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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 9/19/2022 - Live - Al Richards and Mellissa Carone

Published Sept. 19, 2022, 9 a.m.

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good morning this is brandenburg news network and i'm donna brandenburg it is september nineteen twenty twenty two and who did we have a huge weekend the weekend nicolas a huge wyandot was very funny weaken and natalia about some of the mountain because you you just can't you can make some of the stuff up that happens in the political roselet start out with a little bit motivation this morning glad to her guests people some to attention and started here we're going to if i can if my brain work in the morning actually pretty tired because we were running around like a bunch of savages this weekend meeting lots to get people being the dutiful patriots that we are never giving up even though there were definitely simple there son to try to dissuade us so kind so here you are i know and i think it is true for almost everybody in the room i think you have to love what you do if you don't love what you do get out one and i looked and i did i did real estate i went in early but loved the queen of roses i look at something and that's what i was it might lead from the time of vernon me farther built in brooklyn and queens a a single family has in whatever he the nails and the sawdust and the cups then it takes up in solidity et very and he did a great oleander very it was a tremendous heart but it was stronger powerful type of personality i really were the you should yet toward the boat you make money and a certain extent you know it's not many wise the finished got to be that a great thinking rose from the standpoint of tax benefits has been great i love the real estate i love the creativity of rest and i think i always will even as president that say pitagat site for a building has always been very good for for tally at the end the whole thing but potentates the bad man cannot and you haven't chieftain in timidly had exploded you know until it all exploded and he got to be careful of that getteth sometimes they go to a business what basically you can't be successful in onybody successful if you can get away from that get away from it if you can but you have to be you have to make sure that you do something that you love try to go into something that you love the competitors that you know a lot of people go into business no more just not good when i talked about success i always started you have to do something you love if you don't do what you love you most likely after the biceps and yet i didn't get a really the video and a key was on i don't know why they put the spooky music behind it but i tell you what the woods down with what said is amazing you have to go in in life you have died it you enjoy because that that honestly when i work a lot i work a lot of ours not just some hours but i work all the hours because i enjoy doing what i do and what i do is as i work but the areas that i work into i find really fascinating i think sometimes that you know i could be happy doing pretty much anything because i find ways to enjoy what i do but surely if you enjoy what you're doing you will always be successful contest feel like work so instead of working and clock and out at five o'clock you'll work all night long if you have to get your project on so it's kind of a mind set i love i absolutely love those words of wisdom and i've been seeing that for a long time so we're going to away now into my next guest let me and him to escort stream here and you young he had ingworth's good technology is wonderful when it works but you know what the great thing is is that the hero this is life and the great thing about live broadcast is that you get what you get and but what you do get as they get truth and they get honesty and transparency so that i think that that's more important than than anything so just listening to present trunk talking about doing what you like to do and oh you know finding pleasure in doing what you do i i think that's one of the most important things in deciding what you'll do with your life i think that there are times when we all do things that we you know kind of don't enjoy doing what we're going to put over all when somebody's picking a career pathetic something that they enjoy even if it's against all reason if it's in their heart that's generally how god to do what we would like to do and over the years she has so many people that are incorporate these big corporate multinational corporations and they've lost their souls because they hate going to work every single day feels pointless just to be a co in the wheel i think that's a were really finding out that we need to go back to ownership may be local ownership and get rid of this being cattle in a process yes you know a veniero the system like this and you really have no choice but you do play the game of bein a good boy good girl so you get rewarded with a salaries when in actuality i think that when you choose your own path and you actually live out god puts in your heart if the success is going to be there and in money is a very poor is a very poor measure of it when i see people that measure success by by a purely monetary gain to be a little crazy to me and it's a very sad situation because you can't you can't matrices by money that that's a yeah well it is a pleasure to have you on to day and i very much enjoyed you know we got to meet and mosque now you know the music festival there which was a wonderful experience and i love talking with you i thought it was great oh and and so you know all brought up something about food sovereignty and how they are working to establish wisitin what is it so i thought i'd let you you speak about this a little bit where did he start and helpless help educate every one what food aretaeus i believe we should be feeding our own people i am a farmer and i think that the going out of a state is not well i had a notion opinion day i say so we are man to declare to sovereignty the roman has done another town the united states has done unanimously passed ringing in suicides the right to produce cross so and consume local food of their choosing includes wrong locally slaughtered men and just about anything else you can imagine i also decided in astate and federal laws so molded into my lap i became a delegate that sheer from the gap and i really had a despised politics that real let him the summer and he gave me a reason and to get in bob which is a anatole romanist the prior anybody on the latter of the political room that has an opportunity to hold that evil if you're a godly person or even just a moral person or an ethical person you have that in your involved in regard to things that are happening in the direction things are going you're going to be that voice there that says you know old attainder something i got involved and an already met the supervisor of our town martin i'm in downtown and jeff is a wonderful guy he's not necessarily you know you have to ask you i don't believe his christian man but he's a very educated man he said easton and he has a great way of presenting issues to the public that entreatings had now started attending meetings and jefferson both sides of the issue very well you know and help us consider and he won't necessarily promote his own point of view until he has i sent the sovereignty food saint issue along to japan i suggest we need to consider doing something like ah in our township and with a man back some petals he is it done some quickening what they did in man and we both began to my decide that we were going to pursue this jeffrey wanted to cinders almost a bill of rights for a local township because i rights have been trampled on so sparely and so i now have all the trustees on board in the township and were pressing in just plan as within a month or two that we will have a written ordinance now he said that's not going to be a legal document what it is what is going to do is it going to lay some groundwork for us to begin moving up towards the county level that's what we're planning to do and i was in a meeting just the other night and i was we were discussing some of this and he got kind of and i eat moments and they merely elderly people in that meeting and they were saying you know nobody is going to tell me what i can grow at a meeting when i can buy there they were fervent it infant help the understand you know an ordinance that we would write is going to be supporting nor right do what you want to do in regard to food and just as he makes the comment that on you know is a basic foundation who we are and so we see what the government is doing we see how their attacking even the austrian and his mind up and out as you know no reason for that is the monocentral the food crops a common i heartily put in a double the size of my garden as she weetah a crooning from the garden they were canning and uprearing we see a luxuriant shell and we saw them well i can speculate i can suggest that there were processing plants that were being now this year the war just to many an one adoniah to myself i do askinforit in what way were doing things and saw that the essence of our our current and here in antonio this can get out you know across the emigrating to this morning might be a moment teckinality that that's a semely excited about what you're doing there because i do think that we need to feed our people and they've done everything they can to not that doubt in goethe something out out there that i know that i used it the right to farming reforming is a is a son the books and i actually used right to farming when you you when you invoke right to farming they onto anything and i mean anything and so like like it it it it basically over stops any of the state and the state local ordinances they can't tell you you can't or now what does that mean so for me what what i did as you know and vortraege the figured out i got it figured out about four years ago for my years ago so i was workin on building my barn and such and they kept pulling these ridiculous ordinances out nobody wanted to help while some some brave lady in the background all of a sudden you know six had around the corner and said he remember right for me and i like what you turnabout and some coarse the person i was talking in sonia's mind because through the cards on the table that i'm pretty sure he didn't want me to know and so i'm like explain this prose i ended this right up what i was farming you know and and you know just what i was farrington at this point time i'm not even sure you need to do that because if they tried to if he tried to do anything with a right of arming basically you know you you are you've got all legal ground too to soothe of whom you know but but i think i think we need to bring this forward because food sovereignty i mean this is critical we have every single one of us could and should be planting something i mean even one tomato plant would help break some of these big multinational corporations which are actively involved in poisoning us through their attitudes and all things they put in the food we offered offered killing us and we need to get back to you know the way things were done in the past the technology is great and in all this running around the world is great and having fast cars to get every where you want to go quickly but there's really no peace and that there's no real real value in that then your running around doing things may might be good things to do but all madly the family is the most important unit um and your property as you know if we know i don't on our property well now were renters on the land became the back of government but yet it is our abode it is where we find peace and joy and love and comfort so you know like even like um mister tromp was talking to early on there's many ways in this life to create a path positive path and i've been talking to my grandson's reasonin now saying the paradigm of graduating from high school going to college getting you to green beginning her here you know your career my generation was taught that was the only way to go for the most part and there's many other ways that you can live this life and and do well and be a blessing and contribute and so i'm trying to open their eyes to that potential as well you know in your next find but you love to do and quite frankly i told this to try to disconnect from the government all that the government become you are in your hand as the one who applied your food and give you your power and and you know your waterhouse you know there's all the ways of going about this and and we used to do that years ago well liquidators you know when when i was a kid you know when we were kids we had home achad shop we had we had like do something i think this is pretty interesting there was a woman's step stop by these by the side of the road yesterday standing there and my husband and he he said to her you know what was promised the yoke so she in flat tire she had called her mother and decided to see if her man could help her change a tire so my husband says well you know i can help you i'll have change a tire in it yet on the way because apparently her mother was coming from quite a d he is like where her all the guys out there that used to change tires in any you know you got nine per cent of the people out there they can't change i tire the other own food they can't balance a check but they can't make a all of these things that somebody who is you know i'm almost sixty years old to people that are my age we don't notice you know i know how to preserve food i know how to canaanite and all of these things and i know how to i actually know how to hoodoo process you know it's hard you know a chicken or order and such we we have lost so many skills i remember my dad trying to teach me how to how to change it saloon a car alethos things that are very simple activities and we have contented to lose our independence and become more independent of the government benoite government tom and i because of lack of life still lack of education well yes and you know of course the whole welfare system that was brought in by far but you know we need to help each other as the society we need tom there are needs out there you know the bible says to help the littles in the orphans asterion and then of course aloof special means people that need extra the most kinds of things aright the men have kind of lost their way in our society to day and i do really think that that a big big contributing factor as now i love women women have a perfect design my wife i love her to doubt she knows her role in life and i'm not going to i won't do a start vicomte here but think i when you were operating in your perfect design a god as a given you an you're goin to be most happy and men are to be providers protectors and defenders and you know we do the heavy lifting which is the work around the joan malwine loves that it frankly she doesn't want to do that and ah there you go she's a happy girl and that's what i love most in maidenhead hay while i'm thinking about it i want to suggest something else you know i've recently we talk about schooling and home schooling is the i believe home schooling who can take your children better than you can and of course so many nowadays are both working so that makes it nearly impossible for them to do but if things were in the right order there would be somebody in the home to give up the last and so forth throughout the day but you know i recently i had a real big issue with lingering and the tremendous amount of i called half no the colander of time those two years i was for the school systems of course and two payments all local school district mosquito public schools received thirty six million dollars i came for sterner other school has begun the area received between two and four million and a coat was a red flag banging went up in the air and really i was driving a home and i decided on going to the in anfisa mosque high school have some project going on right now and one with the elementary school a lot i mean lots of contractor vehicle sitting out there in all kinds of work being done and then when i got up to the high school out there working in the high school and there also building a thirty two million dollar junior high no i received thirty six million dollars and so i would have to finance office and i asked him if i could given all of the funding that they took from sir in regard to building renovations and building one additional type elements and so he gave me a forequarter but campodonico actually summit by a request by line i did it that same night matthew cortez was a superintendent was very very forthcoming he gave it as money and what that amounted to for what is spent for master or those building projects came just so of four million dollars or do when those security system and the backs o ye now where the rest of the money go well so we had an ongoing conversation i talked to him on the phone and i don't know if you can see that i can't if you home i can post it or you know that's the rest of the funding to this they he found a eevery very unforgiving but yeah for mad sanitarium to may be placed in the window that was just solomin dollars and so when the average hundred dollars the mask in that as in a lot of money to be buying masses and planters in the windows and sounds me like a government contractor project of from from how this tenenapa off the palio complied if you will along with the whole catechisme you are you were then a rewarded while you know we got somebody here and near us the school administrator which it is pretty pretty good source told me that they were paid twenty thousand dollar bonus in order to you know in order to make them oldschool system complaisant so that is a personal bonus i would administrator for twenty thousand dollars in order to i mean to me that that is waging organs marchand ideal and it was for money that this is this is incredible is crime while an you know we both all of our lives down a wig we've had the notion that while you know like in our own home we have budget and we have so much money and we have to meet that budget every month and then we looked at the government we said to oroomiah can they just continue then money like it grows on trees in more recently in my own research i have not some really serious issues you know let's connect the im entertainer national monetary fund to the united nations are right who is really funding all of this is not what we think not up a pool of money that all was paid into her with our taxes and in sitting over there and landing of it sitting over there worington has been a bankrupt for a long time now the truth and a lot of people don't know those things and quite frankly i don't think they really want to know those things because it's generating when you discover where we are i'm not anatomisation i got to do is follow the money and you can find the bad actors that are employs you can find what may done and how they've done it how they inanities us from the point of even when people are born to see now i did home i home school my kids so i was done with his whole system you know heresies said no i'm not going to i'm not going to buy into their nonsense and took my kids to work with me and they learned to not only do well education wise but they learned work and i think it's a better that's a better way to advocate absolutely and above him for that and this is a punishment i one of my kids tested at fourteen that i was a stone of the normal test you know that the institution or that the big government test to see how while they do it at a ten years old actually one of my kids was graduated from high school level so you work too hard to compete with a public school system at twelve he stared at college and i decided taketh classes with him because i didn't want the communist than their brain washerton and mean to brain must so then we did that and then he but when he was fourteen i had em take the act he went he took a and then he had almost a perfect score and that fourteen years old who i guess i will there he yet i might there you go there's a man who you know i think the average score on an ac detestation wide is eighteen and he be past that she was well into the thirties and it was it was kind of interesting perfect score made tragedies he had perfect scores on on the test no you know you look at that and you know i didn't don't you know i've got plenty of college and that to be sure but the person that most fit for teaching their children is a motivated parent who stands the that they are in fact giving their children the tools they need to create the opportunities to have great success in life and let letting them do what they want to do instead of just being a cog in the wheel of the sham system we live under the logs and yet you must have been alipriya i got a man i'm to would be proud of my kids no matter what they did now it's like you but but yeah it's like you know you dislike it that say you figure out better ways to do things and then refuse to jump on the heath indoctrination machine and a spitting out so so moving that over into the current go pescaria you know as i do to put this out there as well and newdegate i went to the first meeting when we were going to send people along to landing to boat on behalf of the people that we represent and that i knew nothing about the slave system i was totally ignorant but i saw tremendous issues just in that first meeting and how people were disenfranchised and they really didn't have a say in who was going to go they didn't personally select these people at that slave was printed off at three in the afternoon and our meeting was not intense and they wanted us to rubber stamp their choices and we were sitting there there's people around me that her grand new in the lot of people in their lefthanded people in there for two different districts and then we spoil to actually make our own decisions and but they weren't our own decision that's what i found out we were actually we were led to said well it was first come first served and as i've had follow up conversations with some of those people not the way it was they chose who they wanted to go then they added one or two new people collision to them an alternative a better way incorporate everybody involved sat they marked their feeling that they actually had a say in the process i sent that along to them and i'm going to be pushing that we have a meeting to night i'm not gone to demean him in regard to other than that delegate meeting and i i barry can of you know swatted the bees for you stothard and and i we know not a come on doesn't take it doesn't take a rock in sciences we got two main issues that i see the more we got two man issues that i see we got a mount in the money that these candidates are standing on and the chosen candidate that they choose the it is i it is a pain to play in it is thought sold election in the out of that they're going to threaten course and try to do whatever they can do including character sassination don't go after your business to go after everything you have in order to get their little roberta candidates in place and i can honestly say i've got a little concern the tutor dixon after watching what happened to alsace who as my leonor she was strung i'm really concerned that with two or dixon in place that they may have threatened and cursed her because she has kids i want to know well that would be the important to know what's going on behind the scenes but that's the hardest thing to discover because there he not going to come out front with us do not going to volunteer the information so how do we go i'll find it out then the other aspect that i see very clearly is because you doing this because the money is buying the candidate take away our individual rights absolutely love that individual that we know is going to do the job and as the weapon get behind and we can put faith in a weakened and you know you said to me when we were talking down at you not you said i believe we need to we need to the donation level to a hundred thousand dollars or lands or left in our good to that and you also mentioned that a term like i don't know it was thirty days said which should have the camping thirty day license and thirty elections we should limit the amount of money that there should be no lobbying done or on any of the nonsense we are honestly have i been to go back to america this so corrupt no is probably one of the greatest treats to our nation that that we've seen because that's where the problem with our election the omelet it with a corrupt in i mean corrupt from top to bottom political system organized crime they are using their influence but it is organized crime and their dealing with globes and then that that is like people that are in the atlantic council like ronie the world economic form which an they're all working together both parties are on same side working against in that you know this path silent election the twenty twenty election our people are going laugh about it people are going well the supreme court is going to do something now there not there at the part of the corporation there are present the corporation you know and if you don't understand that concept of who we are now as a a capital loveletters united states corporate you got to understand that in so many people that are telephones people and they put faith in government you know and in the mad godly people they inflame well god establishes all leadership you know and yet he does it what the word of god says but sometimes you get letters that are truncate your corrupt and you both those corrupt leaders into position and you get what you deserve resolutions i think also they use our emotions in order to manipulate our vote so like this is this is a real problem whenever some one is making is making a decision based on emotions rather than a logical response looking at the fast there's a problem that means there be manipulated so for example when when they start using the use the schools in our kids against us oh yes we want a great opportunity for our kids so nobody's going to argue with that same old the poets look at this this from a logical perspective how much money is going through our it's in a nourrigat into they are money laundering beats and when it comes down to with the foundations and the grant and when you look at some one say such as ronie and i want to know where the ice gets his money from a hundred and fifty million dollars to you about then i don't you you look at all of these huge donations nobody's going to question it is an easy way to hide money when it looks like it's something for the good when when you look at a like the red cross in the amount of of blood that benoliel donate it they think it's a good thing and there selling eighty per cent or more of the blood supply to the big farmer and then look at look at war the whenever it's in a depressed area or there's a tragedy who shall up the people that are there not necessarily to help some of them are but over all we can't so that it's for the right purpose because it it may make may be for the wrong for a person who's going to victimize the child what are they going to do they're going to go to where the children are they are not going to stand off to strike somewhere else where are the people going to be that's going to victimize the people of the united states michigan they're going to go into something that looks like it's goin to be helpful to us and we just yes this is a good person and and then they could be the big the biggest murder on the plant look what happened with third party murder in the state who did it who did it the person of sinnate state right now who has the title of governor i call it govern not she's not governing anything right that's right and yet that the provender and over again to those people move in those organizations relation all of that not just another example of that look at that late clinton the clints in how many people have been are conceited around him you know is like every antonona promenade what do they do they go down a hat of course i do how many kids disappeared from haiti an that it was a real problem and then look at what happened with larsonniere did you you know the story so for everybody else if you don't know the story of this is what happened laura selby got convicted of trafficking children i think there is either thirty or forty kids that they caught her with and she she was getting in trouble so the clintons go down there dig her out o trouble for human traffic and where do they put her in charge of it's like the amberleys in michigan and in idaho she gets married or change her name or something in disappears where back in the system in the same place to try to protect his and she's already she's already gotten got into so much go for human trafficking so we're going to just put her in charge of kids at a golden this is insane insane the time and and oh you know you know from my point of view my world pointed is the whole world and the way the wicked one his whole system is the integral we we have an opportunity to have an impact and i have children and grandchildren and decided on all and the kind and the coal in her all out king lion school which is god or a if i'm coming in i'm not going to be your rubber stamper you know you asked me to come and play the game so now you've got me and when i walk in the room to night you know i anticipate in a low as was going on to night well i don't roll in now i just heard it round about from one of the trustees on township she said why are you going to the depot meaning on monday night well i didn't know the haven one maybe i will but time is it she said since had one month they said oh kalitine and see what's going on and now that what i've been doing i really seriously i don't do anything until god committed it something of pompey like like the picture of his church and talk about food sovereignty natives dumped into my lap and i go o lord all right i know what to do with that and you know that whole constitutional law group thing got dumped into my lap and you know i took the two hundred and five pages and five page aboriginies on proposed indictment any answer pointing and i i sent them to the prosecutor i sent them ultimately to the sheriff and then i had to cool orthopterous calling my county representative cancer him was good about this well i adiaphane call from both officers saying they want me to come in and talk and so i talked with the rhetorician would not come in on the meeting he said this to assist atrocities made both good guys and we had a good back for over our basically bollyooly i'm giving you all the evidence right here you now have it in your hands and if you choose to do nothing with it your complicity in the other all demeter algerians were was it was interesting timothy made one of the first things he says to me in that meeting say i want you to know right away i'm not a less amaist rate i said well and he will i went to that meeting at napoleon too a bear or a scot scot roll was orientated i said you would meet said yeah i see it now for he said friday night i said bolstering we had the same meaning but as but all demented are going to have to contact the agony know where that's going to go nowhere right and that make the nation down exactly and then what a dark esher fool and michael poor frankly the mature then go for him what poetry he well there was some interesting things that time came up anyway i'm not i will mention a compensating he said to me i was talking about somebody in the geoponica ridout and said they don't know their i see kind of like a little bit of a threat to me that way that it came out but but you know i was out just listening so who knows you know but can't say i got a whole lot of faith and it and the really crazy thing is that i was actually kept out of the court house the emanates that they said they had which they didn't have which it scramble because they were saying it for two days in a scramble to get a judge to sign it in as a man add that mistaken county is one of the major human became areas in the state i wanted the all of its floating to the top now yes i befitting to hide his floating to the top and and they're going to be held accountable the now or later maybe maybe sure poland just doesn't know i don't know you know one ride a little but well you know way back in the day i was doing a ministry town here we drive people home from the bars on the week ends prisent from lepanto thirty eight and here we have a free ride home so we learned about although although strongholds in the city all the dark things that were going on and you know who and i learned about the tree may i didn't know nothin about free mates i knew that they saw fish on friday night right an i was i was i was raised in a reformed church which is pretty structure in later on that kind of change but so i'm out there fighting all these strongholds i came home one morning after serving on saturday night i got up and unimaginable come down stairs i was working around in this room here lord said i want to the map to strongholds of mistaken i never done nothing like that but i i kind o had a notion about what he was trying to tell me so i went up to outshine a map of the finesse said yes i turned i said why i should not tell me to mate mastodonian okay and she on she's on board is me a hundred per cent and i said you have something i can put this man in the said year i get some more here and it was just perfect i mean a fitted that moonshee but am so then he pushed an she gave me an four fighting colpus and sieges all these pins in the man and first thing was the bar second thing was sexual sin the thing was but temples oh a thing anyway the lord curtain my spirits and to look at it what do you see and i could see that all of these pins were kind of coming and converging on one point in the skin and there is a huge bar there had been there for years and we used to watch little teenage kids run to the door delivered the drug run back to the car get more drug run to the door the livers of drugs shooting stabbing to everything going out at this location and our whole city was blown apart right there nor shore roswell park miscegenation heights all converge right at that one more on the map it was amazing and so that's what that's what the enemy does is he destroys he divided he anyway so there question came into my spirit where is jealous the which said don the freemason temple o my god our goonur at that point in the game that just open the windows wide open and i couldn't believe what i was seeing i learned about wasting and these in the roadways and the structures and all their symbology and and you know but their oats and their levels and co who the guys were in the praise of riding a little coterie fed had on and who i yes and who the jesters were the ones that were another the parties when they had the the hookers in the drug and you know it was such a moment before so learning that i now know that mister poland and mister hilson have an association they are like his brother is in an organization i don't i don't know that they're free masons but they are knights of columbus together and they miserable that they both meet together once a month maybe with another group of guys so there's a word and get the alexina sixteen years wonderful young man primarily motivated children with madame part of that group in town here and when i would renew in so all water gets a call he since been divorced my daughter gets a call from her ex husband saying why is your dad you do so and so that just tells me they're all working together behind the scenes and regards to that mass when i went up there to deliver that that you are five page at dice there were levantine mask i had worn a madison sallinbeg to weaken to it i found the perhaps you so i said okay so i said it was cold it was february it was cold i said calvert quick phone call serenity gone there none so they are now yeah i wonder if they had any kind of policies because when i went there they had no policies and they had to find they had to find somebody to sign it later and said manannan you know in forcing this policy for two days seeing that you had to have a mast to come in the court house was a lie they had no judges or so and the disdain can i see the order when we walked showing the order i want to see the order while they got really they got a little lippy with me and they were they were a little lippy they were not what you would call a service oriented organization at that moment time so i'm like i'm like you know so we just i was just kind of interesting an i'm like you know i said yes there her garden the door and such a keeping people out of the court house and like a kind of interesting said how much how much trennahan on child trafficking here and i said because i and i said and they got real nervous and they would answer to it seems to be an honest question to ask you know it's like it like i know it's such a big problem in like and i would assume that you would have training in the subject in such a big problem in this area and seems to be a little odd that i can't answer the quest we were crenellated there and then they had to scramble and we see this is what happens when we as true patriots americans stand gather and hold these lying bastards and that what they are to a standard they that to and enforce them to answer an hold them accountable that the only way that they will be accounted some got sometimes to be able to stand up and say what needs to be said and we can do we can do that in many different ways but but to be silent is complicity that's what happened in world war two people say that you know that the germans didn't know it was going on there that's nonsense they knew it was going out and they said nothing yelling it's going on to get along which exactly exactly what's happening in this this election in with what happened with lancing in general it shut up going get along don't look as two parties came in place you know and i like you know what this is over we are at war right now and we've got one one chance to get out of this and everybody better get on board and decide that they want to act like the patriots that they that they claim to be because you know it's great to say your patriot until this patriot stuff to do and then you will thousands of whom were exactly all the i asked one of operator i said so the one you got god share what and so i told my gaditanian duchatelet to the prosecutor's office to generate number of garin you call her a garage answered i sugariness what i got this is what i want to do in hearkening i ate while we had a meeting this morning are you that day and i said yeah i'm that day and either death i met guy isn't it odious he said jimmieboy i'll see a canoe called me back and i couldn't get the judge is either ill it was the busy or out the low heterostyled he says i got called my boy at the front door he said we let you go on up to see another door opened wide open for me so i went right on up took pigeoning elsie into the prosecutor's office so that was that so that how a proceeding down i'm a man a god and i'm on your side i more i bought more i talk to you the more i'm convinced i'm in doing the right thing here and i support you a hundred per cent thank you i'm glad the good friends around her are that absolutely support you and the good thinkers in their researches for people that are really looking in the things and you're the one that the supporting in this regard for governor in the state of michigan so much i really do appreciate that if this is really how we're going to take this nation in the state back it's by all of us standing together with you know in this state overstated enough is that we are people of faith god always has a runnet at overtime when there's something that goes wrong and i am so proud to stand with any one out there who in i don't care what labelled all those labels of parties need to go we are americans that is owertaen way to make nation work as one nation what was the operative word on originality the where we defend in it's not you know this is the issue fortunate but we have been so the fact that all of the rules that you know the ten commandments were there to tell us you know we shall not we shall not we shall not well you know what is the very good father he's going to say put your hand on the fire you're going to get hurt that we think one of the ten commandments and there in the rules that god put in place keep us don't run out front of the semi or you're going to get hurt why would he say that because he loves us it's not just a tell us not to do this or that and to deprive us of whatever we think we are entitled to it his stand by he gets to make the rule he knows the rules and how things were in these trying to protect not to not to hurt us or deprive he is literally trying to protect us in when we stop his rules in his sand box things go poorly and that's exactly where we are right now it's not it's not telling us what to do for us to rebel against its talento keep us there give us the best life would possibly have in a pollard absolute and that the more contenting into to a township consul and also i have spoken with the county council as well and when i presented that evidence to them the county down to you know we have an opportunity to be a safe haven an opportunity to not go along with all of this nonsense that our freedom and the freedom of the people that live here in our neighbors the dog you will do to you letaba is now in your court you know you need to decide but you all will be held accountable niobe complicity with what's going on or you're not going to be you're going to try to go the other way and the question i'm trying to get across people that are in authority is the question you need to ask in regard to con how is this money and how we want to spend it how is that related to co you know if you're spending money through our boat that was given to you by a grant mirover you are then your bit path and build a boat round you got a problem you're not going to bless this community you will courseness community if you use money in that way dishonest that is not honest and god will not honor that and it's the same with our personal lives you know it's the same thing you know we have your the boundaries that god put there or protect as homicide that for my children well and absolutely and oker going to go back to the subject of taxation it that you brought up and i always say i say bring on the taxi masculinity arahat person is going to tell all these little snow flakes to a intelligence that we have a princess in a stage you know if this is where we stand up as women to our country or nation and that's not that's not to sit there and run people around like a little trick for us to have their adoration or worship or anything like that were we serve our nation our families in care of them and they may not like what what they thanatos i am probably one of the biggest founders of man and in the way that god created man i don't want to be left in the hobby stuff on my right and my best day i can't lift what my husband can laugh i mean he can pick me up and you know and carry me up the flight a flight of stairs if he wanted to or or throw me in the water of the lake because he is he is so much bigger than i am which i think is great you know people always say to me you know you need to be carrying all the time which i do have a cup but i look at it i will get my husband and i'm like i got this guy this guy is like alternated in oathout him you know somebody came near me he he would activate into beast moaning everywhere you know that's the way suppositions you can see how god created this earth and how in a ses in the bible that it is written in the way that god created the work the earth be the order of things when i the difference between a stallion which is a re producing male and mayors and gains and such you can really see the order that god creates stallions have two purposes that's it they have they have the purpose to to carry on the species and also protect the hurt it when you see somebody coming at their if they if they it's even to this point which i think is really interesting if they can't see the other horses in the barn and it does a matter which horse is they get so agitated because they don't know where the heart is they don't know where the family is and they get agitated they start it will really agitated because they can't protect with a chance the other the other morning and about three in the morning i have i had about twenty chickens i got three ducks i got three geese and they all have their orders you can watch em you like you say you observe nature and you can learn a lot by nature and but three in the morning the other morning boy i have two guineas in that cage with the rest of the girls that we had one little oh barneveld banter and he's a strict little guy and now he's never been a gun and trouble to me some of them in a fit you they are man fighters but he was and he was a siesta little struck round guy will no my wife as she went to the matinee heard the forthcoming she got me out of bed and she said there's some going on down there so i went down there with a flashlight in there all huddled in the back corner and there's a couple that are upon it on the roof and i looking around in boats going on and those those gennesaret screaming inanition care for that i don't know if i ever get gegenbaur there notion of guineas and i love geyserite they are there like the military use after watch dogs the oathe are if they see anything going wrong i like it's like all kinds of problems break loose it and to monroe so i here's my little rooster in the far and in the corner and their dead on the inside some probably a tone had a stock what he was doing i know what he was doing was protecting you must protect him girls and he got gunpowther and he was trying to get that thing to go and he stuck his head out of the cage and bone got he got caught while then the very same day you know some kind of teaching me through just have animals around and then such a blessing as so much fun in a funny and teething else it's a bigger responsibility and people don't know that and i had to see gee and during the day one of my my lead us i called the robber band man but he had little roman round a leg on hewet and weapon he got a little he got a little mark around in his legs as a hay your banana here he was missing i went boys where is rubberman in i talk to these things you know people i think i'm crazy my wife says don't talk you out out there because begotten why they seem to kind of understand but i know they do and so i looked a look in i didn't find them but he was the leader of the gas and i find the eventually found his remains out behind the barn and would probably had you know kate from the ariponides me big again but he was he was the leader of the group there and he was the one i hope he was a rabbit he was number one dog you know when number one yet you see that because we had some guineas that we lost two two guineas wheeler in the year so and you could see what happened a cottage when the we had though the last male that we had the last male died protecting the girl and of he jumped in and and he was protecting the girls in my one son he was kind of broken hearted case was his path and here he was like while he goes he did the right thing he protected his girls and so as it was it was really sad for my son but to realize that that he died protecting the flap which i think is truly it's truly the way so you know what i did for a without and i bought it bought ten more guineas to get to my flag weatherley know animosities and then i hired a guy who is a cylinder to one he's got this is real it's really cool he goes out there and we've got night began stuff all over the place i mean i could i could you know pick out as it on somebody's nose with as many cameras as we got round their right and he's out there out there was a white night vision hunting and yarely kind of fun it's like i'll see out the tripod with his rifle and and you can look through the camera and see everything so he can he can be scanning and seen what is out there and you can see duret with is kind of like heat activated or something like that i don't know exactly but a watch watch and how accurate he is to take down the coyotes in answered ware on the coyotes and and so it's like the things are absolutely nuisance because there's no natural predators out there they will and i know a guy that he he's a coyote he's he's a farmhouse went to porto to hunt as and barras so hustling about how he goes after coyotes to he's going along the road one day and he sees a man of course here you go you've got wonderful beautiful toxic masculinity protecting the herd which i love all of you and love you so no one side of the road and he sees the man walking with a child in the stroller and one behind her as walking he said i could see a coyote going through the and the pollutions of her any he said a lady he you got you got a coyotito in your kid behind you he said this is what they do and i mean this guy went to school for it he said he said to come up in the granite by the naked take right down in the dead so small children are actually at risk it risk for it too so you know it's like it's like you know you want you want a balance but we don't have a balance here and did you never hear but what these at these moros in our government did with a most population of an thebans talk about stupid i don't know where these people come from but they are absolute more on the can't even write they can it's like an alouate le look at the constitutional means they were the one is forty three errors in it so they took it in an they took it down put it up to the supreme court the idiots of the supreme court decided the passata and it's got so forty three years in this moment what kind of a low incoherent as on permanent record unbelievable so elaborate letters and universities so it happened in the peasant they someone some brain was heard in an langshawe got a moose problem up in the o god forbid should we let the hunters take care of it so one of they do started air dropping wolves and to take care of the move up in the swamp so here i go we're going to drop wollop in the swamp where we got a problem with a legend problem with the moose population so now we have a woollen problem up there because there's nothing to check on it said the steadier i hire people to now take down the wolf population are going why we just go from stuffin to stop you know sepastian eliminate this whole thing and just a you know we got lifetime come on honore goin to let you guys man just state which is the way it should be and stepped as wool strewn up the whole system by dropping drop and wolves in it now now what are you to do as the constellations and we do have mountains in the state to nobody wants to talk about that but we do it not already now there was a large cat i'm not sure what it was but it was right over here in freeport every time man every time men tried manipulate god creation the mess things up in ultimately that will be the downfall and the talking about global war income you'll die before the planet is we god wot the thing together and in amazing and let's get to get rid of so too it's like i clearly we missed biology lessons there because too is what the plants take in in order to make a gain and its like is the other plan it i'm pretty sure that that's an engineer kills all move right there with getatable this the light they like they don't they don't actually look into it like so too is mastery we don't have so we don't have plans we don't have plans we don't have oxygen we die and on we don't breathe no more it's like edison were over a dim i have i have a boy in life the port and his case manager just walked in the door kanawha we have a little interview session that i've got to be a part of a neatness okay what inweave nurse i'm in duty during the day to help us and by her her daughter was giving birth to day so he took the day off to i need to go be a witness do you have a few more minutes or you have to go right now academies i want to go back to the food sovereignty think because that's really what we got on talk about we got an all these wonderful rabbit trails which i habsolutely love i mean this is his phenomenal so what my question is is can you tell us really quickly what the process is and that i'm an opposes documents make sure you send all that stuff over to me and i'll post you know the south you are showing me but i've got the food sovereignty doctrines from you a document before but then also the other way he showed me a few minutes ago so i can pose that one supposes of food sovereignty will he have you have no temple and pedro or ontario on ordinate in a behold be very similar to what they did there and are going to the trustees of both on the ordinance and put it in place and then o jeff'son by next year to bring it to do within the township to actually voted and that will then give it a legal standing and then we're going to move up the food chain to the county representative so we're starting at the bottom we're going to work away and we were so peter going to run into some resembling the way but as some language that would be just to stop a quick over view of the language that you would put in that sort of a food or not i was i'm going to leave that up to jeff i'm going to see what jeff comes up with he's a very very astute man and then once he developed an i'm sure he's going to be sharing it whether we're going to review it may move in a few changes with it but once i received something concrete out and that your way as well that's great i loved them and we've got a really work on this whole food production within the state we need some processing plants here and and i think that people need to have the the the assurance that it met they can actually produce their own food they can dry their own food they can preserve their own this people that are arranged now how to do this they can cook their own food they are not they are not at the mercy of the government or these big organizations to god give us everything we need and on to that ourself so you know i going ahead and let's see a pair that i let you go if they are you pay with that would you like to pray for us this nation or would you like me to woo they have only father thank you so much for all and everything he's doing and all the men in our society who are brave enough to stand up and fight for not only this nation but their families and for the purposes that god is put ahead of that of the your design is absolutely perfect and we love so much father god thank you for a day ahead of us we ask that you bless every single person out there that you have bless this they would open doors for us that you would open people's hearts and minds and above all that people would be drawn to you as their good father as their protector their defender either provider you provide you go out before us you gobelines safe in all situations because you love us because we're your children yet entrust you for everything you provided you always provide us a way you give us an option to have relations with you through salvation in joe's creolean we are so grateful for what you gave up for us for what you did for us to vices you make and all of your provision for us and we are humbled to stand before you and he have an opportunity that he don't you don't need us but you love us and you enjoy us and you give us the opportunity to stop for a forward to have your will of your good purposes as every one out there to know how they are and how much they are loved at their never alone in a love so much in the name of justice we pay a man and all right but were you so much you i would love to have you back on again this was extraordinary and thank you so much for your wisdom and your time and your devotion to this nation and your community it's just a beautiful thing loristan you have a great day baby so there we have i think this has been a really interesting day i have some questions that i want to ask and throw out there because i think that being in i didn't get a chance to go over this with with all but i have you know i've got a network of people out there that i talk to and i find this to be very interesting there are some names out there which i believe that our political parties specifically the idea ranworth dance as corrupt as all get out in the always look at what happened with sure in all the people that were involved and with that with the happenings that were surrounded him very disturbing but their mother things that i have some questions about i got a chance to talk to chief craig and i really do believe that chief cried got the wyandotte deal and on top of that the dope of course and a lot of the republicans at the top are spending a lot of time telling us whose good and whose bad they are at literally involved in threatening coursing intimidating people we can look at what's happened over chamouny i would like to say something this may not be a very popular thing that i really don't care because nobody's payin me lie or not bring the transformed because i think we need to do that one question i have is when you look at the political strategist in the people behind others the we ask a lot of costs now i it is my belief that for one heard in i can't do eerily any one specifically that crag was kind of forced as a political consult concerning part of this is how much money the political parties have to donate or to back candidates thus pay to play right there and i believe that that campaign got a tremendous amount of money person who writing the campaign which i believe that the time was joyaunce say that talking that there was a twenty million dollar donation to a campaign necessarily a chance even though the candidate but the campaign they become their own little little entities that by themsels that would mean that potentially john young would have got maybe out a note for ten besworth lookin into i'm guessin that some issue look into this a little bit and then all the sun was gone all of a sudden he got so where is the sky where is john young a last time i heard there was some connection the caribbean which is amazing as network where ibsen as is in the caribbean and the virgin islands very very interest there is also a man down there i've got a bunch of names and i think we need to chase the thing down i'm curious where these people are where is john an i also some questions on how all these political campaigns are being founded say maybe through say the the brighter michigan path what's going on there with that where is this money and i mean massive amounts of money coming from there are the individuals that are manipulating the campaigns seems like most of not to the man and the people that are involved in the republican party itself and of course what do they do they remove people who get in the way of the little criminal organization that clearly is not operating the way i think they should operate something of i found out that's really interesting is the virgin islands look at and we went to look at how much manipulation is going on behind the scenes there are nine votes in the convention is what i heard what to look at a for the virgin islands in the publican can the nominating convention the virgin islands is nine on committed votes in the nominating convention for the idea that's a republican candidate isn't that interest wonder why it happens that way why is it that they have uncommitted votes and my question is is if they're holding those votes could it be that their offering them for sale campaign and who is involved in that really interest i think if we look down down the red hole that we're going to find out there might have been a million the million missing we just might find them out and as the king of fact the twenty twenty two election about the election happening over in county and about the presidential election that the trying us a right start manipulating then we got a lot of questions to ask her but i would say that if there were bribes that were offered or that of character sassination i want to know about this i also let me let me pull something up here in case as i on mine too every once in a while something will drop into my feet and i think this is pretty interesting economical the out here and i'm not going to call out to go after tuticorin when to tell you right now she's on qualified due to her her background she's not a qualified candidate that part i hold nothing personally against you her dixon at this point time that i suspect she has probably been put in a position she may be doesn't want to be in much like i saw with my lieutenant governor moscow i went on a little bit of a rat the weekend we found her and of course i did it on integram life and it was to go over to face book life and i did for a minute so we were broadcasting light in an all the sudden but i own i wonder why that is i wonder why that was a that video where i was publicly defending melican because i can tell you what i listened to her face book lie and i sat there and i i know melissa and i can tell you even by her words that by her action the children are the and i don't really care what she says about me i'm not going to listen to that be an emotional recover what somebody says i'm going to listen to the words that i'm going to get in there and i'm in to do a little bit of digging because nothing is as it seems and i refused to make i based on an emotion or having my feelings her say like stand right did with melissa launch website because the wings were her all right have a problem with that entirely so anyhow this came up and it is in fact marbury a juliet and this is kind of intent tut dixon palacete a legal donation from a nonexistent group colleges of now i looked at her back ground a little but a sparser her qualifications and what her life was all about in and all of the donations she's got to go in a bunch of five dollar donations for arizona the same person now why would there be that many five dollar donations from the same person out of state doesn't make sense to me at all it's kind of crazy and now we see that that tutonian pack accepted illegal donations from a non existent group complaint all now the morning kind of crazy disappearing dixon has any one seen tureen or her campaign this is from michigan democrat party which is part of the republican party because of friend working together on don't care what anybody says they're working together you look into just a little bit and you can see that so we found out that there's a republicans i don't believe any of it because they're neither a republicans nor are the democrats there communes globator that are wearing a label of republicans and democrats the globes their hiding bentotte do that the globules donator years where they hide their identities in this they get caught they just change their names and they move up they we've seen them do that with windsor the winters are from germany and they had a different last name so what do they do they go on they sat up they set up shop in england changed their name to make it look like they fit in more with the breath pill and plundered the whole world exactly what they did the bushes did the same thing the bushes were not his they came from germany and they changed their name to fine i believe the last name was like that we might want to look into that low but because i think this is concerning so i'm looking at this and realizing that the tutor has an entrance all the time who i saw it happen with chief crag i've got a lot of questions his actually met with she and i want the little interest goes around these people they'll surround them they'll stop him from saying stuff for or they will they will silence them somebody asks a question very concerning so there is a structure there which i can controlling these people and i think it worth looking into because we may have a whole bunch of people who are the face that might get into it for one reason and then find out that so as bigger than they can handle in their under threat of course i don't know this to be true and tutors in tutors i do know that there was quite a bit done chief craig and anybody out then that a republican that take potshots at these people is probably as dumas rock because this is all coming from a controlled message from political parties going through our fate stream media the only way that we get the truth is by going to the store searching ourselves actually formulating opinion not based on emotion but being objective i'm going to read you a little bit of what i said this week and that i might just put on another video on rumble live because there senores holy face book lie as well as everything else out there which i think it's funny it that's a panic looks like when they have to control the message as somebody who just gets out there speaks to mind that the hampton through their through using sucker box or whatever you want to call it you know any of any of the nonsense out there pretty much indication that their panicking the still trying to control the message but they literally sick an so controlling the message because the kind of down so any other sweet and i was i was detroit auto show had a wonderful time by the way the cars out there were wonderful had a great time had as much fun looking at every one's beautiful dresses and and such as i did the cars i actually do like carson i go to most car shows and that i that i can and it's it's a fond thing for me so i really we really had a good time i had a couple of my friends that also work for the campaign with me and we just sweet wangat girl night together it was a girl's night out and had had fun locators we all like cars and had he had a really nice time we got there and we went to the ribbon ribbon cut cutty ceremony for the detroit are ottershaw and i think this is absolutely hilarious hilarious beyond all belief so were sitting there and i decided i usually if i can i want to have a good seat i like to sit in the front i'm not purses going to sit in the back omarite in the front and take things on you know basinful from take things on and take problems on she howat's going on in there and all of a sudden people are people are starting to move around and and they're being introduced and getting up on the stage which i thought was interesting in all the sudden then it materializes and nowhere and she goes up on stage from thee as were looking in from the right side but i don't even know where she came from it was all a sudden she's just kind of there and she goes up on stage my friends are mementoes are okeanoio at this she is staring at you and she was nervous she was sitting up their reader hands a little but she was nervous she was an acting like a comp a confidant in an individual whatsoever so i'm just going to watch in his whole little nonsense you know going on with it grecians had done seepee but she was literally she was she brought out a piece paper and she was reading off a piece paper and such steichen they got done ilaria said i'm going to shake her hand and shalt abate to do is go go challenge to a toadeater so there were ropes on the left side of the stage and i could have gone around it but one of the ropes touching the floor on like you know i've got em with the i stopped over the rope and it was a it was a public area was not a protected area i could have gone around it to his easily but i just and all and walk like eight feet but it was just quicker for me to do stuff across the i crossed the little rope there let what i did not in any way as a threatening move or to do anything other than i wanted to shake her hand a challenge to a debate what they have of refuse man too and everybody is like you need to work in getting me in these debates on really we've had people calling me deliver letters we've looked at the rules they're not even penitent on to the rules and they left leopoldstadt qualified candidates from being able to be involved in these debates the thing is so rignot even funny so guess he's ben a tack in her cap out again once again its brain don't mention the name brandy bureaus that is the word we do not want to mention in any political students so i steer the roads start just walking you know walking over and have no i got about i am going to say i was probably for i was tried for five feet away from her ready to extend my hand towards her and about for five people decide to between her and i pushing me back literally there was like it was like a football block almost a talk of going on there pushing me back so that i could not shake this woman's hand because clearly don abrane bird and a black with a letter on coming up there like a little gray an to shake her hand and calling her to which bat and she has her little passe that pushes me back out of the way and they run out of that that that hall and it was a big it was a big hall part of the tea as he used to be coal now the huntington sinner they pushed me out of the way and they run just about run her out of there to go up either the stairs or escalators at that point i was laughing so hard that i just watched him whisker little self away out of there she never stayed she didn't talk to any one she did not shake anyone's hands she did not interact with any one a to get her away from any one in every i wonder what's going on with i care didn't appear to be here at all i'm kind of wondering what her role in this says if they pulled her out as a little classic political action figure that she clearly as put her out there i was walking round talking everybody i'm like you know a free individual only tells me what to do and and good luck without to any one out there so that was really interesting so there was for other people that stopped a brown men that we want to shake your hand were voting for you or your you're a candidate and they all saw half as so we had we had i witnesses watched them pushed me out of the way to not have a interaction with grecian witmer i got to say is one of the best moments of the entire week and i thought it was absolutely hilarious i mean i'm still laughed about that i laughed i was laughing for probably oh i don't know a couple hours where i was just like oh my gosh this then this is a fantastic assigned that very much to be in around the show my put the goose's back on and he had my picture taken with the gamester buster mobile and had a very nice time there were some very very nice people there they were very nice individuals that i'm pretty sure were there to protect all of us there from that clear present throats that were happening in that arena and much love to all of you it was it was a wonderful time the next day my friends at my friends and i was with me got up and we went to north we had a north to grayling and had a wonderful time at galinippers out of all of these things and watched how they are putting together a very depressed it was a very depressed city and the little town there and and how much work they've done to make the same wonderful wonderful place and i would tell anybody gamechick out grailing this is this is a wonderful little town you can you can walk around and talk talk to people because a very community oriented they actually have and i got to look into this they have a district they determined district that you can literally down town go and buy a cocktail somewhere of beer and walk around their downtown area they turned it into a district and i got her a rottener what the name of it was the great time it was that he had a band there on a stage and it was wonderful to talk people had a great time we went to another friend's house and that's where i cut the video to defend miscreant it was just fun so let's not go back let's go back to the milesian with her video she put out beat said every one needs to get behind the top and tutored dick said and i am really concerned on and on but when you listen to her words and i know her she clearly stated that her children her family had been put in a position of not being a she was threatened and i watched the political nonsense out there in every every person out there man a penal was part of it too in these his name cause i think i use the situation with mother protecting her children she felt that they were threatened and they were using it for political game and i think it's despicable absolutely despicable well just so everybody knows standing with melissa and i would protect her or any mother as protecting their children from this corrupt as house system we have going on they are they are compromising they are threatening their coercing people they are there removing people their killing people that they want to get out of their way we know that all i have to do is look at the precedence that was set back set back at during the clinton ministration with a confiding people two kids that that watch a deal go down what happened to them he took him out damaris kids herault because these people are cold blooded killer they are involved in organized crime the rigging or election then the machine it's outside of the machines they're going at people and they are the committee and threatening character fascination i like to look into a person in the british the british birds and islands that i think were probably course threatened with character fascinations and you know when president trump says we have everything on pretty sure that we have everything on everyone is really interest the whole process so to any one out there who has threatened a man whose protecting her children shame on you for not standing with melissa crone or any mother that's out to because they're going to start with those people but it's going to the rolls going to go on to all of us i'm very concerned right now because something i heard about two or i i'm very concerned about her she may have been put in a situation that she doesn't want to be in either i think that this is worth looking into and i intend to do that till i get the answer because it is incredible to me that any one would use her or what a person is going through in their private life in order to keep on her for political or monetary gain take wrong on every level i will not engage in it and i don't care if some speak out against me i really don't i'm going to look into this further and find out are they part of this are they a victim of the system people under the bus is capable of threatening a mother's children in order to effect behavior while you know what we're going to stand with them we're going to be tough because i would stand with them i would stand with you or any one who's out there who has been hurt or course because i'm not going to be on the stubbornness comes with a and that is a super power in and of itself when we stand for people about this clear about not being a funded standing with people in a very tough way and opening your arms when people need a safe place to go while you know what our system they so much in our system that's wrong we we have been infiltrated by communist we have been victimized by people like anthony fousand the organizations that were set up to protect the the city then i any name of every one of them by the federal bureau and insert setting people up and their target is not to help us eleseus like we talked about earlier without it's a complete and utter allusion there here to help they are here to take us captive to indoctrinate or children to continue their power structure their power structure on in their self interest to southern and to protect themselves in all their little cronies they've got set up including the investments that they have in green energy including the investments they have in these big multinational corporations black rock who is also a major investor and things like the union pacific railroad four infrastructure and that's only one of them just it's everywhere in a food sport we need to be producing our food supply locally they have way way way way too much power over us and our ability to live in their they continue to increase the rules and regulations i've been talking about i have some distant hathis has been going on since the s is from red both major parties are to wings of the same birds of prey he's absolutely right and there prenons as americans we don't have democrat a democrat party we don't have a republican party traitors a people that are guilty of trees and a sedition against us with people and either stand together or were going to watch the spur pray pick us off just like they would in our you know eleanor talking in our pens where we are chicken or our lives the were nothing more to them than a means for the and so where is the really come from this is almost a religion i would say it's a religion of when we do so serve god when we don't see each other when we don't stand in sometimes do the hard things stop going along to get along like a gutless worthless politicians and landing the worth the godless none of them stood for us during the unconstitutional lock down the mast mandate the force vaccinations where worthy they were being upon the rest of well pechunia pacific decided than in your face all of you i'm not going to have for this one i don't care what they threaten me with they throw us with not delivery rail cars to our facility unless we fully vaccinating my husband and i'm like shut her out and we're not doing this were not killing you we will not be a part of this system sat up against god and humanity because that's what against moran i don't care what she i will not be offended by some one's calm and because there may be things behind it which are a clear and present danger or threat to that person we look at it further so said shut her own were not going to do that we're going to shut this thing down so about money for so it's not about money for being governor at all and of course the attorneys are all going well you know you can't do that on like we can shut this thing down and i'm like in your without a job unless you get this thing figured out so you might want to start working a little bit here to figure out how to keep this place open the employees and put this in their hands will nobody did this in in our government at all no one stand for the people they went along go along get along and now look what they're doing in his next election spot in the baboon the road on a gashes in the bowery now on the spot there they've been doing this for a long time they lie they cheated and they stole they made the entire election process about buying the election starts with all of these families state who have lots and lots of money i do follow the money selecting our candidate telling us who to vote for their making us afraid that we're going to split the vote i vote they've already wrecked they already split the vote they already put in stall candidates in there and people for being treated so we've got an opportunity we go ahead and we both the right way that we feel is to vote without some ecelino stand for something what anybody that does i better not hear one critic from anyone about what happened during the mask mandates and force vaccines and why our politicians didn't stand up and do the right thing if we vote the way to tell us to be a long party lines you got a vote on party lines you don't want to split the boat were no better than they are not one of us we are the ones who control who was in charge of this they are not they are there to uphold the will of we the people in that comes from you and i our boats every single person needs to be voting and voting their contents we need to go and show up on voting day an old school patriot way tell them what's going to happen voting were for the people that we wanted i owe think is the best way to run this nation i'm not going to tell anybody how to vote you got two you want to go for i would fight for that right for you to bolt for who you want to vote for whether i agree with you or not i still hold your right to have fair and equal representation because i believe in the process i believe that americans are i believe that were so i believe that that god will direct us as one nation under god indivisible with liberty and just for all i believe in that but where that gets carried out is not our politicians the crop is help they bought paid for it carried out by you and i by mons by dan by the those of us who who have jobs shattered every day thus in our tale take care of those that we that we love people that we love and we care for that's a hero right there take somebody to get up and do that huge things in life all of us doing small things i adopted a little girl from india whose man was killed the train accident by her side her i came back from india and i reel didn't you feel like you needed to bring you know all of these kids back in him like no god gave me one job and that was was it you you can't look at it if you look at the whole process its overwhelming because there so many problems each of us takes a little bit out of this car like all that just was on our take a bite out of the corruption and his local area and he's running with a food set applaud him the millions of us stand together in a herd in a fly that protect lock that win i will stand here protect melissa or i love her she's a good man she cares for her kid i came for over political ambition in over money lady stand with her and i will defend her every step of the way for what the choice she made and i don't care what she says about me she said about this election she relenting about me at a something in it sounded me like somebody told her right to say i am sure somebody that was threatening her told her exactly what i know her and i will stand invite for her i would stand and fight for turin being threatened as a man with her children spect that that may be happening right now i would stand and fight for you and your children the school level or the state level to raise your children in the way that you want to see the race that they don't belong to the state bounty the duty and responsibility is for the parent parents other children on the he has no business telling you or any one else whether you whether you are essential your such every one is as essential who had tells us that were not astir your essential every one of us who's not essential the government that a place right now is not essential because the criminal it's a criminal organization and we need a that power back from them stop them from courcy threatening imitating being people of someone is chosen to be bought off she on them day was part of was another another layer in the complexities of the political nonsense that i saw which is kind of funny in a way it was really fine so i was coming back from bataki and decided we saw this bay harbor are we said oh you know let's just ride down and by harborne what's going on so we went down there and started to do some shopping and things get interesting to real quick there was a guy down there and he said i was not to you his name or his photos though he took photos with me in any public or anything else but don't say anything about bringing the truth forward has not a death my campaign i'm metronome out there some time and if they get my face i'm anadoli how out of all but let me tell you i was in a shop and we start talking and of course the detrital you what they think you want to hear he knew who i was and not thirty feet from where i was sitting was office of who a wiser throwing this out all of his connections that he knows the devices and his list of all of these wonderful wonderful money people he said you know you're strided sinner in the billionaire in the billionaire's hard by or by harbor right by pots we he said you know what we don't like tudor none of us support i don't even know for unwise support we want to do an event for you i've got all these people that will give you all kinds of money for your campaign were to do in that for you this is so these people are kind of stupid all you had to his pay attention and as i watched you put his phone down and the name he gave me a coat was actually it was just sitting right there it was honest on like he called himself who the h was the sky of no i don't even know who the guy was because the name he gave me came up at his call log it was right out there wasn't like i had to seek her out a seat it was sitting in his hand and he just he was holding his hand like this so whoever they had he was was an owrecome was you don't call your own phone with your own number and your name coming up on your call a the logical i watch in the late to devolve stupid do stupider every minute to pitcher's this sounds great this is going to be a wonderful thing and and i see why don't you just call round yer i'll go talk to him i don't think he he starts calling all of his little political cronies and some of them were war florida oh that's a surprise and where is he going all of my going down to naples florida what the logan at all just listen all this in any one and so now he decides i know every one on the star called i don't know what to do i don't know what to do so he starts making calls as after he's been taken which i assume people in talent was going on and their little global structure the protecting money people are billionaires and their involved in all of it the global and i'm just amuse i'm totally used so he starts calling on the first one that came up his name was tom the other a gundalow time comes on and i it's it's over it's over she's only got fifty days left and like as not since i've got over thirty million interaction and line a week you want to pull that's a real number forget the polls pulls a line in through their tete can't get it on a full if i want to buy a pole as a dana is one hundred per cent ahead of every one i can buy a pole in old toehold that i am in fact i had a everyone wonota do that the lie and now that i'm ahead of everyone whose i am head of every one you look at real numbers but i'm not going to find these absurd ridiculous moronic polls who are basically bought and paid for manipulation of our nation it do it we're going to go person to postmaster inexactly watered so phone calls are coming in and i'm sure people don't like what i'm saying i can so anyhow where there then he calls another person not an we can do it's too late too late to take the theorization started to happen at that point time manipulation of demoralisation i'd not get by that notion a chance i've got supporters all over the state and a lot find somebody that get thirty million interaction on line a week is another candidate i'm pretty exercerent going to find them because we look at everybody and i'm so far ahead of every one whose running right now that is almost absurd young going to see it necessarily you have to look at the enlaced the seat behind the because when you look at you an actual analytics and you look at real numbers you're goin to get the truth you're not going to get this manipulated nonsense political nonsense there not by an into it not in a take part in it and i'm done with the whole thing we're going to do it a different way and i said that riteing so anyhow we got off and we go out and on wiserar which is worse kind offices right next to her laughing we went in there and i started in weight some some wine went out and sat there on the one outside drinking our wine gotches boruch ha we had had launched and we had eat hadn't really eaten all day we were we were doing things like eating a not in the cars were driving in such and so were sitting there in the water comes out telescopic ere i do this every warlike a picture at all ill you know i'll promote this no no no no mister wiser won't like that he goes back in and this guy is absolutely furious that were there as funny funny hilarious so not to longer after that a woman walks she starts asking all kinds of personal questions yet we don't like dixon we don't like this that and the other thing with god that we have another to starts asking us all of these i thought i was pretty funny while one of my friends there who where is your son goscho she need know that why would you bring that up in a conversation stranger and she starting asking too many personal questions about our families i got up and i finally went eternity know what sitting here and i little group i sent told me that she was sent there in order to absolutely some one way or another so amadis thank you so much for stopping by but we're sitting here as a group and were having a nice time as friends that we just got together here to work in a she was kind of shock that i dismissed her along the way a so of waldon the road and it was at too long and my little body in the shop who was he says who had the name on his son from another place and was dumb enough to put it out there so somebody could see person let me a word for word to said we don't want to use in our pitchers for anything for publicity or anything going forward for your campaign in no problem i have no interest in that whatsoever however here's me in a wonderful opportunity that if he state more decided do the wrong thing we're going to do to live in hell lot of these people putting together some of the connection between these people who are rigging our elections threatening candidates melissa i'm sure there's a lot more i know that there's quite a few people over come that were threatened and i think we might want to look back into perhaps something called the brighter michigan pack finding some of the non criminal nonsense of manipulation in this behind it the families how many a change their names to something else we can't find them quickly you know what the great thing is is the internet latin spite of their very amateur attempt something that looks like looks like something interesting is very very very interested is interesting the sky sends me a tax the one that one of the guests said that i couldn't use the formation and just got this from him just now as i am mine with the objective this you know we are in the store you can pick up your roses in your tea isn't that interesting now he wants when you come back again as all right you can use it for trash bitterer body so anyhow now this is the way it is now at me come back and pick them back up again all that's goin to happen i'm sure so anyhow we have in here i think all of us need to start thinking instead of listening to what the tellings for votes goes through the narrative of what's going on or even the people who are involved we were riding down the road and there is a wonderful sign there elect democrat we turned in and i want to get a picture this is great because there's a bout million political signs around that is that where there were while there was one for withering gilcrest and now so dickson a dear and i and i and i've got em on austerities and he posted at last night and the kitten the skin series there's said republicans who are raising money and backing with me the backing water the little deep that i talked to brought up the fact that there are names that he could throw out of people that are backing whiter in the billionaire's club the going on up there in bay harbor but he didn't want to say it out loud yet are and i think we can figure those whether without you and i made sure that they knew that you know i was going to tell people that probably are smarter than i am maybe more connected so that they also keep that information to themselves and not lay them out all at once show it me god i serve god almighty i have no fear of death whatsoever the or coercion on any level whatsoever that's all right we'll protect your information point pretty much extra sure is done a president donald trump said we have everything we have every thing wore an clean up right now and every one of these criminals traitors come the day is going to come when they're all called to account for what they've done if they think they're going to escape in any way should he perform there's another judgment that's going to come also because we all have to stand in front of god for what we do when we left shirt we had a wonderful wonderful you know worshipping at a church up and up north of task there just just a little bit with the true christian true believers and i believe i believe they were was a wonderful wonderful time and the pastor pasear there and left a message you know we should all be praying in the middle of nowhere with people who are non believers non christians so this we did we got in the car and we were praying and praising god such as we were going out that godetia people in front of us who were lost or who needed a harber people who needed someone to stand with them and put us in the path of people who needed some one to stand up for them needed no so they should cry who were lost we could we could help this is a bit arcuation his hurt tremendously truly god is the only one that way they can lay out of this i believe that with all my heart i really do so we pray that god would bring people in front of us who need you as christ needs elation and what happens we end up by accident in the middle a day of a beaver there in the middle of the next of global probably controlling most of this was a phenomenal moment it really was enjoyed every man on sat there and you know and had a wonderful time head of a biker group that came by the northern nights the raising money for a busies who are they produced by giannone of the man died in the actually stood with white neighbors should do like we are all to do sit there by ourselves and watch every fail standing without a great time up there and we got down we drove back home last night and writing to hit the trail again to as in every day so at any rate i think i'm going to and the right now and go on the rest of my day i would ask every single person out there pray for mellican her family i would ask every single person out there to pray for tutor dickson and her family her children i would ask you to pray for this nation i would ask for you to pray for every single one of those global billionaires clearly lost their way in any one else who lost in hurting right now please pray for this nation it's an honor to be here talking with you and i will always talk candidly about everything i have no reason to do anything other than that on no reason whatsoever and just letting everybody know right now that you are not alone god is always with you he's right right with you he isn't a mild way he sat right next to you right now waiting for you to talk to him and it be amazing how quickly you will see happen around to that may be don't make sense right now but quite honestly god is with you he provides always he's a good father he provided he provided with a savior his only begotten son we are well we are winning right now we are winning were winning bigly and this nation were taking this nation back say don't don't budge hold the line part of what we're doing right now is holding the line this is where we are in our set standing with people who love us all the time and treat us well that's easy that's really what's really difficult still loved someone who may be his mistreated you or treat you unfairly and not budging suner of your conviction being a servant in a caretaker to all in this we're going to do god bless you we had a great day out of us every day can be a great day enjoy it enjoy the beautiful sky that god gave and the you know the wonderful things that we have in our lives their families are or you know deceiving the rack along the road look at some rocks rocks her beautiful god made on the ataman the plans some early is meaningful to you god put that in your heart for a reason and enjoy this you are not alone we are all with you and i just want to let you know god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america extraordinary time and i would miss a meet this together have a great day oh i guess i better do this i go to my website i was forgive this brandenburg for governor dot com and that spelled the orenburg for governor doom i write every word on telegram and i do all the post that i will communicate with you there and that brandenburg the number for i am also in steam a face book cortinas they keep takin my stuff down so even when i put it there it's kind of crapshooters get a seat that's why teleray good telegram because i'm not censored there and i can write as much as i want without having the the zucker nazis take everything down so that that would be a great place to go to to actually get down a catamaran on filtered so anyhow have a great day and i will talk to you to morrow to radiate in my turn again and we keep landing conscious it more