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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 8/11/2023 - 9am Scott Aughney and 10am Mykel Jaye

Published Aug. 11, 2023, 9:02 a.m.

9am Scott Aughney - independent election investigator. Scott is working with Election Integrity Force and Joanne Bakal to uncover the issues which need to be prosecuted in Michigan. More news from Michigan - fraud in our elections 10am Mykel Jaye - We will be discussing the first hand experience Mykel had rescuing children from human trafficking. We will be discussing stopping human trafficking and what is really happening. Mykel Jaye has a show on Patriot Soapbox every day. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

Transcript in English (auto-generated)

good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and its the eleventh day of august twenty twenty three and welcome to our he we are having a great time here aren't we in michigan watching all the nonsense going on as well as finding solutions and i know i've been a little heavy on a beating up the maggotty but there's a lot of good things going on also we've got a focus on the fact that god is in control and he can use anything so i to day i've got scott ome on with election integrity nine o'clock here in a ten o'clock it's michael jay from patriots so box michael is going to be talking about at first hand experience with human tracy are really like the sky he is he's fun to talk too because he's one of those guys who actually was in the trenches and pulled kids out the things he seen i've i've talked too long off line and the things he seen have really been heart breaking for yesterday we had steve stern on and steve is just he's amazing patriotti two years old and working to bring people together truly too to help take this nation back and i was really thankful for the interview with him oh i did another interview on blood money which is on a network called america's half anyand that was with a with a guy named them millemont be on with me i believe tuesday at ten o'clock so we got it we've got a lot of stuff he happening here i think we're going to see more and more i'm going to try to expand brandenburg news network which i think it is going to be some because so far and i've heard this for many people i am the only net work that will talk about anything will tackle anything in there's nothing that's off the that's off the table here because we have to get two there and with that sudden tobring on first the fabulous scot aghinot don't wonderful i don't know it ossifications but ah when on a kaufhaus because i'm going to go back to that again said god might go to get my force screens up here that honestly now people keep telling me down a yearyou mee to my ties your channel you need to do this that the other thing and you know what every time somebody says that i feel like god's tappen me on the shoulder and said no don't do it don't do it because you know what when there's no money involved in news in citizen journalism in all of this and we just get go forward and we do what we can do to bring the truth for it can't be co just like pale am i i don't really care what anybody thinks about me at this point i want the truth out there and i want to see my country brought back that means that that oh if i pissed somebody off i don't really care it it is what it is truth either stands or doesn't and we've got to be able to talk about things in a way that is uncensored unmanipulated oh we don't have to worry about somebody pulling their sponsors shepherd anything else like that because i think that that's really what most people are going off up there are so afraid of their sponsorships are going to be pulled that they won't say something or if they piss somebody off that persons not going to come on there not work again well that's okay if they don't come back in after we talk about hard things baby you know you've got to be able to stand for stand up for something and i'm i'm going to tell you what ah i was not in camestres but once again i'm going to make it analogy here of what i'm see both in the news as well as in these cult person a colt of personality for once political party nonsense that's going and how is people will leave their loyalty and just go row off to the side and just to be part of the so what is seen is that it's like it's like people are moving around like schools of it and the problem is is that the school of fish is swimming right into the shark's mouth they're not doing it for protect and it is honestly they're going in a direction that's going to lead to absolute disaster and same old same all because people do not have the fortitude to say what needs to be said and i mean we don't have to be jerked about san but it would have to be so yesterday they they started having a love fast for christina over in macomb and i'm like people if you re in a company like this i'd fire you all if i were in charge of that company refusing to look at things her face value because that's exactly what's he we have so many things happening ah in the private sector would be called out and would be dealt with no i'm not talking about the corporations know the corporations which the bunch of you know oh on the comets it run to ask kissers to their two there ah their shareholders that's not what i'm talking about i'm talking about what really made america great true patriots and people that were building businesses building things not worried about shareholders but worried about reputation doing a good job because because every single decision in a small business owner operated is a life or death decision for if you make a bad decision and you you don't do things with integrity it's going to spread like wild fire the corporations are so big and they work together their sort of like a pack right there like a wolf were they will surround their prey and take out will it individual business does not work that way we have to be absolutely bomb proof with integrity every single and the political parties are working more like i do now there there working more like a school of fish that are swimming and nobody wants to pop their heads out and say he goes there is a shark come there that were swimming towards well don't say anything be quiet go long to get along for tutor dickson the designated lures loser who came from globeless and now their doing the same thing with christina cromies terday i started throwing out i got hold of report and i started throwing the out on like if you people won't do it then it's going to have to come from an outside source who really could care less whether you like me or not i mean i really could care less we have to have the truth out there and start off em instead of everybody jumping on the destruction bandwagon and watching this nation absolutely ghost straight to he because that's what's happened and it's going to take some warriors that have some gods who aren't tied into what's my next wrong on the latter for a political career or where's my sponsors or is this person not going to come on my show if i say the wrong thing everybody even even me i mean everybody should be able to question what i say what you say what everybody says but they won't do it is too much money involved and there's also the threat of people not like you know and so we don't want to drag the truth out in the light and i think it's a crying shame it's just an absolute shame allons that they have been stalking through christian a chromo they they got radisson really good patriots and everybody was following that the cluniac in less and all of a sudden everybody turns the other way marking le sir i think or trying to do the best they can to to work with us the marking lessonto get in there and absolutely you know lay this thing out for people to see ship's small where they make and and i you know it in it's a bad spot because when you're in the middle of an organization and you see things going wrong i heard this from probably half the sheriffs in in these i i interviewed them when i was running and you know what one of the cones come and answers was i i can't do anything who is going to prosecute it and so they stop there like i'm going to try to do what i can do in my community well you know what that's part of the problem because nobody has the fortitude of the guts to stand up i say is actually going on and i'm in a totall you i being told i need to monetise this you need to monetise this my my my contact lest there in my personal one would be something that people would have solutely loved to get hold o i have people that want to get on a because of my contact the scot froes of lots tries either in that wantget on that would long be get hold of my contact with cause i have everybody for general plan to the everybody that stands the patrick birds and and such an ah that hold group of people i've got people with turning point us say and some other organizations i'm going to go down to the michelangelothat next week either move around pretty decently and in collecting contacts of as well as people who are in the state of michigan which i would never call fought and i would never sell i thought i told people that i protected but a reyes's doing it and the amidophenol is turning everybody in spies to collect data to a hole it is like there's no integrity and no shining rosie with that all cases so he's getting back so i will wait till scott gets back on her again it's it's what is really sad what is really really said i get got back on her in what is really sad as i see you and i out here who are taking will no i'm sure costese well let's let's keep going we'll see if it comes back yet what i see out there is you and i going out there bustin busting our behinds every day taking no money for we do so we can say whatever we want were not below beholden to any one and that's that's unfortunate but it's something that's got to shake there so see this is what when we talk about anything real the signal the signal goes down you want me to call you in call you a minute will put you on me by he to stay on things your face the rent i come back to the channeler a rumble and a minute will get scot on here minute two with these this is what you get real news for real people by real people at the kitchen to there galoshesthat's work in as that worn other these to sosowhat i said is that you and i are the only ones of there and that reverse you are to come on by phone i i can come on your fallen i act mr can hear me all right yeah i can hear you tis night eh okay let's find continuing had we you and i are the only ones out there in my opinion her speaking truth consistently because we have no money involved in that you and i aren't gettened and we just keep going god this is he not roll smooth a lotties but you know what it is worth in its authentic okay let's let's even get scott here astride this is kind of its wake he tell it's tried out okay tell your microphone over there but leave the bethoon cariocathe tried out oh then that's working now all told i called on did not now it's work and of course you know you were even sending problems harkaman take you off here and wore his congo on by the phone okay so so just an lestercock on phone here and i do wilsonthat i said is that you and i are the only ones that i see out there who are in fact and not behold and to money and who haven't changed our stores and and i think that queerly significant i really do it is because ah there too many people that will compromise some sad they will compromise they are entailed in they will compromise a any principles that may be and compromised many things for the interest of the money and her hands are right gent i were to recommend anything whether be for you for me religeuse it would be coming from the individual because this is the problem with an with endorsement money all shothe things is the people good sir popotilla number one the recipients have a tendency to become dependent on those money strings of gay and hence the problem with the parties to be honest and they become dependent on the money they become dependent on an the people supply on the money goes the principles that need to be dealt with the truth i georgeyou in you withers some things to thee come out as codes to gateway pondent article in the interview with the gentleman that to tom grandiere's name comeherbert state and i'm disappointed in all the above and i think permit is again and i to go look at the money to get a look at the i think he's a tendency for people specially with this whole thing with election integrity and law breaking i concluded the to his election law breaking at the consether is a tendency to want to do the excited over something michel in depulsis all is the time and you don't scayman how can you not like my candeli persly don't okay that's why persition and i don't like the guy is more i do respectes doing okay i think he's he's there for collidines and he supplied the cool that's my personal opinion and you and i i think have the gods given the trenches to say like it is that with a fearlessness the cope lacks fearlessness cup most wowoman icarioides what renewals of social media i have very few more for is one god and with the few others a mark forton has been the one geopenede there's been a board with locustae from day one and they're trying to after him not and i tell you what i believe mark is truthful but i think work is courageous but he's not afraid and you don't want the too many there to like people that god there cried omatoko's not only from the epic segment but many of the alleged christian segments to and in what we talked about me this is what happens with the chancel culture is the people's splintbone afraid of losing it so they decide well where it could osoppo you any more or you cut the purse and and i i the purse strings and then you lose finding and some of these these allegiance have commentators and everything else i think i'd like to stick with the cool eh okay and you and i don't we would never dare garner copes support we wouldn't care your support for many of these businesses other spires we are more apt to get any financial support for hour to hour endeavors in truth we will get from the individual not to these of the people but anasirene now that here at her absolutely right and and the there is a problem when you get money involved in politics and you know in anything that love of money will make people do stupid and corrupt thanks and really very very quickly and i don't i don't believe understand men have told everybody on here i was offered like four million dollars about three months ago said deliverance count within within forty eight hours i like right my exact response was is not it snowball's chance and how i would take one die of that and and it's like it's like it's not worth it is it's like it's it's a it's really sad how how corruptible people are in and it's not just taking things it's the lack of being able to stand up and do the right thing further i know are you going to try to get back on the the feed her ah yes just contrive or people can see my ugly face so and i refte obsolete and myself i'm good i'm door all in or or places with right shanachus so they go he there goes that that's as you begonifolius cotalto on the form in tasinisindo it's it's the fact that people have to stand you know and you can look at this rebecca prospect look at what no or faced everybody laughed at him and you know they were laughing at him and gasped what and they laughed at him and told the rain started falling you look at you'll get lot in his family and leaving sidonio they couldn't even look bad and a and a the the israelites did not believe god and he put him out in the desert let until every last one of them who who did not trust him died in the desert and he's like great i'm going to let you do what you need to do but there's there's consequence and i think that honestly i think we're there kind of right now people are going to have to wake up or they're going to go right down the two it because it's not like this hasn't happened before it happens over and over and over again we're going to all of us have to start thinking and stop being loyal to these things just because we're familiar with them it's it's crazy or or because it has an behind their name and individual as an arbiter name oohoosha the wonderful or a set or christians i am a christian you don't want anybody anybody can add anybody can go to church anybody can recite scripture anybody can pray it was in the heart comeswhat jesus the point to jesus made and you have you have a don't i just like a coprolites notoriously with tom round sivi i miss concessam hereright she had on her into ded and view she epimedion wocus she called locustidae o people crowded by the boy linesshe didn't mention one thing she mentioned about that the locus standi is wallpapering out getting a report locustari is about green colonel charges to people who were breaking the law and in this partition in the cases of all public orchards are lecturers it is people in lansing specifically a few republicans but also the the people in the misconnections and the office secretary state and she pronation because christina does not know about the locus standi she won't return my calls she won't return taxmasters somebody told her about the somebody fed and she she was fond o stuff and doesn't know what she's talking about it all she does n't know but it she doesn't know the purpose and i this is was frustrating to terms a loose the and the cope it is a fact that you won't you have the sixteen individuals that were indicted these false electors would every one call him you have scottelande eterne helpeinge and there rode the former's res paper preceded if all three of them have been indicted okay you would think to cope you would think the joke would be behind us she is not the kind to she doesn't understand that she's not talked with me scott can you explain it i will for to go to the cope meeting sir for meeting you will in bestowing as the guiding to holrook in thy calling out again philhellenes the head of the election agecommitted okay he's one that is named is all over any manorial and gateway ponderis local writer for digweed and she refuses she refuses gave way pondered refuses to cover the locustan i stand and i tell you what i come is this whole thing following all of this is controlled opposition okay it is controlled possession and renan the rest his people and the likes of patticary and she can call me shaking contact me i'm morningpost lk with her but you want to what this is disoyent you said earlier about truth handabove to be injured goodit'll be honest with you away then nosenow i'm glasham not an arrogant person i'm not about myself i beekeeping so this whole process i merely by the latin people in the jackson geo not one but whining most of em are the jackson to peaches have jackachobee work and i i did accused of nothing nice you're mine scott you don't want i'm nice to people in the beginning when i introduced the stuff i am nice to people it is when you try to talk in high when you try to think of a stupidity it is because you want loinsone hing you'll want talk i handle one i don't care how nice and comes out i handled on see carbureting else okay go miles with all the people unfortunately got too many people in the jokethe christians segment i don't want to be honest okay i tell you what there's a problem within the christians especially with forged to this locusta stuff there are some very fine people always of christ some very fine ones good other therein their heart which his word should be in her it doesn't matter what you call yourself christian white praying is it on the hard and we have some very fine people that think their faith is in their heart at their lot churches had to get involved with us a coginachis the white part of it christ never call she is never called you a christian of cheeseless from this come solidopic come to speak does hold myself in lectitare force come to speak to the state hope little gloss have in otteone where their mouths are they won't i won't do that christian won't do that because she's a puppet of the apennine might my clivity okay he's a guisantes consider he is in deep stake i everybody i'd be people can sorotchinsi because a guid named michael abides pulling her strikes and in either dangerous man christina i warned her how him before in meanwhileshe will ignore because she's got suloiset you what i know myself when he heard essence to be with is quite self cried i think that it's hard to do it all as i don't want to penwether not your willing to recognize that yourself there lots so called christians said will not recognise their poems with cried evans because the petersell is controlling it and i tell you what in this hole a lectionary thinks you go oppositifolia we knew about these things we knew that they were idolather were dishes with the bolts comatose old trot about what happened to most cakeicing for the whistle blows okay we don't know we got on to truth on this clinket's become this tolling story you will without his his callow cause it hopes get colonies how does it help us get criminal divan against officials and lantow does it no well i'm goin i hope in that what it does do is a scot still there were still having prose with a video ascothe what i'm hoping is that it brings the issue forward fordele who are on dist concalle normes that that may be or not into this research as much as say you and i are in wakes them awful little bit and shows them that we've got a problem here it is so hard to change em the conditioning and the brain washing and the mass psychosis that's going on right now it it is so hard to wake people and and there's there's a lot of waking up to being done you know we think oh we woke up to what to what's going on here that we don't even scratched the surface of this it is there's so much going on that at this point time we should all be into asking questions old time and stop swimming with the with the sowing with the the school fish that's going right for the shark i mean that this title work at mooting mythic that i will say with regard to which should hagatonde stand here's the problem with the most kuikastra okay here's the problem with it okay do you focus there moscian and ounces people out there okay then you got the locustan districting to get charges brought against people the girl election to which committed crimes okay we are trying to a charge is broad there we are going directly after the perpetrators rebellest muskim in mosquito you don't have a dark collection to the perpetrators okay in somebody though thinks indeed certain my foot web site to which i again won people about this in ten bother and foliolis ed by the joke on come after me it they do do in fine i'm i'm working on legal act myself big have odontocera data they have no chain of custody with the data that to hunericus i should retrace it with much of the day the they may have new day to set but that inaesthetic in custody that means you have to have purchased the day and date that he is a turk my vote is stolen okay i much of it is stolen from westernport and i'm on the come out and say that openly and shame on the gibe shame on christina she calls herself a curston but she looks selway of the fact the day she's encouraging people to use stole and day the well then let me see a yet let me show you here i'm going to go on take the soogested there is a poor report that came off that was sunk to a whole bunch of people the delegates as such and it should have been discust sly let me let me put this up first oh i i'm going to show you a a video that people may not know how far is gone but i'm going to go ahead and put this video up a minute this is this is going back a long long way in the sky was shut up by so is shut up by dan anse so in character in a great shower there rostrated to this situation is come up the last couple of days of gawaine breaking the story on the situation in michigan about the the applications of toritti applications einheimischen twobyfour knowledge of this sure some in confiniatis in tweeds and i now needleorle's prohoemiis of the waiting days of the tropic ministrations so this was wrangled were lashing twenty twenty seehausen was also ah and he an officer personal basements so as sentimentsone tory government wide as if the another and i do a lot of stock projects octogenarius the action of after the president and his agent and i ought though my lock objectionable for a long time it was a hertefore positype sets level a meteoric nsin investigation probable and so i wieworka in gonococcal salakots onforeseen godendart years on a peaceful recordoient and he toastre that we defend his work con and asteracanthionin stalking about secondoffered alone the details in his sore when in the happening is my understanding i reched out an powersome olongopo et white was the resort the miners and esthetically motoraid the droogan she gets picked up by the junior guy and arrested because he's like what you doing your soppiness what's going on so they were cinyras her and she besessensein operating she's got the balance like some thousands huswifering he rested her now the sin you go my understanding was a was often the time nonintercourse matebele sed her and she went back to the trisected the summers to try she went back to the trois the scenery caused beckenvenen and or later on the day and sat as willow you don't the other doctrines why did you release her and starts trying to get acerocare from the trois because this is before the election a ring there could be other fodere to gossec contention with rendiconti doesn't give an extradition erection ever clamshell dansons a people rondinosi hears the lies you know we got our eyes out o be seoloce i try to raise a underlain do a little bit of life reconocido osteostracan but just to interferin make sure that felicitation on people who were a creditable and then i try to reach out to different components within the tropic ostracion of those see there's one showcase here you owerturn my working some critical self tassothese troublecases your solicitaco look talk with the relevant mooreman figureone because you do cross when i happened with georgia you know you got some oneasily talking to through and ah you know you get the whole story of the doneschingen the fear come to make or whatever the dancer he found the person cooptato them the shut up and then dinner clogged all wet why does the my raise then is she in the astracion ah no one was very happy about it there were basically othersand was standing worse not to do with a less on matters but for oisconsing from far i happen to know borschenschaft willed because i am portotartarosa monacacy perceptovision ascendance whenever there is doneconditions also a couple of places of the posterointernal ah johnny others are basically donewas counsels sonsothers screening her longeous doing oh so cast castellionus of headache or seafire trying to raise the flag and his pack down by we propagines of the beast oh he said right there one has rollyour we heard from the hogs their investigation and impedimentthe documents he had the police proportions and october of twenty twenty before the election is wont to be as precise as we can with you when did you one of his first come to your attention to or listlieutenant panted think it will shine the incident hierochontina behind was canmaybe two weeks later so this is like your last genesisshowing interlocker he is persounes boessiere of early october and is wongaras she's a parlandogli got released back accidently much of the tornesole asseestay your rest if you losengeor insinooate that sensually pres it estradiots easinesse for desdeosos declined to torpedoman back of shows very much protecting so this happening october in a reverse he generaliter down cover of a police were pamcadasa by these anopolis later which insaniorem being actual balance out of water to down to say quite blank applications as oligochete shady oh but they watered the catheters to cover up ticklefeather pontoben was danceableness she was waiting on the senior people on account in which the pothecaries she knew of your not walincourt here in from people's jobs as they don't don't i just to get cross the scenes anomalure en you raised the flag with people it adjusts idea early word areas are connected the areas they could have looked into this in october of twenty twenty correct oh asolutely he for sample you know i do a lot of the i had all the senior loyalty tests he parlorjust ice you know he bakelite youhowever oh were i uster be you were wont loyal to goes beside you a lot o people thine people at the civil richeswhich is relevant and we actually are compotores oh there were over there and so spoke of that as well oh dissertaion both through the white house answered the portculice answer the careers of borceguies the westeras the same story over or again leader shares not interested in these were i to going to the dishonor there was corn much work a hole called to twenty or aternopotuit estate whose he sopracoverta you give the phone call but only acknowledge torstenson sir so i tomliuclin in the white house conlocaret some one you were he here in the media reported in depth that the bar sat in the hotel office of told the present he had asked for reports from the field officers detroit ended the satornes on and michigan being one and he as georgian all these states and clean pennsylvania they had he got reports back he has for a poor or poscebant that there was no hotepra whatsoever when he says that he would say that that would be a lie well i hope your cried heartintentions if you covertoures and he fell thenot to make the reports whether argotiers and you can you can report that honestly conflictions herring compass they have the landholding is so concionatorem thing here there the hovering derives onhers or giving standing orders or lecours probably not thenorita turcoing orioles to sorenesses in question other report cheesiness nobody he said now was absinthe as she said there were asked for reports and was only laid the epicides said the word no reports he reported he reported the present he had as her poor son field officers and there were no there was no vote fraud and all this soonnitic insides boot so he gave out her some toldshe has started didn't want anything on the d'antan involve essentially do you try before the fact ashley and i was excoriating boches how at lots of solid people he wanted to look at the the sorts of thanks oh and enotichopco omegatrust tigation wisconsin he stories always the saying or soldered republicans on our side see our publican atchison when not in costose vestigation they say will see we told yourself and well now it's not because there is nothing here it's becase you actilly under on your own side and our old efforts and assuppose wanderer demoralizes the base how inesions or in partoowye less horseyour saying you were bored for this was that the white house council came to jinnyback into your came to the personnel department and complained about you or they didn't it he morningstein the voter frog they were concerned about our activities and thin to learn people of this syennesis there might be some sort of certes all whereby the whole terribly doesn't communicate with the o j then mash which makes no political sense so the right then solmson in her mind the worm filletthe first time i done so noninformational to johnny and kin can't say you the moment couple one calls and harrison it took cold trompeten be rearedthe day soidisant on for me from gerennying surprising very interesting and helen so you of your way house official very interesting so so that i that's the crooks what's going on here and i'm no come back whether you scott talk about this because the the really crazy thing about this whole thing is how the people that you see that you never see that are working behind the scene there are of absolutely demonized pushed to the side o that's really that's where i want to look like the sky this guy had the better description was going on a anybody out there because he was right in the middle of it and then you know there the silence down i mean this is red i'm coming out isopolar things go had it's like chris keylike he should have been cross chilling about the gate anesting so i don't care whether it's these of setter and the pallados or the one that is come up mosque how does this help us right now could get them colonelcharles what does this too to help us get the potterites of this crime charged i youlisten ers your viewers right down me to know because began we ponder is not computers okay gave weonodland put it out so these other people are not going to put it out because it's not exciting what commiscible tions is to win to our occostandosi cation we have three pieces of evidence be the mean components of our criminal cases one who had to do electrocutors okay and the misconnections is done everything possible with holy arguments to shut down the ability to see ballatronicum devils you yourself know this amiroperations in avows denied what they have gone in the past couple days which we discovered first and achiote michigan and we corroborated and sole all over the state they have removed a column they every moved a column come the castriot it contained a corroborating evidence that they were altering the data in the jurisdictional histories okay and this are you so here you i'm so here on listening i pulled inover moved this come during the prince cycle okay if you once again prouino longer shows us now this particular field contained just ride of whom log the other questor whoever uploaded your election record your public election erglywed have be redacted because i don't want the evidence though for as you could look quite knows and sits right now is it said because that day is now missing for every port and because they have done everything to obstruct us from the vines the lawfully having his electronic polloks they got him on lady ovidence looking at the service the tecocotlan its sospechosos ice why is the gateway ponded vermicelli why she not all over his why is this guide it is on disordershe why they not all over this prostrating justice let me tell you stiintelor the step of estoliland from the gape i'll be all over this there nowhere to be found and you have to ask herself why why the jackson jope and the so called christians i will get involved with his you what most christian to one prickeposts do i don't care who could like his do it i'll need to do it jesus and become close onfollow you and most christian to want to esoragoto the comforts on piimaiwae if you fall quesyere willing to be tortured like him you've got to be willing to suffer most cursitando do that here we go the comforts of the otmore than cold members and they were a part of the shell so that they can have a ready like a man and i agree with that and he the one of the problems that we have at now is with the angoches us all you know i'm not i'm not a part of that any more because they hit they kick me out i didn't leave and so but i'm going to keep hammer in this because i'm going to tell you what what they do because there's too much concentrated power in these special interests entities which is taken away the voice of the so yesterday i nobody wanted to talk about this there was report that was out and i'd been to read this to you it was it was and i'm an try to get this person out i didn't put their name on there but i'm an try to get him out michigan gop delegate as an outsider had been studying the organization that finances of the ami geop i am involved in republican congressional seats around the contrary i will try out canidates in their mastino help hopefully get them a better result i normally do not get involved the state committees however i have done so with the aidoioisin is in finally effectors incorrectly i don't know why this is happening but the documents show what the people in charge of the party are doing idea quite a bit with the effectand they are very easy to work with but they do not play games and they prosecute numerous people for fining improper efte i've tried to contact numerous former and current and my geophagist rative personnel i have not had much luck as on most of their phones i cannot leave a message because they are full and the ones that do leave me ah do let me leave a message of not called that a tassothese male or numerous documents from the f cerear in the amigo i have included explanation page for most of the documents will it each document number and then go to the corresponding explanation page for eche document you'll see numerous irregularities in the filings i've also included to other subsident one being the request critical information that were sent the aidepsos described the numerous mistakes that have been made on the migeons of the c the other finlinson the agosto the i do not know how you can run the successful state political committee with these kind of mist the army depis us licopoli ance for and i'm sure they are in voicing for the original filings they are doing and for correcting their heirs of his in many instances these compliances our listed as the treasure or on or the designated agent both political committees and they also use a bank in their own location the skies on access to funds of the committee in conclusion i do not feel that a political committee such as the amigo p can exist or expand the in operating this manner donations may be slim now and may be even slimmer in the future dramatic changes need to be made as soon as possible to have a chance for this committee to get back on the right track so we're going to go to this little bit cis i'm going to show you how many things i put upon my telegram channel cause i'm like screw they're not going to do it we're going to do it ourselves right so though the problems that i'm seen is that then there then the questions that are being asked it need to be asked at to night's meeting are not the correct so here are all the documents in the report and the explanation of the regularly found reports here on the statements of organization go through that report of receipts and dis end disperses there is a thin the cash on hand this is in january at one for one million nine hundred forty two thousand nine hundred thirty five dollars and and it is all a sudden you start seeing as you go through these the u the changing of money and the fact that there was a distribution made to something that's other political committees and in like what's going on here i i want i want this person who has studied this to come on and show us lying by line they will not put it out there but the the problem the bigger problem with his is there they're not asking about people aren't asking the right is what so so here i mansion here here is the ah here's the transfers from non federal love and funds to non federal accounts on we've got we've got that that line right there we need to get in here and come through these things because watch all the zeros and in the columns here it is incredible how this kind of cornel silent this person on to go back and and i want this person to come out and go through this with every one because christina won't put it out nobody will put it out there's no money really and the account that they had a lot of money you know he is disbursements of timolion dollars here eh and then as we moved farther down the time line keep going here there's there's just like there's just no money there and i i heard and i need we need more information that she is only raised about eighteen thousand dollars where as a most of the money came in through lowestoke fired for for mackinaw island i don't see how they're going to be able to pull this thing off i really don't they don't they don't have any money to do it unless unless you know the pull up they pull a rabbit out of their hat here and to do something they hear are the efficient sonhese to them as orations and then we've got we've got more of a response is here you can go through but they're all in my telegram candle and so i think that if you want to if you want to go in there and see them you're welcome to see him because i i did because i did put them off so the could see now but we can talk so all of those things scotti did put up but the other questions are that need to be asked there i want to see the receipts because honestly i've had indication that they paid a no bed contractor seventy five thousand dollars with their only reporting about fifteen thousand or so there is some stuff going on at somebody needs to answer they need to see the receipts they need to see the bank accounts which bank accounts were opened which ones we how much money was paid for some for every one i know that they were paid fifty five thousand dollars for benefits for two people and there's only one of those people there right now in this christina corrono that she was never going to take patches the party was on was in good shape while she's the only one getting paid right now down was getting paid they caught lois's they caught lois's a mount of get be and where are these people coming from you've got jonathan done whom we've got here from oklahoma who moved to off here whose paint somebody's ban these there there there not you know they're not working for free verses so much satisfing on to that party and you don't want getteting there down and you what these compositions done all say agin how is what happened in moschion going out which of the stone how is it going to happen help us get come indicted okay because i tell you what picipes that going to win any major of says again or least for the grass roots people for the people the constitutionalists don't be a week at as long as close system is in place and so handed again we knew about this we've knowed about it but you want what fears no push on the gap none there's no push from the gape two to work with the locus standi help get criminal charges gwithes i opificial and mincing and he ask yourself why why is christian outpushing it ower the orcades better basely laid out not to put no tell popolarity you want allegedly he's got a medical partoient care if you don't have time to travel the stake unlike sheltered you need to resign let somebody else do it the one after because he's filled with self pride when an call me he can come out in goosenot afraid timidated but him morning by else on the geoghegan i ask another cross the near scandalous or can i they are so the whole thing is corrupt in it its corrupt and people are following like a bunch of school of fish going right into the shark here you don't and frankfort to let me tell you o crispinillas cresses across i want i tell you what coracles so was peter who do i cried three times he turned himself round conirostre times let me tell you i will save this again botones christians to their more happy to criticize me because i'm a poking a glass o i am grass i am not i i'm not arrogant my own life is suffered because my two years involvement in this investigation my personal i had suffered it will continue to suffer because i'm not leaving this thing i'm going to see this thing true good i tell you what the socalled christians and the so called conservations in a concerned that i a concerned patriot you want to what these of the same people good bye and lotions and musquetoon but you want a white tie in les ballets how is he going to help us get the criminal indictments ask herself that how is it going to help us get the criminal indictments we have the means and you are now what again i will pick on the gateway ponded where are they where is parliamo bring uncle locality capreaethe fact that we have tongs of evidence to get them i guided the coles the republican prosecutors and republican sheriffs and maybe counties are not obeying their old soffice that is the bisected got a somewherein with us but i tell you what we've got a couple the prosecutor isabel accounting the prosecutor loreleisage and i tell you what the joke seething should be making for call gorlice i am to join miller and why aren't you is following in associations but no that's not going to help im sorry i mean to carry on there i know you got another guess coming on your that's okay you know it's like you you and i both are a king on the same page with us is that you don't macromicrocosmic chancery candidate or electricity whistler and i tell you what do i just jackson goat nowhere the contestatory moskitoes and let me go after my porton was worthe few we said we need to sickhow this lodestone people were involved with cocosecant come pistolographie we are few hejack and a few a andful or tooteth the people the collect a woman little per county we have people in the other pencil we have people northern mission you want the handful and in me we don't mean we don't need her eagles smoke we need one order and one who could copies combe hind us and again i will say again how is muskegon going to help us get these people indicted i make more in calling you out i'm calling gateway condidere are you fools i shall be calling us and you don't and they won't because any pilepsie anita my peace he of my mouth will i love you pistacia least your saying that you're saying what nobody else will say and i and i appreciate that for i inioyne gas here and you know what thank you for coming on to day because i think you know we hadn't talking about some really serious issues here and we got to keep talking about and regardless whether somebody likes us or not i mean i'd rather have some one tell me the truth even if i didn't like what they saw necessarily but it was true then to just give keep keep you now keep the bait and for one you say you keep moving down the thenjumping as the uponne jumps that's so they're trying to do trying to get everybody to jump to keep him in a position of power so nothing changes and rather some etel me the truth so i preciate that well you won't a great case goneyou too and think you are coming on and and i'm going to be one of this week wednesday there is day and friday when we broadcasting now will be to morrow so so maybe the following we can get back on to get right i will get weak and easy thanks okay let's see let's bring on michael minute and ah i know he's out there he's been testing me so let's see what we can do here sorry nobody safe on this channel you see osprey good morning michael how are you here is the acting miss we can give her he is otomitlan can also hear the background to the turn the screen off or on the turn screen of michelon kishenganga sedens isidore i care i can hear you just find o ka cool on the inditing of and we should be in coseagon morning how are you wonderful i was really getting into our less color can and the topics a guy by one continentparis he guides got everything in need everything you need is right there i have beseen anything this shed more evidence than will give god now can do you know what we don't have michael you know i don't have we don't have a thinking population they had the guts to get in there and tell these people that are sitting in these worthless political parties we're done with this were done with the the ball kicking and all the nonsense has gone on her in that this republican party right now is the my opinion the biggest stumbling out black for taking this nation back in the state of micio its divided into about three different factions and the genet its strait out of the marketplace in so unfortunate people are listening to the y the titles read then looking at things for faith at face value for what their actual de jour sur right and is good dear that in as in the secret come i remane there's a line in her that says that they won't i sodeinement and they have ever party for people on both parties a short basically is basically the same or the sangoffer and changes or colister picketting and now of giessen out here but let hegan my god in thinking for i mean i i believe i struck at it was in spensations esso threeone apaosha sorry that my home stake in one strike up she agreed ogechee i i and lessees i'm crocked up down go out to it on to a poor my shore wherever i don't care i don't i don't understand esthonians the law of the talk very little walk you know this path so in the centre mind that the apostrophe and the wide alemeon of shame the people could not long and the bitch to get this time launched antipope telemetric pre washed or teleosaur because i'm listen you goes sionisme les take it to the next level and less kiss them patenting end but it is i guess thing hard to get it to that love but you do options to do it why then it's right there i just thought up for that in the secret component of the lignoceric where it let's call it what it is exspensis marxism is the global crimes said age you can put it under any name you want but there really we yet you had you would have to be absolutely brain dad not should be able to see that this is what's going on at the globe crime said he and i'll care what name you is it it is the same thing repeated over and over but on hers says we'll focus her attention towards money and material good so they may never connect with their inner self who will distract them with fornication external pleasures and game so they may never be one with oneself at all and then we will establish their government and establish in the stablished opposites within we will on both sides how i had destract what's happened within the aileen the michigan republican party there are so many factions within this that's how we they keep us and he was distracted so that nobody is actually looking at the their developing cults of personality the disestablishing co and i sort of like an asotus before looking at a bunch of sixteen year old girls or twelve i'm not not sixty once in love twelve year old girls that are looking at a tiger bade magazine deciding oh i think justin beberis peter than this other blond over here whatever does you know i mean that's that's exactly what's going on in its osiris it is not it's not wish should be done you know there keeping us distracted from the real issues in the real issues right now is that we have republican party besides the grand epact as well as the amigo p who have people in them who are working people who are found who have ten counts of wire fraud who have not hated of the financial when it is so right out there in front of your face that they stand for nothing they do nothing they have professional pitchy meetings that they go to and then ball kicking meetings and all the sort and nothing's getting done except for distracted it is incredible and scot comes long you know he's not getting paid for this at all i'm not get paid for this and i don't want to get paid for this because i don't want anybody the ever estimate this is just done out your volunteering and a trying to put the state back as a state of eoas duty in for love of god family and country but the minute you get money involved in and you can see the political people there afraid to say something cause there are afraid to her some one see wings could they may not get invited back in because we can't have honest discussions they divide people up and say you know this person is in a start launching names and labeling and so it's unfortunate but it's really the way things work and people don't as like what you said people don't always like what i say but you know what we can have an honest discussion and either the true stands or it doesn't and that's that's the bottom line she sank her in anesthesiafrom to one way and not to surprise in another that this not more people geloious or tengelyi and is what thirty forty sidecould people there is a lot of people you see the only guide whether his name as you see channel de giffen sees in wherever this oleksandr anybody get cashel sure you people soothe and bored with tetigeris making heregreat whatever getting us back on the bass of which in little cording to the constitution which forced most be living to republished on adoptionsand osteomas people of cinefaction that area we could see the real of sails no coustome to it she the worst where are they the pessimism i mean it i don't understand because you could you can't i claim pectinate evidence of a lawyer rings about having a supply my himclose while here in as montesinos to the longest favored word is simony evidence as ceres and isostasis of postenigo lee oenotri the heat everything rigmarole back ye heother i in my show i read this constantly i can horsemeninsecure till i should have sidelong this custome go the declaration cinantecos tristanites her if she is it this is the supreme oh alan what is a lie when it lesstortuous you see constantinpolitani he should be of anybody to see what she there and again leaving little juncalito the party a boring the late the game but if socionomist we do here think a levissima my premires me but i were the thing you showed guiche crush to the shelf anointed on their created he in the arenowhere created that godamighty is certain on the line police he on the in the short more or the montese are lice she is a rich liberty freedom in the pursuit of happiness to secure he secured the histogram surely the they say and plague goverments i reached the coded a non redcoasted deriving a socours to meet the gossopes from she the congressmen from the sense covered with should be as securing her just houseemerging him and he consented to a chestiness the linenothing here to cower be ever any form any for any form of government because destructive resanitation my god he were planted to apostrophe camponeras is the right it is the right of the people treesthe people seek to alter or you opposed i love that word abolish because i think that therefore goucher housedifferent also replaced ciotachthe proconsolo covelong sashes be to change for some small sanktoleita in conditor eyes cross retaste co got next abolish i see contentation that really cassenoisette icon institute government laying strongest on such control and organizing its collegium as totensee much likely to effect their safety and episocopal talking about the long range of a piece of which were under the right and the estorbasen which of the king otospermophilus along trade of these things of pisocarpa pursuing his very same object heissessin to reduce them under absolute diseasethere it is there ritson come i see to slinfold mexiican be up there do ye obligation it is her duty to show was so true i don't think generationin go coloration he like to live on nonesthetical show also and the talk about going there now conicogatachie blasting away no but there isn't a happy means to remove them because to that oothoon what i think we need to do i think i you know what i think we need go michael i think we need to get rid of every single person has been sitting in see and a and honestly we need to we need to a common door all of their unlawful gain and am disallowed them from ever holding an office an there in other humloke the gains that they taken like jennifer grand home as it is the energy sect she made one point six million gain on a stock sale to out well you know what that that's why is it not why is that not a conflict of interests in spider trading whatever i mean she had she had some favour by being an office to make that kind of money and i think i think we should go in and go ahead and seize it we should seize ego in gained and then stopped him from ever holding their offices and then that's that's the foundation of this and then see see how far up the ladder towards trees and we can get for all of them for a violating their own of office for not holding the constitution the shopping on the rights of all the rest of us and i'm pretty exterior we could start sending a few of these plains down to down to get mad a handle the appointments i shock no back and down on that one they knew what they were doing seeabout that anything on the way gave me a thesis these not not nasalising is not here is so crazy if not life because to try to rear the one page it is their right issued july to do that as oncesomething is something to be betior on so many becoorse terrors of militarist this is over supposed of tone is as in eager seor in my life time it be recluse has she is i can fortuneerected well and in this o this is a something like like for saying this is something we are going to have to deal with in the sussex perfect side way because all these people have refused to deal with the as the miser drr said he not to see a michael my cassiteridan so as i do cast fifty eight in that mister g i am i go tell my willie boys here and al ka so this is one so a people that talking in the cat there will supervise they'll be as they've done nothing on to fight the cartels they've let them walk in here we've got santamarta who is i'm hoping to get jason jones and i saw him last we erminea et weak herself oh to talk about what they've done on the border with a dealing with santa werethe fact that they're coming across our border and drove we this is coming home to roost because a bad policy not only in flat inflation that we're dealing with but we're all so dealing with a horrific situation human trafficking and it is right here michigan is i they say never third i don't believe it i think we're number one in the nation because we've got an international we have everything take two we got all the highways going through from two big very big cities and secure for rested westminster for human trafficking stang and this is just the tip of the iceberg it is so big people can't even you know people want to frame the world in their experience with what they think not wareffects that will stand regardless of my opinions or or or or ah our experience in the person experience to say you have to look at the facts and get the emotions out of that so that you can make good decisions but we ate right here alyfedlice arrested for and they listed where their from in michigan in this is just the tip of the iceberg and you and i last time when we got off we started talking about human trafficking people people need know that you are absolutely and were involved in rescuing he heatspecific and the iasion time ago this was this was before that his big as it is and ah nitentibus it is spoken as though her son she shenewood statistiken took up teasdales three three years ago those two unlessand hoisted the people alopecus et ontologies and peabodyalso most castiglioncello of people chandelier it i am sad i stand i know is is hard is on intentionsinto henlistone of lovers of this come iceolation as the same secessus is as bad news too ecossoises antecessissent i sent you i don't i trissiniana to command back under the robestypical in one of those places was the exacter name i dis put up the wand oacombe converse plan of a link i had had a christian armstrong on it he's in the east side of the state and he brought the uponwhat human tricenas and what it looks like and what are the signs thereif you give me the name of the person i'll see if i can if i can find it the shishtovo whereas ah what shikomete to get that thing as you know the pessimist desistite use to lot and i send occasionsthe constitution and the laws of the united states which shall be made in procthor and oh creatisma in the sheltered so the shorelines shalbe the supreme a of the land cassolettes enteredlike and judges in every state shall and here by while that leg is qualifies like ninety nine point nine nine nine per cent of the judges and prolthon red percentages you're little awe dan was back when on and somebody was talking about gartempe individuals and i beallucas had i an old up then take their old hetersthesi overhead not i can also lose is oremombe you can go to gain one or a bone without tonicotes people now i hadn't got it i guess the printed any cassiopeias was one of homoeomeries i just wonder if you something like that leslie his rossiniitalians thingthe years ago bevestigd for right now insisting i heard yesterday through so people i know that it is onethousand to kiss in less bisayans and which is also his it had been comfortable and cure somewhere over by the boreasses to self holmestrete into a conical two thousand well you put yes this acampin constantly and it you i would trenchmore tom i want pitsomething really good together more organised and then used crowd from his as recruiting campaign because we do need people i to do this and i i try in a gondolier is of my getting more i don't give a crack it that not free o he may sing i fraid of his distressing i am afraid of god and time as it windling my hair that waterbut no because i have gone into some espaces with some people and seen stuff about eyes that i cannot i see you teleiopoios cocleares for sending us struck that they were getting and salstone atlases hormosand i know this is starred me for life but i also know what other thing i care osrhoenian can become como believers i don't say christian raged the bosyaki is so mighty a i just believe in god his word i'm not persecut i do believe that is threshing going the thing said oh like like the guy said cossoises something about doing something or being busier to a hand what it was at the end of the shelf absolutely till he is comes chaceresse to kill nowsomethin do not in the life of her and he looked at their work i should eteonikus with potestatis be doone godliness in ticonderoga to this i will kiss habitationsometimes helped himself to life and kindred your heart true where so be greetings to presently and i know lieschen this is most pynordal base of an insistent into the bestowals of the the day on because fesistes mangatotara told and fingers calling to holes and hissed and is about to crash motomichi with god all she surpassal in finding intruding stockings or the song itdown getting it under posol you re so old tresaise incassable situations becoming possible on like the all secure you shall feel goneshorty he do let stretching in that they didn't follow for they shall street down to the earth to mantotte eyes got takes petitioning our back en ego to any shame dielusen is more then to one of the cove nononothing bastonero state one subject is i really i really wished lashing wished thing i won which gathers prusienses from those organisations to think out was moving to see to what we can talk like this and people a littletears is that you how his oleyome this protectionistsall the movies the son shostrings you me becessities an in little counterlever i shall pay little apiolae where thisidleness or like practically appears your taketake him takenlower mules they went the rill geother mules andpointing and noiseless compete gill with guy on the fool each getting or any sightastounding to this on no i just am just a currooing of delebo he was he and there was resonator has he got his back on her fine disguise protomiser on a really alone to the ii varied oeconomical a god you in a concussion you can do union where he is or console and manchesterising o the conchologist at was very cool because we got trancecondition the sky but this all kinds of things as she is under his uscoches thing i mind o my god or disgusting i chosenout here just on you too he tionontateronons of the stories whenever there's this plenty of information out there now that the boss comes to historiesimitation believe can lesseesanother folding sheres specific link that i could bring out for people to see give a prospectin link or more you know an example that we could we could play for people feeling nitromethanes santee she could if you ask evictions i sincesincenot of ossory as one going was to my senses something else he said is to be and then i sent it to the form number indicate form in insatiate detegiotatass their importance if suratensis themselves i can find here i'm on isn't the one for uncovered dese it might be partitioning about her who is the key in that and i'll try to search for at the statutes i think i iocationem in your the tontine well i can you i've got a few things in there but i've just look at for something specifically so so what are the key words in that vinovo o mine you to but iteration trafficking out of control a human tripyknotic to his things ages learn what sides tim ballards oh missis shorts he interrupted the border out of control six ecthesis jason a jason jones is that the one you're talking about growled apishamore to your own beestonthe oh he would be a very lasting is the god on your phone i dissented like that of all tockoleegeetais here too the most besotted yeah an i've got a son under cover diseasement lasht i can do here and ah we well we will andover to persevere we will get the sup here bettses is what you get gus it's real news for real people by reason i have to techotl so the sooloomen not be selected what his guests what it's not as so there take me in sonsinto his son not here from one of his so now the device and elsethere anyhow well talk about more about your experiences while i'm pulling this thing up in that you had i see scheresses saisissable to come i admit somebody cooped and was a kid this way come and keep as bound to try to make it co people i know what that's like i told the infanta and is started out with him in a couple of dishes to resting my feels citing facing hard to be seeking safe to do this oh my god please his was a wonderful man a believer and i loved right off the bat this is so important see cavetemple the number one requirement to be involved with specific group to go out and concomitant i see it there with a fond the hands she got greece i wish ketoshites has to have a solid relationship the creator and now how soon here his voice when he talks to you that these so larnigan emportant might as he had on no he could be standing right by you see away from guidancefor indiscrete ple and you don't know it and you take his stampin and boldero and got his norwallthat you come like the the mayors purpose but you get getgood never go on but you'll like gonorille believers and sure you know she covington their this of the the thing i was going to go to like yet this way up destestation thing done that's the first thing and then to the lateness the intentions once isherwood i had it i hear but i watching you in washing you are sikernesse pasha you oh she shakes oh if he is my past his little be conocoryphe hastwell the con calor and shistance peregrinas for stars necesecon ages she has one ostocerbo jumping in the the neshonoc restrait through the heart of armyconsisting antheneidae the you shore you empty you don't and my mate pointoise shaking the trafficking even cause he sounded a child shakeshaft and this his telesterion on in the oldest of biggest chrisitianity of the ale iceshackles and what would possess any one here i is a considerator possess besides how itself any one to think that having you know have any kind of interaction like that with children is an oke think these you are straight up demons i mean this is like deaminases dereferences themseparates why i really don't think beresting on to the assabet way to the old songscenes right there because like gereordode entities tence he said now what people like me or possessed like you said and you let me out on linguinguin on the jungle down she came so little insight into the spirit and is this people and this isethionic onesnot now this is the stroke and onion pellicole if i know who can take is the last from the seventies raised that he did the pityopthorus in trosseno read the dustboard apoichomenn i could not believe my freezing ears they talked antaanonco they give the great insolent he they've infiltrated the talmud was an infiltration of the jewish religion i the talk about his coke to have such with a little boy three years and under it his outside of this mistiness less rein agothis is in brothes can peril but it is a sinthere and good my set from that then the hortatine where were these people are gave crossed the line that you do not come back from most of them probably guenfithen they crossed that line i i don't understand that you under a king i can't even understand the that they would have that that i'm screwed up of things that they could even think about harming a child your wife because they are no longer season the people no longer so conscience or by the posish he god gave them over to a reprobate mind her conscience with harding ispeople like god can come down your face omohikeme shocks come do vininese turned their back on him because they are gone and when or gone that far away from god guess what morals and constance are gone to that means premachine you said you are as an open receptacle the demonic roam and the same with the kids goes back to mont molokan away back and anaesthetic but it really alternately as ipion i miei was your marked my pridenamely i think i think it is and retouched on down to his percentage and the innocence of what god made construct a genesis irregeneration god's praythat i take it back these forces for to sisters of one as possible right but specialities powers weaken spirits and the and their place three how in the world giggish de steel what i see when i know the tune with children i cessisset mes ansiosamente lo and have not discounting any of that i won't do that but my fokeses on the kids the they have no body and their corner you bet and i go in at one koshosho crossed and so dark so evil his ercasion was to edith bad this is where they do the ultimate stuff in there and and i afraid of places you know david said the bob of the isle what you think though i make my bed in hell i know god you will be with me here we do these things you got to make streetsno case with you because you can to be staring right if you have to deal the perpetrators should have to inishtooskert in face which is like he said to somebody has possessed looking my that damn you can't be afraid because shettleston thinks harm they're getting there the tile i hope afraid don't go down there for those hens are down there how much more afraid of the and chanteresses we can but his shoes nothing know what i read there she covoitous totenhamshire i said not even the lacessisset doesn't make any sense he is so ebrated the key he reaches of shepes sickness tilted chin to the people that follow him and our sole otohim locked they are on the bible touched it you give bornigan of godheadand peter but you can do the other side through conan of the genesee is still permanent poseer end and these guys i do the stuff no if we really want to facetissimis strihoricotta cases back by excuse me i precation by prisonthat of mannot now and has so turning to sam to gottingen samson believe me i think i italicisation like that you think are you then i think he's a feels about his oh no what sailoresses the pipette who had his chooseth to be per stone around her neck you throw into the sea the leave me cheeses so that as jesus so that i wish he was a pecten and sheyesshe was out gasped cantilation no no stone we need to protocontact oris here stocks he i can i think the the same thing i really i do not believe that people can be rehabilitated after point and this is one of the problems that we have as we think that people look like us think like us and behaved like us because and he don't think even in the political parties we think that they look like us we should be getting along or in the christian in the christian roads will we there they got the same title so we should you know give him a break on this hand and and deregno around and what people don't understand is they're not they know not their doing and in their not sorry for it they assoluto what they're doing and there's no remorse and the look judsi's had this one not job on my shoe and he sat and i was like i was so done with him within five minutes and he came round out in he said i think we should pardon everyone because that's the christian thing to do and i was like this is a viper's tongue talking to me and i was doing right and here i'm like i'd like or you flipping hitting so so what you're going to do and in its like i'm talking to a demon right here because i'm like whe's trying to make people believe in this gentile gentile jesus with the lamb sitting on his leg said we we've got to go along to get along workeshis what a christian looks like really ah you know i'm pretty sure that that's not exactly how it really goes if you read obinkis also he is peace is loving is forgiving a people come to him but but god help his enemies because there is an enemies of his children it's going to be scorched earth and he's not going to he's not going to give quarter to the you late children who who torture them who go after the blood there's enough people on this channel that i know you all know about a drunken all the rest of it and and farming kids and harvesting and eating and if you don't know that guess what the world's going to become a really really shocking place here all of you because we're not going to have to we're not going to be able to get away from this tisisisis what's going on and there's his he you could find proof everywhere it's not like you have to work to find this proof and you know you look at the look at the gangs like santa morte his people are scraped up they in an i remember when i first got into researching and i'm i'm pretty sure that there is a ah there is i am reading in the comments here a minute there is a special place in how for the because when i first started getting into a things were popped up on my feet and i ought my heart stopped you know i was the one that i'll never forget i there was a guy that was there was man that was le and he had in a year old son and that the cartels killed the day at the dad died now knowing he could do nothing to help his in it was it was for absolute terror so as the kid sittin there they kept slit and it was like where it were this come from it was just popping up on me on my twitter feed which i got kicked off to utter with general flooded all the plans that were out there some time he could of course i was like an you don't wordtalk truth here and if you don't want to hear it and you want to hide your head in the sand and you don't you don't want to you don't want to know what's going on then then i suggest you get out of the way because the rest of us adults are ready to go battle with and so this teslin on his dad dad's chassepot eight year old and these people kept slapping him in the face and slapping him and blood was coming out of his mouth and they took a knife and they caught him up and up up his stomach and one guy reached up into his body cavity and jerked his head out ones bleed and will was beaten and i i was just i i don't even know how to press in it it took me it took me a little bit of time and i i went to god immediately and unlike in no i would say i'm a little little bit of a tough person you know i carried a very very sick had out of india that my daughter that i adopted and she had worms crinated and it was a bad situation it was very bad and so you know i'm a little bit on the top side it was said i sat there and unlike i don't know what to do with this god i am like a unlike what am i supposed to do with his and you know he said me and it was very very clear if you want to listen to god you can hear his voice and he suddenly said there is going to i'm going to need some of you that are tough enough to stand out the and you're going to have to deal with us so that when this falls apart and it all becomes pope public some of you will be able to stand without destroying you so he basically set tough en off cause this we've got we we've got a big battle head of us and i was like all right then within a few days on my channel came and i'm sure it was sent it was santa marta it with i'm sure it was but this was many many years ago this wasn't like a year ago this was many years ago and i i was watching this video it just popped up and popped up on my twitter feed on like i'm like okay i'm in to say at this point time that i'm pretty extra sure that there was somebody throwing the out here to see how i was going to react see now you can see how the game is played a little that unlike coke i'll but as very o came up and i wasn't prepared for this one and there was a girl and she was about she was about in this was right out on twitter o ka ah and i didn't go looking for it it popped it just popped up and people were diminishings too and i was as kind of song so this girl and she was probably about of an a guesses between sixteen and eighteen years old and the the a gang members he had her in the middle of an arlotto people watching there were men and women watching what was happening to this right out in the open and the abuse she suffered was horrific the end of it was they they took on they took a knife and they caught around her joints at her and her elbows and her name and they started they started with her with her arms and made a cut around her joints and then they took a of a shady and the chopped her arms of and then they went to her knees and they caught around her knees and they chopped her legs off while by this time she was whimpering and it was it was horrific she was whimpering and and by the time they got to her legs she was she was a pretty bad shape i'm not sure at that point time how much she was really aware of what was going on and i think that they have it in order to give it to the her family members shoresthese it was it was and then as they were dragging her round without her arms and legs on they were dragging around by her hair and they finally slaughtered throw and as she was she was already gone before they slaughtered throughout people have to be aware and this is grewsome i've talked about this i've shown tabbies getting their internal organs cut out right after it in a right after a full term baby this is what's going on people and it's it's right here it's not in mexico it's in your back yard make no mistake the right is the name word and is the wonolanset st i con street the messantian or happens it's it's it's everywhere going out this is how much agelasting here to get to be careful knowing these things and i can disintegrate in his show true i long she rich like presided when god told you that shaking her and i saw in you my detsatasi disonesto it was just like that and i flew scolding women say but it has stirred me up to us that too a offering his dead because we have to control moonplant feel sore i feel like i went with this stuff happens i'm like body this is your thesis your worst decision you've ever made m in moroding con her little head the swords are about ready to fly in there's no backing down from that because they know what they're doing this is not an only try to soften the up with this ridiculous maps craft as minor tracked person no these are demons and they are out for blood of our child his right and resentmentercole kids come trees and that she sadly see again sensitometer to better truer speciosus back the table treesacross chapter six i can the resting against geraniace physically manifestoes esplechin leslie shook his it manifests that level but this much pretty than that and as why i think the precocity turn because this stock is ac celebrating i know i'm having the first time hired when coronation to ever as long time ago the younger man and nohantthe gonenonothing i can now i'll gobble down on it passes know can see cake like that having and knowing the people to stay that is by a not caressing now tell geilfine away get out of that too that's why one me eftesoones said those tens they're gone and the isisi it is sonsonate the werewolves and its depitty much boiled down to she seems so say on as he gave people on stuff is not always easy i know in the to me something poonishin or own whining and no repeating all the hienossa they they oh no i not noising time ago for me eastinhoe and for a pond on this is it for me i do any chance i get tootsie his from that and peter business i'll take it the instill a i i think i has promised that because because of what sheshesaid you can find the sea i don't know escobedo like a constitution all that wonderful to winchester it wearying and in your life time anybody in judish he now tittenhanger the most part this constitntution talking to people about what you and i know and have seen apodosis its only harder cpisse and i am always come because i politika may be thinking i praise be to because i know most people couldn't handle what we're talking about his stand i did stand it it's it's the hard thing and not everybody can do this i can and as different things o ka the end of the besiegedpeace perserver leaves show struck panyassis the malindore one of widowhood antithesisthe want to million dollars that what what were the parents send you are not understanding now that one house the tchinantecs otokadat yes and he will destitution and edition of benito the parents and the press traditos octingentos telescopesthe shales but no lads and that what is once went through i can't even imagine this and that it's like you know it's like this is crazy it's like it's isiswhat people cannot understand the devastation and the mental anguish let this nation has gone through and in people individuals because we refuse to act i know she was talking and nonworking he so now greenish it is this country that you and i are in and in in a agitent think i blush emerich i step was to teleiopoios america is gushing god pink gobble strange american better bless oh oh i noot when i like that is ii steering a ship as the fitting her pontonnier one to on plashers but the most monsterousness steenie sakes thiserthis year is something the eight hundred in almost million cosmidion to her coloniensis and is i controllerthat sherman three centrepoint three five leave it well i made in the nest on dallas is loth i hope this here the three try more hearing spencer to edith and seen senontonans equation i stand i see you closeness come back to nass is surgeon the carestran ng howard the holy spirit woe in and will be a free fall i don't know all about that but i could see confidentand if we were here and then i say to graverather is he well i mean you'll go to simply he has us and if you take the element of god's people out of this situation completely what did he not last you on the hamiteswith on resolved i engineer great note comtesse the god is not solemnitatis country in all southfarther that teasing that he has a scorched earth the whole thing you know and if he would be he would be absolutely right to do so ascites his nation his is a this this nation is in trouble and were to be and we you want help few pupil will stand for these kids and and do the right thing and put themselves later lives down and and do the right then it's it's shocking it samslesha king i've got a couple of taxes here it's like a go talons as we need to get rid of the two party system and is there lent to the document and i am i gaffe s time that i have been given a name if you want to change it to right corner okay they go and then he also said that he's going to contact me oh take their some of our friends that are on here so sashes to that down an you need to reach out to some big players and have millions he follows as such please assist and his like in an england on my call anyway or such i said you can get me his his email so hit we can talk to him as i would i would be honest so very cold he were gasconismes destructors to your thecosomes into and how out ascertain things but nothing like partreally wantednothing obligated to be got now is not a scale that i akontistes a massive and i and you don't like pleasantry some crazy i really believe i know this is in them not i grieve with his stump i do not wish to god shall please i become hatred but i mean you look through the bible she reasoned gloveless where his people wishbone pen or set with bush callosan sosicrates important my people if the intention is ye people we are called to my name let be ashoar handles himself olisittepas or something iolanses pray can sheet my face and turned and then we can please distancethen if then then i will hear him out i got your back i'll hear your prayer and i will shew you land and forgives concession tristonho loving god was too people conventstrasse to time how much more not welshpool is preterites of both came up i think may be maybewithout but the most some people who be shocked other than the church cavecaras which we will be one about prolong time how many matrem whatever escriche cornwall oh yes i know but then the young tekoa their left talk about as distillation works the thesis heroesthose the bees prophetesse o children uncle pushing to sell for six and other horrible things that he missed and worse leofrantid you now illrequited she drew so boetens of as she so walking round these things ought not so to be we went to walk around by the way to wanakoti have to hang in i don't know which rimerilato e on they get away with impunity in perpetuity so gaieties on punishment still going by eleven nobody was cleonthe rich reconseleing for to do that and i don't think you wistaston much then i think you would as a cold to talk because of the other intestinal absolutely absolutely it was solness there and try six in salivating stiterit my side of the book one till so there i saw just by anything to the the talked about and more and more as caseeconomic continyoos athens not what it seems to be that all the fanarancient pleased asiasiberian semicolons is sinope one ear or how many people as she think as the boot is said for i wanted to go i don't keep his surprise and take his eyes cathedralsthe wash away by me out i was here i've been to one i see i told even to canals and the besinesse asking me she and he glanced in started there the gold keegan in to see if the seceders in the cows milking as oethiopica while you know you know that that the far more that the guide had shot all of us his cattle and then went and left him laid in the field and went out to florida every was ginalingan i live here it now so we live right near it and so on it was one of those things that you you weren't going to get away from this and and you know what people thought this is terrible he shot all his cows and just left him the field went on a floor that man was the hero because they were covering of aveland and their repeople in our government that an i know people that knew what was going on at the time and they were told by the state and specters to keep their mouths shut it was a cover up just like it is just like it is by nosewhich this election integrity nonsense she she was strong army people do not say anything in the gateway upon an article is came right out with it in so did the gentleman that he had on the morning andrew lost saying that they were told to shut up our government is a criminal organization and if you bring anything forward they tell you to shut up and the republican party is the same way and so is the democrat party it's all infiltrated and we we can't shut up we have to keep talking regardless of the personal consent i try kapeepee chinook a base and were preaching in winton jesus and the din the people of having like that so the welshman gone tegal and they peneidae solemn on the morning they bringing before the magistrate and the adolescence in christ that were supposed to theseconsisting go never speak in that name again he reshapes it we cannot but help protect but how i speak to things to be seen on earth to chant help it began i will give the wind anyway sponsors all made but borgetto it picturisation in many people any clermontamerican grew and anomomeristic appetite that he could tackle when ashore to report communicate all that he prisonersdynamite whom she will chaperonic ion to these were trying to do here to be occasion intorsion in for those two guys who that the living daylights be them and told ontevredenheid even the peace of that economic celaeno repeal begin the long wild hectacres i don't know church to come to lever the people and what did they do they reported they create all countenanec first talks about then a praise of course they prayed with one mind like might have becausegiant ed now they do which to pray for and they know how to pray since they preaspection or for more boldness you you to you from his now did i cast more and they prayed for bolts and they prayed for gooten more doors then pray god like paris this is really dioscuri so colelithiasis cumulate aoplane tastiness chill and other one of his setting when we can outsidesome pride no more boldness and in notwithstand after that place for taking one of the renonciation souls were aditiprakriti big gay why could be cossaises may the line to refrain a line because well on his leenetherton is my people then i will possess when we have these gus peters not condescendance like tools in twenty twenty three cosecant be poisoned to one the one that should be leading the charge historische pieces wherever the believers to believe his ship in the dinochares oh why oh because they know the fontenoy was still better and some foreshape in doing this or not that makes work coterie for those whose wont do it but it does a matter like he said i don't care i disliked onythink is scared out of his i can't because it as can care about that and i can go bought off by you i woodthere's arch of the colewort dine for this stuff i would get be gone my side on anything in folly think what i'm doing i monstratumthe brain and crimes he herefordian be fontolive a nobisone caseation anyway i see the running of the decedent time we are going over time and some sorry i try meestake renneting wishes right now and those who were on thingsanother times this cowsantlered oh this sosterhode to inflame him and my brain what he that this waves on my mind how god will sindersine tunnel oh my god please lord let me call in myself so we give in camp his is too mighty for myself and megalonychus and copies his treatises which cacosintheton which soberly coolice and i can i know with some i know still i do isassociation those guys can color those destitut i'm just horology who was his and at eve and i saw opportunity through same couple and egestans icarian or evil come like the sanitating not in the sense that is the one his idea by jolly onything o his life he has a collision do you see that you told them of that place i connect delaplaces officialbut but this saving some species if you get them that we got the sophiststhat as that was so well done i hapohitai had the pen myself on a back claonensi don't know much to do i see now who cosmothetical mighty you to this why i pertipole whiteinto this to seehis to these other darker places to cisswhat do there had taken any some peace down there lest to bid on care out darker than the thoscane me at all men i like to be so please give her breakwater as the people without his turn men the people without discernment don't realize that there looking in at what there was underground right on top of the ground too and i know you you can look at people and i mean if you ever met people in you know you're looking right into the eyes of somebody who's tolly deeming and it's a it's a very it's a very one there's no question it's just like you had with you know people that are true true levers we know when we're talking to somebody else who is a believer they don't have to say a word o you just know the spirit testifies it's not it's not what you think it's not what necessarily you see or you hear just spirit testifies it's almost like being in you know no believers call it psychic but o believers its discernment and the end repisitte hafter be afraid we've been looking at this crapper entire life is the they have been rolling good at hiding that commosso we've got nothing to be afraid of you run right in there and you give them that i on notice and say not to day stand down sit down and shut your mouth and it is watched them run in you don't take any talk back from them you absolutely shut them down because these people are absolutely monsters and i i am telling you i think this is time for christians for creeters to stand up and stop playing games people who are sad republicans you stop playing games this all swimmin with with a school you know i would say this morning it's like i watched the republicans save as democrats are all swimming together it's it's one school and they keep circling around and they don't realize that they're going getting closer and closer to the mouth of the shark and it's not about protecting anything it's not about hitting anything done it's just following the leader being wings jumping off the cliff get nothing done as to time will people or absolutely suffering is it he a long as to go on a front of oak for ivories soemangot my day lacy and you shelter and going on for with him hoskinson indeedlooking contre and i was pretty good at that i did i did to the guys some cosherers the senders these and an idea too eh and i secured a again or and wash eisenstein me this to these you never want to watch being made sausage and loss haeserit i siderodote stood looking at her he got the speaker be followed the eyeseyes and knocked knowlesesand nes on and yet people decreased by demonthe dumped hoiteli bit different exenterate day but these guys i never seen isotherm and there i go bodwell in acesines offendedand my dears to recitation and a was delinitae i say can't be like this this is twentyseven eight it capelike tis only i is i reassociating a man would amissione great statement is in saying it he thinks to be if a cue gee he is to be its subtle come up will you people i think comportasse that last two years henestrosa that he's not faceeverything be cotesto that too we came to looking at him as if she gewoonte if i toobstinate opening anybody with his book this is just me so i think your market is miteiner got into that and i can solitude when you go to beg your watch moccason comachica n't do that and on to i persuaded work no awe men see and what wash more as sure a passway sticklewood life the three miles what do i get balled on helped changes thing they do get the stones george was so ischanges i changed it they took to it and it wasn't easy the tree a liberty freedom the tree of liberty must gee refreshed from time to time with compared a tyrant patriots come too she has civiliansas get very cotissed he sitooation and this is really important and i i i only been i was relieved to this a long time can i get a lot loseing an research and and different projects that bernadine things happen my life and one person in ponderation and centimetres for while which really thelebe cause he can't make a that time so in olefiant up but come great time i studied a lot of different tithonia art of war since the or won beautiful stuff man infiltrating i thess a lot of onesto that enter lovingfor mation when you could can the you are part of something to gitanismo to that is most somestate in and get information one of promise cogitatis is the wish cranston how predominant that is right now no country in so many owtereste or city is in serches yes and i cocodettes was and with the tallyho much but i onorandissima something people and they would have their manes they would talk about cars sides which crept up come she with you i escotoch i'm not handicapped to me to be with to go into the stretches an onion i can in to see songs glancing so retreatthe whether he had to but spechtenhauser braid and here sinthere it was so pettish in his trust on you he strachanhis people do you bring him back down to us so we we want and then again if people say that echinospira the evils piniatamnte comes from los of her and his answers and that she right now i fear in his errinane yet another side oh was he so a curtesie great now this is priest come she can give in to a issintaieone son sir soristino this co had to get into it we need that went to have these discussions o cable you know some of our politicians concomitance ceremoniesprevailed that he confined because into the two always bringing to that herewhere i that is inseparable his inseparable is the thinking how can he cannot it is color with a good say in that a theocoleon noteworthiest front so they will not do teutonicone you ascript i wish is also the apron and then you've got the positionthe to no collection right the connection is always incompetent pope so well he replies waste all that eleanore's waist was she not to and contentedness could never mechanisticism hing atalking to this composes as caseformation for getting into deep compendieuse it starts it stares his stars wish it's gone the best on't too starting places with what these issedoni the netherlands and who there pushing this agent into the schools talking about children as young as tsaltsalya ing sinister i don't show you you know and cresent with each other could you see is come now this unless castle top of from the time wooden this this is important to this his verioribus it loved into our country and its kittenthe seeing his great into this country started in another less and this is a pediculosis so sleever there for the case had elias and another one a continued from somebody's people up in upper singles of rest lon did tell stories of desborough and puttethe do and that's what this is and lebediff love when you get the greek or as is wont graecissantum alobasse the house by the same spirit is the same in same thing same intent there working for the same thing and it starts it is as common a obedeciese to wheel and other let the god books if the pushings right now for kindergartners to or not masterlessness might so couple of times wolverenes things in this is done have the speed with reason in comes to my ears i conistonethe totherthe the good reason a homeshomes i always called i home sold my kids i was so done with us and it's like in that was you know that was like thirty some years ago because i was so done with us you know when we when you see something that you can't that you don't believe you don't go along just to get along and throw it and parents and throw your kids into this are you kidding me pulled them out and you know or our first responsibility is to protect our kids well you know we're going to put him in there there i've heard the stupid argument so many to work get put our kids and there an there'll be a good influence within the school other wall her putting him in there before they can even stand and stupidly and york kids are going to be dragged down went to the most common nominator you cannot win that way it's imposible he pushes so hard but talking about the royalty of the canotherwise and the complete o i brereton or on a show the books don't you despreciados and he had pictured the telling the kids to coming a gloomy to and i towards too nice to this code much harsh of them that far remained and yetwith the doin these his coat i almost give me tying him through the book and by the way i came out here good happens to to the reredoses i wish to music for while boehler dance a very large chariot of causticised right in hollywood oh yes he the won't come much comebut o you'll be not but come an shrightte o cook so i shall sorry i have a little chip bottom aangetast my kissieni much shelton ingeids what what the clip'll take it off and then i'll go in for it is his howe do gerit i say go ahead what's the last oh pussies some ran counter creedy river this robe robes in song he despised the and the rose from gansons but his olosicon timepieces is come in miss an i don colletion as in the area shot on deflations pressure who cites crichope and the thesiscatholic some of the against an preach coscinodiscin simples could be pulled down on their heads thinkwhich the pole to usthese count french at like a blister is called pheshur or the seemachten was his hand while the other hand does the trick cataloonan all play i cannot find it right i headed montreal is a smoke in my cap and disguises and it is solesistically coming out for hollywood he is to allow the people conditionssewerage consists contentcontent is hollie here you wasashaco sounds through honour day has gone piece heneseythe we see some time drowsinesse hopes some tried to go to her and i sericesthis bone diseasesuses supermysteries pigasus and springing isismaking riot when i putting up henotikon ossianof this place soon these guys to identifies to peking on people think is of liebesgeschichte eisenstecken now erityiseen all this chaos a emerson wrote his the thing shall be done in secret to sentisection made no onehood othe in connectin sure shouldered i orchisone iblissie cactus as ossossan i learned a lot from them about the anticato connects in the desines and everything he heard contrasted is true and in some she is very where and not have these ties goethehave a base of honour to take any child i know that coertain about that they cutterigsloop and down some that was somebody's davy he bathes westerly to mike that steam gasflames out of my ears and am ready to keep i am come here to to to avocamento kick asks why the all one bubble i use need about twelve thousand more people correctionseries need to stand together on this front and continued to go on it you know oh i heard this and i was i was involved with whohaving lismorelios nothing description works is sensenteco inishowen and astriction and i have a word twenty five and i was wrong ichiriki hondred and grown over five hundred oh that's peach erastian on the rides the case we chirouse worth constitution had schemes so like to have componedor so the intentasen ketohexoses men the four states are they and i yelled one dekoriertem this oasis waved as to what are you doing we don't we printing iseon the frentones let me give to me passerby will you like after that transanction gaseousthe back to much coonhollow tasteless competent boys in brintysilio country and the sonderman the sundikazein somewhere or colsenet of itthat o will you in the words we seiscientas so all country had heard where are they oh can't you see how do you know you men an asonantes of like people people relieved got to get in the game because it's so much bigger than going these stupid political rallies and such there's those work to be done and i his like there's no no help you know i'm starting for a trio put a tea together to do some prosessit you know i prosecretin complaints of every one to say to go after them and remove these people from public office whether the judges are all bought off and i just put an article of little while ago about how many judges are you know our sorrows founded judges there no going to help their priveroit they're at their hard of it you know when i looked at justice so roberts the two kids from i don't know there's there's all in you don't have to look too far to find this in one of their people on the chat that don't watch for asoldre you'll never you'll never once it i've seen pictures of it in and such you know and i think we all know what happened there and of us that have been awake for a little while we know what shape and exactly how this started with a drill being wrapped around a ten year old girl's hair as they tortured her and disembowelled her and the whole ten yards that this was these people are monsters and i know i said is for while it's going to take i'm afraid that it's going to take for people to have to come face to face one for them to wake up because there still there is still an lilaine land right now thinking that all this is this is really can't be this bad now it's worse than what you think it is in it's going to take all of us to wake up start being the dolls that were supposed to be step up as believers sit that jaw right out there and then start running at this and never stop and told were done it has to be dealt with we cannot continue on the way that we are i keep thinking about how long has been going on and how you people are committed to the stand in the fight no matter what an indo people keep cats in my temperature every time something goes wrong or like how you doin on like goin niesing i don't know about you but you know my resolve is not is not not going to go away because if we should not be affected by what we see what we hear it the spirit of god that he can inapropos as for word that doesn't change and he will give us everything we need to face enter hallege as that we need had of us and there's going to be things that are going to be shocking it there's not one of us that's going to be able to get away with his without having some degree of shock and i mean all of us are going to feel that there's going to be people we know that are involved in this at that that ere is probably set right in our back yard somewhere or in our neighborhoods or communities or our churches and all of a sudden find out these people have hacked up cold you know that's it's one thing that i'd like everybody to know it like what are they doing on these kids with her down the wiser no bodies where what are they going where are they going with us you know you can't lose eight hundred thousand kids a year in the united states and all of a sudden proof there grown he i don't underground are they all going on the ground to be consumed by demons there what's going on you know maricopas had the honor the shade as the correct or mosaic and i do see it was the stuff waistecoate that the wereloose ideo i had nearly once requite with thee they knew that was its sole likes the ready of was horrible potestative but thee did this infolded gave catothe casesaverage me dorcases yea and neveralthough and once have she antaposteno to be so said the now wicelike is sick he now too bad so sad it's like they know what they are doing and and for us to sit here like nave little little stupid christians and are sitting in our stupid communities that you know that refused to act on this is is out to me it's outrageous this is so outrageous that you know i remember when i first started researching and i was then the old as in the and on community and doing lot oreseach and different research groups and and i was like i was like a first he was really angry they not that that sea the appropriately spots how can this possibly be how can this and in the then all of a sudden you know i just kept seeing more and more an you go down the red hole more and more and more and your like why is nobody seen us same reason why they didn't see me run of for governor either because the means to remedy as part of it too and you know some of it's not up to them she see us we so youtogether and no back to town and once you get hold of these guys and don't let go of me because they are going to come out they're going to do it again you know it's sort of like i don't know we've got i've got a video here something that's check this out steps the end of covidara is not his colt i don't know what the sits but we'll go ahead and go there do i dionisos he and a covered finally it's over colpster cotelerii carry out now none now it's like it's the common people d from beginning soaking it's not discover what would you like me to see there i d d of fifty eight when domiciled goingwhat that milk his name she goosefeathers and cold cold then finis anethered hours of next educational code all right i'll bite on that one we've got what he or here i sees downstairs i seen a lot of these sponsors in mine educational experience who all involved in the in my class okay now there's there's a thanatos the narrative in arrotando germer los directing the shoe so after free knew how new health story oh christina orchard i and my her one time is this very nice people are right so he is give me connected with these guys and i'll bring em on and well we'll talk to here oh i know ben tamper of talk to him like order oh look at this those beautiful girl patriot the release whitenose while our station before i see he became an you come oh my hate this is great when a nice not worked so all right everybody who solved there on this channel come on and come talk to me here and we'll we'll put it i'll put everybody out there because i sixpaned my hours to have the southergate kids and safe people's lives and you know with that the alleged vaccination which we all know that it is not out there i was starting with the elders a gala on my telegram channel and her husband is in erbarmer so she is trying to put her in connection with another gentleman and his name is ah see rodown here then richard interposed another i send one is my friend he coscinodisce to miss so much week can you mansolomon money for hour surely chattered of the years royalfor resting on a stuffed the trees all thethe right on the front light of all that this carry here oh i was in a list of refuting regattas for on my shelf what's let's get the thing out here so scabris i have multinamed over years whose atoning to reawaken american conference the weekend heartland looking for to spain by weekend with like mine to people there go i i'm going to be down at the window of that next we and cannot look it forward to that you know and there you are you brought me point you know you had a guy that was down on the border that who was of you know in taft and you were able to flip him around and how have him help you find the bad guys out there that's that's a that's a credible for cause i do think that there's a lot of people who were caught up in this who were black mailed and you know they they use all sorts of things like a threatening their family in those that they loved they really didn't have much of a choice in my opinion i mean you always have a choice all right i'll say that you always have a choice however when your choosing between some were in love and you know they they call it a double vine and people who are on kids that they grow the argo foolare that term yes i'm in pontevedro of some sent me a betio some time to day so were just going to keep going through this month usually off here by now but i'm enjoying this broad cast people can then out if they wanted to marian keep going shall we wish is a poquestion yet i should say this to honorhonor show a out when you ran against when mr comingwas coming concern against her well then there is a a how do i say this you know you got the primary in the republican party is a that that of links so that the video isn't there any more i did potation and i believe i have it correct may be not let me try to get here i i do i i the end of the day there was a libertarian there was myself in the constitution party there were proudly about six candidates that ended up on the fine the final bollettino know i was under the constitution party so cause they got kicked out of the republican party because here it's a bunch of stand for nothin you know not not one person in the republican party stood up the i they basely fed me to the wolves and i actually had not somebody who was an investigator for for the oh the general's office call me and such you do realize that they they took out four other candidates just to get you off the ballet and go i like well take probably they probably shut up because every one other sorry but would have been would have been handed to themselves well happen to michigan or their terror on and then and then the keeping the people that are in the parties and the dust they just sit there and they don't stand for a darned thing they just want to stay in these parties that you know what they want to stand these networks because they don't want to they don't want pistolthe friends it's like it's like gus you you're you're part of the problem if you're not willing to get out there a pass if you people off because we're out there set save and kids then get out of the way because the rest of us on siliculis antisel once they were actuated shoshonies should share and force him to watch some thestorian heidon believe it the setaceae now and his soissante possessionsthat wishtenatins found a ideathat somebody asked me to play on the good throw this out here in i'll timbersome up on some the competing or or theos is i see there is a to athene arrested for preaching the gospel during the drag shell good for him good for him get out there and say what ndhmestre this that these are predators they are not dragged they're not drag queens their predators and their common for your kits will let sperience how the high world can be shut down through fear fear of catching a charm fear of losing and point farthing ostracized by frenso family for voicing a different pens and twenty three teeth i was told not to come in to work at the doctor more because my boston like when i was saying on my utohel this time i couldn't believe what was he but in his sight it now makes perfect trout that i had stopped on a landing i have met so the subject i was never supposed to talk about a subject let us the basis for complete strangers having screaming nature which shipmates o carrots having once custody cold batons or bedicide but how can we either come these pandigestive what can we do ethopoetick ourselves from the psychological weapons of destruction there is a new online ed occasional experience tanning antisthenes on july leven the comprehensive badeolier features nearly one hundred hours of recorded and presentations in conversations with an extent of case of doctors others and interpendent researches with over atimasis with prominences or the likes of tavenier mentivola tongaline colemanite and menmanning frog together to edicate the public on everything as he bent over the last three and the tea cakes of forage over the course of the sessions you will learn and extensive amount of information covering a wide range old some examples include the origins of june theory and the chicos it presents most mandates a power we will hold you won't find the state tie and to simon behopes anywhere else on the acantepec the tame behind the experience nor how blithe atermision as to the world and to changing the trajectory of the coming years which has why there offering the interlibrary it arising to say how many of you have already signed up to be post of one of the biggest of beings of the year if you would like to see you so please clicked the lecithites cription for now one from chap very girl well that's that's cool so he put it up so i can i will oh i'll go ahead and i've got these lengths up yes i can i can possomy channel later and ah i think i think this is the is something everybody is going to need to face and we need to put it out there and we need to put it out there without apology for what's actually going on there because every one's hiding this they're all in together and their hidings and so to bed so sad it's time to get it out there and have to deal with dissolutely to so i have thought of is there is an unreading the chaps here i was able to find that thank you i do say his name your body there i think that it's really important it remember that when the only thing that's going to get us through what's coming his workedthe a crash it it's going to be out at and i and i honestly been praying for it i pray for that because you know what we we have got to deal with us and people are so complacent and so selfishly involved in their own lives that they're not willing to get it everything out on like unlike let's flat line this puppy and see who's left stand it and i will bet rolleville again we'll get things figured out but the banks are doing to spectacular job of wrecking themselves right now what i am sure a little bit o helpawee need to do this the corporations we should hit him with anti trust years ago but we and so the whole system in my opinion is just completely cropped in in the calatian so the whole thing is going to need the need to be cleaned out and optically at they cleaned out with no apologies but one of the things i like to do it all put the supper as i think this is a beautiful is really beautiful now it's going to do this thing i think does it every time i'll play it in all of a sudden there will be do you have a pack colenso something stupid like that advertisement on it though we're going to play it in a way the seven epact the hands shores now i do and given me rest on every side neither adversary there's the essenes in half a hoomaikai you shall know that your tent is a beast and you shall spect your old don frster tarling how argutos don't change you're a care o israel secessions three first three the words shore of establish gard you i say of fifty four certainty don't it is rash on the kids to you shall succeed and he shook asheton the price which he gets you in st this is meritasse ants of the poor at their fatigation for me declares for sonorific wonders god is our refuge and strict a very present help there swore the home not fear the usgives way the mountains i too the heart of the sea though its waters roar and to mountains trip let it we there is a river whose streams make glad the city of god the whole the appetition he posed eyes o god is in the midst of her she shall not be god will help her morning dawns editions reach the kingdoms tottered hers his voice perseus don't the word as hosts is with us the god of cheopis our fortress morgan stop rake there so michael it's been a pleasure to have you on as usual and i look taking to get off lying but would you like to cry i has lioheterodon you pray to day because you know i know that you know i i usually pray but i love to hear on the people pray to and i i really do believe that you're very very godly man and i love i wouldn't be blessed by your prayers oh thank you more of gracious only polo thank you for him to gain to day to discuss things lord this absolutely to be discussed and father in the old that it won can think according to your will you are going to pack it up i sogonia lord we you have to have fear we have be afraid things cause you didn't see us as spirit gave us power love and so mine and as for we can walk in lord i do we want to be afraid it will ever be separated from you father sons the keep him our mind in her heart and wish each other father i know i know that it's hard on her down and find life by the believers itought and we know that we anxiously await for your sages christfreund lord primetime we are grateful the or grateful so we could have the time spindeler and the lord we know we talisman kingaltered for them to love you and i called the cornhouse and we know what part of that we know that and because we know that it gives us a grace sense on west and peace by the world's going peasants lord beacon we could have case inside because that's templeshard because we know that we be saved from the wrath to come and congratulated since your sons eastrice and the degree to corporeity but would never stand a chance thank you for donatorum soul ores and nepinerkit that they go better and more people get into all the others we certainly need to have more people both on the ground and in action other those you for his sanction thank you for you an a prayers and for for she have a great day father that finds something to do to day to bless somebody else onesline would praesentissima a man thank you so much i really appreciate your time and i love him and on the show and i think we need to have more discussions about what you know the human trafficking part of it and honestly people need to see this they need to know what's going on they need to hear what's going on so they can and i know it's a shocking thing will be stolen need to do that what it what if it were you and in you in and i can't even imagine these kids that have been incarceration the only person i know who seeing his on in page in what would if this were you what if nobody ever came what if you were in a tunnel somewhere what if you were in the deepest darkest recesses of hell itself what and nobody came think about this this is what this is what we're dealing with right now with human trafficking with the state of this nation will guess what tag you're all in so am i so workedthe and we're going to go after the demons and make them wish that you know make them rue the day that we were even born you know what happen where do these people come from you know what we came from almighty god and so far on notice i think something in anyhow we will go all out there god bless you god bless all those whom you love god bless america and lets i like resecandos frond bless god he's a friend to us it's time for us to be a friend to him i go to brandenburg for governor dinnymitin dot come on still not conceding to these layers chiefs thieves pacifies and everything else out there were in this to win and were in this the takes down for god family and country and there is no back down there is no time or there is no time for where there is no pain is off there's no demoralizing us to snow threatening us every time they threatened god just gives us a bigger army of protection around us so that we can come back and whoop their butts harder that's what's going to happen here and so just so that just so that you know on somebody said i still don't understand why the contents from the lap tops are not released right i think there should be right out there and you know i'm going to say it public executions for these people people need to see it and we need to know that this is a this is how adult handled things when you have people that are that chop up children and in it it's got to come to it out and i'm sure god i'm sure our father is not happy but he is not happy with us because we didn't do our jobs and we let the go on two months it's time for us to so anyhow have a great day the choice you can make it so make good choice is no line no chinistan i starts there and then the other think get in the game and let's let's do this have a great week on i'm on with the miller for america's half nen on monday as well checkersand choosday it is with him sorry i found a son on tuesday i've got some old on monday a goin to think o it is checker sires on monday the miller's on i believe tuesday as well as john tater and the wednesday thursday and friday i'll be down at michelangelo i like my podoplea i think he's a very nice man so i'm going to be down at mike on dolls and others can be lots of people down there and probably get a de remote in summer mordanting there i know that jeff jones going to be doing something down there and we'll see who also run into a word to go out and i'll put it up you can find it out my telegram channel first and then i might you acompletecogitation brandeston fact this it will do i'll have somebody called stedingers network next and i will say we'll see how an get it out there to hang so that you can see you what's going on but anyhow the lofty all where we're going we're going to do this and it's going to be okisko ether mantleturned and ah and with every breath we have we're going to fight for this nation in these so have a great week and