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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 6/19/2023 - Monday Morning in the Mitten - Chuck Ritchardard

Published June 19, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is the nineteenth day of june twenty twenty three welcome i hope every hen agreat week end this sweeten it was really beautiful here nis and i actually put in one of the longest days i put in in a long time yesterday i was up i hit the barn at seven and never left until nine o'clock on except for i think i wouldn't cribed a cup of coffee like through the dry through king right beck and wood we get a lot of work done you know that's that's the back bone of the united states is for us to find our pleasure in work and to work some of the hours but every hour because he's always something to do or some one to help and anyhow we had a great i had a great day esther but it was extraordinarily and and for last night i literally fell into bed absolutely exhausted which is a really good feeling i think that i enjoy that more than anything i have a real fun story it was father's day o happy father said all the father's out there will you love you you are amazing and he i was remembering you know my dad was my dad was fanny it any time you felt that or if he didn't feel good or you were a little sick he is like all get on the moor and moll so that's my go to know too if i have not feeling good as i go kadadsan get on a moor saw ganmore and i'll go home and the it's amazing that when you set your mind to mind over matter and you just go to work on something generally problems like disappeared if ye'll better self if you feel in bad to day or any day to cotton or pull weeds for something that's always going i want to welcome on my very special guest on to day and that would be the fantastic wonderful checkers are he had yet in shock in morning donehappily monday to ye i know it's not father's day more but so now go happy no i'm not doing that that's about that's that's just crap i'll crothers the i know your father's ingregiencies day as father's day and i just want to tell you know our society is done a really good job it beating up on our mails and a they beat then up on females to a doesn't make any difference the salts coming from all sides to people who are just eoropie myself in trying to be as normal as passable and boring just going to work doing what need to do right i just got to say that you know i had some wonderful examples of of and i have wonderful examples of men who really are courageous stand from the right thing i am i feel so blessed because i really believe that i had the greatest and the history of deaths i had the greatest and he was he was he served in the military he was an eagle scout he was a little bit of a bull had which made him unwavering on his approach to light he had such so much integrity in he led by a stand ah in and i really had a great great example there and then from that from there my husband is another wonderful example of some one rope absolutely loves his family lost taking care of his family and an i feel really really blessed a mesa very very good men and my sons coming up not i am so proud of them foremost i've never heard them speak an unkind word there are i'm i'm a little bit more pointed than they are they there they are it didn't get there from for me in that the my boy said his kind as they are i mean i tried to be kind but i will call things out were there more like my grandpa where the sippican go well well well you know and the but i i'm so proud of all the days out there and the wonderful examples that men especially men of a stole it i know i still in their children the work the bravery the the the focus the the i don't know i just sinecure all the day out soldthere to be what god created you exactly to be exactly we real woman love the man in our lives we love you guys and we respect you our dads are grandpas are uncles are our sons and such you know and we just we just want to say thank you for everything that you do the ushers of this world that are really carrying the broad of what goes on here american across her he donatories poise of that we need to talk about to day the unethical about others day we talked her bout im portance of sorthings but most important when we think about other we think about a three types the fathers we think of heavily father the greatest of all we think of our county fathers who came behind him and we think of our own bolotic others go certainly think highly of my own father and i too why later ben am i think if we think about that we think of totheleft her what he gave was what he really began i giving us light he gave with the son of ares i shall about that eroles to redmire in and live up to the wheel failed to it is that we have a lot of people that station regardless appear colors in at the back roofeven even in some of his other susanna which the love of me don't we don't agree with them we echetlos the point i make is i seen is a inamerica is a separation severississimam everybody was to be individual whatever happened to be american watchorn with truly befeather you love your country and i respect your government well we get into that otherfather son iliys oncelong time i just wanted that the start out with that and we can we will transition from one to the other simple times is criterion on homoiotta ple though i mean your heavenly father tells how to keep ourselves out of trouble you know people think that when dan to tell you not to do something they think oh there just want to wreck my fun no they've already done all the mistakes and they lived through this enominate already made the mistakes and we're looking you going on the settworke out well for me said you might want to check your plan here try to make a better plan learned from my mistakes in the mistakes of others and you know our heavenly father hes we don't tells us the plan of how to have a wonderful life that's his fall that we live peace where each other into enjoy to enjoy our time here on earth oh what it's not to be mean it's to keep us from running out front of a toun unseen truck or risk or threat that we wouldn't even know is there to take himself and astrattine you know we have location father to honor and there we did get yesterday but in reality should we be honouring our fate greedy ever gathered eshoghtage day when you get up in the morning to be say thank you lord she led detonator old cological father the whatabout our fore fathers who gave us colet to be free and we lack about freedom to day go we are because of overcoat and he is not play otis is just coming off the coffee never know were going to say when we get out i never i don't have a script i never know what we're going to talk about ever i don't either he is sometimes it scared to day i got to tell you now but so we're we're going to ask some one to the about being unified india on and in so country was teogapen sometimes he got there in the limp yet we do because like a father like a one you will i follows wrong you can't stay all the gonersthat's all can you have to say what wait a bit it no way does the word his sore so solid as to that hard head and our case have father he odious that copies to do it casserole fathers hated this well they fought back an independent and her own father a eoman winter war and fought for the so there's always a camped or they fought and notostraca they fought for their child a school board or they fought for echil indianswas so so and a mother the same way so we can be honoring our parent every and that something it looked like we got away now that's absolute true there you know the standard that we the there are standards that we should be holding to an enojes s really put it out there in very simply treat treat into treat your neighbour as you would do under your others as you would do under yourself you don't as we need to treat people the way we want to be true so like like what a wind we o do come introspection and we like what you know look into ourselves and what we could do better say it would we want to be treated like that on on the fronthe other side and in a hopeful are our parents instilled that and tegerry into us there there is so much of a breach of that integrity where people are gaming each other they in its kind of a hat to say of it is kind of an orphan as mentality there is there is such a thing as an orphan at etain kids are taken out of the orphan the they mourn the familiar but they also learn that they have to crawl on top of each other to get attention bec there is no one there to give him attention and less they basically jump on top of some one or in front of them and our whole country looks to me like a country of orphe they behave that way like like theirs no sense of the fact of belonging family and when to wait we needed the graces of that when not as hating history and the coins that is what he said was he seemed those who fail to learn from history or tone to repeat it these detonite port eight now some say that he all that those words the dissimilar fashion from another person i'm not sure but he wrote it in confort eight and it's very true if we dont i reflect on history truly reflect on it we quintreple an we seen over and over again the very thing he thus spoke of it the division of that is how you win this called opining cone and we see in politics we hed religion which she life wishing it history if we will act on my told you has taken that the second horse on cotteretes e the free courses the racksoles if he can impingement the great american story he knew he when you pull the high will explain it a little good hunter disicple points i think are worth repetoient i want to i want to say something there but what she said is that one thing you learned in a very stable family as you learned to set boundaries and respect founders respect people if your function nodded to sonia family respect people is individual so everybody has thrown talents they have things that they like and we that they don't like in my family will you call cave time and the and the that's one of the boundaries that we sat down but ah when what have time has for us what means if worse sick on the world okkis we all have those time where were were test especially right now people are getting demoralized his were in a war and you got to think about that people are going to get to the point the end of the rope some days and they made out behave exactly as their optimal all the time it's unrealistic in a family you get that but you love your brother because you understand that you love you don't we after them and i don't see that in the political arena at all people are constantly attacking is very satanic it really is this blamed game that goes you know that goes back to the beginning but in hot cave time and our family won't means as we come home for out in the world and the world is not always a good place and everybody understands it well i'll be like cave time just leave me alone for a while i'm going to crawl in my cave process what i had to go through during the day and when i feel like i actually want to tie is not that i don't love everybody it's that i need that time self care this process may be look things up may be right things down to put them in and an order in an order to deal with and then you come out and you feel better and it's o ka to have that caveit something that is so lacking in our society the time why pray to turn off the electron turn out turn it all off in one and so that that you can you can help oh help yourself cope with the world because we're all going to be called an irony believe that we're going to watch his and phil time it oritas but it's going to get worse i worse forgets better i think how you hit a point to i would say also to add the word on the red afraid to say i'm sore oh yes together i got a tack last week or the week why a couple known a real people are agesasete weeks ago i did responded red away mad did when they did i look three people together those two plus another fortunately the person got balled in it because just responded and really is a good person and i had to pologise and and he had as hard for me to do but i do and i did it openly and on free will there point i may was when you make comissator say you're sorry and truly mean and to pollarded did say i was sorry because he eveningsomething she didn't i'm first you do not know these people there are enneolena outewarde tis her out there i mean there's something wrong with the operawe this watch when they write and all i can say is i listen to things coming out of these people's models that are on these so called political chase these people are evil and he a laugh even they lied to thee to make allegations and they have nothing to back it up with whatsoever like in a i mean i speak around under different names is because i want to know what's out there you know it's like i in and people will not always be ah as i say spoke around because i want to know what people really think in fact i will do that sometimes on the job where i'll go when out and people won't know who they're talking to the contrecoeur thou o thee crosscausey if they think if they know that i'm the owner of the company they won't tell me the truth of how they really feel and i want to know every bad thing that there thing so that i can improve things or you know it's not that i'm trying to hang them it's i really want to know i know of response that aohase i can go back merely days has for it under a appinting give her out and there will sisterhoods to be be like that in i jews lies present a quality and i stood it i do you think people are to be honest with you you come in at the gate always use the cane the vice president the notes you go as a ajustade god so he never going to be trofonio have to be able to be slighted that cause he wanted to know why we didn't fire at this person i alligatorslas no we followed the process movebatur person was who the iowas doing what the o sad and stern up wid criticises retortion boys that gorgeous consoleront to make it is true he alavese learn to be honest with people and to say what needs be said and let the chips fall where they may can i mean this this is this let's i i've got to hillsdale think pulled up right now but i want to come back to that because i want to talk about the republican many that i was asked to leave last week and some of the things that were said that i have a real i'm having a real issue with it and it is because its deceptive it is the deceptive nature of what i heard so alarming to me and that that i think that we need to talk about it because the scaly a party weaponizing people at the delicate level and or of people are trying to do the right thing without necessarily telling them what the agenda is or where this is going to go but i i just brought up the great american story land of hope which light me to play just a little bit of that regilliack some strordinary i love hillsdale and i like the materials that they put on you know i'm westover proud to live in this kind and what what we have been taught is that this this is only about criminality here and we see things that are wrong i get that there's so many things that are right and our perspective needs to celebrate what it means to be american and that's all of our stories that have come down to us in the the present that was set there a we have an amazing history and that we should be very very proud to be america inoculation doctor or in that not an introite talked about the brownabout the series and the calkalashuns an old life and work again cabot actually talked america and he talked about the related it back to the group that came to america they were all unified they were not all the same themselves the person opportune to colony a tocharistan and the state virginia who did and in sixteen or even by a guinea smith right captain spithami remember that day and and he certainly did not have all the skill as really gave him the the edge and that was he was a top guy she was fair but he was very determined in when the any added duffer different a number of different groups to people in tried to rise up he had some uprising he cocorites the first one and still when he looked at it as amazing that they survived and became as strong as they did this second one was the masseuse is precontained from progeny in case the virginia colony you know what you were looking for when they first came there three things they were thereafter what the spaniard they were self serving a rafter gold silver and copper cells for the three things and which is the screens were doing on the strangers were of colonizing in any case on going to that cause it gets real deep but then you got masseswhich was founded by a group that one what in a religious freedom to remind you remind you to god of all this stuff was about coming about the end i think doctor clay likes to talk about it that it is the in settling you're up came the saddling of america how think that through the unsettlement of what was going on in europe caused the saddling el america isseeing new lands household in europe at that time we had a number of things going on we had the strangeness and the english fighting and english with before that continenteight i was so spanish or mode with the british we now peloponnesian decided that he was going to attack england what happened was the english on the hundred and thirty ships set and somehow the british one of the argandabor there sir why was that important to them because in the time between fifteen eighty eighth and thereafter england the shot out in a new canoe structure and new way peinot once centralization believed or not and on they wanted to retain the monarchy and simply that and then that those would be all still honoring the crowd one they would be kind of independent sort of like the monarchy to day as the king or the king now but as parliament that sense rules for the people but accommodation really of control the spanish ledinthon religion and the glenconnan entocentric ation in that other simples by the way side branceforte so we had this going on so i only leave that up because there's a lot of struck that happened and this course a cover and it is just an fasting why do i bring up those two on colonisation on to them i i said per tother in rod pertinacity was looking for prosperity for themselves the persians were the ones that bounded massachusets bay counted they believed the catholic church irises the tide the catholic church was corrupt and that when marketstead john calvin there things there people thinking go far enough that the church was corrupted the pope was cold which is crobble tree there's some elements of it but a tentative they were told ers but eventually we merged into a unified approach what we see to it on now is there are the unification and jo bidand the people that are there all are responsible they cannot hide her will talk about it when we get into contenterai that let's go there right now cause i've got this cold duck here too for june pentanitrate and the thepeople of in landwhat to make this a state holiday it crazy wagrants so now are going to centeno on were it we're going to continue on to divide this nation more and more and and i'm sorry but you know i'm sorry but we have to stand united as one nation not all these little these little factions you know i had a head of discussion and number years ago and yes i am a very mouth if i see something that i don't agree with i typically don't just go along with it and i was i was at college and i this hscarlas there selling jewett she had made and it was african and nature drewry and she standing up there you know beatiorem it was really obnoxious he was so ignominious this is the jewry of my people and like all were you born there i like one now and i said that who are europe we are your people and i can is like when it's crazy it's crazy on loki can sit here and that put a pair of wood shoes on and throwsteres the wall or something like that and say this is my people but pretty and and i do make a mean wilsonas well as pie and settled meteor on my here here before ten he ordered a cool magis wilketon and in how bout no oke i i sometimes help people thought i i'll actually tell people this the last me what's what's your what's your nationality and i'll be like no betan they have no idea what that means and unlike in now go back far enough to know what and you're going to fight you know it is that we are supposed to be one you can't get to people to gather i don't care what they claim to be their identity or what they they i know what they identify as i know whatever it is you know and in have them have them agree on anything the people by nature are have a hard time getting along in its ridiculous you know talking to somebody about that last night about how i don't have to agree with to enjoy the come all right my dad was sane repriment not me dad again near father said death caragh got a bang out everybody didn't make any difference if he agreed or not as a a very redeliver he studied his bible every single day he prayed but if somebody came up to him that that a lot of christians would just oster size eh it whether whether they were in the gay libyan community or anything like that which a lot of christians will asterize them he welcomed them in and the common looks it down and talked just like a day on wood he would think her less and in and he didn't he didn't just go to blame or destroy her he is god was never to destroy and that's the problem we have a community as want to destroy each other instead of worse the men it's horrible one one spirit they won't flood as matter this to the lady with all the other badiali don't see stannup for the people being strode down as hercolani i don't see steinopolis that are being stopped and killed in america i don't seem statinor the flag i seemed kneeling down and i'm telling you right now we need to be americans first arcanis the reason that is why our fathers went to and mothers winter war all came in the nineteenth in in in the forty all many people sitting now people i know that is being american sentiment by the way that example came from whom the king from moses right to keep from moses when god said eartily the people oegypto moses can say no in class i i don't want to live my go get tenor something like that i don't want to leave my come cares just like god asks you to do it and you get moved we have to stand out for being american because cottage called his student as fine and to be a people and in his plateaus it goes right back to the history lesson when those puritans came to toamerica day believed they were they were being like moses they were being led to the new land they called it new then if you will they were like the hebrews they felt that way and in rightly so they saw they saw the dissolution of of the church going on in europe by the way my sister logistae back from the west constantso say that's the churches there are basically non existent there is so much she isothere i uncordinated she but you know i'm not surprised i'm not surprised at all to left costillo it what they've done to sallison this victim culture you know oh woe is me i've had all these terrible things happen in my life and you know go to white privilege in sashi want to know how many people have shelledas much manure as i have or dog through manourie for words when i was a kid in order to sound to the bait shop so that i could i did that and set so that i could so that i could have money to contribute to also to my family and i did that was very small it's like it wasn't we never looked at it as our money i didn't it wasn't my money or money it was like well now you're doing this because you're you're helping our whole family and standing together in that's costly home my family functions right now is that we all somesomeone we just jump in and we do it and nobody's keeping score and it's not based on money or like you know what you are talking about the colonies or and money that that love of money and power is is the torpedo that sinks the ship right there to agree selectionin the more and if somebody wants to talk to me about being a victim or victim and taliferro rations and all that crap i'm on to look right at em and i have this is nothing more than a victim mind that any money grab for for people we would all they have we all have difficulties in our life i was not given anything i had to work my way into a thing out myself to calls and so i don't have any i didn't have any privilege on anything you know and it's like i'm sorry i'm not buying into it and if somebody wants to say that if you really believe in this then why aren't they stopping out for this act of slave trade it's going on in the united states of america right now the the human trafficthis here right now instead of it's you know instead of it's all about me and what happened two hundred years ago we have we have an act of slave trade in the united states of america and its we paid them all money for human beings of any where on the plant let alone the selling people right on and you know i had now some of the african nations there selling pornopion s now you can find videos in that all that's all over the the bigonial through senses go back to a mistopashish said about a reparations and the reason i mentioned that his when is god going to get his reparation in sconeland and he gave it to us freely but he certainly can take it back to foreseing it oh and so as i olathoe wonder operations of the gonethose saying people came god anything i retain god anything else or without the fact that he no heterostracan were dividing people with black asian chinese whatever we were worth were saying that in particular to day and the nineteenth were talked to placuerit as if we looked back they distresssave has been witherspoon time on not sinaticus natal the way they won't blame american let go back and i prophesythis been tried i goes eblaston and ill there so he rode boonthe impact of islam under and i all in a sequel was a something about charlemagne returned caroline some like lissom splintering the world tonesnothing knew us but things history will make in short in his history he talked about who pondered sleep recounted it with the scandalous because he when the withered do is the wild regilluscompose people the treated to the moors for gold the well that then then called by camp england in getinto much pain did spring got into slavery of because of moors the monstacer speed right you you know that that they got into it and then screenhave tully by the point wisselen the bad traits romanswhen they come to the new land both they and the pork the gaseosa ery with english state out of that until later when they saw the money that was being generated by slavery so there was enough enough of ill to go round the world the the american americans are guilty i sat in the seisoskellen that's a noccomore than you said a money greatestotto case can i want my money as a cold magnan has the eshtate lagenaria because you're look at where i came from across escriche way in this pesonal about it there before the date americans interested i did the detached and i got one point for digerbile that or per storm tell across free delbet but of course many people are a vehicle look at her there i deaneira mot at a and tootooten more because of course with all this back home craft will gosathar other riches a cause i did a changes how knows a willing talk about that to the point contack about everything we got lost your talking de nineteen june nineteenth day it's great i don't think it's wrong to have artashuma a holiday out of it to shut everything down and what not that is again you can see unification whose is if you're not of that gosh onimis he nationality heritage you're not going to celebrate and you look at it as a robe it is wostromer man why you sell in li confination who's your celebrated pocanokets is olonto so we have to have a father that's as we get no bidin whose a joke we got him and he find it in twenty twenty one and is like to the even care understand what is doing to america right here from bettervery hartstrings right as well he and look at that how many irish slaves are in part irish you know and it's like look at how many islives that there were or jewish see there in history of this world are you kidding me no one has a corner on that market rate one and honestly we have there so many american slaves in the slave trade we have going on in america right now currently and people are turning their heads they refused to look at this and acknowledge it for one it is and a literal or others does no money in it so they don't want to be bothered him and that they don't want to be bothered because it's somebody else's problem and and they don't want to be bothered and while you know what it is are problem god did did you know where we are brothers keeper you but we are and we onstppan step in the way of harm to the people that are around us the i hears that her say history june seventeenth twenty twenty one and officially became a federal holiday june ten twenty three will occur on june and it is the longest running african american holiday why don't we just have on varietal days i'm out miodon where this it is like i am absolutely done with it and it's all the outmoney we haven't got we have to sell your called flag day we call it stick in the postas matches for one is for all its about america and that if we are not american first we neglegis if we ought to and open on many apples with you little hole gedichte propose people yer thinkin that they're going to be be better off correctings society they bought their culture where the man they wanted live their culture to will take their culture cottonthe old country this is america it's a blending aboutissent of volseni effort afford out freedom pre to live as you will and not be a coronoid else because not won't we're doing were teaching that it's a key but we're really teaching or accurate oculary in a way if you look at it or going back to the slave trade how eleswhere seen it all rependon as you just mentioned but were reenslaved to the corporation were being slavesto i do know she don't corporations are bad don't you he ran but there are some out there to we know there whole folks and is nothing more than making an extra buck or two off the backs of others soon make money is how you make it it's what you're doing and on going to see that we don't even know about well i have a real problem with us supporting anybody that comes of this nation that is either illegal or even here on a because they just want to become america you want to come here you detinebat you need to take responsibility for your own actions you know our grand parents did nobody gave do anything to my to my grandparents or your grandparents they came here because they believed in the station they believed they wanted to be one nation where it was a melting where we all came together thronder they came here to be the melting pot to be a new type of people that we can celebrate each other no matter what her background as at first and foremost it's about it's about being one nation under god and we don't have that right now that in it it's it's so divided up that until we initiation decide to reject this better than you because i've got this in my back ground and this is what do you really are you just claim in some sort of virtue from from somebody before you you know that in me we all have a history of not saying that i do too but it's not that it's better than any one else as we can share they had and we can learn from the history across the board and in that that's health the i mean it's really healthy to learn from other people and either is that it's a good thing or a bad thing if it were looking at what's the what happened and jeemany there's a lot of bad things they have in her and i i tip i would not say you know that that this is this is necessarily a good thing to emulate but that had been that all germans were bad don't mean that all people in the netherlands were going to bat or pole and or any one there a lot of really really good people and it's the same thing with june nineteenth there were so many people that were fighting to free tchagan slavery that happened and we have people now and you know what those of us that are fighting against human trafficking and the the child trafficking is going on oh why are we attacked it's amazing we get attacked that that's going after their money spent you know we are so great and and what that old destinationa goshen onesicritus bringing jobs sooth to miscegenation costantius made it up that i would be in forty you get the idea while have another day well for how they we should we should celebrate trinoda then because he happenhow many the chinese on people are here you know i mean it's ridiculous it's absolutions to turn these in because how much money is going from our government into these special interests that's not what the government's food its hero we we have to stir it down about ninety per cent of our government is absolutely illegitimate insteadone respire till antermony this last time he urged anyone what i at one s government while every day because i create all the time ah we've got to stonor priorities otherwhere missing a few hinternal dangerdoes all run down a com hooroar there ain't a little that i need a little bit here that i can do copelike that break their aetolian do what he can for there in hostes one has lost its the lost and that is not her focussed his very limited yet they keep expanding in the expedient they don't realize singalong time ago and learned what was in tetecala misit when you live is like you're not just on i hope solicits your taking lights for soldiers yes sir what do and your helping to person beterring another and you need to understand but that role is a common good you're not in a one things you can turn it into a eminentemente in all that stuff at all the any qualities there but my point is when you legislate or guys don't do it they need to understand how comes impact all they do is pass a year nos on promised many times one city called something in northshore only there quoted on something and then turned to be later said always that we odonterpeton the type of people we have in whitherhere there to be seen not to really performed the job as design while mass that's a really horrible thing we're dealing with right now is that we we have useful for ideas and office right now who really don't understand a the law i i i say it right here because there's a lot of things that i can say right now besides bein asked to leave that republican ah ah committee meeting what was i really need to talk about this because there's some real problems that i noticed there and we know it look at it organizations of it in person who can look an organization a kind of kind of see what the dynamics are there in the last two weeks and i don't believe in coinstance i actually had a communication that the ages office in state of mishe changed some evident i was told that they had evidence before on this and all of a sudden what we never got there and i was like i'm going to call bull on this because i was told that they did have a testimony and it was a written testimony that the sudden they had in their hand and now all of a sudden it's gone and in some the trunk tootreated and refrigerated called perjury well they didn't but it was something that i was told that they had and then all of a sudden it dis and then on top of that there's a guy that in town that he has evidence in a case of his wife was in that the ages office changed the evidence and i believe their doing at all over the place is like i was talking with the of the people that are doing a locust stande investigation i i love i love the joan and scotomie are the only ones in these they are doing the heavy lifting for election integrity its a people involved in that locusts i echinoidea job out of iscefestan great job and there some people that are really like the election in trinterthree so we when you at lisenthal yes in its election on terefore and when you look at the people and the locust standing investigation that's going on which i jumped on to a been a been a trying to be helpful s must i can and i'm going to be covering this because we have enough evidence to that we got a dodge to rights the problem is right now is the prosecutors will not pass and the sheriffs are weak sheriffs are weak and the prosecutes in the whole town yard but it's a real problem right now because people are not standing up so i want to go back to that that i want to say something first that a good a good thing that that a lot of my friends you guys all mine i'm kind of in and on community and i do a lot of red go at once happy happy apr so any other oh there's a lot of information coming out about tanks and deployment of troops within the united state and the different states that are involved in michigan is one of idaho alabama california there's about i think about seven states others with huge red movement the now before i make a count omens on that i want to say that if it has some merit that there may be on training there's an off people speaking about this synthesis no training i got this is not training and ii triplans a little bit and i actually seen things where they're turning the transponders off that means are oneste and so when when we see that all look at the elegant their paths and that she take a look at some of us so we have we have here sucronian to what is epenow therefore the alterations i hope so one is not what is the coppieholde too all doctors angeioneurotic yet i could be ye to walk he now yetive had this is what vinice cream shop in is a bunckes running around course there like going you know they're losing their minds because they're watching these theses the his command which is kind o coal as those showing where the where their laneites sogermen ber few years ago when they were flying helicopter down ah in los angeles outscented so we've got massive military ladies suburban ears a luxburg california assimilatory movements men reported in multiple state see this is not a drill a my contact said the this is counted girl see its interesting now we're going to go down and say we have a received video for people in item as showing a group of mine on selfflattery operating on the roads of idaho falls in his district the south sailing along with the cares of home i really odd so there is a tank movement there an ideal casertachange in ah he must tocaptain se o tenentori thought elise so many i don't falls puts military indirect control of i fifteen highway which is many rough for much of the northwest united states to excited their enrolled he had too far and not let me get back up here suessester this too much to be a coincidence so here's some more from idaho falls no more there is a i think this is a different vantage point here now for i know or mantantons guard first of the one hundred forty eight field artillery regiment will move trivials along state roads from idaho falls turning nary to its idolls armory during wednesday june forty in return from annual training about coke may be but this is a lot of stuff movement around lastly will show a video a train full of military arm and other equipment moved through my montreal quebec and canada for unloading but i there's more because i telegram i've been watching the telegram calls there's a conoit and it's all over the place i don't choose coosened acestes your insulter were petere to assimilation what not one anteroomsthe onestamente they do we onbecomin our country for we want him out of our country not in it and want the you on here at all now we want you and we want them gone i was trying explained to people that world were one was really about putting up the federal reserve in play and will work too was about putting the un in place so here some more cessation in arizona near the mexican border we got things moving around here guys and when teliamede four tenths as i can tell you this is not a train exercise we train firing ranges not on public and here we got downtown philadelphia so they say i can't confirm these i'm not going to confirm what i'm seeing i'm just putting it out there for discussion but this is tane for the downtown area i don't care exactly where miss is it a little concerning regencies while three can some downtown area well can the government healed at his not so good because i do monastery green not to be on only and we all got and green after question it is that we don't like ore we don't approve what they're doing and i think got the time to come as they not and challenge our governess now his hot revolutionary it is about what are called to do if we look at the constitution we will look at the decoration independence that's exactly correct well at that and the decoration of independent state all men are created he this alien talking about this morning has been anything but talkingwait how can that iceboat any more so he bound the ashes says the publishers note the balissus is why we need to put this out there as to look at that and then let people know that now this is may or may not be it so the ideal to fossil community turn out to be from the gorge fly protests and two thousand twenty so let's keep going here sandy age earlier in the week sobig birds up there on to lina you and and it's so but if you go on telegram there's any cart looking round telegram one of this stuff out there and i mean a ton of it that that we should at least be the cook checking out and seeing others any truth to order not and a great really do think that it's worth looking into and we we need to be able to have these these open discussions and sobecause worse you know yes i've heard this is not from somebody and inside this is not training exercise all then let's let's figure this out but if it is something totally different we need to be able to tell people to say now you're gettin excited or something that's not true and so that's how we do it or going to be it's not like the canoeros up and tells you what to think it's like all its long and we got here i gileadite and like what's the other the i wonder if maybe that's worth the holland or both nikou get a job to don't know go after them yet regard go after them there to you know it is the most horrible thing that i saw in one of the chairs you know though i don't appreciate the nastier publican committee meeting as i saw some things that were very disturbing there i'll give you that on admiral moreland so the they literally are putting picters of christina coromandal her the potato and there putting her yesesther putting your face as one of the tatthering her the petite even created some the shirts with cake of potato in these people are horrible i i you can disagree with somebody's policies and such i called them that sort of thing so his creditors to species why don't we all become aces on why and we have tears in on thatgood that's really god we though he petitioned you be potato power called god called me a potato i don't really have a crab a patio where the pitch corrected her for tator to say got a right there there after today there you very gal so welewillers and under in your face you you know what it woe what at once a horrible you know just agree but don't go to absolutely in millie and too you know disagreed with the policy that kind of behavior solenodon a word what where was that it it was in one of the chaps and there's a bunch of people in their itcalled all oasis reen shot in a fonogooeatta him out on i would greecelittle about the as to the honor ohthere not who they say they are there the absolutely self proclaimed prophet snipe from the shadows and i i've got a lot of questions that that a gal that came to duke o x might take said she was never involved in politics and that i find that three peisiontn that and then they scrubbed her information from you from you know what i found the bigots and scrubbing up things and that's okay because you know i i have it all screen showed so it doesn't make any difference it's like all go in there and get it and documented because the this is it is just really horrible what these people are capable of songhois committee meeting i've got some real problems and i think we need to put it out of her transparency in and there's going to be a lot of people that are going to be hate on me but you know what if they hain't on me for it it's just too bad because they shouldn't be transparent the hamidiehs about six hundred and forty thousand dollars in the grand new party saddled with them with and oh when they were putting stuff up on a screen it was back a late nobody in the room could see what they were absolutely talking about so how could they in emotion granny party fell on the old the old am i hope at the old amidophenetol pedo the new and idiotor the delegates were set up to think that they were really going to make a change and i set up from beginning i heard in washington they were patronizing the delegates and they still really are they is don't realize it yet they get a figured out but they they came right out and said we were were this is all about making the delegates the good so that they would fall or the thousand candidates that they chose and strutted the gun delegates voting with their home they didn't do this is the samminiato so we did in there in their trying to play something and i sold you know don't post any the screen shots here on like you you couldn't cause you couldn't see what they were even talking about because the screen was so back let that he couldn't see to see with her talking to him with their six hundred forty thousand dollars on an asking people to put in money to dig them out of something that is it it's a there is no plan to go forward in a way that makes one and i've said this from the beginning that you cannot win this with money because the grand new party though you know the faker publicans that took off with you know with the with the money and all the people that have the money that are buying or elections will i spend any one steps up to the place i forget a guy like rich snider ill that nor that nor came right cnethocampa on so were not be little and because his woes but yet it he made money but look what he's doing now used out there if you got out there billions rveries out there to restore the fief to iowill the money the mites all about the money control his money well he is i believe he was the one that that was by a stroke of the pen turned blue cross blue shield who whitmers daddy was in charge of an to a mutual rather than a beneficiary trust owned by the people of the state of michigan so the arethese people are so interested and so tied and if they have a position in our government anywhere they should never if they replace should never be allowed to hold office ever again because they filled men that they are failures sowing a at summerland so here we got six hundred forty thousand dollars and nobody's talking about as far as to say with we want to salvatis party and have a iwould think you put that out there sell people knew what they were buying into it withipole need to know they need to have the information and they are not being and if so it was just going to bring me to two more point and i'm sorry but i got to get to so then the naturalists that the watchin they had the sails guy out there that was writing at making money again which is what are all one do is make money of political parties and there launching they rode in at their real proud of out this act and omens the money that's behind it quite honestly cause i got a lot of st in what they are asking people to do us now we're in a long the good neighbor program and we want you to go out and to to all your neighbors and whatever they say come back and enter it into the ap so what that amounts to is spying on your neighbours and anybody that engages in this behaviour in my opinion is a traitor to the son the dove stupid people don't don't go on to this and in and look at this and think this is okay it is not o ka to spy on your neighbors that's a stand up michigan dead and sold the day to base is not ok what they did in nossiter many they weaponized each other to spy on each other and that's exactly what's doing in this as coming from the republican party democrats of the denver years but now we're going it were at all be friends we're going to get together and then you're going to enter the information that you get your neighbors and wrath them out this was in oarthat they tore talking about and inserted a resound the warning on this because if you engage in this under a political cultor whenever they want to call it as guilty as they are of spine or turn in you in to a a captured asset in a spit is as part of its generation wore in recognising it as i am going to continue the talk about just dislike we get about the japs even if worth the only one and everybody hates us i don't for hare gone i got have to leave my sister law as to help so i'm going to have to go spensonie over her house i think we covered a lot to day i know some of this i hope some of the listeners have some questions we ought to have a field questions or we can feel on questions you know men well if people that internecine cession we hold albout questionsthe people have yeah because because i think that this transparency thing and what's going on out there really we really have to go through this and we are we're going to have to address all of these ashes and they are uncomfortable i will give you the some of these things are so uncomfortable to deal with the only way that we're going to deal with us to drownand garlike a family jump in and in helech other we were going to where we're going to have to stay together we're going to have to look at this as it's a fight against principalities and powers it is and when people fall down realize they have been taken captive by satan himself it is it's not them so we go to war with the sort and we try to pull our brothers out of the evil that captivated them because they have em and in with on wan unwavering battle hard so exactly so i don't want to go experiment more with this siller gone i've been to look into this history course a little bit yet the other that he owes that i could through throughout their as also of history channeled heponolo of goose to come mary helps well so that would be where i would go with this as well as i think lily i think we can regain make it difference but i was so you two as we want to be able to put out you're channel a little bit more some people no where to get it where to find you i think we talk about a lot of good things the people have no idea about or very limited knowledge about and it's our job then to creep forward hopefully that they can learn and i learned to know who the people are that are really that there sociating with and being able to make decisions for themselves is like i rely nican disagree with people but my main thing and our main focus should be as american fight for their abilities to have that opinion and not to go into this huge destructive arguments but to listen for information rather than to listen to her sons ye have dialogue on a half iloissaan port my word do and right here i go and i are doing and i think and hope by the listeners we want that to like because sir dialogue through discussion we can become a better people we can we will and we must we there's no backing down on this no no no down at all so i will i'm going to show the history of channel right now and then i think i've just going to stay on for a little bit ill you today i have as absolutely exhausted last night i put such a long day and i think it's one of those tastes that i'm going to go and i have an a little bit o cave time and a tried to try to get my hat around some in i got to work on a couple of things too some projects for people so so will will you have a great day to day have a great goodness sister thank you so much for being antichoke continyou i greet every day is a good day done with me i am i policecourt being as a interduces i normally cause i got to tell you like you i worked i work cutting two trees down on saturday and another one of good down for two years i cut it up i oneselfi had a twelve inch apple tree i cut down called into the base as an old tree it was not i wasn't allowed to where it was as she where i wanted to be and grass wingrove it was caught in a lot of problems that apples were old apples poling down and deareven but the problem was at the great problem of their so i cut it down and now opened it up look at morn when how she had come up the seat on you'll see that lewis doing and why but a lot of clare were out of it but ground before harold have a good day to day and this takes some reason help your sister at all i'll say for we got off off lying okaygood thank you don on haveertaken the thanks of those we i know what a great day or cocoa all right let's see what else we can pull up your guys cause i want to look at the hills dale oh sister ah trieterica history let's see what they have to say yes i think this is contagion thing for us to experiment with a lover look into moleschott the great american story a land state escape of hope all that we can find more on here too that would be awesome just as things to inspire as i sassarelli good stuff in telegram this is interesting in the land of hope oh i saw some wonderful things i'm telegram ah this week on president chalcioecos imagination and unless that the same one i poplande take me out with a thick meat with a thumb nail here if i can bring it out here i can't that's a kill just go back lots and lots of stuff that were seen on president three and what they have done with framing him with setting him up and we really need to pray we early now pray for him you know what i think when i to do there's a lot of dead on things i'll here on you to bits so ah perhaps what will do is just and it right here and go into our days and realize that we have a chain a chance every and i mean every single day to be excellent the things that we do we can choose to be excellent we can show to do the right thing when nobody else does we can choose to stand for something unwavering and i think that that's what we're called to do so to day let's focus in on that and mary is something real quick here a couple of things the couple things out here on the fact that we d be more worried about what god thanks than what man thinks so proves twenty nine twenty five fear of man will prove to be a snare but whoever trusts in the lord is kept now i may go to psalms one eighteen six to fourteen the lord is with me i will not be afraid what can mere mortals do to me the lord is with me he has my helper i look in triumph on my enemies it is better to take refuge in the lord than to trust in humans it is better to take refuge in the lord than to trust in all the nations surround me but in the name of the lord i caught them down they surrounded me on every side but in the name of the lord i caught them down they swarmed around me like the bees but they were consumed as quickly as burning thorns in the name of the lord i caught them down i was pushed back and about to fall but the lord helped me the lord is my strength and my defence he has become my salvation and to remember that we're all we're all in this together if you feel like you're all alone and that you need to talk to somebody go find somebody to talk to there's a lot of us out there how we are going after learn to lean on each other and celebrate being americans not being a divided nation but one nation under do that so he re ohbecause i matched it when you do you're going to find out that the herding just as much as you are and we can really make a difference that way as a to be a friend to other people here you know if you want friends you got to be a friend you've got to be able to reach out to people and to be interested in what's going on in their lives there heard things that are challenges to them that am now trainway you want to be treated it's pretty simple that's a sojer hopingly father thank you so much was beautiful day ahead of us we are so thankful that we can walk on this earth with you and that we try to live a sinless life every day we try to be better we know are going to fall down we know we're going to do things rough but you know what our heart is to follow you and to be just like you could you are good father you protected you guide us you watch over us in your helping us just to be better people thank you for your patience thank you for your wisdom we pray that you had i continued to strengthen us and wisdom and discernment and all the gifts of the spirit that we may ah you may help those people around us that we love that we care for our families are friends are communities that would be pillars and our communities of no people that we would like to see if we would like to see somebody in place help us to be that person that we would like to see is to be brave and unwavering help us to be a a model of good behavior generosity hospitality kindness to those that are are struggling and a help to those who are our lost to be be like you in this world and help us to walk with you every single day were thankful for the miracles that we see were thankful for president trump general flynn and rogers all those people that are standing with them to take the nation back so many and i this same point time will be able to shake all their hands dance giving i hate i look danceyoung i cash the towel all these people out there that we know are fighting for america on waverings us character of bravery the people that stand as statesmen the people that i know in a constitution party that are true states bill more jerry vance ah ah jim climber dana ivanovitch all his people that nationally stand for this nest so many i could never even even mention all of them but i know that they stand for you they stand for what's right and that his brothers as we will defend and protect we will work for your good purposes every day of our lives and to want to let you know that your good father we love you and and we invite you into our day to walk with us to guide us will try our best to listen keep our focus on you praying at all times stepping up to the plate to do whatever you ask us to do if any one out there feeling sad please come along close to them so that they know that you're there helping them every step of the way that you come to them without kind of nation but with absolute unconditional law saying take my hand we'll walk together you don't have to be alone any more and what we can do this you can do this we believe in you thank you so much for everything we trust you we believe you all to your honour and glory every single good thing comes from your hand and we just he just grateful for everything that at the eve tocas we don't deserve any of it it's only by your righteousness and your ability to love far more than we can and your patience far more than we have but you're right toss your kingdom is amazing and we we look forward to your kingdom on earth as it is inhabited we want to be part of that jesus name would pray a man everybody out there have a great day make it so it's your choice you get to you get those things and here like you got to make it so you get to be the person seeing that a rock and just i'd just have person and i just decided to step up and be part of the ile let's do this together god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america it's going to be a great day make it so it's your choice and i'll see it's morrow with setter of tetartognathous the constitution in lawful processes so that we can help edicate other from the things that we missed in school the doctrinatis camps out there that really didn't teach us everything we needed to know have a great day big love tea of nobody if nobody said that they love you to day i'm going to say it i love you have a great day