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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 5/10/2023 - Redeeming Grace Church - Dr. Tim Parker

Published May 10, 2023, 9:02 a.m.

Redeeming Grace Church online church with Dr. Tim Parker Tim was in Church from the cradle, over 69 years ago. Two Christian parents left a strong Faith-legacy in his life. Church attendance does not ensure new birth but Christ’s Faith and Grace lives boldly in his soul. Saints love God differently; he primarily loves God with his mind as he provokes disciples to love and good works per Hebrews 10:24-25. He loves to evangelize and teach God’s Word – especially biblical Grace. After a 37-year career with Chrysler as a die maker, he pastored Smith Creek Bible Church for 4-1/2 years and now holds a doctorate in philosophical theology. He authored three books during his doctorate program. As an active part of St. Clair County We-The-County, he worked to abolish the Covid mandates, especially in the schools. He was an active part of the SCC Republican Party but divorced himself from their charade. His new desire is to provoke a renewed understanding of our founding documents so a truly Christian/patriotic church can free itself from unConstitutional government-infringement and be free to establish Christian roots everywhere in our Constitutional Republic. We discover true Freedom In Christ’s Gospel to live in liberty, above tyrannical control. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is the tenth day of may twenty twenty three a beautiful day out here in michigan i was up in that of then about a usual aboutabout five thirty and this morning i was up about five cod and get out and and enjoying the day looking at the flowers that are then or blooming out there and that is it's going to be another wonderful ah bringing up my body parker and welcome to the redeeming grace how are you to day i'm doing great good morning darry body up there in now listening land like should say watching land so good day it's going to be a good day i got to bring up your of the manuscript here men at that you sat to me because i have in fact had i think i think what talk about this i have in fact had a crazy crazy crazy and a trying to hear let me during this pore the prayernever continues and as why we need to rest in christ and everything so there you go that's what it is you know i think that you know we talked a little bit a all a oththe son on line before we got on this ere every one is herding so badly out there and hearing people we we are were seen a lot of people attack each other were seen and not being able to understand what the threat actually is and how to manage our set dealing with difficult people who are also heard you know that the thing that is as we have to lay down our weapons sometimes bussing the dew is to it my grandpa well well well and you know he is an old horse guy that i didn't you know he didn't no horse people are kind of a different breed where a kind of unmovable and while everybody else is running around panic around i'll around the outside we generally we generally sit there and watch that don't say a whole lot on but when we do it's generally honour little little white ponies with a sword i have been kind o there this and it's been really it's been a hard week dealing with the amount of line and not a story called to her hang on the amount of lying and manipulation that's out there right now is really really he and i'm going to put this in horse charms react and horses and people are the most like of any animal the early are when horses fields they react they and they always read the arm hopefully it goes into good diet not always if a flies over their head they blow it up into their minds into italian here it looks like a threat over their hat and their going to react people through the same thing it can't be it's a it's a scene of threat and reacting to it as if we're going to be eaten alive when that's not the case at all because when you're on a horse horse would never ever do in the while what they will do with a rider horses in the while they they live may be five years max here like a deer they don't live much longer than that because they are food source for every other predator out there if they get a chip in their mouth they go down and they're eatin so it's not it's not the but when a horse has a rider on its back that who has spent the building those working with them and now that their loved they will do almost anything because they know that the writer will protect them under any and all circus and that to people is on we can go into any circumstance and not be afraid knowing that god is resting walking the we don't have to feel one he don't have to feel the hot we don't have to react as if a squirrel is a lion with claws on sheath what are they going to do realistic where is the real threat is here through there the answer is no there's no threat to st one if it really doesn't feel even facing off with demon i don't know how much experience you've had it that tim but i actually have and you know when and how ahiwas that some day i'll talk i'll talk about it i'm really very interesting their very real her very very real he and an un unfortunately when a person can see one side they can always see the other is now there is a double handed sword and i what are they really able to do walking with god pretty much nothing they can harass you but that's about as far as i go and the same thing politically or else otherwise when we see these he and i really wanted to talk about this because when when we see these threats that are out there how much of a threat or the it comes down to whose and who you riding with you know if you're a horse that's out there without a rider you're going to get you're going to get eaten by a lion or something else cause you got nowhere if you are walking with god and you have that trust i do you've exercised your spiritual your spiritual wings a little bit you even made some mistake important to make mistakes that's where we learn and its ah that's why you know jesus was ill of perfect he's the only one i did throw at tell each told the rest him stopped throwing you sold and with stones down we're all working through the together now identifying a real threat a good rider will show the horse you are about to walk into a hole and get a broken you are about there's a bear trap over that you hit that thing and your legs going to be so if you run out front of car you're going to get hit it's goin to be pro well that's what god does with us he tells us is out there that's going to her up and even of its you know you can start is simple as the ten commandments and what he tells us to do and not those are keep you from running out front of the truck it's not just trying to be mean to you it's just the way the world works and he made the rules and we have to abide by and we want to be safe is then back you makes rules in a very simplified way when you have horse a good rider trust words which god is he will literally tell you every step of the way if you listen to him and stopped in well with turkeys around you all right have the turkeys in s and the chipman you know making a run off a cliff somewhere in a stupid bell because that's what horses do but really being stable bible talks about it not being blown round by the wind being able to be ok and trust that writer that's right here right here richer tell you coralie and in the men be counter to it in it may be completely counter and to where you are you know and an in a freak everybody are out around you and they're like the they're like losin it because they're getting freaked out by the chipmunks in the because they're not walking with and so the walking in their own strength thinking that they're going to there going to take the nation back in and of their own sticks plain it is not hot work and so we have to literally laid down our thoughts and our plans that his will be done not as and that adapt and just as he walks for work and and i think that that's a i am struggling with this old i'm going to tell you it's a day by day and i know you re talked about it's a day by day walk where we have to give it to god every day ask what he wants us to do and it's difficult there's no policebut it i'm a good tell anybody that this is an easy thing to walk being a true is not an easy walk we we we know we were talking about before we got on on lying this morning that there's probably an i think you quoted the number nine per cent of the people say that their cries or actually and all the holy see a centre to make this very and it's not one religion it's not one church it's not one belief system god says there were there will be i know there be in two on the field one to be taken or whatever he i can't quote exactly what you know what i mean it's everywhere we had with her believers everywhere and every church in every walk of life every every race every gender the two of them are whenever there there there are believers everywhere and how they choose to worship or how you choose to worship you're you're work i want you to be right now and that's a beautiful however the amount of error that's out there in the cure pole in the headlines were seen in or is absolutely its many it's made me and you know what we see a lot of people who are having trouble keeping the wheels on the ground estado instead of flying the swear that way you know i i'm having a situation right now where there's so much coverson me and and fear poring all these were getting bombarded with and anna destinavisse ple simple ah stage here now we have to be all the man into that and be able to pull out the cool outside of where we're going into crazy world and going right back to god find that safe spot with god so that you can keep your wheels on the road and now who you rider is that god he is going to protect you you say keep you on the trail he the lions away he's the biggest dog and then the and that calling it the dog he knows he's he's the biggest he is the biggest lion and the woods with other predators it's going to be okay as long as we just trust him and rely on him for every step of the way through the non son and we need to be only discussed things openly on in subjects in order to come to the truth and at least consider this asking qust and then doing your own record and then coming to your own conclusions because that's for god's talking to you and it's i so then there is my start for the there's my lil disclaimer start tradingrather okay okay an appreciated that start and i i always know that these days are very very defile even people crowded in the faith because these are days that you find that people told really have something to grasp on to and its words really a struggle for people and that's i guess i see things differently the many that's what i believe the more truth we have in our life the more we can stand for i love you i love it that you challenge our long howled belike it's very difficult for a many people to exercise that ability to to listen without responding i consider and and i think that while the brain washing that is so prevalent out the and the headlines were listening to that we want to grab on to some and immediately being weapon eyes into which i jeanmarie with my body if we we we jump off and water is spied stat of well well well i'm going to sit back came the tongue for a little bit and see if i can and if i can in truth and what been said here that challenges a long hall the leaf based on nothing one of the biggest things that you saw it was was a ah i i guess i can think of many of them the wise men that the death in the body of the ice this was not in now the the death death the fish was dead it wasn't just swallowed in sit there with camp by her on whilst you know that that is basically or or the fact that jesus was not in a manger for say a little wood make ritmagar cause he was a tie he was in fact a stone mass we didn't they don't die have wood there they built it out of stone they did with wood it came for love and annit was very end they were poor and so he was a stone mason attacked one as a stone make and that he was born in a cave not not a and it was it was full of poop it was like six feet of hoop when anne had a wonderful rabbi give us up you the little virgil to or two or there of the type of conditions that jesus was born at it wasn't beautiful it was a pitcher of him being born in our heart which has a lot of darkness and what what really is it's okay simpielsten and ponder this none of us have all the answers but together we could step forward and pick each other off and say he well well well as the new day consider this the so with the i guess i'll i'll save this down hecastotheism christer what work for crisser for thirty seven plus years dimitto thirty two years you go to you would go to school in the apprenticeship program and you come out you think on me die maker cause they give you the label of diemaker but it's like billy takes another thirty years before in some sense you learn tricks of the trade why you do certain things and in so there's a lot of meticulous rules that she have to follow you violate any of those you're not going to do well you get chemists or engineers their certain laws and rules you have to bite by and i do so there's a lot of trades that we do that ah we take for granted the dare are meticulous things that we must follow it like i would just say this that lodovico me to the church and they say well we can be suruyoo anything it doesn't really matter what you believe or what you do or why you do what do and yet reality has why why would we even think he i guess maybe yes i do poor sometimes the meticulous things but it's really to me the meticulous things that we do well with power of christ that we can somehow sit back and go part what god says well done thou good and faithful servant sometimes because you did those things not because we we find the rules and we try to get by on minimal istic doctrine and so yes i do posset other side of the window but i do try and oconeechee used some things about myself in relationship to how and why i teach certain things and hopefully people will get another side shiningness what i'm trying to do is encourage every one to listen with an open heart topics that we may be don't or haven't been taught and that you know we can we can powder them and not feel like it's a lion in the woods when it's an when we it may be something that is very very good and we don't need to feel threatened by them god god will work through every single thing is i learned something from you every single week and in it changes when when we walk forward with an open heart laying down what we do know sticking in others some core core things that you don't owe the court thinks that the small things that can add and let's say going from a a black and white tbs old in our beliefs and help deepen that relationship with christ as were coming closer to knowing not who we are not the polacre psychology he and it's about relationship with him so as we listened we can challenge those things that we believe are to be absolutely true and i have a little that more flocked in the you know in the way we approach the little little bit more fluidity and let god teach us on one thing about going to like a messianic congregation every single time you read the bible it's a living god will talk to you and be able to apply it to your life differently based on a circumstance as that your aunt and the eagle oh i get it oh i get it to day in an in a new way that that may be we never thought of and i think that this really really healthy and order to listen with with with an open heart to things if there's only nine per cent of the people that truly are said ah i i had to call this week from that asked me to pray further so some one i know very well there not there there absolutely not said and in that the hard heart ache for who is said oh was was very real and you know we prayed together about it and i think that if it's shocking people really talked to people and realized how many people of put salvation and their good works they think they're going to work their way to have it on merit that ain't the way you get the it's accepting the gifts that christ did it all for us on the cross and that he was the one that paid the price for all of our senses we have no ability to do that in of our seventy god can do it and we can do we are you know were told to do good work that's not what buys our way into heaven that is not salvation and i think you'd be shocked to find out we actually she oh people if they laid out all of their accolades of what they done and how many weeks they set their pots and church and then on this committee of that committee the other while that's great did you accept of salvation he got the work stark figured out that were supposed to do good works but did you unconditional love and the sacrifice he made to give up his life as he loves you so much that he wants to be with you for there's the question is yes and i would put it into a more even you know have you been new birth and it's a just on small correction down what i had said about the detached a cordsthat he said at less than nine per son of people who profess christ have a christian world winnow is my mistake that i miss eirene don't want to get people to think that you know i would say only nine per cent of the people to go to church or say we do after remember when jesus talks about the broad church he says that there are many i told him miss the mark few there be that really are new born so i don't want people say tim you're you're saying some one side o jesus christ with those of the words of jesus pretty much affirms said tera few people that are in the church that may be new born and i think you know next week we're going to least touch on a christian world view because it again tis as i talked about me a dinar it be if somebody said locomotive in her but i never went to the never went to school never winter in apprenticeship never worked under her you know the journeymen you'd say boy you know what how can you claim that i may literally when we love one we had some people that would get hired as formed dye shop formed there were beggars and a grocery store and he said they basely said we don't need to know anything but die make it suffice people and like a are you kid i mean to be the just that's crazy i mean i'd be like somebody coming in your barn and saying well you know i rode a horse once so on qualified to take care all your horses you'd proserpens the lot with the god his dear get out o here so my point is that the pole was very meticulous on the gospel of jesus and i hold you believe that a lot of the church and may be the church people because of that get a lot of things wrong and may be especially about great so i'll say this about grace of when i think everybody would pretty much agree with the statement that descriptions do not equate to defeat would you agree with that so let me just put his son in a context because some people may say what tim what what do you whatdoyou mean what are you talking about what we would never do this so i will say this in a lot of people may think tim you you bet a lot of dead horses or you be things into being a dead horse i don't want to do that but i will say this you know i pretty much i can sometimes throw darts to the lot of people and in it we talked about this that sometimes heresy drives the church to set in orthodox way and explained doctrine as the theologic i love neigire doctor i can pick up a good geological book and read and re read and feel like i got vigorite is far and i was encouraged so by my point is i think that trying to give people attitude over the history of the church i think that we sometimes have bought in to definitions of grace that her descriptions of grace that are not definite and so just give an example myself something my sinthat what is time parker how do you define to parker and some people might say all he sais older gentlemen i'd got awaybear ah he's a crippled man he speaks for a case drives the dodge journey he domicils and columbus town shop and something my sawyer every one of these details is correct his true but does that define tempore there my mind not at all i mean those were to statements and i'm just saying this is how i have looked at when i ask people what does grace me what does god what's god's death phenician of grace oh i hear are de writes and i just say wait what hand how come we can't get away with that see approach with anything else when you talk about the hypostatic union of christ all can they get they get negrete when you talk about the incarnation of christ and the person hood of christ and the trinity boy they can get deep into good definitions but i do say with grace it seems that we get real sirefonde act i can't and so this is what we're going to push so to day what i'm going to do is we're going to try to unpack some passages of scripture so this is just going to be a lot of scripture is to bartering to talk yet but dis is just going to be a lot of scripture as we look because i believe that for was in my mind the apostle of great gopal the manuscript up you've you can i and i believed that i i lured from the apostle of grace so if you go down probably fourth paragraph we might say what how can a man be just or justified with god and you know what do we think that means an an you were talking about this a little bit done you were saying we people sometimes don't but the law keeping the lord doing good works but what is it that justifies us before god and i would say it to hard or that it is the righteousness of christ and you say why that tim because there was his righteous as that he put on the cross it was his righteous the same as senatoral reticebo last couple weeks and it his faith in us and our faith is the fruit of his face in oh so how do we do we comprehend that christ righteousness is the reality of the just part and its his righteousness by which he literally new births and here again the essence of grace is god's just in christ ability to justice so again when we talk about justice and justify lovemore confused but what has been put as i understand grace that is the essence of grace so oh i know that i share many definitions of grace and generalizations or fastens of grace but i do oh i do look to find the essence of gracethe ontological reality and so i do believe that its deep essential diana of my graced so i was i born with that no did god in injected into me yes he did and as i guess i'll never apologize for what he has taught me so his grace god's dynamite power a belief so so we're going to unpack it from a passages to day so i hoped that we can learn maybe the speak like paul and there's one passage in particular be it the back side of this teaching comes out a second grandians twelve but where falsehood fear exegesis talked to paul and said my grace sufficient for you and submerge so dowdiness page we go way back to noah and remember no built there for a hundred and twenty years and it sent in the genesis six eight but now o found grace in the eyes of the lord now that's good and again back to the serephine with grace i think that sometimes done awes kind of like a salt shaker and we get the pixie dust of grace and we just sprinkle that on things and we say or cable we get our job it's like i want to if there is such a thing as pixie does what's he in there what what actually does it do so what did god's grace do and we remember that god was so alsati humanity he said i one destroy all humanity in no one literally preached the gospel for a hundred and twenty years and people were upset with them not only do they think he was a flat out idiot for builded a boat when there was no water around ah there like we have no idea what you're talking about with with the gospel and yet to her so we see that grace allows people to please god her severe boldly proclaimed gospel and keep covenant now you might see what is that part of what grace as i'd say absolutely ah so we get in solomon's one what i will really talk about the whole song but from the first three verses it may be a verse six and we can say blessed so blessed would be part of grace blessed is the man he delights in and meditates upon god's law he shall be like a healthy tree the prose he walks with the goblet so that would be the effect or the demonstration of grace and i'll say this that people often adjective in grace no those are descriptive terms but again i was wanted now what's the death for nurseship because definitions are designed to parse the meaning and to to make it distinct so we don't confuse it with other things do jest throughout one thing he might see hatehow does the true approach may be of misguided thing we talk about comandrae i mean i used to love the term man used to be mesmerized by but the more i researched it to me what they're talking about is the mercy of christ to all people while why when we call mercy grace so like for me i say that mercy and grace in the cross but mercy is that grace gracious not mere so again so o my son will time explain that real fast when i believed that mercy has mercy deals with all of our sins so as we celebrated commune and last week the jews the wine covers over or as is covers over our sin grace on the other hand is from christ holiness and it overcome since so we can walk in holiness because grace overcomes there is really no overcoming in mercy blood yours comes over our sin in grace we can literally overcome the set so when you say doniolhistoire up how do people thrive in a day when they when they feel bombarded when her beat down when demonic activity are spiritual warfare consoles we need doing in mercy asked but we need grace because grace helps us to overcome and this is part of why i think that we have such anemic people in the church because we we exalt mercy and we really don't ever understand what grace is there is the best toni have ever in my life differentiate this and also talk about being overcome you know we can overcome this we can we can be thrown all kinds of curved balls of life and in you know people that are acting demonic and and things that we struggle with but we can overcome them because god gives a grace is strength and peace and the ability he gives us the ability that his is a that's one of those ponderables that we can ponder to that also let me just because i've talked about in the last couple of weeks even we often preach what i call half cross cost so the half a man and all may be back up a little bit more years ago and i still love to may be right a book on us i put these concepts in both of my books i just had to concept of the two sides of the cross and i believed that mercy and grace come together in a cross so those of the two sides of the cross mercy and grace and wide where do we see this we see it and passed over we had to blood we had the land we had to flush with the lamp this is to me communion we've got the wine and we got the bread and so in the passage of jesus and john sexesis what blue people away when he said you've got to drink my blood meat my flesh people just waked out sisartanne won't even talk him cannibalism but they didn't ask he what are you talking about they're just like now we can't handle this in an even says in the passage that those who followed him followed him no more like men we can't we can't have that were not buying and etiolated people out a little bit o ye he did so this is when i talk about half cross gospel when we exalt mercy to the point to that is the gospel that to me is a half cross gospel so we need mercy and grace that's why i can we used to have the mercy seat when jesus died i believe there was no more mercy seat and now we have the throne of grace so what is he rose for sixteen talk about the throne o grace let us come boldly to the throne of grace to ask for grace and mercy to help in time one so of regos claim the blood and this is again we've got hundreds of songs and faith the blood the blood the power and the blood to me the real power is in great and and so my point is if we never learn what grace is that i think we stay stock in in mere and i am all for mere we give mercy but more than mercy we need great ah in so when we speak about how grace how where why grace falls we read and not in several passages he has a core or on the house of david and inhabitants of a heavenly jerusalem ah and they will look on me whom they peer they will yet they will mourn for one as he mourns for his only son his sincefrom zacharia twelfth and grieve for him as one grieves for a first born this is one passage that we don't read grace grace is there who is it fall on how would we define it it be the house of david would say that the faith of blood of abraham inhabitants of the heavenly jerusalem from galatians for twenty they will look on me jesus whom they heard they will mourn for him his only son we will acknowledge him as the first born those are in the high lighted words weed tiptoes in the definition of grace is what i'm trying to show people so after pentecost when grace fellow bundantl when thousands were new birth and with great how or we read in this as i believe acts so maitenaren down oleate excell portitor thirty three of torsos any apostels gave witness so when we see greek power to witnes here again that that is the fruit of greece so you know some one may say what i don't i don't witness at all to anybody i don't share the truth of the gospel well again i'm not here too to beat anybody out but butters as sense that when we see grace people boldly proclaim and his is to me the even tyaid deed the finality of last week dear paul talked about it when we take the wine and the bread we proclaim his deth in doing and so that's part of that's part of the great so i would ask people just in in general terms if we can find an a wonota k about a few things god's righteousness propitiation for bearance justification sin redemption and being the just and justify if we found those in the same context what would we think and and i do have done the teaser goss every one of his gospel fasted and i just got to say and there's a couple of guys i could mention that have maga churches they will almost never talk about sin they will almost never talk about red and yet i believe that the struggle that we have in our world to day down where you say that we've got people that just don't know what to do the message is scripture would be reaped and believe in the lord the simple gospel and it's kind of like you know when we don't do that then were the author of our own problems ah exactly in him what we both believe a bother world to day when we sit on our hands kind of expect god to do for us when he says you fight for me fight for justice do repet fight for righteous i will fight with you i think that we are in a day were you know i don't like to throw people under the boss but it's like we we have sat on our hands for way too long we have not repented i mean again you go back to second chronicle some fourteen lot of people like to quote but there's a lot of value in its like in now if if we pray and we seek his face and we turn from our wicked ways ah if we do what's right god will hear from heaven and hell our lands but i think that we have we have not done that even ride here it's like a when he talks about repent and its final judgment need to believe in christ work commanded to do that and it's like we can't be in christ if we're not doing a thing oh so there's a lot of people as you said her door down a lot of people want to stand on her own merits without bowing to the merit of christ in what he did so the objective essence of grace is christ faith in righteous oh so roman street twenty one to twenty six would you want to read that just that passage there he twenty three to twenty one might finebut now the righteousness of god apart from the law is revealed being witness by the law and profit even the righteousness of god faith and jesus to all to all and on all who believe for there is no defect for all his sin and fallen short of the glory of god in a just candid the justified freely by his great through the redemption that is in christ whom god set forth as a propitiation by his blood through faith to demonstrate his riches because in his forbearance god had passed over these they were previously committed to demonstrate at the present time his righteous that he might be the jagged just and the justice then ask sanctification all of the one who has faith in jesus romans three twenty one he so he just one pack a few things there are four references written those few verses of god's righteous and oh patarabueyes often and i put in those weren't in verses the big ja justification and big as secca ah i used those labels in my last book true help people understand because again james talks about he says basically if you're not little jake justified you can't be big ja justifie and again try to hear me in this sense call typically take says a few have been big jay justified you can't be little j just and so what it means is when it talks about it were justified by grace through faith oh we we need to understand that there is a this is the big jap justification god christ righteousness honest that's big de justificat but when we live and out in the fruit that's the little jay justice so the little day justification flows from the big jay justification now there would be some people that would say we're not big jacintis sanctified scripture talks about it that's what i like big jay justification with big s sanctification i don't see we can separate him to talk about him but they are linked as one and so this is why when in new covenant redemption when god redeems our soul he gives us the pere he is the author if you will have sanctified in the spirit so we have big jake fiction and our souls when were new birth and big as sanctified but we have to live both of those out as he and that's what we struggle with so i think a lot of the quandaries over the history of the church is because they haven't had a handle like that maybe you're going to have to chew on as but to me it really helps us understand and i might especially done and you do have a last book on galatians i really on packed that because there are so many passengers that may talk about all four of those things in the same verse but all your going to read its justice or even the be talking about sanctification used in the word justification so there's there could be a lot of confusion in our translation and i wish we could parse it better but i tried to at least bring that up for people so they can see it if you have questions there no not really something to chew on a little bit to a you know sometimes they listened it listened to different things and that i have a kind of put it in my own words to a really really apply that and not into my life and in ways that i can see it on a daily basis okay so ah i wouldn't ask people where is grace faith promise come from and we can go to the ephesians to to find some of this and i'm just couldna touch this here and we're in a pick it up a little bit later and i'll pack it but one of the greatest things that i believe that we could understand about new birth's particularly member we've talked about this many times does our faith cows or new birth breathing in a case i guessed to me when when jesus was talking and nicodemus and john re you couldn't not you couldn't have made a picture better of a nursery in a hospital where a baby is born they come out of the room and they breathed an that's i love to ask that question does that baby breathed when it breathe for the first time does that caused life and an honestly done i i can chuckle about it but it said the majority of people i have asked that to christian i mean people that have been in faith for years and years and years they will say oh yes absolutely have first breath caused that life and it's like oh my goodness that life was there to the agonised joined together and it was designed and maybe that's that the earliest of what they call it but it's like i'd be he was alive in and it breathed when it came out of the wool and as is the same reality of new birth but paul makes as clear in in aciculid off the new king's names first of this week from my shelf and right there in ephesians to one itself and you he made alive ah but that is not in most translations that frees of five words there but as we go down it picks it up in verse for starts but god and we have to go in well in diverse five it says made us alive but that that troth right there is something that when we know we're new birth we know god made me alive there is no greater truth to know than to know that so we're going to look there in the next paragraph to roland's four thirteen sixteen no i'm going to go through but for passages three or four passages in romans but we see the pole a base compact is declaration a little bit differently so again wouldn't you look at the bold and words think about grace i think that we can pluck all the into a definition of grace so he says for the promise what what's the promise is to grace promise it's the new covenant promise that he would be the heir of the world was not to abraham and off we do stop here we go oh you mean the promises and to abraham now the promise is to abraham but what it says ah it says or to his seat through the law we talked about this last week member abraham had a son through hagar ishmael he had a son through sarah isaac and any had other sons from the third wife after sarah so we can say there are some true the law but the promised to aid her him was through the righteousness and i would oh when we talk about the anti no man locality glacians talks about his the people get so infuse about the law that in my mind they literally throw out the the baby with the bath water and it's a boy we can when we come to faith he asked we confess our sins we realize our sin we realized our deadness but a god still has a great a life through graceful obedience graceful christ reflected so he says for if those who are of the law and its really those who approach their redemption by how they keep the law we can never do it perfectly so that that idea will always hate thus why the faith and the righteous christ is so pined so he says for those who are of the law are faith is made void in the promise made of no effect because the law brings about wrath for where there is no law there is no transgression therefore it the promise of a that it may be according to grace so that the promise might be sure to all these not only those who are of the law but also to those who are of the faith of abraham as the father of all so again this is why i i encouraged people you know i am not that i am aware of prologue but i faith you and so a lot of people can get caught up in that but it's like a if we're no born where faith and i know that you have may be more of a of a messy and a curate idoni do although i have great respect and love for that we we literally wore no born we could we can go round tell people we're faith to i hate that's hell we are with slike a you know i grew up in a when i was very solorina bible church and then we switched over and my dad always said he always commanded it in effect that he was a reformed jew eye and really that's that's why paul says word jews inwardly that outwardly and he i think that's a good set so again just tification grace and justification romans five this is one of the most forceful passages that i think there is he says therefore justice one man ah just as through one man sin entered the world and death through sin thus doth spread all men there in a nutshell is original sin and a lot of people reject because all sin for until the low site was in the world so binisayaon to the sin part because we've got to get to what paul's talking and i want to go and pack it well for until the low sitting was in the world that sin is not imputed where there is no lot nevertheless death reigned from adontes even over those who had not sinned according to the likeness of a transgression who is a type of him who was to come so what paul is saying there there's a difference between the first atom and the second adam first adam was the one we read about genesis three the second adam christ himself so whatever adam failed jesus christ the second adam completed and so that's what we got sold there was death an atom there is eternal life in christ ah now i original soon goes to all not all our new birth some people would think so but but the free gift is not like the offence for it by one man's offence many died much more the grace of god and the gift of grace by one man jesus christ for the gain ah abounded to many and the gift is not like that which came through the one sin for the judgment which came from one offence resulted in condemnation to free gift which came for many offences resulted in justification there is at big j just for if by what man's offense death reigned through the one much more those who receive a bundance o grace in the gift of righteousness for reign in life through the one has therefore as through one man's offence judgment came to all men resulted in condemnation even so through one man's righteous act and i would say that's christ cross work that's why i exalt the cross event the free gift came to all men and i would say the elect ones the yew the we and the ass that i questioned people all the time cause when scripture talks about you or we or s we have to ask ourselves what does that mean who is he talking about his hat everybody or a certain resolving in justification of life so i can when we think about down a back to your your point that there a people that are really really struggling the i think they are if you will being thrown down the river without a paddle and i i remember i went down the yohagani river did white water rafting a few times and i know that is nothing like some of the the rivers in the eastern part of the cone but when you get in the middle of the rapids and you're going down without a paddle boy i it would be you're probably not going to make without going overboard lest so i think this is part of where we got people that are going down the rapids of the day without paddles without any idea maybe they had no training to go down the rapids and there just there their kind to get tossed or round by life all the false narratives to chas in people are struggling but it's like when when god comes in and redeems our soul we can live in a just to find life in it so it says that many will be made righteous by by the the gift of christ ah so it says this god down to first twenty one so that his son reined in death even so grace might reign through righteous to eternal life to christ our lord an an i got say that probably even if people don't have a good history doctrine in the scriptures i think that there would be a lot of people i mean i i got to believe that there are some people that have never dented the door of a church that would say we have so very ungodly people in this world that are doing some very ungod they a natural thing and i think that's part of the push back that we see with the end hier bush and so people know that there's chaos of the it is not what we may be once knew and i think that voivansa it well i think that we are living off of a heretic that people didn't know where it came from we we borrow the surplus of christianity without knowing that it come from christianity but if you take christ out of society we see what we have to day there's usnothing but chaos absolutely and there's a double sword you know people on a point of finger at this at the still and that's an heiser we are a nonsense is going on there my concern on this is that this is all about money make no mistake it's always about money now if if he is an actor is some he has at who is plain apart but but there's only two actions of this inches not definitely got some issues there and somebody that is is starved for attention and the the companies have taken advantage of this now what happens if he is truly a person who is struggling with life who basically is just looking for attention to sick look at me look at me i i'm different i'm special i'm i'm probably they said sure you are your special we're goin to pay you lots of money in order to be special and wine and diamant and all this to what he when that well go strive because its and now this guy is out there a river without paddle no he cares and he is truly left alone we have a very serious problem there with with or in this country of exploiting mental illness and or people who are truly struggling to state a day in in life instead of being helpful there using it to make money let's make a circus act out of his and i and then what happens at the end of it it's not going to be good it's just just victimisation once again of people an ease that so deep in our society it's very sad is and i think that indisertus would say that there going down the rapids without a paddle right now there are ah you know they i think that they stuck it to christians and i think that people can say motive was et ruit demons hate is the awanita it christ at everything and i think the des what we we see it in the schools we see it in business as we see it i think in many churches that's why i said a couple of weeks going talked about the michael horn book christless christianity it's like there's i see that all time with preachers say dey don't really they want to preach a christianity but less to bring in christ it like concoction to go and so this is dissipation my struggle down and i guess you know i understand that people can and say o man ten eh he he takes over my head or he talks at mere talks you know traces to straighten things out i understand that but i do want people to know that i am oh i'll jump in your wrath with you and help you find shore ah and this is why i tell people i would always i love talk it kitchen tables as i think that there's your something about time and i know i at least try to in or redeeming grace church to make this slight pastor at the table whether people here in out war not that's at least to my desire to you don't leave a pastor's heart i think it's it's amazing of all the pastors that i've known and over the ears you you follow through it's not it's not like you know you just say it then you walk away and your heart is to help you and i really always appreciate that the first thing that is sore knows the first thing that tim always asked me when he asked me he's like how your husband do it you know in these like house georgian and i'm praying for doing you pretend for your family and you know you kids and all that i mean it's not just a cursory oh i just throw it out then for conversation at that he's actually doing that and it's really it's really a felt caring for individuals and i always appreciate that you know i always appreciate especially too to my husband who is who is the hardest worker next to me may be men were pretty equally yoked when it comes to savagery for with work work ours putabat he is the hardest worker i've ever known in my life that that guy does not stop and in a very inspiring way and now gets up in the morning and one of his first things to do is tell make breakfast through everybody in the family because he's always up and just doing things to take care of people on tollsell them that he really cares it's amazing so to have you care about him as just a beautiful thing and he he and so the next passed to a just roman six fifteen or twenty three and i might just fly through the air a little bed isn't good at the high lighted her bolded places casein seventeen he says but god be thanked it though you were and i think we got to pick up these where where are we here i lost the torwood rigoler your high lighted just the next queer a freighter there you go so ah you know there's some places scripture talks about the cow were but he says you obeyed from the heart that form a doctrine which you to which you were delivered you ma came slaves of righteous and a talkabout down near lower having become slaves of god you have your fruit to holiness and sometimes done i just i got to ask people and again people think i'm on too hard you know ask yourself are you a slave to christ righteous oh and i i retain to a lot of people to say boy i'm just almost slave to my own desires i go on do what i want to do i tried to sprinkle a little bit of jesus on what i do why it's like i guess i see it different a different message coming from scripture can we be functional people in society if we're slaves to righteous this i'd say yes i would just maybe challenged people think about how is it that jesus said in a sermon on the mount the people will see your good works and glorify your father in heaven to me it's when we are slaves to righteousness that's when neck an and so i just i say at very soberly i don't see a lot of people in the church that would classify themselves as slaves to right and some red for for people out there that may be not know what that means in that you know any time you mention in slaves to anything it's offensive to a lot of people what does that look like using may be different words to describe that just now that it's offensive it's not to me but i think a lot of people i otherthat would it what would it be looked like to be a slave to it great great question and i'll say this that what we have to understand in this is a guess if people could in others a lot of ways we can make it simple if you will but if we get throw everything off the table if you will and antigorite were their slaves the which is exactly we're going to get to that rowquickly on we go through he patient because clothes on thirteen says it so very simply that god has the pluck as from the kingdom of darkness and in the kingdom of darkness we would be slaves of sin we would be slaves to our own passions and isn't darwhat we see to day people are just slaves to their their own sinful passions we can people that it's nothing to go through somebody up cause why cause that's what i wanted to do redipole that we're working fused with gender so it's like you got to understand you got to you got to support a swore a work confused about whether we let babies live in the wooer not in like a or men a fantan fighting with people for no risen there or just burning down building cities terrington monuments in line we just werther slaves to evil or satan or an abstainer just slaves to our own desires that means that were not slaves to god's desire so scripture does talk about being i mean so there's a there's a sad step we can we can either stay over here in the sand camp or we can transition into god's camps it's like a slave and that in that regard would be would be that were taking orders from you know darkness in doing the darkness thess what means being close donebidding losesanother or either doing the bidding of darkness or worse for doing the bidding of jos and doing the right thing that god wants us to do cry so this is where give lot of people very happy to stay in the kingdom of darkness to be slaves of sin see this is what when jesus and john i talked to the jews he said well you know he goes are slaves nor like old and now were not slaves to anybody and yet they were under the bondage of rome and jesus could have hammered and he could said look people you guys are you guys are slaves to the one other were long ortono no where were fighting to rome it's sonnettes part of the other tried yet and they got annihilated and seventy eight but but jesus didn't even go there he said look you guys slaves to your father the devil was at a truthful statement yes it was did it hurt yeh there like no way but but jesus said if you believe in me the sun can set you free and you'll be free indeed and this is what i want people to understand about christis this is what i want people to understand about get the overcoming power of if i could use one for gray it would be overcome it overcomes our sin it overcomes our inability to be righted it puts us on the path of being slave of righteous i can say this suppliant people do just the one just ask yourself if am i a slave to the king because it when we talk about an i in christ kingdom well how can we be in christ can if we don't ever listen to the for honor or followed the dictates of the if we don't never fight in his war i mean so this is again maybe maybe we got to think about it that way but but i love to serve my king and that's why when you talk about i mean i've brought this out big in my turning point you are saved we we talk about you know are we being a waiter for christ if you get a server or waiter as it's like the isaiah passed they that wait upon the lord shall renew their strength but what that's really referred to or we serving christ are we finance part of what that servant is trust me it's like you got to realize where there a slave over here or were slave over here well well the what i won about these people what about people that say i'm not going to be a slave anything i do in my own thing i go i go see nowi don't need i don't need this godon't need to serve anybody i'm going to be out here you know and i'm just doing my own thing and i'm just i think that the plan that i think i don't have to say anybody think they're going to find at the judgments that they were serving satan and their evil desires there there's no there is no metal ground on this rather isn't any mental ground in my opinion on the so ah but how there's a one verse before we move on honor romance i can get into the south of romance but next pater donas romance twelve twenty one circle but again this is what i was saying don't be overcome by evil so if you're overcome by evil you're going to be a slave of evil but it says ah but overcome evil with good and there is talking about righteousness without with the good of cries so it's like if you know he said don't don't be a slave to the evil be a slave to righteousness and that's what if your slave righteous does what's it going to produce you're going to overcome evil with good and so this is its back to your question how do how do we move on from to day when her is so much chaos when there is so much good to me as christians as believers we have to stand up for justice for righteous and with that righteousness with christ's grace we need overcome the evil that is it going to take training is it going to take join in the the life rafts of people yes all of that ah so we do have to we can't just wash our hands of people oh if we're going to turn us around we have to engage people every way we help there his to latitudine know the way out of the darkness the through living in the th they can't they can't see the light they can't even find their way out of the darkness that their dealing with or be it be it any type of addiction or or such there a slave to that dediction you know that's the assistant that sir colin machines and they don't they can't see their way out of it sometimes all they need is somebody to come alongside of em hold their hands as they come on where your watch together i'm right now i'm stronger it may be to morrow you'll be starved with the neber goin to walk to other helping each other along this path and leaning on god following him and a following him on the path is to gather you know this isn't together thing yes so in the next firegrate again next week i want it may be got through first printings one tentive and secretions for love as the seguento christian world view the one passages in a first grinton's fifteen ten o love this person i think i senate if you could copy that put it on your fringe maybe it would help people understand but paul said but by the grace of god i am what i am so you don't the one commented his often said of except grace there would i go and i'm praepuce that that statement but we would get that right from this verse ah he says and his grace toward me was not in vain so what did i do and you paul he says but i labored more of blondel than they all yet that i but the grace of god which was with me this is where again i know that don lie no you felt beat up hererose i i've been beat up for years and i got to say one of the only things i can hang on to is that the grace of god is in me and oh sometimes i don't do what swallows other times either but i know i can stay with my head above water going down the rapid straight it's only by the grace of only by the grace of god in again if this is not a pixie dost salt shaker for me real substance to this oh down maybe this is one of the biggest stories here i had my first of three servical fusion surgeries at forty one years old in looking back i likely broke my neck and it was never diagnosed a in i was i was basket case at forty one and i know if i've said it on redeeming grace church i have one daughter she was the oldest of my four children and my first marriage and she wanted to get married and slight god do you want a church wedding i said her i'll take you out crow she said well dedalline to go on a crew is so she got married down save tomas it blackbirds and just before that took place i was literally a motitare on my family doctor i thought maybe i had as sestaine to diagnose a whit he set me down to a neurologist he took it through a berry others and i walked under his son sudden now crossed the aisle to neurosine and i got there now he said just examine me with all information may be had he said he seemed your milligram this was of tuesday i remember like you was yesterday was back on nineteen ninety five and almost thirty years ago he said to said aotooroo thursday and if i find what i think he says we're caught down friday so with time up to where you ah i curse i said look up we were like two weeks out i said ah you know i'm going on a cruise my daughter's get married of dansington and i says theteon a cruisin when i come back you could have had it he said young man you don't have that surgery he said you are not going on that essay got my tent and as he got my atenion god got my attention through that hole the whole thing then i just i want to say that it's like not since i was ten years old and i did sure that story of my being in bed for seven men i was just everything about that surgery of as so difficult and dramatic that i really i almost sat down in a chair thinking so not like cause i i guess as you talked about yourself and your husband although bit to go i was just so act if i i heard it if i wasn't sleeping you couldn't find me anywhere and so it was like god god did a work on literally burke and sometimes i would say can we can we go through broken in realized that it's god's hand oh yeah i literally why i think yes you can say you can but how many people and so this is my challenge to my listener ah i ended up go through the forest ah that i did not want and it was it was very very difficult so i mean you know what in horse language you got to break a horse without breaking their pet what i is a layman would know and i think that sometimes what god does with and i i could say that he may do that several times in our life but the passage that i learned what i could say i learned is the next passage were going to look at i think that second corinthians and hebrews are the two new covenant manuals of the new testament and if you want to know what paul went through reach after a loved he's got a whole it nat of things he endured in and a back side of that ah here's what he says and last i should be exalted above measure he says this to by the abundance of revelations and i would say i haven't had maybe revelations like paul he but i will say that any time god opens up his truth to give us another parade i could say that in loose terms that's a revelation god does reveal things to ah so he says what happened as a result a thorn or a flash was given to me by whom a messenger of satan to buffet me did god allow that absolutely what happened to joe saints in heaven said he what about your servant down there yeah he's got all his stupid and he worships you but he only does because of all the good things he had now god put himself in the fire in job within jo was in fire but jo baziere because god was in the fire god put himself on a hot it was basically and i guess some day i'd like to write a commentary on job oh but because in such a majestic old and joe went through so much and the only thing that he could hang on to was the little bit of knowledge he knew about god and he said later i had only heard about and yet in his hearing would he lost everything he fell down and worse and i just i look at ten i go who in the world the oh so let's get into the passage a little bit more concerning this thing i pleaded with the lord three times that it might depart from me and he said to me my grace and i asked my hearers no matter what we learn about grace to enter even may be what we've learned to day christ grace i for you so what is that mean what it paul learned but jesus said for my strength is made perfect in when paul says as a result therefore most gladly i rather most in my infirmity early why then the power of christ may rest upon me therefore i take pleasure in infirmities in reproaches and needs and persecutions in for christ for when i am weak then it i hear again in this next paragraph i free much look at myself we hate to be waked in stature when i wrote these things i was thinking about myself i hate to be weak in need in muscles say well charity and many other things and i'm still warning a that grace is the only sufficient for me oh is that a humbling thing oh yes it is and i think that done you acknowledge my humility and mercy and come some of it's because i've been through those ties i've learned grace through those thing and this is why i'll say this i like people think tim why do you teach grace because if we just read that passage right there god will send passengers he sat into our life to buffet us so we don't get arrogant or proud oh somebody might say well as though to call i sir i'm just asking it he better look again i learned learn grace so do i teach grace so that people could maybe learn now i might say no no no i don't want to teach grace for that but that is a reality but why i teach grace is so that people could learn how to live boldly in the power of christ and i don't know how to dave said in a simpler do the right thing do the right thing and recessed into stupid lot sister turn right intelligent do all those things out there there laid down the banquet table before you we juteopolis food doesn't mean it is i mean we can look at them right now with a food that were being served in earth supply lines right just cause it it looks like doesn't mean you're not eaten bogs or printed me or something like that because something is in front of you that you can do it doesn't mean should do it in fact do the right don't lie on don't be don't don't you don't attack another pose you don't don't don't god's kind o laid it out there is kind of pretty easy actually do the right lay your life down and serve others around you sons of community in others these there's all sorts of things that goes up rosette next page which is the last page down on all just again fly through the bolded passages there in galatians as people if people would run through my my book you'd find it up to top glacians two seventeen to twenty one oh boy did i did i lost contre ready ned book but he says it nineteen for i through the law died in the law why that i might live to god two twenties again is there several passages first grandis fifteen ten would be one that i can put on the onhaneragen galatians to twenty i'd been crucified with cries it's no longer i who live but christ lives in me and the life which i now live in the flesh i live by the and i kind of message is a little bit by the son of god's he loved me and gave himself for me i don't set aside god's great and i would say that people had a sure don't set aside god's grace but i think they don't know it enough to pick it up mightily of maybe at the back side they set aside his grace but lord times i thought ignorance so i hoped that this thing teaching this message blows things up to the last passage we're going to look at deeply as he daddy feasance in again as is this comes we typically used the is biloved thee as me but i love the way the new king james put it right up front in you he made a lie so again who's the you those that he made alive the elect ones that he redeemed and this is what we were taking by earlier dona are you slaves to send he says you who were dead in trespasses sincesince you once walked according to the course of this world according to the prince of the power of the air the spirit who now works in his sons of disobedience among whom we once conducted ourselves in the loss of our flesh fulfilling the desires of the flesh and of the mind and were by nature children of wrath just as the others doesn't that pretty much describe what we're talking about what we see in people to day i mean when we talk about the chaos said the evil there just following their own sinful evil desires the loss of the flash and enters a lot of people in the church that i would just caution and i'm not saying we can't do things to recreate we do need to take time away and i do think it we have called it recreation rather than recreation so we do need to do things sometimes to revive ourselves the dat's different and sometimes a steady in tenuous diet feeling her and again i just i just asked you to to examine yourself so here write from the beginning of four into five so there's two lines there but god and i i got to say that but it is the woolthe biggest words sc because if it was not for what god not of us would have any hope but god made us alive so one once that me and i'll say this is why it's hard and most passages unless you can dissect the words and put things together that they will you almost never hear that the new king james started off with and you he made a love but god who is rich in mercy because of his great love with which he loved us even when we were dead in trespasses made us alive i would love to no grief more than i do sometimes i create words oh like maybe ah being christian midwives or big jay justification or bigges to help us understand scripture but paul kind of as i understand he used a greek word here that was never used before they can't find a word he used anywhere in any letter there so i have a feeling he just created his own work in these three points were kind of all in one word for him and i do kick up together together together with christ remember ephesians is something in christ paul talks of not being in christ over two hundred times in his writing but he said he made us alive together with christ and he could even help himself by grace you've been saved ah and he raised this up together the second point and made a sit together in heavenly places in christ now then me back up her slow down right there people say we what is he talking about there sockabout when when we die and were immortalized in some ways but what all the saying is that this is what occurs right here right now if we are in his so there is a sad step we are all ready together with christ in the heavenly squire already raised up together with him and were already sitting together with him in the heavenly now somebody might never have heard this he but i think this is important and especially down in to day's environment in the chaos can we as we talked about god literally raises us up in the sense when we participate in the lord's table we are raised up right now part of the only way weaken we could get by we could overcome to days chaos i know i'm already there no others with brave it were good to be there but there is a spiritual sense that i am there with a and this this gets back to part of what we celebrated last but this is what paul taught you had a commander or question yea the thing that really has i jumped out of the patent me as made us alive to gather with it together made a set together and that's extend in that too or brothers as you know god's creation the you know that we that we are supposed to be getting along with each other and sited to exceeded to gather you know we young and so i do give this is this is what grace causes now yes we can say this is scription of grace but in some sense this is the essence of grace being made alive and being these things is exactly what grace does in and so this is one segment that kind o gets washed over because we don't realize but this is what i believe done of that gations mean ephesians to seven and the timberers on is the god puts grace in the lights in heavenly for all the generations so has palsied that in the ages to come he might show the exceeding riches of his grace in his kindness to war is in christes so if you want to know where the acorn god's riches at christie comes from that's for a lot of people might define grace as dick it comes from this verse there's other verses in it comes from but that he might show the exceeding riches of his grace in his kindness christ toward us in christ right there in the middle of the graces passage were god exalt in grace we we see that element i would say that out of people confuse even some of these passages for by grace shou'd been saved through faith and that and i would say that is new birth grace faith and salvation is not on your sprouts it's the gift of god not of works lest any one should bosforo for we are his workmanship created in christ jesus for good works i would say that most people there is a lot of floors in this passage we don't we don't look and try to ask ourselves what is the for and so when we see that the four means were looking at sutton after the facts of the after the fact is what you were talking about down he made us alive when he made us alive we can talk about the four or so that and so that that's what to me the four sinceso that and lot of people look at it as a causal statement on the cause was back to god made us alive so ah trying to wrap things up i'll say this that the proper study of grace constable lifetime and i think that we will learn about grace throughout eternity but i challenge pepe joe on the wagon of finding out grace don't buy into the deaf ones that a low you to look at grace as a seraph and this is another verse out of heber's five nine and being made perfect and we are only made perfect by christ's perfect obedient in god's complete justice through his coat he became the source of eternal salvation to all who believed and if you remember my short definition of grace is its gods in parliament first to new birth ascend to make us holy in christ and here is just the summary i started to read this summary before i got to say this that done may be a lot of the hearers grace was only confusing term and may be they viewed pixie dust definition of great i think we put on some flesh on the skeleton to day we didn't use yes tim that but i think i tried to make it all about what sore so asius rung through the summer that we had we can please god persevere boldly proclaim his gospel ness of the last paragraph if he wanted to highlight at for people a coronet be prosperous souls walked godly in habit promises of the heavenly jerusalem fulfil his righteous power and justice and obedience now that god made us alive possess eternal life be slaves of righteousness abound with holy fruit no his hole sufficient realize the victory of grace and now his grace lives in us by his fate to be his works in process excuses in ability and cowardice disappear in grace the living sacrifice yourself on the potter's wheel to see what god does through you o christ to glory and then here don o may be for you then teach others endeavor yields reward and so i just hope that people would go man i never knew grace was that big a thing and i'll say this i think we only the surface but maybe you'll understand why i he sits so but in edwards you said earlier down with the distinction between mercy and greed i and i know what talk to you many many many times and i i i love when the twinkle comes to your eyes and you understand i just hope it may be you as you learned grace i see why this is so important for the power of god at whiles that very simply in the power of god help you do the right that's after he makes you become soon that you were and so it's like well so we can we can marvel in grace and this is why i i believe tinker grace homes when we start to understand the majesty and the man we have to just be in at what it is and who it comes because it doesn't come from tons were were a cock to it of grace at e and so i just i hope people are encouraged do you have some ma come in sir questioned sir anything ye couple ah what good morning good morning course and suggests orochons equence s to capitulating or resisting that exactly what corsinis oh good morning dane and tim i'm on and men like him so that i and a lipsiensis have proven that as soon as the fertilisation happens they pick up a light on the altars i i i personally have seen a lot of mississes creeping in to christian and a that is santa that true there's a lot of mysticism and there's that there's a there's a this confusion seems like there's a lot of confusion there here is there hans and i feel a lot of witchcraft where's he there's others a lot of witchcraft on and a that there were some big problems that i mean god told us that there was going to be big problems and revelations so it's not i shouldn't be like a surprise to but there's a lot of confusion which god can walk a streghte confusion that's okay too but yes appeared certainly forestope so gitaco with prayer her tone you'll saidjust again encourage anybody to ah i think i did send to pedaile so if you want a polethat but i incoronato day enter or a few people that will chatter with beetlesome evils but trust me i love it it's like good i don't think it's a prideful thing but it's like it i want to know the people are really learning from it feedback is for me any more o the news i i don't need regulation i just i would love to know that people are really learning what is he ah our heavenly father is we come as we close this she thank you for anybody and everybody that will either read there may be other people will share give witness testimony to lord thank you for the time thank you for your word thank you for everything christ did used and well do into eternity and we just so thankful that you knew bertha that you made us live and gave us access you literally put grace into our souls spray that we would use it to your glory his name by pre manifiesto much anyhow we're going to were going to go had and write the upright now so heregar go to brand abortion not come because i have not conceding the lagers cheets on the and a we wont let erybody out there now that you're very very very much loved and the god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god blessed give me a great day make it so saw him great day every one i pray for downbecause she needs it when she gets bombarded we all do people that are as top sometimes get paroled when read we put ourselves out there in a very public way it's is crazy the crazy thing that ah ah to see the sharks go after whatever they think they can get problem as is at you know i've got the blood of christ so you go head and bite but i don't think it's going to work too well for he so anyhow here have a great day every one makes