been a From who's funding it who's funding the opposition that is with the issues that are before us and it is Actually criminal. I believe the whole idea is to burn down this down this party Not a bad plan at this point in time because they've done nothing for the United States Burn them all down, you know burn all the parties down Michigan is the biggest dumpster fire out there. But, but why? It's being funded. It's not being funded. The MIGOP is not being funded that way. Because not one person sitting in the seat is doing the right thing. That's the problem. We've got a bunch of gutless cowards that are sitting in the seats that are just like, just like, well, what about my next meal? What about this? I have to take exception. I'm going to give it to you. tip from a soccer coach. Put the fans in the stand, and a coach is coaching the game. He's trained his people, he put them out on the field and they lose. And the fans are going nuts, the coach doesn't know what he's doing, does he? There are a lot more variables out there that are not seen. The refs, the field, the players, the coach, all the things that are involved. It's easy for someone to do a Monday morning quarterback, but it's a lot more tougher to be there. is that people are seeing this as sports teams go, sports team go, sports team. This is supposed to be a hired entity to do work for us, we the people, and this is the problem. The entire structure is the way that people are thinking about this is wrong. There's rules that govern what they can do. They're not following the rules, none of them are. They're doing whatever they want to do and it's outsideged against we the people for not getting our work done which they are contracted to do to to carry out a Lawful process in government. They fail the criminals Why by why by tickets to the sports event when you disagree with a sports event. You have no voice then. But what I'm getting at is you're saying that- They all need to be fired. There, you got a voice. They're violating, but they don't have a contract with you. Sure do. They sure do. Their oath of office is a contract. That's those are elected, but are you giving money? You're saying about the budget side and that, but you're not giving any money to them. So then how can you say that you got a pony in the race. The answer is because the election affects all of us. It doesn't matter. These political parties are affecting all of us and they are being funded by the globalists, et cetera. This is, this is so wrong is that there's no way to justify the sports analogy to what's going on because that puts us in the stands watching it as victims of their bad choices. Have you ever been a coach? Have you ever been involved in sports in that? Yes, I have. In fact, I coached softball for eight years. And you know what? What I expected out of the gals that I was coaching, I expected them to know everyone's name on their side and on the other side. I expected them to pray before the game that everybody would come out of this and that this would be something that would be a positive experience of growth for each other, not to destroy each other. I expected them to get it in their heads that when somebody wins, somebody else loses and not to gloat and be a smart aleck and to be obnoxious. I absolutely expected that out of them. I expected them to show up on the field if anyone was hurt, whether it was our team or the other team. You do not control the fans You did not control many of the variables. You may control your players, but not the other players I didn't control any of them. I expected behavior out of them. That was admirable seven year old hockey players at a game yesterday seven year old a kid inadvertently a Smaller kid slides under us under another kid who have to be bigger. It took him down Do you know what the kid did to the to the little kid? He punched him them. Now whose fault is that? I'm gonna tell you what, this is not even close to analogy of what professional adults should be doing in a government situation. But you don't control it. What I'm getting at is you don't control it. The point I was making was it sounds ideal and it is ideal, but in reality it doesn't work that way. But what you just said is that you're justifying the system by saying that we don't control it. And this is the problem. The people, we the people should be in charge and should be telling them what we want done. And right now it's the political parties that are in a juvenile game, sports game that is not a professional situation to make it a win-win for the entire community. be handled that way. And all we have is gutless cowards that are sitting in the seats who will not do the right thing under all circumstances, and they all should be removed, and we need to start over again. They committed treason. Are we talking about political parties or are we talking about the legislature? We're talking about the whole damn thing. The whole thing is wrong. The political parties are wrong. Washington warned us about this. So how can we absolutely justify what they're doing? And then the ones that are in the seats that have committed treason, they have to be removed and prosecuted. So it goes right to what we're talking about. Two party system, bad or good? Bad. But okay, so what is a good model look like? There's a several different ways that we can approach this. What's a good model? Because that's what I wanna know. We need to stop all of it and give people more choices. We need to have more choices where people can go in and decide who they want to vote for. I would support a dog catcher running for office if they want to. The people can make their choices instead of a body of Republicans and a body of Democrats who are bought and paid for making the choices. That layer takes all the input from we the people away from we the people. It sounds good. It sounds good. It's theoretical. Let me give you the why. It's not theoretical. It's something that could happen. Hold on, hold on. I'm going to give you the facts. Take a look at the European model, which is exactly that. You have multiple candidates. And what happens? What happens to it over... Look at France. What has happened? The fact that you had coalitions formed, and the coalitions did what? Within a two-year window, you can destroy your country. A two-year window. That is what we're talking about. But you're talking about political parties that only give people the choice to vote the lesser of the two evils, because they are being funded by the globalists and or subverted by the globalists. There's too much power in the political parties, and it's just an illusion of choice. We don't have choice. We don't have the ability to change anything in the current system the way it's supposed to work. The only way we can do it now is to try to remove these bastards who stand for nothing and go along, get along, just like the Republican and Democrat parties. They're absolutely the hand of the globalist that's just whacking us across the face every single election with the illusion of choice, but we have no choice. I don't disagree about the money. It's the money element behind all this that's really driving it. It's the structure too, though. Structure's bad. Well, you can change structure, though. You can change it over time. There's no doubt. It's like a- Not when they've got all the power you can't they have. It's just like with this gun control. These bastards in the legislature are the fault. It's not Whitmer. It's easy to point her out as inking the deal. She's guilty too. I'm not saying she's not, but they have legislated controls to take the ability for us to have recourse out of the process. You cannot get a fair trial. The prison systems are completely crap. Everything out there is wrong and it's taken away the people and turned us into the criminals. So we have nothing to say about it. The second amendment will stand and it has stood and it will stand. And the reason it will stand is because it is constitutional. Unless you get all the states- Who's going to challenge it and who's going to prosecute it in a justice department that is absolutely not about having equal justice under the law. They're just out there to be able to harass the people that they want to shut up. At one point, you will then reach exactly what happened in the Bolshevik revolution. The people will finally have enough. And also the French revolution, and the people will stand and say no more. But what happened with the Bolshevik revolution, those bastards at the top starved them out. They came in and they starved them out. And there was 10 million people that died because they had a chokehold on the supply line. And then the other groups of criminals came in and raped, murdered, stole, burned things to the ground. And they were, it's like BLM, Antifa, Hamas, Hezbollah, all of these organizations created by our government in order to disadvantage we the people to leave us without defense, to leave us without any recourse. They've doing the same thing because it's the same group of people that are controlling this. You know, you call them Kazarians, you can call them whatever you want, but I'm going to call them Satanists because they refuse to stand for we the people. And they're going to do the same thing here. They did not rise up against them. They handed them over to the criminals in the Bolshevik revolution, and they murdered, they raped the carcasses of the Romanov family. They raped these kids after they killed them. They took Zarina and Nicholas, they certainly took them away, there's no doubt about it. They raped them, they raped their dead bodies after they killed them. I don't think the convention came out of that, but I, because I think there was so much, so much corruption going on. Now did it reoccur? Sure it did. Because if you don't put controls in place, that's what you get. Who lost? The farmers did. 10 million of them. We don't hear about that, because all we hear about is the Jews in Israel. That's all we hear about. There were 5 million Christians that were killed there. Anybody that had an education, they killed. Anybody that had any power, they killed the farmers. How about before that? How about Napoleon? What Napoleon did, he got defeated, but he killed a lot of people along the way, right? Yes, but this is a genocide going on. This is absolutely genocide. And it's like anybody that's sitting at the top in one of these nations, the same thing that's going on in Algeria. Algeria's got the same thing. If you look at the structure, the daughter of the last president, it was worth, is worth billions and billions of dollars. While the population starves, they're doing the same thing here. The Bidens are guilty as hell of this. And so is anybody that stands with them. They've got their little mafia going on at the top, and they've waged war against we the people. They created Hamas, they created Hezbollah, they created BLM, they created Antifa. They created all of it. It's the same thing as the Bolshevik Revolution. The only end game of this is for them to starve us out. And if they do it, it'll be millions and millions of people. And who's hurt? The only ones hurt are we the people. And the political parties, just like they're, they were the ones that were the driving force. But the we the people need to stand up. And that's the whole thing and I don't know that they are and you say that these people are standing up I know I don't see it. I don't see it because they haven't heard enough. I guess that's what it takes It takes when your your ox is being gored then you'll stand up and until that time I guess you don't guess we're gonna figure that out when the financial system collapses because it's on the way the the Switzerland there's a bank in Switzerland that Let me see if I can pull this up a minute because they refused. They told me, I've got an internal memo that came out and they basically said they're not paying for anything in the bond market when people came in to cash in their bonds. And the employees were told not to pay it. But at any just a little bit, but I'm going to say that it's the same, it is the same issue that's happening over and over again. But, you know, I'm going to go back to this. It's not going to help anything to get away from, here, hang on a minute. See where I'm at here. To get away from the fact that Christina is failing and the Republican party, the MIGOP, the Grand New Party in Michigan, is the one you're going to be able to point the finger for the failure of this state falling to absolute despotism and communism. I agree about the Grand No Party. And so is the MIGOP. I've been saying that for so long that they've been the impetus behind it. And Christina Caramo and the nutjobs that are standing with her are going to be solely responsible for saying, Watch them fragment the state in failure with felon upon felon upon felon sitting in the seats There's nothing anybody can say to me that's going to justify the failure there Such as Who's the felon that you're that you're that you're pointing out I can point out the rest of them What about Robert Owens I don't I don't agree with that one. Well, why don't how can you not agree with it? He was disbarred something like reminds me of of uh, barack obama and michelle obama These people get to the top and they all get disbarred hillary clinton bill clinton They all get disbarred right because even the bar as corrupt as they are don't want anything to do with them If you got a ticket, are you are you a criminal? What's that? If you got a speeding ticket, are you a criminal? been disbarred. Even the bar that shouldn't stand won't stand with them. Donna, have you called out all the other people like Bill Raudink, $285 million? Yes, I have. I don't like any of them. But you get somebody like Christina, who is incompetent enough to get rid of, say, Danny, say Don Beatty, say Lois, they've got a record behind them. Why, you know, this is like, this is like, how are we going to, we're going to get rid of all the good people. What's your qualification for coming, for coming in the seat? Well, make sure you have a felony because I'm going to hire you right off the bat. That's Christina Kraml's demo right there. In the past, that's what it looked like, that there were bonus points given to criminal behavior. They are right now. That's all she hires. I don't, I don't agree with that. Now, you know I would be voiced in that opposition. One of those I did and I just named him. That's the only one. But let me say this. You need to dig a little deeper here, dude, because I'm telling you what, these people are really, really interesting to look into. You look into them and you're like, are you kidding me? And you know what's really fun? Is to get in their background and see I think I do, and I think I've done pretty good. financial ties to all of these little holding companies and funds that they have going on, that's really fun. Agree to disagree, let's talk about it, move on. I think we should stay right here on Christina Caramo and the Michigan GOP. We're not gonna accomplish anything, I'm gonna tell you that. We can agree on some points, we'll disagree on others. It doesn't do any good. The point is that this Saturday- Here you go, this is the cashier's thing, hang on a minute, I'm gonna put this up here, just a second, we need to see this. This is kind of important. Sorry to step on you a little bit, but I'm going to step on you here because I think this is really important because we are in fact going to see the system fall, break and completely fall. I hope all y'all got a couple of cases of water and some soup there. So the lead underwriter should be contacted for any issue status as participants are advised that NSCC through its agent has received notification from the underwriter that the following cusps on the above mentioned issue will be scheduled has been deleted. And they were, let me see if I can jump around here a little bit. Oh, I like this Black Friday because only in America people trample each other for sales exactly one day after being thankful for what they already have. Hang on a minute, I'm gonna, I want to see these are all things I post on my Telegram channel. So at any rate, the bank, let me get this up here a minute. It's a weird thing for me to navigate while I'm online sometimes. But they literally have decided not to pay out in the bond market for the things that, to anybody that came up, their employees were told not to pay off anyone who was redeeming a bond. And they said if they, and they told their customers to check back in three weeks. I kid you not. Crazy. Okay, so where do you wanna go, Chuck? I was gonna say, we can disagree with Christina, but one thing about whether we agree or disagree with it better, the buck stops with her, no matter what. When you're the captain of the ship, whatever, the buck stops with you. So no matter what happens, it's gonna come down on her head and it will come down this weekend, one way or another, okay? So with that, we will next Monday join and talk about- It's not as good as it looks. Because it doesn't matter what we think, what we say, what we do, it matters what's gonna happen this weekend. If the people vote and they believe that the districts or whatever, or the state committee, all vote and vote her off, the island, so to speak they voted her off the island voter off the island people. The next question is what do you got? You lose the election anyways, so what have you gained? The answer is nothing You know I think if they actually Clean the crap out and somebody actually did the right thing for a change instead of just the gutless Republican go along and get along stand for nothing and sit there and just continue to get bitch slapped by these people in office That won't stand for anything because that's exactly what's happening happening. You know, maybe, maybe they actually did their jobs and got them out and cleaned it out. Maybe there would be something redeeming there. Maybe people would actually decide to trust them. Just maybe that's just a gut feeling I have. Accountability goes a long way. Number one. Number two is when you vote for someone, do you really look at what their credentials are? Who voted? I'm going to go right to the heart and core. Who voted Christina in? What, what did you do when you when you voted her in whether you like her or dislike dislike her? But what did you use to make that assessment? You are the responsibility the people that elected her are the people responsible. It's not Christina She stood as an as an alternate to the math Pernal and Scott Greenlee if you believe that Scott Greenlee and Matt DePernal were not good and that Christina was what's the problem? Did you none of them were good at this point in time. We need to have some actual people that want to stand up there. We the people, not people who are just in it for some sort of personal gain. And I'm not seeing any of them. And it's like, maybe my standards are too high. I believe in ethics. I actually believe in ethics. I believe we should step in and, you know, and fight for what we believe in this nation. But, you know, they get rid of this crap, at least just stop the bleeding. Right now, you've got a hemorrhaging party That looks like that looks like a you know a Freddy Krueger scene in You know, that's that's running that the MIG OP and the GNP It's like a it's like a it's like a Freddy Krueger scene. They're bleeding crap everywhere You you couldn't even you couldn't stop this you couldn't stop with this with a million tourniquets right now Nothing zero What are we really quibbling about is nothing. If they've done nothing in the past, they're not likely to do anything forward. So why are we even bothered with that? Well, I'm going to tell you. That's right. So here, so I'll leave you with this. Come and check out the U.S. Taxpayers Party, the Constitution Party in the state of Michigan, because we actually stand for something and it's statesmen. And if the Republican Party stopped there, I'm going to not say it, half behind effort wimps, neutered pups running around that don't do a thing except for continue to hide things, you got one more option. U.S. Taxpayer's Party of Michigan, which is the Constitution Party. I wouldn't put up with this nonsense and I know neither is first vice chair and neither would Bill. It's like, what are we doing and how are we going to fix it? And we're doing it with no money at all. So there you go. What have the U.S. Constitution Party done? They've been How long has US Constitution? 72. What have they done? What can they hang their head on? Do they can really claim it? Given another choice, if people stop being brainwashed by the system of the Republican Party with the complicitness of the media, which tells everybody how to think, what to do, you only got two options. You're just going to split the vote. Guess what? They split the vote. What have they done to change? party hasn't done a darn thing except for tear the nation down. So you can't tell me it's a better option because it's not. No, I'm not. I'm asking what have they done. I'm trying to find out when people say- They stood for something, which is more than the Republican party and the Democrat party. They've actually stood for something. But what? What do they stand for? You should read the platform, Chuck, because I can't help you any more than that. I'm going to tell you what, I'm proud to stand with them because they actually stand for something and will go to battle with anyone and show up and not just to sit there and have these sophomoric conversations within the party, which is further tearing the state down. But what solutions are they offering? That's what I'm asking. There's a lot of solutions. Have you read it? Maybe you should go and research it. You know, people always wanna tell me, tell me Donna, how are we gonna fix this? Well, you know what? It's not my sole responsibility to set this nation on its feet. I can help, I can point to it, but everybody has a responsibility to get out there and find out. If you haven't looked at the Constitution, how can you even criticize it? I'm asking you. I'm asking you that. I'm not criticizing. I'm asking you that. I'm asking you. Yeah, you are. You're saying, what have they done? Well, go find out. We've done a lot of stuff. That is a question I would ask of anyone. That is not a question. I would say, I'm going to answer. I'm asking you. Well, maybe you should be. I've been involved in both the Republican Party, the Democrat, try to pull this nation together as one nation, you know, all Americans, let's dare to be Americans, not, not, not go sports team. Let's agree to disagree, but let's move on. I'd really like to talk about what's going on. Okay, I'll let you out of the chokehold here. No, no, I'm not on the chokehold. If I, if we weren't friends, I would probably be coming at you full, full blood. And you know me well enough that I would. But I believe that dialogue is important. I believe that we need to discuss it. I believe that we need to still part as friends no matter what. So that's the one thing that I would disagree with the Republican Party's past practices over the last 30 years. If you don't agree with me, we're enemies. Well, you know what, they can do anything other than what's being done now and it would be an improvement. Right. I don't disagree about an improvement. There you go. I don't disagree about it. Improvement. There you go. We agree. Boom. Goodbye, Christina. Let's do something different. Let's move to a plan. Let's move on a plan, right? Anyways, I want to talk about the Kent County GOP because I think it's important. You know you've had Nick on one day. He wouldn't come on with me. I don't know why. Oh, he would. He would. He just wouldn't. He would come on. Nick won't dare come on. I tell you, Nick won't dare. There's a reason why he knows why I don't need to even reiterate it because if he does take up the challenge Or stephanie stephanie got thrown off the third district committee for a reason. Sorry You know, I misquoted something it was it was angola not algeria and goal is the one with the problem that I was quoting Oh, you should have brought up uh, id amin in in in uganda Remember it. Yeah edie. I mean Edie It's Idi Amin and yes, it was I got corrected. So thank you for the correction. It's Angola, not Algeria Because Prince Harry was walking, you know, somebody did the crown right behind him So you don't think that's not funded sure is they just they go to resources and then wherever they see Resources like maybe Michigan with water around us. Why are they interested in Michigan? That's crazy the largest water of freshwater body around and they want to steal it They want to now you understand why I pose that that that extension of the water Extraction of the water up there at ice boat. That's why I posed it because that essentially is taking the aquifer and draining it I know we're diverting but that's what these guys do. They sell us out. Well, I'm gonna read a couple comments here the same as a sports team. Bottom line, KK was hired to run a multi-million dollar business and she has failed. She needs to vacate the chair. Next one. Robert Owens was convicted of six felons on September 11. What is Chuck talking about? Send him the Robert Owens court docs. I actually have them so I could do that. And then I, uh, I just bring them on. I like, I like people to speak for themselves. I don't need to, I can find the court records and I don't need to sit here and debate somebody Somebody that I consider It's like you brought Nick on okay, I want Let me ask the questions with them. I'll put more happy to discuss it with especially even after tonight because tonight they will They will the keys on the agenda put it that way the three of them and my question to anybody and this is The question is what have you done to help the organization? What have you done to make it better? it better. What have you done to help America? Help America. I don't disagree. It's the same thing. But, but not a cult. Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country. So important to ask us about Michigan in the same way or our county. Flush the cult. That's what I'm going to do. What have we done in our own communities and then work outward because that's where it begins. Jip O'Neill wrote that book, All Politics is Local. He's absolutely right. We need to start local level and build from there and make sure that it's sound and we have the checks and balances as our forefathers laid out for us. That simple. Stay on the rails is what they got to do and just pay attention to the law. We have a legal system that there are defined functions functions for each person in office, whether they're elected or unelected, it doesn't matter. There are rails they're supposed to stay on, and those rails are there to protect we, the people, and our rights. What we have is... That's the balances. What's that? That's the balances. Yep. We have to have... Everyone has to stay on the rails and do what is defined, clearly defined And so the next thing that, honestly, we need to go to local action equals national impact. We need to decentralize the entire government, the entire government system right now. They have continued, and the political parties are just the same. They have continued to centralize power instead of decentralizing and representing. It's not a democracy, it's a representational form of government, it's a Republican form of government, which is representational form of government. And there's some democratic aspects to it, but it needs to be decentralized and we need to follow the law. Once the answer right here is what would you do? Follow the law. The law is there. If we follow the law, highest law in the land is the constitution. We follow the law, we nullify about 85-90% of this nonsense that's in place, and we go back to what works. And that's the answer to fixing this. It's actually pretty simple if you get people who are in there for self-gain out of the way. Well, that's been the problem for sure, that people are looking at self-gain. They have a horse in the race, or they're looking for a climb up up the political ladder, you know what I mean? Or gain some monetarily, but that's been the problem because that's what we see on a lot of these people. They want to say, what's in it for me? Well, wait a minute, that ain't the answer. That shouldn't be the answer, although it is. You know what, one of the first things that I would do to fix this is I would structure the payment for the people that are sitting in the seats, elected seats and have it pay out like jury duty so that they only get paid when they show up and that they are only in Lansing for a short period of time. Because in Lansing, as well as DC, all that happens is the people that are in this whole game together sit there and figure out how to steal more money from us, right? They need to go back to their districts. They need to face the people they're supposed to represent. They're not doing that. They're absolutely not doing it. And They've turned politics into a career. It's turned into an industry. And they all know how to play the game, to take money, to move money around, to get in bed with the universities and money launder through the universities. And they're in the regulations. They get themselves appointed into a government position after they have helped create these unconstitutional regulatory policies and such. And we, I mean, the whole thing is all about moving money into their pockets and keeping them in a structure of control, rather than just do your job. All you, all you got to do is just do their job and that's protect people. And then go home and make an actual living like the rest of us. They don't need to sit there in the seats, turning this into a multi-million dollar, you know, like Jennifer Granholm did when she made the $1.6 million gain on a trading. Are you kidding me? Yes. All this stuff that's going on is it just it's deplorable. But you know, it's funny because in 1984 when I first started, what was I working on? Part time legislature. Part time legislature. That is exactly where we need to get to because it's not in with what we've got now. Yes, I agree with you 100 percent on that. We what is it? Texas only meets like once every two years. Why are we, and how much are we paying for the booze bill in Lansing? I don't know about you, but unless every last person in the state of Michigan is, you know, is shows up and is offered the same thing, they shouldn't be doing that. They should be paying for their own, their own little parties and such. That's right. That's right. And we bail them out. Look at the, look at it at the federal level, same way. I mean, they had the bank kiting conflict, where, check the house bank, we were paying for it, they were paying no interest. So basically they were getting loans for free. Yeah, and I'm telling you what, it's like this whole thing with Joe Moss for Liberty getting paid like $90,000 he's up to for a website and such when he didn't pay anything. He's in Ottawa County for the MIGOP. That should be concerning for everyone. And I mean every single person out there. a big problem and it starts at a local level. We've got somebody here in Byron Township that allegedly was paid $20,000 to keep the mask mandates in place, a school administrator for the schools here, personally $20,000. There is so much of this stuff going on. And if we don't have someone who has a commitment to financial transparency instead instead of let's just let's go sports team. It's got to be just right out there as a professional organization run for we the people to establish the law in the legal the legal way to run the country which is By and large a whole lot of nullification. Oh You should see the comments here. The comments are great. I'm getting I'm getting comments on being on being on Brandenburg news network comm is actually blowing up. It's been blowing up lately and it's it's kind of fun You have to hold people accountable, I mean that's where this all begins and that that's really what we're talking about The crux of this is all about accountability. So to get down to accountability It should solve a lot of our problems, but we know it won't because when it people are not Not doing their jobs. Will you you do fire? I agree with that, but you got fire them with cause. Remember, today, in the old days, we just fire them. Now we have to have everything documented, I, I.T.'s, cross. In the old days, you just fired them, period. Can't do that anymore. So- Republicanism, there was a comment that said, third party, Donna, claiming republicanism is the answer while promoting losing third party strategy. Good ideas should be in the party. All credibility gone, snipping from the sidelines. You are in fact wrong, I am sorry, but this is a constitutional republic, which is a republican, republic is a representational form of, of governance. And so I will, I'll take you on with that one. And I'm not snipping from the sidelines. What are you doing? You're sitting at the keyboard, tapping out something rather than, than getting in front of people and saying something. I don't even know what your real name is. So anyhow, boring nightingale. And it isn't, and it wasn't intended to do what the Chronicle paper would do, but I do believe it's a waste of resources. So, um, so it's, it's, it's funny, it's funny that people are writing a book today, but you know, it's, it's great. It's great to sit there and put in the comments without your real name, instead of stepping out there and having your voice heard, you know, I, I have, I find that to be interesting, but it's a little gutless really, you know, it's like, if Be a person enough to put yourself out there and stand for what you believe in instead of sniping from the sky I don't think that is sniping from the sidelines, you know Yeah, they sure do Yeah, we're gonna talk about masking let's mask up with a fake identity and you put yourself out there, that's exactly what happened during the COVID thing. So, yeah, I've got a little bit of a problem. Put your name out there if you wanna be taken seriously. So anyhow, well, this was a very interesting program this morning and I appreciate the debate on this. I really do. I think this is very, very healthy. And quite honestly, we're gonna come back to what we agree on. that the system is flooded with criminals who have set themselves up. And not only just criminals, Donna, I might add not just criminals, we've got people of bad character, let's be honest. They haven't got caught yet, that doesn't make them good character, right? Yeah, and we can agree that the structure is bad. They're not following the law. Well, I don't know specifically what laws- Are they following the law or are they not? I've not seen any no one's proven to me given me anything that they're not following law wise on constitutional mandates What what did they follow the law on constitutional mandates? The Constitution when they made us mask up and close the businesses and told sit in our houses How about the gun laws, how about the gun control are they following the law as I said, you're breaking the law. You're breaking the law. There's no question about it. Every single one of them broke the law on what they put in front of everyone for, let's see, I'll bring it up again. Hang on a minute. They broke the law. Every one of them should be accountable for breaking the law. Absolutely. Every single one of them broke the law. You broke the law. They broke the law and they need to be held accountable. And that's a civil rights infraction and under civil rights infraction, there's huge penalties. And that's where they got to go at them. The people got to go start getting because the penalties, the criminal, not just criminal, but civil penalties are pretty severe. They broke the law and here it is sweeping bill strips gun rights for nonviolent offenders. They don't have that right. that have committed treason against the people of Michigan. Right there, the queen that committed treason by violating our rights given by God and guaranteed by the constitution. These people have broken the law. You know how you remove her? You wanna know how you remove Gretchen right now? Tell me. Simple way, first of all, since she committed a felony because civil rights infractions are a felony, right? Yeah, under 18 US Code 242 and combined with MCL 750 point one six and seven fifty point two zero No, sorry, sorry, sorry 760 seven sixty four point one six and seven sixty four point two zero in cooperation with each other. You file a citizen's arrest with Gretchen Whitmer. You file that to her personally so that she will then be guilty. She will then be charged. And if she's charged and found guilty of committing that felony, she's out of office. And then you hit her with a conspiracy charge and you hit her with the RICO Act, but you hit her with one more document document that they have an auto, which is MCL 750-117 and 750-1122. What do these mean? It means that if you're phone guilty, well, I guess you can't use that one. Sorry, that's a bribe. Can't use that one. I was gonna use that one again, sir. Can't use it. But the other ones do hold true. We can follow- Give me the numbers on those. What is it? Seven what? Because we need to use that. I'm getting ready to launch an initiative anyways in that area, you're going to see it against good old Dana Nessel, because that's the approach we want to use. That's how we get them out of office. We can't get them out because these people, stupid people elect them, then let's get them out by the way that we, that they act in office. We can get them that way. We can do it ourselves. We don't need anybody else. We don't need a lawyer. We don't even need a lawyer to do this. That's what's amazing about it. What we should do, so people wanna know, they say, oh, you can't change your names on this. Clearly we have a little challenge on tech. Change your username on VNN live chat. You go to the upper right hand dropdown and click change username. There are no excuses. This is a no excuse Monday for failure. So I'll say it again, if you need to go to the upper right hand corner and there's a dropdown and click change your name. If you wanna have your name known, you can go there and do that of going under an avatar name. Oh, this is fun. They're writing books here, Chuck. Chuck, we're getting books. Chuck, chuckles be wanted to hit me with Rico. Need the numbers again, little mumbling chuckles. Oh yeah, this is funny. So anyhow, I love you, Chuck. This is great, because I think we need to have these discussions. And we have to have these discussions. on, boy, somebody's trying to call in from Ypsilanti. Let me see. This is what we black in the Republican Party. I said that earlier. Can you hold on for one second? I want to see who's calling in. Hang on just a second. I'll be right back. I don't hang up. Okay. Hello? Oh, junk. Okay, let's see. Alright, it was just junk. I had this call that kept coming in. I figured it was somebody that was actually trying to call in and call her on the line. You know, join Brandenburg News Network and call her on the line. You know what, I should open up the line sometime and just let people say what they want to say. That would be fun. So anyhow, what we should do, hey, you want to work on this with me to hit them with a citizen's arrest? I would do it. I'd do a citizen's arrest on every one of their sorry behinds. You realize I've already filed with the US Attorney, right? I filed with the US Attorney. The US Attorney has responded and that they're looking at it, but they ain't going to do squat. Why? Because it's a Democrat. He's a Democrat. So I know they're not going to do anything, but you've got to go can give to people about how they can go after them. Let me get my dogs. Come here. Well, hey, I tell you what, I like a good rousing debate, so I enjoy this very much and we can walk away friends and I can still say, you know, Chuck, I'm really thankful for all that you do to bring issues forward because whether I agree with you or disagree with you, you either, when you go through debate, you either solidify what you Information to change your mind on things or have a better argument to defend yourself and that needs to happen So yeah that that needs to happen. I'm not afraid of debate. I really not afraid of debate at all No, oh, yeah, so somebody said do a citizen's arrest on KK kind of sounds like a good idea You want to throw give me a call out there? Maureen Nightingale give me a call and let's I put my number out. Maybe we should do this together. How many people out there want to do a citizen's arrest on these people? Karen Christina because she's not she's not elected. She's not it's not she's a quasi government. She's not a She's not just saying like like I think we should do a citizen's arrest on every one of these people in Lancy Oh, I don't know Yeah, Queen Queen Gratcher squire Nassau and the court jester Benson Yeah, can you use that in there that's that's there that's their court that's there that's their little little Kings and Queens Yeah, squire yeah Nassau's the squire so I'm gonna let's see Karen was back behind the scenes. I'm gonna bring Ralphie IT guy on and then but this is a great This is great. So I'm gonna here. Let me grab let me let me grab What's that? Yeah, go get some work done Chuck go arrest somebody for gosh sakes do something, you know Go do something Chuck go arrest someone arrest someone. Oh, Nick Pearl did say, did Chuck just dare me to come on and debate him? Yes, he did. Yeah, yeah, I did. Yeah, I did. I did. Yes, he did. No doubt about it. No doubt about it. There is no question about it. Awesome. Especially when he calls. I want to know when he's going to apologize for calling the lady the C word and for one of his associates calling me mean, I'm sorry, but she called me the c-word for what reason I have a response to That but I won't say it online Yeah, I'll tell you that privately because it's it's oh yeah Nick just said let's go okay next Monday neck next Monday it's you and Chuck and And we'll just see what's going on here. Cuz oh, you know, love me. He'll love me even more Bad now. Oh my gosh. Look out. That's all I say. There you go. Well, I'm gonna add on Ralph and Karen here So they can listen they will love it that's fine. All right guys. Well, I'm gonna thanks talk and Yeah, have a great day Okay, here we go we got We got Ralph and Karen on Ralph. Hey Karen. How are you? Doing great. Hang on a second. Can you guys talk amongst yourselves for just a minute? Morning, Karen. Good morning, Ralph, the IT guy. How you doing? I've had better days. I got a little headache, but that's okay. Yeah. Boy, that show is a prime example of the, exactly the best aspects of the First Amendment. Yes, you got that right. You ever see the video that Rowan Atkinson did about how important the First Amendment is, and specifically how important not just free speech, I mean he didn't talk about it in First Amendment terms because you know he's British, but he talked about it as you know point was that free speech is not just free speech to say things that are appropriate, but specifically the most valuable part of free speech is offensive speech. Because without that you can't debate, you can't really have a valid intellectual conversation without that. I'll see if I can find the video because it's a it's a really interesting video Okay, well you're doing that I will answer New York Times versus Sullivan, which I had studied I have brought Pieces of it in my notes that I made I made a little document to help me when I go to public boards and I can quote right out of it if they try to speech. And one of the things that they have in that opinion is that it can be vehement and open. It's been a little while since I've looked at it, so I'm not quoting it entirely, but there's a phrase in there, it mentions the the concept that even if you're loud, there's a man of British or British American that His video went viral because he's speaking in America to a public board and he's shouting and He's not cussing but he could he is Putting that board in their place by saying I could speak as loudly as I want to For as long as I need to to do what I have to do And he's absolutely right. I I have always been a A fan and proponent that the public should please itself And that therefore a board doesn't have to if the public Would handle someone who maybe is speaking inappropriately Or for too long Which can be me because I can speak long. If the public should look at that person and give them some cues or pull them away from the mic their own, then you don't have the board instructing a sheriff's deputy to do it for them, which is not appropriate and unlawful. And if everybody wants order and they want to be heard and the board wants to hear them, it doesn't matter how long it takes. And you can have an efficient meeting that doesn't take all night Everybody who has a an important point has the opportunity to do so in an orderly fashion But you cannot limit that free speech and you're right it can include cussing out Board members in the presence of children if that's what they want to do if you've got somebody who Who there you go? If you've got somebody Somebody wants to say, hey, you have no right to limit our second article rights with what you've just done passing this bill. How dare you? They can cut them out as long as they want to. But should they do it for 10 minutes when they're just going around and around and they got their point across at one minute? To be limited to three minutes because that's what the policy is. No That's not what you New York Times versus Sullivan says Did you guys see what happened yesterday to Tommy Robinson because I posted about that speaking free speech did not No, I didn't see that either It's gonna be a big deal. I think I think it already is I saw it late last night and look through it and shared a bunch of posts about it. Tommy Robinson is he calls himself a journalist in the UK. I follow along He sometimes has foul mouth so I don't share everything he puts out there I don't read I don't watch all his videos. I don't follow everything he does He's really been doing a lot of coverage on the migrant invasion and the effects it's half I get a perspective from him that I don't get from American sources. So I kind of follow because I want to know what are people doing, what kind of riots are happening, et cetera. He has been outspoken about rape gangs, for example, and the police have done almost nothing to, to solve that problem. And it is largely a Muslim gang thing against young girls in the UK. Let me cut in here because the Islam is, by and large, has turned into a political entity with a mask of religion on it. It's an infiltration. The same thing happened to the Jewish community as well as the Christian community. They're all infiltrated. Yeah. public enemy number one in the UK. So there was a protest that was going to happen. He was public about going to attend and livestream from it. So the police caught up to him in a public location and warned him that he was going to cause fear and disruption because of his presence and they warned him not to go and he's like I'm a journalist. That's my job. I have every right to go I have a right to free speech if he wants to mark down the center of the walk down the center of the street and Shout on one side or another with the people while he's reporting he can do that But what happened was and I think he expected it because they had already warned him He ends up on the street trying to read something off to him and he stands for his rights and he's making it loud because he's got a huge crowd largely within the sea of yellow-vested police and he tells the other journalists this is what's actually happening here they're trying to shut me down and they eventually grab him and arrest him but in the process they pepper spray him they have him surrounded by at least a couple dozen officers there's a whole bunch of people in the street that are supporting him or monitoring the situation, just observing, trying to film it. And he's going along, um, hauled. At some point they cuffed him. His head pops up. He says, I am not resisting. He could tell by his face that he's already been abused. And at some point he gets pepper sprayed right in the eyes. He actually films this from inside the truck too. He gets his camera out. I don't know how he does it. And he films his face. It's all in flame red. This is Dublin. It was in Dublin or where is it? I'm not so sure right off, but it's going to be after that footage for sure. Everybody's following it because it was a violation of his rights And you know their rights may be a little different from ours or how they handle it or that is is definitely not true So I think that's a good point I think that's a good point I think that's a good point I think that's a good point I think that's a good point I think he has enough of a following that it's like the arrest of Trump it will have the opposite effect I think that they were intending to have unless what they wanted is more chaos and distraction Am I getting close here? No, okay It was just from yesterday, oh, it's yesterday, okay And I'll talk amongst yourselves. I'll see if you've seen I can find it. I Might be able if you go to my telegram channel and scroll to join Karen's Telegram channel. There's a rumble video. Um, I went to the rumble video rather than the Telegram link itself, but the one, do you see a face? I think there's a lady's face to his left and he's facing her. That's about where he starts talking about what's happening. And within eight minutes he's getting pepper sprayed. Huh? So that's where if somebody wants to watch, you know, a short segment of it, it's less than 10 minutes or so. Okay, hang on a minute, I'm trying to find it. We've got police frequency. You always post a lot of great stuff on here. Just go down to the bottom and scroll up. Well, the problem that I have with it is that on my computer, while I'm doing this... Let me see if I can. It doesn't allow me to do things the easy way sometimes. So I'll find it. Hang on. Okay. I soldier. I endeavor to persevere. So forward from Tommy Robinson. Leo is saying he wants to send you a telegram link short video in which they warned him. Okay. Looks like it was in London. If I spend too much time on telegram it'll boot me from stream yard so try to be quick about it. Oh I'll get we'll get figured out here hang on a minute. Anyway my my speech issue, it's not a, it doesn't even matter what march it was or what side people think he was having. I think the march probably got lost in the whole coverage of it, but he is going to be so outspoken and all of his followers that this could be a really big news deal for UK. Well the free speech of the people that you disagree with the most is the most valuable to protect? Mm-hmm. No, I'm not an advocate of protesting. There's certain times and ways to protest, yeah. I'm not saying that protesting in the street itself is a bad thing. I've done that myself. But... Ineffective. There's a there's a yeah, it is an effective but it is also Depends on where and when and how you do it if you're walking down the street You got a little a little path and you're you're walking in front of Pfizer building or the Capitol building or the news station in the middle of the afternoon and You don't expect trouble. That's one thing if you do it at five o'clock at night And Michigan winter especially where it's going to get dark soon and it's very political and you know where there's antifa in the area because you heard about the buses coming in yeah that's trouble there's no point in it and all it is is destructiveness and chaos and it doesn't give you give you anything positive so that that's why I've been kind of advocating for a more peaceful approach to speaking the truth. got it right here okay here we go there we go I think finally caught it up all right here we go guys Okay, so there's gonna be a section 5 dispersal notice in place in this area from Chief Inspector Fisher. And a part of that is directed to you to disperse and leave the area due to anticipated sort of anti-social behaviour that might come later on because of your presence. On social behaviour, I like that. So you're peaceful Yes, so basically he says the organizers and the police Or the bosses of the police are saying that your presence is going to cause a problem Not that they're doing an anti-semitic sort of protest in the street, but They're giving the deference to people who are breaking the law instead of letting whoever it may be be able to, they're saying, no, you can't, we're going to violate your rights because we're afraid of these children out in the streets throwing a temper tantrum and breaking the law. Yeah, he's been covering that quite freely. this demonstration. And what by who? Pay for by who? What do you mean pay for by who? I work for a company called Urban Scoop. That's the company. We often ask the press on big events like this and they're pressed to show their national junior journalism. You don't have to show national junior journalism so you don't know what you're talking about. As a member of the press, it's a free press. I'm free, yeah, to report my journalism unless you want to control who can report. Is that, so you're here from Metropolitan Police Force to control who can do journalism. Is that what you're here for today? So explain then, but you are here, that's what you're saying. What's your intentions about being here? My intentions are to do a report and to let people know of what's happening and to interview people and that's what my intentions are. And then to go home. You intend to follow the march from the start to the finish? Yes. And speak to people. And interview them on the way? And interview them on the way. Very calmly. So this review here now, you're not expecting anyone else is it? Just us three. I haven't come with lots of people. I've come here to do my job. Which is to report to people who want to... The 35 has been put in today. What's that mean? Section 35. It's for the City of London. Yeah. For Westminster, it's for Hyde Park, for Camden, for Leeds. What does that... is this put on for me personally? Yeah. No, it's put on for this area to prevent... Yeah, I'm... OK, Richard. The officers have now explained what they're asking you to do. What? No, they haven't. No, what I'm asking is, I'm here at work as a journalist. Are the police deciding who can be a journalist or not? No, this has got nothing to do with your role. OK, so I'm here as a journalist to report. What are you telling me that I'm not allowed to report? You personally are not to remain here, regardless of why you've come here. It's got nothing to do with your job. But, no, but it is, because your statement said that, about freedom of the press, that the right of a journalist to report... journalist report. Yeah, no, the next one please. I've just got this. The reason we're asking you to do harm. What is the reason? To prevent harassment, alarm and distress to members of this community around here, we're asking you to please leave. To prevent? Yes. Would you please comply with the instructions of these officers and ask them to leave? No. I'm here to do my job. If you want to arrest me for doing my job, then you'll have to of the press in Great Britain. You don't, the Metropolitan Police Force don't control which journalists are allowed to report or not because that's, that then is, that then is dictatorship. You're controlling the media. We all know you don't work in here. Yeah, uh, excuse me, yeah. And you're putting him to no good. What are you talking about? Excuse me, excuse me. Go away. You're not helping the people. Yeah. Right. Let me make it really clear. Yes. And if you do not leave, we will take constant action. If our means arrest you, we will. Why don't you let's, what, can I ask you, why don't you arrest the jihadists? It's but to hear a terrorist organization on the streets of London, isn't it? Okay, are you being rude? You're, I'm at work here. I'm here at work. Yeah. But this has got nothing to do with your role as a journalist. I'm here at work. Your presence here is causing a lot of harm. And you don't think that, okay, okay, go on, finish. Finish. We are asking you to go home. This is so wrong. So Ron. I'm going to tell you a few ways for you to now leave. That has been lawfully invoked at 1122 by the city of London's chief inspector, Mr. Fisher. You are asked to leave. You see it, you see it? OK. No, no, can I just, OK, I'm ordering my breakfast. I'm having my breakfast. But can I just ask, can I have my breakfast? Can I just say something? You don't think the presence of jihadists on the streets is causing alarm and distress to our whole nation? Our whole country is causing alarm and distress every week with these Palestinian marches where they're calling for jihad. Yet you come up to me who's here as a reporter and journalist. This is how brave you are. Look, how many officers have you got waiting outside? I'm here to do my job. Why don't you try clamping down on the men who are promoting hatred? I'm having my breakfast. I've just ordered a breakfast. I've just paid for my breakfast. I'm having my breakfast. I've just paid for my breakfast. We don't live in a fascist state. I'm having my breakfast. I'm having my breakfast. I've just ordered. I've just told you I'm having my breakfast I've ordered. Give me the money for my breakfast. Give me the money for my breakfast. No way. My breakfast has been paid for. You do not leave the office until you've received it. I will come in and I'll make sure you leave and I'll... Can I just ask again? Is there freedom of the press in Great Britain? Is there freedom of the press? Is there freedom of the press in Great Britain? Is there? That's not what I'm... Is there freedom of the press? That's not what I'm... You are. You're telling me there is no freedom of the pressing You can see why he's public enemy number one, right? Because he's in the right They they left that they left the Palestinian marches go on and but somebody that's there to report and they're labeling him What Photo is proof that he says here's one of the organizers or something like that these are people that are part of the March and They're clearly not seeing him as a threat Yeah, so it goes against what the and when when they go to arrest him He asked the crowd is there anyone who is who is made to fear? This is when that happens They say they're going to arrest you. They say they're going to arrest me, yeah. When you see these abusive powers by the cliques, who... Sorelle Brayden lost her job. They couldn't stop them marching on arms this day. They can't stop them calling for jihad. His fatah here are prescribed in most nations. Every Arab nation they're prescribed terrorist organisation. They're standing on the streets yesterday in this capital city, calling for Muslim armies against Jews. Yeah, they're going to arrest me. I'm just here to do a report, to do my job. That's it. How are you darling? I'm good, how are you? You alright? Yeah. Are you? Yeah, I'm fine. Do you mind if I ask you a question? You can ask me a question. Have you got any alarm and distress in me being here? No. The police have said that my presence here is going to cause people alarm and distress. I've not found anyone yet. I've found no one. Here they come. Here they come. They're going to come. They're going to bite the news. Yeah, they're coming up now. They are going to bite the news. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. So, I'm just here to do my job as a journalist. When we start allowing the state to decide who can report and who can't report, we've got a problem, yeah? That's fascism when they want to control who is media and who isn't i've not found one person yet have you i'm here to do my job as a journalist who do you work for who do you work for who do you work for sky news you're reporting on this disgrace you have taken the side of her mass you have pushed propaganda from The figures you use are from Hamas. Don't tell me I'm a disgrace. Don't ask me. Excuse me officer, what's going on? What's going on? What's the matter? ♫ They're yelling shame on you. What are you doing? Why are you so afraid of the press? Are you afraid of the press or not? English Gestapo. Do you know who's responsible for this? Do you know who's responsible? Do you know who designed this? Who am I causing an alarm and distress? Look at the crowd. Who am I causing an alarm and distress? Look at the press. Look at the press. I'm by my watch now. Sorry officer, but I have a job and I believe in freedom of the press. You may not, Karl may not, Mike Rowley may not, but I believe in freedom of the press. I'm here to do my job and the police do not. My incident on May 25th, 6th Street, and the patient is stranded in London, can I ask for your name? And he can't go anywhere. You're causing me a lot of distress. You're causing all these people here a lot of distress. I'm a journalist and I'm here to do my work. ♫ I'm going to do a land dog. ♫ Why don't you treat your hat this way? Why don't you treat her mask like this? You can dress up as her mask every single day in our camp. I haven't declined to give you my name. You know my name. I'm not going to give you my address on camera. No I haven't. No I haven't. My name's Stephen Lennon. You're not buying my address, son. Don't be silly. He's asking him for his address, his personal address, in front of the press and this crowd. Yeah, the doxing them, this is unbelievable. Why don't you do your job on him? Why do you pat them on the back? I find it incredibly believable, considering what they tried to do to all of us during COVID. Mm-hmm. Is it a fear or a hate? He hates me. Sgt, let go of him. Demonic Nazis is what they are. Why am I being dispersed? Why am I being dispersed? Let the farmer be dispersed. Why am I being dispersed? Let's go to the farm and get people charged. Look at this, look at this. Have you seen any of this for Hamas? Have you seen any of this for Hamas, he says. He's reporting on the contrast between how they're treating the nationalist UK people and the pro-Palestinian or Hamas protesters. And Hamas was created by the United States as CIA as well as Assad. Are you trying to invade my family? Don't be so stupid. very differently and he's been reporting them. You're purposely doing that as well, I know you're doing it. Yes you are. First to the air, yes it's your job. We're here for your country. Do you believe in freedom of the press? He's good at staying on the issue too. No freedom of the press. My direction is down the street immediately. Can I reply to that? This note is now 24 hours. You must leave the locality. Officer, can I reply to that please? As always, you need to go right down King Street to the way of Haybourne train station. And the grounds of this is your presence is likely to cause harassment, alarm and distress to attendees. Alarm and distress? Okay, can I, can I, officer, can I, can I reply? This was the Metropolitan Police Force yesterday. The right of the press to freely report on protests is no less important than the right to the protest itself. They should be able to do so without facing intimidation and aggression, officer. the journalist and her team following the incident. I'm a member of the press. I'm at work. Yeah, I'm not. Is anyone here caused alarm and distress by my presence here? Ladies, everyone's Jewish here. There's no one who's caused alarm and distress. No one has come up to you and said anything about me. You are working under the orders of Sadiq Khan and Mark Rowley. Mark Rowley is an apologist for Hamas. They're apologists for jihad and the British public are fed up of your the We're gonna make sure of it, aren't we, Karen? ♫ I can't have a selfie. Now that they've got enough cops there to surround him with, look at the size of that crowd. For one journalist. ♫ That's him in the van after he's been pepper sprayed. For what? For what? I'm just here to catch me strength in your eyes. For what? That's your two-tier policing system. I swear to bake you a sausage on the back of that. I'm a journalist. You saw, there was no longer stress. People are happy to see me. It's disgusting. I'm one of those creature-hazard sites. Two-tiered police system is what he said there. No, basically, the political policing ad is worse. 2023 and they've just arrested a journalist for doing his job. Not for the first time. This is the same guy that's done prison sentences for doing his job. It's an absolute disgrace. I don't know where we go from here in this country. I don't know where we go because freedom has just been eroded. The Metropolitan Police are not the police. They're the Stasi. In fact, no, they're the Gestapo. That's what they are. They're behaving like fascists. If you talk like a fascist, behave like a fascist. You are a fascist. The head of the Met police, Rowley, is a disgrace. He's failed to police terrorist marches, failed to police the Hizbut Tahrir terrorist glorifying march yesterday, calling for genocide against Israel, failed to police a march that was going on yesterday, glorifying war against Israel by Hamas, failed to police people doing the chant from the river to the sea. Mark Rowley, you're a disgrace to the uniform. You should resign. is in policing that participates in this sort of activity and not going after... This is a problem. They go after the people that are innocent to shut them down so that the ones that they have, in fact, armed and instigated to keep the chaos going, and our nation as well as other nations, they let them go. This is what they want. These are the goon squads, the goon squads that or you know that threaten the rest of us with jihad and all this other stuff. You don't get to do that. You don't get to threaten other people or walk on their rights. You don't get to do that. Oh, but they're just following orders. Yeah, they're just go along get along. Sounds like the Republican party here in the state of Michigan. We're not gonna we're not gonna stand up for anything. Same like with the Democrat party. We're not gonna stand up for anything. We're just gonna go along get along make this work, right? out for the the fellows at Nuremberg. So I want to add to it's my understanding that Tommy has a wife and children but he divorced her in order to protect her. They get along just fine but he needed to separate their finances and so that she could be protected because of the problems he was having with his work. He also took in a young man that had a neglect and abuse situation. I don't remember the back story on that, but I did watch about it. It was like a teenager. He took in on his own because nobody else would help him. place. So he's an interesting character, I'll say that. Also, the quote that I was speaking of earlier from the New York Times versus Sullivan opinion, thus we consider this case against the background of a profound national commitment to the principle that debate on public issues should be uninhibited, include vehement, caustic, and sometimes unpleasantly sharp attacks on government and public officials. That's one of my favorite parts. Say what you need to say. That's what it is, you know? And you know, I think that this is the world that we've been handed, and this is the world that we're supposed to get in the game and fight. And fight with everything. Oh, whatever shall I do and ray and wring your hands? No, everybody has to get in this fight and stand up and call it out call it out for how wrong This is do you know if they had a million people over there and in in Great Britain that spoke out about this That they would be done with this immediately They would they would they the only reason why the criminals in the United States of America have free reign right now It's because no not enough people have the guts to call them out and actually hold them accountable You're not going to do it with two or three people. You're going to do it with a mass of people that moves forward and says, no more, we're done with this. We're not going to turn away, we're not going to turn our back on these problems. We're here and we're here to stay, and we're going to refuse to back down on those things which are virtuous, full of honor, truth, and full of nonsense. Not this kind of Nazi Gestapo crap that's going on. It's going on in the state of Michigan. It's going on everywhere, guys. And it's our time. It's our time to stand up and defend those. I posted it. I don't know if you saw this on my channel, Karen. You should go to Karen's channel. Karen's got a great channel. Karen the Riveter on Telegram. Well, I think another thing and you should be able to exercise that right and so should the people that you disagree with. Along with that right, you also have a duty to listen to them. It may not be codified as a right, but it is your moral duty to listen to the things that you don't agree with. Because it may be, you know, you have to be able to consider that you might be, that you both might be right and that you're talking in this about the same thing in two different ways or there might be a grain of truth to what they're saying that you know they are primarily wrong but you can understand where they're coming from and come up with a solution that actually fixes a more core problem than the surface level stuff that you guys are debating you know. Let me give you a couple more quotes. This is from New York Times versus Sullivan. Those who want our independence believe that public discussion is a political duty and that this should be a fundamental principle of the American government. And that whole paragraph is great. Here's another one. The maintenance of the opportunity for free changes may be obtained by lawful means, an opportunity essential to the security of the Republic is a fundamental principle of our constitutional system. It is a prized American privilege to speak one's mind, although not always with perfect good taste on all public institutions. And this opportunity is to be afforded for vigorous advocacy, no less than abstract discussion. The people of this nation have ordained in the light of history that in spite of a probability of excesses and abuses, these liberties are, in the long view, essential to enlightened opinion and right conduct on the part of the citizens of a democracy. Criticism of their official conduct does not lose its constitutional protection merely because it is effective criticism and hence diminishes their official reputation. In other words, you got a grievance against a public official, you have every right and in fact a duty to speak it, and they have a duty to hear it. Freedom of public, to discuss public affairs and public officials is unquestionably, as the court today holds, the kind of speech the First Amendment was primarily designed to keep within the area of free discussion. democracy ceases to exist the moment that the public functionaries are by any means absolved from their responsibility to their constituents and this happens whenever the constituent can be restrained in any manner from speaking, writing, or publishing his opinions upon any public measure or upon the conduct of those who may advise or execute it. An unconditional right to say what one to be the minimum guarantee of the First Amendment. Every citizen may speak his mind and every newspaper express its view on matters of public concern. It may not be barred from speaking or publishing because those in control of government think that what is said or written is unwise, unfair, false, or malicious. Such criticism cannot, in my opinion, be muzzled or deterred. And I this is why I was really angry with Muskegon College Because they had a woman that was the first to speak up against the DEI. They had a hearing on this and She started to define what DEI means and they interrupted her That's exactly why they did not like what is said or written. It thought it to be unwise and, false or malicious. It doesn't matter. She could be so wrong in her opinion. You cannot interrupt her and cut her off. And that's exactly what they did. And because she was confused and she didn't know her rights and they let the time clock keep going while they argued about it. She ended up sitting down without finishing her thought. That's a shame. It's a shame. We have to work on listening. So, so here I post this and it was in Washington DC and I love the Jefferson Memorial, it's amazing. �I have sworn an oath, I have sworn, I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.� Thomas Jefferson. I have sworn an oath upon the altar of God. And I think that that is the most important statement of all of that, on whether we serve Or what? I mean, do we have a higher purpose here? Or is it just to serve ourselves, which is the first sin? The first sin is the sin of self. Or do we lay that aside and we go forward without concern of the consequences, doing the right thing, not being part of a little cult, or a political party cult, or anything else like that. Everyone has the right, the's right in the eyes of God. You're going to have to stand in front of Him someday. You're standing in front of Him now, just because you can't necessarily see a human form doesn't mean He's not here. He's here. You're in front of God, and every word, every action, every deed, every intention is bare and is laid bare before God Almighty. very important things to make a judgment, a discernment, whether we do the right thing under all circumstances, or only when it's convenient to us. That's a dividing line right there, separates the wheat from the chaff. When you start allowing the government to make decisions as Why are we trusting who this is coming from? Why would you believe something that's false just because somebody else says that it's true? It's like the Emperor's New Clothes, right? of these political events and such, and I can tell you right now to see women coming in there with their dresses cut up just barely covering things, and or cut down to their belly buttons just because somebody else says it's a good idea or this is okay. Is this okay? Is this something that you would want a professional to nobody says anything. It's crazy. It's like the idea of people speaking my truth. How in the world can your truth exist? It's either true or it isn't, you know? And who are they to say, you know, it's like rid of the error in our own thinking. Because every single one of us, every single person who's alive right now has been vexed, lack of a better word, by, hang on a second, has been vexed by things that are told that are not true. I'm going to be sufferable? That's the question. And why would we live our lives in basically a fictitious environment because we deny the existence of truth and falsehood? You know, I mean, what at that point, what is the difference between your life and watching a movie or video game? You know, they're, the whole concept of truth being relative is just baffling to me. Well, we get a better idea of reality when people have free speech, because as you said, we can freely share ideas. We had another, we had a township meeting, which was a highly debatable subject. and I will protect the rights of the people from the opposite side just as strongly as my own. And there was some of that. And thankfully, I wasn't the only one who is willing to listen closely when someone, you find out right away that they're not speaking the same opinion I have. with guns? Well, because their neighbor is shooting in the dark at night and they're afraid that their house might have holes in it in the morning, or they might have holes in it in themselves in the morning. Well, okay, I see why they have a problem with a noise ordinance, or they want a noise specific about guns and trying to limit noise based on what makes the noise. If people were living in the right way, people should be able to talk through their differences and not have to go to that point, but nobody will talk to each other. Actually, they did. Oh, they did? They did. Yep. One man was shooting after dark target practicing and his neighbors didn't like it. He was in the process of getting special permits and creating a berm and using silencers for all of his weapons so that he could shoot when it was convenient to him without bothering his neighbors. He had been to visit the neighbors and talk to them and try to come up with a solution. And should should he notify them when he wants to go out? I mean, he was willing. He was standing up for his right to shoot when he wants to shoot. And he was doing so legally. But he also didn't want to inconvenience his neighbors and cause them distress. So he was trying to let them know, look, I'm not going to do it in an unsafe manner, period. So he was trying to be responsible. And this is an ongoing issue. But they nevertheless decided to change a 40 year old policy, which was unlawful to begin with. They should have thrown the thing out. And the public didn't even know it existed because as far as I know, nobody had ever been ticketed or charged with anything as a result of this thing, which I won't call a law. It's an ordinance. It really shouldn't be. They had no right to do it. They don't have the right to do that. Only the legislature may create laws. The rest of them, they don't have the right. It's a completely unlawful thing. Suggestion not law. It shouldn't exist. Right. It shouldn't exist in the first place. But when the people found out that there were aspects of this that had been around for 40 years that didn't make any sense, they didn't like, well they went back and and got the attorney, right, to approve of the new writing. They went over and over it There was one more month, they said, we're going to bring this forward one more time. Next month at the monthly meeting. Well, they decided to have a special meeting on another issue. All of a sudden, it was kind of an emergency situation on another subject matter. During that meeting, which majority of the public does not know about, because it's not normal in the schedule, they can post it on the wall. go by that building every day to see if something's new? Is everybody going to see every post they put on Facebook? Or go online every day to check and make sure that the that their local township board is not going to try to get something past them? So most people didn't know that they have a special meeting. So what else did they do during that special meeting? They brought up this item and they passed it when the public wasn't there to voice their And as I told one of them later, I said, you did that on purpose. You cannot tell me otherwise. You were just starting to get a little respect from the public because you started to listen to us and you just ruined it all. You destroyed any trust, any gains that you were making with the community because you did it in a way that was sneaky. Sneaky. Exactly. You were gonna pass it regardless Because you didn't want to hear what people had to say you didn't want to face a little complaining And we're talking a township Most townships don't have more than like 12 people visiting at a public board meeting normally Very not very many people so it's not like they have a crowd against them anymore The one time they did they had to go to a school but this in this occasion no they were expect everybody was expecting to go and you know either not go at all because they knew it was gonna pass anyway and they had already said their piece and they're like whatever you know because these people are not listening to us or they were planning to go and voice their opinion one more time and find out exactly what was going to happen they politicians continue to destroy trust. What they could have done is hold to the schedule. If they wanted to pass something that they believed in and they had a public support for, then do that. They did not have public support for it. I would say they had a few, but the majority would not have supported it. Or put it up to a public vote as a ballot measure. That's what I wanted to see. To count the votes, that would be helpful. Yeah, that's what I wanted to see. So we could do something like that to remove it. But as you can see with Tommy, probably if we did that, you'd have anybody who went up against it, they would potentially say, hey, what's on your property? you have a permit to build that shed. They target you. You know, that kind of thing. If you speak out, there's backlash and they target you. On the other hand, I have seen local petitions work quite well. Well, look what happened up with the Goshen plant up by Big Rapids. They removed them all. It was a wonderful example of what can be done if a community gets together. Just it was a shame that we have to fight that hard against our own government. That's the problem. To have representative government. Yes. From communism. Yes. I mean, come on. Yeah, and I mean, there are aspects of our governmental system that are based on democracy, mostly at a local level. There are a lot of aspects of it that are based on republics. tends to, the more it tends toward a republic form of government. And less power they should have. But one way or another, with either of those systems, they only work if the representatives that are elected actually represent the people. So it doesn't matter what level of government you're looking at, if they're not representing the people, they espouse the virtues of neither of those political systems, either on the extremes or in the middle. Right. This is what that is one of the thoughts that I had when I was listening to Donna and Chuck this morning and thinking, you know, if our if our congressmen and women were all doing what they're supposed to be do, they are what are they called representatives. the people. They should, every single one of them, be hammering every single day, we want a better elections process, we want to know exactly what happened before, we need to fix this problem, the end. Every single day, and if they were on the minority in the Congress and they don't have all the votes, that does not matter. Your job is to represent the people, and they had moral and virtuous leaders or officials, I don't like the word leaders, they would be demanding to fix this election problem, every single one of them. And so I agree with you, Donna, by not doing that, they have voided their oath of office. Everything they have been doing or not doing is wrong. It's all null and void. And representatives, because we've been brainwashed into this two-party system of I'm a Republican, I'm a Democrat. The Democrats are only talking to the Democrats when they get in office, and the Republicans are only talking to the Republicans, and they don't care about the constituents. They don't care at all. If you need to be listening to them. The office isn't a partisan office, it's an office to serve Americans, not just a protected class of people who are likely to give you money. That's what we've got right now. And it's wrong, it's absolutely wrong. You should be able to represent the people and the interests of people you disagree with. with. That's what their job is, is to defend. And all they've done is they've divided this nation up and sold it off one piece at a time to the highest bidder. It's so wrong. And I guess I'm just saying that everybody out there who actually stands for something needs to stand up and get involved in this, because right now I'm not seeing it. I'm not seeing it is really a shame. But you know what? This is great. When things are the darkest, is when we get to shine the brightest. And I think we're there right now. We have an incredible ability right now at this point in time to make a real difference. And you don't have to try that hard. I mean, you just got to be the rock star or anything. You just got to be better than sucks because that's what we have. And so and pretty much everybody out there really wouldn't take too much to absolutely change this nation around in such a fundamental way to return the governance to we the people. But it's going to take us all to stand up and and threats, both foreign and domestic. That's all of them. And how our nation is, the threat is from within. It's, it's not necessarily that. Am I afraid of China? No. What am I more afraid of? I'm more afraid of, and I can't even say afraid is the word. I'm more concerned with the traitors that are sitting in the seats who have set themselves up in these thrones that cannot be touched. You know, I talked to probably half of the sheriffs in the state. What really shocked me- The wolves in sheep's clothing. The wolves in sheep's clothing. What really shocked me, and I asked everyone that I talked to, I said, why didn't you arrest Whitmer? They're the ones that have the office. They've got the checks and balance. They could have gone in there and arrested her for violations of the constitution. That's their job, is the sheriff. State police, they're gonna be worthless in that position because they're a union police force with none of us having the ability to remove them if they're involved in anything that's unethical, unlawful or criminal. The Sheriff's Department is. And you know what they said to me? They said, what difference does it make if I, if I go in there and I've got to have somebody that will prosecute it. Does that absolve you from your job? The answer to that is no. It's just like with Whitmer saying, Oh, I handed this over Nessel's the one that did it, doesn't absolve Nessel from having to go in there and do her job, didn't absolve the sheriffs from doing their job and worrying about the outcome. God asks us to stand every day and do what's right, regardless of the outcome. That's his business. And he will take it, if we're willing to stand, he will take our efforts and multiply them we cannot even imagine. All we're told to do is do the right thing and not sit here and try to calculate the odds of winning or losing. You know Donna, you're never gonna win on a third party. Well, you know what? It's not my business. My business is to keep going. It's to not to stop. It's to fight when you see something that's wrong. Well, and somebody wants to argue against the existence of third parties. Okay. Well, let's let's then then abolish the Republican and Democrat parties and go back to the Federalists and Anti-Federalists because both of them were third parties at one point. Yeah, that's exactly right. Or how about we just go back to the Democratic Republicans and the Whigs? I mean, the Whigs took the presidential office for what, four different presidents, I think? Yeah, the Republicans and Democrats are usurpers. Started in about 1865 or so, you know, and Republican Party was- Yeah, Harrison, Tyler, Taylor, and Fillmore, we're all Whigs. So, you know, why don't we go back to that? Why don't we, I don't know, are we gonna demonize the Bull Moose party? You know, there's a long history of the parties changing around. Yeah, no, we're gonna act like we're a bunch of kindergartners on a playground that have to agree on what to do with our marbles. That's exactly what's going on. And nobody has the right to have an opinion if you dare speak out against these criminal political cults, because that's exactly what they are, funded through the economic warfare by the exact people who have taken over this nation through economic means and political means and being funded by the globalists. That's exactly what... And if somebody stands with them, shame on them. They're going to have to face God Almighty for refusing to think for themselves and just taking the lazy way out and say, well, whatever, what we do, I guess I'm going to sit here like a little, you know, in the field position in the corner. I'm not going to stand for anything. I don't want to hurt anybody's feelings. I don't want to be right. My husband was doing a lesson on Sunday from Daniel 5, I think it was, and I was glad he did it. I'm going to be doing a study, and I might have to write a sub stack about that too. Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. to somebody other than God. And they said, no, I'm not gonna do that because that's what God told me not to do. And they threw him in a fiery furnace. They felt, well, if God doesn't take care of us, well, then, you know, I die, but I'm not gonna do something that is directly opposite of what God told me to do. And they were protected as a result. Around David when he went up against Goliath I can just hear the choir of righteous of righteous religious spirits around him. It's great He's gonna get killed watch split the vote split the vote type of nonsense, you know, he's gonna get killed Nobody I bet you not one person stood there and back David It's better to lose with honor than to win with without it. Yep Sorry to cut in on you Karen. Keep going. That's okay. Well, it's I've been thinking about a lot of Bible stories lately and I was reading more about one of them last night a Little bit different subject, but I always keep coming back to Moses. I really feel a connection to Moses I posted about it recently too because Moses was asked by God to do a task and he said who am I to do this and Then God told him Everything that was going to happen He told him look i'm gonna have you go and you're gonna you're gonna tell him To you're gonna tell the elders to tell the pharaoh they want to go worship out For three days outside of egypt for three days and he's gonna say no But that's okay because i'm going to i'm going to take care of that and Eventually, he's going to let the people go. I mean god detailed out the entire plan in front of moses He even tells them that it's gonna look like it's not going. Well at one point But that's okay because i'm going to do some things and then It's going to happen And this is what i'm telling you and instead of going. Oh, I can see that you've got this I'll do whatever part you tell me to do moses then says well, um They're gonna ask me who sent me. What do I say? And he said I am sent you And then moses has a third excuse And and god, oh, I I I don't know if I can do this and and god says all right I'll give you your brother aaron and he will help you Moses has a head full of doubts And I feel that way sometimes I don't always know what my role to play is. Am I am I enough in some way? It does not matter what karen thinks If god thinks I am enough to do whatever he sends for me to do He's going to fill the gap There's a reason why the yoke is easy The burden is light because jesus takes that burden that you can't do and he carries it alongside you He takes the heavier load God is always gonna fill the gap that moses can't do Moses ended up being punished because he he struck the rock when he was supposed to speak to it And I think the reason why he was really in trouble was because he was angry when he did it He acted in anger rather than obedience and faith It's not that moses wasn't faithful just like david david was faithful, but he wasn't always and always 100% confident and in the right head space. We are all human, but God knows that. And God told Moses, I still think you're the guy, Moses. I still know you're the guy, Moses. I have a task for you. Now go and do it. God could have done it all by himself. Right. Why do you need to argue with God? Stop arguing with God. Exactly. God has a plan and he tells you donna. I want you to do this and karen I want you to do this and ralph. I want you to do this Then you better do it If you're if you're a true and loyal friend of god And you are truly faithful and you are truly obedient there is no question to ask how high Do you want me to jump lord? whether or not to, or I don't know if I can jump high enough, or, you know, I feel that. And I, that's just human. That's the human nature that Karen has. And I know that's a, that's a little bit of a fault, maybe, but you know, that's, that's, God created me to think about everything. So you made me this way. Your problem, God, you created us this way. He's so patient though. He's not going to give me more than I can handle and he knows where my niche is And he knows that it's different than donna's So I don't have to look at what donna is doing and go. Oh, i'm so jealous. I wish I could do that or I'm less than There's only one donna that's a good thing yeah I I less than because I can't do that. I don't know if I told you the story that my mom, she doesn't always watch your show. So, she wouldn't mind me if I see, I might have to tell her, but she, she doesn't, she wouldn't mind me telling the story. So, my mom's getting older. She's got arthritis, among other things. And her, going to be doing a potluck thing. And my mom wanted to participate in that task. But because of her physical limitations, she felt I really can't contribute with that the way I want to, and I don't know what to do. I'm feeling bad about it. And I'm like, Mom, you've given a life of service. You should not feel guilty about not being able to contribute in that way. You'll find some way. And then during that same conversation she starts telling me about how she's she's crocheting she used to do scarves a lot and she would give them to a women's shelter and Now that they've moved she's doing hand warmers and it's just that it's well She called them hand warmers or wrist warmers. They just go they can if you're outside they would fill the gap between your coat your gloves or What at or if you've got? hand cold issues, this would be great. Or if you type on your computer all day in the office and it's cold in there, this would be great because you still have your fingers free. Anyway, she's doing this all the time. She's got a whole bunch of them made and she was trying to figure out how to give them away. Who do I give them to? Because she's in a new area, she's not quite sure. I'm like, mom, You have a role to play. You have figured it out. You've got to let go of what you thought you should be doing in some other path or role to play. And you've got one right there. You still have a way to serve. God is always going to give you a way to serve go what you can't do because either that's for somebody else Donna I can't be governor. Thank you because I'm not gonna do that and And let go what you can't do in your alley in the lane that God assigns you Whatever you can't do he's gonna carry you he's gonna take that yoke so don't be like well, I got to sit on my couch because I don't know what I can't and start focusing on what God can. And that brings the glory to God, not to us. And that's exactly what we're human beings. We're never going to be God. God is God and that is it. And we're as children and we have to we, you know, that was the first sin, you know, eat of the fruit and you will be as God. We're not and it's, you know, it kind of takes the pressure off when you realize that that you're in imperfect human being takes a, you know, you make mistakes just as long as you fess up to them and you don't try to hide it, you don't try to further it, you know. If you make a mistake, admit it, move on, you know, and don't look back. But- It's like I have an issue when people have, like, for example, when people get, the people that do, a lot of times in businesses, the people that do the cleaning of the most valuable people in the entire company. You know, and a lot of times they get a huge amount of disrespect, but it's an incredibly important job. I have a huge problem with when people get offended by like, Secretary's Day, you know, having that term. Oh, it's got to be Administrative Assistance Day now or something like that. is showing that you disrespect the term secretary. Secretary is a wonderful job. A lot of times the secretary in a company is the one that pretty much runs the company. And to say that that is a disrespectful term and we should call them administrative assistants, all you're doing is saying, I don't value that job enough to be able to call it that. We need to call it something else I think is more honorable to it. Now it's a substant. Yeah. And there you've got, you're just coming up with a new term to try and redefine the same thing when you don't even have respect for the original thing. How are you going to have respect for this new term? It's just a continually, it's a continual treadmill of trying to rotate out terms. And it's largely being done by the people that themselves don't respect the job. Or the person in it. Right. They're probably working as hard or harder than a lot of others. Yeah. Nurses and doctors. Nurses know what's going on a lot of times more than the doctors do. Well, and now you've got instead of garbage collectors, sanitation engineers. for the entire profession of people that collect garbage. This whole title nonsense is just nonsense. Titles are stupid. It's silly. And the job is incredibly important. And by saying that, well, the other term isn't respectful. Well, it may not be respectful for you, but there's a lot of people that respect that term. And if they don't, they should. Well, you would be. Gotta have a better sign on my desk and this is nonsense. You would be offensive to call someone homeless if they want to be called unhoused. That's a new thing. I just learned that recently, unhoused. Nice. Well, I am offended by birthing person or that sort of thing. I'm offended by that. Can we all be offended? Let's find something stupid to be offended by. A birthing person with bonus holes. Okay, now tell me how stupid this is. Can we get off, maybe we should get off on that tangent right now. Who asked the rest of us if we wanted to buy into this insanity? Well, heck, the UK now, there was a thing a few years ago where calling someone bald is now considered sexual harassment. I find that absurd. Every year on my birthday I try to remember what I'm supposed to say other than birthday because birth is a is a ship docking. It goes along the whole maritime scheme so you're not supposed to say you were birthed. And was I born is that okay? Can I say that my mother born me or You know, what? What is the term? I always forget. What's the easiest way to say? It is the celebration of another Rotation of the Sun around the Earth around the Sun but but it's flat so that might offend some people And we can sit there with a muzzle on our mouths because everything is illegal to say because we might offend somebody Oh, you're one of those people that believes the earth exists You're one of those people that believes the earth exists. I might be I'm It's right now Dear God help us all from this insanity this craziness that's been like put in front of us here I don't even know what to say. I am not confused. And just so everybody knows, I am in fact a woman. I am neither a birthing person with bonus holes, nor am I anything. I am a woman and I've never, ever, ever, ever been confused. My husband's not confused. The dog's not confused. The horses aren't confused. The chickens aren't confused. The guineas aren't confused. Even the mice are not confused. No one's confused out here. I'm not confused. Karen's not confused. I'm not confused. Ralph's not confused. I'm pretty sure Ralph's a guy. I'm pretty sure Ralph's a guy too. I will admit freely that I am not a riveter and I do not have muscles like this, but I do like sandwiches. And I would assume that you've stood in front of a flag at least once. Oh yes. Yes. But nowadays I prefer the civil peacetime flag. I love you guys. I'm gonna throw it out here. You know what, I'm a guy and you know why I'm a guy. A guy is the first truly gender non specific term and Michigan has been ahead of the curve for the curve now for what like 200 years. Everybody's a guy in Michigan. I got a guy that got a guy does. We're all guys here in Michigan. Okay, we're all Michigan gamey and I'm a gander. I'm still a gander. I'm going to stay there. I'm a guy who lives in Michigan, not a man, a woman. That's sexist being a Michigander because a gander is a female goose. So I guess we're all Michigies, right? No, it's a male goose. You got that backwards, right? Yeah, male goose. I've just offended all the freaking geese in the state. Now I'll handle them. Yeah, now we're making- Who else is confused when it comes to geese genders? Yeah. Now this is it, this is it. We're gonna have a geese uprising now. Yeah, we're all just, we're not, I might be a Michigander, but you're a Michigoose, I guess, huh? Who else can we defend today? Yeah. Oh, wait, you have a gander and you have a what in geese? I'm not really sure. In ducks, is it like Drake? Am I right? A male is a Drake. Yeah. Duck is a duck. Looks like a duck. Quacks like a duck. Walks like a duck. It's duck. Well, I know people get confused about chickens. It's really not hard. Chicken is the type of bird. Hen is the female. Or pullet can be describing a female. A cockerel or a rooster is a male chicken. Hey, hey, I got to show you guys something. Okay, I see. So I actually got my freeze dryer. I'm all excited about my freeze dryer. So we're gonna go back to like farm things where nobody's confused on a farm. Everybody gets off the farm and they lose their marbles, right? Okay, so I've got a I've got this. And I am going to be working on freeze drying. I've got some things I want to can because I bought a digital pressure can or I've got an old weighted kind, right? I put up all kinds of different foods. And so I'm going to experiment with this, which is my happy place, is building things and experimenting. So, thought you might want to talk about that. Are you going to freeze dry some Skittles? Can you do that? Yeah, I told you about the, I saw that people are doing that. They do candy and the Skittles turn out that they look like a cheese puff in the size. Seriously? Give you an idea. And they might have like, On two ends they have part of the shell of the candy It's just a little expanded and then the middle part kind of like a pool ball Yeah Where they have like a white stripe around the middle. Yeah, and I need each top and bottom portion you have the the shell kind of color and I don't know. They sound like six or seven bucks for a few of them, but it's um, I like the purple Skittles. So if you do it, you got to try the purple purple tropical or whatever You know, you got obsessive or something right now I'm obsessing over handmade shoes I've been been looking at that video Yeah, I watch I watched like I can't even tell you how many I've watched and I've actually called a couple people that do handmade boots as well as shoes to figure out how to do this because because Ariat that fried me a little bit, and they're lousy boots that they're constructing now, and I can't get the one, which is the Sheridan boot. And if anybody out there would like to jump on line on an area that's behind and tell them, put the Sheridan boot back into production again, best boots that's ever made. No, no, no, no, no, no. They had to screw with perfection and ignore their market. So I'm like, fine, I'm gonna figure out how to make boots and make my own stupid boots if I can't get a good boot that's made out there. So anyhow, that's my thing. So, I've been looking into making shoes and boots. And, you know, it looks like a fun process, actually. So the video that you showed, it was clear that this man has all the tools necessary and he knows how to use them. So he's not making a lot of mistakes. I can see me doing something like that where I'm like, that looks so cool. I'm going to try that. And within 10 minutes, I'm frustrated because I don't have the skill set. I might have the basic technique but I don't have the skill to apply it really well. It's an art. It's an art. That guy had the art down. And I thought it was really funny too because in the middle of it there was like a Nike commercial and then there was an Aria commercial while watching this YouTube video on how to make boots. It's probably going to look like, I don't know, um, paper mache, you know, that a kid did, you know, you remember when you did when you're five years old and you make these paper mache fish or whatever it is that, that they have you make, that's probably going to be my first attempt at making something, but I will show you guys exactly what I'm doing. It'll probably look, you know, it could look like a Halloween version. Yeah, I don't know. I could, it could get a little crazy here for a little bit, but you know what? I'm going to keep going until, until I get things figured out. That's what I do, I'll adjust and readjust a little bit, but it really doesn't look that hard, okay? Cause I actually know how to sew pretty well. So it's something that I think now it comes to, can you actually mold the leather to fit the shape and actually do that and actually create a good heel. So that's, you know, a good heel and good sole looks like the hardest part of it, but I'm gonna give it a shot. I gotta try everything, right? You gotta try everything. You fail, you learn something, you go on, you're going to fail again, but you might be able to have something you can apply in a different area. So anyhow, well, let's wrap this thing up, guys. It's 12 o'clock. I love you guys. You guys are awesome. I was laughing all morning. I'm sorry, Chuck. I was laughing the whole time you guys were going on your rants. I've had an entertainment with your show today. I should like thank Christine for burning down the Michigan Republican Party, which which shouldn't exist because both Washington and Adams warned us that about the political party system, let alone we've got two, you know, cults of personality that are beating on each other. It's the stupidest thing I've ever seen. So I really should just thank Christina Kramo. Thank you, Christina Kramo and all who stand with you, the felons, those, this, that, and the other thing, who are literally tearing down the Republican party and hopefully have that be part what actually restores this nation, tear it down and rebuild it. You're doing a spectacular job of destroying the Republican party. Whitmer has done a spectacular job at disgracing the Democrat party. So has Biden and all these cronies that stand with them. So through their failure and stupidity for tearing down these institutions that need to go, gone, and I don't mean like blow up. I'm just saying like, nobody gets stupid on me out there. Like dandelions. You know, blow the chaff away. Blow the chaff away. Dandelion, okay. Dandelion, not bomb. Yeah, we're going to blow the chaff away here, the nonsense and the political parties. So thank you, Christina Kraml, for destroying the Republican Party single-handedly, well, and not exactly single-handedly, but with the felons that sit around you. Spectacular job, spectacular. Needed to be done I'm just saying. Yeah, whether she knows it or not, you know, God's got a plan and it's going to be take these parties right down. Watch him. Watch him do it. He's going to do it. He's going to do it single handedly using idiots, morons, people who have no idea what they're doing right now. So go, God, go. Yay. Return it to me. Aunt Karen and Ralph and all the wonderful people that are willing to step forward. We are so thankful that you have put us here at this time to stand for your kingdom, which is to come. We pray for your kingdom to come on earth as it is in heaven. And we thank you so very much for all that you've done for us, that you're doing for us, and that we can walk forward with no fear, no trembling, no trepidation. All we got to do is do what you ask us to do and you take care of the rest of it. We don't have to worry about the outcome because you have the outcome. You're already there. Time does not matter to you. You created it. You created us. We're in your sandbox learning what you want us to learn and we're just grateful for that. So whatever you want us to do, we're in. We're in without fear. We're boldly going forth and when we meet you, it's going to be the greatest day. And I just can't, I can't wait to, to, you know, to look into your eyes and meet you face to face. It's going to be a great celebration for all those who have chosen to follow you. And it's just really something to look forward to. It really is. And to look forward to what you're doing on, in this earth, what you're, what you're doing to, I don't know, to show your glory. You're good all the time. We're thankful for everything. Please let everybody know and focus on that fact, that it's not about us, it's not about what we do, it's about what you're doing here. And to realize that you win every time. You win! I don't care who thinks they're winning, you win every time and we're grateful for that. We're grateful that you've thought enough of us to put us here on this earth at this time now to be here and live through this and see your glory, your honor being revealed for all to see that every every mouth will confess, every tongue will confess, every knee will bow and say Jesus Christ is our Lord and our Savior. We're so grateful. You've been a great friend to us and we want to be a great friend to you today and just let you know we love you. In the name of Jesus Christ we pray, Amen. So there you go. So anyhow, it's a heart hand since you can't do it. I'll do it for you. Here's one for me, one for Ralph and one for Karen. Let's see. Karen, there's a sandwich in there somewhere. And right there. So anyhow, God bless you all. God bless all those whom you love and God bless America. We won't be on tomorrow. I'm going to be over in Lansing and this is going to be interesting. Uh, the fight's not done yet, guys. It's not even started. started. We're just in the warm-up round right now. But you know what? We're never going to quit. We're going to continue on. There is no quitting. There's no whining. We're going to take this thing back from criminal usurpers who have decided to step on the heads of we the people. Ain't happening. You have the right to say and do whatever it is that you want to do that does not hurt each other. Hopefully you're making good choices and do it in the service of God Almighty to serve humanity, to serve each other, and to be an example of goodness wherever you go. And so anyhow, go to, here we go, I am not conceding. I will not concede to liars, cheats, and thieves. And I'm going to non-conceder who has ever not conceded even oh, I've got my little Trump doll over there But and I want to say thank you whether people like President Trump or not the rightful president of the United States Rightful president the United States is President Donald J. Trump whether you like him or not You have to believe in the process and so winning at all costs is not winning. That's called cheating That is cheating. That's fraud right win without honor is no win. That's exactly it. That's pathetic, it's weak, and it's sad. And so right now, the rightful president of the United States, who should have won, and Ivan, who was on, proved, he's got it all laid out, proving what happened through the Capitol Police by the direction of Pelosi, Schumer, Paul Ryan, and John Boehner that directed these people. One guy died in the middle of this and the Capitol Police, are you kidding me? This was such a cover-up and what was it all about? To eliminate the rightful President of the United States to actually take office, which should have happened. Anyhow, we're never going to quit and I'm going to talk about it even if the gutless Republican Party won't talk about it. We're going to talk about it here, so be it. So anyhow, I'm going to be in Lansing tomorrow. I won't be broadcasting tomorrow, but I'll be back on Wednesday and I screwed the day up. Oh, Laura William says, why would anyone give money to a dumpster fire? They prove and they can't manage anything. You're exactly right. The ship is at the bottom of Lake Michigan. Yep, that's exactly right. You're absolutely right, Laura. So at any rate, we'll be back Wednesday and then Dana Hindeman Allen and May Wong will be back on. They've had some progress with her Proxac case for the Justice League of Oregon on Wednesday. I guess I screwed the day up. I thought it was today. So anyhow, all good things and it goes the way God wants it to go. There's no mistakes, there's no coincidences. So there you go. Have a great day and we'll see you Wednesday. Make good choices.