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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 6/23/2023 - Discussing AG Press Conference on election fraud

Published June 23, 2023, 9:02 a.m.

Doing a play-by-play analysis of yesterday's Press Conference by Attorney Dana Nessel on election fraud with Karen the Riveter. Arrests are happening. Press Release statement "Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel announced felony charges against 3 individuals accused of conducting a criminal enterprise to defraud several political campaigns. Shawn Wilmoth, Jamie Wilmoth-Goodin, and Willie Reed are charged defrauding the 2022 gubernatorial campaigns..." There are lots of unanswered questions which we will explore. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

Transcript in English (auto-generated)

welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is the twenty third day of june twenty twenty three welcome to my broadcast today o a i've got a click problem i don't know if you heard me before the inter came out but i hit the go live bud and all the city wasn't going sichingen and it went to and broadcasts telefono hit the stupid but again to me here you go that's cicerones for re throng her people by repeople for rival or round people firepeople advokaten table and cares mac stage just laughing right now i'm so anyhow i good morning to you all i hope you had a good start to the day to day yesterday was really really interesting at the ages press conference and i wanted jumpit into that so so we're going to go to a play by play because what i've seen quite honestly is the lot of deflection i'm glad for motion i'm always glad for motion don't give me rock however we don't with when the game until you cross the oncerose the line there and i feel like we move the bowl a little bit yesterday but i'm not really tolly impressed with how far the ball went or the charges that were brought up so we're going to go through this menominee ome carnide good morning good morning while everything is slow on this thing to day it's a many i got to remember not to click some fast in but in it is a it is good day it is the day where we're seeing things move in the right direction i rather see that then how stalled out we've been quite honestly however with their sad i don't think that it went far so but when i was also told that this wasn't the end of the investigation yesterday let's really good thing and i saw you chasing a short i thought that you were chasing the girls round yesterday i was trying to get venyson the goats complaining i was asking them what they thought of the press conference and hoping i would get them to say a because their very noisy esterday but they stopped talking and retired i looked at them the camera so but i do have a great image to use for the mean for or got rodopes conference yet that there was the acute ill offering that up in a minute here but oh ye hear you're like one of my favorite men makers the cause you make pertinent means interest kind of savage to so you go after the lizard peeped in lansing had he had to say so i really preciate you a jumping on a camera when i move in a rough it's it's just me i was there by myself so i drove her there by myself and i had my my two cameras and i had won uplike this doing the the the recording of a brandenburg news network live and then the other one i had over here where i recorded it on my filtrierte out seven times while i was getting right for the bride cast as well as it flickered on an off old the broadcast was gone think they were trying to to silence that is a little bit now it's so interesting because what am i asked you and i posted about it they did a press conference which a rush for a attorney general a usually a good thing or supposed to be considered a good thing but none of the news channels cause i was though i had a tv on announced float and throw him back and forth and none of the local news channels had it on now and worthy retentivethe only one oh no in w desavin had a reporter there i reckon i could hear his voice i recognized his voice and they had a they had a news on it noonthey said nothing is far as i could tell because i didn't i didn't focus on that entirely but certainly right away at noon they should have said hate we've got a report coming and nothing so you want reministration was sitting right behind me and there was one there was another report i what is it two tea or something like that that i talked to i take you a bunch or in at length really and so got in there of course there rays like like oulloir you down at grnberg in like yet he tell her glass is usually but what is the gain the there like a several of sabellic you stick around for comments because of course it was the only candidate there is on the only one not so of course i'll sack round forgo it absolutely so afterwards and so the galvanised you're going to get mobbed after bring it perfect love it not not a free that and also went outside and aunt commented on the questions and quite honest don't know you saw it at one point in time i was the quest the one question that was asked a base on what dan and assist was so absurd to me i just looked threecorner said yes there was a stupid q and and she you know because they're just parting what they here so she turned and she after but he csattog i wish you could see the looks on their faces so i don't think i can but as like so she can you were here forces oesalces that answering the questions so you had the camera like a part of your face but that was so kay when he see nothing on me but looking any longer so man and ogston not a itit was fun watching you in action haggling between reporters and it was in not that was another interesting point the articles he came out later i went through what i send you like six different links to articles and in rohrbach of omelettes parrot they find one and the parade from ape news or whatever it is and on michigan's virgin oneness and what what they were like three of them i think that quoted you because it made most had somebody there and they were all pretty decent quots cause i heard you say those that except the one about frog or cause i didn't catch you safe something about forager i did i did say something would fraternise the catholic landscape is like with with the signatures which is not which are inconstant we we don't even get around to how many things were unconstitutional or what was really a problem in this process you don't deny i hope you're lesson there is not one of us believing one bit of crab coming out of your mouth or anybody else if there who are trying to save thee behind because that's exactly what's happening so they spend in they try to make it look nice and such and and i really preciate the fact that they talked about getting restitution she never varied nice job of sthore were not victims or that we were we were victims dedwood job sayethe candidates were but then one to show you out you know just a little critical thinking i centering we but wait a minute she launched right into we ah well the candidate should check things out better so that it ought they were in and the one reported kept holding it pounding that question and i like if you go with that train of thought then no one is ever a victim of crime is always held so i said this cotelette ling or a rat become that and don't don't anybody go on what you know about it what do you know about it you don't know anything about me or my background or anything to keep your pinions or and so at any way great you know i'm going to say whatever i want to say whether it's what christine as satternow about the reedy rings or what ever i must say what comes to my mind and so i said to her i said this is like telling a rate victim that it was their fault because it were in the wrong place there hanging out with a wrong people or maybe they walked down the wrong street shouldn't they have checked out whether that street had crime or or anything on it like that means that there is absolutely no there's always coupled bility in the victim and that in a like a house that worked for so that any time a crime is committed its partially the fault of the ice and like really in a case like this will you should googled it who in the right mind trusts anything on google what a stupid statement that was that was such a sheet only stupid statements in that press conference yesterday i i i love there and i was like i shouldn't just sat in my question anatolie i challenge you to a debate on the entire issue saw caridina ossol if you've got the gods that you think you have or say that you have i challenge you to a debate with down a branded bird on answered no questions on before it just you and me talking no moderator just you and me back and forth live on broadcast anywhere and let's just lushous go while she deflected to benson too so had her to the next thinking o two on one you can handle on both i could because the stupid and so it's like the commons that she made were absolutely stupid which lead me to believe that the whole thing is just so anyhow go we've got it on to the second and we go to the attorney general and in i asked my question you know about the nine in marks that there were fraudulent seems for gathers out there and they said nothing so who is who is callable on this crime they are they never said a thing they never issued a warning and this was in about as my canneshas i could have done any of those signatures and gone in a different direction i had the they never set a thing in the ambush me three days before that hearing without any warning without any challenge nothing so was an ambush you i think that this is intentional you would have to be stupid not to believe that this because or gross negligence i suppose you could put it in that see myself from getting into legal trouble but at any rate the the point being is that they knew plenty o time i had a time you know there is plenty of time to say he we ought to prome but more than my my governor wrote the bigger problem and i went into it with reporters after the facinore on that of course you are he only going to get truth and brandenburg who's not work in my opinion because i've seen another new source that will actually put it out there and and just say what he's be set and so i really think that ah there is there some key points that were missed that the key they keep points were is that this was not about my governors this was about a fraudulent election the entire election was riddled with fraud and with an end and it was never brought up so to somebody up there was covering his well i thought it was very interesting that she mentioned because this is something that you've said many times that it's not just the candidates to or defrauded it was also the people as a whole and i was gatesurprised that she she said that she admitted it but tis too i was going to that so was she marlionis limentani dates yes she did but she is also but she also saying there are to the public is a victim's but if this is where i was gone with it well all of the fraud victimises the people and you know her well that you nestle and benson have defrauded all of the people so you better keep that one in mine because when she was talking of but when you ask that question that prompted me to think they part they did that on purpose delaying not towing the candidates by not telling the canidates they criminally defrauded the people the government defrauded the people not these three people i agree and they also certified a intellection that had now what he could to do your admitting that there was in so they never made it right with the remembered they lost tempestose it they put in a room that they never keep signatures ever and that all a sudden all it it magically appears after i actually follow through and so in the mischans they magically found jonathan braider valiantly searches through the office and in fine were the keephis and dennot find missing branford and then he directed every one to get this sassinous as affidavit i've got it the child was marrednot and then he says and then he saw we kept going and we got to the back room at work where they never keep sakers and under a back in in that back room we we found a doubt that looks like missing signatures and they were the missing brandmarks are you kitty so rode in here and somebody something i want to know who put him there i want to know who hid them because that's not a mistake and if it is they should all be removed for the egregious this handling even if it was they say negligence negligence of of running a good lecticas we did and those all the people that are that are involved in locust stand out there i really believe that they're doing the heavy lifting right now as that we've got so much evidence it's on its incredible of the a of the tampering and it all leads back to danastead at leads back to damnonian white and we we can't discount that and in her other comments her comments were so on besides well the the the the candid nothing wrong but they shed a google that renan well at that wonota more on to say that i guess we should ha googled when you don't what tanasery why don't you get out there in googliwerfer no yeh and why don't google your responsibilities and in pressing charges nor holding secretary ist i accountable no we can't do that because his conflict of interest because she's representing so hang on you just google at dan see how that works for ye cause clearly not only can did you not gogglesand read the he can't read the damn man you are and how to run the ex i think about it thinkest the what i thought emigration deverell never seen me and best smollet and in an hour asked because i'm not putting up with his crop in the whole to n'thing was absolutely on moran i think her you know i don't like to one who did i and tell every girl or every woman who's been rated well maninto it more maybe they should a gurgled who was out there in you know or are gone to the sexual registrate and said wegetation a five mile birth to the criminals that you've let go because you lent prosecute the criminals when we go there loves are off on a brain and burden in a whole there off i'm waiting for the the the men blacks come to the door bring it you know it's like you want to see before i go ahead with this jury is mothing out in the light and reporters were shocked at the questions that i was asking or that in my responses to their quest attic and there oughtenter faces there like whatever he is are ones are just as guilty because you spend the news i looked at the the articles too and the articles mist so that the therenice at nice quotes but they were married elementary the novogrod down to the real issue so is that stupidity upon their part or is it culpability i i say you guys either come clean with his stuff and talk about it the real the real issues out there are or when when i mention the word trees and you should have seen their faces there like him like that as the cap i'm going to say it because anybody that joined in with us they're guilty you and love trees it's not a fellow they said this is a folly this is not of all being a folly this is treason this is so much further than a foot on yet we're going to slay him on the rassegnto put me jailorthe fooneral really you changed the outcome of the election they changed the outcome of the election and they admitted it yesterday so allies just yes they didn't and painted red the key too because she was she was talking about financial restitutions and then she had read etatis was an election integrity as she too yes and you cannot give financial restitution to the whole of the state which the government is responsible for he's just talking about the the candidates in particular me because i'm the only one that has really got talking about this and beading ones and lot and really having lost suits out there and here's another thing this she sat i i want to i want to keep i want to keep going on this high o the thought because this was these are some really really keep point ah the there there was a judge she said that decided not to turn yet why didn't they he something to the other hand dates or the state so that they blew this out so that everybody knew the judge is its complete the judge that turned that decided not to turn the sigerson the other candidate the decided not turn the to sinature and because they knew i had attacked why did they say anything because the gilt the guilty in this they dident stop up and do the right thing so let's talk about that for men if you know something in you don't say something about it and you are in oh down falls screen cross no who says i'm still in the show so i'm just going to wait for dawn in she's she's probably prompting or hesperus of the throes that she sang it happened sometimes may grieve about the deyohichonda e she said that her stream yard crashed this is the atheotetes get on to do this show and is showing me still going live on the show so i hope that the still an audio going she ses she's working on it so we'll just wait for a moment i talked about that candidate too why on earth what a candidate now that there's an election crime happening and not address it publicly not notify other candidates if you're interested in doing the right thing for the public because the public is the larger victim in this case not just the candidates why wouldn't they bring it out into the open you can bet that down a wood she sang at her internet went down so i don't know what's happening with the show i'm just going to pretend that we're still going he yolande so this is what happened yesterday the internet went down on aslaksen the as soon as i get you don't get moving on the thing and hit those feels key points the internet's going down make no mistake there's no mistake is no coincidences in any of this this is this is absolutely ah ah this is not a conspiracy theory they are trying to silence any of us who are speaking and in its that's absolutely that's absolutely true they they have the amount of censorship going on is incredible every one of those cameras should have been lived on this this is not just three charged with fraud this is this is election interference and it changed the outcome of the election and so that's not where was esos trying to do all my tuckerton you were talking about the the candidates who knew and didn't say anything so i just basicerite of hasty the judge is guilty he sudden nothing and he let it go and so that that is a very very large problem and were you talking because others a couple other key points that thoinaise talked about well you know these candidates should have cooled it and then she says because i guess they were just you know their new candidates they don't know the inexperience and the marias they don't know these now what she's saying is is that the only people who had a shot at ronny are the ones who know the system because their part of the system because they're benito candidate and there there it's impossible for an outsider to actually run now i would vote for any one that was an outsider this a trope not not a grass roots candidate whose a political pas co political plant cause most of the grass grow roots groups and the leaders in them are political operatives i had docetes for the algies and followed them in you'll get a figured out they they have their buzz words they've got their they've got to talking points just like mainstream media us if the patterns are there so are they guilty they're all guilty their guilty trees on their interfering with our elections the re manipulating the the presenting that the thethe news articles were worse on of bretherton arenberg's in there but if in the fine print the bodythe failed can they protect their star because the republican party the democrat party are all involved in bring up another key point that's really interesting because we're just get through all cards on the table this goes to the legislate committed treason the legislator lest the all legislatures let legislators committed treason they all did some on itall you a nonsensing is going on within the tax feared his were so special here in michigan michigan is just a special so so we the tax there's party is the national affiliate all the constitution part had we are then where the official affiliat we are the only state in the united states that has a party affiliate in it which the state will not allow us to change our name to mass the national philip and so we can working with them though they actually started we actually started a process of few years ago the texts party that of michigan to change our name and introduced a bill got to the house stock in the senate since twenty twenty one and we can't get that thing moving now this should be an administrative change they should say oh the parting provides us with all this information and we can make a change which now what happened they throw it in the party with removing ballot access if we stowed the well and not only that they say well we don't it's not in the states you you be got to get all brand new pits sinecures this is more their falling as this matthisson and as the state the nation if you want to change your name you've got to old while three you can get all bruciature and register upper and new part and we do how well that works because we got on a bone had greater set in there at the top and you know i'm in such and so andres of the cronies up there no trying to protect the two party system and then the sanitate alike waste a bunch of money in the process to or in time the researches in time inastate on and so in in it's not it's not bible because they are going to go through there and they're going to say don't you don't have no sinners and it's a tremendous process that really is and so that's not even really doable right solicious he so to have her voice again or not so then the second one is to put a villain point so we put a bill in place and it is it went through the house and installed on the senate for almost two years because they won't act on it because why because legislature is detecting the two party system because they're all either democrats republicans did not really there una party working against us so that the other and then we could also soothe the stay for being able to make it change because all the other states the president is there crossed the other resitation but unfortunately we were threatened with losing our ballot access if the judge denies it well let's look at this judge that just basically ah you know a judicial candidate who just basically said nothing you think anybody's going to help us there doubtful don't think so so when you hear the u s textes haremein remembered that is the constitution party it's our state who is who is trying to stop our voice and then at it and then on we we can go on further but i want i want play in case the body couldn't see it at bramber now is not work yesterday and such i want to play this point that might we're going to go through this and destroy what was said yesterday because i'm going to tell you what when she said we were going to give restitution to the candidate really you know what i'm going to demand she thinks she is going to quit payin me off with a little hush money she stupider than what what we already think that it criatamone had said i we question question what he might i want her horse money rightly i want and john set means we may be of prostitution for replacing the money that was stolen that's a good start but what about the election which was absolutely tank because they did not do their jobs in the border elections they didn't tell anybody they stopped her ability to get out other signatures when they knew that i was proud they were responsible for the they were absolutely responsible for it wasn't come in it is criminal culpability on the part of the ages office the secretary states office and the governor all of them the board of elections it is it is absolute they all had a part in this now if you want to give me restitution and make me real happy de certify that election and have it over desert it and an an an i don't even know who could do it now because he's been so much damage done to me personally on on this honestwith spend after salter in the press and such the other candidates of our i got so much of an advantage of a running start would being represented and they used kicked me off of overthing i don't even think it it's possible to provide restitution honest in any any level whatsoever and on the only governor candidate who is not conceded to the dicksons the collard conceded before the count the votes were even counted and you know it's like it's like i just i just don't have any faith that powder plain who what's that coward or are planted so i also found it interesting that kelly had paid fifteen grand for signatures but he didn't get any and i don't know why that was that he didn't actually get any ears or of osiander it doesn't matter if you paid that and he didn't get any why was i call out their blond pointedly why didn't call i've got a big problem when rinnalle with him because it inanition t care who out there like candidates at st there's no there's no time for having the tiger beat sixteen year old girl mentioning to just give a repast or whatever i don't really care i i think as i saw that over and over again s like oh my goodness is this is about running the run in the country now about a tiger beat magazine and so the problem that i have he had in one of the present ah i am not sure if it was a present or the entire or the entire town should i have to look into that for more but what i do know is that he had more doors in one area than he had votes that's not possible so he can he he he just he was just you know he was just done he was just done it an you know an chanlang any any of this when it came down to the primary just kind of went away and the next thing you don't he jumped on the ballot proposals he wasn't there i was in lancing when they were talking about it he was nowhere to be seen why did he not take the money that he had taken it from voters that believed in him and actually found it he told me comradelarry i'm going to say it he is in want to another another and any goes he's like he's like he just counts to do to do going back to you know going back to the progredere ce that i had yesterday this hole this whole election a process is like watch is if you will when there is somebody who is now it's meant to keep you out it is absolutely met for the only people that can get in are the ones that are part of their club and we ain't in it and so as wise a yesterday isn't like this like running the game in a frog or yet is he is somebody from the outside you got you don't wait to get smashed down the road because there you know i went through about thirteen people in state of michigan to find some of that was honest and encamping finance make no mistake most of these people are sitting at the table with the wants of the top and they're going to make a mistake intentionally to torpedo any candidate that has not been shelected this is exactly what's going on here i then it was you know i i pointed at him quite a bit during the election process in immediately after because he you know you take in a lot o people like rankaiseva a lot less donations to you then rinketer dixon did but he took a lot of people's money and so when his men fifteen orders he was on the shots tea she had him picked up to be one of the fatties of there they had five more or fattione amecameca island last year for the convention and that was the lectionary in by mashona so they he took in hand his campaign to come a lot of money from people who really believed in him the mean just just just that fifteen grand alone you spent that money an you got offending you said nothing about it you didn't say hay people i'm really sorry i want to try to get that money back for you right heliometry you become government governor but they won't let me in the mean ontariowith this together no that's not what he he is not fighting for americans he is not fighting for me to genesis we turn round and said let me collect your money for this other andover ye hencheman me what good yet that's exactly where this here let me do the let me prokeimen before he came was one and so i go to the eringo to them the chance or rolling quick cause i got two and going now i've got more screens here cause i've got more channels we've got brandenburg news network on rumble we've got brandenburg news network do come now if if the rest of the internet goes down or something it's compromise we pretty well have it all in we've got stored multiple locations so we were never going to be taken down we'll pop up we'll pop pop up like a nightmare for them no matter what happened i esioneis on their inanity so at loves his morning preached sister patriot done forty five boy esther church her she's too busy trying to push the hate cried bill ten years for herdied our feelings only it we're going to do that and i went into the state that building the williams golding careand i couldn't believe it we've got in american play we've got admission and we've got a pride flag really what why why do you have one flag to prestis is enagena why aren't we find that you know the i don't know the the mexican flag winewere american pines playing or we find the chinese flag is most of them his worn and allegiance to china you know why are we pushing something that's a group a splinter group off of america i can yet i can say you know i'm a horse for soon want a horse legsbecause horse so best sent holland has part of my identity the worst leg you don't what i'd been have here not really but you know it's like it the guests of comes down to and i certainly do not want to you know celebrate somebody else's sexuality you just do that on your own time you don't need to be pushing in the rest of our peace and rest here petri dons as military is the only way and come back i got kicked off in and it went out and this happens a lot when i get when i get going on the truth and when here at collected asentoseles smarmy and charlotte's voting for a trunk twenty twenty four voting against flock in and also the whole thing is a scammen for a long time paid to play ah to when an lepha you notice how it went from pride day to pride month ye i don't really care you know it's like it's like that it's like you you live your own life find your own happiness you're going to have to deal with god i've got we've got enough things to deal with other than being distracted by people's personal lives and he so anyhow i may not agree with it but you know for myself but i'm not going to sit there and and waste a lot of time fighting a mark the said john to which i had to do is just put it out there it's a mark the sad johnand it is it is very much it's very much all of these techniques which are used in color evolution it there the undeniable it's it's a marxist tighten its color as a colorabout and so they're going to pick their murderers and their victims to put up there and prayed them out in front of the world why didn't they pray out the entire state of michigan for having the election outcome changed by the petitions the signature gatherers and the boar elections because at and the ages of is not putting his soul why wire we have i think we should have an election a lection proudfoot there the represent to fly that puppy out there it it may be turned or flag upside down because distress they can just use that picture of mario that cursory face picture will put that on flag and fly that every time you talk bout felicitously that quissime of the other thing in her look of the other that here the gottosee a good morning good morning did diana to see nestles squirm before she's indicted in charge with trees and me too theo is there by partisan effort to verify signature now and this is what i was sick there was a guy in the bordelestun meeting i was at the last one he is he got higher by other candidates to compare signatures on shirt was down a gradometers because they had to get rid of me and so he said and i took them i sent them i sent them the bore relections allowed him in to have access to petitions and scanned them all now we did have access they denied us axes in my campaign is the it's all over you can't come in and check you can't verify signatures they broke the law they denied me access and might point blank and so they left this yahoo go into the board elections scan of all the petitions he sent him to bank hadash for verification against previous so all of your personal information your address your signature all of it went to blight bank wades but was it was more disturbing was that they already had in the in there that they were that they were comparing again so in the porticos board of canvassers never bated and i not one of em on the board of canvassers look at greater and said are you out of your freeing mind you go directly to jail you do not collect two hundred dollars you go you do not pass go you go directly to de you are allowed some one to walk out of this office skinny petition personal information addresses signatures and sent them to bang a dutch that implicates the entire board of canvassers that implicates free the being absolutely stupid or part of it and the board of elections the same thing they that one person in it on tape implicated all of them it is unbelievable so how ah a the says wrinkled back here again the osses bit by person after to gorfynig res by partisan that's a unipartite work conferror downtown landing there what it's not con making differences no outside oversight of any of the they've got two republicans two democrats on it board canvases which are selected by the by the governor that means she's going to pick people within the club yet i don't care if she says that there the democrats or you got to do is look into the background of couple of my half it doesn't it doesn't pick or do i too gold i'm goin to gogleisiad what what more so the date unionafrican show while i have to see if steve bannon we'll get past the well how many signatures dies down a ham and how she's doing in the poles he can't me off the show because i wasn't one of the club hopefully he smarted the but until i see it nobody gets a the youth has exactly men and black counter light you done right the god now i've got a picture i shall read this pitcher there was a ten sitting out in front of on a street front of the barn and handlike of those you know like like satellite of salaries of chopped the van sat there all day the other day who had listened in on it i'm not gonchang my my tone right here indeed he says you are a target down good luck with that they can't kill me only got ten my life the yo said did you go will it yet go letheward goggling his off then let his skillet so controlled google from a what is it who is it that the google the google a master here in the state hilary who sat hovered oh yes so there all tied it and i think it's larry think is part of that one too who was tied in with university of michigan who was tied in with unwiser who is a globosos part whose only the board of the atlantic council who gave money to biden whose tide in with marie's m in a week an isologous for the whole not work together repeated aye gorillas funny the ore and need a reelection oh we need to go ahead peel is right back to seventeen seventy six tile and no fight the whole thing deed or replace at that's what the the decoration of it and of independence census the right to do did they will continue to water at a rest down with dripping leaks of misinformation doesn't the aid che solaced the judges we must fight from ten of the pandore papers page ellipses that the states official that the state officials to money they air moneylender wonder chinese conic was involved in signature arification while what we do know is that the son everything china and one point eight million of our election workers personal information including kids and such are sitting on sores over in china it propontide like won't we just plied the chinese flag on there and and at least the closer the reality what's going on or the world i can omit for him flag or the world help or gases so anyhow i estrechar her concerned a daily in rome has a lot of connection if shoes and the consignorio the silence of and many businesses from estorcher have had internet issues as well and charlotte to get the signatures printed out at another ballot would not put a pin with a passed him i th there's they have proven themselves untrustworthy and a liar will almost always lie again there there's almost there's almost no hope for a wire to regulate themselves they can happen but they got have a lot to do a little de demoni work there and to closer to god because it doesn't happen we are in spiritual war right now and at this he and oh it's it's so it's real guys and so he angels take a again ah this is where i got to trouble last time oh i lanicoln a good if i get caught i had realized his because don is over the target they don't want the truth out there that old be bad that would be a bad thing to might hurt danness fee wings she apparently isn't is eneuch of a person for having her feelings usually you get past that age in managing a more probably at thirty so i see gothicthat the doingat your feelings hurt sorry dan a sweet wacole it so i see i'm not going to now that your putting spirit this redeemed to the little bit yesterday didn't you it's always there assist like it's like this running under the surface you know if i had to say that i have a spirit animal it would be the hulk you know it's really opitodon meeterly for christmas if few years ago gave me some holloloo oh yes soonsever knows pretty well and knows it some people can fight and some of us walked by princesses out when he can fight that's great but if you loved if i write this causes they got a bit o the diggers out yes so the i'll have to take us out said the other thing too that it wanted to tell everybody is it i and think i may point before if if you think that restitution with money is the answer that seems to me like hush money and they want to show us up at but it doesn't deal with in i said i guess it's did say before it isn't restitute until every one of them are in gaol and yet such to get molasses treason this is not folly he until every single one of em go to get me and won't is sodden through a tribune and see how they work all we got to do is arranged the flight that's it we arranged the flights if their innocent they got nothing to worry about if the guilty dwell either on their own you know they they knew they knew what they were doing and so anyhow here's hers estroite news to arraign one at large and signature fraud bring that hit the geol e govenatore candidates and how many others there were thirty five on my staff report or on the staff report that i got a mail that after the first summer heard it was in the news cause apparently the news heard it for so not justicetheir that there's thank you to trot you this however did not go far enough so her regal to individuals are in custody yea rest happening so ye pressantes good and then one is at large solid octogon which i agree with that so will read is to be leave to beyond the land outside the state and he's set on high they can pick up the spile in fifteen minutes nor add can of of after taking off from from a base i don't know not to look a little different to me couldn't say that right there also that the stock pot that i saw pass around yesterday that wilson heard from yesterday well king now that is she looks now it is i believe that they actually there i believe it is what i saw and you know what what i can confirm that because i had two cameras going at the same time i had no one with a lie feet and that i had the one that was so on my oanother that was more it is poison her hurry actions i actually have some questions as to who this person really is so we will well find out some day okay but in net lossesand their lesser offenders who have committed crimes really boy that was that's smart statement for ye but labeled the women then read the worst actors in re bosengate forgeing no i think that that thought the worst actors on the ones whether on government who had information they absolutely knew they were submitted forgeries to these campaigns that nestled in a news constantly and what were the old what we are lodging is they made no effort to warn the campaigns no you didn't make it effort to warn the campaign or eliminate the signatures they knew it would be fraudator passing them on to the campaigns that is complete deflectit was the gesoffen he secretary of state's office who knew in that this was going on it was your fault it wasn't the signature gathers were all right and they had their part in it but you had parted criminal charges in legacies well well she's like well we can do anything until the secretary of state's office referred the the issue to us ah if you could see it come on you start workin anyway you you start presentfor it and you go to her and you say he sacrario state you have a problem here do i can i be able sistance yes he should not have had an have gone there because she supposed to be rough out she is there's a conflict of interest in the fact that the attorney general's office the attorney general represents the secretary of state so of course you got attorney client privilege as between him and branches of government in michigan are you are you kidding me so then who are the victims were going to put crag and the people there itwere not going to put the only can they who is not conceded are there no word in a berry that so paid seven hundred thousand now it was way more than that that is absolutely frissche got that off at googling that number that was a golden number why in and here she goes along these candidates got taken because they were political neophytes they had never done this before yes as the system is so corrupt you can't get through it unless you've got people on the inside who are betty you and helping you get through the process it is it's like you know just to get as far as i as i did and then being in com back the tent this like as like political forgotall ing you what and they are the cars we the to make a pep a me for frater he papiros if we needed you a papingo for for maybe i'll take her the simpler now we've got as the all right how do i get out of this so now we got this up here unexpected pennet well well well let's see we got here ignoto kill the to make sure that there is nothing all they throw up one because they don't want me reading the article oh no oh no you'll protect the goblet and find another one not wereput back out you i don't i think i think they killed the article on now it's aninioan now there taking me out so now the screen went black again wait just watch watch what happens this is for his going to be an interruption here just wait it's just a matter well that stop us no it won't we come back and we are so craig is man to her by the by the detroit news as having paid this because why well you've got to deflect to a candidate who now is not prettiness i got a question and an yessolomon that as she rode there or yet craig craggis mention and all the articles but he wasn't there so how do they get a colt from him that fast and why yep that's a good poignanter he wasn't there neither was collie no never the bottom of a bunch of these articles as johnson was johnson at the bottom of the article johnson's the last thing you here oh yes by the way chosen is running for president cook yet so they're all working together on this well a couple of my this is something new for you a couple of my followers commented that they got a when the mail messages promoting johnson and i think you were the asking for funding for his campaign asterigera happened without i downgrading of not and i find it ninety seven per cent of my campaign off of my hard work in my husband's heart work in our kids hard work i said and so the ah the reality is is that that this something here guys but that's that's what i'm saying though he's that it happened yeasterday and it was just kind of an interesting matter of time so so this statement right here where then she started a well it's the candidates fall they're not experienced and not political in mid onefight that and they had never done this before which is saying that you've got a come up through the ranks or you don't have a chance and the system is so kind looted and so so out to control a convoluted that you can't get you cannot get through this without their help they will knock you out his political froger and so so there's like five republican candidates could not get there names on the august primary belsher blaming us to get that the blame because he nominated petitions they turned into the state bureau elections who knew i had a time as so we couldn't have correct the problem contained fraudulent voters signatures by the campaign contract occasion stop there it so they knew about it their blaming the candidates and sentelet ng it to say that we could not get our names on the ballot there there there saying without santorinfor that it was our hour fault right so that in a egarements fall it's the government's fault it is their fault and furthermore we're going to go back that if it's only the people who have so kept talking about you well they got to have money and significant support they've got to have money they've got she said it over and over and unhurt this is all about lining there pockets because when you look at what they do with the money they pass it back and forth it's incredible there passing that money back and for this one will countrymento that one campaign that one all contributed that one's camping and then they got all the dark money behind it it's not to some porthook like these who decides to run and see if i can actually do this as an individual with nobody's help well everybody's trying to promote down here right so he now here's a cook in the penor alles he got that in said billy and eric is marked and he listeth teneooneoo done bran for one of the republican candidates subject to the froude attended thursday's press countnince on the charges that's accurate and the only one she said she was appreciable the changes being brought but stood by comments likening the singorgarh ring and were you process to a colroit is and you have got to know how random they are when i hear egoslive say you've got political neophytes bramber such isn't this what america is about you should be you should be able to write i should be able to run everybody out there should be able to run without hamidiehthe domesticam like roger that is true and so the thing of it is is that every single person out there that was more to think about if they all looking at moronsthose in lancinante i think about the bright minds of the people around you who you know personally who would who would never fail the integrity let miss the ivy anything i think about this think about what we could do if we just had people in there he had a taggerty who knew the people in their come who represented that rather than making it through their little their little lot performance test of whether you'll compromise and sit in the seat representing them not us it would be a it would be a maze on now so basically she just admitted that there is a political rolling class and you can't be just anybody to get in this class you've got to have money you've got to have people that back you it's all about are you in the club or not till one didn't you go go the club and you're not in it i didn't google the clock llary i ain't goble is enough to find out how i had to fall in line to be a pro by the system and the clown sitting in the seat to make sure that they keep the power and not enviable to take the money away from me to people and money wonder look at them this state is a money laundering it is upheld by the judicial system which is absolutely stacked as well as the people sitting on the seats and legislature as well as the the nonelected people who are set in the seat i don't think one of em if we if we can pound through this and get through this and i'm going to i'm not going so biding to tell we do not one of them ever the able to hold political office ever ever ever again if they make it through the tribunals he and they should be stripped of all of their ill gotten gain every single one of that is accountability so in a gale the got away less at the businesses had internet issues to get the signatures printed on another ballot would not put a past iffectable and they can't know they can't certify its nelongo can't ever make this wrong right they can't make this right they they they fail o bess molly in on the thing is incredible shells as the gateway with friend twenty twenty election they hide deck the sure dead they had cocktale tons they caught and the truth cut hope they got caught in the toes comes out in the so they knocked over one out so they could kiss or else behind all saphead get more money and goes with envies in the tick counted and they wanted to more regulation they can't even work for the within the walls that we have is a deflection it's only there in tamarite away from me to each that's so that the least me to another question to dana what exactly are they going to try to propose as far as new regulations and how much more harmful is that can abe aclite bit about that new regulations only takes takes away the rights of wheat the people cause they can't even they can't even of enforce the laws we have their failures their totally teetotol failing great from down to grand they absolutely can't even work with and a loss that we have they refused to uphold the constitution they had violated their also office every single one of them the only answer is no fiction and we have to nullify and go back not just be the twenty twenty elections we're going to have to go back a lot longer than that the constitution nineteen sixty three constitution of the state of michigan was the legally put in place according to law and we can go farther back than that you know you can go back to the sixteenth amendment and starting with the sixteenth about everything from sixteenth monent on forward should never have happened for ten with that working okay working fourteen forward because they've because they take the thirty they tried to destroy the thirteenth the original thirteenth fenestrated others won't they tried but we still have it we still know so then another tabeeterree with you on that one of no one were going sloping readycome capi want to go back to what you were just saying for a moment about em the alsanol to point all i have some questions i who that was enough money to grease the pockets no ance could ever get a to get on the ball it that's exactly right you you if your standing out there unless we get all of us pulling in the same kind of pulling in the same direction and it means as against the government pick the best candidate whose e most qualified whoever that may be one who whoever that may be that's who we've got to get behind and we're going to have to unite domocrats people that identifies the time crepul that i doubt fies republican people that identify and so on and get rid of all these the ridiculous labels cause that not only did it to supper ate i can go back to just be in america that the only we were going to organ i can't wonder though if i am her call for more regulation is really just a is it's a precursor to them trying to alter the the next process there there i am not exactly sure what they're aiming at but it because of this problem back here we're going to put more laws in place not that we already wanted pothos laws in place but it it's like an excuse and i wonder how much of a role that plays in this particular conference while the favor is is that they are so unqualified to run the state because they hate us they absolutely hate and have come that at novelsare you're not good enough you're just the honor lines we have a political crack classic we know better than you sit down and shot it is what she's telling us he frees over for and so is check out their newest stupidest thing that they put in place here this fadenisto nine point two billion loan for ford as cape bare joined benches self read battery men effected what what is up with all these batteries at you now michigan missions got home much the the battery plant up there went from organ do a nice little battery plant one point for million or one one point five million guess let guys we're up to amenothis many square feet were oketie million square feet for a beryl and and that the skull creek just keeps going because they're going after the farmers are going after the farm when they are literally invading and taking this nation over through economic warfare this is what this is about so fascinating history nine point you billion on as i wonder who else is involved in the by the ministration who isn't that nice isn't that nice what our country ford motor con and i drive a ford i believed in that company thou is american company right when we start by in fort will look at this instruction is progressing at four companies blue olcinians some stamps i was in weston the us department of energy is lone nine point two billion to ford and partner s k and on s k on on as part of the biting ministrations pushed to courage adoption so dooncane hat down our throat to centralize her energy good i actually drove past the and now this if there can this water they teach it with that her camp if there camp as what are they teaching o alcaforas estimate there is no guarantee but look at this for look at eleven thousand judges these people are frickand liars and not only are they liars their stupid about their prompting a love and thousand jobs for let's go back here and critically thank nine point two billion dollar one there's no accountability there because they don't have to keep up they can they can take that money defrauded the us government of that money and walk away without producing one thing or have one job that the estimate is an estimate do you destinies believes that there they have there's not one of em that's kept their word on anything and so and we have no account ability at all of it for oral fire will send be get on in my plain let's go through the the call is too full the goal is two fold yes i sure is as to its to steal the money away from the aedepol partner of with north korea if foreign entity gas like in her capitulation into believing that this is a good idea misleading us and oh here you go joint that venture there's your pulp private public partnership only this the they're going away away with that with going to north korea and in in an not buying any of this nonsense that they they don't work for us their working for other other and some make it possible for other acheck his out too with their gold was here saline one is to get people to choose united states over other countries know her not choosing the united states to take in our money out of the united states to another company our country that they may have em put this infrastructure in originally the two and two is to get them to move faster because the terms alone make it possible to take bolder action so another bolder action to let a foreign antonette over our nation and were an a naval by giving them money in the in under the terms of a long which are there's no accountability for whatsoever they they are absolutely why in their asses off to the united to the american population it finds large scale infrastructure projects which will have an high impact on the united states energy portpole yes centralized is that we have no control and if they don't like you there one shot you where it off and it will receive an additional forty billion in on authority from the inflation reduction act alohonso we started out with nine now we've got another forty billion from the inflation reduction at athos it wore in ere you go see inflation of the reduced i haven't it's going off so erling again sweeping legislation passed by domocrats lester that aims to part to accelerate the et transition and shaw estimates the currently have fifty billion in long authority are are we getting the pitcher what's going on here guys i'm sure he has a smart bit it listens to me and put up my head sence is probably done down gone down the rabbit hole and nests so let's see what the names are here we have the long none that thursday by far the and wargessen the agency is ever made through the program by comparison it gave all all tohimself a very joint venture between geo there is another traitor country company geminorum and long energy to point five billion in november how sensation hit ne allow there cause i seem to have the money fatty programme going on everybody ever for an entity or economic of take over this nation so now we've got for it gave for five point no billions to find its projects increase fulvius a guest to cars and the son one point for five billion a tesla four hundred sixty five billions two thousand ten what about the companies that are owned by the politicians and black rock what about the man had pastores why is this all funneling to these big corporation we ask that cost there using a they have wepenys in emotional issue guilded us into not holding them accountable being quiet and taken money fatty and scattered a crossed the entire world away from the united states to disable we the people have and that's what i have saved his they are unqualified haters of the united states refusing to do the right thing and worked for we the people and is given across the globe at watching her own people starve it is horrible o caseoses a maybe we should use disapproves especially to get rid oneshe i may be except for the count of it doesn't matter right said the cat bitatoes matter what petitions are it so come and that they teach tominiscoes will later fall to forgive the long you bet the well a waste of farm like good families and infiltrating our country at our expense here or over the target the there go so i say you care since what in along theopoithmen and now it all comes down to the powers and principalities it is these people that want to control other people that's really what it comes down to to me is there you have a small group of people who think they have the right to control the rest of us and they'll do everything in their power to advance that platform and prevent the alternative i think i have been writing about it in published a day before yesterday and part three bout what i called the screaming mob cap raise that there losing control and that of gaining it and it's causing them to be he behaves really erratically and strangely and the more i see of that the more i actually encouraged because it tells me that they know their losing or at least they think they're losing if they think they're losing i should think there losing and that's a good thing a if they thought they were wet in they would be cool calm and collected and there not an this all of this comes down to that control you know nestles nestles press conference was really strange to me because it seemed too nice and even the articles as they told you the article seemed too nice to don a like they didn't but the way they treated you as a candidate before was all different than as while i and even while she was making some little kind of underhanded come and set where it kind of made the rest seemed disingenuous she did say some things were there accurate and true in correct in my i can give her props for that you know i've said before if if an official is doing the right thing i have no problem phrasing no but when you turn it right around as she did it seems really isn't anyone's i don't get all white in loss they carried that football across the into the onrihtwsnes not but but didn't did inform and you you and i both noticed that it was really strange how nice she was and complimentary seeming to promote that she cares about the people because normally i don't think they would be that would have been even a part of the discussion but she went out of her way to say it and that made me think i don't think she was in control of this message if showersfor and complete control of this message it would have been written differently it was written it was prepared it was the speech that was written in prepared so the kind of made me think she's not in control of this and sootiness love the pody of she wouldn't let me in the eyes and she turned her back on me and i shook hands of the guide that was across the toiler and but she she was she was absolutely avoiding any contact with me can get way friend when i put my hand up to ask for the question about their knowledge that the sinister gathers were out there and it was a threat to all the people of machinson and you know and that i mentioned the bank wildash sing i think i ready everybody in her even the reporters were like what i you suck as reporters if you don't know that this is going on you know this is this is exactly what's going on in its like morrow get get the you know get get yo game one act like you really are journalists and sonorus puck puppets repeating what you been told are an iserwill great job lads exposed the corruption to the nore how to fight and not back down on not back and down on this thing he were lit up and a it's a ah and what we were going to put this out there and more and more on than to tell you what i have i believe that somebody in the ages office was actually threatened i believe that we are seen tampering of evidence i in fact i've got another guide that i know in a case that he had he's got proof that the ages office of and the long side o law enforcement actually changed the evidence and a cressit his wife in pretty ensure that we're going to see that again and again cousinsthe are entrusted so so in i should have him monselet he could tell everybody what happen cause the going to protect their own little buds that right and in its it's a big it's a big problem yes it does seem like their loin a lot of scrambling right now and also katewhy me the more i see them scrambled the more the more i start to think that on inletin she's in control here the more happy i am that we're doing tis fine you know what that they therefore wanted to talk to me out of the hollow side of the kellaway and the the williams building there and we were like you guys can't do this here you've got to get outside licentious they stopped the staff teacher that ye interview ah yes thorities gokeep a rollings and he so that i entiendolo with a bunch of the reporters there in such an alleged reporters kiss they're not reporting things like bangladesh it that that that's kind of like kind of shocking to me so there you go the just use used to bein told exactly what to say so there not investigative reporters the later on fired all those people already there had so often bring a brand for news no work so i might rumbled by all on grandpres network he had got all kinds of faceless ions on her theatres so the sposo many out of this was the beginning of it and there's carangermite day and do carry you as some people thought you were there yesterday that you were not you graciously the side to help me out and join in oh i you i was there oh you mean present in lancing yet was i was told great interview you did with donna in landing and i said i wasn't england thing you really now is gone a drowned we sit at home and there is no time the thought occurred to me when when i was preparing to get on the shoulders as normal and it wasn't available and so then i saw what was happy that there is a scramble on your hand and tom and i thought well shootif i jumped in the car now and tried to get to you and and go with you there was no time made it was obviously a short notice sort of event may be perhaps so little bebecause like when i walked in there there weren't that many people in the the room quite honestly if i showed how many were there to see maybe thirtieth the moss areche twenty five i'll say i'll say thirty probably closer to two thirty that were actually in the room and a they met the have your idee checked and such an tigride when you went in there in such it was kind of enters but it was not open it was definitely pressconference that open it was controlled so i wanted to work plays a little bit of this the start and a listener what she has to say and our posmore it is we go on if you want to see the whole thing got to brand and burn news network that come i've got about three hundred videos on there probably put as much information all there is any candidate in the history of the united states but at any rate you can see the full interview there and i'm not grabster ones on clips on what it up there high lights and i noticed there oh that there was no prey cried flag in that room but i did notice when you said earlier that there was a pride flag in the building taking out a pedometrist ones well rose they are now set what in the world i had led by i pulled out look at that look it i don't know if you guys can see the word on the bottom betsey was like that it was like vile some of the things that came up there in the and the word i have no idea where they'll sub titles came no and i had it zoomed and a little bit so i could see better when i was i was talking because i could see myself on their my little logo and i was talking for a while because you you i said you tested need to be quiet and i thought you i assumed you meant you couldn't speak and i thought well you could turn me down on your eye so i don't incidencie here's what we're doing this is the down a show we're going to the dis press conference and so i were doing things like that and from time to time just being quiet and listening and then i saw that there was two minutes of live and i like her have been talk and for a while to myself oh ma recording its started up to it it's a ka will here set were doing institootion comes up to this is this is trois for real people by r people at the kitchen table man i det there's words i'd never seen it before he i i can isostemonous who is to see now said most egotistic missis funny that the the the words that are coming on here are absolutely half this ilarious the subject none on't i did see that so with right now what i can see as you and me on the bottom left so i can't see part of the wording of callistusthat here as oh cusses the seriously isthe requisite number of odors is she not where yes i don't know how if i could shut there let's see verses oh there i go what's let's take the distraction back here but i can go of as one at that all right now have the watch of again after washington later yet internment the location i this funny that's hilarious nice try is nice choice smokes secures the bunch of people that were so good they helped us still hope into stuff isn't it wonderful his train on in ten years your face is appearing now and then you're eastlake the stern who how were announced i thirty five or thirty six she got that rob right off the bat your own she his christ i in and is costantino anger of ballads a forehanded begin as this measure requires canadians they have as as evidenced by the oil others as and the grass roots sauored coquette sir facts i tracked for owen smile under changing based on money right there or you got to have the support and sees she's basically qualified in san you have to show that you've got significant money or support that means that the whole system is broken ever their his vanity he says we are to toss stratoides and so passing and as gesenius poste during this listento if the fire we sat and as all i i appreciated the previous rest old very housen describing electionscope was his cage other thousands as magnates okay she remembers stuff like that's let's see how bitter memory is on other facts for desire an old cantonese moscow hands i tracked is that seraskert golden okay son to make a common there isn't the attorney general's office in charge of making sure that commerce is carried out correctly in the state the attorney general's officers foscolo for commerce of any kind whether its elections she differed siserary state but the attorney general's office sheriff's prosecute individuals attorney general's office are supposed to be its monteath ch to i said looking golden i should go to the eliotson special ok requires the large operation why this is a job because they've got a continued in a larger and larger of for operation throughout the entire government so so convoluted that they detect you can't function without being part of it but he does it so nicely as he the i er rest yesterday so jean yesterday here then as one he ah the verneinender has not yet as marshals or outer looking for him trampish satisfies caslonare saves so wove and sathaniel so eleeison is what publicity o ye there's a good point what publicity that this was basically some some articles that were out there but it didn't hit then the air was this should be national news this did at this senorita just michigan this affected the outcome of our national election i am i commented on a weed immediate post they were talking about periacaca likes fighter at what other canadahis not conceded it in like a well you just missed that there was a press conference in michigan where only one candidate show it up who is that concededwas think about this the twenty twenty two election is a site for the twenty twenty four election and so this is this is going to affect a national election then there is no toes about it in this should have been on national news across the nation this is if an election has a spell over into the other elections generally okay the implication of this serene i and night i want to see such cashel talking about it he has a lot of each there should be a lot of other people talking about what happened yesterday and michigan it she's like with all the press he should know when he should be turning himself in and i heard it even at the time i was like i couldn't find anything about it beforehand even on their website for her web site the government website didn't have anything about it so there's no couple o city nowhere i think is here you know it's going to be you and i talk and thereon or in that sort of thing because there they didn't pull they haven't really policied it i mean there's a few respicit feels like their throwing kills to the population so here we're going to make a few of restringent lk about or or part in this boat but the sincere gathers did wrong really what about the parties the parties on stand up and and fight this at all there not standing up for the rightful president of the united states present trompets and for any of us this is this is isodectes a national election and my point being as that eh it will he hasn't got it will the next on my point being is that every one of these elections that put shall lack it people in place who had the ear of the media will effect the next election and and the far reaching of occasions of this are huge i am branded charge lege at shone i ask one greedily cries as hard no in each race in consols red house the messolonghi on she won returnedthat i one fortieth and the count of using one he can be cried shononsese had stationed time out light why didn't we have trees on mentioned there oh i shall trace hooted one this and on this cease side evans preside the and rally even now in all altimeter efforts for nine thousands of dollars all when he actually received them were hundreds shock of thousand and he senatorsin began the from men suspicious grant it is and the i still live so the canoes now might that they were going last as a direct resoldered seven and savannas were his alleyfield lot of the canis gilibert there the who is that right there you and that i want to know in wanton that that's exactly that's exactly right cause it was covered up in nations sestertios she should a goggled back as i think i think she growled that because i think that number was much higher sissified gases are not shown their i am he question the other to my question is destrito of them are married where's the third did they know each other where they involved their did they independently all decided to the same thing cause of the work i only mean cocoabut the plan and they individually saw an opportunity and i'm curious and in an if it's three h were there others there were others so i don't think you're done the investigation you have because there were there were others is there listed at who was as otomyinae ort so absolutely there others do not sound like dona yet like me dagonoweda now that he i am in counting you said and likewise he crossed the i see all and here as i he in frankel as after an cantos dollars as nothing zero why was it calefit for all of us and why at length why did he fight for that why didn't he call this forward why didn't he make a stake about this it there should have been what if somebody it's not because she has money it was all donation so you know these people that are taken all these donations and supported by the republican party who none of menstood for election integrity the entire republican party leadership stood by and watched this hamanamana came and shook my hand after that was kind o like all this is too bad sorry you don't what you can save your hand shake i don't shake hands with cowards should have gone half s and stenodus trying to get now trying to placate every one the soricictis do it going on its nightingale well and i no we're talking a lot about this with ryan even at the time we didn't have all this information but we can see that he was not fighting for the people and i'm sorry to be called there were a lot of people who really believed in him and in they had a really hard time accepting what we were trying to say this sky is not out for the benefit of the people he he cast many played them so well and occator you not you the better discernment if there's any less in orientally it is that you need to learn more about how to get your your elected representatives representatives you know the the third of the twenty eight principles is about that we need to elect virtuous leaders and as you and i talked about before the definition there is those people who are leading by example should be leading by virtue not that he tells us what to do we instruct him but if you will let virtuous leader even if there's a competency issue there still got to try to do what is right right there's the man who's clearly not doing what is right clearly an if you have to see it in hindsight than at least benefit from that education as you were saying yesterday so when said what did it do to you and you of what did it do educated me and it ganenhianoron ity to talk about it to other people and then it gave me the opportunity to come up with some answers but it's not just about my ability or interest in coming up with answers any member of the public can come up with answers we can all learn from this one now learn from it what did if you had faith in on and you learned later on you got open your eyes and ears to even accept the fact you were wrong to back him we have a law and taken its certainties the one of us hester really re think what we know and what reality that we bought into these people are great deceivers i mean look at look at the press conference i am really glad that we've got motion in the right direction i am glad that they are considering restitution of the good step in the right direction but not one time was it mentioned that this affected our entire election and therefore should be nullified besidesall the other evidence itself there let let me play a little more here and go on when altmeister he asked me this are and and sometimes to timinetia there out of france against her to the it is cancer of our system of the loco democracy and one grade and ethiopia the constitutional republic people in resigning with misinterpretate more you're oldest thousands hopkinson equator quickly as highlighted by both national and sate here in a capful of sub do think it was quickly well if it was quickly the new responsible the antipodes the word treason right because they were responsible and it wasn't quickly because they knew for monarchs and they never let me know as an individual my rights until may twenty third and it was to the media thank you some light that now he they should have they should have owed it to the entire public and one you see a problem here we're going to deal with it this is what we're going to do we've told the candidates in them i have to have an alternate way what that's what i should have done as the car another did that they couldn't bring it down on the wire so that they could launch all these absentee ballots in order steal the dame sorely profanity to me osaragi anoka here's another one obvious fraud it's obvious rather making a judge with decision according to the law if there's a signature prove they can't just make a judgment call it is supposed to go back to not bangladesh but to the precinct that the local community he doted the precinct the clerk for a comparison of the past signatures thisthis is what this is what she's leaving out there in this little nonsense in what she is doing by saying oh it was so obvious the candidates should have noticed that's why it must be declared is obvious if it was obvious you should have said so multiple times over the last year were they did not do that why she seeing its obvious now because they tried to place blame all there than on themselves because their scared of that big tea word to ofscape the fact that this even if they were even if they were wrong it can only be checked by the local clerk we don't even have in an accent don't have access to that information i went you know look at the poll book i'll try to get the pole book for me for my county insistedthere elections told them they can't talk to us they can't help us we have to go to the border bectons and they don't even keep thee there not in keeping in information there is some wife did it to gintale ponderando misconster chhachan upon me his guest she didn't want to hear the truth and have the responsibility there you can't make a judgment call in this condition you have to follow the law and they did not they did not follow the law that's the she the oak dressers i sometimes even be imitates i reprimanded tregaradue when twenty and roundhouse her inescation we spoke with cannons and representatives of their campaigns is it sesostris of this tree in is as for expand the old of signature gathering oxford efforts and election processes how could a come they they talked about the signature gathering exports now instead before the election he he he haves are here were all were of i the state now when old theme i here okay he gustarit there for me the fee knew that this was an ongoing criminal criminal of action that was happy why didn't they stop this why didn't they stop in den his tracks and make it right and as the redwine that that man you know it's a why didn't they they knew this was going on why didn't they stop it why did they just left this roll up to for me i had no notification no challenge nothing they ambushed me and there was i had three days to even get in defence together and they they absolutely ambushed ah without outside of the outside of the process but if they knew that a crime was in process which they did since march why didn't they stop it involved i noticed something else oh he headed in my notes she mentioned that these people knew that what they had promised in their contract was impossible and what o that tell me that she knew there process is impossible for candidates to do so they pick and chase her back on she well i knowed the pits again it points to the she is just set in that conference that the signature validation process is impossible even for these expert companies two to complete well scandica down a good otherwhen if that's the case then how did we have any candidates who were able to do it she said it was impossible and she said they knew it was impossible if it's impossible how did any candidate get on the ballot if it's impossible why is the law of the way it is right it's all fought in it a constitutional be hapetide tunicson hand had an air on every single one of her petitions that they made a judgment call that she didn't mean it to be that way that's the truth and the letter skate and also there other cenobites that used it wasn't just called they brought him up as upholster child but their other candidates hatoon the signature gathers two but were not talking about that there in this prescott corinne a before classes irish then now she hecatethine orestes no i you're fried that's a bed as a bold face on oeropion of the truth they knew from march and they never said anything and so so how can she even say that they have an that they represent quickly cause they didn't well if they noticed it quickly then they should have acted quickly and that's not what she's indicated got all yes she said that they quickly to say we wish it of its total miss reese somebody's troll in my own channel here ah no brandenberg news net work on romble with a donation don't give any money theretheresmile connected co i no they weren't they didn't follow the law they needed to go back to the that the lost states there is a process they didn't follow the process so she's a mine right there they ought they just they were just make it up policies on the fly which is what braider said and their little goat rodeos now lower or as i am very content an opener and that they are likely to pay i yes and her last and on that night i like to think on my investigators one in along and armor and cachination papermore tirelessly on this case wonder who happened to delineation gallini like pet ackerly a lot i wonder what happened to pete ah and also tolosanesthe ah asters appehended shadwell in it also he was partial i it wore and when he is located a will be in process of estreating caracolear to st ocean shore or in for a disobedient thing moment passion respective political canines and your stop here comes we rode now it's our fault were victims of a cry and she say we didn't get our wonders really are you that in the money that's going out to all of these companies to take our elections to bangladesh no because they want with your whither their permission and their blessing thousands on the organic here are also add after in any and every agreed i think we should look into their involvement nestled whitmore and bensons involvement with a world economic form were bonconti to five million dollar donations took a toothed over to you even to going to a building that was supposed to be in round wiser's name legend and all of a sudden that land is going to the world like an ant form to their heads if for she would know she was talking about a faantain sentire to the crocks but she also said there is many services many services oh service providers for this tree so by having the signature collection process you opened up all the candidates in the entire election to this fraud based on there being a profit to gain by that service well what i want onthrough something in there too that's going to deep in the thing is that there there is a a an article in the news that came out and they ignored this completely that said that this was tied the signer gatherers were being paid by republican ah reposethe republicans as well as down or two not turn and sickness in a vast that question on leoline to this worse words were to this scole because if if the tekoites already out there this is out there right from the beginning that democrats and republicans were involved the signature gathers on a fantanone where they were paying the sicasterthe not to turn in signature that leads right back to the geop to the mischieful can party and the michigan democrate part of the unitary nobody's talking about this word does age that men join and graneries not work as you're going to get the truth here she charge the morning side as the canteen so it's a warning for the potion the oltremodo n't run there so many wolves up beroudier going to get past this this is the game of froger just we have to have a lot of money and the lot of staff who will double check the work of the service providers you pay with these donations that good people michigan pie because he otherthe ballot not case not hasn't done job and got rid of the criminal element is involved in the oh yes take the time and offered after he had he like the never would have helmershausen removing it you didn't let her iridoline i didn't i belave now we talked to actual people who had worked with them because i didn't trust the google sirtalis one why didn't they put a warning out if they knew the isis verssstes the whole process is unconstitutional people in for tacking his contester i anisospore more or less onlihton it off what his petrequin oscinis your are now have you this saisset sausenden sternoster of the lessons sad besides and now she said jeremy ross did she not i wonder if he's any relation to joe moss or moss and in it county series concerns there tied to the republican party and some financial issues that are coming to light that i am going to be breaking here because i want to see this connection there an say that act i those that are less every other to learn on issues in order to it never happens began for much parting that after tooworse free ah is careless heating on every one in followed colingood and i clearly yet not have in tisatierin sances i bes yes rebentisch rge to to day only i was senesino holding countable but also sanselme averse as contrasting like sand write the crimes the half and already sure i believe this was how one ostracism out the actingthat well what you think whether notes some great i will say then in it's not chip i actually want to say that the reporter had some inside knowledge of what they did because of the words that i heard directly from the person inside the ages office was that they were sitting after the investigation started as they brought up sitting around the kitchen table so their something on on there all interesting as if the reporter what what the should have now he i well when they had contracted i was first olemas and then that's it i can't i said again that's what i was just referring to she just said it was a virtual and possibility when they had contracted to do was a virtual impossibility yet since she news that the foot of the sinister is flawed for the opposite he besides here you get in get in yesterdaymrs as in this freelythere you ilacomihua a person was gathering as soon as trescobell i and i can do that and they can have a one person signed all or is something legal out that however he coming haveagain for governor or any other oblige that one person can only get wine the only side one of those and these forms had to know that when the weak in and is what we allithwaite his pack he now pisistratus to all to be poised pomerie because he got to the point where these of sinister plees we in inine ten long and twelve dollars again there's nothing has stops he signature flesh and forms correctionally hiring people i heard from a good source that cries paint thirty a singletree olevista point reponens as part ornithoornitho the process we ice traglio these in it one of the people associated or that i know acelerado signature gatherer over by a sompnolentes and the last name and sixshooter was that believed gonzales and soothing at talking about chested we were gathering for tenterdon that we could not get the signes we couldn't get to fifteen thousand how in the world did she overnight in the last week at twenty eight thousand there's a question at eesbeke this lisbon as and we the courage that to happen and i made no effort to warn the campaigns in word eliminate rosanette passed to one as you asanecaneme to do it both pensieroso he so happened there the handlers step stopped out tell her what to do goanese no i did see some movement there but it's time on my cranstead is had i all as you direct the who's goin to ask the questions oh lay and then he stepped out for why owen outlined out a and a the investigation is not going isn't the three is right established a post one that wore and certainly are lesser offer as i you are and he that someone or charging some nemesis that is significant right there it's goin continuing on and some of those people may be co operating witnesses which i expect is probably happening and i like to hear that state with that was great i wear ah senor flash he that after coleorton stay and dissolve whatever there is is in ten before as a sting as and coriandoli sicle o was pericord at first all the caterina tors charge suddenly the answer the stony to make sure that won't pay no one and so place so that we don't escamotage no one had to have its sonority than later so yes i hate me could have wainstead you know charge men apprehended every single one of the sesterces and onesimos season as it perched one after and and what for that not enough sorry not of his do you think that all three peas people are undistressed ents and by talking about feels martials anstis not in the state but they all three are so that on incheskeith fast there she doesn't even know it when we were told that he had turned generaliser the promises march personally i didn't find out about a torment so that there were indedendence notice estates hence at it's a treat national and while i'd like to i athensthat if it was to see it and yes all comissioners for not finding out of this soon and we were turning much is pride and moriscos even the fellow was a followed we had no there was no charges or anything and i like to know how that can be handled there's no market the wise both i ask you to go as he was herefordiensi the orolestes we don't i can get that serous as a criminal and vestiges ring she is supposed to be charging and going into the investigation oh it's her it's her job if she knows it and she doesn't say something as he turned generals officers or any one she could have shone out a problem here and stopped it now she is blaming it out administrative procedures that i don't even think it really set that's what you don't constitutionally or otherwise i think she's blamed it on it an overburdening system right there and in going forward and watch it she's in to go back to the candidates falls as she she's telling me that she never saw it in the news on may twenty third and she never saw this so there wasn't a red flag on the fact that our elections were absolutely in peril do you have a problem with that karen oh yeah but she not payin attention to election as house namoto so now we're going to go we're going to run around the room like a bunch of little monkey and despair at what needs to be said there i think that that's where you know you get into some of these quests and i and i looks like their kind of other there seen what they're tether tolde so but at any rate she is responsible for this and she can't tell me that she can get the information since june unless she was over at the stadium at michigan state drinking herself under the table and passed now so yes i went there that merged definitely what their didicere oh yes i i let go grottensis hohestein the bathroom hurling and just kind of missed the fact that this is all going on since march and then in the media and may and i know the other candidates were working on this and with legal defence way before they could say they had gotten a channel so i guess she wasn't paying attention to the elections just sort of roderigue sure i by that so any up while i tell you what this is good this is a good place to stop i'm going to tell very please go to bread and bird news networked out hot and you'll see the full video that that came from fry if you want to watch it and the questions dose me moved by this by the report you're a wise so be good i think wolloping people should watch it yellow your forward here minute and well we'll see they is they can't they catch me in the hall and i say no you can't be here you need to go outside and speak your mind because this is our golding says not your building you got positano this then i'm getting rid alive i got a head outside and checked the animals one more time and then i got an appointment i like these jolly alec he's still became for angles that i've got to the train to jumble to phones and the going out of liverpoolengland to was that he kept things as he did pretty good other the circumstances we could see who at least part of me your face most of the time apollodor ewhaoo order you he looked ready ready to go i love good fight and i loved to bat you know it's just it's really interesting i very much like debate so but at any rate will esterefre be great how because i think that all this is coming to the surface custises the very positive thing they started a rest their talking about going forward with more rest and were seen the flaws in their game and that's the most important thing it's like like i said i really you know i don't i wasn't a person who had to wind it all costs and i said that from beginning i've got a great life and i if i didn't like it i would change it or you know i take responsibility for myself right but i decided to stop up and try not really right the state with some advance management skills which nobody of their seems to have regularities they don't seem to ondon't even have half business kills one on one but they sure got this money longer and things figured out and how to hide this protectedhe man ther other experts at that and the experts are doing business with china and north korea and just watch it all the every single american out their languish and die and i i really got to tell if this is not one party this is all of them it's a uni party set agen this is the decision that we have to make the only decision we have we are americans and we stand together sands the labels the labels have to go other than the fact that we are a nation one to under god indivisible with liberty and justice for who for all not dis republicans winning at all cross or the democrats when in it all cost because real part of it and so he hoped we've i have a bunch of financial i believe in proprieties that we've dug up in the republican part and the republican part of the aidothen new parties complete note disse that we they've already proven that that they are that all of my worthless we know the democrat parties worth less completely worthless and now you know their use in their feeing to mislead you all of them it's all about fee wings it's not about facts it's not a critical thinking it's about how many pretense can i push your button to get you jounpore that's what it's not a were onisconsin ue to arm everybody with truth and moving forward with truth and transparency and nobody gets a past absolutely not one person is going to get a pass on this me and we've got it we but we've got to go back to taking it back to corps of the issue which can't discite snaking around the outsides and and because that's what there doing the siphon are on the outside and protecting the ones that are really the public manson and their sacrificing the lorsch and fondas coldfinch in the puppets go down it on others sacrificed in the puppets to to save their own behind so it's okay they're all part of it just take layers down thinking yet her implicate themselves along the way they sinopite they had they are forced to implicate themselves along the way she did but they're tryin hide that fact so funny in it is funny it is funny cause they think that were they think we're stupid we're going to throw out three erect it'stootoo three or rest and let's see what they do are they here he have with that all see look they've got three ross i'm going to go back to my regular life now that that's the best like i could that's like picking a football on the field and let's move it three inches then it went forward let's let's help everybody doesn't notice the fact that we went three inches rather than going across into the anze so glad the horses are on the race glad they started run sorry that twelve of them died on the way but we got a winter here don't look back at the twelve to die dropped along the way in okes we've got motion and that's what people want to go people you and being like to go where they think the winners are and so they tell you that something is a winner most people will fall for that and go look in their jump on the winter's band wagon i want of you win or too while the poem is is the water might be the biggest bad guy in then the room so we need to critically think about thethe laroche the runner was not the people of early the winter wasn't run in or tutor he know his people were hoping for o yes that even cold but they sure present their mode other not i they're not how you people i don't love you they don't care about you now the evidence is clear the childish and the dominant they only love you if your standing there with your pocket books open where they pick it from you that's the only time they love you is that as long as you're you're buying in to pushing them up the ladder ah and it's for financial gain for them it's not for standing for anything that that is truly america i think i think we're a get smarter by the day we've all been deceived in some form or another now people people will bring up once in a while your campaign was infiltrated they all are but hanysha the truth the question is as do you clean them out once you figure it out said they were present to all present tempered the so many times president dumped the rightful president of the united states on he had bad people around up well where were you ever hear it complain about bad people around out you don't get a pass if you say that because where were you stepping up to say i'll help i'll jump in and help now we set back in our honour high horse at home and blame everybody instead of being able to jump forward and actually get in the game to help people that you know or be that good keep you don't be that good person that the rest of us can also get behind you know you have to step up you don't get a pass anyone to the rightful president of the united states president donald j trump hats off to you because you jumped into the swamp and it you just kept going even though they kept coming in and i know like he's easily he's like going across to the the road like you know like a sodomites the frogerth ng again it's like forager and of us from the outside it's like roger you're going to have something is going to go home in you're out and hopefully if they just hit a flipper you know and i'm on the frog journey he go it's the frigore right there were playing for all of us hopefully we get through to the end but it's hard to say but i only one can sit on my life is going to be god almighty so i just a warning any one out there oh that's with the games flight so anyhow let's say a prayer carin and go on to the day all right then think well oi did post the flyer that they here let me show ready this manicas i do think this i falsely and pile telegram channeled this morning there's more than i'll post but i want to let me i'm sure this was the video counts out which sometimes does a right so here you go i'm going to stop this screen and and the swan yet this this is this is where i or hard or hurt and urged money goes i run all the cameras set the broadcasts out then good bad or otherwise you got me and and that's what it is so here you go this is the letsitela inside here on this is the ah that what the ageing assocciated off and handed to us see can see the exact you can see the exact charges that that they are putting out there and who they included in this it was kind of dame for callie has he never he never received any signatures of paid fifteen thousand dollars in your money to get the signatures so you think that person will be responsible if they were in office doubtful i the so in their sons for will will read and and jane and that would be at brandenburg or assetato ah brandenburg the number four on my in telegram ah you can go there and find find all this if there's a lot in posters out there for me in telegramese want to be men or something because there's a lot of mother if i and i never talk about finding antelani on a personal level to any one if somebody does that it is that me and then just just a you know come search with the real one grandethe number four and i and that will be my telegram channel bring a truth or you can go to brandegore bramberger dombes cat of the best candidate who is never conceded i am not in the best known concededwas never not conceded the history of the world it had theresamantha were going to go on dear homely father thank you so very much for giving us the ability to speak the truth when nobody else is choosing to go in that direction or very very few we we thank you that you're walking through as that you show us all things it's not a worse seen it if that you absolutely put it in front of us so that we know which direction to go what to talk about and what to expose this is this is all about you to your honor and glory we just follow you we say yes lord jesus we are thankful for everything that you've done for us were thankful for the discernment and the wisdom you give us the protections and the guidance as we walk forward let every one know that we are we love them that they are so loved and that thwarters so many messothen for them or families as one nation as one people brothers and sisters united in christ thank you so much thank you for for always being there right next to us that that in your eyes help us to see every one with your eyes with the hope in making right decisions turn every one to you to get all the set of our lives we should strike to live sinless life and not just you know moved forward and saying it's okay you're going to forget about i don't think you're going to forget about it father i really don't and so we go forward knowing that you forgive us when we make mistakes because we all do but also knowing that in your you will you will forgive us for the mistakes we make when we turn to you except to this crisis our saviour you are our saviour when we go to you you are faithful and forgiving us and holiness to move forward and dry and our tears putting us back on our feet again and say it's okay ye ye had a dark moment but let's just keep going it's going to be okay and learned from it and move on so we thank you for that so very much want to let you know that we love you we ask you confuse every plan of the enemy that you open every one's eyes seor glory truth righteousness and just and thank you so very much his precious neighbor amon here on deming woman brand or for governor do come go there for the only non conceding governor hecate and ah well enwoofed with us i enjoy your day we love you i then karen believed out they they do that occasionally i god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america we're going to do this your important i'll see a monday monday we probe i will probably do some large drops on bran burnes net work having to do with the only goes no just the gen p out there scarites back again said monday will be back and checkersand and i endowing drops wherein the amigo p notes the gean that the grand new party but the amidei think we've got some big problems there guys all you to do is looking financials and you can see for yourself what is going on in insolite disturb an we've got some subpoenas we've got some money that when interruptions consultans and ah it it looks it looks kind of bad so and that's okay when we see things like that we have to britford we have to address them we have to lay it all out with transparency for every one to make good decisions going forward and they had either they correct it or they have to be removed and where that sad have a great codicilli tle plug so for those who are not subscribed on my sub stack ah the name is carrying the riveter and i have done a five part serious which which might grow over time it's called bad the battle belongs to the lord i been posting an article every day in the week so far out to night will be the last one i've spent criteria time working on it each one's got some a lot of bible in it to day is going to be about david and goliath and we're trying to imply the essence in the scripture to what we are experiencing right now what does the bible say about how we should be responding what should we be doing and so on so ah you can find it on my telegram page is well she had a great telegram page so here i go i membering as sub distant sorry i didn't get to that i was on a roll to day tarratines then his think about it i usually don't plug anything for my stuff he i say or were they in that thionite totter job o that my pologies but here's here's carenses and there he growled the bottle belongs on start here and there ye go the formation of mass the mass formation of psychoses and shock and hang and so i like the sight in part when i've written about the modsatte world and how we should respond for this winged wonderful story of gideon and god's picture found a judge of soonpat inspired rid machelen which had posted recently a telegram as though hollicott and helped bear our burdens but we still have a responsibility to act at three using analogy a screaming bob kipisagee from the book of psalms and romans to encourage us of all while such a good moon lightly a part for we dive into the book of esther reading read the whole book ahead of time a few like there's lot gleamed here part five is about what we can learn from day as example at first samuel seventeen so they all go check that out is carried as a lot of work and she's wonderful at this and she is a very good friend to me and to all of us think he'll i boththere you go so all right so many halls come back to him a great day god bless you god bless all the sole whom you love and god bless america i pose substancelike on my channel too soon as i'm off here so i had this