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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 10/26/2022 - Live - James Stewart

Published Oct. 26, 2022, 9:01 a.m.

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good morning this is brandenburg news network and i am donna brandenburg it is in fact wednesday and i have a very special guess that i'm going to be bringing on today james step and he's got a potatie a break i think i got that right i'm going to bring him on a just nation to you i i am so so honor to have him antedate he the guy we agree on a lot of things you're probably going to have to give me a little bit of grace to day because it looks like once again my for what if a reason my camera is giving me a little bit of a delay so we're going to try to get through this as best we can today but it hopefully it'll just even itself out i think i'm goin to bring james not a minute and then we're going to and good morning james how you doing good morning thanks for having me on don pocasset ing a grip on things sorry i was thinking of it i guess i was thinking of somebody else getting a grip on things i shouldn't even wing that one sorry to clearly i need more coffee well we had a little bit of a tightening promised this morning and you can see it with a delay on my voice in the and i'm not sure what's going on the started yesterday and i've tried a bunch of different things i think of an have to somebody more tact than i am take a look at the and really really let's let's do a few news clips here we've got carloman's vice president of the american federation of teachers and running mate to democratic candidate for flora governor charlie he made sure that every mention of her husband has been deleted from the internet wonder why that is well isn't her husband mats on the campaign trail with her all right he's a political ability he was arrested as a twenty six year old man for i'm going to i'm going to say that providing minors with alcohol and a few other things to that seemed to be a little bit concerning so i think we need keep her eye on that one michigan mayor installs gas line in home after pushing for city wide electrified electronic vehicle electric green deal nonsense absolutely exactly that it is nonsense no none of these people are actually playing by the same rules that we are and honestly i just i just i think we need to call him out for it you know if you're if you're going to use you know gaston your pushing an electric field you know our electric anything i think we need call him out pennsylvania state they will refuse an order from the u s supreme court include updated are undated male and ballet for election riding and okay so this is another subject we're going to go into the human trafficking thing i've been hitting that pretty hard lately there is another thing that keeps coming up over and over again and you you got to wonder when you start seeing things come up over and over again you have to wonder if the trend tie into more reality than what we would like to believe it so when i am seeing with his an awful lot of information coming out on satanic ritual a lot of that coming out and it's ramped up it's always been there but the main stream in it now which tells me that there's a lot more going on than perhaps what we what we think the i think we should probably bring that back to the forefront a little bit and maybe be willing to talk about these things even if they are kind of uncomfortable to talk about but this seems to be something that we're going to watch coming out of it and then going back with that scientists and its eating humans to combat climate change now i so i think bugs are the worst thing the pushing down your throats attention to how the catanians are starting to push the counts up of cannibalism and something a while back probably years ago called the cannibal cafe the stuff is really absolutely this is like not jane asteroids in its horrible in pain began a historic third term is chinese chinese leader by crashing the stock market with tens of billions wiped out wiped out the value of leading firms in the recent day a billion wipe out of chinese for foreign investors as foreign investors after he was granted a third amazing this is going to graze i don't know if i want to get in there but its field and what they're doing to sell baby part another reason for proportion and why we should be quite the proposal three his i think there's more to do with with that then there is just having no abortion you know i you know on the ball that we're talking were talking some very very evil agonashi and let companies that will pay for abortion travel he is leave leave eyes jake morgan son exporting good apple not flick on dismissed you no manner of a paramount starbuck microsoft rayel who least this is another thing that really requires us to really look supreme court justice samuel alias leaking the draft decision that repealed reverses way turn him and other majority into assassination target and and you know what that that actually is a real thing every single one of us that who has who has run for office his actually then warned of and or has experienced every every type of throat possible to mankind with sorbonne kid yourself these threats are real but those of us that have stepped forward we knew the risks getting into it and and they two may be first on the line but unless we get a handle on this everybody else is going to be next on the line and so it's just something hepatitis going to go back to your vote matters and the fact that we need to vote some very very criminal politicians out of office exactly what they are this is organized crime at the highest welldover men and we should all be very very concerned and their using companies institutions i mean go to right now the list just goes from bad to worse more you find out about it and in more evilly people really are so anyhow there's there's my little quick news can i ask your question one i was on fackleton i think that you posted that somebody that you knew from the j arrested or has an arrest warrant was that you there actually two of one of my most i don't know dedicated sup it's very very very concerning because why now would they receive a rest war and as you know as this campaign is really getting closer to elect i think the day and cortes tomorrow and so please everybody prayed for gayandy see them there in a lot of the pitchers that that we post online and and i mean i mean come on keep a let's let's try to figure you know if these moros running this country can't figure out what a real threat is i don't know how to help them i mean the these people are so moronic it's an unbelievable i mean we're talking about people who pretty much are some of the nicest people i've ever met in my life and solid as the you know as you know rocks we stand on i mean they're just amazing and truly committed christians there there there there really amazing so it was a misdemeanor wasn't it i mean that's what the essentially going after for as he misdemeanor trespassing i assuming co the but it's an arrest warmest so they've got a dancourt to morrow and get everybody was pretty hot but i'm going to be really surprised to because you know this campaign is actually going incredibly well when we look at the real numbers it it is a lot it's a lot higher than what any one else out there in the fake news as quoting and it's going to be interesting to see if there's any more threats i mean we honestly we had cancelled a couple of events due to an elevated and candidates such as myself you know you've got to understand that there's definitely people watching over over us a little bit that maybe nobody sees them but they're there and so they've got the hearing on the pulse of actual not made up throughout but actual threats from lunatics not bags and those that would be stupid enough to post videos of unloading things like atonal whatever where do you just try to curiosity do you think these threats are i mean i was with you we did that video no when i you received that threat threatening phone threatening you i mean i more let people or do you radical conserve i mean what i think it i would say that it's it's whoever is in the pay of the deep state the world economic form the global crime syndicate that we have gone on when when i started runnin and i actually had people that came here and said this is how it's going to work when you get an office when you get in and the michigan the first thing they are going to do is they're going to take you down in the base man and secret service etceteras going to tell you how things are run and i like good luck with that that's probably not going to work for him all well and you know because i really i'm not in it for the money like most of these most of the people at that i've met are in it only and solely for the money and it doesn't take too long to figure that out for me yet now i think they could do to pay me off you know and the minute they leviathan me i'm going to unleash the hounds how on every one of that's not going to work well for interesting because you know when we talk about democrats and the republicans what we witnessed over the past i don't know years as an actual absolute joining of hands across the aisles for bipartisan democrats and republicans for a unity for for a world order in you know george bush senior was very very vocal about this and i believe ronald reagan the end of his last term tentacular as well i mean obviously like i'm in my late is right so i witness when i was watching it as a kid nobody questioned a new world order that sound so so good when we're all going to be working together as are global economy and we started hearing new buzz words like that we've never heard before now you're looking at what we have right now in front of our faces for the very first you know we have people on spectrum of our political like in the republican party throwing this word atrio he's a rival republican in name only only right all due respect to the word rinolfo me i mean i'm a precinct delegate i'm a republican i had to make these do i really want to be a delegate and then i got elected to be the delegate so i'm like a woman to do this republican all respects i'm a rhino because i don't i don't support global ism i support the world economic form i don't support anything that they're doing globally i'm not for open borders and open society i'm not i am for america we've got all of the stuff going on right now down in our own country cross the whole scheme of things where you're saying it's like the corruption and the money absolutely right and it's in one degree spiraled so out of control and we were talking with i was talking with a body of mine last and we were talking about intelligence and why it's important and i think if delight i think it was benjamin franklin i talked about that unintelligent people cannot rule our can't run our country and you look at the intelligence of most people on how our systems work how our constitution were and a lot of ways were dealing with people that have the intellect of i would say the room temperature in all round seventy four degrees and it's hard because i'm not meaning to those people i'm not mad at them when we are at an all time of anger frustration in with everything that's going on and then when you add into the mix that people don't even understand how basic things we have global its walking down the center aisle taking our and we have handed it to them for years and years in and now that we're losing some of our freedom i mean that we can visibly see like when they lock down our restaurants and we wonder how were they able to do that how are they able to force us to dig ourselves and how were they able to even remotely inject us with stuff that we don't want to be injected with well we're starting to look back and think how we've really traded a lot of things world order that they want and now we're pushing back not going to happen so party systems all of them they need to be cleaned out but i'm going to tell you we're going to remain a two party system two party we're not that to clean house and the democrats are going to have to clean house i really i really think that we have to and all the party system what the the down side of this you know when you go to like a rook cause analysis truly is that they absolutely do not work there literally picking candidates and giving us in allusion that we actually have a true so in with all the big money that gets into it it's too much power concentrated in an area you know we want to talk about fixing the nation it's going to require a lot of decentralization having a two party system is the you know this like great now the post or child for corruption you know in centralization so that there's so that they really have all the power the running candidates are picking them their installing them they they are not giving us at all at so whoever it is that in power whatever there a gondar off to the side this is why they walk out with so much money in their bank accounts for sure and that adonais you know for them men me first an american people you you you last and they see us is actually more of a case crust i don't believe that it can ever be fixed it's not even if we have people that are in place in a good position now that may last one election cycle or two but it's it's not a sustainable good system at this point in time it will get compromised again there is no way to keep him out and so antoletti down and we actually have have a free and variations which includes every one at every level because now it doesn't you have to you know if you have to and i understand representative type of government we do that that is there's too many steps in between we the people and actually having our voices heard they put up every barrier in the world so i i'm a fan to get rid of all of them are not wrong there's there's a lot of garbage that our forefathers did not intend nor even comprehend that we would even be in this system to digital currencies and things that even adds more to the massed releases even more of our freedom into the hands of i guess you should i do onything about digital license plates and here michigan i know we didn't talk about that have you heard anything about that dona now not not much i know a lot about the surveillance going on the digital license plate in not much familiar with that i would encourage you or anybody listening right now to google and start looking up i reviver and that white has brought digital license michigan so it's in arizona colorado and california now what was just now colorado but what that means and i'll just briefly talk about it when we're talking about control in global digital license through this company called a reviver from california they now are going to require you very soon here because it's definitely coming right now it's voluntary you will have to register your your license plate digitally through your bank account and if you break to fast or speed up too fast or whatever reason they will remove money from your account without giving you a ticket they can turn your car of remember obama's cash for counters back any car prior to or older does not have a computer chip in it so anything after will now be considered roadworthy controlled through this playing when i say controlled i mean shut your card you'll be monitored at all times to the they will not even and have full access to your if you don't have a bank account you won't drive you're driving a car that doesn't have a chip in it you won't let your vehicles won't be on the road and i know this sounds not but it's right here right now in our faces and nobody knew about it because withered closed doors and a blink of an eye and nobody question and right now we now have four states in the united states that are going to be doing this and it's going to go unquestioned until the bud is on our have essentially just lost our freedom of travel and i don't know if you know how i got out of the more just talking about the war and all of the global is a garbage is absolutely evil an evil i mean it's not even just a word that we can say dot of this is we can we could spend ten days over all of the evil things that global ism has done i mean we could start with montana we could talk we could talk about the indian the people in india that are farm crops that are destroying their lands that are giving them like mutations and their children because they this is global is a world crops these are things that absolutely as follower i know that nothing good is coming out of what these people are doing ere evil not to mention the human traffic that you even brought up including the money that they're making off of a bearded baby and i just found out recently they are keeping didn't know this i had no idea and you i didn't realize that when they they're keeping organs alive from these babies that they aboard that are very late and there harvesting them in laps and growing their organ use for medical experimentation and medical process it's a multi billion dollar then going on it we were living in an absolute a bubble of in i would i would have quite all of the stuff that were seeing you talked about cannibalism you talked this is some genesis chapter six where the you know that it's going to be like it was in the days of and it was evil in the guy was so bad gotthold her i mean i just don't because i talk to a lot of people that absolute used to talk about they don't want to talk about politics and they don't want to talk about funny because those two things are the very two things that are the most important to things to talk about and they are tied together they really are i mean you know my heart done you know that i'm christened on everything like it to the point where i don't unabashedly jesus and because it has to be it has to be in our politics and has to be in our relationships they are doing everything they can to erase and eradicate from our minds they don't want him the forefront of any type of thinking we are completely secular human and living scary times right when when you the first time you that we talked about it and and you also said that you pray for your enemies i knew i had a true brother in christ there a lot of people can talk about jesus they can talk about god and jensen warned of that of the head another people preach another jesus in the times but i do defining for me is when somebody can pray for her enemies and not you know go on the attack because honestly or our battle is with principalities and powers not not with flesh and so that means that you know we want everyone to be saved we want them to turn their lives around and you know and you know and walk forward because anything that has to do with the demonic or anything like that it's all completely and self destructive for and so i mean i mean you can you can see the evidence of that clearly when you when you're looking at you know godly government is is truly it's all about defending and protecting those out of voice it's about standing in the gap is about being brave whenever i see fear i immediately think a yeah they there either a baby christian or they to you know they need a material little bet or you know the their line to us about what they really believe in that quite often the case yet you know and so so it is easy it's easy to see people who are bent on deceiving others and they use it that to me that taking lord's name in vain is when you use god's name to to further their jonadab years give us forgot about this but he would come into the office and when i was very young and i was working in some marketing agencies right so that lasted about a year and a half for me and that i went off on my own because it was there were too many things that were wrong that were happening within the so i was pretty young you know and the guy that owned it he would go ranting and raving up and down the the you know the hallways and if he was mad at something man he'd whip the corona rat into your room you know you know you like only do and because you know he heard him screaming up and then he sat there and go go right back into the matryona this guy for my church that guy for my church in the so what is the old church saying for you is it just to build a network of people that you can you can virtue signal and then walk around as soon as your bodies are looking the other way and say oh you know this person for my church whatever i'm just like i'm so done with us the eyes i was a on funny that you say virtue i have i love that we have no script were just talk in this is the coolest thing evermore this is what i do every morning it's just just me the king american i i truly don't have any concept or any plan of where this is going to go ever i love it i love it this is awesome this is right up my yaller talking about virtue you know just in the past two come and all the probably shouldn't say that everything you know came out with that i noticed that i mean i've saw before but what i noticed like absolutely like i not only were they going to maybe die or maybe get a sickness that they wouldn't recover from fear of the unknown people to really i mean it just exposed everything right like on my school the teachers begin telling us when the health departments were saying you got a mass up and then i'm not going to lie at one point the health department if anybody can remember the that they were going to force back in nations on our kids and guess what that threat is come back if you have you seen that in the news that they're going to try this garbage against things so they want to force the literally most people and a lot of people not all but most simply come up to me because they knew that i was very vocal about not just laying down and doing what you immediately it was like okay listen we're afraid to do what you're told because these are our that we need to listen and if you don't listen to them you're a bad for me you know flared flags are going off like crazy like wait a minute okay now i get it now i understand critical thinking is taught that if you raise critical thinking time you make somebody afraid of some question it's not only in our modern day church told you what the past make any one man don't make anyone mad don't listen get along the truth is costin it is very costigan but when you said to pray for my enemies you know god the lord jesus christ has taken away my anger and unthankful for i have been so angry and frustrated with people like i wanted to shake them and say you know what is wrong with something happened to me a few months ago that really open my heart and my eyes and the lord just quietly whispered into my soul he said jane maybe they're blind because i have not given them the and that was hard for me to understand because i believe because i see something everybody should so my next question to the god was father what is it that you want me to do if they don't see in their blind shot nightly them he told me get out of the way get out of the way james stopping actually you are peter i said get behind me satan you are acting like satan i was chopping off ears lopping off arms people stepping on people i finally realized and then somebody would say anything against me or come against me for my righteous fight that i was involved in i would turn around and slice their throat with my words i absolutely unleashed on and i was righteously justified to do this in my own mind essentially became i was murdering people with my words in my actions i was justified but i know it to be a crazy journey over the past few months because i never prayed for my enemies do never done that i've always said that i have like if you were going to ask me when i would originate pray for that guy ratepayer that late oh she's just out of her mind it in prayer never have i ever intervene the for them and not just a that would restore them that god would get me out of the way and open their hearts tell you i have over the past two months i have seen miracles down i have seen things that i never i have seen people you know when we were at the county the other day when i was on the way there kind of talk to my heart and told me not the stage and do not use a more i had no idea what i was getting into god put that in my heart before i got there i was just and if not is this real but i always have i've learned to trust that muscle mechanism in my mind in my heart now when i know and god quietly driving there this is really weird god okay you want what all do so i get there they go to him the mike he's like here's the my jams and here's a ge'man to talk from the floor and i believe it was paleske serious i go a he goes here's the mike i go i want to just use my own voice he goes no one is going to hear you said well i think i'm not going to use the microphone i think it can talk to the multitude to cover huge bare so i did it and you know what the end of that i have no idea what god had done i mean god spoke through me i know that the lord was in that place i heard jupiter was a lot of impassioned the end of my tale why i did a very tiny black lady came up to me and he vished can and she was standing right next to me after i got to printer please young man i go she goes up i was walking by this and i don't even know what this is i don't know what we the county is but when i saw you and i heard you my now that i needed to hear this message and i had to come forward and pray with you the lord spoke to me to day you for being obedient to what god is doing and that broke me that broke me and but it made all day it made it my whole week my month a change so much god has done so much in my life that i am now hold different place to be sensitive but i also am i a fighter too you know i don't i don't i'm not a guy that's going to back down to tyranny or to a so going on something is happening right now minds are are being explored beginning to wake up and i'm very very careful i have been attacked a lot and i know you have and i pray for you down i pray for you every time you pop into my head i pray for you because i know the attacks that you're under me we were standing outside of the building and you said james let's see what to the phone calls the habits i mean it's not even like it in normal world being attacked by something or someone there is usually a reason stuff that i've heard just it doesn't have any type of logic to it what i really glad that you were able that one that you know when you were at the barn and we did that interview and you know not bag numbered two thousand and teinture ilanthus and i hoosiers that there's so many of them calls up and i hope phone on i said as i put a speaker one at james could hear this craziness that comes in and honestly i intakes me laugh i don't know why it's candlelit end to it and say well you know somebody's offer somebody's offered sir of the rock or something because same per does not talk that way you know me you know they just don't because it's just it's a rat and i understand that and it's like you know some people also are so angry that they can't manage can't manage that anger so it comes out at last in our other people and and i don't take it personally i mean it is wholly an effective to these calls just don't bother me because i really could care less only because i feel the same way now i mean you and i both have very tough your business owner you're an entrepreneur successful i know this the way you carry yourself i don't measure success by you know monetization i measure success person the way that they carry themselves the way that they communicate for a lot of people the base it on money and the one thing that you always say as i'm not doing this for money i'm not even running for i'm not even a politic i know i know you i know where your heart at and its awesome and i love your heart and i love what god's doing in your life these attacks that were getting to i've noticed a i am and as tough as you are they are we don't care we really don't we do let them roof but did you know that i have had to deal with exhaustion i have no idea why i'm exhausted come to my attention that being attacked even if you don't care is e i found out the people that paid for or at not usually family pays for our attacks so when i say that we pray for each other and i pray for you prayer is that god protects you your family is we can deal with it you know i forget a lot of times that my kids in my wife don't deal with the stuff the way that i do i think that your hardware differently and so there's not everybody's word the same so i had to be very sense it's been rough it's been rough because i had to step back and go old man i am being attack affecting my girl this is really he told them i realize this my youngest probably last year was reading some of the comments on face people found out that you know ran for school board and i was trying you know stepping up and fighting the schools my daughter my youngest was reading and i giggle about him there to me they're funny i'm just like this is a you know i screams of a sedentary friends like a kicking but i look at her my daughter's face and he tears were in downface and she's like dad why are they talking about my dad like the saying these things about you dad and i'm like oh my gosh like i've got a protect her like i can i'm her hero i'm her father you know but and then i realize it it has its effect on my wife too i mean my wife's suffering at her school because she's getting sweet lady who doesn't like confrontation she married a monster because i love it i eat confrontation for no right it all it work for me it is not one it's fun but it's funny because i like the arrows probably like the pang of and get our loved one standing there as under you look all my gosh the lying down but it's just funny because i've just now like really and in the idea i need to be as more than a sword if that makes any you know you know what i used to tell my kids when they were little and so i helped you know appear as a parent you help kind of frame the world so that when he come your way that you can stand in its like trees you know little trees the acorns fall next to the big trees and the big trees give them protection from the big hard winds and tell her there there a tree trunks become strong enough to stand on their own right for what i used to tell my kids when they were little as when some one treated them poorly and i you know and it happened i mean we all have to go through that that toughening stage and you know so that we can become adults and stand no matter what comes our way so i would atelier one out there is that when some one treats you poorly has nothing to do with you if they say something that is is crazier the callinans or something there in fact telling you how the brain works yet nothing to do with you this is how they this is how they frame their world the isis exactly the they're almost plainly and down there the poker hand by saying stuff like that now you know exactly what how the brain work so they accuse you of some that means that in the same situation exactly what they would do further than that you know when someone treats you poorly generally because that's all they know that's how they were treated their passing on the treatment that they received and it's almost riots almost like passionate you know it's a mind by ruse when somebody treats you poorly somebody treated them poorly like that or they saw that they think that that's normal you can stop outside of that and say well you know this is your craziness is not mine you know and so going back to a group thought a romantic you know when you see people that they want everybody to be just like them in that gives them validation for holiday they think in the things they do why why would a person give that kind of control over to any one else you know that for for approval or for anything you know you goes back god created all of us exactly as we are for a reason and you know as long as you know you have to go to god you know directly and he'll give you the to say where you need to be and sometimes very appropriate to cut people out of your lives that are infective use of in such a mean you don't you don't have to stand there as you know is a whippet for any one but because we want that approval we crave that approval so much we kind of give away who we are you that's unfortunate but but guaranteed that when somebody treats you a certain way it because they think that's normal and they have been treated that way themselves so we can choose to go in and you know beheader for them too because it they're not they're not really the enemy the enemy is the enemy of our souls truly a well and they have been in a game of caps to the flag they just got cap so now what are we going to do help bring them out some people are damaged beyond the ability to to be rehabilitated in is going to be between them and god you know you see somebody who has who is associate psychopath generally that's not someone you can rehabilitate it's impossible it's kind of almost a hard wired thing now god can step in and fix anything but we can't so the best in we can do is get out of the way let's unnatural counts at quantuck and and are you know and not not sit there over and over and over just takin a beating from these people you know right and correction and rebuking people and using that type of wisdom it some time is it like you said on psychopath or social when you when you correct a rebuke them oftentimes not received at all as a matter of fact i really weird talk to people now a lot of people don't listen to what you're saying they're just waiting for their turn to that is yes it's listening for a spouse rather than listening for information it's so bizarre to me but i believe that part of ramming programming through our media the way that we communicate and so back full circle back to why i know god wanted me to talk on the floor and not use the micro happening right now where our communication is being disseminated through every type technology my kids are using their poles they don't you know my kids have relationship problems in their tea talk about it what they do as they will tax graham or snap chap rather than have a conversation on as we social media and being people like you and i do in leader god is to step out i believe that public speaking is going to become one of the most popular form at a couple of years where we will begin publicly in front of large groups of desire for truth in new be so surprised we are going to have to get out of our home go talk i am already seeing the amount of invites that i'm getting to go talk public even to talk about stuff like this you wouldn't think that anything that we've said right now was controversy i can promise you that would be shadow and it intolerably on you face book draw and yours as well it probably won't they won't let this go out to the if you were to try to like organically get this they ah well then i was i keep getting taken down off the thing so the last time i got taken off of you to believe me of randomly a couple of times so that you know even ballotted is none and so that my campaign people call a campaign manager called and said said will why is she off failed they had no answer for it but they had me down for ten days and they didn't know why all the information so somebody got in there and just took it down to the last time while i got banned on face book what i ended up doing is in fact i am so that we were going to replace it so i have a little company and i said okay this is exactly what we're going to do we're going to replace i'm not face we're going to replace so we up or we precaution and we now have brandenburg news network dat com i guess the door you hang out a minute i'm just going to eat does weird that's good i love this this is my kind of parashino script going to answer the anybody that's listening right now i'm totally stole about on network i'm going to hopefully be able to unload some of my content there very very shadow band and actually going to use this time to look myself if you're watching i do have a post called getting a grip on you guys can check it out and make comments on some of the stuff that i'm doing i got to wear away this week this guy just comes to the door and says i work for consumers and and i'm here to change your meter out he is like he is like yeah i said i he's like great family right now and i'm like you enter the power of so that happenin i'm not a botanist go away and go you know right etcetera onerous a menacing your electric meter in it an unidentified individual they do it's the devil i'm here to turn your power off because we don't want you talking about you more than to interrupt things and probably install surveillance in your house what bunch of more oudinot that they's something called a sting rays that are out there and i had somebody who is pretty in the now tell me about these things and what they are as mobile so towers and there in a lot of them use like the the big vans really yes and so i got a pointed out to me he said if you see any of these sinfonie house a mobile so tower and they can in fact all of your calls will go through the making intersected and and as it was it somebody who is extraordinarily knowledgeable within law enforce that while my men out to me some like not job comes my house and wants a change out my electric meter as it is as it no notice nothing he's just got a little electric meter in his hand on like his hero here i mean you can't just show up i mean what if you weren't home with them perform that without you being here knowing no identification nothing so all right well that's my stop i mean back to seriously like i mean if you weren't there what i have continued and there's another thing like those i mean our gas meters right now you have natural gas they have if on that as well they have been monitoring or usage from crazy i don't know how we got here on this topic but listen i have propitiated there you know i have propagandism is i wanted to another prop i'm not a natural consumers told me that you know you've got to call you know the oil company the promessi indiget another tank i want another i have lontaine another floor bring me a thousand gallant because i'm getting i have a whole house generator well let's we want to check your we had any of their best i go what you talking about my consumption i buy the pain for the year come to find out they were not going to give me another tank i didn't fall within some federal guy lines of usage to let him they said you can go by your own tank if you want from but you know what i've tried to buy tanks over the past two years they have been very very hard to yelling i think i can i think i can point to and a good direction well i did get it you know what they did as they found out i showed them that i have a generator through an on this isle that put you concerns me is the they're monitoring my usage on pro pain in their some law or something that stop me getting more tanks i mean i wanted to put probitas business of theirs why do they care i don't get as that way they can shut the whole state down in assam thing as lying five up there that this this is all about controlled the masses shut everything off at will and completely disabled all of us from even being able to have food or power or anything else again look at the monopolies that we have gone on in our energy we have we have an incredible amount of come then and really they've created catalan the industry keep every one out and it's it's really you know they can price fix they can you all this stuff under the guys and they made this nonsense legal and the same thing with regulating you know the digital go back to the digital license plate right they don't even have the actual right to license our car it's a hospital we have freddie you know and that the only thing they have the right to regulate would be would be commerce but individuals we are free they have no right to regulate any of the danaan burges as governor is going to go in there and white so many things right off the books it's not even funny because their unconst so we will be spending any of the nonsense and you know you know what else i think i think we should suspend anything averted it all come he wants to produce wine in their back yard i don't care now the right to to do whatever you want nobody nobody has that right and except for clearly the moros who decided just take the right and on everything we will all nothing to be happy i don't think so that's not working well for me no i mean you're talking about alcohol i mean you can go like i'm the librarian and me i agree with you but you talk about talbot water wait until we can't get it's funny that like we're talking about this right now like a normal conversation i believe we're both intelligent people we can talk about this without sounding do you and i five years ago five years ago program would have been the craziest spiracy laden sense that any moderate person that doesn't gets up goes to and then goes to bed and do this conversation that we've just had over the past minutes is not would have been for a lot of people but right now let's talk about it you talk about cannibalism you talked about espying wiping out their country and all of their foreign investors leaving we've talked about i mean that you're talking food shortages energy sort that we've been saying for years like do there's going to be a food shortage now people are listening they're listening now more than ever and i mean is funny you had a guy come not in your daughter about energy and that's a rate that's insane they never used to do that matter of fact they would have to call i don't know if you remember that they would have to make an to come over they would have to call you first and say hey we'd like to change out your men nobody just shows a bet your door any more but they feel like they have i mean now like i have watched the meter guys when i used to live in the just walk in my yard don't we have every right to be here you have no privacy rights at all even if you got a privacy fence the figure out a way to get in the land if you the meter was behind your house will now they want access to those methusaler meters and they want this this problem because you know and look at her tax structure is that we ever ever ever own really anything because if they can come and take it under any guise you don't own it so if you don't pay to access they can come and take your property that means you don't own it that means you're a lease holder so many levels so wrong which attornies that are able to and incorporate i do not believe the corporation should be these multinational corporations or any foreign attitude one one square inch of american soil i agree with you one hundred per cent and and you know what there's there's some legislation that was past years ago that that enabled that to happen in it it's got to happen on the corporate we have to do corporate reform like you know when you look at his much money as the state in our idiot leaders that are up there have it put into corporations corporate while far heather is no accountability for what sort o we're going to create four thousand of really the benefit to the people of michigan on zero inanimate produced no they can get the money it's like like a government motors just got eight hundred and twenty six million dollar a corporate you know corporate welfare is hatamoto and they said they're going to they're going to bring in a four thousand jobs for of course in the easy and dusty which grand home just made a huge stack gain on that it was like one point six million dollars warner are energy secretary who doesn't even know how many barrels of oil we use the day i mean this is not it is so is to government motors there can sit there and take that money with no accountability how many jobs there actually going on in each one of those jobs is two hundred thousand dollars to create single job even botetourt they said they this is not and you know there they can take that money and say well it didn't quite work out the way that we wanted it to so now as a parasite organization work in a go and sell this to another state because you know i just didn't work out for real well we need more money to actually make this happen and so you know holding us has because we've already given them eight hundred twenty six million dollars while you know we need it to billionaire make this work that was just that we were off our asked him it and nobody will say a damn even unravelment ally like far down the rabbit hole we are in how irreversible some of the stuff is i mean and any quick amount of time i mean it's i noticed it as a business owner that in the few years there is you know there's obviously a labor shortage which i still can't remy mind around i still cannot figure out why we have labor shortage right now enough there's way too many incentives home so there's a program in michigan that i found out about not relay with it but i think it's called sarah if anyone is heaven a problem they can literally go in i can't be my readers no qualifications not they and they can sign up for this program and they get the run so now what are they actually have to do they don't need a career we can go to something that is wholly you know that there is you know and they can just kind of drift from one thing to the next to the neck and i have a problem with that i mean why is it that we have all this money out there is somebody all all the to do is say aheia problem what's the proof so you believe and i agree with you so it sounds like you're that they're incentive sing a welfare state the really they want us all on welfare they want us to eat from the hand of the government and at reviews i see it i mean i see what the farmers now and their crops i mean i see that everything that they do they want the government slowly squeezing his hands around our necks as a bolder come to the understanding that michigan is one of the hardest places to work in contractor with a license because of licensing and regulatory affairs oh it's terrible laura i believe done some good things in tention department like they're good intention at the end of the day it is just it compare pure bureau people from doing this to provide for themselves to build for themselves you know it's hard because to operate it in a business like this but you go out of these states and there worried that people are going to build structures that are going to fail and fall but you know in michigan honestly it's getting to the point and i saw this coming a while ago cannot they don't want you even changing a toilet unless you have a license plummer do a pressure test on the lines in an arbor they want if you were to do like say you wanted to swap out your door you have to have an stamp engineered plan for your exterior door exterior door and they want that you know i mean it's just an engineered plan what if i wanted a curtain for a you know what i mean they wouldn't let that happen involved an i'm just talking from just erratic point of just big i can't even imagine what our food are oil are energy all of the bureaucracy he that like the a the a was really only created to have truth in labeling yeah and then they continued to grab more and more power in order to control who the players are in the market and guaranteed the algetin a kick because you want to you want to hold they work they will go from and an agency to a company in the market i mean at you know so they these gas back and forth between industry and and the goosander to get things done i can you can see it too in the local zoning and a situations are township with how many people have conflict of inter and in these areas a lot of the times the people in one their developers what happens with the people that are sitting high up in the michigan michigan the developers look at im and they they want the they want to have control they want to work on getting this corporate welfare so that they can they the state gives them money to build well well how come the rest of us don't get into the they make it just as hard as they possibly can to work and there they're getting all these breaks because they just seem to think that they are you know all my business people which you know i'm fairly repulsed by that i mean i don't know about you but i work an awful lot of ours and i quite honestly you know didn't really i know i would have been ashamed to get on a board like that and and tried a jimmy the rules and whatever to my advantage i mean i mean that that is the definition of associate yeah and i loopholes right i mean we're to there were just using these loopholes well they create the laws for the loopholes because they're not only are they creating the laws and the rules there creating the ways to break the rules and you and i we don't even know what the rules are before we can even have a chance to even mitigate against the damage that's coming against the like were not in the no group right so how do you get into the no group will get elected get elected and then do what you're told because that's another thing that this is what we're experiencing right now the modern human being of america right now specifical give up our freedom so much that we simply we believe that america old shut your mouth get paid go on vacation and that's free that's not freedom i mean a lot of people don't realize that you can even it's like a legal to tap into a flowing water and create energy for your own home you that's a federal and energy off of a turbine off of running water control it that's it i mean it's not it's a form of black down yet sane thing with the food you know i believe in food sovereignty i think that any one has the ability to produce food to to feed themselves yes you know oh my god taken to on the way actually some three new chicken coop i'm going to my production capability because they keep cotton just like it with a utopian me off if they kick our food of gas at all on have a problem because we're just going to ramp of local production and they and they're going to fight here in all your chicken that we need to come in and kill them because your chickens have birds flew did you see that is a disease they've got a motor they are i think they are the disease that it is well there they are the gates essentially and we let them do this we have good but we collectively or collective mind a shot i mean were divided by cart abortion tax or were divided by skin color were divided by you know whatever fairy tale gender we think we want to be or divided were divided every way possible and i will that you said do what they want when it comes to the aceldama it on their own that's exactly right but it's all to be divided because if we're divided we cannot stand what they're doing why if we're united we've got but look what they're doing for hunting or i'm a hunter right very very first as like they want me to register my dear then the more i keep thinking about this like after i shoot a deer in my own private property i have to get on the computer hours in registers dear that is one is sex it was which is in michigan governor that doesn't believe that sex is it of lotion to put it to none binary dear that i that i that i absolute i blew very dust at it it fell over and then it just appeared in my that's what i want to put on these one on the deer when the death dear started talking to you and told you that it was you know in a donation as a turtle yes it wanted to fit a boarded itself in a just decided that it wanted to yet tedaidee trace but this is like i'm so hot point now i'm like thinking okay i've got to do this for the dinner but at this point right now and are in michigan we should be able to put whatever we want on that i cannot under what it is that they're trying to do the only thing that keeps coming to mind is it's the king's we want to know how many of the king's deer you off of our land and i'm seriatim so pissot it down i can't even like i haven't got out to go hunting every time i go to get my equipment ready because it's bossing what if i shot one of these stupid or i am not going to fill out that for it's all i think about i don't even know if i can focus on the hunt right now to man i am there's not any hunters are watching this please comment on this and tell me what your thoughts are entertaining this boon of brandenburg and thinking frantically because that there is the answer right now you know boardotrade in and all this nonsense and like like an not a michigan man a because michigan nothing room fast here you know any more it's like you know commysariat here in michigan it is not you know and this is the crazy thing i had a protector on years ago because you know i do a considerable amount of construction type in reared all the so i bought this belligerent big building there is quite a few units in it and and i was abandoned for two years i like doing that sort of and so i read the whole thing of kaleidoscope it really needed to be ripped out and started over again so i went through all the permitting processes and all that sort of thing to get this thing done the city of grenades at the the departments were not getting along so the building inspector would not talk to the plainer because they had a little you know i have no idea what started that you know but but at any just wouldn't show up in my job for two weeks i had a few that i was paying for trying you know dan you know a fairly sizable project you know on a building in here till that was trying to rescue and i couldn't get him and to other i went down and i and i knew the guy that was the head of the building department i said okay you want a tete you know these said he you won't teach you guys laceless on i'm like oh yeah gamma we met over there and he and he called the inspector then and then they had to listen to me you know she tail through this thing and you know and the inspector sat there you know like he's like camp that you know that etta you asked for it you know you guys are going to get this way you know you might get exactly what you want but the few isn't going to be come in for within the two of you there may be so many that is on the outside that's going to actually hold you accountable and you know what it was amazing that project started moving along right then an there ability as he definitely does that and talk about you do i mean i'm just like talking about the world that's a lot more fun when i want to talk about your rational i have a conundrum but it's not i'm okaihau care about you so here's my conundrum so i got a tack by some of the people that follow you and i got to tack by some tordinona when i say attack i mean like verbally abused online conversations that were just like it because if i'm not for you i against you and if i'm not fortunate that's how that's how things are moving right now for me because i am an anomaly i am i'm going to be honest with you had i not been a delegate where i was elected people in my community i did not blindly become a delegate it took a lot of and a lot of praying for me to become a republican and here's what ericson i am i not work you know people ask me did you vote in the primary data and i like no i went i i like this is the common unpatriotic point time and when i jump shepton the basically to shave you know i was i was pretty well done and it was like you know you want a war you just got one you know they would send for me or anybody else in statoo for anything teetotaler he unstopped stood for one no mohammadans are infiltrated they have been infiltrated and this is my prayer so from my standpoint when i decided to become a present delegate and i said okay into do this i'm going to run it on uncontested okay with staithes nine seats available i was the only one that ran but i did pray about it before i did tell people that you should be a pleasing delegate we need more my intention was this i told god i said making deals with you god but if this is what you're putting on my heart kept asking me to do it in my nisida really want to come on it just irene what i read knew what was wrong with the republican with the democrats they've been infiltrated but i decided this i said i'm going to do i become a delegate give me asking you to the power for through an bring healing to the party because there are broken that are doing this god said to my heart and he said i'm going to do that an open this door a very short time i haven't even been a delegate for a year a republican delegate through me and used me to do amazing things glaser and i are doing some nor in delegate and we are teaching the they've been told that there's the lowest form of government were showing them a state convention we shut it down three and a half hours and we made round wiser do something that he did not want to do now we didn't get everything we wanted we did get him to force forcefully we change his rules behind closed doors and i know things that would what happened behind that stage that nobody knows i heard about the screaming and the temper tantrum that went on behind that stage and so led no it was allegedly i got a direct report for somebody that was standing there i was i was there too and i want to tell you you know this why to you for people it's er there forester you against us here's the thing no matter what happens in this election still we still have i don't care who wins the problems are still there they don't get fixed overnight here's my conundrum had i not been a delegate i would have absolutely down the taxpayer ticket and ran and i probably would have been on your team but i didn't but that's not how i'm living my life i was obedient to what god's doing and now in now i'm doing this an so what i'm doing is were people in their minds in showing them that listen both parties fail and the democrats won't let me in if i walked into a democrat room they would spot me i'm six foot too i'm white and covered in tattoos and i'm a man that right there i am disqualified on every account but when it came to the republican party the republican party by and large uses god as a mask as it's like a big furry you know that runs around and good let's talk about god and then they say god and then they pushed the mask out into the closet and then they go on with or you are absolutely over the target absolutely co however and this is where i've noticed some there are new that joined into the republican party the patriots the american they don't know how the system what we're hoping is that we have a new republican party if it happens it's on god not my it's got it's not me that doing has nothing to do with we are we are lighting a drive flame right now what you're doing is so and i'm an advocate of this as people get very upset because not voting for her your votin for people don't understand about you you speak truth and you speak direct you don't mince words and that's nothing nobody can take that from you i really do no done that no matter what happens you're a voice that going to remain i believe be what god's got in your life and i've been praying for you leadership goes i don't know what the outcome of this election is going to be it's not contingent upon me my voice isn't big enough to make that can although i am doing something on my own i'm doing something that i'm being obedient to and it's been rough because people that see it they think in black and white they think for me or against i don't think like that i can't think same reason why i can talk to we had this thing happened at ms a few weeks back about a month or so ago where communist registered communists communist am got up and started at is that amazing very close to as to one point million election workers on their servers over in china and were surprised that you got a tent by communes no that maturation your surprise by it i'm saying it why would anybody be sure because though we have favor to foreign students over americans do absolutely neat piles into nothing more than an easy way to invade and bring in the market and domination eighty i heard over identity five per cent socialist or communist sympathizers or registered at miss i don't know what you have been his but that's a huge number right like the rare sympathy communism or have been so here i am with the communists people are told me don't don't don't even engage some point i had to they weren't listening to any political point i was trying to take but you know when they listed i started talking about god i started talking about listen i understand that you have a feeling an emotion or a logical in your brain that you need to get this out scream at me now talking and when i opened up the communication of dialogue what i found out is this i have them on video and i cannot wait to release this putting it together one of the kids that is as a communist he i asked him in an interview i said i got him a calm down we you are on campus where your human rights vile my human rights were violated communist tell you that their human rights were violated next to impossible right now unless you can get them i asked him i said why were you human rights violated he goes when we were on campus at ems come round during the courting when we were forced to be massed in forced vaccinated they would look in our peace while we we didn't have our masks on while we slept three times you would be fine and they would remove you from campus and send i crave that is crazy that is some some there's no other word for that exactly what that is done so when he told me that i immediately realized okay politics aside this communist in america realizes we have a thing called human right my gosh i mean like bells were going off and i started to realize that we have a very very severe problem right now we are dealing in absolute in ways that we if we can we're going to survive i really do if we have conversations like what i'm talking about right now we don't we are going to mattie in consume ourselves inwardly outwardly christ needs to be the center of our conversation praying that god intervenes in our that we make it christ center i do believe awful things are coming in my own heart i don't believe that we haven't even turned the corner yet we haven't even reached the precipice of the damage that's about to have in our own country so leadership right now for me is objective as far as party that party this you know what i'm praying for one i'm praying that demon revival we find people that are liberal leaning liberalism the classical mark weird communist satanic garbage that they've let allow creep into their ideology we need we need people that are liberal thinking wake up come back to the cost absolutely what the problem is and this is the problem with live they have but the hate not even know what it stands in care while the schools the third somebody wants told them this is what it stands for and they go okay ah you know fish on the hook you know instead of looking for themselves the believe everything they see to do in their own research racecourse ultimate and you know really and guarantee a right it's not taking him away then in the direction that they're going is just completely insane i want to go back to a couple of points that you that you made is that you know what you're doing within the republican party i piperson ally would fight for anybody's right to do whatever they felt that they were supposed to do and i applaud you for being in because i think honestly as a christian first your empowering and libertarian not even republican atalanta that you've gone into honestly in a way out of my territory in order to effect a and i applaud you to that i did the same thing i hated politics and politicians i was like i always thought the old bunch of liars cheats and thieves and they are and as so i literally stepped into an imitator for me in order to in order to see if we could take this nation back because i don't like any politics i think it's absolutely corrupt as alan looking back at how they've really that you know that the people that are manipulated others always have to create a book you know so now in and he used the use terms and they use labels and there's always this labor that label you know while that's a white male and he's got to have two on so you know now you're the buggy man and as soon as that fails they can't you know they can't trade any more damage to the white males and let me say it and i do say this bring out the toxic masculinity guys because you know what your your your needed now and if you need some one to stand up and tell the snow flakes to shut the hell off i will be the one that will be glad to do that you know and so i mean i mean so what's going to be the next boom look back through time so we've got bogeyman all over the world here you know who are they pushing for us to be afraid of and that's probably why are they pushing us to be afraid of these what what are they trying to chase us what what pan are they trying to chase the look at what happened with nine eleven i was all about pushing us all into a panther had to create a disaster and i believe it was created by our own government i absolutely believe there's no possible way that within two hours they find the passports of two you know foreign you know you know is lamentable a plan they could never have done in so and waitee days later they've got the patriot at right on no no no no the wish i need to do research on this done i really do i don't know enough about nine eleven i studied it a lot i inhibit right off the bat i remember sitting there with my dad and and when when the towers came down and my head was pretty smart guy all give that you know that whole side of the family is not an incredible memories memories he was looking at this a very very smart man and we were sitting there watching him come down and he is turned to me and he's like controlled done i i don't you know you're not i don't know enough about it and i really have in the there an looked at things and thought this this has to be got to be something more than what we just witnessed an you're absolutely right about the patriot act if anything if anybody wants to deny your annything about it talk about the patriot act that is one of the worst things that we have ever let creep into our country and you know it's disgusting about it we did it holding hands in in doing it united to but in reality if you remember when he did when bush nor did the people were going what are you and i remember that being young but listening to people saying what is this clown doing he doing with the patriot act this is unbelievable in the use what do they use then all operate pater insane on the republican party george bush you know he was the head of the sea was standin right by the right right on down there and dallas when candy was assassinated in the then you know reincarnate let let's do bush too and look at the book he read in that school just by accident and all the words that came out in sorry hindostan in one word of this narrative i couldn't stay on the bushes either of them honestly that was that that was one of the grossest things i now young and when i was a kid i'm like no you know and then i'm not going to every president after that has been nothing but a major disappointment to me donald awesome in the idea that posed a lot of corruption the best policy he had a business man phenomenal but he was you know a lot hammer and so donaldsonite is a woman in this case i'm dead had sat they gave woman by the you know what i am pretty extra sure i work in construction you know that we have all heard these words before we know all the words most of the united states has you know cable satellite has his rapporter homes you know and i don't want to at all i'm done with it you know i'm in there going and you want to look at him and what him to be acquired by me i want a president that's going to go in there be real yet and say with other because i'm sorry anybody that said that is a hypocrite do it to work it so do it's the domplein trump said something that was so of you know it more offensive than that an absolutely disgusting something that made me just like freak as one of bracamoros lois barton's and national t v du remember that yet you want know what's worse and that you can't find it now averaged it off of the intent hard to find obaa kissing that man's ring look out a terror let look up red white and blue spire you want to be dis that that will bring all the disgust audebit there aboard white and blue spray of terrified i don't know if i wanted he wanted be man that'll do it that'll do it i mean i don't even know what it is but i can guarantee it's going to kick me off more than donald trump saying grabby the you know listen stupid that is such a stupid you know stupid thing to be offended by you know it's like pretty extra sure that everybody out there it's a sad thing that they you know wish they hadn't said and you know anybody who's a public figure is going to have people trying to shoot holes in him all the time so you know like like i think everybody better have a little interest and check with david when did being offended i mean i'm in my late i'm going to tell you there's a couple of things i essayed i am older than you are along time you know i'm going to be that old grannis sits there and tells everybody right let me tell you i got two things that i believe that as i being offended and why it's number one the being offended thing is video game video games when i was a kid you'd have to go to the cane a canful quarter a game and if you died i don't care if you were on a level if you died you went back to the beginning started over there was no saving no pausing you were done seemed now i alliteration a fluffy story this was this was absolutely not anyhow go back to the banishing the being offended thing an that's number one is the pausing of video games i think that's ruined number two is the like button on you think about this when as being like ever shaped or shift any type of decisions that you made i left about this because i don't care if people i mean generally like it they don't like you oh that's for them because i'm going here like it doesn't make it's not going to alter my co the time but have you noticed being offended thing is contingent upon being like and i don't get it i don't understand it that does not register with me in my generation it being liked but i don't understand to the point where you can say when i was a kid if my friend was you know we're havin fun playing football but you've really offended me with your words i am pushed him in the throat and we would laugh and like continued on with the game as they struggled to breathe off to the side that's how boys were when we were kids you know i gottingen you the games that we played with the whole offended thing does i can't read my mind around it i don't get in order to communicate with each other you have to be fed to risk being offended and be offensive to communicate to get your ideas out that painful for people i don't understand it cried all have to agree on every thing we all have to agree on everything i'm going to spend full time trying to make everybody into a green with me because and then you've got a cat what you say to you know to make me feel good or else you hurt my feelings i like you know it's like okay so our feelings are hurt because we want to be offended why we know you put a lot more energy into just get along being productive i mean people to get a foundation way too much time on their hands the way way way too much time on the head and like a sad many times as some tells me to use one of their pronouns i can tell you that there once on a daily basis and you overcup with me because i'm going to make this painful and the pronouns i'm going to use or your empress better than you and every single way i told my once the what's the district of what's a descriptive that's an adjective as yeah adjectives descript of words like you know at slow things like that my daughter came over school holland day they were doing a survey where they got the right in their prow medical picture put in your adjective he like what if you can be a pronoun then you can definitely be an adjective start just starting describing your descriptive words like amazingly that's what you need to call me like anyway it was just funny reiteration a couple research groups and after all we would we were joking around about it and i'm like you i'm not worse woman that means that i've got you know i've got a you know how should i say when you ride a horse as a lot your physicality changes a lot most horse women have had a more of a muscular physique but i was so wittily this is the you know this as the gramma big but he of beggary but grahame here coming online and that's the way it is you know so i mean i am i think i think it's kind of funny actually my icon was an elephant and like you just can't get a founded by statement denying the world too seriously as a sly nut you know our world is in a you know it's it's worse we are prone to fail where it were like a bunch of little kids and we get up and we spill our trans even if we're sixty years old you know we're going to spill our trans we're going to do things that you know and you've got to learn to laugh at yourself will it not take things so seriously and you know how fond you have fun with life looking for reasons to be mad at people because they just didn't agree with you you know and i you know i applaud you for getting in the game and being a person whose doing something at this point time is some came round with the dozen shoetops and be happy because most people to sit in their houses and go from one instant grand vocation to the next and they do nothing but they talk and they know everything you know and it's like that of the one pretty much most people they just want to get on the complain wagon and complain about everything and point people different directions and to the gods you know you're making a difference and i really don't care how you're doing it you know if god puts it in in your heart do i who am i to step in there and make any comments whatsoever or if we disagree on something who all i there i disagree with you i'm not going to spend a lot of time trying to change your mind well i just won't oh i'll put my put my decision this is a want us to get online and argue outer point to my support there but you know it's like if somebody wants to think of some other way cause thyou know we'll get the trolls and shows on my channel that want to argue everybody in change everybody's mind it's like why not you just go do something positive you've already stated in your case you know that you don't feel comfortable with this or you start calling names or you start talking yes go go find your happiness you know go put your time in some you positive if your candidate any good go work for them to do someting there be you know plantation to just her everybody down that the goal is not for these people to put back the united states here down any one who can i agree and that that's a great point thrown anybody that can you know one of the things that i talk about her i've been thinking about it is that you say this lot thundered you don't feel qualified times of life right and and i can't argue that because i don't know what her qualifications are so i don't it doesn't bother me but what actors and the news caster and is she you know bout it that i've seen so here's a type of qualifications that i i believe the can be qualified like our business owner you're qualified to do things to from greener or even a business or a mind set right but there's another type of qualification that's like a racing person that that qualifies the at the bare minimum the they do the bare minimum but yet they qualified right come to the decision that some of our politicians because they've the finish line they've made the bare minimum requirements the people have qualified them to that and then you have another qualification that would be this job i'm qualified i could totally run this show however too many invested interests that's not going to let you run the show because you are all they have qualified but your qualified and they don't want your quality and you and i both know that that's the boat were in now when it comes to tutor i had to make it a moral i don't believe that i don't i am not a lesser of two evils kind of i won't pick evil evil no place with if i found out that to in any way shape or form supported i would back out in a minute i'd be done right now i would say i am think now when it comes to we're dealing with right now i am i am an anomaly i am an outlier like you said i'm a libertarian i've been libertarian if anybody disqualifies me as a republican hold on a second just let those gabbard into the celebrating gabord she likes abortion i am against a born i am publicly telling everybody i don't agree with the portion at all under any circs and i don't care what people it doesn't matter i could debate them they're not going to believe me that's what i that's what i believe that's what i know to be the day if you're going to qualify me right now if any republicans are watching as well cathy was liberty and he's now a rhino just open armed wrap your arms around those i mean i nothing nothing and nothing had nothing so i and now i will defend tutor i have yet to see and i've done my homework and re like you said qualification where you are overly qualified don't meet those qualifications way that i would feel the american people it seems are going to qualify her in the state of qualified as my hopes and prayers are not in politicians though don't you know that my not they're not what we're going to our clean up after no matter what happens only just begun and it doesn't matter who gets into that we can do things but politics only get as close to the an amateur right now if our politics jesus back into them they're not getting as close to anything other than the politics have to be christ entered they have to be christ enter but of an disagree with you on that because the governor's office is the one that can absolutely change everything if we if we get the governor's office with someone who has qualified who was willing to do it whose not just a party puppet and unqualified party puppet we can turn the state around and we can turn it around and so that an so i missay with us you know it's like so many people that are like we want you edwin like why it's my state not you guys stood with me in you not nothing and i'm getting you know im you know to be the the allegiance of the republican party not zero adaptive allegiance to my country to my guide and i and to god and into the people to weave people not the party is absolutely devoid of any absolutely any discernment whatsoever if they open arms with those habitudes in fact they approve of portion they just abandoned that entire print i'm not happy about it i'm not going to i'm not happy about the tall sea thing i'm going to tell you when she was up there on the moskwa she's a very wing democrat they're not going to keep her very long but i never ever would embrace her and say this is the politician that i would tell sigebert to me as the lesser of two i don't pick there is to me that's not a celebration that's not should have never been a point where you know i'm not happy about it i'm not i'm not going to lie i would never deceive anybody about that i am not happy about talabor you know embraced by the republican party that's because just real evil there really ill i don't bend on abortion i don't abandon baby murder the sickest most disgusting things that i've ever i don't even know how you can cock something like this in your mind and i am i just i don't i have a very difficult understanding how this generation that anything like this is for exists mental thing i can believe believe it abortion is sick to me it's henderley babies alive and taking their hearts out alive while the babies live and selling them and you know it's it's like waking keep turning our heads as long as we want but but what is really happening behind the truly as happy i don't know if anybody has ever really seen it i've been i've been tempted to post is but i haven't what a truly satanic ritual looks you know it would most people would stop their blood cold but these are all things that i believe you know if we're going to approve of them if we're going to have a vote and that direction and or not stand up and say anything as what the people that refuse to step up for this sort of thing they're complied complicity in the crime and honestly in my opinion they're going to have to stand up before god and god's goin to look at him and say what did you do did you say anything desire corner does it keep your mouth you know look at look at this going back and you know over over the you know the years i mean this this child sacrifice crampas been going on all the way back in the bible the bible talk about it and is one of the biggest scourges ever on the planet while now the same an it's not even a conspiracy they don't even hide the fact that they look at portion as a ritualistic sacrifice so the debate with people about abortion is so ridiculous it's not even have a logical conversation with someone who believe it's very difficult it's literally trying to tell somebody that gender is it could be whatever you wanted to be we are living in an upside down bizarre world of insanity i am to the point where i don't crazy at all i don't respect i hate the as these crazy beliefs but i will i will maybe let them say it the tolerance the whole ideal we got to be tolerant of that degree like people can say whatever they want but the moment you start to engage and my family and force me to believe in something that is illogical irrational and goes salvation and my christ and god the father i'm over i'm not going to participate i refuse to engage i won't i will not cooperate in i will not even be tolerant i won't be tolerant and i'm so tired of the tolerant left telling us to be tolerant and of the most intolerant bottles i have ever met on the planet earth they have no tolerance i just swing back to the whole politic thing i have not disqualified to dick and i want you to know that like i don't believe that she i do believe she's against a bar i do believe that very tight lipped on things she had does not very a very conservative republican stands on things you exactly what you and that's that's where you know we don't get that with tudor we don't get exactly what tutors thinking we get a very polish narrative narrative yet yet you go back to that the abortion thing too you know on proposal three i was the only one that showed up at that board of canvassers it's right you did and it was that was awesome by the way you know words without work or dad to me is a causative they want but if there's no god behind it you know is just like it's like that teacheth penurious nothing to me so it's been a pollen talking about four and now you never two hours to this really this is great i'd love to have you like a regular basis and like i said to you i said on brandenburg news network if you want to create a channel on there and put some stuff up on their love it but i would love to have you on here an unregulated you know i would love to pick a day and we can you know picked an we can just get out here you know and talk i've got john tater on tuesday so that's tatooed karin the riveter is on thursdays also that's kind of neat so if you want to come on on on another day of the week adjacent jones and i quite often do frida his hard line poncaser ful christian man and i love his family as well as not not only that he knows the constitution and a part of the general goralian i very much appreciate the work that the general girls samples doing these these people are amazing and there the very educated on processes lawless that sort of thing and i very much enjoy talking to him so i have mondaines open swallowing her and and because i absolutely love talking to you happy thoughtful consideration of and if you don't just jump on you don't jump on anybody's band wagon and you may have a objective that is an immediately a parent so i very much very much like that i love you no backdown personality and i love the fact that you are not a polarizing guy even though you have very strong belief i don't believe your polarizing and you know it's like any you know i had some of my supporters to that came out and they were not happy with your video some of them said they loved it more said they loved the video that we did then that dislike to and and i i really appreciate knowing you and i think you're a very nice person you're very you know you really really are doing a lot of good works and i really appreciate that very very much so i would love to have you on an regular basis that the icing is to get into discussions about you know bojeson boucan separate the two you cannot separate morality or integrity or what people believe from their actions that's what one of the problems we have as we've got you know go to church christians on sunday and the rest of the rest of the week they spent screwing other people you know and i mean and i mean you know whether that be money or not doing the right thing but that's the amandine that's okay and they go in church on sunday and sing a few hams and shake hands and kiss babies and then they go back to their life of harry other people around them and you know i don't have a lot of respect for that type of no matter what title or label that its under same thing with political parties unless some one is fighting for america no back down and you know gets his party mentality out of their heads we have to go back to being american nothing else gone bein americans the parties are absolutely corrupt and it's we're going to go back to and we have to go back to me the that that is where we have to go if we ever want this to work you're not wrong i agree with everything that you just said for those kind words i know that a lot of this his messenger going to need a lot of grace and that only comes from god with each other and yet i would love to come back on dona and i would love to have you when we get when i get my studio in the back done come on as a guest were together and have another guest with us and we can drink coffee and i want to do this and i would love to potential love that the tops we can we can put a panel of people together and it's different when you're like o but i think when you're with dynamic changes of how you interact with one another too because then you can incorporate real body language real like hearing directly to your ears it's more fun and i don't want to create i i'm not against like a debating or even arguing i'm not i mean we can argue but i only want people on my show if we argue or even debate it's not out of hatred it's not like i hate that o them i don't ever want to produce anything like that what i want i like to think i like to be challenged and you know one thing about people that care about each other as when you care about some you say something down to don't discard it so i don't agree that discord it i con it i take it in i let it sit and sometimes it marinate in my soul i'm able to disseminate it came from a loving when we have so many people that are destroying each other or in a green or on a party line they actually say truth to hurt each other and i think that's the same line of men he said anybody says to their brother the the heart of a murderer and i don't think that that's where you're coming from i know you're not and i do love this discourse so i want to continue it i do i would absolutely love to come back on so well naturally i say a prayer at this point of the time because you know defence it would you like say parody absolutely it would be of some let's that so you go ahead and pray and then we'll finish up a heavenly father i just for don for her heart for her for this country just anybody that's this post i just pray father that today's broadcast have just open conversation would be joy to listen to thought i create something that would i father that that as we had funded ages just bantering about things this would establish foundations and people even if we don't totally agree on everything even if we do agree on everything that find our center in you lord that you are the thing that absolutely binds this universe creates relationships it binds relationships together it is in in mercy and it is in your grace that we can do all this i just pray that you protect dona and her family i pray that you protect all of the leaders love you right now lord jesus that are trying to bring about a change in the state in this wisdom and guidance in their hearts because they have sought you father i pray that you would re engage in restraint the relation with our leaders father i pray that they would began leading by serving down on the ground going to meet you for your guidance i pray for our nation everything that you for your goodness and so much as that so nice and i love your heart for god i really do it's just wonderful and you know you were you honor every one out there with your words so this is a part of the show were go daimamoto brandenburg for governor dot com and botanical these problems and i write everywhere on telegram a telegram pages at brandenburg number four a m and go ahead to ames allegory getting a grip on things you can find it on you tube face book rumble and i tuned and spotty in reparation a put it in in that and at a reentering and making fine it on face a spot of you to rumble i do just getting into rumble we just started it so bring upon rumble and i think should be on brandenburger too i love it too if you go to brandenburg news that work a dot com you can sign up for an account and then somebody will review it and give you perion so auersberg news network you bradwardine work dat com and create channel because then you'll have you in our little outrace men in old there is they're goin to act like a bunch of economies then will disrepect all the consistent out there we can do that so anyhow i desidhero out there now that if you're feeling alone to day you're not alone there's a lot of a souteneur fighting fighting for you for this nation for the things you care about it for all those people whom you love weeweemul very right now to change things i believe and i believe the next two weeks are going to bring a lot of very shocking things to the surf i will i'm going to be here i continued to broadcast and or you might even see me in a different in a different but i'm not going anywhere and we're going to put this nation back together going to be amazing it's going to be totally amazing so if you see anything that seems a little scary or out of the normal don't be afraid god is with us and we have this no fear going forward the boats have been burned and and where we fight our way out of this in order to restore this nation so in it's going to be a fun exciting time we're going to be witnesses to great change in the very very good so buck up you know get close to god of prayers we are winning not only are we winning we've already won really exciting now we're in the clean up right now which is as god bless you all those whom you love and god bless em thank you so much for being on james i love this is his great so i think returning character have a great day