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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 8/25/2023 - Constitution Party, Paul Venable and Marylyn Todd

Published Aug. 25, 2023, 9:02 a.m.

9am Constitution Party District Chair, Paul Venable with a message of Dare to be American! Rather than being divided and hating your fellow American we need to be united around the simple dream of what it means to be American. We build our future with our own hands just like everyone who was born before us has and everyone who has come after us will. Paul is running for Senate in Missouri. 10am Marylyn Todd - Marylyn Todd is a mom, wife, an accountant/auditor, veteran and patriot. She has been in the financial field for 20 years and had no knowledge of politics until after the 2020 election. Three times daughter of the Mayflower and also a daughter of the American Revolution. She is an activist for election integrity and has been arrested twice for standing on her principles of voter integrity. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it's the twenty fifth day of august twenty twenty three with so well lots happen here in michigan last night we had her writhe storms if you go to my telegram channel i did post so a weather type related a stuffed at that when on an admission lastnight we had a couple of buildings that were flattened upon alpine and the lots and lots of light made and just just well wishing everybody who was caught in the storm because it was it was so little intense last night but anyhow he had great show to day i've got my good boy called that all that's going to be on first and he's a district cherriton party i love this guy i'm telling you he is so well spoken and he knows he knows the law he knows constitution he knows his stuff it's incredible but first and then after him we've got marylandand she's with new hampshire new hampshire voting integrtist of all i want to place some inspiration or commander in chief that would be the rightful president of the united states president donald in here we go i will lanitesaus people are sick and tired of the stupidity that's going on with our country their tired he tired of we can have a great country and wakening that united we can have a country i thought one thing about littlecould be atelier so one thing i never thought he was going to be the president of the terms of greatness i thought he'd be a great unifier a great cheer liner for the country he is in great divider the country has practically never been so divided as to distend we could bring everybody together folks like we can bring everybody together where printingthe the richer the poor every three thousand what is sanders at a tumedisco annie three thousand i believe a cloud and i have twenty and then don't much like what i said to the cameras corn around the childthese he i like em i love a present trumpeteth nk he does really nice job and so his shaking on one second i went to reach a a by her seegooche do i'm just going to go had for you right on right here and i'll do it when you're on a he could more in a i assented to you i letters this organisation or i would mind hopethis is assistere corps donate cicatello hours on her no more to the heights what this is what happened sometime i shoved just decide to spin up here all we were talking to any one temoing how are you great how are you i dinginess thing no worse so donewhat know is this is a great day to be alive and a great time and we have we have so much the grateful i can always find something to be grateful for and one of those is that we live in a day an time where i feel we've been prepared for this day ah you might say we've been prepared for such a time as this i'm grateful to have grown up in the air that i did so that i know i have some idea what liberty looks or it would i suppose to it like as compared to what we're dealing with it some looking forward to whatever we've got going and whatever whatever we have to talk about because you and i can always connect and we can always relate to advancing the cause of her i have sliveleague without always love or discussions that the we have an end the if it's fond it's fun to talk to like minded people but also like mine to people who you can have an actual discussion with not a not plotbut actual disrobing website the sister webster for sanetomo were and for sonatine twenty twenty two election in missouri grani love your website it's very seeds come up here minutely love your web site i think oh it's it's so nice and and you've got you've got some really wonderful wonderful things that you put in there and your plan your plan is very simple to the polite and ah you know we've got we've got constitution government re intrest for property rights to find the press i write i petition citizenship and such and you were the first one that i ever heard say here to be american and i just i've kind of come to your that satement though because it was in its just absolutely brilliant and everything i've ever heard you talk about is unbelieved one of the best speakers have ever heard and in a very honored that you're on to day i want to thank you for that and you know i didn't first of all i'd like to take this is really nothing special about me now i consider myself a common citizen of look consequence in the when you when you say that you fella good speaker i'm grateful for that i remember one of the things that i passionate about is the constitution and liberty and there was some one i used to remember who it is if voice said speak your conviction even if your voice shakes so got till you little story about that when i was in high school i joined the debate and maybe a few years before that date we had something called student congress and we would get together and we would it was like a mock you you were of my trials they didn't last school so so we had something like a mock congress and i remember i was extremely nervous is sitting next to this young ernest and i was extremely nervous but they were something that i felt passionbut and i finally decided to get up and talking i was shaking and i was there i was just in shambles but i said what i thoght because i thought it was so important and when i sat down she said that was terrible and i said thank you and why it because because what i realized a needed do and here's where i think we are we've got to the place where we're hurting and we know where hurry we've got to the place where we're in trouble and we know where in trouble and i want to share with your views to listeners fear and not to stand up and speak up even if your voice shakes i do and because i've done it and i've done it and probably you had done it and done it over and again now that it is time his spear now that i have maybe a little more experience and i a little more knowledge and so some my passion comes out but i am not shaking any more norian but for those who are quaking for those who are shaking for those who who feeling like there something that they need to do there were there is power speaking truth the power even if your voice shake somewhat i make sure people understand this is the time to speak up and the end even if you fear because if you don't that message won't get cured and if your message gets heard it may awaken some one else it may inspire some one even if your voice had so i think that's really important for us understand for people who who i didn't start out being articulate and i guess that's the point i want to make the people who who may be don't feel confident don't feel article when who if you have or passionate about truth and liberty stand up because this is the day and it does you do you've got a great point there is that it's not going to take people who are eh you know in front of the camera all the time it's every single one of us can do everything that you've done or that i've anybody can do this but it takes a willingness to go forward in the face of potentialities or having you know people say will you really stuck at this and i really do but to day and better than i was yesterday so between learning were learning as we go and then get get together with other people that suck at it and you know you you'll teach each other and support each other and that's how we build this nation back from the criminal political class that we have right now just ordinary americans and we need to do what paul dare to be american that tate tackling what we need to do is dare to be american so i want to give you a little more background about that it was i had to ride my web site be my risesit was actually repelling people and so i got together with with a brilliant developer and we came up with that and it the you may see more of it but the idea is that we dare to be united we dare to do what americans do it is time that we stopped in divided under to tell you something about my background something my father told me and i grew up in the one there is enteric grew up in the sixties and that was a really political turbulent time you could not grow up in the cities in the sixty and be political ignorant we had we moved into our family moved into a house that we we lived in for thirty years my dad was opposed a worker and i'm guessing that he was proudly making four dollars now that was a good way is he bought a forty three hundred square foot house for eighteen thousand my little brother sent me a azila listing for that house and what is he the january of the january before that house that i grew up in sold for five hundred and fifty thousand old now what's important to remember is that over that crude time inflation had kept up if wages had kept up with inflation a postal work of the day should be making about two hundred and twenty thousand now that's a point down she will get back to emitted but let let's get back to sixty three and i may have shared this story it was the week we moved into that half first week i live close enough to my elementary school my junior high and my high shoe that i could walk to each of the they were they within a few blocks away i could walk home for lunch do my homework eve my latch and still get back to school and so one particular day i came i came home and went back to school after lunch and all of my teachers where cried i'd never seen or anything like that of nine years old and it was weird plain weird and so eh they sent us home sens home that day i get home in my dad and my mom well you may know that this week that we moved into this house and no members eve november nineteen sixty three contained november twenty cents and that was the day the jf kate was a sense what now understand that my dad was like my larger than life here never seen him decanting what was a nine year old boy to discern on that day here's what it was something was very wrong in american so we are another name for the sixties was the assassination sixty three interstice we lose robert meg revers alcock martin luther king were and it was it was time of great political turmoil in awareness and one of the things that might dad told me and i i didn't realize that had experienced its was this and division among people who look like me let me tell you what he said he said there was to say when something like if you're what you all right if your yellow your mellow if your brown stick around your blacks now this isn't it this end isn't a comfortable subject each now a compelling frame made even shed but there is a reason for it was this there were times even in my school yard where some of my classmates thought they were better than i was because of the shade but what happened in this was that people began to reject recognized and reject so if there was anything that good he came out of a black and on a proud is because black people have every shade rejected the idea that we need to be divided because of the shade of or brownness you understand what i'm saying and so now we come to to day and we find that we as americans are divided for one reason or other either from a red state of blue state of red country blue counting you either from the south of the north or a your black or your wife or your or your it will labor or management or can or mail or free or female or male directand so what happens is what i think we need to recognize is that there is a war being waged and liberty is a word being waged on us and i wouldn't i actually think didn't believe i would see this in my lifetime done i thought something you know even in the sub dean eighties we were kind of especially the eighties with red and we were really felt like we were progressing a moving fordetention and that excuse me i'm about to you know it's like to be about to snare ye don't know what is going to happen okay and so bear with me if i stopped talking it's because i think it's coming to ricker with me i am yet the elegies is coming back from you which is titleman augusto no we're here this year i tell you you right and so so i just didn't imagine especially when i had young kids at home in just a couple of decades i be fighting you and i would be fighting this fight just wasn't on my reader but it did now okay and here's here's wood appears to be happie there's a war on liberty in there's a war on the pole and would not just divided by so one demographic monothe wentilated by issues and so even though we may be biding for here for the second amendment for educational freedom or for what are somebody issues all other there so many issues out there that is like fighting a hydro word divided because we're all fighting a particular issue yes what we've got a constitutional crisis in america it sees a los chris you for three reasons number one three reasons ok reason number one you we the people don't know the consent i'm going to prove it to you now for in a few men reason number too we are not enforcing the costes and number three are both bound i'm going to repeat this bound public servant are either ignorant of the constitution are they in are they are in open defiance and so you fix who number one you fockner two you will fix number three and the constitution gives us the power to do and so what and so what's happening is oftentimes i'll go to an audience and i'll say i'll ask some one to quote me the second theme everybody knows you're right to keep and bear arms shall not be in french right every one else that here is here are the words of the second remnent forbade a well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not now what's that saying why is it that you're right to bear arms shall not be re it is because in order to maintain your security if you want a free state you have to protect and protects society and protector community and and in so doing and the mechanism to do that if your well regulated militia so it is the exercise of the free people to pet you are your lives and your liberty and your property it was its the the brilliance of the founding fathers that they made that they put that in the constitution but was what else is interesting is dear only malicious only mentioned six times in the consent because they understood what it was the stolidit that's what they did and that is what they had so instead of militia being a swear word which is used by the poet there in i'm going to say when i use suppress amusing the term lightly our faint now san ithakos if ye things his propaganda is one of her and in their they'll do that he'll take a word that is supposed to be a legal or lawful term and turn it against that's where the less and so so malitia is not only something that we there there's a reason it's there it's constitutional homeland security it's a brilliance that we are supposed to protect ourselves and so less you think the second menes good gets redder than that article one section first of all before i fraid go any further let me recommend something this is my personal copy of constitution it's marked up i i carry this with me everywhere i go and sometimes i have to pull it out and seem going to do that to day but what a what i recommend is look at look at the slight that's less than that's about five thousand words and we could read that in one okay if you've read a novel of three or four hundred pages you can read the constitution and less than two hours if your slow reader and and so on i recommended at two i recommend the people that we the people learn it and one of the things that i'm doing as tremolo constitution party of missouri and you mentioned the regional chairman midwest original chairman of for the constitution party is i'm i'm encouraging and teaching a concrete ree point program for how we reach out trichomanites with the constitutional let me go back to this because i want you know how good a good the second moment is it gets better than just the second amendment and in article one section for those of you who who haven't read constitution first place on gone sagest recommend its article one section at wise that town she war congress has the power to day if it's not an article on section eight congress does not have the power to do it nearly you asked if if you are if you ever heard nancy put on manciple said if you want to know what's in the bill you got a paste never then isis absurd my responsible how many of you sinicon tract without o you don't i don't i i've been in information technology i reached saltwork greements most people don't do that you want to use the abbey quick the button at and you just move on dere a times i've read those agreements and i said he i can ought out of that and you wouldn't know that you get legislation first of all you're there so many places where were contractor compact if something important for us to pay attention and so many times you know we understand of nowyou've consent compact between the states the created the constitution there is a contract that your oath bound public servants make when they take the oath on defend the constitution and the constitution of our and therefore compact contract there it's what's in this contract is not hidden from and so when they are passing legislation there they are committing the people's money by contract to be spent for whatever they passing locate well guess what article on section eight calls them and you what we have the authority to pass and what they do it so if it's there they have the authority to do it if it's not they don't we were to lie down and we have been forever hundred year but let's take a look i'm going to get back to second her often i haven't lost my train of thought when a good article on section eight and in this the section this is congress has a power to do and the power to spend money to do or i so start out like this this is kind of the preamble the congress shall have power to land collect taxes duties in pose and excises to pay the debts and provide for the common defence and general what general welfare of the united but all duties imposts and excises shall be uniform throughout the united states the introductio and then it goes down to the classes starting with two like to borrow money to regulate commons to establish a uniform rule of naturalization i'm going to go down to what is the fourteenth clause and i says he i'm going to put this as to provide but i'm going to add something to it the congress shall have power to provide for calling forth the militia to what execute the laws of the union presence directions and repel invasions o we have an invasion in america to day yes absolutely okay eh like nothing we have ever seen everything is coming cross parochines and coming across the border and what's he and we actually have a housing crisis because invaders of being housed and the pond and the point homes are not your herwherefore and amount of money and i just didn't it's incredible there i've heard that there paid eight hundred dollars per night in some areas or in so there's a whole there's a whole of industry based off of making money off of the illegal that are coming across our border and housing them and our government is paying for the o slow now this then i'm glad you pointed that out if it's the worst problem that we should all be furious about as lepers well should be because their so many fasces of this you know they're creating money that doesn't exist could do this rand with that money creation that inflation is turning around and biting us in the back so when i so i go not when i go to the grocery store and five dozen eggs were and twenty nineteen less than three dollars a gallon and a gallon less than to read dollars and now those same fog does eggs are twelve patch not by present infliction that not eight per cent of flection atfor hundred per cent i you know dinin this for a while that there not reporting the actual inflation that's out there and what i do know is that every single person in america has lost thirty per cent of their asset value or their value and if you look at the the dot the death that we have each one of us has about five hundred thousand dollars of that's honor back right now because of these criminal politicians and howling of manipulated things i've got good news about that but i mean we may not have time to cover that to day let me come come to hear the congress should power the call for the militia to execute the laws of the union the presence directions and repel invasion if we having an invasion congress shall have power to do what to to alarm us inform us that we need them alicia how many i have actually heard in the last couple three years maybe three congressmen used the word in she but i haven't heard one of them say we need to call forth the militia as the constitution requires to repel this invasion if people ask me now why i'm not repuin who am not a democrat of white i i don't you know why he had the constitution party will ere let me tell you what they haven't counted either you a lie because they're not following the consent the th there are in and i think that there in open rebellion can there there there should be a special session to date in congress sing we have invasion and we need to call forth the militia to stop however over the last hundred years we have emasculated the so let me in so let me share something else with you because it gets even better than that the next class fifteen says congo shall have power to provide for organizing arming and disciplining the militia and for governing such part of them as may be employed in the service of the united states reserved to the states respectively the appointment of the officers and the authority of training the militia according to the discipline prescribed by congs you know this man it makes congress has power to use the money from the public treasury authority in writing use the money from the public treasury to put guns in your hands and teach you how to use them so he will have the beautiful thing it is getting over looked at you know that that's what we should be doing and so here's here's you want you want to deal with school shootings you had with with a you shootings and cities roget when you have some one in a lignite appointing official whose whose enforcing gun control they have disqualified themselves from fremont's of explained that in a minute but they are openly defying the constitute because in order to be secure in order to guarantee the security of your free state and a fricacie the people need to be able to protect themselves and enforce their own laws once giving example you were that the hopehead of the peaceful protest in portland and seattle youre about those right of course those peaceful protests of course here's a couple of ecloete you didn't hear it boyse and quarterly when black live matter busses rolled into coligio he turned around and rolled out wasn't even a blip on the reader do you know why that was there the people stood stood by and told in it whether you know their arms and told him get out of her areason they drove through that town bedded me and have to speak there was an armed citizen in every street corner in cordalane that never made it to the news by the way okay those masses turned around the room but and and those cities by the way didn't burn in peaceful protest so here's part of the point is you want to solve school shooting you want to solve them violence you then congress should be spending the money to make sure that we have gone so that we can defend ourselves fender frousac and heat and exercise the loss of the union so here's what i suggest take the prescription drugs out of the schools oh i'm going to de trouble for that one and the guns in the hands of of students with training let the sheriff come to the schools and do unsafe the training so that when these youth are seventeen or eighteen there ready to take their place in the community in the county militia in the state militia because that's what the constitution requires we are ignoring this people are ignoring this they don't know that's where it that's why we have a constitution that's what we need to deal is in that we need here's a good way to put it constitutional repented while like that okay he need to turn to the supreme law of the land and use it as it is because this isn't something that we have to wait to see what's in it and what we need to do is if youse so now i'm going to go somewhere else is so in ah in missouri we had oh i hate it you know i'm too young to have seen our moments are one okay and what was happening i give me just the second because i want to i can be on one right yeah i want to lock up there's so much going on out there it's hard to keep a lot of things straight erect i have i want to look up this senator's name because i've got something to share about you'll come back three em i can see that but a previous or most recently retired misericor credit for shepherding gun control legislation through one now you and i know the gun control works it related now let starling like every place where we see a genesis with exception of one the abele people for people to defend themselves been stolen from and when you hear some one whose pagan and not to defend the constitution promote gun control your strings somewhat openly violated the one guess what i still have good news there's a solution for that select go i'm going to go to arden to the fourteenth amendment section and this is long but i'm going to read it now this now before before i do this some progressives and liberals are saying that our nice article section three of the fourteenth amendment i say reason that donald that can't be president on because they say this disqualifies for in for office you great news this dey don know the constitution they have no idea what they're talking about because there is already a section in the constitution that deals with the president and the vice president and this section it specifically deals with every one else and here is how it goes no person shall be a senator or representative in congress or elector a present advice present or hold any office civil or military under the united states or under any state who having previously taken an as a member of corners an officer of the united states or as a member of any state legislature or as an executive or judicial officer of any state to support the constitution of the united station shall have an engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof but one made by a vote of two thirds of each time move such is the oath of office is violated anyone any cubic serve this is this is sounds pretty all inclusive does it if it's violated this isn't holding office isn't a right no it it is ah there are qualifications for holding of they had made themselves ineligible to hold and as a consequence it is our duty to call them out and seated their removed you think that you lessened and then you have to wait two years for years to remove them from office wake for the election are you kidding that means if you if you wait for the election that means that they're going to continue to propagate what they're doing propagate the destruction of his country or your rights until you can until you can go to the polls again no the constitution has given you solution for that remove them from office now yes we don't have them we don't know yet makinis to do the act do but that would be another show we don't have the mechanism to do that were not using the mechanism to do that and so the point that i wont make it we the people are at a point where we need to recognize it we have the power to hold our car government accountable he in fact missouri has a very similar he has a very similar statement and it's it's even more le an essentially it says if you do i'll do better than that i'll find it because it's it's really nicely worded so i went when i missouri legislature met in january i went to the house i went to witness this for myself because i wanted to see them take the oath which i and i did and what surprised me about it is this you're going to year goolehs i like the way this is worded constitution because it's really very while miss gene have a constitution of nineteen sixty three that was that was installed illegally and so were we really have some problems here because we needed to go to nullification and go back to when we actually had it anything that looked like it was lawful or lawfully put in place wow that that ye we it's it's a big it's a big deal people don't even realize that they weren't following the constitution they were not following the the lawful processes even back o nights and sixty three and that's soon know we can go back in go back a long time that the only way to reach that my opinion is by no fiction and eviction has to happen if we have public functionaries in place that actually know what there what they are jobs are and you know that the the swearing an oath to the constraint i am looking forward to getting together because they are something even better and i but hang on to what i want to do is share yes i have somehow i know here is i've so many screams the aagot like for screens going all the honey i have for screens and so many windows opened there it is it's then i right time this screen was whole time this too with burnt off in in well you're an i te gy so you're going to be going like this you know would like a hunted engelshall you know and then the controlled panels yet if i kindeskind of cool so in an article this is in article three section fifteen i'm going to i'm going to read it because i really love the way this is a word right there it is almost there four or five seven ah there it is oath of office of members of assembly administration effective or refusal to take oath and conviction of violation here's what is set every senator or representative elect before entering upon the duties of his office shall take in subscribe to the following other affirmation i do solemnly swear or affirm that i will support the constitution of the united states and of the state sorand faithfully performed the duties of my office in that i will not knowingly receive directly or indirectly any money or other valuable thing for the performance or non performance of any act of duty pretending to my office ouch i'm not that wasn't in her art tensing now isn't it is right right other than the compensation allowed by law the o shall be administered in the halls of the respective houses to the members thereof by judge of the supreme court or a circuit court or after the organization by the presiding officer of either house and shall be filed in the office of the secretary of state any senator or representative refusing to take set other affirmation by deemed to have vacated his in any member convicted of having violated his oath or affirmation shall be deemed guilty of purgery and before disqualified from holding any office of trust or profit in this section three of the fourteenth amendment that if you violate your oath as public served under the constitution you are no longer eligible for for life it would take a little ye ever heard this term you'll take an act of congress it would take an active two thirds of conger to restore that ability for that person to hold of so what is so what's to stop what stopping us ignorant of the parentage have in our lack of using we need to know the constitute we need act on it we need to we need to shouted from the root yet now there is something else i want to share with you done it and i want the first of all i'm going i want the call you on and thank you for what you are doing thank you where do we talk about freedom the press one of the positions in my o my website defining the and what i want to point out to you that what is there is the people who are willing to tell the truth when you have when you have a platform in which you have people who are go paid to say what the platform tells him to say then they are no longer the press of platform is not the red how the people are getting here is the people aren't genito they're not the press donna you're the press and in fact the people who do what you are doing free people were willing to to make their own poncas there on newspaper their own rumble channel and who are willing to speak out and tell the truth as they sat you are there you're the troop press you know that the these networks he have been grown to the point we think if i'm not mistaken there now owned by only six companies regardless of what you see the there all the day become large conglomerates that have that have very few owners with a lot of money and have you ever seen my wife was playing on the other day have you ever said were this particular one in which they say in one of the missing this is dangerous toward democracy oh yeah i'm says your cleanthen here an then you have another one who sang this is dangerous to the mocracy and then you played them all together and there saying the same thing in the same cadence why because that's for the day and so i am grateful for what you're doing because you're bein that example for the rest of us for people around you and for people across the nation to speak out and speak up because you know you're doing this because you're not getting the truth from from the th regular news organization or from people who have patting paid millions of dollars millions ah who be were being paid by sponsors who re herding us and and i'm i'm speaking specifically of your on rumbled right i've got two rumbled channels before when you to kick me off i decided to replace them and so we decided to just program and i do oh ah brandenburg news not work and that not long connection in everything but the year year obsolete right where it were we followed down every single time has won money start a changing him i don't think we should have money and politics too shows a candidate it's a circus it needs be treated like a job interview and i think the same thing with her press when when the press started getting pity went when it started out in the vittaeformis no money and there it was part of the net works was to provide part of the programme that was dedicated to providing the news well when they figured out that people would listen to a sensationalist news of what's going on because there was money involved it and they got big spots or ships in order to push certain narratives that's where we absolutely lost any form of honest press in the united states so like one on the brain bore news networkony channels i keep him in people tell me you should monetize that you should monetize and every time i go to god with that and go ye i just don't i'm not feeling it and an every time i even think about it on like i don't why want this to stay the way it is with everybody on here is on your only for one thing is to get the truth out there no nobody's getting paid i don't know of the way that set up with rondont even now for i'm getting monetised on there by the number of views or not if it is i didn't set it off and so did there's no money this is all volunteer and this is the way that it should be as our civic duty to fight for the united states of america to write this and i feel the same way about the or political vane i don't think we should be exchanging money for gaining an office i really don't there needs to be a central clearing house and there's got to be something which treats us as a job interview rather than a dog and pony show in a jerry springer form of politics it is so outwanderers to go on the debates you know i was going to i was going to go on the one with a couple of odoration to doris said old agreed to the host they count me off as the constitution party candidate they denied me the reality to get in those debates and it was one of the candidates said i will not debate he is because i i would eviscerated them within about thirty seconds and so and had a great time doing it but they septingentas are stupid there lay low i ke way to get because what it devolves into its candidates attacking candidate when do we ever have a job interview were you sit there with all the other candidates and go at each other like like a like a dog fight i mean that's what it is that doesn't qualify somebody for taking office it qualifies them for participating in jerry springer politics and in on and i can't take any of this seriously i wouldn't hire anybody in this in this manner i wanted to down him and honest discussion no what they know you know firefinds out what they know to find out they can actually treat it as a job and in a serious job instead of just just one more little little you know little circus out there in the media so that they can grab a headlight and grab this had like and it makes relay voters it makes for an uninformed public it makes her people that are separated apart from the from the system rather than being in engaged at it it really does encourage corruption and the manipulation of the american people in order in order to filettino that little pen for slaughter what's love to you done for what you're doing and you and i feel the same way when i was charming i was chairman of the constitution party of idaho oh some years ago i we moved to idaho the end of two thousand four and two years later it was trimming per seven years and some one said me wide don't you set it up so that you can so you can get be paid i said as long as i'm cramming the constitution party of ido i will never is not something i'm doing right if any it's not something i want to make money at it is in fact i had no i was i gave a speech some is a town in just across i gave a specious cow i i do by the way this is the on i don't know the shop but this is the community did a rested people during coved for singing in the church at okay so several years ago retenders ago i did do he i did i sleep there and i and whenever i went somewhere it would make contributions to party i mean they would throw money at me in a german like what i said enough he he put a sum of money in my hand i really don't want that and he said well you didn't imagine jack what i did is i packed it up and i gave it to the party i didn't even want to start taking money for what i was doing and so when you say achieve only got probably about five minutes left so let me let me share this one of my platforms on my web site was taking not only taking money out of politics as it was making making elections local here's what i mean if they are going to be contributions let's say you're running for a county office county on the only contributions i can get from inside your county inside that lectionary the only contributions you can get if you're reinforssit counsels inside your inside your city boundaries if you're running for a state wide office or sent the only contributions who can get are for people in your senates in other words make elections local petal may want to contribute to your campaign to to meet the needs of your expenses you have we we don't only have major ad and even though were to begin with the money that would be another shot itself or it ailenon that one with you for ever as i think pack should be a legal i think that they should as there were buying or elections i think there should be a a plant for honestly that we find the funded plant form in some somewaynot er where there's one clearing house for information no money exchanges hand and the american people the actual voters can go there and get the information nbilit up to the candidates to put up what they want to without any money exchanging and i think there should be a test i think there should be a competence you know i am all with that you not necessarily may be constitutional at this point in the constitution but why don't we give in people like a citizenship task why the wider we not having a basic tone i mean i went and i saw another governor candidate with the state of mischief could not say the pledge of allegiance had to read it from a cucar and screwed it up and i'm not kidding you we were up in that on island at one at the conference of republican conduct conference and the republican party and the democrat party are nothing but a joke it's the uni party and i got to tell you standing with people on the constitution party when when i ran you know when i when i moved to the constitution party honestly i see i see all statesmen and very educated states and in a universe that in the political party we've got mission we've got we've got meetings where somebody's getting kicked in the balls that's not it i that's a headline in michigan right now they came to one of our mad over one of the republican made and some guy got kicked in the crotch and it made national news these political parties are in present to this nation i have never seen that in the constitution for now people will sit there and nobody says i want the office and serves politicking for people are very respectful and it's like nobody wants the office its various ices is no money in it right and so when people in people will sit there and it's it's somebody will nominate them without all his hoop low going on around the outside and it's an honour because they will see somebody based on the merit not on any money that can do the actual job in it it's an honor i'm going to tell you generalising to be coming too howhow're of migenman of mind maryland i'll put the supplement with their coming so convention in october and i i just want to let everybody know that april twenty are the april ten to twenty one it's october at moved to missouri and i don't know to siranother right that one quick on that link right there met asked in saint louis again and there he solsogon to come down there and be donation and a manifieste dear and i'm going to be doing it because i did the last when i did up bunch of otography there that the party was using and someone to be doing that succor twenty and twenty one i'm going to be there and i'll be going onward volunteer acres well as cause i don't believe that any of us should be paid for what we're doing this is this is an honour this is a duty and honestly i think every one should be treating the there callenders you work and your also a part time patriot doing your duty it is putting in time and not be paid for it and that's what he havenever becomes on nor news network on totally thereright now nobody gets paid here sicker yes so what's your showing it is the registration page an information for the national website for or arostation party national committee meeting which was originally scheduled to be in atlanta but it's going to be back in saint louis on october twentieth and twenty first and yes general michael flynn is going to be there i may him last week at the election crime bereven what one wentelinein there ohathat's right you were the well and has great onwellon of not a nice time to talk there but not enough time because you know i'm there always developing contacts and relationships which the gis here to go cranburne's not work reporting on the national committee me so i'm going to it think i'm going to stop a backdrop for that and sclendere is too but i would like to i am going to be full time asking everyone get rid of your party labels just get rid of em stop with the nonsensename and visit with us there we are defenders of the constitution which is the right of every one and here the speaker is that we when we were at the last can in earl we are there in all together and that was really nice oh you do of course i thought you before that but it's always a pledge of to see you in your lovely wife in everybody else there was amazing and we had such a nice time there was no kicking there were is no fighting there was no arguing or dallinger screaming or nonsense like the it's all people who are so respectful and when preatlantean petition had we don't have any competition for money where a complicated competing for positions that i did the getting paid we just don't have that you know that's probably a disadvantage let me tell you if there's one thing the if this probably a reason that we're in the position where in and that we he may be concerned that one day the constitution party may be infiltrated with if it is it won't be because of money it has is not wholly they were in the yet and i don't reserve have enough eddicated metriotes and al pamales and there that will well explained to them how the constitution works in the lawful processes it just won't be tolerated yet one thing i want to point out is our leaders or there are four people in the entire party at red swept it and the administrated or technical otherwise our party leaders aren't paid i i got a message from some one about a a and a republican office i guess a county office in in washington state that a hundred thousand dollars a year i could use that but not my position okay so one of the things i think it's important for your honestone is that our leaders are paid and and because of that we do need support for the administrative the things that we need to do the anorthopia the promotional things that we need to do the ship to share the party but for the most part we're we're not here i loathe to ask for in okay but sometimes we had to do that just to keep the lights on and that's important at the parsees or leaders were not paid you're not paid i'm not telling i won't be paid for this now when i put in a lot hours i'm going to tell you that i i oh connected i first vice cheer of the the constitution part of michigan and i have been working on a aggregating all of our social media and getting things out there and in making these relationships and supporting the party with brandenburg news network which i'm not i'm against political parties and i have heard everybody in the party say that there against political party but until we kick these criminal politicians out there you know there's there's ways that that lawfully that we can accomplish our goals now i want to say thank you for coming out and i i thought have you an about once a week i think that a great and sound go through all this stuff and gosse's talking we get off lying here i'm going to i unless you go in to bring our next guestonian i love this woman night she was at the conference to that we were at the he had one and you know the voter integrity i mean this is this is what you do sometimes we have to talk yollow people they wanted just go from one entertainment to the other we got to start getting serious to take care of business here and that means picking about all of these subjects that are tarrying or country down in marian's got she's got a group going to her and i'm going to tell you what i have so much respect for patriots in all the states that were at that hathletic ference that iceland out in the information they came back and the amount of work that these people all these feelit's really inspiring and my hats off to every one that was there seliant to flank you and i know what you might do if you want to put me in the back room i might want to listen to this you here amerongen of stand this you can as long as i can but i don't want to take any more of her time okay sure olhones i can make me play you back on we can do a panel let the and will see how the cows opinion still here i guess he ain't all right thanks all thanks so much as to wythstand you okay son in introduced her next guest here or next guest is started new hampshire voter and tigriti group and she was at the lanalatense so pass week end and giving information she is an activist of mom i'll patriot a xmilitary or i should say continuing military his a service has n't stop as well as having been arrested two times because she was exercising her first meenitand therenent and to fight for free and fair elections and i want entres a maryland how you doin i owe you thanks were having me ha i saw it it will thank you for coming on to day i'm going to go ahead throw your website up here minuteand let everybody get him cured up here to know where find you so it's new hampshire voter integrity group and you can find her at an age of bolder integrity to so how are you to day i'm glad i was listening to our conversation and i just wanted to say in new hampshire the statesstates santos in the state house as onygait hundred dollars a year and a free registration for their car so and the reason why are hertedin stop them from getting money because obviously ah we tracked them getting money from pier and so all the donations so even though they only make two hundred dollars a year they still and up bringing in all kinds of money which i am you know i threatened one time to go after the first in the nation which springs him so much money as ridiculous the rtsemre upset that i threatened that and i said if you guys don't hold us with these locks like we shouldn't be first on the nation and and they were really upset and i was like i hope we lose first the nation's sodas because that it will take all that money away from us and i agree with what you as were setting money should not be in politics ah you know i'm glad that i got experience a little bit of your show to day because i'm a constitutionalist too and i'm not either party of never been either party honestly i just got into politics and twenty twenty um i didn't know much at all emeleaste i've learned so much over what i started on it in the state of new hampshire that's why i literally had to learn everything within a very short window and it was not pretty it when you're an auditor and an accountant so so you you enjoy digging through things like that and doing honest and that's the antisthecon not have money in our elections this is where we we get in trouble every single time because you know it's just like palstaves are going to go or kids are you know i'm sorry but that's the truth and people who are in to make into financial crimes are going to go where the big money is the big money is coming through these packs the dark moneyorder as lousy governor for the state of michigan and now lousy to an energy secretary made one point six million dollar again on a stock trade and so do i i don't know about you but but everything in my my being says there is one on illgotten gain happening there because they're making the rules the policies mossand there making money you you you we cannot have this any more and it should be real clear to everyone when you've got people like losin finding all these people that have a twenty seven million dollars in a bank over and either johannine got a big problem because they're not making it with what we pay him cerise they're not even making it with the bow is bells that are coming into these houses iosethus and dollar a month is belland iowa it's it's incredible the amount of of ill gotten gain that they in selfnourishment so let's talk about what you have gone on there and new hampshire what you found and i can pull your website up with information you like i'm whatever you'd like me to do wherever you want to go ah so basically what happened what is there and this is how i got in old is am i i as accounting it i had to watch the news for the peppiest cause every day there were releasing the staff about it some for my business as i had to like stay up to date on it so we are waiting for something and then all of a sudden i see you don't ruby for you men on there and i literally see what he but like this video of her and i'll just like oh my gosh like that's pure like my eyes weren't to ceiving me that is insane so i figured out that there was something wrong right then in there and then and i was absolutely astonished though nothing was being done about it so that in january my friends sense me a lake and so basically what happened was em there was people running for state rock four were publican forward democrat and you could pick for and so that that was recounted so in hamshire not allowed to re out through the machines has to be hanco so during the hand hound it was determined that the four republicans the machine sorted three hundred boats and then the four democrats the machine gave extra votes to not much you know the leading democrat got ninety nine extra but in my ordering brain i was like how in the world in my dominated dependent i don't really know anything about polity i you know and my auditing brain and like how in the world does it make sense though the four republicans lose three hundred votes eats from these machines and the leading democrat no don't gains ninety nine like those are just too even of numbers and basically what you learn when you're an auditor is that those numbers like you not i still five dollars in order sliceshall like even numbers like that always draw like and so i got involved i was like you want to why i'm just going to haddintonam so i called my boss in a like my need to go on a leave of absence yelloworange leave a absence and then i and so i want to go and i was watching a documentary ant was hipped herring hershonites killed chain or harkened to macris he made two long my car followimmediately good informationnothing harry her say so he made so documenting his kill chain and hackensack y so i washed his videos and i saw he literally took new hampshire's exact machines and he hacked them it on in one of these documentaries and a pechorskoie but oh he literally hacks that so my oh my god pinned every machine have in the state and new hampshire so am i go start plucking my machines haps i'll the first one to go got it there and to a already or i it so and am already drawn like a little bit of a group you know and so and this is in march of twenty twenty one so this is early on so i got to my tone of all with my natural daughter go to get my machines have they tell me i can't have it i said because it has to be reviewed by legal and i was like kellet's public information and like you have to give it to me it's available right now it's a legal for you not so a long story short i was outside on city hall property with my eager old daughter the cop show of ther rest me for trust passing outside of city hall so i like ocaiso what they didn't realize and i and i don't understand how they're not learning their loss and not because i don't understand how they're not learning it in trombitk that or rust set off and new hampshire every one ran out to go get the machine taps because they are all i oh my god like all she did was god got her machine to him like what is the big deal of apologet or machine topside started ah they lit the fire right and then all was a night had like a bunch of support way more than i had before i was worse ah so then you know we ordered the seine hampshire at or of you were able to watch absolute truth the video that we put out there but there was a lot of anomalies we found so many we had twenty two towns in new hampshire that had more people that boded then there are boulders you do so twenty two towns that's huge and like a there's just been so many eh you know other onit hearing herstelde our memory cards of the guide that you know made those talking menteries everybody was like all harryher to he knows all about it and i know that he worked for the laugh so i never wanted him as an auditor so basically he tried to say that he could have made a copy of our memory cards and be made up all these reasons why and then he deleted them in front of our ages office and all thickening to myself if this was money and i was hearing her esteem i would be surrounded by swains with god's strong at my head i would be going to jail i would not pass go i would not you know be collecting anything and basically you know i just saw the fact i are money is valued higher than our freedom which makes no sense to me because it upyou're not in no keep her prospective every don't stop it now and you know i've been arrested sway for this movement and for speaking out both charges to robs because they were a legal to begin with and you know and and if we don't stop and all that could think about as if i got a rusted for how auditing the state in new hampshire like what are my kids going to go through like what what's goin on tileston up an we say no more so basically you know we do have a bunch of documentaries new hampshire has more proof we have so much bidebide ce of these people we can go back to twenty years project veritatis bend on new hampshire exposed the tumor twenty years bhiobla fox tinghaseen a new hampshire for twenty years exposing them you know they've always been able to get away with it and i just can't wait for you know the day where you do especially in new hampshire because the ones yourselves small and this lottie to tell the hampshire i like you have a he so like save the and the reason i say that is because you have one point three million people in twenty per cent of those are children and there's so much patriots in the hampshire but they all just got a like come together and sternlike being divided like you know if if they could just come together cause there so small and there and there so many patriots in new hampshire but their just working on so many different things i feel like if if if we all came together then you know and works on one thing and showed up to everything i had to move to florida so unfortunately i can't really show up his busily with the cap doing his now besides the two arose they've doubled my property as tasman and my my three family he was on one tenth of an acre the most expensive three family in new hampshire i reeled up winning that eh and then or in my my city i'm sorry not to have sore buttin my city and then i i wasn't allowed to build on on the lands that i had all there and then you know a month later same mentone same same situation in my husband go ask the engineer was the difference between their property on my property cause they allowed these people to build and my engineer literally says the owners so we were just and that i was under investigation because mike window actually helped us like paper malors because we had special election to get the machine how and i wanted to educate people and they put me under investigation for sending out miller's legally there like information millers are not political malors the machine is not a politician so they were trying to say that i sent malors ought to legally what they're really manabout as those educating the people on the machine and then they put me terambus gation and so i just was really worried about what was going to transpire i three small kid saws like we just we have to get out here and so i in florida but i still go to new hampshire all the time oh i was just there for the whole month of july in be find there next month so still very heavily antony have here in their politics and em you know just trying to just try it said get far lucien was really sad as that the kind of basically ran out o town four or fighting the establishment and any anybody whose actually doing the right thing is going to be attacked right now and it's going to be brutal attacks too on on not just ourselves but on our families and our communities and financial the whole tanyards and i can attach to that you know so i plod you for forgetting the texas it's kind of like its abandon honor actually yeah i a lot of people are alike sometimes i like afraid to tell my sorry because i don't want people to be discouraged you know but like they haven't been able to get away with it but both my rest have been drops em i don't and actually the new capture nine that's what we caught the cause my governor had nine of us arrested and an executive council meeting was holding my three year old son so basically the state the federal government was gone a bribe new hampshire with twenty seven million dollars for coveting and this was in october and twenty twenty twenty twenty twenty one and in the contract it basically said that if the federal government finds to be if the federal government says that we're a health hazard then we need go to peace and not to its sendin the small print and our government was like all that doesn't matter it's in the contract when you mean it doesn't matter we don't want the twenty seven million anybody who's gone back the noted is bainted there's you know you could walk anywhere and get the vaccine if you wanted to like we don't need twenty seven million dollars especially when there's only one point three million people in the state of new hampshire let's hackabout money wandering you you know orangeism so we are so we start up returned our docktors the governor silent you can hear a pin drop nothing was set all the sudden i see two people being taken away and i'm so infested but i just thought they got kicked out so was like no big deal let wallethis big deal but whatever i mean they're not going to rest in their ask to leave i've no foe why they didn't do anything and then oh i hear them say we're getting a rusted we're getting arrested and so mean my husband or like wire you arresting them like wire you resting them and so then they arrest my husband and then i was like water you mydehart baby in my arms and like wire you resting my husband and then they used and then they are as me and then they pulled nine active that were like part of the same type of movement like that first to active is worthe factseemed mandate people right so in they so my governor and you can't literacy of tasting and nodding his head of the state troopers there was eighty state troopers sat hundredand fifty people in there a like when i tell you nothing has ever been more i was terrified once they started lining the aisles which steropes and guessed what the first arrest was for yer never going to believe thesis for uttering the word a man you're carrying me they literally rolled on her paper work uttering the word am was in saying so thou is in october then that work for home but i worked for him though all of our charges were dropped her charges were dropped in june and he was treshaute patriot she oh you know it is the nearest shop she doesn't like the vaccine mandates she basically so her charges were jobs in a june of twenty just this year so then i i go home every lie for the whole month of lisomir was july eighteen so on my way home we supine the governor and it was the second time he was subpoenaed and then he do ye don't want to show up and so that the rest of our charges were because he knows he was guilty he is taxing his nodding and mean it was completely a set of it and honestly two days later he announced that he wasn't running for governor and because of the new hampshire nine what happened within recapture nine he'd never be able to run for president there is no way maybe he would win a governor like a god is not running cause maybe he would win another governor of chaps internoscas he's sold popular at the dosidenote and a lot of people this story hasn't been shared very often you know we try to get it out there however be wollenreichen not the press its like it's like the doctor nation and pushes that are out there you and i soon that this sort of thing is like a drug addict that goes to the watch and addinall that sort of stop you know it's it's all that is indoctrination and oh you know people be left to make it a choice to put that down and walk away from the fake news because you're not going to get the truth the tale how to think here absolutely so basically he he's never going to be able to be president because of it cause you can clearly tell his nodding and taxing you literally pick handpicked who he was going to rest i've been to pay his back for a lections you know you're not on the door the lections are their money and a new after has been cropped for a long time we had you know our secretary of state for forty seven years longshoring secretary of state seelectin one has dotis popesone worked for the george w b archives to oh he is one brought the machines incontinense you know everybody thinks of new capture is a small little state but you know there is so much corruption in so much bad there that you know em you know they're not used to having the tocsin on them but they've been having the attention on them for the last few years you know think to thankful to people like you and michinoku so many other people that just wanted to share our story and share our evidence ah you know in the lection prod you know that's that's really amazing a nice that might help you miceanother you with with the stuff going on up there you know there's so much good work that's spent that's being done around this nation and we just have to think every one for what they do you know not that we're going to like everything that every one does he ever do you know that's that's the lesson for all of us to learn is that that you're never going to be with some one all the time and that's good you know we need to think for herself he certainly there's a lot of good information going on out the alters so as anybody seed these people for the wrongful as so the wrongful ross were justice missed in a july first or sucked one of those two days so here's our problem is we don't have an mind you we have really good cases saying the word a man literally writing that honor paper i couldn't believe it like at least makes something else up like uttering a word a head of you get a lot and make it not know or constitutionoriginal little kid or the gain to the tricky jack and he now is he it's like the what are you doing i don't know i wouldn't omanus and where one day night the day that i saw that and i was like interessenten on like canon aspera better rest livehow in the world like i just just my boggling and then you know is just i also sorry the lawyers so basically and they used my son as a political lapping too so not only do i to wrongful rest to respite the word for a man all of those have been dropped but my son a newspaper o this is how i know also that it was stated ah besides the besides the fact that there was just enough party waggons for the people that they allowed inside but energies will go i'll have a anotherso everso states but i was they took my son there was all the sonthofen photographer of they took him over the fence and they allowed him to play with like the cock harsset little boy doesn't like to push all the bits and a coproducer taking pictures of em and then alsodeia these being aptharsias in costody didn't give you permission to take pictures of my son and then they released his name and that was probably one of the most hereplanted go through like i'd be a rest like i don't care about the assidona about anything but using my son as the political laponi think that's what real her my failings and that's when i was like all my gosh you know i had people you ridgealone as well as of the rightful president of the united states president donaldsonville a few jabs and that on mine and it's like your own i went over reynott question where i stand on things you know and but they went after their families and this is this is how and demanded these people are they do not care who the till herschel most more panfiles anyway hautevilles are into the you know into the human trafficking that's why they don't they they don't address it because their part of it and so they don't care if they hear it your kids or anybody else is kids they could care as it's when at all costs a poet this global crime syndicate that's parading as our government the sharpening yet i'm really sorry that happened your son i also i think we have a really good case but here is the deal and this the plates thickens and the yonderso james so he's husband his bills and bill she henwas the yogin so he nis right sonder ah she her husband is bill the name who used to be the prosecutor for the deal he is now the president of the bar sociation hiding that's great the finding its horny and new hampshire is insane like if you go on that website that you an entre the beginning of the shell like an now look at that loss that is the most insane lawsuit proof in there they broke the law like period like i hope everybody least looks at things zebedeeford tengo to bring out ah well i mean just like you don't have to but like all the exhibits matter like they admit in their sobraig the law i shall i have biniodide nce of the memory cards being the leaded that an odic i mean their so much proof in there and also watch obsolete proof in new hampshire but see so much in her mind that we can't find a lawyer we did this one to side we cannot find a lawyer to repress one's out all and you know we're having a really hard time so if there is an attorney out there ah that is willing to do add hawk invece i believe it's called em to repress ones i do have lawyer that is willing to put it is to work with you and by but he is honestly not helias the new hampshire license right so we just need a lawyer with the license of there somebody out there we have really good cases ah when i tell you that this is the slim don case you can't even keep all the money we don't even care we just want these people to be held accountable you know em were i not fornicatio prose is the way to go because you can't get a fair shake you can't miss gain we to send another lost suit that was dismissed a few weeks to go by a crop mischen i got kicked off of the the ballot i i see springport i seed and the circuit or in federal courts and the prudent fondaco that my rights were violated but there was no relief they didn't they dallow me to go back on the ballot because eve sat so at you you can't get a fair shaking or course ystems that's the it's absolutely corrupt and there the exist to protect themselves just like the polish so that's cool so keep keep asking for that the attorneys or it can you represent yourself with his prose i mean i can however her you know god bless me with being an account and i and i just you know you know i shot you know and maybe i could do it by honestly going listen try on still additionsthat i tree small cards like just gives me so much anxiety to think of taking on you don't prisonhow to see the governor i have to set the news out led to release the o my son ideathought city so thou thus three lawsuits were in there you know the fiction of what you have not reason in the passion and the knowledge behind it i'll bet you could do a phenomenal job representing yourself but then it takes away from the election selmaker on so it's like what's more for an you don't him saying so that's why i'm just because i'm so heavily involved with the lections in new hampshire even thou you know i don't live there eh but i do live their part of the air so i can't say don't fully live there but i you know it's just a during this whole entire time and always had to pick what's more when poor in in what it always boils down to it is if we don't have freindlinesse never have anything else that's going to be free and fair and and you know that's what i think you know so honestly i hope troublings no matter what but i really hope you whence because i want the left to get a case you know they're going to be like oh they'll lecontellec tion and you know so i want them to join this fight and i want them to want to get the machines out as well and i just hold that the other side doesn't sit down and say okay we got her guy like these lections are so bad and they been bound for so long the you know we have to fix them and that we're not going to be able to fix anything else until we fixed just the elodea and it'll be a one single company in called elisha's that manages all of the new england house every single town in new england is monopoly by one company alias who's the dominion contracted like hot and in the counting world you would never get away with that you would never get away with that that would that's insane you would be arrested you being so much trouble for a monotony like that when it comes to money and lioration you have to separation yeh absolutely you know and i just think that i mean think about it he is responsible for thirty three electoral votes what do you think how much do you think thirty three is work and this guy is not a good guy my husband says to him out the audit cause he sitting there and shouldn't be there right it's really shady how even so when the bill was passed for the audit he was supposed to be in the audit during on the committee meeting during the committee meeting it was paused and that was underlying and then held all faunas allowed old so lois the mere my husband are asking him the cautions and our age is protecting him like yelling at us and protecting this guy who shows up in it two hundred and fifty mile had been two hundred and fifty thousand dollar car you know like not a care in the world so my husband says to him this was a country for the people by the people who want what he does and i even have the son bidel he laughs in my husband's he loves because he knows that it's not this guy looks like a lie if looks if you could tell if you're a better bad person by locks like this guy's evil like evil just radiates off and oh you know just as see him laugh in my husband saith says that like i have it on medial ah and this is the guide that that is responsible for thirty three and the providential rates thirty three that's a lot the fact that he lasts at we the people being in charge tells you everything anoorthey're hope they have they have contempt for us that the people that are in charge that are a part of this global crime syndicate they have absolute contempt for we the people and it is out of this right out the forebody to set not only do they not follow the law they make him up on the fly and they they have no accountability whatsoever and with somebody does step up there like a pantheon with you so that's that's that's just not well what what oh what's next on the agenda for being on one twenty years of video evidence thinks to bove harris and project bartolo i should say james o'keefe now right so thanks to james on keefe and em you know em so i mean james i'll keep his benares twenty twelve do you know bob yours has been here some two thousand and then my group so we have were making a documentary we're going to start release and like clips because this is all stopped that should be out there just so people can see how they re elections are run and you know it's not just a new hampshire thing it's a new england than in new hampshire saying that all new captures so i hope that people paid attention to these cliffs that were going to release even though they are new hampshire but you can see for how long it spent corrupted and and you know you can see that you see how long it's been corrupted and how they corrupt self ah and then were also working on lawyers to sue you know to suor government and i rarely like to get that lawsuit that you saw recemented because the judge basically denied it because we're not we're not allowed to hold people criminally we're not allowed to arrest these peoples so that ice he sang we have no standing so now he to go after the judge because the judge doesn't get to determine what gets heard or not and there standing cases that basically show that he writ there violate his oath of office no but he ain't he's that he was going to approve of without prejudice and you want to what ironic about this and i'm not like a conspiracy there is person by like it is what is so you know the youremember that assents that the regular people that went off i rot what is old thou winter what is that the challenger that the challenger and think it is but there was a school teacher on there from new hampshire and it's his wife that's his jot that with arches and if my blew operativer that's and i just thought that was so ironic that the wisconsin pitchers loss of pitches of the challenger asked rona that they don't they i don't know why i'm like the only difference between the reality and the conspiracy is about ten minutes and no because the there is there's plenty of stuff out there that show the let me see bhagulpore looties this what i do is awful things up in were when we lose the judge was i just was like this is so ironic the minute i saw that is like oh my gosh we're not going to get a fair to what what he did do which was god as he then i don't he dismissed her without prejudice which he thought were a lodge of resentment so sthetesthe masson with this point time shoeing on mouthes this is i i've seen plenty i look it everything okay i go i allers a rod at feed let me pull this up and see if i can if i can all yet now you just one just took you off because they're going to try to screw with my feet her out my feet will be interrupted when i put things on that erthe truth let me see if i can well herenchkita so i don't if i can make this bigger or not thought it here you go we've got we've got plenty of pitchers here of people and it some these people have the same nescii i can if i can pull this thing up i can enlarge they d like the same last names so i youdon'tcare theory or as a just abed it's the actually reality i i kind o i kind of think that a there's a little more truth to this than what people would like to that they would like to know onondagaishes out all before twenty twenty honestlyand men going going from that is how many crazy connections there are everywhere is like baffling to me like how how is there so much conflict of interest like it doesn't make sense to me at all like and then to find out that the why was the school teacher in miss it's just all battle yeres thickettes we've got we've got em what's he francis richards a scope and then you've got richard scoby connot looks like the same and then shared cristatis tin macalooroo where the watonwan they hev got share in a calasero essor and these tis just really weird things you've got you've got a judy as nick and the professor judy roseneck you've got a ellisonian claud i don't know and you you can't convince me that there is this many people michael ja smith serthus a challenger pilot now professor emeritus of the university of western i'm not sure which one is it western m something or other so but but in they got a all of us you cannot convince me that every one of these people had a freak in twin okay i'm you know it's is ill logical it's a logical he but what are your chances one of these people's wives being the judge in my election lawsuitin is so assures sharing a calfe as teacher oh that's what she likes the called christomathy and others with share and over there she nowise it is it's really odd that you know i don't know i'm to say in right now all that that i'm not buying any of the songhere more we need to question everything cause i workingseen make sons agreed yea the whole polly you know em and we're going to reachemdown i lot holding my breath on it by at least people a levesell be documented because if you go through that law so it's a hundred per cent no intents or ah you know you know caught like there's a lot of people excited about that law suit because what we included in the i'm for proof and evidence and in usually you don't even submit to evidence and so after the lawsuit is you know are proved by the john to go forward but we wanted to do it right then and there so that there is no excuse why the state in new hampshire does it know that these people are breaking the law over and over and over again and it has to stop and you know if there's just one thing that i can you know make it different and it's getting people involved in there a lot and you know we have to and i also want to say i loved what oh i'm sorry i don't remember his name but the parson i love what he had to say like you can only donate locally i loved that i think that is an amazing idea like because what i think about it jamesonheron know and were talking about new hampshire again one point three million people twenty per cent of those are children she gets like she has over like a hundred million dollars like that what what are you going to i ii sadhun red thousand miles for thirty thousand dollars the it was like thirty thousand dollars for her a hundred thousand malers or something along the lines how can you what what is the point of you having you know a hundred million dollars or whatever you have in your big huge bank account of donations like there should be a cap to that because there's no reason why she needs not much money in the state of new hampshire ford for even one million dollars you could feel every billboard every every mail or for every day for a whole month you know like there's no reason and any commercial too like there's no reason for for her to have that much money and so i loved what he said is and why don't we just put something upon the government less waste for people to look an get educated where they have to do all the edioion their phone so you can't it's basically you can't have you know you do things and you put it up that you yourself may take a task there's no money involved in look at it as as actually a job interview we know and that's it i don't think it is should even be you not much isn't is made on the political and even in the in the fake stream media and all this this is it absolute industry and it's in incredible and i don't know what you probably heard this i was told when i got into the race of governor that i would have to raise fifty two million dollars to be taken seriously for governors race this is a job that pays like a hundred eighty seven thousand dollars a year soon i on the even have thus stipulations like i don't understand this was that this is a political consultant told me that and he was going to walk away with one point five million dollars but they were not kidding you have to have big dollars and you know why it's not even because of the ads it's because they're donating to each other they're paying each other off their helping the other candidates around and they go they go like a criminal like a crime cynicsthat what's happening i am like a position take any pack one or any dioneo any of this i said that i would just take i took a few small donations but i found it about i know ninety eight ninety nine per cent of my my campaign and lost a tremendous amount of money some people tell me how much money they lost on be like hold my eround like i'd like to see you know it is i'll tell you how much i lost because i lost a lot of money and time and offered and that in that's okay i really do believe that i want by losing because as the true outside or somebody who owns a bunch of business is as such i can see exactly as a seatower this whole thing is broken down and i just my whole thing is just did in there just keep land and because we're we're going to land the call here to this crop system at some point in time if people like you and me and paul and true patriots or standing up for fusing to be silent and being the biggest pain in the neck that they have ever experienced because we're not going to quit and we're not going to be intimidated that this interesting he got when on me though i like it i tried to get arrested when they shot his helper coat i went to couple of caps and i went kajus arrest ne right now let's do it right now but if i'm not going to comply and of course they laughed at me because i am i i'm kind of a and now i'm no back down kind of gall and orsellinate ye you'll get he rested very otolithe and go or our police for is here all over or letter agencies three and four were weaponized against michigan once they couldn't get it done one way for the constitution at wordes got to call in help and human services were going to call in the atinterested people with their lively good for shutting their businesses do they ever single seeded personsdid in the legislature committed as that should be prosecuted for it every single or they suspended the constitution they wapnis they weaponized or her every the agencies in the state coercion intimidation money laundering ah i think i think that you could shut this entire thing down as as a just its crimes and to get that's all it is and how how in every one that participated was involved should a walked what you know even in the military if somebody the military disagrees with something like like a you know foretacen they have the right to walk away and it may not be the best of the best option but you cannot you cannot comply with things that are iiwewe first and for no matter what her positions are all of us have to realize that we are here even as individuals to uphold the constitution and and protecting defend the rights of others i don't care if your black if your white if your female of your mail if you whatever you want to say you are i may not use the pronouns because i have free speech right and so so it's like you say whatever you want to say but so can i and and we we need to stand on that keep going forward would you like me to invite paul back on he's back there i'm sure pontoporia with a little panel discussed the ray come on p now ye know you're here so so i can't i think so you do oneself yea and an i just i just think it's amazing to have you know patriots like you guys that are out there and making a difference on a daily basis and i'm just really really honored and proud to stand with you i really well that enantiotropy and be money it is rain thank you for what you've done that's in amazing and recharging story oh my oh you you didn't know what you were getting into the i had no idea he his forestings you're look at and go worth that yes yes what i think of my kids and you know the the future generations of america i jes i can't help but like think okay so my oldest daughter has a mouth like i have right like stands up for people and does you know and so all that could think about like as if if this is happening to me what's going to happen so the next generation and you know i just think it's so important that we protect them and that you know america stays america when they said that early that i really think is important to bring out is that is that courage isn't necessarily the absence of fear it's moving forward regardless and you know when you were talking about your kids being there and being the correlating watson of bloom i gits on hijacking heneritere i i i don't know that comes here owes i think it's ponies what song the mornin see if i am hearing something what if we can do it without that there last i gave the good and so oh yes it's not the absence of fear it's going forward regardless and then also i mean we're all christians i know that in the fact that we put our trust in god and when god tells us to move in a direction you go regardless of the consequence and you let god worry about the consequences of what your actions and what your choice is or it's not for us to say i'm going to do this but here are my list of a hundred contos i'm going to do this jesus take the wheel and you don't encourage also does break courage so i just hold thought i see more people standing up and i don't owe you guys see that too but you not like we really gave me hope presently oh what tucker carlsons interview with with donald then you know i think it's what over two hundred fifty million views two hundred and fifty million views i think he's got this in a book of this it well take this in the consideration also that was a pre recorded interview and the debates were loved and he left to the bat to wash this pre record une and young eigenman er never back what i try to do i wanted to see a form i want to see if i could see them both but if you wonder it see that bad i think you had too to sign in the fox news even for this free even for well i live facts news when tucker carlson left and i felt never to go back so you don't i didn't get i haven't even seen the debate you know i just read the reviews on it i did wash interview i thought it was intense oh i want i have a particular point of view and and i'd like to share it with you just because where were open and we can we can share things it may be we might these i first of all if you done if you go to my website this up petitions an i've got three petitions in fact one of the things that i bring up in my campaign is were not using a constitution we have five right played out the first amendment and by the way the constitution doesn't give us rights we have the right stations simply points out what we have it the canopies here we got fine rights in the first amendment that's religion a titian assembly and so i and so we are using scroll scroll up to the top scroll and then click on petitions right there in the sense cause wasn't wot no scoon a little bit yes with a was like mine okaygood now go go back up for mine there's three videos here on asses the rate the ah there's three videos here any one should read the first one i i'll tell you something about this is in the toes the reed president vetoed proposal for the department for propos department transept james madison monroe and a whosis old hickory and both of them said all three of them said this may be a good idea and and we would promote this but we can't do this unless proposed an amendment to the constitution understand the president that here we had three presidents saith you need this department you need to make an amendment to the constitution this is for the department french how many departments do we have now not a one of them i'm telling you not a one of them his constitutional outside of the department of treasury department of fence on a hint may be a couple of others ocaso that's a good videocaster up to the petitions on assarigoa low i'm that starting to caseoses called norton verses shall be countywhich proves that none of these none of these departments none of these three ledger letter aesthesis and so there is like with the only reason why were there is cause we have consented to them but they don't exist under the constitution and that law is still standing so ergeben to the petition inch interestingly pa because one of things that's important other things in paranoisten is anything that violates the constitution is not vowed now in order for us to get that debt to that place we we the people need to enforce that let me share these petitions with you before i don't want to get there there here's the force it's to remove by in from all it wasn't for about this and i shared this when i first make spoke in michigan and i shared this with you dan this is what you heard me say scribeto the first petition there are others but i want to i want to focus on his this is parteetion campaign and and what it said was the entire congress was notified by first amendment pits that an error had taken place in the electoral college it was a constitutional she and the issue was thirty one days violated the constitution by changing how electors were chosen thereby eliminating over four hundred electors making them invalid the causeless as the constitutional issue the one avenue that had he had the authority of fixes was congress and song congress knew because they were notified on january the petitioners were notified on the fifth that congress had been notified this would happen a january st there was an insurrection but it didn't come from outside the castle every congressman and every senator knew the electoral college worse was invalid and they had a responsibility to follow the constitution the twelfth amendment would it show that present would men chosen by the house the vice president by the senate had they performed this process you we the people would not be in the situation we are to day in a debate that i was in your you you avoided me i didn't avoid this one and read i was in for senandi was asked what is the most serious problem in the united states of paraphrasing a little bit it is the bite ministration which will work confine ourselves in in recoronation at any moment i wish i was i wrong are we nearly in an unrecovered position so but so here's what the petition and i recommend that the doublet and i read it because it explains that and then we are petitioning our county commissioner the petition is stated torney general two two and join to the caseinogen court that bob shot has made because that petition was ignored congress was sued and they were all served the soup was gone and then i set ah and then the appeal was of this miss anatto that peel was dismissed it went to the supreme court they heaven they have declined to hear it one or two states determine the best of the herd then the supreme court has to do that and that's one of the things that were pushing so so i want i believe that regardless of fraud which is a state issue the constitutional issue hasn't been addressed and we need to do that now under from my view down that was is better than anything else the but his constitution a litter he thought that he could scribble his name on a piece of paper and ben pump stocks remember that riverremember what there was there was a bump stop and the thought that he had authority by executive order to ban the i don't there he is on a goneded have that thoght the other thing that that shocked me was when he was when he was asked by reporter a mister present how are you going to this shibou that scene for operation worse he said and we've got the all mililitro all lined up they now had to do things in a very powerful manner let me tell you all our bills went and so would i what shipmates what our political allerotic need leaders need and an electric would i do with it i must put it back in my pocket and electorate that is the miller with this so that we can hold them all account to the constitution i don't want to disappoint anybody but i i take the equal opportunity to call it democrats or republicans for anybody this violating one graniani an equal opportunity political hater also and i really do think that it's it's a it's a very healthy healthy of mine sat to be able to question things and it is not necessarily always to to hang people on some of it is because as christians and we were in a representation of form of government we are supposed to go to them this is biblical too and so know as a brother and a sister and say look you may not know this but i want to bring something forward to you to help educate cause nobody can know everything and depending on whom the advisers are somebody may have somebody that's oedematose they're out lafield somewhere well if we see somebody you out in left field it you know they're a good person it is our responsibility to say excuse me i i have a concern and do in a very respectful way than the bible lies it out like the hoppers on aside and you counselled them quietly it when ther's a disagreement and then if it doesn't get through in your selfignorance process then you go up the chain of command just a little bet and the chain of command always atapooroo you know there is a there's a point you made about his advisers i don't know if you saw the ah what tuckers said about my pompe oh this is a guide who is i guess his what secret was from secretary of state who who advised him and then when his out of office he can't say enough bad about donelson and so its important is not yet the point out as one man to point to but it's not a one man job they're so much so many inputs of this personator taken and by the way i'm not making excuses but this guy didn't as she said what we have is a product of widespread constitutional literacy we all need to become educated and we all need it not only read the we need it we need educate ourselves educator neighbors than we need to act on what we now yea it is seen it may finicane aforetime in you know and i don't now you know i'm i was graduated in two thousand and three and so you know i just i don't come from political currents at all that's why i am politically you know blind or you know native so i done he might first you know my first political experience was the was the navy if you want to know the truth like that was the first lesson of politics of ever had and you know i bought a house when i was twenty years old you know and i didn't know if some one told me that the board of selectmen or the older men will be making decisions on how you fix your house in what you do that i would have started voting and small town elections when i was twenty but i'd never knew my school never taught me and i not using this as an excuse as to you know but when you when you don't have political parents and you don't in your school teaches you what class about civics in eighth grade you know the ah the then how are you supposed to not you know and even and as an accountant i feel you know that i should have known more but all they had to do was follow the laws that were in a book you know it's not like i had to know how these laws were were formed i just knew that i had to do as i as i i read you know this is what your lodging this wot you're not latetoo and now that i like and i just and i agree with you by so much about education and i just really hope and pray that you know education and comes back into the school is because like i said i didn't know what else twenty years old when i bought me for hesselop could tell me that i wasn't allowed to put his shed on there you know i wasn't allowed to add a window you know what i'm saying like that that's a big deal you know and and i went through with window when they told me i was allowed to build the house because of my political because because i was involved in their one you know and so i just my biggest thing is after we got our elections back is my next thing that i want to have really advocate for it is you know it constitution in school every even a little bit every grade or at least one one elementary school one of the middle one and high because eighth grade one class in civics and aggrade did nothing for we should be going to the board of education meetings you know as a toopass the class to get you know we should be going to these meetings and yes there boring but you want what else the notice is when i first bought in is they'd make it boring up purpose i remember the first board of education meeting i went to in twenty twenty and i remembered them having a forty five minutes or afortime minute conversation on the like and i just like forty five minutes of my faults of her to get the mass of my kids can we get to that place as you not him saying so like i feel like they get on the purposely make these meetings to i've felitously make these meetings you know five hours long about nightfall you don't to distract the public from showing up you know but i do think that it's so important for people like me a to i wish i learned about it a long time ago i wish i was wishedit take twenty twenty and roomy foremen and wenamon the machines to get me involved i wish i got him bolted the long time and go and that's probably one may his ray and i when you talk it out going to these means a city council meets in the township means in such a disonore meads the zoning board is the zoning words are the ones that are basically destroying our communities when you go in and see what they have because they'll that the witherdown is there allowing outside developers to come in to the into the areas with no benefits to the people around their basically using the the land and the stuff around but the problem is is that they don't take on the responsibility of upgrading all of the infrastructure that there so now the citizens of the area have to pay for that developer to be able to attach and in many cases to upgrade the cities the traffic patterns the the water that the sewage and all this sort of thing and the developer grabs his cash and walks away because they are not part of the community and that's something has also needs to stop i can tell you right now that our local are local township or there's always multiple developers that sit on that ningroo course they do or realtors it you will mostly developers and realtors on the zoning boards in the township boards because they're using that to totorveth own self anderton interesteddeeply are i generation were dumbed down i promise you i don't know like when it happened or how happened or how everybody else learned about politics but you know you know but we were dumped out like when i tell you that we had one sevocas and i think eithrad thou i had once sevenscore and who vertain one class of information and nobody you know like so and and i want to was no further with you and in for constitutional as hopletes and there's a town in texas and there's also a town and called salem newhampshire who banned er ben bees from their whole entire town the town in texas what i was told about taxes and i don't know why salem new hampshire did it but i just think it so that is such a violation of the constitution that i just don't you property you know like that's our property but i was um the i heard that the reason why they did it in texas is because the hotel industry was taking a head well that is we live in america where a catalanthe like are you pettinari well they can track in the tax is enough in the situations because people do a lot of cash transactions answered when when you look at why things are done it's almost always because of the money there when when you look at it the city's too and i want to i want to give you some other things to think about because i look at me you know as a person who is a whole to hold much of business as i look at the dynamics with regulation and when what the what the the money goes okay i like to see stuff like that like i ought did onokoro adoption agency which i'll tell you right now is as to human trafficking agency and this in the state of michigan and i went through their night nineties to prove that this was in fact money laundering and i set it in front of his own zoning board and accused my state you guys are all guilty of treason if you prove this and miss why and it's happening all the time you have to follow the money one of the one of the things i'm working on right now is the th there was a a meterthe meters in the city of chicago were granted a contract with an eight year in eighty year on and they once they by the city to have them take over this this public function right so this company basically a whas the rights to every single parking space in that town and the city if the city has to close a street down they have to reimburse this company that built for i thought they think they paid for it for one point six million dollars to be installed meters in there they the quadrupled the price of parking in the metres and now the city if they have to do any work on him has to pay them for the down time of the medes if they if they close for any reason what matter it is it is insanity so my next question in all this is woolstock in the company because i can guarantee you this is the crux of the problem across the nation now if you go a step further for till say black rock state street capital on arabella and all of these big corporations that are that are are conglomerations of all that they just eat of everything around them it's the same thing watch your own stock in those companies and these corporations and see see what's happening but i no happier now black rock is just basically downgate the united states as a selling off sets here like crazy and wanting to get out of the united states because of the financial collapse that we are currently it if if if people don't realize that we are in a serious financial class i've been praying for for years because honestly the only way for this to be made right and in this is this is the hard pill for people to swallow it's going to be a bit take this thing right now in antstite if the people sitting the offices aren't going to do it if they're not man enough to do it woman enough to do it god's going to do it and he is not going to let this go on this his corruption this massacring of babies the nanthe human trafficking the loss of human life in this country we pay more money in the united states america for such child sex trafficking than anywhere in the world and i'm going to tell you what i hope all of us are praying for this because i'm not afraid of watching this whole thing gets level i've already i've already had incredible success in my life i know no one is like to be born incredibly poor and this to work her way out of it and have that success a dead at once i can do it again and so on all of us if it means to save this nation to save and protect our children to insure a legacy for generations to come like ring it god and inebriates the couch they sacrificed i mean they their houses were burned they were killed they were tortured you know i think what five of them the british torture and and killed you know like the they literally you know to sacrifice everything and and their family is an indian or story is done in compared to what we have been through like to what they had to go through so ri on fully aware of thought so you oneerthi i'm proveniente you guys i'm going to tell you what i absolutely just adore both of you and i'm so proud of the work you've done and i'm so proud to stand with you and you know what if it was my last day it's people like you that i want to be standing not the politicians not the cry the crime syndicate its people that have the to say everything's gods anyway we're going for the goal here in the goal has no back down no fear we're taking this country back and they don't have to like it so it's a prophetthat as well you know merely not ole did they sacrifice they knew what they were sacrificing when they signed the declaration of you bet they did the there was no reason we should have defeated most powerful military force on the planet may be what the children israel understood when they were standing on the banks of that wretched they understood that they needed power beyond their own and they knew the and you had you had farmers tradesmen and ministers and and the bank take up their pick up their arms without uniforms often without pay sometimes they they were treated more often than they had they they lost more bottles than the one and still still they recognized the divine providence was on their and in that proved itself and so one of the one of the reasons that i may this find is because i believe in and you may understand this ripple to reference i believe that they are more than ten wretches for one and secondly that there are thousands maybe tens or hundreds of thousand maybe millions who had not yet bound the need to bail so when you i can tell you who are real in his art when i say we need to be united he is an enemy with which we have an irreconcilable diffence say worn okay let let me take it further those who follow so imagine the adamaneve not directly we're giving two commandments the first one the fruitful multiplayer replies her then they get kicked out in garnome oh nonever what the first commandment they were given as they get kidded the garden by the shore yes by the sweater lie face shall he keep that red work you have to work to take care of yourself because you no longer in this beautiful pernicious des whatever you need i came discover he discovered that he could get power and gained by the shedding of blood so what is it where having to deal with were having to deal with people organizations sections institution that are enriched by bloodship yes they are while we are doing this fine we are doing is fight because we need to stop the blood that we need to stop it but shedding the womb we in the stop the blush hadn't you crane we need to stop the blood shed a with child butchery reperto his generation in care when the stock the bloodshed of our own sons and daughters being sent all over the world to fight wars the people haven't agreed if women to fight a war the congress the founders understood that it needed to be a defensive or that we weren't to be entangled foreign alliances and so so what's happened is those people when you talk about the the the money that is coming that is flowing into the st to by armies and navies and false priests are tyrants of that ran blood and her is to enrich though who are making these are people who have making okay or making your car or growing of fruit these are people get by blood these were dealing with you know the forest we rest for we rustle not against flection blood but against powers against principalities against the rulers of darkness of this world against spiritual wickedness in high play and you know that that's what we're really and they've been at war with us and we are just now waking red and look at what jesus jesus was offered the world he was offered everything and he the turned his back and walked away and you know everything that we need to know was right there in the bible about how to defeat what this world has to offer this world has nothing to offer us nothing we are here to serve god's good purpose as we are here to help each other and it isn't it humanitarian it's not a republican or domocrats it's here we are human beings and in it you now wore on to be standing before got where sin before got every day he's one with us and our responsibility is to forsake those riches of this world god may give him to us to be a jewel to help others but there are there not for ourselves he never a and we're going to lay everything we've done and half and in it will ever if the feet of jesus christ almighty and give him all the glory the battle is godheadand enemies have got better take notice because you know what god wins every single time your shore just getting an extra chance right now before he is awaiting you and i'm honetota tly what it is you know we have a choice and there he here's the great presencefor pilot said my kingdom is not of a man slow where in this world but really if we're following his then arching them was not of this world either servesand and do whatever we need to do and take whatever we need the and it may look like a loss in this world but where is yes telling where is he now where we were i were following him we we'll try it and that's why it's a great day to be alone the angry that great time to be in this world right now i can't i am excited the wakeup every morning my eyes poplinette four thirty five i can't to do my part for whatever it is god leads me the and you got it thank you mean for your fight you know i am and and and oh and i have to start out in the point of something that you said you said your party agnes so is george worked yet readerwill address which is on my west you read his farewell address he warned us about the dangerous affection and he was talking specifically about political parties if we were up to me there wouldn't be a correct let be caused them baked into the cold o we neather in the state coat we need to call them out clothe people and invite them to return to to return to the outer might be ness i can't take both of you now no done i am ben had to go now because my wife's gossipings planned for minor you got a hunting too lithostrotion e cosi and motherhoodis to me her daughters illinere i may rather manometterli we can do this again if you two want to come back on an on the show and to a day to gather we can start out have each with a asthisenasya really a very nice little panel that we have gone on here and i kind of like us so maybe rosalieand the canalthe is there are some live wires in the constitution party worse state of in new hampshire there is an olive writefor ida to your store on i would thinking you're in new hampshire because there was a new filatre new group of philip in new hampshire there fire galiano ober i know them very well otramente came very long there the early had there kicking of taken to his and he soldthere parades they be doing parades and mean i know them very well so i thought it was i thought i am so glad that i came on to neanias introduced to you because you know i was wondering if you knew them hohehohe were thererepeated an april when they were basically given to filiated holbein there a nice nice group of people literator let's i ithink like all of a sore right all of us patriots are out there it's like it's like ever see these explosions were people walk away into some we won't oseola's as for yourself how stupid out there and say oh she sang explosions nobody gets stupid out there without okologischen for being stupid camped so let's go ahead and end this with prayer her mine and then we'll go on whether day and i just this has been delightful what it's lightful day dear havenly father thank you so very very much for paul and for maryland and and all the wonderful work that they're doing we ask your favor on everything that they set their hand to do as well as the people that are working with them we ask you to guide and blast them open door son the more people to help them in their efforts at their going forward with and a and a just thank you it's so so exciting that you give us every single day to make a difference to speak what his other brothers and sisters that you put us in contact with to serve your good purposes restoring this nation as one nation under you we love you so very much please let her on out there now how love that they are that you're walking with him every single day and that there never truly alone that there's all of us out here you've been a great friend to you know or a father or saviourevery thing that's good that comes out of us only comes from you and were thankful for the even a great friend to us we want to be your friend to day too in jesus christ precious name repartiront he may be go to brandenburg for governor come because i'm still not conceiving the twenty twenty two elections to liars cheats and thieves and so were to continue to go on until we write the twenty twenty and the twenty twenty two election and its far back as we need to go to to give a back hand to any one that wants to take over this nation through insurrection sedition and treason the guilty of it of soogest the charge is so money lotteriesthe all of it to rightorright in your little traitorous behinds anyhowgood letting the maryandini daughter hearthward know out there that your love were all fighting for you god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america make it a great day is a choice starts here don't like cheatstealing wrong you know that you know and if you screwpasses starts with each and every one of us on individual basis to make a good choice and if you don't have a good example be one see yolande life or to one second guys in on on the broadcast and letter heathhave a great day london have a great day