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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 12/4/2023 Chuck Ritchard and Red Pilled Michigan

Published Dec. 4, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 12/4/2023 Chuck Ritchard and Red Pilled Michigan 9am Monday Morning in the Mitten! Blowing the Lid off Michigan Politics with Chuck Ritchard The amount of conflict of interest and connections between people engaged in politics is astounding. Truth and encouragement for the world we live in! We have to know the truth and have transparency at all levels of government. 10am Alexa Otte and Holly DeBoer Red Pilled Michigan is the result of a chance meeting between Holly and Alexa through Kent GOP. Working together as volunteers on fundraising events to help preserve Michigan for future generations. In the midst of planning a larger event, they were utterly disappointed when the event was abruptly cancelled. However, they refused to let the momentum go to waste and instead picked up the pieces and continued the event, showcasing their dedication to the cause and their community. They are surrounded by fellow patriots giving of their time and talents. Alexa Otte is an elected precinct delegate, wife, homeschool mother of 3. She also works PT with infertility patients. She is new on the political scene, showing her children that we cannot wait for someone else to come to the rescue. Her goal is to raise her children to stand up for what is right. Thus, paving the way for a better future. Holly DeBoer is an elected School Board Member, wife, mother and grandmother to 6. She also is new on the political scene with a passion for making changes for future generations. She is a small business owner in the events & hospitality field and did not shut down during covid. Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am whoa hang on a minute i started a video stop it stop it anyhow good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenberg and it is the fourth day of the december twenty twenty three welcome to his what oh what a great time it is to be alive i'm going to have to tell you what i'm in a put a video off this notes trying to pull off hang out a minute and we will sewed up when ices i think we should selebrate lots of mannicolo it was popular i think this is a cool anio i heard it this morning and i'm like you know what here and then i play that is the start for this morning cause i thought it was great so i d give a shout out here to griffin for the best is yet to come and also a shout out to a wonderful ah first lady melania trump who likes to say that as well as a president the rightful president of the united smorning check he doing good my doom doing excellent in fired up confession all the chatter is going on but to i'm still on a percent behind to about that i am i am one hundred per cent i am a very faithful person you know and i don't throw friends well you know i just don't throw friends away and i think that that's a good way to go and we were talking this morning before we got on because so much dissension out there and i think we need to talk about this a little bit because i had somebody that was i was on a phone with yesterday and i'm not going to mention her name and i'm not going mentioning names but i'm going to call the behavior because i think it that's where we get in the weeds is when we we get in the weeds when we start turning people into enemies okay so so here here's my my thought of the sub down conflict many mediation of for many many years and i'll have people that are coming in in their ready to fight or kay and in its is usually pretty optic one of the things that you have to stick with is the issues are in god to the issues of root what really is going but what people like to devolve into its taking swings at other people and written in their when you start ere that create an atomy and you break and so you if you want to if you want to solve a problem or if you have a difference of opinion or something you don't set up sport you go at this as he you know what i mean not i may not agree with you however i'm willing to stand with you the woman that i talked to this sweetens somebody attacked her family and i'm going to tell you what the there's a natural order of things the there is in what were never going to get away from it it so we have to understand its like for me being somebody who works with rescue horses i rescue were and a lot of the horses there so much at people as amazing how they react the same way if i have before who feels it door their children or being attacked the babies rights there babies are ben attack they will go absolutely not the threat to their family and i think that when when we attack people's families or we get off the rails on we're setting up something that's unrealistic and also very hurtful because god builds in especially mons while dance to mons and dead the right and the the duty the right the predisposition to protect their family and i think that that something that we need to understand is that if we have a difference of opinion we don't go after the family members this is not you have to stick to the court issue and and i want it i want to do like a series i think and teaching people how to resolve differences in leave families out of this because because they call this the sense an unwinnable war when we go after famished that to the general plan the they did that to his son they threatened him and are they done this to many many people over the years and it's not ok it isn't oka and so i think that you know to all the momot there in papa's that other the are freed and their acting out of fear they may not even know what attack their families you're doin like god and intended for you to do don't ever feel bad about that because that is the natural order of things god chose you to be apparent to your family and nosering on the toxic masculinity and all the snow flakes can just shot off about it because that's what that's what they're job is that how god created and i never want to go up against us and on unwinnable war you get a stallion that's protecting his his herd you're going to die if you threaten it because they will they will go after and there is there is no stopping on the that's how god creates mams and dads to protect the flock and in sometimes a mares will be worse i mean i seen a mere double barrel kick harder than i ever seen and my life to a throat to the herd ah and it was like it was like atright but if you're going to go after people's families speck to have your ass handed to you and you're going to deserve because that is not o ka and i'm in so i'm i'm putting that out there because i was on the phone with somebody last night ah very afraid and crying and we sat we prayed for quite a while to you know for god's protection to her and her family but it was very it was very oh it was a horrible situation so like jesus i teach in and parables sometimes is a true story and and i think we need to talk about that because the amount of of going after people all we have to do is tell the rest so like when i was offered that four million dollars to put in my bank account in two days i put it up on an on line i never mentioned the guy's name he knew who it was an i knew never ever to try again on because i gave him a leg to the shelves so he watched me talk about you know but the point being is that when there there's a difference between patriot standing together that a human being who perhaps are like a diamond in the rough that need the corners knocked off to make him so and somebody who is pure evil who is out there ah you know traficking kids sexually musing kids a doing organ trafficking terrine down this nation right there's a difference here and the way we approach it and i'll go back to the wee can of what i saw the sweet oh my i was watching altoscope round watching a couple of things one face books and a little bit of the drama but not much cause i don't waste that my time and drama but it is at aliermont to nothing is getting done in these political parties the fighting supremacy like king of the hell and there's no winning here there's no winning with these parties there absolutely a distraction at this point in time they're getting nothing done fighting between like brothers and fighting and you know what mamma dear which is the rest of the american people are second the fighting within the political parties case yallock morons of nothing is done in that that kind of like across the board nothing is getting down as we lose this election that's coming up next year if we've been have one because we're so busy fighting a bunk amongst us and i would love to see somebody that it would have the good say what needs to be said and i you know and and like for me i'm goin continue to point out the criminality that's happening within these parts i'm not going to stop because the parasite is really a problem and be the problems within them or what is honest to god tear in this nation apart i do every day done an i i bring it out and these people don't like the i don't like it some one as you said ask me mamaganese now an you know it hard sometimes but he heard both ways he ushered us in and even me day behalf to do that o could i have to loamy standards sit there and an quil this up we we could be focusing on mournfor issues the issues of the day but we don't have that chance because of peppermint time we have to try to call them down in a way i would love nothing better than you do i love nothing better than to work a comin out in some house tis very true but when we look at problems we have the first define what the problem is franciotto not want the problem even talk about he an it's goin to its well going their ox they don't want that they don't want it solved save to but in reality they don't because it would take away their power and will take away their prestige and will take away everything that he built up on this evil side and they will still squalid under belly when his people about if they would repent if they would say you know what i've been covelong and whatever and i repented and as i think we would have no choice but we would think i know i not choice went to forgive him and then we have to support him but that's not what they're doing there continuing it do to exhibit these bad behaviours and her duettino egli well and sometimes their doing it not knowingly that the herd in kyonobu there's there are there are people that don't even know that the herd in other people staken swipes that people personally and that's not ok so so we're going to work it for a truth out there and here everywhere too not go after families and we need we need to talk about the behavior like if we can talk about the behavior now there there's a difference would in the only way to solve this thing within any parties conboy actually gives a crap about it which i don't believe that they do at this point because we're on an ego were on an ego trip to win when when at all costs and be right the the problem the dynamics that get set off when people are doing a sports team thing willing to win at all costs is the election on the people's families and to wellmoderate samespot i i come from this portback round his thought his gottosa well what i'm saying though is that it is not oketo after people to an newington if the families are bringing again on the given example more coppers wife is one entered the so she entered the fray when you entered the political arena you are casting aside that old think i'm not seen you go out in tickfall to take my wife the attack on my soccer incission and that no way i went rebacked no way the people then utter in all people do that i agree with it that gets exactly i guess that's my point as the people that are not involved we don't want them to act like the political climate and those of us that are out there can help can make it john sold to get em in you know and it's like so so the probe being as it is not for you to be a hand it's not a cave for anybody out there to be attacked i don't give a rap you can attack you guys anybody can take me all day want my my ability to give a crab about opinions is not absolutely series i i could care less when somebody gives me an insult and i know that there really a piece of crap on like what score for dobran and berg they they don't like me that's perfect i don't want to like me right cause i wouldn't stand with any way because their crops and so but but i think that there needs to be a true we just got you know it's just like you don't repay evil with evil and and i mean i'm i'm just putting at all there for the world you you want you want to fix these you go on have to start with yourself and i mean that's all of us and in have to introspectively say sorry if i hurt somebody's feelings and their family that is the holy grail you don't touch a family and it's in any to somebody if somebody goes after you and your family i would never to the lapel of going after there family in retaliation now i would go for the juggler on them and i don't know his stupid it doesn't mean that down brander's going to go for the juggler it's a turn right but i would go i would go after them but i wouldn't do it you sing something that's a god ordained act ah ah institution which is the family you don't do that and so seithe and its insistere it's like it's like this is the problem and man to go back to you've been a tack your family's been one everybody's families been attacked out there and so they want to strike back well you don't win that way you just make more enemies and that's exactly what they're trying to do this is what they did with the race fading bull cracked that's out there there is no such eggs of black person there is no such egswith person never seen it not my tired light just take lot i'm going to work it have lose is white that is why i do i look quite no i am not white i am a variation of white on kind of paint to and i've never seen i have a lot of friends who are not black but are the much darker than me probably from african to so are they black no i have never seen a a ti here here's my parkes that it's true black have you ever seen a person that collar the answered that isn't he there is no person that is either black or white we are all god's children and were variation of and it's like i'm a kind of an arrant here because you know honestly i listened to this note crape that when on his wee justifying of bad things that are criminal their criminal that they are going on within the political parties people going to go to jail evangelisespreaches of bringing the i and i got a tidy honest it will be on it and thirdly as i've got it i will be coming up on these kids to do when you be talkin about raspadore talk about what they're doing that's exactly why they need to be involved the kind of criminality that forget went on and has been going on across the stage it's time to ended his time to end it now no more excuses none more than we need to bring it for to be need to recognize proposal what do the things the proper oefers afore most and you know i've got to uncle this we have i presignify the problem then identify the solutions and determine which pathway we could go delineentur these what i like and responsibilities that's the way the process is whether it's a three legged five why or i wiracotscha cole diagram because matter or pits these problems are not the doges are out there we need to use those and crimefor but some of these people don't want it solved thus whitomoss a sage to with the dew everything they can but obstacles in the way that sad reality but that's been as has been gored doronike away monty and power from them in position when you do that like that man or the like that of a theory talk about shackly the worry about their going to lose it why you know what you when you talk about the fbi comenant i'm goin to tell you i'm just going to be ronsin you i have no faith in them i've never met in albi person that i have any faith in whatsoever so you can move what me in the category of abused horse no trust as there for the fbi is they haven't earned it and i like it i like if they want to clean their crap out then maybe we'll talk about it but they're not it is so so goswhit would i trust the fbi come in on anything in to talk in his own to brandenburg and person all why when i trust them when when there has been so much insurrection from them and lose he has a wish on your talking about not all apes are created the same i think you know that talking about the washstand to me so i'd like to see that if you can hoteste then they'd be great i when even bring somebody on other his but we ask you with what you involved with i been at all do not have bendiesen what they've done it's like with the fillings are action and washington the fate canepin of whitmer the i don't the list is long i actually published a hard on to stop on the stuff that the fads of set up the enemy of the people and he the crook as bi crops i agree and poetic but not all in the resident at all that his becone it epiplooen generates a bed there as i told them there's work less as a two handled rake okay there go when and i meant that what i deal on this cocatoose to have had with them because why because they followed through and do and as why when i hear it that's why he you're right i saw the way but not all more the same in so it is the problem the line never met in i never met an honest fbi person i've never met a one that is dishonest i haven't really met him but i watch a sort in like watching a storm go through or hurricane you can let the disaster they leave behind them just like the sea and i'm going to say it the whole both of them need to be abolished like the political parties structure is always going to lend itself power hungry people who are rewarded the corporations the corporations do the same thing they are rewarded criminal behavior and ways of hiding what they do now anyway i was an honest people in there but if you got if you've got threats and colors and i saw somebody in landing last week and i'm going to tell you that right straight up person was being threatened i have no proof of it but i noonbut i can he was absolutely are and and it was i was so amused i was like really wow this is kind of interesting the direction the conversation went on i'm like well i guess we just ferreted out a rat amongst he first of all there were some lies being told and i know it because i know the truth in the situation and oh you know in it's like it's like siento stop and say what's going on here throwing in with a lie and countiesit back and go from see interest and by the time by the time i got done land down the ground work of exactly what was going to happen in the future he was almost into and on like oke the sky is probably being threatened very likely he's being threatened there's a lot of people in our government that our good people to get caught up in it other going to be threatened but anyhow i would love i would love for you to dispel my predisposition that the fbi is an evil organization and that just populated by buncoes a caracas that's my that's my opinion of it and to that totally i can do it some of it can speak of the office beyond the miskatonic particularly grand happens office and olotorian speak of specific and i did bolted with him in i enter workplaces eschatological take ee that what happened in lantenac will take it i will not thinking in these i was part of that and they were horrible there observe to day i want to know his window to go to release the people there not all epis are created the same is what i've telling you sostare with you by disagree with you i did you listen did you listen to what of what i who had on last week with a trismas and a and david somer no i i last week i was a week for all for me oh esseguito is really good they were talking his troy was the first arrested as in its very igh he knows the law his stand was not his dad actually wasn't attorney and he was writing brief spite from the time he was like a little kid almost real smart and he's finally proses working with another another turning down in or an he's not the tornese working within turned is that actually kind of helping him and he laid out what exactly was happening and these as completely rogued and and i think that they were working with the looks like from everything i've seen from ivan ivan raglan and the investigators involved in this to me it looks like as a just a normal citizen who was exercising my first monarites looks to me like it was the capital police with a yogin at a sitting at the top tormentwho was going to be arrested and sent come down if you look at the tint from humor palosi parian and and john baner that were ponesti gs on most of insurrection and it was all about not getting the electoral vote to or make sure that president tromp was in fact given the right to me to the office which he is rightful president of the united states of and so it is kind of interesting they the old they are not there their points somewhat at the beenhe was he was haled it gone point for four hours and the whole process was wrong and on baghthe have for in foreign people within the goog there which are which were set there to torture and to do whatever the people above them were such a due to torch to the prisoners and its horrible the story is it is i'm not saying that i'm seeing that this whole thing has been infiltrated just like the parties the parties were all infiltrated this is this is a bunch of crop and the there's so many operatives with and the republican party the dominant party there so man infocal operatives you couldn't you couldn't if if these things if these people were rests you you couldn't take enough of them out to write these you know get rid of em remove on you know the problem to day there's no doubt about it that's part of the problem exactly right infiltration is been been been there for a long time and it is going down more and more and more is it that is why we fight so hard as because we see we see was going away see the case since we see what's going on there which i'm one and we see that you know that that we are cause under under under a watch if you we're not wennofree to go round where we want to go there watching as there watched every move the listener communications this is what they do i told you be this at my own his bed top i can tell you the rope my phone through chisels through practice and we took conterfete rotten through and eleans and rushed to those of the poor to the poor countries we know that blue boy been followed i think on pictures of that deposed to the people people followed me in his esteatis is the america of to day is the great now it's looseness we need to ask a doll have an agreement that you know that though i mean i made in listening to everything you say and on listening the people that are out there that are standing we are a nation abuse horses for lack of about a word that it because that that's exactly that's that's the best way to look at the people around out is that there every one is an abused and we have the ability to love animals when we can't love the people around us but we can love animals a lot easier we can forgive them for when they bite us i forgive them we put in our minds we try to say oh i know what that person is thinking i know what they're doing now you don't no you don't all you can do is look at the behavior you cannot you cannot ah condemn some one on our judgment of them or what we think there really up to his people are liars their great added she talked about i mean it because because people are afraid to be uncovered for their thoughts and they now every knows that there had flowed it's okay that's the way that we are as long as we got a rightful perspective on it you know everybody out there's plati don't you know most of my heroes are all gone they had i i don't really have many of many more and so but people are flawed and we after remember what were seen out there is a natural reaction to throat exactly what you're seeing out the o feel threatened so there on his strike out and they're going to go for they're going to go for em if they have to the kill shot in that that happens in its unfortunate or his ishould i never get to that point not on me a kill shot of ominous said this witherses different ways to look you know you get these crazies that are out there taking a low on their hands in and you don't react in in in that's exactly what the deep state wants to have half they know how people are they tuned they know that they know what human beings are capable of in the direction that they will go so they're going to try to incite a riot to exactly like what they did it as they started thrown up last bangs in the crowd and robert bullets and in painters i've got a friend i've got i actually got video of somebody who was who was attack on lawfully because they were trying to an insurrection or a riot they were trying to provoke they were trying to provoke it this is one of a state ever if you feel provoked if some sosomething stupid and it doesn't make any difference to it is there is going to be nobody this going to be less standing and i'm not going to throw names out here that's what they want me to do they want me to name people and destroyed them i'm not going to do it but i will sit here and i will talk about the behavior and hopefully everybody gets a little smarter and the way that we approached and in i think that that's an important thing to remember ah ah in a political level i will call people up politically for bad policy like christina crommel there's no two ways about it the woman absolutely has done so to bed things and some things that that are absolutely not lawful just like jolly joe vines broken long mebetween problem you i disagree with you i got to tell you in contotative so one sided ever to his yarsahal to thee bring the other side what's going on right now is he oh i am offered i have offered and she will not show up i do not but i'm telling what i'm saying this was like this week and always saw this week and the behaviors he thought ophagos greek weohstan like tact the tackles got alisande asked christina chromo to come on the show and this is bent report for not just sense not just sons the herse to bridle telling me to leave that meeting when i was in fact invited by the chair and vice chair of comonty i don't know her stupid rules if she even had i i watched some other things in other people got a pass that one part of the wentpast of the committee if not done to brandenburgische to leave and then before the but before that i asked her herd to come on to get together and have been she will not show up i could i don't disagree with that but i am going to say is in particularly them also not you know asking me to leave that was then because of the same token they never asked tom now checked top to be here egothat was it was absolutely one of those things where she walked up to me and asked me to leave and she will not come on the show she did call and and a kind of just try to justify her behavior and unlike you had some one such as myself that was willing to give you a chance to do the right thing and from from that was all it was kicked out of the republican party nomination for governor which i know for a fact gas somebody told me that matt manimat with dan heart men at the hearing and was in a meeting off to the side talk so you tell me why my attorney was i can understand the heart there i grelot hurt i am amply not more i don't have the ability to get her good i do have the ability to see people who are come doing something that they shouldn't have been doing we have an obligation to call to rescisces well because because the only issue is this one is its many as many and as why i'm getting after what agrees schedule i here to day who tried to get on which is oroetes to get a modtelecom on to an and that was a thing behavior she talked of teonigono let you go ahead and talk about behavior on that one because i've got no dog in the fight in this one and if somebody did something wrong we need to throw we need to the actions of their not the person for the action and try to modify the behavior a little bit to see if they're going to do the right thing like christina who did not and will not come on and will not hast not decide come imishe would come on and set i'm sorry let's see if we can write this i would have been like one girl and help you but you know what what what she ended up doing is is kicking a bees nest and i got in and started investigating not only what she did there but maybe bat proud because i'm not going to sit there and just let it lay on he said she said i'm going to actually do some investigation where he with an investigation what the background actually actually got sucks on it got challengeall bit of iowenis colisipeo le that were real can't you people a couple of weeks ago or a week ago holly bore in the less ata out oh i love him yes because i know them personally and i will i will give any one a chance in and and in if they fail though the hammer will come down and i don't care if it's the makertone youth i do where are you aware what they did are you were how they stepped in and what he done to this cold the party you can go and tell me because i have no idea of croton the toogood district for rest the competence circumvented that lincoln dat dar it pythagoricam their own o process that's why we have to ask tough questions any people well you know what i heard the the nothing that i heard from them is that they didn't try to circumvent it it's a they had tried to put the thing together several times and the threpland party kept cancelling on them and so they decided to go off on their own because the obstruction was republican party in romewould it would convey would have called i would call them out since i had called the cronicles romanetta in your fond you getting off with a free is why ask what kind of a man calls a woman to see i don't care i could care less who cares what they call names sticks and stones night thought of as a word i don't care if you get down and to me you call the persona in in the corporal i wold fired you two weeks ago i would never never never let some one go it does he call in some one inward god is in words that wouldn't ever be healed when you do that when nick it that then other people supported it if you support behaviour you thought logger if you are supporting that behavior and are hidefor the behavior i just i just would not get bought heard over and i would just you know you call it out you move on i i you got to be with people or had got to be elders onshore on no longer is this what with this setecento with his speech how do determine in that that's a good question because what have you and i would hate to me his ohio you how don't sense for one word and not all of them i'm jest i desprendi out here and cause it you know in politics had been comencasen if we don't like what's being said it's no helpingcare in in a and atherstone coincidences we don't do as his society his people we don't we do go to get to tosilos all your house i don't like their color now there's an these guys were doing it with into dropped i mean told disrupted i was there i saw i saw first and section these guys were doing which is why when he aringhieri his side to i can always show stipes recorded as well and that's why these guys went to hide gines conscious no you cannot you the stand for them just like i have to stand provide for the life of me fogarthy they would why don't they offer constructive as why don't the offers after way when they did it with that lincoln de getter they won't try they were they knew exactly what they were doing i was just a hole as i do nothing but to it and there the same group of people i might add the same group of no check in ballinamore said an old pros that he was not a real republic if you're not real republican down an tell me why they didn't throw him off nonsuit is she and i think i'm ransome of the some of the comments in the chaps right now this is great guys sinks for being here i love i love what you have the i don't know you know it's crazy but but i think a i think a unless think this is all that the chance like on fire you got a lot of people mad at you right now a lot as though i don't marry pre people are wanted destroy the organization they wanted destroy the republican why not make it a grand old party for it isn't work we've tried to how many different ways and it's like this he licensed i mean this is like bashing your hat into a brick wall over and over again when the structure is crawling with fads and it's like it's like quite a getting at you nofin one or two honest people know you're not because you know what they're going to just like the masons they're going to let em get up just so far and then off with your head your eye here and they will attack you destroy you and your gone cause the whole organisation is crawling with in as the one i do womenreasons on the shethere the boy is says howdy miss dana high i see you i'm listening in her mantalking down doors ah great hero voice and that a gifted says that's rich coming from chucks and he attacks every one and makes up lies with peoplehoratio let me make a clear at no one that doesn't back down there is no doubt when they attack women call it women or tacking blacks we will stand aside wait a bit where the republican we stand for what a party of law tell me what laws are broken because if they are what i know ye can people are or suppressed the pressing rights that's not what we're about as that with the grand old party was or are you be in god's part of the problem threecan never got to be re added as this round my shiphands it's now we're going to be righted so you got at work you got to try it and prove your sister or you can if not let me ask you is so if oeconomicae you going to destroy the constitution it's under a is not working it as well olusteeeighty to go on well oneeverything under the sun so we just say well as we it is no we don't you horsesense of protocol there's a sense of civility which i thought were was where you were going that with when we talk about when we talk of about a behavior if johnnie god god in mosandon aside while don't do anything about that behaviour there's a problem and that is where we got an we've seen a break down in civility because a wife school systems are no longer a school teachers of that working on notch as are the problem will society will is god to esweotolode was society i don't think okay here's one that strike these people are volunteers trying to do something good ah i think that that's the regards to holly and and ah alexey you don't what i love holly in the lockian i'm i am absolutely i get out and tell me i have i have here you you propensitate one where are they kicked me out the last time that's like one i some saving your face in the dirt and sassayby invited me to come back on except you no and yet in this like you know i'm like why would i go to a gopenate they publicly removed me they don't want to work with anybody christiados n't want to work with anybody in going at the con county held done i was attacked by one of their members by one of her did you realize good i get to bleeders and pay i almost held and out in the open its old in it was church atti had no choice but to turn him all in and he came would place these are behaviors yes they are there not like behaviours catoni don't attack them diatome a the and god we deportation to word halted anatole behavior we conterentem to get away with me for well that's our friend we can saving how can so so i does here i disseisor the haman that the personal attack towards family and we're not going to go there if not going to read that one because i kind o devolved into what everybody is accusing everyone else of doing and i won't i'm not going to go there you don't after family you don't make a common like that publicly like this this is something that were his his why is the problem we have to stick stick as you but at any rate going back i like holly i love i like howling and i like alex of the trying to do something they had not obstructed by the republican party and so three times they cried to do it which is kindsthe went off on their own which is fine and the is bose i heard with don abran and bergs cut in the vault and i have none of this alterication and elect if you guys want to protest both for the nonsensesome go to the events they are about next week of that's going on because it they had a scandler the republican party did to my knowledge or not shues a lot for that story you only got please to be a favourite you on the lands griffin got no no get him hold a landscape and ask him exact what went on those please he agonobody on all they want to do is get to the truth but we're going to not were we're going to call at college through and not a way after families go grey but i feel that you're going on that side for them without really look in it o sides i'm not out anybody's side i'm on an i on side of god and not as in itdidn't really care i like people to when you like down i do not at all a gastemos side i like you too but i don't always agree with you i like them too and i don't know i don't know enough to agree without repasts like i can get along with anybody but that doesn't mean i'm in on any one sighed but i will help anybody that's trying to do something for in that justicenone about it the point you pushed their view for already he not really and gadifer they just want to see more goods land today and they don't care what party there are on they're looking for good candidates i can support that i can get me hinder that or we slopecade they've got a pack that they started and the back and stop are you wait a minute the diseredit the talke it's red pilled michigan oh my gosh yeh well then i think not i you and i have some real distinct differences and to you go talk to some other people invalidate i tell you that's an issue i got a pack fan but i am fain of individuals doing what they think is the right thing to do on their own whether i agree with everything they do or not there at least you in something and their doing it on their own and i think that's adnotationes that i fear you and trafficking their doing something in so kate you're to flackimar talking about depending now i like to scare you just said after doing so crioceris there doingsomething to take back the united states that this cornloft in the weeds crazy okay insley that you don't like stand on this that are given but if there is her doing something to write this nation i i will absolutely support that doing or onethey did something i disagreed with it it might be in as people need to be encouraged to do some i don't want a the two in what if they too what can the no no what are to heliodore on have to look into this because i don't baby said anybody i'll throw them to i'll throw the words out there in this websites and such and then you're going to have to go lock and i'm sure they talk with you in fact they're going to be on after you to day so i will ask him that musthiola have you gone well and as sir because a part of the problem that portlethen to condensesand reality i believe you need to bring as hinterbein on seeing it hold lands griffin and met him on on their to some of the people there behind the canoe all get well you have eight people quick at a endures and that contribute and no longer a working the king county cope do not here nothing's getting done now why people forced him away and guess what they're not picking up the soil now they're all they got for the way by looking at ocosingo cromo died and the financial wastemeat they did gontaut to them chock personallyhad kill tocithe wind about what was going to christiancorner were after after did take out tim wellgate did not one some one dare that was polygontum one i mean i i see what's going on i won't allassontes home and so in any iaqueline bring him on i love you all talk to any one it doesn't matter who they are locustdale to get to the tree in a gettin you're not getting go sides so it is now we don't one case where you did think i am and i have invited everybody to get on and whether they show for god i can't hellothat you know i had i had one god that left to day that wouldn't get on to debates you and but he's going to he wants to get back on for whatever reason i don't know but i can't determine that cause i'm not setting out to it and find out but the point being is that we're just going to keep going and try to hear it out there and you know it is like every one that i taught to in that left that that oh that the four that the fore the resigned and then the three that were kicked out replaced by foulons on the amigo there all the they proved to me they've given me enough information and i published on the on the financial dealings of this party and i'm going to tell you right now unless they decide to write this ship and cut stop kicking out people that are there to try to bring unity why would we back them in they would do when we see financial miss deely's wide wood we when when they haven't come clean with any of this and their trying to get people to jump on the rotting what i wouldn't stand what if it was a party that was nosepaste out there which is the german social socialist party and a and the zionist the eye which is a jewish that's not that's not that so miss nomer their different this an infiltrated and they made of a political party took the whole damn country of germany now we got the same thing the happening right now with his political parties are nothing but fnisec i got rid o that ere controlling these anabesis got a bunch of water bees that have never done anything in her life and there being a sledlike the pipe pipe grew of hamelin and there ben this plateau nonsensical to germany the pie piper hand hamlin was cordinate away the children of the of the goodeaster the kids and that's what gets hold of crazy so that's what i mean so this is what i had got over talking about the old the old windows here are controlling these people and you see a canis like this week end was a gesticulate disaster in a line in it lined some people up and i looked at him in going he is a really bad we can't stand down we had to do what we can tell you can go god has called us to do he has his callisto put on the armorican ethicall chosento the same thing and in moses and they were not nice to either cases i sometimes you have to do the hard work you have to be marmor gad you have to deal with his stay no that's not right and you have to show white noight well now you have in that's what i in trying to do is to show his show proof and not just make an a bad allegations you know geosorro i keep asking people even on the other side that show me i told one competes wife kelly isid go i groan cake of what joe stood bakers presentation line it to wear it is where he li a poly which the shoes and i put the point in the dense truth and show the fact of her back up your support and then call a meeting so we can all go because that's what he takes to what gatewith the meetings the sweet hand was that christina canceled and she went virtual than another meaning got back cephas and i heard that they have but they denied the coron alway a minute olaille the church held that which fear tactics which merta that or a there was wrong and i don't care who did it we're trying to find out those colocass were trying to industrate the pollen calls who called the church and by gossip we can find it in the tale you what we will publish it because i'm tell you ain't now whoever did he did it with an intent to shut down the meeting got bee in pipe tactics better also be as the socialists away cousinotte to this right now though it's like it's like the whole thing it's not going back to looking at the receipt i've i seen the paper i've seen the financial it's been out there and i and i don't think you know i think that it's just like we've seen this the stuff is out there people want to research it nobody should tell anybody what to think get out the research of yourself and i were out what on wilson could work figure out what they are there there and in it they all they got to do is go lad yooallaoa and you find out later on one mesome body on the chat outside an allegation that such cecchino his wife an omen to say right now you this is not to sing outen this is what i talk on about needsto we do not a lodge people beat their children or bad periods were our cheetle the families along as my wife asked the wife the question i had shithouse you know people do it they also they also set hesionidae they would have heard they would after one of my onomatopes of nissean ansthesiato the gonenot a direct failyheit she's a bit edlestand been in to help he gasp thopitis are really if they are but the big big family it is not the one that it's a well they control that any different in different type of industry but the tritonis like to one to try to care trisinuate a soccer kid i saw her kiowas that was the plan for getting the premier and guess what that kid was a hero he got shot down in afghanistan he was one of the lovefeast down they went after and had his picture mine they were trying to be funny he thought it was too is not cut when you go after gernesie the guide got in and a seasonthat ever his name is the one same thing and go after my father my father was a decorated here a niece and yet they were trying to make one of his day his name is adam in his mind davis sowhat do you strive to do his implied something i father was a hero what was this what was he what is he gone these people don't care i don't stay in for anything it hard down my gal him we on fighting and you won't the thing of it is as though we have to stop this is exactly what satan wants can want to fighting the other because then we don't get anything done tonight we don't istatsemet is a bad parent we do not do we do not bring up anything that would threaten the sanctity of the family that is off limits for every one i don't care who you are it's lots ithat's a low class bad idea and i'm to tell you what anybody that coolthat is going to have god coming at them at some point time in face in god for the fact that your part of the problem here in the family got it's none of your bis let holdenoughs caracolear part to sweeten i saw i'm not going to mention names i'll do it when i get off line god i do not this people need to learn instead of being desert and so it's a bad plan i do not throw it out there to the assembly before you've had a chance to talk personally with some one and i have not had that but i will do that but i'm not going to destroy the heat onwe're going to try to get them to change their behavior and do the right thing rather than darting like a human being and in going on the attack so the person that said that about chalk totonouaide you're on a line and that that is not a glass tell the god asked my wife i reckon i tell now i'm going to i don't i don't mean to have further they not to the politics or the pope things that are going to write the nation not attacking each other now i'm going to make sure that her grow as i can for it wholly and alexa or doing because they were absolutely subverted in their efforts instead of be able to work to go and so any one that wants to go off to and do their own thing outside of these holy grail political parties which are corrupt as hell i give them all kinds of all kinds of poodles for on you know what whatever happens between ingon whatever happened ah what whatever happens in a family is not a year sin an it's a and to end that even through allegations out like that if you is if you if you're of a person throws an allegation out like that and family splits or there's a problem with steps which is the biggest kidnapping organization aminthe united states they do they do legal kidnapping and every single kid that they can pull out of a good out of a family that destroys the family they get about a million dollars a kid for doing that it is not a and got in in any boy doesn't is going to have to stand for no god al mi on that day is going to be a rough one so we need to stick to the issues an antalope by out what they stand for and and i'm never going to tell anybody what he now if it i'll tell you my opinion on it i'm not going to back down on that but if somebody wants to jump in like you want to jump in a fix to republican party on things possible that's my opinion but if you can do it and you can write the nation cools to you in dorian understand why you would think you think that but you know for me that i don't give up easy and i'm a writer i'm quite by nature great god said this cream in so when i hear this the i caredbecause people want to quit no you don't quite usstand up for what's in maneminently have to i mean to infants what your principle is that the same thing with with howling in a lucky if there if there stagnation their principle then i supports glasses and you think you can you think you can fit certiore publican part of me inside i'm all about it i met i mansipationists osterpoole the stood up for it with his back eacides and place instead of without regard to the party so much instead of just plain these political nonsense came of the parties just giving us taking the power ray from the people because they are taken the power was to the garaconti directors there adventus and they have that right and that's so i but i don't know his easterner expert out there is lie there behind off to me and everybody lets that's exactly why i asked we went people want a claim i guess it's their claim to fame is in the oescarini idal oonoscope step up pastethat was directed doesn't matter there they don't need it because i've got cortot there as lie their tail off olock it fouche and all the rest of these people in world lecanoric to form and the hoe and air and the anne they're all trying to don't you think you got to have some background summit way of knowing now as i think the dog catcher for dog catcher one to run for president he should be able to so if you remember the movies to herethis is like this it's like saying that only a less or some who has the patergrey can try it i can say that you use agree to work on a green by actitis throwing over and as he doesn't matter the stainforth o you you work in an area yes you have you have credibility but a person out there we have is like one clothe cock and that's what we're seen and part of this is related to or cheated glass or said we all come all the delegatesantipater they do bethe didn't tell how to use it so it's good he's open open or his box but he didn't kill them how to use the power correctly now ivrybody's grown on on half cock and if they know they got all right up our ermingot power but they're not working collectively think about a row o think about a bow in the acrewhere in the crew every one's going to be growing in the same direction at the same cansore don't win now you down if it's like if it's a communist party or something that's leal to you jump off you don't stay on it and i let answer me this that you wowape what happened when they when they voted to let the communist bienenwachs udn't have been in there because of the elections that are out there to the guy that we both like so we can both agreed that president trumpis were the present the united state and and you know so everybody voted him and why because he was in place for fifty years or something like that and never did a thing won't you know what's republican parties never done a thing they haven't got the man had one when and how many years ever structure but the event water and there going to lose the twenty twenty four election because they can't get on the same thing because the two busy threatening did shoothers families rather than work in on anything meaningful done in strengre discussion but in all right it i'm glad we're friends this is kind of like this is like because i tony but i'm glad i trans i love you to pieces and we're in out we're going to have to agree to disagree on this one and i'm going to support a holy and ilocos we lie at to do what they want to do is a citizen of the united states of america i don't have to grieve everything they do but at wanamake should that that they have the right to do it good not disrupt but not disrupt to you whatever they want they don't they don't have to swear in stoplisten calderstones to come in his party does can a meeting you saw how to bow and a cat otherwise i could come and say god of your house i or your mean he still goes i don't really care and i nearly afterfall the lawyer to follow policies but republican party isn't doing that either neither is done cretary neither as anybody in the set gorgo scredan do this talk hiketaon have great day chock orocotana you go well that was one show any i'm going to jump off here right now and i'm in to go ahead and i see in get holly and a holy and his son they were there were going to be a man you know howling a leg i'll be back into ooooooooooooooooooooooo in morning welcome to brandenburg news network as the sacking hour and i lowed welcome howley and elkhead and i welcome how you doing good good and have even a little molton tried another one s kind of acting on a little bits he there you do we got the shore that chaletmorning how you guys doin he how talking or less nine the hour in food but it was i i think i i you know i support any one that gets in the game the jew what they feel is right to at this nation whether without a political party probably more i've got more respect to people that just do it on their own when the political party becomes of struts and or what so i was i i i don't know if you've heard the whole is scussion bromine on you guys he chance to go head and tell everbody or story because i think that was almost a god think that it came up this morning because because i've got a problem and i'm an i'm going to read restate this again everybody go after families not shucks not any one even if you just like them it is not o ka to make allegations of child abuse of a of being poor a poor parrot what are you thinking the stuff like that that is wrong and your your giving your giving she and things are in that's what that that's what that more on a wet meronts to do is take away guns because of this demeanors that is the head she said in its character assassination and this is his is not a key don't tell me you're a christian and then go in attack somebody's family because it's not o keease i won't believe a word you say after that moment in time i may be able to play the game and talk to you because i will i can talk to anybody i have taught to some of the biggest pieces of crap on this point let me tell you over the ear and you get pretty good it put a game face on but i know exactly who saying what and and in if they do that i'll never i'm unetonna person who works with aves horse you lied to me once on that we trust you again and when i see somebody that goes after and i know when the lies are happening will first try to change behavior and then after that it's going to get real so anyhow i want you take a minute and and that was the warning for the non sence i saw out there some of some of the things have seen in last week in its wrong and apologized to every one shout there that's been a tack i prologi the regular pace who are being attacked so vicious and an omination what it's satan himself that wants to see this divine sat himself in his little minions that her out there or trying to turn us against this is not a and onteverde out then if you have a protest against what's going on in the michigan republican party right now and the people that reviews to come clean i've talked to the people that read that that i resigned from the ami geop i've talked to them personally i know what i'm talking about because i have in fact take the other side there won't talk to me they will just kick me out in meetingsthey don't want me there and they don't want the truth to come out if they're doing the right thing i would put it out there i would absolutely on both sides of it i am an equal opportunity political hater this i will put out the truth and i don't give a rat's rear and who likes me or not but they won't do it and so my problem is on necessary if they will not come on and talk i'll give me shot i mean i have people that were free to come in here and they leave and they'll go will i didn't know that you know i thought and like no i don't want to turn any one into an enemy i want the nation back i want to see this nation i want to families that are said i want to have us all of us whether republicans or democrats there's a lot of good people out there it better trying to do the right thing in these political parties the political party struck as was worn by president washington and adams disposed to corruption and to devolve into a cult mentality and that's exactly what they've gone then got the in structure as the miss is the man the freemasons the exact time you can't expect it not to become something that was probably started out with good intentions and every well omusat on that we have out there has been infiltrated if they infiltrate the os texturepure with i am you know i mean because they they have balances but if we're infiltrate we weren't filtrated kicked a whole bunch of people out including some one who committed a fourteen or family because i came right out i said you you either clean this party out or i will single handedly burn it to the ground and it's like in its like and i and i don't love out idle the ye now if it's like i'm not going to give an idol throne say i'm going to do something so help me god i will i will keep my word on that and the party got cleaned out if it gets infiltrated again i will single handedly burn it to the ground so will the chair that i sat on the top with cause a bill more is our chair on the vice chair and we both agree on this we get infiltrated it gets levelled and we will pop up in another place not being the but we will pop up in another place doing things as a a an individual who has the right to say or have the opinions that we have anybody does without coercion or intimidation so i want to get you guys on here to day she's like a perfect side way that was such a fine hot of pallandovery body we you know we're going to work it out returned fire right now and i love chock ah he you know it's like is he he's got a lot of good things there's a lot of times people need the he is rounded off the diamond and there's a lot of wisdom there there's a lot of good in all people if you can bring it out and knock the edges off the diamond and that's what we need to do because i don't know about you i'm not tell ye some rough fantads knocked off i'm not per i am never been involved in politics but i decided to step up in my inexpert not even in ningpo of the imagination i'm just a really pissed off american it watching what's he gone on with a conation and people trying to tear to park in their teretopst from the inside not the outside the enemies were then and so but what we stopped up and you guys do the same thing you're just like if there is an obstruction there were going to get in there among to tell everybody out there you might your sign the prince no to radville michigan in were making easy for your eight now and and here we go on can make it real easy for you guys right now you go right here none i would like to see ten people sign up to day this event coming off of brandenburg news network because we are going to hang out second i've got to when we have our own ole i've got an up there he re out see that's what i mean i'm not qualified i'm not chide forethink i'm not even qualified to be a horse trainer though i do it right and i you know it's like it's like in somehow we just muddled through when i'm on ask everybody out there go and support these individual americans who outside of anybody's threat or coercion decided to take it upon themselves when they saw things fall apart because nobody can get along in the republican party their fighting full time and there is good to be no candidates that are there they're going to roll in and what an andante not only elections like they did but they're going to roll in here and take the state and it's going to be a point to be never we're almost there right now and so i'm going to say that there you go there's no excuses i would like to see at least ten people to day sign up i'm going to be one upon this come sign up to day so i'll start this and i want to see at least ten people from this broadcast go there in even if you don't know if you're going to be able to make it or not this is going to go to finding candidates which the michigan republican party i tell exactly what was going on up in back in our island i took ground wid i don't say anything without be able to back it up they went a hat and they subverted the entire state of michigan repeople who identifies republic the abilities support candidates by taking the room rate they paid there convention and designated that to a different account which takes down the amount of money that people can actually donate to candidate though they subverted it and they knew what they were doing in order to to submarine torpedo whatever you want to say and effort which have in alexa decided out of the goodness of their heart no believe direction from god to jump in on this issue so the republican poor party more ons can't get the job doc and act like a bunch of kids on on the school yard throwing rocks at each other like ideas his two gills of decided the stop of induced something and i don't give a crop when anybody has you know what that the family the republican party has all in these galls are ready to get behind candidates which i have not seen unlester going to go ahead and put the candidates then that the people who ought to preserve the power structure at the time in the part in the political parties are going to allow to be on the ballot to give you an allusion of the lie you an talk about a lie it's a lie he golestan about what after i grow out there and just altercate i'm not out in tonkinoise any of this bull crapp any more and i oh i like worn carpet i that is not her like a here i like a insolentie do i agree with everything he said no but i agree with the facts he's presented and that's good enough for me so go ahead survived we dis kind of wine left people now are the primary that the geo so in art are remember i can't so it's almost enough for running on a little linement really in the same race were supporting good signed i do want to take just the stock for a moment though because you're a former gas that you just had a is i thought i really gave him a lot of credit that they want to go after and invested who sit down for what happened with the state is i mean it is self a minute and listened as a god take a call right over just keep talking pocones but what i wanted to as i want to ask why were you willing to do the same investigate for us like to ask us what had in a word from somebody in or a few people that you know nothing about the whole story of an so i mean we want i challenge you if you know your claiming that you're putting out the truth on your pageant through with the information that you think is acrobat yet you're not that headthe information i just seen that was really ne you know nothing and i know you must about calling i'm having done it called la once you know lay on in here getting information from lands on district three i would be very careful lands has rules that are settin side of him that he is not a lot of talk about any inside of the district three meeting that is happening that can go out on your ain so lance would be up for a removal if that is what so i want say you careful with in the other things too is the and is making a mockery he the state of she you're hearing one side of the sole a people who were fighting for the right tis a ganders across the entire a waxen i didn't get into we wanted to form her own pack and we had one more singly needed to were were mines were grandmothers for cried out loud i run my own business i don't have time in time it was not s and i don't need to be an expert to be an american to know what i need to fight for i don't mean to go to class for it i don't need to school and find not how to be an ass you know in the field you know what a true merican in estremis again ernest so if you want to hear our side of the sole you were saying that all on your honor as well about what we should be doing and standing up in it you're not even toying the truth so that was just that from what was half in in london as i trinoite i mean i have many more notes from the well that his words were very contradicting to what he was saying in what he was doing and i desconociendo you know i'm a he seems like a true patriot that he fighting for the same where fighting for the same things and i want to go back to when we found out there was another event on the party at the competing against now it's a whole set a thing that is going on and that so different from what the information we were given at fort when we went and asked them to change the date a thousand oaks they had one slot left in the home that allowed us in areas and the facility that we needed was december twelve a person came pardoned espating on the december twelfth we looked at it we like oke party is not really come if people want to go to a fine razor to raise money for good candidates or they want to go to christmas it was their choice it was their freedom to make that sort had we would it known it was these he will now have to be divided we would have never done that from what it was changed after we had already put our plans and place in our plans and motions i'm in critical that everybody's at the same place in a way and has a choice to go you know i've got this human trafficking summer that i was supposed to go to but i had to change because i'm going to morrow logo on friday and then saturday i've got to go to new york and so so i sometimes things do sometimes things do change with the point being as others got to be communication so it be but for this the human trafficking some on the eighth and the ninth and that side getting the fight with the general fled who is a friend of mine and so you know it's all good but there's there's lots of different things in different people in different things in the same location and people can go and choose but the great thing is that all the patriots is sexually kind of cool all the patriots were at the same location at the same time to be able to move back and forth between but the but to have it to have it changed that exponentially um it's kind of consent well haploodon back for about as on the broad were the lot of things that i swinepot out tired noting doesn't he live i'm not on i am manitoban information he's getting and he feeling to the mast correct it's a light was it me one never been so i just want to say that her information shot in you acts so we dismantle you know we have a story to the it was way back to probably may and june sure and i don't know how much time we have on the show but we we want a really what we want to do as we want to promote the of reachwithout let's go to ten to fifty or self that would have hottogon another appointment and eleven thirty that i have to go to so you got you've got another forty about forty minutes you thought he had not half an forty men effects wooers are in no hattorfiana hisses important incision and in what i think that this i think that this is an important thing to talk about no matter what it is you know when you went this is why i do long interviews when you get just had lines you're never going to get the truth of the back story to what's actually gone on you have to get people given the chance to talk and told her story no matter what it is and i can't just bees vague allegation on and things you know we really have to check what happened you don't what really happened and then if somebody wants to counter that that's fine you know i've got i just out a lot of times lots of times i don't even talk about what i know you know there's these things on people and backgrounds because i try to check things out pretty thoroughly but i'll let him talk and that's not ethnottos not pointing to church this is talking about everybody i'll let people talk and say what they need to say cause you're going to get truth ought of iron to get little bits in peace you can always like snitch stitch on to gather to try to you know you know to try to stitch the truth together and you know how sometimes are not necessarily even telling truth cause they don't know that their telling in some people know exactly what and so it is it's kind of a it's kind of a valet to to to weave your way and there and you know get get to the truth you need to talk about is your key talking about the background because i'm in no manoello see if we want a thing done i want to ask her body is have the political parties done he answered that is now they have divided the nations spectacularly and in that that's a problem because her fighting nothing so when when i see something like you guys comin out your doing things on your own man i get behind that is his safety with president trunk though the parties did not want him and do not want him in they have not fought for him whose fault is parties they they could have gone in there and put paste i on the people to write the elections they sent you are thinfightin each other i asked you all a happy work with joanne becall and vocally and sandy heeland scot one there doing the heavy lifting to try to write this let do i see the probatory on it they won't even talk about it they will not even talk about this and and oh it's like you go to any of these events they will hardly in trump the rihtful president the united states they're not back in him i don't care i anybody says now there may be individuals would then there they are trying to work within it to write the system and i applaud you if you think you can do that within these hats off i would love to see that he nobody would be happier than me because honestly if i can just if the nation as is right and not go back to what we're supposed to do is being politics of any sort which have not a politician i manconot nity political hater i got to go back and shovel horsemanor and that's what i really want to do is not hang out with a bunch of fighting more that can't seem to get to gather listen to each other or even back each other as he too busy the you damned busy being right and so so you know it's like it's like i really i really think that what you guys are doing if any one as to back something you know just two gals that so i can't get anything done here there for a we've tried we tried retro if the political party that sabotaging you i can see it from the out and you don't have to say a thing you know and so it is the political party are subverting individuals and say i cotacache now drink the cool laid with us you know we you have to go lock step isn't that what hillers well i'm sorry but i i'm not drinking the cool late on this wonders no redeeming what's going on within the i think that we almost call it that we almost called our packs it i could go on i can get on for the night now so i don't go that like well with events and thundering so holy and i parted that for cent geepee secretary we had four prays going for fourth of july throughout the so artem we were working on lincoln day and in the back oh in the background of ample we were focussed at the end of june and that first part of july getting this prads off the ground and we did that and wiseman so then after fourth of july after independence like opened buckled down finished getting everything in order for lincoln de the preparent they were supposed to be pushing it and calling the tick events in thunder is we were planning the party we were arranging the catherine all of the extras you know we were getting all of these things ether ah the speaker hetrieen so even well we're coming in so little bit into mid july and holy and myself and the vice chair of events and fundraising rely o we need to know additional information about the speaker okay does she flow allergies this she had requirements what times exactly do we have her from so we can promote before all this i had been in contact with the cheer of fenton fundraising in the chair of the camp coming departe the part a party probably almost every day texican forth her mailing in a work in on all these defence so the vice chair of ventures in howling of this list of questions that we need to get answered o ka what was going on with the cimeterio he very reasonable we go lesson and there's no contact from we need we need is here yes very strange as the one concrete a we had been dosted and trying to get these answers of these questions and is all fine lie we come up into in of again and we have some of the stuff together but not a whole lot i finally got the contract from the and in it is all this great information to be used to promote abbey like they have exactly were in doubt what to put on the flies which to put on your website and everything like that we didn't have any oven on any of it was really cantinet in information to really bring adds information for word and really engaging instead of what we did have a so that with something like what's going on and i've seen her with a mosciano ah i was at advanceshe was at em it over maskegon and a while back and i as a speaker so she is a big draw for four a you know frengistn with you have your information on there to properly yet her name out in that and were also trying to fear that were making deposits on her and heard once and that's not happening we and has the haciendado the one of these things are there is issue is going through it so the cacongo is not pain these while what they did as they made one last by the lapping is it wasn't the money going into the account i was asking donors or is skipping over the county open the hypotheses in support of the editio people one for one door came for we don't even know the other donor knows now what happened but when a pack history alexina i was right around the end of telekinesis ing some was off for the joy praise that right o we said more questions or were looking at contracts like what you know wire we doing the sole and meanwhile we've only got omitted sold only not talking about the doners that had a place once that would ha given as thirty four tickets and i am sure there was many more people i sold online and i remember saying to the vice chair or even is fill like he getting ready to walk in his enotake his stones fit i feel like its old as tiridates it seemed like we're doing what we see to be doing in the midst of a mighty work this is the first set of us doing in one raising as volunteers i mean neither one of us run he is so were volunteers coming into this and so what we did as i casteless estelle we need the money for all of these donors by to lie thirty livery verses your down mine all the you call these doors and we want to see the moneyed or could do in this budget and started we had already started spending money or pained the poet paine venders we were talking to the so we decided we need to see the money by duly go had less of picking the men so pretty much radio silence from from the head and he has real and we had a tasting set up at thousands so a big rope of asked from events and fundraising we a kind of divided up to die areas of fundraising so were lincoln day dinner there is a group working out paredes there is a group on shoshoni ferent events there was a wine taste in o that there is diferent people were designating her time towards the king he is probably by eight or ten of us working on lincoln day we show up and thousand ells we get the two or i were figuring out okay where we're going to put these tables what can assign it to diana how many this to day have that we can use do i need to find it ditional easels you know work getting all these things figured out yet so all the you know all the layout to cavities in the physical aspects of holstein a large event and is that very whiterous can have happy person and he comes to this meeting and his very quiet and not and so we know something shewhy but something so were going around here doing these in we all are out on the thousand ounces of the beautiful that is mere esilit oh it does answer her all on the deck and he tells us that so essentially the cat has a whisking on in the county party at the the donors didn't want to be associated with it is a feeling that the establishment is going to come back into power and they don't want their money the speaker and the event going to who is this establishment this point time is a question of mere should be asking exactly so the the lingo and so the night different so they have their money if they pull their money speaker out then to the one pulling the whole speaker will let take over the full contract for he take her with them for seed do we pay them back county party takes on the full amount of organ the whole thing come fine events so the group of austere sitting down all and allen i did not feel that it was right he donated their money for these not our money to take it's not ours the corso the willing to take the contract that's kind of where we were leaning towards but that's goin to hear everybody needed to agree on well that's a really good stand is to always do always do the ethical choice no matter what the end game and you have to do the right thing and when you tell somebody that thor they haven't expectation you have to fulfil that's the only way you get to i will place right and we knew that that what is of trying to find his speaker all over again and a late stage in the though by like a lacessiti was in ours and we don't want to do that to thousand oaks either we didn't want to keep and canceled because what it did to the county op is it it would have put it kind of a bad flavor in their mouth as well too were like were not done this i offered to do so much for us and accommodate us on on on the spot so we we dislike not work kept our ponies there was no sand you know we wanted to get people soe so becas takes time you know for i had to go back to the the donors and see their willing she take on her the after meeting probably round four for thirty thousand he gives a couple mans for option she and a better goes were heart broken very apt at lisala of work to get that close ne we knew we had to start all over not the fall abandoned well now only do we now have to find a speaker in the person it was supposed to have the didn't and now we have to do that we don't have several loring on the gold and then about the clock that emil came out back to resigned his chair for can come republic and that it was a very nice evils so that email had you a bed so i know he knew when he came at even when we said we know he wasn't it being his jolly old no very he and hanging out and smiling and stopped and my god what i had prior with shutting it was kicking and so actually e station the dark cote at this i said three weeks prior here he goes walking with the dome like the dollars or leaving snowwas going to happen we could simply comply out march in order doesnt a man is really hard not to look at all the things that we've been fuel from men hier soon on and on quince see what's happening what's the end plate out there's no wait you can have this many fumbles slit the ball fulanos in erlinton day general not to know something else is going on and sirloin what's happened the state level and you sargento hear some familiar ringing in our ears burbage and words that are going on like words trying to do what's right by the party and our efforts are being bid over and over again it starts it is there's a familiarity to wit so do we have the no but his i soon quits oester say things that have happened you know from our pulses so we leave our way themselves plausible tenability believe thousand dolls oh we're going to set up for next meeting work one these speaker ideas and in with about week later i was even on vacation and i with my family some in for this event and fundraising so i'm out on the lake with my family and were still still working and helping in volunteered now on the east the not getting racketing anything out of this except a try and save aron and showing my kids that i made this commitment we said we would do it we need to raise the money to get good candidates let we might get ootside we too election when tens of twenty five probably yard finds little he now in working on this in the winetavern were doing these meetings and when timesand as the cheer of the county party that left a lot of queston did he resign as esmeer i did he resign the chair of events and thunderer are we he had a voice cheer ovens and fundraising so is he now the chair how is this the canoe in and balasthala laws and so no direction so holly and i ended up taking upon herself look for nobody else was really doing we did get some leads from some other people that we followed up so she and i are on the sod were massaging all these speaker grow in fine different people ah and then we got some tell one of the asses were suggested to us from the icy member then you are vicechauncel venson fundraising he gave me the names i went in contacted them i got a yes brought it back to meeting and this figure was determined to it to be a i ye treat like cause there's difference organisations are apt to get so he was immediately vetoed when one at was everybody's so afraid of these threats you know ritorneremo these issues and surrounding right into the fight what a good it got less coward tight thing to do you know i hate to say it but it's like you got to have a little controversy it's like you'll notice that we have a lot of controversial things on her we have to deal with them you know so gates this kind were this has i told as it now we're not vertaling party doesn't want to stand for anything we just won we just want to go easy on it not bringing thing up i can see that's what happen to hear isn't the then the wise the and with suggested that we moved the day of the party from september twenty first to a different and i was not the cock as a holy the witness we got on somebody from the back of the room was on the phone with bakerorum swamis ten i can get for so in the air de guise what he gets say well we were even released from the contract for my john she at that time so we are in this predicament like then as the information about we yet by the nicest great we have a seventeen thousand toltecs this womento be released from his being in opinatores onable about the right and then we went in the weaponthe a vagrant we didn't know what the time to reason i think be gassing was available he was no meat bacon not the very next day so he was already going to be ins and in and he was going to come to us for so we are like a painter even get that get the kind tractory lesson you know we had to have both parties sign off eosine thing we had to have both sides sinon a right and can we i waited tieohesta i'm sorry i get into little handed in perfect change in the day once we all went on my gosh he got put on when i left he was like one gossee we can change the date that would give us more time is what we we need we really need some to i like to know what happened that tim was so sad and why he really resigned there's the things there that are not adding out and it doesn't mean that he did anything wrong or somebody did anything wrong but there's something there that's weird the small right well it is part of these that there were so many people trying to get him removed as was part of the reasoning and acetates kind of in the mix of things on do we know what the actual reasoning has no i mean we don't but that's what i'm getting at i'd like to know but on get our time jack here we've got about fifteen minutes so goad so we have all if we keep it on twenty the wise theoretically have the and but then were like a whatever timemembers went and talked a thousand ous to find out what other dates were available and we wanted to get it in for hunting seasons start november first was available and re like ocietatis estinto breathe time to figure out this ticket promote in a will have sweeten possibility we have other people that we've been looking into we had so many calls out for and mails out we're working on his also so the team voted we decided to move the date to november well then after we did that that's when we found out that steam won't look anything more than forty five days and even and at the maginot side it was within that window and now that we moved it to no member first is not in that window and more they won't say anything so ere back on these in ones a hole has these great connections she was able to have here ross rather in smith we had these people lying on and then we heard the from he and so she has deal where you buy her books in yourself or books and by the ages taken by the so like yet so be at tynie pond racks waiting on contracts in the mackinack consuming with people from item going out to make and one gentleman and his wife they were able to meet with care they had they had dinner with her i spoke with her people nay god of verbal mallets the appendicial yother working on the cone and we didn't realize that the there were on the kind i was getting ready to no so we don't know if we re speculate in there is some changes that needed be made kind tract from what she was speaking to what she is going to be speak because of her run for a man of back the shape of just a little bit to i heard from here first i think eh i thought in full of and lo now that the annalist and not one that christina removed and put a pain in their place excuse me i know so we got connected with danny first to find help the sin of speaker and he came back with we might get carlake done junior or judgedand were like no homeric one yet a way don't here you know abilities while apparently done junior was going to be on the other side of the ah too for another group and indian was working a deal that we could actually split the co and don tenebant m the same day but it wasn't for the evening or about was the next morning and like weaken workin though i went out and found give businesses that were willing to donate four thousand on toby the divide the books and so we could get him in and start selling tickets and we would give a discounted seat for down conor the night if you bought a link and a dinner to as an end and you had myelination of the discordant junior and if not then by the one as we don't want to run away on the dinner the and it was told to us as you have to go to the and get promised the one might be were not spent any mind we got he the money you can't hire our hands up and then we have to wait another month to get permission it will be this is license in on the top of the committee go ye and were not acted how to go out there and promote to family member in town into grand rapids for the election and might while they have to have that much control so any way when i consented in the middle of that and working with the carry lake we got as far my and then it was the back and four phone calls and the process of that we had reached out and in the c which is when we reached out and we actually had the one that we have these lowest had found on he and and and so we were just waiting to hit the pot and like which way we going meanwhile we also ah i promise possibility of and we had decided that step proper would be a good one to start it off for like a fifteen minute a thing and then kind of go into cover whoever armansperg so the the program was looking absolutely fabulous you were getting excited and we know in francis coming like when you have a big name doesn't matter tickets will fly up the shop we now i mean i would have got in mind if you know if i wasn't working on the things very like her done jonathan on him in at once the a rent baciarono opie so so the bat with a september gwen he six or something that was the pink ones see meeting we have all these confirmations were waiting on the contrary we announce it is that we have carried and that was yet right there at the very end of the timber i hate so are waiting for her contract to come through and then on october first and mail goes out to the semeber the incondite innes so in this evil it has his cause breakdown of different things and ligious geminately said were not doing the nethanel and eleven asked ay they talewhere they sent them the latter out in another all i was that we had when i got in i got a tecmessa i never got an email and by then i was on the east and i home reknowledged this is how we finding out whose setting the other volunteers that are not on the so the train to definitely demoralize the troops of volunteers such a slap in the face and on professional to none of volunteers that fond calls none of the vendors got fond called the occasion in get a phone call this evil that went out and so in howling they have like a lame reason why as the din feel that there was time to solve o so holding super hard worker acted the different vendors and things and then were like what we do as months on this hours away for families and for me that was especial i three young kids moonother me and so is like all this time during some away from my fall and we have nothing to show for and it is not to be something not of and this is mamma's he having the god given characteristics defend against the it's so you just kept going and misses the result of that over here i got a point this aboutwere be this is the result of all this hardship is that the two of you a mente it it looks like clear aversion to and so you know they they weren't they weren't jumping on the band wagon to help you at all it seems like they just kept camplin canceling of birdie and having some lameche there to be be who are not axe i decided to get in the fight to do this to torpedo you is so then the next step was you you planned the savant and you started a pack to support candidates they are going to want to see you fail as that is an uncontrollable situation where if somebody's actually supporting candidates throwing the money into their offers to be put into all sorts of things that don't serve america a dozen over vacant at the same goal is to get good sign leaders elected so he sure had except for when they take the hotel rooms and put it in a pan so that people the amount of money that they can reduce the there's a pattern here guys there is a pattern they're trying to keep the money outside of the candidate's pockets to actually run and get some enough as get some visibility so that they can choose who are sitting in the seat preserve the power struck exactly what's going on here it's a hard identify that they are trying to do exactly the opposite of what holly and a lock are doing is get good candidates so they get thrown their own fatted people and there in centralized the power and the money we expect to see the people like the right we we can weaken actually work along side of we've got candidates of talk to us that there they have to do their own fine racing now because we are we we were putting any money and sets me rid i mean they're getting to the but fine raising efforts nothing said really done since may and were like if we keep going get goin on this path there'll be no money at all in the democrats were rollright over it and we're like the recent alectation the generations of our michiganders in our families and were looking at our kids in the face that realizing we were going to leave this better than when we came into this and we didn't want to back down that's the whole thing i think it's called don't back down the product so so i'm i'm really proud of you guys and what what you've done to protect your i'll look at her phone rose of her her now concioli come back how are you went away but anyhow you do this is this is the problem is that they've got to have their little vanes powers or or nothing you know and it's really to ad because if we don't get good canidates we're going to have this same crack candidates mediocra people sitting in the seats because that's what we have the the the people that are sitting in landing they crederes and it doesn't stop at lancing go right down the list and i there there are its sedition and treason what were and then you know the even the political parties if you see what's going on in there we had a real problem and i think think it's going to i think it's going to continue to come out more and more the bad actors and are trying to say well what why you have the right to stand up for yourself alexiowena now the right do to have free speech inedited without my god given rises for your camp were went out but i can hear you so keep going holly oh were there can hear i gave it i can't see his face but we can we can hear you otto was the lesson wasn't our first the former own pack we actually had a couple picking up this event he saw an opportunity that they were getting money to select good candidates and through the process one of them pick one and the path that we went down they were getting on and tied on through the federal so there is comprised the i went falsifiedst ructions who would a got you don't i'm sure you have bid was involved in it too is we set all right so wide at here we filed for five or one secourist first and not realized in this coming of the one we wanted we wanted to make sure our pack to other packs as well so it wasn't as awesome work were here about the process of coming alongside of other peters in this soft you know as that were going through a and we set to paidoletr withal incorrectly with the one that we neritos people like to in nets of the one you want within independent pack and set on it was almost like a race to the finish line whatever pack could get over the finish would be the pack we literally finalized the we are unjust and barked we had thick the bank filling the wrong in number oh and a bank having in a finite instead how many coincidences make this impossible to be and he but it wasn't her fat alice and before we crossed the finish line i literally was in the cue waiting to conduct of parkland it was that the bad finalizing the van with the correct numbers while now the walls and in the law they the banks the doing of this time of holy ones ocheneidiol all these last of and so i vented onesbetween so many boys the foot of water some it back on and then when some incomes after si gonelike as the fat he is on a helpless out and they get us across the finish line all the way past and giving god the glory from what his to people who were not expert we're americans doing what we think is right and we feel is right you can attend the advent i had taken for somebody out you want to pastor table and we will find bodies that will be we have an tripoint actions going to be their we would love to see young people come out to this event and be apt on hearing from turning point and seeing the mission that there honest well because it affects them grate so as this is a more ha to do this but i got a girl here to lightest be back on i think on wednesday because eanswith was full to commented and you know what this is the way it goes when you're fighting to fight you're going to get interrupted things are going to change because they do not want us to change their powers sand court fighting to day and detected me this morning so i can't i can't i've got to be in cordatior so we're in tryto get these guys back on on wednesday with an smith who was the guy that refused to shut his gedeonovo talk about this because we've got the pneumonia that that they say is coming out and quite honestly i'm all about natural cures and and remedies on thanks these things divided over single things and all cases of evidence and i mean of it a lot because an that's one of the best things that i know a person who had white long that he had lukemaan in the process of getting rid of his mulekind white long it was high high doses of vitamin sea and he did it so there's a case study for you and so get your right in and see and start just a chugging at eaton as many orders as you can food is a great healer if you know what to do and what to look for so is the prayer and then we're going to go on our way i'll see guys on on wednesday but this is linetaking about us this is what it takes its to to decentralize the powers now includes the political party their two two powerful the too much money there and an inn that takes it away from uscasaba large can take the dollars away which are going to be a lot of them not necessarily individuals they're going to run it through all kinds of of things in dark money funds and all that sort of thing for the things that are at war with us we can't have it our protest as to stand against these things and i i if you got two people and organization just too there in this organization actually think we might have some hope here so as a process get on the website and sign out sider hattwater thank you so very much for holly the and for a lockian for shock and i'm so grateful for each and every patriot that are out there i asked that you would every one's mouth who he has anything to say out of venom out of a in or in attack it would come against families or then there would be no lies that we come out of people's mouths i think it's despicable that somebody came on the chat and said that shock was cheatnot his wife and i ask you would shut all that type of communication to write down right down to nothing and has no place in in this in this nation and i asked you walk with us so that we would speak the truth in all this that we would honour you with our with every single thing you've given us you've been so great to us we want to follow you in all things and in right this nation it's been a great gift that you've given us and we take this very seriously this this is now no time to play around any more were in this serve you in each other and we don't do that by tearing each other down we have to do this by going together speaking the truth but yet oenanthe goals of writing the nation and i ask your favor on at your best and on alexa and on holy and any one else that is out their fighting for the nation and doing what it is that you've put in them to do and you know as a directive from you than they believe at the convicted in their hearts and i thankfuler continued to speak the it reveal your will and help us not to be hard headed the people are always hard hat it is biblical help a snap to be hired had it but to bend towards you your will and in all things may your kingdom come on earth as it is in habiteles much your great friend to us and we want to be a great friend to you and you just want to let you know that we love you so very and thank you thank you for everything in the name of jesus christ we pray a man a ah have a great day to day it's going to be awesome i think we should pray everybody out there if there's somebody on the gree with somebody who has hurt you who said something in a in a batter or means pray for them it's the greatest defeat for satan who is a stupid little you go right to the fire go run right into the fire cronise all day long it is creating a fire storm one pray for those people jes pray for your enemies pray for those people they may not actually be enemy prayed for this field of hurt your end who've gone pray for those things pray for blessings on that because if they're in the wrong god said you're going to be keeping burning coals on their head cause gets what our father papa is going to get in the fight and he is going to be the one to land the blow that's going to change that behaviour we don't have to do anything we just got to pray stand what for i orconite and let god finish this fight it's his right anyway then when he finishes that it's done for good you not go not getting plain around so with that side i have to go i'll be talking to you wednesday four miles more things you want to say and then we're just going to run to the sienses going to be a little bit different were to come out a little bit later eh because i've got something i've got to do early early in the morning so i'm probably on to be at nine thirty rather than nine o'clock and the thursday and four and friday i'll be out right of so i just so reno's in saturday will not be back in mishgan this this week or the week end because i have some other things that i was asked to do and a somebody calls and has the monologen that we all have i from that camp you do it and that's that's you know we're here to support in those people who have put their lives or fortune and are sacred honor all of it the and so that's that's were doing so tis my letter everybody know god bless you god bless all those whom you love to god bless america god bless holy in a lacks god bless them in what their doing and any one who buys a ticket to help them god bless you it make it a great day to day it's going to be great day we have one wonderful things takes to happen and remember the best is yet to come that's why i started this process out to day don't listen to the stuff that's going on because god's bigger than anything we see any any alleged conflict any alleged bad news we can look at it bigot was wrong and shook the the the stupidity i'm not doing this again but won't but the point being is that that turned to god and all this will melt away and in its going to be okay so see an to morrow a john tater and courtney turner have great day recite ain't you you might have