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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 8/3/2023 - Human Trafficking in Michigan - Christian Armstrong

Published Aug. 3, 2023, 9:02 a.m.

Human Trafficking in Michigan - Christian Armstrong and Karen the Riveter We will be specifically talking about human trafficking in Michigan and nation wide. Michigan has been reported as number 3 in the nation for human trafficking, we will be sharing statistics, methods, and the legislation that has been passed throughout the state history. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is the third day of august twenty twenty three and welcome door show to day we're going to be talking about some crazy stuff to day but i think that we need to go there and all of us who have been researching for a while absolutely know what's going on with human tree may be not even to the extent that it is yet i heard somebody say years ago when i was kind of a morass mostly in the ann on community at that time that even if we think we have this figured out we're going to be shocked and i would have to say that as much for his researches i've gone over the years every day something comes up and on like you've got to be kidding the the the doubt of the depth of what people are capable of is shocking and so i'm going to be bringing on a christian armstrong a patriot from the twenty ninth esteris morning who is an expert on human trafficking is done a lottery search in that and also carrying the rivers going to be on to day so i have a video theleuse that it's time to do moshoo to the rightful president of the united states her open christian on and then we'll give a shout out to him how wannerton christian how you doin i thank you for having me i'm doing great this is is so well were in to do quick shot on to the rightful president of the united states president donald j trump and so am i i played the accomplishedand to be put this out there and i think this is a great time to just talk about encouragement i love and the man dancers i was with whatever he posted because you know he was posting cool self that was pointing all of us red into a direction to look into yet he cannot he is kind of bad in a thousand again on this when separated as we all feel as sometimes that's not a bad thing an now they were never alone but the reality is as we have to be able to stand alone and stand on our principles regardless what the world does so the school long to get along nonsense has got to stop so let's hear what dan he has well miss day of ooshesheer she when your story goes on strange no bottom very gone great wooster of the day to day with some motivation and encouragement because you know we have to have a facing the things in the difficulties that were in we have to have great moving forward so anyhow what's let's divert into this i am of chasesome bunch of really great lengths and i appreciate that i miss you can kind of direct me i'm running about four screens right now so over you want me bring up firste so all of the links i sent you are michigan governments i wanted to make everything bullet proof just in case any one from the left or any one tries to attack these as i know so many people are acclaiming censors censorship in using to or supposed facts to sense censor people so yet that's that's a good one ostiagon order cause i do have men order here surebut ower you want to go with this and talk about your experience and what you've seen and then we'll st flora down so i started when i when i was a child i grew up in a the metro detroit area i went to school in the intense and i went to cope he betrayed and end the schools within the city of detroit and i graduated the university of the trot jesuit high school which was an old boy's cot in the now am i had experience had an experience as a child when i was walking on i was walking down verner berner highway which is a man rode in southwestern and i was walking to play baseball clark arkness nor time and i had an tienere like a black band and i had a very scary situation where i was almost and ever since then the carry i had to walk with the dog on i had safety protocols that were enacted that i had and unfortunately there are people in that area who who are being abducted this day in its heavy set community and that's scaly where where abductions happened the most within within the hispanic not to mention its right right by the border were right over by the ambassador of bridge so lot of people come high that area at my shin it so happy in his panic community what i think because there are a lot of families who are here illegally ah they have a hard time reporting crime may be their scared em i think the language barrier has something to do with it is well and you know there's just been o of abuse within that area i think a lot of it has income inequality and on the lack of resources and educations that for some time while the that's so i've heard that the native american population is in the same situation where they i have a friend who is on the reservation up by a man a couple of bunch of friends actually i up my mount flows and the amount of young people that had died out there through final the abuse that's happened is just shocking and it just seems like they have no word to turn which is unfortunate oh yeah i mean if we if we look at a south eastern michigan from monroe all the way to detroit there there there's a huge opio epidemic in monroe county it's it's menserious problem we've been we've been tackling it thankfully oh i know i know the state representative dim dose of a monroe has done a great job advocating and am writing up bills and setting setting up poles i sadly because the house of representatives and the senate are controlled by by by both that the democratic caucus is hard to relegate bills through oh they're all controlled by criminals that are in place unfortunately but i mean that's that's a the unipartite strong trained and protect themselves in creating chaos cause that's what they make money i'm afraid yes so one one of the one of the statistics that i want to bring up if on you pull that web site of this is it's called o wise wise voter dot com it shows all of the ongoing case in all of this it shows how many what specific cases there are labor trafficking sex trafficking human trafficking victims and michigan according according to this website this year ranked number so we're getting a little bit better currently we have two hundred and ninety five on going got four hundred and twenty nine and were ranked rank number range number seven in the us on so human trafficking her rank number five when it comes to a were rank number sixteen when it comes to labor well as that said frightening it quite extremely frightening because when we think of this topic we think of we think of third world countries are we think of something far far far away truth is that it's right around our corner its have in michigan is leading leading the where were were top five and every single c and it shameful and there needs to be their needs to be something done about it oh we can't turn a blind eye on this stuff any more because i i really believe you know as a first and foremost my allegiance is to god almighty and we're going to have to stand in front of god and give it comtefor what we did or what we didn't do in silence its complicity in my or a mine here o go bring that up and see if hogan through an low they these are ongoing cases and last you're alone with the with the human trafficking hot line thousand cold thousand people called the human trafficking what of your michigan e for the holy unitedstates isperich gan alone josaphats is on the attorney general's website thermischen government website this these are hers one if there conceding that many people are or are being trafficked within to there are more we have to say double it would be as safe as smith and yet i told all of two thousand one hundred and ninety eight persons were referred to the s attorneys general for human trafficking in the physical europe twenty twenty one if we compare that to just two thousand eleven as its being talked about there are more reporting but what what we need to do a good slice help o help come michigan only get michigan about nine per cent of their finding for their task from the federal over were one of the largest states with the worse problems yet were getting some were getting very very few money from the federal government and this is where it started arts here grasped spreading the word we all get together petition are representatives get on them spoken in the halls of congress it's something that need word of mouth is the most power in it you know and it's so easy to do that not with social media to jump on and take post and an even even that silky here you go digital soldiers out there i'm let's let's pass the information on till you're not work so that we can get the the statistics in the information that christians bring forward her out to other people so that we can actually activate you know oh an i never bodycan have a pardon that that the great thing is as that if people can get involved in actually helping and if the government is not doing it we have to and then we have to pull pressure on well when when it comes to this this subject oh everything i son am i put a resource page together for everybody so i would i would encourage just take my word for it don't take any one's word for it do your research on your own is to happen a good a great lie we can start off doing as parents and as people within the local one sharing what the signs in some of the signs of children who have been abused or who are going through to do with a poor poor hygiene sudden bursts of anger ah there are any any child o under under six who has certain tattoos or certain markings simple little things that if we can people to look out for can save wide if you have that on one of the pages here that you sang over or is that a i believe i believe the links to the web sites i am trindade collection activities we have got but we've got in county on this cagoteries iceland compensation act so we'll get that off there you know red youcan go to my my telegram channel and and we'll put we'll put that up there for the sins to look for for human traffic when when i was in high school i went to went to university trichas wood his senior year are or we had project at every every senior has and the project is a or the they call the class on human dignity and social justice it was theology course that was is required and mar topic was human traffic and since since that its rays so much more awareness because movies like sound of freedom thank thank god that that out there now for el i doubt is one of those movies that i will change a generation a fight that on that my generation and this is our battle this is something that that we have to dig our heels in the in the dirt i have our sword and fight if we can't stand up for our children on all levels the point of all the in olimpici we can't leave our legacy and everything we have to our children if our children are in danger we as a society are in danger because there are fine so in no one children adults any one hold to experience what it's like to be violated agreed absoly agree so solace let's go into the settle but further where do you want to go from here oh we can go to here are the let's go to that the data colet if we go to the high lights i was talking about about the from two thousand and twenty thousand eleven or the number of the number of persons prosecuted for human traffic has need from seven hundred and twenty nine one thousand three hundred and forty forty three which is almost double so we're getting our our voice is are being heard and were getting were finally starting to get those as you know down at the court system and credibly difficult to navigate in its sole hard so the fact that we're starting to get more convict is a good sign he continued to do that we need to raise more awareness we need to have an a zero tone and i agree with that arts it soared it really does start at the once we get some one in office and i a new governor or any any any high official or any one in the executive we need our executives sed executive order to increased law enforced you know i saw states leave only of the money is being invested in new technology to stop this this is this is a technological bond we need to start increasing funding towards technology to that's where it's happening there the most dangerous is for a young child anywhere from three all the way up to eleven the really because that's how they're luring most of their victims internet site is it is a root cause of the we need to have more internet site we need parents starting to step up to take care and actually what web sites are our children because we don't have internet safe we are at a constant we are in constant danger sick pipiles after our children and anywhere anywhere where children are pantofiles will we have to start raising awareness that that it's an issue it can no longer be a taboos it is very old it's evident in its hap in its hope everywhere i mot a woman who was trafficked when she was younger the first time that she was riteshe was ten years old and she said to me she worked on a anatase force she's she's older now she's probably about seventy she said that when she was a child this has been going on for a long time that any of the organizations that she seen in michigan that say that their out to help victims of the that you will find you will find individuals in the annals organizations who are there too victimized whom she so he was actually passed around by the cops and grand rapids she was a so it's really unfortunate but we have to really be mindful that all of our all of our institutions and all those things that we were taught to trust are the ones where people are going to go because we would never then to violate our trust so they have with you know without being questioned impunity they can walk right and do whatever they want which is really really set so it's up to us to keep our eyes open may no mine number my number my conome one subjects is always been human traffic gain and are elections we have we have to have it apone can't work without the other you know we've got to finding mechanism by selling kids that help pay off politicians and byelections into the elections ppeople that will protect their money making of of the tri which which is you know its horrific and an end then strong families and that's that's another thing is that to your point that that you said christian is that is that families have got to start acting as the the best form of government of the family is the form of his own government at the parents have got to step up on in this and realized that they their duty before god is to raise their children and protect them it's not the state it's not schools its parents rights ely and ought to your point of the corruption within the system something like kid corrupt secretest his talk is he is an advocacy ran by the state funded by the state for children who have dealt with sexual abuses what they do as they take the child away from the parents stick them in a room with the camera no one can see what the child with the child says the interview the child and then they determine whether or not they go after the alleged predator or something that ridiculous they when when a child goes through that much the last thing how is separate the child from the parents when they're going in to speak out about a site not only counter product as it would if you heard about the statistics on steps because what i've heard and what seems to keep for ionogen for is that cepscp is the largest trafican organization in north america hands on you know i would not doubt that i would not doubt that an i just want put it out there for the record that there are a lot of amazing people still working in those organizations that are in there for the right reasons those people who are there for the right reasons just now what praying for you were thankful that your hat your devoting your life to protecting kids this is not this is not an on everybody at all his just an attack on a a structure systematically set for evil people to what were simply doing his were calling out this were calling out this were fed up with this is the generation that will put it to it's a quote j f we don't we don't do things because there we we marvel at the challenge and we do things because cause it's the moral compass within cause god's spirit that is within each and every one of us draws us that's why we stand united continued a whole not only our elected officials son elected bureau they need to be held accountable are elected officials we could always inferi vote them out is there more act accessible these bureaucrats we have to stand up any one who is running as that's not elected in his been there for years and years and years dangers it's dangerous to our republic its dangerous a republic are democrisy however you want to call it bravo well said can i i get stuck on constitutional republic so that's that's my the wontlesse the act some like to call it democracy some call it a constitutional republic is a mixture of both but either way is extremely dangerous to our way of life every girl so worse going to go on this rovigo back to the high lights because i think this is really interesting eh the a of the one thousand one hundred sixty nine he found it in your district court with human trafficking a fences in the fiscal year two outwent twenty ninety two per cent were male i i think i think this is it this is a really sad thing is that you know i don't want my generation was always brought up that it was women that were at rest but it really is i believe of late that we're finding out that men are more at risk than women oh yes particularly children of single mothers and if you have a hard working mother whose mind you that the roll of both mom and dad and whose working late hours the child is either being watched in the in the care of other people or is you know left left alone and that puts a huge target on one on the backs of both the child and the other what what we have to do as a community is to start taking initiative and stead of you know it's extremely hard for single mothers i was raised by a single mother and there's that it's hard for them to ask for you know there's there's that stigma if we as a community stepped up and taking care of single mothers and in solving that culture is think there will be a good outcome we be nice at the church is stepped up in that regard in order you know is i see so much failure in our honour church system right now you know it's great he butts in the seat but what are you doing to actually reach out to the community and at the they really are well suited for that and i know there's some of that are doing it in when i make broad statements or broad statements there is always heroes working and all in all aspects of our side but in general we've got a lot of systemic failure but the church is need to step up and say hey you know not only do we have single mobs and this area or people that are struggling or single dads for that matter there's a lot of sinlessin le parents you know where we're going to be there for them to because we have an obligation to these absolutely and i want i want to take a look right here as no prior all if that is if that isn't scary to you i don't know what is what we have to do to focus on the focus on the side not to mention we were talking we were talking of last week about the shipment one and only how lame one per cent i believe somewhere around there are actually inspected two per cent to per cran out of the the shipping containers going into our international ports only two per cent of them are ever inspected which should be really that's the theistic adonis heard when on when you look at how many how many containers are out there and then look at things like the glenmavis connection to her her havocation who was in charge of our monitoring of about what is it ninety some per cent net eight per cent of the traffic out there you got that that is a complete the outrageous connect men at some but showed the into child trafficking is actually involved in in the the container traffic across the world a very very common in to that is that we need a task she put body came on the more transparent a lot of people get paid off stuff like this but if we have if we have it federally mandated specters half to wear a body can at all times while they're going through who knows i think that inevitably and not only that it can raise awareness if the spoletans areny between the people and the government on this on this particular issue when it comes to inspect we were able to see what's going on and now in the there were if there working for us they should have no province with transparency and doing the correct thing so i mean that's a very good solution and a reasonable one especially having to deal with our children you don't want somebody out there that has no oversight with as absolutely you wouldn't you would think you would think that that one the congress would would get together and create some by partisans instead we have a dog a department of justice that he bent a hand charging a former president on on political crimes that you know are even crimes in the first place so we've got we've got all of these we've got all in then we've got holly wood you know during the during the a the glen back wall trial what did you have we had we had propaganda we had then the will smith incident and it flew up over the internet in it overshadowed the fact that one of the largest ever of human trafficking s trial going with what what's really happening is that their censoring us not necessarily by taking out the stories but by floating us with with garbage their flooding of traction absolutely the minute we wake up from this distraction and start to hold people accountable we are going to see so much so many people are are talk about this subject and it is a very sad it said the minute we talk about our successes in the winds that were able to pull off the more we can get and the more voices the more your voice is heard and the more people we have ordering in checking and boil requesting everything the faster we can get this done we need to hold these criminals accountable and that start starts with every bodys getting together and what's going on what do not in war cannot do and love clean that we've got to clean the swamp hole because in all the right i'm in to give him an out of their shot as i have to do that the rightful president of the united states president don j trump as you know was was scholar at at addressing this with executive orders one on crimsons humanity and trafficat ed me he really was was a you know i've been obsessed with his executive orders because they really did give a great plan to backing out of some of the hero of all the croskery did he really went for the root cause of of her problems social props and global problems too and in he was spectacular the so i love it great ideas lely the late executive the executive order for the for those of you who don't know the constitution allows governors and any one who is in the executive it's pretty much like an initiative setting like this is what this administration is focusing on and as long as its within the cone there's a check in balanced system of the congress sue and tried to block and executive order and then it goes but as long as the executive order upheld by the one then that's what happens that's why am i believe title for i too am the executive order that i allowed for for people to close for during the pandemic to close off the border when bidneil that executive word so many people were able to flood in that is contributing a lot to the human trafficking problem ah we have we have a a border prices just absolutely affecting we have children from all over the world being and i think it was or of kennedy junior a democrat his running for office he went on he a town hall and was thus talking about what he described he said when he went down to the border he said i thought that there were going to be allotted central american his panic coming across the border but what he described was he saw two families from africa families from from europe and what's happening cartel is advertising that the us has an open border and with their doing is there getting people to pay money to fly them in and the cards tell his smuggling them and there in god only knows what's happening on that trip all at its human the deck going out at the border i think that trumpet trump was the first pers to sit there and call this out and we need to continue to hold the hold that the hold those people accountable to hold our government accountable we want transparency we need to know whose coming in we need know what's going on and we need we need more for your requests that that ere go that is the that is the most important thing for our requests and i and i believe we need to stiffen up the penalties for those people that are that a traffic in children and in human beings and that you know not not limited to but including the death penal just like when i i support that i really do just like for drug traffickers they know they're killing people it's happening all the time they know what they're doing and so took to really say oh it's okay they didn't mean to rape that kit they didn't mean to do this it's like what kind of idiot would he be come out with their mouths with something like this said i can't i can't even imagine it so i am amorite there whether you we've got him strong borders and they're distracting us true to my say well it's going to delude the boat well yeah but there's a bigger issue that's not even then seeming really close to the core issue we've got going on here you know that's not that it's estre and i think i think so many people too if we sit down if we as american to sit down and have a conversation with one were really not that for and i you know so i think so many people think and then the media is trying to portray that your either on the far left her you're on the far right and i would say i would say a majority a good seventy per cent of americans a right dab in the middle they have their they have their corps issues where they lean left and lean right unsertin we can sit down or or children are it is this is a this is a bipartisan issue that that that can be worked on by both democrats and republicans oh back that there at that they even alike with the sound of freedom for example the fact that that there were reports saying that this was a far right moe you know there's no is a human movie it's a mot moving about human beings and if if we if we get together i truly i have i have i have faith and i am hope country and i have hoped and what we can do together because time and time again when a moral dilemma has been set in front of the american the american people had been able to let and i think that if we continue to push continued to fight the good fight talk about the within the next sixty years i truly believe that we will make such an incredible dent this is something that my generation is eager to fight on both sides just the other day i reached out to a friend whose whose in turning and working with with the with the left with the democratic party even even he to get together and work on by parts we have that we have to set our party or party differences aside and are in an inner egos aside and we need to sit down and work with people of all and even even now i mean there starting there are there are there are movements being evil evil pope who were i call it the pet of vile cabal i think there's just a oldrado roshan pedophilia within hollywood within all these industries their pushing the narrative and you have you have on you have these major major investment firms like black rock putting out business social score push their narratives in their agendas and if we've seen we've already seen the heines and things it's not like it's a conspiracy theory any more ken's island was a very real thing they've been posed all of these all of these people who had been deemed for years finally were starting to see the light being set upon the and so the date any any one who is pushing a conspiracy narrative or anything like that i would incur it that that should encourage you to delve more if you had a more if there is more she keep going do your research you know don't take anything i say for for fact look it up yourself i don't that that's something that's so important is that we have immediate culture how and on factionfor mation back checked back and what they're doing is their using there using the independent fact checked censor you know if if something's wrong if something is not correct you know what beats information more intimate you know a conversation not blocking anybody out right now we have there's no there was an important case right now that was decided by a federal court on on freedom of species where the thebid white house censoring political candidates and other people on on they were working the white houses working directly with twitter directly with matta and what they were doing as they were censoring key politicians they were even censuring people of their own party and presidential candidate robert f kennedy junior testified before congress and he was talking about about this this like i said this is a right issue this is in the left issue this is them coming after our then coming after our rights if we stand up and hold everybody accountable this we can stop them on his slowly creeping and strangle or right yet the death by a thousand cats is let's going on i think that they're both solside are working together both left and the right when you see the connections and such as kind of disturbing because uh jocelyn bonso had there some connections there with an wiser who was the the chairomen party so when you see the one and how they trained the money back and forth you can establish true and indisputable connection and in that's kind o that's kind of were like to to be as i like to look at the connections though financials because it's pretty pretty damning pretty tollings do you want to go to another one of these mathe budget we've got seraskereate yes what badge the budget is actually that right here if we scrolled down ah this is where i was talking about if we go to the the attorney general's talks about all of the em all the vocabulary and the terms but if we go down to the i twenty twenty two three finding this is the attorney's generals budget in regard to the task force around human trafficking where we're getting federal grants we only get ten million dollars in federal ran from the use we have the worst were top fought were and every major category that's wrong and the federal government has a blind eye realistically were right this is this this is an interaction international its were right by a border and it is not necessarily or children it's the fact that children from around the world are coming down i ninety four are coming down i seventy five and there being smuggled through our you know there being smuggled over the river we need we need more more an more security out on the water security out on land we need better technology that hops that we need more we need to get more search went that the court system is so incredibly slow in getting things done if we if we focus more on our task force and we and we get more federal funding we will be able will be able to stop so much they goes back to the unlawful tax structure that we have right now too and on the fact that why are we getting any once from the stedinger ent it all we shouldn't be this that money should stay in the state and instead of coming from what it was a going to federal and coming back to stay in the state and we should pare portion this treaty money back and forth as where we're losing a lot of money and where there were there getting to the weeds on money wandering in my opinion whilst the fact that stone the fact that only if it were paying into the federal govern in the federal government six on the website says that michigan is one of the worst sins such a huge problem after the federal government isn't finding us as one tells you in yet tells you that there's something some there's that's a head scratcher while wire why are they why are they taking so much of our taxes and then when it comes to us ii problem that we need address people are talking about not giving us any of the money we pay out we pay out more money than they get back to us think for one of those states michigan that's the same all of those all of those in epidemics of human trafficking all pay more money to the federal government than they get a destructa crop a structure begged time while this amazing so gokeep going down the smiles or adored living hershers the pie graph the pie grass right here and this is this is all totally accessible to anybody this attorney general's office of the state of mishe if anybody sits here and and tries to attack the facts here governments as safe as it gets you know we can see the state these strict we've got so about thirty per cent of our finding come from idea an eighteen per cent comes he in per cent comes from federal and in the other the other fifty one per cent state so there is money being poured into a what i think i think i you know you can pour as much money into one or into a but it's about how that moneys and quite frankly fact that it had huge movie that was blocked for five years the fact that its now being talked about it is sad conservative talking point in its been it's been brought up for years and years and years and years vice finally just now were starting to see the benefits and the positives of everything a michigan michigan was really one of the first to bring this up it was under it was under the snider administration they pass i believe twenty one legislative bill her to combat human trafficking the time michigan was in the under under the under the snider administer so in twenty fourteen the human trafficking commission act and with that did is that it set up it set a task of and a sub committees for i'm in in state of michigan i believe they have a two year term this is one of the old there you were just the human trafficking victim the twenty fourth so this talks about all of of it goes over what had his find what the crimes are and i believe the national the national that was passed federally was in two from two thousand all the way up to twenty fourth he had very lose you know in fact it was michigan had one in it was in the bottom score of state run government we've been we've been lost in thirty forty years and as all we know we know that there is we know that this corruption we know that we've been struggling with what we need to do now who are going to be held accountable to start electing with zero special and that starts encouraging people to you know if you if you have a heart to serve in a heart for the legislative prose and why not there should there is nothing stopping you from running not only that it would it does so we start getting more local people with passion in one as at the local level those counties this board of education all of those open the water board commission anything anything to help run for a and get out the bad guys is like go should i had loreborn yesterday and the recalling of the recalling pretty much out everybody up there by the goths and they they were able to will it down from two thousand acres to about two hundred and fifty acres by citizens you know stepping up and said not here this is not happening we are not going to have china owning our state yet we have i believe a ford open are planning to open that are chinese ran and natty cary and when you want whenwe have when we have politics who are who are selling out to to china and we have our own corporation or can you believe that word as so and it is so heart breaking because my my great grandfather he immigrated over from mexico to to the delay are started working for fort and little by little moved each and every one of the family members and they bought up the whole blocks are so many stories of the incredible michigan companies that are just leaving our state and their leaving our state had true enough you we look at tennessee tennessee a great example what cried love tennesse tennessee balath rity even the energy protopro ram is wonderful they have they have such a great governor the governor bill lee has done just such an amazing job turning round that state they've gone from kind towards the middle of the pack to in the next five the five to ten years there going to be the new florida that everybody's talking about the man rolether infrastructure is set up really nice i got there in systems getting better they forward and go in all of the all the great companies that made michigan such are starting to invest down there once we once we start getting government that is ran by the people we the people control of our state again woolrich and absolutely flourished and you know to your point on that tennessee's great model for how they managed their energy resources and such which is really the key we have to have cheap energies where michigan we really have a monopoly in michigan or thought energy sources that we have are pretty much a monopoly just like you know it when you were talking of black rock and said i don't understand why nobody has has pursued antico on on on these big companies because that really that this really needs to be definitely and enforced and prosecuted i think i think a lot of it has you know i'll a lot is not talked about i mean within within washington there are so many ethical violations each morning tonicity that the self enrichment that going on as well as i you know conflict of interest its incredible genitor grand home the one that had up the thementire dsaronner one a call made a one point six million dollar gain on a stock trade in the eve and i should absolutely make every one so furious that we turn in a rage monsters over them the other what when you have when you have and large corporation that are benefiting from cats from chaos what you're going to continue to get em i'm quotin quoting from the is you're going to get people creating in these large companies and these polities generating a normal sea of continued crisis his people are profiting if you're getting people profiting off cries that's all we're going to continue his this crisis that crisis to because they they create the crisis so that they can provide the answer absolute in many you know yet go back to hayti look with the clinton crime family did down and hate you know is it any time that there is a a hurricane or an earthquake who who shows up a lot of pantofiles and human traffickers has there hoping to snatch up families that have been seperated and that's exactly what the clintons dead down in hate oh oh yes speak in that the flight will bill was on that was on that flight log quite a bit he he travelled to that in now we know we know with the obscene flight logs too that not only our politicians are world wide we aren't just standing up against the corruption in our one worse it were it is globeless cabal that are that are done that are dominating all the that are setting the precedents that are that or controlling or media and it starts with alternative mediatours and media sources that don't you hear it here on brandenburg news that work right here these zero censorship and a you know putting it out there as best we can every day truth truth and action herself it's so important it's so important to be able to get out your voice your voice is powerful ah it's as insect john one one in the beginning was the word i spoke it into existence in it were made in the image of god like the scriptures say you know your voice is powerful it has what it carries it has the opportunity to save lives it has the opportune to stand up to corruption and that's that something that so and entered to every one my age you know told bartong or we were too inexperienced you know it was jefferson who was thirty years old and all of these young pioneers it was jefferson was only thirty years old when he stated all men were created stood up against a tyrannical global s that's what this country was founded upon we don't talk about this inning we don't talk about the fact that our founding fathers were up against the largest military empire in the entire world and there was corruption and there was trafficking these problems always been there now we have the internet and we have the capability to talk about his and to go into go world wide to solve these at once we start teaching what this truly was founded upon founding upon standing up again standing up against i start to make a with it starts with our youth it starts with our educated that's how we can realistic all all we have are voices and what we're able to do and when we harness that that america when we harness that as american do anything we put a man on the moon halfacentury ago can stand up to this well said bravo there is in it was awesome i unlike okay that's end of the show right there that was so anyhow do do you want to go down and want to go back to that eh the the rest or you're like sure sure so and goes on and go down this other here tracking bigger to we want to go back to the other one ah we can go right here i just want to point out right here the short title and the victim defined all this right here in a vocabulary turns so that an when you talk about when o you have all the terms oh everything everything is really kind of laid out in the to help you you know a lot of them a lot of people are so now when you go up and talk to me i can get nervous for you know some people get scared to talk about these taboos resource pit this resource page that i put together for you guys are good governments for the people of the state of michigan to be to sit down and say look don't take my word for it boom boom boom and i think i think we i think i have one more one more link that this is the way in county link ah this is just right here ah these are the up there the departments and offices the service hours and this in at what's going on in wayne cong ah talks about on the executive office is as the definition of what human trafficking is a is human and trafficking in packed wintownis and here you're the signs of human here these are the men these are medical signs of abuse or human trafficking that we need to be looking looking out for right poor health any child who has a sexual transmitted disease that's a big sign that's not normal urinary difficulty these these are what we as parents educators one stuff like that looking at we need to in the signs are in how to i point them out get the ball rolling on the one as the great lest oh a post that one later to so reken up posteryte egram channel which is at brandenburg the number four i and then also for people like nine one one seven one one interests it's the nine one one of human if you're ever in a situation you encomfort able or your god god forbid i hope i hope no one ever has to deal seven one one is is the the emergency line for that site and there are there are ways said to get involved if you if you go to michigan dot gog and type in the human trafficking though they'll send you resources to where you can volunteer and get involved with even though we know that that the government system has a has a likelihood of corruption we start to get involved and we start holding people accountable as we once again could really make a dense so those are those are all my main sources those are all the sources i have that was the last of my son but what i want to say is that i want to i want to i want to send i want to i want to say a prayer for all for all of those people who are going through that so if if i could if i can just in a pre absolutely will continue to do so more talking but you can always creon the identities in miss and this because i hold these are these are all these i can talk on this subject for hours and hours and hours i wanted at least get the main bolton is that i have once we start getting into talking you know talking about it more loose stop being involved then we start getting into ah in the erinnyes so so father got i just want to i just want to pray for all of those victims who oh who are dealing with it who have gone through it and who are currently currently in bondage lord lord i pray that your end that upon them that they can to have to fight through a lord lord i prayed for all of people who are serving to help combat this lord i pray for all the agencies lord i pray that you rise that you rise up in this new generation young men and women who have just a heart for you in a heart for change lord and i pray this in your son's name he so much this awesome a man up bring care and on here a minute and we'll go into let's just talk about everything it carnation i am i am just in awe i'm on a been listening to this young man for an hour and i'm like an watchin down a smiling too i think you're thinking of save thing i am i'm thinking he'd dose packed in a two hours showing one out her coo so i'm going to ask a question that i hope you won't be offended by i know a lot of people are probably wondering the same thing i am because you keep saying christian my generation i'm goin on in you my cretonian twenty one years old and doncaster's amazing and its we one thing i've noticed about my the people might is that even though he currently they they tend to vote more on the left and really a lot of it desire in past desire to desire to conservatives and we asked open the door to their ideas into their creativity start to say look shows what you have we are open were open to fighting this we want to fight this just as much as you we all come together and sit down good dialogue like that in you there there are the people in michigan my age talk to who voted voted for gretchen whitmer who now deeply regret there to all it just starts off with really really with with being in strong and conviction but meek and expression when when you put yourself in other people and that's the most important that his good we start getting good and healthy communication again we're going to be able to get so much it's all in how you can get while france be one some one is iregret job a teaching you how to communicate i am a former toast master and listening to you talk has been a joy because so many so many especially so many young people have a have not got the skill set that you already have so if your grandmother is there with you or if he isn't tell her later thank you for letting you borrowed the space and somebody whether it's her or her another mother figure father figuras then a great dog and raising youthandand to take them on the behalf of americathere you bring such a joy this morning and is refreshed sense and of renewed spirit and i hope for the next generation as you say that it you you are going to bring others along with you and that is a special skill ah i think you're probably a leader and you are well informed and those two things together you are going to be an important a member of your generation to help and the scourge on our land so no i just went on i want to give a thank you and on that topic i just want to oh i want to get an opportunity to praise my mom my my i grew up in a single mother home she are extremely hard we were fortunate off to where she worked hard enough to wish invested in put me in in catholic schools and so mam i know you're watching i will you thank you for all that you've done and all the sacrifices you've made for our family i would not be in this site if it weren't for you and we need to start standing up for for single mother single mothers are are are important and mams it's one of the most important jobs we start to stand up for mothers and for an advocate for them there will be i know it i've lived at thank you for the words of encouragement of it it means quite a pet what's your man's first name my mother's name is rent rent we love you you have done an amazing amazing job as being a mine what it what an amazing amazing son you have that much love and credited from all of america to you they think lappingtonian moonfaces and demitry truly blessed to have no what even the rightful present of the united states is given to nod to momokawa's giving a nod to mom to run everybody is cheering on rent in my last to die for for i mean to read some things from the chat here so that we can go i don't want to ignore everybody but we're going to read through this lapses my my son he has a friend whose dad trafficked her right in grand rapids is so sad and good morning from charlotte good morning rumbling nineteen sixty one a great young man hoped for the future truly thank you thank you orisons yes rumbling nineteen sixty one this makes people very happy great job of raising kids rennet youanother shouted cheers to his parents twenty one years old and knows his self love it needs to be an office really make make us all obsolete and that that's what this well but this we all should have hoped for that we replace ourselves or that somebody comes and replaces us christian armstrong for governor a sure after dana's term athothiate women and just like like the lethe heads roll and if she can come in and put it back together with petros yet he held like well like bandage ruins of the survivors all no one can stop no my biggest fear is a mamma bear for sure not there is no greater fear than a mother protecting her children did that that the fear of god it puts the fear of god and people and we need strong we need a strong governor like donna we really do down an i'm so excited for your for your future and for your campaign and i'm i'm so excited to be able to help in any way i can you've got you've got my thank you so much and in and don conveyor lieutenant donna to what i think thee i think we've got a lot of promise here you know i think whatever you do you're going to be successful and i can guarantee you that an okay callie callie said what artists is unlawfully removed children from their homes i don't have those red off hand but i know that it's a high number the le they call legal kidnapping of seen seen some stories on where they supiesse i'll kidnap kids from families and its horrific so that that hole that hole in sips actually does not have the right it does not exist it does not have the right to the one norton versus shalbe county and so we've got some big problems there some usurpation boiling on to a huge degree and of cathcarts are involved in trafficking they contract with b h h i for e n a fort they get more grant finding so she quota we got quote is going on there for removing children and we all need to get on the ass out of michigan will they don't have the right to exist under nor inverses shalbe county which means a great governor who would stop in in and this nonsense it certain we could get rid of about ninety per cent of it and still and have more money for the people and start of these money laundering organisations which just passed the money back and forth its othilia radag superat children from family out the run like they have no authority to remove children telle satru yet we are fed up for sure no democracy no it's not so she's correcting his sad no democracy livingsome people call it a democracy said some people call it a republic is sidi agree i'm it's work constitutional republic that ain't that your bed to just for just for lemon's terms and for other people to be able to understand that the point i was trying to make is that it threatens our way of light these bureaucracies on elected officials are holding these high or thirty forty post as a problem and they need to an even if they're running their job great the fact that there unchecked and unelected in have so much power something that it is constraint is one of my favorite words here is that you have to constrain the part power charles as we have to get john tailor for lieutenant governor for a right now yah he is he's amazin if you if you watch any the shells that tater is on with me tatoroes ah i have not i have not set the camp in gorstrooth constitution and it gets if it's pretty brutal on the unwerget that so anyhow i'll hand this over you caring for the constitution republican a menesenoons and you do it for talking points to build bridges kelly well is a courtsthose pera for fathers give them fifty fifth kelly there's a large amount of help for single mothers i know i was one well you don't want hands off o you two hellandall the single milessouth there you know we really we we americans not down a cristopol cans i don't like those terms because all he does is sorseide us we have to dare to be american and so we americans stand with our brothers and sisters you know here it is other americans and as americans but also brothers there are children of god which who got whom god created and that goes that that transcends borders really that is as evident spite the missionary out outreaches winging on for for for ever in you know in the calle says but the state offers that help the state that is involved a human trafficking it's a vespidious she and going back to the point again is that that's where you're going to go you're going to find potatoes you're going to find people that are trafficking within these organizations and we have to call it out social workers get bonuses when they remove a child from a home as does the ah kallispera grant money is coming out of our sole security absolutely because he they dumped everything into the general fund rather than having designated pontet's wire roads when all the hell that's why so many things have gone to hell as they just dump it into this this little pit and everybody's got their hands and their figuring out how to send a scamp the language in order to overstep and usurped the the stated iceless we folded a complaint to the d division to recall our board more beautiful boom awesome this red and that's the end of the chapter ight now but will continue to talk karen what say you oh i wanted to also talk about what he mentioned previously about how the public needs to be aware because as he said kids are by partisan and most people even criminals despise the concepts that are involved in human trafficking especially with children so penafiel child torture organ harvesting all of that or so the there deemed is like the worst kind of sin that you can commit in our society and when people realize how big the problem is they are going to an act and if like you said if our government is not acting appropriately the people will get the job not one way or another on you're also mentioning some really simple fixes putting putting cameras on people who are inspecting cargo ah that's a really simple solution the dozen evolve a lot of money either am shutting down she pass in creating another avenue for helping children in need and protecting them from families who aren't doing the job can probably do be done pretty simply there are many solutions founding if if governor brandenburg saved a lot of the problems with our budget we know we could put a lot more money into investing for technology on this issue and building awareness in the public like you said if we had marketing tools that instead of marketing for a cove shot we were marketing for signs of human trafficking how much more aware would our state be and how much of the impact could that alone have so you're on the right track and awaken aware people who want to know what to do and in not everybody's going to want to be actively involved in some way but all you had a new to start with is read a list of signs to look out for and calling a number you know whether it's night one wonders seven one one everybody can do that it's not an emotional kind of thing you don't have to watch videos of children being harmed there are simple solutions that every one in an hour society living on the land of michigan can do to make it a great impact if we just get together so i applaud you for making that point cause it's a it's a powerful one we just haven't we have been so disconnected from the power of our voice that we're just starting to become aware of it you know if we can if we can cancel beer company or a company for feeling to sell pillows because of election integrity issues surely as a public we can find more power when it comes to something like this i think it's coming and i really looking forward to what that looks like and sounds like i think too we've got a focus on on on the fact that one of the reasons why our systems have become so corrupt as because they became centralized so any of these issues have got to remain decentralized and local because just like with elections the thing to fix a lections is to him have it locally locally run and reported not the way that it's doing it right now because they're not its to centralized and you got four people on a board the canvassing board who who robbers stamped something which they had no right to do because the legislator abdicated there their job in a insooth ire doing is there centralising all the power something like this needs to be in the communities where the neighbors know each other and it is it is handled is handled in a decentralized form i think that's very very important charlotte said bring christian to get him ready for office let's have see the scales of justice and know their policy to abolish their democracy of corruptions trees and we are republic form of government a man the histians is then beat up for a long tanphirion's suchet's funny oh let's see that's the lesson we got in right there so that's good absolutely nominating else oh i was just going to say you know i am impressed with him like everybody else will be when they watched this show i would also caution though that if he's not ready himself that's okay if if you're not ready to run for an office this year next year that's okay with me because i know that you're going to learn so fast and you're going to research constantly and as much time as it takes for you to grow in experience life experience knowledge when you do take any kind of office you will excel at it so i may be you can start out doing in that that job but the the dog catchers office you know or whatever it is is seestar lowering rain or mistassing with dogs or in something that i've heard referred to the dog catchers where you start but you may not be ready for the governor's office just yet but i could see i could see you working your way up there and as much as we can say well there were some people running for governor who could not do as good as a job as you could to day give give this young man another fiver ten years and we will see what he is capable of thank you so much i i have given it thought and prayer about whether or not i'm going to to run if i were to run for anything it would be something local it would be it would be it would probably be something like a that am i i'm currently a resident and taylor michigan and one of the one of the th the key factors that i brought up some i ninety four and is seven my city happens to have both of those free ways going through it so we also have a state he is well so if there were to be as i would i would likely assume that a good strategic location would be any city on if i if i do decide to run if i do decided on which is more likely than not in itinerating it it would be in two thousand twenty five so i have a couple of years decide whether or not i ah you guys will be the you breathe here on brinborion alonealone in plain is willie playing this video another ten twenty years from now looking where i started at does creditorum ing for governor all these years ago the rain rumbling nineteen sixty one said city commissioner that's a good spot to be in and i started the car a charlotte settled do it christian please just get in there so you aligeran club iv deeveloped he now near quickly every going to be like a christian to a christian fan club out here well i have if if i am being fully transparent i have given it very very much thought of i have kind of opened more of an exploratory option of if if i do if i do wrong i don't i don't do anything at so if i if i do it i am fully in and think i think people are going to be are going to be very happy a couple of years those who who are in wonder hoping for for change hoping for youth hoping for some one who's going to be bring back transparency that's as he have got something on to bring up a minute i put on i put the sound on the channel and i think that this is a it's important that people realize what we're dealing with with human trafficking and sales play a little bit of this two thirty minute that he all played for a little bit so that people can it gets into the rougher stuff out of the farther we go into this but i do think this is important i actually put a video troubled weeks ago where they were cutting the organs out of an intention either ah i looked about bowater a term baby and and i i believe that people need to face this so this isn't there's nothing incredibly graphic on here as far as visually but there's a few graphic things that she talks about on here eh of that's audio secouant that turned the volume down i go like this or will take it when you don't see the scream he come back and listen but i think it's this important cause of tepecano rich house i am on the oconee what i do i onomatopoeic on all to oprevet deconsiderating on monica standing esigliato tell ye to go morton canicollis most his atalking he can card on yours and this is the this is what were you know this is part of what we're talking about it's not just it's not just the one it's not just the one ah what what people would think is its human trafficking it is so much worse than what people can even imagine and i think we have to face this as as adults and now you know if more people knew how horrific what we're talking about is if it's a slap in the face cold shot of reality and i think we're going to have it we're going to have to go there in order for people to realize how serious the says because this could be your child this could be your your your mother this ofofother this could be a you know your neighbor histiseus be you at that that this could happen you in it it's so so pervasive other we're going to have to deal with us i heard i'm going in the containers and i did not load he that yet a shipping container i out that you had me look at i want to get into that lot but some point where we're going to have to realize that that this is something where we have to sup in to in to do that we have to know exactly what we're talking about and not soft saltus either i mean the there is that the hard reality is going to have to come home for people to understand you know there was a gal that i know of in detroit a couple o it was maybe six weeks or two months ago she was objected out of gathering and she had fine front on her foe and shame on the police in this situation because they did the wrong the the friend gwyniad and go hold the police cause she had fine for an honor phone they went to a shipping container where it tracked it to the police refused to open that container they found her dead within about two weeks on the beach over in africa because that's one to and they stuck this container with the girl in they could have saved her and they chose not to no longwhen were talking in that regard donadores asked as to life real fat there was no excuse for this young woman to lose her life in the cowardes and stain within a within these kind of ah unthinking sheep or go along to get along don't want to lose my job for doing the wrong thing well you don't you lost your soul for refusing to help this girl you they lost their souls in this in this root move to just just try to protect himselves on their jobs and shame on all of them and when we're we're going to have to be brave we're going to have to sometimes do the things that the heroes now the things that political hacks trying to look for promotion or more money to it's a hero that stands up when nobody else does and does the right thing against against their against the throat i i undisgusted by this in shareses wonder how much a sorrel smaniglia foundation pays for this evil oh yeah there they're paying big money they're paying big money to silence our politicians the they're paying big money all the way along these trafficking lanes make no mistake it they they set a hundred and fifty million dollars i'm in a guarantee you that that number is love with their doing as well our federal government i there bustling money the rough through through these foreign wars foreign words and their and their all of that money we've set so nine trillion dollars in the middle east and then with you crane alone all of these were were funding all of these wars and were putting in and their embezzling money profiting profiting profiting proping undertaking kids all over the place in these wars ones this is a huge deal were finding human tracking by having the war there there in in its its not being not being talked about wouldn't when on when tromp when trump went on said talkedabout in he had on that rock war and he said there he said they lied about mass as the master structions there were none and he started talking about stopping on stopping them pouring in stopping refugees coming into our old by by enacting those poles many kids did we save from being the united fortunately the united states is the number one purchaser modified and that that's something that we have to grapple with after we have to sit there and we have going at we greatly loisset the sink in people the united states is the number one and in in i knew that to the were the number one perch a human trafficking victims number one we can sit there and look at the bogie man all the way out there they united states we paid the most amount of money for kids to disgusting in its inwe don't do something about it if we don't put or or or heels in the sand now let this continued countries greatest felt it is worse than at any other thing in this its it's a form of it still sat its modern slavery it if we don't do something about this moral dilemmas i don't do anything about it what are arid a hundred years or are they going to be proud of the legacy that we let or are they going to look at it and that something that we need to think about we need to think about what we're leaving were doing and are we contributing to bringing gods here on each you know are we folks a we focused on watson are we going to continue in silence evil run organization and really it at and it in it starts by examining yourself and examining our are are are we willing to lay are we willing to lay down our lives are reputations everything on the line for what god is calling us and that that is something that each every individual has to look on and reflect within them yes and we're going to go up against evil and dark pine so even even if you know even if even if you don't want to get out and speak out about it there are organizations there are people who are willing to even if you're willing to to help out in any way any way you can use your energy to help combat that make it'll make a miles long ere i agree in that's well said i'll part of that is be able to walk away from certain things that are wasted our time and in making you know it's like it's like when when lot when they left sodom and gomorrah one of the biggest lessons is you can't go forward if you continue to be immersed in the things that are waiting you down from the pass you've got to be able to go for a bright future during the right things and sometimes that's literally turning your back on something that you know because the right direction is too moewyng out friends you know when you see people that are in torosan or ejected you have to leave those those friend not works you can't stay and i'm i'm going to go ahead said because i've said it many times of political parties are i turned in to colts on the th to party system now in the member of the us taxpayers party which is the constitution party and i'd like to invite you to it by the way to any of our meetings and that it's the only one i've seen that is actually statesmen nobody stands up in the politic for jobs or for offices they sit there quietly until somebody says i think this person should be nominated and it's not an nobody is like oh my gosh i've got to have that officer do it it's solemn duty to an office within the constitution park people take a very very seriously and it's not win at all cost its who's the best person for the job and it is truly works as the way states anden should work younow in it so so a little side now little side not them but sometimes it means that we have to walk away from ah or or groups that were in even our groups that were in that are going nowhere that provided distraction in order to be focused on these issues in fact will change the world and and i think that's important he trafficking as there i'm got one down in our we've got a large segment of society that so focussed on the reparations of slavery of the past if they put that same energy and concern for funding into the slavery of the present we wouldn't have so much of this form of slavery in future enter to add to add said dona o about about everything i was watching the other night doctor gordon peter about and right now in this in this time i believe that we as not only believers but we as americans are going were presented an option right now where we are going through a spiritual do we want to be complicit and beyond the side of the pharaoh deanaro want to follow in honour what's even if that takes into the wilde even if it takes us to where we looked even if we even if it's the more difficult road and were complaint and through it and we're out in no wise it have to be like this are are we going to it are we going to sit there and comply and end i don't know about you guys but i'm i'm fired up to go to hunt's right on fired up said save these kids i think i think the more we approach it with a beat in with the the the more we can tackle and get things done so many people want to sit there and i and now sol sulking in this became its horrible horrible horrible thing and the crimes against humanity in the crimes against all of these people i mean just even even the even the when some one gets violated like that ex and does the mental drama generation if were able to put a dent in to people counseling we have the opportunity did not only stop this genera oh much drama so much drama in its not being talked about a lot of drama more than just more than just then being here but how we deal with them then how how are we going to sit an advocate children need advocates they need pure advocates good advocates who are willing to stand up in that while sid well said eh okay well you know what it's about twenty two eleven we can continue to talk on for for further but i think that's a really nice place to to actually one you've had you know you really book one that very very well were delicate porch that usually i i finished with prebendalis to say it because i want to ask onbestingan all people that are your age and such as well as every one that out there listening to this dear heavenly father we love you so much and we are so honoured that you have called christian for word and all of his friends and the people that are in forged that are working with younger people too toengaged them to put the fire into them to to go out in the world and work for your good i asked that you would pour out your favor on each and every one of them give them the words to give them the work that is in front of them that they are that they quickly i doubt if i let them hear your voice every step of the way so that they are following you which i know is where their hearts are thank you so much for the work that they are currently doing for those men and women who have who have stepped forward to mentor them to show them the things that they need to know and equip them with tools with knowledge with education that they can also pass because this is for the children we are supposed to be serving your children the ones that come up after us to replace ourselves in your world this is your sand box and we are here to serve you in all ways that you call us without regard to the consequences of the actions that we are called to do we ask that you give them bravery and string and that you would give them provision and everything that they need as well as life long friendships people who are like minded in saving children and a very humanitarian effort in serving this beautiful world which you created thank you so much for drawing us altogether i feel like your calling us all out of different areas different ages different different that grounds and that your bringing us all together as your children the remnant is very sick and lost world in order to how bright the ship and were thankful that you have called us to stay in the fight to be in the fight up to and passed our very last breath when we when we reunite in having with you and we are able to celebrate and live together for ever in your presence we thank you for every minute of this it's a huge adventure whether things are going well whether things seem not to go well it's all things working together for good to those who love you and are called according to your pre not only are you a friend to us we want to be a friend to you and we thank you for everything you do for us every single day we love you so much heavenly father in the name of jesus christ our lord saviour with pray ama even then o for having me reed all the work that you at starting the snot work and to to fighting for for a right for so important and a right right back atcherson thankful for all the work that you have done and your friends that you stand where he and the people that are in our net works that we know i mean we all have these networks and and your mom rene you know we love or any we should bring her naadsometimes that's davy great we can talk about about raising children because you know i that the huge sang for mons to get together and talk about what they do when problems come up and how you will proach thing the bible talks about it as the older woman your own moonesicke by say that lot and i wouldn't go back for another day it's like older women are supposed to train up younger women in the ways of the lord which is you know it living in a really serving your family first and raising up your children in his i will tell you this right now being a man or a day is the most important job you will ever have i in this life hands now it's raising up children and doing it in a godly way the strength of the family that is the most important of there's a lot of mons at set home and they feel like you know while they're not gentipicrin body recognizes what they're doing well you know what god does and and a male lactance only one you have to worry about is god's opinion of you and realize that there's a lot of us how however out there who have so much rest for males and dads that are out there every day just busting it out and living the life that we know that god wants us to live and salute to you salute to the rightful president of the united states you know donald j trump the rightful president president donald trait j trump the red present i'm an rogers i love that guy i mean i was with seeing if i can dig up anything that he was doing when i was spending all my time is an you know it research in his on and on it was like kawaontes deal say in dance given now you know a general plan and the likes of them who have stood forward to do the right thing before god take the children and to give their lives regardless of the consequence for this son i salute all of you and what what an honor it is to be alive this pointing history and see though we go through great pains to do root cause i do lot of recusants in looking at rockhouse and else it's a painful process for most people it is necese and you you have to go through that but the reality is as the we've got amazing people that that are out there in all areas that we can stand with in that will right this nation as one nation under god indivisible with liberty saverio in a last word for me there one of you god's children are not for sale your voice is powerful and if you in the lord you trust in the higher power he will guide you exactly where you need to be in the right place at the right time thank you for this opportunity to be able to speak to to share this crucial crucial topic o god bless every thank you god bless that that all of you other that ere that new christian a armstrong fan club out there and i care reinosa yeah he saw like me shows then all carrying the riveters always saying find or rolled to play and that's what dona was just saying one of our ah want to dana's hans i met in person recently and she said oh i couldn't do what you do and i said don't don't ever like lift me up for something that you find admirable above yourself because if all you are right now is taking care of your family if that is the role that god has assigned you to play then you do it and you do it well and you don't think of yourself as lower and any way than any one else so whether christians role is to continue to research human trafficking and focus entirely on that right now or run for city commission whatever his god have a roll for him to play and he is going to train him accordingly you are talking about exodus have been talking about moses a lot sent porters and egypt and then forty years learning how to shepherd she be not very intelligent they roam around he have to direct them and then when god said i want you to leave my people out of egypt he said i don't know how to do this as i just spent eighty years cinching you haven't sothat is why say take your time because god is going to teach you what he needs to teach you and put you where you need be when you need to be there and don't let anybody push you into something that you're not ready for you do in your own time and i'll just do do well what you were sin to do so were on agreement there he praefecisse cures that part of the shell here were going to go to ride karondanenkik please go to brand of per for governor that tom oh because i'm still not conceiving the twenty twenty two election i have the best non conceder who has ever not conceded a present trouble so esperahope papa himcourage to best not considered that is ever not conceded in the history of the united so a so anyhow oh i just want everybody to know here go left side heart hands i god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america it's going to be a great day make it so it's dependent on our choice as we can we can choose to have a great day every single day we can choose to serve the people around us we can choose to make good choices even when things are even the things are not ideal it still up to us as an end of viduation do what he asks us to do and we can make any day a great day that way so yes have a great day to day ah conniston sandifort when i when i anthesterio that you're loved you're not alone is lots of people out there fighting and lots of bodies of christian out there fighting too so just wait the ways comternation send his on to morrow where the bronzecelts going to be a real interest anything because they did get some motion on the law suit and i think you're going to see it broken here because nobody will talk about the real step out there and mainstream as steam bake stream meyou'll her here on bradenstoke a great day big loves can be gone