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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 1/2/2024 Tatar Tuesday & Real History

Published Jan. 2, 2024, 9:02 a.m.

9am Tatar Tuesday with John Tater. Know the law and use the law - defending yourself. All things Constitution and Lawful Process. Tatar Tuesday with John Tatar 10am Real History with Courtenay Turner - A weekly discussion on real history and the connections that were never taught in school. Courtenay Turner is the host of “The Courtenay Turner Podcast”, “WIM what is movement”, & her new show coming soon “The Right Voices”. She is also a speaker and aerial acrobatic performer. Having spent her academic career largely seeped in the world of philosophical and psychological texts and being a passionate athlete and performing artist, paved the way for the world in which she is currently immersed. Many today know her as the host of “The Courtenay Turner Podcast” where she boldly seeks truth, diving into a myriad of deep topics surrounding issues of health, fitness, medicine, philosophy, psychology, politics, geopolitics & sociocultural zeitgeist. However, she was born with a rare set of circumstances that has greatly impacted her perspective on life. “All human beings are designed to move and the ways in which we do are our unique creative expressions.” – Courtenay Turner X/Twitter: Rumble:

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Now I can't hear anything. 24, welcome, welcome, welcome. We've got on Mr. Tater. Let's bring you on here a minute. Good morning, Mr. Tater. How are you doing? I'm doing well. I'm doing well. Can you hear the popping and the sound? I cannot. Okay, we tried to fix this. I hope that I'm the only one hearing this because, oh, it's actually gotten better. Oh, it's gotten better. Not for nothing. Only when you talk. Then it gets gravelly. So that's okay. We'll see. Yeah, there you go. That's the song for today, John. And we'll get jumping into the craziness in Michigan and the United States of America. This is getting nuts. Well, this kind of will fit in with what you were talking about, only on the sense that we are who we are, you know, and that's not much what anybody can say about it. And it doesn't really, I don't really give a crap. Right. Can I show you something funny? They don't like my political point of view. I don't really care. Okay, so I'm going to be unpolitically correct, and all of the people that are on the piety nonsense that are going on are going to lose their minds over this, but I got this for Christmas. It's hilarious. I think it's absolutely hilarious. So to all of you out here, if you think I give a, I don't. And here it is. So I'm going to give everybody a. It's hilarious. So it was really pretty funny. So, you know, yes, we just really don't go on opinions. What's really funny is I got attacked. I got attacked again this week because I threw out there that Lori Skibo and a gal named Deb Ross were the authors behind the ranking of Republicans in the Mackinac Conference. And I happened to find this and found out that they were the intern and the editor of giving Republicans a one to four ranking. So they say it appears that way anyway. And then all of a sudden I started getting attacked. So not only do I have Unshackle the Mitten, which I'm pretty happy about because they can't even keep their name straight. This isn't like the top shelf of of the best of the best. And then they put out a report on me that says Donna Brandenburg, because I went to Mar-a-Lago in her first. So I thought I would just like interface it a little bit. So yes, this is my American made emotional support animal right there. And instead of their cheap fricking Patagonia crap that gets made over in China, I in fact buy American. And so I think this is kind of funny. So yeah, In your comment, this one to four, what is that? Four being high rating or low rating? Yeah, they ranked Republicans. They had a ranking system, one to four. If you made it to four, which was supposed to be the lowest ranking, was probably actually the people who were the highest ranking. So I think it's funny. I'm still missing it. Are you saying four is a low ranking for Republicans? According to the MIGOP, yes. But to the rest of us normal people out there, those are like, man, I think these guys are on to something, you know? Yeah, I would say most of the Republicans are tens. Yeah, yeah. Well, the Republicans, let's just put it that way. They ranked, this is from the MIGOP, right? And that makes sense. were anti-Republicans and who they approved was a one and who they disapproved was a four, which tells me if the MIDOP disapproved someone, those are probably good people. So the ones were probably the deep state they were working with. The fours are probably the ones that they're like, well, these aren't real Republicans. Sounds like Christina Caramo crap. And so anyhow, I always laugh about it because it's like people blow a gasket over this nonsense about what people wear. But I want to ask people out there to see something like an American-made warmth jacket. I don't eat meat, but it's because of health reasons, right? It's not necessarily for other reasons. But at any rate, they blow a gasket. Some of them do. Most people don't care. Most people are like, oh, my God, that's just gorgeous and that sort of thing. But the morons who just want to pick a fight over nothing, I always look at them and say, and your shoes look to be leather, and so does your belt, and so does your purse. So what's the difference between a fur? And you wearing leather, tell me, because I'd like to hear the answer on this. They can't answer it, of course, because they have nothing to stand on because they're all wearing leather. They've got leather interiors on their cars. But yet we're going to blow a gasket over fur and say Brandenburg's wearing our furs. Well, if you can't buy a fur at a decent price either, then you're really stupid, first of all. And second of all. my money, I can spend it the way I want. You know, it's not like I'm taking political money to buy, to buy stuff like the politicians are, you know, I actually earn a living instead of graft off the system. So I think it's funny. Thought I'd bring it up this morning in their face. Yeah. They, they, they said there was one of them that said that Ivan Raiklin, uh, I don't really know him and that he, he canceled on being on, which he didn't, he was honest. I posted something there and Ivan's going to, um, said he's going to come on on Friday. because we had something actual to talk about instead of this Republican vomitous nonsense that goes out there. I think it's a good word. It's Republican vomitous crap, you know, just it's nonsense. So they don't fix anything. Anyhow, he came out with, he's on a letter. You just said it, but you breezed over it so fast. They don't fix anything. They don't fix anything. That's important to know because we have lived in a society where the Democrats screw it up and the Republicans say they're going to fix it, but they screw it up too. Yes. So we've got to be very clear about that. It's not what they say. It's what they do. Right. And so I haven't published something. I got a hold of it this morning, and I'm pretty sure I woke them up because I texted them and found out that they put out something as a resolution or a – I'll have to get the wording on this. Hang on a minute. Let me get the wording. Where they published a – here, I can actually put it out here because – hang on a minute. Let me see if I can pull it up. It published it this morning. Here we go. Can you read it? An open letter. Hang on a minute. And Ivan was on this. So as I read this, I was like, oh, this is cool. Let me move this to my other screen here a minute. Well, let's see, where did it go? All right, there we go. So it's an open letter to the American people from signatories of this Declaration of Military Accountability. And it is all about them poisoning It's a poisoning of our military through vaccines and how unconstitutional. Well, Ivan is a constitutional attorney and he taught in in intelligence. I like this guy. He's really interesting. He's gone after the J6ers. He'll go after anything that's a righteous cause. And he backs it with actual information. He actually does something. He doesn't just go out there and attack individuals. He actually attacks the process. That's why I like him. So anyhow, I thought it was pretty, I thought that this whole nonsense with the Republican Party, I mean, this is at best amateur hour, at worst criminal complicity. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. I agree with you. They are no different than the Democrats. We don't have a two-party system. We have a one-party system. Sure do. Nobody hasn't figured that out yet. They are not awake. They're still sleeping. Well, and I really feel bad for, there are really some good people that have stepped up to try to do the right thing through the party system. But the party system, just the structure of it is so corrupt. It is never going to be able to be fixed. You cannot fix a corrupt structure. That's like saying, you know what, that's the exact same argument a person would use as saying, you know what, I'm a Christian, but I'm going to go ahead and jump into the church of Satan and try to fix it from the inside out. Probably not going to work that way. The only process going to work for people that sacrifice human beings is to burn the whole thing to the ground. And the same thing with the political parties, which are nothing more than paid off special interest. And unfortunately, they capture people who have good hearts trying to do the right thing. And the next thing you know, they're right down the complicit line. path with them, compromising and doing things and how do they get there? I mean, that's how a lot of the people get into this. And the next thing you know, once they do, what I've heard one thing is they'll give like an intern in... lancing a bunch of papers and say, go shred these. An intern's not going to know what they're shredding, nor are they going to question it because they're doing what they're told, right? And then they'll come back and tell an intern, now I need you to do this. And the intern will start going, well, I don't know what this is. And they're like, well, you already shredded documents, so you're on the hook for shredding documents. And they'll compromise them. And once you're down that compromise path, they will continue to up the ante every time. That's the way it works. That's the way it works. So what's the song? This is in your face, folks. Oh, Lord, it's hard to be humble when you're perfect in every way. I can't wait to look in the mirror. Cause I get better looking each day. To know who me is to love me. I must be a hell of a man. Oh Lord, it's hard to be humble. But I'm doing the best that I can. a girlfriend but I guess she just couldn't compete with all these love-starved women who keep clamoring at my feet well I probably could find me another but I guess they're all gonna love me who cares I'll never get lonesome Oh Lord, it's hard to be humble. Cause you're perfect in every way. I can't wait to look in the mirror. Cause I get better looking each day. To know me is to love me. I must be a hell of a man. Oh Lord, it's hard to be humble But I'm doing the best that I can I guess you could say I'm a loner A cowboy all locked up and proud Well I could have lots of friends if I wanted But then I wouldn't stand out from the crowd Some folks say I'm egotistical. Hell, I don't even know what that means. I guess it has something to do about the way that I fill out my skintight blue jeans. Oh, Lord, it's hard to be humble when you're perfect in every way. I can't wait to look in the mirror Cause I get better looking each day. To know me is to love me. I must be a devil man. Oh Lord, it's hard to be humble. But I'm doing the best that I can. Wasn't expecting that this morning, but that was good. Oh, that's too fun. We do have a lot of fun on here, don't we? absolutely that biden um uh gave a uh the largest pay raise in 40 years while americans struggle financially this guy is a genius isn't he financially he's like isn't that wonderful what great things he's been doing he's like christina crommel a financial genius out there Oh, God help us all. It is wonderful how wonderful they have caused this great inflation that we are involved in, that we're seeing, that we're having to pay. It is so wonderful how high they've raised the gas prices, keeping everybody at home so they can't go anywhere. uh and isn't it absolutely wonderful how they have allowed all of these people to come across the borders so they can sleep in tents and on the streets of our cities and credit cards and hotels are getting paid four to eight hundred dollars a night to house these people this human trafficking what you know it's like and it's an invasion this is not illegal immigration this is an invasion of our nation That's right. And, you know, we need to call it what it is. We can thank Biden for it. Yay, Biden. You're an idiot. So same thing as the Republican Party, the MIDOP, a bunch of idiots. Can't run anything. What are the MIDOP doing about it? Nothing. It's like there's a few people in there that are fighting it. But you know what? She should have been removed a long time ago when we started stacking the MYGOP with felons. It's unbelievable. And I hate to say it, but we've got how much time to the election? Presidential election? And all they're doing is fighting amongst themselves. That's it. Of course. Because they don't know what to do. They can't figure out how to fix the system because they're part of the system. They don't want President Trump in. No, they don't. They have said nothing. They're not fighting the election integrity. They're not fighting for President Trump. They're not doing a thing. That's right. They're even worse than in many states because they're doing nothing. They could have asked for a forensic audit. They could have pushed for a forensic audit. And even if they didn't have the numbers in the Senate and in the House of Representatives, they could have still been the noise in the background saying, we need a forensic audit. We need a forensic audit. But they have never done that. They could have joined forces and they could have really pushed the election integrity stuff. They could have gotten behind that. They could have said, hey, wait a minute. We're going to work on a legal method for removing these people, the people that violated the law. No, no, it's way more fun to fight amongst ourselves in there. It's ridiculous. So you're coming to the Constitution Party meeting on the 27th? Let's put it this way. It's on my calendar. So I'll take that as a yes. Bring friends. And your guitar. That'll be great. I'll have to think of a... Darlene is going to be speaking and so is Paul Urban. I love Paul Urban. I'm going to ask Darlene if he's a de jure officer occupying a de jure office. There you go. I'm going to sit back and let him talk without me questioning him. It's a free speech moment. Let him know that he better know what he's talking about because Twist him around the axle. Well, we got it. We got it. I, you know, it's like I like listening to what everybody says. Not to be nasty, but to be, you know, if you call yourself a constitutional sheriff, then let's hear what you have to say as a constitutional sheriff. He has a class coming on in the 1st of February that I'm going to sign up for that. He does a bunch of online classes on the Constitution and such. And I find his, he's doing it with Brent Allen Winters. This guy wrote this book. Common Law Comments. I've got three books from Brent Winters. He does these classes. Dara does these classes with him. Paul's going to be there too. I've got to think of the name of his organization that they started. He works with Weed Accounting. And let me grab, I just texted him this morning. Let me see if I can get that up here a minute. I like Paul. Paul's cool. And let's see. It is the referendum of PA 38 of 2023. And it is, the organization is called referendum. Let's see. signed into law they're they're going after um repealing some unconstitutional efforts and it's going to take me a minute to find this hang on a second of course i should be on here and have this if we're going to talk about but why would i do this so referendums of michigan So it's is his effort. And he worked with Weta County up in St. Clair. That is one of the nicest groups of people and really committed that I met across the state. They're just welcoming and wonderful and really anything Paul's involved in seems to have civility and there's always go to it. He doesn't just talk. Okay. Well, like I said, there are people that will stand and will do, and there are other people that will just talk about it. Yeah. So what are we talking about today? We're educating people, John. Let's educate people. What's going on? What do you want to talk about? One thing I wanted to bring up is that we are really headed for war. People need to be very, very concerned, not afraid, but concerned that that's where the Democrats and the deep state and the globalists want us to go into a war. They want armed conflict. And what are they doing in Ukraine? I don't know if anybody's been reading what's going on over there. But last few days, I read an article that they're starting to blow up trains. And those are the public trains. They're not government trains. So they're blowing up trains. Probably the government. Well, I wouldn't doubt that Zelensky and his cronies are involved in it, or certainly the Antifa people. Let's call it the way it is. The Obama organization of Antifa is calling them out and telling them to blow up. trains or the hamas whoever they are but they're they're part of obama's uh criminal syndicate and so people need to understand that this isn't uh this isn't the people causing these problems this is the governments causing these problems people don't run around with dynamite in their pockets but governments do and where do people get or where do these criminals get the funding to keep an operation like this going? Where do they get the funding to pay for the bullets and the guns? And even the soldier, they got to give him something. But who's paying for this? Where's this money coming from? It's certainly not coming from the Ukrainian people. It's coming from the government. And it's coming from our government too. You know, that idiot in the White House that we call the resident. He is the one that wants the money to go to Ukraine. Why? What's going on over there that he wants to fund? He wants to fund the Ukrainian people against the Russians? No. He wants to get money to Zelensky so they can do things like blow up trains. That's what this is all about. It's the government against the people. And when the people wake up, we will have freedom again. When the people stop looking at the government as being the savior or the good people, they are the evil people. They've always been evil, and they're still evil, and now they're worse than ever. And so we have to wake up and figure that out. And the local general public still doesn't get it. I went to Ann Arbor yesterday or the day before. to one of the stores over there. Actually, it's Trader Joe's, and I saw so many people with masks on. I just love to slap one of them and say, what are you doing with yourself here? Why are you wearing that mask in here? It's like Stockholm Syndrome is what it is. You know, they keep going back to the people that are oppressing them and, you know, thinking that they're saved, but there's no thought process going into this. That's right. There is no thought process. They just put it on because they are kind of robotic to what they hear on the television and what they hear on the radio. And oh my God, we got a virus again. But they went through it already for two years. They didn't die. Nobody died around them. A lot of people without masks didn't die. What happened? And they're back to that same old stupid behavior. And why are we wearing masks? So when Antifa gets out in the field, the Antifa people will wear masks and you won't know who they are. That's right. And you can traffic kids easier with the masks on, too. And there's all sorts of subversive things that are going on. I wanted to show you this a minute. This is a site called And there's a ton of books on here and you can buy the packages of books, but I'm going to tell you what, this is really, it's really kind of interesting. And I'm, I don't get anything for pushing or for, for showing stuff. It's like, I just find stuff that's interesting and I put them on the, I put it out there, but you know, they've got like $37 for all of these books. And I think, I thought it was kind of interesting. They're just little booklets, right? It's not like a, not like a big thing, but all of these things, I like to collect this sort of thing anyway. Just, you know, prepper things and survival things. I love survival stuff. I think it's really interesting. But they've got all kinds of books in here. I thought it was really interesting. Small ones, big ones. If you click on the digital one, you can download. It's got all kinds of stuff in there. It's really interesting. So I'm kind of more of the idea is that if you see things that are telling you what's happening, like let's, for instance, look at the leave everything behind. I think the movie is that the Obamas are behind that came out. Yeah, I heard about it. I haven't seen it. Well, and I got to tell you, I watched something with Dan Bongino on last night, and I'm like going, he's hyping people up like there's no tomorrow. Oh, the panic. You know, Obama's behind it. Yeah, well, they've been behind it for a long time, so I don't see any panic there, really. It's like this is not like a new thing, people. OK. And so my whole thing is, if you know something is likely to happen, you look at the risks and you look at the insurance companies that now have war in their language and you look at things like this series is put out there. There's an over, I look for patterns. There's a pattern coming out on almost all media and movies and TV shows or stuff out there. You know, I'm not a TV watcher, but I watch patterns. And it's all about the end of the world stuff, the apocalypse, the EMP stuff. Do I think that there's some truth to it? Yeah, probably is. They always tell us before they do it what they're going to do. So do we get scared? No. Go out and get prepared. Figure some things out that you can. And most of what we need to do is get the knowledge up here in our heads. That's right. You've got to stop relying on the electronic media. You're going to have to have some things that are physical in your possession, such as some books, such as some skills, skill set, your connections with other real people. Perhaps a little food and water would be helpful. I mean, going down to a base level stuff. But I don't know. I just I just think that I thought this was really interesting stuff. I downloaded some of the digital stuff, and I think that it's something to look at. It really is. Well, too many people are frightened and stay frightened because once you're frightened and you can't get out of that, then you kind of lock yourself into a little cocoon where you can't do anything. You can't think. You can't organize. You can't. and you're constantly nervous and blood pressure is boiling and you just don't get it. That's not where we want to be. Fear is the opposite of freedom and the opposite of being able to be a God-like human being, I guess is how you want to say it, because fear is not something that helps us but hurts us tremendously. And government has been pushing fear forever. That's their job. And you just got to understand people need to understand that. But anyway. Here, I think this is kind of cool. I'm going to see if I can pull this up. Let's see. Let's see if I can put it on Firefox here. Okay, here, I'm going to share this a minute. This is one of those, this is one of those, the books that you can download, which I think is kind of interesting. So here, how to communicate after, you know, with frequencies and stuff. I thought this was kind of interesting called, you know, how to communicate if the communication goes down, because I'm hearing a lot about that cell phones and how to get, you know, how to communicate with people. Interesting. Nice little quick handbook on topics, you know. I think that we're going to end up having a little crisis. I mean, a short-term crisis. I don't think it's going to be a long-term crisis, even communications, because the deep state has to communicate too. And if they shut the communications down, it's going to hinder their ability to do whatever they're going to do. So they're going to have little pockets here and there, and they're going to try to frighten maybe Ann Arbor, maybe Detroit, or maybe Houston or whatever. But it's not going to be nationwide because it can't be nationwide. It's just physically impossible, number one, to do it. Number two, more important, they can't. do their communications either, unless they're going to crawl into a hole, blow up the world, and then come out later when they think the world is better. But how are they going to know that it's better tomorrow? They're not going to know without the communications abilities. I thought this was funny. They're all building bunkers. And I posted a meme that I saw. It's like, you can go ahead in your bunkers, but you better hope that somebody on the outside doesn't know how to make cement. Block the door so you can't get out. That's right. Or even Mother Nature helping by a tree falling on their exit door. I mean, there's just so much obvious nonsense about this whole thing that people need to sit back and say, hey, What happened in the 50s? Remember 50s with the nuclear war? I don't, but I, you know. I was 56. I was around. So I remember, and I was a kid. I didn't know any better. I mean, they were talking nuclear war. They were talking about building bunkers in your backyard and digging holes. And actually, I was clamoring that after my dad. Hey, let's do that. Let's build a bunker. And my dad was a year nuts, you know. But the fear was there. Everybody was building bunkers and shelters. And then, of course, all of the movies that came out about living underground and living until after the bomb dissipated, the radiation went away so you could crawl out of the bunker and see the world that was totally destroyed in front of you. That stuff was in the 50s. And now we're doing it again. We're back doing the 50. We're repeating history, folks. All you have to do is study a little history. Study a little bit about who the Nazis were and how they were, and then you look at America and you say, holy cow, we had the same thing here. This is the same. Nothing's changed. They've just recycled everything, like they're recycling all of the stuff on the Internet for patriots to follow, such as, oh, it's about contracts. birth certificate. It's about the new constitution versus the old constitution. That's all crap. It's just being recycled again. And those of you that didn't learn about it 10 years or 20 or 30 years ago because you didn't study it, now you're facing it again and you say, oh, this is new information. It's not new information. It's old stuff. Nothing new under the sun. So people need to wake up and really look at what's going on. Distractions. It's just distractions to waste time so we can't get together and actually accomplish anything. That's right. That's exactly right. The Republic has been under siege since the Republic was established back in the 1700s. The Republic has always been under siege because the Republic gives the power to the people. And it's always been under fire by the whoever you want to call it, Illuminati, whatever. I can't even think of all the names that they have. Global Crime Syndicate. How about we just call it Global Crime Syndicate? They've always been pushing the same crap every single year since the 1700s. Nothing's different. But if you don't learn from history, then guess what? You're going to do it again. But what I wanted to do before we run out of time, because time is ticking by, and actually it's been great. Hey, I miss our time just to talk every Tuesday. I mean, this is always fun. What I wanted to point out is that there are a lot of people that are under fire by public functionaries in one form or another. Court would call them ordinance officers, call them child protective services, adult protective services, etc. We could spend the whole day naming just all of these organizations that are out there. People need to say, or people need to go back to the roots of where that organization was established or came from. And that is, if you're having a city, township, or a village, you have to be under a charter. The city has to have a charter under which they operate. It's a rogue organization. Same thing with a township or a village. If you don't have the documentation that establishes that particular entity of government, that particular entity of government is like a mafia. They're nobody. They don't have any authority. So when people get attacked by an ordinance officer They need to ask that ordinance officer a very important question, but they need to understand what that means. Are you an de jure officer occupying a de jure office? And if so, I want you to prove your jurisdiction. Prove who you are, that you are in fact lawful and allowed to be in that position. You just don't have a title. Hey, I'm an ordinance officer. I can go get a star and put it on me and say I'm a sheriff. But if you don't have any authority behind you, be it the Constitution or the charter, city charter, you don't exist. And who says that? Norton versus Shelby County. You cannot create a de facto office. No government body can create a de facto office. So if there is no charter, long he's supposed to be in his position, what his duties are, he doesn't exist. He's a usurper and you don't have to follow his directions. In fact, you could take him to court and challenge his jurisdiction, but you got to know that. And so I talked to a couple of different people in a few days in the past about They called me and they say, you know, I got this ordinance officer and he's fined me for the following. And I says, well, did you look in the charter and find out if the ordinance officer actually has a position in your government? No, the city doesn't have a charter. No, the city has to have a charter. It has, you have to go back to the root of where that position came from. Now, if the legislature decides to make an act that we're going to have an ordinance officer, that's not a, that's not a de jure. That's not effective. If legislature cannot create an office. The legislature can put somebody in that office maybe, but the legislature cannot create that office. That office has to be in the Constitution. And why? Because when it's in the Constitution, then we, the people, have voted on it at one point in time or had our representatives vote on it and put it in the Constitution. It was an amendment to the Constitution. Then an amendment, that ordinance officer can exist. But they don't want to go through amendment process because it's tough. It takes three quarters or two thirds of the Senate and House of Representatives to put forth an amendment. And that's a tough battle versus a majority of the Senate, which is a democracy, which we don't have. We have a republic. That's why I'm saying we need to go back to the roots. We need to go back to who we are. We are the Republic of America. We're not the democracy. We've never been a democracy. So once we declare ourselves as the democracy, all it takes is one vote above the majority. we have a majority vote that's 51% to 49% and we can change the law. Can't do that in the Republic. Can't do that. It's gotta be. Mob rule. A democracy is, is mob rule. That's right. And that does not ensure the rights of anyone. It tramples on, it tramples on all the rights of the individual rights. So how does the constitution of the state of Michigan, uh, take hold and become the official document for Michigan when one 10th of 1% passed it. It's illegal. That's right. It doesn't exist. The 63 constitution is null and void. It doesn't exist. And all of these, and so that's what we need to get in our minds. when we start talking about people that want to run to be governor or people that want to run to be state senators and the House of Representatives, what is this Michigan Constitution that was passed by one tenth of one percent? How is that a lawful election or a lawful taking of the government position? How could you put something into power at one tenth of one percent when it takes two thirds to push forth an amendment? And then how do you put an amendment such as the last three that were put on the last election? How do you put those in front of the people for voting? That's a democracy. You have the House of Representatives say, yeah, we want this abortion bill to pass through. You don't put it in front of the people. You put it in front of the representatives. It takes two-thirds of the representatives to make that happen, not a majority. So we need to go back. The whole thing is a fraud. If you were going to nullify, because it's going to take nullification to handle this, How far back would you go? And would it be like one of those things where you would, because there's like 85, 90% of what we're seeing out there is absolutely unlawful. That's right. Well, we'd have to at least get rid of the 63 Constitution, go back to the previous Constitution, start there. And if you looked at the previous Constitution, and I don't remember the date of it, 19... I'm not even gonna guess on that date. 1908 or three or whatever. The last constitution we have, and then take a look at this constitution and you actually examine the two carefully, you will see that things were put in this constitution that had really weakened the power of the people. How? One of the biggest glaring and most, Important ones is the judge department, the judicial system, where they said you have to be an attorney for five years before you could run for a judge. That destroyed the judicial system. It put the judicial system in the power of the bar. Because in order to be a practice law in Michigan, and that's another one, Because the federal Constitution doesn't say, yeah, you have the right to an attorney. It says that you have the right to counsel. That means I could counsel you in court. I don't have to have a bar license or bar membership card to practice in a court because I have the right by the federal Constitution to be your counsel. So that's the first. And we know that, according to Hamilton, years ago, when Hamilton was alive, he said the fate of the republic will be destroyed by the judiciary, which it is. The judiciary has destroyed our republic because it's put the hands of the judiciary in the hands of a few people called the bar. And that's one of the bad parts of the 63 Constitution. There are other parts in there. For example, the parks and recs issues that they have in there. So we, the people, have to get back to the basics and understand what the whole idea of the republic is and not be sidetracked. excuse me and not be sidetracked by all of the nonsense that's out there it's contracts it's fringe flags it's it's uh i can't think of it we're we're i have seen people plead themselves in court i'm a man on the land what the heck is that you are a citizen of the united states of the United States does not mean that Washington, D.C., that 10 square miles under 1871 Act changed that and gave D.C. an opportunity or the power to tax you or to do anything or to write any laws. Didn't do it. Didn't do it. So stop going down that path because you're wasting your time And you're being distracted from the Republic. And that's what this deep state tries to do. Distract you from the Republic and bring you to a democracy. People have to wake up. They just have to wake up. That's the key to the whole battle that we're fighting. We go back to the Republic. We go back to the people are in charge. It's our delegated authority. that we give to these public functionaries to operate. And remember what we said, public functionary is somebody in public who has a function. Very limited, and that's the thing with the Constitution that people have to understand is that that's a constraint of the government. It doesn't give them permission to go run amok and do whatever they want to do and make up policies on the fly, Mr. Brater, and the rest of you people that are communist. Lansing rats. What? Lansing rats. They're lancing rats. That's what they are. It's like it's a political class, which has become an industry. And once they get in it, they never leave. Look at like with Biden. He's in there for like, what, 50 million years? And then he gets in as president and we think that he's going to do anything new? No, he hasn't done anything up to this point. So why would we put somebody in like that? I don't think he won, you know? No, he didn't. I don't think any of the ballot candidates actually won, but we don't know. All we do know is that there was so much cheating that we don't have an answer. You can look at it and you can say, you know, logical conclusion is that President Trump is the rightful president of the United States. And anybody that doesn't fight for his right for that office is walking away from the American process because the whole thing was completely screwed up. And then you go to J6, same thing. J6 was about the electoral votes. And they couldn't just, like, you know, deny him that. So they had to create a distraction. And then you watch Betsy DeVos, she resigns on the 7th and gives Pence $22 million. Are you kidding me? This is so... This is so much crap. I hope everybody out there realizes, you know, Betsy, Betsy DeVos or the bosses, you know, the Republican boy, that's poster child for, for time to flush the Republican party, just like Ron Romney and the rest of them. It's like, I can't even believe it that people want to sit here and hang on to this. I mean, when somebody, something is that destroyed, it's time to just get rid of it and start over again. Like what's that string them up. Well, yeah, you know, I really, I like the way you think. You're not saying it. I'm saying it. Yeah, you can say it. I've said it too. So there you go. It's like, look at my hair. I look like a long-haired cat that's been like severely licked by its mother. You know, you don't think that ever happened to. I grow hair so fast on my head. It's crazy. I have, I actually have to, it's amazing how often I have to have my hair cut. crazy. I will say the best thing that ever happened to America was the election of Donald Trump into the White House. Sure was. Why? I'll give you the reasons. I'm not just saying it. I'll give you the reasons. Number one, he was not part of the system. He's not part of the corruption. Number two, he's wealthy enough that he can't get bought off. Right. As the other deep staters have been bought off and or been compromised. He can't be compromised. Number three, he doesn't talk like a politician. He doesn't give us the rhetoric. Number four, he does what he said he's going to do, which no other politician so far as I can tell has done that. Number five, he is feared by the deep state and by everybody. They're doing everything in their power to get him out of office. If people don't see this, I don't know what's going on with their brain, where they are. I can't imagine good people that are around him. that have been fighting for this nation because one person you know he he he did an extraordinary job and working through the swamp with all the swamp rats that are out there i can't i can't even imagine the genius it takes on his part to sort through the liars, cheats and thieves and to work through this, you know, in spite of them, not because of them, but in spite of them and how many really, really good people are out there like, like general Flynn and, and Admiral Rogers and, and, And like Dan Scavino, I love Dan Scavino. I'm like, I was, I've always been obsessed with Dan Scavino's tweets and posts and such. I'd love to meet that guy someday. I'm going to tell you what, you know, people, people that really stood close to him, Melania, you know, just, just some really, really good people that stood together as true patriots to take this nation back. It's really, it's, it's, it's incredible. What a great time to be alive to actually see this. We do not. That's right. We are in the second revolution of America. Sure are. And this one, we're taking it all because we're not asking permission. And we've got way more than the 3% that it took for the first revolution. We've got way more than that. They'll stand a chance. That's right. But the people, those, I don't know what the heck you call them, fringe people, ignorant people. Mentally ill. Mentally ill people, whatever those people that are out there that don't like Trump because they don't like Trump. Why don't you like Trump? Because he is, and they quote the two comments, what the radio says about him. But do they really even know what's going on? No, they don't. Because I've asked several Democrats or people that claim to be, I've asked them questions like, can you tell me the difference between a Republican and a democracy? They have no clue. Can you tell me what's going on at the border. They have no clue. What about inflation? What is inflation? They don't know what that is. I don't know where they're coming from. When you've been on this planet for 20, 30, 40, 50 years, and you don't know these basic things that are affecting your life, I don't know where you've been. What have you been doing? You can't even party that hard not to be that intelligent, to lose what's going on around you. I don't know. But this is a problem that we have with a lot of people out there. People still wearing masks. Why are you wearing a mask? I mean, you've been through it already, one for two years, and you're still deciding that you got to wear a mask. Why? I don't get it. I don't get it. I don't get it. Well, I think this time around they're going to have a harder time because they've got, you know, did you see the air traffic over Europe this week? No. Oh, man, it was really weird. They had France was completely shut down, and all these little white vehicles that were on the ground popped up. I like to track planes, you know, aircraft. And so I was watching this and watching what was happening over Europe, Ukraine, Romania, Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania. It was like dead airspace, completely dead airspace. But all of a sudden, all these gray towers started popping up on the trackers. And then also white vehicles that were positioned. I can show you if you want to see. And we've got time. My next guest isn't here yet, so I'm sure she'll be on in just a minute. But it was kind of a weird thing to watch this. And all I can say is that sure as heck looks like they're trying to shut us down. Oh, this is an interesting video too. Hang on. Check this guy out. The Democratic Party in Florida decided 10 days ago that Joe Biden won the primary. without one vote being cast. A hundred and some people on their executive committee said, we don't need a primary. Joe Biden will be the nominee, and therefore we will hand 250 delegates to Joe Biden. North Carolina the next week said, you know what? Despite the fact that I qualify by simply being a presidential candidate who is in the national news, that's their only credit. They don't need a primary either that Joe Biden has won, and they will hand their delegates to him. And this is happening right in front of our faces. And the president has not said a word about it. So I'm concerned that part of what you're seeing right now is this duopoly working to actually prevent competition, prevent debate, and prevent voters from even opining. And that is the truth, and I've got to shine light on it. And I intend to do it every single day. Love that. So I started watching this. Now, if you look over here, here's the flight tracker. Look at these little gray towers that are popping up here. And this was for a period of, I don't know, a couple hours. It's 9-17 on the 30th. And so you can watch. I've got some of this time stamped. But look at what's happening there. All these little towers are coming up, and then all of a sudden, we've got these white vehicles that had no call signals. Watch what happens with the formation of these as we go forward. That is at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam. That one was at, I've got to think, I think that one was in either Portugal or... spain they had a lot of action going on down there and then i started looking over here in for portugal and spain and here's an aircraft that has no call sign which is always really suspect to me what are they doing there and the way that they were um the formation they were in was just kind of odd and it just got it got worse and worse so now we've got a white vehicle there no call sign and uh it was just kind of an odd one of those odd things But what really got odd is we've got one here in Helsinki and, you know, in Finland and we've got one in Estonia. And then we're over here and this is Warsaw, Poland, and all of these vehicles popped up. First time I ever saw it. And we're going to go over here. We've got Romania and, you know, Romania is popping up. Look at all the towers. And this was the military over the United States. Not possible. So they got the transponders popped off. So you can't see, but we got one of those towers here. That's normal traffic. The other one was military traffic, so. And then we're up here, we've got around France, then those towers started popping up down there and over here. And then all of a sudden, no air traffic over France, minimal over Spain. And same thing with the Netherlands. Belgium's pretty well empty. And then see, look at it's just right here, but look at all these white vehicles. It's almost like they're popping up right on the border. It was really bizarre as I was watching this. I'm like, what in the heck is going on here? This is just, this is just weird. And then here you go. We've got Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, and part of Ukraine and such. Check that out. Well, like I say, I think we're preparing for war. Yes. The only military plane over there is we've got one up from the United States there and the tower in France. And so this is kind of a, it just kind of was one of those things that I watched him for a couple of hours to see what was going on. Thought it was kind of suspect at any rate. Strange. It is. Very suspect. I don't think we're preparing for war. I think we're in war already. I really do. Well, we are in a revolution. There's no doubt about it. Irregular warfare going on. That's right. We've been in a revolution for a while. But they wanted to go to a hot war where they're going to be shooting at people. They want a nuclear war. They want to scare the heck out of the people and they want the people to join in with their CBDC and their central control of the world, one world government. That's what they're trying to push for. They're not going to get there, but they're going to continue to fight until they all get arrested and strung up. Well, and watch the entrapment, guys, because the entrapment that's going on in the FBI and the deep state and all this nonsense that went on with J6 and those people saying, get arrested. It's worth it. Is your freedom worth it? As they're sitting out, as they're out here free. Remember, we've got a lot of people that are trying to get you to do something irrational. Like if the FBI shows up with the ATF, what's one of the first things they do if there's a dog in the house? They shoot the dog because they're trying to get people emotionally stirred up. And so I think I can't stress this enough. You know, don't take to the streets. You have got the ability to defend your house, and that's okay. You know, if something happens – stay and defend your home. You have the right to do that lawfully, to defend yourself and defend your property. And so that is your right. To go out and protest in the streets, there's nothing in the Constitution that says it's okay to go out there and create civil disobedience to the point of the way that they're doing it. There's a lawful way of doing this, not a crazy way where we go burn cars and and stop people's rights and do all this crazy stuff. That is not okay. That's not the American way. No, it's not. We're smarter than this. And that's why they have been failing. Yes. That's why they have lost the war. They know they've lost the war. They know they've lost the information war and they're pushing for a hot one. We don't want to go down that road. No, we're wasting. We can do this lawfully. And just like President Trump, President Trump has conducted himself in a lawful way to catch the criminals, expose corruption, and set it up in order to when they drop the hammer, it's going to be decisive. It's going to be without any argument. And it's going to be done. These people in the deep state are going down. And, you know, on top of that, God is with us. All we got to do is just be a little patient. Keep your keep your brain and your wits about you. Don't do something stupid or then they're going to get you just like just like, you know, and they don't even have to have a reason. I mean, look at all the unlawful, unlawful arrest they did in J6 or the or the unlawful other stuff that the FBI did. And you know what? If the FBI wants my respect, then clean out your own house. because I'm assuming there's good people in there somewhere that it's time for y'all to act and kick them out and see that they're prosecuted for their crimes of entrapment, coercion, threat, all of this stuff that's out there. Clean your own house. Same thing for the cops. The cops need, you know, you start going into people's houses and shooting their dogs for swatting, clean out your own house. Or walk away. Walk away. You can always walk away. God will provide. He will provide. Any last words here? I'm going to bring Courtney on next. Well, we had a wonderful time at Nicola's. Wish we were going to have more people show up. But we did have quite a few. That was a wonderful time. We are now again back on Zoom and we'll be on Wednesday night Zoom. So if you have any info, if you want to get involved and get some more information, you can give me a phone call at 734-968-4715. And while you're running for your pen and paper, I'll give it to you again. It's 734-968-4715. We'd love to have you join us, or you can sign up at jtater2 at and ask for a invite. Mel sends you an invite by email. We discuss a lot of stuff on the internet. And people can get really brought up to speed on what's going on, as we have done today. We just need people to get up to speed, to get awake, to know what's happening. This is why they didn't want us gathering during COVID. This is why they don't want us talking like this. Just so you know, we did a massive upgrade to Brandenburg News Network. And we are now on tour. So it's like, good luck with that, you know, deep state. You know, you don't control all the nodes. So guess what? You know, they were warned. I said, keep at it. We're going to continue to absolutely go forward with this, getting the truth out and fighting their censorship because that's what's happening. So, you know, just keep attacking. We'll just keep popping up in a thousand, hundred thousand little incarnations of ourselves online. And in ways that make it more difficult. So you might as well just stop the fight because I'm not going away. You just, you just maybe made us, made us a little angry and angry enough to, to continue to fight on and, and, uh, and, uh, make it real. That's right. I just wanted to say one more thing and then I'll say goodbye. And that is no government body can create a de facto office. It's impossible according to Norton versus Shelby County and the federal constitution. If it's not in the constitution, that office does not exist. And we have to drive that into our minds and we will clean up this mess. Health and human services doesn't exist. MEA doesn't exist. NEA doesn't exist. All of this stuff, ATF doesn't exist. It doesn't exist. And the way to get rid of it, have somebody in charge that's willing to pull the funding. Done. Game over. Yep. There you go. All right. Until next week. Until what? Until next week. Until next week. It's nice to see you again, sir. I didn't do the customary. And thank you so much for another wonderful Tuesday on Brandenburg News Network. So anyhow, thank you so much. And we'll be talking to you soon. And have a great day. Thank you. Have a great day, everyone. All right. We'll talk to you later. Bye. Bye-bye. Okay. Next up is Courtney Turner in Real History. I'll be right back. Thank you. Hey, good morning. Welcome back to the second hour of Brandenburg News Network. I am Donna Brandenburg, and it's the second day of January 2024. Wow. Got to get used to saying the new stuff. So hang on a minute. I'm going to bring on my buddy, my friend. Hello. How you doing? Good. Happy New Year. Happy New Year. I had an upgrade on my computer, but I'm getting, I thought it was John, but it's not. There's something going on here with the sound. So it's got a little bit of a popping. Do you hear that? Do you hear that at all? I don't know. Okay, good. Well, maybe it's just on my side. So that's good. So how are your holidays? Good. They were very busy. We were really working through the whole thing. So yeah. But yeah. How about you? Oh, yeah. It's always busy. Yeah. I got really excited about doing some canning. So I spent a lot of the holiday season, you know, just doing stuff. I like to cook and I like to feed people. Okay. If I didn't, all my aunts would have, you know, come after me with a vengeance. You know, you don't just feed people, but you have 10 times more, just in case somebody stops by. Just in case. Don't, don't ever want anybody to go without being fed. Right. So, uh, I got, I, I got into canning, uh, doing a bunch of canning. So just, yeah, it's pretty fun. So busy usually. Totally. Yes, totally. Yeah. So new year, I think it's going to be kind of crazy. Yeah, I do too, which is, are you up for it? I am. Yeah, I think so. I think so. I'm speculating what what they have in store. But yeah, I think we're ready. Total crash. Mm hmm. That's where I think we're going. Yeah. I mean, as long as we can look at the indicators and say kind of looks to me like we're going to have some sort of a epic little crash going on here. You're not going to change it. And so the die is cast. And what we have going forward is what we got is what you got. You know, you can't sit here and cry about it. It's just OK. So if we know something's coming, I guess it's time to prepare a little bit. Right. So my first thing, I wouldn't start crying about it or run in the corner or whatever. Shall we do? It's like, what do we do? Let's start preparing for something that we know is inevitable. Totally. I'm actually more concerned right now about like all the psyops that are targeting the people who identify on the right and how, yeah. Seriously. Yeah. I really see like a dialectic where they're going to force totalitarianism from the right. So it's like both are just going to end up the same place, which is kind of scary. Well, and the problem is that I see is a lot of the people that claim to be on the right, they don't even realize how manipulated they are. Yeah, exactly. Because they've got it in their head. Their virtue signals all the time. You know, we're on the right. We're right. We're right. Really? Let's take a look at some of the psyops that are going on there and the virtue signaling going on. You know, it's one entity, one party, one leader party. Totally. About the time somebody thinks they haven't been sucked into something, they're probably the ones that are sucked in the most. Yes, exactly. Let me add this to the stage here. You put this up here. Yes. So this is what I thought we would talk about today. Yeah, I know we took a detour the last two times, but I wanted to take another detour because I thought this was so important. I actually put I did a like emergency broadcast that I posted up yesterday. I don't typically do like solo episodes, but I thought this was really, really important. And they just extended the SEC comments on the ruling to January 18th. It was originally January 2nd, which was also an extension because it was unprecedented to only have 21 days, especially for something that it seems really nobody has ever heard of. And it's been in the works for a very long time. I think this goes like in the United States, it goes all the way back to 1992. I think Pelosi created a bill. It was like at the Earth Summit in 1992. So just to clarify, so not keeping everybody in suspense, what I'm talking about is NACs. They're called natural asset companies. And the SEC is ruling to put them up on the New York Stock Exchange. So this will mean that land will be publicly traded and then stakeholders will have investment. And that front page you saw, it was from the American Stewards of Liberty. I actually have Margaret Beifeld coming on my podcast on the 11th to talk about it. She's been really like sounding the alarm on this for quite some time. I think she had some personal like run in with her own land and her own property. So she's been battling this for years. a long time, but she's really sounding the alarm about these NACs. Um, yeah, so it's part of the 30 by 30 saw, which is a, like a 30% inhabited, uh, by humans, uh, plan. It's a 30 by 30 agenda, which is moving towards the half earth agenda, which will basically mean that like half of all earth can be inhabited by humans. And they're couching it under words like sustainability and conservation. They basically want to The analogy that I used in my lecture was that typically if you were to invest in land, like let's say you buy a piece of land and you think it's going to be a gold mine, like literally a gold mine, then you would invest in mining, in employees, and you would do whatever you could to ensure that you would reap the rewards of your labor. Um, but what they want, and then if you, if it didn't work out, then, you know, you, you took the risk, but what they want to do now is kind of the opposite where they're, they're under the name of conservation. They, they want to decrease any productivity. So you can't produce on the land. So essentially that's going to devalue the land devalue, uh, yeah. Any resources. So, yeah. Well, and the thing of it is, is that it's just like when I was in New York City a couple weeks ago here, a week or so ago. Nobody owns anything there. We already have. Own nothing and be happy, yeah. They've already instituted this across the United States of America. And we're going to have to, you know, it's good to know what's going on. But these people are horrible. And if you don't play ball with them, they're going to exterminate you. This is the goal is extermination of anyone that doesn't fall lockstep with them. They did it in Germany. They did it during the Bolshevik Revolution. They did it in Kissinger in Cambodia. They do it all over the place. The only ones that will survive this are the people that will play ball with them. And the rest of us get ready for the axe because that's what's going to happen. You know, in farmland, you know, we were in the farming component of the United States. There's something called tenure and they will actually pay farmers. They've been doing this for a long time. not to produce on the land. And the problem with that is, is it's the same thing. It's like, it's like, why would you pay a farmer to take their land out of production? Unless it's just another, it's just another cabal. It's just another cartel is the word for it to price control. Yes. We could feed the world. We could, we, we have so much abundance and it doesn't take much. need people half an acre if you have a half an acre garden 36 chickens and two goats you can feed nine families did you know that no i didn't know that yes so wait okay half an acre 36 chickens half an acre garden 36 chickens and two goats And two goats. Yep. I've got all this weird farming stuff. I know. No, that's great. Chickens, uh, two goats. Okay. And one half acre. One half acre garden. And if you're really good at doing like, like the, uh, intercropping and or companion culture well it's it's intercropping or companion planning where you do two or three different let's see I've got a great book on this right here that it's odd that it's next to my computer but i have it this one like carrots love tomatoes okay you can companion plant because there's it you know it's like when you look at the way that say like um spicing for italian food um is you it's because those plants actually help each other basil oregano and tomatoes you plant them together and they help keep pests off each other and they grow they help each other grow right That's awesome. Yeah. No, I didn't know that. Rabbit trail here. Sorry. No, no, no. That's great. Well, I thought this would be a topic of interest to you because you are into farming. You have lots of land. So, yeah, but this is a plan it's been under. The World Economic Forum has been working on it for quite a while. It's in the name of biodiversity. You might wonder how is it that they're going to make money if there's no production on the land? And essentially it's through carbon credits. Um, it's being done with the, uh, inter what is it? The, uh, sorry, I E G inter exchange. Intrinsic, that's it. Intrinsic Exchange Group in conjunction with the New York Stock Exchange. And if you go to, I'm not sure I have that one pulled up, but like the New York Stock Exchange on their front page basically has it pulled up. What are NACs? And then also the Inter-Exchange Group. If you do a search for them, let me see if I can find that. Inter-Exchange Group. Exchange exchange group. Google wants my location. Not right now. That org. So it's a, it's inter it's intrinsic exchange and I have it pulled up. I don't know how I share that though. Um, Let's see. I found something really crazy while I was doing that. It was InterExchange. Oh, I don't know. That's kind of interesting. What is InterExchange? Yeah, well, we'll go there another time because look at that, but that's kind of crazy. How do I present it? You got to go to the bottom and say add screen. So under present. Oh, add screen. Yep. And then I'll add it to the broadcast. Okay. So no, the inter exchange that one. Yeah, there we go. Thank you. Cool. All right. Okay. Oh, there we go. Okay. Yeah. So that's it. I could scroll down. Let me see if I'll just go to this. So Yeah, why do we need NACs? People often say that nature is priceless, intending to indicate how valuable it is. But in today's economic system, the value of nature is simply not counted. This has resulted in things like pollution, climate change, biodiversity loss. Efforts to address this market failure have made strides through philanthropy and policy measures in the form of taxes and regulation. But these have been insufficient to address the challenges, the skill, at the scale needed. How big is the shortfall? The financial gap for biodiversity is estimated between 598 to 824 billion per year. For climate change, about $5 trillion per year. And for transition to a more sustainable, resilient, and equitable economy, orders of magnitude larger. We believe that natural capital and financial capital need to be brought to a level to a level playing field to address a major environmental, economic, and social problems we face today. That is why IEG developed NACs, which value the goods and services that nature produces like clean air, water, productive soils and provide a way to invest directly in the health of nature rather than just reducing the harm done. They are lying so badly here. It's not even funny. Says these people that just spent, what is it? $300 billion to kill people in Ukraine. And I mean, it's the same people behind this. These are people. Well, I'll tell you who it is. So it's in partnership with the New York Stock Exchange. And their funders are the Rockefellers. So the CEO of the Intrinsic Exchange Group is Douglas Edgar. There's several videos. And on the broadcast I just did, I posted three clips of him talking about actually talking about the Rockefellers and how, why they would be interested in this and how they understand the nature of philanthropy and that you basically have to keep funding something like this because this is a cause. And yes, that's Douglas Edgar. Not philanthropy, it's theft. They're a bunch of stealing bastards that all only want stuff for themselves. This is true. It's in partnership with the World Wildlife Fund. So these are their funders, the people who finance the intransigent, exchange group. And the World Wildlife Fund, some of you may remember that was the brainchild of Julian Huxley, who is a eugenicist, right? He's one of the founders of UNESCO. And he had his infamous quote about how, you know, his Malthusian worldview and how we need to reduce the population. And then there's the IDB and IDB Lab. And you see that right there. IDB is very involved in Latin America, South America. And then Abadir Ventures, which I thought this was very interesting, but I haven't had time to really dive into who they are, except that they're involved in healthcare technology. And I always find that incredibly suspicious. Why on earth is healthcare technology funding a essentially a half-earth project. And then there's Entertaining Ideas, and I couldn't find them either. There's nothing on them. So I have no idea who they are, but I thought that was an interesting name. Um... Yeah. So those are the people who were funding it. And this is from the American stewards of Liberty. They say that they actually did. So the reason why I'm trying to sound the alarm on this is because they did extend the comments on the ruling to January 18th. So I implore everyone to reach out to their state federal Representatives, definitely comment on the SEC, you know, on the ruling. You have until January 18th. And we'll see if we can get this stopped. But the Americans, American Stewards of Liberty had done a, and you can look them up too if you want, or I can pull up my page. It's And they did a letter. It was an issue briefing. And that was in October 18, 2023. And when they go through what it is, they go through the key points. And they say the purpose of this new investment product is to provide a vehicle for elite investors and government to profit from the protection of natural resources created by climate crisis policies. It is why the same proponents have been calling for the permanent protection at least 30% of the world lands and ocean by 2023. The 30 by 30 agenda. Yeah, 30 by 30 land grab. And it's the same actors who are pushing the net zero and the decarbonized policies. Their objection is not the conservation of land. They seek total political and financial control of the world's natural resources, particularly in the United States. And that's what it does look like because the UN started this ecosystem accounting. It's S-E-E-A. I have to look up what that stands for again. But it's an ecosystem accounting. And they started this back in 2012. And then there have been Several iterations of it since then, but it's really like a voodoo accounting. And this is really funny too. I just laughed at myself, but I didn't know what GAP was, but apparently it's like a generally accepted accounting principles. And I knew they were talking about in finance, but I looked up GAP because none of them spelled it out. They just kept calling it GAP. And what came up for me was a demon. Apparently it's a demon that makes it easier for women to find a lover, but then it renders them infertile. I know. All right. Pull this up a minute. Can you pull this up? Yeah. So Gap, if you just look up Gap under Wikipedia, Gap Demon, type in Gap Demon on Wikipedia. All right. You got to do this, guys. I know. I thought that was hilarious that that's what came up. I know that's not what this is, but I thought sometimes they play sly games where, you know, they're making nods to things. So I don't know. I can't prove that. Because it's like, it's like, okay, hang on. We got WikiWand. I don't even know what that is. Holy Moses. You see all of this. Gap, Myth, Lore, and Fandom. She's typing Gap Demon. Oh my goodness. Yeah. This is crazy. Okay, Gap. Let's see. This is crazy. You should see all the stuff on here that comes up with this. This is nuts. All the things you know that you learn. I am amazed. Yeah. So this is, you know, in finance gap, you know, generally accepted accounting principles, but this is the gap demon. I know. I thought that was just hilarious that that's what came up. Okay. All right. This is interesting. Okay. So I'm going to go back here and show you the search results that came up for this. Okay. This is, this is what I put in. Okay. So if I go to the top where I put in, and then look, look at this. And then, What I saw was really odd. No idea. Okay. Clearly nobody carded me for this life. Somebody should have carded me for this life. I didn't agree to any of this stuff. Wow. Oh, this is kind of crazy, but beyond crazy. Yeah. who would have known? I know. Uh, yeah. So that looks like, yeah. Oh yeah. I mean, that's one a, but yeah, it's G A A P is the demon as well as obviously general, uh, generally accepted accounting principles. Um, But yeah, I mean, in a way, it kind of actually fits what they're doing. I mean, if you're trying to analyze it, you could extrapolate that essentially they're making the land protected and appealing. For us. Right. But they're rendering it infertile. You can't produce on it. So, I mean, it kind of is what they're doing. So, I don't know. I don't know that it's actually related. I don't know that they knew that. But I just thought that was funny. Because normally when you see GAP in financial documents, they may put GAP and then in parentheses they'll spell it out. Because I started looking up like financial documents to look up, you know, how is GAP typically used and to see. the difference between the accounting, you know, traditionally versus what they were doing with these, this SEA, SE, the ecosystem accounting. And yeah, usually they spell it out. They don't just write gap. So anyway, I don't know, but I thought that was funny. Well, it is definitely interesting to look into. You know, the main thing is, is when you find stuff like this and you start looking and you increase the reach of where you're looking and something will make you ask questions and you go, hmm, I'm going to take five steps and see where this lands. Yeah, totally. You find out all this is this crazy. I just love it. It's yeah. So, but this accounting system that the UN has been working on has been in the works for well over a decade, possibly longer, but that's what I traced it back to. And so then they started creating all these other different types of accounting system, uh, to gear towards this valuation of natural assets. Um, so there, and there's several people like, uh, EO Wilson is a biologist. He wrote a book called half earth. That's all about the half earth agenda. There was Dieter Helm, who's very active in this whole natural asset movement, and he wrote a book on valuing nature. So they're trying to put a price on our natural resources. And I just thought it was interesting because they said that 90 countries had bought into this UN proposal essentially for valuation of natural assets. except for the United States. And all these documents, when I kept looking it up, kept saying the US has not yet. So it seemed like they were really prepping for the Biden administration. Again, I can't prove this, but this is what it looks like when you just look historically, you start looking back. Because one of the first things that Biden did, he had an executive order, he had a couple of them, but one of the first executive orders was about nature conservation. And then he did the America the Beautiful project. And I think the Americans are stewards for liberty has some of that in there, but you can just also look up America the Beautiful. And it was part of his 15 year green economy agenda. And this is all like paving the way for this natural asset companies to be accepted. And now they want to put it up on the New York Stock Exchange, which would serve money. They serve themselves and they serve money. That's it. yeah but this is this is really really scary because now they're they're based they're swooping up I mean they're already swooping up farmland but now they're doing it where essentially it opens the door for like our adversary so foreign company uh foreign countries invest in private land in America. And there was a, I think the Epoch Times released it, but it was a secret memo with Chi Ho-shim. He's a defense minister of China. And he was talking about how elites in China have deeds on American property. And they're just waiting for like those people to die off so they can swoop it up and and inhabit it. So I can just see how this opens up a whole new opportunity for them. And there was something else, I don't remember the details of it, but in Russia also where they were eyeing American land. It looks like they're targeting America in particular because I think America is so rich in natural resources. And, you know, they've already got 90 countries, at least according to what the UN was saying, that were on board. So for them to be targeting the United States so hard, it seems like, and I don't know, I mean, I know there's a lot of things that are similar to this that are already happening, that are already in the works, but I had not heard anything about this SEC ruling until last week. And now it's going to be passed. It's basically already been passed, but we can possibly, that's why I want to sound the alarm because people can stop it. It was, it was Marlo Oaks, this Utah state treasurer who actually got it extended to originally to January 6th and now January 2nd, sorry. And now it's January 18th. And he got 22 other, or at least at the time when I looked it up, 22 other state treasurers to sign on. Now I think it's more. So yeah, I feel like if we can get enough people aware and interested, because this is gonna end any private property. And my thought on what they're going to do with this, and again, this is just my speculation, I can't prove this, but I think we can look at enough data points to indicate that this is not outside the realm of possibility or outside the realm of what they'd like to do. But I think they wanna terraform it to make it all synthetic. So I think that they're going to take that land and then use it as a test lab for geoengineering, cloud seeding, fake produce. So they're already doing that with fake meads. There's fake salt. You know, obviously all the GMO products that they create. So I think that's what they're going to do. And then they'll essentially create like a fake world that's leading to the transhuman, post-human world. And there are several books, actually. I thought there was only one, but there's actually a few like handbooks on post-humanism. So, yeah. Let's talk about that a little bit, the post-humanism. Yeah, so posthumanism is the idea of the transhumanism. We merge man with machine. But if we keep merging man with machine, there's no longer humans. We essentially breed humans out. And so then it would be like robots and cyborgs who are controlled by a hybrid mind. And this is the world that they're trying to prepare us for in these handbooks. I really wonder if these people are actually human at all. You know, I, you know, I do a show with Dr. Lee Merritt and she says that all the time. She was like, there's just no way that they're human. Because she's like, Yeah, the lizard people. She subscribes that. I don't know if I think lizard people, I haven't gotten quite that far in my, because it's a little, it's intangible, you know? It's kind of a joke for me, but when you watch people, when you watch them and they don't have that ability or capacity to feel, to love, to actually have anything good about them, And there are people out there that I know people that that do not have the ability to love. They don't they don't care about anybody else but themselves. And it's it's a really sad thing. And it's kind of shocking when you meet somebody like that, that, you know, it's like it's like. They do things to animals. And that's one of the first places you'll see their behavior is their behavior towards animals. Because animals are innocent. Yeah, it's cruel. It's really cruel. They're really, really cruel with what they do. Yeah. Well, psychopaths do exist. And, you know, we know from declassified MKUltra documents that they've worked on creating and exacerbating dark triad personality disorder because they're easier to manipulate and to create assets from those. Let's explain that. So that's Machiavellian, narcissistic and psychopathic. So the narcissistic, I think, is pretty self-explanatory. The psychopaths are typically it's I feel like I always have to make this distinction because people often think of them as people who are devoid of empathy, which to some extent is true. However, they're very keen at acknowledging empathy so they can weaponize empathy. they may not be pulled in by it so it may not move them and they may not be vulnerable to you know the empathy uh that they feel for somebody else so they're not easily manipulated by it but they can weaponize it they recognize it and they know how to use it in order to manipulate another person. So I think that's one of the most sinister aspects of it. And it's also in some ways what makes them, I don't know, great isn't the right word, but, you know, but it makes them a great asset, you know, like for operations because they don't have, they're not going to be, they're not going to have the same feelings of guilt, shame, or compassion for somebody else because part of compassion is empathy, right? So, and then, uh, Machiavellian, you know, is just what it sounds like, you know, it's the, that kind of dark sinister dictatorial, uh, controlling type of behavior. So, yeah. And, and usually the, um, psychopathies do come in, in triple and triplets. It's very rare to see somebody who has a, you know, a pathology, psychological pathology, just in isolation. It's typically. The other one that they don't necessarily put in there, but I would put the extreme versions of borderline personality disorder. I think that borderline personality disorder often goes hand in hand with narcissism. Um, and borderlines are, you know, they typically are devoid of, uh, you know, identity, like a strong sense of self. Uh, they typically do splitting. And I think our culture as a whole has really exacerbated, um, borderline personalities. I think in some ways they've also normalized it. I don't think borderlines were as prevalent. People might argue with me that no, they're just more easily diagnosed or now we just know more about them, but I don't actually think that's true. I actually think there was an intentional. increase like a creation of borderline personalities because they are easier to manipulate for dialectical progression because they tend to split. It's very hard for them to see things in shades of gray and nuanced perspectives. Everything's either good, bad. And a lot of it is because they don't have a strong sense of self. And we see this. They're constantly eroding individual identity. This is how the group identity politics works. This is how you know, all of this. Yeah, I guess like, I don't know how else to put it. It's just group identity politics. You know, they, nobody is, they don't want people to have an individual sense of identity. They want people to feel a sense that they weaponize the human need to be a part of a group, to be social and have a belonging. And that's for survival purposes. I mean, if you look back, you know, ancient man, if he was ostracized, could literally die because we are social creatures, because we are herd animals. We need each other. And so that's part of why, you know, our... Like our technology may have evolved, but our bodies really haven't changed much in several thousand years, right? So typically if we are rejected or left out, then we feel almost like in danger. And it's because that's held over from that biological environment. ramification of what would happen if you were, you know, to be left out of the group. So I think they weaponize that against people in order to create groups that are clashing against each other because it's much harder to have individuals fight each other because it's very hard if you're not a dark triad personality to look somebody else in the eye and not see the humanity in them. We can always find something to agree with, you know, and to find a reason. It's really a stupid person's method to go right to hate right off the bat because it's not only is it self-defeating, but it's defeating for society, but it's also self-defeating. It's incredible. So, you know, you can find reasons. you know, to like, it doesn't mean you have to put up with her nonsense. No, you don't need to enable, you don't need, you don't need to agree with them. Um, but yeah, there, there's always, I think, but when you're in a group, this is how they can weaponize compassion because then you essentially, you get like the, uh, It becomes the compassionate mama bear who leads the group. And they're typically like the Gnostic demiurge who is then fighting against the other groups. Because you think about like, typically compassion is thought of as being attributed to women more so, not that men don't have it, but women tend to be much stronger in their compassion. And the reason for this is again, biological. It's because they're protecting their offspring. However, so they're very compassionate to the needs of an offspring. And when you think of compassion, as I said, the first part of it is empathy. So they recognize the suffering in another. But the difference between empathy and compassion is they want to alleviate that suffering. And of course, you'd want to do that for your child, right? But what happens if someone else is presenting a threat to your offspring? You're not compassionate to them. You become a Christian. Mama bear is going to come out. The claws are coming out. And then you're going to have a problem. Exactly. And so that's what they do. So you get these Gnostic demiurges that rise up as the leaders of these groups. And then they can fight against each other. They're protecting their group. but they have to strip people of their individual identity to do this and i think that's what you see that's why we have so many more borderline personality disorders and then of course they do the splitting so what do we have constantly and this i'm just seeing it everywhere and i actually interviewed someone not too long ago who is in the senate and this was astounding he said that There's an offshoot of the Masons. It's called Braver Angels. And they came to do a tutorial for Congress. And it was on using psychological dialectical methodology as a means of psychological warfare. Braver Angels? I haven't heard that one. I hadn't heard them either. All right. So, guys, I got to do this because I'm serious now, you know. Yeah, Braver Angels. Wow. Okay, I'm learning all kinds of things this morning. This is amazing. Braver Angels. So this is a 501c3. You got a problem right there. And this is part of the Masons, huh? Yep, they're an offshoot of the Masons. Bet up with today's politics. Let's do something about it. Yeah, let's go ahead and we're going to put a flag on it. It's going to make it all right. This is just like when people put, oh, we got grassroots in there. So they've got all the words. We know all the words. This is what I mean. The people who identify on the right are being psyoped very hard. Very hard. Yeah. Yeah. And you've got to think through everything because it's really, oh, fighting over politics is tearing us apart. Oh, no. Are you exhausted? Yeah. One of the greatest, the dumbest psyops that somebody came to me at is that just remember, I always love you. Now you'll meet your real family. And I'm sitting there Who the hell are you? I've got a real family, you know, but they're doing it all. They're doing it all the time. The braver angels way. We're going to create a club now and get people to learn about the build, a new skill set, volunteer, take action. We're going to be braver. Come on guys. We're going to be braver together. Yup. That's what we're going to do. Let's see who's behind this nonsense. Who's behind this? Braver Way, another Freemason nonsense. Here we go. Let's see what else our braver angels are doing. Right? I want to see who's behind this. Member Volunteer Network. Let's see who's involved in this. It's a New York-based 501 nonprofit dedicated to political depolarization. Of course, because it's Hegelian. So they're trying to synthesize. And it was shocking to me because he told me, I mean, he has a background, the guy who was sharing this with me, he understands the philosophy and he was pretty appalled by all of it. But he said his peers were just completely unfazed. I was like, they were literally teaching them how to weaponize the Hegelian dialectic. This is like the MIGOP happening here. I'm telling you what. Local volunteers, project leaders, braver angels. The founder is David Blakenhorn. Who is he? That's what I'm looking up now. He is a founder and president of the Institute for American Values and its initiative Braver Angels. He's also a co-director of the Marriage Opportunity Council and future of marriage a noted figure in the campaign against same-sex marriage in the united states position changed and voiced support of legalizing same-sex marriage of course this hate is hegelian literally um yeah back in june 2012 um he received his bachelor degree in social studies from harvard um Yeah, so we really have to dig on these people, guys, because this is, I'd like to know how many of these people are part of the World Economic Forum or they were part of the, there's so many tentacles going off of these organizations and they're hoping to catch people unaware so that you'll jump on and become an unsuspecting captured assets for these organizations. That's what they're hoping for. No, that's exactly right. Um, and they, they're, they're Fabian socialists. They, you know, it's the, their masters of incrementalism that that's really when, when I looked through this NAC stuff, I'm like, this has been in the works for, I mean, 1992, like this agenda has been in the works for so long. And I heard about it last week. Um, I wonder if I can find, there was a clip. It was a really short one, a Twitter clip that might be a great to play, but I wanted to, before I forget, mention that, so I mentioned the ecosystem accounting from the UN. Well, then they adopted several other models. And in January of 2023, so a year ago, the National Strategy to Develop Statistics for Environmental Economic Decisions, the US system of natural capital accounting associated environmental economic statistics. And this was done by the Office of Science Technology Policy Office of Management and Budget Department of Commerce. So the Biden administration basically adopted the UN's model of accounting so that they can push these NACs forth. Wow. Yeah, let me see if I can find this because she goes through it really quickly and I thought it was just great. It was... Okay, I have it here. Let me see how I can put this. I wonder if I can put it in the chat for you or something. You could. Let's see. Let me think about it. If you text it to me. Yeah, I can do that. And then I will. And then you have it. Do you have my email address? Don't say it out loud. But do you have my email address? I think I might. I just texted it to you, but let me see about email. Let's see. Yeah, I think. Yeah, somebody said, do you think that God will let their evil go so far? No, I don't. I think that God's on our side. So, I mean, this is what people have planned. But it's going to be kind of a rough smackdown for them. We're going to go through something together here. But I think they're going to have the ultimate smackdown because God is not going to abandon us. Never has. No. He's never going to do it again. Or he's never going to do it. He hasn't done it. He won't do it. And he's faithful. But I'm guessing that the end of their world is coming. So, you know, you look at Revelations and the end of the world. I'm not so sure it's the end of our world. I'm pretty sure it's the end of their world. Their world. I'm not sure we're there yet. I really don't. I don't. Yeah. I don't think we are. I'm trying to get my hair figured out here. It's been like crazy. I have one of these. I grow hair so fast. I got to have it. Got it. I got to get my hair cut. I'm waiting. My birthday is in two weeks, so I'm waiting until just before then to do it. Happy birthday. Thank you. But it's going to take some patience to wait. Yeah, it's bad when you have bad hair. month let's see where i'm gonna see where you i'm not seeing yeah just texted it to you all right hold on i i think i got it i think i got a little slow here but okay let's see i can i can make this work all right okay guys feel patient talk amongst yourselves i'll be right there all right all right yeah so she goes through the 30 by 30 agenda um Yeah. And, uh, um, all right, let me see what, if I can, so it's just going to take me a minute guys amongst yourselves. Um, yes. To go through several incarnations of internet communication before I get to the Yeah, it was a lot to go through. I can list while you're finding that. Let me list some of, because I really do encourage people, if they're inclined, to go to the SEC, leave your own comments against this ruling. And if you want some recommendations, the American Stewards of Liberty did theirs, which I'm going to read just their seven key points right now. And then Marlo Oaks, the Utah State Treasurer, also did a really great letter. Just in case people are looking for you know, kind of inspiration for what to say. These are the seven points that they listed against why that, yeah, it says immediate congressional oversight of the SEC proposed rule is warranted. And these are the key points as to why. Proposed rule authorizes federal lands including national parks to be enrolled into NAC. That's the natural asset companies. Proposed rule gives management authority to the NAC. Three, the Biden administration is preparing to enroll the federal lands into NACs. Just four more. So the fourth one is proposed rule invites foreign interests to invest in NACs. This is what I was talking about. That to me is really, really scary. So essentially we are inviting our adversaries to now take ownership. in American land and private land, no less. They've been doing that like Zuckerbucks has been doing that for a while though too. But now they're doing it through public-private partnership. Right. And that's a real, I understand this is a real problem. You know, anytime somebody says public-private partnership, they're talking about stealing the United States. Do you want me to play this? I do. I'm going to read the next three and then let's play that. Land trusts can enroll conservation easements without the landowner's permission. So again, this is private land that they can steal without your permission. Exclusive rights to natural processes will be monetized and assigned to NACs. That's horrifying to me. Protection of resources is prioritized over human flourishing. So preserving the land and decreasing any production on the land, completely extinguishing any production on the land is more important to them than essentially creating food for humans to live. That's what they're saying. They're lying because look at what they do with the cobalt production and using slave labor. It's just that they're just going to do it. Nobody's going to know what they're doing because they're going to, it's like all of our public are the public land that we, that they say we have, but they have the right to go on that land. Those that are. Yeah. It's a bunch of crap, right? It's possible that that's what they're doing. But I actually to me, this is actually even a little bit more sinister than that, because I really think this is part of the depopulation agenda. They're trying to swoop up the land so there can't be any fertile grounds for human. I see what you're saying about creating like slave labor camps, essentially, which they might do that as well. They've done it in the past. And so it's like, you know, depopulation, absolutely. But, you know, think about this. If we have no access to that property or land that they have, and you only get access to it if you're part of their crime syndicate, they do whatever they want, tell us whatever they want to do. And only their little elite buddies who like to sacrifice children and chickens to Moloch and Baal and everything else, because they're a bunch of pedophile Satanists. I mean, that's what's going on here. So let's play this a minute. This is an international agenda to permanently protect 30% of the world's lands and oceans by 2030. This is land that we don't get to use. in america biden implemented this six days after coming into office congress is authorized the federal government to spend 900 million dollars every year half of which has to be spent on private land acquisitions that's kind of scary because in this country we're already at a place where the government local state and federal own 40 percent the half of the agenda. So that's 50 by 50. They are interested in total control of the land because if they control the land, they can control the people. Yep. Yeah. And there is, I'm wondering if I can find this also because this is just for people to see it is so, you know, really just makes it so crystal clear. But there is a map and it's the 30 by 30 map And it shows you the different breakdowns of the use of the land. I'm going to see if I can find that also. Because it's the amount of land that's segmented for human allocation is like almost non-existent. Yeah, they don't want us here because they want it all here now. yeah 30 here's a wikipedia i can see a 30 by 30 uh map it's 30 30 is this it let's see ah protected but this not quite um let me see if i can find this it's hmm There's 30 by 30. Let's see if we've got a global European. Here it is. Oh, no, that's not the one I wanted. 30 by 30 agenda. Oh, here I found it. Okay. I'm going to send it to you. Okay, go ahead. All right. This is real news for real people by real people at the kitchen table. So, okay. Yeah, I sent it to you. And then yeah. Oh, man, I'm not liking that. I know. That's what I'm saying. Just to see it and it kind of, you know, makes it really, really clear what their goal is to have that visual. There's very little land. So the green, they call normal use. And that's essentially like human habitation. And I remember this map circulating in 2020. And a lot of people kept calling it like the Agenda 2030 map. And I think this is really what they were talking about. Oh, this is interesting. Hang on a minute. Let me see if I've got the Hang on just a minute. Sorry, guys. Yeah, America the Beautiful is intended to make it look more appealing and demure. It's really a depopulation agenda. Yep. Essentially, they want it to be in their natural state, 30% of the land to be protected in its natural state, which means untouched by humans. Yeah, it's a. Okay, here we go. There you go. Simulated reserve corridor system to protect biodiversity. That's their big buzzword. And biodiversity is all about the zero carbon initiatives. Core reserves and corridors, little or no human use. Look at this. I'm going to wager something here. Look at all of the, all of the rivers. And so they got to protect their human, human trafficking routes. That's what they're doing. You can, you can take things out of the United States by all these rivers. You know, so. so that they can pick and choose and farm humans because that's what they're doing. Indian reservations. Oh, how can I say Indian reservations now? Now they can say Indian reservations, but they couldn't. None of the rest of us can say that. Right. Bucker zones, border agreement, military reservations. And look at normal use. I mean, you can barely see any green. Yeah. That's just, you know, normal human inhabitation. And that is almost non-existent. Bye-bye, Michigan. We're done in Michigan. They've got us all absolutely non-existent here. That's your property. Goodbye. Climate change policy. Yeah. So constitutional statutory authority for the president department of interior department of agriculture or any federal agency to set aside and preserve 30% of the land and water in the United States. And no such authority is referenced in EO 14008 or the 3030 report. Let's see. Huh? Yeah. The executive order 1408 is where they lay the groundwork for the America, the beautiful and this 30 by 30 agenda. It's part of his 15-year green economy plan. Which is only green for them because it's just money for them. The only green is their money that's in their pockets. Yeah. They care less about the rest of us. Exactly. so i don't know i uh obviously like a lot of this isn't new but except that i just thought it was really pressing because there is a possibility of at least stopping it from being listed on the new york stock exchange i understand that doesn't mean that they're going to stop moving forward but i think it's a huge wrench in their plans if we if we can stop them from listing it publicly on the new york stock exchange so Well, and the problem is, is that they've got the judges and everybody else so tied up and things. I actually had somebody years ago, I had him sign. I was showing him some new technology, a group of people. And they said, I said, I will sign whatever you want. I can get on anything legally. So it was like it was like really kind of one of those things. And I was in my 20s and I was I was that that was like one of those things. Like, why would you say that? Right. No, it was it. I was I was young enough at that point in time to be kind of shocked by the statement. But they don't care about the law. They do not care about the law at all. They could care less about us or keeping their words or anything like that. It's all about them. I'm looking. You know, what's really odd is this map, the areas that they're allowing people to inhabit. We've got Florida's a big one. Yeah. The Great Plains states. Yeah, they'll throw you out there with no water and such. I mean, that's a great way to kill a whole bunch of people. I don't know if you all understand the dynamics of that right there. But, yeah, got the heat in Texas. I'm sure they're going to turn your air conditioning off. And we've got the whole area around Minneapolis seems to be a big area. Iowa, Colorado. Interesting. Yeah. Yeah, they got you in the middle of the oil fields. That's it, because they can build oil wells all the way around you, and there's nothing you're going to do. Yeah. Yeah, the BLM currently manages 15% of the sum total of all land in California. I know they manage a lot of land throughout all the states, though. I did an episode calling it the other BLM. Yeah. The Bureau of Land Management. Yeah, it's burn, loot, and murder. That's all it is. BLM. I don't care if it's Black Lives Matter, which is not Black Lives Matter at all, because they did nothing for any of the Black population. Those are the ones that got burned to the ground by spoiled, little, entitlement-minded white kids and and ones that were being paid as provocateurs. I don't know. I didn't see anything done that was for the betterment of anyone other than to take advantage of Americans and continue this color revolution, which is young college kids who think they're really doing something, and they're backing a corporation. I can't get my hands around this. This is a corporation that they back. Look at my hair. I know, you know, it's a, it's a, well, how many, how many, they did $2 billion worth of damage and it is not a, it's not even a nonprofit, which isn't a nonprofit at all. The nonprofits just mean that they pay off for their top executives. So they don't show a profit on the balance sheet. I can't, I can't believe how stupid people are. It's like, this is, this is so ridiculously stupid. Yeah. And, you know, you look at their, their, you know, their, you know, exalted leaders for burn, loot and murder. And what do they have? They all have like $600,000 houses. And, and, you know, they never worked for it. If they worked for it, I'd say hats off to you. No. Yeah. They grifted and they destroyed communities and they just. I mean, they killed people and they just, yeah, they destroyed their life's work. Family's lives work. Yes. Yeah. It's awful. It's terrible. Wow, this is nuts. Well, I think I wanted to. So the they also Biden administration also did put natural assets onto the balance sheet. That was also one of the first things they did. And then I did want to just to bring people's attention to this, that they can that bottom link is where you can do a filing for. the SEC ruling, so you can post your comments there. And I strongly encourage anybody who is so inclined to do that. We do have a little bit more time. The deadline was originally today. Well, it was originally earlier, but then they extended it to today, and now it's extended until January 18th. So I just wish a lot of people would put pressure on their state and federal representatives, you know, write these comments, do whatever they can to get the word out and share. I did do a whole podcast on it, and as I said, I only learned about this last week. So it's not like I'm any kind of expert on it, but I just felt really compelled to, bring awareness to this. So this is, yeah, this on my page, this is the podcast that I did. I just went through like an hour and I just go through a bunch of the sites. I didn't have time to list all the world economic forum sites, but you can easily do a search for natural asset companies and world economic forum. And I have it on my Twitter as well. I have about seven of those links listed there. Where do you go for that list removal on this American stewards? I mean, how do I get people to the link here? Oh, to, to file for the. Yeah. Okay. It's right here. Hang on. Let me share that. Show me how to back out of this to get to those links. So here we go. Okay. It's there. So under the American Stewards for Liberty, or you can just go to this. This is sec-gov rules forward slash SRO. I'm trying to find it on my, on my, okay, there you go. So see, it says submit a comment on SR-New York Stock Exchange 2023-OG. Okay. And then you can also view, receive comments, which, you know, just for anybody who may feel like they want to do something but doesn't know what to write, I really encourage them to read those. And also to read both Marlo Oaks. He did a phenomenal one. He's, again, this does. Send me the links to those. If you can send me the links, I'll post them today. Okay. Yeah, I have those. I'll send those to you. And, of course, the American Stewards for Liberty, their comments, because, yeah. Because they did, I mean, theirs is a whole article. That's where I read the seven key points. And I think there was about like eight pages there. They list each of, so through each of those seven points, they then go and explain why they're opposed. So, yeah. And they have some videos in there as well. From Dieter Helm, who wrote the book on valuing nature. I used to make the joke that they were going to regulate the air we breathe and they were going to start charging us for it. And then COVID hit and we all had to wear masks. And I was like, see, they're regulating the air we breathe. But nope, they're going to go further. Yeah. Unless we stop them or God knows. Exactly. Yeah, well, that's why I'm bringing this to... Yeah. We need to know what's going on. I mean, see something, say something. You have to. That's exactly how I felt. I actually had another show planned to do on Saturday. Well, it was last week. And I would have had it out by Friday. And then... And this came up and I was like, no, I have to do this. So we like we had plans with friends and, you know, like New Year's stuff and all of it got canceled to do the show. So I moved the needle. Yeah. Yeah. yeah yeah well i tell you what it's uh it's 11 10 and i'm gonna i think it's a good time to to wrap up and then we'll we'll post these links or i'll post them on my telegram channel which is at brandenburg number four mi or you can go to and she'll have some of those things there too so and check out what courtney's doing she does a really good job so let's say prayer and end the day dear heavenly father thank you so very much for john and courtney and all the wonderful people out there that are actually willing to fight for your good purposes, whatever they may be. There's so many different ways to go to fight for this beautiful earth that you've given us and the people that you've put here. We want you to guide and direct us. We need to know how to get along. We've been divided for so long. And we want to let you know that we want to put each other first. We want to try to go through the deprogramming. And the only way to do that that I can see is to follow you in our daily walk every day, our intentions, our thoughts, our words, and our actions. Help us to call out evil when we see it and not be afraid to be attacked for doing such things. And also, We ask that you would open the eyes of all people, that they would see the evil that's behind the money, the monetary system that we have, the structure that's in place right now, which is working for our demise. as it is an attack on you, your creation, and your children. We thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to defend your children, the children that are here, and please help us to find all your lost sheep and serve you every day of our lives. Thank you so very much for everything you've done for us this wonderful holiday season, for the people around us that we care about, our pets, and And all of those things that we care so deeply for, the rights of each other, help us to respect each other, even if we disagree, to respectfully disagree and bring facts forward in order to help educate each other and help move each other forward with education, with good information, not with personal attacks. Help us all, please. And I ask that in your precious name, Jesus' name we pray. Amen. Amen. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. There we go. So let's go to because I'm not conceding. Yes. 2022, everybody. And with that said, heart, hands, time. God bless you. God bless you. And God bless America. Have a great day. You too. Thanks, Courtney. This was great. I always love being on here with you. I mean, it's just nice to get on and talk, you know, to have these discussions as friends. And to bring forward that, you know, one person will bring something, somebody else will bring something else, somebody else brings something else. And, you know, we, we help each other by just sitting around and having, having coffee, just having coffee and, you know, and, And for anybody out there, you know, I really want everybody to be able to have their voices heard no matter who you are, because there's always we're not looking for new saviors. We're not that are sitting down together trying to figure this mess out because we got a mess on our hands. We do. And it's going to take all of us laying down our weapons. and figuring out how to work together and with accountability, with honesty, with truth and in all things, you know, and, and I just, I just really appreciate all the work you've done over the years. You know, you're, you're absolutely brilliant. And I love talking with you. I always feel at least that much smarter when I get off line from, you know, you know, Thank you. I really appreciate that. I get off online with you and it's like, it's like, wow, I feel, man, I'm feeling great about the day today. It's like, I know something now that I didn't know, you know, two hours ago. So I really want to thank you so much for everything that you're doing. I mean, you're, you're truly an amazing individual and I'm honored to know you. Likewise. The feeling is mutual. Thank you so much. Awesome. Well, everybody have a great day and we'll talk to you tomorrow. I've got, I've got Angela Faulkner on from the leadership Institute, as well as, as a bill more on from the U S taxpayers party constitution party. Remember save the day, January 27th. We're going to be having our quarterly meeting and we're going to be working on some very important things. This is not a, a place where we're just going to go sit around and talk. We're actually, we're going to work. And if, if nobody else is going to figure this thing out, we're going to at least give it our best shot. So great day guys. Love y'all. We'll see you tomorrow. Bye.