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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 2/8/2023 - Redeeming Grace Church - Dr. Tim Parker

Published Feb. 8, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

Redeeming Grace Church online church with Dr. Tim Parker Tim was in Church from the cradle, over 69 years ago. Two Christian parents left a strong Faith-legacy in his life. Church attendance does not ensure new birth but Christ’s Faith and Grace lives boldly in his soul. Saints love God differently; he primarily loves God with his mind as he provokes disciples to love and good works per Hebrews 10:24-25. He loves to evangelize and teach God’s Word – especially biblical Grace. After a 37-year career with Chrysler as a die maker, he pastored Smith Creek Bible Church for 4-1/2 years and now holds a doctorate in philosophical theology. He authored three books during his doctorate program. As an active part of St. Clair County We-The-County, he worked to abolish the Covid mandates, especially in the schools. He was an active part of the SCC Republican Party but divorced himself from their charade. His new desire is to provoke a renewed understanding of our founding documents so a truly Christian/patriotic church can free itself from unConstitutional government-infringement and be free to establish Christian roots everywhere in our Constitutional Republic. We discover true Freedom In Christ’s Gospel to live in liberty, above tyrannical control. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am in fact donna brandenburg it is the eighth of february twenty twenty three and welcome two redeeming grace church we're going to get right to it rate right off the bat and he tennington great in a hurry you wonderful beautiful sunshiny day her or easter resogan and no it's good to see these eh well it's all i always brightens our spirits doesn't he there's some people are really does for they have the son ficiency or whatever but yes it hollises i am driving to no came a flagjust a little bit but i don't jump into it too deep because i refused to be completely turned into all christy credere it's sometimes a lot of wisdom so what are we doing to day what are we wonder we doing here for mariposans too and we're going to just up i was hoping to skip along but sometimes the togolese bibelstunden at me says wo wo wo so were going to be a chap for two and we're going to basically unpacked a lovin and twelve so when we get there will have prayer and will run through that i just so i guess i'm amazed sometimes said god's truth oses in the pages and i've always been just i marvel at the apostle paul some of his books are so pregnant with truth that it literally got a go in and unpacked layer by layer as the bee the me open with word prayer and then we can get into the tax or her enleather s we come to you we just we do rejoice in your truth when it lives in our soul and we know that we're new birth by your red a word justified before your law and the curse is no longer valid in our lives and weaken live in freedom we can obey with grace lord a helpless as we unpacked the words of paul help us to understand that you don't want us to locked in to ungod thee in sometimes even evil paradise lord just show us how to i get out of these traps and believed the truth and walk in your power as they my pre ah so classes arabian two and if not get it up there it is discord outstarting sick so let's do a rout in well well read from six to eleven and an will unpack i mean a exitthrough fifteen so or going to read that passage and then we will unpack the love and to fifty so says therefore as you have received christ jesus the lord so walk in him rooted it built up in him an established in that just as you were taught abounding in thanksgiving i remember it was a pad for a set likely what into the whole area round colossians did all the evangelising and people came to christ and sometimes we think people come to christ maybe they do but sometimes sir locked into a wrong paradines ah sometimes they let them into their life without no one may be they don't have the right foundation and their life so he says see to it no one takes you captive by philosophy or an empty deceit oh an let me just low down a lot of people think that means awful losophy now filosofia can be good you see rowquickly that used to be the belief that theology was queen in philosophy was her handmade oh but when we make philosophy the queen were to be in trouble ah so he says see to it to no one takes captive by philosophy and empty deceit according to human tradition according to the elementary spirits of the world then not according to christ for in him the whole fulness of the deity dwells bodily you've been filled in him who is the head of all rule and authority remember jesus taught as it said several times as one who had a tory he is therefore he is the standard in and he can speak that way so here is the passage for gonpa along in to fifteen so i says in him also you were circumcised with a circumcision made without hands by putting off the body of the flesh by the circumcision ah were god on packet but i can't prevent myself from saying so metanosate people would say well we don't need circumcision well i want anybody say oh we don't but here's have you been circumcised with christ ah soon there's always some on the leg which that we say we go go to take this off the table it's on the table just in the different way having been buried with him in baptism in which you also were raised with him through faith in the powerful working of god who raised him from the dead and you who were dead in your trespasses and the uncircumcision of your flesh god made a live together with him having forgiven us all her trespasses by canceling the record of death that stood against us with its legal demands this she set aside kneeling into the cross he disarmed the rulers in authorities and put them to open shame by triumphing over there over them in him deveny commenced about what either heard or read as we moved forward and i would just say that i guess i just loved the way whether we call it a crescendo type thing poll i would say it's it's almost like an ascending divine presentation of christ the and we said earlier in this series that colossians is one of the most powerful discussions about christ and i just loved the way that paul could build that in to a basically a symphony and now that's i guess what i picked up and i marveled and like the catheading thing is the focus one crisis so different then a lot of the modern day preachers who tipthorne you know the bible edicts for pop pops the college rather than focusing on now christ when what he did not what we now what we do and so like set aside he set these sat aside nailing it to the cross and that such a such a a poignant statement right there but everything points back to what jesus did points back to the cross and weave technol edge that your preciate what your santer down and i would say that two things ah just as a student had got word for all the years two things jump off of the page to me with scripture i mean we can read scripture when we're young and weaken wouldn't get so confused maybe with the trees that we don't see the forest and i'm just given you a forest view there are two things that junot at me one is redemption and i've said it this is why i say that the bible as a whole is god's story of redemption and we have to see redemption through christ so that christ is if you will the pinacle i hate to use the word thing but he is the pinnacle object of of that redemption sore and so yes it's amazing as paul unpacked so ah let's get back into and not so burrowdown into lobed more in inverse eleven in taxes about a circumcision made without hands and if if people can remember back in whelp and if we opened up the scriptures ah that was one of the things that he said like in galatians and i believe her purgations for one of the first books i believe it was the first new testament booker hidden and i got to sell my audience that oh i was without internats i could not send down a what i wanted but i did finish a study on all the mystery wardens of the new testament twenty eight of them and i also finally did ah a presentation on the chronological order of the sixty six books and it was just encouraged cause i thought thought i pray have to argue with somebody if they said the galatians the first new testament for here but it did show that and so that was one of the things that paul had against what he called the judaizers he called him the people of the circumcision so they were saying he loronha your christianity but you got to be circumse and it was it was with the hands i mean so they literally cut the foreskin and that's kind of what even the curse spoke against them was i wish they could be cut off in the circumcision he they were preaching something different than the circumcision of cries and so there's a couple o things that god talks about so and if we are even remember one of the things that paul talked about you it was there heritage cheers he said i was a hebrew of the i believe he was in the benjamin family but he said circumcised day and god has a special thing where the blood flows better for the baby on the eighth day and that's why they circumcised the babies that the boys on the eighth day and i guess i could kick myself to we didn't go to a jewish show priest to do that for my son charlie oh you know here paul knows that that circumcision the one with hands but he knows full well the one without hands and as when he said were circumcised not with hands but by god and it's a heart it's heart circumcision that that is a mark of the believers yes now i see with one lot of people are aware of this but i just want to like romans to thirteen satis for it is not to hear or rejectors of the law who are righteous before god but the doers of the law will be ossified all does in talk here as much as he does about the law but in fourteen were going to get to it but you know everybody wants to immediately throw off the law when we read certain statements but the law is such a pregnant term in scripture there's about at least eight different ways we can understand law so to twenty five says first circumcision is a value if you obey the law so paul would never tell the hebrews don't get circumcised cause there's one of the passages that he he gives in to where he says well if all this christian truth is good he kind o ask the question then then what good is some of this stuff oh and he said well exit could be a great foundation that's my words but so what he said in romance was that the circumcision is a value if you obey the loss so if you get circumcised and then donabew the war don't follow christ i can do any good is just a formality oh romans to twenty nine says and i think this is so pivotal because i i do i know one of my sisters with threw the what's thee when i do the blood and may look it i tell you where you're from oh that like the ancestry thing that's just ancestry do come i mean illinois twenty three and me or something like that which i now tried to bad idea actually but yes otomiis ers acts you showed like one per cent jewish of surprised the dealers to pick it up but i never did get that down but my point was you do so for the most part we saw were geneats and yet i would say that we need to be jews on the people who go away away who what are you talking about so all explained this and romans to twenty ninety says but a jew is one inwardly and circumcision is a matter of the heart by the spirit not by the letter his praises not from man but from god and in three twenty eighth as for we hold at one is justified by faith christ face apart from the law and three thirty one i wanted to close with so do we then overthrow the law by this faith on the contrary we hold the long so conclusion of maybe that verse of old say that we put off the body of flesh through graceful open and as some no lot of people doing or stand because first all they don't understand how i teach grace i teach grace is god's empowerment in as first to new birth us and none to make us wholly when our hearts have been circumcised we can keep the law with christ's power and we can do it in a pleasing way do we go perfectly know but we can do it in a pleasing way and i think that we would we understand that that is part of the freedom that i believed christ gives where we understand would grace really feels it's just like being a patriot i don't have to work it being a painter it flows from my soul because christ knew birth in his freedom just flows to i don't have to work at night have to think about it and maybe foster it but it's there and all i got to do is kind o let it out there on ye i think that this like it's like when you when you are creston you your desire is to do the right thing and you know we all screw up in certain points of time but i also think that the holy spirit locks us through that and lets us know almost immediately that that men not that you should be doing this and i in the correction is there and i think i think that's that's another another sign that somebody is is of maturing in their faith and it doesn't happen right away i think it happens over time we learned walk and so twelve says and i take this into two parts having been buried with him in baptism and this is i think one of the most critical passages that we can learn because it's in the ephesians four talks about for five were at caistor one faith in one's different things enters one baptist and i suggest donation of people are on and he may not have riven think about it because it's like when you ask him what is the one baptism they go i don't know you know because they got water back to some some people sembobitis into the spirit of a baptist into this well and yet it's like what's the one baptist well it's right here were buried with him in baptism so that's the one baptism so if we choose and here's a friend that so we both know that has decided because pressure from other people that he needs to be water baptized so we're going to hopefully accomplished that in the near future but our water baptism is basically an outward manifestation of the inward reality that's in our souls and so do i think that exterior water baptism is a good thing i think it can be a great thing i think it can help us or consent and it can iceplant or stamp something in us but the reality is its the inward baptism that really stamps the ownership of christ on our lot and and as for all the saying oh so the second part of verse twelve says in which you were also raised with him through faith the powerful work in of god he raised him from the dead oh let me on and on being raised with him ah and the second thirst who raised him from the dead oh because it's like when i had an i'll say this maybe i shouldn't ask as i don't want to torment people i would say that the two raised are in somewhat oh because the first one i believe is when he is raised up oh so there is the one passage that talked about i believe it was in romances were were if he is raised up he will draw all people to himself and so it's that raised up where he likened his crucifixion two wind moses member put the serpent and the pole when they were all sick or poisoned a camp member which but it's like if they looked to the serpent on the pole the new would be saved back that so and so that was the likeness i believed that that is the first rate step we were raised with him in faith in the harworking of god who who also resurrected him from the debt so in some sense the first one is raised up in the second i would say would be resurrected if that may be would help people understand not a little bit better and i do have it here and saw john twelve you don't need to turn if you don't want to but it's a exeter several passages soon let me just read roast john tree fourteen speaks about as moses lifted up raised up the serpent in a wilderness so must the son of man be lifted up that whoever believes in him may have eternal life john a twenty nine when you have lifted up raised up the son of man on the cross that's my words then you will know that i am he ah and just before his crucifixion in the upper room discourse he proclaimed and what we see in john thirty two twelve thirty two to thirty three and i when i am lifted up are seeraised up from the earth will draw all people and i would say he liked people to myself he said this to show what kind of death he was going to do and so again there is a sense that a lot of people look at raised up in it automatically resurrection i would say of ten it may be most often it's really speaking of him being raised up on the cot so i hope that helps they all lorication is good you know atetill down on those points selah as your coffee is good god this soot the don put too much o my bloodedest very well but are her thirteen i wereyet take this on the couple parts and you who were dead in your trespasses and the uncircumcision of your flesh and to me this speaks of what i call kingdom of darkness levied i may we don't think about it now i can say where's your address well i intend in candle roaring columbus but would we talk about spirits the i can say what's your spirit you add are you in satan's kingdom of darkness or are you in the kingdom christ ah and so when paul references this is is the same language as ephesians to wonder three when you're dead in your trespasses and sins you follow the course of the evil one that's what he's talking about oh so paul is just saying to his readers what would you were dead in your trust passing and then this would be the second part god made us alive i don't know and he set three words more powerful god made us live for we were dead spirits good made his lot i didn't do it myself cause if we're dead spiritually we can't god made me a life god makes us let to gather with him and it does talk about having forgiven us all our trust cases a so one borough into maybe that connection when we read that we might conclude that the forgiveness of our trespasses before god making us alive the word having kind of gives that implication this is why i didn't do very good with even her english language when we got into the structure of language oh there is a couple of course as i really struggled with first all because my mind was it into it ah it has to be in order to understand but oh i would just encourage people to to think this way oh and it may be some people would think and i might suggest wrongly that were new birth because our sins are forgiven we can even conclude this from one of the teachings about jesus when he said to the one circle man of believes that maybe it was the one may be not one day dropped down through the roof they pulled the tiles way it now ah he could he said you want me to say after the force of de oppidis be healed or your sins are forgete but he said so that you know that i have the power to forgive sins he said kind of proving that point he said go ahead take up your bed and walk but he could have said that but my point would be when god does a miracle like the that tells me that that person is new birth so when we read from the tax we can sometimes evaluate whether people have been new and even back to god made us alive i do know i talked about this last week down and but i remember one time i was actually preach in was asked to preach at a assembly of god church and i preached on ah actly calvin's understanding of the lord's table to the eucharist and here was a man indeed bitten to church and he had been diagnosed with the ciniod he was taking treatments for it and he came up after that massage and he told me the pastor could friend mind was standing next to me he said i was healed to the i knew exactly what he was talking about in my pastor who is krismanic pentecostal type atmosphere assembly a god said oh what you were healed of lekethe said now it i know i knew as soon as he said he was talking about i was new birth to day and i mean it's touch should because two weeks later he passed into the land of the living but i know where it's so what and so my point is that when god makes us alive that far outweighs or having our sins forgiven we need that but it's like a god make in us alive is to ever happened on so we're not saved because our sins are forgiven our sins are forgiven because we've been made a line that would be the logical flow and i hope i hope that people can see that so there's there's a direct parallel ah so i met see i got a look at my note her okay i guess the next one had there might be ah twenty three words cause i highly that but i want us pick up break der into having forgiveness having forgiven as all of our trespass a canceling the record of death stood against us with its legal demands and i guess baby with it picking up the twenty three words i have kettles through that whole verse this he set aside nailing it to the cross so it would be the twenty three words and i guess i put down to that whole sectionaries to me hugely compelling and as much as i have studied the law i wanted to get this a file to one of my a common law friend but it's it was his teaching as much as anything where they really make a distinction between legal and lawful so it's like it depends on what perspective you are you from so some people would say this is legal but if other people would say it's not lawful and so that's that's a good distinction so i want to make this distinction as i started off talking about the circumcision what i believe that paul is burrowing down into rate here it timesays by canceling the record of a he stood against us with its legal demand so there i think if we can understand a dichotomy between a legal demand and a lawful demand we might learn something about how we can approach god's law gracefully so that when we realize that legally if you send even one i owed you were cork and so that's part of the legal demand of the law that was part of the legal demand that his i believe it was incarnate christ told adam and each the day the shorehad fruit you're going to die so that was part of the legal demand but the lawful if you will command is to live obediently in the power of great so am i don't know that don't help you but i would just say that after talking to some of those guys that really get into common law which i still quibble with on some things i thought that dot was a helpful dichotomy between legal and lawful so this is i think part of the issue the to take when you when you make these lawsuits the people that judge may be judging legally but you want them to judge lawfully and i would think this is what persis i i made a complete an official complaint against my board of commissioners and pretty much they don't want to hear it they want to forget it i want to bury it ah but there looking at it from a legal thing i'm looking at it from a lawful a respect the and so we may we may keep chatter and because i'm not going to let it die easy we can't he now like it it so it's it's just he and in fact i was encouraged by some news that came out of i believe attakon where they c the voted in about a nine new members on their border commissioners out of a loved and they have done some huge things are ready and there was one person i don't remember it was a ministrator or the person it's over he oh the board of commissioners but they fired her and there were some people saying you can now that and i'm thinking you don't i wonder what the board of commissioners that i'm talking too would say if what say there friend was auriculate price say with me you can't do that what you just did but there telling me oh yes we can and kind of onemankind of get the impression did catch you if you can use to be the thing that we used to say but now it's like convicts you catsbut if you can't convict us sir you can't take it to court and get a big enough judgment then we went and i'm thinking oh boy so e it i didn't want to get too far into the to the weeds but it is interesting that paul and maybe he didn't make this a legal lawful thing but it just rang in me so much and to me it's kind of majestic that we are not bound to the laws legal demands and i would say even it might help here because i i think that's what the pharisees and the sadducees they trumpeted the legal demand and eating care about the lawful commence i think this is what jesus got in trouble with him oh at the time so over like when he walked through the fields with his disciples they would pick grain and eat it and they were table you can't do that because the legal loss you can't do that i'm sad well jesus says now in fulfilling the lawful demand now when i say that i don't want to intimate suggest or anything that jesus didn't in his life in his work keep every legal demand and that's part of what he set aside nailing that the legal demands and the record of debt so the cost and that's why he can forgive us so because our debt was nailed to the cross god can now forgive i mean oh and this is why i do want i bring you one more point before we move to the next section a lot of people think that and i i used to do a lot of door to door minister with my friend don a dearborn and it was mostly to moslem i might be a lot more to day that he still does he has a ministry down here called stones cry out the moslems would say they believed that god's mercy they set all we got to do is ask for it and god gives with this text here and what i often told them no this is why i teach that mercy god's mercy goes directly through the cold so that god gives mercy because justice has been paid so god's life was the justice paid for the ransome therefore god can extend mercy this is why i think even as we move forward looking to what a world might be if we come back to a constant understanding there's some people that your seorand to mercy grant mercy grant mercy i just i believe that biblically mercy is given and so some people say oh i don't i don't want to i don't want to talk about just oh and i know don you've talked about it many times there are people that are chest pure pure sand tone and i think it's merciful that in judgment they would lose their life and that's merciful to everybody else and i you can't look like a repeat a repeat of founder of ravens go because we're going to do it again they are not some one some one who has reaped a child is not going to be able to be rehabilitated and it's not worth the risk for all the kids out there to see all the outweringnes this person and watch him watch his person go off and rapante two or three kids and take them and do it a hellish existence on earth that they will never truly get past that kind of a tramontana get past it but why why would you risk that when they knowingly it when people do stofflet they know in their hearts it's wrong you know keep people already know that it's wrong and you know it's it's like i would have to agree with you on that some one chases a kid like that there there chances for you and again have to be either incarceration or or for arranging the meeting with god and letting him decide what what's like okay i want to before we move in a fifteen or as removed to fifteen i know we've been through this before but i just want to pick up on what jesus said in the upper room of you right man from ka no talking so i want to say this to people on an as a pastor as i preached through the structures i was kind of blown away that john thirteen fourteen sixteen and seventy five chapters out of john's gospel of what indeed right in chapters in verse but five chapters out of twenty to is the upper room discord and so what i'm going to quote and talk about his from the upper room discourse and he was talking about to his disciples that i i have to go away and if i go away i am going to send another comforter another paraclete to come alongside of you we pick up in a john sixty first it a loving and says he when he comes he will convict the world concerning sin and righteousness and judgment is one of those passages that i think as we read we go oh i think i know what he's couldn'tsay but we find out that's not the case he says concerning sin because they don't believe in concerning righteousness because i got to the father and you'll see me no longer it's like that's wot it puzzles me to this day is how does him going to the father ever shall righteousthe and yet we're in a pick this up a little bit in this passage and even concerning judgment because the ruler of this world so when we think about judgement i can't remember if jesus said in her one of the apostle it was like the judgment must be at the house of and this is why again i believe that we need godly government if we're going to have notoriamente in our land we need godly government i mean if we have evil governance they're not going to judge in a godly way and as what we see to day we are so far removed from god the so what is it about the cross and this is what i would go back to i think that people don't realize how what hecaten cross oh i mean there are some in the church that put the pinnacle of that at the resurrection i know that we're talking about maybe a three or four day period but i'm convinced that even from jesus words before he gave up the ghost under cross the it is i believe that the pinnacle of bent of all history was done and in that it sets in fifty he disarmed the rulers and authorities put them to open his by triumphing over them he and so when when we even look back to what it centrethat jesus nail if you will by going to the cross nailed or record of debt and our trust passed ah and the legal demands of the law the cross but there is a sense that he he took care of the rulers so when we when we really pests in the talks about footing on horror of god it's like they have been defeated now we look around and i think this is part of the confusion this is what i preached in my message oh other now i should say preached or talk cause there was a turning point samassa a tease but i think it this point it was it was preached sometimes you can't put a knife between the teacher and the preacher but it's like we don't understand that there is a real sense that satan can't do anything more then if you will we allow him to and i don't want to carry that to a degree that yet would be heretical or wrong but i think that too many people sit by and watch evil and it's like what do you think's goin to happen we're going to go oh woe is me cause of what was just again is it we don't we don't seek to put godly people in government and down at that's why i applauded what you did and still do i cannot wait until some one like you is in office in michigan or in our united state understands what godly government en constitue no government as our founders in and actually in what i put together on the mystery there are two passages that blow up verse fifte and really hammers what god does what jesus did there on the cross in the reality as remember colossi colossus was written to people who were under bondage to in godly philosophy they were literally worshipping an embracing i would say demonic spirits and this is why even an get it so important here paul does it he or it to that point but he does it in a implicit way he says that he disarmed the rulers and the authorities that you people are bound to he put the open shame by triumphing over the and so paul is in i think a majestic way speaking to them right here about the reality of the cross that they do not need to bow i demand they don't need to bow ungodly philosophy because the truth of stay hands as a beacon for as the look at so individual choice you and if a leader has not in it the leader is not just whether it's in short an organization or in a governmental public functionary position otiore duty to step away from that and to not just not just be part of it just because it's a thing to do you know is just like what i was talking right yesterday where the end i'm sure i made all kinds of friends in neterpui and poverty calling in to cut because it is the coldness and every single political party and honestly most of the sub groups that are organized underneath it were it is becoming a call to personality as well as a gain and either fall in line or your ostrasien or there is an ability to move forward within the organization it it can very quickly turn in something very very evil into the organisation is lopped and so he clearly put you know the authorities the leaders and the heroes of authorities put them to open shame because they were leaving the people astray and then he don't going on for further note let no one disqualify you and sit sanastis and worship of angels going into detail about visions puffed up without reason by sensuous mind and not holding fast to the hand from whom the whole body nourish and mint together through a joint ligeros with a crow fetis from god not in random go and i think that we're we're all singing a lot of that out there it who you follow me are you following on you know you you were at the the valentianists to god we don't need to we don't need to follow follow on righteousness and in lack of godliness no matter what it is in our life and work individually responsible for that choice in those choices we make yes so he thank you done for that i mean and you beautifully what into that and this is why this passage is your so pregnant good lovable truth god paul didn't want god doesn't one christ doesn't want us to fall into it there there they'll trip is but if our eyes are on christ our eyes around the prize we have less chance it were to fall in his is why it helps to have other people to help us along the pheasants three ache to ten which is a great passage but it talks about to church and sanest he wanted to preach to the gentiles the unsearchable riches of christ had been the same people here that same people to me ah and to bring a light for every one what is the plan of mystery hidden for ages in god who created all things this is why if you go back a chapter before here this is what i say about to save i tim barker translation is the god puts grace in the onlies in the heavenly all generations and so not only that it says in to bring the light for every one who what is the plan of mystery hidden for ages in god who created all things so that through the church the manifold wisdom of god might now be made known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly one i think that's one what aspect that we miss in so much of our lives we don't need to be infatuated with them but in some ways that's where our war is with these evil people and we have psychics we have teaching what you just sat down it was a perfect sedway cause i i just caught there was somethin this week that the pope oh said something he said being gay is a sin but not a crime in such hockess it prints on how much you pushed at basically i would say that he implicitly taught back to what i was saying earlier that being gay and i would say it's the practice of the day lawfully legal before god in his law and he said this the church should actively work to end laws that criminalize gave people and i don't think it's the gate people i think it's the practice of the people that say their gay then declares plate distortion were all children of god and god loves us as we are then i thought for we can say that were created by convalescents children only through new berth recreation many think we sing songs i know one of the famous songs that billy gram used to sing just as i am in no ah but he did say i call in that son but god's law is realised only a new birth as he transfigures us into the king his dear and so oh paul teaches in contrast to pole france as the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of god ah and such were some of you but you were washed big as sanctified and justified big ja justification in the name of our lord jesus christ and by the spirit of god so christ truth can literally satis free nets not just from john he all through the scriptures its christthe that sets and as he sat in ah glasson's five and free christ as satis and i just i want a trumpet at the people and point the way to what we have ah so i guessed the question and i would always ask is oh i make one more for man on wooden a famous you see a basketball coach i think they had quite a few undefeated years that was back in the rain i believe lew elender ah i now inikahimini of his name then he took but as a as a moslem but he said be more concerned with your character then your reputation her character is what you really are your reputation is merely what others thank you and so i would say that paul taught true gospel received correctly grows into gospel rest and if that's not in you go but if it's in you as you just pointed out and i know that the headings of verses is not necessarily scripture but it says let no one disqualified if you're in a faith do everything you can to demonstrate that and you will not be disqualified while people try to do that shire do they try to destroy your reputations that's what i know with my friend are to did the kindest smear trample steam roll assassinate his reputation do i think the assassinated his character yes but did it destroy his character not his character is who arenas inches well i think it comes down to do we care more about what what a what a people think about us or what god thinks about is cause i are you character you're goin to be you're going to be bombed proof of your character is you're always the same whether you're in the dark or in the light you're here there whatever that you are that you will always do the same thing in your consistent ah you know your consistent in here at in your tangere that that's a big deal or a part what anybody thinks or or sets about your has any opinion of you because then you go right straight to god god says i you're prove god says that he loves you god says the keelies you enough to set his only begotten son he here to die for you because he would rather have that relationship with you than be without it well i don't like you but i'm kind of like i would wait rather have gods opinion of anything that i do or my stand for and cause people are fickle people people are fickle look at how they treat it donald trump look at how they treated jesus look at how how any one who has ever stood for anything he made made things better you know they want to pick they want to start picking you know pickenses that really doesn't matter and you know you can't you can't put a whole lot of way there because people will change and if you if you get like one per cent of the people that like you a quarter of the time at this front chin your probably doing better than the haverage because ah you know it's more it's not about what are you do anything right or not it's about one of that person as comfortable with what you're saying or what you're doing or what they want from you not not just because well you know be yourself be your best here you know and celebrate in what god put in you it's more about one of the gaining from it what can they instead of love to love and will end at for your best good which is loonies all the time well it is amazing how god's holiness the standard christ holiness anybody that attempts to pursue that even in new birth see the evil wicked people always do want to pull do come down to in an ever have the idea let's go up so you and really it's not i am not to standard i point people to the standard as i pursue that standard but everybody wants to pull you down in san who do you think you are you know you're you're a hypocrite you know come down here be red like god said ned we won't we won't you know real on you but justifies or behavior you know lie cheat steal be like us in ordering politics so here she there because it makes them feel better cause there cheatin and now our bees cheated on thanks and you just got to stand and say you don't you can sit over there and be you know do do you do your thing but i refuse to jump in to your shop and be part of your manure pile i am not known and we all have that is a personal decision of his decision every day in whether you're going to have integrity or not not that we're ever going to be perfect jesus was the only one that was perfect and he chose not to throw his throw the stone so you know he he you know he tries he picks itself he set speck and our feet says come on youanother shot you got this and you know when in its inner heart to be sad i know what it is it is the things that i know i can prove him it's like you all oh manner which over better i you know i wish i were better this torishidete his wishes to be you know a better person to bring behaviour words your actions gloryyou know you don't want to barracombe in a new gun theron ego and i you know we could talk about this a lot but it's it is i guess i have over the years or spend something said a really on say confused you bet she go how man that so much is the grain of what god and christ on i mean you and think that the church what embraced god led i did i have not ever done this may be i'll do this in some weeks ahead i believe that the number one command of god is be thou holy as i am old can we obtain that now but she did be our pursuit absolutely and yet it's almost impossible to find anybody in the church that will talk about being hold but we always want to drag somebody down forester shore that changed raging people down on his probably one of the worst sends out there because you know it's it really instead of trying to i mean we have to point out the bad behavior special you know talking out we talk about god legomenon we have to look at the problems and call it up so that it can be addressed in the light this is wrong you you don't make money off other people suffering you do not you do not turn into a money came in a money case it is as the love of money is revolledo terrible things for for that for that that gain and up and it's it's not a good folk it's just not a good folkes because right now and i believe we are going to have a complete collapse of some point time it's got to happen there are all the evidences out there what happens is at if everything that people worked for is all of a sudden gone and got star over an or you know what are you going to do what in and he honestly that's what's going to happen were in haven we lose it all and you know we leave the earth the same way we came into it with ourselves poverty much nothing material you know we take those that we love we take the you know the love that well you know the love that we've shared and the people that we've helped and the things seretenes the only the inner that the only thing i but the cars the whatever you know that is that as a temporary thing and it is a soulless pursuit in sessitos against so that ever did have you ever seen that where somebody it's like they've got to get a new car every six months or something like the absurd and it's like what are you even doyouknow i hate it's it's kind o it's soulless to get the soon as the thrithing where is off its gonosome thing else you know it's kind of crazy well er you've erbeout water donecan take this stuff with us i mean there a lot of people that they shore believed that they lived that way and yet jesus talked about building up treasures that neither rose nor moth can destroy and inspire it's exactly what you're talking about week we we take along the people that we have influenced me the new birth and it's those people it is the law and in the encouragement and the things that you build up other than that we we take nothing i then i've not request for prayer reasons have been down here been working with this this oh problem with this monohan trusts that are taken over the nations so that americans will never be able to buy or have their own land is really bad so rate now while i'm down here been trying to figure out a way that a whole bunch showpeople and in a basically of senior community will not lose their halls and it's really it's really sad people have lived here for forty years at this point and they lot of people of lost lost their family members and metal man lasting who lost all are her children all of her children of the three of them that died and in the sadness that's there and now you've got the land trust that's taking the only thing really the stability that they have and i have so angry for this thing and i think it's a righteous anger because this you know a person could really do the right thing here i think that sometimes when we don't when we do things not for money but we do it just cause it's a right it looks like we're losing were losing the gain that we think we have but god will make up a hundred fold what we give up if it's for the right reason and so i i like to ask everybody out there to really pray for this community because i'm going to tell you what there is some real real awful things happening there there really are and there's people that have come in that have been basically sent to demoralize to steal what they have it's like when you talk about grandpa and grandma being kicked out of there kicked out of an i mean i thought of people that are like i have no more to go where where am i going to go and in no one seems to care or an organ being stuck in up to this and you know it you back your brain and you try to figure out ways to do it but the people involved in and the displaced displacement of these people their hearts have to be turned round its long after being a heart turn around matter or its honestly its complete decimation of people's real life and i'm honestly praying for the granate now because you have these big trusts and such that have just youyoureally reduced people into just numbers or in their way if their just and their way iskeneet walk down the street talked to people find out what's really going on with these people and be there to help them and it is kind of horicona for me too to come up with some sort of an idea that's going to be very workable there's both of us kind of work in on it right now but it is in his heart breaking in that pursuit and a love of money is so rampant right now it's money in its gained over people and in he is a wrong it is patently wrong the political scene is doing it it's economically a happening and down you know it's that accerate stands and does the right thing regardless of the consequences to them personally and that in every one of us should be making a commitment to that i daily basis that were guardless what the consequences are to me personally i will stand before god and do the right thing and let him worry about the outcome and down in if everybody can pray for for us in his in the situation as we are fighting some very very deep pockets yes i heretickes in is it is incredible their goal is to love ragethat they have displays every single american so that no americans are able to absolutely own any crosbesich tip of the ice fernand it's really its inspissate comarine coal mine because the just the beginning of the toxicity of corporations owning the united states america are land or property and we will be left as orphans if we don't stand and fight this and that's exactly what cascaraloine and be happy and that's this is part of the evil design and i think it sad down it and i guess i stepped on notletters hundreds of things like this and have to be corrected and have to both and nobody is really look at it i mean to me our leaders are not looking at this he want to create all the distractions while they steal us blind now and it will agelike the balloon stop with boons the balloons were probably put off there in flick its like you know people don't think this space force had em i mean some besaid that this morning it's like yoh its pace forstenhusser probably launched on you know or something i'm somebody alternirenden launched an i'm sorry but a space force is as source knows with scoonie didn't just let megerlin's over our country you will itsens remember this oh i think it was a a nighty days before the appearance of these stupid balloons were out there the districts from the debt ceiling and the financial prom general flint posted you know a song it's ninety nine in loons i think it's the holstein ii like the song for many many years and he protested this nighte days before the balloonist out you know work were magically found i'm sorry somebody is up there distractions believe the good guys are controlled the good guys are taken this thing down and you know all of us we can is prayed to god that the banded gets ripped off take the thing down and let's billdebate we can't continue to live this way letting the child traffic and go to spitting and god's face this whole thing it's time to throw down stiff you say or christian and you want things to be righteous then you'd better be willing to jump in the anthemthe now were you about the life or the one little let the flow is of the life for a jump in and let's get the thing done we're going to have to we're going to have to just do that then it's going to take a fearlessness and an unwavering resolve to set the nation back on its feet again without fear or any of the sons of bolook into that looking to the story of that or the son of a general floostherin you said that what do you let me pull it up here for you and to take you down for saying it because that's that's exactly to me that was the thrust you kind of nailed in the last few minutes to thrust her by turning potassa message talk teaching it's like we have got to get involved and we just had to get a friend of my nose talking to your saturday night he has struggled with some inodoris tian truth but when i was talking about we the people is being trampled innocent vironment and he was like for a first time he's like wow oh i might be i might be one of your compatriots el son never thought that you know it's like ye when you see that we the people are being just trampled it's like this was never the way our country was not he designed and i do pray down a like you say those land grants they are so davis is as people are looking into that and getting judges to make judgment to gain as after that it could be legal but it is deftly not lawful right right i'm in a ventplate i'm on to throw the sup here a minute and scott got let them oh ah and i left the on dear since second son no computer knowledge required and theron anger hang on heriotside the nothothenia and the brig of toontoonee were gone the hopes monteserrate the massive somethingsome scot olentoonsa o is sin ahhhhooooeeeeeeee plarnicosta reforestation on where were the roisterers open for well ateronnonte others his onesicritus consolidationists possesses a misonderstandin orfanotrofio the fealafor chapter trochocystites passes foescamposanto notonotoos to this shows at whose no come pretty perfected kind it's very prophetic and it's like i look at that okay so it was so back came out when i was in college i so very familiar in the original version of that is that's the english of the english version of it and i think that to see this and be give everybody hope we are going through in unpresent world war revent at war for a long time and whether its declared war or not were at war and everybody is going to have to get in you know get their hands around us and there's enough close out there he don't go back to resonabo warned us about the about the th the th leged vaccination and our trouble nobody warned us about this the mornings are out their people have to let and i you know there's some really great people out there like general plan and muragers eh you know the people that we know that we can trust they're dropping us crowns to follow so that we're not surprised or along we are already there now o days before they find these know alleged red chinese balloons are the citing me the coincidences are so would an would be unfair them a ball for this to be a coincidence thrown no coincidence and as for that connection with general flint in the bones trust face that the good guys are in control and and we're going through it or going through a time to dig us out of this captivity but everybody needs to get in the game it is not going to look the same when we come out on the other side it's never going to look and and that's good because this whole world is been wrung with a satanic oh you know of a satanic a hierarchy and it's got an end because it's got up at that has to end and it's going to take personal decision on every single one of our ports the decided stand in the fight and now her ever quit on water so with that such i weep we probably should stop my borrowin minutes over and his two knocks on the door here's fell pretty sure that hogsas wanton thick it help would yourself think harry i understand yes otoconite prayer command then we all eredetije yelleray with the accentuation of which your talking about lord we do need people and fight the there's a war man going on since before humanity and it is always good versus god and christ lord help us to understand that holes you give us make us come alive helpless to take out things in our life the trappers into deceptive deceptive action there are so many things learnt we can mention and even as down and tucked about his land trust the sothere are so many evil plans being perpetrated on humanity across the gold god grant us your grace grace is wisdom granis just the understanding that we can live before you in a pleasing way we need educate people bring him along as we try to sift through things ourselves it could be the test as the end lord we don't believe it but we know that histonaus had people need to be engaged in lord that maybe you will grant grace and much every can begin a new in righteous what we pray lord bring it to our land she is now i pray that so this day gass what i'm declaring war if this is a sofroni's a sort of run over the government in the united states as each one of us are their boss to day i'm declaring war on satan takes some in all this nonsense the comet their sobered but he got lechislatures together and andocides thing together and a declaration of war against every one who has set themselves up against our people and they they you know it's like they polyodon sat and poke the honor first were on the frogs didn't work out too well for you know for sangette getting the people out of egypt second round of the attack the frog plague is going to be mothers and i think we're all ready in the map of things you are here so anyhow everybody here go go to digging meeting friend worth over not come because i am not conceding and ah the election which was on lawful male administration and stolen you know they are the rightful present the united states is donald j true suck it up it's what it is and oh and ah and we need to make personal decisions on what we do not because you want to be involved in a cold club and have to have their permission on that worthing to no god that's like got to do and we got to sing straight out and they get the game and start fighting so there you go so we here you got hurt hands andbless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america will see its morrow carin rubber and they got a great gate yes that you too jo yourself