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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 10/3/2022 - Live - Gary Smith

Published Oct. 3, 2022, 9:01 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am in fact donna brandenburg it is i'm still trying to wake up his october third monday morning and i'm waiting for my guests to come on this morning say it we had a really busy data morning i wanted to just talk freely about what we did this weekend but we're having cementing difficulties getting aryans that we can we can actually talk about about no that clothe news and what happened i let start out with us this is kind of interest i receive receive this commercial green water put all because quite honestly we have we have two wings of the same bird of prey we've got whiter and we have decenter pretty much the but to play this commercial for it i am not sure i can put it on my separate screen here but you know what i've got a cold this is this is no no worthy enough too in fair at how life can do it on the intercontinental i can't wait to have you and what i it gets nonconforming right now and what's really concerning about this is effected their prettiness nonsense schools this has nothing to do with education growing this is programming and its problem and then this is the other wing of the the bird here and we see i can get it on come through as i got motion to and we've got a kind of an issue going there where she was in some movies and this movie was about you know jumping on a guy after he's doing a light cake and there's a couple other software girlfriends as there seemed to be kinsman to me that may be may be we should stop kennels and thinking that we have to at parties we have a unitary and they are working against us so my my big concern with that is also dixon is riding on i don't know if you go so the rally as weekend but it looked a little pathetic to me dixon sounds a little bit like money from from italy the republican party quite as free because the republican party and the democratic parties are really two wings the same bird of prey and guess what were the prey the way the people so anyhow it's brain washing even entertain the words that are out there such as all he splitting vote really while if in splitting the vote against that kind of stuff i guess i'm on track i'm doing the right thing and i will make no apologies for standing for the things that that i believe in and not throwing in with the globes you know i like they clearly are and anyhow or vote for don as a bolt for metier that is absolutely insanity to think in that direction and to think that when we vote that our boats are you know if we do the same thing by my voting the same nonsense parties on that we're going to have different results well you know what the republicans were in charge the democrats mechanical at one point in time or the other and what's happened absolutely nothing continue to go down the crazy train of taking this nation down and our votes are the only weapons that we have against this kind of none so as we vote this time around it's important to decide whether we in fact want to want to come common or you know or what is happy is really it's really pretty crazy so any i've got a couple of guests coming on this morning and one of the said everybody so many go ahead derby here and we'll get this party rolled morning good morning how are you really good at ontario doing great day to hear you yet i'm still not hearing you we were still not having any sound from very i'm not really sure we've had a little tighter codicil so i'm going to talk to joanne if we can get gay figure out garrison of our super supporters and he is spending so much time but i think i heard you there so can't hear so forgaris a super support and was at the praise of weekend and also the gun show and i'm going to tell you what the sky never ever stopped in a really like to hear him talk about what happened this we get it might disgorged and if we can't get the sound to work we might just go ahead and put him on the phone and let him talk that way but at least at least we can we can if it in might just do that right now he got him a cigar to see right there because then they can see you talk you know and he will be great show are you a morning joan one of some real get back we have had so many technical difficulties lately it is absolutely are you back in here i'm back okay as that there is the we have had so many technical difficulties it is absolutely and large him in a minute and then we can talk we were we were on a broadcast yesterday with with joanna we argosie and it was a crazy wasn't joan ah yeah i wasn't able to join you but and if you say so yes how are you this morning i'm doing well busy as usual you know election integrity is is a constant you know were constantly by then and a looking at opportunities to continue to move forward and improvisatorial twenty twenty two nature but of mind freight now with it about a week day can you talk about what was the etcaetera a little bit unfortunately i was not a participant in yesterday so i hope with that sorry about that so anyhow let's talk about election integrity then were what is going on in your world right now on oh i'm anticipation materialiter unburden and then with a last oral is all became directing and swinging it around what happened on the twenty election and how to improve upon yet and really to oporto secure re election for twenty twenty two so you know as we move ahead you may be aware that goodness this is just crazy how much problem we have in here this is a nation the crab the state are really banning together and focusing on who secured yeah while my amaurosis here i can hear about every third word you're saying joan oh dear he warned drop out and die in a where try that a minute and see and then i'm really go ahead and let mary talk a little but in that tense if you can join back in okay a tinker i'll be back araminta her out a minute so he very i can see how we can't hear you but let her on the phone so let's see if your phone me while i can't it's it is absolutely not coming through even on a phone right now absolutely not i hear you this is crazy i can't hear you phone or or no either on the phone i've got you here i can't hear you on the phone i can't hear you on the computer there you go there go we got to so the program might be doing so barometer then this has been a clear problem because every time every time i brought somebody on here it's the craziest thing and it really just started recently so it's not like it's not like the started you know has been going on we had we had a very smooth process going on in that all of a sudden probably in the last two weeks we've had we had just absolutely crazy attacks every time we go alive it's absolutely not he was the roystering bishop you will of their speed now while as well as really kind of crazy as like when jason came on the last time he had the exact same problem that actually carried the riveter hat which she went to post and all the sudden they started talking and neroes their computers beside one that was just like they were just done and and it's it's kind of crazy will clearly they don't want the message up i got knocked off of outer a week and for talking about things apparently that they don't want me to talk about which is unfortunate for them because i'm going to continue to talk about it did you see the the and that came out on a friend her i post it this morning the mount of pornography in the schools it is ansell crazy it's improper oestergoetland in its some one so anyhow anyhow he just is just kind of crazy time not seeing that figure out a minute while this is crazy what a weird more monday morning there while this is really really strange so garry let's talk about what happened now that's you talking to the phone by your ear rather than put it down with just take it as speaker from ah that's like way better okay we're better shaped and let's just do it that way so let's talk about what happened this week end and you know with you out and about and the pride and the gun shows in such and what you saw as far as this we had so much support it's amazing how much the port we have out there his people were obedient rationalist but as people do about a edinburg and they said yes and they were pretty excited about the gas because they were gently supporting you now i was i was in a city faremont how it goes out anywhere i like to thee but he somehow or other word is getting out of a cage to be an uninteresting one at and it's something that you know you can't really perceive it to people in interstate on begotten you do in everything that you can and i think you seringueiro a trial and you where you read and maryette out of the road to some going to kick you ask and i think the same thing is going on now is there no people getting tired of doing splintering the boat so far and in so now is pretty much sakonteroua her so but it's really the originator continental but that when you talk to people in every we have a choice i mean look at the sanderson i muttered you know and i'm looking at what this party handed me to both for the tin acathistus even worse than go shoes so just can't do it and then if you have any kind of a christian world be anoother penates you think that one of them except for the inside even talks about badly government even talks about bilocation ship claimed to be pistoles that they are precious by consolidated and so he really got a retinospora ashatea lyrical commentators that we know of all the all the coals are inside as in everything else for you just looking at what you see on mastridia if that's what you're looking at her only two choices which is distance boompointer then number two and you going but yesterevening as an indiscretion as a christian and you're not going to be following hers a party line if you're goin to be any kind of herd cocheforet in the comestibles of our life at the idealisation around right an it's really odd because you know the path that we should be and as the path was traveled at the one that is not where the herd goes you know this is this honestly why he had some great success in business is that i never i never follow i always lead so like in creating a business or something like that i don't do what other people have done just because i want to fit into the crowd i go off a goose rails a little bit and see the opportunities or see the ability to really make a difference and i see that is as a big mistake that people make in the personal life you know they want to do the same thing everybody else does and once again expect different results while by the time you do the same thing that everybody else has done all the opportunity is out of that area already and your left with the crumbs that are on the ground because the people who are head of it that are perhaps a little bit more save in that those areas will have gotten a large chunk of whatever was going to be profited off of and or their eyes at the next thing because it's the innovators it the people who do think for themselves who do not follow who always have the success and and i heard one time that heard a lot of times that if you took the money or the took everything away from everyone people who are successful will always be successful the people because in the reason is it's a mist it is truly a mind set when i when i first got in business i had a banker tell me right to my face that he give me that they would give me a loan if i were a guy and you know it's like a lot of wild just stop right then in there and i was just like okay we're going to find a different way to doing this instead of stopping and the political the portraits to this is honestly very much the same we can either continue to do the same thing and an inn had this hope that it's going to change by by voting in one of the crop parties in a dozen matter which one is because they're both completely corrupt their crop by money they have done nothing for election integrity to the republicans of stood for nothing we had a group of them that came to to the top convention and i keep hearing everybody say this is great look at we change everything at the invasion will guess what they didn't it's too little too late and i want to read you something this morning that i got which honestly i was kind of shocked at canaveral truthful here the antidote election integrity and i was really shocked at the little interne because i'll tell you why sometimes those people that you trust aren't exactly though they appear let me run let me run to my telegram chaminade just going to throw this out here a little bit it might be a little horrifying some as i see things when i when i see people making alliances no matter where they came from and what their stick was to begin with they generally do not and our one same place they just don't so when i look at where okay so in a restaurant years ago are not usual as fall i ran i was in there with my campaign people and all the sudden maternal sit down at the table with sand grani think maybe eristalis there but i've got a picter of it because i was so shocked they were sitting there at the table this is in the fall and i was like we do and sit and down people that he says or corrupt no sense to me whatsoever started jumping jumping in there a little bit and i really i really want to my post as because some be jumped on my callant and started talking about how altruist in wonderful the republican party was and i was like don't says i make so this came from and i screen shot at at this came from gobal and and i've always liked nobilitate county and he was working on the election integrity of an anthropoid this is what he wrote he said we currently have the most conservative republican ticket in the history of michigan maternity a crown matutina all not establish are you kidding me are you actually kidding me all right and there endorsed american fort candidates all right i believe and i think i'm going to be correct in saying that maternal stopped talking about wanting to write the twenty twenty election just like the pinion please somebody cracked me because i do think i'm correct tone so i can win down here again and he comes back again and as i originally doorstone for republican to she had got such into the signature can probably run by democrats while it was run by democrats but they were also working to republicans his republicans we have three operas that were paintings not to turn since and not only that the democrats were the ones that that a point at the board of canvassers those two seats non representational because it's only the two parties one again who are controlling who is actually sitting at the table or on the ballot that's exactly what happened tutors a great candidate i totally support our ticket all our third party does is hurt our chances that house democrats not a republican first candidates had often like little bit of brain wash and going on there we're going to brain with everybody and not thinking for themselves i got a problem with us and my supporters discomposes is not sense you're telling people who devote for when the facts do not match up so he comes back again and he starts in no doubt democrats are in this change happened to know all the people that were come manito him personally and that is not true so so i actually know every single person that reposed to his come out and it was like now now he's just accusing people of something that satiated and he goes on and on i mean this went on for a while you can get on my on my telegram channel and theater on the chance crepitating it and sons of liberty william bailey and then i says for the first time of my life we have a solid now a salesmen slight for ages the much and governor biggest visitors the tide refused to give them campaign from not true not blow our chance to elect the most conservative slate by far this is my last post here but it wasn't because he came back again after people to toulouse and then he says run wiser is done he's not running again we will elect a new man america not a sail echard the midspring like rot now listen to this he says like run or not he put out the money out of his pocket to hold our state amigo convention for the money the persons with money there in control don't kid he is also supported maconochie a chromo i'm not sure that they taken there he might her found away from christina cromartie she's gotten up to and cathro so who are the backing the ones they control it is in picnic with each other so it anyhow they are i just i disrobed and i'm like i'm going to just leave this right here and stainton bills making excuses for an wiser in the same breath breaking above how the grass roots are taking back the lido and ran wiser is financing the candidates at the telling a suit of botora you kittie this is like it's like chucking out of both sides to your mouth okay some kind of concerned here what's the dimensoscope back and says that you know he comes back again and says you know he voted for forteress not wasting his time and giving credit where credit to credit is as a support in a global a miser who donated to bind campaign as well as its tight into brissotin sense it's not so i just came back and said i am completely out on this last boat voting for the slate financially backed by globes a conflict massage and i also added in the billardiere cousin pretty extra series and he comes back and says there's no conflict to ferrier the dream team for ada secretary of state said tutor but at any rate the the crazy thing and i put in the atrocities of the delegates confectioner we it was too little too late to change the twenty twenty two election the global as an support there she was cannot the party the party is to be corrupted globules influence money and nepotism is the word nepotism that is a big conflict right there and it's like they've got all the words i don't know if you saw this georgia a man over in italy in her the new p ah what a crock of crap thing is such a crock of craft's not even funny now on the surface to see her she is actually talking about things like you know family family flint families she sounds just like two or die and what did she do all of a sudden she sends weapons you can we've got a conflict there when they're talking out of both sides of their mouths so manipulation and you know i mean i'm sorry but if i'm the only one shouting this out so but i refuse to be a stupid sheep and listened to their narrative and the onset you know we have to get behind this and exile is the last election we have to write the united states we either can't all of these communist lying bastards out or were done and that that goes through i don't care what political montero or banner this is under i please i hope people look into this you know what while i well i played what was done kind of sort of andreoni why didn't they go at it was six thousand people in that contains going to flip the election why didn't somebody did into the tea sinister chase and down the van why don't they go where the numbers would have flipped the election why did they go to atrocity the answer is as you got to part bringing a plane which is as conan no valley here's that way anyone please someone cracked love to know if i am of bason this but i don't think i am well you know and i don't know the fact patterson to herondale or anything like that but i think the point that you're making is a strong one that people need to make good solid sound decisions as they had to the polls in november and you know if you look back at the last twenty two months almost two years now you know one of the number one complaint that has been out there has been what happened in november twenty two twenty was it safe was it secure you know which is sent election integrity for down its path of all its research and you know while we don't endure kent or support any candidate because we are non partisan the one thing we will say is that the legislature irregardless of their party did not deliver an audit did not deliver an investigation pemmican meen though the citizen he was calling for it so you know dona i will agree with you the people need to go to the poll they need to be they need to have done their homework they they need and they need it to consider what has or has not happened in the past that should have happened in the past as they make their candidates election right i agree with you one hundred percent now i want you to tell where they can find information for you joan because i think this is really significant yes so we are at election integrity for adam there is a lot of great activity going on out there we have all of our report that it has been based on our camping research and detain aliis posted out there we also have a page that designated for pushalong sign up election integrity for does non partisan populating training for the november electrically certified in all eighty three counties across the state for the november election so some one is interested in stepping up and being a colchonero go out and sign up to get trained and we have actually are launching a brand new program which is our attempt to work with the clerk to clean up qualified voter is um in the state of michigan we currently have over eight point one million people registered to vote in the state and we only have seen point five million people citizens of voting age population and only seven million drivers licenses so in the world should we have eight point over a point one million people registered we really need to get our qualified voter files a clean up that's where election integrity begins in any state in the election so with our boots on the ground program were parting volunteers with clerks and encouraging the teams to do just that to work on cleaning up the qualified borderline state so there is a page out there to mount for that is well i really i really love which you guys are doing and i know a bunch of people that are working within you know within your organization and there you get you guys are doing it just an amazing job an amazing work there on that end of it i mean there's so many there so many things that are wrong with our roding in our election process that an incinerate you can you can go down the list and just see it from beginning to end from the campaigning part of it to the to the actual voting the voting and the present delegates the entire process of picking and choosing candidates who are actually going to be on the ballot is as completely a fault sense security i would say when we have people that are being forced intimidated store i had another one country this morning another another tax country somebody's trying to tell me that i needed denounce something again or they're going to burn me at the stake basically all the happening this is happy candidates all over the place where people are making it even before we get to the polls the information brokers are burning this country to the ground because we can't we are not getting honest news and information watch how it what woman interference is when i would tell all my listeners his supporters out there is go to joan's organization and go to people who are actually doing doing the work and that our actually ill doing the heavy lifting who are finding good information you can't listen to the news any more you've got to go to the source and the source of the people who are honest were conducting themselves with the tiggity and who are doing the heavy lifting exposed the corruption and fighting to make things right you know and i know that you guys are involved in a list one of the lawsuits that i signed on to too and i'm so proud to stand to stand every one fell please give your website again certain integrity force to come i'm going to put that in the chariot come that so that will be in the check i got booted off of a face book or not face book ah you to for a week because i was talbot thinks they did want me to talk about you know so so part of my part of our stream is down right now but that's okay we'll just go ahead and put it up later we'll see what happened but in trying to fit the trying to silence everybody who is bringing the stuff forward is there other any other things you can tell everybody about that of come out and in the air or the then the fraud the mite maladministration that's going on within our election she so actually i'll i'll do a quick run through through some of our reports so we actually threw all of our canvassing and analysis and research have found that back i go weeping because we've been collecting all order file basically since the election and we did one pole each and every month and you one of the things that we evaluated all of the changes that we are saying in a in the qualified voters so the election if you go back to win the election happened on november third in the state of michigan state law requires that votes are supposed to be loaded to the qualified voter file within seven days of the election so one would think that when you're looking at a qualified voter file dated december first of twenty twenty that all the boats should be recorded right that's what law dictates right oh we were at the qualified voter file was a hundred over a hundred and fourth thousand valletort in november antichamber first of twenty twenty four the november third general election and as you look at each and every place of the qualified voter file there are boats that are that are being added to our qualified voter file and still being added to our qualified voter file for the november twenty twenty election we had over a four hundred boats that hit the september first twenty twenty two qualified order file for the very first time that date back on november twenty we're still several thousand of and what amazing is i don't know if you're aware that peter colbeck back in december of twenty twenty one actually requested a list of all five point five seven nine million voters in the november twenty twenty elections and hesitatin the last two weeks and as we go through that fire were still missing boats from the twenty twenty election the state of michigan the board of elections has actually acknowledged that they cannot they cannot tell us each and every person who voted because i do no and because we have jurisdictional clerks who have never actually confirmed with the state who voted in november twenty twenty the systems and processes are weak and ridiculous and you know it it just seems to me it seems to eat that election integrity starts with being able to reconcile exactly who voted in who didn't and we can't do that i think it's so broken hard for people to get their arms around how broken the system is i think i do think though the everybody understands knows of this broken but the they just a lot i mean it's not like you can fix one thing you've got to fix the entirety of the elections in my opinion there's not one one part of this that they get a passing mark a great man each in again each at every time we look at the data there are something else if it's not the current election and missing boats then it's motorist that just disappears and then will reappear months later i mean it's it's pretty apparent that whoever controls the qualified gofile which is the board of elections in the state really don't have control of the qualified voter pile it is being horribly at best mismanaged and and really should not be while you look at them lotten thousand of my signature and you know that they found only after i filed in the supreme court the michigan supreme court and they had the gall to look at me and not even answer when i asked him what to do i unhoused signatures and they just kind of scorn in their chair at greater crematories charlie a fort grader on randall he would answer the question at all and a minute's really true and then after we filed in a year yet we went we looked in and we found it in another room that we never keep signature then so you know there's only two opposite her were either complicity and trash in our elections or it is gross gross negligence but how can you say it's niggers when there's so much evidence out there of of absolute i mean i mean you and and be down as a two day old turn you know you know and all we really needed was the legislature to actually seriously take a look at back in twenty twenty twenty twenty one at what really occurred you know if if a team of volunteers can do it why can't the legislature do it and it's it's really disappointing and dishearten yeah yeah well i am really really grateful for what everybody is doing so one of the things that i trasteverine is what's the answer here going forward in my opinion the the weapon we have besides prayer and scripture and such going forward as i am an out apologetic progenitor or weapon going forward is that but our throat we have not we have to go some day when to be like you tearing rider on pans use of us of blue can a penible as you know and honestly honestly we've got to overwhelm them with numbers there's the numbers is what's going to take us and if everybody gets out there in both same day do not vote straight ticket we've already proven that they can totally destroy state a straight to get balled on the way through you have to fill out all the old holes for for the candidates that you are choosing do not vote straight to it i'll say it a couple more times don't vote straight ticket there's a connection to the bar codes on the outside of the envelope there is sunthin to staging place which is not a tahaitian or whatever would he name is changed to the and you know so the inner sobbing and before they even get there with no poll challengers nobody is really looking over this and i want to know what they're doing in this inter susan processing center i think is what the call yes and you know obviously with the largest having passed the legislature in the last few days allowing them to in some communities to actually start opening the absentee envelopes early were pretty disturbed by that you know we're very were very concerned about the ability to get pullaine and people in there the two days prior i mean how do we manage that five weeks before the election how ah you know i don't obviously were looking into it but we don't have the answers yet given the newness of the other new legislation but were in complete agreement tinamou know if i is encouraging every one to go exercise their their right to vote and act lolotte by absentee unless absolutely necessary we much prefer you go out there and both on election day and in person he absolutely and geraint filipillo those evil aloose obsolete he ran i'm sorry about the beginning of the call i thought you were in i would got my confusion cleared up here i thought you were a call that i was in yesterday she very much apologize for that confusion you know no problem it gets kind of crazy when when i'm badly here technology getting on the morning where there definitely you know your voice is broken into the arabic sound about two or three times we have you know i own attack come so it's not like where on the you know unequipped for this we just had a new lying prone and were loaded for bear as far as having enough and with an all that sort of thing so i can tell you right now things are things are getting screwy outside and when i see on the people's technology crashin burn every time they come out so it a work for everybody else it's like words the interference ones got to come from somewhere where and my tiburon you know the people that a roundhead are really good high lottie they can't there sitting near disliking at the going it's an interference outside of what we're doing so all right that's okay they can keep swing and we're going to keep coming back and hitherto but thank you so much for very white with it is there anything else can you tell me all the other people who are involved in the election sure or executive director is actually seen by ketosh is actually at the east side of the state and she's she's incredible and i would you know unfortunately she would have loved to join us to day but she was on a bible but i incouraged you to invite her back an you know to enter programs and when you decide to the talk about this topic or irrelevant topic as some tintrenale topic for me so any time anybody that who is on the you know the election hertford that works with the guy any time somebody wants a voice i don't care when it is you're always welcome on my abradere no work because honestly the elections election integrity is my number one issue and i have been just beating the thing in the ground as much as i can you know it's it's complicated you know we don't have a different job to do in taking the nation back mine is to sinton of information doing a lot of research that in things enough to know that that we who were taking a train to get to the bottom to the bottom of things now i talk about all subjects we need to have zero censorship so that we can get to the bottom of things because right now most of the messages are very controlled so i get danged for that a lot because i will talk about the subjects that certain people want me to drop election integrity and i've been asked to to a tenable how much many pay off i have been offered and the the threatened the corrosion and give me jobs to want to give me other jobs to move me out of the way i had a heap more time so i care to talk to and you don't do silence of the truth and i want no pretty good right here i'm going to be sittin right straight straight on this path and we are not going to be off for this until we get free and fear elections because honestly that's where everything starts if we don't have reinforcing we don't have a country because the people making the policies are going to are going to continue with self enrichment which is what they've done so the work that you're doing and the election thirty forces doing is absolutely mission critical to national security and i really believe that you guys are you guys are heroes and the work that you're doing as an i know that a lot of times i'm sure all of you feel like you're beat your head against the wall with nobody really taking you know getting up there and i'm going to tell all right michigan it's time to get in the game here everybody getting the game and help these they need your help they need you to get into the information they need you to do the recommendations they know what they're doing they have spent untold hours and hours they laid their lives i know and i know a few people and i know that they blather entire lives on the line for this they passed their lives in order to serve this nation bravely and is committed as is any patriot ever has back through time and i completely completely preciate everything you done and you know all the people that stand with you your amazing you're totally amazing in the work you've done is going to be remembered when history looks back at this time i'm pretty exterior going to be going to be cognized on some heroes who just kept going and did not quit did not get threatened or coarse in the lane down you just can't go you guys just keep going and i'm so proud of you thank you thank you and you know i talked about poll challenging and boots on the ground and if you have a listener who neither one of those programs really fit the bill for them you know they certainly a lot of other opportunities at election integrity force and we just encourage people to please go out provide their name and smeaton so weak an reach out and see where they had best from a volunteer perspective and if volunteering just doesn't fit into their busy schedules right now we understand that too and there is a donate button and you know if he can just donative dollars for a cup of coffee we call it the cup of coffee you donation you know to little elise illy when we're out there you know fiascone you know dat cost money you know it all costs money and every little bit helps yeah absolutely and i know i know quite a few people who are working and like i said there unsundered for what they're doing garsington that that just wants to carry the ball forward and honestly that's the way that the nation should be taken back because right now we and michigan have the best election money can buy ransoming back and beat up on him again a little but what was a six point seven million dollars that he's put into the elections we've got the devisal that's up to fifty nine million dollars into the election how even be possible that our elections are so founded with dark money people in positions who refused to follow the law such as their board of election they sat at their own words damn them their anither own words they said you know we're making a policy on the fly do whatever they want and then people can refuse to stand up for free and far elections in what's turned into a banana republic situation here in this nation in her elections are run and the people who are willing to stand up such as yourself are you know are yvette because there is people are so disenfranchised with elections right now that and and the process of self governed there beat up their thereon a little bit it really does take a strong individual to continue to go on when you take in a whole bunch of agonised that you once believed in and you know that you and then the reality comes crash and down you that that the things we were taught may be real in it i mean it is frustrating and fortunately we we have a bunch of volunteers that when we take a head you know when some one comes out with a happiness for a new perspective or whatever the case may be or you know the legislature decides to actually take some action and with regard to the election and they extend the rules around absentee voting and allow for certain communities to start opening ballads early you know it is hard but you know what we've got a real resilient group of volunteers and they just did their heels and more and you know that their heads down and continued to move ahead so i'm so proud of you well any time you guys get a hit piece if you shoot it over to me and i'll give you my phone number to call me after this is done to that be great it sideways to write these ah sir i am going to have to move for a minute notable after the brontes in any time you guys get hip his written on you send it over to me at all put it out there and try out on the media because you know it's like you don't you know that you don't go after good people and that's what's happening or political climate is go after the good people to try to weaken and you know we stand together and we take a wait me where is this coming from what what is the connection just like the connection with dependable the you know what the impious what's the motivation here we have to ask those questions and i don't care if anybody likes the questions that are asked we need to be transparent as so my my penumbra are cosi one sick and that is for three there for one so sad against four three zero four four one zero i put it out there for every one and so nobody has an excuse not to contact me if they want to i think we have to change the way self government is done i'm absolutely disgusted with a phone trees when you call it and you have to make like presumer one press number at present you got you a twenty stops right and you still can't get an answer i pretenses that at least maybe percent of the people sitting up in lands are making you know the plan like a video games or something while there sitting at their desks make them look like her doing so that i think we give them a real job if they're going to be there they need actually do something and put a report and that they actually did something during the day and i think answering prone good start if there is service oriented and get the touting done with one service oriented person on ponca no doubt the allopar as part of our research very early on we actually did a digital campus of the legislatures and we identified to the latter that intently according to the boston the twenty twenty election or which is it peculiar to we reached out each of the legislatures and only can you believe that only one of them was concerned enough at present and to ernother calls while i well i do see there is at maybe maybe it sitting try that again you woke up and that you broke up in a row robot voice there i couldn't hear you oh i said maybe maybe the message to the other two that stuck in the bone tree some the legislative one tree now maybe they had to rearrange the sack door that day or something like that is equally as as important you know oh i actually saw that they did a compatriot the candidates and who actually voted in every election including in person and i think i was the only one that boded in person in and in every election the tatho came out i've got an old document which i thought was pretty funny so were voting for people who decide just not to show up or to the side that oh you know you know we're going to run for office but it doesn't matter i'm not going to stay home you know and i'm not the i believe in the process being paid by it right i'm not going to show up to vote hopefully nobly would nobody will notice i mean i think that's her maight there could well think you so much for coming on to the donating else that you'd like to tell everybody i think that there's always a lot of enforced though hester tiernan i love to have you back round again maybe we can have your background next week or something thank you so much for joining us today that was very gracious of you and and your time is so so well spent with the election tigretier thankful that you you would come in to day thank you so much have a great day mused okay we're back when garry and i yeah you know it actually comes to better if you talk into your fan can you do that trying to wear but i think we had a little bit clearer it aren't the amazing aren't the people from election integrity just absolutely amazing yes yes i mean talk about some unsung heroes out there i mean this is this is what i mean we should all be looking at this stuff the passive stuff the people are doing in order to to put her nation back together and say man you know when i'm going to sit here in my house and wyandotte bad things are i'm going to get over there and help these people do to have lifting and as certainly elation integrity force is certainly worthy of their time and once again i'm goin to say that out there you know people they need your help if we want to say we want free and fair elections then jump on board with somebody who is actually fighting for it and do something like like joan said you know i really don't donation attacotti if everybody you know if everybody help you know and and it'll be amazing you know just to get the game everybody nobody nobody can sit back any more and just talk about it there's have lifting to do and you're one of my heaviest lifter around and let's let's talk about the campaign you know it we have had so many shirt why out the door and in signs and magnaatum eight across the state gardins and such that honestly you know at first i think people were like you know people were like i heard it donna brandenburg because it was so heavily censored but what what i heard yesterday was that pretty much everybody knew who i was when we were talking to them its pretty amazing how many people are talking about our campaign and saying oh we agree with escorts which is shocking to me i didn't i didn't think it was that was that come in but the amount of people that are that our jumping on board a needing my area i'm going to walk and and not doors and it's not just you know it it's for real they're doing it because they really believe i find very humbly and because it's like i really i'm good fighter and i'm not laying down i don't care where the threats come from i don't care the core i had another one like a sad this morning somebody that has a little bit of influence thought that they were going to tell me what i could talk about whether they were going to pull support because they did not agree that i would not denounce something and then you know it's really it's really unfortunate you know these are people that listen to all the main stream medium but they don't ask everybody to denounce all the main stream media they don't ask him to denounce anything but boy i tell you what danbridge as i once things and you know i have had have a distant formation campaign or a media hit job done on me it's unbelievable i believe the audacity you know in the face not going to do it not backdown don't care don't need their support don't want to support because if they're going to do that they're nothing more than part of the communist ration of a state i don't care if they come by the name patriots storndale marriages grown acquite alas concertinas been thrown around quite a lot and i really got to mention all her babes in or by the county meeting and sincere he went over those things and he said really i need to find a way to i don't yourselves because those charms and just been courted by everybody by the swamps on animals american first patriots conservatives whatever you want to call it scarthoe monongahela sudden knowing you i striking a chord with the white again another errand you know to separate my maltese i really feel that they really feel that latencies of apetak en away from them that the notary is pretty well you a choice of water to people you know the poison and then it was to when they hear you to it like for the first time or somebody's going at it is getting the issues that are important to me now i like when a donaldsonite talking what anther is the sky was making satiating about the suffusions and isaiah's leanings campaign enterprises america needs a charleroi been treating and that's why people are excited about that in the same way that he doing in michigan michigan saterlee ennuyeuse run in a round covering with michigan we don't need to be told that we in no it's wrong with michigan and michigan was right up in the top but he is coarse the most corrupt i complain about it and the weak and you know complain among each other about it only can decide we're going to do something about it like economic of it your life to it take to contribute what now for much that you can extrapolations i mean even sometimes get organized people to read a letter and escorted any way but they just so much of that you can do and in it not a great deal o'hoolihan of a candidate is really going to make a difference the respectable that you mainstream mediate or the fat old say in everything else i to what you believe in and do that and that's pretty much the thing is so with the other at the labels amenemhat i am a patriot i am american first i'm grassroots amasai but that doesn't describe me any more because everybody says there that fra well well look at not go back to georgia lanier and malone over in italy he came out she gave a great speech and i posted it because as i ah this is great you know it shown that the voters want to have you know a nationalist in you know a nationalist and office and then all sandalwood the home back solinski the global in ukraine and sent weapon this is an absolute deception just like what we've got going on in the state of michigan i am father is like dixon i am for families i'm for families i is that all you got you know it's like i'm profanely that is all you have is i'm profanities well anybody can say that what are you going to do in order to actually implemented or limit out because just as you said it doesn't mean it's true clearly we see that in italy in every part accordantly exactly why what is the hard decision that you're willing to make is probably going to pisa few people of in order to move as country in the right direction you know that's great what does that mean means nothing for to most people just talk are you willing to you know the state like a company with fiduciary responsibility the taxpayers how are you going to get the state back to work again because if we don't have jobs winnie and she can say it all she wants but i don't think she's ever created a job she worked for her daddy see whither you know it's like like whitmer whitmer you know she was an attorney before that but daddy dearest so ran blue cross blue shield of michigan and now a complete disaster because they had actually took that under snyder and moved it from a from a he owned by the people of michigan into a mutual so as completely and utterly it was i think it was a beneficiary trust and now it's like it's comitatus at for profit so now you've got you've got the makin money off of the so coursegol to have these canalis of course the assurance probably companies don't have to pay out cotton oh yeah you know daddy dear i am successor dan loved was president of glucose shield who got a massive payoff in it who was the one who put whether that was in instigating whitmore put in place this stuff is so tied in that unless we get in their research that we are going to know anything you know and so this is what encouraging us to vote for like i said farnum er one of the number two i can't see where there's a substantive difference between the two deer so they are also at the same time coming behind with the monstrous with a vote because everybody who listens to you actually listens to you understand how much sense it makes is like that you are a political and governmental heretic because you're not now what are are used to and looking for you a little bit of improvement of the candidate will be old as good a little bit of improvement and a manly been following since the twenty twenty election work of the ookemou we know how the stones out there no real action is being taken of it of which they all about who is the master the marvelous commentator menageries tortoise crime and analysis absolute organized crime a constant interweaving under and speaking out against them and you know great personal risk as speaking out against it but your speaking out for what we actually see and always articulate but we see this is going on gideon he pointed somebody was going to take care of us oh gontram i am going to take care of it okay and the regatta on ourselves in our state in our counties to to readiness and but you look for candidates who have passed the tutonian only to be looking for somebody who would run as a shirt of askatoon spirit so much you know could be done to improve the state of her regard and the same way with our school boards which surround the operators of the aesthetic whitewashing else on your intercolonial and you get a few people to step upon one person and the immediately understand so that this this was written on a pile going to be a long road is nicolas i could real patriots were going to stand up agitations or going to endure for ever in the real patriots are going to support them and as wacousta with her came an as what we see is going on is there when they get passage again and look into the candidates to people in their right mind em they make good decisions and then the people energon continue to let the party the party of as warburton or the party line going to it is going to be like he had a lot of catching up to be empress to prison the amount of support we have is just amazing though it are honestly people honestly are moving forward and you know whether without people there moving things forward because i do believe that we have a group of people out there who honestly really want this really want the nation back and there willing to do the hard things like patriots of our always you know if you're over the target anything you can expect to get a tack you will you will absolutely be attacked if you're over the target you know and a fine you know five five louder your over the target somebody is if it nobody's if nobody's coming at you pretty exterior not doing anything that's it and the teething is you know the patriots are going to stand in and there's more and more patriots or the like to to join the people are going to wake up through it's a whole new intersecting and now behind the scenes that we don't have any idea what's going on this one to change the complexion of our society the next month but he instantly to figure out the selection of that time is craziest is commander wells and like a southerner to that you have belligerent see it of its powerful and the radiator under a hen because you know my knows that you're over the target had their scared a pretty much hesitate while you know and honestly i think that's why they went after moliere so the one person that connected to me this morning that i was trying to get me to doubt announcing i know i heard that they put in her campaign and she i heard there berangere that there is there's money connection there and it so now they want me to denounce certain thing but there are you know she was an i can read the i can read you the text message she sat me she can say all she wants it she wasn't threatened the it's undeniable i can do i read what she she is at home out any sensation because we know more the time that she resonant leering and she never changed her tune ever since then you know that it was heartfelt know that it was a strong conviction and the fair persian crazy tramp now i know it doesn't make any sincerity somebody put the money does make sense jackal same thing happened with jackie you bank i was told that she was threatened to insolence lady of her ortolian one of our issues committee men weak jackey's as now here's a gopher made charlady talking about a trump and doors and eat and we picked her harangued into was the support behind it as behind the confederates running her spare who was one undoubtedly involved in the election madelinette howdy einsbacher our party is safe going their support while they are only given us support to people wot of their doing their only giving their support to people who they can control and and if they can't if you don't have to their threats cousin intimidation extortion they're gone they're going to burn out they're going to try to burn to the ground they keep trying you know i'm not sure that that there you know her quite as effective as they think they tasting they are they may just you know they just may not be as it is honestly when somebody tried to tell me that i doubled down on any any any one of these things it's like i'm a burnin the sky to the ground here the pendomer because i'm pretty erasure that i can get enough proof through logic and some other people that that this little threat costume i think the last night last one it's almost its almost it's almost comical but it is it is it is come and i won't say exactly what he wants me to denounce here but that's okay we all know what it is i have more hope in you than others who get angry for being made aware of what is really going on you have done damage here's what i would support you if you speak about honestly worn others about if your campaign has its component of true a true aided by your support of information seriously hurt god's people by asking them to believe lies as anybody believe yes i asked him to think for themselves as our god given right to look at anything that they want and it doesn't make any difference what it is we need to look into the things that must be a real threat out there why don't they want to silence that so much why would they want to silence or ability to look into whatever we want on till our curiosity is oh look at your treating these well meaning supporters appears that if you would only do the right that he thomething you yet i had people say treskow i or or or threaten if you don't get rid of this person i'm going to quit if you don't do this i'm going to quit i don't get my way you know whatever whatever it's like it's like a sign up for this this is the crazy thing it's like i actually sign of somebody's i get up and unlike i'm like i signed up for this nonsense this idiocy you know like it's like oh well a forgotten country god family country we soldier not and you know it's like it's funny but in the declaration of independence a talks about plunging or are lives are fortunate our sacred honour what does that look like that would be everything right be it might then be giving up a night out it might involve you know gone to the movie going going or something like that in terms of time it might move some of your entertainment money going towards something beating me even getting a bad reputation for a supporting the outsider and and so you have paleontologists to support the one thing among all of the things that we have going for one of the big one is there happy warriors i don't see her supporters out there detracting and cashier candidate might go they might mention the flow of the weak as in the insufficiencies of the other candidates but they don't attack personally i don't call me even among people tootity rationals you know in the parties both parties and both of the major parties we don't we don't get into the name calling and a googoorewon join them in their game and to what we're doing is hard work who were doing so wathemah we are in an you know every every weekend in the know the schedule i posted my schedule and i know you're going to be there every single time and you know it's consistent you know it's really funny as it was not with the billboard when we came back from the gun show an infant there was though it was there were so many people that just walked right up to me and said you got my boat and went home now about me you know i'm always surprised at that i am isabel are coming from everywhere in the like you've got my boat or were going down the road with dullborough and tires are going past hankin their horns at the pride we've been two people are so receptive and you know it when i'm in with the pristine shaking hands with people walking around i always walk around a sheehan if i'm there this past week and i wasn't able to be there because i had another event so you guys went you guys grabbed the billboards said were an we're doing this for taking a state acquit it's unrealistic to to me to be everywhere at all times i do run myself you know if i've got two or three of vanneau know we can you know break up and look for clues a little bit here and everybody going different directions like we have people that are doing road or a rally on the side of the roads all over the states and an you know in that amazing to see i mean you've been out there and you know waving the american flag you built something in the back here trucidate big banners on the back her truths is happening all over the state it's not in one area great and you know my worst fear is that in all these rallies and convoys that were going to intersect with all good a ground hog comprising rallies for expert yeah i'm not in athens any of that happening cassines in not one person that likes her the neolithic people say it is a daun't i just don't like her i mean what is she she never has anything to say and she runs off the stage and i like well you know she's kind of attempted to put some things out there but i don't think she's got the actual experience and i don't know you know we were she was asked by some one who said o'sullivan party treating your helping you and shoot she couldn't talk that's the old man that she decater went i'm kind worried about her because when people get into the arena like like you know melissa may be tutor i worried that the amount of pressure on people overwhelmed in their maybe not even talking about the threatened the course and i mean for me i'm thrown it out that you threaten course me i'm going to be coiling for the for the you know the indian that's goin to come after that you know because i could care less as they like me i'm here that i'm here to save the state my allegiance is to the united states of america and to god first i'm a god first candid and you know it's like they can say whatever they want to say if they don't like me now they're going to make me less in about five minutes probably the you know because it is probably not going to work out well and then once they uncomeatable in how out of him for it a case my message hasn't changed he hasn't changed from beginning not one time of the people that are like i said clutching their perils were in both by died doesn't have all the biggest billboards why does she have radioactives and all this past all that what the big money is thrown around it how you do a campaign you going out in meeting people aaron people and with your hearing isn't strange it's been around all alone i just had nobody bothered listening to them and then the word is getting out were placed as that never heard of don bandying to get people to you people are coming to you you know of their own initiative and it is such a i cadoudal thing that they your saying not unlike what good trumpeted stuff that we were only going about but there wasn't a candidate at many more than you a five word sentence service and then went on and he the hitherto in persian the bumper stickers lowenstein up to you to interpret whether they are true or not i seen you in any sense where you are talking to people and you won't stop talking the people into the person is satisfied that all their questions are answered in that day intrust you in what you said because you've given the details and we need antoinette to do their bit as covering fifty states or maybe fifty five states of forgotten and people will say relational touch in that there oh i bathe big money had big money answered just to smear a candidate and to speak and tittering generalities and nothing well internment you know we look at things as a one issue allowed some people do vote on one issue now i don't think that that's a great way to approach things quite honestly myself because if you don't roll in the man isn't what's just say i talk about the michigan as a company which he has a fiduciary responsibility to the stakeholder which are at a people who are supposed to be were supposed to represent in but we're all suspose to be have the benefit go back to what the people right so if you say i am a one issue voter i vote for schools i vote for this i vote for that well all right the adolescent thinking no matter what it is because if we don't have a management structure in place no matter which symptom or which issue focus on it's one you know so like if you're running a company you can't say it was just say for example when the safer example housing because i do want some one a property right and you say okay i am going to focus on what to say that there is a its management there's banking management there's law there's contract law there is understanding fair housing there's understanding the service portion of it there's understanding say the utilities and how the utilities works as also the taxes taxing implications there is a personal service there's been able to be a coconut matador which i actually do a lot of conflict mediation and i actually enjoy that i very much enjoyed but say okay i'm going to look for a company i say that that the only thing i'm looking for well what happens if it falls down that the entire company would follow part of you only focused on one of those issues and you wouldn't cheverny you have to be able to look at it from a fourth you know forty thousand foot perspective and understand how the parts work together in order to achieve the goals of everyone and or the objectives of every one you can't you you you will never we will never achieve anything with say sanctity of life we haven't yet we've made almost no arose because he keep us fighting about it why structures it is a money maker it is a money maker for both sides absolutely and so they don't want to fix the so you've got a lot of people that say they want to fix it in positions of power and it goes back to not the people that really wanted him this problem solved the people in power who are keeping this in a continual cycle of failure the elections are the same thing they didn't want to fix it why would republican party or the democrat party wanted it is them against we the people and they can keep us as a debt slave in a position of of a compromise position of being a debt like you can never really get out a debt for most people because of their policy and then if that doesn't work we're just going to do things take the economy or shut things down like grace whither dad and we're going to destroy their families by inflation we're going to make the burden so hard you know i try if he will all the time who talk about how hard they're having to work and i'm like i get it but by nature i am a hard worker i mean i'm a farm it and you know i'm used to working so people asked my kids that all the improvisatrice she works all of them and and you know that that he answer but not many people are wired like i am all right my my dad was wired the same way we're all kind of wire and and i understand that that's not most people's goal is to work as hard to say i work and that's okay you know everybody has their own thing in life it but so many people in its just heart breaking when there like i am working i'm working all these hours and i can't get a hat that is by design absolutely by design of the policy makers and those palisades are both publicans admire the global is there one of the global is in their trying to get you to a position where i mean just listen the world economic form that they support all of them do there's not one of them who has denounced them i have distanced him over and over again they are a and should be designated as a terror organization and then because they are using economic warfare and just like our politicians that are using lower people are guilty of a tree because it's against the citizen of the united states so we got a call what is but it's in lower in order to to things to their benefit that has a national security issue there then their guilty of it if any one of them stood up and condone the world economic form i guess that they be or consider immediately that somebody would take him out but they're all in bad with them because this is how they break the state and you will own nothing and the happy and if you don't fall in line they've got the surveillance on the bridges they're using other countries to survey that was that from five eyes that was set up years ago but the assistant actors to do it though it would be illegal for them to do it they let somebody else do it when they buy the information to go after people so they've made a really nice little package of subversion addition trees on but they're guilty of as they attack america american call machans so i will go back to the point that a governor who wants to fix actually can by going back to the constitution a governor can declare war states rights down a brandered in hayseed because we are an i'm not they know it i'm not plain with these i will stand before god in those who are voice all people michigan because we do not have representation were gathered in crumbs thrown at us where they take the cream you know they're taking cream off the top and were not even getting them out or getting the crumbs and we we we need to absolutely take the nation back with a benefit to the people so there's no morning raight there on what strong with the united states should you ever decide to become a one issue one i hope that the one issue would be godly government okay you know tim part i love him so contestation was parfaitement but he said a question out in front of more than one person if chess christ was to return to earth to be physically i ran for governor of the state of michigan would youth and the answer to me it's surprising they had no one couldn't i couldn't win that's a great common the patience the one issue would be a family government that this nation to make you popular it's going to make you doing we called the the story i like i like that if she is to see her would you foretold that most people would not control it doesn't have any end on t it is made any billboards ungraciously now he can then why waste my vote on jesus christ to take it right down to what we need to talk about there you know and i was showing some some some video the other day two of the amount of godless behaviour that's going on a specially towards children spital to somebody at the rally yesterday the gunton rally over and yes i would second monteforte and strong second montsoreau ly believe in constitutional carry plus we should have tax credit for the purchase of guns ammunition and firearms training and till we get this nonsense under control if they can't protect us we have to have the right to protect herself so in the sky came there he was telling me that his wife worked for spite annie said it is an absolute dumpster fire space he said they pulled the kid's out of the house and then they go right back again if they do need to be you know if they're not traffic to which the trafficking forceps is a real concern that's what creusot nancy shaffer in trouble when she pointed out deterior and i posted it the other day her talking about it and what did they do she and her husband both took out speaking truth well the a thing was piscis loses how many kids a year it is absolutely only you cannot tell me that there losing their trafficking those and now not only that is the ones that they do pull out put it back into their families again why are they doing it well clinton inside the ability for to get paid you know they're getting paid for removal of these children so there's a financial in soho to go in and its legal kidnapping as what it is they can allege anything they want without any without any responsibility in destroy families they can come into their houses in noticing a large that you know that they could you jump through our home who gave you the jurisdiction to do that i'm pretty exposure that parents have the right under god given by god and you know insured by a process going back to the constitution that right was never enumerated or given to our nation to own the children and do whatever they want and hold parents has for the way that they want to raise the children absolutely disgusting and it means to add it absolutely needs to and i'm just so you know when you want when you watch what's happening and it's saying the man agreed with me at the gun rally that is absolutely what is happening was for mocassined i dressed her and there's no candidate but you are still i'm talking about that the human trap look at what's happening down at that border people are a people who do they do in their distracted by the political right saying it's the democrats are trying to ruin our election really part of it maybe maybe they're involved in it too i don't know because publisher trying to ruin it and so there are latent because on the same bird but what's really going on to the thing on a post i've got a really good video that i can pose i'm friends with christian women fighting for america and she is she is a very brave i went up to almoner fighting a referendum there and i acamarichtzin services nine nineties and gave a financial breakdown an interpretation of what actually happening there and there had run for the corners of the room quite honestly because it's like when i when i laid the money out and tell them this exactly what's happen and i'm sorry but when you get into the realm of having four hundred five million dollars to be brought in through an adoption as whatever you want to call it and half of that money is going to immigration and refugee services and they're getting million a year from our federal government let's process this that that means that over half of the money they brought in is being for immigration and refugee service as coming from our federal government we are paying for the randalls and there holding these people between and rays and they let go with no no follow upon any of this so i went to the west so i said i'm just going to be nice to you as a co and we're going to not trillion dollars off the top of what you're getting every year the last five years that from the federal government which brings down to a forty thousand are or not for there's a forty million dollars a year i screwed up on that its four hundred five million dollars they're getting forty three million dollars a year from the federal government sommation on because at this point a difference does it make im going to go hillary clinton on me and say say okay so you get in forty million dollars a year from the founder government her five years were at two hundred million dollars and i'm like so i went to the rabbit to see how many people they actually service and by the admission it was about five thousand people and a cross two the federal government two million this is an end not where's the money going no sense at all so i'm like in time to call it out one is and i don't care what label come just because i and i set it right to their faces i said jocasta god is her sign on the door doesn't mean is there at all called people out for it too he went right after those the fair season the sad disease and he just basically said the same thing just because you got a gas here doesn't mean he's there as they were victimizing their peace because the son taking to the weather whereas in my father was children does it definitely miss the mark by a long shot a toothless so be back down to the border when we look at the border and holly's kids are coming across it's not just you know there's drura traversing of things comes through that work i heard the other day that they have basically emptied out all the prisons and bansela where there pretty extra sure that they just dumped and right here on american soil and our politicians were involved in it to these stabilize this nation they did the same thing in world war two with free stabilize it by importing an invading army people who can't take care of themselves without assistance we can us financially and then in the mean time a whole bunch of kids across the border because the traffic in the satinlike up people we got a big situation here and it's not just voting democrat republican so we can go along get along is are you going to get the fight you lay down the cowards who had an office in lansing during covenants the cowards traitors in our vote we choose to stand as patriots i'll be damned the traders before god no i'm not backing down from out one with that i say when i'm not backing down from that one this is an individual decision right now these who do you serve snored only reach some consonants are of the world lord the word nor comes lord is an owner i created the earth and everything including us at await his hand back it is you don't have to believe it i don't have to and biting the farandole and on and on you for a reason i learned so much stuff in the past several must stuffier wadna and on so you know i see what the fight is about and i see that there's only you know a remote there concerning themselves with it he can something about it and now i hope i'm one of them but i disappeared out to my brothers and sisters as a sanctae thinking about the stunning about the stuff and in doing something about it and it's so huge that you feel powerless and you have to take it the down to what can what can i unindividual too well all remedied and because if that was wasn't true then no give could just throw out pure and imitates corregidor us it doesn't want to do it that way he wants us and so we have to find that little part of a puzzle that we are that they that little bear in them in the machine that we are and do the part of the rest of the rest of the people can do what they do a man i have strength nyamatsanes but what would strengthen i had what would be using it toward under what john here he gave us this country and he gave us enemies and i were to them whether we join the dark side or whether we fight for the life is up to us and the commemoration the boat a sweet just the recovery thing that we supposed to be thinking about decided for ourselves that the best way to do this is to get behind one of the men parties and think that either one of them is going to do a yeah and the use god's name quite liberally but i'm not quite sure that that just because the sinnett they actually mean it you know no one of us can not ask conjuge another human being but when that when the actions don't match up with the words a problem the problem in case rip service i never knew you i hear them i never knew you when the day to i'm pretty that i mean god said it straight out in the book as work do you know are you serving him or are you just trying it around and what are you what are you willing to do what risks are you going to take you know my kids were younger i used to tell them this story a lot when joshua and caleb crossing into the promise and they went across they went across the river gerrit and when i don't know if people understand what the the police really was playing out because most of the time we only hear very shallow dugout giving people the milk because they really wouldn't be able to eat the meat of the message sometimes it takes more take some works to research and find out what's going on well at deceiver is art not the drearier to the jordan river is a very moving jungle river which is like a abandon be like six feet over your head to make sure that i make that corrections not jericho jordan river six feet over your head while the priests were carrying the art of the ark was gold laden they knew one step in that river they were going to be over their heads and it was instant death they would never have let go of that art for anything they had to trust god put their feet in that river and god they didn't know i was going to happen they were willing to do it on to they were they were agreed to die that in the natural world that is exactly what was going to happen the to them with what they knew step in the river and got stopped the water so when i was told my kids when they were little i said to remember this jump in the jordan he see what god does and that goes to the selection john in the jordan and see what god does this is where we'll see him work and his miracles happened and he will get all the glory for it will be as it will be home and against all and so in the jordan was god stopped the river plaisanter what happens with the election generally with the whole conditions in the in the united states and in the world a lot of things that are being done to correct his i am certain and i had both said no matter what happens is that we recognize it was god doean't have the power to destroy this planet we don't have the power to be new this is planet only god has done no weather prettier with her scientific and industrial advances the things that we can do in our you know artificial intelligence and so for the others are knowledge explosion on the planet we were told it was going to him but he hasn't handed the power over those if that was the fact that satan would have all the power because he he he is the prince of the air as the principal it has all become his disposal we have always connoisseurs to astonishes poseidon attain i am but a bad god who owns the sand bags here has control without within that's going on and you know he's allowing certain things to happen i am back you know so i think probably our best option is to play by a struction ma and we should welcome the challenge yes and the challenge because it's always a hesitant which side are you on to make it so about everything every day ah i think so well it's almost eleven o'clock we've been we got a little bit of a rocky start here with you know with the confusion at the beginning number one and then also though the tactile having i got to tell i'm so thankful for you and how much work you've done you know in or in the bravery that you have and facing whatever comes you don't hear you're not a bad down kind of guy either and i appreciate that so much you know it's such an honor to have brave patriots to stand with and realizing that this is not just a normal this is not a normal changes that were going through right now this is a chain where you're really seen the bravery and the metal that people have that they made out of coming out in you know in difficult times you do you find what people are made of and animate you what i'm so proud to stand with you and to take this nation back and and like you i'll never back down from the fight this is a time we were chosen by god to be here at this time and we've got a job to do and it's a wonderful privilege people see yourself serve god for our over america for christ were over america first you can't say jesus's name i'm not exactly sure what's gundersen it might be one of flowers could be as here all seeing it just like seeing him a republic you know passes there are republican or their patriot means nothing what does that mean another stated shut up and that you know because if they can't say it it's a lie cracked what is the good mercifully made stupid somerset because of engineers stance of competence because i am going hesitate ratiocination and what doing and as nothing about incompatible and that revitalising what i wanted to and not thinking about anything else i'm not thinking about what perils there are or anything else from what cause is involved and so dorothea lifting to you in the intestine slings and arrows of gay and you are also doing exactly i believe that god has called you odour position if not called to do anything like what you're doing i'm just the people i'm just helping out and how were duntocher were doing together and it is fun and you know and and if it is a riot and went quite something scripture on a look up the exact botha verse here course there's many there's many verses about being hot you know being hotter cold all the same topmen churches and i had or spitting out of pericles perinolo's mouth and i believe it's relations in thatcher i know your dthat you are neither hot nor cold i wish you were either hate cold so because you're a lukewarm and neither hat nor coal i will fit you out of my mouth and that goes with eating out of yet it is in you know it's a problem it's a problem so like i said choose stay ho ye serve and if you're not willing to get to a new great what they believe in like gravel because it's easy and they don't have to take any hits that way that's pretty ensure that that's lucrum you know i said good and the bearer i heard the tears well you know and going back to that the supporters that we have out there are so amazing and there's a lot of em everywhere we go it's a crazy it's kind of a crazy thing like he said it's an there's an undercurrent but seems like seems like there's just a tremendous amount of support in one dose the post to see that you know are you cultivate a new crop of a disruption is ah there you go in we didn't do it through the federal bureau of entrapment weinstein by dis talk and people and and putting together you know brothers in the lord and and troparia want the nation back we want the snatakas we love freedom it was a gift that was given to us and that gift orchideae we don't get to just give it a pass and and walk away from it it's like a car or or your vehicle or your house or or you know you did everything you require maintenance nation requires maintenance you don't dislike let it go because then we've got to go diogeiton why don't we and were to day very i know a prayer leader but i love to pray okay well i will try and i did say was ever in my mind it's like i never know it actually wheaton the morning i never know what i'm going to say so that's always that's always it is just watsonish you know people people want to know who done brandow merges there's plenty i've put up so much content out there i think i think historically i probably put out more content than any candidate has ever been out as ever run for any office hands down with the amount that i write the videos i put out everything i mean i would love to see a comparison but but i'd say i take that i take that race fairly easily so but and i do like to pray and i know that quite a few people say that they like that the first thing they look at us as my prayers when i do you know i used to do it a lot i'm kind of busy now so i still pray but i don't necessarily take the time to you know two hours a day prattle who are having individual problems but both they have only father thank you so very much for gay and all the wonderful patriots that are true patriots that our listening to your voice and not something that's good enough jumping in the jordan and going all the way and trusting that you will it be the one that will make the way when there seems to be no way we thank you so much for the motion that you put out there to you night stated in the your uniting us against these forces a pure evil which victimized other people and we are willing we are wanting to be those people who will stand in that gap protect those without a voice who will continue on the work your work here in whatever that may be may your will be done and all things on earth as it is in habit please let everybody know out there that you care about even the smallest detail in their lives that there may be struggling with whether its addiction or whether it maybe somebody betrayed maybe there is a betrayal that's out here that needs to be he may be there is financial needs we don't really know but you know all that you know what's going on in every person's life and we ask that you would step in close to them that they would listen to you follow your advice you always make a way out of any situation there's always an answer we love you so much thank you for all you give us it's only by your strange that we can continue on in any area of our lives it's your strength comes to this is all to your honour and glory and some day we're going to lay everything at your feet and say as all thankful that you allow us to be part of of that thank you so much and we love you jesus i love you god we love you hyperbole are so thankful for you and to day were to go out there and have a wonderful day again in service to you to your family and country we love you so much i i name we a man you will be done and it will be done well thank you so much so this is the part of the thing rottingdean thinking me meaning brandebourg for governor dot com and if you want to help if you want to help please contact us and you know if i had fifteen hundred campaign managers cross the state wehendem job later because i won't take the pack money and i will not fall in just for the favor of glogova in criminals when not doing that this way we're going back as brothers and sisters as a true patriot those who are in it to serve this nation not to exploit that for own gain and i like everybody did know out there that we are fighting for you were fighting for your family come and fight with us we need every single person out there this is not an armed chair quarterback kind of thing this is a participation sport where you've got to get in sometimes you got to get a little dirty but that's how we're going to take the state back all of us standing together i read every word on telegram morning i had a type on there that had cracked but that is what you get you're going to get what you get and that is not a package political action figure that's me in sometimes impostor three o'clock in the morning and i'll have a type on it and i wake up in a like a man i got to wait up fully before he calls but she get the essenian you know you know we know i'm going with a so at any rate we love you we absolutely care about everything that's important to you and we will never back down to the coercion intimidation extortion or anything like that because we're in this for good were in this to win so if you feel like you can donate you can go to brandenburg for governor com and it does help that makes a difference a lot of the stuff that we would be doing we could people say you need be doing that you be doing that i like well what you do and help us do that or you just want us to create everything show up at all the events and then have you been to tell us what to do well your responsibility in this is to be part of the team and participation that means i need some donations it it's not just for me it's for us we have to reach those people that if you know there's what you know what camille in the state of michigan how is this even re you know possible for one dona supporters to reach them at all it's a vanity so we need some donations in order to make sure that we we can be responsible without and you know do more signs than and get people out the talking i think things up and to go against these these traders who have decided especially economy to make it their job to noondoo an talk people and spread the propaganda same people that attack market was over at the rightful got in macon it is just as wrong in every level so we've got people posing impostor integrators and the way we overcome that as my true patriots and getting messages all the gondolas listen to it and a man we got more supporters because they realize a fake when they see it as the coucourite famine you know your plan with play money when you look at it so so there you go so anyhow and how we love you you're not alone you've got unwavering but you want to fight you are fighters you got fighters there here it's not hard to find a figure that one out anyhow we love you were fighting for you we love families fighting for them we love this nation we are in it for the long haul in or winning right now so at anyrate god bless you god bless those whom you love and god was america for god family and country thank you so much for being an today gary i just love you to pieces and all you know you're just it's such a such an honour to know you in any three counties i think in michigan that peregrinate and there's postage in almost all eighty three counties there are acute presence if a couple people from each of those in each county was pasteboard make a bad portion of the dooming we could make some chap it magallanes to visit don and one one now the turn the game will make something out of it yet radbourne and i have put my phone number out there who for everybody if they want to contact and right there at six one six four three zero four four one o oneasy easy beget her gone all right we guys will see its more gay to morrow is in facettes day said john tatiana's running for the ford to be the sheriff constitutional sheriff and wanton he's going to win he smart to gaston understands law a guy so we see it tomorrow morning in between nineteen and i have a great day