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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 3/13/2023 - Monday Morning in the Mitten - Chuck Ritchard

Published March 13, 2023, 9 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and its the thirteenth day of march i thought we'd start this morning out with some happiness being americans friends and family some place something for i this morning so enjoy i'll be read you do allow bear as aretino abandonment strong as shorengro and liberty old and on and the proctor the you are free have as even he called red onforever nonadhesive the things resinoso it right there i think that is an amazing soto start the day out with and i want a welcome the amazing chuck or shard he had took hear what the heck happened out there i'm going to tell you what it's like it's like a therecolonel i can never body here chuck out there i hope so well i'm a trying to put you of course i did him my phone completely this morning so here i get to close to me so anyhow yeah we at i had fourteen the snow on my truck this week and i i'm going to have i went out there and and oh i went out there and had a take it out fourteen to the snow off my track and oh my goodness that was red so by word or in the glow i am so done i casually did a pole the other has we can unlike i am so down moronic new cycle that's out there the balloons in this that nothing and i've been seen from the beginning what are they hiding what are they distracting a spore and then this week and it happened the banks to class and i'd like for to ye down comes madeline let's go roo the band at offense this craft this toothache news is talked with the girodet years for being in the cold going through the capitol being escorted through the capital and gave him for your stoneback stood speak from okay i i were there were at the base of the washing mine when he came up opposite promised me any lines thrill like animals been critics non okinakane reserved that for the donkeys obviously but howe well hubertthat economic in costume you know had the cosmosthe that's was resolved and everybody then proceeded to dohalica and then he went inside it for yours for that when you don't even arrest people destroying minimised can't bring in cetinale in fact they left come on come on our government i don't know for the organized crime or government is organized crime because did you see that did you see the video i posted and i showed at last week with idle if you just change the music just a little bit it you've got a hold different scenario and all of a sudden it he that was something too and a shop in carting down the eyes you know the old music that these playingthe in the know the stores and such to believe in i used to believe our government was out for we the and i was part of the cove it is so migrated so far i think it's luck in the emerson the scale any more we been seeing doing or is we can't father we can't believe it i'm talking about our legislators supposedly espoused the other our side how many boys had he read her stand up almost none he morejust master i left my i lifted my lizard people cape as i was she was going through this it's like ye other lizard people and of i'm just the the hands genoese do on because some of us the forelopers be stand up and i present them and up to some of them and this is your right on all the ciceros where have they been where have they been and where and where the other ones as will not want to know where are they it only when it's convenient you know or like their getting pay back either it's a payback in like sethoose hing like that you know and and it's it's really it's really crazy it's a i watched the couple of grass or he who i believe or clare operatethat really he run down there to the ohio train a train derailment we know you i've talked about this it's like i'm not buying any of this not a bit right as there there's something going on your visits now how i train de rails this is not how the it's not a control burn it's not enough thing that up and so they ran down there i am singing what experience do you have in any of this this is like an ambulance he sadamori curiosity trying to turn themselves into the sage on s ah that neither one of em had any had any qualifications whatsoever so in our lacedaemon greek wedale about containment and that is the sing in ye to do with containing the i can have gotten away with us no no way i mean they would come down like ugly out of the apon me and you know i think it's like the you know there's no way we could gotten away with of this the entire thing would have been you know poor do has mad everywhere and their better be plain but plans setting on the table within five minutes or less actually aft have one before you go into and there wasn't no he to you is here your has are plans before supper half its see know how you're goin to react there like making a sign the fly and and i got there were making it on for hast other notices that he potthere busy pollutin the hole hold united states of the biggest polluter in the united states and is there not even doing their jobs there is a dinsol be doing there not an arrest should be doing they are and insist wetherell doing the protecting the government is what they're doing there putting all the rest of us under their thong and there protecting all of the all of the operations that are government that's why i say that the base plutino america they are the protection racket for the government which is the real polluters can you know what which a shadchan pootleg if we go to the constitute he tell me where this and the constitution in in any way she poor agency i have always argued all of digestion tion in the destroyed america they've been part of the problem are our cereally is taxation without representation the exhibit treebranches a covered time away to make into that you can't give away a power of you do not have that's what our congress is done to these guys in the low of them to be all things a criminal like you said very criminal an you know and yet when when you work with with these these organizations like connover with them and smother rumor when the adoratorio came through an iowa and i know i don't know if you remember it but an inland hurricane and of course that made almost no nowwhat the lover but it was like a hundred square miles of and we were out there and i'm telling you what there was a blue tart on almost every other building out there femalethere in such an you know you can you can see no some of it some of it works good some of it help most of it in not most of the regulation i see is just now it's a bunch of you know the they both themselves and i begged road opost about this he go my money pulse to you he's i don't now he sih oh no and i just wanted put this out there oh i think this is important to know how we got here first of all they built unions and cartels to create a barrier for entry controlling the flow of who could let yet another shows i control it is a grating process to see who would comply to get in and stand clubs suborning america trampling on indvidual rights and pushing the snake to weaponized collectives they wrote right treaties and regulation to further destroy god given rights until america was coral letting the performing ponies out as long as they do their predetermined in actors actresses active as mainstreamed schools insane even religious and non profit organizations and i'm on to say that you know the political parties as well as a lot of activists and are placed within other organizations you know even like the grass roots anyhow came over with babylon fall as the sifting continues all through the love of money rather than the love of god in his old finding each other especially those vulnerable and without voice with honor and bravery no fear was it worth it by verse who will run the race and stand the end and that i've got quite from oliver cromwell ye are a factious crew enemy or an enemies to all good government year a pack of mercenary wretches and would like esau seller country for a mess of potage and like judas betrayed your god for of money in the name of god sconset i am in no sorsetshire rockcame ories to em in the quality friounde a godless oh so back to it if i can in quality and alle systems of his corabecas got old perry johnson and told his reinforcing to show you this a man i really have to show you this so here we got here going to love that mittines postis last week met so this was coming out for the candidates for the mid and good old john your body her body gone as one cover and then were going to go forward and we're going to see the candidates and here and look at this they gave these no come courses got the most amounted i like christina were not going i don't want to get into bassoprofondo like i then no one behold on the next page here you go your republican governor are you republican candidate being chosen the ticket if you want to talk about it perry dogson who there is no possible way no way and in so no no no not even not even god entertain that you do when i was in the campaign trailers guy that came up to me and so he never wrote the union the manuals of sothat he sits he was more or less a traitor but he said he didn't relieve right in and it's like so they say anything they want and there's nobody holdin anybody accountable out there because this their native tongue is lies all the politicians that are alimentary as he was going with a it gave we go back and we're talking about to i want to get out and in our open into years ago in the international group decided to if you want to call it the world eccoloecco wonder gone called the cabal the or what's called his so standards and argenteros coacto play in this game if you want to be in the world market you've got to have got foliaceis not cousenages that stock odin'sto what did the automotive company thought oh you are telling us what to do and controlled or marketgot this side that they poured their own they called cows nine those agnes the thousand in narrow set so then one to day the world people down with the people leonetto of control they come out and formed what's called them the in forty nine and then it was revised to taiteen in forty nine which is on it is to day what it is is the series of goldy standards in the which is where pareciese well these banners were really personsthe to keep the clout to control the margination call that other world why basis but here is the kick i have your gonfallon that and this will take a look at another one called icefor ten thousand which deceived by liddelside i won't be a help you oh yeah do you ask beholdto it but nobody else here doing the they darned well pleased and particularly the fourteen thousand because i was great the middle all this tuffos sad commentary it was a game that was being played at inactual awaited control the markets and execrate walwadyer coming periodall these trees and daniels again the trainmen's kapitein do the standards and that's right odette he didn't write that the so the divine from a lock and insolently disguised for now to be all this gay was he to run run for president she has awful convenience we thought your likeness bed so at his jessiethe we go at it we shorleyker up with the poppet up was thrilly control of i'm not so sure i know exactly who we know some we know that the obsistere hors runs campaign now well i eriogono we're going to get into a pressure once again here we got some concerns on an nosebeing the scene so we leave inthat now by just people beware because when we bring out tidioute there's a reason why we're doing it we're doing it to let people know it and i know some people get it mad sometimes and will be done you niesenstein too in this house be conquer the other has gave you little bit for information or we don't get mad what we do is he of weethead know about that meyouknow what i'll dig into it more right well and like you said you know you're horehunter cent correct on this if somebody is and to writing regulations because that's exactly what this is about this was not about quality this is about taking this nation hostage to more worthless resolute now regulations and in creating a barrier for entry and controlling it its cartel there now it's like a cartel nine set so got a raise standards so that in every single and a street we're going to keep with all people out that aren't willing to pay there and ah so i mean keep orion so i like this would be on the bottom of my trust less his subversive to the united states of america and repugnant those cashmore conceive better cleithes with these altered scoreswere or magic a good lot of a killit guythure in a good gas were doing with cheating or chased the seated letting comin example is being auditor coriodes i remember knowing in behind a selenitidae this home for a large automotive manufacture dad on him in this was an international he gave my marks which no way as it turns out is that a large automicon somewhat had been somebody off okay i give him i marked as his company no way there's no way possible but this is what was going on it became a game it was corruption and it was control all rolled into one it was used entities the coal at work i hate to say it but as reality folks i can tell you sight i can tell you more cases where i was in a formal broodseinde a lawsuit about i was so cold solotaire cordero a million dollars as what they were doing wrong decadimento tortoises somerset while you insolitas all i to go on but yet we know exactly what's going on in overtired of it in bird hang out on second i am listening to you but i'm out for some reason a being adjusted a receiving the broadcasts on these i get somebody on tacking here to to handle it oh not now a back up lokottaradharma is another the catopsilian plate cucarachero in by arebecause that saw in blood cooker he goes what the what the lickerish as a good son for i was a leading i was grouted into was going on with back i john laroche you know that you ought to yedo he istralitai know i've been take a little bit heat because i mentioned lady or that audio onewanting about the truth and as her door this old we don't run create the scenarios we distream out to people the people decide if they want to listen or not with sin if they want to look at it or not located but one things for sure is we've got to and that old thing that is going on with with the with lord she rides norton an old snare i agree is it is but unless we saw but unless we do something about it to prevent it is coming back at his soke over over get and this messin landing is the direct result because we turned a cheek we turned her head because well you know we can't say this got a stand up speaking as stand up i got to tell you about two things one put a couple of plugs for even those nightgreer a green reagree township on northlands drive the two to one or three one nor the drives son pe the battery at and go on but a bad replant his coin to be dished oh i'm going to question if i can now with a cacodaemone other run is whence green could ship on northward drive to a take keriahe and otherwise said cat at the capital and wednesday or conies i mean this incest i mean what did they want they want us to get to be the french rambling all over and yeah and we're going to all we have to speak up on these things because the iselthal kinds of nonsense and now it's just it's just not going to be in on the its concomitant just went there on against so there's cobdenwith connexion yet it's that it's the server that it's a connection there said it's back in again but if you can watch on cellos that would be great sorry had he called taxsupported in hades ah you tegithertogether night some p m green township a meeting on the goshoot e re plant and i want to talk about that now that's what noreweie anyways that the reason winoack about it is i want a grig a battery placed on it we hold bettershadows entolithia about what they do they pollute his well if we looked into these towers the largest producer we be batteries we seek several things which the air in the water pot here in water polo at near river a sorcery riesener fashion do you imagine i have no haven't i haven't an a damnation getinto the river mister generations to a lake michigan and were those he is in canada raising an issue for oothabato gather all of em are this she goagira by them going into the source of water water corporis this should be under own any more these people one to this there onesself with this not thirst others to contaminate copymaking is it's it's become international wherever you cannot do this though they were a ring to battery plays here because make it and polluted we got water they need water let me be let me go a step further on this battery the battery a plant in the electro electric vehicles this and in my opinion is more about control than is about used to be that we would have our gas and a gas and oil delivered to many many many different outlets so there wasn't one controlling source in order for us to get our energy to run our homes and our family's lives and are businesses what their doing in my opinion is the putting their controlling this in good neck right down to one supply wine that will not work because we don't have the infrastructure for so that all of a sudden were going to have rations happening and there only people that are going to hit be able to get any onegar going to be those that are part of their little club that's going on when we had they'll discentralization into you know into a patrolando network which to have you know but but when went that when there's more decentralization we have a better and healthier economy and in so so it supposed to its supposed to work that what the government is strained to do is on our energy supplied because there already putting in to take in all of the transmission lines over than a privately held through a eminent does and shall that means that the government chooses who gets energy and who does not lentrathane is so so he in so it's like if you're not playing ball with them if you're not embodies you're goin to be shot off and in the in this tis nonsense this electric vehicle crack and and the we cannot i do not understand that it takes something to make electric when other is not clean as one of the dirtiest and their inner energies all there and in big polluter and then so what are they burned to make electric their answer rite there all my is it coal is it oil and gas soakin studied to coming to us it goes directly to turn and into energy in order to hold us how stitch for behavior so when i haply agreewith only think it was two weeks go or week over in in this candidate in that he was finding haven my norway i think he's finding no cowherd that now sweetens are exceeding sweet thomasso as a sweet almost in a hot but it was what can get there are years in basel so to supplement the wind serpent on the wind german tetoteler getting up with there go alternator to the turbine because the old created no i thought easeno living for had general public is go back albericde know that one thing belgian what he really did was to oneput out that you're not great energy than the sum fullened created are you doing is capering for one to another when these people think all we're going to interpet but you're still not taking advantage that's what they don't get the fine we having to vantages cheaper to his knock does not cheaper cause you got converted your annato there to eastwich or get that as you had to convert what we a bit it out how do i am together out of have to converge solder will take a commentator that they don't talk about the whole process they only talk about one is your is there even to the respected that in icewithout in no where talk about one is goin sourcewere pokusing on electric i think you're obsolete right on that people don't see coming it's a way to push you into a confined more towards the cities cost some gashoper that to notadoes whatever solitaries lines but i can tell you this his former control for you what admitted or not because what we happen this take away your power in hand and your car late now this horse and you are car even if it's gas take it away as we donethough think it to talk if they won't turn up all those vehicles shot him all down simultate si incastigt transponder under a transponder kicked the concern that's why the police can turn off your car in legions located car where your hat again time turned out as her office i don't have these concerned it on how a shore followed and coinonomic house to have a better you can take out yeh caterbury out even do you think that might be by chance why with the oh they wouldn't plan those kind of this child this this is not even possible that they would plan that sort of ah you know take over the our products and commerce and economic means would that orcus yesterdays it's absently what's going on a construction a real is there's an i deal in i deal this tree to you know the univalent out here some people say the races because we're we're were right has he soon the truth the truth itwhereupon seth reality of solidis cuss like science with a morning happy map and all that oportoattacked about the truth and his talk with what's out there what's going on in that stood to go your program got it in in a andpop turn in because we want to people to start asking that question why ee like a two year old that's what we do we're just as a while in the more we dig the more we find out we a minute for etaminuas lettre we find our governess with the athenopolis of the hartletops the book consecreat novels back in ninetyfour ninety seven and forgetting to hold down it talks shoot government and i never wanted to believe because remember i was involving an retain or just green out of goran i thought no way but you know what it was true he talked about a lack of wit in within the government taking money and public from one account to another several counts being pulled in and so they could use it without it being tried i follow beni do because the dark money that's minding all of our candidates and everything else is another passed their pass and around the money the politicians and everybody else and to a degree that people would absolutely best we know was doing police even with that to the keys her come people they were doing they were given a plan i think as susan called it they were given money to pinalitan that money was given fraser exting he knows you and for other things were distributing the money thus which you get not diseases pots are doing that some not all that's where i was getting in trouble with his people cause i was revealing it the fact that they were distributing money that when you followed to them when you tried one you couldn't find or money and we were falling to one that copihold on the peepers done po and that they didn't what they were trying to prevent me from was revealing how i was in ciaciapoians a thousand dollars to the canine force tenores interesting questions we he is the kind of thing that gets revealed and why people had come out as had so ah i mean but i'm so anyway so we to acopiadores or talk about construc we're talking about what the people are doing behind the scene all at what they will but this is what people are doing to day they are working behind the scene a lot rather in a perior whoever does matter to go her plan are ordenicus the call gosse no no francepeople down in gothinian by the way nortonfalgate io and so anyway so that's grant's going on in here we take of poother and seventy there another in other event down in order short soon i got to be at that one because i've got i'm already committed to the tree there the chin crooching rules here is a case where they are trying to expand the rules or trying to contract why do you want to contract his not specially to be no devious right now and we stopped and backed in nineteen ninety one and now we're rakatott again ah so hopefully the city would do the right thing but you know i'm an i'm on the wall there small night so the there sneaky about it too you know it's like you thought the one words are probably more dangerous one of the most dangerous ah a groups of inner government that's out there that as of course the councils the at the lower levels because what happens and what i've seen in the zoning boards and i fought a decent amount of these is that because they're in cots with people at montacute refugee were settlements across i seen this happen i don't it'stoolate and so with problem is as you got so many you've got developer in these positions that are using their positions and realtors that will get themselves on these boards and such in order to shew the police for themselves and their businesses and my question is why is this how is this possible helping the people in the area is not because the developers come and i and i said this i said this one time in meeting and developer is as many years ago i looked in my sentimentalities look it you as a stray dog his coming to pop in my yard in your genetic me to pick up the poop as you go on you cram in somebody else she and i said this is not going to happen why ended up getting in the sky's face and off he was like all he can and i was as the much younger the time men in solemn i was born and as he retouches in the blood red came from my day so any anyhow blamed him anyhow he so so oh i like first of all if a developer comes in and and i've seen the same thing this community that at entrains down and in florida right the developers come in they've got all kinds of money and in fact the one in florida i found a guy that knows the two hot headed ponds that are funding this one major developer who is buying up everything is in order to jack the prices of this one of there's one building that's not too far from this community the charge in twenty thousand dollars stay there and their trying to buy up everything which means that you know the they're buying up the cold singing their buying up over so that it sothat because we're underlings right that so that we cannot were not in the globes groups that we we and our children will not have acts when when the farm land while these developers in on they need to do i depose they need a post of bond that would and i mean a big bond because they need also instead of just coming here crepantare taking the money and running back through wherever hold they came out of and leaving us with holding the bag on their prophet then we need to hold them accountable for increase in building the we need a hold them accountable for the increase in all of the ragetty the siller and water all at the roads were eteron the roads in it and then you listen to these more ons of the cities going while at winecase our text increases her tax break base your tax base is wrong and so you know it's like let's let's go down let's go down and really look at what's going on here it's not increasing the taxes if it is the going a thousand again down to the grootemarkt then the tax base is wrong in their looking at a plate to play with other people's money and not hold the developers accountable and and throw the sound the back of the people in the cities and townships for them connie exploiting the area and run and home like me the dogs they are i'm so down to this and i can i can debate anybody on this subject and you know this the if anybody wants to contact me as i set up a day to base years ago on my on to fight on controlled development and we won we put it on the ballot with got lengthened seventy some out for some of the boon that one ambeinensis and am i send up and i ended up getting like fourteen thousand email addresses within a very short period of time so any time something goes wrong man on the pool i'm out there and throwing it throwing it out there in the community comes together and i tolinac what's going on and of course you'll have some people that are that are no events like that refuge rosettes like this assuming people and a litonotus like yes it is and our government's pain for up to eight hundred dollars a night to clothes people in or in just for a week or in then where do they go this no ance sorry heatherford editors on the one they're treated en the standards is owning sat and the reason they are as because as something that behappened and nineteen ninety one oh another gentleman i were a we leave thee are because they won't put a cannon project in on shore school the one i put a low in allowing come housing a well the rule was your lap to notify people within three hundred feet of the proper line he is a question the detrattine less cheston there was you polonians and next his schoolingthree con ge drugsaloes coming out of there everything else so canget you know everything bad and i want to do it well we went in to do either i gentlemento osed something that has had other projects he's gone that we're up scale would have been perfect because those projects of stood over fifty years in the still there anyways digessit we got everybody there we leave the creative i was sitting on the city called selene obligated we did it anyways we leave it over a hundred people there to stop we got an grieve with his city knocked to hold their peace of that for or nursing hold more water that type of thing but not following the housing and the greenest petitpas and send you on a long the hold november came this last comember ended ether one the change it grew pointed to propose suddaine units now the feeling to get noreshoure as semilleros that road is too late highway go said on insidesthe only problem it would not handle this useless so stubby nine while times too how can you can be putting through there but you also get something going on round the corner another peg big belment next to the mercies new facilities they are going to put malcolmson you don't put all this trip there is already a bottle neck there's no trick she or do you think could open for their world would it have to be extremitate the increased glow we aren't the city nasserist lay your point is well taken pa got to go up good they walk away i don't have to deal with the problems as set does for fighters no plan where is it where's the market where is it the trappistes can wiggle those traffics he gas in border you it a thousand other because what's going on florida is he not a care cloyed one more i can't this last tuesday night all night i'll be there with my boys shop isly baker because i used to be on the console you know why the other thing is care about refugee resettlement i can this to take look in not far from this hammering is one edge or shores it actually or township by the all south of them all their building all these are walthouse people going to come from the body why suddenly they go move rate to that multiple great i don't know how many a parent complex and the building but whose movement where all these people coming from with their moving to this ienissian order proporton ship why are we not doing individual homes why are we exactly i does because we can bring people close together and wondhering people close together what we all surget we get crying we get the cake disputes we can not to think why tormented live out in space to have her own the people's space just walk up the sommering get to inches from their face though they liked why isn't that we think we can put some one on her doorstep and think we're going to enjoy or going to be or congo get along all the time now were not for like kids in the interservice in bedrooman with three brothers two other brothers mesdisantes goodhalf i know i couldn't hear that's what i get as for you're talking about reputerete ting is cohibeas willis going to i of these old these developers are not doing it from free key they're going it but a worthy beenfor any thing go st who takes up the slack on those it i hospitio down if we saw down florida you and i and he paid the bill yet exactly that's exactly what have the day don't care they really don't hear i'm man read a few things from the chat and then i want a dress that because there's another issue that's going on in new york right now about buying air right do you know lots so this is you want to talk about the fraudulent ponzi scheme you ever seen in your life i can tell you this but let me read this so late he a heyelike back verily here chuck i think he can hear now cause it would she oh i tried to stop some of the development going on my township was told they can't stop her they will be suit wrong you just got an go in there and tell them the first words out of your mouth before the public command or at the beginning of everything is out i'll get up in front and say i just want to let you know what your duty as you have one duty to day and that is in fact your present people in this community if there is not a clear benefit to them you are stepping outside of your duties and doing it for all terror reasons and which puts you in a position of violating your oath of office and less colporteur office and you propendency be of the and then all i'll go back and i'll sit down and of course usually they try to shut the micron offers they'll tell you that your time is up they also don't get to tell you to do that either they cannot stop you when talking to tell you're done because these you are not subjects you and factor in charge and i can throw the i can throw the law that gives you the ability to basically filibuster it's really what it is as your fellow bos strain a meeting ah that's going on within your within your city or youths and you know that's that's it's going on they can't do so anyhow i they they she's talking about they're told the can't stop her to there'll be an it's just a that is absolutely a tactic to to intimidate intimidated i don't buy it because i've defeat ah i've defeated multiple and in my life so don't buy it kept an anyhow i darkrobed he on i'm in bulgarian flora and we have a conglomerate going on here by a whole town its happening all over the united state and unless we stand up for our towns or fire lands we are in trouble because is all founded by big big hedge on a foreign money and they have unlimited so in love says oliver farm lands being destroyed around here by subdivisions that are going on absolutely this is another way of taking over and and a really packing us into a you know the rat cage he and a taking away honestly our birthright and then these developers escalopes are absolute poison i you know it's a lie you know heille need more housing really what did you do with detroit you abandon the entire center of this city down there and let it all all the crop and the people in these don't tell me we need more house we will call it i when you're on it on one board like the and that they won a stay the one to go the new cage yet ethothion is where you can do it the old location exactly i can approve the new word duty to tell me what you doing the old locks incisors from this this facility to gold one one i leave the old one a wataitee where the plans what you doing again and if you don't i got to see some plan and if not there has become penteteris it is the place took community we talk easy on the private residence what about the business i'd bet too had a a part of it a tax structure encourages like and as for to absolute here is light the trip or tax structure is wrong and some most developers of people will get into something even if they do like a commercial beltmen the hold it for seven years and then they don't because you'll see that strut molls happen as trotwells alonetake the tank the bandage in the debris chasin and what they will do and i seen him do as before so that the shell the one that they just fought seven years or whatever they take all the money out of it let it fall down to the ground there's no accountability to it whatsoever and turns it into a one third blighted o camenis not fully blinded because it takes three tacks cycles in order to die they'll sell somebody and say oh i've got the great by i'm going to sell you this development and such in fact i've got all the businesses in the businesses that failed to give you all the stuff the coming gone and here and you can have that case you need to replace some he slit the move right down the road may be a mile to build another development and take all the tenants will see this new shiny new thing the new tenants are the tenants in the one they just sold will jump ship and go with the new with the new build with the in person that just built the one third blighted property has now got the potential being a full blleli property because the tone call laughed this is happening all over the united states of america can i can i tell you about this buying irritans argonauta eah e ain't this is crazy and i think somebody everybody needs know about this case you're going to be going are you kidding another way it's just like the the ghost cities and you know the good cities in china there are and i believe there is about eight to ten i might be wrong on this skyscraper part of the lines in new york said and they went a head and bought the air rights to the buildings around the so that those buildings could never build off and compete with their red so they felled these these big apartments and they go straight up in theirs raceshe of of the size of the base to the hawhither can go in order to build up right and they want they want you know the big the big view and major metropolitan area so there selling these congo slash apartments somewhere around a hundred and seventy million dollars per but there never occupied and so it's a way to hide money and they grow here it out that if they give ten per cent of it to em you know a fordable housing he has time they pavdotten hundred dollars a year in ten but that's not the kind the kicker is while we don't want a fordable housing it here i haven't not with her hundred and seventy million dollar i toil purchase of the entire building by floor or two for i like one floor to look this is like a stack an unoccupied stack of billionaires so they find another building somewhere else in the city in an actual blighted area and the annexed and now they've got the pay the same taxes as some one with a very small apartment i don't in fordable housing which could be about sixteen hundred colors and the number occupy it is the way to shelve money a and in the the found away no no not surprised on it o'erstoried i'm not ten stems in now you know that is its cooperative thing in the mich we were so worried about this we of comin in to again another mother came and i know socallednot there not gie we're dealing with china unreines orestes comes something the chinese give for taleides chinese oh because realistion see it every thing which torondet seems china has evil and the like evil goes for china what got it contesseration odessa housethe chinese a god the cot premiers his gavacherie too he's for the grantorto so i'm trying to go with a good guys are you because it seems like the cross and crashing the see and it's after commonality is called him o and e la you do chinese given us is a path for him to admit that were used on slave labor over there to get a part and don't forget don't forget this cop people's one are usually prepares for a much as her what is guisarding theirs the stealing organs conway see the hour and that worries me because that old process if your elderly or whatever will he this girl take thee at this so they need that well are you notorieties we this kind you know we in i think everything is the like of every one is like sternotheres some nothing all that would be that would be wrong but we know that he a large i content order or the three gillian people well in three billion i don't think about china any more as a geographic location i think of it as the globe lest entity and the enemy is within and show the chine we don't have any war with the chinese people there is much of a of a yukonthe abandoned side as americans are by our government because governments are working together in order to enslave the populace and when i was gotkowski have no issue with with you know the chinese people at all in you know it's like it's like they but the countries any more that we were sold and we were in remembered jack class i loved geography right that was one of my favorites and they are they we don't have found we don't boresnine and in the people running at it's like it's like it can a pat them on the head of minute and make them proud of the little one as there is a run in a cross with their running drugs or running weapons there running people they're doing all have you ever ever seen a kid packed and i if you ever seen a kid pat i'm a bit videos and pekipok on it oh yeah that's that's all kinds of fun this is one of the things that they do besides kids and cages but oh ye though looked packed in ice in a cooler is it's fairly distre i unfortunately i've i've got when i've gone down the rabbit hole about as far as i can go including the seethiere and whom ah that eondicione thing i saw she such a bet but i know exactly what he oh do i to live for for so have things that are going on here this will take a break upon about come on sediento a couple of the things to force poor note on me of course had the parade and gunracks ah i was on cosponsored by the misenate what had christina was there conceders and i thought how kay here's a recharter but it was just one to that that was there but i was surprised to readonly their music from a couple of guys in pope unicorn song you know i seen be a processence it is a patria de or coming up in in the week and the pitcher green on casino i also tend i assented to to goodness we end but i could say go greens i don't bet ye now i the precise thing in that in containeth people there i made fun of the little bit on my journal or unconfiding to a tropidonotus i can disobey brother but oh for a few days how can back oh i am codewere i was geondfolen be people and he got to tell you without it a new character to the journal he's too paaholdende or is to be caceres with savary political around refused him to tell the custode trochees i can tell it from a pitcher otherwise an we've got hold atostors we implemented to tell her that a person's honest or not so as on the fund syrjempi wanted to say that there's an event coming up on april fourteenth a couple of tents actually ah the first one in paules christina as she corisanthera is the church called the and capacity baptist church go you and a hundred will keep road a lot of people and if you thought see pack was i go tell people on the fourteenth and fifteen comteand if you not give me an not now send you what the addresses for his fifty one will be rowed on the fourteen they happen to one set of a bent and on the fifteenth on the saturday another said so you take a look at those days god like will wager a noted the cocoonssetting constitutional otrosi como've got to wolseys there hold this call a guy from congessit has a robertsroberts gogystal gasholders whole line of done a prometen oh so you won't get you an get on line dervishesfor of union in and a and did look as there be caught like a sense pack was good coconnas when a coin of the she parische back right of the people they've got speaking so that's wot they on the same key that night too i would be resisted by an say this there is a person the she cheprasse on her name is merland rickson and maryland was a great person loon as she was truly truly a red hat red blooded republican and maryland did a lot not just for incontrasse the state providing that possess was there with his cockiness and in for years a her husband rosalie so it's kind of nice graspanso he kin come copies answeryou her turment on a friday night think about that saxicola consisted extree hall and that enters the six forty nine six but the point that there is as could be a friday night in and friends what else could she expect on a friday night is a thirty dollar intertenre it all amount and god told the chickasas she because i pay cattes two invents coming up for cause servatis around to wisconsin was pichensam i think you're worthy of getting people out there is much as you can so that one positiveside and here we can even you oh whatever you want you nacionale more eiders colette the lead of this hot well i'd love to talk about this tank crash that that's another thing i am i've been like cheering the and this i know you have some more insight and that too and i want to hear your opinion on it here i can consolingfor while because he's welcome can do about it when we woke to you adown the road to ben i see coming to go into the savings alone deviate permitted we look at a guid named charles keating charles keene the lincoln of savings in one picofemto remember what happened charles keene was a wise in vestry or as addedthis lincoln savings and loan what do you really wish to end was influenced had he was telling money of cross he died states our money our grandparents money it took a lot of money from the elderly did anansesem and who else was in alinatine john mccain desaimon familiar john began senator john began a ran for president gray died argue that he was exonerated he was an exonerated at all what of cold was it appeared that we thought he got a oloessa they would in trascate may the argo was what they did happen oh i know proved all or there was a not competence cause there was a kind he gone regal so that name some familiar done on re god save his senator don regel for where michigan in the terai he guides were crooked took on campcontinued in peking on something like caseose to her fifty thousand hespeler my mind i was so solid raged and he would they would steal the very money from grandpa's crossing its state can do it i do it in that call remorse in one of all we did to hentenius enabled him i do in it with the enameling of fact not caring in notionlong with him just like an lepechin just like all the others when we have are and we we let this be we creeping to her card these creeks are creeped into our garden popes these creeps are creepers and we've got a call out a side they are bad news and i we wheel holiwell is as ever so hard water is that these two banks he paled now these two now and there's all this that we can search in good spacescope of and where were we not but again is this boeothicks to better the government knowsnot suresomeone a series of powerful people that control the old gotheri an it's you know the i quite fat is not is not a an american stitution at all it's that's a for it's a foreign the foreign company corporation sonnes the foreign ante not not in their candathe there the ordassity to low and our money back to us and are there longinus or money to use our money you know get a week gave the bill and i the one hill i don't understand that i bet relations and the corregimiento jam along with the vegetable drop for drop is oh will make us perseforest you'll lose o ever trio everything roller being helios orbetelloand they are because we allow that the i say we folks ratenow therefore the bethels by controlling por seco and in warriors and what others so just opens crown operacin rise up if we look at em i say this is the whole solliciteuse see of a revolution revolt is sometimes it takes it in the roncalli revolution by boys i action i don't care but here's the thing this is exactly what happened across the old we will get the in russia we look at it the french revolution we call a cat so anything that that's what is coming to unless we stand up and dale went titivate it openly say no more no more in all otherwise it gets to that point i don't want to see that i don't want her i heard the last week that that word was ben used round around glancing there a fear forgather doing the craziest things and let me make go istake about it it's mostly democrats but there are some republicans and the ones that are not there to raise in their voices we have a raised our voices hopering as truth oh no you mean the people can actually be in charge and not the qualities he who would ever dream of such like her fallen founding fathers know asatorino back to the district of insidefor so long he oromastes we can keep an eye on we don't trust i remember i keep saying it with truth we get trust with trust we go relationship there is no relationship with our legislators to day so i would like somewhat out throstling hopefully cheesehill me some one that they think is the good bledisloe because i'd like to to the polly know many of them if not all of them at one time or another i crossed their path maybe not always to the castaway by when you bring us from that which you get you put yourself on the wall will win to debate the bat is good as a godonof course and in sometimes sometimes i drinking out of the out of the shadows and get it out in the lights we can talk about it and not everybody likes that i get criticism on the people i talked to and what they say and that sortothing it's like well somebody's wrong i'll calm all for it and say you know or we try to bring the people together in order for us to to you know be united you and the only way you do that you don't do that by by for me little sob groups here and here and here that's what we got right now you you've got you've got to stop this sub groups and get people to go talking and on come and groaned and i don't see anybody doing it right now you know there's present tromp you know but that's the rightful presentent state but other than that i really i really am not seeing that thrust in effort you know it's like no no no no we're going to keep for a many we're going to keep gobio over the stupidest instead of finding reasons to get together because we're losing our country you know people want to be right and it's not it's not about being right you're right you're right that the facts let but it's like no man i'd like for i could care less who comes up with the plan just to me a good plan and will run with it and i know that the best gravest idea when i am i am contesting cause i called for our good friend land line last week and esther because the onontake to sheniaguens and we we see things so he most say i may we popelote we we all know where canot all that or port he wearily owed an you're you're you're hettiter in the hole right again we're not too far apart woot to do is find that common ground and realized playing their point or string he plato get is enraged and can confide in popinac other they were not orsino that real enemy is as one we got to remember christascension as they wont use to keep us converted and you know said that the guide had formed the former had how operant for rand of michigan chamber commerce he sent the waiting control missinghis the control the grass room keep him separated he actually sighted that i think it was a lassantur he wrote that in her was cited in imiteront was like three four years the head of it three four years that had a bisconace so things you did good i can tell you right now beyond the shed without a will i when i read that i thought you got to be kidding me these guys are controlling and how many years ago and with that i think probably ten years ago the gross throw what the grass roots of roofs were easiest once for them to fragment and you know you can see it we've got this little special interest that will spoil this this are that are in their all going well i'm right this is the way we're going to fix the nighest you're going to learn to this way now you kind o need every part of it and i'm in jesus talked about it too is that there's all parts of the body and the bible has to work together and in that means that some people are some people are hands some people are fees some people are you know whatever and in ye have to respect israther people a try to get every one to come to the table not to be the best the smartest or anything like that but it to put the ideas together and listen to every one that's really what needs to happen and all i'm seein as likin eagle based supremacy type stuff rather than actually want to take this nation back and that's from an that's criticisms i have from the grass roots now retalking about an open my oh my gosh won't that be amazing adobe and ognino go way we hear that before we were if we heard those words of going genovesi and before isn't that what we're talking about isn't that what let it because we started to set which greatly going on yes and why did they have to show a sounder and covet because god forbid should we get her heads together and actually timeabout what's going on refuse refuse to come for if we can talk about issues we can debate it and and then when you have a pal any have cholinesterase and less there's something that you know that somebody did some ginseng is to hand as the more tried i did my and something that really sirs you know that to you can come back around anyways so often and cruiser the by this odor that do we lose the bolt so in a little sceptical and boats a little bit hide because i coracinas why you coocoocache the bodisat in pocket have a way of only money to people people love me lovemore that's evil but they do and they by boats so we have to be careful but we have to learn what important to us in our lives question is the god lightswho who or what is your god there's only one blood do you sir it watered wood use in now is it wasn't worth it i mean look at look at judas said that sold jesus out for the thirty thirty pieces of sultriness its like was it really worth if the end of the day are you going to look back on are we going to look back in our lives was it worth and what did jensdatter ward as he often so he hung himself tarriance realized he realized the shame of what he actually had done and in he was you know it was he ended his life and you know the cause he couldn't live with it he couldn't live with what he had now we have a different situation in a way kind of because i mean i suppose he did that too i mean it would probably have been better for him you all say he was sorry and and ah you know god forgets god forgives us when we when we do the wrong thinks we can come to him in now and go to go to jesus and that's where forgive if some one is not is doesn't have that assurance of salvation and the the the ah the sin is you dolt with that's going that's going to be a problem their entire lives you know and in your god but you got really mean you sorryyou can't discolor sorry and do it again ah that's not true that's not true i have your hand some of his sad there sorry for doing something wrong and you just look at him and go you in a sorry if you had a chance to do it again you do it again in a new york man and a grosssprecher yetagain you can called corrective action correct he wore quintetto proven that from recure and in all of us if all of us have failed at times there's not one of us is only one that was correct in this jesus christ and he did not and he did throw the one you know he came to try to help and for but when you see people that are you know like cereal read this or the ore paraphyses that sort of thing you got a problem because they're going to do again you you are not going to rehabilitate the because it takes them wanting and can that motivation generally generally people would get to a point or their brains are wired wrong you know and in those those people do not want to i hate to say of dislike all this transcender non son all all of these people that have mutilated children need be tried for crimes kiste and the story down predone in detroit the weekend earlier people protested in itineracies that i saw subpenas i'm glad to see people stayed up again people for it on two that consentwhat the craziest thing is you stand by and let your so else's child really why we laid it happen o ke i transcend her eight year old or six year old i don't know what they're talking about there on the berenstein's ye kiss would be a fire truck at that age or you know i heard a really funny story one time bolhithe i think it's a lie in now an allegory with a child that wanted to be a pirate so with the appearance he had a leg chopped off one of the eyes poked out gave a path and said there you go you're a pirate and it's like it's like no that's reality and i know i feel really i feel really sorry for people about you know i've no i've known a few people that or transgender and i mean this is for many many years ago and i asked the one guy who was long hair and in to be a woman but i mean i'm sorry he's sick itfor with with thy clock shadow and so i'm like why why would you do this and i really wanted to know i'm like i'm like a don like you know what i really want to know you and understand why we cloud to and i you know he was probably in his thirties that he and this is an a new thing and in his answer was sad it was very sad answer that that person and these these eyenow the people that are doing the trans transitioning either when their younger older am i really think that this could be handled much better by an actual ah some actual help maybe i may be some on a logical to esrom mental health of help but certainly when a kid says i want to be opponent day all right let's start name in the shoes on the hands and he parents you know this is about as ridiculous and in an the they need to be charged with crimes consumant you do not search chopping off body paronchia that was so sad is that where these parts where the grand far outraged i would be outraged where there wares there support structure why tekell of you are not in the odd or cuneate help you cannot do that a shop that's child abuse yes it is in the child of youshe's her law enforcement standing by to the father or or other was was pelestin a child to the can be the way though that was happy to eturned them in a wire returning these people in for formulation of bodies and greenalite that what we got to come to you know that my wife he saw that in a patient where he knew that happensever cope patient where he was of the gong on family ah you have to fermanlis yes sir turning an coovenden can do it lewis why i will ask her that question osterhaus why it doesn't apply bribe me surely the same standard soapy you should have to be re required to turn in if you see that going on and you know it's going on does that his child pose what it what is so mony was framed to differently what if some of you decided to chop somebody's arm moth oh for a leg or foot or an ear you know i want to be then go to day let's check her off it is a child we would be horrified but because he got done such a good sell job on this transgender nonsense her children it's been marketed packaged and you know i was talking to some of this weke her twelve year old daughter had some and oh it was i was a friend of i was a friend of mine and the daughter was had some test results on she called to the doctor's office to doctor's off said i can't give you the mother and the testes anne because there like a genostoma in the daughter's going to have to sign this whole cafor you to have and and my friend said what did you think was going to happen with the proposals that had divide and no and only you gave away you're right as a parent when the proposals you have no it her children the people the old bad leaguewatch tepee some of washt no watch saieng islanders stand objectivity or you have filicopo size she was going on they will reject an idea look at it i could claybecause we don't like i think you at all on the cross now and we don't do the more we don't see that we don't have that a bill to discernment that used to serve in to day we don't owe what is really going on behind the scene folks that's where we're after it's the skelligo our children dissentients what they want they want access to our end and it is you think that you know if anybody thinks that you now relegated to just foreign countries in your neighborhood in yours is in your ears this is so in i think this is more and more going to come out more and more how much of this nonsense is actually going on i actually i used to get my my hair caught it at one place an that i'd get get cottanian because he's so long right now but there was a gal that where she was just a lovely young woman found out her husband ended up committing suicide the two little kids and he cut he committed suicide because he got caught with with the child pouring and couldn't wouldn't live with a well with what was going to happen in the one is in this is a local this is local and in the there's not works of these people that that act together you know in an i think it's time for a rentage off the roads copper colored glasses in the little communities wherein because gas was everywhere this is the in michigan is did you know that michigan i think is number the if human trafficking and i met were talking about his oh i have known i had lunch with mary flynn a couple of weeks ago i am in we were talking about the human trap is it then a big issue for me for many years to know you know from the from the point of what what the you know evil demonic hillary clinton and human whom abidin did in onatius that we cause the sisternbury withdrew as the straight from hell to like john penosas from and what these people have done with and two kids and that sort of thing this is not like it this is not like one of those things that she object to on earth but it's happening eve it's just it's all over the and i don't know about you but it's the last kid is rested and the last post and removed for what they have done has it we were talking crimes that most people could not even they couldn't even stomach me talking about it let alone let alone actually see what happened or what has been hoped and and is you know if if anybody out there i disgiustre out there and no it's not pleasant but i if you want to watch in now misterroger go somewhere else reality tv here is real this is reality the if you've never seen a satanic ritual prepare for your heart to and i know it and i and i mean it i mean it's an unspeakable speakable horror of what happens that are caught up in and then you know in it's one of those things that were an actor face because you know that we're going to have to make a ring you're either on god's side or your one side of health or is no middle ground with us when you start watching and be able to see what actually is have not not what sanitized one in that's absolutely happening out there prepare for your blood absolutely run cold and your heart to stop for a period of one that is that is where your information critical thinking placing the reality on the gonooroo men of looking out my window right now to be in the three great about see house three trains ran over chunks honore i anahola time applies crowther cotassent my house go out uses as his crew twice to day ereyesterday just one neath the sheet to day it's so think of something a greater coming and you know so simplified for served but to watch this bird is sold a justice study there on guard on one tree snow out and just set now up in the like a sanitarios on pitchers of it later could his i wait for hopelesly sickingen some in flight so anyway sir to be paid but that's okay you know and and i think that's a good that's good place to go with this too is that i believe that the good guys are are in control i really do i believe that the things that were seen or the clean up you know clean up and i also have an forforwhat happened that we've actually already won the boy there there parting out the people at the lower levels and you know in the people and i believe god is himself i think god assisting people right now and you know he's it is he himself who and you know you see you see people that are discouraged around you to the just way just wake god sifting it's going to be a key and he's going to find out who's actually going to stand and who is not ah the sow any o im in a imoto back to the chat just a minute and yes chinese people are slaves to their own government ah love so i have seen held obese and whom a video they danced round like maniac and charlotte said committee of three hundred slack in his getting in on the rental love my cousin is gay and i can test the fact he was basically rejected see don did ones you know this there's complex issues with every single person the choice as they make you know and unless we get to know them i think that was part of the wind when god gave us the holy spirit to walk with us to walk with us because we are all struggling and or trying to make it though journey called light and oh you know and we we all have struggles and and i think i think i think that's for god terminre i have to say voters were not informed they hide jack an me out was just not like now with all withershins w w affinis a hush solar farms ev china drag queen she screens for the real horror absolutely charlotte loss of rights is the real horror going down in michigan if we don't recall these oh yes sound we were looking at satan as sitting in the seat in alsace it's like it you remember jane or cowarde and on one i don't then they have so little and as i hilarious but what was i what's really fine is i think we're eccles he had the opportunity to col that division of good and evil in dealing with pure evil or whether we're going to stand in the way to stand in the way to defend those without a voice and to be helped to our neighbours around us in no where onemy is you know our enemy is not people around us you know it's like like you know it's it's really it's our time just pray for discernment no who are real enemies in who people around us the hare that were supposed to be held allabsolutely dansantesthe hard thing to do then to day that's what kind of way you and i are on the wall he trod of corot what the truth is on the whole relies on our side who realised doing the right thing the kingdom because so many these people in politics ninety persons maybe even more i like to say ninety per cent i probably a i'm probably a habilitation the low side i shouldn't be there and i mean that because ten is not to make it better for tis come it's the next rung on the ladder it's like what can i do next where my going next oh i'm good this is take the city calls of residents on the personal side of few think that you're honest to calls on people know you all they don't they don't know anything there to busy their lives not to dine people more aware on because the social mediaevel with that that the limited because what people like face poked or some of the other social regions this it they will limit with the distribution is through another a number of ways i i don't i don't see you must just now how they control the message again and then said ebenso so with struction you want to go on next shock you know i've had i can find talking to day so i've got a couple of things i got to do i've got a couple of things going on em i got to find out how my brother as i told you pre occupied my time i apologise for that so and i will get the journal back out but i'm after two hundred and five in beafter two years in sudden hundred is some day to forget what they were gone now i got to get back anstice i just try to regretlike you on your show i bring this truth and let people see what's going on across his is like the i know that and i will try to go to more goddess people like to pines are easier i mean to be on the street the writing takes time i take a lot longer but idiots are loeser seethe heart and do and just like an ear like with speakthe heart i had eyescrib nothing and you probably can tell that you know it's tisisisis gets resisit down in his cameration whom this exactly and i think as i was to do it because i think a loss this free oh the forefathers actinometers are reading about come on now you're right sir greeting that that they really did want discussion that's what they chatted on as these ideas that because this hydokinine product how do you get concoction the patient through a trough trod by mostrate your able to do cherokee o plays what we do in degree in the great we discuss ideas all clans so word of this soon originative perspective a different idea grace thing about america that freedom when you take away that freedom what you're not going to you're going to have corruption you're going to have a imprecations because people won't have their boys to antiteetotal things better they will continue to downward where we see it to day nomos and stocktonites and tom and escorted to do so i think we talked about we talked about the opponents in the capital and wednesday we talked about the hand green green township of the ebattre plant there's nothen to down at marcourt theirs two old there's not horse cercopis two or three of em to try to put out why do they want to admission as anybody ever asked a question in one of sisowath's que wincanton te or water with and so the other elements now goes torresano pole and the people their self in the plants are also good have a problem became because of if the girl like his hanseaters she got the careful and guess what they're going to recruit our college kids in order to work in there and go oh my what wonder why our cans are rates are a wonder why our health problems are why you dey don't have o rats morand about our kids in tears down the road the carson i don't think so or going to be long gone and got serralonga gone they'll be either dead or too i'll be off on another project somewhere to cond under a resistivity but i got up yet we have a talk got all the bills in lansing who in takethe eliot larson the right the word clawance we haven't talked about how they devastate our trying to dositheos one as youths her discussion for proboscidien tell me how straight can determined my amen take and say they can control my conoissance so all the there is the argument of the sentiment in all rights not a new rating the constitution reside he and the people were we minute clearly articulated in the constitution has been there since now it was the colliery to use when angel the words but every wish way you can think of but no folks it's not going to do it so the next are you men is control the emanation you control the guns taiteitten itenough you're going to do that either think they're doing all kinds of ways to stop this supply the crew onethat if he so go they did this supply by he bought up all the modish would revenooers the why did he why was the government by an up all that evanish that's not one the answer so that we don't you know that's our protection right there from them the back xactly he did he know the second a moniment too being rested eedoshee as right ammunition in the pale bility of persons we couldn't get it why because these guys were being he where did what did he do the long with that think about it raised the same time yet he and given what seminars up in youcolonel disobedience control ewing was commanded to our land a sovereign nation trying to tell with the outrage and donovan people probably aeroport at very much give progenitalis there appered doin that in it just a travesty to see what's going on i know people think although they're just ran and raving the ananother y this now when it it's real its reality is free there in one of your fate unless we bring it out unless i can about it and they would we goin to do about it his proportis good worse than that was that was what three years ago that they were up there to where we hit you look in her loss with counter doing it lancewood ever thought that these guys would do in the meeteen worse calicinated with him usoof these pills course they had in the unparity and it's absolutely unitary i i really have no faith that and restoring the republican party are they here can be able do it it's too with this too much corruption his way too wide spread and even if you get two or three honest people and place that's not enough to overcome the evil that sitting up there he the the what's running this nation is a huge organized crime not work what was and tell the good guys got in control it mine you got also grand new party with a grin now idea right now the doctors say with sable how did you read that did you read the things that they signed oh i did not all right this is the casting cruel of all my gods are you kidding me i can see one or the other things general flynn the dog the fight like a fine shirt one night on my friends is that nothing out of it i'm esse right ah i can post this later but it's signed document that is half the people that signed on conductor green scaliger and read it to her or moncaster crazy i don't want to i don't want to miss in the sporting a bird on a the eagles still sat in her his consider a long time in looking around you fond does her bag that have you ever had how close of you ever been to one and right now said in about to sheathe see for in no oletandros set up to forty feet up in the tree okay so this is this is this is why this was concerning to me state of michigan a march at twenty twenty three were underside legislators and republican leaders are willing to express grave concern about the future of our depuis certain current and form officials have endorsed conception joining the national popular volt lovelock and so on i was reading this but then i start looking down on who signed out john the most ten sterling jack bird man peter meyer eeeetoy having daily ruth johnson come runs can oonsciousness oh my gosh he's the conservative i know his consort boy tell you what that's a cary because these guys go understand the implications are they doing there brought off i honenhioanen cave it andrew gray all and refines great migrants imitators i love you and tooree guests bill intrigas built for dalston roger i think it's holk hack coleorton to rickarees forneither hoor b antiboini stealers supported a sereful glistenon you have do that your body steve coronetsthe cora decent dessana jane green put out men of john roth or shell smith as anne of fresh sir here here are all the dongolese i tole calledbefore he was in office there the names there is no ladders now he's got a conservative his plan a game and i come on challenge of right now that he's clean the game i everything i've seen so far in this nodoso ry he might have tutoredsetting you can't off his three months and tollotson on there's jerry ladder there is the signature and you send me a copy that little after you and then then is said endorsed by osseo tom norton scott greenly bowl five clock o john crowther and cabin ranke and randy bishop i rested my case we have a pole problem yet his we have a problem no doubt about it done i got to go in but i wanted i wanted to build the doesshould this morning that i was really glad for weary able to do i love me in and with thee this is i yeah we get wet and in the thing is you hit the nail he had cold run again i sank so all the problems sir going before us says you i mean it's amazing it's like you know it's like i love talking with you because you have such a wide ah is experience and knowledge behind you that you can really talk intelligently about so many different some and really now it's going on politically and i just want to thank you for your best and even when we bring things forward that bother people cassinii definitely get some of this last week i got some calls on grantedthat mile there people but i just want to say i'm thankful for it because i really really really think that we have to have this and with somebody's wrong they need to come out say you're right and say i'm i'm i didn't know and thank you for correcting me on this thing because we want to get to leeming before i leave hittites talk with that causes a perfect indeed about it is not something that i really i oftimes i coached for twenty eight years i did it because i believed that we could get there is still believed even you though this in my heart that we can say this republican party i keep pushing for it because i i never give up till when till the final wisdom flows in from espacer coach you don't stop guy's sorry we don't quit we don't quit we don't with in mind i keep pushing in it i will ruffle feathers from time to time because you see i've got in sight and less talk about what i said last week that osseo you people and as okeanos ad em badminster listne listen perhaps you will look into a deeper and show me where ever on so the first thing i would talk about his he christina because i i wonder the guys get were on crederis tina long before any one ever heard of her when her handlers called me long before she announced they were fearing that i was going to run for sectaries stay the cause i was chairman of the board canisters on sanoi feared for the senate are the cracking these all the profile cast a thought it was coming intwined one to be secured i wanted the truth out i don't want to go running if i enround this state i would run around me i want to run not because i have to do this or this political operating thing like that so i hope poshteen nothing but the truth i do not have a rung on the ladder that i have another notch i've got at the top of of of the corporate structure i don't need that i don't want it any more because i disenberg standing up presses because that's the one thing i need to do yet in my lifetime is to make sure that i stand for to monighis see me at northshore i don't have any issue in oreshooes amen and just keeping ah the constitutional life if you will because some of the sculptor joining is against that god is guy we christina biggest thing i had was way back when is she obviously i body a gersheim es this international guy i don't believe it i don't believe it gus i'll tell you why because you europeif you're involved in antelani can say that but with my brother and you don't speak about what you did you can or i got up here as an thenscattered can't speak about what he did he said he's not allowed to even the afternoonthink he not allowed to just go to it is just an american this guide consenthe was i don't trust them i don't trust them on trust to my now some people down in outcounting she's crate onto you don't know then you're not here to do i know be the policy the thing we christen of decided that an east controlling her the other part is in is really bothersome her campaign treasurer and manager throughout that old sacristan campaign was none other than woman neighbors and poncasio don't think rose and on colcotha day think about michigan assertive olisi no union coalition as disagree with his son matics mathematics here here injuredthese care evil they laughed the mischances or union formed that a roosenhonkers also was the vice chair able on counting under rocky recess she resigned november not an honorable person i'm on to say that and i stand on my word on this as always is connected to christina's campaign why was it kept why did they use her what was the whole purpose of using or i go not how so then on behold if you think that's bad then she goes in ounces her ah come chair look alendos passed no i didn't greenhousein talking about family stuff i'm talking about what and how they operate in mise cardiocoel and they quickly supported the old ways copping creek beached on the big otiatores you don't think so take a look at the letter that was drafted which he believed me for by the way they blamed me on unfalsified me of writing that letter having anything to do with i didn't i know did now because i pursued the findout the letter was pasted old from what i knew was very pastoral and locked out the style about suppression it not taupowaw people were being wrong and five pages you know something is not right and octoher and he ended there and he's now that goderono you understand why so i association does not feel he also sociated with i'm norteco out against the one norton claims he got christina well if you don't boconora he's ringleader one number two is he also was out there aiding at people like great gregious and reese and rosshaaren his so have a pecker my cold rented out to a i mean he was cape on some people thought that was a bit a lady she's owner had said it site it was there cause john or i had noted these are the kind of things that i talked about about them in daily that's why christianity opinion he tecomo against some of these people right now because this is what's going on behind these weep and tocache it harm arms we know in politics it deals or whatever and that is a problem for right well i agree i agree with some of that but i i'm a christian afin and and i know i know her personally and i think that you might have some of the details not quite right on some of that soft and but will talk about that we were one with the bordelais usted i'd like to know i'd like to know where i was wrong i won't speak to her stain you know i won't speak for her but i now believe that she is very seated in cutting people out without turning it into jerry's springer pole and so i think that there are some people that she's already moved away from her she's not going to she's not going to do it in a way that i his usual and in i i know a personally and i think that she's also you know sea lot of people come out against general plan and he is a master of infiltration so as donald is present donald their masters so before before you know i think i want to look a little bit further on this because i don't believe i troopswould love nothing better than to be wronged i here you're wrong i know that you're wrong and at least two points there your were right on the rest of it but i won't say oheri won't speak for christina and i'll let her to let her say what she wants but i also think that sometimes is a bigger game and those people that are in that game ah quite often a really good at i awassagame and that's why i say so i believe in the truth so what i do is not witout there get it out there i hide from you know that i never hid from the truth there no reason to hide from it so when i tell you this it me ruffled feathers i know that i've been known that for a long time some people don't like it at all they want to the live in he in community when at the same time the complaint about things been wrong weloowon bring it up if you are apparent in your fathers to in hadand you don't discipline or doating about wotever expect that to get better well and i think i think to the something that's really important that a lot of times even just as solve our own curiosity we may be our own worse atomy and trying to pull things out of the shadows before its time and i and i and i think that when we're not in that situation though i do believe in complete transparency for myself i also i also give people the grace well we're going to give them time to because i already heard about the public and party heard it from from somebody's direct model that the trance thinking what removing her already and i'm like all the fall if thee if thee after heard that hard there is a reason they want to get her out of the way and those she andreadis reside this is a real problem and so we need we need it we need to take a step back on this and see what happens i think there's more going on here than what meets the eye and hand i like christie she's a very nice person and i do believe she is absolutely ah you know that she c she had a lot of attacks come out on her from the establishment in notetaker i'm hunting now i'm not saying no i'm saying that there's as i'm saying that there is well a tax out there on her long is not a place for a notion you emotion if you do chemosis cold like men in war you're going to be you're going to be obed for over there i say that it what the plant people that are behind it this is the trying of the scene this is the coopertos operate patelini am very sceptical on the lock i mean in primorosamente on these people that i know that you inconceivable i can round this game to right creechope go of one thing that she after time as the evil is his still there so i have to do is henestan on that wall just like jack and i halesidota move you could men we can on the wall for the benefit of everybody oh and i and i think that when weren'tare this honestly sometimes as dust not to sit in that to antopolite wall is gishoa if you can if you can take it there's a target to be taken out requires a little bit more hot and inversions i andersen that you i'm seeing that as the state is an assessment of other people and that's what i and so westencot and i right or right or i'm right where we were we to do you exactly how they come that onelesse what happens on the throng as the obsession on this one with soepius you could after tis the way is as to be on exactly the way we're supposed to leave it that we always part as no matter what i yet a few weeks ago i stood at the keith week this agreed on a couple of things that so keep at the end of this so parts had to have that if we do and what are we doing for wishing to people's time wasting our effort that's where discernment comes in and knowing who you true one he has and he's somebody you're just havin up a petty disagreement with crocketed really doesn't matter you know and we mean an i mean if it comes to somebody you know trying to take out your family that's tattooers that's going to be a serious tone of or take your er kids away or the rights that's getting serious and how then o tionnontogen really i want to when expand on that of the i don't really like to talk about so much eh you don't to target and on i think if we stay with the subject of the policies and prone we get into less of this personality on politics which i know magtoto discuss which that badenhorst on his conocimento ben the well being stowed in the toogood miss howe back on its game is the game in the case is certain to ithe middle of it it's the pile of season the procedures though that he focusing the teats where you went you you never win you never win targeting personalities it's the behavior the and and if we stay with that were always in have discussion and say well hopefully hopefully it will go you know we can rehabilitate the process which either cuts the person out of bed of the post something but that's where i like to say well estatoie got a run and i appreciate everything you're doing because as how we get better as we do not get better than on the side line tripwell i really preciate you alas so thank you so much i'm going to go head and if you're going to are you are you right to sign off for you on stakeren oh no we recked your day chalky as for the nation one day he waited nor were you forts i was that i was up in shoveling manure this morning at twenty minutes after and ah was raking out runs and ah the hurried back here quick to her shower through little make upon flocked my hair off somewhat and not to there was my comicality starting off the start out of the morning at any rate i'm i let's let the say prayer and what end it with to day because what we really want to do as we really want it nowledge world and all of us are god's creation and it the foremost do we reserve a progress that we want to see happen to reserve a party do we serve this in or to be served god almighty and that's it is that it hist having my father think you so very very much that in all those people out there that are listening to day and any other day the live or re player whatever were so thankful that you brought us together people who love the truth your people your remnant that you always have here no matter what it looks thank you so much the president the geflan admiral rogers ah as ra all these people that you know ah that have given so much to this country in all the honest son heroes who have served this nat in absolute a dedication and selfless for your good purpose as we ask that you would bless them draw them near to you and defend them and give them your favor in every single thing that they do so that so that this world is brought back to as one nation under you but the whole world under you where you are in charge of everything we want that we want to serve you and everything that we do in our thoughts words are dead let you know the good representation of you and thank you so much for all you given us thanks for the eagle to day that flew near chakshus and for all those things that make us happy as we go forward because we're fighting a real serious battle here and we know that and we we just want to do what you ask of us thankful for he and we love you and jesus name pray at and we do even eagle and i really strongly that stooped and that so de on washed like the eagles polly good or the rand watched as olde i i guess some pictures of the inflated by the way it's cool loskiel i wish it would have to move i came round but i had my melodias able to cacher some pityonesos that's awsome that's awsome all right coyotes on the wall standard and watched and because there you going and so i i retitled what we're doing for blowing the widow michigan politics to monday morning in the men in the men in the mitten like michigan that sound so here we go i'm goin to do it please go to bran obereonoo not come because i have not conceded will not conceive to terrorists criminals and lies cheats in the and ah so here you go we love you god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america we got this shickser in charge there there in control what what forward with no fear we we don't have to be afraid of walk forward no fear no in that world could be oke antidotes he his congolaise also oh no this delay yourself are have a great day