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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 2/20/2023 - Chuck Ritchard

Published Feb. 20, 2023, 9:02 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is the twentieth day of february twenty twenty a beautiful beautiful monday morning here and once again another critical thinking day critical thinking monday was critical thinking he and now we're going to crickle thinking by day and the this morning of the checks venitienne o'clock he had a grand thing to do with a hoe so can they ask graciously command to day who has also one of my favorite and a more again how you going i join great doing great looks like another beautiful day i had i must to day and and all i can say is livingfor the lord that's what we got to do right i want to bring this up to day i think this there's a side is called days of the year do co and it is explored world wide advance fossils funny weird and national holidays are national days on his so did you know to day is present national family day national comfy the national love your pet day and national muffins we but of your muffin yes so national muffin day so i think i'm going to be baking today and honor of national coffinthere something like that i actually ah i think that might kahanana muff and day i kild you not it is national cherry pie day it is national handcuffed it is in between the eighteenth and the twenty sixth its real bread nineteenth through the twenty fifth is national engineers has after all the engineers on the national invasive invasive species awareness we s were jumped the shark right and estotiland and then the athanaton al nest box as to the twenty and agonisante next one on the national condone carnival of brazil national fasting february nationblack history month international began cuisine and national hot breakfast cherry month ashton the accepation baked for family fonmon national bird feeding march national library lost as this is the rest on again her on national american inclusion national american inclusion on and no idea with any means estate that all americans are included osgood beheld we all should as pemaching poppa the young i i had some news to bring out the evening news or any anywhere you want to go with it this morning because i think i think honestly you know we had a discussion when we talk for we get on in line and i i got to say that i don't i don't know if it's hitting every one at once or individually we are our world is a world he absolute lies lack of being able work of telling the truth on every level and i got this morning and i was i come to day i'm so now you could get so sick of the lies with its he oh as he said to those difice herod he has to rely on god more instead of the news knowing what were truth because it's all lies is everything that we hear out there crazier and crazier and crazy and so i would suggest to every one get in your bible and honestly he has seen his turn my other one off here so we elonore start off the news we hear or or being in the no one things or whatever the only place that we really can know the truth is coming to god himself and living that out ourself an you can't rely on anybody else to so many of these people in the main stream median politics and what whatever i mean that's their game is to lie antoinette and so those of us who do not subscribe to that need to be and bring truth or to the and in a few really strongly about that in that pullison closed so what what say you can while i'm on pulled seffer i'm tryin to pull back a little you said one of my favourite words of subscribe scribe by itself has that biblical content scribes were the ones who wrote down the law if you will and ran round and told everybody what was we know that you know in the scripture they came at him all the time the scribes and the pharisees and questioned him all the time the one ending of one of the chapters in one of the when he got done you may es everybody cases as one in authority as one of the scribes not the same level anolis one that writes everything down but one to think of the words meaning below scribe would be some way put yourself below these we're all the lives seemed to low nowadays is that we scribe we sign our names stating these truths all these things we think we know and it turns out there a bunch of lives ring how it held together because we subscribed interesting word now to see why would one put themselves right and and i think that that's a significant significant i i can honestly say that i think there's an of people out there right now that our lying to all of us i don't even know they know how to tell the truth any more oh a concern that i've had for a very very long time many many years the world has got into it has got into and when when created human beings it was more the focus was more of family on family and her small units and we honestly are failing abysmally in that area for is not part of it is that then it's been led in name and legislating god out of our lives and out of society but also this on being part of this rather than rather than close to god and or or families in its very concerning and in where a lot of a lot of us are you know of a base with a little bit and and i i can tell you that every single wanted us set not not there's not one of us that is outside of the influence of being able to em be affected by this in worn way or another but in it but it cet choice the side warrior going to live so liking the bible one says you know we can be in the world but not all the so how do you live how do you live in the world but not of the world and i'm a bit to bring up an article that came up to day because i sick of the stupid balloon nonsides it's amazing so now they fly up you cannot tell me that our military is as stupid as they are being presented in the i don't believe they have tectonicsthat one happen hit the alike our military est technology we don't even have a clue that they had so you know the aliens you have holes fine overhead my first go to is that they had this technology for a long time in its our own government and wore the world governments that are so i know or smoother heaven of a war behind the seat and i and i do think that we are definitely in war right now we're definitely deftly definitely in war and but it's like this they shot the balloons down over michigan and lost his so the shoot bloons down which in pretty sure they could catch up with a bird that cramp in on my wind shield and picked that of right but the candy turman what followed is i not i not kawith is i am not nor am i dying the i honestly my that right now is to to pull out the absurd and say wanning to not only go to question everything we need to live in that world and pull it back from the world see unless you can see unless you can what you're saying so many people out there spinning information and is as like look here look here look here like her look people are so confused and that that that's what you're trying to do that their absolute now i do believe the good guys are in control so might my question how in the world did they lose a meshes over michigan and all of a sudden he is lost to four hundred thousand dollar missile to shoot down and balloon and by now here's another things that are like to go to its hardy you see he has ever almost declares war on illinois radio as some genonville greeted his own red every week captavit abner's gathered on mine in disgust textoris of the moment and among tops was the blue shot down over north were they are thought to be chinese finds among the banter king in musing thought that enterprising trolls on the pacific room could launch los fearless of thunders of mere skies firing off missiles into the beyond but humor may have overstepped overshadowed by eventsthe one of the craft is shot down est but it points even to an amateur radio blown a helium flow my lord party bloom with a tiny solar power w s pire transmitter the epoch had been shot down was launched by the north and land i bottled camp balloon for gay and group of radio amateurs who launched he piled millinery the beresina of solar power that hesper be calling a was even a call signal caninia and having circumnavigated the globe of seven times some on the ten the october it was last seen of a last of february eleventh for jected course and then i tell he's won the crafty por shot down by the us air for sociomilitary use hundreds of hundreds are hundreds of thousands of dollars or high teck wagonry to shoot down tons of dollars worth of happy electronics they could have rudely tracked on line we love the smell of napo in the morning obesitas the whole of technical information on the blooms and beacons provided a fascinate insight and to this paste of amateur radio that is well worth the reed is acetals you say missile system used to shoot them down sadly remains as well not only that but apparently they lost another missile there conacre so the question that i have is did they even shoot the missel did they lose a vessel is there i think our guys are a little smarter than this just a gas you know i'm i'm pretty extra sure that there little smarter than then shooting down more my lord blond with set unless it was for a purpose that was to the enemy and or to make it last as but all of all this stuff is coming down on there absolutely it is nonsense its men to miss lee just like just like the derailment and and no ohio there was a hundred and fifty five i believe cars on that which are right sovereign knows that i found a little experience in rail cause we all easily he and you you can have trains that know a unit train is usually bolodon to sober hundred cars or something like to have the amount of volatile and chemicals on it going the makes no sense and now i got to go back to a how how many people there how much of this people like a footsends going on right now are they distraction so the good guys conn actually take down bad guys so or are they to strike or the bad guys to strike on us in order to keep on on what important and become men active a in assembled group of e i have and lots say you can't that's a lot i don't send of the loud time norah you like i don't fokina lot of that stuff i i think that point to and fro and others so many things out there i go back to personal first hand knowledge i mean when it really comes down to it couldn't i wasn't there i can't know myself in that instance once if i can't get to a hundred per cent certainty i'm always going to be stuck the level of questionability of that date i i can't know for certain i'm not going to be able to state yes this it's just one of those things i can't know and so i'm just disposed to spend the time and i finding that about most of the news in the world does say like layer of distraction and distraction of distraction and things that ultimate didn't change the singing of the birds to day or the raging of some right and some so am you know we're living that time the bible talked about it of wars and rumours of entire society his belt an rumors so beg that nobody really can know people that or even talking when or an online talking you have no idea who it is so even though the accounts on less some reputs er name on which is honestly wide decidedo brandenburgers not work because in like an oke i'm just on pomatambos wants to question whether i'm real or not and or if they want to correct me go right ahead that screen if i'm wrong on something i wanted all the and i'm willing to put my name on it were most people are not the hide behind of avatars or the hide behind descriptive names or something like that you not i consent to for to see an effort sonmans the you know it's like it's like you look at the different political part i now want to see congratulations in a cranforth weekend for winning of the chikoot for the of the enemy oh i know her personally she is she is a very nice and i and i believe she is sister in christ revieweth his long disuse and i i deiseal want um um i really i really want to just say congratulations to and i i i have a lot of us i am right now not a fan of the political parties at all not at all if they became the structure we may have one good person that but the amount of of infiltration that's going on in every level i i don't cures wrong structure is cutting out the people the white people american we can put good people in and pray to god that we have somebody to replace them when they stopped down my questions my question is structure of these political parties and george washington brought it up in the end and this is a really really bad idea we have bought and paid for elections and i'm going to throw something out there that i thought was both admirable and tried so mark forton and leaned stepped down in their beds for for ah ah the chair physicians and i was fortunately i was really kind of disappointed because i think that we should have all the choices in the side but because the republican party is at so many problems and with ranked choice voting and such that they said he know what we are so again having having one perleget the get the the i stepped out i saw that there would be a better option not not the what part played well on with without they stepped out to get the vol for in no can say that that there i love them to peace as i loved markings that i find that really tragic because of ranch was voting they would have knocked you know it was likely that that oh likely that establish chandanae what had been put out who i leave with all my heart is the and i i met mat and i and i had i came away from that some very stone opinions about the he had been about the conneaut men and this is i had personal contest had i not had personal contact i would have been a little less ted and my opinions on on him but i had i have very and then watching watching how people are moving around within the pile your can consist here you're you can't just went sideways i think i lost for men on the let him regrow purement it we lost heine some that some mecome back an i if i had not had i can when men do pardon i probably would have had i probably would have had a different opinion of however i met with christina corao at my barn i met with mad de pernon at my mare i mount with people like trucker one at my barn i've met with a lot of these people personally so i can tell you on a personal level and that in that just what i see or what i hear in the news of quite honestly and statements that met peronema to me that were beyond cost beyond the in i mean beyond can and so in and the conversations i had with her were always she was always and i do believe stellafont charge faster than a drink okay well that's a conto come back on if i can get at lasciviet canon in despite phone here and see from getting back on here on the kitchen to lease the tell you that right now he cannot be n't wantoness this and he is a really good guy very principled man he's got you know he stands on principle for the united states incretiatable so i do i decided to have become on right now i saw you chameleon difficiles back on just to tack right now will do my phone net nowhere so i think think her one of the most gracious people i've ever met my life and i and i really do believe that your service mind some to go back to my purse and al interactions that i've had with people because that's what i can count on and i can make a decision now not somebody else to tell me who hath sir i should be on whoever is i know marking lisa i love mark angles other wonderful wonderful patriot and i love them and i understand why they stop down in order his band with great choice and they knew that the establishment candidate needed not to be in that place and i i am i guess i i i love them and i will not criticise them from the decision it was there seagoing in there i met christina i taught to her main we sat up until past midnight one night talking it wasn't as herd either i said there was another person there also and i will tell you right now she is one of the nicest people you will ever meet and and i love christina a lot you will not beg down i believe that she is a very committed cried and that she or she also is is a just at all around and very good person and will do the best of her abilities do what the right thing is and i would like to tell everybody out there an if anybody speaks out ill against her sometime for her personal life you can criticise her anybody else you want for there a political and other public life but i think it's really especially a man who has kept a another criticises a man who has in one of the lowest life forms on the plant if we're if in it and i will say that to the titles half the republican party right now because i've watched the republican bar go after people was democrat party west people is an ungodly it is a godless in when somebody goes after a man and things that could damage the relationship her and her children are first responsibility is to our children and quite honestly that is one of the things i feel strongly about and i never criticized scarron for walking away and i mean most people probably would have really really been upset about it and i like i understand i really do understand what happened there very much understand what happened there and you know i can't i can criticise or i can in public life but any one that speaks out about christina crane and see you later entire life out in let's see betsy how well you stand up to re the pretty extra sure every simple person other is going to have a fail some sort that that the opposition destroy including the destruction of good people stepping with with bad people wanting to do so much collateral damage that they would absolutely to a relationship between a mother and their children its godless in so i'm i'm going to throw that offer selina i know her i've met you know i've made enough people out there in politics to give you my cursory opinion of them why i why i have a concern about her because i don't look at it as whether i like people or not i could care less i can work with people i don't like doesn't matter to me there are people like we just don't like it but it's a man or keeping your eye on the goal and getting the goal of putting the united states of america back on line right and inhaving thinks or so with that sad with the conventiones week end i think it was not there i was not there at all had a lot of friends that were there and they were telling me in on things that were going on and ah you know from from there from their perspective i do trust and because i know them and i know that they would tell me there sounded to me like that was kind of still can an disappointing conduct people that should be in a professional capessere resenting the united states of the but i also understand were in war so sometimes things o littlest on they go that's down i take on what happened to sweep but i really think that everybody needs to and say what what are you going to do if you're on the republican party are you going to step up and say o ka what can i do to help and oh aunt you down to christian and what can i do to help and one communicating to her see anything that looks out go to her personal nested bible says the bible says you go to that perse on an individual basis and then you can go to her we we go right to us do a character assassination if we don't like the the brand and cote use on on on their hamburgers too i mean this is what we go to and that hateful that hate god was set or the people doing it are in fact the problem and probably a greater danger to in sess go on that tell the thing on those said one and wove those don't have any inkling of an idea or it oportunity to and decides can be nice it can hard when you come home peigans showshas word penosa mowers moved well and i think people need to i think people need to pull back the the news of their listening to honestly we have to question everything i mean if you're going to pick a subject while you know i like trained rents because i've got a little experience in that and go not that his in reality things here that don't make sense and i'm not going to sit here and sugar color for any one i'm going to a some one is lying somewhere and we can dive in with our information that we go havanese rch for ourselves is does not make and call it out as such so that there's more people that will jump on to the information and is being i think that we think that there's so much that we ah oh he over the head with ye now we're we're up then we're up to our eyeball distraction and bad information the somebody said something doesn't mean it he there there was a a ah there's a lot of people on telegram and honestly i subscribed your lot of people toscas i want to alter talking about now do you then not even a for believing it has i started out by not believing of a hot well well well that's it and then from there i go to go to have got to questions about this or i say it's not important to me right now i've got to the things that i think we can't know everything that comes through the new she he even through the patriots so our first step is get right with god and get ourselves stable on the ground so that we're not blown around by like a leaf and in a panic over the stable and then do what we can and then you know to what we can do about it get information out there but but not believe i don't believe ninety nine per cent of what i hear though i will entertain listening it consolidates the cloud that he appears out of you go and look at the the word cloud back round it was the confusion and the destruction that understanding so it makes sense what has none the truth that's the truth comes out of the canoe and when that when that happens on one mastodontine upon everyone to see the truth for what he is i guess was contestarte aholehole world since to work cried eastwards that think this relates to you sat is coming out of the clouds and confusion that's realisation never heard that before and i think that's releasing i really thank you for bringing that to the table this morning because there is so much confusion out there and it is as the fog of war and so what do we go back to we have to go back to to we have to go back to hotel that god is here with us all the time his walk in strghthe sweet june half to be afrayd and anything that those things which are godless we have to take it with a great assault or walk away from it the only way survive psychological warfare that going on in front of us and i really do believe that i think it's great that she is brought up the salt which goes to again in a wood good as soledades his sabre that you're the shock to the world for the good back to again when you see the lives when you see that things the out of the house or tippleton exactly what your cook is some concionis as so the city we cocockatoos look at that now while this state right i not looking with good which you beeyoocheous lay down and had iganesis sitting on that spice sir and he lets us the life for for truth is not worth nothing more than to an outline the walkway to be trampled upon well it is a sort of like ok so some brought this up in the chain just brought it up here it's like em a good morning to every one who comes up with his national days and months anyway right i mean is like i guess it's like a venianche i think i want a half a national infirm days and so of course they know somebody will prove it because the show they buy vot see losses are societies to believe if they are chasing the world you are a failure that is so wise and in that's really true of one i estand that when i will let his a being a mom and you know i'm in a grand you know it's like but i remember when when i was younger you know and you you needed a career you need to go forward in such an idea that i did then but i also had kids i ended up green my kids to work when may because i was a business creator from the time it was like seven years old starting with with selling selling down as i decided creed a bakery one day i was eight years old or some submersed in i came restslipped of money on the table in front of my mode welljust saw to that you know conodontes i got for you how to make make donatist which is really funny to me now at the time it seemed normal right and but anyhow i brought my kids with me to and they when i had to go to meetings they would go there and i'd lie on ride off and they knew how to act from the time they were little in a meeting because they were used and i actually had i actually some clients had told me they know everybody told us that they want they want my skill sat on pain cause i'm corpet stringiness am i do on the creative work as well as the numbers of i've got a weird green i can think in both directions so they wanted they seem my work and they had me recommended and the the weren'the she's going to come in with her he and it's going to be okay but but realize that she's going to come in with a kiss and so when i got there of course you know i i got there and kids went sat in the on they were they were clearly traumatized by the fact that i brought my kids and for a little bit but cause they had done us the chocolatecolored and anything the kid's busy right and he so the kids when right to their chairs and they sat down and they paid attention and i mean the kids were little they were they were little i would say that my oldest one at that moment time was probably i don't know under ten so they were little kens right and they sat there and sandcars needless end and they didn't say a word and they were quiet and we got done with the meeting i got my work done and and the one guide came to me as i was walking out he said i got to tell you he said we were terrified because we were told you bring your cans in and we were terrified having this meeting we knew you wanted to hire you for his his job to do as i am you know to come in and help them with their markings and the product positions and they said but we were so scared if you come in in with your kids there like your kids are like the best behaved kids on the whole planet on one i like well thank you appreciate that but but they would have a that they knew how to act and i never spoke more than one time to make an and when when i said some i mounted and it was for their best good as a parent were not there to be liked all the time were there to show them how to be responsible adults and be put productive and that there that there are that they are prepared in it in any and every situation it went which spoiled children are not they throw temper tantrums look at the political arena out there were talking most people are that i see there they act like a bunch of spoiled little nit wits they get up there they scream and the yawl in their full hat the set not and on like boy i'd get your parents are real proud you right now i know no no skill at all so that i jason says his are mine made that's what is to blow up east palestine and i we don't know right we can make some gases but that train was blown up that that was not a natural occurring derailment and all of a sudden fire that fore now fire and the wheels were twenty miles to be break this is all for open so very monks says good morning please talk about the midocean let and i thank you your opinion matters i appreciate that i really think that our job right now was to bring civility to to ah to alsace i cannot sit there on the outside is a godless aprs stonhouse and to absolutely plain and moan and the cent when if everybody stepped up and stopped acting like children who are owing to these emotional support pictures but actually went towards that politisch or that public functionary and made a relationship with and said how can i help you and i'm go i mean a going to help you the point that when i see you stopping out of line or that you're being misled by something that i am in fact whittling stop there in their with you and and try to try to make sense of not not sit there time complaining and it because i have i think that this is got a song as we are the ones that are killing the nation of that we are the ones that let it get out of control and we have to change our methods and get involved lasciarlo the country that me together small study comesomething creature and i participated in several of em for lyers and one of the more recent ones that have gone to penological years even talking about how we got to where we are right now i leavingsupposing to the banking act to the crinomenon this one on the cornea that we managed to get ourselves so into the severiani think how were you were not a small number of people that recognized that we finally got a large becomepopular tion that realizes the keyword in a mass on sort out of his were condoling up the shoot the mistreated you see the sport this is his trickling or the shocking oneeheow the scraw ear i know a knowledge of this collateral pay now you know well a great and all but generaliter we got to get on to the next step sostenerlo of the crustacea the lolly seemed to be the clesinger but then again how do we he panteleemon at tosomething other than the great wolsey explaining how we got here an said coming together is obviously the now thank god the three poquestion associates the dialogues this is what we're going to do that and and you know in honestly talking i would encourage every one out there and i i really i'm not a fan of the political party system at all no but i would say that while we have we have right now i encourage every one the otto christina and you i always say i'm not in public anvil i was thinking about that is that i'm not part of rapped republican party as well as the croppera party i believe in the republican form of government i really do this is a republic so in a way you know i do believe in that but i'm also constitutional is and so i don't like to use the terms because right now an they don't really mean anything to any one foremost i am an american and i sir got all night and foremost above all and if it's his he served that's where i'm going to go and i don't eat a title i don't need i i don't need the the propping up i'm going to follow what he wants me to do and in that you know it may be the servant politics it may be continued put the truth out there it may be a lot of the oh i i i will tell the truth though no matter what is i see a and if i see somebody doing the wrong thing i will probably as my opinion that this is probably not the right process so like i do not believe the political parties of the right one i believe that in doors smiths should be illegal its election interfere start of having the having the people who are running put their information out find it a fine a couple of places where you can put it out without any one so that has to have sin may be may be a may be a seal that yes i actually put this out i believe that packs and dark money should be illegal i really do because everything in the sister right now is meant emforthe will of the and have a less who have infiltrated the parties state things over including the money part of it and by our elections by post and and keep us out of it is stupid drones the continue to work he her heads down and really not question anything cratosomus on that that you know and in a division between people that the half the time people can't even have a civilized while there are not they agree and you should be able to do that whether you agree or not i think our teaching also sustainability for me because i have the bill of to do that as well as come oh on a personal lovel now i think it those are all things that are going to have to be tamed and you have wartalk of elections and these other what the people would like to and in all there is election and that the one should he he was a stole i think following so many that he's put in no place as a more natural wal centring to follow those that were selected by again people i i to some large degree i hid don't think that again that the troops had the ability to see their leader if you will show cantofoli the one selected by the troops don't seem wise to me the following those that again to the heart towards him the one that he puts on that place is the more propriate passed or so more still mired within a political system but i still think it his truth that's come up become at the elysian ed all of this to what i can recognize is the world i can do a man to nice it's a long process he turned to be alive during hawcastle to i guess like as a people to have some toward it and the sitocatis it exochin as they are and is towards that trances it eventually either saturated the political system are supplanted into something that she mollingas appropriate the senachie was my screen view here mine talking about the holidays sans pelegati onal holidays oh in on you take the word holiday and that sorely holy day in the original holy days that were given to live estocades and thenthenat had he said you know keep the holidays that i give you to keep because these are the days that i celebrate and so i want you ceasing with the time and now we have all kinds of holidays may he by what everybody really has faith and on that shore the king of the country and so when it creates a president state of celebrated and casinada or national holiday and not like said the created holidays for here every face he could want to participate in every little niche how almost church coming it if you if you so on teetisch and animals so much the peter becomes your thing and you with your whole life work in orsinoes and all that you get yourself a national holiday and your pond that everybody is to celebrate that he holiday i that's that's the little michael cosmo the world that it's some one then i think of hiding i am down into a lot swallering and forgetting about the big mistover release posed to do on potentially touch he monospe ally if it westernmost if you will on the politics of the world well in line i you know am were always celebrated the festas or i and i think that's kind of fun because it's something that we can all how do i say this is something that we can all come together over so when when you know we went we went in two a a messianic church and i really kind o liked i like i'm going to that going to that assembly there it was great we did the feste is think that another thing it was really significant as that we would all read well have readings of the bible and there are different days you know you read you read different different and but if the icing is is that with all of us reading a similar passages whenever we got together we had easy time talk his right off the bat we had a a conversation start and it would nance about morality integrity who god is what you know cause if you don't understand god is were you you you really lost the as it's like you know it's an he's kind o he's kind o holding everything to gather here and he is with us all the time and so the the walk with god to walk with him you can walk with him on this weir on proached light it isn't mean more perfect but it does mean that were we tend to be i think people at walked with god tend to be a little more stable even to colonisation some reason in all the kingdom said came and went and came on my folly was concerting to he went through four of em and he an i'm sure each one of those cans one of the halicoridae on holiday and of forties tablishment of this kingdom and so for some reason for the july teach onkelaus the great holiday and god the creation of if you will this country in which ostrogothis tion countries of common gone kingdoms of common gone and yet at the same time the way caseoli ay and a celebration they tower we celebrate this in all the spirits if you will if that's so much the focus it we forget god it will place that in hanicotte potentially that's so mostly adultery of serving it to master and so he had the all the people that are hering a political mechanism in ordered a further torcendo against his kingdom and crimesheet what we caught in right on and corrupted to such degree that it no longer functions to allow his kingdom to bree rely well even the little sprite special interest holidays to your point is that they you don't holidays holidays in my opinion should that every one has the ability to his you know natsomething what's holdthat's fine it's taking away from those things that unite us and that's very tragic and that's how you do truly we're going to have a bigger problem we can't come together and common alley no commonalty is that we're all were also sorry that communion the especially what you're talking about right there lad sank down planking proroget er and join each other in inspecting time together in coming together and commonality comedian or working the gather on his specific project so one of the things it working on right now as i think i'm going to be this year i i've been really so thought trimins in people how to how to sustainable sustainable options potently civically chickens i think i'm in to do some some many plots that we can help people who want to perhaps the involved and having their own garden area with a few chickens on em you know that they can come to on my property so that we can find a watch you know help them through this and if they can they if they don't realize how much work it really is i still have people there that are willing to that it will be able to include myself step in and say well you might need a little bit more of this or this or let's do a soil task take or homes water or putting on things and how are you chickens and do we need to do we need to ah yes we warm chicken and how or how clean are you keeping the cob and and what what it or how that hole that oft or cretonne from your your plot so i think that my and my small part of the world on lactoprotein yet checking we i want to continue to teach them that and i think that's going to be i think that's going to be one of the things i'm working on a god i want to projects but that's one of them he i'm going to know i've got both your eyes on the phone then is there any way you can jump back on with when video the charge for the hagnothemis how can so you know you don't want that okay you can sing in his eye loved this and then if you want chimeneseki that strike sitofensis going right now guys this is as my life now right and morning check a doin fine jostle i go into the ilse i call that she so that's awesome well oh oh hang it second you think you could jump on your tablet coolie whence in the trick is the mines one of these phones for to reading the a the comments consecration thank you hopefully see on other side thanks to the monitor the chance when people are rigganite that's old i'm so agood morning how are you i me i'm always mean of that man come before god they or i have re onderstood then yes it so i otacilius i knew the game was to rohwillers in thanks for doing beiwache weaken yeah for in time we started we started with that we started without with a political tinge and with christina winning the the i want to give you my opinion on some hurry out you go out is that it is that i like a personally now christina and i like her the nice and so i encourage in everybody to develop a relationship with her and asked how can i help but also realize that complaining to me and everybody else is not helpful it doesn't and so when we have somebody that has agreed to step up whether we are dry or disagree with what we they do we need to get behind us we met we need to be willing to step up and say okay i'm going to cut the the biblical perspective is to go to that person if you disagree with what they do or their decisions and say i have a concern in this is my concern and very professional way not ranting and raving like a lunatic child but in that also be willing to help what can i do to be helpful and ye and in thy to try to help steer things in the crack and i am not a pan of political as even a yes somebody and there the good there is no parentthat somebody good isn't gone it's going to come after them and with the amount of infiltration we have in every single one of our tions organizations we have a big problem and and i do not believe that the parties are sustainable i think we have it takes away though the choice and the will of the people and installs people which those who have deemed then deemed worthy by the party shows a we just really get to approve their and that's great as long as i have good people in there but we have to we have still have so many people in their who are questionable so though even these people we need to have a relationship with them and tell them what you dissatisfied with in what you want to see don differently son to be imported a very critical time extremely critical egiste twenty four races we do not have one to you we do not have a keeper say were troubled and that's really true what we have to make or retamos or hard because if you will at the bible you will cut it is quoted king james file held over eight hundred to a hundred and twenty six times or is mention will do some reason for that and that others had older thousand so i have to do is make sure to get back to our really words and you right we have to take the whole alater we now have the ten to do that but one thing i must say no to you a thing this motionhowever is now in prcedente is leerhose to set the tolls the leader has to set the plan i can tell you a coach twenty years you do not do that without a plant you do not do that with an action can go into every every match so frost every week we need to be reminded of what the plan is renthroning over notches like him the corporall die you know that you have keys wonkey performance indicators so we need to know what those keep performances are every one of us in the cool those down from the top down so that every ounce understands their role in old pitcher think about a rolling kingigamoot with all the rowers that the were not read in the same direction that boussois key is less it back on the track while we got a leader of his circles go to it the cobalt because that's what it's all about well and i think if we see things procedurally that we don't like that is appropriate but this a gasoline and rumors and nonsense on personal on personal life in me some of it if it spills over me there's not one person of there it's going to stand without having something that would not statesand up here is not one part and like a sub many times jesus was the only one that was perfect and he chose not to throw a stone so so now if we got something in place we need to get in there and we made to say what can i do to help and on this is what i'm not willing to do do to my personal attire does say i was listening to somebody that the the military or somebody you're supposed to follow the commands and if you cannot follow a commands because of conscious or or things that you disagree with there they need to resign and or more remove themselves from its site and in e and i i do believe that if somebody if somebody was in the military and told me that i had to go to you crane in order to been stance i do jailor because i am that convinced that that that are met prudent right now is doing the right thing as far as getting ridden by a lampsilis you would come forward and and you know started started taking them out before colbeth hid the scene which you know got my own opinions on called with two which i don't and and we're going back to the fact that can't believe the world is too big unless you see things or you know some one your being sad information by a variety of sources which could be good is it could be badise it could be good as were re u to a to a better position but they could all still be lying all the same time or misleading because they got a direction they want to go and no one does the typical without having a direction you know who is in a position with o heaven having no addression wanted to go into and i do believe that i i just want my country my act that's all i want honestly and regeneracy there vincentinternal that he hasteneth key principle or dugges wistful and washed by the non free years we need to do that which seemed to echinospora late of latebut it into back the i can outdoorscut out some of his other self that's going on and i won thing is its truesilas though if this is trucidatre there donoso colossuses greeceachus of the many times only the latter show it was true and it was perdidicerant what's going on across the oh everything curses had overdeal in with but with that eside its stillness a time to be back as a team and yellowstone his forward to towards that goal of bogottowa that goal is one of the key things is good eating that go after rid away to an fortecon etition runners never won't get the competition they will forward to look to see are the ondemacher are they once oh i read for years or goodness was the thing you always will it on you you have to know that you are as your mark whitsell's doing so each of us a to do that same thing i've wouldnever be able to stand with anybody who doesn't believe at the twenty twenty election needs to be righted and with a set of tenants president state to day and i would like to wish happy president's day and he actually acting like a president he actually went you know he actually a you know made the effort for east palestine right and so it's like he's acting like a president would it's not for photo opie like whitmore did with that with a shooting the false like shooting and michigan when i say falls like i want to clarify that that doesn't mean that nobody died doesn't mean it don't the half and i mean he created a chris in order to drive the rest of us our behavior into the pan that they want us to go that was gone control and so they were willing to kill in order to accomplish they did it oklahoma they didn't nine eleven they're all inside job sandy hook let all of em are inside jobs and organ drive us stupid things like the patriot act s in one israelites editor cover of the convention in the tailor not at all and that's why i am glad you are come in because a yetthat's the throne to hear from you because he oficiales thought it was a return to sanity once again become it was so as finirons what we used to have for we that old friends only with disagree with seven green with others but we were there and after we parted messelanes fridahs in one thing i think that he ought relatorem er the matter loree disagree with people when we believe we pekinthe conversation he the that me whatever we have to say in what were still find still mustered men presidingthe day and i could wish very secure by i don't take shares owedas i think this will septentrionale tenetoir this convention in finding it after a lot tocomocomo prose other sentences convoy of nothing the people were white pepper and the parthians invention is inspected laconically of battle right a lot of things and because because i came up to me when he asked you that is what we found out we can greet their pologize to me i told him why i was upset so much with the chocolate about thee o the meconiate fonooalaiee that plead for me in soccer and we shot down evertite the wrong pitcher i don't know what was going on herwythe oh the young the heat but if horses in a way you had the pen there to appreciate them that side we want to was friends we went even to another bed if we can do that anybody can do that i mean that sincerely cause you know sometimes i get i do how her i know it you and some people don't like that but i pushed on the truth that would hurt that won her with like and larry but i know what that's beyond this i just want to say thanks to like in larry for being here you'll men better willing to say i hate you do we made him a state it is we can all do that i tell you what we will be on weiss they will knock able to stop us and that's where we have to get to so that side it was a funny i visited i can go to my own caucus because i can have a hot in my old cocks those gastrito shut me out right which should be concerning an an i mean i think that's the thing that we got to watch with the republican party right now it is our they going to stay faithful two returning the volto the people instead of all this nonsense in this almost bureaucratic colt like nonsense that we've seen in all in all or ah exactly and i think you we do that without enough to go through the understand the process had been rounded or well almost as long as we re old in the party can know that i bithinke that alert that is i'm not coloway i will devise and people of a weary or where we're going and why i put out a post to day which idle the favor representator not but we will and will share that because it gives the last like a ossenes i wore were going on to start a new chapter in his or new chapter because we have a new leader less started now chapters the startling o what is the goal or we doing lay people know in that voice of reason if you will and now there were get the gold we get the measures of this put elseplease we wittinglie we staying how we doing is here was forecasting horesemen across these those who the corvisors rewardedas so people can see coholane else as i then kindled the rumor he who here incaricrsi right sore our job is to be cut out those rumors as monstrous we can well i think one of the things that i want to watch as i want to watch the connections with the political strategist such as the yoshenda i am i am still very very concerned with the connection with the gas and the people that are in playright now and i his in really concerned about this because that that is that is the epitome of establishment right there and lonicera desired without we have then we know that some one else is not done because i can tell you there's some people that do the i look as i like a tea party type of approach were altered if they appeared to be this but they're not okay ellis agreed he said i'm not the bending them that's one of the stoffius defending i curse the people do the different types of things so it is what to be true or words or wallross the board a ham brother a tract on the i think i appreciated your hide in heightened you get her love we go to my huntersthat the thousand i think it's to be watchful and realized that or that or allegiance goes to god almighty and as long as people are carrying out is well and you know and in such i now we really we really you know we we really have to be very very much questioning and pondering and watchful i mean that important ira it locarnowhat happened at any other colensonis can of interesting so i got invited to a lot of e i chose to go to set the and of course that's the one involved are become miracle play to a nose ire and do you know that i last week i went to fundraising for ah for the leaders of that david was really really warmed his shee that they won the idea very good young man as they was ben joseph or sender and connelson of other chair and cochero to the new ten aisey the consolidation or ibelieve the consolitary thing they'll some people are concerned to kisses connected with the steeping which she is a little bit and i think he is growing to reasonable henningsen of faith and i sayeating to know bandini think i think that they underestimate his ability to under sail was going on so given timeliid a bell but barber fireside his accounting fisher the cold i can is better a number of positions and to see him in leadership is is great because we have no people wished or porter people with heart when we leave of that heart as i said earlier then i tell you what i heard i was a hospice i now lead with that then you will do the lithe so i then a comfort of there in the night district worn cometer petitioners hold that was a battle townthis ah or confederate through these two battles and we won when i see we there's a lot of people working those of those battles the love and disorders a disgrace and i say that and i absolutely meant when you elleccioun changing anything when you were locked a person that has a criminal code from a said colon pocket felony i talking of prison though i'm talking about imbezzleing about all the things that we did not one in the government in it there have while i and i think it's like it's important to have a decentralized communication and evaluations right now everything is centralized in that a problem a ham with part is that it's there's so much centralization with all the parties not just wants all of em and so even if we have good people that step of try to write it still him problem with the so and and i and i'm not going to stop i would like to i will like to see that structures a change significantly enough the people actually have our presentation and if i ever hear again that we're doing this just to make delegates feel good agonist continued just blow this right out because the delicates should not be listening to the party are you loyal to the party or you loyal to the represent there in line so that because logopodioides stand at her don't really when you represent your a district because wishing has open primaries personated constitutional party the covers he represented he copple realized so when you go to these trees you're not going republican or going on the voice of the therefore in cardigan your voice still reposed those who like you when you run for delegate blesser elevated but you were imperfect than you wait at august under you represent people just as it seperator a state senator or city council at a school border whatever it doesn't honor you represent the voice of the people the voice has he heard no god in kate he tells enteritidis o full of voices one of those houses of stones for we have so wisely as well well look at that hankowthe now and even deprenis menestymisen candidate from day on and everybody got behind him and then you know everyonein him and behind him and the entire party was like you got it we got to fold together we got to stand to and the problem with that is that they were they were basing it on bad and dorset and i think indorsement should be made illegal absolute absolutely this holding it in an i'm goin to be watching to see what christina does with those because i cannot and i will not stand with any that stands against the then o'er the heape of america i am an american period and me knowthatthati father ne last week and i pasherenptah ellis wide we all know the fertile better that he every one of us because why because were living here were seen what he's doing that is not so it's a teton does that is what weather other says to stay how pleased we respect reeves i wot you're done with please say i'll go said mark wrdon because we're twenty clenetus everybody needs to stay out carry lake came to mastergeneral and i have a big problem with that with carried like telsberg all of these people have jumped on to endorse people in michigan to a itis not there the rates is not the the pole so stay with in michigan that of trying to build this national till type thing and i know i understand is the way that is to be done but that's what we got into this in the first place who is as were tried to do the same thing the same way and expecting different results is not going to work and i am i'm still you know i got tell you i'm still waiting for jesus to come back because see a crash financial creed scott to half and half and not oleoresins so short a correction but i think it's going to go past correction it almost has to the indicators are all there okay and i'm not scared about it on the great work the band it off and look his tubingen around with this and it lets canit down so we can restore this nation hopefully i am so hoping that the military is doing something to pick it up a bad guys that our gonestole roaming around out there because i do believe that there's a season while of that out there had so i am so i camped the good guyser are in control and we can go in formulate opinions we we have theories and all the stuff out there but the reality is this that if anybody knows anything they're not on for real entered how can give the enemy the information and i don't like for you know going back to general plans and doors men of de parnelia met him i know whom i consider him one i met christina i know christina i met to pernales not impressed by what i saw there in all and or what i heard so on individual base i do not like it when somebody comes right out and says i am not in this to win i'm in this decree ate a and i have a big problem with it's it's a game player rather than somebody is coming out and just king truth and doing the right thing and i have a huge problem with that but you know it's like when when you have somebody that like general flinn who has he put his life on the line for the name establishes a base line of which to evaluate everything else he does does an he didn't just say okay i'm going to go by a bag o cookies for the local political group that's not what happened literally put his life in a family's lives everything they had on the line for the that's a big deal and in this i have to keep going back to the in that his character his already stood a as the most people's would not have two going of value at the other things he does pass that there is a reason there is a reason why he's doing his notes for political gain because he already gave up everything he had i was willing to southern whats what is he why is he doing this that where we went we wolkow that answer because it really this condors went off woefully father a lot of people there is sure a orthis that now deere with that came through it was like it was insincere that it was done for some other reason but it did make she to any rassenfosse nearing this quadretti think it is chock annesley i think he i think he had been present tombecause i didn't like present trascorse the majority rather and the majority of them of the can can online listening to but i think it third julian is here getting pee think for themselves and not just follow a party blindly or not disposed individual blind to stop listen he stop it and actually returned to self rule which made rome have to be involved godhead can organise i remember jason talking about indorsements and walking up the word endorsement eventually sharing that to the endorsements were even away of countersigning the actual candidates that we of comeback candidly how did those that were actually to be high lighted prepotently of various reasons and not necessarily an actual party at i get iwas kind of and o swedenthe sheet and found i had put together based on a cantadores and in the actual meaning in the black radicina y of the doors since and how old i could actually be the symbols on toesthat this is from otamish uld be looking at or instead of the porcelain biolioteca the thought that the girl lost he with his strategy have to see his son which tied to his look look yontowisas o what we were seen and before was the endorsements over work they were helping us they were helping up the dollar gas are the pet it's all we question does when the start question things pothesin one it isn't hard up and this would did any end the end result the pardiggle the austrian but the part on a bench are you sees true notion adorano denotation happy is dowable the deasil cestodes original rested them all tightened there general hooroosh herewas entered the easiest thing that everybody could do another to his scholar and will capotecas in michigan and the federal courts in sedate what he's been involved with and to needle coasing winner in the it's the italianos dora legal career when you look at all the stump that he has done on there to think that anybody would put him up for a lerinensis on from the stages a is has no very prison his legal career i can courage these another scholar his i had again he he katholischon me seventy five paragraphs honnoured of pages and in the court capitalistically to say a claim so with all the willing otayooshoong issoonlush herselfask her in iteration and say can't hear echeloot i would not again i got you to git something i destestantis was a very good and as we always like to talk about bradfutes cocofagoed thing you did would choose he rode up he rode a season desistedfor me as estonishes order was for of to them coming out facematter hows of the machines okay and so was the excellent thing he did for because without that it will be come how we would go to christening with a done it by we had we had gone mad in the pedlers on to do in the sow that got done so chacewater ainly criticised her lower for his operate as coterill certainly sure that peace and if i understonde overside to scolding than he did to some themiseul well yes we have people involved and you know people are mixed and goodandbad doneraile know there's a mix and and like like a side again you know there is no one's perfect and jesus chose not through the stone so we can hope in encourage people going the right direction however when there is a base level problem of of integrity or morality actions matter so much of that point in time the character and the intention is not there if you you can you can apply the to sail like a mass murder you know you can help and pray that they become about a person but the the care integrity cor personality is not there and they are not going to and so he no ether how in tried to give him the use kill him people right and so when you when you realize based on patter somebody's actions in such a connaka pretty good design on your own without anybody telling you you know and i think every needs to take the time to do that to check people out meet them find out for yourself what you really believe and without him it something told well gus it's ten thirty right now and i'd like to hear more about the convention but i i think that we've setteries said right now are you living up to one little bit of a little bit a cabin and friday night serenaders serve up we got i got a little bit of time but not a tone of time but yes of like to hear otherheraldically night i went to the pit district and i think that was an excellent gothered and what happened was i was invited in by many people from as i came in eleseocche to the back of the room he knew after i never loved delegates sick on three hundred trisotin like that it were unbelievable numbers and o i would to the back to room a gal with other side and almost sudden this guy come stand up in case we the order point of order his score or we heard that before right and when order was the guy was there to media and they were gone to let him go in there then i was me because i had a diapase as i told you that i was restricted from going to the commissioner of trying to trie ought that would do it what being a cannon and a delegate was a by counterpasers then the distance seenhad so i pulled that on to thee the polly he called put it order point a border in the chair was listened on the ersad that chairman onemore or a madman delicate and mended realized they were recognizing me if that's not a lycamahoning a legal but his father is not to call i wasn't a delegate and yet the recanere og nized by point of order and then that i had believed that was the best thing that could happen in a condenser what because it don't the fokers were most to be the we canremember that was headed up by erstehe cave the he gave mark comfort in such a hard time i actually that alone brought the state together okay that i not even this go so here we go san gui dongan nay how the piccope go that we muster it out a government because if they don't care about government they care about themself they don't care about we the people they care about themselves and as exactly what they were doing but the whole thing back fired because then i went out and did a a vidomnat what happened going behold five minutes later scrupocellaria know me nor all welke and the thick because then we could do honour they left stand cry they'll stand out for those don't know in the good of the sellingeven this acheless he let it speak the molecule and how that number one wide let him over some one else i got up to the pony and he spoke and he spoke in reality i wasn't interlacement of genesic hand possessedhad the fact that they literatis is a guy that cut the corner to be thousand dollar cricinolic or the chairman of the egiptianis started all his problems and brought everything else and the old cook as a backing romae not looking back at it was the best thing i exposed the lot of surging on is reached of all this i mean the frondescere in the middle all this and so we the aconitine of that for really was she i sennecke of the spacewithin district there neglected bar and can okay and that alone was a faithmark of black mark on deserterssale of because life has he thought he controlled the bolt that it felicitas going that way but they were able to roseline i on this one because they rose to the top there was a reason for that hintonites senelerpie the same there he lost the lovedthough and i can come the convention over all it was his locke's is the summer was a menesenoons trees or in his snoring in epipodite for my fish all i know i think keep over the way feeling good the press rotation different potest opress now at the prestoes right so i think when we look back and you can and probably may be think about eveningneither people if she interterminos or they have when he not why was mossotti i had mixed reviews come back from people in a soberer happy and in some people were very very discouraged enough said so for there but who is this good to know but i'm going to have to do this but i can get one on your foreencan i want i want a high like the there's die how we treat people and how we how we address issues in politics in or business and scattered by a little bit a compartment lation there and you know so so that's one thing i talked about earlier oh chuck that you didn't hear you're here yonson that's that's important i am not a fan of the parties i think the party sodomit should be a legal and social endorse there set up like cold is what we got right now and god bless her body's got the stomach for it you know because its churches and away we hastened thing that we got to get back to the neither cold so the whole structure is wrong and of going to stick with that i go there are people within these organizations and which are some of more trying to the right thing some of more trying to do that or definitely doing the wrong thing and now he is individuals have to make in determination with the silicon with prayer and the comisionantes to talk on to have my father thank you so very very much wonderful day and for choking for coin and every one that went to the convention this week and that are trying to write the confuse all the plans of those people who are essenians and the nation and our good per and we also asked that you give us and joy no matter how things go in life because our focus is on you and you use all things both good and bad in order to further your purposes which is to bring us into a close relationship and i'm so thankful for that we ask you and walk with us this help us to hear your voice never stray for it and now that that and let every one of their now that they are ultimately very very loved and important thank you i'm going to go back to tarry and gregg and thank you so much for i'm helping them through their first day cries first stay in cemethe he had no adverse and thankful for ever simplest that prayed for for him and ask that you bless all of them we love you this same freeman oh can you go first you said everyone else wonderful introverted i think he's coming on you you're one of the most gracious people have never known my life and well down i thanks you can you think i kin the seroient en do continue to listen kasencayont bring the word in britain the way of weeks we see but we also look to the dialogue from others of cause we don't have we we have one give a asentistas trees when i think collectively we search sethoose the real gems as worsaae and comfort in a work on sothetstsowa ocurre ber that and now that he's in charge not us alserstrasse so this is irradiating please go to branefford i am not conceding will never concede to take election or poorly carried out election or non elect and as the choice men taken from we the people and so organico forward with that and to some renews we love you god bless you god bless all those whom you love america have a really great day of sion to morrow and teeter tuesday a and blood blood errata you love em to day that they're not alone this there are our job to day bring bring lady christ while ben