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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 11/3/2022 - Live - Karen the Riveter

Published Nov. 3, 2022, 9:01 a.m.

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good morning and welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is i get the date right today november third twenty twenty two and i mind today with karen the riveter or we will be going through some some some i knew cardinalis terday to see it was going to talk about but first i wanted to play the little trailer for who we all be a good thing that way to start the israelite had sold his country he rolled the wind nothing nothing genius the power of grant leading up to a plan was working behind the scenes herein also had mining rallies and feeling protests were imitated and are there is evil and osorio and there's a note life and to during a day of rallies and protest in washington and disseverment twenty he framed the fight in terms of god and patriotism and politics stirring down woodencoat prepositions the brown is patrick later that night there was violence and steele and was in washington on january inarticulate unconstitutional dangers that is my ghost plan was at the willard and he was interviewed by alex donald trump will continue to be the president and state for the next four years there's no doubt my my well you're about literature milliners are that same evening plainspoken to a very large cat and freely sister and his side were so we're going to just the men it because honestly what is significant about that is the fact that general flensed a spiritual warfare he's absolutely right and that as christians we are unapologetic christians where an apology of our faith we will not stand down and watch the to by a bunch of crazy people who honestly only wanted destroy this man so anyhow and be good morning karenin the ordinary stole an election dave that's funny body o me again are you there in her they hate us this is what he happens every time you come in so we were out in the lontaine before caring got on this morning did we have sown problems no not a one and so why happens as soon as we start the broadcast all the sudden somebody you know senorita the and her interment if you want you may without leaving come back on again looks if that'll work or in the meantime i'm going to put her a little but so that said i'm going to go ahead and play more amply the audio that joan he the noonday he retired three star to day he then we are as and have seen arden to begin he not estate an absolute the how did it my country over to my children and my gratitude roentgen we love you so rather care is a sea i am how is a sound at we have you we have care accomplished being able to come back stronger than ever so good morning how you doing i moving to a different spot in the house which seems to have a better internet connection because it says that the problem yea i am reconnected the art versus the tone which decides that a fan connection works stuff like so it so what are we going to talk about to day you take a pollastra all how the bane of our existence a pole that was your pollaiuolo well i had a massive response at boats one of them being messaline response but i had people want to know about michigan news election stuff the assembly and whatever we want to laugh about it going to go on first i think i do so want to go through a few news items sure so i posted something this morning much transcend voters facing a claim of their facing more voting or in state with the laws and i want to read my response as this is a big problem this is such a mark a bunch and nonsense is not even fanny so this is my right cause analysis we have a legal process of somebody wants to go by another another name they can get off their spoil snow flight behind and go chandranath than demanding that the united states and the rest of us cartter spoiled child mentality just an excuse for non performance to further an agenda chaos and yet another class of people who demand to be treated with special privilege outside of the law do to any emotional donation about lawlessness and a detriment to the use of the united states sexuality designations are device of an only and our only about wine lawless special privileges which the rest of us and to bow down to in short take the time to go through the lawful process and change your name now like marks us tetanic for undermining the lawful process of the nation so i'm kind of down with us you know it's like a you know quite honestly i'm really done with this nonsense because all its tall it is about is for the rest of to get out of the way elevate them on their little pedestal and break the orchan the rules of the laws for them and i and go is honestly a lawlessness in or in the united states that's all i see i see nothing more so next time is that you brought up the heron and benson lawsuit and then i went in a little bit further in a post the exact the entire the entire and then going down further the response to the court of claims order the defendants or by the defendants lowers michigan clerks alas election workers and challengers into believing that the maid twenty twenty two guidance is appropriate and i am really concerned that withhold nonsense that what they're doing is lurline election workers and or polander or or into a position where the failed election is going to be hung on them while these rats up at the top run away and my my my guidance or my advice to everyone take it for what it's worth if things are not done correctly but don't don't follow don't follow bad bad advice in all its one do is drink people into a situation where they are putting the putting themselves in a site to have to have legal problems in the future tonight dan was were going to be back at the mexican restaurant in grand haman again dollysweet stations we should close all the police stations one on united states soil as well as the global the global landscape they the netherlands tells train immediately close a police stations united states he has not been so quick to respond because the people who are on top and our government are effect calculating with the enemy which is is d company who has decided or sad country who has decided to open police stations in our nation how in the hactenus happened i don't know but i'm kind of down with it and then secretary of state a secretary of state's office decided to put out an absolutely see post michigan residents your hope is needed to fight back against efforts to spread miss information and so mistrust in our election if you encounter falls you're an accurate information please report to misinformation all right what is this is exactly the same thing that comes in world war two getting neighbors too to tell other neighbors and statue going after the secretary of state so respire spots of this was mission secretest i would like to report you for miss information questions about the twenty twenty election at all so calling out our form of government is a democracy this is blatant we have a republic form of government and i would like to report the michigan secretary of state for misinformation and catering mias the democracy which is institutional discrimina a democracy is the most unstable form of government further you are truly the people in our responsible public functionaries under the highest love the land the constitution to carry out our wishes i would like you to investigate the anomalies in our election process which are troubling to me one brand your boss is a michigan resident in taaroa your salary so your throat so here's another one based on the state acceptable any form of it they decided now that any form of id works to vote i offered another one up there for me a little bit a guidance for our mission secretary of state who are in fact our employees which think that they are running the state i should be the only way they do those through i donna brandenburg is a resident of michigan as a citizen of the united states of america and are you going object to that but i'm statin and objected the process of using in quotes any form of it to vote rather than prove of what you are doing to all what are you doing to follow the constitution the highest law of the land to assure that only qualified voters of taking partner elections appears that you are not holding your own of office to conduct honest free and bare please give me the assurance as a resident citizen of michigan you are addressing the deficiency in security your boss in atherton a grander if you can accomplish your job as an employee at two a hole or a hole your labours please give notice to me a people and we will find your any further threats will be considered in subordination and you will be subject to to hesitate she subject remove all of a mark even even going down going restraint down to the legislature every one of em up there failed in their hot consort of demonic but on the bravest okay i showed you this week and i was up in my chicken coops and louis adventure for i want to get there before up to go back again because they had oh my gosh i've got a corn may joining a punkin as all kinds of stuff that even i think they even have remorse have leamers and a pack associate thing in the airy little trained to ride her out for the kids i got this place was absolutely amazing and i don't get an show it online here how because i've got most of that bloom there is a taste have going on in this business and it just what a great way to spend the day if you guys are looking for something to do with your kids out there we have a ton of stuff in a michigan fall farm to hers are absolutely arithelli enjoy those latitat so do we want to get to the case of because you get a good substantial you did a substantial on the case of going on for the complaint yes the complaint of sorry the complainant took me a little practice not call it case because it's not a legal case in such complaint hopefully this one was against turnips tatius wrote about that what you're talking about others two of them that you did he start at while he can you started talking about the case and then you've got sorry i'm getting so much going on this morning as far as to sister information there's a really is a lot going on but yet there's a case against a complaint against peter dayanand then the case against i don't think i did a subject of that one but yet her the article that i saw said that this is the fifth time she had an issue with putting out illegal information to that effect in the article and it's just shocking in it i think it should not be lost on people that this is woman is running for office while she is deliberately attempting to confuse the election process for the office that she's running for the same issue with katy has she she has had a terrible election process and here she goes at it to get there's already so many holes and her election process some of it do deliberately specifically do to her actions i cannot see how this up coming election to be dissatisfied let me it's not just because of her i alastor show late last night we talked about how i didn't have enough sleep but finally got an opportunity later in the day to listen i didn't listen to the whole thing but the more he talked and hartman and you i was like oh my gosh even more even more even more there so many problems with this selection process the machines the ballot the identification issues the signatures so many problems it's all over again which we are still in the process of attempting to desert a firefly twenty twenty we can't we can't allow this cartoon tinue some point the people have say no an it has to be the certified and that does it mean an i not i'm saying we shouldn't vote we absolutely should vote if we have the opportunity to but i think in the end it's going to have to be deserted and will have to do i do over i think and in order to get a solid quality process but we have to change the system is well the whole thing is a train wreck if you look if if any of the rest of us tried to i had this bit of a failure in any of our process they they would have us all before their unlawful judges in their unlawful prosecutors and you know and we would be strung up for this for what they're doing because it it is it's so far out of bounds they really haven't done anything right and i would like to read some from the declares of independence remind people when in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth the separation and equal to to which the laws of nature and of nature's god would call that out the laws of nature and nature's god entitle them a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them the separation we have an unlawful government right now that the entire thing is completely and utterly out of control they have weapons every bureau in this nation and quite honestly the go go along to get along nonsense i think what we need to do i was thinking about this today is that we need to make like a mean i might work on this make a mean or for the common shell or and what their critennery is like it but what about among other things you know it's a good long to get along and that is the antithesis of what the united states was founded on is just a fault is falling back as a loyalist wood when we were fighting with it a country is made up of people who fight back it fibers right from the very beginning we fought around outan to declare that and if you look at the declaration of independence which i think a lot of people have in the last couple fears may be we ignored it for two long near the end there's a little portion about how we heavy duty that wide duty we have a duty and that don't include a duty to vote but don't want people to get confused by one in saying about that i think i think this sort this election process must be disedified we have a duty to vote to we will hold our elected officials accountable for their actions in their failure to act appropriately but our duty is also to vote as montenotte yet another one has to show up and you know if if somebody doesn't show up to vote and put any effort in this at all i don't know about you but i don't want you the whining if they're going to sit back and do nothing and just let it go and not not participate in any part of it or you know we have the ability to part of a solution or part of the problem of art problem is stayin home part of the solution standing up to look was going on and in brazil where the interest to the same she software that we are at this point time among other things the whole processes a train wreck down there also but look at what's happening the people are showing up and when the people show up the minimum amount of of those that are in office to listen yeah and i think a lot of people are looking to brazil and going well yeah maybe we should just call in our military and have the military do it this like their doing well will crowd the streets will pack and seen and we pack these may be again because of the national issue and then will call on a military well i think the people have a responsibility to do their part first and we haven't quite finished that we have had a lot of effort to a very good efforts going on then the election integrity force being one of them the two thousand mules project we have people in jail because of their efforts and terminating catherine and their still even from tailor calling out and sang a base get out and but proud were here for a reason you boys have to tutor part but that doesn't mean we have to be violent i think absolutely we can do this peacefully we don't hopefully we don't need to military but if the military has two to back us up that that may become a role and i wouldn't be too surprised really if they did but i think it would be more about keeping the peace then doing our work for us because they have always acknowledged that the people have a roarin responsibility as well as to lead and direct their actions i do make babiole i'm kind o man senor de total system is completely completely corrupt and broken you as my opinion that you cannot get a fair trial because it's just a bunch of attorneys who are playing the game of wealth who can pastor who can pass or enough to to play the game of either winning or losing which is not based on anything with lawful or or a proper even even anything as proper has integrity to it i'm kind of hasty of the opinion that that i would support the military step in it and picking some of these people up and and if if they can't get the job down if we can't get the job done and wanderest we need to get it down in another direction because we cannot there so enabled she and manipulate people's that without you know i think about this the entire legal system is not kind of the same as the election is our election he is the person who gets justice is the one who has the money they buy their way out of it they betake things going to the ants degree generally but it has nothing to do with really who's right or wrong it's a it's a money a something is our elections are elections of turned nothing more than the money game you know and i've always said we have the best election money can buy should not have any part in this i think every single person in the united states should have an equal chance to run for president not base or president or governor for one ever now beyond how much money that they have or how much they spend or or anything like that or political parties or anything because all it is bought and sold position you know they're buying them in order to create favor for the companies that are finding it through dark money except so so then what do we do in my answer is going to be we have to assemble because when we assembled in the lawful jurisdiction we have more power than we do now with the de facto corporation in place because we can see what happens when they are corrupt we don't have a granary in place a grand jury has more power than spring court does and it is the power to hold these people accountable for their their duties if they don't do their proper rule the people are supposed to be able to take care of that and as the trouble right now the people haven't been able to do that we haven't had the interest we haven't been apathetic there the power though to ye know we the people have basically been separated we've been divided and not only that they basically deep as entire with controlling our food supply and then the judicial completely completely out of control because it is so i don't know i would i would have to say that if it takes a military to step into it to defend our state our nation so be it they that that will may not be the worst that may not be the worst outcome because we need to clean the wine to clean the junk out before we can really restart the engine and lustier is we need to clean the john go and get the jangada the engine before you know clean out the carburetor whatever it is before we can actually re start again they are just going to get in the way and these people have already proven that they with that they are operating outside any lawful process outside the law in the people of michigan appealed absolutely no record point time so it would with that sad that within that anagogical system you know you can't get a fair trial and but you can pay for one guaranteed same thing with the elections and if the guy down the street can't run for office and he may he or she montague cause that's a michigan neutral terms everyone and so some somebody down the street can't can't run no matter what they do for a profession we have a broken system it should not be given favour to a class beyond on wealth and and or based on let me part of the i we learn that our government is corrupt and every every branch michigan has a very corrupt executive branch we had to a legislative branch that is needed itself to the point that they won't even stand up for election integrity we have a judicial branch that we don't trust attorneys do on trust any of them right now there are some that are good that are some of my good decisions but it does we don't have face in that kind of a and as i've written about we don't trust the three letter agency which shouldn't dress as they are not constitutional and we are learning that we can't trust large corporations and of course the latest one that i think people are at still having really hard time with is that we can't trust the party that's all that's where it gets more personal because you've been resting yourself into a group of people that are part of your community to believe have the same thoughts and mine the same goals and perspective in life and then you find out especially in michigan maybe it's not the same in every other state but in michigan we have people at least at the top of the michigan go that are corrupt and in their working their way down the rest of the i was reading a post by cheerless night and helena i cannot keep up with him and he was talking a county by county with the problems that they have and even in my county stakes to some of the gobi issues because the kind of ignore them to some degree but so bad in our state and there are people here still believe that they can i clingman side you can't i if that is absolutely a premise based on something that's false because it's too it's too wide and they've got people sitting in the wings to jump in it in its and then you got to deal with in the national so this just michigan because michigan is pounded with the national scene and we've got global in there who have who have so much money involved an attorney to fight there they really they've always wore on we the people the parties are absolutely corrupt as the demounting they do not function for the people they keep putting their dislike the gutter government so they keep putting barriers in between we the people and i having a sand archie there actually trying to take the sea what we can do through the political party and if you look at you know look at how i'm going to bring around us something else here but our copyright laws look look at look at how this is how they do they start writing laws and procedures which give them the power to do whatever they want to do without any one being able to question or have any or have any true justice you know our copyright laws of the they extended the length of copyright the copyright laws at this point time if they are seventy years plus if they's any derivative works or anything like that this can go so far out that nobody really knows or the beginning of it is so therefore they can taper all of that as that should be public domain disney did that so disney's stories are based on existing stories that were in the public domain so what did they do disney copyright at all the stories started doing derivative works and now they own everything that was part of her you know folkestone under stories and such with us disney you can you can now look at you know look at how they you know that's copyright problems but also look at how they write the laws in their favour to they do the same thing it's all about gaining ground in a legal framework in order for them to steal the nation and the kind of have made laws that are favourable for outside entities to own far land i own property this is not this is absolutely nonsense i honestly think that we go back to the constituted we can attack labeled them as invading and it which is an invasion rather than you know a trade partner anything like that that's crab these things are invading and and i think it was malaysia miles had china come in and the boarding piece of property or a chunk of land in malaysia and they started doing development so what end up happening is malaysia got really smart and they sat with this is not development this is an invasion so they took all the land back they literally come and tear all the land for china so get out of our country you're done china ended up you know getting kicked out and then they sold all of that property that you know it would back china to you know malaysians to the native malaysians are to the people from alasia and they sold it to them for baby basically pennies on the dollar and honestly that's what we need do in the united states tiepoletta out and then be able to to enable and orator americans and i also i've got a big problem with developers and look at how the developers have have gotten themselves in connections with stephen ross and dan gilbert over in detroit and some of the connections that they have politically but they're not the only ones he goes right down to our zonoras well as sir as a township and and the commission boards in our cities that are townships and that these things are so infiltrated by these developers and the change they change the rules basically to have responsible development in our communities which is basically racked our rector state and in urban the urban development is all for the developers it's not for the people so and then then that to with our tax if we got to ask this question is like what about the tax while we've got any surpluses which i don't believe that that's even past an if it is that means that the taxing of the american people the people of michigan his men way to hit they if they have any anything going on like that now over your such than they need to they need to go in these go back to repeople we are need to evaluate because they got away too much money to pay for in an area that we live an you can you can see it in contoocook is a is a sober of grand rampant thee on development cord was the promised land when i was a kid a basically you know a lot of people really wanted to live in canthaves overdeveloped these areas that and in the keep gobbling up more and more and more land the the tax structure that we have in santoine's creating blighted areas and how i say that is that it starts with in this is this is china right back to the people that make policies are doing it for self interest and for just they do it in their own interests in order to keep every one out of the game at the cartel the tax structure the way the structures work every seven years you know your appreciation schedule kind of drops drop off so what they do as they sell it after seven years they take all the money out of it in the the move on so it's like the hungry hungry canaille they just keep going keep going they abandoned their property that they said that they were going to build the solitude they stop as much money out of it as they can somebody else who does the same thing there's about a four for terms which goes from between twenty one and twenty eight years until that property is so abandoned as they keep going out now that that you know you you end up having a truly blighted property or or one that that and a bringing the entire neighborhood around it down including the houses where people live it is wrong in its artaxata really that really is unable i really don't think that that any corporate entity the because if you look at like say a citizens united at a case as corporations as a person that had him has a person this needs to be completely wiped off the planet it gives these corporations which goes into the big multinational corporation the right to in fact take over the united states through economic and corporate that was a long explanation and i hope everybody followed and if they don't like it he was like when we've come a long way from where we started in this cover sahib is good and i hope that befitting attention because is the weariness and the research level but dona had well it was really for it on i have a whole bunch of property and grand rapids right and i by old property i like the blade properties and i put in a lot of time in a race of all my own construction in fact i've done everything except for a rout you know i have a good skill set one but that way and i put a lot of money into grand ramparts and i've worked within when the grand rapid city and and it used to be just like the worst place to own property on the whole planet when i first got into it i told people don't don't invest a granite inspectors the building the building structure of the governmental code is only put they don't know what they're doing and and they are for basically it's a big money grant will over over the years grangamimeo a great place to own property and they finally got their heads out of their behind and i have decided to really work with people punitive and i like having property there but i was actually part of the change in that too and in helping to establish better relationships i knew that he had concomitance and we started out knows knows in each other's faces and tell we realize that we actually are very similar in our beliefs system in kind help rewrote some of those policies and coach them unhooking people together from different sides of the table right after watching the going on i actually had some that moved from grandames to cat wood and called me specifically and such if you want it if you want to do any investment in contorted invite you we would love you to be out here because they knew that i proved myself with integrity with what i did and you know really was more interested in the long term of of of what we do rather than the short term gains that the problem with most people who are in these posies he can't handle it because they just want the money out of it and they don't they don't see success is a greater is it's a much bigger issue a success for money money is the poorest measure of out there i can tell you some of the worst people i know have a lot of money it's not the money at their head and indeed her willing to victimize others to get that money that is the problem right so he count watchman when actually gave me a special call and invitation two in fact invest in an cannot be paris solution because i will be by partition rather than part of the problem and hopefully give people really give them give them some more opportunities to he and i call out the trap i mean with somebody when somebody does something wrong i had a spectre one time that came on on one of my properties and i called the city i said if they ever show up on one of my properties again you will have a lot so you might want to tell them to change their attitude because they are not my boss in the fact that they do not come on my property and i am willing to work with anybody in it there's something easy change that's fine but they don't come in and completely you know go off the rails and in the end you know i said that the second work for us all and that's what we need in the governor office someone he says pay that's not good enough for me here are not working for the people here are working for yourself and that's not good enough are you a part of the solution or other be part of the problem right now or will government is punitive that means it's a it's a system based on writing rules in order to punish people in order to grab what they have and put it in so that that's exactly what they're doing their writing rules in order to fail the population so they can charge them and or common deer and take their proper this is what the entire state is based in any court absolutely you mention the citizens united case we want to go back to that complaint because that's how i came across that it is a supreme court case which gave the first article right to corporations and i was aware that creephole on my sub stack has been been in opinion my phone for some time because michigan's cold low that's what mc stands for she don't know the fine a person as also not just an individual but a body politic or a body corporate so when you read in law the word person it can apply to corporations it gives them more right then they should have there not just a business and our government is a corporate body so that's kind of a scary prospect giving our government more a strange and a legal right then they actually should have absolutely and where this is going because right now they can buy and sell our elections that's what they're doing with the dark money that corporations finding are finding our elections there buying in their pain for our election through the dark money funds and also the packs are passepartout to so i mean this is so wrong on every level it's unbelievable and it goes further than that as this is you know it's always like you look at you look at the slippery slope that things go down you know they grow one right in the grub the next the next the next and pretty extra sure that if they had their way they would allow them to actually have a voice or vote in electing straight up you know in a way when you look at when you look at the nonsense that happened with with funding for the only grab this this article menoeceus they have to go over to the wave back machine the internet archive to find the stuff you can't you can't just get it off politica not just get this offer the internet because they try to scrub it just like they tried to scrub tore lumen student news i'm really concerned about this everything everything is in fact kind of be inscribed there then michigan continues to secure a physician as a hub for high tight jobs as omobono is leading a leading provider of election management so expands and establishes that headquarters in each east land the project is expected to generate taminent of two hundred ninety three a six hundred ten dollars and create fifty one while pain new jobs over a two year period the company chose michigan for the project over competing site in los angeles or the possibility of keeping jobs an offshore looked location growth is great news for our state our family our economies and further underscores the competitive advantages are state has to offer growing teuchbusses governor receiver who are as bright and thanks to companies like connect and and concoct and partners like m e d alike and masouda and others weaken stay a laser focused on growing arcano and creating good jobs from michigan resident i have a a real concern about this because its connected to the missions strategic fund and the michigan economic development corporation which is connected to whom sure as and were you mentioned whether now our stagnant the funding going through who the people who are voted in in an office i i think that this is is something that we have to investigate thoroughly because if that's the case you can see the funding for the election software which did what savareen and go on ritratto our own government finding the whole stinking thing in what year was the year we there will he resent article that you just read i know you posted it before let me see her no that would be december nine twenty twenty one so this is this not all the missus after we've had a late to do about election still you i think a governor who is interested in the will of the people and their safety in their secure elections would be doing a lot of research before congratulating welcoming inviting such a company in into a community okay i got to read this minute okay this is crazy because why did they strata of the internet where you can only get it an archive because her highest the only reason why people don't want to throw everything to throw it right out in the open is because they're hiding ciceronis arabic pantano to meet world wide demand for our products and services with amid alienate elsie and the loammi support cannons developing a world class brand and bring high paying job opportunities the landing region said eugene president of connecting court incorporate our new lies within the mesurier park and how much money is going through our institutions time a metric to more and more than what you know more than the amount of horse crayshaw's and a new lease with me research part will help us to interact closely with masculinity and students wonderful considering that our institutions of higher learning give give preference to international students right now through the ammunition on or connected turning as ueno logies and cutting a product which will greatly benefit the world five year goal something the new world order yet this or in five year goal is for connection become a world wide company associated with lance well they certainly incite golden comes extra congratulations to the team that connect on your impressive growth and success we appreciate your vote of confidence in the incredible talent and competitive business climate here in michigan said quin master junior so of insanity which is mistaken am devout a corporation and president and cheer of what the michigan strategic projecting for medicine in the entire state were placed to work with alien abyssinian and other partners to bring these high weight high tech jobs in the area we look forward to work in the connection tines to grow in michigan and spread throughout the world on my garrisoned they continue over elections all over the world one how that work in for for a prairie now yes or the philippine or or or or venezuela or or or or or how far has this gone mittie again i been saying and i know you have two that michigan is a cree shall point and a national election if she is because a wilhelmine to talk about arizona right now but he useter be looking at michigan you better be exploring our elections and what role michigan has played and it is shameful i think that we we should be embarrassed because we allow us this far but what are we going to do about it now we have had no evidence already and i'm sure more will come out and by the way concomitante great is a good source for for chronic information or connect it in a house at either but oh where goin oregon to be learning a lot more and i think missus a national evil issue his inmost yet they are working through our university look at the amount of money they pour in to you our universities and like i said the deference of the advance that they give to foreign to it's outrage i i i heard something else about a whole bunch of university professors and we're all here that just retired and went back to where two china who can to do what probably take all that technology back with him it's not like the actually given a cramp over or patents or anything like that potentate whole thing has been about about common daring what american innovation where does the mere destination come from globally cosmic americans i always been innovator a problem as the shots right down a stolen everything we have in order to it exports to other countries to weaken the base in america and tell our nation so in our piece by piece thank you so much the resident in the white house and the god bless her lawful president president trump the lawful president of the united states of america and boats to to debate that i agree in one china i want also say you know if we had good relations with the chinese people having chinese people come to america go to school here learning in craft of skill either return to their homeland or work in the united states that's fine that that's fine we can have americans go to china and learn more about whatever craft or skill they have and either bring it back here or work somewhere else in the world that's normal the problem is when you involve the s s p not just the chinese people and when you get a political system which were against the us and basically declared war and attempts to infiltrate and for most that you have a problem and its clearly happening in our universities is happening with our own election system this is where the machines come into play and our government has allowed an encouraged it whiterose in that article in courage the global and so like the globe threat is not a geographic location we have no quarrels with the chinese people at all because they are being pressed under under the global communist and it's in every country it's here it's the united states were already we've already been invaded it where were already they already declared war on the just anything an you know ballistics but sure that they fired some other things to an old years you know i heard something the other day this is really tried i want to get somebody to interview this person was in the olympics in china and there report to me was that actually that they had all of the american athletes kind of like corderoy themselves they were never able to interact with the chinese and when they came back all of a sudden as what we've got coverer her whole her whole a response to that was as that i am and the people around her is that there wondering how much of this was to to bring back here an you know who knows if they intended to do it or not and everything is possible and anything is possible right now you know i wouldn't i would discount anything you know everybody wants to jump on the beat out down for looking at everything bad way in all well and not scared to look at things you know we need to look at everything so many lives are being you know are being put out their meaner so much lying going on it's not even i think we've got to pay a lot better attention in the future we lay down on the job as a people thankfully we do have as he said we have a lot of really intelligent people in america i like yes what and they're not the apotheosis is made at i'm just so you know i'm like every time you find another resource in the state of michigan you have to you have to go and support him there connecting people with nature and agriculture and a fond way but because a lot of people don't have any other connection with it they don't understand where our food comes from when you raise an animal and then you have to take its life in order to feed your family food becomes a more internal part of your life and the animals be tolerance and people think that rather just you know feed the animals and buchanan eat them and that's it now the very protective they care a lot about their animals they don't like it when they get sick i don't like it when they get hurt there invested in them and when that food goes in the freezer they don't want freeburn they don't want it to go batieia don't let it sit in there because it doesn't have the chemicals in it that it does when it comes from the grocery store you have to eat it or it will go bad and we you care that much about your food you feel a lot worse about it if you let it go bad or something happens to it than you did when you ought for negroes store and yet people will see a video about happens in a mainmast produced farms or slaughter houses and they cry out all is as terrible but you're still eating it when you raise it or you know your name or who did and you see how they're living every day and you see how it was butchered and in how it was a slaughter with care then you care more about where your food comes from and you're going to care more about what goes into that food so what chemicals do you put on the land in your water those things that all comes back round together we take care of ourselves by taking care of our land and caring about one another we care about our farmers the farmers worldwide or suffering a lot because what the government is doing to them and its purposeful and it's not about them is but osberne just nothing but a long term long term it's going to absolutely hurt our farm because of the re mediation he's going to have to be done but we don't want to talk about that in the end the state or government because we want to buy that the angel was a land grab failure to rest the root cause of why their doings he that's exactly what he is yes so we get out we can get out all these analytical things and i'm sure i'll earn everybody out because i like to spend a lot of time doing that sort of thing cause i like to connect the doubts you do to i had i have a message for you came the other day from a friend she said i want to i want you to pass us on to dawn and at first i said i would not and then i and then the more we talked about it i said okay okay i see it your saying so his friend know so one who works in an action systematic office and their concern was that even if they locally handle their the election process appropriately in totally legally that once that material that date leaves their hands there concern as it's going to be corrupted at the next juncture that chain of custody they believe wholeheartedly that election is rigged and the message was a warning to you that that maybe you should reconsider and that's where i said no she's not greatcoat going and tell her to reconsider but i think it would about other were trying to look out for you and i are trying to look out for everyone else because there say meanly wait to defeat this rig is to cast our ballots for tutor dickon and i said no that's not how it works we've got to do what is right we have to do our part or duty to elect virtuous leaders that our duty not going to cast my ballot for some one that i don't believe in so we know is corrupt or corrupt bulletin and with this complaint another other questions we have genuine concerns about her her interest and her ability even if she is a good person and she thinks that she can make it teach i don't leap you pater he is an actor that is what she does as an actress she is a sincere she is that's her stick right there i don't think she's got enough go to do it and quite honestly i think if you look at what the communist tactics in the world to have you look over here while their messenger here what look at what mawenawasigh gas at the bigger issue the bigger throat might be toted he and dixon can't win she was the designated loser and either one of em are amount to a globes puppet whose gathereth whose tones if you're an actress or a new anger who is pulling the these people work off of they have no if they were if they were actually able to do something they probably be doing something instead of just being a mouth or man and that too of course rose the hindoo not fix me a product we cumberland i think she people will say i've got a little discussion going on true social asael men who really supports voting for tutor and well she talked about the election before the primaries but she's not doing anything about it she's not talking about it now i like the she controlled proposals realise his walloon she you know proposal trenow feet family family family okay that's great but an i love that but when there was a chance to speak in front of the board of canvassers where it was dixon nowhere blow no girl she didn't show up we don't want to be in anything if we don't want to face any of the hard topics we just want to show up and run our mouth and it's just like a debate that debate was laughable nansemond second debate and see if they got smarter because the first woman was kind of pathetic really you know it's like you know that were you look at that and go this is like sitting sitting with your normal a corporate as kisses at a barroom table you know you've got the people that are actually smart in a charge and then you got the little minions that run around and all they're doing is you know all they're doing is just anybody's behind and that's all that i saw okay if you ever have her experience that i have you know how is it i have the people that are actually the decision makers and then they've got to have staff so they can watch em it's like you say here only listen to him to and what comes out of the mouth is you can't call it a deficit you disaster you know i can't imagine torture being a leader but you now going back to the message remained now we got a opportune it is paternal i made the men because it was funny when he said that no pen peter his work into a tame going forward oh my gosh thet it intirely this as coming from a place so far we widow have to keep talking about this is because people are still so afraid of whitmore i i don't don't think that thieves online last coming we were expected to hit over a million we had i don't know who did this though he had had to be somebody else but but there were a bunch of commercials on one american news and italians well as i were room yesterday he was saying will your commercials are alertly really i am putting on a banana clearly somebody decided that they were going to and it's funny because there's a lot of people that are actually making videos in making clips and just putting them out there themselves as people have really got behind that the putative behind me are done for the money they're doing it for the nation of the state and and i think that kind of significant that people are jumping and going wait a minute we've got one candidate who is not establishment and you know what we're going to go for it we're not going to coward or coward in the corner like we did during comedere going to stand up and take his nation back and kick these political parties out and their little puppets who have done nothing they did nothing for counter trying to make people believe that they're going to do something again it's just like putting by nettie he's an officer what like like five thousand years and then he comes out of the silesian for president assassin going to fix averting wave you fix anything before you stopped oficer would be a resounding no so what the republicans the democrats can do are they going to fix anything no because they haven't they had the opportunity and they all laid so the people are like well the democrats this and a democrat that and we grew to have a red wave and i don't share that stuff because okay so we have a red way does that mean we have a bunch of the same we have a bunch of at least in our state again may be there some states where they have a lot of really good republicans but but here resident have people that have the interests of wetherell in mind but above all a wave amicia gay i mean there may be some offices where republican party candidates exactly the best people in their community that that might totally suit the job but in the governor's office no and i read something about how the party people are saying in michigan while the delegates need to love for tutor because that to the convention but not how this is supposed to work now if ialysus to put so what you were just saying about the about the people putting out your stuff the vireos the commentary the mean makers i'm not the only one making means i don't know who these other people are we there are other people who are doing mean for you that do it really great job that is what dress roots look like it's not a bunch of delegates going to convention being told what to do that's not grass rot i think it's a beautiful thing to see what's happening with you because people will keep saying well she doesn't have a following we now see signs o kayo where you therein there in their own homes people are voting for dan and finely parents had decided to to go a sententiae their own personal reasons for knowing that i'm not going to chitinous tether day said cameron going to tell me who you wrote in force station say but that you voted for dona i had my man and answer me because in my family we have talk about who were going to vote for a week my talk about politics some one of course i have in the last couple of years but there's never been a discussion about who you're going to or have voted for as just not something that you talk about and so i can't say that so i don't know for sure but but that's okay abode is a very personal trace it's very private there are a lot of private people in michigan and those people like their right to it whether at their private their personal they don't talk about it to everybody but as you're saying there on mine their paying attention they know what's going on and i think people underestimate how many of those silent majority there are there is there's a lot more than what people think there are and you know so i want to i want to call something out that dante needs to be a red white and blue way from love it or an we're going to do a we're goin to do a mean for that one that was great i absolutely love that needs be red white blue ray wait because what happens and this is this is something somebody else said mission home statter ride radway with rynason the batch and global less round wiser at the top of the republican party here and romney involved in it and michael what is as mean when you start saying it's got to be a red way that is assuming that it's coming from the bottom up while you know what i'm goin to go back to it as sedbergh now it looks to me like the given people busy work to distract on so if we can't if we can't kill off america by the left we're going to kill it off by the right under the guise of being under the guise of being you know actual patriots when self far the same system they all communist unitary a man insults you know this is the republican party was not the republican party that it was twenty five thirty years ago not that i think i had any tears were good you know there are there all about taking away the choice in the right from but that's assuming that there's anything redeeming there which there are not there's too much power above we the people so just like thrown across they're gettin a little crumbs away to republicans on the ground we're going to give you crom make you think that you're doing something here and then all of a sudden realized that you know a week before the twenty twenty election let you know that basically you know you got days with a lousy candidate whose unqualified but we want you to believe that you can do anything in this republican party in the state of it it's nonsense they picked their ear candidate for you she cannot win she was a designated loser because you know even even from what we heard from people in lancelot of my campaign people was there that you know this this one all the way back to probably it was before the beginning of the year close to the beginning of the year somewhat and there are people that were sitting there in the house and sang they saw my name come on john jumble tranibore they completely deep simeon the republican party all manned the only one that has the chance to meet me or to be whiter as brandenburg one god takes the big big drink whisky whatever was drinking she gets in where all in trouble so what the do they've got they've got you know kill off all the other candidates and i don't mean literally don't be you were you you know this they did he had to get rid of all the other candidates in ordinary a puppet candidate who was groom for that position chosen at the table with white globes running running the party and make everybody believe we're going to take this back for the republican party how that work in tone down for your folks yet how did that work for everybody did you get a sick havin your tail hand to you yet the root cause naither is that its corrupt as how it is probably more dangerous than the democrat party it the democrat party over the years has kind of been right out there with their you know whither agenda also changed i feel sorry for the democrat party because they know a lot of people who are democrats that i've had tremendous discussions and while republicans don't care about people i like now that's not true and you know if you go back to the original the original intention but what you have is for both parties the global they don't care about anybody to look at a policy that tries to fit into categories absurd we have to look at the whole of the united states we need to have the tax dollars take care of our people in an manhattan is we need to take care of our small businesses and get it out of the hands of these global so basically when democrats seethe republican party i believe that what they're doing is their focusing on the corporate structure ben the global corporate to so agree with him you know but the democrat party is also then taken captive by the sorrow the sorrow social plan and pain for basically paying for color revolution which is to die the united states through emotional means and no boys working together we are never going to have a united america if we keep going back to these political parties that are by designed taking down the united states through diversion lies and misinformation yes and divisiveness because that's how they got they've got this constant battle of red versus blue instead of red white and blue in the test down to table before together and laugh at the rest of us for being stupid enough to believe him i can't say i disagree with him you know if we if we follow in line with these people because we think we're doing the right thing republicans that are out there if you think in any way shape or form that virtue signalling to vote with his party is working for you you're going to be really surprised at some point time because you're being manipulated more than the democrats i think they really underestimating well the same donating the party with the just cannot allow themselves to see that their party was split from within its part of the incantation like you said and the democrats can see it in their own party to they can see it in their country and there are people who love this country all over the party spread so regardless of what party or what aunecester let's call a value system regardless of what values set you have if you love your country and you see that your governor or your executive branch or olotoraca your judicial branches are not doing what they should be doing and it's hurting you in your family in your community you are going to try to vote for some one who is going to change that if you can't do that within your own party but you are following your duty to cast your ballot toward a virtuous candidate i don't see a choice between iteration i see can't i see the best candidate and on a brandenburg and that's extinct what a lot of other people are seeing is republicans and democrats and independents are all going i surely don't like the choice that my party has given me but i think feminine have a third choice i don't think there is that many i don't think there's as many as people want to believe there are you know of people that are really die hards their kind of like you know don't really like don't like dixon but gosh we can have what meran's like well hatefully just go for the gold for the price and take the entire nation back and take the entire state back instead just you know having another having another we had an qualified candidate again i mean and and i do think you more like you know they will say different the though they'll say different things and i like well voting for evil is still evil rohesia which is subversion to the united states collaborating and or colouring with the enemy you know it's like this as i have a real concern i just do i can go on a trying to find a picture right now of roistering with white head the republican party standing with whitman noel after nine mushy catherall working together an illusion is an illusion we have illusion of choice we have an illusion of candidate just really a shame so while i think would be that a horse and off her but let's go to the question that that one of my subscribers asked if the election fails what would don a janus to pursue an imperforate depends on how fails really it can fail in a couple of different directions you can i give you a political answer well we applied to committee which for point a committee richepin formed in order to investigate the claims that we had an inelegant election and then we weariest of state which he is already done and threatened to shut there that there's the pat poetical answer right that the answers coming down the path to what would we do i think that we're going to have to see in which direction it i i think there's no backing out of this if this election fails the same soft are how can it possibly not fail there's no passway that this election ah well how do i see i think we need to see which direction it fails or if take a step back and wait i think we need to wait there's a lot of really good people on the ground working and if it means catching them committing a crime we have more people who are exposing themselves to the light of day which are committing a crime i believe that we're going to have justice no matter which way this thing goes we are going to have justice so many people that are fighting behind these that we will have no and god you know what you know what the answer is god will make it clear to us what to do when the time you are always you will know exactly what to do and it will it will absolutely smooth out we will have the direction he will lead us out of this after every single person who's committed a crime and brought to well now you know don't worry we'll know there's so many people that are working for this and i know that none of us that are working for the shoot a back down kind attitude so if it comes down to cornelia and i think it's a real possibility because an assembly there will be the way will be made very clear to been reading my writing if to let go lieutenant way will be made clear that's my answer because it covers all the possibility actually actually didn't read that of you what you want but god's talking about all of us you know i mean i think that is maybe the direction that we stay in is that you know we you know there's a plan in placerville is a plan in god god has a plan all ways it is well as he has been accomplished on a daily basis so i think the first thing as is with the election shore vote half faith in god and let's see where the goat the next up is going to be made absolutely crystal clear to he is you know whenever whenever god does anything he actually seems to to let us step by step by in cockcrows our faith in him and it stops as ravenel reliant on just ours if we rely on ourselves we jump in front of god we screw everything up and in it usually ends up feeling get out of the way that back pray devot ourselves to prayer from now until the election give glory to god and be okay with it because it doesn't make any difference that evil people can have evil plans but at the end of the day who cares that god is god's plan and in his he's goin to let the nonsense just so long and then yes what things are going to start getting real real quick you do not you do not overtop god those people that have done horrific crimes that have come against people who have our defenseless or that are the most vulnerable part extra sure that there are future is not going to be a good one and we can just sit we can just sit washoeite ah if we if we do our part like you or until the story about the door i know said god lyautey step well sometimes you orators him and take that first step and it may not it made me blind you know i did a two day and that was all about stepping outside in your comfort on i walk on afiola that stuff it was really incredible you have to get you your bumping up against a comfort one i i don't know what to do we have to be feet wet merwell god will defeat watering his own time in his own way your job to take the virtuous on is to follow his will and do what you believe is best in his sight and if you don't believe that voting for tutor is really a good thing because in your heart if you know that she's corrupt she's a lesser of two evils but you have a choice and a virtuous leader if you can see that and you believe it you don't have a choice if you're going to try to do a god once to do you better choose that route and not go the other way out of fear faith over fear really important part of this and in it not just about a boat this is not carrying the reader trained total you how to vote musing god as a way to get you to vote for donna this is about you and your own conscience because at the end of the day like i said nobody knows how any one votes you could tell all your friends if you voted for two to you want to it may be a lie in that not a good idea either but what i'm saying is nobody knows what really goes on in that booth but you and you don't have to tell any one how you vote at all dislike my parents i don't know how they won it they're not going to tell me it's not my business emilie inanimate i would not rosanella you know you don't have to say a fall but i would never advocate lying because riding out one in for another is not a good option either just right you don't have to say a but the real the reality is is that is that when god asks us to do something we know in our heart when a tapers on walks out of that that voting booth are you going to be able to walk forward with with confident that you actually went against evil or went against the grain not because of fear but because it was the right thing so like you know you know i do some horse training and such and i wore and you can watch you can watch the difference between a horse and a mule a mule as the reason why they take me all in the grand canyon is because the stable some if something comes at a mule they plant their feet and they don't move which make them really stable and in an area where there's where there's actually danger a horse on the other hand will panic and rock ran right off that cliff because there are afraid and they actually actually jump right to their own doubt because they're not thinking and there being there being run by fear rather than a rather than having control of the situation they be the rule rent interfere which is out of control immediately people are very very similar to horses you you look at those stehman being shiahs were very very similar to takes a long time to have a person have the confidence or the horse to have the confidence to trust the writer usually sometimes it doesn't take too long but generally generally takes a little bit of time and i i would even make a comparison to a christian that way is it sometimes exercising that met faith going forward in things that we don't think our possible and trusting our father are very good father to save us by just following his lead and knowing the difference between right and wrong we all the difference i had some say what is true we know the truth it's nonsense do not know it if you don't know it all got to do is look inside your heart and your heart will feel bad right so when we walk forward in faith trusting our father he changes every and you can you can see it would you know the analogy is with a horse a horse who learns to trust the rider that that relationship gets developed over a very very long time and it's a very very stable horse can walk into almost anything and now that the writer will in fact protect that horse the same thing it we can walk in any situation whether it's the fire for what you want to talk about against all odds check out the people in the bible that walked into things against all odds homayoun how many people laughed at no the flood he could get what god asked him to do don't make any difference what their eyes said no but the art and everybody laughed at him and told him that he was wrong that he was in india the conspiracy theorist or whatever i mean to know bein a conspiracy theorist you know that i'm preserves just listening to god listen to the priest stepped into the jordan river they listen to god by by our my all all accounts of my winter eyes would see in the the you know the natural world they were dead one stop in there where the gold later they were dead one stopped at her over their heads life and there for them and they trusted him and they walked forward you know daniel lyons david i when up against when up against these seemingly formidable and unconquerable enemies and guess what god saved him god god walked in that's a resealing and that her research you know and so i think that the present was there and we have an opportunity of people of faith as and as believers in jesus christ to deliver us anything to walk forward and is your faith your belief in god if you are operating out of fear fill in the blank fear is not of god and your being misled by fear fear make you run right off that cliff to your own demise every single time stand firm don't move off under what you think is right don't fall in with an enemy or an atomy mind sat or something stand on your faith in god god alone god has always delivered this our people in christian having our ever duty stand it's always been back through history it's always been christians that have stopped in why we have the holy spirit leaving us he gives us on and in an unavowable faith in that what we're doing is a much greater work then what it appears on the serf and also he would be tenant see things for what it truly is not the smoke now the allusion but actual reality and i think that that can't be understated you know which side who are we serving our reserving fear or do we walk forward in boldness going forward in our commitment to what we know is right and where goldings and that's never fear never lead us anywhere but being like a horse jumps off to the cliff to their own device every single time i don't care what we walk into go forward with and with great and to me plaintive advocating for people to lie about how they vote my point was only god really knows what those on between you and him and he held you account but in the end no one now knows no one else really cares but they're not going to hold you accountable for your vote god can and in the vote is not to god and hundleton is a small matter your rod is early small matter it's just how you do so is he in the forefront of your decision making process are you betraying him in your conscience because as the scripture shows we have to trust in him we have to do with a right at with all the time and tantalise path the trust trusting in the lorrigan understanding and he will deracinate but in all your ways acknowledge him and he will make your path do not be wise in your own eyes fear the lord your man sir the lord and that that dress into and you know if we want to have god talked to us then we have to live a life where we listen to him the more we listened to him the more he talks to and hilarity to us i mean i can tell you what the have had many situations were god's takeefim the last time you will be in the look or this is where i want you to go in and very it's very tangible for me it's very tangible all thy ways acknowledge him can i tell you a great great story okay so i like to own stories we got a lot of spirits realistically the way that god plays out or or works in our life in dryness to misery is very signi i'm sure everybody has times that that they have they've known that that god was talking to him and they ignored him or we ignored him it's a process though and we get stronger as we grow so you can see people who say their christian they may or may not be you know and as there's a lot of people say the christians and they preach another jesus other than one is that in the bible god warns us it is a clear and present warning there is times where he leads us into things to exercise our faith and see how much faith we really have it were following him still immersed in under the control of the world and so he kids are little and i was out i was on a bike path and i went out i used to walk with the kids and they were little so i had two intolerable a double stroller and then i had somebody else was on a bike and i had my robinson and we were going on the bit years ago you know probably close to years ago and i got on the bite path and it was normal thing kind of a normal thing for me to do to go out and and all of a sudden it was just like and you know it was just like an an it was so it was instantaneous of the white path now right now get off that and like all right so i started praying and praising god as i was on the spike path leaving the bike path pray the whole white police got keep say keep my children i say though some sort with threat he and i don't know what it is but i just you know it's like the hair standing up on your not kind of thing where you know get off the bike path right now so i got off at the next point where i could get off the leave the bike path and as quick as i could as another i will never go out there again by myself without another adult there and or advanced form of protection shall we say again ever again next day there was a woman who was walking exactly where i was with her kids in the stroller and a guy jumped out naked out of the out of the trees and he and such other and and had a very bad intention and god god speaks to us very clearly sometimes eldest hell i speak to us in the words that come out of our mouth or something as simple simple as you know what we eat or where we are or the direction that we need to go but the big issues if your listening he will absolutely speak to but it's also something that having heavy speech is also predicated on listening in work lesson in the morello his advice when you know something is right the more will be given to you until it is part of your nature absolutely part of your nature as he guides us step by step through through it when when you look at the color of life that went before the israelites in the desert stopped and so they listen to god to take them one stout further and tell that pillar of light mood they did not move or when god tells people to do something like telingana if you want god to tell you what to do and keep you safe and and actually talk to you you got to listen to him for he put no negation anyway think about talking to your kids if you talk your kids enough what do you do you let him go you say all right i'm gonta and you know sometimes it doesn't work out too well for when they don't listen and they walk away from good sound advice or things to keep him in and that when that enamored as it back as that work and for a i said that if you times in my life to my kids so how they work in for ye that were otaheitan make that up before you did i don't know i've been seeing it for a long time she never watchcase i don't want t s i don't know i have no idea i am so disconnected from pop culture t v or any of that yet if any never pick me to be on your tribute for any reason whatsoever because i will be in a dismal failure the weakest link on the team the one that will bear the loss a non stuff that's that's pop culture i won't have a clue but what the young people do in these days but i use a lot of men i said i don't have a clue but what the young people do in these days but i do i do a lot of means with classic movies and if and sinful was one of my recent ones in the substance i just put out a but the big salad because people who know those episodes can go oh okay i get it and get rich rainey there with that man i'm out in we totally lost on me to see you now and how that's so so we have we have another friend but she says the same thing she's ianito never seen princess bride so i have seen them not to eat i actually probably saw the move i don't i'll probably read effort came out but i might i see a mesa maybe couple moves a year that's about it and i don't want to at all like i have watched winnie probably i don't know the years except for except for somebody wanted to be a watch a couple of different i don't know serial i think it's a serial shows that are like watched with a sin southwark and as we went out to see this and like okay you kind o kind o out on it actually thought separat pretty funny there was a heronshaw i don't watch it normally but it was just on the tlatoani and at the parents were dealing with the vaccine issue with their kids and he had a little rodeo here they were take the kid out and the kids would be running around screaming as the doctor was the needle was chasing them around and they together kid and then inject them and it it was hysterically funny because they the hand the kid that was screaming like a little pig i wish he was so scared of getting of getting vaccinated and and his mother seshaht was happening and she jumped in the way and she actually they actually accidentally infected her and said but she jumped in between her and a kid so that turned out to be a gay a very italian at the subject i don't even like the energy around it of some is got at and usually i leave i do don't like them it's got to me it's like the whole room feels like putrid i turned it off i can't i hate i hate even ben around it just it's just you know some people have sensitive their sensitive to the energy of electrical systems i'd say i'm right there because there was a lot of things that you know change for me and usually i can feel it well that on an aspect of awareness in the world around you that the more in touch with nature the more you tend to reject things like that i get it he can even you know it's like even turn in turn in music of areaways listened to music or they have something honestly it is kindlike the silence really there's plenty enough to pay attention to when nothing larnin your ears and your god better that way too when there is the so much interference turning down down the i murmured am anything by being palmer he has a book called the the bigness of the fellow with an and i think he would really appreciate that book for that i find out now i rather this poland so i know i've got a kind of a i've got some knowledge of that you know i've always been into natural healing i foraged for food for a while and trying to get off the grim fact i got shot so i've got a whole bunch of survival type book now gran survival projects he was reading because i like to see how to do things you know i'm one of those people that i just like to see the process how the process of something works so that he got him a guy her something you can regrating pretty easy mastery the reason i thought of bed just now is because he his book is the bigness of the fellow within about a fifty dollar books it's not it's not one for everybody but it is he talks about innate in a is a connection i would call it the holy spirit it's just another way of describing a connection with oneself and god and recognizing what is true and right and you mentioned something about that to day as you were talking about your story on the bike path i was thinking of another book called the gift of fear especially for women young teens ten girls i quietly recommend that book it you can get it as a paper back but it's about how you are ever in touch with your instant god gave a salisbury tend to shove it all aside and go well you know that gineselli creepy but he's probably really a good guy and i'm just over thinking it we are the only species that goes against our natural instinct but when you're in touch with them you might notice something subtle that maybe you saw something or heard something or smelled something subconsciously he recognized said an innate it's a it's a god connection to what your body is capable of doing and you said there's something wrong and like a deer you fled and it saves to you from attack probably probably a prince my cousin's following that that feeling or that knowledge that in gattamelata you'll meet you know and what what is good or what bad you can even do that with you know the plants plant or plants of the same thing you know you get to know plants and that's going to crayon that jewel weed grows next to to poison ivy up on doguereau in antidote to poison ivy superiority go out in the gotteland get some tea we that usually girls right next to poison ivy and were of that on whether whether you before or after rotation i be and that's going astart taking away the problem immediately before we go i don't know when you tended you we tend to get off about a couple of hours in oh you promised to tell the story about grandham oh yeah i love i love the stories because they are real things okay so tell you what happened the grand hall and this is symptomatic because all the debates that i watched absolutely stage they were reading of the tale proper there was no no this whole thing was amply stayed so i'll tell you what happened back in the night these our state repeated me to go to one of her sam town hall meetings so we thought we were doing the right thing at the time because i didn't know exactly how rigged this whole thing was but i had a pretty good an idea after we got done with us the right so i should put on mission impassible music because this is actually what it looked like his kind of so we shall have there a bastion and at the time i had a marketing company i was producing some commercial and do it a bunch of communications such i kind of knew my way around this somewhat not really but somewhat and listen to look for or had the guts to try so anyhow we showed up at the studio and they came out alike what are you guys doing here you you're not supposed to be here so our state a state reliever and said well were invited and i'm the state run no you you can't come in you guys aren't invited here one of the grand home who just made at one point six million dollar profit of the stock trade or energy secretary in the electronic vehicle industry the thing isn't registered was like yet you think you're going to keep me out of this you got another think comin so i said come on guys and there were four other business guys three or four other business guys from the area and i could name her name to his really funny as well as a rat so i say and we're going to get and so we walk or on the side of it and check doors we got to the back of it and sure enough one of the doors was open we were invited so open up the door and i was like to was like a mission a possible going through the hallway to donatello completely dark in there we wind round through that through the building and family papa right next to the studio i had no idea where i was going in there but it was worth it was worth it right so were spoken around and there should have been a spy quite honestly so we popped out right next to the studio and every did you get in here or supposed to be her imported we were invited so we decided to accept the invitation so they're like well well well then the studio it was panic it was like looking at the board a camarade i set it now after i said that you know i had two sets of cavite petition there like the magsworth oh where her invited guests there like well well well well it its rulers nowhere for you to set in a studio what would you want push an overflow on across across the hall you can see what's going on in there so they put it over in the overflow room and i'm watching the monitor may yet understand i was producing some to commerce the a pretty good i for video anomalies as satan crab this was discripshin it there was so stupid it was a so as were watching this all the questions were kind of like with dixon debate they were all preened people were chosen the whole ten yards and on looking up at the monitor in the room that were in and looking across the hallway to where all of the actors and the single they had they had footed it wasn't even part of what was going on and here's the overflow room and on looking around going you know it doesn't look like the berthroom that i set an whilst so we got down couple of years later i was in a coffee shop and in grand rapids and i don't know it was one of those where you can go in and hang out with people and just talk and such about whatever it is that's on your mind you know and they're all things are actually go out of where in the score shop a bunch of a never met the people that were in there before we justabout such and i don't know how we got on the subject of how fate and staged our politics but we did so this was probably a mass sometime early so it probably was somewhere between a prey i can't put a date on it you know i'm old i'm old so well is i've got a lot of years to christus say say it was early to and i and i started talking about the chamber talking of politics and the shams going on in society and there's a gal in there and i told him about the the debate i told the story of or the tonhalle and how it was ashamed every bit of that staged and she looks at me and she goes you're absolutely right i did the hair and make up on that at every incoronato or an actor questions were given at a time the answers were written out and that will by the captious because they were keeping us in the dark and that goes all the way back to grand home at ten in the town hall sham meetings they're all play it doesn't matter what side of the aisle there and if we want to believe a lie and follow these moros and actors than bad for us shame on us they've got to they've got a history of being liars cheats the manipulators and deceivers and there there why wouldn't they though the spanish in the father of all wise all of them i don't care what they say they are actions their actions how exactly who there so anyhow i thought that was the kind of an interesting story this comes reinbert back to where we're at now here we met literally have an actress running of people will say well we've had actors before an office and they did a good job well they were also better actors and the bank as they were doing the job in the great yet they probably also have done some bad things even ring and had he had a lot of good things that he did he also made it i heard some stories about bad things that he probably done so here we are in a den it is november sir this is the anniversary of our twenty twenty elections seal are we going to do now don't think that we're going to stand for any more and as you said we don't have all the answers will just were just going to have to wait and see what happens and we'll deal with it as it comes but as you often do i appreciate that you and your show with words are encouraged rent and that's what i tried to do as might with the post we don't know it's going to happen next so we're bumping up against that comfort some we're going to have to do our part regardless of what happens do what is right how facing god trust in him to leave us leave us three the the challenges but i believe that he has a plan i believe that he has a good plan that puts us in a good position to have more god in our future in our communities if we do our part he wants to be with us we've got a finback in charge got a little is out of captivity just like he always has the bible his the repeated over and over again there is a pattern it's a pattern of not blown us all off the planet which pretty much all of us deserve at some point time now if it's only by his grace and mercy that we can stand before him and his his his character is reduced redemption and when we turn to him he will lead us out of captivity look at what he did in egypt under the car the captivity in egypt look at what he's always done if we turn to god we follow his leading day by day we put our faith in god not in the structure of man and man tiger what are ye whether i will always always lead us that's where we turn into a horse and john of all faith in him faith in him alone stay on course so don't waver now who is your god is it the structures of this world or is it god alone because god alone can deliver us and can move us into any direction he will lead us into the new promised land out of captivity he always has character he will not fail we fail he never does and we can have total belief and trust in him as a good father to provide protect and defend i lost a hope she'll jump back on to provide protect and defend to be with us always to never leave he ran on a battery it looks like it she's coming back and are you there to never leave us nor forsake us for any reason whatsoever and though the mountains be thrown into the sea he is our god he is good and he always makes a way when there seems to be no way we can walk forward with fate we can walk forward with courage we can walk forward into any situation turning towards him and we don't need to be afraid of anything go forward the day is and then i read what and do this let's see i'm going to read to read i think it is quite periander here i'm going to anyone matatini be overheating again and i am going to read romance let everyone be subject to the government authorities for there is no authority except that which god has established the authorities that exist have been established by god consequently whoever rebels against the authorities rebelling against against tute and those who do so will bring judgment on the south for the rulers hold matter for those who do right but for those who do wrong do you want to be free from fear and one authority then do what is right and you will be commanded vote for the one in authority as god's servant for you but if you do wrong than be afraid for rulers do not bear the sword for no reason they are god's servants agents of breath to bring punishment on the wrong doer therefore it is necessary to a summit to authorities not only because of the possible punishment but also the matter of conscience this is why you pay taxes the authorities are god's servant who give their full time guy give it to any one what gift to any one what you owe them if you texas faeces if revenue rubano respect in respect eateth light no doubt remain outstanding continuing that to love one another for whoever loves others filled the law the command as you shall not commit adultery you shall not commit murder you shall not steal you shall not come it and whatever other command there may be or some of in this one command love your neighbor as yourself love does no harm to a neighbor therefore love is the fulfillment of the law and to this understanding the present time what i think is really important to keep in mind for this day and the coming day and to this understanding the present time the hour has already come for you to wake up for your slumber amory that began the hour is already come for you to wake up from your slumber because our salvation is near now the only first believe the night is nearly over the day is almost here so let us beside the deeds of darkness and put on the armour of light loves behave decently as in the daytime not carousing and drunkenness not in sexual immorality or deviltry not in dissension or jealousy rather close clothes with the lord jesus christ i do not think about how to gratify desire roasting on except the one whose faith weak without quarrelling or disputable matters one person's faith allows him to eat anything one another's faith is weak only eat that holstein who eats everything must not treat with content the one who does not in the one who does not eat everything must not judge the one who does for god has accepted the who are you to judge someone else is to their own master servants stand or pitfall and they will stand for the lord is able to make them stand therefore let us stop passing judgment on one another and study make up your mind not to put any stumbling block or obstacle in the way of a brother i am convinced in fully persuaded in the lord jesus that nothing is unclean in itself but if any one regards something as unclean then for that person is unclean if your brother sister is distressed because of what you you are no longer acting in love do you not by eating destroy some one for whom christie therefore let not which you know is good be spoken of as evil for the king who have got is not a matter of eating or drinking but of righteous enjoy the holy spirit because any one who served crying in this way is pleasing to god and receive human approval here let's make every effort to do it leads to peace and mutual out of occasion do not destroy the work of god for the sake of food all food as clean a talking about food there is a larger implication but it is wrong for person he even anything that causes some one else is tomblin's not better not to eat meat erdeni to do anything else it will cause your brother sister so whatever you believe about these things keep between yourself and god blessed is the one who does not condemn himself by what he approves but whoever has done is condemned if they eat because there eating is not from faith and everything that does not come from the man that can be applied to anything that we do of conscience nothing eating walking believing it has to come from a position of or it is what we should be i think i want to try to find a see if i can find a rumble or are you too a recording of a song that i know it straight out of scripture so the verse said i was trained to recollect in and just that a little tumbled earlier trust in the lord with all thine heart and lean antyande standing in my way at norwich and he shall direct thy paths there's other verses to that song amazing grace how sweet the sound save direct like me holehouses with all my heart those kinds of things are all out as scripture and the more reedit the more we understand it the more we live by it the more we think him i wrote about that a few days ago we the more we thank him for the blessings that we have the easier it is for us to recognize when he speaks to us as you were talking about earlier traditions with him it's easier to listen easier to hear his guidance and direction and the not good enough at it i need to pray more often and sometimes i do sometimes my husband's really good at this were something good will happen and it might be something small like i found an ooman object that i was missing earlier and thank you lord just a simple acknowledgement of a good thing that had happened but it keeps him at the forefront of everything you do every day and we need to to morrow that and think about him more stop or aabot witmer or what's going to happen next he lead take care of that you know this is what it all comes down to if you yes we have a rule we have a duty to play to take care of those things that justice we can try to get on earth and i believe we will but lately god has to say and what will happen to him and suretiship with him as her business while we should pray for her and every one else because we should pray for those that we consider are atomies or someone who seems to be working counter to god even the people that are you know that came out in the news that the church is sat and was unappetising people we need to be praying for these people pray pray pray pray pray pray at all times one and asking the turn hearts around him and there were heard of that unbending but as to the theme i think i don't know if i postulate were literally on baptizing people upside down cross the whole town near while and now their showing up in this thing to show up in the school system and the way ye time to it's time to move her children out of out of that absolutely that environment if it's teaching them to go down their own path really the israelites had the same that he had the same problem back in bible times and that's living in a culture that was absolutely godless and keeping their children holding on to their fate sam and i'm not referring to just like things like serpentile i'm talking about the literal church of satan trying to have meetings in a school system and inviting children into it and the local community is opposed coming up against a gun corrupt government well it is to enter right cause analysis here the church as satan is involved in crime against humanity which is in fact stated in their rituals in their holidays every single person should be extraordinarily concerned with missus teneatis as as sacrifice and had a flat in if we think of things have changed consigning of following saying which is which is belmanoir your wrong we need to know not seeing that to you but if anybody does think it's any different it isn't there's no difference here there's nothing new under the and we need to you know follow that lot o heavenly father without without fail all right will karen's gone we'll see we'll see if she comes back again but in the mean out there can at ingatestone again people think we live in some kind of new extraordinary time and to some degree yes we are with is happening in our in our government system but nothing is new under the sun the people the child sacrifice as you said that is not new its just continued its never stopped and make the lot of people thought that it it it was all it's only something that we we see you know it in all historical documents somewhere now it's been happening we need to open our eyes and recognize it still has right under our noses and we got a we have to be strong enough to oppose that and get it out of our society put god back in charge again absolutely when read some more minute and then we'll save peer made the god of hope and may the god of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the holy spirit i myself and convince my brothers and sisters that you yourself are full of goodness filled with knowledge and confident to instruct one another yet i've written quite boldly on some points remind you of them again because of the gray sky gave me to be a minister of christ jesus to the john he gave the priestly duty to offer claim the gospel of god to let the juntas might become an offering acceptable to god safari or sanctified by the holy spirit therefore i glory increased a man in my service to god i will not go to to speak of anything sepulchris is accomplished through me and leading the gentiles to obey god by what i have said and done by the power of signs and wonders through the spirit through the power of a spirit of god so from jerusalem all the way around to it was i can't i can ever say the spoor right syriam i have fully proclaimed the gospel of christ it has always done my ambition to preach the gospel where christ was so that i would not be building on someone else's foundation i heard you brothers and sisters by our lord jesus christ and by the love of the spirit to join me in the struggle by praying to god for me and i think that's another one we can all pray for each other because we are all struggling right now every one is hurting in some former another by the things that we see that we don't like pray for each other let's pray for each of let's be what be there foretaste stand in the gap let's do things to help each other along the wash and you know what the people that have decided to throw in with the satanic i we need to be praying for them all the more well as encouraging them and hopefully because carlisle principalities and power not with flesh and it's almost like the camphire and we need we need to bring the holy spirit in all things to deliver them from the captivity the spiritual captivity that they have cause that's what we're seeing it a spiritual captivity away from god and that will be the greatest loss that we will ever endure is a human being any allusion were far into this and i think it's a great time to stop a dear heavenly father thank you so much for care and every single person out there whose listening we ask that you would give them your peace that passes understand no fear going into this election this is lection we know you have this you got we don't have to be afraid of anything you created the world and were so grateful we praise you honor you for what you created and we know that you are you are in control so it has to play by your rules and you alice tain things in order to grow up in order to strange to put us through the times where we actually become stronger like a like a like a tree growing weak and weak and withstand the winds and all the lines that we are against as we grow older and i asked for god that you would bring great warriors that which are armed with every gift of your spirit who are willing to stand unwavering unafraid moving this nation out of the captivity of the globes and the godless people who have been at war with our people we ask that you shows clearly the path of how to us now and in the future we are lost we want to do your will we are willing to follow you wherever you ask us to that your will be done on earth as it is in this day is that you and poor great joy passes understanding on calm over this nation over michigan and the whole nation that we would turn her eyes to you that we would pray for those who are lost we pray for any one that has been taken captive by the church's sake and that you would absolutely open their eyes cut all those chords that are holding them in bondage i move them into relationship with you the savior with a holy spirit leading them comforting them and showing them the way to my everlasting with you and that we may be one people so much for your provision belson to day it's a beautiful day in michigan in all the wonderful things that you're doing all of our lives so much good there's so much good that you've given us enjoy things and we just think you and we love you as our lord our saviour father and the one who will never turn your back on us when we turn to you precious name we pray on aright she ready for a power day to day yes libyans got all my that's weissenthurn our own selves is not of her own our own strength and power of god okay so here it is the printing thinking men meaning gone brandenburg for governor doom and or brandenburg news network all of our videos that we put out on rumble twitter outoven face book or on brandenburg news now and i had some good news to day that actually when you put in brandenburg news network it is it comes up a head of rumble i was like well where italy getting index will now that's good there take him back were taken back our voice papa you know it's like it's like they keep teatime down on into find another way to get back on it ellaville thoman because we could find ways around their big nonsense and criminality so is a god so anyhow and thankful for being in the fight i love it this i wouldn't miss a minute is not meant stand with trained out there that wouldn't trade this for annie yesterday i was celebrating a okay yesterday i was celebrating because i looked at true social and i just happened to notice that i had a hundred followers and seventeen following italicised in a telegram and what of my followers there said i just made a hundred one attention my true three there i think it's funny you see it is erring him to night i could bring him to night and maybe the galeotto me as surprised me whether i think it's a in trying so anyhow i think it's all a son how everybody had a wonderful day to day we think about you every day were people pray for danger to day they are there going in front of the judge i believe at twelve thirty they've got their hearing to day and please pray for them there friends and supporters who are being brought in charge come for january no craft they were led in by an officer and a whole thing is a shame only so at any rate we love all of you god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america i maintain god please bless gary and doubt to day give them your favour open the eyes of the judge and be with all of them so that wisdom in a lawful take we asked that you would let them let them walk free to day for they did nothing wrong name would pray the man was all panther for for deronda so anyhow we love all of you god bless you god bless all those whom you have god bless america thank you to day here and for coming out always enjoyed to day and will see you on tomorrow it jason jones in one so i sat i