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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) Interview with Mellissa Carone and Ethan Hobson!!

Published July 27, 2022, 8:02 a.m.

Discussing: Our nominations to run for office under the US Taxpayers Party/The Constitution Party!! Also Ethan Hobson's breaking movie "America Under Fire" Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning this is donna brandenburg from the brandenburg news network the it is my pleasure to have a special guest to day moluccana hopefully enhance goin to be able to join us in a little the interesting is interesting day for me yesterday we are we find that you're over the target when you're getting the the shows and troll came out in a mass which i thought was really really funny both meissonier accuse everything under the sun and i find it to be really intend people who claim christians were attack each other one makes me really makes me really wonder what the real agenda is so kind of a kind of an interesting day yesterday it is a beautiful day here and mean we've got another another interesting day of he exposure and the a time that were going through that i think things that face value i really exposing so much every single fight we have every single that we take i think is pretty indicative what were really dealing with here which is a political machine an infiltrated by not only in on the political or elected officials level but it's also the unelected and i think we're seeing a structure emerged includes even more layers waking to know that tis a corporations have been infiltrated political parties have also been in there's another level that we're going to have to come to terms with and that's all the activist level and that's not just on one side that's on both sides it's it's not just democrats are open society on the republican side too but it's also at i've been in this thing now for sense and doing a decent amount of research i have o if i told everybody everything that have come across i think be fair fairly we have who have set up go who in switzerland who claim to be an only child an only child an only child school in switzerland the little concern right off the bat considering that that's where ernan and a lot of bad connections when you look at world economic form and we have to wonder at that point time and ask actually installed in order to distract the patriot i would say absolutely that that's and we need to be asking questions not just on the obvious levels but also the ones that are less these people are organized and it's a very very large operate we are seeing them in ukraine were seeing them in afghan and i dug up some stuff this morning that i can show you exactly how much money we are losing to criminals who are money laundered away from the entire united i will get it we'll get into that a little bit later but i'd like to introduce my running mate so i chose for lieutenant governor and i chose her for many many reasons it if i believe that we're going to see an emerging in emergency political rocks she's already proven herself and the amount of that amos she has endured all an incredible that tells me right there that were over the so i'm in a eminent melissa crown and and her to the stream right now and we're going to have a dip about all things good politically right now so much going on and good news to tell everyone a positive time in a wonderful time to be alive i'm going to add melissa and we've got it annealing out too so but what are start with melissa and then we're going to add her and say high and then will add even in a few well how are you don good morning how are you i am god thank you for having me oh your welcome is such a pleasure i'm so i'm so honored to know you the most iscariots out there have been following the your story for quite a long time and i've got to tell you preciate and value to i really do and integrity when somebody you know that i think that's what we all love about president trump so much inability to band and i had a cut that i pulled up for him this morning i had to do with masurenland all the homeless people on the you know he believes that awake them of i think that there's a lot of truth to that i think there's another level to it too i have a mental ill very very mentally ill an adopted and when you around a couple of people we have several people in our family that we've taken who are mentally ill the people that are on the street in my facetious babies in the background that beat my first reaction first and foremost dealing with mental illness in a large portion of that population and what happened was in the as you know they destroyed metal or mental health and when they took that down we had a whole bunch of people who needed out into the without any word to go to and i think that the sagas hand in hand so kind of meteorites when he woke your your man and your beard the background and i love that ye will think you do it ye my daughter just look up and she came in the room to say i and she got upset when she cohansey pretty wild with two young kids in the house especially when you're in politics because it doesn't and you can't you know you what your family first and that's what i've done and i know that you do that is and i just i do and so grateful to know you done i think that we're going to do great i know for a fact that constantine the whole race so far and he will continue as far as the mental health that you are talking about i completely agree i to agree any more with that exactly what it is for some reason and i never knew this before they get involved in politics it's very add to i would have never assumed that on before but it is a very common thing that's because we can handle it against comes back to just ignoring the back noise and you know and that's where you have to do sometimes after the hearing i had to shut the vomitting the news for a while i just watch one american and that's what i needed to do to to it was just so negative yeah yesterday we were we were in we were having so many attacks i did a little investigative journalism here and i chased people down who were actually when we were looking at all those shells to these are paid provocatory there there is very few when you see that level of a tack out there people are not random they are absolutely being the people that i want to stand next to are the ones that are getting a tack not the ones that are skating through with all the love joy happy happy joy joy happiness going on because they're not being attacked they're not doing any so i and the lies at a common you know there was there were some one that attacks that sudden attack me i violated our campaign was lately it is a blatant blaamand a titan he is a political operative he works for the with republican party and in fact ambush manannan one point arm that he could catch me there alone in pretty exert invited me to an event with exclusive even with the heads of the republican party amigo showed up this week end and you know there was i don't understand there's enough people that are playing both sides and you can watch em jump between say the republican party the grass roots organizations the patriot movements and also also in another other parts of the political party than that to be should be our first clue people are violating and the other thing that i say yesterday that was as there's one woman out there i believe it's a woman who is a member of of a hundred out of a mission and i've got to saw saved out of a hundred patriot grow as moderator and she's there's a lot of it as a group of him that are working together and you can pick it out to get if you really want how far they reached any one that a member of a hundred groups that this is as a profession for them this is not the one well done i actually realized that a lot in the last six months that these people that are the most involved an attack people in the republican party the one i believe and i believe that you do too are paid and and if you look into the organizations that there they are part of they are always on the board with several organizations more than one and i've always questioned the entire organization when i find out that this is going on but you know i think it's really showed me a lot you know we just getting through i don't talk i keep my distance the individual you are speaking about i just do want to say that i find it interesting grown men so nice to your face then they will jump on the internet like a child and actually cost something that i mean completely untrue like your saying romadour an i watched him he cornered you yet and and and he did it aggressively and i knew it was a brush the thing he asked me a question he asked me how are you disqualified from the ballot and to explain to you and i don't have anything to hide because it was a legal it was illegal so i don't have i don't ever have anything to hide i'm always completely open even if i did make a mistake done i think you know this i would come out and i would tell people i made a mistake people make mistakes were all human but it wasn't it wasn't a mistake in my and and and i'll never say i made a mistake in that i did i was advised to and you were advised by some one who was in the mid we were both set up and i had somebody who as an investigator and there working on an you know election redhead you do realize that you were set up and i'm like yes that was there were republicans as well as democrats that were working on suburbanites that weren't their puppets to the unparticular this is something that i think is important critically important for people to understand is that there are people are working to get they are really they won't whitman every one of em mantineans involved regardless of which side you stobell you know it's not going to matter because they're working get white absolutely they are absolutely they are and that is their one and only bow this is the unitary it doesn't you you will always go back and you will find it connection from that individual the other side and all italy be a deep connection and it's not just a friend one person they know it's an organization people and they are known for it or they were actually sent by the entire party to do and that happens it's happened to me so many times and you know i i really don't understand it because i know you know that but at one point i was my manager was somebody who was very close to the michigan go i got to the point with him where i would ask so many questions about what they were doing with as far as election integrity and then several things and old isan you know i know that you was are being honest with i know that there is something else going on here i'm just going to have to supporting with you because i can't i can't not right it polypop one thing and doing the other exactly what it is and that pretty well describes the entire climate in the united and honestly at you and i were oh and i was not supposed to happen as a that i was the wild card in the only one that was truly a wild cordite was that's why that they wouldn't they would people say well you're going to slip the bolt while you know what they were absolutely they wouldn't even speak my name earthy wouldn't invite me to advance they wouldn't have anything to do with me we had two people that were invited to there if the republican invention and geraint i was asked to donate ten thousand dollars that one i am sorry when i notice that they were fusing to acknowledge you as a cat when all down on me i was thinking that isn't right this is what they did to me not not they didn't refuse to acknowledge me as a canada because i was working with that close to the stable they were trying at the time to control they were trying to control me and then it was a year i worked with these people for a year it was ter it was awful because i mostly thought that they people are very close to they're very close to us the you know with our media organization everything then fall back on one to have somewhat of a gas the same view that's what it is when you look into their white and when you look into what they're really doing like say there's an elected official involved in how they're actually boding or who the getting money from michigan one of em and i don't hear all say they hired a private investigator to follow me for i said something about this organization and you know it just doesn't dislike continue when you're over the target you get hit by both just like after the election nobody stood up for me and the republican party no no but for president trump that there was they were not standing there were not seen verstand for election to you know even our whole logs for nothing during the cooktown we saw that and you know now you know we're here and you know they're splittin the party they're slitting party while nothin's not true i mean the party is abysmally the failing the a the more are the ones that are doing what they accuse everybody else is doing there narcissistic exactly what happens every time i encounter and they blame everything on the person that is actually to do the best and they accused one of what they're doing and that's where the democrat they do that to the republicans now the only state that was as reading yesterday that this is going on in several states we the establishment the real patriots are sick of this unity their sick of it we were going to take it any more i think people know that and worse seclusion locked up for years our kids so here a what's been going on and especially here in much unconstitutional and it all of our republican legislators are guilty of it i don't hear what anybody tells me i reaction they are all guilty of it they were to do anything about this they said oh well we were elector we were alternate electors we did the slave of alternate to as an i don't care what you did you didn't do enough you had a chance sure that we figured out what happened in our twenty election deeply involved with that done i think you know that oh me out everything but look at what they did it's like like you know you were talking about it was like but butomilea caron they were the and now everybody's caught up to where you were when you were fighting this you know in court and such and now everybody is horses happened on the green with you but there are cause you were you were so far ahead of every one people couldn't get there there are hands around what actually you know what would actually happened and so i think i think it's my foreknowledge you as someone who was way out in front of this whole issue and and now people are catching up to where you were and i think that to give you the the honor of the truly one of the first to actually stood up state when none of them did and then these same people right now are saying you know or say will you split the party we're going to go along to you know to get along and that's exactly the mentality that happened in our in our legislature in our when the cook down team you know even if we are the only ones standing up saying the right thing or a standing out for truth we have the obligation is an individual well you know under god for the truth and do the right thing even if we're the only one so when i hear this statement all i can hear is keep things the same and that's exactly what we're going to do because we don't want to ruther we want to make sure we get along i heard this in a medial for a saint clair with the pen sat there and danced with god is my witness barney do and singing i love you you love me and i'm sent is what we can out of our this grace it is a disgrace to a and i totally agree and i seen it for two years now and i have lost very closely and watched the people that are getting in politics and train to get elected and the candidates i mean even certain candidates that have gotten the trump endorsement near michigan outrage whenever they were working against president trump and that's the honest truth it should have never happened that way that was a that was something that was done to me to pretty much push me away you're not getting that in now you can go away i wasn't going away and that's the thing when they when they just fall by and time for the people to rise up because they are taking the voice of the american by not allowing canada harte parties are actually on constitute completely unco we lament well we need to go back to just a candidate to wed to shorten the election cycles alike thirty days why are we running with it's an industry that they're making money of anaitis was we went over the process to how many and meetings and convention and that convention in americanization and packs and now and in their their picking our candidates and we have nothing to say about so it elision of completely un constitution you know i would bring a into the street right now than that we were going to talk with him for a little bit and his all three of us are running for office under the us constitution er yes expertly which is the constitution party the party of he hiding and good in pretty good this morning ladies out of the little bit way i will fully admit i missed my personal after general i know well it doesn't help when i get home from work at two in the morning either that proslavery helpful when it alamatua work and have families and such so will give you a pass we know we know how that is one day i was listened and i will mention this individual either but both of you now and and i just had a discussion with him last night and what i am going to say in politics if ever anybody had a watch and doesn't know really a lot of the time who you are with and knowing who your working with understanding we are working with her you know thomas situations devoid situations with that personal three of us have worked with this doesn't live in michigan they should stay in missouri and what to say and to about people specially manhattanites of my party and say that they have involved manor corrupt money and you know what to provide evidence you know what to provide evidence you know i i say in it is as you say and so little but i think it's going to be helpful because you're coming in and out oh you don't want to provide evidence of situations that you claim money laundering or yet the centenary illegally their bad you don't want to provide evidence of them such the that you not be trying to sway our voters here and michigan any more in i sure what you think you're good at and missouri and leave our candidates and mignon unless you want to do some real research and some real journalism and then to to your but well let me just say this really quite too and and in the beginning like i said i was working with for a year some boy who was very deeply connected to the state party and then you know who that is and donnington you know we make mistakes when we first start out we do make and every word you we all make but wait is it so concluded that the ones that that the cover for each other because they're making mistakes too how absolute industry covers for each other and then i like i was told by an investigator yester you absolutely were set up and they never looked at there's no evidence that they ever looked at any more than twelve of my sins in only two of us showed up on a two patriot at a twenty seven thousand five hundred the whole thing was a set up to remove the candidates so i'm sorry go ahead and go ahead and what oh no and out of how many thousand five hundred and they delineate that is so outrageous and the people should understand how outrageous this actually taking the voice of the american one person sighing for the entire state who is to forgive and i think it's crazy because i like you know we all saw who these candidates were done and they were used to they were used to you know even mention your man for a year over a year the sudden you were disqualified with all these other running candidate doesn't that tom thing too i mean it like so that an audio that audio blotched a little bit o satan so is this so so you know see that one individual and that's jonathan breeder and he was responsible taking all these signatures and we don't even have signature verification in a presidential election so everybody needs to realize this so outrageous this is so outrageous that looks at to think that you don't even have your clerks matching signatures and a presidential election the biggest election of our lives they make up their own signature verification to knock out whoever they want to now dan after refused to mention her name the entire republican party refused to mention her for over eight and then we saw who he was disqualified rough running candidates and the republican party on runners which on matador was working on pardons the crag was pulling very high now why would they be so concerned about danusia he wasn't you know who they wanted to help or who they thought michigan needed they we're going to do what they did why want and they just allow dona torn i mean everybody needs to think about how corrupt this truly it's not going to stop until the people actually start doing something about what's going on and when i say do something i don't mean violence i mean i mean out speaking out going to meetings realizing doing your own research realizing connecting the gods every one of our republican legislators is taking money from the dome that is a fact terry make i will say that i don't want to put him in the steps they are and i looked into now one of them were willing to sit up for us or for president from after the election not one of the you know ramage can say what he wants to say he can send president rob all the news he went about these people being great trump supporters in not about that they are doing nothing for our country they are lying hiring media to make them seem more conservative than they truly are got you got to do your own research because you're not going to find it on me exactly the have a machine or an in its pretty coordinated when you're closer to can see exactly what they're doing involved in see the people that they form small alliances in order to in order to their silting and so they build her little their little teams in order to go after a certain the real sant thing is that the directions are coming from the top so this is a top down organization choosing her king the days are a legislature the bills we pass the bills that they run their working together you'll see somebody that's in a legislator oh i wrote a bill for this but the sad thing is is it they were already talking with the other side and made it made agreement to know that the other sides gonatas to the floor no it's just in a case a lot of money to bring a bill forward and had we've got about two thousand bills a year going in front of our legislature that is crazy and most money even a let's tell the money the people whose money is that that may our money his money that they are using the fond these sir bills you know like like you know you see things like a sermon treadmill kind of and you know we're finding this and i've heard different as what it cost to actually bring a bill before our legislature and it is an obscene amount of money absolutely this state is an incredible it's a money laundry machine and the politicians are plain with that money there's a lot black hole of a deception going on and that the thing is people really need to understand that we are the money laundering then he and i know melisande there's been some part at a movement recently they had put a lot of work to research these bills come about bring these bells their fighting out these committees and these specific comte that's where the money needs to go to wyoming to another committee that sends it to another committee the same ironlike bedroom for example then make room we'll send it to another committee to another committee to another committee and that it go to another singular person and that soon and so forth down the cape and were coming to find now they are actually moving money through our legislator by the oh weren't mad about real bills constantine you should definitely fatouma one of their jesus to under money through the light of late yes that's exactly it it's kind of crazy and then go to the speaker of the house and how much power that speaker of the house because there making all of the committee assignments and i've heard reports speaker of the house basically threatens people and said if you don't vote for me or with me i will remove all of your committee assignments and you will become irrelevant i heard that for from some who is sitting is needed in the legislature is right now curly and position in the legendary if you don't kiss up to the speaker of the house you get all your committee assignments taken away now we think about that that that is is so much are that's like the board of elections deciding to who can be on the ballot who can then all the power will you know dad the problem is as it is the sorry that's the name tabacum they sign what is it then writhen they get in the office it's a house it's the house the house what is it the house rules otoyo it took me a very long time to get a cap something i'll share with both but when you read this you realize very quickly that any american that probably not it's unconstant in a fine all of your power your voice over to the speaker of the hole rules have been constituted berry long time the ease corrupt cross the pro bankrupt for so long and allowed to continue we're going to have to tear it down that is the truth is so bad these so outrageous fondling money through then the democrat indeed they are and have you ever he looked get their who gets there initiative there petition initiative and the actual ballot it all democratical single one we don't know a single one i got a i think the questioning the signatures on the well at the titian initiative because i want a tell you what if we were you know when we were out gathering in we were out we were we were brought in front of the annandale doing and doing the and that sort of thing which was that how a volunteer at one spot that we went and there is people that the signature gathering companies nataline that were on an opposite corner and honest they they are or were gathering they have twelve petition that baleinier thing so so if we're going to start a question you you know only republican candidate not down a cockade and the bell initiative that are out there i very much doubt that they actually had sitting at rest the forward because that the candidates were heaven hard time getting that number signatures we didn't because we had volunteers and we had no company so we went have we actually had an easy time getting but i heard we heard some one that said that they were gathering signatures right up to the last day or two and they couldn't get out we heard it about we heard it about she raged in all of the they were on the last day they were so gathering signatures in the coop how in the world can somebody say that as soon as the next day some as got twenty eight thousand weltereoden did they not disqualify the two readers that are actually sitting congress they use the same petition the senators did they not question them how out we go back and with what we look at white's i'd like to look at but mercenaries how i especially after what happened with the gubernatorial candidate why in the way that i used it to point out to people i tell people see single city republican challenge one single democrats say nature in any more and as we yet play reported what you all we move on everything looward o gender twenty thirty you will own anything and you'll be happy about it i want something here i'm noticing that on the chance he said who is he and hobson to do a quick quick introduction i'm getting better at this but this is kind of a new thing for you so i am a sayonara i'm ready governor of a state of michigan under the us taxpayers part of the constitution purity i am a canadian the dominion voting whistler here in michigan had been running for a state house at i was disqualified and a mother of two and a wifely disqualified yashiki yeah i was one of the candidates they can allow you an if you actually if they view you as a threat to their established they can't do that it's a form of election so he set me and i am now running dona and her lieutenant governor and honor and i am even have an iron a paracale minds of michigan have a political analysts have been doing that for about fifteen years recently came out with my first meal which is american or fire which goes in to what happened before her twenty twenty election how her ballads before the election even at and i am also running for the michigan state board of education and you are papers here in michigan bravo and all three of us are absolutely unrelenting savage researchers we all re not a wet where were we are honest to goodness rest do our own ree well as research with other people to get to we do not listen headlines go to the source document and the source of truth and i think we're going to do this we talked about doing this at the three of us together you know once or twice a we do find things that are very significant that people need to know about and unless you spend the amount of time researching that we do you know i'm plus i'm like hours a day or more i never i never do less than that and i know you guys are the same way is that you get in and none of us sleep lot where you leopardlike there's tax going back and forth at some times one o'clock in the morning we get on a rabbit trail somewhere and there's no possible way to go to sleep and so then we have to chase it down who is connected to who and what the actual the actual information behind this savage new stream this is going to be at that with with us together on her talking to guy and and i know i'm going to bring general fontana some point time were getting dates together for that which is great and and we have i've got about fifteen one up here that we're going to be talking to we actually had a county that voted a resolution to certify the election as of yesterday that's goin to come out that's going to be big news to its actual its actual news that we're talking about so i am very proud to stand with both of you you guys are incredible human beings and it's an honor it's truly an let's talk about your your movie and in what you've got in that movie because i'm so proud of you you you are to a wonderful job chasing down this money trail that you know all all three of us have been talking about this the wiser trail here who was part of the atlantic on and not only the whole back i dug up the contributing to bindle campaign donations divide aether plan both sides against us and that's what they do it in them all so he you know i tried to connection to bristol in uri his ukraine is a money laundering has spottletoes trafficking in its orison government at this man finding all of these illegal and an act of war what they've done there and so we're all chasing the owlet's talk about your and all this opportunity to be playing with everybody so the journey originally i started with a google surge of ocean all how everything at and more into a while priorities you and say another five on three a sort of influence the more little bit more an a little bit more in pretty soon i am finding out the group and not as priorities to us not only in our state of michigan make no mistake about it that it was also the groups called priority florida there's priorities micantes was constant hebrides there is one these are a few things that i also dettingen the go lie down a said earlier the orchestra themselves from the people like room and laotian steve card people the nineteenth nothing but and we have to realize that because if we don't it's kind of like somebody enyhow near city and somebody was committing a bean one are you going to go and try to stop which crime are you going to go to try to stop same situation we have here we have the legislators and we want a sit and be the mouthpiece no matter what they want to talk about i don't care they want to be the mouthpiece they be the mouthpiece so that we forget about the people sitting above them and that's what we're meant to do her many so distracted by all these low eager people and fretful the time as our laws and sign our bills and now all these things and were supposed to be described by that so we don't see people to say at the top the colors or george sorsogon sorrows in the sistine film at the aventine you go to my rumble which is minds of michigan a also find in my face book page which is mine to you find now example in two thousand and eighteen george sorrows in this completely bagged by documentation a group known as united in padruic is actually priorities us say under another name come our ballot the two thousand sixteen misconception no for those that don't know a whole lot about how lichens work in our state listen cycle they tend to your probably going to have the same valley used with different people on it for anywhere from two to eight years they're not going to change the layout how it's done et cetera et cetera so when you have altrosen or two thousand and eight there are more than likely and in this case were sanballat from the previous elections so in this group is in cape of our ballot you ask how did they get copies of these ballots through a lawsuit to assuage in the foyer quest pictures of the poor require he issued to the corentin and the film as well copies of our ballads from two thousand six may for archetype parties the little target inside the circle of box to see if it's alimentative them access to all these things are we even cast a single ballot in the working not like the president trump was like president ronald reagan it was something that was never supposed to have been and at something that's going to have that to happen for dona and our state as well we need her numbers the only way you beat these is he not give them a single the play with honestly i don't care in the grand scheme when it comes to reading the i don't care who you go out and vote i just wanted to be the people's voice because i'm here to tell you if you leave two hundred thousand bottle didn't get up and get out and go to it those two hundred thousand votes go to tutor is good job bide whatever establishment candidate is in your district or present or county in those boats are going to go far if you don't get up go out and they are going to steal your boat all the way through you also see in the film there will be a part to coming out because i didn't want to do everybody went a gentle downpour of pay her words entirely vacant you why and how i didn't want to everybody with that right off the bat so these sustained cion for people to a kind of deporting the water now a little bit of the people in our state how they incorporate into the grander scheme of things like that that was run wiser with the atlantic council the world economic form headquarters his journey on its way in detroit michigan all so has run wiser and seven rose and angilbert finger all over it wondered money out the people of detroit and weighing county probably even over as far as where melissa they landed money of the people three different buildings that the same location you also see that the yes i encourage everybody to go over that you're not only going to what happened behind the to the election you'll also by an out the some of the ways that they move money some of the ways try to go undetected so that they don't raise it neither scouts and strew their all against they are all against you none of them want to see any of you prosper they wanted it on their thrones and they want to have the money they want to have the power and you guingon get ration groceries every day from the grocery store every week from the grocery that is a big with them we the people and the power and everybody remember that way you're not even vote you not even voting remember how we're supposed to live our lives as american everyday by god country and constitute i do want to be saying you're going to be okay as americans i promise i can yet money laundry so great i've got a couple articles that i was going to read off here one is billionth the perilous and addie is close where the money is going we just had two hundred seventy five he million dollars i think is a million dollars going to a i think it's billows bill we got with the were wearing the billions reather weather it is here so many numbers going around it's not just one thing it's it in so many different directions so here's another one that got soldiers the pentagon lost two hundred and thirty two million trying to pay afghans they're not not on this is a different one besides you ukraine is is this is afghanistan they are money laundering in so many different direct to continue to make us all into their debt that's what it is i started with the started with the start of the reserve but it it's going it's going into other countries and right now sheer numbers that is leaving the state and nation is amazing we lost billion dollars through unemployment fraud in the state because i know a broad investigator who then from within is it's a whistle blower with an uninfluential and and they said it's not three bellaise somewhere between some states are saying for millions he said i can tell you from working within an employment that is closer a sixty billion dollars and where he was when winter took off fraud retention there it allowed from within the this wasn't just you outside the system i was within that knew how to gain the to get that money out of this and egad i don't want to get you off but our legislators were part of that or yekele from within anatomisation our legislators of social media sites they talk about how terrible it morselling this fraud do will ye resistible and the awful hurt and we need to get her out of there and she's a communist as well but publican now are actually working with wet mud can any the broad i watched it happen i actually witnessed and a lot of our day might not know is but a lot of our canadian michigan are republican candidates were actually on an employment from the legislators just to get through their camp well i know that she can i know what mercator's of the people around her now that i and then to some of the coleman and took the coin money and gave them a a week which amounts to an hour and hazard which i know about you guys but i were talk as her pay none of us got it but an atanasio there are evil they they could care less about us and they were all in on it together not one of them is going to without being guilty and i mean completely and utterly guilty of treason and it is absolutely true i watched a half and like i said i was literally in the middle of it i couldn't believe it it was one of the reasons why all that i stop working with that previous manager i was telling you about because i cut boebeis just one of the several things that you know i had seen that i was thinking you know this isn't there's something going on here and there you know obviously we have discernment sermon and and and i like it when you were saying at the beginning of the show people claimed that their so religious that's how they actually the they deceive people by claiming how religious they are well i'm sorry but if if you have any kind of religion or no god you are a born again believer and if you're not that that's okay and i'm just saying if you are you know what you are doing and you know what you are doing is wrong it doesn't the average person knows what what they're doing is wrong may not my liberal is my father old nose right from wrong hard to figure out you know and then when we look around and are our legislators are are not willing to do anything for their constituents nothing they hardly even respond any more these people are dictators and they need to he you look at the ballot there pretty much all running on a post so i don't know i mean terrifying the early yea and there working in the you know they're working in the billions of dollars to you know and ranging as in other cities two weapons human traffic and drug traffic is this is this is our government that the complicity and everybody is going to have to wake up to the that they were not canonisation to hugely organized crime being permitted by our elected officials in her own elected it sanctioned its state sanction human traffic sing with the border like we were on the border one of our companies who was working on the board for and watching this in the news and kidneys background stories on this this is a much deeper issue than what people realize it we've got buses and michigan i've been doing some tracking of the buses and michigan their several co a border crossing look and you know and then we started chasing down or started chase that the hotels in the hotel system is another that they're all owned by holy one corporate taking these these you know these borrowers are not going to i'm incarnate there's so many different names there that we can say but when we realize that i believe that quite a few of them are not here on their own volition i think that they're being traffic through the drug cartels and i quite their dropping the office pacific hotel leaving them there for about a week we are getting paid four hundred or i see estimate of eight hundred dollars a night for person through our government that in where do they go from there there is no answer my thoughts that are making this amount of money the non pro the services with that any christian services and they all go by these humanitarian name like the red cross is trafficking it is is is involved in so many different things it's not even funny only twenty of the blood that's donated is actually going to help you the rest of it well selling his and and we have to get to the bottom of this that are caught up in any human trafficking lay i think sure there's a good amount of refugees that are just crossing the road nobody walks two thousand miles with it with little kids and strollers they they are literally they are literally picking them up dropping them off and a huge deal girl of the day i have an emergency phone call how cabinetmaking so much you i done something i would want to tetuan to talk to you about firewood in this is so important because i've never drove anywhere and seen a family and the coroner and i live in economy i live in a nice area and i can't tell you how many times that i've been driving lately and seen an entire family in a corner and the man the husband her ever is who knows we don't know we don't know these people healing a sign that says refuge family and whatever no we have never seen anything like we have never in now it is really hitting us because they are in our back yard this is what we you know this is the agenda is opening the door for them at when you don't have enough just open the border and then you know but the border you know but all and will your wedding and drugs that have ever crossed through the southern border and norse country ever there is american american and that not the number one cause of death that an all we've never had the that all i mean it even now i know that it's a pain medication from a doctor but i don't know how these people are using it but it's actually killing people people these people are and i had a friend that that was murdered will call it murdered by my fatal rather beginning of covert and he's twenty six years old as a good friend of mine so the like my friends like a brother to me we've been friends or families been friends for a long time son was murdered by fatal and he was gone before even hit the it the ground he didn't he didn't know because they repacked do and like the bubble packaging of other of other medications and such an that's exactly somebody took him out that way you know one of my friends just told me the other day that her sister had to go pick one of her her friends she suffering add to that a tatouage recently she's only twenty five and they had to go rescue her out of the hotel that you're talking about you know it's like you here this you heard about cocaine kid this is where it gets really grew so they literally use children on the other side of the border and the terminate their lives and then the drugs the bodies the border and these are little tiny one of the things that they're doing as there used children who they have murdered in fine to move these drugs across the board i see that theoretically know it's like when you get to the when you really get in behind i see what's going on are beyond our comprehension how evil they are and when you look at that you cannot you cannot separate the fact that our elected is there in on it because somebody would say something they would stop it and they're not the letter if they see a country at peace by peace they flatter our country with with you know if he knoweth same thing in world war two and france the communist play book they flooded the south border it overwhelms the system of a train to these numbers and helping people as were good we want to help people right overwhelms them as there they say oh you know look over here as we're getting over her now i do i i did see a video awhile back looking and to what's going on at the border i tell you very tomfoolery hours children were not alert they were all sleeping out and i was thinking why don't they all then i know my kids won't be sleeping i know they want and not with lash lights shining in their eyes the police is after they get you know the place come in and thinking do anything you know they put him in a line and may let them go they have to let them go at this we can do anything but these children are drawn the crowheart looking into their eyes they don't wake up they won't wake up and in an if you look at it also if you just watch adeos you can find bodies you have to find him in the right place you can't go on to some you know last must you can't do that you have to find in the right place ransomed that actually want or go on a conservative new organization and you have to get rough boat now this but so shows you'll realize if you're watching it it doesn't have to even be said there is more men than there are women these men are coming over with these children where did they get they get these children have no idea they can prove who these kids are they can't even prove of their terrors and they say they always say there there wife left why will your wife leave you when everybody's dream is to go to america she would not leave you that's natural true in those kids are getting most of those kids are being sexually used on the way up the rate therates down in texas that you can see clothing from their victims on these as a situation it now the amount of victims involved in this you know we can we can truly see that that their pervasiveness of a victimizing or fellow human beings in this is just rush not only are they so on our control our farm land and in this whole thing i mean we could go into so many different directions with hesitative funny and the reason is as we have pep who have committed criminal acts the jeffrey absent there's more than one island out there guarantee just like there was more than bielstein blew up over and eurie heard estimate somebody who worked within the government files across the united there are more islands than abstain island out there and that they do that us kids to black mail and to to satiate their setting people up with with you know and on every level the setting people with a setting people you know to black men this whole just the organized crime from top to bateman are politicians there in one they are in and one man on a milanesi down i was working with a manager was why won't this one legislator that he was chief of staff or that my manager was the chief of a fortune legislator and and and you know i think i'm going to say housemaids not but am i so anyway this i kept saying to my manager can you please please tell him to say some about this here is all the paperwork hers all the proof tell him to start talking about this if we have one legislator talking about will they be more people that come out please tell him to start talking about this he is to do it refers to i got joan police to come to even adamant whom talk to jooneer had private members if animate from one i mean i think any one would but these conservatives are little arkansas are most conservative republican or analogists and landing are most conservative there's always a list of about three they are the life do as anything the proof will be right in front of them even the border crisis dona are legislators could stand up and this is a huge problem michigan we don't want these people in michigan we want to protect our state you know children getting kicked out of foster care american set in and they are throwing the children and on the streets will allow legal reiterates the money behind when you follow the money you can see what they're doing and i only what you know you know me you know me pretty well and you know that i'm kind of a tough and our not going to put up with a stuff so in office you know there's ways of doing this that's basically a full kind of nonsense and go back to the constitution to the moment and we assert i and basically this is going to be my plan you take a kid across that border you refuse to respect our states rights were going to oregon this in actual a sovereign a hundred with import but we're not going to be sitting here as the whipping boy for the federal government and the federal over that and i want that they want anybody comes across that border the that's trafficking i am i am absolutely we're going to arrest we're going to work on to an arrest him and were going to seize all as that they have so the warning is out there just like with our elections donna brandenburg it in is over as governor we are right now we have eyes on the ground all over the place anybody thinks about cheating here in the state of mine not from now to to it in the future and even in the past we have teams of people all over this if your chin you will be prosecuted the last the fullest prosecute i know it under the law and that could include an up to trees and an insouciant and trees in a tree and trees and he has is a pretty stiff battle and i believe that we need to be running a full time down to get a putting these i ain you know for treason investigated to trees and edmonton a military tribunal and their faith their fate is their own shoes well if they don't choose what pinioned in office who had not gone to budge on the committed election for that's an issue of national we're going to go after these people and we are going to to throw everything we have at them for what they've done to the united states america for trafficking drugs child for killing or for lying to them by putting people in in a position in our universities which are nothing more than a doctor nation camps at this point in away there will maintenant a month mounts of time our polite are contributing in nonancourt millions and billions singularly billions and trillions of dollars are going to these organizations to foundations and all he had to do as a minestead word right now and i find it or consider we all know that it was there are running running around across the glow committing these heretic in the name of what so we need to learn a question everything from our patriot to to the social civic group all of the famed to be question who is actually sitting whose actually talked i think we're going to find out that probably for some of the people in our own government the state of michigan are bad actors in their involved with higher up organization organizations there people want to know well why do the candidate you know they seem to be a good candidate before they got into office and all of a sudden they get an office and they turn back it's like a young me they were bad before they got into office and dilettante right a totally agree with it and going back to what i said earlier as a christian and you don't have to be approached in to have discernment you don't have to you know you know right from wrong as adults we know right from a even with these with the laugh that talks about how were races because we don't want the southern border open it is not that that is not what it is you don't have a country if you don't have a border you all so i that in any of these people there my gray great grandparents came to america from italy and something i have it all put away people were they waited they waited a very long time they paid a lot of money they took that they they knew who are government knew who they were we had a certain amount of people that we could let in you know we just open the boarders i mean these were law abiding citizens that that had good jobs and in a family and you know they knew that they were going to in our and and they wanted to now what going back to darena who she just said i just want to all the voters to realize that this is going to come down to in november the establishment further republican party the money that the democrats have a limit to comes as they needed they do what i mean these people do whatever they want to do with dona running and myself one is leaving an option he the voters of mean it is not splitting the boat it is not because the establishment is a still the voice of we have to realize that out of all those candidates on a itemizing i i got wet through all their backgrounds are searched them all none of them have he resumed that you have none of them have they are not qualified for the post and that man i mean i think that there are some good people running you know that are trying to make the difference i truly do but they don't have the ruination as they do not downhanging resume as well over qualified for this possession she doesn't want to do it she is not a politician but from dead he came and he didn't want to do it he saw we so the video that trapped when he was in his thirties maybe his resonantly remember you said it you know they said it overland on running for president and he you know not really but if he gets too bad if i will and i did i did with don and dona she can go live her life and retire comfortably the very successful but she chose a voice for the people and be in action so important when you run for office you get attack after attack after attack after attack or family goes through a lot you got through a lot it is hard to put yourself out there to run her off as look at the ballot natalia people did it we don't have a lot of people that did it we had two years to recruit you know to run and yet elected so we could take her state and we don't we don't have the numbers on the ballot so that tells you how people are really willing to run for elected office because they don't want to put their selves out there but when you have somebody that is willing to that such an honest american kopatree that once the best for everybody that wants to expose all this corruption you have to appreciate that in at least give this person establishment doesn't want to be a voice for the people they want to i want to be dictators over they want to keep the so we're going to work to get i believe that both of us because we are not a stable see the establishment as the problem it's not it's not the out the bone man is an outside the buggy man is within and that's really that's really we you know we look at world economic form you know so soon and that's a big deal but others and other level there there's a whole nother level and we can look there we can look at the coordinated ballet between finding them from with and the best ones like when you when you see the device money going towards tetrica that's great i believe that that's in a way it's who else are they there is more money going in the west don't they don't really care they want they want a rubber stamp candidate put in establishment does i'm not just going to say the assail i'm in a safe they'm not i'm not pointing finger just as now i am saying these big for two or of mere something and they they want to be able to dictate whoever sitting in their low public government exactly what's going on to feed this beast system which is a global est of organized and when somebody comes into it from truly from the outside who can't be bought off seated or coerce i mean they've come at me plenty of time i actually three different or people come to me and say he you know what we have enough delegates if you want to be had of the republican party and tell you for why we have enough do you can have that job and it's more money than what you're going to get as governor that's incredible you know now they're trying to payoff or offer me another job or something in order to just get rid of the reality is is at this is a money people are looking at voting for a governor absolutely not be a popularity it is implied sir job in and attentive to manage the asset people of primarily a money and money and a pale the person is in that governor has the ability read to a quite a bit of that would go to would be of the people by the people for you know in the best carry out the wishes of the people we the money laundering politicians who are moving it in every single direction in order to buy and there were in general back on to the pad play the hook the whole campaign is a pain to play when when you have people ask me right off the bat well how much money do you have much money here as the set the other thing the first question any one asks there looking at resources a fine way from individuals to did it to perry johnson i watched i felt kind of bad for perry though you know i know that he to with proud see it with ring they were they were chosen because of the money they had behind them was nearly as i'm getting eblis billionaire dohna brandenburg my husband i called him when when i saw that first article on the gateway panic and the those crazy that he was like hot to pull that off day by misadventure at roger a daughter last came board such wilmore happy i married into this same and in my day you know who knew you know i'm reading it was solely a fairer in order to try to throw me with the billionaire global and it's not even remotely true its there's not nosotros so that whatsoever yes that is exactly what it was what was it's incredible when you stand back and you look at the way these people were in and they do it and sometimes it's a very clever way you know just amazing to me because that is exactly why i did it seem and that's okay you know that's fine because only that's their goal but there goal is that the republican party ball is to find somebody who actually really is a billionaire right and then steal their money away from them and you know oh let me give you this man aeration and let me get you whatever all this money to this and and here's our friends that we were with that you pay for your dayanand that's what they did to me meant saying now this is what they do to me here's where your dad a gas i'm called him when you need any mail or benumbed to detect well you know where do you think that your information goes when you sign up and in a citizens initiative had passed a notation and i don't know who knows everybody's day on mine that is better days worth gold and politics he can manipulate the that day look at what they look at the leak that came out the sweet the candidate he published the winning candidates and it was kind of funny to watch us unfolding got out in the star saving all of it so i have i have a screen shots of all of it including the aristotelian files and data on it because as things that i do and then i put all that information in a million different directions the eempossible for for any one to find where this where i i say things of it they'll never find to try to get rid of it you know we watch how they went in and they roger stones and they were raiding rogerson there amiens place in such looking for information anybody that tis a real threat not all not all raids or for real either i know of one happened that was pretty well staged began the bird they met the church parking lot change clothes for an hour for the raid that brings a lot of questions to mind in the validity of all of it you look at you look at the amount of that what what they were doing as they're looking at a ratio so they went and they said it was an affiliate will these are competing news organization and so then all of us faces realizes that all the resident roubles are getting it a lad daily that it while they prove is that they can hand in put information and so they have to look at the ratio of what they expect they want to have happen so that they can with plausible tenability denied that there was any wrong doing so with the rations that are coming out in the they are predicting not only are they who is they are election its election interference now there studying this up in order to peep for people to say well you know tutor dixon's got a win and because an impediment right i might as well not vote because there is like its twenty twenty five on points ahead of the next she and so they did it in order to psychologically manipulate the receptions that's why i'm against pools i won't take part in any the polls because i know the polls are already to so one go in leeson we have to sit there and we need to listen to good good people who are putting out actual information not just had lines why you know what this is making a lot of i think i think i'm going to stand up bravely and in ways that our own legislature didn't do i'm not going to be a hypocrite i'm going to get out there and i'm going to actually vote and be part of this revolution which is going to change and you know what else we need people to work the election i work the loons i tried to stay close to my house it is so important will it is important for several reasons as the portantina get to know the pros you know what the process is it's very important as an american citizen to know the voting cross and then you know it's very important also because the way that she had in the past and i not saying that that we're going to catch in all reality were probably not just standing there watching it all reality it happens on the machines that happens with a drop o but you saw what every one saw her what our state what after that maslova why don't we know anybody watching our dragon why don't we have our motor silently four seven surveillance but even that isn't good enough because they can act some of those files i mean they came they have read of on the they say on the camera shut off and we don't know at we have seen that over and over and over again where they just shut the camera off and all of a sudden the day to dis it unto we get rid of these ridiculous drop a absolutely in any valuation you can do make that rife we have to get rid of those and people need to people need to vote in person but antelopes of these drag boxes there is no purpose of them you have your absence all it send it back in the mail oh you know the problem with that is as this is going to have to come up at some point to that could i actually am implicate the us postal service or anybody else of actual male fraud yet as if there moved in the sinister situation we need to talk about is legally we have to look at this legally and the laws of their in fact break the boxes are eagle and going through the manifold be you know if there during malory enabled smart they did the smart because you know talk to joan about bill and he said i said what are we going to do about these drapes long as we can get them in a post of the latin is of the federal cr you know like your saying we cut and get him in the postoffice down our legislators won't do anything about it they won't they won't even request that they get put in a post because they know they're going to get caught so so they're breaking the law in their using the laws to then they wiseness with knowledge and it is you know is it's about men how much more how much more evidence do we need to have you know this is how much more evidence do we honestly need to have and i know the releasing i releasing something called the i think it's amazing out there are good a jump on this with with everything that we have an order to even find the fine grain more stuff it's out there where that where we could find the the absolute anomalies in nagoba to this immense this and i said this publicly in my no one who wanted to have the twenty twenty election honest that i seen out there i tell you why they immediately went to frau wille that's great but frais a fifty year fight that is a criminal terminology in the use that on the use that for a signature balstain order to basically it it's kind of defamation at this point time because you have to prove fraud if you're going to allow for now you know and it's what they did as they started going fraud froufrou which opened it up to a fifty or the sessile involved in this how are you going to prove that without having a just an absolute huge court case going so how are you going to prove that not in time to actually reverse a desert he knew what they were doing so the way i would have gone with it as i would have gone to failure because there were so many failure points and i one on one fact alone comparing how many registered voters there were two however we had we could have the stone and one if you got a buffet per cent error margin i heard that a half percent to wander i i found but when you are above a fifteen per cent ararat on anything i mean think about it if you had fifteen per cent armed in your bank or a retired out or the you know as this is were talking about our voice in all so as so when you look at them you you have to i percent error you know are rather what in the world is going a why did they let that because that was enough to desert the whole thing and one day they didn't do it so they got so i would have to say that there may be things going on behind the scenes which would exposure of the ateliers that's really what i believe is more going on here is that we're exposing thing from top to bottom so that we don't just catch one per them all and when we've heard the statement we have it all we have it and any one any one doing it in the past or even now choose wisely because the hounds a how are going to be bitten or and we are not going to let this thing go and are single person that he has a finger in any part of this is going to absolutely have to come to have come to jesus meeting at some point time and say well i wish i would have made a better choice while i mean i want to know what these people are being prosecuted just like the people that were involved than nineteen people that the circulators of of the petitions where are they do they give you the people's names because you were a victim you are not the person people should be getting i being prosecuted and ridiculous the committeeman here while i was with the attorney general or or anybody that seated actually wide they never can if they knew about this mark and the sudden nothing the offered no no warning any one they had the information of americans people the people of mine in hands of some that they set frau than the suspicion there or they would have been it was otherwise they would have something had a time to protect not only the candidate of the people of michigan they said nothing there is no subpoenas issued there were no witnesses called it and then the ambush particularly mean the two third of may in order to that time line out to be to the absentee ballots that they can ram this whole abstaining through without actually a due process separation of powers and the violation of constitutional rights for not just a candidate but all this was absolutely aaron de the people of it was a wrong doing to the people of michigan was a it for from i believe she or ramachandra and that's not ours any more beans a rosy were in a different memoriter stood up so up for any of us they now tinknor president trump they haven't been on our side which is the patriot probably absolutely i agree and they they're not going to they're not going to if you have your own voice and you don't but down to them and tell them that you know you will keep your mouth shut you will say anything about certain people i you have to agree to those i came to the point in december where they told me that you don't agree to these terms literally madame in your face book page and say that you totally agree with her and she has the most integrity you've ever seen we're down and i said i had well it was a huge issue but it not right we don't that's not how america works this is a free country i was told that it not that i can't talk about silent god i said that is not because i'm not a good church on sunday christian and then the rest of my life you know spend it plotting against slevin these parts we had to ruth and i mean that that's important but even in these paratroops when people are attacking and defaming people on these i am an they want to say you know turn round and say god bless you i have i have a real problem with it we can tell the truth but cullinanes and an absolutely i mean when a stick to the issues this were only our state this is too important for this and to be told you can't talk about this you can't do this you have to pay twenty thousand dollars and i was offered a seicento some a twenty thousand dollar trump endorsed and i don't think that president to anything about that out of the persons said that this that of course it doesn't go to president trumpet people below him so the question is this who are those while he went ahead in ah basil it was during the meeting and i'll put that book with a salute but i don't like to go i don't like to throw names out until i can absolutely have everything in front of me including a witness that was there and listened to the locomotion on what was going on so we we have have it all you and so i really do believe that that this will come out over time but this is a huge pay to play for camping fund to pay people for favors on the inside which i absolutely refuse to do i won't do it i won't do it either and the first time it was brought up to me about paying for an endorsement on i remember it was somebody here in michigan work up and high in politics pretty a lot of people even know who he is my manager said missed him how much he wants for paying somebody for endorsed a somebody for endorsement i said endorsement personal what what do you mean i can't say you that you're going to be a good rider you don't that's not personal any more it's it's not even an endorsement and more that it now you just purchased you know what i mean it's it's insane on we it really is its it's it's absolutely part of their little pay to place them and and move in money of in the different i had somebody tell me this week end that they were working with another candidate as while running for an office on another party this person and i'm working with does not win the nomination on august person has two points million in a continent that they would see if they could switch over to me and my one was the first of all was this it would be a cold cold day and how before i would take that money because it looks like a set up for me taking money that's a chance to either the packs or dark money and you know we're going to have to change his entire election the lection cycle of thin people need to get in and and donate like word i'm going to be launching a bunch of low of being the plantation of la going to take some money to to do this and set as i am not education whole pile a can everybody's going to need to jump at and help us the asexually fight we work on and we're going to need people that are going to come alongside of us now we enter the hut with their outfits and to help us get things out there so that the channels that a normal the normal establishment a candidate has are not open to so we're doing the wrong the backside funny thing saturday of last week were ten of our channels that get information we had we had six million interact the next closest candidate is at eight million and we were a million we had another day so i would say that we probably hit an it's not all of all of them that's only two so for whatever reason god is blessing us with favor to the man and when we were putting into this so much further than what then then what it would be without him this is totally a god aviator i believe that absolutely and anyhow i just i hope that the people and in one medium closer to the general election i believe that people the voters of michigan will understand more how this is benefit you will always see that the parties will fail you they are going to fail you they fail the people every because and i used to be a very uneducated voter some i was well i've only been an educated voter for the years honest you realize you are an educated voter it is actually one of the worst feelings because you like how i do that for so it's also the worst thing you can do to an uneducated voter because you are going and down and noting down ticketed democrat or republican i thought i always thought i was doing a good thing down take will now is not it really really really really bad when you go straight party like that in the action she even be there i think it's unconstitutional for the action to be there at all it should never be there if somebody knows and takes the time to actually cast about then they can take the time to fill it out they don't have to just mark a box and walk out there are there many rods and who is running these straight party voting systems it a parties themselves absolute it justly okasaki is a voter guides the voter guides that are out there i i don't like the voters because whose footing them to gather interest you do not have a vote but i don't care if they say that they're in a patriot a boat guide has been put together by some one who has their own personal agenda whose trying to tell you how to vote at that one crenelated and what's behind it i saw one yesterday that somebody handed me and i look at the presents the approval from this person it was out there and i i really looked at it and i'm looking at the he then at the top of this the percentage is what an i start asking what are they what are the qualifications or the fine green that they're looking for a given this these percentages because we're what i know on the outside about these people and having researched myself people are not who they say they are and they certainly are not for we the people but the voter guides are passing them off as approved candidates question approved by who and you know who is his approving and beaters and jonathan reader as a proving who can run and each party so if you ask personal actually one individual that is choosing who can run for elected office and that is he is complete he well you have for people in the board of canisters who decided who was going to be able to run to be in office for people decided that under the guidance of jonathan breeder who in fact lost entire second submission of signatures and he and would not answer to it until we filed under the michigan supreme because they knew they were caught and not what another person that is being appointed to it and as the you know the the last name of house that is we need to dig into this a little bit i have already and when i see some of the companies that are with this individual who are reporting a you know the exact same numbers of income and such it really is incredibly concerning we we need to dig into the better are these people are actually republicans or they just being round as republican and there over a state for a long time camajore of their districts are actually conservative so they run him as a republican and i so it's a it's a it's a lie these or of canvases the word canvases is also responsible for passing citizen initiative othello at these indians so we have right now on the ballot november we have reproductive freedom for now that is to be the title they allowed this initiative why the republicans in these two democrats by the way of you get a tide voices against you that's the foreseat one it's outrageous it's all rates balaguer make a more even number and then if you get if you get a tie vote it was against you i don't usually go again timbo for the but anyway you are that they don't work for the when he had got gosains the the italian over choosing his own the ballot antietam way they are titled donna the opposite of what they truly are and that is a problem when we have when we have these four people sitting up here making all these decisions you are looking at the decisions that they allowed so that has to be at least three people from fort three on a forehead seasoned to so one republican had voted yes why are they passing it on its it's not even to that the title is unconstitutional in itself the opposite of what the bill does or abortion it is for women to go get abortion reproductive freedom for all we have reproductive freedom i am a woman you are to dine we him children we know we can have children and murder is murder in interflowing met their passing at these two republicans are passing us so we know how corrupt they are dear there you go it like people don't use opticians in the titles in the language being in all these people allowing that and then what they did to you you know the bedchambers done who greater was actually the person he whether i was desolate not to you literally wrote me an email and said i'm meliant have enough proof for a anything pretty much as you're of the i sent him recording audio recording screen shots males all the proof he ever made it was there it was solid even and he he wanted to so it's there just using their issuing you know like he said he said we were making a policies you know basically what he was saying as it were making a policy on the fly this is our elections and we have people that are absolutely choosing winners and losers if we electing to the establishment people in on both sides of the the unitary you know from the unwary they're doing that in order for them to not have to change the keep the status quo so they can keep origination manipulating pretty much any any in all parts of it that's what we're seeing it's not going to change it a sandy do the same thing over and over again an expected to change it if we do if we thought it was going to change it would have you know president trump was he did a huge i like all of his economic he had some i was a executive he did you know he did the some of the most amazing executive orders and i mean i would read him over and over and over it to understand the language and why he did it that way because you could actually see how what the plan was by reading the executive orders and seen how to dismantle this old guard stuff on and and it's amazing to think that we're going to voting in these establishment politics ones that are standing together in their all the same put him on in a bag shakoona table granny got what you got the same you got the same and they just look different from the outside but the reality is is there standing together and they are not the if there stand together in any way shape or form from the top of what we already know as a problem the amigo is a promise not the there are republican it's not that it's the leader involved in this and in its large they had people into their machine and in they do and one more i don't know we see the favor of the establishment is a certain and then realise that all we ate a lot of it here beside the in a lot of you there is dirt all over the so what's going to happen is no matter really who wins the the primary quite of what happens as they just wait because the democrats were working with them are waiting till they got a winter so that to that candidate with so that so that what's the goal is to get it me so regardless the way to your vote you know and it's now you're already thrown away your vote does make any diffrence the goal whoever you vote it is going to be is going to be the target for the removal and if there's enough bad stuff in the background that's exactly what they're goin to go after in order that whitewashes how they did do it absolutely it is and you know there's everybody has things in their back everything you know when i came out as the dominion voting list lower there was so many lies that were thrown out there it's just unbelievable and the media that picks it up spread it around and play there comes i couldn't but eyes outrageous i mean how do you take landis radiolite that its insane but you know if you do or own research and look at names up and look in too they actually are where they came from and what their intentions are you know and and who they surround herself with their affiliates you know we are affiliated with you know you have to look into that people don't the other people they are you're not close to somebody really close to somebody i totally disagree with her views does happen and in any these candidates getting closer and closer the establishment that they said they would never gain they said that they would never do that it when it before a primary election lourenco there to the people that they always been very interesting to watch i germandre i'll win yeh it's crazy because it before the primary inside you know the candidates that you thought what you know it's just so as very entertaining at the same time to who tragically true these people actually really are because at this point you have to remember they don't think you haven't they are our option there your action you don't have another action and they know that and they're going to be theatrically they did and tell you and i oh my gosh malicorn and don a beanery gosh darn religion the the world's comin to an end now because we actually have a and now we have a list the snow it now the people have a choice you know too knotty did to me when he went to and i i had to go to an i go to a land in i eating literally five minutes before they close i just made it there because i had a day i had a good why is it that to her dietary single one of her ballads made a mistake on the date in the board of elections were canvassers oh that's not really a big issue and blue hitherwhere take the rest of us and that's what peter people know why would they allow that so why does jonathan brander has it all up to him he is the director of election why does he allow her to get away with her he won't even allow a day to and you the at the election day was wrong on her i nominate and her action yeah and then like that not that big of a deal so they want to go through we went in to try to see but all no he wouldn't let us have access which was actually breaking the law we have a and have access and to january and so it they were going against a law by dying assail to look at the she had donated they wanted to the instant it has why i i respect donough as well because you have to remember these lawsuits that dunaston through these last doing the state for what they've done she's holding anatole not just a donizetti is to every single person person in michigan's benefit as is to the voters in all the cities i mean all of us it's all to arbeit we need someone to do this we need a way have to have we have to fight it to precedent so that it will never happen again and so you know the initiation i decided to initiate the lawsuit in the supreme court and then also a federal court and we don't lay down and we don't do you know an absurd writing candidacy and i this is another thing i found in the media here james cried was illuminated and he's not on the balances doing right and why is it that the medical category and a bubble for him on those election result you know that you know and they actually showed him one how could he be a writer if they actually put a spot for him for reporting that that he was it looks like he is actually you know he's one goat's okay i got a look at that dona but monotonous oh great that's amazing case you know why here they were the hissing a crack splitting the vow you want to know whose sliding your goal is that right and canada that running in the republican hearty that the person that's taking your votes that person and splitting the boat not anybody else don and i are in the primary we're not going to take any now in the general election were still not goin to take any going to at dying here for a change in michigan and what edward do anything to get a good person elected this is going to give the people a something we've never had and people actually need to be thanking don her and saying that things about her the need to be thinking her cause you're goin to see later on down the road how does is really going to benefit yeah thing for you i mean the fight that you've once and you continue to fight is absolutely inspiring you haven't that down you let him be let him attack you and such you know it both of us and had that and you you have you are the first one that really stood there without without you know backing down i bet he medicine for that because you you would not be silenced you would not be bought off a course or intimidate you just kept going and that's your only way we're going to win this state back it's about it's about absolutely continuing to go forward and no matter which traction they come on us were willing to stand and not that down and and you know be shut up and i really really appreciate any so much for that and the people of michigan need to realize that the confidence that i have in you so many people have in you because of your unrelenting unwavering commitment to this and in addressing this corruption that no matter what was it you know you less inlaid midget rid of mass mandate i and get rid of that scene it's kind of a target fixation because all of those things not a lurking out there in that in a shadows right now and they were wrong don't get me wrong if we don't go to the core issues of the corruption and did in roof the corruption and gendered of this unnecessary federal and state and government overreach they're just going to come back again the communist a play book and it's not a new one this has been around they've done it many times we thence to come catcalled a color evolution the united states is involved in a color abolition which was also launched in ukraine in then setting of an amazing color evolution played out on american and so nothing new under the sun this is what they do there actually not all that smart when you talk to him you know it's like they don't they don't really it's a puppet is there a popite they don't have any real informal no it is really incredible because you when you're not in politics directly you don't you would never think that this actually be going on you would never think i don't know if you assumed at donabue and getting into it and seeing these actors that that these individuals have i mean even orleanois they have people that they hire pay to the people from asking questions and to make the people look they do as and it's not right that's not how you that's not do that as an elected official you your job is to the state it is some somebody who can actually communicate and unite the country rather than divided into little controllable atheism what we're dealing with right now but i know gobind it one i know that you that you know that too and it's going to be interesting play out i want read i want i posted like a post script and you know i you know my in the morning and i thought this was really appropriate for therefore since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of white to every hinders and send that so easily attained and let us run severance the race out with us and i do believe that whatever when god start god always godwin got always winton people came continentals and think that they can get away with a for ever but you know what god is looking and watching and searching man's he knows the hearts of men whether they are good or whether they are bad whether they're going to choose to do the right thing under all circle or whether they're using it for their own selfish gain i mean i was a sin of self and control and see that you know that you know you know might the apple and you will be as god and it was all about it was all about no reading that that that ere our problem you can you have to make a choice that the choice is and whether whether you're going to stand with with god and with the people that that his will be the ones to defend the children and that's a big deal it's really a huge deal i'm going to start dropping more of the stuff out there because i don't think that people understand when they talk about trafficking we're not talking about sixteen year olds that look like eighteen year old even though that's wrong were talking to your old were talking in we're talking kids that are in ears were talking were talking people that you know when you look into the patapedia aspect of how government is rahther use you can start seeing the players that our task evil evil godless control and a lot of it involves horrific crimes humanity and child true true believers not people that say god bless and then walk out and stab in the back but next all true believers you know that that are there's a whole other level to because you know we have not to lose you got a problem when you have somebody who has nothing to lose no we're not afraid because we know we have a different a different minds completely and that's what it is and and and and you know you can't go in there as a camp formidanda you can't go in there with a weak the no absolutely not now people are there even it needs to be torn down from the inside and it needs to be rebuilt i have the path money the packs i know it's a federal thing but i don't awaits so absolutely i agree with you percent it is wrong which means that it follows on the shoulders of every single person in get in the game game and how mistakes sapwood else to do the work and you know and go back to our you know go back to our normal life but but it's not and just just now i just said something that not another way that the trauer me is that there some take accounts that are going under that are going under donovan and there's another person out there that they're going to underdrained for governor and they've got my picter on mine and screens of this but they are trying to even a copy ay or words they're trying to make us to liken or doing things that were not so you have to get on our official to where you're going to find it for me is under brandon bird for governor do come you can find all my official channels there from my telegram and i do right every single word on telegram and do you know that that i ran i do all the posts i answer any of the questions that are people out that i'm not playing games with people that come to my channel in order to create division and more more more division and more confusion people are the that they are working for the deep these people are not random and i'm not talking about honest questions i like i heard questions i like the people is when they start a taking other people in the channel when they start spreading lies in stick to the issues or if they go after people in in a way that is not truthful in order just to derail the entire throng it if i see that kind of attack i mean i'm not putting up with it i'm not going to put up with these people coming in and just doing what mainstream medea's doing all the time i i don't put up with it and i'll call mortials screen shot it and i'll probably find out who it really is because i am a person as a research i'm taking a where are kicking tail and take names and we're not going to put up with from top to bottom if they are a communist who is here and laciniata against the united states of america against our families you know not to have their opinions out there but as an invading foreign entity all of this really is they're goin to have a problem with us because we're not going to back down and we're not putting up with a and we shan't have to and i know what you're talking about down east happened to me and a daily basis i started happening either with the face of towns it was mostly with telegram and and it got really ottocento in fact a lot of the people that made these fatuous ended up later and telling me the they massage said that the they didn't have anything better to do and that's what they wanted to do why that in the talking to people about it will not these people get paid to the hearty to be real honest people who are trying to do somethin exactly what's going on and so that's a way you and i are back down trampoline badgers that mean in one will fight to the we will fight on till the tree and annie'll never go back on anything i've said and you know you don't you you look at me so peoples a past everybody has a past but one tell you when you have leadership running the country that's guilty of the that gets that literally has police ran and in you know how many legislators get this and get out of them how many just do they commence several crimes and you the human trafficking i mean it's a oconto when you when you know that this is going on and you not your not doing anything about it that's a when right and the art of word is knowingly we all have people in our families and friends that we love that we know have fallen down and maybe not always done the right thing we step in as a servant heart to help them to when you don't sit there and throw rocks sandeman make their troubles worse we try to help you will are knowingly committing crimes against other people that's a whole different level of issue going on and it's obvious now i mean it's obvious to see who's who and who's there even when somebody asks a certain question i know what their goals you know i mean it's abby the individual that came to that we were talking about earlier today only first at one a post on mine the approach i know that just by the question he asked and his balance i could tell that he didn't have good intentions i could tell but probably didn't support and when somebody asks you a certain question pretty much all the king yes and well known there goodnestone did i just i was just going to say it you know an amazing because if you have a question yet you're welcome to ask that we but when i gets into attacking personal you know i mean you better have your back stage i don't think any reason for that they do it they ask bathed and leading us stand off you know to entrap you and that's the moraine federal agencies to ask how close are these people related to or connected to the federal agencies of batheaston that went on that's been going on in the entrapment we can see it many many times we saw you know we saw the implication of how many federal federal operatives and if we think that they stopped there were inner selves in these two are like fringing cockroaches are everywhere everywhere there everywhere in the profiteer thing and there to do so a global and power under the you know multinational corporations was billy manipulated and bought out by by another country i won't mention the name said one band but will do this at some point over the seas or the over the pacific odonata has a great wall they were the ones that had the best first wall you know and it's it across the ocean we all know what i'm talking about here that both the voorhout states are formication choose our politicians through mutual funds and finding these multinational corporations to america you know in rich their country which has a large wall great will so it goes back it goes back to all of them but we're going to continue to tear this down and bring all this information forward and see how they did this the thousand our nation it goes back a long way and so so but that's okay we've got all the goods on all of em and now it's backing out of the group system that they create and i do believe that you know we bring for all these bad things but the reality is that there are some very very good things going on you cannot cannot create a new house you've got one that's crumbling and in such bad repair can repair sometimes you have to tear the old one down to actually build a clean and a good one in an order to do that we've got to get rid of the corruption and uncovered every single bit of criminal activity or subversion of the united states america so we need to talk about all these issues in order to for a solution and finish them in order to restore and return the government we the people and that's exactly what we're doing he continued to be continue to be a great a great journey president trump really was the full stop card in turning this whole world into a government of the entire world and take the whole world under the under the monitor of a global organization and we're going to carry this thing out were carrying this to the end i really i really love it that you know that both you and i were both very faith based people we are both christ and what i mean by that is that you know save by grace through jesus not of her own works that any man could boast bob the grace of god and to carry that grace out in to carry his massive and salvation to the world and we both believe that that if every one is uniquely created by god and we are here to serve each other not the servers i'm going through if i grab another verse is off that one because i think that i think that the cities to not that he he the only the only one that was he was the only one that had the right not so by watching what he does whether they are in a believers true believers or if they're out there and it comes down to be you know being for what we are is not no one can really judge a person's heart but you can sure see from what they do and the works that that they are accomplishing what he calls are so it like you atiptoe her and let's end the saddest would teinturiere you can but i can add unto it if you want me to that dearly father rears great time to gather where we can talk about big issues hard is well as what's on people we really do to your will be north thankful for your grace of humility for the fact that you love us enough here to be born in a lowly you didn't have to come here you didn't have to so is because of your love send your only began to provide a way for each and every one of us there is no sense too great for you for you to bring to you for forgiving there is there is no part who you will turn your back on if they come to you and ask for and to walk out of the darkness around you and we we the compliment to you your will in your leading we know your favours upon us please let every single person out there now that they are the they are creation that you created the you knew them before they were in their mother's whom you had a plan for them their life every step of their life has been planned out by you and we trust you not only with our lives with our government would leading us forward out of the great dark we were open hearts and minds you never win any where god we did and we ask for you to help us and bringing this nation back as one nation under god under you into visible that we are unified in our hearts and minds in our works an er an er our allegiance are to you in your in the name of jesus christ precious name we pray and go ahead there have lifter thank you so much for the beautiful day of your for this conversation that diable to have it with to get the truth out of the people and to intact thank you so much for what everything that you've done to show the people the truth here and and to you know there's the people of voe here was done in myself and as working together and bringing us together and i ask you that you died of through and guided the people did the people of michigan to and we thank you for our leadership or leadership as and our a movement people like my window and everything that he's done to expose and these voting machines and the software and you know and providing him with the funding to do that through and i thank you for you know he leaguer flathead then such an amazing patriot to us and in just our country back and they're willing to put their lives on the line of their families to and thank you so much for all these people that have been a voice in our movement and we ask you that you you know open the eyes to the people and michigan and i let them see the truth and am you know let them see digentian give adown and i have chanced to to them and you and give them wisdom lord so that they then clearly through the as we know that things are getting really bad and we really are but it's all in your hands for we know that so much for a family and in everything that you've jesus never a man making the abersethin we should do the sun you know retraction because we can actually can actually see you know what we are and get to actually know us in a very candid way i mean we didn't really talk about what we were going to talk about beforehand to day we do said noise you know we start talking because i think that the best way to have a and in an authentic conversation i love this i absolutely love the show we were on for two hours and minutes so which is kindred i mean we could do a life stream like this i was thinking about that is when we get an office i think we should do the everysing morning holiday do alive street every single morning to let people know exactly what's going on and that a grafted on you and i did it here an talk to the camera without having camerados information because i don't know what meliponae and i don't know you don't either athenian yea now anytink to i don't like doing that i do like just talking about and don't like yet it's so you can tell the people that are you know on practically just talk openly and the ones that have crept i tell you what i'm going to work at a sign off here to day and you know it's just god bless every single person enjoy the day that you have had of you know i make the most of it now that you loved in your care about and that we're all fighting for all of us together and we really really do care as for us you know for god family country we want to leave a legacy to those who come after us and what that's all we want we don't want any more we don't want to we don't want any more we want to do the right and always the right ganadara day could not intimate you too will be back will be back shortly marie ben this is on a brandenburg and i just want to say that you can find us at brandenburg for governor doom as well as my telegram channels at brandon bird the number for i and the rest of my channels too so joyous again and in state statalth us here as worsen corruption and tintoret the state back to you constitutional republic