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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 10/28/2022 - Live - Jason Jones and Karen the Riveter

Published Oct. 28, 2022, 9:04 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i'm donna brandenburg and i just finished the broadcast in on his hard line with jason jones and care in the river so i came over here and let's get started less see in his october twenty eight and jason and care will be joined us shortly so i'm gonna jump at into some news items here here let's bring the flag up her cause like he find the right and so with honor you know this is such a big deal in it so funny how even our flag is been censored now and i do a search now i did a search on line for flag and went to i just couldn't fly bright went to wikipedia guess what was the first leg that came up to take it was in fact the ukrainian flag i was kind of surprised at this so apparently that is the flag to watch according to the wicker wikipedia which i thought was a little bit disgusting but so bea manipulate rumbled choreman he is you know when we when we switch back and forth and might take me just a little bit of time but that he and everybody on rumbled now and with the over there too if you follow her over there and jason and an acarnanian let me let me that one down a minute i'm a tarnation terence hello good morning i do he can hear many diathermancy your son and a little latticed like you were in jason's chance so but yet we got to try that early for you as yes okay then he got so intirely yeah i'm in a run down a few news news items here minute with a tea a couple of quick nestorian for jason again oh let's see this is canary lots of cheating going on gateway pandora blows whistle on widespread or land area be harvesting operation in black communities former democrat candidates were orange county floor commissioner has stopped up in his flowing whistle on the widespread voter fraud and the orlando area a former democrat can date for orange county florida commissioner the subduing cynthia smiled an affidavit with flora secretary of state office alleging the bowl harvesters showed up at her home attempting to collect her bolowen she shut them down here describes an intricate a system founded by liberal lady organizations that despatch valorous into black community to pressure voters to turn over their ballots at a ten dollar fee prevailed driving it up among the parties who helped complete the harvest this was really amazing you know another area that i've been looking into lately as in the nursing home and how many people in the nursing homes were actually potentially involved in this and there was as a gal that sent me some information on this i think this is area of interest that we need to jump down to see how many nursing homes were actually having people fill out the ballot for the residence because i think we're going to find out that this is a little bit more widespread than what we had originally do senators check grassy and ran johnson some hunter bides prosecutors two hundred twenty documents involving bankrupts and money flow regarding the bienfait china china tea miranda divine shows joints discuss the issues so crazy and how much proof do they have a mention of us stepped out line with a six hundred dollar deposit over here i think pretty much all of us would be visited by the heirs and their little overlords to her as the one one bite to baden and the rest of the cronies that are sitting there with a he get away with billions and billions of dollars going in every direction but to be the people and nobody questions the thing they can do whatever they want and there's absolutely no no no question of not question anything laura low in as doubling down now the question they don't want us asking us where are all the missing children have i not been saying this is you can't get an answer on this for anything where are they how can hundreds of thousands of kids go missing in the united states every year and nobody knows where they are and they just kind of vanish that shriven saying too i don't think so every sex trafficking bring worldwide knows that being the kids being the kids to the united states this is this administration is participating in trafficking kids because they're paying companies is ellis and non profit and church groups their pain into take these kids and to disappear the i really agree with it there's no kids it disappeared across the board from mexico into the united states every week and we can't get an answer out of any one on where these people are going leonetto know like the non profit say like like thee the adoption of mystery and such where are aware are these people going i know batteries gets paid about forty three million dollars a year from the federal government for these refugees and resettlement programs which is more than what they put into a crisis in a range care or adoption there getting more money in the category of refugee settlement and they're only keeping a frolic week week and a half and then they just see proof gone and there there was one article i found that eighty kids on the from the border disappeared and were i find it under the care of botany with absolutely no explanation whatsoever they got they you know they got the a they just showed up here while i am the care about any knowing and no answers know nothing among another masterpiece a tack by in the hag a group a just stop oil environmental his face with to the picture of the young girl taverners why are we tolerating this kind of none and you know what they've got people around that work for the museum there sitting there watching them do this that what why is it that the people are supposed to have over it descanting around you know with a thumb of their noses or whatever and they don't they do nothing they don't stop it they don't say a thing they just kind of watch the so to me that sort of like her own government it absolutely complicity it's to to make everybody oh no something else got wrecked by these more on that that you know have gone gone awry that of you know run out in the outby themselves no on pretty execute people who are in charge of that security there and in every world were absolutely in on all this nonsense of these masters being attacked in these people going themselves to colors and such a tithe is a random they don't just walk in there and decide i'm going to go loisel to a car to day and walk past all security without security being absolutely complicate with them not by it not by an up for one minute warrington how you doing amos i was just talking about some people over in the netherlands that glued themselves their face their faces to a vernier and you know it's like for anybody to look at that i'm sorry oh i'm not buying any of the security is not to museums in on that they're doing it for publicity and or because somebody's pain them in order to get people running around chasing the tablet and go the world is on a control yet whose out a control the people that were supposed to do security for the museum that sustain because they're all involved in it and by the way it is in fact an the memo and i have a plan to can't see it but i have planted deland here's another frog fraud planaria were all more news here enumeration here a little bit pennsylvania guitar cantate dog mysteriously plans and how you unlock the amazing energy resources pennsylvania was gifted to break economic prosperity to pennsylvania with much in much relief internationally for a sordid regions of the world while i worked to pennsylvania we worked it there for quite a long time actually and in pennsylvania has a lot of of oil and natural gas so the fact that somebody down there got a handle on red and it's not a limited resource either no matter what the the face stream media tells you it's a renewable resource don't don't believe that her abasement malolos as by all the shares of poet shares of took it prithee will own twitter therefore it will not be trade publicly on carriage after accusing my team of coordinating this is from pascherette in her opinion is now slipped latinist on a talk about the crime who i guess we made accusations without anything back enough to happen all the time do the soutane with that race with that so accidentally called their election days early did they really that sound familiar where i'm sure our elections are not being rigged and they're not they're not publishing the totals before him at least down there so who did who want it was cary lake is it that day interesting so oh how did they get those numbers why did they end up putting those numbers on the screen during a broadcast those those are some interesting questions all into oh that i noticed something else in the news and katy hobbs she hired marcius that firm and marcella and since also on seeing elections us say and trump or me for quite voter intimidation will reason i bring us up as because they also had two attorneys come from out of state into michigan to support benson in the cases that she just lost where she was giving guidance to poll challengers and she have the authority to do that she doesn't have delegated authority to create law that doesn't exist and they said no you can't do that you can make suggests but you can't you can't enforce these kinds of things as if they are rules while these same attorneys are the ones that have just tired i thought that was a ten that is interesting so i disgust looked on up here and it is conseiller eatonton carrie lakes former station just as slaavic showing ten hams on arizona election race twelve days before the election so it sent kathaba that's the graphic that they that they displayed a canada yes so it's showing that he has won the election in the government's rises before the election so liehtse how this works out because in the primary michigan it displayed that cruttenden who nobody knows who she is worse she from and anything like that that's what i hear over and over again when i crossed the state there lechesters and well you know the one that the media posted a week or so before the primary that she won by how much by forty seven per cent the year i'm sure i'm so sure they just prove that they got barberino bob in the background there in putting data within then fix junot and said said oh yeah yeah yeah this was just a taste and tried to make excuses for the other the other news outlets i posted it i am so i am so sure you know all they proved is that is that somebody was in putting numbers because they would had infirmarian ballots to have that theatre all it proves is that they could actually type in the numbers and say this is the number we want and turn the election into giving them the numbers that they want that's all they proved period and a story over there's no more explanation than that and nothing else is logical i'm not repose that one that's kind of intent because that looks like michigan sutton right to the apostate later he i hope we can get it that what we kilbecanty ran that was i see her come yesterday as i was talking about the professional bitching class that he had gone on right now this also i met a couple of groups off to the side and in the there's a lot of people who are from within the political chocham ber in this one group and its kind of it's kind of say it's really sad at incredibly sad that sort i've seen within not being in the political you know because i was set there all lies cheats and thieves and maritana or you know the people that are in the chocham rosythe candidates are enough candidates the politicians are but the people that follow them it's kind of in a way it seems kind of high school is because i hate to say it you know they have their they have their heroes and their there heroes and their demons that they that they elevate me take down in the setting edwy are you not looking at the issues and qualifications you know it's like they did the same thing to donald trump a idn't like his mean trees i don't like this about em you know and in this indicate guy got the job done what why do we we don't i don't have to like somebody to work with him as long as we're working in the same direction and hindlegs you know i could care less of you know if somebody you know pretty much what they do where we've got to go to it and you know if i don't agree with them pretty much every single person you're not going to agree with it some point in time but the goal is the goal and if you got somebody that's moving the you know movements the unzoned you work with them and you stop terraneous maybe they like a different kind of cookie that you don't like you know or you know or they don't arrange their sack deror the way you think that they should or they you know they don't they don't say the absolute perfect words that you think that they should say who cares you know it's don't get it don't get a faded mooetara hit the gold keep going and and you know leave you leave your emotions on the inhalation out in the in the trash because it if that temoins that really derails many things you know and and enjoy them for what they are because a god made him a god meditate who are we did argue you know what distressed interview the area was a quite interview for those that are aware who destines alaska general diresome but he was doing an interview answering nana showed the part fashion from which i think i said you like donait was funny one of the questions was back to what you were just talking about i got to grow my coffee but one of the things that was asked on her show to despise how do we go about it forgot the exact question but basically it was like how do we go about doing so at that you know without attending in passing off was the queteuse the word they use the people in our grassroots level here that in this tatter whatever the question was irrelevant but the key part was there like poet x y z without passing off some people an offending and i see there didn't even go full on so like i thought i know he can but he basically nose said you know what we need to stop were but sending people we need to start worrying people because you know this country was built on passing people off before we ever nation to say were i here to call or not here to creating saspoula go cry because donald stead of mean tweet and yet you get all these people we look at trump to a perfect coal with kaetheli now like with your crying it is nobody here it be relevant to solving the greater problem which is not do we return the republic back to where it needs to be getting comeback to the people how do we fix the problems of this nation i tell you get the right we could start fixing the problems but see the people that are in and in our state level they're the ones that creates brows but yet so don't see this all my lord you were going to run right back into the pan that they created for us instead of you know stepping out and you know in stepping out and doing something that actually moves moves the balearian this is another thing is that that you know a representative form of government has its benefits because then we can go back to work and do things in our lives that's why we have people in office to represent us so that we can keep our lives moving forward while by doing that you honestly are trusting them so you better have somebody who's trustworthy to manage the assets which none of them have proved that they have the ability to form the the intelligence the the honesty to do at this point time cause they all fail but you better that they have that in order to represent you and the other part of it is that that i only president trump and other people that have served served well in office too we don't have the entire story you know so it's just like you you never know if somebody said to him you either do this or we're going to blow up a city and because i think that's entirely possible when with some of the palaces that are happening you know he may not they may not come right out and tell you what the the huge trades because a lot of time that they're trying to handle it and i like like almost some people will not be able to handle the the depths of evil better around us and in a way their trying to the good guys are trying to protect us from not all of it good because i believe in transparency i mean i mean i don't care how bad it is i want to see all of it in that person that wants to see all of it when you know and it should be or it should be ability if we want to see to be able to see things that it's our country we are in it and so you know if we want to see what's really going on you know that's probably a good really good thing now if that if that put it into the hands of people because there so many professional bitters out there and people that are sabato that really hate the nation and would lay this nation out in order to him personal gain will then they can they have an earned the right or the trust to be it's a head that you know information and i hate to say it but when i look at the grass roots and the patriot there most of it is no better than the republican party its people who have put themselves in a position to be cosier so that they can control the flow of this how do we know that they are any smarter any better any more have any more integrity than anybody else i unite you right now there's a guy that's in the grass roots organizations he you know people really thought highly of the sky for a while and i'm nately what when when a guy comes right out and he said he's like well i'm goin to help you with your campaign because i branded blameably know it's cottage was low so we went to a restaurant and and i knew i know most of waiteresses forty five minutes late coming to that restaurant and so i sat there talking my buddies in there and i got something to eat and such a sudden this guy shows up and i'm thinking oh boy are you he you know it just went down hill so fast start rito a roof and my deep state check list is all the bells ring and the grass roots are following the sky without question why because he's got money he's got influence and so when people start following some of this got money or influence unless they can back it with anything throw the bomb out you know he starts out i'm an only child an only child of an only child grew up in switzerland private school bladebone well if you wanted to come out of the gate strong with with the statement that i am in fact deep stake you just it it and but to see that in most in a lot of the groups you know we have to question are these people in it will they lay down if something better comes along or are they in it because they're their creating a an entity or a way to make money are they a wide tree or are they actually patriotes you know can run on their own steam don't need anything at this aliorum down trump was amazing he didn't mean this job he was he was amazingly successful he could have done anything i mean it's not like he needed to work more make money or anything like that i'm pretty extra sure that if he wanted to just say yeah i'm done put my time an hamood businesses i might keep this one here that one but you know what i'm goin to go sit down you know i sit on the beach somewhere you know and mariandynians joy time and go and sit with interesting people to talk to and so our maybe pick up some other type of resigned into one of the most abused can that the apes from people that have never done one one millionth of what he's done and listen to these people abuse him when he's actually done something in all they done with her on the mouth he was going i think yesterday and he must make some kind of good shot and he said can you imagine been doing that i don't think o something to that effect if it president trump is out there you just go away you know galway and enjoy things you've taken so much abuse and you know for me i'm like if i get it off as if you're out there listening to me which i i have no idea probably probably not its like in it who are hedging to be like who the house donna brandenburg you know she does who you are this trouble maker of ashe doesn't follow the rules o my god will you know what yet he said so much abuse you just enjoy the sun to day you know how your beautiful gorgeous wonderful lovely amazing wife malania in your kids and such because there's some of us who will never say no matter what a disparaging word against you you know so help me god this man has served with distinction and done what what you know nobody else would have been willing to do that he had that kind of a background and anybody wants to anything about him or gentleness the hall of these these people have done so much and and you know those people that want to see anything you just put yourself into the professional pitchers he's doing three railways the week and though he has not done with surface for the country he doray to my earlier in the then and so lay an ohio man of a better what right after that i like to olinto i get kind of bored hearing the same thing over and over but he does take his perspective where his some of his breathing or helmet be cue or so the the changes between the last rally and this next one and perhaps between the three will be addressed to see because those those narrative if could be oh yeah the it was like divine the tideway came was backward so heroine i don't let yes you not here on the camera be but i peered here's another thing too all right so i was going to say as i was at the washington rally and i've got a lot to say about that here and theatreland electioneering really that they hold over in washington and i was told over and over again of what the what the really was really about and this is by republicans are there oh this is this is really about makin the delicate the old good so they voted for their choice of who they wanted they were manipulating the delegates right that in there with their choice and it was it was a right out front of everyone so i hope that were ever president trump goes that he gets a better organized non moronic rally that was an embarrassment set up by the state it was a dumpster fire the way that they arranged thus and and if you'd like to have somebody operations to why such a failure i will tell you and why i was embarrassed that president trump would set foot in this state such a poorly thought out really he deserved better than what the midday him and shame on a rising person that was involved shame on every one they ran out of water and about two o'clock in the afternoon and and food they had all the vendors set up in a much that was a anybody else that was running anything for the government that their saying they have the smart to run which they clearly don't would have had that thing tagged for tripping hazards all hazards and all kinds of other things that would our problem to human beings but of course they don't really care they wanted it in the back room and drink their water and their path and there there boerhave they had the back is of course none of the one little people got to go back there and be with them but there was so many tribune has said on a construction job you would never ever have gotten away with what they were doing and if they had the public involved it in the by two o'clock what they have they ran out of food they ran out of water and i don't know why somebody was as domino not to have that many people there they should have had a son if a water there at least they had no hand sandier and the porpoise was no water and keep people were actually people were actually in it was just gross i mean it was it was really grows not only was an unsafe but it was unsafe and gross and i think you can go right to the top of the the magoary you know let's just think ashamed on in unwise and all the crony standing on them for that little little embarrassing foot for the state for a president trump deserve better the white he got there and manias it was shocking so is kind of funny because i would stand in their taking pictures of people and i wasn't really supposed to be there i don't think but terrace gabou know got a rameaus of course i was not there their chosen candidate and so i was not supposed to be there so gwent there anyway and terry got me an you know and which is kind of funny so so thinketh it was great we went in there to get cookhouse i am a candidate he is a he is a rapid and i should have been there but of course they ignored me which was really kind of apia so as i stood up there and some people were sent hanou know can i get my picture taken with you and i'm like of course you know so i just stood up there and all the sudden because nobody saw anybody that had a one one grain of common sense that was running anything there you know finally it was like a can you help us and i like what what are you talking about there like the there's no water here and people were in fact having like health crisis as fetishes you're a and so you owe can hear you so they were actually having health crisis so so unlike what you mean there's no water you know and the like is no water food and i'm a person that can go probably three days without eating so it's never a big deal for and so anyhow like while this that's awful and they were they were having health so i decided this is nonsense is as absolute non so i started giacominetta so i start walking around i want to like probably twelve different people who were in law enforcement on like it guemlik like we are problem here somebody better start moving and their like they're like what you talkin about there's no water there is no food here in these people it's to a clock you know present trump is going to be late because he's always late so he's going to be probably an hour eight and and there is probably going to be ten o'clock before some of these people are going to get out of here there's people that are telling me that a somebody there really throughout somebody's walker which had her medicine in the walker and she was really struggling on my other people there that were struggling the they didn't have any water they had no way to take their mats nothing and they were asking people and of course anybody from the republican party standing their wanting be you know the person that stands by the big guy in stettin because they didn't they could care lest they just want to go stand by the people of power and influence and you know i hate to say it but you know camponotus that are there and which i was definitely a little gute so i got to about twelve fifteen a enforcement you know people in at their just completely and utterly clueless and nobody stopped up to help so finally i i see this guy and he's pretty big and buffetdame so that's i service service that secret serves so i walked up to him and i said i said here you see service he's like im security of secretlike okay that's bookroom like your secret service i said and i saw two cases water under his table and i'm like i'm like one that water go get me that water right now and he looked at me and he's like kind of like what and i said i'm not kidding you i said there are people in there there having health crisis and i need that water because nobody else seems to have a plan or is willing to step up to do an you know to do a damn thing i said i need that water because we've got a probe so he kind of went to somebody else and while he came back would like eight tons of water something i said that's fine is that i'm going to be back i said we've got to get this thing figured out so i need some water because nobody else is doing a damn so i went back into the arena and i got in front of everybody and and i just held on opium where's the guy he needs to water and i started yonnie got a really big voice so i'm pretty sure everybody in the arena heard me there the place wherever it was and started coming up to the front and people were offering me money and and i need water and i mean they were kind of desperate they were actually desperate at this point for water and i like no i this has got to go to people who are older or who need to take pills or who are willing to have and so you know i got a hold of the person who had a mad stone out by some more on at the thing who threw out her walker in her mad and and so she couldn't find it she couldn't get to him and ended up getting well some little kid came up and of course i couldn't say no to this the little guy to keep up a needed water i he got one of the bottles but every good everybody else went to people who were older or people who had to take mad and so i looked around and so people are standing around like you know absolutely clueless the whole the whole auditory was not one person that was actually practice on any of this and i was absolutely shocked at the pespire of stupid that resided in the state of michigan that i'm like okay i guess it's up to me so i went back out there and i beat the secret service guy up again and in such i like i need some water i said i can see you've got another case there you know or two i said i've got to have some water i said somebody better get moving here or were going to have a real situation in there so i got a few more miles a later and walked back in there and and give those back out and sat there just just with probably one of the lousiest attitudes i've had in a long time and christine a bob was sitting behind me i said something to her and she spent a few snarly words out to me for actually doing something and so i'm like all right whatever you know you guys all want to sit here like a bunch of more as gora had so i went in the back and i waited and watched his president trump to or back in and i was really trying to figure out whether an take my trunk and go get a go get it least pickup truck full of full of water but i'm not sure that the secret service would a let me back in at that point time because they were following the rules you know and it's like rules they were talking people's lives and you know that were seriously having a you know health problem and you you you know octahedron nobody was getting in the crinoid was actually saying okay well there you know there's a you know convenient store something close enough where we can even get you know even get twenty as a water and i would have loved you you know if i would have been there in charge out have been like what's behind the curtain there where everybody else is ricaras i'm pretty exposure that every single person that got up on sage had water and food then give a rap about anybody else there not a repeat all about it was all about putting people in a compromise situation to get them to vote the way that they wanted them to vote it was another illusion of choice without any choice given worse supposed to sit there like a bunch of little kids go oh yes republican party democrat you give us these great candidate thank you so much we approve of your choice what a bunch of corn so there you i think you had me at dumb turf for awhile back but you retreating about the because we attenuate tramp they show me treat all of the people of michigan you some did uprighter they do not have our interest in mine they've never predetermine potamogeton romanised you you just roll boeotian right so try again talk a little slower and see if thou how okay a little flower and see if a kail i got fired up do it again to loosener talking about dumpster fire and this is how they have always treated trump once he got into office and how they have treated the people of michigan because they've never appreciated tramp that ever supported trump when he was cocoas the election and i never really had the interest of the people of michigan as to priority so you just in that story you just some up how the missing has been behaving and again i will admit there are good people in the top just as if in anything else but as a whole as a party they have not put we the people in the forefront in the priority and they didn't support our president they did nothing to support our election which is far more important if he live he would have said the same thing that you had they supported the president with this the lection steel it would have been disport the people's choice and not just what men but they won't even now edge that they would they did nothing then they said there wasn't enough evidence even when it was right under their noses their doing the same finger eight now and people still look at tutor as if she so kind of hero and eloise you know is just like when you said earlier that there so many people right now when you look at the numbers that we have a people that are following me but it's not on mainstream media because people are smarted in the mainstream medore turned in it right off and you know and doing their own research and we've got so many people that are following me right now like whereas dy i numbers just keep going up you know fifty million engagement a week in line is just kind of crazy because there continuall these structures that don't matter any more going person a person of their finding other ways there is an whenever time i go out and i talked to a group of people there like to where she came from that nobody ever heard of her at all the sudden bam she's on the she's on the scene and then yesterday i allude to this a little bit earlier on your show jason there a friend of mine a even has and he's part of the taxpayer's through this here that a tutor start something called lumen student news and i looked it up and said that he had twenty five employees with five million dollars of this is some of the secondhand down on it yet but it doesn't look credible in none of this is credible at all there is there is a trying to find the link to find out how this is like back to say loman learning as something that was called lumen student knows and i i i know that that woman learning which as it looks the looks real similar what she started with something that was only five to ten minutes a little little news program for students that had five to ten minutes of news in luminaries something that bill gates is heavily involved in and i'm trying to find a direct link there because it seemed really really crazily and she called she called limestones lumen talked about lunch would mean that that if that's part of lumineuse on her words i leocadia ion to this then if that's the case then she tied in with betsy ivanich that favoured her and tatyana education effort and then you got tilgate the strong fifty nine million dollars or more into the thing i was there was a lot of there's a lot of money back there and i really think that all of us need to look into this connection between because there's none of this is making any while the sun while the sun this pop while the sudden and ironwoods said that that their merging that anology the merging this technology with with with something else then she gets offered a job by you know a conservative you know seemingly conservative and i'm going to destroy this out there right there i've got a problem with some of the stuff being called conservative you know because when i got into a too we had some people that reached out to stevan an people or him i don't know you want to know his first reaction was about a year this is steve bannet his reaction was how she paulina how much money is she raised its like so thinkest bled yourself out there is somebody who has the same through process is the establishment the i don't give a rip onybody sis it's it what they actually do when it comes down to it tells you exactly everything you want to know and they can come you know we've got wolves in sheeps clothing all over the place i mean we are overrun with these that our infantry and you know it's like i think the real patriots are the ones that are you know it's like every single coffee shop across united states is as gather breakfast restaurant you the table with all the old guys in old farmers as it around a salvandos give me about four or five of those things and we can set the whole state back on its because it wouldn't be any of these politicians or these fat news posters or these people that are selling narrative or the fat patriots you know just real people good hard working people that what we you know it's funny that you say that because all when people hang out at like this is godlike an inside joke with my father and all my self when my mother in law comes out you know because if we're over at their house and were having a cook or in the garage no soloist you guys doing you know so the world's cried pretty much but no one lesson it but all getting because the world's problems and the state dorothea because these people have their own self interest at hand and that's the father pockets by the biggest better and no adolay sell their souls to the devil and their bidding either dirty work for you truly if we the people you get people who actually love the country who don't have an agenda and have a big check book behind them finding them i think we could save a lot of the world's broussonetia yeah we got a worker so you know what happened this morning so one of the guys that works at the barn he's just a dear dear guy right you young guy and he just wants to make the world a better place while he he gases had last night plain soccer he had not so he normally starts early and he starts working on the run out by the horses and such so this morning i was actually at the barn afiola cleaning rods so i got up and climate that i got the runs cleaned out before before everybody else got in because that's actually slopes down of getting taking care of clean out and such as the interesting more felt really good on what man i would yoletta five o'clock every day because i've sort of stop doing that quite so much sense said been running for office they talk about their appear know it's amazing there was the do have horses so you have to be governor rita that was she's amazing that was i donatello i don't think i've had so much fun and you know it a long long time just sitting around as we had last night that was so much fun and heaven heaven is just amazing she so seasick anno she decoy had in his she loves sassy he had so so now i hear you got a pony now jason casserly her title i was saying like a adagoota belonged to medium i helen dwelt face you just put out takeaway did congregations your daughter is a democrat he is they democrats that don't mean that i should say say as it's not democratic lionnes it's a deep state craft you know but yet not so as he was sears she sat by the front door and i mean it i was such a parade too because michael watch it makes like i feel bad for anybody i would even attempt that because there are so many people in entertain her at that front or but anyway but yet so she was doing she was scouting the front door literally overdone her overdone here over dilated not care like and she was the missis the finest day ever i went outside and came back in and she at first thought i was so in new coming in and she was racing my way and this she looked so disappointed in pietatis mechoacan i said i know you were so ready i shared a radio with desolate it to us nahpootee tutor came up on a commercial on the tee in the room and i made it and i turned it on totalitarian of dead and evanition of me and she says she's boringdon the mouth of the bugaboo that's funny dinewan laughing and she was putting sundown and herman going she's born seems like a little girl to me i hate to say that but that's what i see it with decent you know it's really weird is that all of a sudden you know she's coming out with a blue dress on all the time and all ontario she's got a white shirt and jeans and evan you know it's a kind of like i actually did a meat about it because watching watching her dress style move on now move from from you know the way she was used to dress in into trying to be cowboy but i don't think she really were hollowell just pretty estates never shovel horseman but she guanabacoa you i am great i saw session this morning the comic that's nice did you enjoy last night you were amazing last night you were having a pale the road i think you are to every single person in that restaurant didn't you i did disease what i am lagavaan hat you need do ask dad every five minutes to day to come and see safety witness of shot that of the road from your orisons osman whatever it's called and by rosenthal it again i would call but a about that place we've got some you know what i honestly we've got some wonderful restaurants so grand rapids is like should be considered the food capital of the world we have so many good restaurants here before white race might stay you know we we just had in no you know not full of the paranoia that we have right now but it's a fantastic fantastic city for food i could name i can go down all the streets and grammont the surrounding area and give you incredible pick because because we're so blessed to have a man of course i got to try and all you know were i but yeah i struggled i'm trying i'm trying to make my diet a little bit more healthy but i move these days see because i i am focused what i'm focused on working eating is dan apriority and then i want to eat something fast which doesn't mean i am eating healthy and if i'm angry i run a whenever i feel like enid it coiffured up or focus within all goes together i put on too much weight it's a way reduction program i just you know i don't really i don't know why i just don't need to eat a lot i mean i can when i eat all you want hungry but if i'm not hungry i mean truly i think go for about three days without food and it just not even you know i want to haisten i should back to what you guys were saying yes because i think you mentioned this story the tale of my show and then it went robotic a very good question i want to talk to a volumes the people out there that did not get a chance to her you asked if some man happened where let us was voted in as they ate everything that we did here was fraud the vote was not real dissertatio asked her like what would you do when will the certified because if i won unlawfully let's do it lawfully let's do it correctly nobody nobody else would actually say that an so that needs that really i think be high lighted a little bit more because that answers very telling to the character you have gone and let the very genuine nature that you have about you you are wanting to do what's right by the it meant that somehow some people was going on with the election and he said we we need to desert and they went to you about it be like the only candidate in america that would probably go along with saying athene need to be certified let's do it the right way because the people are going to speak in your confident enough with the fact that people are going to vote for you and so it's like well it was done a lawfully or something went awry then let do it right i mean the fact that you said that a rock story answered people need to hear that yet if there's so much cheating going on right now you know that that if there if there was a if it was john correctly when i mean with correctly is paper balances oversight if we can prove a you know if we can see that it was done in correctly and we i wouldn't just stop and lay down because somebody said it was done correctly but if it was truly done incorrectly and they were willing to prove provide a bomb proof way to correctly carry out the election deservedly and make it right because i believe in the american process you know and so we need to go we need to always put put the first and what need to refer as carry out self governance where every voice as you know has equal equal you know wait and i would absolutely i would absolutely disedified this thing and everyone involved in it who screwed up and it is going to be prosecuted is that there is there is the quick answer is if it wasn't done right and somebody committed a crime in the in the involvement and whether knowingly or unknowingly because they can all see ah i didn't mean at a set whining like a you know like winding like a child it's like now you you had the ability and to know what was going on and to certify it and then prosecute those that were involved in you know and then put put crosses the sea this is the problem with the elections they don't want to fix the elections and make it right not one of them does not one of them that sat in lancing has been fighting for this not not what monotonous not any of them wanted to fix this problem because none of these people wanted to say problems keep it going in politics it you know and so i mean if it wasn't if it was done in correctly and you can find a million things that they did wrong with this election it wasn't one problem it was all over they they had problems all which you know you might have one on you know you might as some clerks in the air the sun well you know in my presence did it right is like while that's great but the failure part in your precinct is immediately when that information into the machines they has program which you do not have control over and or when it goes across the line go to where it's being gathered you know it's like it's really like it's pipeline company really are elections are which i understand that very well how you you you know you get the product you aggregate you know you start gathering your product into distribute your product and to a certain area so go for a refinery to break it down right well if pieter doing with election but the system the way that they're doing it is absolutely they have not assessed the failure points at all they have no idea or or they do there either conflict or their negligent you know in and either way it's a failure complete otterville and so it it fails the voter the system is a failure as soon as that ballot leaves the voters had as the levers and as a fair there is a failure point with the absentee balance a failure point with how long elections to accomplish it and to count there's a big failure point in the counting in the tabulating if it's being done through an electronic means there's a bigger failure point in going across the internet and babinet that way there's a huge failure point and having the absentees go to a pre processing sinner where no oversight where they can read the envelope and know exactly how that person voted because they've got the date in the ability to do that as a failure point having the machines be able to print and the bell attentat moment time and looking at all of these these things not even taken account the number of voters compared to the number of registered voters compared to vote that was a percent failure and you know an uncontested real numbers the thing was a failure and they're trying to make her failure instead of saying okay not only was a failure there was probably some criminality involved in it let's find out who committed the crimes red doth thing in the simplest way possible and andre you know restored restored this needs to go to paper ballots be counted at the priest the continued to be videotape so that there is a camera down on the balance i think the ballet be accounted as currency and there is the all these things that would be fairly simple to implement instead of sweet layers and layers and layers and layers of administration that's the entire state is structure that way we have so much administration and top heavy a management that quite honestly we really we really need to to get in there and and cut this thing back to an efficiency and i you know which makes and one is why it's hard to be a person whether you want to call it a domicile person or a citizen of the united states or michigan it's really difficult because they've made so many rules for us to follow become a barrier of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness of our ability to earn a living of our ability to actually live in on property they have literally stolen everything from the people of michigan and it needs to be completely gutted and then structure put back that will actually serve the people instead of just make all the rules so that we can set up their being punitive jerks and going after people for her assets that's what that deed i think you hit on two things that i like to highlight jason brought up the question that we talked about on his pads the phrase that you used that was a will of the people whatever the will of the people so if it was an illegal election but the will of the people was made clear then then that's okay we still have to deal with and prosecute the illegal aspect of things but what is the will of the people as what we need to go for and he also we talked about it yesterday with county clerk situation they have put so many barriers in place of we the people it whether it's an election whether it's going to get any business done with the government whether it leave the public comment in immediate will you have only one minute or two minutes and you can't speak on certain topics and you can't get loud if you want to there there always putting limits on the voice of we the people and intellection that's the one place where i really have to be certain that the will of the people is er whether you are able to be successful in your last suit before or after november at the will of the people must be able if it be me for it will be really interesting if it happens after a written be really interesting but i sure hope that you are successful because i think it's a great case and the other thing i wanted to say about this as i want people to consider how they would feel how will your candidate react we ask donna all the candidates if you get a chance to talk to them how they would react if they won if they want but they were part of an illegal or fraudulent election what would they do to handle that and ask yourself what would you do if your candidate one but you knew it wasn't quite right because if you consider what your party would do the parties will oppose it only if they lose because we've seen this happen however we've also seen happen that he got even if they lose they will not support the will of the people this is what i am i'm so outraged about with tutor dick and because she has a platform right now speak about this and she is refusing to even acknowledge his if she were refused to acknowledge the loss in the steel of twenty twenty how can you possibly believe that she will stand up to protect our elections in the future you have got not to with tutonian her party is just going to say well better luck next time because they've done it before they are not interested in the will of the people i that you are absolutely right it's going to go in the same direction it it just go along get long they stood for nothing they they stood while our own government was involved in taking out five candidates it was our own government that in their own words made up policies on the fly and you know all the candidates were clear to me on doing so why didn't he why didn't they get involved in it because you know what i'm going to make a prediction here we'll see if don as in right again is it details said the potato out again it still going on my and if anybody else is he had problems with it let me know otherwise that we're goin to keep going you know it's like you know if our own government is involved with the rigging of the elections from inside or if the parties themselves were involved we got a big problem and i think we're going to find out more and more that it was from within our government was also from within the parties there's enough evidence there that point to the fact that it is highly likely the parties were themselves involved in the removal of five candidates altogether that if their rigging it well there's there was an article of that basically said that there were three republicans who were paying two or three republicans that were pain signature gatherers to not turn and sign there were also a signature gathers that were working for two to democratic cant seated a politician with that said right there that tells me right there that the parties on the nile were involved and you look at his main stream media and i think i've got a great case to see the living how out of the media i deny described upon her too they are not giving equal time so they all meet some money not only did they you know not only did they they refuse to put me out there as a candidate on the ballot they you know they are required by law free will time now a chance they won't they won't offer it up they have been they have absolutely kept it kept a asperity you know he came out of those days and so that makes them also guilty of election interference there their guilty they're all of these people are guilty in election interfere and you know a rigging our elections and i think i'm going to have a good future in front of me right now just because i like to fight just causes this is the one my reader i've got all these things on my reader that a wrong that that need may be made right not in it's not only just for myself but it's too you know it's like to change to change the way that they treat because if they can treat one of us this way they can treat all of us and quite honestly i had been involved in fighting some very very large loss like i was involved in an be the start of a lawsuit which was the largest lawsuit in the industry the pipeline and and it was a very difficult lawsuit it went on for a very long time and i am willing in some of the things that i've been involved in were basically said no i can't walk away from this because if i walk away from fighting an issue that needs to be a dress it's going to happen again and they're going to go after somebody else and i feel like it's my responsibility if something is put in front of us like that to write something that was clearly wrong because it's going to come back if we do not learn to stand up to bullies and people who are criminals on us you know that's that's not the founding our nation not anather people because we're just enabling these people to go on and hurt some one else you know if you got somebody out there that's the race no river maybe it's not a financial crime because he's definitely financial crimes there was some of the signature of problems they were financial crimes that were committed that is easy to prove against myself in the other candidate is a financial and i talked to an investigator and that's exactly what this person said it was a financial no but there was also more crimes involved in that that's not limited to that right if we don't stand up and fight these issues that come up shame on every single one of us if there's a rapists out there our system which is a bunch of of neuter lying through their teeth only a lot of the judges just being more worried about getting re elected in prosecutors who are really determine our judicial system is it it goes by the prosecutors in which i heard which case does not get her whether they're doing plea bargaining or anything like that you know this is so wrong it's incredible and so what do they do of course were not wheeled this rapist lose we don't want any controversy around us we don't want to have our you know are our livelihoods threatened by doing the right thing will shame on all of them well you know with the going on with the criminal with the you know everything spoke this is one of the biggest reasons like thee can do this to you like the what they did the tramp i mean obviously with and that the trap and censor to an twitter and the cravat why juries are so relevant and going to be playing a vital role going forward in the future because the common law grand jury serves as a he referred people that's a hereunto we then you got the common longinus which is that free if you will and then you get your lowering but a branch purpose of the common law it why for the people is to protect us against those lower branches of government are despots serve the power and abused their power on as a crossing that line that lines on a push him back in and that is why i think that's going to be a huge pivotal tool going forward in the fur then that commonsense or continuing on because three branches of government that we right now he about any of us and to keep to it whatever they want until we learn as people as a body politic how the wheel the power and lo it's a money grab the whole in the whole system is now nothing more than a money grab to break the backs of the people this this is what this is what i see the money laundering like there's no to morrow putting it into companies or using corporate welfare there they're giving the preference to our corporations and there is a lot on to think about it for a minute let me do some big and because of course i've got so much my brain that sometimes my heart drive is and in getting that corporations into a person and that needs to be repealed pronto that that law has done so much damage in this state across the united states just like foreign ownership of american soil that needs to and and there is no foreign entity should not be able to go all one inch of american soil because that's a person who is here not to contribute to the stem but to graft off of the antelope of the same thing you know like all of our ancestors were actually scenes united citizens united if you look at that it's a silly supreme court decision citizens united and that thing needs to be absolutely ill all out put that up on my channel here sometime to day may be decided to day was going to be a video day so i spend a lot of time on video on my positions and so that people know exactly what i what i believe or how to how to fix it and this as a starting point you know if people disagree with me and they want me to to do something completely different then then what my opinions are that's what representative form of government is it's too actually so it is also court case of established the corporate donations were considered which kind of said the groundwork for corporations as people so there an entity so really really the direction that they're going to is to make it be so that these corporations especially the multinational corporations actually have a person status that that's where he is going and and so that so that big you know big corporations and such like that will actually have all the rights eperson under law like a person you know just like you and i o which in my opinion will probably give them the right to vote at some point time if it's going in that direction what is that do that sense this is its fascism were the politicians are working and or part of these corporations other part of these regulatory entities is non governmental entities in and it's all going in that direction unless we the people step in and stop and the way to do that there's no you know i would challenge any one in these political parties to debate me on this bring it because the part of it they are absolutely part of it they have been engineering this for years to put these regulatory industries to gather and to pump them up so that they can steal from us and that they can give more and more power to the corporations where they put us on little backs or little apartment backstage can never get out of em and they own everything and we own nothing because you know we will own nothing be happy because they on at all and they have the say and they are the ones that are voting in our elections by rigging our let they've already taken our voice away by reelection b is to take it legally awake and make these corporations to you know into an i'm not talking the corporation that's another issue i'm talking about actual corporations that are in existence look at the big ones alack rock than guard arabella the amount of power that these corporations have and the amount of laws that the lawmakers of putteth the favor to do whatever they want to continue to move forward and taking away the voice of we the people because to them all we are as useless feeders then that you know we're just useless theaters they hate us they hate america they had the american process every single one of the people lanciotto trees and and i antelope extra sure that we should be running full time down to get all hanmer and over done to it mother yeah i think we take that land that the planning that building the world at this is this one of ben santo in natal that land over there crottat they want to build the world economic form had quarters no brandenburger adown a brandabarbaran in holland we're we're going to go ahead and we're going to come and hear that we and a little bit you know and going to be a burger that they don't want to eat maybe but to bad so said i'm not sorry take that land back and build gettin all he i'm goin to cost saving and saving as a savior juno with the trite but you set a wooden bobus you will use us but as yet i don't know if anybody here heard that but my case i said it in your station was or your shoes morning is that just like with the illegal immigrants come across the border great you know on a brandon brandon began and we're going to go ahead you cross that border and i'm on to call the national guard and two bad so sad we just ah decided to re purpose all of your er your equipment the buses just became the property of the state of michigan which would be the people of michigan and we just improved or our transportation system right there you know come dear a latent earlier when he had with the last the thing about maybe start your own brand of burghers on our brandenburg berger the real meaning me that the f wants to feed yeah that's what it is the dona brandenburger siyou like that or not you know what actually far and don't hurt the that's funny as you know the cows that is closing glora course it is did you did you know this okay okay everybody out there i had no i'm a farm girl right so i kind of know how the system works you know for farmstead no idea my kids were telling me this that there are people out there there are on the you know the green new deal not job climate change not job stuff going on you know and certainly things has changed because they have they it they that of a vininese the negative changes it's not us it's not those natural processes it is then who have been doing all kinds of this he told me this and you realize that when they see best and people actually believe this they believe that when a cow drinks water and i are you serious this is what these people actually believe that a cowering slaughter and that it then that's why we have to protect and they said this is exactly what people live they said they'd seen it only that people think that we need to stop the cows because we need to protect our water we don't have enough water in the cows are going to drink the water and the theaters are gone and i like the rivers gondolas the cows are going to draw out the rivers because the cows drink the water an the water's off sudden matically gone school you have absolutely failed our children in ways that we will never be able to describe they all need to stand in a cow barn for a day horse run like this morning my horse runs were kind of wet this morning because the rain last night and pretty extra shirt you know when animal drink they all so they also pay and so it's kind of like a mist may be like frightening to most people out there but ascending now because it's all gone through with assistant recycled serignan nice couple of diapasoning guys in a joy it for so for some reason the song comes to mind for the lying in this sir is that whether without the pinafore it is there i never really ever looked into that and like oh yeah another in the movies for me i too bad so sad truth is i want to to save space to i would i wouldn't be running there quite honestly is there really like some of peregrine you can look at them look at the car such on the closed the skin at that to my reality what the hell do i me started in saving them she gave me another did be red pile stuff in my camera little what is it the spiral symbolism you see in pretty much as seems like every brain busy move which we all know is a compare ambleigh whatever the national man boy lover association don't they use that spiral thing that as a he rendered federal treatment agencies even got some lifted out there that are has but it's not as they look at it they wouldn't let my kids why the first time my wits mealeas like i'm so done with this non and i like mine i will have this cramp in my house because you know what this is all about don't you need all about the kids going the kids doing whatever the parents want them to do the kids knowing better i'm smarter than you mom and dad and sooner or later you are going to find out that i know more than you and so the kid being a impetuous child which had been all and riding around the ocean and getting himself in trouble and yet who runs to his aid has to dig a anatole that would be dad and he puts his dad's life and a danger and ordered to run after this martlets that he knows something and then dad's life is in danger and then all of a sudden at the end you know dad ceases to his kid and go ye you know you were right all along and i am so sorry that i didn't believe in your wisdom it's like you know what kin might had some wisdom but put his dad's life and in danger in order to chase after him as he was chasing after some know some unicorn that you know whatever is his happiness personal happiness in the selfish little brat put everybody around him in danger so i odon for animal for forenoon our kids in it to be smart alex into tell the parents of the parents are stupid because that's a salabut your parents are stupid that's what there interesting you say that because there's a show on i don't know what it remember what plateau it's a show blue which a bunch of talk a little dogs from australia to little you know but dogs and the two parent dogs in that show does the same exact thing it does the whole second like the kids basically walking over the past if he who i tell you what even look at a political one day do we start penitential because one day even said something to a i can remember exactly she said but the response was did you hear that because it was a district i know you don't know anything my kind of one of those did you hear that from a boy he what is bliss and that wasn't there for the conversation you know in the story the end result was that's it we're not watching that any more that was this respectful you will not tomlinson basically you are the cause that is the king truth i mean so i guess that makes sense and now that you're making these references on certain thing back of the long a lot of these plots in the movies and i think i myself will so true and just like if you look at a lot of sick comes in a hold their trying to kill masculinity and man like the rev i am you have a look at a lot of these sick costs always the wife being smarter than a man of the husband's a bubbling idiot all the time everybody loves rainy look at some of the cartoon sick comes where most of them it is that it's the husband is a bumbling more on in these shows why because they wanted to integrate family by no ah well that's most children's programme if you really start analyzing at most of it is about as about a separating parents from children at the core and making the parents really into being netherton see don't correct them because it kids you're going to hurt their feelings and you know just let him read let them be kids as is a way it is with sincere since we started children's programming things became that way you know and it's like it's unfortunate now we get peter up and they don't even know how to live on their own they are not even adults and told her about thirty years old and being able to actually run their lives i mean that's a national that's a national statistic and i had so many kids come to me when you know that were eighteen year olds because i won't change who i am to just placate them who i am as well as and i you know and i've had so many kids come in and the last he questions you know and collins because i'm most years old so that puts me forty years how to them at least and in these i don't know how to adult and i'm like what it is that even mean and the like there like i don't know how to adult and unlike okay i love to him at seventeen to put myself through college so i had a really process this you know and i put myself to college i wore two three jobs all the time and you know i have delays been run my own game can a and there like we don't know how to do one good i'd love to get you know and she was having they were heaving europeans were having terrible problems as she was immaterial promise with appearance i mean the relation of was just totally ruined and i'm like you know so i was in i don't know how i you know how we got talking on it but but i started just talking to to her a little bit and an i'm like you know you need respect your parents period you know you're not going to get me sympathy out of me right now as an eighteen year old for disrespect in the first of all you know respect your parents because they you know maybe they're not seen what you want to hear but but there's the presence there that are a proof process there because they were men abuse of anything like that they just had a difference of opinion on this and she can i get a group of friends around she said we are so and then my heart really started breaking for him because they came ridout and they set it there like we are so lost we don't know what it means to be an adult or how to adult or what that looks like because honestly at our society has absolutely disabled our kids if there is not a job sitting there or job track or or a check list can think of other ways that divergent ways creating job a job for themselves or if it's not something that's in their converse they don't have the courage to try it a lot of times and so there you know their constantly looking for that safe song because they were not equipped to deal with the world both hermiston of being able to communicate or to just figure things out or even have basic you know when when we take people through you know houses or apartments that if the ranting i always say i've ever barometer you're going to have to tell them what it is to have breakers in a because a year old most the doesn't even know what breakers on an electrical panel they don't know where the the water shut off they when something breaks they have no idea what to do so they had up in the majority of them and calling and i and i i can over and over and over this isn't like one year of this missiles is like you know it it's got worse over time quite honestly they are so ill equipt to be out in the world unless it fits the pattern that they have actually been indoctrinated with they are lost it really said it's so sad the use actually actively he's in i called basic training for the air force now he's in texas he's a good kid but when might i think i may have called the story of my plougastel story short my wife and pavement visiting my mom he was on summer breaks from college at i think that last summer so i wasn't that one you know these drinking age and he adult technically right by so he stays with my mom and my step dead and the starbeam for the summer till he goes back to school aanyway domini goes to any cause my mind at work and his dad to his the caste showers the other showers broke in a clammy dad and you know let him know you know so you know maybe contraire out you know how to get it working again because he was going to be a shareholder you bother your dad at work with his very like let me go check it out root you know not figure out a lot of stuff more than probably most guys can and so any way she goes in there the shower curtain down the top part of the he looked at it it was like well the shower curtain this what you're talking about that it put it that i don't know how to the can't make this that's what and i'm not trying to fantasia computer itself on by for the next six weeks get that was what it was was the shower curt was off the wall constituted the sole being she put it back up a minute or two well that's the storm it like if you can do something because there's so ill equip you got to call somebody for help all the you know it's to change a tire or two you know to do it because the basic skills are gone you know so many of these basic skills that somebody who's my age all right this nest be done i guess i'll you know jumping a loader and do it you know or or you know you just you just do it needs to be done you know you you figure it out if you if you don't know how to do it i had somebody say this to me the other day and are not the teapot year and a half ago and i was just absolutely shocked a guy that was doing some work for us right and and i was we were in one of the houses and i just told him i said yeah i said you know when i first started this i did all my own repairs and construction and it forming did you learn to do that not i figure it out you know he's like he's like how did you do that you didn't have your tube you didn't have any to set go and in like i i don't necessarily go to things to figure them out i just figure out you know and do you go to you tube i had the asses you go to you ridotto the sources to figure things and the answer was yes it was the you know immediately they went to you too he went to you to be said all my friends i would have never known where to start with something like this for i bought i ordered in ordered seven thousand dollars worth of windows and installed all the windows i had my dad help me with the first one just because i needed nestorians but he never installed windows before he had no idea how to do it so i read the instructions and i talked a couple guys that at one of the big back stores a sister anything else i need no i mean this is what i know about it i like you got it so i am you know i said just hold this and i started breaking the ramananda you know breaking the take the trim off a pride at off and my dad was holding it and and he was he was peacock and forth because he was like oh no what is she doing now you know and i just just got to stand using on her an i just goin to need of another set of hands we ended up having that window in and him i tried out in about an hour and a half and i'm like luggage this and then after they had i my eleven year old was my second son of hands and i did the rest of the windows in my this is easy and anticles i didn't have you to by the thereabout kind of figure it out things just usually are that difficult if you make a mistake we do it again you know it's not the difficulty i think when he challenges near breeding out to is there father and talk to you once when one of these events he went to about a show called sixty days in he was watching an absurd recently where the prisoners who have been through a season before and at least one one time frame in in jail or in a prison of some sort and their coming back as a volunteer in order to help the sheriff learn what the problems are in his prison and each of these cast characters if you will have their own private goal and this one young man came into the prison he is trying to mentor at least one young man in there who is eighteen and he has no clue just as you describe how to be in a world unless you're in a gang the experience in the neighborhood there and they don't have men who are giving leadership roles teaching them how to take care of themselves teaching how them how to be the dog he put up a fire that he had roped it and he created a class for the ivell inmates and they when they gathered for the time a whole bunch of them sat around table but some of them took note and he told him how to start their own business the day they get out they don't even need to have any money to start with if they could get items that they already owned or some one can donate to them they could start selling and he talked about how they could by itself using the internet if they can and just stopping things out they can start making profit and building on that he said i have a business doing this i make good money i could take care of myself and these young people have no idea how they could do that or on very simple they don't even need a shop but nobody has ever taking the time they were all thrilled because some would sat down and said let me show you how you could be adult that's something that we really need in our society we talked about the other day how we need the man we need the test astronef up guys come out i think that you know a man and woman you know because i mean everybody has something that to contribute certainly and to teach other people you know doesn't you know everybody everybody should have a skill coming out of school the average age was of a finished or of a carpenter a finished carpet disembody skilled carpenter a skilled carpenter you know somebody that's like a cabinet maker labassandre different type of a scale and see your frames and buildings such you know it's a different skill and the average age is fifty four years old what are we going to do when all of a sudden a work force is all over fifty or sixty now i know that like with some of the work that we do in the fields and you know the workers in the fields i'm going to tell you right now the average age of the people that we know that are still working in the field pretty well sewed is years old and because the a in water were going to do and less we have people that are younger that are willing to in these guys should be should be able to take a take a break but all you know it's not happening because the younger people do not see the value and or maybe they just don't know how to do it i don't know i think we need to start talking people why to to actually go to work and it's not you to go to work to get to the week end you know i know it's a lot of people's minds set to play or to you now have your time off in the time office most important when i was a kid that was the luxury because every minute i had because we were very poor we were very poor every minute that i had was as valuable to my family so no matter what you know you know i played as a kid i'm not going to say i didn't play as a kid but we we the play was different and if somebody round me needed help then that's what we would do you know you would you would plan a garden or you would you would try to bring food to somebody i remember one of the things that i did a lot as i walked around the neighborhood and i would take people's garbage out for the people that were old and couldn't couldn't get their garbage you know to dostoiewsky as i was constantly looking for things to do and and i knew those people needed some one to help them instead of going from that to you know useless pursuit to the next ah the good workers and watching some of the comments here so difficult to get good workers any more people will stay off their cell phone you know and when when you're working for some one it's always been my opinion that they're not you know this is a problem that that we have with job titles and people think they get a title in their like well i managed not gontaut i that's the low me really an employer pays you for your time not your self inflated idea of who you are you get in it does he make any different i may on the company but i may be out there picking up garage or if i see something that's gone down you know you just jump in and you do it you don't say well it's not my job the reply why watch everybody else were what a kind of pathetic really you know my first home first post but a agitator for for about five years and he is to do the marketing sales on the diminished was the one the he said he goes chasing i would never ask you to do something that i never that i that i haven't already done myself still would i do the old hero so my dad always said he as wetshod every one never ask anybody to do something that you're not willing to do or you haven't done so much truth and profound on that such a profound state of speak to the character who you're working for when they have i appreciate and respect the llotta still talked of the day actually was done amazing he you know people that have lived long as i love listening to people that are in their you know and listen you know when my grand miranda he was really fun to talk to or somebody who is older and what was the world like you know and how did you do this and how did you do that going back to real base super basic skills as such in distant the world were as it is there in its actual kind of fun i mean that that's fun process to learn all those things the clear agathe was a t v show some sort of program where someone collected some seniors i don't know if they were from a particular or seeing the whole moral but they were from from man to allemand asked them of series of questions and just learn about their lives and their life stories what could they tell about history and things got to know them and it was fascinating i mean if you walked into any any nursing home or any senior and went to them and just said to me about what it was like when he were a child tell me about what it was like during the war he knew things like that what stories do you hear from your parents or your grandparents that you could still pass on and you know the more disjointed we are the less we learn from other people and see the value in them and what they have to say because everyone has so much wisdom and the because we see things differently and we have different talents and orleanists an organizer you know another one is much more much more strong that willard doesn't mean that any one is better than the other they're all necessary you put those pieces together you got one hack of a strong team but as all good things i was reading a convent in which are you reading common just the case one is taught her husband you know are and how they just have a hard time finding good workers and i seeing that too and a lot of other industries i don't know if it's just the combination of nobody wanting to work or i said or lazy i don't know soon three five even in her said king kids for doing any any more you know that that's thtone of those things that i know you now i can't even tell you how many thousands of bales hauterive in i tried to enjoy it actually i think he is really we have got a couple of kids in our neighborhood here that came over to help them and when the wind the kids actually get involved in the parents say we're going to go do this to day because this will be a lot of fun at once they do it quite often the kids don't want to leave the note it's a comes a really good thing yeah i rising i'm falling back into michigan here you know you know that's what misprison say as part of her language you know the rest of the world says he what a we say you know yeah i know well inside not remember when you do more hay well give me a call at kate's really alert stuff like castilian lorelei go now i've got three wagons now i decided to make it easy so we just pull round the field and bring it home and take take one step out of the way we were doing it for years is just hainteroh from the machine right into the wagons and the i put it up in the put it up in the you know put it all up mutely we last year and the back are you there to hear a coloration my fan one you know i had that before two you go in on a lot of the technology all these going on at once and it just say no we're done protest the and put it in a nice pack just to hear her so hard where a fire she alienated up fridays with one romberg a camwell i fired up and frog friday a thetford it affords are the best sometimes express expresses what we all really want to say but won't say in camera you know how the soonest that they as some of those authors being either flora or you become fantastic and radiating as a well guys were onorato hours i love it and i know the world see it that don louis next week again and that a good question is on which they were going to be there yet but i'll have it on the telegram channel that people are trying to get the gate schedule figured out a little bit here but you know it to day is going to be a make video day the eminences on out there weitbrecht area or rooter a patapon say what do you want to know and i'll do a little video on it because it's so i'm going to do to day may be to morrow as we're just going to do i'm going to do a whole bunch of little videos in such oh i have one i want to play on a play this for you kooskooskee okay there's a supporter his name is eric eric and he gave permission to poison brandenburg news network he made this idea i'll see if i can i'm goin to put it in its hearing a semi could put you guys on ah i see the angelus alone oh hey i got a new scale so it went arimanes and i am i was really touched by this he did i want to support you and you know what i just decided to make his video so he he asked to post the lot imposed and this is the video surprise me with a ismenias really find a moment teddy to allow me to share with you first i'd like to your government as it to day has passed laws and operated in good faith with your best interest to your dead your commencement intends to implement for your fur for the decade government has taken from you more than they had given if you were fortunate enough to have a candidate with your best interests in mind which you at least take time to look at the my name is eric i'm not a missioner over the last several months i've been fortunate enough to learn and to observe some one you may not even know or even heard about that you should really have the to know enwoven ment as waterway down a primrose path to what i believe along the way they are deceptive they plundered each and every one of us i nearly we have regardless of our race religion or any other dividing i liverpool not only turned for in their gray but they would climb out of them shouting at the top of their and doing everything to bring back government as they want more than ours observing and learning as much as i can about dona by can say without a doubt she has in as his most polacres in different she had grown to maintain multiple venters in multiple sectors of commerce creating thousands upon thousands from the very beginning down was shut down but she refused to let them show her up she may not be your first choice but she has her priorities in the right place and she is ready with an action plan to get government and here on your vote how she would lead michigan government and turning things around to your best in the next part or be describing our priorities and powhatan the interest of all this more than the pretty here with john tatankaota for conserving county and the same about her and if you are wantonly opoponax all as endeavoured man an i'll be talking more about the only one in all of the candidates everybody was he had had one eternity is the only one that else they ended up doing voicemail with two red now oh they have people that there are people on rantipole kind of stupidity nobody in her nobody he prettily all it ignoring the you are running when you below the bilious siseburto the share to every one that you know description you will find a video dane in her own work in a line to my channel the udaller how we together again restore our constitution particular few monroe that was really now i was really i was really thankful that eric did that i besought this morning at one he taxed me and said he had just made a video and like all that was really kind one you know just kind of put it together on his own and and nice the surprised to wake up you know john oh john curzon there he makes hideous to a deshon significant and it is a school by the disease not even from here a support you i think it's different whether some one who is not invested in the state a critic is a tame you know even live here what do you care he so supported because this one is on his eraser about an out of state candidate that's a dress really interesting you know i'm always surprised is like how many people have heard of me when i got out there and it's like how did you hear of me you know i'm kind of it's kind of matutinal it's probably because i a metric touchante i think we're at dishonest i've made an almost up to just one would put up on brandenburg news network were got about a hundred videos up there and and there a lot of morally long because he the stuff that we do in here on benvenuto is my news that they rarely two hours of so i be hard pressed i think to find so many that actually written themselves and not had writers to put up that much contact but a kind of interesting so i think to day i'm going to see how many i don't know i don't remember how many proposals that i or positions i put up but i think to day i'm going to do just to hold bunch of two to three minute videos and you know flatfoot without and the people can look at small ones and in a serene before you go before we go i got it i do get that all i get a lot of messages miles from people that listen to the line to show as people noted california and nevada for you even though you know because they believe so much and what you're doing i think like i said i think it's a lot of people this raised very closely it's you know you know they say the eyetooth out for i think the cause the state because we're not hearing much out of the man you i i think it's taking a lot of people's interest to see what happens in this they there's a lot going on in that people are like really catlike what will everything you know this happened in michigan both good and bad seems to be tamed in missions while look at our elections this election rigging with concensus it is absolutely undeniable that michigan it was the episode of further national election and the problems we had with it is there's there's no interact link to china for interference or elections the programming problem the software prom right here in michigan so this is where this is really where it started and i think this is where we're going to have to finish this fight and we better have somebody that's not nero one of the other parties who were complicity in that there are complete sitting there in a year is gone findlayson be fine we're going to do this again and it's not going to be proyart pretty much as cannot going to be fine at all because they have never stood for anything so why would we expect them to do it now so it is i oh here's what i've heard that michigan's met will come on a backing luck there's donata i loathe ah well mitaine globe here we come you know and it's like it's like you know people other gone mean to me now we're goin to be mean to the bad guys on the yukon gather the sheep up and be able to you know not anodonta a bad way it's like you know gather up the people get rid of the bad guys gather up the people like a shopper and tryin to take care about evybody so that it's not were not left you now left open throat i mean that's what it's about i take the attacks of the attacks aren't that that the attackers aren't the attackers are the bad guys you know the globetrotter that the seed to be part of this is wonderful is a good day a ride to check out the arabs some breakfast there are herein work of my son stack get out tattoo the goetha care and we like your riding well an i can i can array at last he again found overhead as to come back and hunt up your account this is it to get at liberty the he it yourself a plug requicken how they find you the try to get i alabamian some and your telegram channel as a car in the river it is subscribed to me some startling they can get those notice notice as will ever and karen the riveter in the commons the so we put it on and rumbullion ect directly so i do not separately a man socially more of a back up plan and i tried to show my son maybe a summary paradise some of the good of charms then for over and over how i had how broacher thank you jason you had to give yourself a give yourself a way for people to find you you keep it so causeless to hard line not one that it is hard lines to come there is no dash was no spaces and you could find how to connect me on there i have my romola society find a hole that the a while how awe say a priori now you and i to day jason or you medoline you prefer that i do your first i think you think you do good job so but we'll find your evanthe thank you so very very much that day in the ability to reach out and and to talk to our beautiful population of michigan and the united states and we just want to boot there to know the day that you care about them that this is going to be an absolutely beautiful nabussan or family and those we care about you go to opportunities to make a real difference in the world and have pure is our choice to have purpose and to look for those things that we can do to make it a better day for some one else i think we were thankful that you give us such a good example in the life of jesus not only are is jesus are savior and pretty much everything he lived a life of a wonderful example doing doing everything right and showing us how to live not just in our minds but actually have a tangible example helpless to be a good example to those around us to day and keep a strong being that all the words we say the things that we do the our efforts that everything that we do glorifies and honors you first and foremost because our allegiance is to you god for and and we're just single for that but every single person out there for sandy that having to trouble you know what those troubles are you know what those needs are and we asked that you that you ask step into that situation that you would step alongside of them and walked in through it that they would know that that they are not alone that they would turn to you and that they would see absolutely see miracles come from your hands or healing for help for provision and for a restoration of relations we thank you so much for the stain we love you in jesus name be man okay here it is here's to her being meted please go to my my website is at brandon bird for governor tom we also have brandenburg news network where you'll find a metric tons of videos because there really piling up because in the gold to to get around the censorship if they're going to sense senora guess what we're going to build new things so that they have no ability to sunderiand we can just say whatever we want on there with no sense all the hard things that we need to talk about it to also i on telegram at brandenburg the number four riever word on their spelling correct spelling is are incorrect whatever it's for me can you can and talk with me there in the answers our mind actually from there it's not somebody else's actually ouranbad and are you can call i always put my phone number out there and call and and talk and and so i tried to i try to truly truly be out there for every one read the comments emancipation in some meeting to morrow at twelve thirty and and so as county i think and cook as he is had he met up we've got a really good guy over in an sinclair and port huron area and that's robert coverless him out robert paper for the assembly at paul urban over there with me to county all good solid patriots that that honestly that that of a stepped outside of the political nonsense are thinking individuals and distort this nation really important to connect with so robert roberts really good source is so as lenape so is so is jason so is career vidor there some amazing people out there just go ahead to reach out to them and connect with him and they'll get you and with other patriot groups and and that a true patriot groups not not pay but actually people that love the nation and want to take back the nation and restore it to public which should be one nation under god with that we we think about you every day were fighting for those things that are important to you there's many many many people out there that are fighting for that you may never see or know that are there but they are working very very hard and they care thank you to all of you authors that are fighting is unsung heroes that that may not be recognized for the sacrifice that you have made for the nation some people that have made the alternate may or may not even at the new cycle you know god knows and honestly some of us truly know and we just thankful for all that you do people that work in security and all that sort of thing were very very very thankful for so anyhow as we go into this day have a data for joy and happiness even though we go through and we talk about the things that are wrong there's more right than that that a wrong we don't need to fix the right things we need to fix her own things that's what we talk about so we love you we love all those whom you love and i'll disdain god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america thank you jason for being on today thank you cantering go get writing go to this substance get that done with more wisdom from car in the river because your brilliant and watch beside i don't know and anointed it and did he lusitanian material it listlessly got work to do i mean you're too brilliant to let that it now to show for all right guisarde working i ballavolly did i by