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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 7/29/2022 - Friday! His Hard Line - Jason Jones

Published July 29, 2022, 9:03 a.m.

Flannel Shirt Friday edition of "Brandenburg Block Hour" on "His Hard Line" podcast with Jason Jones Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: Rumble:

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hey good morning this is donna brandenburg on brandenburg news network i'm finishing up with jason over at podbean we're going to finish up there but go ahead and join and ask your friends and share will be back i'll be on an her an offense this different in different and then i got offered a you know two point seven million dollars the other day that's going to be like a snowball's chance o how i'm going to accept that money just so are now that would be a snowball's chance in how what's ahead finished body can unglove here to the life stream for for being a brandenburg news network we're going to add jason and just a minute here and so if you can finish up that be great and thank you jason allover onesided and just a minute all right just left the room lit with jason over there and at going on to day a beautiful day out here in michigan it is in fact friday and i have my body he here so we were welcome to all the researchers out there if i could have put a wall paper i would love morning donald hiding we are we are what meliboeus here a minute while i'm waiting for jason to get i loved jason jason has made interest set go with her a being padahoon his channel and it's an awful lot of fun to get in there with him because honestly i think he and i could sit here and talk for the entire day about constitutional issues about how things are working and how they should be working and what is wrong with the united states and also how to fix it first quickest faces to bring it back to the constitution the constitutional republican it was intended to be where we are not at right now if there was a man so you are here you are hereward would take us to my earphones of her minute you are here with satan in the middle of subversion and trees and by my erected here we are you are here so to go past this and and get the cigaret out as a man so defining it as a system and we know that they know it and now they know it they know we know it and we're not going to take it any more i love that that music that that president trump plays that we're not going to take it on love that so i got jason here let's add jason into the stream morning good morning how you do invitation outside because i like being outside listening the bird and i'm going to get out of the studio because it's in a dreadful basement and the he that of dancer i'm set in my dining room table right now so i mean we got some authenticity here and we haven't bought and to how these big campaigns the nonsense that they've got going on to i'd rather underrating around with you know her this is a tale this is in fact friday and to every one else there we've got papa with us to day at was papa that the hate speech papa and your fine ergo i don't see i don't see how patient looking at me i love it i do too i think part he is absolutely phenomenal that's a guy as a boy it is so i you know i think it was you i was asked me where to eastercove started on for an andite buerschen who were kind of like irreverent best researchers those who amiably adoring love and a year so i think what happened as somebody came up with papa and some in and somebody else we used at and he said you can't use pepine the whole of four changeable not in an absolute fair mascot as it were i have love it you know one side none i got to say i like this what better actually being on the phone nailless formal more comfortable because a studio gets a little gets a little casement with rafters and spiders conillac like i like this better i should prove my studio there like build a shrine she had pillowed i studio where that not telling yes my piece for an i gotta i love it so my neighbors say that this is the core in the world because i rosson here as well with a bird feeder on it so that yes so you like that's got to be like ribemont by i don't know about that for this back yard anyway as this kind of he talked about a lot of things this morning i hear his hard line pocasse been doing this for a while now getting on friday for for an hour and in the week jason and night aided the split it up and said while one week you may go at eight one week i may go at nine the next we may slip it but he had incurred a bridge on to jason's pod being channel he has so much information in there you can really take a class kind of by just reading what he has produced a the constitution and the history of the united states on the proper protocol for how we should run things in common law and i was asked that i was actually as the question last night did i disappearance last night down in haste and you know i don't really do speech as i just talk to people and i take questions i talk a lot because i can i'll get on rabbit trails going to different subjects and somebody asked well how are you going to fix the broken judicial system i'm like oh that's a chip shot you know i like you know we have to get we have to go back to the grand jury we need we need to shift the system away from statutory and evidently type and the defacto system and go back to one that actually we and you know if you go back to the and see what happened there which i think you know that that's kind of a key of what what happened and we're going to be coming out with more and more of this information it it's going to explain a lot on how we got here the articles of nobility and how the first thirteenth amendment was basically shot the side but we should not have any one in office who hold any titles of nobility or i'm going to say a turneth you know it's beautiful we should not have any attorneys holding off period and that the nation people know this is funny i am the little like a five minute history lesson with one of the guys out because i call fulsome moment know now is that sick delivering an etonian i know the manager very well who runs that term and he got a and he had some other tech guys there to do in some operation stuff but anyway somehow he got on the top as mason you come on the show as martha's how he got and canigiano history and back like what you are to say no at the attorney's right with the riginal thirtieth man one of the reasons why i tried burning down his back in the one eighteen eleven i may be off by a year or two in that may be right around there when they tread burning down because one of the primary reason was the liminate that thirteenth amendment but yet so abraham lincoln people on no less but abraham lincoln he made a done some good things in his said some good things on record but and i'm not going to do is to get a tactically he was actually at first unlawful president because he was an attorney and when you're an attorney or a lawyer in your part of the bar of sociation bar is an agony for british a credit ation registry in a nutshell what that means is it you swear allegiance to a foreign nation such as britain and that goes along with about oh i don't know ninety to ninety five per cent of our politicians and right now yeah well in the problem is is that if you have attorneys that can that can use and weapon is the law in ortegal system is not lawful whatsoever not at all they will spend full time using it against us in finding loopholes that's why when you see different judges come down that are not honest or their you know by looking at nobody is to tell you all right this guy killed some one the elder we don't really need the somebody to us that their guilty if you you can you can not just evidence somebody wants let's just say somebody is somebody shot somebody and there's ten witnesses over there but they're going to try to get him off on a technicality rather than to say the dust guilty all right this is just a one it is the pastor in order to win cases rather than to actually see justice and they're doing it by by introducing as the precedent set that really may or may not have anything to do with the with the details of this case but they throw in in there and it's kind o a kind of mock it up so that's why sometimes you know were in court for three years or five years or or you know you know who knows how long that that was my big issue with what they did with the election integrity they went right to for i prove that that's the fifth you know that's a fifty or fight you the you have to prove that it was it was knowing and done with intention they could have dissertation by election failure but they went right to fraud the losing lusitanians i want i had to you have to stop and ask yourself other questions why did they go to fraud well i believe i honestly do believe that there's always good as always in charge whether you believe it comes from human beings or god god is god will expose and bring things from dark to light every single time in that the only way we can fit it so i have to believe that the effort to call it frowst bring everything that was done out into the light of people knew exactly what was going on there so that they could say why my goodness whole system is broken we have a rage and and you know be ready to replace the old guard with an honest form of government that restores the government back to the control of we the people the highest branch in our government is we i think a lot of people look at that when they hear that because when i talk about that at work or with some of my colleagues o workers or friends or even some averted you know it's sometimes it depends on the individual it will either go in one ear and other or they sit there and no city out but you know that's what trump always says but look what's going on don't seem like weepe as controlled like true and the outside in seemingly seem right to that we have to obviously were still dealing with factions to there that are traceth allusion that the minority is that my donait and that they have to be all that their control and there while they are still successful part in paris of creating and maintaining that illusion that illusion is the smoke is starting to and they are about to be exposed more and more and i think we're seeing clear illustrations and demonstrations of that more and more in the news media through some of these true you know channels because we're starting to see like for example my mother malanotte played a mansion was being dismantled just like plans had no idea about that she had no idea that the play by mansion was even you know one of thirty four seats and that was where a lot of human traffic in a police of saut anyway but but back being drawn people he that you know i say that like the power is going to get back to the people in fact the power is already back we don't have enough participation yet because i don't know what they don't know i didn't know anything about what i'm in right now actively and when i say what i'm in not a category back to the lawful government that is by for an of the and it's already in place it's running in parallel with the fact but when a lot of people don't know like i said don't because i just discovered this a year ago almost to the month and here we are and i'm still learning a lot the as at at one of the big mister i merely was to get up the word of god out to return back to god we as a nation collectively but i think we away from god and we he allowed us to fall to a debate mine into you know all these different perverted things that this nation i committed you know from the battery so so far and so any talk about that very clearly in romans chapter one i want to say if he read that chapter but i say all that decay that was the reason why i started his hand line was first and foremost to spread god's word with second there was to put up the information that i had learned that i had every the true history that i had learned and never heard in public schools before or college i mean i don't have a four year degree but i did do some college and i had never heard this information they really are hiding through history while the victors write the history so they're going to write it then here and there in their favour so there's a lot that we don't know that really have been changed and you know i was honestly this is really interesting you are talking about how much research that i that i do and i hit the mother load yesterday of campaign finance trigger and who is funding who and it goes back to the insurance companies as well as the communications company so when i put a pudmoor that when misconducted exactly so that i can not mislead anyone so i've gotten in a mean making i'm having a battle with us so i actually have in rittenhouse one or introduce a topic and then go expand on follow the money when business wants things done they by influence look for camping can't contributions from insurance and communications companies oligarchs control michigan you know you don't have to look any further than that the proof is all out there when you start seeing the amount of money and the repeated donations that are going into campaigns you can get a pretty good idea of what of what we what we're dealing with there's a one candidate which i will not mention until after the primary who had multiple donations of five to and five dollar inquires from arizona from basil the same entity it's a weirdest thing when you look at you like i don't even i can even figure this out you you can figure the big ones out that are coming from the little substitute minute because i'll pull it up and i'll start quoting this is kind of this is kind of like horrific it really is and let me bloomin and i won't give you an example take me into the funds around it you know we have funds coming from different directions for all the candy i came past and back going to a judicial candidate and then going further down the a huge amount of compass going to in michigan values leadership bunemost and now that a mother of connected you have campaldino another judicial one and then we go on her further and the plot that gains we have one specific seated will not men to her name right now but we're just going to call call this person in a part of the oligarchs and the fair that it we we draw insurance and billiards in the scheme into a no fault in sir we were kind of talk in real where if the violet torello at this certain blue cross blue shield of michigan at twenty three thousand five hundred dollars a marcia in padua i bank matelot five another oligarch family shows up here michigan came a dental an insurance alliance frank and good path in our state mutual friends of farmers first michigan insurance agents missus coalition michigan farm be girl stay insurance of financial adviser in lobbying for jackson national united health group henry ford also milena health care your taking that and the gosain this is for one candidate or not one candidate one person who seated in our government we should be really concerned this insurance i met with a bunch of pikers it was liker club there were like forty microscopiste there and they're like what are you going to do about the motor calentura problem because the insurance is actually the using insurance to put to put people out of business but companies out of business and also to get rid of a right so to think about this opiates but think about people want to build cars in their grades is as highly regulate you have to pass in order to get the sun the road you have to have insurance and you have to have played it come get a plate and talents in order to get insurance you have to be able to pass a crash as in such to get it on on on the the road over small you did the rain do get through the regulation game with the with the crash has then you've got to get past which enables you to get insurance if you do it right and then the insurance companies are the ones that are regulating weather you can get a play or not completely ruins anybody getting into an ottomar scenario or to be produced are so then they make it more complicated though ottomar's make it more complicated by using computers and now you can't get in a fictor so now they created another age see that they can control and they can put regulators on how fast you can go they can monitor what's going on in your cars they can hit just gets bigger and bigger and bigger and all of this is unconstitutional it is big government it is taking the rights of the people to earn living to innovate and fully met all into these in these entities the aligarh families and that there is separate from sorrows there they're not separate thrower in together but i'm talking of people that are that are not sorry and so these are people that resided in the state of in and or part time of full time but there a group of alegar families that are controlling our political lands he let you suggest that she paused me amen dico to the web i mean a wide the web is these families and corruption and that's what makes it an that's why i think people think it's so difficult when they find in and i think that's one of the reasons why i think people look at that they say well how how do you expect it seems so big seemingly guesses big and even to me sometimes i look at it mike you know is to seem huge but however like you said i the really good creating that creating that imagery that they are much bigger than they really are when really all they are is just a small minority group of when people finally band together right and in a come in unity and i think that's one of the biggest reasons why coelenterata people coming to they did not want people uniting in that when people assembling they did not want anybody and that was her good reason again a nation divided against the that stand and they want this nation the fall because they know the full power of wethermel and with key individuals who have you know a solid influence who are who has a moral ethical base behind them such as yourself and other people that i know within the assembly and you know obviously there is some good people in the fact that let's face facts that not saying everybody in the de facto i mean look at donald trump not evil but yet he is doing what he has to do to a power bechele he's always said that the rough his president general michel fit he's another one you know he knows the belly of the beast better than anybody but yet he still thiancourt the you said like just earlier local action equals national impact in the back not knowing what they don't know not to know things we all kind of start somewhere away for a moment away from constant scowling on face book cause your board for an hour or the beneath netlik if you find yourself anybody in general i would say this to anyone in my family and friends circle you find yourself complaining about what's going on with the high gas prices or the inflated food prices or forget about money for a second stupidity and government from the local and state and federal level in all your doings complaining but you're not even taking time to even self educated that you have to do so you know find out more information and stop with the use i don't want to see the use of but that with distractions that they set up systematically so that we are distracted over her when in reality we should be looking over there it's over there that gives us the information and how to solve our own problems getting corporation while we got a real problem in politics in general with a small complaining nay sane nonsense is going on it's like you know i hear the solution this for so i followed that person what is a high school it's like we you know we have i listened to everything and that doesn't mean that i agree with everything that i hear but i do listen i do dig into things you know and we know that most of what's going on on in the sources like like we were talking before and gateway ponit they lifted me as a billiard lyaeus miss that little that little finance poor you know and it was so funny you know my husband called and he's like baboon my my daughter live said well my reclaimed into this family and we were all laughing about it because i think the prevailing thought is that i'm scrotton a pile of gold and the reality is is that we're builders we like we like to build a cot and we will not i said on your ponies too as i have one company i never took a dime out for myself ten years i never took a pack i never i reinvested it all into this company because i had a vision of where i wanted this to go and as for the long it was the long mall and realistically abraham its biblical abraham planted a tree but what doesn't come through in the translation as it was a tumor free you go back to the original the riginal and a hammer tree is the slowest growing trees on the planet so kind of a joke there's actually onderstand it being said many times in the bible it's like you know people want to go the exactly out is what's known sometimes it's a joke you know it the jericourt jesus was telling a joke about that with walking on the other side of the road because it's eighteen inches wide they were not walking on the other side of the road they had to step over the papers of the vizetelly had to step over it which is really kind of forestry is a smallest growing tree on the planet so when abraham says that he is planning the tree for shade what he was saying was it not for him his children wouldn't have even seen the shape may be as grandchildren but it would certainly not be anything he saw in his generation it was for the future generations and though those are the things we do should have lasted value not not nonsense and short term incantations you know and what we can pass on others funny they used it the you breaking up a little bit like a catch up to her second self for some reason it ah there about now a better there interesting yet because i got the teleostei at which story there but but no it's interesting that you say that though about the about creating things that last because that's one of the reasons why i want to get involved with like the national simply because you know and help and be part of the solution of getting back to self governance and getting rid of the tiger ansina that heaven and kept the bootleather growing up in a mad and i'm sure something with me you have six kids with i'm sure i don't know if you have grandkids i think you don't want this nation sinuously ran by these tyrannical dictators these communists these don't have any regard for human life i don't want my daughter or future you know god but as with more or grandchildren i don't want them either a nation that they the going to be slaves because if they get older and they looked to us and i know we hear we've heard this prout proverbial you know statement but i don't want my kids and granted to look to man what happened in your day when you had the ability to do something how come were still feeling with this i want them to be officially free i want them to get now and then that's just what i want you know i just i want read on in true sovereignty in this nation and speak in a legend of my daughter he just came outside and she's going back inside now yes so much energy at that at that age amazing yet you my wife but she would have it right now she sternberg news network now the interesting night to night that's funny state on the biggest reasons why i want to get involved in because i want my daughter do not have to worry about dealing with this nonsense later on down the road you know and i mean because if we leave them a nation that still ran by these corrupt criminals they can take it and make it a whole lot worse than what we're speaking yeah when when a present trump was in office and present donatus the rightful president of the united states and we only have a resident in the white house right now because he refused to call him present because the president would never treat their people the way that that let's go brandon has done the theydon so so ah we we really we really have opportunity to change things here and that so in president trump was an office and was running i went ahead and we bought a chapter support him and we made the big billboard one of my friends was dyin of cancer and we said you know what we're going to make his bill ward on the back one of our farm trucks and a pull roundheaded we went at a coffee and and poitron together a case that was she wanted to live to see president trump service second term that was keeping her alive and unfortunately she didn't quite make it too she did die but we we that's what we did during the the time where she was in her in her most stages that we would be out there and and doing so for president trump and i didn't even realize that i would be running at that point time but it's kind of funny how god sets it up i've got this antonine that that we use now for our campaign and you know this is how a billionaire lives they get up in the morning they shoehorn they make the shirts they pronounce manners that i do a potassae dining room table and you know all that sort thing but that's part of my protest too of not doing campaigning with megabuck behind us and in a way that just encourages a whole street continue in as an industry that's all about money self perpetuating its wrong we should have a day election cycle with with one with attributes of how much how much money you can spend you know i would love to see it ideally it would be one where there's no money spent and you just get up their natal with with no line but let's just say we're going to be generous and say maybe we put a camp at it can't one in a hundred thousand dollars one because that way it doesn't become a plate of people in the other thing as any one should be able to run i don't care who it is if you want to without the tenanting petitions which clearly were rigged and they've been rigged and with four people sitting on the board of canvassers deciding who are the winners and losers without you know without question or challenge i mean as thing was rigged and so i was support anything that would allow any one to get on that ballot and let the people decide they're going to decide now influenced by political parties choosing candidates let it be the american people decide who they choose and who they think will do the best job it's good it's going and all of these people that are tagaste have have made this in an industry to make not only a living from but to build the bandinis look at as for example this is absurd she she was like a i don't know a bartender whenever i've heard bartender bartender strip or who knows you know but she certainly was a you know she certainly was a bartender the count even afford an apartment and now she's a word like i think i heard twenty six million dollars million stock portfolio can no i'm not kidding you and you start throwing the money and looking at like overseas accounts and where people have money stamped or they've got stuck what was grand home made one point six million dollars off of a stock sale from the electronic vehicle in the street what is our secretary of the energy that's why she's pushing the electric cars because they all owned stock in the stuff and then their generis huge conflict of interest just huge and i get to his look at the money they have when they did and look at the money when they have when they get it up i'm never begrudge any one making money and we should have a part in legislature goes back home and works and actually makes money in their own right but if we see people come in and you know without a without a path to pen and then all of a sudden you've got some who has twenty six million dollars or ten million dollars or whatever there there getting out of their names to be some serious questions asked as well as the people around him look how bide us hunter by family members too all wrong all of it on a thin too wasn't the clinton i think like a brother or brother in law somebody who is exploiting the resources at a hatti think i could think it was partly i can't remember the exact story but something with haitiens and some extended family you know like i said just exploring the resources of this you know that slave like mentality that still seems to exist there and haiti and i know a few people from haiti that actual originally from haiti that live in florida that i actually work with side by side and just some stuff that they would share me with holy lives and how that you know how the culture is donatello you think about it you're like who am glad of her in this country yet it's got its problem but were near some of the other places well in hades a big issue because you want to these foundations if you get it and dig and behind most of these non profits you find really big promise a red cross only twenty per cent of the board that run cross takes in from donors goes to help people the rest of it any per cent is sold and most of that's going to pharmaceutical company so look at happened in in haiti is a poster child for human trafficking and abject failure that the clintons went down there the clinton foundation and i'm going to sit claudio clint foundation clinton ation went down there wherever there is a disaster and there are so many kids that is that were that that disappeared out of their it's not even funny there's a woman named laura so be that was down there was invited up of traffic i think it's either i think it's out of there so what happens lo and behold the clintons go down there get her out get her out of trouble and put her up in idaho and charge of their amber in a snortin amberleys she marry somebody else to change your name and and while as she's lost in the this is a person who was convicted of child trafficking when i read that i found that little bit of information ergo i couldn't believe that i was in a pastesas and i was when by the way that ovington of you what when i was in a pastesas calling he will be after a moving people from there to albuquerque to we had a row pipe line we got a bunch of assets i never heard the emperor go off as much when down here on what i say want or twice a day and a constant attacks it was once or twice a that here in much been one you might hear an amble on a quite but it was once or twice a day down the we've got a serious problem in the the other thing is is that they change their names so when you know when you want to what happened historically like the bush family was it was actually they changed her name and i believe it's a sure family to make it palatable during world war two two americans same thing with the winds or the winds are family change their name to de notified themselves in the eyes of the british he the same things happening here where people will change their names in order to an they'll do it multiple times when you start looking at things like like you can even jump on say the last for the state of michigan linnington administration and you can check out people and how they register their names for different entities and they do different spelling ultimate springs that was somebody ever does a boy a request on any information that never shows up now that's an obi that is a bi trick come did that and that's where it was the canyon thing it must ballinascarthy the irony and looked like an ambition catches so it's a way to hide things and had things from discovery because now you got to how many different stowing can you find things on under or if you look up like our newest appointive got a lot of a new appointee to that's taken over nor shingles position who by the way resigned right after we filed in the supreme court on the on the illegal removal of myself from the ballot the de got is named richard house camp and if you get in there and certain digging and to the entities he says he has it's an interesting trail a very very very interesting trail to to go down and i'm i'm going through that one a documenting because because onjust like a arenales in the board of canvassers which was involved in certifying the election for bidasari king with these people's background and you know what mercy know applauding him comforting party finds the praises motion the lines of of installing a stolen election in place so of course you know but you look at their backgrounds in the connections there you you're going to find some shocking things run run wiser the republican party he's donated to bide so he but thinks that they're doing a good thing by voting with the party that the party system is exactly what football hip hitler and mole in place that they created they created that nightmare right there and were in it right now so i can hear people say things in a suburban things like all your going to split the boat now in fact your bodine establishment and no matter which way you go and that's kind of like an you just need to shut off and go along it to get along that isn't that what our legislators did during called the ego to stand up and say this is wrong and so anybody that says that is is guilty of hypocrisy because there is going to launch oge along like melissa said on your show not not yesterday but two days ago when you had her in ethan retamoso he read out i got to get away from the street there something with the treasury what do the two days ago that you hear me all right it's the count of getting better again and urged i was so much was to stay away from those i don't know yet it's like a but tangential in and she said in a he had the leave because but you still have her and i was still listening she said the same she said something i think would resent with a lot of people a resonated with i was an uninformed voter up into really to thee i thought i knew what i was doing like he wouldn't truncate and write but it was truly an uninformed voter up and so will honestly with the aero all even be all even say that even after trampas in office because i used to be the one now vote red right down the party line a good right red as good right as right and bless boy in my disdain and now i'm starting like i said as i find out more and more true within you know the assembly and i start looking at the you know the egotistical terute jefferson manual and i looked at field training manual that was released by the war department that ethan as i read the you know the constitution i really start digging into the true documentation station at laid this great nation you know like the documentation used to for in this great nation that the great american experiment as they call it so go they don't want us to learn the more i set you know reading into these documents and learning the true history of the more i start realizing while i was truly an ignorant not willin an american but i was ignorant voter to no well we all have we all have different stages of really waking up the knowing what's really going on and when you realize that it is the politicians it's it's a political industry that exists to self perpetuate and protect itself it is one system that is set against the people and and there there in order to all right here's another mean i created a getting into this mean thing and pokanoket good i actually heard that and i think there's some truth in that sixty per cent of our public officials or elected or one elected or conally bi i think that i think that there's a good possibility of this and i do believe we need to investigate so the sea and by this was donated were created to give us an illusion of government agencies protecting led the people the truth is they were created to protect the government from we the pope i had hoped crafty and that with the of marine friend of mine and and be on him that to that was my mate that i thought laramie been i've got my little water mark on the bottom of the sissie that i'm master thrown means out there with key points in the supporting with information so i have read that to my mother he this here's a lot of truth let something else he couldn't you know they they couldn't reformist they said that doesn't surprise us on my ayah mike i think we're going to be hacketstown and our federal state local government really are bad as manufactories baritone social and they was an advertisement that somebody had and then destroy whose in the assembly he posted with a quote from antient scolia about the grandees belonging to the people and there is like a couple of quarts of but that i forget exactly what the comments were but then my comment was because it was an official princeton i just comment of a like this guy straight up a sled peaceful who you trust and then somebody went on there and then in that men like oh yes you must be part of a donna the brandenburg can you follow that noirot what else they said i was going to respond by saying actually a part of the no cap which is she's actually followed but before i came in to that i don't know who did it i don't know how it happened come got the lead and it was on a ring the social paid obviously he couldn't have done it because obviously that comment was in favor him so i don't know who took that down but it was great i was like i wanted you to that down well i like him in expand in that because all of these patriot groups the grass roots groups any more they've all been infiltrated to they were working really well and it's not the people the people are not the problem in any of the political parties there there trying to do the right thing to let be clear not all republicans are a problem it's the leadership that our leading people astray and the same thing with patriots there are some wonderful patriots and patriots and not all the patrols are bad but there's a good portion of them i had one person who is in charge of a patriot when i first got him once you need to run as a democrat that's how you're going to win i'm like well no because that's all and i'm not going to do that we're not going to go but this is a very very large nature group that actually started out as a communist group in taxes couldn't in the imported it up here and change the name that the roots of the communist communist group and taxes and so in that was that it's a very large group in here and they were selling people's day in the whole ten yards to be carefully followed there's another person as in charge of a bunch of patareroes that grew up in his own words to me i grew up in switzerland as an only child an only child is an only child he did cocaine was dating lots of people in it was friends with lots of people that are very famous he has a long barren and so my first thing is is it so we got a switzerland thing going on here and i know that that day basis there and so not only that was sure and with with some of the other with close tab and such so i've got some real concerns in this is the person who is who is behind a whole bunch of patriot groups we should start asking questions the first question is if somebody says you know i've been doing cocaine that's why i am not running and starts continuing on with it and in this indifferent good people want to get in and do things and they can't even wrap their hands around that there being mislaid and in that the people they trust you we have been misled by every single organization in person that we trust such a long time it's in the churches any of the churches that close down during comeatable the money their five one set trees and they were going to lose status unless they fell in line with without that were running the whole thing the latches and assisted so challenging the fine a good solid church that doesn't have a five one see three because of you know getting people don't realize that if the church has a fine one see three you better believe that they are gagged ordered to not talk about specific things and people don't understand that again i guess it goes back to my original comment i guess you don't know what you don't know but that's why people like you people like general plan and trump and even people on lower levels that have you know truth a chance as why we tell people when i had come at me you know sideways to the other we you don't know what it in the ring okay now i'm not sitting here saying i am you know you're never going to be a thorough bred race horse right out of the gate and you you can you know you're kentucky derby winner everything takes and but what i was gettin at to this one commented why don't you become part of the solution go by a for a basic to being account or free rumble wotever start putting out some truth here and criticize kenles and try to shoot bolts or away when we're trying to do what the mainstream media is not doing or even for that matter some really heavy you know influential todcaster out there who have millions of millions of millions of followers of dollon's step into the ring and get involved this is why you started in and right this is what our line the more voices that are out there okay in missus why started like if you have discernment you will start to consistencies from one influence and i want influence because i hate that word but you'll start seeing come from one voice to the next voice and when you see those consistencies and tiresias in your heart in soul you pagodas through the nonsense out here so i'm not being to guide you that's why i went from listening over plus voices to now just a handful of maybe one or two maybe three ten and one of them i don't take a lot of what they say at base value but i listened like you taking information and scorn what you think is true right have detained and rapid parties over aeacus and doated on inner paganini mennonite stuff you know as jason's ghatgay there and i got hot sairious what this is why i love it often you know people get to see dona who she is where you are i mean if you were a billionaire what you have like foot ceiling behind me i mean come or is that really your shed that's really your shed or in now i ah this is my shadow are this is actually that is actually rose water that so when i used to do in an eskimo brings a point to how they try to personal the pain a perception of the oriole when i used to do sales and mark my moms address in florida as my home address i was on the road three hundred sixty five days a and so because of that i didn't have to pay rent because i was always on the road and with my housing it was always covered by the well it was always bartered always bartered for our hotel and stuff like that worked out great so there was no expenses very very little expenses on my i bought a grand new mustang into the sea was a six feet it was a gettem meadows like a fortieth coincident outcast it was very expensive car for medium that time and i wasn't making a lot of money but people would see that cares while you must really do well for a twenty three twenty four year old to have that falstaff thousand dollar car they said you must be doing really well like you must make in six figures when in reality i was only making my forty five thousand dollars a year now just don't have rent to have to worry about or other life expenses that would you know would come along with home ownership you know because i'll tell you right now i had robustuous even for fusion now that that must tineton point is people see things on the outside and they see a nice vehicle or they see a nice house and they think all you you must be one hecatombs a good hour must be a millionaire or a billionaire don't let the book to what the book covered to see you there is much more to it the latter people and real have dad who who really are hurting i mean i can't say that were hurting or anything like that but there's a lot of people who own huge and i mean huge visible material things and it may not be representative of the truth whatsoever not so so we really can't we really shouldn't be in the business of judging what other people do or what they have you know and i really believe that each of us has enough problems in our own life to not say here and point out others that that is a fundamental issue i have is to really pointing up layout connections but to pick a person apart on a individual basis i think that's why we're here is to help people when you see some by falling down a struggling and you know i mean we know in somebody's may be not doing the right thing in itself destructive thereat know the heminent abuse or something like that the bigger problems is always a spiritual issue that's just poor cointet coping poorly and i remember years ago lobscouse to like his is writing a lot because he just like said i read everything and i took to make you expand the way you think a little bit and go out not that it's not in conflict with the bible or christian beliefs or christian world view but sometimes you read things that are that are not necessarily in congruity with with you know incongruities but it does provoke was and take a group of people into a nursing home and or into i think he did a nursing home and he did one into mountains and the kids they were college kids they said why are these people here and he looked right at him and he said lack of love they couldn't they could not hope now that there's more to it so like i have a very mentally ill daughter and she was in a train accident where her mother was killed in her head was smashed so she has some serious brain that brain they actually did a crane atomy on her when she was in india and went there and you know she was she was she shouldn't have lived through the accident but by the mercy of the orphanage director he took care of her and and we we we that the whole stories come in eat story to god story you know and so he adopted her and such she she is physically disabled with brain injury and when you see when you see that you know it's it's hard to it sometimes it's really hard to stand with people who have that bottle illness because we're not trained at what it really looks like her how hard it is if you see somebody that has said an ate or somebody who has a physical disability that you can perceive you immediately it registers that this person is different or in trouble and maybe needs a help a person with a mental with a mental disability or that mentally i we aren't trained to know what that actually looks like and so whether it is something like what my daughter has or somebody who's dealing with depression or with tissot in my view of the world it is our responsibility to step in there and try to be a shoulder to lean on or to help them not to criticize when he also like when i see somebody that approaches things like you see the nation the interior people that a tanker people are scream or go crazy and such that what were seen as a person whose manly all because a person who is a sound mind does not commit those types of behaviors it because they will bring civility and talking and trying to find the best issue without ranting like a lunatic throwing sticks and stones hediger people picking up a gun or knives or anything like that that is mental illness and in the farther away from god we get the more of those symptoms that we see which surely is a spiritual issue when when we get gone out of our lives or got out of any situation ah sing's going to come on the ottoes mountains real got to do is look at the upside down cross as that the some of the people in office if if you don't believe in and sat and they do we have an anatomising that to any one if you don't believe in satan i when you got people up there that our that absolutely do they believe in him will massy be laugh at mine you know what was it is going to say i heard this you know with like you said the artist that's what i was going there is no bigger believer in christ than people that follow satan because they know the true power of christ which is why they don't like have christ in her heart because who follow the righteousness of god the light of god and we invite risin our heart each and every single day which one of the biggest reasons why i want to starting his heart line is to help he you encourage to invite prison a daily basis because of the transformation is so powerful when you do that on a daily basis and you have to continually to it not a one of dey don't like that day now what power we as people have when we get only a have christ in our hearts and an ermine in real at one of my prayers that i savonarola as god is it you are always a lord i said please be in my heart to day be in my mind being my soul guided me with my it words in my act and and the other thing is when you invoke the name jesus christ all talk about the shrinking back from the kofrim from from you you know it just then they know that the power crisply yet out there no idea how powerful truly god in christ yea and how healing in it and this is a power a churches and spiritual leaders of really fallen down because they've turned god and salvation into a a money making you know you look at the prosperity doctrine people it's nonsense it's witch craftes trying to tie god into a contract into instead of laying your life dancing and what do you want me to do to day god you know take my hands take my feet take my voice whatever you want me to do my actions my words my thoughts i lay my life down to you and let me be a service to god country and man your creation this is god's playground were playing and were not in charge were not a little god is his playground and we play by his rules in big mistake to try to play god that's that's a big mistake because that means that you you're getting closer to the other side and you're going to see the effect of being or being a godless in a godless state of living and when you're closer to god you it's not that things go right because quite often you're going to expire on experience with it matter and so you can you can go through and make make it through like any swamp or any any anything and god gives you the strain and a piece of passes understanding gives you words he leaves you he showed you what's really going on in me you can amthorne what's going on you know you can look in people's eyes and no alabama than they want you to know because you have god's discernment to guide you in when he says all things he means all things it doesn't mean oh you know you know some people think o god's tramp here so just wait you know he's trying to get me now in fact he's not you know just that's not accurate and now the thing to his i got it i got to save this woman have a particularly unique power and i into call it a power that's given by god i think they have a certain line detector that they have to be like you all do like to touch on learning that embrace that and taint that power that my wife has a she's really and i'll ask what someone's it was some other intuition that women have that they can right through the and hazing i think that i was talking to him about this one day a few weeks back he goes there is actually signed that proves that with whom and he goes at a unique ability they have that in harness it may i think it's it's a way that god that god created us and i loved hackabout subject because it's so it's so too i mean we don't want to talk about real things for a screen othe bookman the genders seethe race issues and such into a well is exactly what we need to talk about you know it's like i am in fact a woman my husband is in fact a man and i have never been confused about this and you know i come up to sixty years old i've had a lot of years to process this right and the thing is is that i'm never felt say at least for many many many years that i have no problems with man i think mannersley fabulous i love it you know real women love we love our husbands we love our brothers and our uncles and our friends and so an we don't necessarily feel the need to compete with them and that for many reasons is because we were created different i you know i am a sealin people say you know you should always be carrying well yeah i do carry i do carry but he at times and but i'm looking at my husband and the guys are omegon why would i do this i've got these guys in their living for this kind of stuff you know it's a want the guys on the front line because you know it's amazing how selfless man are in general if they are treated well with red miniature incredibly selfless if you for a while there was not a kick of watching a video of a career or the axe the kindness ninety seven per cent about of everything i watched was man men will go into burning buildings mammalian into ice cold water and they don't think about their their physical the physical satiety what because it's a right thing they charge and the selfless there wonderful they take care of their families my dad was a beautiful example of bravery he was a amias in the military reasoner and i slip the same the two you know or i'll put em all in the same category really wish that my dad would have been able to meet general plan because i was hoping he had that done before he died but he died and ourthe tree brave as man i think i can ever say i ever known and i'm goin to say all men that i mean i think of them as there is is heroes in their own right but my dad first my husband and general plan in seeing the bravery of his set jaw an unwillingness on wavered it's an amazing amazing thing i like you know what bring out the tamsui every part of it the theodatus and women stop being such sniveling little cry babies and i'm so i'm so done with us i mean why women so often act like and i love my my girlfriend and we talk about when when i sit down in my girl franzesi a language all her you know like your girl friend can say something that you can look at her like this and and there's not a word spoke in a pan youthe guys in the room are looking at us in their talking about something else and we've got a whole another conversation going on and not a word being spoken at all and and it's absolutely true i love that i love my love my girl friends and and you know we have strength with women and getting getting together as especially as you get older those relationships with other women there is no competition i get together with the group on a for an fridays every two we started this and we all realize that we really never we had her girl friends as such but were all you know there's i think the youngest one in the group was fifty except for my daughter she's in on the two so my daughter and i left thirty but everybody else ranges from from that age and most of us are over over fifty one of us is eight and we had together on fridays and it is such a wonderful we have a tea party we get our nails done so to two ladies have have a tea party or a dish collection so they bring they bring dishes and tea pots and we make food we sit around for six hours and we visit and we talk about everything from jineral stuff you know recipes too one day brother in law of one of our gainst thee we cried together and we prayed and we ate you know what we laugh and we spent the whole afternoon absolutely laughing and in it such a wonderful wonderful time we let one of my sons have desmarets an honor oneyer because every every few weeks he makes rusticate the for every one and if he can make a petate elegante gouvernail see like bird but peace cockneydom with peacestead and and i'm like i thought you didn't like to eat said she as visitation as fun ah that sounds like a good that so that what we need more real authentic people like you have real life counters with real people like that not this fake stuff that the potent you know not this you know dog in pony show that we often see put out there because i think people are starting to so now i think people are starting not just to a wake unto the illusion but they're starting to awake into the real intentions that are behind but and come into a very screeching a big screeching alpini think very soon i would i absolutely love it if you know we could have big gatherings at some point time i'd like to build a really big barn where were we can do treat aetherea ship to people because you know you were at the barn and we you know i got i got a pony out for havin and such a to actually teach people not to be foremost poplared to horses and the big animal they er they sure will hear and they can do a lot of damage if you're not handling them crackly but if you have somebody that understands them and can teach horsemanship you you can teach big issues with pats you can you can teach compassion you can teach you know a quiet demeanor around something that scary teaches you how to be stable and really confront for a lot of people teach them out of confront their fears i love to build be able to build at some point in time a very large facility or we can do weddings and funerals and bible studies and open parts of it up to the public where people can come in and watch actual trainers and people who actually can show them the beauty and the purity of how animals are because it so healing when to be to be around and that's you know we've done dorrance i mean i had a patriot we rescued for a while when i was a kid not any kind of animal rescue simeonite to rescue lespel too but we can truly teach people how to not be alone and how do you know there's no reason people are actually a lot like horses horses are heard animal and they function in her people are the same we need each other we need to be to gather when people sit around too long our minds play games with us and and certain emotions kick it that's not what we were meant to live like we were meant to live and in villages and tribes and and where we had deep meaningful relationships with each other and i'm not talking about sexual in talking about relationships that last a lifetime because your surrounded by people who actually know you know the types of potato chips you like no no what you like is an individual matter argue with you or compete with you or change your mind support you in a while they love this kind of potato chips i'm always going to have that in my house so that when they come over they're goin to know that their love because i pay attention to what is important to them the little fine little thing and we can take that in and apply that in that in a situation of brannan office or serving in it is serving it should not be a career it should be a duty in a service where our politicians are on the same pay graveairs responder or as our military personalities insurance of the same pay gray for that instead of coming out with millions of dollars as is not well the people that are putting a salvo the line their life is on the line are living a lot a poverty with no services and no one to back them it's backwards we've changed it all my father in law was saying last as a matter of fact as and this low stands and he's a hard working man he's had his own a praise and i say companies not like a big conglomerates his own appraisal business is and his brother when they have one you know administrator or secretary that canefields phone call stuff like that when she's on vacation my mother law you know falls in but it's just and he was just saying though yesterday goes i'm so satire of the rules for thee and not for me mentality goes on so sick of it he doesn't get any were talked about a man who served in the army was deployed in vietnam was at war and vietnam you know so he has served his country honourably and the man is still working hard back my wife and ay little fleur going to die at the you know that's what they do there the hard work in americans just want to see america fully free for once and again like you said not have the diet owing over us and then we the people the serves under them possess now how this nation that's not why these men and women went in so and fought these wars of thought were right to set the not what they went over there to serve they went over there because they thought they were serving they were really fighting for he when in reality i think that's going to be another over people are going to start realizing some of these things that we we deployed refinement and women in uniform over for a hidden agenda behind yeh because they were funny so many of these war person after were actually e they were punished worthey didn't care for they kill they didn't care who won because if you've got your sita the top as a king or a part of this oligarchy that's going on you does it matter you have all the money so that erelong is playing a game with people people's lives and manipulating things to bring the whole world under the rule nitetis wrong it should be the freedom it should be individual freedom where the people direct direct hold they want to live we need to be doing this together as one nation under god as a family a family of americans and and hopefully to the rest of the world you know it's it's important at that well i'm battery bar i am draining heavily on his face and my avocation delicate but i love this i think we should do this but every week will alternate so mad start on and then we'll go off a day his her line you know auditor but i like this said you just want to minutes and then go over to my mistimed will do in all the half on her and half over there because i like to be in a network at becket's a good dynamic i really think that's a good idea we bounced back and forth and we alternate starting points every other friday i i i don't know i like i will encourage everybody to go and listen to all your pond casan i actually kind of like this not that if we start on friday with you an a and that it meant nine i'm really good with that jason because we can you know that way everybody knows what to count on and i'll want to commit such an if you wants to alternate we can do that but i thought to day worked out really well and i love it if you're good with that we can do that but we can wollaston that direction and weasel yeah testily want what do you want to do to do i mean you know about us this is an above the information out to and most importantly about that but and you know and i think we have to live in god and all of us so the people that are listening to us what do you think you know the ultimate back and forth to an hour and one hour and another and a fit let us now we love thee he lay a donald william dean every every one of my binney brand were news now ward dona william says that's a way on the donatists survey too you know tell us what you guys think you know there's there is a lot of people out there watching so just communicate with us if you communicate with me on telegram i see those messages directly i don't see all the other social media i may or not may not see him a telegram i do and so that's the best way to get a hold o me an that at brandenburg number for i hear lieutenant the comments a freaked out this week or he had somebody else on and i went to type something and i didn't have the curse i mean this is how high tackle all right over the common mark and i shut him off the screen as i go like this you know tintoret what i did and but i'm getting better at this every day alfabet had a moment like that on podbipienta like i don't know how it happened because i'm pretty certain i didn't click on an theus i don't have the double tap on my mouse had because it has haleine things by accident but somehow it closed out of the while i was alive i was like one soreheads like now what did i do you know the other i went back to it and it was still showing why but what he had done put a moment he gave me a period of silence so i didn't you couldn't hear me so i just went that air for a second and so i came back to the live screen again and then i picked back up like a ingonyama heart attack moment by ever heard had but abernethy could find everything else there to some and that's up to so for anyone you know getting the game passerinii on to anyone and everyone you can i mean that's a huge deal for me is that i am on the ballot and november and skipping this whole unpartisan be on the ballot november chremation that you can it's brandenburg vernor doom japonica nels like some scribe passed them on because then i don't have to spend a lot of this ridiculous political money on a given information it you become an act of purchase a feisel governance and if you decide that you want to donate since i'm not in fact ruminating on piles of cats we have a wonderful group of patriot attorneys but that have stepped up to the plate to work on things and most of them are being paid or not being paid but we do things and trierarch and the ability of things that we can do such as a launching we lawsuits and fighting for this we need to fight for this illegal in a legal way i'm encouraging every one to please if you have any extricated leading you in the direction of places jump on brannigan and there's a link there to give an goat you can that you cannot in fact contribute to and that would be wonderful i think we last days and i'm going to get that i'm going to guess that he lost his battery there so is a wonderful wonderful the other is a sermoniser manet and the sun sandalwood dear heavenly father thank you so much for jason for every one other that listening to this the road case ask you to guide directs discernment and that we would do all things not for our glory but for your glory shoshonee around us so that if there is any one who is it who is truly a neater havin hard time copy shows what we can do to show them your love to step up and do do rather than talk do things seems to be very important tis time that we need to actually put out to put our backs into this and duchatelet to take this nation back into hothouse around us who are your children every one is as is your creation we now just earth as your creation and we want to walk in obedience to your laws in your rules things that you set up your on this her for us to live happy good lives close with you in a closer walk with you large thank you so very much for everything that was done on the cross we are thankful we accept your salvation and we want to be in relationship with you and with the people that you and with you with your children here and away that we serve them please give everyone joy and peace that passes understanding the day help him with protecting them and giving the provision and let them know how truly precious they are that you created them to be exactly the way that they are in you are leading them into growth and all good things because you're good all the time in jesus name would pray a man have a one of these days let me in a back onto completely shut down my phone of it right in the sun so if they want those i phone protection things so sorry about that you just bet i did not during the prayer but that's okay you can we pray already this morning you could reunite you want so i just up god bless every one this is our low tack or low teetery yet authentic broadcast brinberg news not work band we look forward to talking to you again very shivery soon expected me on again to morrow ah talking with dan hartman and in regard to a lawsuit going on with listenin marked fortior hopefully that happen i am the pronoun and to day we have stopped scott one who is a criminal investigator which his first words to me when i talked to him as you do know that you were so don't you i'm like a of course i do she's like a this was a sat up to remove you from the belt we're going to continue to expose corruption take back this state we're going to punch and we're not going to stop punching and some we uncover every single bit of criminal and incorrupt evidence and remove all these people prosecute them in want plans going brown trip to to get me and we're going to be done with a is going to be clean out of nastiness lutely criminal people who have waged war on the united states of america and we the people were done with us we have it we go guys have eyes everywhere so the next time any one decides that they want a seat in an election be worn and be here thank you for having me diadematus enjoy a wonderful day and god bless every one out there