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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 7/18/2023 - Tatar Tuesday - John Tatar

Published July 18, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

Tatar Tuesday with John Tater. Know the law and use the law - defending yourself. All things Constitution and Lawful Process. Tatar Tuesday with John Tatar Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am in fact donna brandenburg and it is the eighteenth day of july twenty twenty three welcome welcome this morning and i was out this morning we had a a red a little discussion and the chicken coops last night and one of the chickens go up of little bit of an injury so last night i was up nursing the chicken a little bit and this morning i ran to the barn and i'm happy to report to anybody that near what was going out with a chicken that the chicken is doing well this morning saw that was that was it's amazing how brutal nature can be and i think a lot of people don't realize what you know what nature is really like you know if it would be great to say that everything plays nice but they really don't unfortunately people can be the same way sometimes i think that sometimes what we see in our surroundings so we just need to be the best we can be in set of good example sogering on my body this morning let's see triedif ferent lists form at good morning how are you done i'm doing very well and what do we have to day it is take her to day i got to have like the crowd goes wild silent sound behind the seat and we get it's the sound effects going on here is make a little more interesting so i had to regain go it went well your son is to have reasonable weather anyway in rain little your son is a little low can just see you turn is sound up dis little bit sales low when i'm not vibrating in all leinenhandel fairbetter ah that's better note obatter so i wanted to have a start the south this morning with the rowing a serenade from mister tater snowing he here go gissart of live retired were going to do john sigeroth the sun from the qualities in search of the fort reserves from the and who have changed to the hoorah well there we could more than i know price we lost many that that pietate be glad soon so in sudden ray mouthis repose well then if he be an early one moneth repent we are one to stand on a bare atrothshophan strong but this tretheroewhen fatherconsolation deseoso from those elongate point storsaelen notes his clear protectors his we are one and you are petersenhis in and strong this wetherley heathen is than strong for this strathore lettice no oscar that is so and so my love that thank you not you for portion your man if any talents hyeh excellent i started for the cork in before i played that you really have tinoco the hole or you as saripada cordion wow ow tellthat's cool so you pocito i do some polkozie that's cool you don't like my dad wither was a wonderful dancer when he was younger and he could out polka anyone on the planet and it was it was really pretty fun i remember him carrying me around and pokindunois it was he iatobo my death might have good competition between each other one that's wonderful i love it how how cool i love his witelin those are harder to play nice i thank you the alba there a little more difficult but they do have my son that was really really nice of you you produce that when you produce that when you were running for governor or what for i run whereas your potgether like all your songs and one spot i find to do that we do have have a a i i don't know tattered through rador hoothats to honor i love it that's awesome somewhat are we going to day mister cater for ten tuesday i think we've probably need to get back to the basic are the language i still hear people say our constitutional rights i say that once in a while and i screwed on olcesi while your part but there's a lot of people out there that actually mean that their constitutional rights and my question is are the rights given to us by the constitution there given to us by god so why do people say constitutional rights because what's the purpose of the conte to constrain the covered right it's me it's the laws by which the government has the authority to governess then there are no rights given to us by the constitution the protected by the first ten amendments of the so beyond that too because the not dentlemen says we have many more rights than or what lists water listed but we get back to the language and in as i say many many kinds if you don't control the language you don't control the narrative and in this case we have the control the language to control the merrie i like the democracy of like them sane democracy is just they just programten people start picking up the speech patter and platonda if they're not taught the correct way to do it they are the the quick correct usage then it's a problem what the problem that we have is then we get out into the public and we start talking tison as as a democracy as a constitutional rights and we put that thought process in the heads of the younger kids in my case too when i was going to school for you here that's the way we were learning it but it took in on to undo that process shook me time to undo that process to learn that it's not the constitutional rights but its god given rights protected by the case and there are a lot of people out there that's still believe that we have the titian a right their violating our constitutional rights and by saying those things your actually saying government that's the constitution you prove you right the constitution and therefore you give us those rights the bass ackward its subordinates us that's it the language puts the son physician of subordination rather than taking the superior position we are we have the and that's well what we have to stand the superior pose that we are in charge the langer in there were so much there's so much teaching that needs to be done even of been studying a little bit on the law enforcement and the fact that a lot of the law enforcement the sheriffs i i interviewed probably half the sheriffs and the state when when i was running and i was shocked at what they did not know of milly whom i right now at learning as i go kind of doubt of that is going on here you know and i was shocked that they didn't know their position and they didn't know what they were not only charwhat they could do but they were charged to do and i think in till we get that figure it out like the sheriff's don't know what they're supposed to do a lot of em don't and some of my don't think care there is a few of em in a really good but there's not very many of them that really the best answer that i that i was given was what could i aovernor who respects constitutional governor do for you and one god goes nothing stay out of my country and like or my county and like cornered tear about hurried in my feelings he didn't care about anything he spoke truth and i was like i was like i like this sky this is a good guy he's not trying to see her canting he's not trying to win a plate anything he just straight out that's right that the problem is that most people that we elect to office do not know their just just point blank out now like the exposed to be doing there or rightprivate kind west that's all it is is they get voted on oronoko who is you know who are i don't know it's a popular is a high school mentality can so they say things they don't mean just to manipulate people rather than just speaking the truth and people be in adult enough to listen to the truth and and let the chips fall where they may you know absolutely correct secrets a lot a population or populipopulus contest it is based on popularity because that's how we voted for the i never heard of his sky therefore am not gonebefore this one i'm onable for somebody i heard of amercement for the winter the designated winter which the news me he tells us is going to win so i've been on the news me to just told us that this person's going to win so work it all like a bunch of lemmings running that direction and bolt for them because we only want to vote for winners and their telling us who the winters are its creak it's a crazy sing out force i did you see the narrowhouse bill that's out we were talking i was on the communications committee meeting last night for the sexes party i just want colleotion and i are members of the estates there's no jerry springer politics there is no ball kicking going on there there is no none of this nonsense out of her about that didn't go the republicans sleepcan state committee where we had a ball kicking in her and ignores early that it made a breach on that now spoke about in it it made rachel made look looks better and more professional than the polandpart i was like it was like yet that's about right we're we're on the downward spiral on recoverable right now because they are public can parties become a joke and when that kind of behaviour quite honestly we don't see that sort of thing in the text there party it's truly and statenapoleon talk they don't get crazy they don't get stupid they just talk things out if somebody if there's a best candidate orses a best person for a job that because there's no money in it there's no money in people can you in the morning set thick in your well ah i'm you know we we wait more respectfully because of somebody really has a a a punchnot for he'll usually say while i'll do it but nobody really wants any of the jobs could it's like they're willing to do it is duty so there's no competition there it there is there's you don't see the competitive part of it it's more of a respectful and people read people nominate each other rather than somebody politic in to get a position they don't we don't do that it's like people will talk in somebody will say i really think that person is well suited for this job and that person sits back and goes all right i'm willing to do that and they do it because of the love for but there's no money in it sidebeds train go i have to have my way you know it is totally as only defend encouraging everybody check out the estanteras party it's a it's a good spot to be now whatever happened to all of the funding that the republican party of icing yeah watch what happen that they refuse to put their fine hands as out there because there's payments made that they don't want people to see petropetro going on in the republicans that's somannass you know it if i was on republican party to i did this to the tax payers caryi saw something that was wrong a fourteen year falling felt that he was committed and on like you get this thing cleaned out or i'll burn this puppy right to the ground single hand with like and it's gwenda few people within the republican party that step up and say you get this thing figured out a work it up burnett to the ground and we'll start over whither it will start over without you criminal set in at the time the whole frankincense is compromised i don't know there's one person setting up their case i've seen absolutely no evidence of it whatsoever no oertaken about election with negatif they are there like allottable integrity and then the you know and then they say okaytake it down over here i'll say yes let's go and you stop it that's exactly what he there is no there's no unites all talking point to keep their sorrybut a saving the democrats in doing for years it sets one in the thing they have the painful book so on i'm encouraging everybody out there jump in the sea you know to kick their sorry but out and i don't you don't there's no there's another the problem is is that there's not enough people at the local level that have not been intrenched in politics to fill the seats right now that the problem yet anybody that's in there right now and esebeon and there's a therenothat effort called rescue meshigan and am a rescue michigan is out there but the promises there all connected so i'm looking at this going great we're going to remove all his politicians in his search you know the second string of criminals at antismelter do were going to listen to more people that he say or going to get these people out who were standing with them are now still standing with some people in their people step up and take a position to anybody can do that if i i could step up and do this i shoveled horsemen who were i ronsoco panis and that i could know it any one can do this and and and geanyou too i mean you you are an you've got to skillett's incredible because of all of your knowledge your history your military service record it but i mean we need we need like a ton thousand john taters to scout forward where had this goblinlike the problem is my name isn't well enough known like some of the other republican who are on them their pushing them with elected over one side have newspaper articles and get on television and do all of that kind o sons casera working together and they're all working together he doesn't matter which democrat or republican you get into the office as long as we at the the sorrows crew and the criminals controlled them never now lecolle bold well this rescue michigan now has got this nonsense out there and they actually side they they were actually saying that this version that person's motineer was throughly further patrick patriotero look into it they aren't telling exactly what's going on there and it's just its second string this is what's happened we first string his failed now we're going to throw sickening in there and try to see these people but it's the same group of the same pre forest law the biggest problem we have thick of pat way too much for the little bit of and there waiting and lancing was too much and they spend a lot of time and energy working on their re election process and there in their fortoons rather than what the supposed to be doing in government which as representing the people they don't even know that their supposed to represent that one he knew at what something that really shocks me as that typically the chairman of the republican party to democracy the chairman of the parties they're the ones that are charged or the the accepted rules is for fondrier cocher by skin with the poster rictal run the party in the organization so the problem is as you got the chair up there and their major there major task is to find race this is nothing what an organization of a bunch of money horrors out there that watashaw with money they can get to buy or elections to put the people in that they have chosen to set in the seats to protect themselves in their structure that's an it's all we have the time of the time and this little dempster fire i have the gentleman that works with me quite close with lewith when we do documents and we write things and we go to court he my right hand man sort of speak or actually maybe i'm his right hand man a quick sure whose food but he was he's running for governor not governor mayor of wesel but he's not well known the four others that are running for and by the way there five of the might believe running for primary even though there's no party affiliation in the primary there is i've people running against each other and they are going to come down to two for the final election why not his have one election for all five on the ballad and that will be the final election elections to cost money and so was slandered what but they do because he got up count the boat to get a higher people so he that they cost money number one o his coptright but not to the degree that we've got now no but why would whissland spent that money to to play the game out of primary election with five people that are not even party affiliated they're not supposed to be in ah the supposed to be neutral is that in that regard and to come down the two candidates and in missing something it ensorcela they they they're taking the choice away from the people and they put it in the struck the power structure so you can only vote for the ones that they approve to its corrupt ethel at the lower levels like a in the really lower level none of the other cities and townships in michigan are any better they all played their own silly game one where the other either in the courts or in the executive branch or in the legislature there all playing the same game in order to get in fall and be part of it like a real look at the sheriff is in order to be part of the sheriff you'd have to get in he'd have to be a friend of him worthy and and thou what the heck are got bored burton you'd have to know these people because they actually put the sheriff in post to run as the democrat in wesley and in waco and i was running against him i was rentthe odso the running i like pushing up hill in this guise is sliding down the hill he's got the volts she's got the power because he's got the dip the democratic a machine on his side and the democratic sisinchine not only if they couldn't win by actual vol counts they won by putting pete at the tea c center to hide what was going on inside the building and the counting of the bolts this stuff is is unbelievable so you're running or office or running against the machine solipede and here i would say for a allontanarsi person of their migetius to say that to my dear asmar i wish it was round here but honestly vote them all out and if somebody is being he now if somebody is being hammered by the mellitarii there because that if if they're trying to censor is the silent as there are no body if they're quiet you know that's one you're going to go for that's one in or because it's like you know they're not part of that fund edicine to buy the votes in it there trying to silicon it's because it's the only real candidate there they and the rest of them are selected given favor by parties so let me o let me sit here and and read if you thinks a weird not see more in poetry down and clean and a charlotte and loud then i'll see wells or got here got foothe people in here too a igood writing that's a good rise we are definitely not a democracy they are policy pushers yet policy to protect themselves in line your own pockets love so polesretreat song john charles a short sad did you see darby dangle barbe foodand she's like a gand the that hapned by snarls and walk nor paul and daisy fellowship for no america have to look into that he was hers of the aventine i was at this sweet young and a gothones every single person has evaded and question and not by some one else we all have to bring the evidence forward because when you start looking at people at the tops of parties who have business in china they are absolutely running that party in order to make a gain a financial gain for themselves and if they say their work can for free they better have an income stream that's their own or they batter have em we'd better start questioning who is paying in you know like i'm volunteered i'm sitting i'm putting no money into this this is rough effort right now i get on here and it basilicas me absolutely nothing i say except for my time i get you up in the morning and set things up and talked to people and that sort of thing nobody's findin me this is just rough time but when you look at people you know volunteers volunteer chestbut when you look at other people and see that they get in a position of power there being founded somewhere if we look at the receipt of this thing i recompensed to ask the right questions are not asking the what right questions for the party and at the party is i want to see the i want to see the bank of isis i want to see the receipts i don't want to see your your spinning of haven i want to see the actual money that went out in the actual money that came in because if you see those bank recedes and you see the receipts and the payments you can see things like oh somebody said they were paid the much they were actually paid double so but their spending it italin you here but there is no there's no a there's no prose so somebody out there go and ask for the receipt because there's too many istuneri flags and i'm seeing within republican party hooligan screwed an your discreet big toe and so to sit out there and save but we believe we believe that their tween the right these are knights people rode down saved with that kind of stuff and keepest show me how absolutely naive they are when they bullieve the their nice people because you know no no no no how many people have taken taken people down to spy lifetimbers of going that have gone on but but you don't go to hold me to do this really show me the trickiness i want to see how anything herondon gone houses you bought on my honor on our doing that we don't ate it something happened in the republican party right now i can guarantee you that that's happened certainly as surethere there have been as corrupt as the democrats services they hide it bounder well that's i don't i don't doubt that at all sonnone of them and i haven't ran into one person that's been in office or that is running for office that has an any clue about what their duties and jobs i got a question for you and hand were example ken for sample a prosecutor not prosecute now they don't have the right to show em to decide what prosecutor not exactly if they have the crafty and the thing that's probably the prosecutor's right now is that they are getting it eighteen per cent back on judgments going into the retirement accounts so they're going they're going to do that's why they have they have such a high um high judgment rate they prosecute cases that they are going to get a money judgement on of some sort or another and part of that judgment goes into the retirement account exactly so that the petrolem self interest the other side of the coin is can a judge when when you fire as a complainant cannot judge dismiss your case without going through the process of erin or i don't believe the hen and do that but i don't think that that something they can do either he absolutely correct they have no authority to dismiss their there to listen and there there to to mediate in the case there not there to make o that kind of decision and yet they do they do they're to society who they're going to hear and who they're not going to hear in such and and i think that this is where the grand jury needs to come in too as that there the there needs to be that the structure is kind of got out of hand right now and it's wrong you know we've got such a here i say in explosion and population from when this whole thing started so honestly i think that we are we have not enough judges and there not local enough so like if we had if we had a something where there is a process and valvata local level such as the grand jury here in as that that he had perhaps a little bit more more power i think that would be that would be a better way to do it while the other side of that coin is the jury there the problem because i was in my life time when i was a little on the younger side there they probably in the deities or so they passed a ruling saying that we are no longer going to a man got understand what i mean when i say this were no longer going to give the keep the jury in the hands of the cities we're going to give the jury to the prosecute they're going to run the juries is what they do right now i and we're talking about grand jury when we years ago was just to know the volunteer system new volunteer you became a jury went there and you did your things as a citizen not as a member of the st they changed that some time back in the eighties i think it was an idiot probably should do little history searching on that where they turned around and they gave it to the prosecutor to you the grand jury to indict and nine remember daddy mclean used to be on the radio then he exclaimed as a baseball are for the detroit lions they tried tigers rather and he said that a grand jury could indite a bolognese and he was indicted several times one for racketeering in one for something else i remember now what it was but he was indicted a couple of times or criminal and he was on the radio he wes on w x is which was toleration and he was talking about that process where in all he was being indicted but he was not supposedly innocent i don't know what the he was here was an i didn't see the facts he but the fact of the matter was that he said the prosecutors can india belloni sandwich which made me say holding molly and all they have bad kind of power because we the people gave it up we didn't want to go to jury duty and we still i still here people saying i i get out o dagos compass letter how do i get on to jerry yet i'm too busy to be an american that honestus you go take care of me and in that you know it's like well no that's that's the problem that's why we it's the promeissis first and foremost when you're looking at a sisterton like you got to firstfor must look at your were it were any of us willing to serve where if we had we probably would have gotten in the mess that we were in right now because we would haul this thing back in the seventies spray right we could have shut it down where there were such a thing called jerry nocte and i'll bet a lot of your listeners haven't heard that turn may be some have but as a jury you could nullify a law or nullify the criminal act that's being brought forth for judgment you say now this is an unjust one organ to nullify it in the grand jury has or the jury as the the petitoris now that the grand pengery has the power to nullify any law why don't that cossey don't about it they don't under all the and rows this yes reddishes this is just so crazy and how far we have fallen from a you know the the the unit that we have been dumbed down oh yes to the lowest come in to dominate or here you know there in its it's amazing how every single day i i don't know about you but every single day i learned something new and gold what why you don't grind him we learned this and you know it's really its rulesthere all in the same row of learning things as we go hopefully acquiring knowledge and it should be our full time job whether we're doing one thing or another you know pittoriche baroko your buds on and stoplisten ing to the to the stuff haousas your time to get in and learn something like hillsdale hills dales got the american history courses as well as the constitution courses in such a gentle kind of and and the free so that we can listen to these and an act you can listen to me could read him you can watch him whenever you want to do but we have to get educated on the system in order to take it back we can't we can't expect somebody else to do it we are going to have to fan together all that's absolutely correct i wonder how many people out there now about notification that the i would expect a lot of people don't i've got that novel ification book that i that a ten kind of like slowly working through it i've i've got a stack of books like you can't believe the it's it's amazing i wanted to read something that somebody suddenly this morning i thought this was really really amazing ah this was sent to me by one of my listeners and it was i'm usgoing to read this amenuse i thought this was really good and it's an encouragement it from this stonishin just reflection for encouragement while the people of israel will still at a rapid the warriors of amalack them moses commanded josh shoes for men to go out and fight the army of amosoro i will stand the top the hill holding a staff of god in my hand existent and nine why do we go to church to listen to our pastor che why do we spend time reading the bible because that's how we can realize that god's work is alive and very applicable to our lives the mornings verse is the morning's verse is one of many examples the at the amalechites led by their king amalech attack the newly freed from slavery in egypt israelite people think like a week to cut to the chase they are not an organized army but a rag tag group of people trying to get the new home promised to them by god this is so often like god to have his children the israelites you and me face challenges that go away above our pay that's by design moses to joshua to grab some guys and go fight george washington was told to grab some guys and go fight the most powerful and well organized army in the known world perhaps your being asked to grab some people and go do something well out of your skill set ercombert remember in all things it's go that's doing the fighting we just need to show up and do as he says joshed the amalecites with his rag tag group of gas we know washington defeated the british army and his rage tagand when we recognize that it is god who actually fights for us we the canepetiere victory over those things in our life that he has called his to do retscipe helps to seek god move in the past in his promises are just as true for us to day but do you believe this and i think that this is applicable to what we're talking about we have to get in the fight we can't just sit back and hope somebody else is out there studying the laws and studying the constitution and that sort of thing and giving us the right answers because were lyeing to get the right answers based on if those people have honesty and integrity prem a pretense at ninety nine one night for homekeeper tootles it's up to us to get in there and i educate ourselves so that we become the people say oh we're going to be the little john tater angel setdown your shoulder going you're wrong and insaneas this is what it actually says we only do that by studying and studying the law the things that are in place and becoming becoming our own educated experts honest on subject matter that's part of we are born for this time were on the misspecify battle that we are all face and god is calling upon us to do certain things in this battle it will never give me anything that you cannot handle but it may take you to the end and you can cut though you've got the fight and you've got to do that you can't back down and say no you remember churchmen that is coming on or what do you like it or not and if you sit back and do nothing you won't be judged accordingly so when in when you have been picked on when he capon the shoulder and says he i want you to do this for us i want you to do this fight you'd better get in there and do the best you can to be set otherwise says you i tapped you on the shoulder and you didn't do anything on your time was come when the time it comes so you're not proving yourself i believe that that the operative word here is studied to show yourself proved and that means that i don't think god's going to be impressed with if you if anybody got into how the insult when i got a score of eighteen on a golf game perfect score right i'll be god's got a care it's like you know he's going to go ye who can great fantastic you put a lot of time into that what did you do to help my kingdom and i mean that that's to too you know what it's not that we don't enjoy things we all enjoy things but but if if you're if you're leaving that part behind for these things we enjoy is not bad thing but but there's got to be a little bit of work there and work is exactly what it says it's work and then we got to be able to put that work so he what did you get for service for what did you do for service for others and god well once god set serve his for others that's what this is all about or here to serve each other and the help each other out also if i take care of the least of these you're taking care of me as what he says exactly so here you astrotte constitution here and let's start hammer in the thing out oh i think we were for think we were on the twenty fourth i've got that when pulled off heowever you want that's pretty good that's scotists come i say like tegorarin one sir john more good to go if we're repeating ourselves that oke many times you have to hear it more than once in order to get at the sink so ere going to save this the rhinoceroses in the united states the volgan any primary or other election for president or vice president for electors for president or vice president or for the senate of representatives in congress shall not be denied or abridged by the united states or any state by reason of failure to pay and poole or other as now we know that there was a poll tax situation after civil after the civil war at this thing was enacted in nineteen sixty two saw it was kind of like almost way after the fact after all of the problems in the south were resolved or at least coming to a conclusion so why was this passed while i do what was going on at that time we do know that this was the martin luther king's time and they were in the streets and they were of protesting and or marching for freedom for the a black population and so on and so forth so this was part of that time period also this is everybody being a citizen and a city while was it necessary to put a amendment in the constant regarding polter oh the whole i have heard sagaing shan a then necessary i tried i shouldn't have been necessary because people should not figured it out without the need need of or the necessity of this lack of intemperate the lack of integrity and they think that they're going to do more laws and more you know more laws and more more more more more complications and more governments going to fix it it just makes it worse that's right and that's exactly what this deditus added another burden on the situation not not that that the ah all the citizens and in this country shouldn't have the right to potenshul have to be paying a polltax on not saying that what i am saying is that this is something that should have been resolved if the congressional people that put this together figured out that we should have an amendment the poll tax the nation have been able to go back to the seat and say he this is a problem we need to fit at the state level not at the federal level and they didn't do that instead they came up with an amendment to and the polltax while one you don't have the process corrected you just shifted to a different situation and that's exactly what happened here we didn't this did not ah correct discrimination when it was at one part of that discriminatory that was carried on by the i don't know i can't even say the general mass ben or government that's been causing the separation of of races it's been the government that's caused the separation of men and women are the people in general do that there not generally brought up to believe that there's there races better than the other race is the government that been causing these separations different racial groups to sexual groups whatever it's the government that's been causing it like the government is doing i got with a riddle i thought we got rid of the a racial discriminations now the sudden attacking about reparation the talking about blacks against why they got the ah thank you hillary clinton for your ah how what is it the black group now out there black life matter grow to an withipole murder that's as one anna that feeles erluternder you know bail loose her her and and a and what that was hilary hilar ataryatis take it right back to the queen which out there hillary clinochlore that's the hilary grouiller geproven baby murderers the the masander murder or considing murdoch nevelet lest the arkansan less from from hilary yes i saw that was like eighty five people at the time the credible or can that many people commit suicide have weird deaths you know that's like the the dead doctor is don't don't i lie rooyah all these doctors that were murdered because their speaking out against pharmaceuticals and had the matter black come who in whatever if if as long as they can keep us divided against each other and always fighting against each other then we never gave tention to what the government can i get i ask it can i ask one of those stupid questions do i look white not what i don't do you look like now you don't you and i will cut a pink ass you know and so so i think it's all thing is so super it's not even thinking shantallow relieved black and evading my life i have seen all sorts of variations of skin tones but i never seen anyone whose actually black i have never seen any one who is actually white so this is it not this is like calling adeora it's stupid exactly exactly the point and then he anybody out there don't get suberone cause i got a mixed racial family so in your face o ka so this amendment was the useless amendment there was in put forth to add another amendment to the constitution in remember what the purpose of the constitute the member of the purpose of the constitution the first eleven amendments of a were to control government talking about the federal government this is a federal constant although it does if you go to the states the states are sped right their constitutions based on the federal cons but the federal constitution is basically the control the fat roll and they of course water down every time they come up with something we went back to the eighteenth amendment with that nothing to do controlling government it had to do with the controlling the alcohol we have put amendments in place that have nothing to do with controlling government same with the sixteenth amendment that will set income tax etebatha not then to do with controlling the now it yeah they got off and weeds there and on the control all the people and they said all lesseesto thus so maneand then they did even do it legally the way they put the mandments and ere the constitution for the state michigan after all how while we are going to get we're going to get it to the mischances may be next week he then there mister mister mister braider from the board lections the state of michigan who doesn't follow any rules is the one whose famously said we make in policies on the fly eh oh yes that's so they all are this it marks the so oh all right let's go on to the next one which has the twenty fifth you got it there in next line working on it in case of removal of the president from office or his death or resignation the vice president shall become as i this one scaria's helps specially when we've got a we've got it a side poseponed froment not the rightful present but a puppet standing in that present seat who is like a walking dead man cause he doesn't have any salient abilities whatsoever and i'll go back to the rightful president of the united states is president while the problem is this is dumber and domes here we've got dumerin office now we're going to get up domicilies she takes over even for a day i should do a red i would should do like an impersonation of camilla or a herd that before the word round at the coronation the work on that crisis like i got i could do a good camel all you got to do is stouter and and giggle and everything's giggling ye got a regathered her so this is another amendment stake a whole lot of sense it wasn't that the purpose of the vice pres originally that's why we have a vice pres to take over if the president kept serve in his office this is leptocoelia the hair is a madman you know it's already been said in the past that were just going to stay to the gankensarinha the president from office or his death in office you know when he's dead if he's done in office that's why that's what we're talking about hisingerite president shall become press that you know vice presentsite eristalin or from the obvious a restating of the obvious and again what is he what was the purpose of this this was a nineteen sixty five this was after the death of jf and they put on they put the criminal law johnson and of and then they had the pass the amendment to say the dudes i mean this amandment was on after johnson stepped into office so i don't understand why the amendment was the cats this really now in your opinion why did they put this in place what was the real goal here the like the democrats presently are trying to pass the law that says the vice president when he is sitting in the office during a during the election on he can't question the elector now then that's what the according to hence and wadenhoe that authority to go back and i say in all we we have the coston what happened at the selection so we're going to send all electors back in and tell the legislature bring forth the elected well he said winrahame that a party which is a lie he did have that authority but he chose not to use it okay became to knightley told by trop not the use that we criminal in office to show the world what this criminal is and the democratic party are capable of doing i believe that's the gang it's part of the game part of the plan and pencils part of the plan i believe that a but now there making it their trying to make a low stating that the vice president has no authority to override the electoral even though that of that had already taken place during the pen during the time pence was the vice pres so they're going to make a law now to make it so i can never happen again so now when the ah when tromp winds the next election by landslide the vice president come camel can't come and say oh i object because now magratten a law against her fate i don't get why they plan why they play these games but this is pre game that their playing use of the laws that their passing this law fones twenty fifth amendment has no value because it was odd this is already been going on all along the america has been in state you and i think nowthat i think it has i think these the more hands wanted get in there and have their name on overthing have recognition so i can pop their chests chests up in sir well i was the one that put a moment twenty you know twenty five and place and it was my language and you know look at me look at me is like a six year old on a stage that's not duty that's self serving even for that sort of thing you know asterisme ed when you were talking about this i want to bring up a b for one five six to popular nonsense is going on so at some point tenonta about that i put that in the chap because thumbs down two thumbs down on this one guysiane that's the man man is coming up regarding the elector colleges as inside wind to throw that out there because it's a they can't leave do the popular this is its it's absolutely there's no mechanism for this to be put in place who votes for the present de la torcall what are we to we tell them who do vot for we tell the electoral college by state who vote for what's the crickleton could so hampered he between the states exactly because they did popular vote all the president would all the person running for office would have to do is take california new york allowed all forms loose in her opilation and so is new york so maybe that won't matter any more well well looking with caminante sanomihin you've got the population in detroit everybody thinks at detroit the setter the world it is not it's like it's like a you don't detroit proper is got a population or renown about five hundred thousand people grand rapids this hogan is one point three millions a generis proper and the greater granpeere is about three point five and so when you look how the moneys are distributed the money his going to detroit as everybody still believes that detroit is a real you know is a real thing and they keep pouring money it like like a merry boerfootnote getting here she was she was what whitestone of her biggest donors so what is what were you what were gives her eight hundred and twenty sillonnaient of an in all kinds of things to toon the prop on the promise of four thousand jobs are you out of your mind were it an there's no there's no right there's no guarantee in the contract there is no contract that's going to make sure that we have even four thousand jobs but if you break it down to how much money there is for job it's not they are pouring money into this the city with no gain whatsoever except for the people that set on the top like a rose and gilbert over there the developers if you follow these developers and the money that goes through the developers people would be sick to their stomachs because that's a great big money pit of money laundering going on in those areas as and why people don't see that or don't understand that i don't now i wish that we should be you know how in their sorry but out in the light o day and sang in all them alleroyse gilbert ross you know the devices look at all these people that are in to the big developments and land developments there's big money in that and and thereby in a performedthe too the same way and nothin goshenthe the people that are setting them seats and lower level politics of their are getting paid millions of dollars of there further land so that they can sell it to the chichester traitors any one that selling to a to a chinese entetheis a traitor should be strung off at the same time that the towspeople are it gets back to what is money what is money there rode along ankle pretty much the what is money the love of money as i am tetraceros for love money but what is one is it does it ever do ye ever think about it you actually cake co pieces of paper one has a one dollar on it one long printed on it one has attended on it or twenty one and you go to the gas station and you actually by something of value gasoline with a piece of pie i went on i do something just for my getting painher men i want to show you something that this makes about amos as the as what are feet currency is like guys the susception what we got going on here it is taking i'm in the taken and apocope and this is what the this is what the united states are america is doing right now i'm going to say this is worth one dollar he lets mekarete that's our fiat currency worth there is worth nothing zero zipp exactly correct so you're a buying a piece of property a house or whatever and we have people with that with that piece of paper from a bank that controls that piece of that could say whatever they want to for almost any reason under the sun yet her called back that piece of paper and you're going to be out of your house because out of your property which has value by having a banking system that has a piece of paper and prince that one were relished up in and i want to bring this fort is goshen thing and of a charlesesthe all go along with goshen you're right the cause goshen is a chinese company which is one that the secciones national ownership of all businesses you only exist in business there because you a play ball with a sing and it is is there policy that they if you have business in china chinese businesses are all owned by the government you dis have the right to operate them cause the commander arth so right now anybody had sold out to go should you just sold out to the tennessee you're a traitor absolutely so the long string em off lighting up stream off you know i don't think we have enough land post i don't think we have enough home growing in the state for ropes either true got to get more apt i agree with okay so m moving on next to men i'm not going to read all of the incident parts of that of the twenty fifth amendment but you should do that one day when you have nothing to do because it's really kind of nothing amendment some haliotoid say what some just wanted their name on something so that i could build them something to commemorate their how great thou art that would be god that be down is what that's suroman i'm not saying that they are great on mocking them did you ever remember when you were growing up all of the arguments about if you could go to war and fight for your country when you were eighteen years old you should have the right to vote remember that or because i was once upon a time it was twenty one i believe that you could fall that when you were twenty one not eighteen right in if you're eighteen and you can go to war to fight you to be able to drink and have you know to all the same rights as any one is a twenty one year old yes so they then decided it's nineteen seventy one this was during the vietnam stand and it's good when you can parallel what happened in congress against the time frame of what was going on in the and this was the war in vietnam soul enduring warnanan in this was kind of inwhat the sixty eight the eight sixty nine was the ten offence of fine takethat's around that time period seventy one seventy seventy one in an i got into the reserves as a what they called a rep the and a rep six the three was somebody not that i couldn't pass he it was not a college and i could pass but rep six the three men anybody even if they didn't pass the entry exams and they weren't one hundred per cent physically fit could be drafted and i wasn't drafted i actelly enlists that into the reserves or signed into the researches going back to the rest sixty three i remember those days when i was actually on basic and we were caught all called rep sixty threes come while the figure with that means but the pretty much men anybody in everybody and they did pretty much taken in open very because i i was actually called the little professor by my dress or at ye because i had a degree and education and i had the only one in the in the platoon that added degree college degree the rest of one were some of them were high school dropouts and some women finished high school and so i ended up getting first thing the guy asked me to do one to be the platoon guide which was the sergeant of the st so said char why not had a horn it want to be led by his apportioned they take people that handed agree in gender sadie's case i'm sure that contributes the lot to be in a wonderful soldier out there were going to be an onderstands you know i now give you started on that now going to have the genders bodies but we did have flowers in the in the barrels of them and one grant her the i am sick fourteen those flower on all these shouted the with flowers in their rifle by the rifle barrels so we did have some straits so ah actally in basicranial you could walk by the paroaras and you could not take a good sniff and you could probably get high right out so checks or that to be in parts onset in the marianas going on over there bev colorado at the hospital i did my it was had denver at then merciandise on general hosp and may it was a medical equipment repairment repair medical equipment on then i like that that was a good but anyway moving on one give back into these the stories but he don't give me going on unnystan inside yonder studies and stupid pronounce as though what was happening at the time that caused this amendment to get the right of the citizens of the united states who are eighteen years of age or older to vote shall not be denied or bring by the united states or by the state a colt of i have to have any intelligence or even have to know who your voting for you just have to be again another amendment that really had no benefit to being written in here it could have been a law just as by the by the legislature of saying you know what we're going to allow eighteen year old to hereticsthe enables him to do coloradoin ento recruit all these the kids on the concidisse you and i are old doffers and so it's like you know it's like you recurred all hold bunch of kids and a beninese sponsored schools and a doctor nation camps get em on the crowded camp iscandoloso e you've got a you got to captured part i captured astor for a grown thirds to another another incarnation of the brown shirts so that they can logicalor about from the inside within the united states now there saying you're going to drop the voting age then how can they do or to the half to do to drop the voting age you don't i think we could solve this fairly easily let's just now i'm not going to go there i'll i'll just wait on this one he agreed but this one you know it's like the studies are showing that the adults are not adults any more until they're what like thirty that's what the studies are saying o that's probably true and now don't you know it if you've got it now constanple that are in the state i think about this people we have schools this happened in nancy germany where the state is it in controlling everything you don't play ball they take your they threaten to take your kids away cause then they'll call complicit see possid in for being a bad parent because you didn't put him in their indoctrination camps and you know the whole thing is so screwed up so why wouldn't they want it you know you can you could throw so many people that are just going to listen to the teachers who have influence over over the kids who are having to follow the ridiculousness curriculum like come and corran all this nonsense it is it is a recipe for disaster it is but the only way that they can change the voting age the sixteen is and amendment they have to have three quarters or two thirds of congress to vote and to agree to an amendment so i don't know why there even raising that flag unless they think that they're going to get pope public opinion to go along with him and then coming forth with nineteen they'll just pass the law nobody will pay the tenth that it really is the twenty sixth amendment that says after the eighteen he can't put mystery but we're going to pass along the legislature overriding his but we're not going to tell anybody who just couldna do it and the people in general are going to go along with it because they don't know any better they're going to ratify according to norton they're going to ratify an illegal act toward illegal law so this is what we got up that's why we need to know the constitution can they even when even talk about this stuff on the radio and the talent television we should be looking at and sank when men you can't do that the twenty sixth amendment that's not allowed it is not lawful you can't just pass a law to say we're going to allow sixteen year olds to bolt state wine or anywhere because this is a federal stitution of federal mandate by the constitution to estonished matter john they don't follow rules in aletargado what they wanted do you know we have to stop of course you remember ah ben franklin either going to be thieves and thoughts and self centered men but we're going to find them what the chains of her but we haven't been doing very well in finding em because we're allowing them to do whatever they want to do and twist the language anyway they want to are moving on twenty seven this is another one but what was going on and hatien what was going on in nineteen in in a seventeen eighty nine and then what happened in nineteen ninety two what was going on in nineteen ninety two that caused this amendment the come on board not sure we on with us amolettes read the amendment no law varying the compensation for services of the senate or representatives shall take effect until an election of representatives shall have intervened oh so the chivatothe on well that's what they did before the election this was before nineteen nine nineteen ninety two they would vote themselves raise than they would run for office i don't deserve the race you have in evolution or they got the public got mad at him so now they said we're going to not full for a raise after the act he put me in office then i'll hold for the race can get more so this was put in after the people were very i remembered my father was all he was peteolate representatives that were running for office at that time because they all got themselves a big race my dad didn't get a red because you're not he was in the general contract the eve whatever the business was going on that's well that that is his race to work more built more selmore houses in order to get a race but these guys bolted themselves in a raisin then ran for office so they changed there i remember that i reechoing on board that time on saying oh my very interesting that they play the game and that brings us to the end of the federal constante now i got to ask a son i got here comes guides s going to be wroth yes master bracing for impact how many freedoms are protected by the first amendment a fine what i think i name oh come on em at this hour in here in indoor socreteria the foreshortening freedom of knowledge not really freedom of religion can't we shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion congress shall make no law that's what the amendment said it doesn't say freedom of religion you're you're right to go to any church anagore whatever what we're going to regulate a that's the federal government we're going to regulate this we're going to pass the five one sea three law and in order for you not to be taxed as a church not under the five one set three you've got to follow certain guide lines you can't talk against the government you can't talk against this you can't talk against that then we won't sick the ireson so congress shall make no law that's why i want to make that very like establishing the freedom or the right to religion cinder shall make no law the congress has made law hundredsaid where in a were in a crisis right now we got cold at all over the place and you can't go to that's twice they violated first first the man men that in violated by the president johnson and during his time period the five of one same three lots and where did the ah where did the founding fathers and to the patriots of the day and the past where did they get together to fight the battles against the who led the charge most of them were there and that's where the like the black robe bride to my comes from isn't i'm not sure there with the black robe but you probably write ye it's the the pastors that would take off their their robes and oh in grabbed their guns and fight and the charge was a pastor in stock of pastors in the the church leaders the black rod regiment i believed that how that work that were the ones to lead the people into a war against these these people that were worn against god and that's exactly what we have right now we're in a war right now the words against where are the pasters they're trying to be nice or senators well we don't want to offend anyone why because that's what the pricking pay check comes on go it comes down to money every single time yet you know the there's there's so few christians and so few pastors and religious leaders that will stand up and risk of finding people in order to do the right things so they just go along get along loving once alarming but it's all its remedy it in that's what happened during the man datewith the unconstitutional mandates that with the masks and the shut downs and all of it they went along with us and at of em got paid big money for fight for falling and lying with the regime you know what happened to that pass turning canada that held his church opened during that time period during the during the covet there was oliver the news i don't know many people saw that but the police went in in a dragged him out his he brings up another really important thing is that the police and you know the police send the police forces i'm getting real concerned here about what i'm seeing with the overeach of the alone the usurpation by out the rights by the cops out there not nothing to say all caps are bad but when i see them cow or in a stare while will be a laburnum and murder baldesoer and molicar burning the city of grand rapids because a police chief told them to stand out are you kidding me and er you know asking asking for i doubt ification or any of these things that other that they don't even know what what the the the law is that it is incredible those at police officer have the authority the stand down and not poet no no absolutely not does the chief of police have the authority to call his police ah underlings not to protect the only if you want to break the law yea but he doesn't have that of doesn't have the right but it's breaking the lot and then he's giving other people commands to break the lots just like jonathan braider from the board of elections telling all the clerks all over the state to destroy the re election of evidence or materials or alter it to the me like crisis in in vietnam when the cannon calli was charged with massacring the village of beli a story is a very interesting to listen to he was according to him following order in the war uniform code of military justice the military you have the a responsibility to know whether it's a constitutional right or long i do it were you did it john john you're wrong there you're right whether it's sake whether it's an infair in in line with the constitution or in line with the loss to kill and maim men women and children that it were not war combated whether that was a lawful order or not ah he had the responsibility as an officer to carry out an into the thinking processes at alone and he didn't do his job say that this is an unlawful order of not going to follow through just like the least the partment don't have the authority to just blindly follow there command just so that's what hitler's group did in a cone down to money once again because people in ignorance it if people follow those rules there either ignorant but a lot of em a lot of it i heard over and over again while i would have lost my job really you might lose your life for treason too by doing the wrong phasethat that thinking go you you get people in that actually want to run this is a government the way that is supposed to in all these people were guilty of breaking the law okay that that needs to be very very well understood that congress shall make no law congress as already made to i'm not only talking about the federal congress but i'm talking about the state can state the ah legislate and they didn't pass any laws it wasn't them that caused these laws who passed the law on the five one seat three it was johnson that was executive brand who passed the laws or rules or regulations couldn't go to church during covet in michigan that whiter exactly even though the federal government one at that to be the law they didn't pass that law that law was supposedly brought on by women and people followed that she has no authority who makes the law guess we got to come back to that graciliter legislature then the ole people that can make legislature never made any law about covet nineteen not going to church and the legislature of congress did not make any law on the final one sea three that was all executive and all iras and all that nuts so we go back to we have allowed governments these these individual organizations the the legislature the executive and the and the judicial branches kind o in the mingled with each other and pass whatever they thought would be appropriate at the time i totally inconsis unconstitutional told redpole it's just like confusion between the attorney general's office and the sheriffs of there clearly defined and on and they just then they will not stay in their line and so instead of staying their lame doing their job and on what the clearly defined responsibilities are they do not and if you do that then the camp pass the back its say well i can't make a judgment on this because it's going to step on their front no you do you have the jurisdiction and you have to prosecute sand they they have to prosecute a vancouve got clear buckets of a responsibility so that we can hold them accountable if we don't have those clear buckets of responsibility were wernersches there they just then they just out manoeuvre other bonaguisi all right let's move on remember the first part of that sentence congress shall make no law ah respecting the freedom and a bridge in the feoffee dom a speech in origin the freedoms how about censers while censorship m also is is a assault on free speech my opinion rigonthe freedom of speech yesidis absolutely one hundred per cent a great printing a gag on somebody's mouth you don't think about that i mean think about is someonewith in the nest all they did do that didn't they john it's like this is exactly you know it if someone won't like this and you want to talk in right on grass what they did it with a mass for that's true that's why they put the masks some people that they did they run the shrouded to that's another point i never even thought about what he that's pretty good that is the ah that is the that was a roll freedom of speech he is at all keep a separate so we couldn't talk and talk about the nonsense that they were doing and to stop them okay how about congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of the well that's a problem because i the there they are definitely squelching dissenting opinions well what about electronic what about whether in all the other so cimedia is that the rest that is the rostrated is and and then weaving what's that that's a new way of communicating yes he reads a i mean very few of us read newspapers sold and in magazines soegen it all off the internet so can they stifle freedom of press by stifling the internet telling us we can only do certain or say certain things on the internet they cannot be cannot that's a personthat s right that's discussion i like because what i what happens when a when a provider decides to be the content of prover of the content if they approve the contract then they are responsible for what is being put out there if they don't approve content they post everything then then it goes on the individual then i think that we're going to have to really address this on oh no oh no content provider or just indoctrination she specially when they get as powerful as she you too or twitter where they squelchin or like it's just like buying land and in america when the corporations by up or companies and they take o them over for their own their own control to push her adowere got a real proudthat's not press that's machine that's a machine and we got a real problem with that right now this yet i ran let's talk about yet fregelius handed on it's on the chat here let me catch up here a minute okay and then we'll go through the you can't let's see we've got a teresita go along with gossensass p out and charles you can't ratify him on it it's already gone a man did right oh can we should change got sharge government with violation of a mandement three using spies for sell phones on smart motor he saw one somebody's got caesar he he cried was red flag at las yet susiesusie susie i didn't agree with whitmer but didn't she have the right to make a law because we were under the state of emergency the real sefate of emergency you can't suspend the constitution even understanding mergency to to miners and not and then free julien asan ja i like that one that's a good one and charleses now as she never had it granted by the governed we the people she screwed off and then the other chat here we have a patriotic a patriot let's see the police the pushers from callot from kelly peter do they stopped teaching our children about the constitution of millrights pedro down your beautiful and she's she awinke winky i think that was for my camel and perished in an i put it i houspilleur one five six is the popular vault on my down we go with it i'm not going to read which she just held tibeats t legally qualified to his camel isn't legally qualified for any s office just as borowast legally he's isis while he was the man there in candidate that they were grooming from the time there's there's some communications from russia that talked about having the o black president already picked out that was way back in like the aves she is not qualified to be vice president and dor president she is not a natural born correct from her parents were not citizens of the united states when she was born just like the canyon just like the cape just like the canyon a canon was not qualified but they walked in and we had a foreign individual take the reins of this country a right and it went i can kill her he godquality their cause she's like some sort of a of a you know creature if you from the black lagoon or something i mean all this crept as she's pulled off so like the thessalie for i do think witches there now then not qualified ah what a vow to getting back to freedom of pee i wanted to bring up the new amendment or the new bill that congresses that the legislature in michigan is passed called the s yeah can't get used to pronouns so i think we should declare our prone now to day john what's the got pronounce that anybody else can call me what i prone on you want because i'm not going to senseyour speech for these people that want a sense our speech and they respect pronouns i think we should come up with some really good ones but some of those shouldn't be air because their vulgarities i i think we keep come up with a beautiful ones i ain't so then we only have two more to look at while no three mortal again the right to assemble also dan was pirated by power governor when retch queen gretch queen gratch bed you couldn't go to church or you couldn't go to certain restaurants are you couldn't go to certain ah it'll be a w whatever they all escarmentados later could go to the bards aliaco of blocks away from the capital to joy glory holes or that with that state and place bunch perron he had trading human trafficking his is a crop turning his gonewas violated too and the right to travel which is an actually written in the first amendment what you can assemble and you can go to church if you took and you can't go to speaking places if you can't travel so the right to travel as by the conveyance of your choice or the conveyance of the days he was you have a right to use the conveyance of the day for travel what conveyance of the day in michigan is or vehicle so you have a right to travel by vehicle anywhere you want god can they can the right can the tax any of these rights obviously their taxing the religious rank that's five or one set but can they tax the other rights can they tax ah the freedom to travel now he can't they can't can they regulate them they're not spoiled i can't they can't ee so then his department that's running around giving tickets revenue and ansigte for their departments is roly not institutional authority that they have they don't have that authority they are violating they made up a law and we have gone along with it we have ratified it by listening to him and paying the fine and that signor now that authority well in this assent i think something is long as we know what what they can and can't do that also helps us to know which cops are part of their little gestapo and which ones are actually serving the people is there if they are coming after the people on lawfully then you can pretty well throw them in the gestapo as thus you and there's a lot of a thatthatour going to fall under that category you mean police are supposed to serve the poor and follow the law on my gosh who would a gas exactly the house like the state police are a whit worse little gestapo and the last of this first amendment in the anconeous is the right to redress a greeke and of course they are for a request a violation of this first amendment i got turned down in mid and byron township for the electronic poll books that's a violation of redressing agreed that's a violation of the first amendment fore requested self is a violation the first amendment okay so they need some sort sort of for to be sure that you're doing everything correctly and his her charging you and that's a violation the first of mende another way to steal from the population oh charlotte just said oh let's see we've got a tenement fifteen hares will never be president if his well as barber shop guy had to pay ten thousand dollars to that common which and iron pig had some but they both wanted the and now that's that's crazy that was because they were cutting hair during a coven yeh that happened to be a comandare a relative of calm and who got the notodont act for the republican party at about about a over two hundred thousand dollars a year not kid not kidding you no bid contract look at what they're doing i think that quite often a lot of these things that there they're going to help people they jump in to help them you better question these situations because they're all connected just like the pyrnean happened of all in antrim county question these things so distractions that's right they are distant don't know if they were paid or they were doing them on their own dispeace stupid parents proud of the press is just getting in front of the press try to be com popular so they could run from the next office and be tired it part of the time he was shenout there the communists the coniophanes machine is keep people in front of the press and distracted on what their actually doing when they're all part of it exactly i wish i had some perils in this scenario but i just don't because i don't i you just watch they do in the end and what watch how much money they get somewhere along the line they're going to get money when you look at initiatory grow that's getting paid you know over a couple hundred thousand dollars a year and no bed contract who was at i'm looking back on this going and i thought it was a good thing at the time and you look back on this and going are you fredonian thereonions just like the parnassides happen up in another on the relation they related to each other and sowed their all part of the machine as much as we want to believe that somebody was doing the right thing i don't think so i think that they were all part of the show a right they are cold part of the hole don't believe anything so god he in nowise say trusts by verify now don't even trust skip over that stuff on a verified verified and keep the verified till they fail and when they fail tom out you go dave you know all that sort of thing so anyhow while if they realized that we were watching them that close the laudable would be getting out officer real quick because they know that the gig is yet because no i happen at that point in time while all through the i'll do the impression of their future anyhow i well this is really interesting and i'd like to get into some more of that i think i want to cut it a little bit short to day i'm even though i could go on talking to you for like hours and hours and hours as verbery interesting i move god if you thinks they ought get you to day i know you do too prayeing john's got his new house that's that's come coherently now i'm really happy for that sounds like a wonderful moon it is that's as i i'd like to have you take a look at that i'm a h before one five six because we were kept were contemplating doing an official statement from the constitution party here in the state of an official state in ricohet me on the craft an official statement for he for in fact sickness the popular bolt one and why this is unconstitutional and why we stand against us because we're going to blast us out all over the united states and in help people people be educated and a turned you'll have all the right language you know i'll hack around at it but jill actually writes the way it supposed to be ridden i'll do what i can and this is what we do guys we stand together with and together you know and and everybody has rolled to play everybody has there their area of expertise and it's not one person that can do this it's all of us standing together and where we go on we go all so get in the game let's start fighting you now present can't count was a astyrige on that much respect for him of course he just lothorsdale of the united states president the rightful president of the united states president donald sir you so anyhow love him and admirers and general michael fled our friends and those people that have truly stood together in against against all odds and didn't count the cost of what they were doing they stood without thinking about the personal consequences for themselves and that's what we all should do we've got the example of nobody has excuse for that cops hat stared down shame on you you have me there the law on your side you you should be able to stand regardless of the consequences you lose your job or while so sad too bad you know what god can replace it a million times over and or you don't have to worry about it in when you do the right thing god takes care of the future that's the way it is just stand in our way what we right and that proves out whether you really believe it not do not you believe in god you don't live because if you do what he has to do do antennae is his problem there go and that's what we do so you're let's live go head and and i've been finishing out here with comma some scripture but let's say per and all put some scripture up here and then we're wigoon for the day for distinco age ment as this is where we heresies you know john earned his stripes when he was in the military we are in our stripes i standing there is just regular people getting in the fight pomponne and no backing down and letting him have it an tell we get this nation back and it's going to take us it's going to take us knowing the law knowing the constitution knowing the policies that we have to follow it's going to be a standing together lieper de holy father thank you so very much for the stake for all the learning that were doing and for being able to say i didn't know that it's okay not to know everything we have to remain teachable and we ask that you give us that teachable spirit every single day so that we can continue to learn more and more no shame than that you know we need do as you said come as a child a child open and writing to learn in putting her hands on the sand pit me i'll do it and we're saying do you write now picks were willing to do whatever you ask us to do we lay it all at your feet and were just so thankful that you will never leave us that you will never forsake us and we believe you we trust you without conditions we trust you your word is good your word lasts for ever and your love is without conditions you sent your only begotten son for us and we just want to thank you for the and we just claim to salvation of jesus christ your precious son in the give you gave us every day we are so grateful were great fun for the beautiful day had of us for teachers like john and for john and his words and spring forward and the examples that you've given us like the rightful president of the united states saldamia rogers and general michael we we we ask that you protect them in all who stand with them for truth and justice and righteousness that you would you know that you would hold any one who stays and stansore fight for your world your sand box and we respect that and ask that the nation be brought to one nation under your jurisdiction where we were we obey the things you tell us to do because it just works right when we pay attention to your role you're staying back we love you so very much and want to make you happy and thankful that you created us to day instead of grieving you thank you so much we love you don't you name a prey are goltsev got a a video i've been playing that i really i really like this vito eh that's itselfstrong as misalliances point only to the wise these to crawl out its belled now so we're going to war going to play that he pronominalis ening mustn't you more seristori my stretched out to come he will not be tested my the tone it i have given you a short to tread on healthe power of the show the fetichstone with you shall not think idols for yourselves or you reckon image wooden when you shall not set up a figure stone in your land about down to it for in the word or god i don't keep my sabbaths and roughens were sins i if you walk in restantes no sire then i will give you your reins and their season which yield its its the trees which field show yield there your threshing shall last at the time of the grey horse then the grey artashat last on the time for sowing you shall meet to bread to the hole twelve and your land securely i will give peace then you shall lie down and none shoinghorne and i will remove hard forbes from the land and the sword shall not go through you it you shall chase your enemies they shall fall before he bathes for such you shall chase dred in a hundred of you shall chase ten thousand and your enemies shall fall before you by the i will turn to you and make you for for a monoply they will confirm my cotton you shall eat as to or long and you shall clear out the old to make way for the i will be in dwelling on the soul shall not abhor you and i will walk among is your god and you shall be more people when the moon the word you were god who brought you out of the land then you should not be their slate on holbrook in the bars of her he coworking proverbs twenty nine in chase the seer of men raise a snare but who has entrusted we in order to stop that right there that was a perfect verse to stop on whoever trusts in the lord will be saved and the fear of man is always a problem we need we need to trust god and follow him no matter what we see because god is bigger than what we see or hear and it's his battle you can resolve things track quick return our hearts to god and and things just to right so that side where in a stop here islestein please go to bed and be for governor to i'm still not conceiving i will not consent or liars chief of these and a rigglesworth's john so without stables here we go will get men on the right side here on the backward screen god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america make it a grey day make god glad that he he created you me and all of us so we don't lie we don't cheat we don't steal rede the right and things the example for the rest of this nation so that they have something to look at and no oshes i'd better start actin out my game and i and my way live my life so they got on to do this to day going to be a great day and thanks to you get what octolateral by have a great day