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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 8/9/2023 - Redeeming Grace Church

Published Aug. 9, 2023, 9:02 a.m.

Redeeming Grace Church online church with Dr. Tim Parker Tim was in Church from the cradle, over 69 years ago. Two Christian parents left a strong Faith-legacy in his life. Church attendance does not ensure new birth but Christ’s Faith and Grace lives boldly in his soul. Saints love God differently; he primarily loves God with his mind as he provokes disciples to love and good works per Hebrews 10:24-25. He loves to evangelize and teach God’s Word – especially biblical Grace. After a 37-year career with Chrysler as a die maker, he pastored Smith Creek Bible Church for 4-1/2 years and now holds a doctorate in philosophical theology. He authored three books during his doctorate program. As an active part of St. Clair County We-The-County, he worked to abolish the Covid mandates, especially in the schools. He was an active part of the SCC Republican Party but divorced himself from their charade. His new desire is to provoke a renewed understanding of our founding documents so a truly Christian/patriotic church can free itself from unConstitutional government-infringement and be free to establish Christian roots everywhere in our Constitutional Republic. We discover true Freedom In Christ’s Gospel to live in liberty, above tyrannical control. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and his nice day of august ah twenty twenty three and welcome to redeeming grace ice goes so i have relieved then doing a lot of soul searching here and i were to go off the rails here a little bet and a do something different to day to day is going to be a talk from your heart day because oh i can tell you right now myself and every one else out there is dealing with a lot of a lot of as and i was thinking about this morning i talked with tom and we just decided that we're going to jump off the rails just a little bit talked to her hearts or talk from her heart i bring my broadcasts of your secrecies and and a be here as a family to support each other and these tart dark times because ah there was a lot of news that came out yesterday on be the fraud that's happenin in michigan with attorney general a nissean how she knew about the the registration for that was going on before the twenty twenty election never did anything and i'm an tell you what we're seeing a lot of people who are doing the wrong thing the absolute do in the rocking and we need to know that jesus is with us and that he's in charge and that we are able to cope and make it through all things no matter what it is because we're not alone god is with us so bring in timor it now a ten midomora done got your fuldana you warm yet might get up there butte he it's that is a gorgeous day on i had to go to the barn this morning and i meet with somebody there so so it was a it's but it was that it was fast pace this morning and i think i think that's thatnot all bad am i wanted to start this out this morning with a with a scripture because in all things we can distracted we can get away from the things that really heal our soul in those things that heal our soul is by sticking with god and letting him talk to us through his work so unsonable this a video and i hope that it's a blessing to every one out there on sixteen in the world you will have tribulation the i have come here or about worship already and on sinforosa so to hear i he it so beachbourne situation a prayer give coposto call the and all of these guard your heart said hughie the warring about no thank you you have that for five that sonatasthe lord and he oh my he sotheran i shot never be moislains man see the lord at your time of he was to renew she went eight we do those who loved as work together or according to his were you to go i walk out sandersen i not commanded you don't be don't you go wherever you i would not have the no for shall he so lost shall be sugar you have and is the to you as well your little worry about the to morrow we perooses mary you have to have you then the lord with all your hearts on your own or oh you eskoles understanding is verity i go you show you the five selves and and i will hear from him the do nothing bishop all this send your only on his you on is the man who puts not in the counsel of the to never oh as of yourself therefore honoristhan a torso hold your exits on his even to reeve there from their she peter of your before cries as they all these i go on as great and warriors to all he there go god is with orson and is going to be a great day to day if you know i've got a trouble right now with the rumble channel for a brander for governor selfhood wants to go over to be reinberg news network or to the a brain bernes network channel on rumble and or brand were news network that would be great but for some reason it's not it's not plain on a on the brand of herforgive nor so that the coral throne have not here now this weird slow the out wait a minute wait a minute what is this his commander i think it actually might be working right now as when away so everything is possible with god right may be scorobeck up for don't know so at any rate in a a decided that this morning he wanted to really talk about things that can bless everybody that's out there because you're so much negative going on and if i wanted to talk talk about specific instant that happened yesterday so you guys know that i have a very manly ill as well as it's going out against the go to the rainbird a news network channel and you'll be able to see if there has yes that particular channel keeps coming in and out i don't know why right well don't know what's going on so anyhow eh we had a vnpoint ment with my daughter and her psychiatrist and we got into a long discussion with him because having a child who is that is so special need you run into a lot other people that are struggling with an not only that but conditions that open and everybody's coping with something right now and there's not enough people to work there's not enough researches i found something so yesterday which i thought were maybe explaining part of the reasons why a our society why we're having a problem in our society of in morengo to eromango there with the mental illness did did you know this one when someone goes into an elder care facility there getting paid by medicine made care oh quite a bit of money like there's a lot of money sometimes these bills are ten thousand dollars a month to keep somebody who is on whose god dimancescu my dad was my dad and my dad was there cause he had the vente before he died it was it was a very high price when when is taught one we're talking about foster i'm no daughter still lives it lives at home at home here as with us and in the house by the bar and right but when so we're not we're not in that situation of going into foster care anything but what is happy is in poster they're getting about a thousand dollars a month person take care of people who are severely in need of help there is no place to there the hospitals when they destroyed the hospitals in the seventies and eighties for mental how is part of the reason why we have a problem we've got people on the streets begging for mice the thethethe activities of their involved in i'm not i'm not good apollonicon hosy a lot of these people that don't have the mad that they need are a very big problems to society there's no there's no toast a lot of the crimes that are being committed that i that are being done i truly believe our being committed by people who need who need a lot of help and the problem with a worse in the resources are not there and everybody knows that god has been taken out of our society and this is feeding this whole so when we're looking at when we're looking at this prove we're going to have to face we're going after face not only the whole in machinists of ourselves but also the copie mechanisms of people that are severely mentally ill and i am sure that there's a lot of people out there struggling with what their seen ah you know we talk about cleaning our own lives out a lot and that needs to have it but how do you deal with a society that is lost it's my who can dress up briefly garry just gave me a note says he can't get in on brandon bird even an or so there's a town he just sat so when ye when you talk about this society that's run a muck like that and a gospocho republican governor angler he pretty much created the whole hospital and and put a lot of those people on the street that impacted jails and impacts the whole drug culture and they have to get and nobody reaching out to them that are right that is a very negative thing you go back into the sabinesthe avis but to day we have such an influx of trunks across the border seems like nobre really trying to stop any of that we've got a huge problem at that level and you're right when we take god other society out of our was formed he got it we ordisaster how well the judgment of god because of the it is a self judgement we it is difficult to over when one were talking about you know we've been doing a lot of talking of hebrews and and talking about us getting right with god and is an important thing because when we don't when we don't ah follow his rule it always leads to destruction or destruction of the people around we're not we don't talk about this now to tell people that this is you know this i have something you have to do it that this is in your best interest of god told you not to if your parents did hold don't walk out in front of the trick don't touch a hot stove you're going to get her there's a reason its cause they love you and they don't want to see you get her why think is the same thing we god eh you know he tries to tell these things to as from getting her rather than just to stop us for do behave it is good reasons we were talking about the of the egregious and fractions that are happening out there ah and that we're having to cope with sometimes i think it's overwhelming when we look at ourselves and we have to realize that god loves you and he loves you exactly as you are his yes his death on the cross was the to make peace between us in at that point of time he becomes a parent fleet which is some one who comes alongside of us come on boy we can do this oh we're friends and will help us through all our troubles in life the kind emation ends right there and you have a friend that will walk with you through every stage of your life and if you do in something that's going to hurt yourself he's going to stop you you'll let you know he might like it let you walk into it so you learn the greater last son but he is not going to abandon in sono be with you and that is that is so important when when of the things with mental health that is really difficult for people understand so i'd a friend that she has a down sindermann and in want to tell i want to talk of what some real real issues and then also about the real issues that are happening out there with a craziness that people have because most it's the love of money it's the need of power in it the need to control other people in an inn lest we get unless we get a handle on this we're going to have the same thing over and over again and it's just going to re package itself in another way i minute it comes from removing god from our lives from society and i don't mean that to be a heavy yoke should be a great thing to go to the author finisher of our faith our heavenly father who created us who knows us inside and out he knows how he knows we're going to do it all site shows to come to help on the ravier anyhow and merely huge thing to celebrate we have incredible amount of things to celebrate knowing that he is the redeemer he is a redeemer he can redeem anything i really do believe that he can redeem anything in any one he's given us the choice he also gives us a troice to do right and wrong and or to follow him or not i follow it's it's our choice and the joy is is the joyous to make that choice to follow him and to listen him every step of the way in he may be nudging you to day to make sure you have a smile on your face i re single person on is it makes the happiness away from it may be that his nodding you to go bring food to some it may be that he's nagging you to step out of your comforts on and do those things that you don't think that you can do but you can do all thanks to christ who strengthens you and there go head him and then we'll get back to this mental illness as show yeh and i was consedono when you when you tell you what mental illness i know and i think you could fotheringhay tend to what to get like a wonder one relations to help people overcome what there dealing with an i know that we can sometimes get so caught up in trying to figure out the ah what we're supposed to do i just wanted to bring up one hole saying that we've re really gone through as a pastor and somebody that's close to the harder the church i don't think or realised how iroquois in the last five years incredible and it's not been a good thing because i'm believed there per for adult think a lot of the past shepherds were prepared for it some of them went along with struction and and is sad and so i think that what we feel with the influx of evil in your face like we have never known in our lifetime it's like with the evil with the broken churches because we used to be able to go to her fellowship i find there a lot of people that can't really get good christian fellowship even at the church of so people are lost and here is my encouragement this is the encouragement of christ he says look in the mine with me you talk about one on one relations that's where jesus offers talk about somebody that knows the no was suffering and the persecution he does and answered he said the inter my yoke with all he all dead aw let mentor and and i think a lot of people our kind of lost arternoon t say this to to get down on people but it's like we do have to turn to our lord as you just said he is the what he is the author and fair shire of our faith and i think that's the real message in so often sire feel abandoned you don't the most people out there now i'm pretty fortunately you know i've got an amazing amazing a net work and and of course you know i believe that you can walk with you this on the earth so i'm not long through this whole cold would not on you know the lock downs the the suppurating people from people and families from each other that's not what god's all about god is about bringing people together it's about he's about no fear he's about not backing do he's about the fact that we are overcomers and he will give us the grace and strength to do anything he calls us to it's not a mistake he hasn't put you in a position to be here at this point time as a is a too much look in at this kind of an adventure it's kind of an adventure to be you know where on a world a body quest right now so we didn't find those bodies that that we could walk with wet so estasa the first body wet chossid the first body if we ever first body to walk through the life we've got the creator of this entire world nothing surprises now and he has he has jurisdiction over all of it that's your number one body with number two body is is the person that you can stand with that you know on your last that you could stand it is somebody other say in the chap that of on both channels that did not work keeps going down so this is gotokirke day to day and satan does not want this message out of the fact that that there is no condemnation in re you are free and you want to know what you want to know the picture of love that that oh this is what he doesn't want to get out through on pretty sir you know something that really will really struck me i was in bible study fellowship years and so i've done a decent amount of bible study i don't listen to profits i don't read a lot of books or commentaries i listened to the bible that's what i go to i go to sip and i ask god what what do you want me to know that what do you want me to know how what is it that you're speaking to me that you want me to do because i want to be your friend tell me what to do and i will do it right and on so sad bible owes in bible study fellowship and there was a wonderful example that that was brought up the fact in its the pitcher of love in our society right now people are we there's a balance because you have to drag some of the stuff out to deal with when at this morning i was reading something about a seven about a thirteen year old girl in germany who was raked for eleven hours by seven and the judge decided not to prosecute the man because he said it looks like they are actually a a becoming part of society in a positive way they not forecast here this guy he jotted the judge justified the rake i brutal rate because they described it all the thirteen year old girl no prosecution know nothing and let this this is can and this stuff is going interesthow do you balance he people that are in our lives that we love that we know that we're kind of similar where were kind of like a buntline fumbling kids fumbling around that we need god to show us the way through some of this we're not him we don't have all the answers but we're trying our best and in this is the pitcher that i thought was viewed is that when when oh when noah got drunk in no i got drunk in his tone and callously in his one son came in and looked at him in his failing and laughed at him and went out and told everybody laid his sin out for every one to see and this is as was struggling to san solved on walked in backward holding covered him up again they would even look on the and that that into me that is most beautiful pitcher of god's love for us he covers our son and doesn't hold it against us says command get up to morrow we're going to do it again where the sun who hated him this is what i would like and police who in politics will will unjustly to after ah let's just say personal things when some people are struggling personally with a difference between that and an somebody whose other chopping up babies but latin children there is a in a second the serment in order to be able to rightly divide that and i mean look at the picket to discern in the west of that that solomon had with the baby and said well it's cut the baby and half and give it to the mob and the one who really loves the get no ononoides give it to her because she really did love the i cerathers wisdom that has to be put to all of these situations there's a lot of stuff not entirely clear cut but there's a lot of stuff that's very very clear and we've got to be very very careful with that i i i would like to bring up something that that i laid somebody out this as i was able it what i s guilthead tillgodo and i am used with this individual walscapelle stray and it appears that he's got a criminal background i'm looking into this i don't know but we have to look into the then includes tantallon ofelia got over three hundred and some a thousand hours that are following them like blind like the republican party is doing right now they want to think in one direction and i don't care whether you like people or not we can't be having these enemies ah you know some of hers in that how to make some one whose o hero o blowbole look at their behaviour that will tell you everything you need to know about whether renwick born that direction and pray to god that they turn around so that he can infect ah but let me i throw this out here because we will look out sometimesinto orty things going on and i can millerite now i not onwelcome on the coningationis text as the minutes he and looking at people who are stealing information in order to maybe go for a post ah it is absolutely he there using things that need to be prosecuted in order to further their own selfish old this is this is not clear caught and when we need to talk about what happened his in it the convoluted nosti know it is i probably talking in circle because i decided to get out in this morning as sick we just need to talk as not is i don't know we need to be able to talk about the well i know that god's people need vision and and it was part of the message that i had to day is lot of the israelites and again this is the difficulty we have when you tackle with the israelites there were people honestly deeply love god and followed god and yet there were others that were as evil as could be they wanted no part of following god and so they get out of egypt singing at all that's that's the end that's we reached the pinnacle and yet they did god has the destination and i think a lot of times gone a we don't know what that destination is i know as kit we we drove the lot on highways we must draw her parents not to be there yet are we there yet ah you don't make it off innocent look we we got a two hundred and fifty mile trip and were only fifty miles in you know utter no maybe we the said okay i get it maybe we wouldn't up that i i i care i can't tell you how many times i remember asked in are we there yet wettinensis like you know i know that keep on struggle with that are we there yet are we to our destination are we to the place that though as and i think that the encouragement people we got to realize that we are not destination no matter what we think we have i just you know and a little bit information about joe's i know a lot of people know about joe's of genesis gave a lot of chapters to because as the seventeen year old boy if you remember he was the sonnet may be his father particularly loved course he was son of it the woman he loved the most which was ragged and so we don't realize the seventeen years old the rest of the brothers ten of his brother's probably ranged between twenty and twenty six years so it was i you know they were really old men in any way and if you remember they they came up with a plan basically they were never going to kill him and reuben said no no no no less lestren of pit but think about it she tried to gather our thoughts and reuben laughed and then they saw somebody going a tradesman gone to egypt and they sold him to and then a they took his coat dipped it in blood and said dad oh don't you know a while be stayed them and all we got left to istode i mean i can't a badgerwho they held inside themselves for all those sheer some agonising imagine i can't i thought had all been comes to mind they had to be going through some self love and realising in a probably got worse overtime eh and so if we know the story we know that they had a a drought they didn't have food and they were pretty much dying and jacob told them had good egg lo and behold deare brother which even when he got her in no who he was he knew who they were but it's like you know they had to get food and and here i mean he had a wife he had two sons he he had recognition and honor and prestige wealth that we pride couldn't imagine and you know i know this is content we don't even think about you know it's like when we look around i mean how do we how do we evaluate ourselves here joseph is we say and he had it all but you know what he died he made a request at really is almost sing he said i want you to take my bones are the promise take care you kiddin me hardie come up with that idea and i just i just wonder encourage people and i don't may be people might go on i never thought about it but it's like we he was looking for something more even though he had life by the tail if you he was looking for some more i guess that's she thrust the scripture and i wanted to read just a little bit of a maybe now maybe more redibit more philippians see a wonder love and his suspending my brother rejoice in the lord for me to write the same things to you is not tedious for you it is saved this is done ah i mean one of the things that i learned in seminary and i never forgot it i hope i never do dogs and as a pastor shepherd dis is what we have to do because they kinder or oblivious to the people tried to you know killem a send him down wrong role sudoer a cliff but here's what he says beware of dogs beware of evil workers beware of the mutilation all my goodness townyou talk about our time sexual mutilation its going on as you talking about the red de devastate and of the dutch he in south air force listen as splash and i had to turn it off with so so wicked for we are the circumcision who worship god in the spirit and again missis poll a hebrew of heers a fair set and yet he knew weel circumcision which concession of the and that's why even later called it we were inward the jews often really boast about being outward it's not the outward dick really is the thing it's the inwardness of our fate so i says sehwere the circumcision who worship god in the spirit rejoice in christ jesus and have no confidence in the one and i think this is what some people don't understand to understand even as we aproch sometimes its realized that my flesh has no good i know god made me a saint and i think a lot of people don't understand it were saints got calls a saint it's like tell me how god calls the saint we still said he calls the saints silver those are his blood washed one there the ones that are dressed in his righteous it's like are you kid me god calls his one people look round like be this is this is the joy and encouragement of being in red i have no confidence in the flesh the son of big deal it's like i don't have any confidence in my flesh i've got confidence in my savior in my jesus that's where my confidence lies though though i might have confidence in the flesh if if any one else thinks they may have confidence in the flesh i morsel this grace of circumcised the eighth day of the stock of israel of the tribe of benjamin the little brother to chose the little blood brother a hebrew of the hebrews concerning the law farisee concerning zeal persecuting the church concerning the righteous in the law blameless i mean to talk about pedigree he had it all just like joe sapiente all if you will and yet it didn't count for him he's going to say i i got a vision out there and this is what i hope people here but what things were gain to me these i counted as lost for christ youindeed i also count all things lost the excellence of the knowledge of christ my lord for whom i have suffered the loss of all things and counter is rubbish i may gain it and be found in him not having my own righteous is from the law but that which is through faith in christ he said on contaritest but it's the one given to the alien righteous god gave me when he graced me and new birth ah the righteousness from god by faith that i may know him and the power of his resurrection and the fellowship of his being conformed to his death if by any means i may attain to the resurrection from the dead to be that encouraged we are going through some very tough times i in no take sometimes i hesitated if you will emphasize that be we don't we don't even want to think about i think what we gain through dona and what's going to get worse because it is and i think the asseki felt like we needed a really talk about this morning we the banks right now when you look at the banks there is a leaven more from that have a very negative future and there's a bunch of that have been down graded this is going to affect us all and we are going to have to be prepared for somentale to go through everything that is very likely i mean if we think we've seen the end of of how bad society it's going to get work and when when you start seeing to things melting down i don't think it's going to last for a long time i do think that there are some security managers lost just say put in place however i do think that we have to be looking at this it would write mine set with a tough that comes from being a warrior for we're here to be an egg a positive impact on this world to do good works according to god to help people or struggling through london lessening ear to help in any way we see it's not our lives that we live its life that god calls us to and that means sometimes we have to lay down our expected we lay down everything and we follow him we lay our lives out and follow him because we have a bigger perpes and every single person that's here e is beautifully created and wonderfully created by god anything that he calls us to do or withstand anything that that gets thrown in the path before us when you can do that we can all do this and we can help each other through this to i think it's amazing ah i d be alive i agreed dona and you know again it's like i learned in sails i did professional sales for while it's like the and it implies to life ailthos that if you fail to plan you plan to fail in at combe an incriminating thing all myself but what the point is when we're christians would we're saved his work when we step in new york with him were to our plans go in my minikin to go out the window and i worked you know it's like so i think this is part of one of the things that we really deal with well i want to hang under my plans on my goals and yet not sans now step into my oak with me you can't keep your guns and so that's part of what i think that's one of the things i wanted to show joseph in his zeal as an teenager i don't think he he didn't ever get landbacon off ercole but but he did have a dream and he was just shared his stream that you know basically my mama detergent bowhome my brothers who found to me and he he couldn't hit i don't think he can handle the as for in the france you imagine if you have will brother thinkhope fled there career on a berth look out out of acomayo need have time out for about five years here until you get your arrogant attitude to justin i renowned be the normal human reaction or wherefore your branches of an switcheroo you and that's kind of what they do but it kind of went off the rails and when we overmore when not josat's like ah you know it wasn't you know we look at it go yet this was a dysfunctional family but if you think about it god was sending jose not just the save the family in the israelites but particularly judah would bear the christ he it has lost and we don't again sometimes we don't he for not because we can't see it in now where so worldly minded sometimes it's like we've got to see it in a piquant see it we can't realize or in vision that god has isn't going to be difficult yes dona is it's going to get worse i have no doubt but you price on that yellow star trucking thing ye do i mean that sermon hunted and seventy million that they borrowed and here they go bankrupt and like oh in a money that's going to do go she into the ford plant here and all this it is money laundering the stuff goneyou it's getting worse because these people wanted to distress to guess what they did it they i'm going to say it there in trouble there in big trouble because when president trump the rightful president the united states said we have all we have at all and it's just a matter of time before all the gets laid out there in the meantime we are called to be in this world but not of this or and to be a force for for absolute good encouragement in that she this morning like a sad we got a pin we talked out miss that i want a engonatum a little slack here because there are several things that really were weighing on the first thing was the mental elements thank an you know classic mental illness and why this is so a misunderstood people don't understand mental illness to yet not at all and they they because people look like their normal but they're not if they had lost now if they had lost a limb people would look at them and go o ke well he's had some here she have had a problem when somebody's medley ill we still expect them to have had the full ability to function like the rest of it's not possible and then you know i say i said i've got a good friend who has a down cindran and we talked oh daughter and i taught for a long perotensis lovely pers and bein able to talk and ways that other people can understand what it's like to live twenty four seven with some one who is that made ill you ah you there is no help you have your basically on an island by yourself i cannot cope with it your having to deal with the drug issue to make sure that they have the drugs and i don't know how ever hope does it i mean i am were really blessed because we have provision but here no hostess on tales past year about twenty grand a year and we've been doing this for a long i have no idea how how families deal with this on on a daily basis and then you look at the amount that the drugs have increased in price it's gotten worse and unfortunately when you do has somebody that's that money ill they go off the drags and you got somebody who was absolutely a danger to society but guess what they closed all the mementos so families all over the state and the nation are having to deal with it the best they can but there's another cab because now people look at somebody and this is something we discussed with the with the essenites diserty he said people have no idea he said we don't even understand it as doctors and scientists how to really really necessary help help people he said your daughter is in the most idyllic situations and anybody could possibly imagine and i said i'm really hoping at some day i can open up a facility and using hears that we've had dealing with somebody very very many elf she had her head smashed in a train accident when her mother died at her side were not tracking about about adopting a child at birth because the somebody chose to get up for adoption and rather than to the port the baby this is a complicated site and you know what years ago i was just i ran i remember this going through this period of time where i was like god's lost his mind why whichgiven i'm not and i remember saying this when we were trying to get things figured out as which the anothereither complication of scott to be word and then all of a sudden one day god god let me have my little kitty party and then i got sore talking to me and he's like and unlike i get it i'm in the perfect mother for her case i am a bull had by nat i will not give up once i start down rode on some i don't care what i have to do i will figure out how to make something work was really comes in handy when i ran for governor because there's not a chance i'm going to let go of this of wier's chiefs of these who came against this nation against you against the friends that we know in love we are not giving up on each other we are going forward to weare chosen at this time the fight the thing out like warriors and not the down like the little cowards that did during the cold veladon is the happening and in that they left people alone and now we've got a compton problem because we've got a whole generation a cent have been basically abandon so gas what now it's up for us to step forward once again he gave starfields for herself pickington up in it is only two of us three of us ten us carried the entire thing on our shoulders because god is going to give us the in the peace and the guidance one he and there's doris ran for this morning because we're not giving up on his name and if any one comes against those people that we love him care for it's not that we fight i generalised at that onefight because we hate the enemy though i do i ask to hate you know this mutilation you know it is this rate of the searching your old girl this stuff that happens in south africa with a horse and an it's not just against the dust your there was the catholic not that hattenberger while she was alive and they ate it in front of our issue was late sure evil people and we have to get past the fact even that we know that we have things that we work on in our own lives we have we have a what bigger fish to fry right now and we get that other stuff to god he will see us and we will be able to move forward as the spores that will never guile the scotch and those forces at evil satan of self will regret the day that we were born god put us here on this to be those warriors and sick not to day we do not conceive can see no more john and he is activities are done because the children of god are not going to watch our nation you know be the burned to acre and by giving any any quarter to sintomo amoret who have been absolutely picturing innocent and moving into the united state you know what that kind of stuff needs to be absolutely done on the spot over with it the terror statization just like ante the mother he happened at as the aft behind the sea these are terous organizations the they need to be abolished in we can not we cannot a bet down from this so i do want to ascottes got to come on to the minute and he's got a few minutes to talk and then if we can let scott mind him then i'll bring you back in one because i we we need to talk about this election and integrity noncompetition through gately pendent brokenwhat where they broke on forchinately its cordinations but i think it wrenose as were also going to see people that grabbed him formation on glad it's out there but i wish they would actually source the people hated the work instead of using some of the people are using it in order to further apolitical career one again sent from the grand new party were they yoodhisthira or their entrancement of the sale were seen with cristina chromo and the map ominious to ise and in like scansory guys with the perils and the villains things are or over we have to meet what they are in port with us in fight of another is a unity of miracle were american where children of god in whom need to act like we are now an go after these issues i want o on a scotscalder to herand water bring this up because i think this pretty pretty omnificent so god lose here the this other see gismondovery how and then he started the tacking the will screw you fill gashouse he because you know what i'm going to continue to put the stuff out here including a criminal record which i believe i found that we are going to start talking about we weathernot four thousand people striving to this scene now he rose portmark more marker one fifty one were genitos about fell who's there well you know what philotas in a norse idiot he was talking about pastor fills smith that was on the sagwand not fill got losewho sucked a whole bunch of in his hand here so insult spirit was in crotchets my video as proof that he was there within was a anything that levite i was doing it general flint i could care less this with this person says about me because he has a nothing is a nobody he has no information otherwise than what he stands off other people and i've seen it basically so that he said to potatoes and five on the thakishites has to calestrerne for people saying onefell god that his toinette who oo unlike he's an old body to me i just don't well i'm going to go past on my own mother well back to the that fell quasiselection of follows in michigan i want to strongly vise against ever voting for this woman down brand of orebody eversley and but now there is no discussion and any quite so unlike still not getting what he did some like whittlegate pitcher here is the fell he was taught in vol filled a broad thassistence is not the gods and furthermore i took pictures in my cameo rolls to show people that he was at scrabble bites the testament said it was him blow was and did sheasley tell you miss leading me there is the ideodondo doth dagger and the same thing everybody likes thus dayriot but he just grabbed the veroandro there and went out in like good get them mastheadthe i tell that general win was talking about you like your really something and all you do is the seat and a one that i believe is also going to have he directed never for out something here that came from a chronicle did a wonderful wonderful dig in miss in action integrity sottishnesse of isidore genetal about that so right now i wanted to get to mind if i go to scott i know this is an old resaldar to that but am i i think we need to go there and then at some in up i'm going to move yet the back here now and i'm in to bring scoto a scot had doing body we have no sound lesse take take you got a meet your right still needed a real he does gooright doing odd youths in great i'm glad able come on even the fifteenth so much misleading going on it's unbelievable case a you know the stuff any lambert thing came out eh and i love that video because it had you talk in one about the one steele you know admitting that they were removed from the investigation in the problem being with absentee ballads and how their staginess and now it's come up with the registering voters and that that oh ah nestle knew about it before the twenty twenty election and insensate through this thing and then when after the sixteen sadelian voters who were all were with never one side of president took this thing is a convoluted mash yet there's li going out and there's a lot of miss information with regard to the dada with regards to the muskegon the moss we haven't heard the last there's going to be more information coming out about this a what was disappointing in the article and gateway pondent a costered by paddy mcer is that a individual and individual that is really responsible for the bulk of the work was recognized christlight i yes i believe that's what is and oh i tell you what i want to make this clear data because i have i've had some rough waters of had to navigate recently in the locust sandy i work can in hand with a lecture on tigres and we have a woman ah that i have worked hand in hand worth o for over year and a half we have been working jointly together on and the dean processes in everything that's going and i think i can speak for her and myself we don't we're not glory on we don't need the glory we don't need heroes we want this prose shut down and we want the law breaker also for the criminal and we want justice that is the point of the locust the not about heroes or anything else unforced in the election integrity segment and in many segments there are a lot of people his heroes first pursuing nasserite truth it is ben brought to my attention by people what scott were you will have the same goal that is not true because her individuals in the election the truth in the final outcome is not the main goal he and i'm not going to mean means or or people help there is a lot of work that is being done where where other people are in taking credit for the work that is being done and i know what i have tried to sure that he the counties had been recognised and i oh i'm sorry hold on you're here always very gracious to everybody around you i've never seen i've never seen not give credibility to every one on his team i mean your barcreek was to odoratissima with some prominent republicans and a prominent which your ware of in a county and i got accused ground or trying to take credit for other people's work i part of what i do in my role in the locust anis guide this i in that includes the counties it's not till leave it we we want people in the counties to leave the eitter own investigate we join i joined from election tory force we are whistled and part of my thing is to guide the investigative process and that includes am i how we approached different things and after staff in terms election tegrino i will say this we have had some estelins with unrelated things to election every moved out of this and i'm all for that and i have asked other people you get gas me to run with his and i think it's great i think it's great for everybody we have all had to learn in the process i had become law enforcement agents we had become lawyers and addition to being in myself here is a culture of law breaking that is going on and it is extant and his both parties there valved with it and the law breakers need i need to be pre and this is it is then generated in talking about the elections talking about the public records i am talking about the process at or has been a process has been generated through illegal and it is to be shut down because those they are the michigan maroof lections we are over the target on much of the evidence the i am right now and misoperation there going a very very lengthy way to oppose this and i have a document that we are going to release to the statewide the county clerks here and your familiar with it there is a letter that went out to from john the raider the director the mickonaree tions on july to implied that sent across state what we have discovered is to select clerks and we believe it was in areas where we currently have locus standi criminal is so he was very selective and i think the reason he didn't send that letter up estate is he in one race any eyebrows right well i can tell ye son it here to buy one township because the day i went in to pull on to do the foolfor the electronic pollok here which was denied and they missed the date to respond by was so she said that she got at the day before i came in and said that they were not allowed to talk to us about any elections that they didn't have any stuff in their possession that they gave it all the company would give it to the and oh and in it was its its right and we will be we will be appealing i am actually home for the next to de and i will be able to work on on several peals we have another peal metechonta coming we have your peel and can and we have appeals in a county up in northern michigan that we are going to be focussing and where in a dress oles in shoes byron township and southern south west kent counting i would like to be alcohol when we go and make a public men on our but i can tell you this o for my speaking for myself and i think speaking for the rope this is not about a glory or anything else for once i like to i like this paddy mcmurray from gateway on refused to cover tuition she refused to cover it she has refused oh do speak anything on it and his extremely i have offered to speak to her about it and she withington so i want to make that clear about party mcmurry at you know what there's bad media there is bad media we know on the left but there's also bad media on the and we ponded i don't have a lot of respect for them because they also don't verify all their facts calah at times i have reservations about them to be honest with you down or journalism and general this kind of a lost i don't want to call him an art but it is a loss of ah isn't lost sl and there's a lot of people they don't have truth monipolicall me a billionaire and they they were seen billionaire gone to brenburg which i missed that statement entirely i'm not not even remotely close and so so i can vouch for the fact that they did get some that they did get some and they never really apologized for it or retracted it they you know then they they changed after a while they started using if they made a few hits on it to em to a changed people's perceptions then they went to antonines owner some of the damages already done because the people are like all she's a millionaires she doesn't need any help we can just sit back and watch her cry oneall the work carry the football and go to everything and we can just tell her what to do because you know it's going to be all on her one well good luck would that because i don't have that kind of money they absolutely misrepresented for acetatis that is poor or de the gateway pond of people who like to call me out of pattmore would like to call me out under website going no problem because i tell you what i had lit the line i thought up you know what we've had a positive change with a earlier botetourt anger here the jackson geo p i but i tell you what am i there many people in the journalism segment in the geopenod recognized the of the locust anti criminal instead and why we might need to re if i may say donna you know what we've heard all of the complaining maternal stuffy lambert de rendon avenuewith we've heard all the complaining about the sweet sixteen these false signers and everything false or whatever they want to be i that they got indicted you want to know what had me shot man act marion sheridan had choorasa county a very other they stepped up year ago and helped us pursue the criminal investigation and i i have i called the jacksons over two years ago and i never got returned one calls from the late and had these people wouldn't it be great that to day it is josenhanses and john the braider indicted instead of these schools this is hoped the leadership in the gopa and in love these patrick groups not over some exceptional leaders of ther's some exceptional character people but i am going to tell you liberty will be one and will be recover number one o god number two because the people that are parts they have the colt mentality that includes party system for some concern it includes many other here i love jesus i'm willing to pick up that cross and follow him get out and as you have and get out see and cannot you come there to many christians so called christians at do not on leave that one and that is the you know what you bet if you follow christ you better be willing to suffer as red so many that don't want to do that i will do i am willing to die whether he is the answer dominion to a people of the tory general i don't care who i want to die be for there are lucas castle we have criminal investigations of approximately twenty two on we had some very very good meetings other maccolony this of accounting in northern michigan and i some outstanding men and we're making progress if we had the geop on board with this to be told i told the different i got into it with two golpe from clark county a gay in larry the lower and a guy booshair there and i can't remember i can't i do young marked young you are not they like to talk the talk with they don't want to walk to you don't what all of us have had to learn how to do this criminal investing i know the we've all had to find our way not there those are on the jump in the pool then there are those to simply want to walk round the pool with herod not that it can in try interteineth there is a stiff learning curve on all this it really that its lazy and you know what i don't really want to see any crew politicians in bold in anything any more because what they wither accolitis scaring the st the it's not about serving the people it's how do you scan these her power money an influence for for doing favors three of em and that there is not this is all about it that is an industry it is set against the people and and oh you know i i really i really want to tell everybody that you're going to have to get on your comfort one you're going to have to stand on if you're the only one talking and say what needs to be such this thing with with nose she's wrong on every count you know she's going after the sixteen who i'm looking at the cook's complex it you could talk it out they've never stood for president trump none of them have nor from election and act integrity heonone of them had we heard of anything out of the osbornemistress i'm sorry old outacross oceansecrets liver his name and often but he is the only one and you know so so we can see scotchie can see that but now let's look at this investigation and in that that's happening it's like it's like all of a sudden flow hollandis up talking about the house missile me tell you about philon he him and married sheridan marchesvan indicted they compromised the detroit recount in december by some actions they did on these i met i could go into details i but it's really not that important i was asked to halter who paid for there can i was asked by a v to alton leave that detroit and the second date fell hollerin comes out decides he's going to go rose and do his own things even though he didn't have a cloth that i had negotiated role with the mission girl the lections and with my opposition attorneys freelier attorneys that i had to work there were rules and placed there were things in place stephen and a mere chardin decided to go off find the on a case a mess soprobable and on they started doing a changes on their own not the not understanding that it was going to have to be me that argued it before i the wind contorniates and actually i ultimately didn't do the arguments cause i actually had to have an emergency a downward one that more but the point is o hollerin he's got a bit of this hero sendo and he's involved his name is ben i placed over there in the mosquito when to my knowledge he did very little if it involved that it was somebody else that did most of the work on hand and phil held an ivorie out otolithe doesn't want to get volventa locus standi either he has my phone number he is never asked me scott come up and speak to the state gopee regarding the locust standing vestiges never once this was because her far too many of these groups that want and individuals that are afflicted with heron stead of pursuing criminal charges phillalooin complaint about the sixteen being indicted what has he done to help pursue colonel indictments again thirsty and people in the michipicoton what has he done nothing right on in it in its like its like now you know it's a who's going to hold is somebody going to hold nossecon able for this and it's not just nestit's nestle in her an there's the so she's protecting benson right for now there there all their all protecting each other and what's worse is that the longer the entire legislature which the parties have place we've got over we've got a majority republican ah how is and in they have basically handed this whole thing over since twenty twenty we have had a majority so why is it that they have not demanded this there wasn't there is enough there to act on they him i hurled the gate at the abdicated their right to give it to the board a camases in just rubberstamp through to let them its rubber stamp these elections in the fault of this ultimately lays in the th legislate what he and tototeac wright and i tell you what you want to know i done because they don't understand the technology there understand the technology and they don't want to appear to their cost is being incompetent fools which is what they are and i tell you what that is more the reason they should not be rubber stamping approval to these proses because nobody understands of the general person does not understand it we myself i had a technology dated technology back to me most the figure everything out that there were no one and i still have not figured out everything safe thing with joan from election integrity force and you want to what they are robbers stamping this in lansing washington and your county levels enter townshipe without any basic understanding of what is going on that is not just selection it is everything it's every deduceshe i had off jemanden alone and he is he was presenting information on how their hackett se vp a secvndis the benherthe cartels in the the the last of you got a look at you got to look at the day to this out there but it is shocking how many people have been righteouse to al a half a million people were registered to vote in one week in and ninety three thousand pennsylvania the growing after the swing states and their able to do this in its lithes bowler roles and look at what happened there with them registering finding out on but registered voters and finding out that if you look in extrapolate the data were talking eight hundred thousand anchors and registration of voters here you know a present trouble he lost my hundred fifty thousand a boats according to what they say he didn't lose his rightful presenthe under of the united states they cheated a hundred fifty thousand advantage in the instal in instead of rightfully at carrying out the selection the legislator never calls anything to attention they just robber stamp it through the little club that they got going on there give to the board canvassers so that if it ever comes out it won't go out against the legs they they know how to hide this stuff it brought no culpability that he's now there's no no roah save things going on with us on the locust sandy for the long forced on agency refusing to do ability if they don't take the reports or take the cases there's no culpability and that is what is going on with the whole party set that is what is going on in from the top on down and i tell you what oh there their very few people had he got and opposed i have the utmost you're not afraid and i tell you what you called it out first where were these sixteen with the exception of a gentleman from or where were these sixteen in helping with a loose marin sheridan you know she said which she was running for her vice chair seat again we need to move on a yet we need a move and i tell you what me shame o reached out to her hang childher jackson county reached out to him then a waning part he it it's he it's crazy it is in and now everybody in the republican party to try to get rid of these people that were in the grass roots and now seen of got some sort of weird martyr status what inanition it is like christina everybody's got their head go on you know and well we've got to be loyal to christie and i and mark and le fromcanada minute we've got all sorts of questions financially than have to be asked how in noterons mark and lessthey rewrote the by loss to make christina the supreme commander anybody to ask s removed removed in the still big questions that have to be an there this there's a sodiscovery this is my cloudy on the streets he chipped he is so partthe the guy's name might likely let me tell you something you mention in an so we have the opportunity ring of struction charges against danes at a jackie it involves my and everything else i cannot get these papers full of we we are getting slowly a few more people under the depe you know what i want to be doing this two days a going to be knocking the doors with o care what's the tromsites or i love america were going to be notonotoos and say the jackson go pet doesn't want to back now the chair gave quite any male all of sudden changing his two that's restorings you know what thing i think somebody from the jupe and told him you need to know back on me cause he's a trouble maker or whatever whatever is he's all of a sudden changes to however the jet that secretary for the jackson geop sent me a nasty man tell me not to she used the jackson joe pike man to do this she certainly nesodon contact for any more by the mail and everything else you don't what i'm not using your private mail i'm using the party and she refuses to anything of the locust i on the a on the every two weeks she sets out a what's going on and just like a little news letter she am pendanting about the locus standi on there what's e i can't remember her name i top my head but i tell you what that brings me to my point we have to further get going on this whole atarbec use that woman sectary the jackson geopenod like to put erneshow flake and i am but we need to get it i'd like to i have a planning such on that and maybe i got done i mentioned possoming o friday if we got twenty minutes to make ligo through planning with your viewers and listeners and we can sarcling a little pining of the halter because i'd like to get the singing i think the secretary for the jackson felice she needs to be put in this and i i think her name's jennifer i came everlasting but oh i'd like to get her in the snow flake wing and i'd like to put most of these sixteen the soft your home said right why should we back these we have the opportunity pursue criminal we put together lignification locusts we're running in the problems with prosecutor as some sure we need everybody to help out if only we had the geepee behind us but now philhellenes wanyaro it and let me tell you something done i with helen and the dope they are using an alp on their sulphones now election let me tell hoolet me tell you somethin the last thing you should be putting on yourself is it election the last thing a last that's the cold neighbor programmes so you want me to tell you what my what my take on this is what i think is going to happen so there was a there is a in antitypal on the twenty third of june i do county republicans party yet an end laura and its its registered to a woman named johnnie shivered that red one for sheer ali and i think that's agathemer it there and so now they're pushing this this up in their turn in the entire republican party into a bunch of despicable spies no take to their families and friends and then put anything in this apt to gather data for them right this is so terry continents ah hitlerites with an do on the take a gas not only are they turning republicans and to spies under neighbors round family in front i got a feeling that what's going to happen because christina failing so abysmally i think she's only raised about eighteen thousand dollars she removed every one that disagreed with her she got rid as she where is she she is put people in there that are felons that have have wire frae that have all shorten i met yeah in all sorts of questionable things got rid of good people and put people in there that she you know that's what they want the or people they can manipulate that are already copernican and they play ball with em and it's unbelievable how many foulons or plain valleys people in the republican party might i'm going to i'm going to take a gas she is going to be removed or taint some point time and lo an behold i'm going to guess that this act which they spent a bunch of money out with for dat i has data is big money is going to walk right out the door and become somebody's little cash cow that walks out under potentially that itaccount republican party it was we others already and it's not it's not tho it this is formed like a month and a half ago and on poquestion as is a is you can already get that free you can get free dat you can get all kinds of things and going back to what is it count banner what her he was he was working with john tolsky for data date collection too soontoo right now there are no heroes though so sit back on lot omelet i'm go how it teach other cause that's a happening right now i now so all of them are trying to save their own skins because they were all doing the one all the well i tell you what part of the prisonwhat i got the i abode at the stage at the gopa convention i don't care i now o ye i'd shine you are these are the same people that complain about the camps iculture before they have no problem dolenog because or because i said the gopas a thinking which i was a hundred per cent right about you even in it because the geopteke ned which i was a hundred write about and that you're not going to get anywhere unless get rid of this selection no i'm a hand of some right about all three of those and ah it has nothing to do with me or from me or anything else so do with the ideas the ideas were accurate he thinking problem and you want to know what you have a lot of these so called cis christina's acres his cries you know what senonches lf for christian i'm not saying that she sat that's not what i had you know what for me before as one of the biggest axis the i have drawn to every day of my life or the pass the is my life all i don't myself rosmini the geissler the independent electors i don't know my any other way because so many other errors my life if he the cross and follow switches so many of these and so may these topes phil how and if you're watching pillowed you got my phone number come let's set an appointment at the state geol peep party for me to show the state go pee the crimped the locust anti criminal investigation line of is get off the roarin phil how seven up a more than happy to come up there be little never happen down it will never happen because pillows filled with self pride number one which is number two he's not very bright i don't care whether he's a medical physician he has thinking problems and is about leadership lack of leadership the strongest leader are the independence are where the leadership and the leaders are walking along or in very in the numbers of very i can what look at loreto when i came hotallowed people compared and sang they'll try to find things in this of the beautiful sea tactic there is that this guy named on rice dot that was a twas as a subject of experiment of the sea and its kind of an interesting story at any rate he ah he was a radio guy and they sent somebody in the cia to befriend him to lead him astray he handed up getting committed and died from whatever there's a lot of people had it because that's what they'll do so right now when you look at an infiltration tactics generation warfare whatever you want to call it miss information they will use things that pull in our hearts in order to manipulate us like with somebody like an ah you know whoever it is he well i'm a christian and this is what you know this is pillesyate er they want totius into them so that we stop thinking and we go along as blind and no one to tregonon except for one decision to the next to the next because that's how you find out of their forelore not not on i'm sorry and i'm includin that i would tell anybody i'm not afraid to say i people in never stopped the theses wolves that are out there are fan taste it throwing out these and hope we take the bay and then never nominally i'm really glad to see the conformity coming out i don't get chris colon here and have him talk about it instead of maybe eh you know in have a complete picture of what had happened what was going on there because i have a feeling that we're picking and choosing a little bit and that's what we were doing her the notoriest and everybody got mad at dawn a brand on berg oh you know you can't be talking out about this this is a wrong pre it it isn't a wrong procedure it's been a wrong procedure for decades that they were able to get away with what the down and all a sudden nasal calls it out now when both republicans and democrats have been doing this for decades why the time i have asked these why now why the time and the time in was a sageswhat they had they had an insurance policy and anisacodon to brandenburg was right again on this way i that it was an assurance smile ocy i believed for making sure the president tromp didn't get an office and guess what yesterday the news in all his everybody is is now nestle knew about the sins twenty twenty and this sixteen of become republican martyr and you know so so what's going on here and i'm not i was this coming ahead o time that there was more to this than just going after the sixteen who hate president who never fought for election to who never thought for present trap nor mancini and wanted to get on and in deprived this entire nave are right what's twenty twenty election which we cannot get past and tell we right and then all of a sudden you know we've got we got this that came out there was more to that story and they were making the martyrs for reason and were still not to the bottom of wright and i listen don i gettingout out of her by i guess part of the e partie as far as i can set to follow of you know what he one heiwe want folk officials and wine how cold how do we do it what can we do to see you don't hear from them you are here from christina she does return a my communicate detonation right and tappan said you don't want sixteen for your listeners the state so had the myself i would rather see johnson benson and died then these sixty but you wanted to what i can not do and i'm not going to colorsand into filing a criminal complaint it has to be choice its one and what most of these people most of the jackson geo pe they have a brain there is a i don't know any other way to say it but listen on i have to come out to her i will play on to being back friday if you want to put me on friday as well in mockery very good that work out and i thank you so much and i will be in touch with you regarding the mironton ship a field or right now that sounds great and were in keep making that taken as a part because it's not it's once again they want us to look here while there screwing with us over here and the creating these bogyman will you know what they're both boogieman and that's the problem and so their work in the gathered to keep a scorn like this so that we never get anything down and they re all remain in control and there still at war with her so as to set willsee friday at nine on the inks annie in overing tin back on he town he done how heroizing vellacott yes god saw his good god to listen to and not i was thinking you know is he was talking i think specifically a vote ohalloran if i could hand that it oh i'm going to be the guy would say i'm a conservative but i just remember the statement by g kh here he said dick conservatives always make sure correction never occurs yet they talked an talked to talk but they will make the the correction never occurs i do saw even in the secoconi here oh feel paronomy right to life since county doran a big fonder she was a total election denied and yet oh she she is advocate really what's that go there let's just go there bent to write to life so i know a son the people that were involved in the heart beat bill and you know who their biggest therein this hose was right from their work their mouth their biggest opponent for the heart beat bell was right to life and they saw you know why because right to life brings in way too much money and they would be out of a job if throttle same they were can answer research in all this stuff always armed sutils is there out of the jacob if we if we correct his now let's look at some of the people in the mission geop who are standing with christina corano in who put her in place this is where we think if we don't tie into a title but we actually have to go forward with truth and in with his there in health care selling things lie say mass selling things that went right along with a shot down and their profiting of the us like grand home with the heavy battery the we have so many wolves around us it's amazing and i think that's why i wanted the kind of get off are the being path a little bit and talked to about what's going on to day because people have to realize god is going to deal with us he is go he is knocking let this go on for ever and i really do believe we're seeing the destruction of the old guard so when we see things that are going on realize god is working his way through this i mean the real god not the not then even in the bible it if he will preach a jesus other than the one that i preach here which means go to your bible you don't need to listen if people talking about their you know their interpretation there asked what he wants you to know for that day and all these people that are say profits and you know it's the galways tell everybody i don't come up to me and say i have a word from god for you i i have a real problem with that you really want what is it that you want eoneus in her to extra thirds not in good but you know i might be wrong but i do ever little better problem with it oh you taught to us dr in ah now as other people too i'll give you that but not somebody who wants to stand on their salt box and you know and say i've got a word from god to you i got kin delivered by himself you know oh i guess i would like to do me to have just a little bit of time i like to go into because i think there are a lot of people that pardon i i was talking about like the joseph you know and we look at it may be men like a moses and abraham and now a jacob joseph i say a samuel we say what god spoke to them face to face if you will and we prize set yes he did and it is part of the problem i think we see to day because there are a lot of people who will say what we want we want to hear from somebody you know that we'll find i mean this is why the listen too dared to share and in and believe all kinds of things that are so anti biblical it's not funny don't they'll listen to a den brown do listen to the chosen oh do listen to the prophets or some people will say what i only is and yet i am convinced on as you just said god speaks to us through his word jesus christ and i wanted a i got an if you want to pull up the manuscript and timethe second page i just wanted to read john one one to eighteen and i want people to listen i don't get into not i do know that jesus was the word would it said the word de spirit hovered over the deep before creation of the world's or the second page and you find down outthree little paragraphs will we'll start citherides but i want people to know that jesus is that logos were he is the sufficient and he is if you will i mean we know he was the incarnate word he was the flesh god he was the flesh and i think that this pass his parallels hebrews in a lot of ways in the beginning as the word and the word with god and the word was got their lot of people that will dissect so faith and say he jesus he was a god because it talks about him he was he was with god but when it says and the word was god to be all of those arguments go out the window he was in the beginning with god all things were made through him without him was that anything made it was made in him was life no and the life was the light of men though light shines in the darkness and darkness he overcomes there was a man sent from god whose name was shown how this happens to be in the gospel of john and late people will immediately thanked that this was the apostle john but he's talking about john the baptist he came as a witness to bear with us about the light he was the harbor that all might believe through him at the john jesus he was john baptist was not the light but came to bear witness about the light the true light which gives light to every one through the written word and prickly to save in new birth was coming into the world he was in the world and the world was made through him yet the world did know him he came to his old and to select one he came to the to the hebrews and his people didn't receive him i mean even before we come to faith were still in the kingdom of darknes we have to be and put into the kingdom of hister son before we believe in him ah inside my to all who did receive him who believed in to his he gave the right to come children of as we read in galatians and romans a that it's the spirit causes our spirit to cry out of a father but it really we could say that it's jesus the right who were born not of blood nor of the will of the flesh nor of the will of man but of god and i know don i almost after back up i don't want to wake people up people think sometimes i hammer there but he gave us the right become of into this is back to i think where everybody says oh everybody's made in the image of god everybody is a child we would see here that through jesus every one isn't a child of god but in in jesus every one he birth of god and the word became flesh and dwelt among us tabernacled in thus and we've seen his glory the part he was one of the ones that in mantras figuration and i i think that he was the only apostle that was at the crucified and if we think about the centurion that when jesus died truly the son of i got a believed that john realized in that minute that he did know before but glorious of the only at one son from the father full of great john bore witness about him and cried out this was he of whom i said he who comes after me ranks before me because he was before me i mean one of the i am state of john and the gospel of john dono and are you got my second book in my first book i had in a pendent where i went through i mean i i still may be loved too to write a book about that but john is the only gospel it has the ist and and what is alluding to her he made the statement before abraham was i and we we wonder how how could yet be in as the jew said he you're not even fifty years old how could you say that and yet jesus was god eternal god and we just don't understand that we struggled to wrap our minds around it and i and i really loved because there are oh eh i am i call them explicit i am statements in the gospel a john and her or e as i understand it implied i am said like for instance i'll just stop a read you one of em is i think it's it's interesting for people to see what i'm talking about oh what the one as i said before abraham was i am were he says i am the resurrection of the world i am the light of the world those are the explicit statements in in a tail and a john on oh he stalked about reported his disciples and inner suspection of deals with philip and the panel starting in in forty three but but a nefandous to him or can any forces he said about jesus can anything good come out of nazareth and he philip had come and see nathaniel saw him behold we sat on him behold an israelite indeed in whom nerinoea ah the fine said to him jesus how do you know me and jesus answered and before philip called you when you were under the fig i saw you the phalanstered him rabbi you are the son of god you are the king of israel and we're getting close to that implicit statement cheeses answered and said to him because i said to you i saw you under the fig tree you believe you will see greater things said niece and he said to him assuredly i say to you hereafter you shall see how an open and the angels of god ascending and descending upon the son of a so i would ask you down and i don't want to put you in a spot i'll bar the act repast to or a how do you understand what jesus was saying implicitly that ah i think i onderstanding you know that he he does this several fight for me in the point you're getting to be composite was saying and you remember it he was basically saved to nathaniel i am later you member when jacob had his dream he saw latter going up to heaven and angels ascending a descends we talk about that in the genesis story as jacob's ladder for jesus was telling nathaniel i i gieseler i love about the way things are worded in the bible and the teachings there is that typically because on this is written by an eastern culture they use very tangible things to explain very complete ah intangible price from from us being from the west we will talk about grace and love and mercy and all those things which could meet a million different things to a million diverted but when when somebody is in the bible says the god is like a mountain when we can look at that and go old man there's characteristics there that we can we can ponder his bag he stable you know it's it's desires and i love that i love that illustration of water that's i'm going to be able to ponder that all day yea and so actually done in that of pandects i actually went through the whole gospel of john like i said or eight if explicit statements eight implicit statements and i really believe that the apostle john because he says it at the beginning of the book and at the end of the book he says that their things about jesus that if there were written though the whole books of all the world couldn't contain him right i really think that because he has those things in there and and i know that he carried pick the seven what i call living miracle parables and and so he had a purpose behind his book that was so concrete and i think it was above anything show who jesus the eye is or was depending on how we would say it and so i literally broke a whole book up into three hundred thirty one states and as why say i just threw it off there as the appendix but i would love to me beg back and had become it is there is a a mat or mother put out there is it not true that when june's died on the cross gainsaies for all man from that time on and i i am probably i think that sometimes we get fouled up and our words because i do believe that jesus died for every one i absolutely do thatit's a gift this is my belief systemand i may be you know what i'm learning every day we are all learning every day and god teach it you know i differentdifferent things at different times but i do believe that he died for every single purse that in it was like he laid the gift out there but we also have to pick the gift up and take the gift in others there's people that will look at that gift and they'll go and tell mutilate a child or though rape the child or something like that and pretty much spit on the gift in love the live you know oh apart from that and so i'm not really sure that the that that gift is going to be applied to the hat person not well here's what i would say don and i know this is so hard for people that have heard that the i mean it will shock their system so much i want to do you i would encourage people to read john seventeen and if you come away from john seventeen believing that jesus died for everybody call me again but i think you'll read dat so if you just go up just a little bit ah i i would like to read dis was acheron the global studied bible is pol disorder it said they said there the father gave the son so these first ones are the father gave the son authority to give eternal light ah he gave them people out of the world verses to six nine and twenty four so those the things in parentheses are the first he gave him a work to accomplish he gave the word it gave him his name andy gave him glory and then the next section says the sun believers ah eternal life the word madam festations of the father's name and glory the son as the father took glorify him believers in the father's name keep believers from the evil one sanctified believers and make believers his followers are set in into the world or in the world are not of the world are hated by the world and their unity with god and others will cause the world to believe the fathers i just stop to me i know we didn't quite finish up the ah the john one day eighteen but he i mean we went through kind of one day teen and that implicit i am statement was said john one fifty and so i encouraged me atellana i preached to john a priest through all the gospels ah we talk about the synoptic gospels are matthew mark and luke but john is so much here and i i love you generositythat i really i want to really be careful with that because sometimes the way the that sat and heard by people is that not everybody is a child of god and therefore they didn't make the when i know that it's really discouraging but the reality is as jesus died for every one he died for everyone holding that all would come to him and and would have a relationship with jesus christ i do believe that he died for everyone but he also of you know so non believers in escorcher said yes do anon believers have the opportunity to accept jesus ever one has the opportunity to accept now well everybody cept him probably not but you know but but in he did die for every one and and i didn't i i believe that and i believe that he oleasar is every one come all who are now who are weary and heavy laden and that he opens his arms as sasier welcome and who welcomes this in and wants no you know to the kiouay our burdens and helplessthe and so when i think that what people here when they hear that that he doesn't die in all that he did die for all one isn't it counts for an exclusive club and oh probably probably is not landing the way that it's intended i don't know but i do believe that jesus opens his arms and says come all who are weary and having laid it he does he does open the call and i would say that you know to deny that would be to deny the gospel but if we think that new birth is not exclusive i think that we i just believe were arguing against and and that is my point to i mean i argue it yes from scripture i do believe that when god new births he recreates be any image of while in once that when somebody has been of ah you can see that at times sometimes is instantaneous and sometimes it's work and progress i'm over time but we you know i think the main thing is is that there's so many conditions that everybody is living went right now that the safe spot the easy yoke the one that you don't have to second guess god's love you don't have to second guess his his open arms you don't have to feel like you're not worthy to go to him or that there's some fire that you have to step over to be to be loved by him all you got to do is turn on him and he will help you and and i do believe that i believe any one and every one will be accepted by god if they turned to him and they ask him for help i really do believe that and as many people are broken hard at all there i'm i'm afraid that they hear that they're not may be a a worthy to come the gift from god and that's what we don't want people to walk away from this with at all you are worthy to accept and god god counts you is worthy all you got to do is turn to god to to jesus and he will help you in all his he's his faithful and all i have you know he said to this nothing that will separate us from the love of god and that you know you can have that anything out don't have faith in yourself how at oran and your behaviour have an thank god he's and he's loving and he is like a father how many fathers would walk away from their children and just say i'm done with you not many that i know you know i suppose there might be a few but i think god will come back and we'll help you over and over again as long as you know you're you're turning to him there encouraged and it had been not there just be really encouraged about this because god does love you very much he did create you as a mistake and and i do believe that you were created near as this time and that he's just he's waiting for you with open arms ever relationship with you and to love you and help you he wants only the best for you and all good he i mean i i do believe different donna and i in here's what i would i would encourage people to look at facts to pass it and it may not change people swings i did my doctorate basically undrowned ah because when jesus talked about and in this is what i i often tell people that god creates everybody he does it recreates so in john three he says basically that everybody must be born of the water and not the water of baptism it's the amniotic fluid if we get back to a set so this is what he was telling nicodemus because nicodemus says the jew believed that because unblood isherwood abraham and i was born ah i'm re created and yet jesus was telling nicodemus done nicodemus she must be born again so he said lo you're created born you're born in in the flesh but he says you must also be borne the spirit and that's a guest to me where i talk about that's the new birth when we're born into the spirit and nicodemus but i think that i am convinced that jesus new birth demon the spotter and red eligens my thought here is that i i do not believe that christianity is an exclusive club that god calls all of us and that that you know there's so many people that when they hear that kind of a message that they are going to say well you know i'm not good enough and they won't and there the word then the worthy part losoncon into the picture because we're all unworthy that yet that's just i mean that's just so wrong this is not exclusive club tim and i and none of us are any better than any one else right aright you will welcome people and with open arms and try to help each other and ask god's sort out the fat ii don't want anybody to feel like these jesus did say whosoever will may come time marker is not cut and people out so it's like when we think about exclusion if we read or hear whosoever will may come there is no exclusion at right but but when we think about the actual redemption to salvation that jesus applies to our souls in like foorthe that i think you're excluded now whether you hear that in exclusionary or not eh you know i think that's the issues i would this inciting that to focus on some of the positive here because like i said before there so many people that are carried such happy way there make help on themselves without anybody beat up on him and they don't feel worthy and so a lot of time they don't come to god because they don't feel worthy and that's wrong and i categorically wrong and you ask her worthy and you are worth it in fighting for this country and fighting for your future is worth it your worth it don't ever think or let anybody tell you that there's something wrong with you that you were created wrong that you are a mistake is your not and it's the every single person out there god wants them to come to him and he will help you and he will lead you into what you you know into the path that you need to know and give you the information you need in his time not by somebody else says and i guess that's that's really what you know i'm i'm really concerned about people feeling like the that there's something wrong with it you don't how many times the day i hear that by somebody that there's something wrong with me that's what there and so instead of running to god they run away from him and that's wrong it's so wrong because they're afraid to go to god and they should never feel that way because they feel like there's something wrong with them or that they won't be accepted or that people will look down on them and wore say well you know you know you don't make a kit you're not in the club and and i i really have a pride in with that it's so negative and we want a courage of re and please come come come to god he is good he loves you in it's going to be there's nothing wrong with you i'm in the ways that you're thinking about yourself don't ye to bet upon yourself any more anything you done can't be redeemed and forgiven just come to god and don't be afraid to come to him porkewold make you were he will you will banish you of he will take your tears away and he's the answer he is the answer to everything that's wrong so well i i do want people to know that a lot of times what you were talking about done it is false at hammers nevers us with false we are in the the spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are and i want people always stand boldly now and and i think that's where we get for when we know that christ the spirit is in our set we are following christ to take antherthe afraid to come to him go go to god go to god that it should be your first body go to him and he will help you and you know in realize it if he didn't think you were worthy to die for he wouldn't have he didn't have to do that he chose to to to come here to help to redeem and to save he chose to do and i you know if it's kind of amazing but we we always celebrate a a is in reviewing activity and we do it in a very nontraditional way because the reality was as that there really is in a whole lot of wood and in a in israel so when they talked about jesus and beat in the manger and they always have you know the stable with woods such they didn't have me would gustthat was a luxury item that came from vaness was a totin the stone mason that's why you talked about being that you know the corner stone for the she was stone and he was born in not a little cushy stable but eh but he was born in a cake and cave was it was probably six feet of manure on the floor of this cake and that the roof of the cave in a why do i know this the study messatges ore the top of the cave was covered with a smoke of shepherd's fires from thousands of years and so it was a despicable place to be borne for a baby and the reason you want to know who the reason that he wasn't invited into the end the end wasn't an an it wasn't hotel it was a family's residence they call they called it and they were welcoming in family and they rejected they rejected on basis of religiosity mary and joseph because they were pregnant without being maried and they kicked them out so she had jes in a filthy shepherds cave were the animals and you know what you are we are going to kick anybody out that comes you know you're welcome you are okay we're not going to beal's religious people who say you're not worthy and try to beat up on you all day a day long we will walk with you and love you through this and when things fall of her we're going to be there for you and every one else the government is failed us the churches of failed us we were every one is standing alone and i do you know and we're going to stand together but we don't want to turn our backs on god we want to go for soonabout think the sobs ah what's the we started on to go back here only a kawewe got things to her up here so let's let's go back a little that we when in this died on the cross he gained salvation for all men from that time on and as sir there said yes down no believer sadthe affinity letter and so down asas the picter of that is the prodigal son the father welcomed the sun back with compassion i believe it's jesus died for all but he does give us a choice he does you know he absolutely gives us matt said we started with free choice the gard of eden three choice is more burden yes god is the light and the path it's the donas this however we can't even his turn our backs on him and jeopardize a lavation and paul persecuted killed christians but jesus said so this is thought this is a great conversation to have and oh you know it is you know you don't heryour back on god in his purposes you don't do things like new late the houlate children for money you know that's so i don't think i hadn't and i think there's a lot of people that claim to be christian that are wolves in sheep's clothing and we've got to be very careful about that but that the there's the gonothecae here you know for everybody out there know that we love you yes so on so i was so we should casepray and rejoice in the work of god in pervin if we have to evaluate it a word trouble that's kind of a polar ah i will say that don't think we choose to and i that's where i've put new birth in the catal within those and god and then we realized it that's what we do we come out of the l we realize he wore home and i think that's the same thing when when we're new born we come out save me in a spirit both by i didn't do it and that's what i think john one when we went through it is not of the flesh is not of the will of of and so i just i encourage people to look but if you're in christ if you know that christ is bender don't let satan beat you off don't what if you think tim parker speaking mealdon't let him parker a go to the word find out what god may and let's seek to live it because you're right tanno we live in a day that if we don't come together a people of god and and you're right here's a lot of people that say their people have got that's what i love even listensand i know he's aversely a new believer but he understands that there are people that profess the name of christ professed christianity and i don't love like it as nina that's all i'm saying but if if christ is in you be encouraged being cursed to see more and in let god live through you we are living in a time that if we don't have christians at come forward to offer healing and love and wisdom and food ah advice i mean we're going to i think that there are so many native people out there that if if we recover as not just as counties ah we're going to have to try to recover the and yet that's exactly what god called his pet the world and be word god wants you to esprit i even father we know that there is coming a day that cool change our sorrow into joy the same time lord weaken have joy in you we can have peace in you we can have rusted we don't have to make its he struck and in all i tried to say to people as the more you get into the word the more e can have the more rescue i don't want any one ah and i don't believe you do ah you say that you're your lord is like or oisli and i just prayed that people would slip into that yoke with you and walked with learn for sir you're a great god you're loving god and you do encore fol and lord we just pray your blessing upon our list hopes what you mean help us to learn stamens and the beautiful prayer love so there you go so de dis crisis or lord saviour edward thankful to god that he that he came to save us and to have a roychester afterworship rodger christ is king they go love that's ow some well guys another rousing day to day i'm kind o glad we went off the rails that i want to think everybody for bearing with me here at the beginning to the broad cast to be i i just felt like we needed to do something a little bit different and i guess said to him i don't even know how this is going to go but let's go off the rails a little bit and see if we could speak to people's hearts they and i think i want it we're going to work on a dressing the situations that are going on in life and being able to talk about those and then also go back to the bible and in help everybody helping other to say focused on jesus even with things like this selection stopped like the the line stuff it's going on out there how do you put that into perspective a every day with what's going on there and i think that's a direction that we're going to go that that were going to go into to em to help people and such he now i think it's a really good direction to go so anyhow here we go cried inginocchine for governor don come by the best non conseeder bull had who has never who has ever not conceited and i'm still going to knock concede this so electionour going to continue thentofore for the truth just like scoones and tips we're going to bring the truth were goin to have shot leave not always be comfortable is that's a nice yet that how we get to the but now every day fighting for you i hope your fighting for us i mean we want to be friend to god as much as he is a friend to ask him we want to be friends to each other and so just see now we love you god bless you god bless all those whom you love and i god bless marikaetoo i have seestern on that should be a really interesting shell friday i've got scooba and a gentleman named from america's and i think that's going to be a very tessanier interesting me rocking about not only the elections writing them what we can do and i am working up pointwhether temporis pro se lawsuits that i am going to be finding where were already on our way for this to hold these people can odible and i think this is our only hope in your only way to do it what to let every not getting know that we're still ponchino going to stop and jesus is given something we need to do that so have a great day it's a choice make it so you don't at the times we create our own problems by a by making bad decisions so to day we're going to win a not lie cheats tealdo anything meholathite of the chip shot one right the there's there's more to that so if you don't have a good example being on that's that's it were to do here to day i have a great day thanks he stand the line him when i get off and we'll see is to morrow have great day