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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 12/12/2023 Surveillance State and Real History

Published Dec. 12, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

9am Surveillance State with Ralph the IT guy and Karen the Riveter! There are some disturbing advancements in Surveillance that people need to be aware of. We need to protect ourselves from the eggregious violations of the Constitution by those in power. 10am Real History with Courtenay Turner Real History with Courtenay Turner - A weekly discussion on real history and the connections that were never taught in school. Courtenay Turner is the host of “The Courtenay Turner Podcast”, “WIM what is movement”, & her new show coming soon “The Right Voices”. She is also a speaker and aerial acrobatic performer. Having spent her academic career largely seeped in the world of philosophical and psychological texts and being a passionate athlete and performing artist, paved the way for the world in which she is currently immersed. Many today know her as the host of “The Courtenay Turner Podcast” where she boldly seeks truth, diving into a myriad of deep topics surrounding issues of health, fitness, medicine, philosophy, psychology, politics, geopolitics & sociocultural zeitgeist. However, she was born with a rare set of circumstances that has greatly impacted her perspective on life. “All human beings are designed to move and the ways in which we do are our unique creative expressions.” – Courtenay Turner Twitter: Rumble:

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Good morning. Welcome to Brandenburg News Network. I am Donna Brandenburg and it is the 12th day of December 2023. Wow, has this month been going fast. It's just amazing. So anyhow, we're up today. When I first got on, the rumble was crashing again right when we were ready to go on and then Then I gave it a little bit of time and they came back. But clearly we're having a few interruptions on the Internet. We certainly did yesterday. So today I wanted to talk about my trips just a little bit. And the worst part of my trip was the freaking airport at JFK Airport. And I'm going to tell you what, this this was absolutely nuts. And I will give you my take on what was really happening there and try to help people. not have a worser, I'm going to use that word, a worser outcome in the future by making bad choices as they're trying to coerce us into advanced surveillance, because that's exactly what's happening there. So anyhow, morning, Karen. Morning, Ralph. How are you guys doing? Good morning. Doing great today. Yeah, well, thanks for joining this morning. John is actually fighting in court today for Tater Tuesday. So he's actually in court fighting, which is really good. And Courtney is up in the air in an airplane right now. So, you know, I love it that you guys are such... faithful friends and always willing to help no matter what it is. So I asked them yesterday, can you guys come on? And they graciously said yes. And I wanted to talk about this anyway. So this actually worked out pretty good. God was involved in this entire thing, in my opinion, because I think we need to talk about this. One of the things that I saw that was so disturbing this weekend, let me explain what happened. So I was traveling. First, we went to Mar-a-Lago, a lot of fun, a whole lot of fun. It is beautiful. We have so many things to be proud of in the United States. Our nation is not something to be ashamed of. The infiltrators and the liars, cheats, and thieves who have infiltrated our government for self-gain, we got issues with them, right? But I went to New York directly after that to the Young Republicans Club, which coincidentally, where we at the Cipriani, At Cipriani was where Hillary Clinton called all of us a basket of deplorables, which was I felt pretty significant. And I got to meet Rudy Giuliani and and Kash Patel. and a bunch of other people that were very interesting. And it was a lot of fun. I think the most interesting people to me are not the ones in front of the cameras. It's the ones behind the cameras that are actually doing the work, which most people never get to see. So I find that really, really interesting. in all of it. And we can talk about that later. So anyhow, get ready to come home and going through JFK airport there in New York. And it was absolutely a crap show with TSA. So of course, donna brandenburg will not keep her mouth shut which is a good thing and we were in line and instead of opening lanes up they kept they kept making this longer and longer and and it was it was absolutely ridiculous what they were trying to do in a psychological way because it was real clear for me to see is to get people to go through that i think it's called clear vision clear clear something or other where you go through and you get a retina scan and they were pushing it hard and i'm like i'm not making this easier for these idiots not a chance so i stood in line well by the time you got almost up to the front all these people they're like do you want to sign up for for you know clear do you want to sign up for this right right now you can go over here and sign up and you get to the front of the line So as we went forward, we were continually being cut in front of by Clearview. And I saw lots of people leave the line to go do their little facial recognition, retina scan, blah, blah, blah, which is a bunch of bull crap because I don't think it's a good idea to have that much information on us in a single spot. They have already proven that they cannot guard our information and they actually weaponize and use it against us. So back to that, screw all of them. So by the time I got up to the last person right before their invasive, ridiculous, ineffective, stupid interview, expensive theft of the American people, TSA go through all of this, this nonsense of, of the scanners and such and going through your luggage and such, because of course they can't deal with crime. So they make all of us criminals going through there. I went off on the last, last TSA guy. I'm like, I'm like, what kind of a bunch of Banana Republic bull crap is going on? And everybody around me heard me kind of going off. And the guy actually sat back and he had his mask on and he was just like absolutely laughing. And and I kind of kept it up all the way through TSA. Tell the other side. Somebody's like, you know, you're going to be on a watch list. I'm like, you've got to be kidding me. I'm already at the front of the line for a watch list on this, people. All of us are undoubtedly on all of the watch lists. Aaron's on it. Ralph's on it. Everybody that's watching this is on a watch list. We're all on a watch list because, you know, we're Americans. But I'm sure I am because, you know, the the FBI several years, I think it was the FBI several years ago released a a list of criteria for suspicious persons. And one of them was not being on social media. Oh, that was me until I ran for governor. Oh, that's still me. There you go. These are the people in TSA and all the way around. They lizard people. And what I saw there with the intimidation, coercion, and such is every one of these people that was participating in this has, in fact, also violated our rights, making us stand there in a position of surrender in the – this, the, what do they call it? It's not a backscatter anymore. What is it? Millimeter wave scanners now. Yeah. The millimeter wave scanners. And you have to stand there with your hands up like this. Like I surrender. That's what they're having you do. This is what this is all about guys. I have never gone through one of those. I have opted for the pat down every single time for, for a few reasons. And that's one of them is by golly, I refuse to to do a surrender pose as an innocent person on american soil and that's exactly what they've done the tsa needs to be absolutely abolished and if these idiots that were in charge started actually going after people that are criminals instead of making criminals out of american citizens to treat us or domicile americans what do you want to whatever you want to call it um They treat us as criminals and they let everybody else go. They are putting us into that category. And it's not even effective security. Okay. So that's what I wanted to go into is some of the security and the ways that they're hacking our lives. They're hacking our lives. And, you know, Ralph and I have had quite a few in-depth conversations on this. And I think that Karen is going to come up with some wonderful questions on this. But the reality is, is that they have a 3D model of your body when you go through those scanners. I want you to think about that for purposes of creating crowd scenes, putting you where you weren't at. Training AI. All of it. They can fake all of it. They can fake and say, oh, the other day somebody said that they were going to release tapes on Jackie Eubanks, who's a perfectly lovely person, that said that she made up porn tapes. I don't really think that this is even possible. So I look at all this stuff where they've got people in places and this person is meeting with that person. How do you know unless you're there? When I was sitting there and I don't know if President Trump is playing fifth generation warfare, 40, 10D chess or whatever he's doing. But when I was at Mar-a-Lago, he talked about DC being as horrible. The crime is terrible. There's trash everywhere. There's graffiti on the pillars. no there's not i was there i have pictures of it and i can testify it was the cleanest city i have been in the safest city um everybody that i was with went out took scooters out and i didn't go but until two in the morning and we're tearing around the city and it is safe it is a safe city i'm sure there's areas that are are questionable like everything else but i never once felt unsafe Now, fast forward to the next day in New York City, I'm gonna tell you right now, that city's a crap hole. The people are nice, but most of the people don't even live there. We talked to people and they said, oh, nobody lives in New York City. Nobody owns anything here. And so I want you to think about this. It was like being in a tomb. You can't even see the sky there. And it is filthy, absolutely filthy there. And graffiti everywhere, trash everywhere. That's exactly what President Trump was talking about was New York City itself. Nobody owns anything. It is not the city of the people anymore. It may have been at one time. but they've already taken that city completely over. And it was, it was shocking. It was sad. I, I, you know, I'm, I was like, so it's been a while while I was there a few years ago and I'm, I'm so unimpressed and it's not, it's not the problem of the people. It's the problem of the people in government who have abandoned and turned this into ownership by corporations, By those in power and the people, they just come in as little slave class to them to do the menial work. It is very sad. I thought Manhattan was, we were in the Bronx, Queens, and Manhattan. And it was, in my opinion, it was tragic. There was a apartment building that collapsed, I think it was yesterday, in the Bronx. Well, I'm sure it's just like Maui. They're going to turn this into crap so they can take over the land, the expensive land. And, I mean, that's what they're after. You know, you can see it with the farmland and everything else. They're after our land. They want to make us a tenant class, a slave class. And it was clear to see in New York City. I was... so unimpressed. That's not one statistic. And I, I didn't see any sources to back this up, but it does kind of make me wonder that said that I think it was 44% of the property sales in 2022 were to private equity firms. Yes. And I, I don't, I don't have a source for that, so I can't back that up. I'd like to confirm that, but it, It'd be real interesting to see what the actual percentage is. I saw one this morning that said 45% is private equity firms. And it was an article that I would believe to be true. I can find it again and post it later. And this has gotten to be really serious on how they're snatching all of our farmland up. And it's not just that, it's in the cities. And so, so housing and everything, you want a housing crisis, you know, that's how you do it. Yeah. They can, they can jack the prices up because they've got unlimited money and they use, they use the equity that they have to leverage more and, or that's exactly how they're doing this. Same problem as China has. Yes. And, and it was the people that we talked to on the street. They were like, nobody owns anything in, in Manhattan. Like, No one? No. Everybody lives in like in Jersey and commutes or they live somewhere else and they have these long, long commutes. So they're stealing their lives just by getting jobs there. Unlike people. It's like, you know, Detroit, look at Detroit. I always called Detroit the armpit of the earth because they have abandoned. I mean, that's Detroit proper. Do you know how they keep building this as a large city? This is a large, impressive city, right? No, it's not. It is completely the area where the developers are like Dan Gilbert and and Stephen Ross, the big developers there. There's a lot of questions there and how they're moving money around. And Ethan Hobson did a wonderful expose on that. But the rest of the city, it's like blank. It's like it's like. It's like half a ghost town. There's only 500,000 people in Detroit proper. And they're getting all this money under the guise that we're supposed to believe it's a big city. Well, Grand Rapids is about 1.3. We're still bigger. But they're going to turn Grand Rapids into the same kind of crap hole that is. Get rid of all the people. Just watch if it keeps going the way it is. And guess who's sitting right in the middle of that? The DeVosses. Watch what happens with the DeVosses, the Van Andels, with Amway and what they're doing to take bites out of Grand Rapids. And another thing, too, to kind of speak to your point about the commute times is there was a wonderful anecdote I remember hearing from the development of the original Macintosh. from Apple. And somebody, somebody within Apple, I think it was Steve Jobs, was getting annoyed by how long it took the original Macintosh to boot. The boot times were just, you know, initializing the computer up was taking too long and it was annoying. And so he went to the, went to the, engineering team there and basically said, I want you to shave five seconds off of this. And here's why. If you add that five seconds up over everyone that we're planning on selling this to, all of this many users, if you add that five seconds up for every day that someone has to boot this up, you're saving five seconds of their life. Look at cumulatively how many lifetimes of time that we save by shaving off that five seconds. Now you start looking at that and adding that up to two hours a day of people's commute time. Oh, that's in one direction. They're talking four hours to commute into a grass-cold city. Think of how many lives that's consuming. Think of how much time that people could be spending with their families instead of having the state raise their kids. It's all about Mr. Ryan's family. You bet it is. Thinking about how many people there would actually be able to make a much better income if they were able to spend that time productively rather than sitting in traffic clogging up the publicly funded roads. It's a theft of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness or property. You're absolutely both of you are absolutely right. And, you know, honestly, all the big cities are like that. You think anybody really lives in these cities that's a regular person? No. How are you going to afford? How are you going to afford? And I was looking up real estate prices in some of these cities because I just want to see what people are willing to pay there. When I was at D.C., you know that for like a studio, they're paying like $4,000 a month. How in the world? You know, there's no way that some of these interns and such are able to pay this. They're getting them paid through maybe just for experience or whatever. But this is not living. That is not living at all. And then look at New York City. I mean, it was actually a pleasant commute around D.C., But the prices in these cities of influence are – it's absurd. You know, it's like, man, I'd rather be able to go sit out in the country somewhere, shovel horse crap, and be able to see the sky. You know what else it reminded me of? I felt like I was in a tomb. I mean, the whole time I was there, I'm like, I feel like I'm in a tomb. They're not seeing sunlight. There's nowhere – that they actually, it's like being in the catacombs because the buildings are so big and the cities, the streets are filthy. They're absolutely filthy. And so it is, you know, it's like, it's crazy. And where we were too, we were in the financial district. There's like, if you look at the bloody gory history of that area, oh my gosh. And there were, it was weird. There were weird. There was a lot of Egyptian people. art there. There was a Sphinx in front of the Native American Museum. And some of those buildings, what I felt like the same thing, you know what it felt like to me, it felt like the same thing kind of as D.C., that at one point in time, this probably was a pretty amazing place. And I have a feeling it's a lot older than what they're telling us. We don't know the history. We do not know the real history because they're hiding too much from us. We don't know who we're talking to. We don't know. Sometimes, you know, because like, you know, I talk to everybody and everybody's mad at me all the time. What are you taking them as they're trying to build their little echo chambers? Because you can't get things out in the light unless you talk to everybody. They will eventually out themselves and you don't have to say a word. They'll do it to themselves. Nobody will believe you what you say anyway. Does anybody out there actually believe what anybody says? If you do, you're an idiot because there's people on both sides that are playing games. They're lying. They're full out lying. We don't even know unless we do a thorough background check who these people actually are. I have seen so many aliases on people and backgrounds that don't make sense. and connections that people have that I can tell you what they are. Who's going to believe me? You know, do your own research and I'm not going to throw the links out there. You figure it out yourself because it doesn't matter what I say or anybody else says generally, you know, unless you listen to me long enough and you'll say, wow, she's just ornery enough to maybe be honest, right? Well, I kind of am. I got nothing to hide. But I would encourage everybody to do their own stuff. But you don't know who you're talking to. They place people. They give them an alias. They'll even give them a whole background story. And they make stuff up. And until you really get in and dig and see how deep this goes. And when we say follow the money, how they're attached to other LLCs. It's like we were talking the Michigan LLC. the MIGOP, the MIGOP and and the this nonsense going on with Comerica Bank and the trust that they're going to the Seymour Street Trust. I'm going to tell you what, anybody that's a Republican or identifies as a Republican, I hope you identify or you really are an American who is You want to identify as a Republican, whatever. You know, we're Americans. I'm categorical because it's all they're lying to you. I want somebody who's got the guts and maybe the smarts to say, what are the other LLCs that are underneath this trust? They're all talking about one level, but where you're going to find it is down here. It's just like with Dan Lope, who was the one that put Whitmer in place, his wife. Amy starts with a T, Amy Tatry. They move money into other people's names. And Robert Owens, who's sitting on top of the MIGOP, did the same thing. He was putting things in his wife's name and everybody else's name. He's a felon. OK, he just got convicted and he's sitting in there handling affairs of the MIGOP. But they put it in other people's names and they have trust and they have LLCs and they have they have holding companies and they have hedge funds. And all of this, and that's how they are funding all of their illegal activities. You've got to look further down, down or, you know, further down line. So anyhow, I'm sorry. So, Ralph, you just sent me something. Yeah, just kind of on the TSA subject earlier, I sent you a link to a story from 2010 about Adam Savage from Mythbusters. To give you an idea of how vigilant and effective the TSA actually is at stopping threats, he accidentally brought, I think it was 12-inch knives in his luggage. through the TSA and this was he he still had to go through the full body scanner but uh yeah 12 inch razor blades uh went through there just fine and and they they didn't catch that at all and uh and that was entirely accidental that he forgot they were in his luggage because you know it's Adam Savage and Mythbusters and they did all kinds of crazy stuff um but yeah, I'm trying to find that link. Did you email it or where did you put it? In the chat. Oh, in the, in the chat here. Okay. Hang on. All right. We've got a private chat going on here. So hang on a minute. Oh, here it is. I see. Okay. Yeah. You know, I love being on with you guys. Ars Technica has got some great news. Yeah. It's one that once in a while, it's not one that I regularly check, but once in a while I do. And man, they do have some good stuff once in a while. I'm trying to find out. This has not got a direct link. It has a policy antitrust. It's overall, but I don't see the Adam Savage link. Oh, here it is. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. I got it. Let me put it up here. I had to dig for it a little bit. So hang on. Here we go. So here we go with, this is, this is just a money grab and it's a, it's something to honestly enslave the people of America. This has nothing to do with real security. And when I, when I saw them going into that clear view, doing the retina scan and the, and the, uh, uh, the, uh, the facial recognition. It's like, this is, this is incredible. So there you go. So saw, saw the junk and miss the 12 inch razor blades. They have got, what, like an 80% failure rate. So this is what our tax dollars are going in to TSA. Total stinking losers is what they are. I can have another name for A, but I won't say it online. I've had great experiences with the local TSA officers. Total stinking asshats is what it is. There, I said it. I've had great experiences with the local TSA officers, and a lot of times they even just kind of apologize for their policies that they're handed down. On the one hand, they're just following orders. But on the other hand, they're just following orders. Yeah, they're just following orders. And the bigger problem that I have with it is with the policies, because it is just security theater. It's not about actual security. If you want actual security, you know how you solve that? You add lockable cockpit doors like they already did. That prevents the whole problem because, well, you want to bring something on board a plane that's hazardous to the integrity of the plane, such as an explosive. If that happens to go through all of the puffers and the dogs and you miss it by all of that kind of stuff, well, then what are you going to do? Damage a plane? Okay, you can't aim it. not like you could when the cockpit doors were wide open. And so it already eliminates the possibility of the attacks that we've already seen. You know, it pretty much, with the policies that they've got, hijacking an airplane is, I'm not going to say impossible, but it's so impractically difficult as to be vanishingly unlikely. They should take you off of the TSA list now, you know, Ralph. Yeah, of course. Yeah, and then put a U.S. Marshal on board. Put a U.S. Marshal on board, you know, that will be an armed U.S. Marshal. You know how much money we would save? You know, that's one of the things with doing computer security is you can lock computers down to the point where they are nearly perfectly secure. But people won't be able to get any work done with them because you've made it so difficult to use the computer that it defeats the entire point of the computer existing at all because you've locked it down for security. You have to have a balance there between security and usability. And if you're going to add security measures that don't actually do any security, but just add inconvenience, delay, and hassle for... authorized activities that's not security that's security theater you know if you're going to implement an actual effective security measure hey great as you know if but there's always going to be a trade-off there between the security that you're implementing the cost to implement it to you know the people implementing the security and then the cost to the users that you are filtering I mean, heck, look at spam filtering. You've got the same kind of a trade-off there. Do you send every email that comes in to spam and let the user decide which ones are good and bad? Do you have kind of a midway point where you send most of what you think is probably spam into the spam folder? Or do you leave nothing in the inbox? At both ends of the extreme, you're still making the user sort through all of their email, including the spam, because you have not made your security measure effective. And you have to consider the actual users of something anytime that you add a security measure. But, you know, prior to the TSA, that was... we had just the metal detectors and that really handles almost all of the security threats that you could have. That would be effective security threats that they're trying to guard against with minimal. Well, you don't have people being afraid if you, if you don't have security, you don't have people being afraid. Yep. And yeah, like you said, Israel, they're, A lot of people show them as an example of effective security. And I would have to agree with this is the better way to do security in a lot of cases is the way that security happens in Israeli airports. And this has been public information as to how they do this for a long time. But you've got a fairly high hijacking risk from passengers to and from Israeli airports. Of anywhere on the planet, that's going to be one of the main places that you really want to make sure that your security is top notch. Well, rather than doing all of the security theater ineffective measures that we do, What they do is they just station a whole bunch of basically plainclothes security officers throughout the airports to watch everybody for suspicious behavior. And they've got the dogs and that sort of thing, which a dog can pick up on stuff a lot better than a lot of the chemical analysis stuff in a lot of cases. But what they do with just basically observation is observing the crowds, looking for suspicious behavior, looking for people that look unusually nervous or fidgety, pulling them aside, questioning them on, you know, what are you doing? Why are you here? You know, that kind of thing. Fairly innocent questions. And a lot of people in that case, if they are a threat, won't be able to hold it together and keep up a whole cover story through their questioning. And from what I understand to date, since they started instituting this policy, they've had precisely zero onboard security incidents. It's been perfectly effective. And you can say, well, yeah, the TSA has been perfectly effective too. Well, You know, there's a difference between it wasn't going to happen anyway because you already solved it in other ways and we fixed it. You know, if they could just if they could just go after the criminals and kind of, you know, it's like it's like, you know, you know, those the bug zappers out there, the longer you run the bug zappers, the less bugs you have over over time. The more the more if we if we had something that was like a bug zapper for criminals, you know, I'm not going to say it exactly, but you know what I mean, you know, and got actually got rid of the threat. then that would be the way to end this. What you're saying is we need to, for effective security in airports, really, as an alternative to the giant bug zappers, is we need to figure out how to breed giant chickens and giant guinea fowl and let them loose in the airports. That's right. They'll go get the parasite class that just wants to harm each other. Bring back the dinosaurs. Bring back the dinosaurs. We'll just train them to eat the evil people. Maybe they're smarter than people in finding the bad things. Okay, something else I want to bring up here. Bitcoin's blockchain caught loaded with child porn. This is a huge threat to everyone out there right now, and you may not even know about this. So I decided that we would bring this up here because this is kind of a big deal. Yep. This is one of the problems that I have with, too, with the policy of prosecuting people for the possession of child porn. It's too easy to plant. It's too easy for people to have it without even knowing it with how much data can be stored on a computer inadvertently, whether it's in cookies, whether an ad that's on a web page that you looked at downloads it to your computer, whether it's caught in Bitcoin, you know, in the blockchain, you know, it's too easy for that to happen. And on top of it, it makes it so that it's, you've got low hanging fruit for law enforcement to go after for people that may not even know that they have it rather than going past the, going after the people that are actually making it or distributing it. You know, it makes it real easy to just drag out a whole bunch of low level people that, that frankly are not valuable to actually stopping the trade of this stuff. You know, you got people that are making it, yeah, go throw the book at them. You know, they, they, they absolutely deserve that. But once you start getting into zero tolerance, possession of anything, be it child porn or drugs or anything like that, when you have possession, be a crime, uh, you have situations like there was several years ago, there was a big case that I remember from, uh, there was a feud between a couple of neighbors and, uh, One of them logged on to his neighbor's internet, downloaded a bunch of child porn in a way that he made sure that it would get tracked back to the internet connection that he was on, his neighbor's internet. His neighbor got raided for it. And because, of course, it was his Internet. So the guy had just a horrendous experience because of this. And so it's not even just law enforcement that can plant this on people. You know, you leave a window down in your car and, you know, summertime, you leave a window cracked in your car just a little bit to let a bit of air in there. Somebody wants to get you in trouble. It makes it real easy. You know, they could throw a bag of drugs in there, whatever. And it's or anything, you know, anything at this point in time, because the attack is on Americans and make no mistake, the attack is on Americans. So anybody that's got blockchain right now has probably, you know, or a bit Bitcoin has probably got porn on their their computer. Yep. If you've got a copy of the blockchain, which you really, you need a copy of the blockchain from a technical standpoint in a lot of different places to be able to validate new transactions. If you have a copy of that blockchain on your computer, which if you're running Bitcoin, there's a very good possibility you do. Well, sorry to say, but you are in possession. You're in possession of child porn if you have that. And that's something that the tech community is well aware of. And remember when the early 2000s, all the tech people were saying they are pulling in all of your text messages and all of your conversations. They've got this all stored. And so now not only do we have that, but they're setting the entirety of the United States up, the citizenry, the Americans, the domiciled individuals here for harassment, for- Selective enforcement. Entrapment. This is entrapment and make no mistake about it. They're setting this up for harassment of Americans. I've been sitting in this chair way too long doing interviews, guys. I'm fidgety like a two-year-old right now. I was on yesterday for hours and hours and hours. I'm getting to the point where I've got to move around a little bit. This is all about... um, going after us just like they did president Trump. They're, they're setting us up. If you don't fall in line with them and get into their little box car, their little, their little crap hole cities and become one of their little worker bees, their little ants, they're going to try to set you up and you can, you can try to avoid it as much as you, as much as you can. But if they want to, they're going to do it. And this is why this has gotten so incredibly serious. Um, I'm going to bring up another one right now, which I think is important because, um, This is the, Karen, you tipped this over to me this morning, but I want everybody, and we talked about this a little bit, the 702 section of foreign intelligence. This was actually a really good thing that Speaker Mike Johnson said. decided to pull it from the floor because this was one that had a lot of hidden language in it and looked fairly suspect. Do you agree? Just a little bit. I shared a post last night that had some details about what was hidden in it. Not a really good idea to surveil the American public the way they were planning to do. yeah when you got pages and you know thousands of pages in a bill come on no bill should be you know four corners oh but we have to vote on it to see what's in it right yeah because it's like like 1700 pages or 2700 pages that's what these morons do and so i posted that this morning my telegram channel and uh it it is it is uh Once again, they've weaponized our government and their power against us. Something else I want to show you. This is kind of crazy. So posted this this morning, too. You remember how they were in almost all of these entities across the Internet? I watched a guy get into Yahoo one time. to access the porn networks. Now, he didn't show it. He showed how to do it, but he didn't show what they necessarily were accessing. So he was pretty sensitive to that. But I want you to look at this. First of all, the things that I see here, that's AI. That is a genius. I knew it. That's why I didn't share that. I saw that this morning and I was like, you know, I'm not going to share that because I don't know if this image was real. Now, is the concept real? Yes. Is this particular ad on quote unquote Etsy real? And I'm going to hesitate and see if flush this out for a minute and see what happens before I share something that's accusatory toward a company. It may or may not be happening there, but That's AI. So yeah, they're putting a hit out on the company, or it's maybe the feds trying to catch or entrap those who are dealing with child porn. I tend to think, too, that that's a lot of the way that they end up blackmailing a lot of our elected officials into... doing their bidding is basically, you know, they, they get them involved in this kind of stuff knowingly or unknowingly and, uh, threatened to, uh, pretty much ruin them and everyone around them. You know, not, I mean, this, this is pretty, uh, this is pretty obvious here, but you know, the, that entire concept, I think that's, I think that's how a lot of how they're doing it. Well, this is what they were doing on Wayfair with the furniture. And what I thought was really strange with that years ago is they're selling furniture for like a $20 table or something like that for $15,000 or $60,000 or something. And then if you did a check on the names of the furniture models, they were the same as the names on the milk cartons of missing children. I don't know if you guys knew this. And so in my opinion, what I saw with the kids on the milk carton, they had missing children. Those weren't looking for missing children. They were advertisements of what they had for sale. That makes a lot of sense. Then you could go to these other sites and see, okay, here's Sophie or whatever it is. And this furniture, it was a direct match to the database on the milk cartons. They were trafficking. They were selling kids. They mentioned the old milk carton thing this last weekend from the concept of, did you do anything when you saw those milk cartons? You looked at it and you felt like you were doing something by looking at it, but you didn't do it. You threw it in the trash and you didn't look for the child. You did nothing about it. But they didn't mention the idea and I hadn't thought about it that way. It makes a lot of sense. It's marketing. I never thought of it that way. That one's fake too. Look at this eye. This eye. Look at the shape of that eye. And then let's go back because this is one of my, let's just call it gifts, is spotting things. Look at this. This is not a child's eye. That is a created and embellished eye. And look at the shape of the head. Even the shape of the hat has been manipulated. And look at the toppings on the pizza. Not the ones in the boxes, but the other one where she was taking a bite out of it. Who the heck makes pizza like that? It's, there's something weird about, you know, there's, there's something weird about it. And then if I study this a little bit longer, I'll, I'll be able to pick out for you a few other things that are real obvious on why this is, why this is, oh, look at the earrings. Her fingers on her right hand are too slender for a child. Yeah, that's not a child. Those aren't child's fingers. And look at the way that it's bent around. So this is like that site that says this person does not exist. This girl does not exist. But what I would say is, you know, is a stupid person that got on here that was looking for child porn. and such they're gonna they're gonna go on here i kind of almost wonder if this is a fed sting to catch people honestly um because it's it's very possible but but there's there's things that you should be able to you should be able to hope so quickly look at this sort of thing and say does that look like a child's hand the answer to that is no not at all and the the um the proportions are off. The head proportions are off according to the shoulders. The head is larger. They're doing things that are definitely skewing things here. I would hope this is a sting. It looks like a sting to me. I would hope so. The alternative is not good. Or is Etsy up to something else or doing something similar in another fashion? Or is it waking up the public to something about Etsy? Or is Etsy completely innocent and this is, as you said, a sting? Or is God going after Etsy to try to discredit them? We don't know. Etsy is just kind of a marketplace a little bit too, like eBay. or like Amazon has turned into as well. Any of those, I'm sure you could find the same kind of stuff going on on any of them. You can. There's different levels that if a person knows what they're doing, which I do not. I've just seen I've seen a demonstration. Right. But if if you know the right words to put in and I would hope that they've got this locked down because it's horrific. Karen, you went to the human trafficking seminar and I really want to thank you for going to that while I was down. And Karen's Karen's a spy. So for you know, it's like that. She showed up there in order to help gain information, but also to help me so I could be in several places. And we in a good team, you you have to have people you can trust and you break up and you search for clues. And Karen did a spectacular job and I wanted to say happy birthday to you this weekend. I really was, it was a gut wrenching thing for me to decide to go down to Mar-a-Lago. I really, I really wanted to go there. I wanted to be at both places and we thought we had it figured out until New York city came up. And I thought that was amazing because you know, going to Cipriani there was where, was where, uh, Hillary Clinton, the head witch, called all of us a basket of deplorables. Well, this event, I posted about it a little bit more last night after I posted some memes, what the experience was like. And the first thing I want people to know is that I was really anxious to go because You know that you're going to hear a lot of negativity, right? And so you get kind of amped up about that. And a lot of people don't want to look down that pathway because it's scary. It's too real. It's frightening. You don't want to know sometimes because it's easier to not know. But it's really not that scary. What I ended up coming out of there with was I met a lot of passionate, faithful people. I mean, God was definitely part of the discussion. There was a lot of hope. There was redemption. There was inspiration. There was community. I'm in the women's restroom, and I hear someone say, something that really connected. It was like she was talking about me and I turned and I said something. And so we started a conversation amongst three of us and we were all feeling similarly. What can I do? Because I feel like I'm not this or that, you know, I don't know that I'm the right kind of person to fight this kind of thing in the way that you think the options are. But the other thing that I found was there are all kinds of options. One woman said, go to the six-day seminar if you can. She says there is even people who make sandwiches for the rescuers or people who are helping women in a shelter or whatever it is. There is something simple for people who want to be at a distance and And there's certainly room for people who have more expertise in boots on the ground kind of interactive rescue, help the survivors kind of stuff. But there's something for everybody. And so it's not just a bunch of scary negative stuff. I heard a few stories, but it wasn't presented in a way that I couldn't handle or digest. And everybody there at some point was, you know, you groan and you go, really? And there were tears. I told one of the presenters that I spoke to a few times, I said, I really appreciate that when you and others were on stage even or doing a seminar, that you allowed yourself to the room to be vulnerable in front of the group and you know because they get caught they tear up you have to it shows that you're human and you're not just cold and indifferent because then it reminds the rest of us that it's okay to be emotional while addressing human trafficking You can get angry. You can get sad. You can be horrified. You can be all of the above and more at one moment. But it's okay. That should not stop anybody from doing something. So last night, I finally collected my thoughts enough. I was reviewing. I haven't even gone through all the materials yet. But I had some handouts that a lot of it is directed toward parents or children and fascinating stuff. I'm surprised at how much I'm learning, like really basic concepts that I should know about. But because we as a society don't talk about them, if you're not tapped into that end of things at all, you don't get exposure anymore. And it's okay to not know and say, well, wow, I just learned something simple. I feel stupid. No, it's okay to not know, but it's not okay not to learn because we all have a responsibility to participate in that. So I took one of the handouts and I made some memes and some of them are kind of wordy. I know. But I didn't want to split them up because it wasn't my worrying. I wanted to share some of those things that I learned through that because they're really, really important. Like, I'm not a parent, so I don't think about how do you approach a subject to kids? You have to talk to kids about it. I always thought, well, you know, it's kind of an adult subject. Actually, it's not. You've got to talk. If you've got a nine-year-old, you better be thinking about how you're going to approach the subject of pornography. Because they are going to start seeing it by accident or otherwise. And what is that conversation going to be? It's going to come from somebody else or it's going to come from you. And you need to coach those kids to know what it actually involves and how wrong it is for their brain development, for their emotional development, how wrong it is for relationships. That's not normal because if you don't and they start viewing you, They can become aggressive toward females. They can gradually get more and more addicted. They can not only start viewing more and more nasty stuff, but they'll start purchasing it in real life in order to get that same high. And that is one of the things that I learned. How do people get to doing child porn online? whether they're receiving it and viewing it or actually getting involved in it physically, it's because with pornography, that addiction is, Prevent someone from getting the same high by doing the same thing. And so at some point in the future, if they continue on that path, they're going to start looking at younger and younger images. That's how it happens. Because I never could wrap my mind around it. Now I can see at least it makes some kind of sense to me. And that's one of the little things that I learned this week. And then I go, oh, okay. Now I can make sense of this and now I can do something about it. It starts by teaching the kids. But there's hope to it too. There's so much hope. But one of the seminars I went to, this man I told you about, I hope you have him on the show. He is part of a team in Arizona called Just Men Arizona. They have teams of men because men talk to men. He says, you can't have women doing it. It just doesn't work. And so they go online once a month. So it's not even a huge commitment. It's one month, once time a month for a few hours at a time. And it's a number of them together. They're working anonymously on set computers. So it's very secure. And what they do is reach out to people who are looking for porn or prostitution. And they have a set of templates that they put out. So the first one will say, Your conversation is being recorded. Did you know that such and such about pornography? And they start to educate. Some people will stop right there. And so you've interrupted something. Some people start cussing at them. And, well, they're wasting their time. every now and then they'll get somebody that learns from the templates that they're sharing things they didn't know like men tend to think that some woman who is in a pornography scene is getting paid and she's enjoying it no most likely the majority of it As someone who is being pimped, they're doing it against their will. They're being forced to pretend like it's enjoyable. And the vast majority of it includes aggression. So those scenes are not victimless. And some of these men, when they learn something like that, they start to think and it clicks. It's not just, I'm here to enjoy myself. All of a sudden, I'm a perpetrator of a crime. Because not only did that victim in that scene, whether it's a man, a woman, a child, or all of the above, they were not only a victim or victimized and objectified by the event itself, but every time somebody clicks and views it, they're once again being harmed. You are a perpetrator of a crime by clicking and buying and viewing it. And some men don't see it that way. But if they're caught early enough, they can turn around. And there's been a few cases he started to share where a man will say, oh, I've got to do something about it. And there are programs that help men through this addiction, which I had no idea about. There's help for people like that. It's an addiction. It's just like a drug or alcohol. And they have a 10-week program. And this one man went through that program as a result of this effort, and he started also recruiting and sharing what was going on, what he was doing, and how he has changed things around. So that was a concept out of the whole weekend. General Flynn said Friday night, if they have one person who is helped by that two-day process, it's worth it. If you save one child through the effort of somebody there, it's worth it. So there's a lot of different ways that somebody can be a part of making a positive difference. There's no reason to fear getting involved or at least starting by learning about it. And when you start to learn, you're going to ask more questions. And that's going to take you down a path where you'll find your role to play. Those were some of the key things that I learned. Did they tell you when the next six day is going to be? Because I know I think it's I've heard a couple of them that have gone through because I'd like to do that. And I think that's I think it's significant. I really do. It was part of the... I think it's March. I think I remember seeing it in March. I think it's at the bottom. Yeah, March 11th through 16th. And it doesn't say here where. I think I'm going to do that one because I've been wanting to do I've been wanting to do that for a while. And I think it would be that should be up there getting educated and being all in all the time. Just like the election integrity stuff. We all have to be involved in this. You know, all the time. It's, I don't know, you know, my playtime has pretty much come to the end. And I know that I'm kind of immersed in this and trying to, I was thinking about that this week. It's like, look at how far all of us have gone over the past years. And waking up to the stuff that's out there that's tragic or that needs to be fixed. And I think at this point in time, all of us can say, we don't really sleep a lot. And we're truly immersed in this fight 24-7. It never goes away. Once you're aware of it, you end up. being fully engaged all the time. And I don't know if you can ever go back. You know what I mean? I don't think you can ever go back to just like bumping along in life and, and living a quote, normal life. you know, going to work and, and visiting with you. Cause when you are, I had one of my, one of my sons say this morning, they're like, you know, you kind of launch into things really, really pretty fast there, mom. And most people aren't, aren't prepared for that. And I'm like, well, you know, a little shock therapy is not going to be bad for everybody here to get them moving in the right direction because we can't turn away from this. We're going to stand in front of God almighty for our lack of action. Cause our lack of action is, is complicity. Yep. How can, how can you in good conscience waste time? Can you even imagine people that are in that situation and just, you know, they don't even know. I don't think, I think some of them, cause I know that some of them were, were bred into the system. They, they, there's lots of proof of that. They didn't just get even kidnapped. They've never been out of a cage and, And to think about that, they wouldn't even know the difference or ones that have been picked up. Think about that. Wondering if anyone is going to come and help them. I can't even imagine. I can't imagine day in, day out, wondering if anyone is ever going to show up. One of the facts that was presented, I've heard this before, I think probably from you, was that the average lifespan of a child involved in human trafficking is two years. Two years. And I want to say it was Laura who spoke about that. And she said, People were like, oh my gosh, you know, that certainly makes you want to, we've got to attack it now. But at the same time, she said, it's hard to say, but it's kind of like that's a mercy. I think Basil Bess mentioned a particular case where a child was chained in a closet. Nine years old, I think it was. Raped 15 times a day. Starved. Beaten. And they said, this is not a conglomerate of concepts. This was an actual case. And I believe it was in Michigan. And they said, right now, as we're here tonight talking about this, there's a child that's being raped by an adult or being trafficked in some way right here in our state. And when you think about it that way, there's probably more than one. Okay, well, what do I got to do? Let's go get them. You know, another case, a woman attending a seminar that I was in. Near the end, she raised her hand and said, there's a situation and it's going on in Michigan. A mother is asking for help. Actually, her husband was, her new husband was here at the event. And the ex-husband said, had been touching a child, doing something with the young child. And so she reported it, went to the hospital to have an exam, got it all documented. The husband ended up working against her, and the judge threw her in jail. I don't know why, but the father won custody of the child. Turned out he's Freemason, and the whole... law enforcement and judicial system is involved in this. Actually, there's a term for it. It's called a nest. And it happens all over Michigan. They said it's happening everywhere here. And there's a part of me that was sitting there like, where's he at? Let's go get him. Let's go get that child out of there right now. Yeah. But, but he can't do it that way. And so this team, I want to, sorry, Ralph, I want to tell a little bit about this, this six day program for anybody listening. Association for the Recovery of Children is putting this on. So if you go to, you will find that, um, that course, the details of it. Basil Baz is in charge of that. Um, They actually do rescues, and he said 100% of the children that they have gone to rescue, they have successfully rescued. So that's actual, they look into the state, local laws, et cetera, and to determine what is going on when they get a report. And they have, it's all volunteer, but they have trained people that actually do that boots on the ground stuff. When I looked through that course detail, I just kind of read through it as part of this because it's in the training programs from this event. And I went to three seminars on Saturday. This was one in the offering, but it's in March. And I was like, that's really intense. I don't think that's for me. I don't think I could handle that. But I heard from a woman there who said, you should go because she's the one that was telling me there's something for everybody there. She's taken it twice. And I was like, she's like, don't be afraid. It's okay. You'll learn, you'll learn a lot, but you don't have to be a boots on the ground person, you know? But so that was kind of encouraging because you can be, anybody can be intimidated, but there is something for everybody and you can choose how much you get involved, but you have to do something. And that's why I said last night, you know, I don't, I don't tell people to share Karen or Riveter stuff very often because, But it doesn't hurt to click and share a meme that might reach somebody who talks to their kids and teaches their kids about this so that their kids are safer because they're aware. When I was a kid, I was thinking about this the other night. I had several sets of adult friends when I was a young teenager. I was in people's homes. My parents knew about it and we talked openly about it. And in one case, I don't know if they ever met the adult friend of mine. That would not happen today if I was a parent. No way. It would happen much differently. You know, my parents never talked to me about human trafficking. It wasn't a thing at that time. But now you have to. It's so prevalent. Well, it's in Indiana. Oh, really? Yeah. I've got it up on the screen here. So, yeah. Wait a second. Yeah, it's in Indiana. When is that? That is, let's see. That is March. Oh. I was thinking it was Florida. No, it says Indiana, I-N. So assuming that is, I don't know where that is. I don't know. I know Highland, Michigan. No, he, this one says, uh, uh, Connecticut. It's a little bit can confusing. It says comprehensive equipment in Highland. I am, that would be Indiana. And then this one over here says, Oh, that's September. That's an old one. So it's in, uh, Now it's in Indiana. I'm going to continue to go down and get some more information. Well, and the other thing about this too is, you know, imagine if rather than doing all of these security theater tactics, if all of that time, effort, and money went into this instead, fighting an actual problem rather than making sure you, don't bring your own water bottle on the plane so that you have to buy it from the stores in the airport at ridiculous markup rates. If they actually took all of that that they're putting into all of this completely ineffective stuff and put it into this instead, it would be so much more effective. If they actually went after the core of the problem rather than rather than trying to fight symptoms, you know, like another one kind of in that, in that same, that, that same vein, I guess, for, for trying to make that point is why would you go after users of meth and spend a bunch of time trying to prosecute users for them when you should be going for the people producing it, the people distributing it, you know, and same kind of thing with a lot of this. They're spending so much time going after the symptom because it's easy to prosecute rather than going after the actual cause of the problem. Well, and you look at the law enforcement and the judges that are involved in it. I mean, you know, there's a whole network of them in these nests, too. This is something I've heard and believe to be true, is that the judges, the police are involved in it, and the doctors. Because they'll take a kid and have that kid raped, and then they've got to take him to a doctor to get him put back together again. And I think that the, the influx of children coming in through our border has really created a problems because now they just kill them. They don't even try to sew them back up after somebody has basically ripped their bodies to shreds. They, they used to take them in and then they'd sew them back up and get them back to work again. And now they just, they just let them die. And, and because there's, there's some, there's such a supply out there. And, uh, It's a horrific reality we live in. We have to look at this. We can't look away from this because we're going to stand in front of God Almighty if we do. I'm sorry, but nobody's going to get a pass from God on this. I completely believe that. You're either part of the solution or you're part of the problem. To Ralph's point, the Just Men Arizona organization If they come across somebody who's looking for children or clearly committing a crime They pass it off to law enforcement immediately So you were you might think well, they're just they're trying to educate give me a break no, they actually do have their effective in several ways and I'm not criticizing their group for trying to help individuals. I'm more talking about the actual law enforcement. Yeah, but what I'm suggesting is that there's multiple fronts on the battlefield. And you're absolutely right because they did talk about that a little bit too. Look at Hunter Biden, for example. Easier to catch him on tax issues. and bring things into court based on that than it is for all these other crimes that he's involved in. It is easier to catch somebody in a possession of a drug and get them in jail than it is to get them caught with children that they're trafficking at the same time. Yeah, and like I said, I really do think that's happening with a lot of our elected officials, is that stuff is getting... When they first start and they're reasonably clean, stuff gets planted on them, and it gets into that cycle of blackmail of, well, you've got to keep doing more and more and more stuff to keep us from exposing you and ruining you. I think that's a lot of how they end up getting control of elected officials. Yes, yeah. But you were talking about that earlier, and the same thing happens to the victims in human trafficking. Many of these prostitutes started out as children abused. So they were involved in sex crimes before they even got involved in prostitution. It's an easy slide, and when you understand those concepts and hear it from... their end of things it kind of makes sense but um they they get they also are um when when somebody's groomed they one of these flyers said something about uh like a hundred grand they can earn off of a person so they take their time to groom a youngster online because the potential So they could take their time. It may take them months or even years to groom somebody before they actually can pull them in. And when they do, one of the first things they'll do is they'll get them in a compromising position. Maybe they take nude photos of themselves and share it. Or they get involved in one rape. And I'll call it rape because if there's a child involved, it's rape. And maybe they think they're consenting to it. Well, you don't want to do this again. You might want to rethink that because I'll share this with your parents. I'll put it out there on your social media. They get used in the same way that you were just talking about politicians being set up. And that's how these kids are kept in the system right off the bat because they feel like they have no other option. They just don't know. Again, educate them. I know a gal in Grand Rapids here who called me, and the first time she was raped, she was 10 years old. And her mom just said, go in the bathroom and wash yourself off. That was it. And then she was gang raped at 14. And by the time she was 18, she said the cops were passing her around. Wow. And she said, this is what happens. And what she told me is anybody that's out there, organizations that say, we're here to help you. If you've been trafficked or victimized, they're the ones that are actually people go in for them for help. And they're trafficking the kids to these organizations. So it is such an abysmal situation right now. So if you see signs that say, we're here to help. Like CPS? Like CPS or any of these things. No, they're not. You mean to tell me CPS doesn't always have the best of intentions? They're the biggest child trafficking organization in North America. They get a million dollars per kid that they legally kidnap from a family. And they'll trump up charges. They'll do all sorts of things to get access to these kids. And we really have to get a lot smarter and realize that the enemy is already within. We've been infiltrated. Every organization and corporation and illegal organization illegal entity that's out there, they're infiltrated. And we're going to have to end up getting a little smarter as individuals and looking at things critically because all the information is there. And I keep hearing people go, well, what's the proof? You know what? I'm not here to spoon feed you or anybody else. You know, I've already done my research and I'm pretty well settled on this. It's all out there. It's not hard to find. You know, we'll help each other along the way. But generally, when somebody says something like that, I know that they're just trying to bait me into something. And it's like, no, I'm not going to be baited into that. I'm not here to be, you know, we're not here to continue this nanny state of letting people be lazy and having somebody else do all the work so they can say, okay, that's what they said, so I guess I'm going to go with it. No, you've got to get out there and do your own research. and look into this and keep your eyes open and think because Republican party has been infiltrated. The Democrat party has been infiltrated. Our corporations have been infiltrated. The schools have been infiltrated. We have somebody locally that I, I, uh, have heard from a good source, took a $20,000 payoff to keep the masks in place. This is a school administrator that took $20,000 personally. If there's one doing it, they're all doing it. And they're all grifting off the system in order for unjust enrichment. And so when you see something at that level that you know about, what about the levels we don't know about? And how many people in the communities are actually involved in this? I heard of a house that was at the end of the street. They had tunnels to it. I've seen one of them. One of the places I was looking at in Tennessee, Tennessee has got a huge nest down there. And they bring them in through the water and there was a tunnel underneath this basically double wide trailer. But what was underneath it was like, I don't know, they had they had like forty eight hundred square feet that was buried basically. And they could drive a semi in there to pick up the cargo there. and nobody would see it. And they're slick about this. So let's just take, for instance, I'm just going to put out, oh, I don't know, a hypothesis because I watch the helicopters and I watch military aircraft and I do a little bit of surveillance. Look at the Grand River in West Michigan here. Why is it that that's never been developed? Answer that question. I have some big questions on that. And look at the gravel pits next to it. You know how easy it would be to go pit? I'm just going to throw it out there. A closed airport out in Jenison that they closed about a year ago. Come on, people. It backs right up to a gravel pit, which has direct access to the Grand River. You know how quick it is to grab somebody, throw them on a boat and go through those areas? Well, you got an airport that's pretty well closed right now. but you had one there that was operational. These private airstrips, that's how they were doing it in Fox Island. And this is a, this is a case from the 1970s. If you study this stuff and look at the precedents, it just, you know, the precedent was already set. They already showed us what they were doing by linking this to murders of children in Detroit, going through Fox Island, which is on up by, uh, up by Traverse City and such, and how quickly they can get them out and disappear. We've got international ports here. Michigan is like a sieve. And people here, pretty naive, realistically. Have you ever looked at the logo? Here, I'm going to put this out there because I'm not a DeVos fan, and I went to the Ford Museum, and the Ford Museum is actually a tribute to Kissinger. Put that out there yesterday. It's not about Ford. It's on DeVos land. The building is shaped in the shape of a pyramid. There's all kinds of Egyptian and Baphomet references there. If you look hard enough, you just got to be looking. You can't sit there and go, I'm a West Michigan Christian. I'm just going to be walking around here and things are fine. Look at the logo for the Reformed Church. In Michigan. Reformed. Yeah. And I mean, we're going to have to think through this all. You think the cops are honest? No. You think the judges are? No. They were in on this child trafficking crap. They're patching kids up. Think about this. It's a one-off. It's a concerted effort. Think about this. We've got probably, I figure it's somewhere around an 85% to 93% effective tax rate on all of us between payroll taxes, property taxes, gas taxes, inventory taxes, income tax, all of these different taxes. Discretionary taxes, pool taxes, all that. Every single level of everything. Anytime anything moves, it gets taxed. So by the time it gets to you, anything that you buy has been taxed and taxed and taxed and taxed and taxed. Anything that you make is taxed and taxed and taxed. Now, think about this. Let's say at the low end of that, let's say that 85% of what you do is going to the government. Do you really think that if... they're supposed to be working for us for that amount of money that we're contributing to them, right? So effectively what we're doing is taking at least 85% of our time should be going to the public good. If you imagine that every person in America spent 85% of their time doing volunteer work for their community, because that's effectively what this is supposed to do. Do you think this problem wouldn't be solved? Oh, we'd have all kinds of problems solved. That's the one thing that I had made up my mind is that as Governor Brandenburg, I was going to pause all taxes until we get this crap figured out. Because think about this in real terms. Each one of us that goes to work is working until October to pay taxes. Yep, think about that. If everyone in America had 10 straight months to go find these networks and hunt down the people that are involved in this and solve this problem themselves, do you think this problem would still exist? No. If we've got this much going to our government... And they're supposed to be solving this problem for us. Do you think they're actually incapable of solving this? No. They don't want to solve it. They don't want to solve it. They're in on it. They're in on it. They're in on trafficking the children, the drugs, the fentanyl, the border. They're in on it. So all they do is keep us all enslaved so we can't go solve that problem. And we are the last hope for the world right now. So every one of you out there, I hope you're proud as hell to be an American because this is why we're such a prize. We are the last stand of hope for the world. This is what they wanted. And none of us at this point in time can back down no matter how bad it is. We're going to take this thing back and we're not asking permission because they're doing the absolute wrong thing on every level. And this is a this is a an attack against God Almighty himself. They're after our DNA because they want to wipe out any trace. Of God from this earth. This is evil. It's demonic. It's satanic. And this is where they're all a bunch of Satan worshipers. Why do you think they want the kids? Why do you think they you know, why do they you think they want our kids? You know, this is absolutely satanic. To the core. Yep. And they've got a heck of a network out there. And, you know, we're all when this thing comes crashing down, because I know it is because God's on our side. I know this is going to come crashing down. There's going to be a judgment day for these actions for these people. And when this all comes crashing down around us, it's going to be glorious. We cannot go on the way that we have. It's got to stop. And every one of these people has to be brought to justice for what they've done. when I believe that it should all be broadcast. I think it should be, you know, testimonies broadcast so people can see exactly with the proof, not just saying not coercion, but actual proof of what's happening. I mean, I've seen a kid who had their stomach cut open and they pulled his heart out beating. When you start seeing the things that are actually happening, you can't look away. They can't anesthetize you into compliance or like they have with TV and everything else. When you actually have to face what's going on, you'll never be able to look away again and it will change you. And that's a good change. It's not, you know, and I think all of us need to do it. It's a righteous fury. Righteous fury. To know to do good and to not do it, to you it is like sin. Or to you it is sin. If you know that this problem is happening and you just sit on your hands, I'm sorry, that's a problem. And it's not just about children. I wrote about that in my sub stack about children. So if people want to look for the biblical concepts, I wrote about that too. That that millstone comment, that was spiritual. That wasn't just about children. And most of the time in the Bible, when it talks, when the phrase, when the word children is used, God's talking about his people. He considers us all to be children. He doesn't discriminate based on age. That's a human concept. I didn't know that until I researched it. I wanted to know what the Bible said about child abuse. And child sacrifice. And what I discovered was, I don't know that it was limited to children. Everywhere where it talks about Molech, it was about children. The word children there is defined differently than by age. It may not have been limited to children. God cares about all of his people. And so we should also keep in mind there are men and women, adults, who are being abused and sacrificed in similar fashion. And we get more emotional about kids, which is understandable, and I'm not disagreeing with that concept. But God cares about everybody. And if we're looking away when anybody is going through something like this, and we have the opportunity to do something about it, If nothing else, like I did, you share. You know, when I was in the seminar about the men's program, he talked about the men's program as being an option for a to-do item. Well, I'm not a man. Sorry. Like Donna says, I'm not confused. So I can't do that. So I said, what are you looking for in the type of men? Because as a woman, if I knew about a man who would fit that parameter, I would share with that man and say, would you like to do this? And he was like, that's a great question. He acted like he never been asked that before. Maybe he has, but. There's something for everybody to do. And if nothing else, you have to share it with other people and find those people in your community who are capable of participating in some way. Because everybody in a community is capable in some way of participating, if nothing else, sharing the information that the problem exists. Because I guarantee you in my county, we're not talking about it enough. If our sheriff's not talking about it on a daily basis, He's part of the problem. I don't hear anything about trafficking in my county. We have an airport. Yeah. People, people are so asleep to this issue. It's not even, you know, going back to, I could really throw something raw up here. If people wanted to see what actually happens in a satanic abuse situation. Is this still streaming to YouTube as well? Oh yeah. I guess I better not put it up there right now because it is, it is so horrific. And this is, This shows human beings and what actually happens to them. And I'm going to say adults. It's an adult sacrifice. And it would be, that's probably good. I won't put it up because YouTube will kill it. But I'll put it up. I'll put it up on being on at some point in time when I'm not going to. Anyway, for the topics we've been talking about today, because of course we've got to bury it rather than bring it out in the open where people can actually solve the problem. Yeah, well, this is this is it's for real. I mean, I can show you a satanic ritual if anybody's really interested in it and what they do. to human beings it is for most people it's shocking it's disturbing beyond all belief you know we've we've a lot of us have heard about what happened with the video with hillary and and huma abedin in the red room and such a lot of the videos that are a lot of the the stills out there are not what actually happened it's it's uh it's a little bit more horrific actually um and so uh but You're right, Karen. It's not, it's not just to children. It's, it's to, it's to adults. Well, and Karen too, I think to your, to your earlier point, I think another thing that's a major narrow end of the wedge kind of thing that I can't even imagine how much this is going to mess up the next generation is the prevalence of OnlyFans and, you know, the, the, on demand adult content stuff, you know, it's can, can you even imagine how much that's going to mess up the next generation of kids that are raised in that kind of an environment, you know, where their parents thought that this was okay. And this was how they supported their family while they were, while they were growing up. And, you know, they're, they're raising their kids to have that same attitude, undoubtedly, you know, And I think that's going to cause some serious problems, the likes of which we have not even started to see. Yeah, like children being taken by parents to watch these men in costumes, half naked, dancing around, shaking their bodies and their faces. This is not normal behavior in any way, shape, or form. And a lot of kids, I mean, we have kids pretending to be animals or objects rather than children in school. And the schools are allowing this. So, yeah, we got a generation of really screwed up kids. Even the kids that are not being involved in it by their parents, though, are still going to be raised in an environment where the kids are being taught that this is perfectly okay and acceptable. So what happens when they try and push the envelope? You know, kids generally try and push the envelope on stuff and try and push against the boundaries of their parents as they're growing up. What happens when they've already got this kind of a baseline of this is acceptable? Where are they going to push that to next? One thing that I learned this weekend is that brain development is a topic of conversation in this, and I never considered that either. I would consider it common sense that you teach your kids stuff and you make sure that they avoid the things that can cause them problems, right? But the brain development and the facts about that Is a part of the story. That parents need to know. And they need to teach their kids. Because there's a part of the brain. That's involved in. The pornographic. Emotional response. Which does not mature. Until into the 20s. So when these. Young men. Generally it's boys. They. Tune into pornography. They don't have a clue. the damage that they're doing to themselves in their brain development because they're teaching their brain the wrong chemical things. It's an addictive process. Same problem I've heard with THC or really any kind of drugs prior to the age of about 25. Even if adults figure that they're Adults being over 25, you know, figure that they're harmless for, you know, say an 18-year-old. There's some definite damage there. If you start looking at some of the medical studies on that kind of stuff, there's permanent lasting changes that can be made to the brain by some of these environmental factors well into at least 25. Yeah. And that has consequences that people don't think about. And one of the concepts that they really hit on was that children don't understand. They can't comprehend. It's not just. It's not just a societal thing. We're like, you don't understand. You're too young. No, they really cannot comprehend the consequences of their actions. Think of Yuval Harari. They know how to hack human beings. And they're doing it through biometric ways as well as just exposure. There's somebody in the chat. Excuse me a minute, guys. I'm going to put this up. Michigan Homesteader said he had something else to share regarding surveillance state. For a few years, I've trusted Signal as a means to conduct private, secure communication. But recently, I've become aware that Signal is not that private or secure. In fact, some that were in on the development team were not happy with the metadata Signal was collecting. And when you sign up, you have to provide a phone number. Check out Session. Get It's an app only that doesn't require a phone number, email address, or email address. And it uses session ID and traffic balances between servers. Huh. Well, that's a new one. I haven't heard about that. Thank you for sharing that. That's a good point. You have to get into things and try to put as much in the way as you can. You don't want to make it easy for them. You don't want to comply. Make it as inconvenient as possible. They're going to have the data one way or the other. The surveillance right now is so heavy handed on everything that they're going to get that data, but you don't want to make it easy for them. You know, you got to put up, you got to put up somewhat of a fight and make it, make it difficult for them to violate your constitutional right to, to, to privacy, you know, to, to being secure in your papers and effects. You got to make that a little more difficult. Signal, I've, Signal's an interesting one. I, I'm, I kind of tend to like the Protocol Matrix as well. That one, if you actually look at the protocol on that one, Matrix is pretty well engineered. There's a couple of issues with it too, but there are with pretty much anything. There's another one that I'm a big fan of that I'm not going to say what it is because it's currently too difficult for most users to use and it's currently in the process of being engineered. re-engineered for easier use but there's an up-and-coming one that is really really well engineered that i like a lot but matrix is one that's reasonably uh well deployed and well engineered um Telegram, thankfully, hasn't been censoring much, but if you look at their architecture, unless you go to the pro-business version of Telegram, a lot of the traffic goes through, if I remember correctly, all of it is routed through Saudi Arabia. Oh, it sure is. And... even then you're still, once you go to their pro business version, you're still kind of trusting them with an awful lot more trust than I think any one company running a network deserves. Well, and they do change. Now I see, I see followers on, I've seen followers on my channel disappear. I had one guy that I know was a U S Marshall that was on there and he was watching and he kept getting removed. And I, keep adding them back on and he keep getting removed on there. But that, that actually happens where they, they will remove people from, so you can't even believe the counts of the people that are viewing it. And I know Karen, you've seen my channel. Things that won't show up when I'm posting and all of a sudden I'm shadow banned or disappear from, from view. They are so heavily censoring. When, when you see somebody who's being censored in any way, shape or form guaranteed, that's probably the person you want to listen to. Yeah. Well, I don't know about my account. I, I used to have, I don't know. I don't remember what the high was, but. I'm like a 387, 388 right now. I used to have a lot more. And I don't know if it is just generically people don't like watching what I do anymore or if there's something else going on. I have no idea how to tell. Maybe I'm doing something right and they're censoring me. But the weird thing about what happened with Donna, Donna Posts, and it doesn't show on my feed that she has a new post on her channel. What happens is I go into her chat through my feed, and I'll see that she has posted some new posts there. I'll go back into my feed, and those posts don't show up for a while. It will after an hour or two, and I've noticed it in the evenings. I don't know. If it's happening in the mornings or not right now, but it may be you post around 10 o'clock and around 11 o'clock, it'll show up new if I don't touch it. If I click on the channel, it'll update all of a sudden and then it arise in the account in the feed. but otherwise it looks like Donna hasn't posted anything new. So there's a delay in it. It doesn't get hidden necessarily, but it, there's a delay and I've not seen that elsewhere, but I don't know that it's not happening elsewhere. It's just that I've just noticed it recently. So I started watching it. Well, and the other thing too is that, you know, if you're, if just like, just like we saw with, uh, Facebook when they first started, uh, When you put all of your trust into one company like that on a non-open interchange format for a social network, your one policy change or one merger or acquisition away from that network being completely destroyed and having all of your communications that you've placed online onto that network being at risk of being censored or manipulated in pretty much any way that the company running that network wants. So you got to develop your own like we did. Brandenburg News Network. Another good one that's out there too is Mastodon is interesting because Mastodon doesn't rely on one central server. It's a little bit more like email where you join onto a server somewhere or you can run your own Mastodon server. And then you interconnect the Mastodon server with other Mastodon servers and exchange messages that way. And it's an open protocol. There's all kinds of servers out there with different policies as far as censorship, what they do and don't allow on their platforms. And that can be... That's an interesting architecture. It's still censorable, but it's a lot harder to... take down completely. And if you're within a network of people that you trust, you can pretty much guarantee that you're going to be able to reconnect with them even if they change around their server or they start private hosting their server or something like that. It's a lot more durable than a centralized network. Another one, too, that I hesitate a little bit with when I see people trusting this a lot is ProtonMail. They've done a pretty good job. Yeah, I was concerned with that one. Yeah, they look to have done a pretty good job so far. But that would be a real easy one for that to turn into an NSA honeypot. Yeah. On top of it, all of the functionality that's in ProtonMail pretty much already existed in regular email. There's a technology called PGP or the open source version GPG that you can do encrypted email just fine using pretty much any email server and lock all of that down. And it relies on key exchanges with people that you know, generally using a non-email channel. So if I talk to Karen on the phone, I give her my key or my key ID, and she can verify over the phone that it's me using a second channel. And then she wants to email me. She uses that key. I open that up. and i can read that message but nobody else can and it doesn't rely on the encryption being somewhere in the middle on somebody else's server it runs on your own devices and that technology has been around and available since i think something like 1992 Yeah, so they've got to complicate it and repackage it and repackage it and repackage it again. And I don't think it's getting better. It's getting worse. Charlotte says, yes, they control IoT and can't control child trafficking online, right? Look at media, so controlled. ADL is lazy, and they must be in on this billion-dollar corporation, human trafficking cartels. I would agree with that. And then Michigan Homesteader says, yes, session is decentralized, too. And yes, it's become too popular. I would agree with that when things get to be popular. Well, guys, you know, I'm ready to wind this up for today. And it's been a great, great show. And I think we covered a lot of subjects. I was going to get into the gait analysis. Let me see if I could pull that up a minute because. Oh, yeah. With the with the TSA body scans, because. that's a real interesting link when you start looking in that direction. Yeah, let's check this out. We're going to go back to TSA. Tyrannical subversive arsehats. There you go. We'll go there. Tyrannical subversive arsehats. That's a new word for TSA. Yes, this is kind of one of the reasons, I think, why they wanted to have 3D scans of everybody is... when you go back and look at the procurement specs for the original x-ray backscatter 3D scanners, and a lot of those specs also carried forward to the millimeter wave scanners, they included a requirement that the machines would be able to save the output from it. And we pinky promise we're not going to save everybody's nude scans from going through these, but it's totally in the procurement documents that, yeah, they have to be able to, or we're not going to buy them. Well, they've already gotten caught with having those images saved off, but right around the same time as they were doing all these 3d scans of everybody, which if you'll notice are right after they verify your driver's license and, So they know plus or minus by about probably five people, they can match up your 3D model with your driver's license. And if you've gone through the scanners more than once, then it makes it pretty well guaranteed that you can match up the 3D scan with the driver's license again. Well, right around the same time that they were doing all this, This study here came out about doing gate analysis using shadows from satellite imagery and that basically there is enough data contained within your shadow now to be able to recognize your walking gate. Oh, this conspiracy theory you're sharing now. Come on. Yeah, today I'm going to be out there walking like Quasimodo, everybody, just so you know. Throw out the algorithm. Yeah, and you know, that used to actually be done in person a lot. And one of the common ways of thwarting gait analysis by person back during the Cold War was to put like a coin or something like that into your shoe. Because it would throw off your gait enough to unbalance it and make it different than your normal gait so that if you were in a disguise, it'd be harder to pick you out. Well, this is kind of an extension of that same concept of doing gait analysis to uniquely identify a person. And this came out right around the same time that they were doing all of the 3D scanner stuff. And, you know, if you've got a 3D model of a person, and you've got the ability to do gate analysis from space on people walking around based on their shadows, it's pretty easy to connect two and two together here. And this was back around, what, 2009, I think this came out? So, you know, we've had, and this is just when this was public. Who knows how long this was used before this was made public. Yeah, let's connect this to J6. Charlotte says, so the pipe bomb or hoax in DC, J6 can be caught, right? Oh, believe me, there's so much data out there. There's so much surveillance going on on all of us. In third parties. It's absolutely unconstitutional. And there's so much of this going on that, like I was saying, if you had everyone that was capable of spending 85 to 93% of their time, if you even just limited that down to just the good people, the good, well-intentioned people of the United States, Can you imagine how, with this much data being generated out there, can you imagine how easy it would be to actually take down a lot of this stuff if they wanted to? Fix problems. Oh, you mean that we could, like, you know, deport people who were supposed to be not in America but somewhere else, you know, across the border, that it would be easy to do that? You mean like all of the people that the exceedingly high percentage of people overstaying visas that were legally issued to them, for which we have all of their biometrics collected at the border. You know, all of the people illegally immigrating here using expired visas. You think all of that couldn't be very easily tracked down? They just had you just we just got to have somebody in the seats that wants to do it. And they're all involved. That's what, you know, like like we've been talking about. They want to make Whitmer into the big bad Whitmer. Well, she kind of is right. But she's not doing it without the three little pigs there in the legislature, which is the whole thing. And they could have stopped it. It was their this is their responsibility. She just executes the orders. Right. but the laws and the policies, every single one of them is, is guilty that are sitting in the seats. Another bit of data too, that I was in a, I was, I got into a conversation with somebody this week about what, I think it was like, which cell phones are, are reasonably secure or something like that, or which computers are reasonably secure. And, and, I had to bring up the fact that they're all compromised. Every phone on the cell phone network, to be able to be on the cell phone network, has to have a compromised baseband chip. They have to be reprogrammable from the other end. And almost all cell phones... The baseband has access to all of the RAM, storage, microphone, speaker, camera, all of the resources of the phone. There's no separation there between the baseband and the main processor. And there's only two models of phone that I know of that properly separate the baseband and the rest of the phone. and nobody uses those because they're goofball phones that are really intended for nerds that actually care about this kind of stuff, like me. But almost all of them, even those ones, the basebands are still remotely compromisable, but they put a firewall in there kind of basically between the baseband and the regular processor so that the baseband can't directly access the microphones. Every phone that's out there, That anybody actually carries, because nobody does with these two phones, all of them are compromised. They're all surveillance. Yep. And aside from that, look at the 5G stuff. And I think the biggest danger from the 5G is not from the EM radiation. It's from the privacy violations of it. because 5g uses a beam forming from the tower end to be able to lower the amount of power that gets to your phone and reduce the amount of interference and whole bunch of other benefits to this, you know, and from a technical standpoint, yeah, I can understand that. I can understand that. I mean, For having beamforming on a Wi-Fi router in a house, sure, you're in control of that device. Go for it. It's a better technology for doing that kind of thing. And beamforming is really pretty cool. Phased array antennas are amazingly fascinating devices if you ever look at those. But on a network that you don't control, where those towers are effectively data collection devices, 5G devices... To be able to, for that beam forming to work, that tower needs to know exactly where your phone is. And generally it's to within a few centimeters to be able to aim its beam properly at your phone. And I tend to think that's one of the biggest risks from 5G is not so much even the health benefits because most of those frequencies, they've been beaming down at us from satellites for decades at much higher power levels than the 5G is using. But the privacy aspects of it are horrendous. Yeah, look here, not here is what they're doing. Exactly. They're making sure to broadcast all of the health risks of it and the health risks of it as well as all of the rebuttals to that to make sure that people are only talking about that subject when the privacy aspects of it are horrific. But didn't you know, Ralph, that's coming from Patriots? Let's talk about that one more thing, and then we're going to get off. Let's talk about what happened on B&N yesterday with the morning thing, because I'm going to let Karen just talk through this, because you kind of know what happened, in my opinion, of the whole thing. People really don't understand how good I am at the long game. And I think it's really, really interesting that, at how things kind of worked out yesterday and the week before and such. So what was your opinion on yesterday, Karen? Well, I don't always know what Donna's got on her mind. I know you well enough to take some guesses. But I observed the last two weeks that the way you and Chuck have interacted has been a little different. And I also noted what he said, what he had posted in a comment on Facebook about someone said something, I think it was Warren, about he used the F word in the presence of children. And therefore, he should be reported to CPS for child abuse. When you confronted him about it, I noted that he said, well, I don't know that about CPS. I've not heard that. I would have to see the evidence. Chuck, I have met Chuck a number of times. I've talked with him. He is very much like the guy you hear on the show. in a conversation. He has a lot to say. He can interrupt you sometimes. He'll talk over you sometimes, but he's very knowledgeable about who's who and court systems and legal, legal systems. So for him to act like he doesn't know anything about CPS being a part of the child trafficking system, I don't buy that. And that bothered me that he would claim that. Now, this was a week after you had brought it up and made it clear. And you gave him every opportunity from what I had seen and heard. I was hoping to have an apology. You were hoping. Because you do not attack children or the largest human trafficking organization in North America. You do not attack. make that sort of insinuations that because somebody said the f word that they're probably that they should be reported to cps and have their children taken away this is absolutely wrong categorically on every level it's not okay this is not a game we're playing here And the first time you mentioned it, you didn't say that came from Chuck. You gave him an opportunity to say something himself and say, Oh, you know what? I didn't realize that he could have apologized. He could have said something about it and he did nothing. And he, to my knowledge, he didn't post anything about it for about a week. And so when it ended up that they were both on the same show, you made it clear that you expected some respect from, And the conversation. That it could be debated. But you were going to put a time limit on them. Because you didn't know Warren very well. I take it. But I know you know Chuck. And he is a talker. And he is an interrupter. And you made it clear. That that wasn't going to be acceptable. So. You gave him every chance. To do the right thing. Apologize. Clarify. Whatever it was. And Warren listened to him for several minutes and then you turned it over to Warren to say what he wanted to say. And immediately Chuck jumped all over him and would not, he wouldn't even catch a breath to speak or to, to let Warren speak. And now I'm going to also say like, I don't, I don't know Warren. I don't know anything. He's a good guy, bad guy or nothing. Um, We listen for information, right? Yeah. And he was not behaving well either. He was calling Chuck names, which I think is childish and not necessary. And he could have just stopped and said, Donna, this isn't working. Would you mute him so I can speak? He just continued talking and Chuck continued talking. And it was ridiculous. And why did Donna let this go? I watched your face. Why is Donna letting this go? Donna's letting this go because she wants to give these men a chance to realize that they sound ridiculous or to stop and become gentlemen and act with respectful self-dignity. And Chuck, especially to me, lost out because he would not let Warren speak at all. um i have known chuck like i said i i know him more like an acquaintance um i don't know him really well i've considered him to be a fighter uh a patriot fighter he has been a lot of court cases i've talked to him about stuff like that and i thought he was always doing the right thing um his His awakening of GOP politics has been powerful and to some degree helpful. And so I thought that is his lane. He he's a gossip, but he has also enlightened a lot of people to what is going on in the GOP. what I've seen in the last few weeks is a shift in his behavior. No, you guys were talking recently about watch what they do, watch what they, their behavior. Well, his behavior went downhill and I used to think, well, you know, he, he's doing what he needs to do. But when I went and looked at his response to the show and, I scroll down for a bit. He's just been name-calling and making all kinds of accusations. I didn't see him being fruitful in discussion based on relevant behavior. You know, he was mocking somebody for sleeping during a meeting. Well, I don't know why the guy was sleeping. Maybe he worked all day and the meeting was boring. that's meaningless in the grand scheme of things when you're talking about a party that's actually falling apart a state right and so this is something he posted that that the setup was tried and failed this morning there was no setup this morning chuck always said you can have anybody on anybody can come on to debate me and he called me this morning the other morning he was really he was very furious because somebody's like she's setting you up and i'm like No, not really. I had gotten two hours sleep for two nights in a row. And I came home to my mom being in the emergency room. And so I like I never even had any any thought to it other than the fact that he put the challenge out there for anyone to come on and talk to him. That was on the other side. So I don't really think too much about it. He called it. And I said, hey, I said, if you if if you want to postpone this, if you feel set up, that was not my intention. If you want to postpone this, let's do it next week. And you said that publicly at the start of the show. So everybody understood where you stood. I'm like, we can do it later. We don't have to do this this morning. and he was like no no we're gonna do it now and i'm like i'm like okay but i mean i gave him a if he if he felt set up which was not my intention i gave him a very easy way out he could say yeah you know let me let me get a handle on things and let's do it next week and i would have been okay with either way it would not have mattered to me whatsoever and so because i my intention was really my intention was to bring both of these guys on and hopefully get them pulling in the same direction. Um, but they, um, it, it, it, Chuck was like, it'll never happen. It'll never happen. We cannot work with these people and such. It's like, what kind of an attitude is that? And, uh, you know, it's like, we either talk respectfully and the, the, the, the, It will come out. It will come out. And you're not going to get a fair shake in court. We're going to have to get talking and see if we can come to some sort of agreement so that we can talk and actually love this nation more than being right. And sometimes that that comes with just kind of, you know, being quiet and listening, you know, and and that's not a real house. Yeah, that's not the real house that happened there at all. But you know what? The nice thing is that people were able to see a very, very real and authentic conversation that was going on. And sometimes that's going to be a little bit painful. I'll let people go on because as I've always said, if you give people enough rope, they will generally either prove themselves correct or they'll hang themselves. But the minute that you start censoring and stopping the dialogue, you are not showing things for what it is. You're trying to engineer it. I'll just sit back and let it go. What I saw was either Chuck is becoming too emotional in the moment or just in general. Or he's deliberately obstructing a fair dialogue and a sharing of information. And if he's obstructing sharing of information, why is that? And, you know, I'm being objective. I'm talking about a man that I met and used to support. I don't know that I support him anymore. And that's because I can't support that kind of behavior. But objectively, I looked at that show and said, what is he upset about? Is Warren right over the target and Chuck doesn't want to... Karen, your audio just changed markedly on my end. Oh, that's because somebody was trying to call me. Ah, there we go. If he was... If he's searching for the truth and he's totally okay with taking some information he doesn't like in and observing it and learning something from it. He's not going to become so emotional about it if he's seeking the truth. And that's why a lot of people, and I commented on your chat to somebody who was just ranting on your chat a little bit, and if you're if you're seeking the truth you can't be emotional about it you have to just quietly sit and take it in like i was standing at home i didn't do any screaming or shouting at home i'm just like what you know you have to observe objectively take in the information and think about it before reacting emotionally and chuck from the very get-go was emo emotional And why is that? I'm sorry, but what I saw was what I would call a screaming bobcat response. I've written about that in Substack 2. Screaming bobcat is when someone reacts really strangely. And we see that in what I call the de facto world. The environment all around us, if you look at what the cabal is doing, a lot of the behaviors that we're seeing in them are are the screaming bobcat. It's not just the leftists, you might say, the 20-something with blue hair. The screaming bobcat is the cat that's caught by the paw in a trap, and it knows the end is coming. And the only thing it's got is to scream and wail and thrash around and act like a complete idiot. Because maybe, just maybe, I can get free of this. But if not, I'm going to take out that hunter before he gets to me. And I'm going to fight. That's what bobcats do. You generally think they're going to fight for their life. But the behavior will be erratic and different. And that's what I saw in Chuck. I've also noticed in some people lately, this past like six months especially or a year, some people will be behaving like, you know, righteous indignation or patriotic and moving along in a common sense, critical thinking kind of way. And then all of a sudden the thinking changes. They're not thinking like they normally do. They're reacting differently. They're coming at things from an emotional standpoint. It's really dark. It's an attack on everybody around them. And when I saw that with some other people, it really connected with me in thinking, this is a battle of good versus evil. Because you can say that, but to see it in people that you know, where their behavior changes, it's like, Something has happened with that person. And it often happens with people who have a strong ego where they're not necessarily a humble enough person maybe or a faithful enough that you thought they were. I think that it grabs hold of their ego and shines through and you'll see this behavior shift. I don't know if that's what's happening with Chuck. But I saw behavior that definitely was on the extreme end. And I find that concerning. And it causes me to ask questions. Why? What is he really upset about? And why is he attacking people on a personal basis? Is he trying to help the country, not the GOP? Because who cares in the end, in the long run about the GOP? I could care less at this point because the structure is so bad. There is no possible way to resurrect this. If people think they can do it, knock yourselves out. But so far, how many times have we been led astray? With, you know, with the corruption and now the grand new parties coming up and they're posting the Christmas party thing. And it's like, people get your head off the swivel. It's like, so we're going to keep going back to our, our own vomit of going back to, you know, the, the wiser Michonne organization and what was going on there. And then we're going to go to the Cromwell and then we're going to go to this one and we're going to keep trying to bash our head against the wall. When these parties are nothing more than a cult, you are not going to change it. It's not possible. The structure is all wrong. Charlotte says this is what the party's like or it's hushed and they try to hide the crap going down until it blows up. The judgment of the legal prosecution of their families and jobs and jobs in the clown show going on. It's like a cat scratching on a chalkboard yet. It's not going to be changed. The structure is wrong. We were warned about it and we're going to keep going back like a dog to its vomit, go right ahead, but we're not going to change anything. In the meantime, they're going to end up taking all of us down through lack of dealing with a problem. This is like TSA. This is like in bad surveillance. We're going to continue to pile more and more and more and more on trying to get done with this instead of saying, you know what? It's just time to start over. This is not working. And it's not going to work because the entrenched structure is all about collectivism and collecting the structure up under the few that actually are making all the decisions. And you get to participate as long as you're a good little boy and girl. And they're going to keep giving you little crumbs. And if you don't do that, then we're just going to out scream you to shut you up. And that's kind of what I'm seeing there. You either agree or we're going to continue to out-scream you and try to discredit you and go after your family and go after your wife or your kids. And then we're going to try to talk about bringing in a federal agency to see if we can scare you into shutting up. And then we're going to have somebody at your door that's going to invade your privacy and your homeland. And you know what? Because nobody will sit there and say, Get out and not comply. They're being pushed around. And when I see people that are out of control in that way, God's people have no fear. And it is incredible the difference that you can see within people who truly have the spirit of God living in them. There's no fear. There's no back and down. There's no fear. There's no nothing. It's a, it's a, you know, that it, it kind of bounces off of you like water off a duck. Right. You just look at it and go, okay, be an idiot if you want to. I don't really care. You get to own that. I'm not taking on any of that. But guess what? You just played your entire poker hand. And as I sit here quietly pondering your idiocy, my next move is going to be, you know, you seem like an awful big threat to the United States of America. And what's my next move? well, probably not participating, exposing, and coming up with another plan to take this nation back. But I'm not going to spend my time into this idiocy, drama, childish behavior in the political parties, which are an absolute disaster and nothing more than a cult of personalities. And they go from one distraction, one to another, to the next, and nothing gets solved. You cannot make an accurate assessment of people's opinion until they start playing their cards and for that you have to have free speech uncensored free speech especially especially of the people you disagree with you know that it is most it it's important to defend the free speech of the people you agree with it is critically important that you defend the free speech of the people that you vehemently disagree with Because that's how you figure it out. I've done that before too. And I said the same thing. It doesn't matter if I know that woman over there is going to speak a different opinion than I do. She deserves the same amount of time and attention. And particularly in public comment period is where my experience lies. But yeah, I totally agree. I think that's why Donna did what she did in letting them talk. You can moderate and you can mute or you can let them show their colors for a few minutes and drive everybody nuts and go, I don't want to listen to this. Well, look what's on paper then because he did present that last night. So then people have a chance to objectively look at the evidence in front of them and the facts. What I'm thinking, because I listened to that at fast speed because I forgot about it. You had a show on at 8, and I listened to it as it was live from the beginning so I could catch up. And I'm Oh, my gosh. You know, the amount of information in there was astounding. And I'm thinking to myself, the people who have been so behind the Republican Party may want to start thinking. I'm just thinking practically, objectively here. You might want to start thinking about how else we can. as a state can have good candidates reaching office without a republican party yes because if they go bankrupt before 2024 november of 2024 or any other local more localized elections during that year they may go bankrupt and or at least they're going to be ineffective How are we going to get, we couldn't get good candidates in office with them overall anyway. Well, we do have other parties. So while we have a party system, we can look to that, you know, constitution party. We have ballot access. And so that's the thing that I think is significant is we have ballot access. If we can get a few people that want to just run for office across the state, we have an opportunity to get normal people in and not just the politically entrenched people. And that's what we really need to do. They've already lost the battle. They are not going to be able to recover from this from now until, you know, we're talking. We have less than a year if we even have the next election, which I don't think we're going to have another election. I think we're done. And so with that said, you know, even if we have another election, we're done. We're done. It's not honest. They can't do it honestly. It hasn't been a true election in a long time. Decades. We just know it now. But the point being is that I don't know how anybody can say, oh, we're going to win it in the Republican Party. Really? How's that working for you? We've had George Bush, who was one of the most corrupt globalists on the planet, that was working for a thousand points of life. They're Satanists. And it goes back decades and decades and decades. You will not win. You can't win. The structure is bad. So we're going to have to think a lot, a lot smarter than just to sit there. And this infighting with the parties is absolutely it's one of the most idiotic things I've ever seen in my life. Nothing is being solved. Voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil. Mm hmm. And the thing is, it's not personal either. You know, I want to make this clear. I'm not a member of the Constitution Party, okay? I don't have a stake in the game. So my opinion here that I've just shared in suggesting that people might want to consider that party... It's not about, well, I don't like the Republican Party and I like the Constitution Party. No, I'm just saying I'm being practical. And if you want a conservative vote with people who care about this country, that's an option to consider. Because if we have a party system in place, that's an option to consider. I know lots of good Republicans. And we probably all know people across the board who would use other kind of labels from other kind of parties. It doesn't matter. Are we American or are we not? That's exactly right. If that party cannot provide the funding, as we talk about funding in campaigns a lot, if that's the thing that matters, because we... I don't believe that the Republican Party or the Democrat Party is allowing good candidates to come forward in the most important positions anyway. It's ineffective. It's been ineffective for a long time. It's a selection process. It needs to fail anyway. But if you're still stuck in that concept of well what are we going to do i'm a republican and you're just anti it's not personal think objectively not emotionally and what are we going to do to save this country you've got to get out of the party mentality like donna's used a sports analogy It's not a team where you have to play for one side or another. Are you for America or aren't you? And what are you going to do locally in your election process? If you can get a candidate out in front of the public in some way or another who has a virtuous character and is credentialed for the office that they would like to volunteer for, then go for it. It doesn't matter what party they're in or not in. You should stand with all Americans. It doesn't make any difference and reject all this infighting because this is all that this is about. They're infighting like like children in this political party and they get nothing done. I have seen nothing substantially done within the Republican Party. Now, I'm going to give Warren hats off for this this report because they're going to hold people accountable. But once that happens, what next is the question? I don't think there's anybody that's sitting in the party right now that I could actually get behind because I don't think that there's a skill set there in order to actually run it, gel it. And then what are you going to do once you do get an office? Are you just, yay, sports team, we won the game. Now what? What's the after party? Going and sitting with Lansing and having a great big bar bill there so you can sit around and pat each other, yay, we won, yay, we won. What about the American people? That's what I see absolutely failing. What are they going to do, even if they win the seats? We're not talking the top shelf here of people that are going to take office that can, I mean, some of them are pretty sharp, but I don't see anybody that's going to be able to A, run things the way it needs to be for the American people. What difference does it make? I like your song you play once in a while. That's the Battle Hymn of the Republic song that one guy did. Oh, that was great. Let me see if I can pull it up. That's absolutely fantastic. Well, there's probably some people that have joined the party or just would call themselves a Republican. I think I'm still registered as a Republican just because I didn't want to change it. I don't want anybody knowing what I actually think on paper. There might be some really good qualified people, but they don't trust the party system, so they're not coming up within it. They won't be accepted to come up. They'll remove you like they did me, who was not politically attached, though I am a Republican as a believer in the Republican style of government. It's representational. I'm also a constitutionalist, and I'm an American. And I believe that there's parts of our system that are democratic, where at the local level, it's very much a democratic process. But as you go up, it's more of a representational form of government, but it's backwards. The whole thing is backwards and upside down. Here, I'm going to play this hymn because this is fun. Anyone can use to improve their hearing almost overnight. At least we're not in a prostate thing because that's usually the next thing that we do. Okay, here we go. This is for Ralph. And then we're going to stop here and say a prayer. We're all friends, so we can sit here and talk all day long. Just hilarious. Our right, the right to keep and bear the arms that will be for the fight. And while we've come to that amendment with the rights have been withdrawn. The right to representative democracy is done. It is money that's selecting all the candidates who run. It is money buying policies that impact everyone. And we fell for the con. Tyranny just overthrew your guns. No use because they are true. But you don't realize it, do we? The truth is now long gone. The leaders pass in laws that only benefit the rich. They take our last resources with a clever bait and switch. HMOs and banks and corporate CEOs that they enrich. And that's what's going on. Most voters favor tighter regulations on the banks. And taxes for the billionaires, but they just say no thanks. Because that, of course, is socialism. You fill in the banks, but it's you they prey upon. Don't let party platform fool you. Excuses for a moment while we school. Bye. Bye. Bye. See us gone, the vices are the spies. For government surveillance, those are now the ears and eyes. They use the corporate data, no subpoenas, no surprise. And still we don't catch on. You can now be fired for expressing what you think. Whether you're at work or doing dishes in your sink, your union cannot help you. They feel prey to double things. They lost the merit. You decide who's going to rule you. Look beyond the red and blue. To find a way you can cut through the corruption that lives on You have no right to education if among the poor And if you try, a life of debt is what you have in store Education is related to the years you are good for And those years are soon gone Corporations freely do their business as monopolies. They're poisoning the planet and they do just as they please. Destroying every market while they spread like a disease as they keep marching on. No longer can we just stick to the party politics due to the fact that they are up to screw you and that you can count on. Count on, count on, count on. 50 companies provided all the news in 84 now there's only six is 44 less than it was before we can recover from this if we wake up We're the ones who hold the power. This must be our finest hour. We're the ones we must empower, so the truth goes marching on and on and on. That's like a theme for the show. Yeah, there you go. The truth comes marching on. That's a great song. Well, let's say a prayer here and go about our day. And tomorrow I'm on with Bill Moore with Liberty Essentials and Jason Ikes. And Thursday I've got on Dr. Andrew Huff. And I think I'm going to take Friday off. I really do. I feel like I need some time to just be. home a little bit. I've got a couple other busy weeks. I'm going back to Florida again, guys. So things going on big time. And I can't express to you that there's an awful lot of good people fighting for this nation. And you know what? We win. We won. But we win when people actually wake up and are in the fight to win, not just be part of the nanny state. So we need to make sure that we're waking people up and speaking truth no matter what we do. Dear Heavenly Father, thank you so much for Karen and Ralph and all the nice discussions that we have. I'm so thankful for my friends and people that we care for. And this is why we're here. We're fighting for you. For you, for our family, for your children, whether they're small, big, old, or have the snow of white hair on their head, we're fighting for all your children out there, and we will never stop. We ask your help with ending the scourge of human trafficking on our planet. The fallacies that are going on in the political parties that keep us divided, and the divisions by race or gender or anything. And we ask for your protection for your children as they grow up, to give them a safe place to be, to really embrace those things which are intangible, the things of virtue and honor and goodness, and all those things which are the gifts of the Spirit, your Spirit. We want to be like you, and we thank you so much for everything you've done for us. You're a great friend to us, and we want to be a wonderful friend to you. You're amazing, and we love you. In Jesus Christ's precious name we pray, amen. Here you go. Your heart hands. I'm the only one guys. Cause like I'm the only one on the show. Can't, can't do this. So you don't have arms. So anyhow, sandwich. There you go. God bless you all. God bless all those whom you love and God bless America. Have a great day. Make it so. And see you tomorrow.