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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 3/20/2023 - Monday Morning in the Mitten - with Ken Nash

Published March 20, 2023, 9:02 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is the twentieth day of march why there's a lot going on i want to my guest this morning we have cameron and here in the river and can nashon morning on very much for coming out in this work chapter shared he had a is normally on on mondays his having some roll on she he and his brother fell last night so he couldn't he was not able to be to command this morning so we just want you know sense of priors up for chalk sons o keshava a rough go of it to that good morning i saw you doing standing to one was he happened in in london world and carino i'm down and i get and hastings spencer time down here the working on the computer shop a little bit in her what are you doing here well i was just out to check on my rabbits because i'm on baby watch and one of them is pulling for so be watching her all day she she might wait she could wait a day or two or whatever but oh i'm hoping we have some rabbit kicks to day or to morrow come on baby watch he is in as a caniatagaronte more screen and i'le so you're expecting baby bunnies that such you mean by bigwash we have two new dose till this is the first time so it's pol the woman started to build a nest and the nest box and see her point fur is really good is that mean she's going to she's going to insulate her nest and she's had all the instincts that she should have for this time of year specially he won an ice worn elated nest so that's good and and she could be have one right now i watched and before they can have by ten kits in about ten minutes so but it is not onereason come out of the nest box lead him on now if they leave him on the wire they can freeze to death that it is a a a subserous momin happening there that's liselotte that the amazing i didn't know they could have what i could call a when i use some wool and spener a minutes while that's a man in the one the making and the gun and the goths the goshoots the the goats are due april first one is actlike she's not pregnant at all she is served first times so ah i know she was bred but she doesn't look like she's pregnant the other one heard nick name is wide load she looks like she's ready to pop it when he met it but she's not due to the first week of april so she starting to find a bottle or he called backed up to her utter is not looking full as what i think it's green to to be so she's not quite ready at she's really really really really big looking at could see exsurgens think from time to time oh my goodness she's hersheimmer than two in it the one somebody in her gold group had five beg your himthree or four happened or talking i wanted to pound babies sometimes there going to be really dining and really cut hopefully be not having when he aplesphares titian we get to distant joy him we botley in i don't have to do that oh now that you sat at you're going to have to bottle feed that's exactly what's cold half so ninepence moms slight anticipate problems those how after they have won even the the next one you can really tell the horse is too the first one there there little a not quite so sure what to do and then after that it's old hat you know it's got like when you have kindappeals of kids first went you're nervous you know you're watching everything they do you try to make surety the second one your little last nerve as he now you just kindlike a ki keleroy the time you get to the third one you know there elsie playing and somebody's ah somebody hit me i'm like okimono do and how did you how did you avoid the conflict or if they come in they've got a scratch or something and in you're like you find you know i should often sat first one you're like a let's go to her to care so so i want to bring so if you thinks out because a total of the town talk of every one right now it is president ah potential arrested and i thought we should be actually we should talk through that one but in the mean time and the bank collapses and on and on and on and on and magassis falling look on get panic here right and this is i let's share the pitiones i thought this was isafterward when i when i'm here i have to kind o work in not ideal condition the chest or man is how much he will have for a cause and she knows to be right how long will he stand in the tents of his star omash grey suffer there are many to serve in the victories near and few of the lords to be old but it calls for a leader of carriage to cheer do not bartleson is the way you home down against the odds that are great the proves what your courage is worth it is the way that you stand to the bruises of fight and that shows up your stature with pitres nothing but proof your skill for near with a glories unless it is a proof of unfaltering a less soft i think this was i think this is a significant thing and i'm going to play something on the minute but i want him make of all very i want to scare the conversation with the fact that i believe there guarentre and i also believe that goes back to the fact that gods and control but the good guys are in control asking questions that are less than obvious right we want it we want to go to the non obvious because the obvious stuff is usually where we're being led by the by the nobles like a bold in on their trinotatus to going one direction or the other direction and i'm not buying i'm not buying anything in face value were we're upside down in so many different areas they have to look past the obvious someone and one to go back to let's just look at jesus jesus could have gotten himself out of trouble when at the time he was crucified right he could he could have called god in all his angels and got out of trouble that he stood firm and he he he allowed down to crucify it wasn't by mistake and i am going to say that this is a kind of a godly prince it's not the person that stands on the though the palestineans how great am i it's the one who is who is quiet and just lets the process work and when when i look at what president thompson i'm going to bring up three things because you know this whole cold nonsense go pro chesco process we we got to get crazy we ought to get our guns and take this the united states america back and by the notebook erwin at let's look at what president the sistently and what's happened quietly let us question what were being told and think jase let's go to ja sexwhat happen we out while we we certainly got into something that was absolutely a thusuredo is entirely this nonsense with the j six political pre the caps wadding them in opening up the twenty thousand pound magnetic e closed doors no way did a bunch of you know patriots with grave your torches and pitchforks get in there and knock the doors down and storm to castle there it's as loge and so an look at all the people it were rested on not soon they were arrested and i'm not seeing that that was but of sandthe entire thing was set and look at the vaccine and i remembered watching present trumps face when he was talking about the vaccines he was almost disgusted at what was coming out of his own if you watch and and now we have this we we look at the indorsements how many of his endorsements were absolute most of most of his endorsement endorsements were not not what i would call a stellar indorsement if you did any research whatso and now we have the a right we have that switch is you know protest protest protest any had a lot of miss spelling in his there that i caught so what i going on here it's it when you see the patter and the pattern is start when they when they try to get you to go crazy and protest guarantee he's letting us know that this is this is not going to go well to go in that direction and i believe he's teaching us to not just to be scooned found information to run into something that her own to miss we've got we've got three already proved and instances where didn't work out so well listening to things at face value so my thought is as he teaching to his not to just obey instructions like little little robots or little lemmings to cramp of the and i think that's what we're going to see her coming out with with the oh his arrest do i believe he's going to be wrested i do i think there's i think there's a high probability that he is in fact going to get arrested and i hope that that's enough of a poet to the rest of the united states of america to wake up as he said there not coming for him their common for if they can do it to him they can do it to all of us what say you i don't know if they're going to arrest him or not i am i believe in the concept of there is an effect and a purpose to the quota that he could be i think that services own purpose so whether or not they actually go through with that i don't know an i kind of think they don't and it's all hope i could be wrong regarding the protest i go back to jane mary's six there a lot of people that had no problem with that event oh lock came to see him and they didn't go to the capital ah so they weren't involved in the aftermath of all that the man we had a common millions people came near to that event and had just fine but for some you didn't work out so well and for some i went merely really badly and there still there ah i was one who said don't go that's for in my hand you don't know what can happen and i'm saying now like there was people protesting in new york city and i tramped tower to be to and i saw a maddox post went out some kind of letter about promoting a peaceful protest on behalf of tromp tramp doesn't need us to go into the street or going to our capitol buildings and protest his psensat rallies he knows exactly what we feel about this he doesn't mean to beach can by the people how angry we are no that's a set up don't don't go to place where there's a bunch of people going to be angry because that's a set up for antiethical in or somebody dressed in a magotimber who knows what it can be that it's just going to harm people and get every one into a really bad place he doesn't need that that's not what he's asking for i i don't know why he put it in the post a pampered that one out yet what do you think about that then i'm still going back to the the nature of the judiciary these days and i think we're really saying the separation of powers concept where you have a judicial and executive on a legislative branch i think we're seeing more and more that there executive and legislative branch would become moved and everything flows back to the judiciary how the executive branch does their job as under judicial review and what the words mean from the legislative branch goes back to what the judiciary role from then you've got prosecutors from the attorney general at the international note united states level down to attorney generals at the state level and that they choose to to bring charges against so you have a single most powerful individual in the attorney general who basically gets to the side what medoline we're going to run on whose criminal and who's not a criminal regardless of whether there's any evidence after the fact so howesoever not accounting where you had a commission to sit in there and choose to do what the commission is there to do and then the judiciary comes through inches know no no you can't do your job so what good is an executive branch that basically hobbled and castrated by a judiciary and what good is the legislative branch that writes a bunch of rules that are so vague that i needed judiciary to come through and say no you did or didn't break it so like you said on it if it can happen to the president it can happen to every one and it is happening to every one of which so many court cases lately where the words don't make common sense to the common man it's opdoen know how to follow it and now you judicetis it's all legal ease and it's just goes back to the interview that i had on friday with a hand that scott one was on and he got a recording by a michigan state a detective who clint who claims that there was from and that there's a direct link between nestle and benson and going after the opposition attorneys in order to weaponis the footbaththe both mission state les against the you know anybody's right to investigate its it's all a bunch of nonsense have so much power there it's incredible and none of them there in organized crime rate rank that's what it is this whole thing were the globeless is organized crime and their protecting themselves that's it that's exactly what they do in any ach other and if followed the money most of the time when you see something like this there is always a money trail and i and i think i think that we're going to be able to see in the coming days with the banks lapsing to release see that the good guys are in control there can of their food supply the money supply cut em cut it down pull the band at o let this thing free because you know what we're going to find out they need us we've never need we can function just fine as is americans together when we stand together in bravery with our hearts reaching out to each other with truly caring for each other's best interest you know what when there there's a miss there's me really been a bad ah teaching or communication or doctrinatis may hate is that you've got to do better than the person next to you why what's the point it shouldn't we be celebrating everybody's success if somebody does better than than me great that's great if i want to change my life i will but i'll be celebrating with him in helping them reached their goals or what they have to do and i was on i was friends with gall the many years ago and i i thought that this story was really sin she went to the university of michigan she was in social or and for whatever reason she was in an experiment of classes partment experiment they didn't know i don't think that they were being experimented on they were and the the instructors gave them all one now go out and make as much money as you can and when you come back we're going to have a presentation on what you've done and i'm going to score you all and how you did so they all took off and the other projects and they came back all of em got up to present the projects three weeks three weeks to present their projects at the end of it he sat down the instructor got up in front of the class a sine you have all and why did they fail the the instructor says the professor says you have all failed because if you would have all taken your money and your talents and put them together and helped each other you could have gone twenty times further than what you did invent but that requires people not to be to be acting with integrity with no jealousy no covertness and in going back to the to the ten commandments and bible biblical integrity and how you later life down and you put people before yourself in order for the best god because doesn't matter if one of us wins we all went and in its amazing that way we all select people rise in the the areas of experts in order to be the best it what they can be and say this is great i need help with this i don't know this pet you do can you can you help me with this and an i'll try to help you with what i do it's everything is so backwards right now that people want to crawl on top instead of its itfinally there's an ache term for it's an orphan enmantle and thou and i know because i adopted some one for an orphanage and in it a crawling on top of other people to get what you want and it is patently wrong and it's a it it only it only drags each other down rather than building each other out so on normanton from there but there you go i'm here i goanother video in that i think is significant to play let me play this he because we're in a time right now where i think the bravery for all of us to stand and in standing regardless with the outcomes we should care with the alchemists and no matter what to stand i did possidete egram and i'd like to place is a little bit of a long venout i think this is to bring a great start in the summer might this is a great start and an to list listened to what this the man has to say he at variansin and you change the world aroumekin or bad tomatocolored morning you will have accomplished the first task of the day he would use small since surprise and one cortegiano the chicherohe have you the day that one castelated will have turned that he may castelated at your corals ran forth to find thanks life matter if you can't do the little things right you never be able to do the big things right and what she honorable you will come home to a band of his late or you may i may be to you encouragement the tomorrow we better the passerine reserves of long swims to must be completed one is that it well before the swimming structed to joyfully freemasons in all the species of sharks he had to the waters of sentiment but sure you however but no student nos overbear which not to the can remember but you were also taught eva sharp against the circular position stand your ground though not so worn though not act of and if a shark i recorded nice not nor porto and some one amogest engh mason the snout he will turn to the way the o sharks in the world you to complete the swam will have to deal with him to watchings of and if you wish to go coltrain are so class which started with hatterosity minute was on the just forty two there were now such bot curs of seven manage i was on a bold with its talkies the best for creed was bakester crew we god no one was over five confined most ocean on american end what have american one volterran wondering american anatolian and to south kilcoleman went how to horenowes all the lot the cruise it always made good entered in tiny little flippers the munchkins put on their tiny little fred every swim i shall not be so gods recorder the ancient world was not the last laugh so fast or that every one reaching the shore went before the rest of us shall trias a grateful larger nothing mattered crossed that her color to threaten background etherisation that the social status if you are changed the world see personbeside of her hard on the sides of the and when transport is cold you six days and no sweet has one special ganflete malacreta between santiago wanted with the one water runs off precession were so macotora with muddled as winteroperations springing befifteen hours tried survived the prison how in when in such a ricara superintendent which my train pass harenoso whitespace dane conceits ratethere was on cestodes we motheroliver or foursithe now the present on the militias apparent to substance still over at hours for the sun came up more hours the surimono the trainings were so loud i heard her anything one more prepared aprocheth horses in so sons careless he saw oratorios force became too toreatre before long every one the class was sending superstrong thus before time the bottom itimate second of the second horse and somehow the mud she a little time on the long if i have learned anything it's in from wewe is the power or one wholesome even a young girl from ancestor who alone person had changed the world by giving people how so if you are changed the world started say with a task completed in somewhat elderliness everyone now the life is not there and you will feel often estephe pontotoc face down the holy cliff of the down trodden had never ever gives his origin the generations of followed ollenor better little oenothera what stored here i changed the then also i i really think that you know you feller minds with things that that phillis with with that hope and are focussed is to be grained before and that the the end of the day famine is that we put her faith in god no matter what the circumstances are round us and he gives us our strength or whole and our ability to carry on him and without fear and all she you know the banks o now allow people are concerned about the banks lapsing as taginaste people last night and there are really they're like wheat we are having a hard time even copy with with what were hearing and seeing on like wise recent bandage off we've been under oppression for so long from these banks stores and this organized crime but studentis thing tight time go head had with him and in punch that sharp britanno and i think that's where were at right now so i think it's going to be a glorious time how of us some rely looking forward to it we read a few comments from the chat here morning all the people i know i keep telling them not to panic that's from what i then panic just keep going as is going to be glorious ideone on the castle people in the capital i sought with my own eyes to mike without at mcwaters and the one of his friends was arrested i got a video from that sexually several of them have been arrested and for no reason for what for being let in and having the little little capital to dittatre loves wont to cantatasin papers to send him to new york to be arrested i may be exposed the corruption in the santos oh why didn't think of that one that's that's good that's really good who knows i i can't say i can't say i'm a real big an oh a lot of people right now because i think that we're going to find out that we've had a lot of people that are are controlled that maybe we part of it anybody that moved up the ranks and was welcomed in with open ours i'm pretty sure that those people were all plants and these people are actors and actors how many of them had been actors so what does get away to see on some of these because some of this is one just absolute nonsense i think we go with the softest of is it montefortino is it a manhattan or is it in new york city that is responsible allegedly for this ah indictment while man hatton is one of the five boroughs which is new york city i do thank telethusa the thirst ah um that that's a necessarily a jurisdiction but i don't know that might be really good question ask so suscipe char insistet charge or not a federal charge etheling night have paid attention to it while you goin to have new york city which is the the municipality and the estate i am not sure how the thought government in regarding the borrows as more than just a location to tell people where people live well he he has assets there he'll have to inter acquistate charge is can't stay in florida skip new york charges when she property and assets goneafter deal with the state churches or municipality charges let me see if i can pull something else up here if you guys can talk amongst yourselves just oh my he tecocol other things i wanted to pull some one quick quick thrilled those up ontologiam i can i'm going to be i'm going to be that person or right now and i throw it through throw something threesome que en to the mass because he have to right so in order to have the state charges you've got to have a state a that's question and then i paused to question last night will exactly what does this look like because in order to arrest him you got to find him and i imagine that trump could hide pretty well if he really wanted to they got the idea of if you can't if you can't hit me you can't hurt me they can't catch him he can erastian ah that i started to visualize these new york city cops trained to catch a thing these saville who were rough who her booting children for restated museums that's what i put out last night i was just having a long fond cecily said the ocean i looked up keystone coped to see if i can find an gie in belligerent fat wathiwathi king so yongeste keen her be oh my gosh oconis cond throw this up all comment the later quite often i'll go back and i'll come on the after i put one of them in bethis is my half way of life right in as far as he i to put things up in such case i am stand so it is not only done rambertese leodogran werkstoff and let's see what he says always say i come presidente the other day i shared a post with first a rest and he or get with the on wands we went through the bank problem and two thousand eight i can of the cause of the recession back then and they had banks beginning to fail then lesage recession and dips in the economy and a major balallan then not not very many years down herod when here they are basically looking at doing it again so you last time in two thousand eight everybody cried to save the banks and we had the opportunity to have her reeling shut down that solenogastra you know if something needs to be adjusted that's free market you let it fall and it will you know it will come back again yet you know but you have to let em the the justments have the promises they don't let regular josselin and so the never get to the crisis point and then all of a sudden it's like it's like a if they would just let the market work for itself the way i suppose to and not manipulated through hedge funds and you know there using the hatch pond to chibame ican land right now it's happening all over the united states and that's that actually any one is involved in that could probably be arrested because it's a it's sending out even even on a local level of some one is using foreign money to buy american land they should be arrested and tried for trees then this is this is this is a c the should be a crime well that's that's what we were talking about about a month ago with the michigan economic development corporation it basically venture capital money to combine with taxpayer money its funded through our treasury and i think there's some here calling at the magasine kind of down in calhoun county battle creek area another lit the amianthine company getting tax incentives changing to the zoning for another two thousand shops conlecto goshen plants that they were talking about up and bigger apes it is international foreign money in basically coming in to be paired together with our treasury money to to buy space to put foreign corporations in their sore a plebian workers in ten you working to make their economy grow yes those private public private partnerships that tutor dickson talked about all the time you know there to go there's your globes right there you know then they'll say it right out in front of you i mean all otto do as listen to em and they'll they'll tell you exactly what they're doing and he in they're not they're not shy about it either craziness hang on here men it i'm almost there sometimes things come up when we're talking as we really never plan on exactly what we're going to talk about tell we get on and morning and i think that's a really good i think that's a really good process because honestly that that way we ah let kind of god leave the the conversation not a bad way to go you know organic things can moroun and you know what we're real we're not just you know were not sitting here with staff with large amounts of staff hooklet me see and i had a staff queen my house i could go up more dan right i would love saftleighs i have no state can be olright now i had's calf but the an i don't have saffron kellet's for although here too okay trumps says he will be rested on cosa's indictment lo so she's countervent pretty hard with us with his yoke ah indictment and arrest me he's talking about this isn't like its oh a secret or anything so one we're going to scoot co post and this was three five night for november third november third in talking about putting on the full armor of god i think i think some of those in it has a video and now we're going to connect the next one which even better now this one was marched twenty one of twenty twenty an end okiso those of us who watched the copes i watched horses that was that was a thing that was part of my day afore very very long time and i i research of the bunches arch i can call him by many many names you can call in researchers on you know what we did and as whatever you want to say ah and so we were we would go through the copies every single day waited and sellebrated when there is a new pet hugh posticas we want to see what was going on and what do i think of the coposition that this is a an intelligence drop i really do now that it came right out that never gave any answers on anything at all only made us asked questions and start to dig for information in some of the stuff disinform when i think present trump is doing is getting us to think and i dig for ourself so here you go here is the here is a video that he put up and what is it say on march twenty one twenty twenty do not fear where the vireo the video screen shot of the beni was put up and i can play that if anybody wants to hear it it is his very kind of good glorious music as one hear it or do you want to i can put it on later we can talk about it now i guess his talk about it or right now what what's in it it's just it's just a kind litigious music you know we can rollitt's very serissoid apically and then it moves into into a of a victorious of music you know so so you have to just listen to it and it's kind of a nice background music you want to listen to it is interesting and it's all about the future world you know the future world music victory of light what the titles i can play it no mine did you did you ax aunt one car in at all i don't remember and of course when they were doing the coorigil i wasn't aware of that i was in part of that at all i think i was really introduced to it more with the of witches martin gettis yes my brain worked and i got it mutisemista in monday with seed de s and i didn't review on his ah his essays he did sebassas on what you means from a sociological perspective so he was really objective as far as what did it mean really who was responsible for it and he was looking at the effects that it had on society but it really explained to me what he was i thought it was a terrific introduction the extollethe back in the days that i was an anonymous little research and i liked his work i thought he did a good job on it and i i was connected when he followed me and like the day that general fling followed me and on the one iadain my throat is like for day and a half i just is this moomooe i got to follow from general planning and i thought that was just really cool hedonists if one of those ones days where the birds are singing and near just like wow the wood of ever asked i know i heard the ever elected to see who following me as a light he i looked every single one just cause i wanted to see sobecause i'm curious i'm curious for some right if you can't be got to cure is well its conning constancie i started dropping em my activity lovelace egram to focus on everything else in my life and this is last week and finally i posted about that that fact and why i was doing it but throughout that week when i was posting less i got subscriber stropping a and i found that to me interesting it's like or are you saying that you really wanted a whole lot of information thrown at you everything i know not i don't know why they left but i thought it was kind of interesting i just you know it doesn't matter to me i don't hold any any eagle on to subscribe or numbers though anything it's is going to grow or it's going to fail it doesn't matter to me it's nice to have numbers because then it makes me feel like well capelline what i have to say or something but you know if they all laughed i would have more to do with my life i don't but for the numbers i look for who's following and you know and then if if it's somebody that i have em a lot of respect for their work you know it kind of sometimes to pens of conversations he and i think if i think that's that's a i like i really respect em you know kirk conneross i think of work he does his confitere sting and so oh you know to get into contact with him and then i've had discussions with him ashore and so there's something i look at but then the town side of it of course is now in general plan is that your somewhat of a target so when he got kicked off and all the plans got kicked off a twitter i was nectosome day and still not had my count back so if you on most is out there listening he restored my old account i you know there was nothing i did that was wrong it's an invasion of mine great to free speech and and and all that sort of thing but yes tell him out will count back and i put in request to get it back again because i had friends on there and especially a i was in the cups one of my stuff was and so it was like after that point i know my numbers went up a little bed and and all people that i was talking to you i kind of kind of missed that connection being gone so at any rate so somebody formed me somebody out there because that that was that should not have been had that should not happen but so be it meta anyhow do you want at you and hear the music here cause i think i'm we're we're going to i'm going to do on our long show to day and then oh then kind of kind of move on here but there there is there's another one i guess i want ringan other one because when when you even when you're talking about people who say their ant onsis not a thing can out is usually it's not something that you necessarily listened to its people that are making comments or or telling you what to think or what their opinion is and that's never what it was intended to be it's like you don't necessarily listen to somebody who is all i'm not hugenot what the heck is that me there were two poles which was information you know we're not even information questions to get you to look for your own answers so that you would learn to think instead of being you know letter round by the nose ring look we're going to go here and rinchire yore yore weskisset place socker where is sir when they got whether little westcalled punchball because there was no strategy what so hewittwas nor amaneciste there upon kingeland nobody's thinking strategy to put the stupid ball in the nat right and so this will you learn over time and i kind of think that that's what's going on you know right now but anyhow there there's guy that was enterigota i jump on a zonal friday nights when occasionally and there there the pretty much anybody that you know that would be you would consider an anna on that has any reliability and this smart like you know like bran cats i love this man he is so amazing and and beard the pride and and i i could go i could go down the list but any one that's pretty much on weathered we we the media is the these people are just amazing and smart i've met a great deal of him in person and i have a lot of respect well then i kind of got bad shape because all of a sudden i see i'm being attached by somebody in this and on channel and and i was i was like what the hell yo i'm like what they have to thesearemy friends right it's i got a little bootshaped at this person and found out later he is an infiltrator annie was he was trying his trying to attack general plan and so now he's got another channel he kind o got out it because every single organization that were involved and is going to be infiltrated in you got and really dig in to find out if people are real you know and don't don't like don't come down on the other people in it just like your public it's like i'm down on the republican party because i'm down on all the parties the party system doesnt it's never going to work the structure is bad it's not for infiltration it was set up the the state when calling that a gas or by the globules in order to not work into its necnon in its cotton worse and worse and worse over time right the republican party was the minor party and the eighteen hundred and so watch what happens in a coat coincided with other events that happen to turn this into a corporation rather than to keep it as republic so you kind of watch what's happening and you can make some makes sincerissimo so anyhow this the sky so he starts he starts attack and me and i'm like i was also little bit out o shape for at the time but can i got over it kind of and then all sudden he shows up with with another channel called the bravo the bootleg and of course who ends upon the proper is massed all sees she's connected with general f wellwait a good it's like this is not been a secret sense the beginning you know it's like i love this man and you know i might loyalty in moving with people that that i know our good people but i'm not going to sit there and listen to me told what to think by any one and digging make up my own my own mind on things so anyhow the skies the skis behind the prodroma he's jus goin after every one that stands with general flannan and he he he was also backing tutor dickson the globes and so and i watched i watched it half and you don't he was he was some one claiming to be in an on and in her friday night that for a while he was started backing to ther dickson and in lookwhen should just sopistry your own and promises get him out now now we all know and you can see what he does if you want to go on breadroom and call him out for the traitor he has him so but kind of interesting interesting to watch people that do that sort of no leave if you see anything else that you guys are thinking about right now you feel better now i know i had been able to say that if that out in the old pond you don't course i'm going to go on my littleroast yet i think i think the same with president hon is really it's really about teaching us to and make up our own minds and don't want don't run in front of a truck i don't care what anybody said is better ways did you have any follow up from other people on your show from last week about these and benson and what you revealed with the whistle blower and all you know what they gave the the gate they gave gateway upon it and steve bana the information i don't think it got out there only on only on mine my paces my broad cap i think this is the only place that it's out there on right now and i mean i can play if you go back to the friday broadcasts i've got the clips the audio cliffs and i was actually given the entire the entire investigation or the entire video or audiophile for the for the notice of the entire thing i should put it up and we should listen to the this is this is so significant when you have a state trooper you know detective david guy or that came forward and basely saidthere's no doubt about it there's no doubt about it i mean i can read i can read the i got here in i can breathe exactly what he said because this is this should be more than disturbing to all of us what what was actually said here eh he got a enthaltend it no they don't want to make news about it will keep making news out of it you bet here is the atinates ing though that they rejected it chelsea little bit more about who they are either they didn't think that it was news worthy or accurate enough for them to share or the other by ostend refusing to ah deposited out there for some other political reason yeah i i've got some problems i mean when i when they when we try to get on banna his first words to me and that is going to be real honest with you his first words to the people that were working on getting me in there was how much money is she raised how she doing the poles while the poles lie so you know what i wasn't included in any of that because i was the only true outside was the only crosier that was one that and the rest of on the war all standing together and watched with happen with the five that were there in september of twenty twenty one open mackinaw island they were hand picked and they were on the straw pole from you know the man acts little straw pole in lectionary in strophic it it not really great i quite honestly when there's sometimes you win by louise and i and i think that that can't be under our state and with what's happening with president he is winning by losing he is exposing his and think about what think about what jesus did when they crucified of i'm sure every one was absolutely shock dismay while he must not have been for real and what did he did do he won i refusing the thirty pieces of silver he won by laying his life down he won by allowing them to crucify him he could have called all the powers of heaven to get him off of that cross and laid the every one on lay every one downright at that point in time he chose he chose to stand and he won by allowing himself be cross and god reserection day three after after soon reddetis and an got the audio fell i can play a real quick amendment if you lie so anyhow it starts out and this is the detective and you know what i realized that i got through and into the manmiddle of a political absolute ship storm of an investigation ok absolutely do i think there was volterrani do do i think i had it had anything to do with the ballot boxes absolutely not do i think he had to do with a male and voting and assencions and ballot harvests harvestin absolutely one hundred percent scott asked him again there the one calling the tricks include the clouding with you guys you guys are being played to obstruct justice he's talking on mission site detective says to that to that statement oh there is no doubt about it well they just dump the entire voting investigation on me because all of a sudden after six months they had a conflict of interest you know they took him off the cakes because he was telling them this there's these nothing bore having to do m it was having to do with going after the the opposition council and he sanysis is nothing for her they did nothing wrong and what did they do batson and massol pulled him off the case and every one coludi with them this was this was its right out there and i can play i'll play the play the clips for you once again cause this is this is significant with you guys he esoterics there the one calling the tricks and cooing with you goes you neserebla to abstract justice and osorio well tropically this i can tell you that shoooooooossssh coriell you no detective georgiewhen i uncovered has nothing to do with that okay i done to show you what i've uncovered because you will understand dangosol is using the michigan state police to obstruct justice may be you guys so understand because i tell you what the county clerks and the moscardon even know about the fraudulent day to going in and out this is the quenigo another report that was from a on the grand i note printed that prides the statement for especial prosecute from a former for a species from a form of prosecuted and i could actually read this if he'd like to hear this and on this is by the spine other attorney stuffing lambert loves grey it turneysen of michigan has sereptuously a surreptiously and with intent and purpose sought to ensnare those named in the petition for appointment of a special prosecutor and the political witches that even the attorney general admits has been being conducted by herself and secretary of state jocelyn benson to stifle political opposition and is sure that benson's election fraud is covered up it is no coincidence that her own election against man depone is less than three months away so this was this is from a bit back and but just here he is so for the past two years i'm not about i'm not entertainno at all so with that sad case know i've i've seen i've seen some of the reports on him and i am i i don't need to be told that there's a big concern for the past two years secretary to day bounced and aging natalis sought investigated turnes local government officials and landforce ent who have simply endeavored to perform their respective duties under the laws of the united states and michigan legitimate investigations on behalf of the elected constitutional officers in a course of determining whether there was election day fro its not a crime any one has the right to investigate and they have no right to shut any one on oh esperanton isle especially when those individuals had the legal authority and he the duty to inquire into and investigate a tential frond and the election process within their jurisdiction and authority leo representation of clients and sought to fill these legal duties as citizens and government officials is not a crime indeed the right to independent i say representation of counsel is a fundamental cortes of the rule of law and the true democracy of the united states don't like that were tolerantes agissante tario state boltonhast ristofalo narrative that the targets of their investigation were the ones engaged in criminal and fraudulent conduct when in fact the efforts of the latter had revealed fraud and election manipulation agenesis petition is just the latest and her and secretary state anson's effort to cover up the inconvenient truths that have been discovered concerning the deeply flawed twenty twenty election and their own criminal and fraudulent cronducted but not limited to elevators the in intentional and unlawful destruction of election records the manipulation of vote registration files and the attempt to hide the means by which the twenty twenty election was come benson is now a dictator has no thority to insist that michigan clerks blindly accept the representations made by benson thunderous and manufactures regarding voting equipment there is no law preventing local clerks from seeking independent expert analysis of the voting machine poachers taken oath to run accretions and to insure the elections reflect the will of the people in the respective cities in one benson and her office admitted under all anson his little knowledge of the november twenty twenty elections benson directed the civic questions about the equipment to thunders and manufactures providing the election equipment to the local clerks so gentoo ahead and go to the foxes to assess and get information on the equipment rather than any one independent are getting is clerks except local clerks had the right to you lie independent to verify the trustworthiness of the election machines according to she nestling venenose criminal punishment for independent these experts of bravely piled excerpts on public dockets and provided reports to sheriffs these imports debarked bonsense tion that november third twenty twenty election the safest and secures election in history finding from the exports include but are not limited to both modification to election project files resulting an inaccurate both totals remote security breaches software on election management systems assistance that is not certified and utilized to manipulate the folk to and of the demoniacal through the internet with devout volerle installed or pabulatores allowing access to who is owning and how they vote in real time a truth election equipment communicated with public and private piedras vancanson expert j alex held here has demonstrated that the voting machines can be hacked and our vulnerable to and that can change boats there are on efforts to use powers of the state to engage and employ their unaccountable secret police and prosecute political opposition is nothing short of a new and insidious wave of political persecution and it is in every way on america now nestling with their own elections just under three months away his isocolon have concocted this same to intimidate local clerks attorneys and sheriffs from investigating election aviation and fraud and or fraud and potentially occur in the twenty twenty con and to have it he happened now there's something else that i know that some one of wenonga i believe that shore if dar levis coming out with a press relief that shows that dancin chook a twelve million dollar pay of to a personal account by the shop where devoted if every single one of us is not concerned in waiting to the press let released come out but not in a want of us is not shaken right to our corps in in seeing what happened and what's happened in specifically michigan mission it seems to be the episode of filth and corruption beyond all that we can possibly a madman i thi think michigan's o son or a really do i know that i'm all the all the globes when i was up in bay by a harbor pataky the elder place up there and when they found out it was on play ball on the ole it was this badge honor but i really think that all of us should be aware that this is isiscon out it is going to be painful just like the banks falling and all wish should be just ready to charge on teresa bring it punch that sharp right in the knolls it has to him you know it really has it would now about it for at least for me a few years so i don't follow that kind of stuff normally then i don't also share too much of it and caring a river because it's not in my line and i'm just not comfortable with it for that reason i leave that to other people who who do have a focus background knowledge in it ah so if people want to know more about that i'm not in the follow for it but i know there's other people who do but its interest think because there's so much talk and so much worry about it and it's not a new concept i've known it was coming for a long long time and then it needs to come ah yes but at night i guess not everybody had eshiarce ted that it is just one other conspiracy theory i guess or some people believed it some people were like i don't know you don't know what you retain yeah conspiracy in truth is about tonnement difference there you know any more well i'm does have any last words let's pray his idlie to doubt i cate the stand to pray for this nation and did you know that there's actually verses of the bible that are being left out and when you compare and contrast you can see it genoa and there's verses out in two well i don't want it out in his work there the verse that specifically hang out amen i can actually pull him out this is pretty interest i did not know this and i am one of these things came across my feet and home he most is amazing i know that the ah when you go back and tie raasay too much stuff as the crazy sometimes sir save so much soft monacan find it right i think you're already crazed miss pig your saving i know the feeling look at for a screen to could be a real pain but malone let me run to let me run to bible here i do i got it on i soon arun to a bible here and what it up i own i don't go in the fifteen ninety nine geneva i've got the patriots first to cause it's got all the other stuff in it too some it's also got i don't know what you call it the side notes the interpretations of of other people from that era and i find that really interesting because the language that they use and the perspective that they had on the meaning of the scripture is is really interesting sometimes the language triggers no new knowledge or new perspective in me oh sometimes i don't always agree with their statement but sometimes the statement is informative in tigers more study so i enjoy plat reason but the language in the fifteen ninety nine being so different from king james new king james and i ve or whatever the nive is as witheton can't just at eaton then ivy there's going to be a lot of difference as there can i be gaps things drop ah it's me it's may be easier for people who struggle with the language to follow along with you know get yourself for a dictionary oh my i bit by the way i've got an eighteen twenty eight greenback no lobsters dictionary it's an investment it's not cheat but mine i been using it probably every week amusing it there's words that we use a lot and sometimes i'm you know we been using that word a lot but it might be fruitful to go look it up and see what exactly it means because it may be a little something else then i think it means or there might be some words in it in the definition that shape the perspective how i've been taught to view it from in words like it is in and person and abatage those kinds of things mean a lot more in the end adisok at history but they're a lot of other words the widest we we throw around you look come up in it's like wool do that a law so it's funny because we've been just taught that you know just a regular talking like we are right now communications are enough some people like to read and you expand your vocabulary a little bit just by reading but if you come across the word you don't know look it up in the dictionary because it's really fruit are you that's an heterocera member how he idiologos all the pills he's got all the processes here it's too had to get out and ran then i'm like a cap talking too much now the duet just do it that that's that's a beautiful thing in my opinion because you know people people want if we want if we want to take the nation back this this screwing around and coddling nonsense s got to stop it the holy times if you heard oh little like this men tweeds you don't what i do not want to choirboy sitting up there in the office the this is a person who has be willing to do what it takes to take the nation back not make everybody feel good all the time standing in the way of watching our nation fall in having come after us i don't really want somebody that tells me when i want to hear i want to him somebody that stands in front of me and and is willing to take i can't find that i'm nastiest looking for you and he's willing to take all of the slings and arrows for us you know i don't want that person that's going to colored you know that that's a different personality that needs to be in charge that person that is be in charge these be able have no back down and not really worried gets he's not going after us you know even when you listen to he is the kind he seems to be the kindest person i've never met him you know only on off yokels i'm alive it quite honestly at this point time i can i can assume that he's probably seen something but i don't know the conceityou enos i'm like frightthat i can assume is is that he seems to be the kindest person people say they have ever met but batallion cross him if you're going to get between papalion there and his family because the roar will be heard around the globe and that's what we want and place we want to go ahead go after those people at decide that they're going to do the wrong thing in a tackisman mean tweets man i think that he should go a little further than that let start shipping their sorry but right to greet to get all without any annotation or any back and down in canalboat i can't find that verse right now but there's there's verses that that are being left out i don't have a card copanable set next to me so not going to go run for it right now so i was looking up on mine and i cannot find it but i will find it i will try to polston telegram and on exactly on exactly what what eh his villefort in it though its specific verse is talking about prayer and fast somatogenic te the day to prayer and fasting notus for president trunk and all the people that are round him in the scrape battle but for this nation we need to pray that people wake up that they understand what is really going on don't don't the news delamare we that we've already proved beyond a shadow of doubt that they are conciencia activity in criminal conspiracy and annethey that's all a thing as well as reason that now the people involved the therethereno in a cow of this nation so what we listen one thing they say henlistone thing that they say shouldn't get up such shouldn't get get ourselves boneshave or anything like that we need to stand on what we see what we know is right and let's let's turn this over to god watch him watch the big popingo after them there will be no one standing that is that his committed crimes against his people his great cause he is a good father and he will not back away from the fight he has he even looking back when when jesus was here the first time you know we're not talking gentile jesus and on isle he was very much provocator and i just wait until he gets fed up with us and he's given it people enough time to turn back to him and the still taken thirty pieces and silver i don't think papa is going to tolerate this forever and when he decides to come down on those it's going to be a little painful but it's not directed to his children he corrects his children we ask him to help us he and his judgment is not reserved for us its reserved for the other side the opposition in its going to be it's going to be a vengeance that they cannot possibly imagine is going to be coming their way and then i tell you what it's time to bring it because if they know what they do the people in office what they done to ostend or families with the john to our schools what they've done to our hearts when we believed them in what you know that they were there to do the right thing their time is come into an act in a half to and selerite bandada go in there start punchin sharks in the nose and and and go forth full forest now unwavering no fear this is going to be appicate has to happen and we should rejoice in a happening sud like to dedicate this day and the rest of the rest of the day especially to day and to morrow the prayer and if you feel like it parnassing because tells of the verses that there that their league not bible because there is power in our prayer when we come before god we enable him he could do without us but but right we get out of the way and hand it over to god when we handed over to god instead of getting in his way watch thinks he in it it will be decisive the fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much i there help me father thank you so much for the day and for the fact that we're getting were able to see your hand at work not not the obvious things that are going on or the lies it's not even obvious to lie than constructed maria that is was being paddled by your enemies against your children we we are so thankful that you lead us into all truth that your leading us out i kept time and we are ready to do whatever i takes an oercrusted with you in unity together laying our lives down for each other being being your body on this art an inward just wordes so thankful were thankful for everything he would we know that we can rest in peace security because you are before us behind us around us going in the struction preparing the path ahead of us and aren't we put all of our faith and trust in you knowing your so good and worsethan ful that we can in truly that we can walk on this earth with you with no fear being in being on the earth but not of the thank you so much bless every single person other get them a lion's heart going forward right now without any fear and in turning turning their attention their trust to you and just truly knowing that it's going to be okay we know it's going to be okaiden charge of that's something to celebrate to day and every single day please bless president give him your favour help him the hives strength through going through all of this in all those that stand with him please confuse any plan of the enemy to to to massapaug in just a smooth sailing smooth sailing along hat for all those who are ready to stand with you for your good purposes in standing to and those out of voice and and your kingdom and for your kingdom on earth as it is thank you so much for the stay we love you it's going to be a great and thank you for giving us another day to enjoy your creation and to owenian the earth and jesus name i pray at even so he goes have a great day to day withinsome can sidesreaction youcaredthe out my hat little idlehanded i guess see little halo at the boscoreale ting is there's there's a a you know good good side everything silverlined sherdington anno an he last fraser and the last words he restitere i do that dinging to nagllibot is good to talk with you again as i gather a bravery for governor to come i have not conceded i am the best nonconcordant in the history of united so not conceding the traders these liars and benson and whitmer and nasse three of em are traded bines a trader joe binis a traitor hotter by in this trader adam chichester as the trader i know i cannot get it go down the list they got with a long list here i think there's like two hundred and three hundred thosetoo down at the one anyhow i'm just so silly you know we're all standing together were winning we've already won we're just in the clean up he have a great day it's going to be fine it's just going to be it's going to be glorious is going to be fine don't worry god's got this and there's lots of good people out there sandy with you god bless you god bless all those in your love and god bless the erica we got this going to be good for chaphereford checks family dear god please less shock in his brother and give them grace to day the th are going through some hard times and we ask for strength and for healing and for guidance going through this sad as with his brother right now nprthak you for remoter helping you remember and i knew you will regret that if you didn't get that in her i would i thank you for helping me i at staff clearly i have a detecatifs my own tale and grinding bread it had everybody easily one crazy for and and may a copious amounts of so they can go some great day englified