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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 6/19/2023 - Monday Morning in the Mitten - Chuck Ritchardard

Published June 19, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is the nineteenth day of june twenty twenty three welcome i hope every hen agreat week end this sweeten it was really beautiful here nis and i actually put in one of the longest days i put in in a long time yesterday i was up i hit the barn at seven and never left until nine o'clock on except for i think i wouldn't cribed a cup of coffee like through the dry through king right beck and wood we get a lot of work done you know that's that's the back bone of the united states is for us to find our pleasure in work and to work some of the hours but every hour because he's always something to do or some one to help and anyhow we had a great i had a great day esther but it was extraordinarily and and for last night i literally fell into bed absolutely exhausted which is a really good feeling i think that i enjoy that more than anything i have a real fun story it was father's day o happy father said all the father's out there will you love you you are amazing and he i was remembering you know my dad was my dad was fanny it any time you felt that or if he didn't feel good or you were a little sick he is like all get on the moor and moll so that's my go to know too if i have not feeling good as i go kadadsan get on a moor saw ganmore and i'll go home and the it's amazing that when you set your mind to mind over matter and you just go to work on something generally problems like disappeared if ye'll better self if you feel in bad to day or any day to cotton or pull weeds for something that's always going i want to welcome on my very special guest on to day and that would be the fantastic wonderful checkers are he had yet in shock in morning donehappily monday to ye i know it's not father's day more but so now go happy no i'm not doing that that's about that's that's just crap i'll crothers the i know your father's ingregiencies day as father's day and i just want to tell you know our society is done a really good job it beating up on our mails and a they beat then up on females to a doesn't make any difference the salts coming from all sides to people who are just eoropie myself in trying to be as normal as passable and boring just going to work doing what need to do right i just got to say that you know i had some wonderful examples of of and i have wonderful examples of men who really are courageous stand from the right thing i am i feel so blessed because i really believe that i had the greatest and the history of deaths i had the greatest and he was he was he served in the military he was an eagle scout he was a little bit of a bull had which made him unwavering on his approach to light he had such so much integrity in he led by a stand ah in and i really had a great great example there and then from that from there my husband is another wonderful example of some one rope absolutely loves his family lost taking care of his family and an i feel really really blessed a mesa very very good men and my sons coming up not i am so proud of them foremost i've never heard them speak an unkind word there are i'm i'm a little bit more pointed than they are they there they are it didn't get there from for me in that the my boy said his kind as they are i mean i tried to be kind but i will call things out were there more like my grandpa where the sippican go well well well you know and the but i i'm so proud of all the days out there and the wonderful examples that men especially men of a stole it i know i still in their children the work the bravery the the the focus the the i don't know i just sinecure all the day out soldthere to be what god created you exactly to be exactly we real woman love the man in our lives we love you guys and we respect you our dads are grandpas are uncles are our sons and such you know and we just we just want to say thank you for everything that you do the ushers of this world that are really carrying the broad of what goes on here american across her he donatories poise of that we need to talk about to day the unethical about others day we talked her bout im portance of sorthings but most important when we think about other we think about a three types the fathers we think of heavily father the greatest of all we think of our county fathers who came behind him and we think of our own bolotic others go certainly think highly of my own father and i too why later ben am i think if we think about that we think of totheleft her what he gave was what he really began i giving us light he gave with the son of ares i shall about that eroles to redmire in and live up to the wheel failed to it is that we have a lot of people that station regardless appear colors in at the back roofeven even in some of his other susanna which the love of me don't we don't agree with them we echetlos the point i make is i seen is a inamerica is a separation severississimam everybody was to be individual whateve