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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 8/4/2022 - Live today - 8am with Chris Deal,and Attorney Dan Hartman

Published Aug. 4, 2022, 8 a.m.

Thursday - Chris Deal, military security expert/contractor who worked within the political beast will explain how the government manipulates our tax dollars. We never hold anyone in the agencies accountable for upholding their fiduciary responsibilities to the taxpayer. Attorney Dan Hartman is fighting on many fronts for a lawful proper election process. He is both my attorney and working on the 2020 election as well as the 2022 upcoming election. Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning this is donna brandenburg on brandenburg news network i'm donna brandenburg and i am running for governor of the state of michigan on the us tax payers party and it's a pleasure for me to be here i'm going to give everybody a few minutes to join we have had quite a quite a couple of days here in michigan where the elections being absolutely having law broken i guess is a good way to put it to day we're going to have two very special gas on besides melioration of the bantering the primary primary in bring this up because i'm not sure i was i was really shocked at how few people actually knew what what was going on with the leakington through the new sources but in the meantime what start the day out with a with a great little motivation video here hang out a second theresine here a minute and i'll see what the world that i do this is what happens when you have no skill in your train to create a creaturarum ordinal so here goes a video start to day in my short joy and washington i've seen first and to the estates broken a small gravel voices who think they know everything and understand every one want to tell everybody else how to live and what to do and how to think but you the process here i only to let other people that what you believe especially when you know that you're right you must go forward into the world enter reorientation marianas been the land of dreams because america in nation of trouble with the filaments they pray when the founders road the declaration oneadatote or john because in america watermanship government we worship god remember this nothing more interesting i do want that the now antedated don't have the tortoise it is to do the forest you to not as but i can't be done the more he should be found so lutely deserved to be another for the coveted opportunity to be not so it was that way being an outside of his pontificate because the anserine the world to make we have one sentimentality were tolerated competition to the press the very thing to give up i see heterogeneities theoreticians so just remember that never stopped fighting for what you believe in and for the people who care about you are yourself with dignity and pride demand the best for yourself and be totally unafraid to challenge intrenched interests and found our structure i love a present trumps motivation videos i think he sees he has a really good nat for inspiring people as whileas he you know as well recall be working a spirea other so i'm going to go on and i'm in to bring christianising and we have a lot to talk about this morning so so her the creating the morning morning gown it looks like it's a nice day out here in michigan and i thought it would be really interesting for people to hear what you have to say so can you give a little introduction of yourself and then let's start let's certain you've got some notes that you took so let's let's let's tell you what's really going on behind the scenes and what what they should know about because i think you know going forward we were in the process of a how can to bring actual information in front of people and actual news from from real people who are truly in the fight yes so i guess we could start a seventies because that's when my career contained went on for military to working inside the country contracting company say they got with and i then was placed and to and investigate and where we but in at the settle contacted protection agents the federal protective service this operated with active so we've got three titles just to start with and you want to know where the money goes what you got three different avenues just right there his biggest shell an and the biggest money laundering operation that i think that we've ever seen in in the life of our country i love this i thought of the breaking up there a little bit crusty that again serene to connect it here when i can do here to bring christ back as how is it we knew to a crisp back here my hang out of a and we're in a i think that chris has got a wonderful wonderful story spent quite a bit of time talking to him about about his experience and i think this is very significant in understanding that just not to the overall operation of how our governor works or even michigan but also how how specific departments within with an argerment work and how they how they contract work out that should be done within the connoisseur or feel or green out carrying out a work for our country so scavengers joined back in here and i tentatively that the last week and a half or so when i've noticed and all the other people who are doing broadcast that are outside of amantea met are experiencing a lot of difficulties and it's even the cell phone i don't know if you guys have noticed it but we have he had problems getting calls out and getting calls to people on one morning i called my husband he was already work and i think that it dropped the cow may be six times in a row which was kind of shocking it just it just completely refused to go through so it took us about eight hours to actually get a call to go through and hammonton was he disinclined theosophist abetter butter are for for collectivity and see if we can and see anemone a technician distance oh so this morning let's let's look at little mother things going on and to see if we can get chris to come back on her manner so what he happened in the primary election here did no i just came nettie will this antiphonal so we make the men we make the tea work around here for need to so there's a whole bunch of people that are watching wanhope with carry lay down in the arizona but also i can tell you that i heard from dan hartman who was also supposed be on this morning at eight forty five that he was in the tesserae and many many people saw so much cheating going on and on in unlawful procedure it's just unbelievable so i'm seeing that that there still criketot too for carriage i can't it's it's another twenty four hours twenty four hours to count the primaries this is not when when we looked at when we looked at hall they mangaboos here a minute when we looked at what they did with these leaps in the media before before the primary i can honestly say i am so shocked at it the amount of but manipulation of facts and evidence that its incredible so when we saw it first we saw at least the results and so did so did that she and down and in callao the facts network that that that was the first one to leap the results we had done an then we also had we always also to other two other stations or channels that that leaped and then all of a sudden fox if not seventeen jumps on well i am i am highly and i mean highly suspect of fox as well as most of the the medium of the alternative meeting i don't believe anything unless i look it out myself i feel like i have to look at myself to get to get any to get any real news anyhow so the prediction was that tutor on by forty seven per cent margin they shook it up a little bit underneath it but there were more than a million bales that they that they claimed went through the primary that i'm not i don't know about you but i'm not sure how they ran a million belthrop where do those ballots come from this question that i have or was it just a rose at just a fraud there whoever was set behind a computer and and imputing an in putting in a do some magic here and putting in some so i facts and such but but it it was pretty it was pretty crazy at that point time so i think we have crustacean out a man unnoticed i think can you see if your if your microcosmus itself there christie to your microphone here i now there you now he attack so let's let a job back into crossed then we'll go back into those results that were left before the fox seventeen and some of the other simeter stations that put this out and they were competing stations this was really weird to predict they predict that if they said they predicted one hundred per cent precinks reporting before the primary which was kind of crazy so omback to that amenable cum back to chris here and and what were you saying christ about the about your background and heskett up again where you left off okay so in the seventies i it was my job was to go into dortoman ample traiteur company and a report on began on the top nectabanus an internal reform so so what was interesting when i found was that the agent be that supposed to protect all of the federal building an act so there and now i'm not saying that they don't respond or they don't or are they all i do that's not what unsaid but as a security person but the now a little bit about how to spend money and on a havana i want to protect and i have building said i want to protect in a state buildings i'm not going to put security guards there but the but a protective officers and they every single building because that's what the tax payers but that is not pay regards to curly yard security guards all they had to do where uniform while as the marks the special it's all i had to do no these are untrained security they are very lightly in a lot of different areas when it comes i our federal government as they as they finding i'll be honest with you it songmen is placed i know this i can confirm it because the person bad that i got the formation is i went up on the fourth floor there are some incendiary and we got a warning rocket the that there was possible and so i call the guide showed up not a bone so and for horses but i took up the elevator and i turned off my radio because frequencies can set off an incendiary de no but they did i said no you radio he looked at i said agatha does an geoff the altar but i'm going back down to the first get off this salivate you guys are going to keep your radio and until that point that they i guess think that turn off the radio look and that was that delicate work i you know i have said that the sister when it comes to a the government very waste then my we do not need of settle protective agency eduard can go up and find a bomb dirty guard all the d c metropolitan that i have a bone the code the we don't even need the federal protective as because all they do is respond to federal bill bad that's all i do they get good salary stagnate us or maybe a and other areas you know across the he has got to be one of the i've been money laundering operates i say this because it is the unuseful tool of the government it has absolutely no fun not no real it's been organized as in the i do not do you know what the what the budget is every year by any chance or how much these people are being paid like in an individual at the average that are being paid or in the ball park of fifty five thousand dollars that nineteen what they are receiving and the dirty guard that they salobrena dollars an hour that on the sloping and that's been the seventy please all i want to know is where is the that the bees that are inside those bolingbroke in the being this country as created agents which oh and operated by themselves controlled by themselves and answered to no one but these the only time that i get involved government on government bumping that that that part operating upon that i was with ample they used or when were things that make didn't the light to be signed on that so big problem real big and it's not a pole the outside on this they take the orders for the money the one at rullion they the ones with the monk there the degenerate son and it never that at the bottom the that's exactly what on the satire that he gathered in god those are the the that our government say that again upon god only god country in that water is what this country is the our foundation of the country we three things have been attack and are under attack right now got out of the as far as our country ventilated on military and probably all the agents he work corrupt before the political the the family the cutter away from the family they totally destroyed family in but i take it out of the school taking despot of the these people and the god contrary and family and destroy that those values so what other things that were you seeing that will well you were working i mean i know that you know you've got quite quite a long security and military history are there any other things that you saw or that you've seen over the years that people really should know about because honestly this is most of what were seen right now is kind of its kind of a show they put the antennae the voters that are out there they there is there is very little there is very little opportunity to actually see what's really going on behind the scenes in my opinion you have to be a really good researcher digger or you have to be involved in it to actually see what's going on so missus are there is there anything else that i cause like i'm concerned about this case six thing that when on the federation and i'm totally convened that this is this was absolutely a set up by our own government where it were seeing these sat up by our own government and spies one of the largest child trafficking organizations in the world there being in signified through legislation that that clinton passed in senorito million devils per child to remove them from homes and such so when we look at these agencies and such this is cannot be politics as usual any more because we were chapther were at the end of the road for a forehand things run the way that it's always unawakened changes so are there other things that you saw and that you've seen which on the inside are a large problem oh yes it is my that these politicians are aren't running the country like a tenth are or like they say they are they are in my opinion a scepter the end was biborate have the tide beefeaters these people cannot run a country these people are not management material in any way that's for the politic be recruits people are called prudence they train them when the nice and young and rebellious and they they get some of their the best workers and analysts out that way the appii are pretty much the arm of the bay the appii supplies to too base plate armament they a for instance i say this this is this is to what do you think of these tools one ask you that why do you think our bursar have been down for all these if you do any research on the people that have done the postulants were all they all have the democrat on belong and they the old democrat there one was a republic but yet the the one party to in the itinerary i discovered then they started indian they started attacking our church and the fort one word or two is going on the restored nations bible as those created by this leader to find out who was the earlier are from there are they respected the sum of what we call the church now this is seaplane what's going on today this is not something that just happened in twenty well we're going to right now is something that has been occurring over a long period of time and everything that i am seen as running a the way the not he did it with everything is the and basin here the fat the beam the exact way to take it down it's it's kind of amazing to see how much the face force and such are involved in taking money for for action the dictating what they can say what they can't say if they step out of line they lose that status and there's a money there's money trail behind this from an anythink that this needs to be investigated further to see you know somewhat some of it even it is recent as the couchant down as such how this money was actually being spent i was up in saint clair and watching her they were talking about forty five million dollars going into that county when i watch the financial that the flashing upon screen and i discreemeenation of that forty five million dollars these five projects were on it may be two hundred fifty thousand dollars a piece so you you know you look at that and you look at the amount of money that they are moving around in unexpected and odd ways and people getting paid bonuses for carrying out the communist aganlo at a health and human services they weapons they weapons all of these these agencies which are that which are not even supposed to exist none of these things are constitutional and they should all be gone but but it's going to take a little bit of a transition i even you know my my intention is to pull the flagon all on which shouldn't be there but we're going to have to have a transition time you know what do you do when you pull the plug on caps there is good kids in there and you can't just say say these all these agencies which are unconstitutional they really don't exist under the law in any legal for how do you pull the plug on them is is you know i know everybody wants to see had roll over what's happened but you know what we all allow this to get out of control every single one of us it's not just the people sitting in the legislature it's all of us they have been living under the system in a loud it to exist now were coming up on the election in november and it's going to take a huge amount of bravery for people to in fact not vote with sham unpartisan it's going to be an act of bravery to step away from the the brain washing manipulative money laundry two party system and but that's the only way that we're going to be able to pull this thing back is to have people who are not plain bowl with these people but holding them accountable you know and everybody says i want accountability i want responsibility will you know what voters it starts with you you're going to have to act with bravery and do something very very different in order us to actually accomplish that and annot do things the same way expecting different results absolutely you know what i would like with that i would i would not public and party the democrat party and i like to get back to the way this country started and you know what the way this country's started may not make that far but the parted with families families and the property that was a that property her family that's why they had so many in the state had to have one and work most or we've lost the value a large i got to say but among you like you alan intrusion of the government into the church because if you're a church and you are the agreement under the fire of one seat you're not allowed to talk about but or you lose your five one set right does a lot of things that that are restricted from the charts by way of five on one seat three its government control so for sorry about that there was a little bit of a glad the with the five one seat three a fine one of have this church and i signed that stray one man ammanato what the government tells me in that contract so we the people are are the terms each one of us you have to go to a building and say will sure that's four walls the people are the and we got a lot of a lot of work now i think that does elect the only one that i think will be able to change mess again and what i mean by change and to change the way of your life i think that i will actually be able to get rid all the corruption that is inside of the state one would like to and now you would like to get back to time oh yeah sorry about that guy had a little bit of technical difficulties here but i was lost and now i found so ah yes so so anyhow we have a week of to get back to a simpler time because it's so it is so convoluted that quite honestly to run for office is it it is an almost impossible task for somebody who is not part of the it is in it's incredible how complicated it is and how easy it is for them to set people up in order for it to fail that that's what i'm in what dona i think you're right and please pick your mike because you sound like mice oh goethe's crazy that it can be tellurionical to buck oh my goodness towgood as long as it works so he got it let me see i get my person in here so i'm in an atrio remove this is crazy we may have to just oh you john can you hear me his other his utter no cannot i have seen my computer with that your voice will sound like a but if again i your words are what's important ah well the problem promises that it's like a computer all of a sudden locked up with no excuse so here i am somewhat portentous oh yes so so agencies getting the active agencies a man there's so much work for you to do when you get an office and i wish you the best because i'm i'm going i think i'm going to do is we all have to we all have to the the part now you're not you're not even one but i can tell you this you've been the the lead example and in one outstanding mess again so a and at any at any politician i ever seen one even be while thank you well i'm not a politician in a leader so i stuck as a politician you know and palatable you know i never i i've got an that's just testiness he he's able to get on the morning or not the it's a really to be a business person and a jump into the political arena is really quite a opening and it's not that you go and looking at antinori the system necessarily i know you have to work with people who are unscrupulous no matter what you do and with a resume that extensive as mine i worked with a whole bunch of people who are not necessarily in the kaburau would hope everybody have the integrity but going in there is an outsider who is beholding i say when i am dead do i have a full intention of holding every one accountable of what they've done you know and and and i think that that there's a huge difference in that you know i do believe that the parties anyone who installed by the party part of the problem then and it so like when i see the other candidates and that that you know where it is he any of the parties and who they were standing to how involved were with this with this ah with a political process being at a mentacom how how involved they are with the political process you know that though their saying all the rewards like politicians love they say all the right words but you know in people say well they were great and till i got an office and i like it well well excuse me but i'm going to clean this it's a sell job from beginning to end and unless you can sit down and talk with these people a five minute a five minute appearance or a twenty minute appearance of speaking engagement where they run off the door to hide from everybody because because they can't talk of scrip should be the first clue that these people are not who they say there they're only working off of of of of of a script so you know what cross i'm going to bring him in bring dan and and he's he's driving i think he's he's either driving her on the road somewhere so it doesn't have the ability to to be in front of us computer can you get me you and so we're going to call him and have him at the same here and he can't get on hideout we're going to do it all and with dan because i think this is phenomenally interesting and it was working i could hear you dan was working in apathy on the election the primary that made her you read come in i'm gonna go ahead put you at one not this is the master's pretty good okay that you you can't divide just going to do it through the phone can you do it that way aagot all right dan your on all we've got dan heart man and dan as not only my attorney but has been worked and now currently on the primary election that we had this week it's it's it's amazing social yike to introduce yourself a little bit and let what i like you ramsay this morning agitators i would say that denounced as an ordinary citizen habitation by trade but eendiany as i was invited down to i reformation coasting for licentiate an which is an organization that is coalition and jumped coldback and they were going to be a calenders and palaces at the tocantins so that of course it is now called the huntington in sanbenitos a place where the absentee turning board exists for detroit and so i wanted to talk a little bit to you about the process participation down there in the importance of getting more people out and then we talk about something that i observe well an anthem the center when you arrive home park in the garage and he came in a course a mass for and we went over and we were credentialed and the organizations that were there there were more people there from promote than there were for public part there were a more democrat and promote the vote people out number only for the one possibly find to warn the poll waters that were a present from our organization that i participated in that day as well as the organization of republican can the republicans did have to lawyers there they were both tired to be there there was really no she from republican it was until i left the edacious at the mountain thirty or so thirty three thousand five hundred of the roughly forty thousand ballots had been processed in answer people didn't off work i decided to show up and start participating in the process and was really interesting to me was the fact that from you know seven o'clock and more all the way till till that point there was not in it not even of the understate everything that was going on and of course he got the same flushed and that in all the news clips to outfall the other things but by then most of the boats had already done presented them to a printer sting i will tell you that it's going to require a lot more people and because the badinage election to forty thousand boats there's going to be you know two hundred men seventy francs thousand votes that are cast a or come to the center well what what other what other problems did you see while you were there and that have been reported across the state yet i'm hearing a lot of anomalies and a lot of problems from different people that that they saw when they were when they were worn they were effecting a case for the pride well mataboos of this primary when you are there at the benton or see araguay tutorial tone no one fisherman thirty seven thousand not the stream and as an object of the process which we objected alora to the process and i ask a process was to be changed we were able to collect process issue but in general they escoumains undermined will ouisconsin undergoing and ultimately while you will see an anomaly her there on the floor this is designed to be a show really doesn't give you an opportunity to see what's really have me and he exclaimed the there are a few tea station at this a abstinences and switched to know the poor farmer fifty i pray that were set up under the michigan original election code and each presentation to have less than two thousand nine hundred nine nine one or less so the answer to have a habitation is a grand new thing in michigan and twenty eighteen instead of being aristocratic which cannot three thousand bales and thus a man all the same day i called the absentee boats over seas or in military boots and they put him in the center teresa at last pasotti it makes a impossible to be done a timely fashion and it makes it extremely hard to have the transparency that with the present the first thing that i would say is that abstention or or no there is nothing good about them for lucidity and that a ascanio in something that is an optional decision by your election in her leonore a city clerk or a township or sure as to what their premature since or present with him the carefully into the assineboine you are and so it was clear that dominion had contracted there it was clear that they had a security their former acompany these you that was very very impressive or to laodice volcanoes and then it was continuation workers and then i had a good metamora amachoors republican workers and then there were people like i actually saw lady penetrate a republican election work for she was sitting negociating the duty wounded so these people the people that are actually working there are elections are even who they who they say they are in many cases is what what i'm hearing in all the reality is is i don't know what the transparency of in people to fill serpula positions i do know that one of the things that we have acted to the opaline tossed patentable others was to be three people present and urticaria and montserrat and he would ask the people at the table their party affiliation as there was not a republican press we go to the supervisor and they wouldn't change them out and that happened the deputation process he is an interesting process that by the needs be discussed further in general there is this atmosphere of lack of transparency one of the things that be detroit election i will about i had a chance to a quick stand between the rules i think he said that they were in force in the state of a law pretty clear and unromantic eight point seven three three seven three four it discusses the right responsibilities of challenger and actually make it a two or family to interfere with the potawatamie their duties of forelooker well and of course that's not all that's been forced even though an gooseberry one says that the police and the prosecutor supposed to enforce the election and there's going to be some potential issues raised from from that but a short about as so watherston or were set out as they had abettors that were assigned pertinence at so i believe they had a hundred and thirty tables would be absent counter under the general sent control as the one in ceremonies of and during the gentleness there going to have more tables and ferreting besides of their acting more belle so at each of these words here is five space and we had one superior or five of them or when one of the members has a rather flag and then the supervised the loover and deal with we didn't even have enough bridge to follow the supervisor from red leisured feet third the majority of the when they raised the flag oenothera a problem but he could ottoman that they need a supervisor to sign off in a bad sarbaland to move from the rich resonance in table to the next stage if you can imagine the table towards where the supervisors are basically walking back and forth between the tables we chose certain alleys as i call them to work in and and try machetes you could but be justiciary very clear as to enable do i enable to go watching as fifty and to supervise and then ideals bother you you get too close for you talk to the election or hers none of which our winedark legal and enforces you had betraying by them of the unescorted up our average was out of all these alleys we didn't even have enough people really to watch all of the initial process and i think a story resounded stand what happened and these five cables to the shallow require under mc one sixty eight seven six five six but all of the boats arrived in a steel condition from the the court of oh undetachable it is anthemios to have the day in the which the court resided and an attestation the coalition he and his little attestation box to osiander the second black bar thereanentis boater with this the court barbebiche the signature against the call fyodor you and i are pretty abundant that there is a will double standard was sinister fictions so that was what they used to deny the politico your petition it any regathered checkout these ballads are coming over and the first thing that he noticed but of that and to ourselves and we got the republican lawyers in boletas the fact that these ballads and blows are denoted the attestation completing anethe were completed in ready and the one they were completed appertains very small percentage but there was this little machine printing along the bottom that after we had piled the series of objections a christmas who was the election consulting came over and thought to fill in myself and in my tail is there an amazing patriotism is position and he was very entertaining in watching the election integrity of this system so i told pontorson but anyway i negotiate tape on the bottom i have the like initiatory you epistolas name of peter and then to have some day time stationed that it's impossible to read from the distance that satan it is present on every alehouse by and some of them have the same on the bottom and some who when we mounted it was told to us that that was because they were treasonable but another location of course we asked if there was challenger present or servers and the i think i made my hair stand on aristotelean that before the ballots arrived at combinations that tolerates the park office of the poor office going to a process in center or they call out for moanatini now if the balance not seelencooper the nosing and pulling those out in fact early on there was one ballitore noticed was a canon at question round it and be as a foil balasore not made orontea but rather the fiction as they all out the balance to be not gone to us and who knows what they pulled out by renouncing and then they they organize them according to the present in which it enthused of the ample to the store again the priest and the desolate into the present or gathered up but to be absent on imports so these things are already opened and categories all right souther categorized out okay all right decanter on that because i'm like this whole thing is just a disaster from beginning to end they have the apparition but the theoretical of soever they don't send all the efforts of the talent if you had a big concern because i heartsomer i mean is the ability for you to his part ballads but they have a present that you think is going to be strongly in favor of ospakar's party the catocalae or anyway if you got a battered who knows yes you know that what the reason is now and insinuations on an there are a lot of the tyndall the person to come in and sign the ballot secure the tea and minorcan here i apologize nor is one thing that the absolutely clear is that we have a system that is completely and utterly broken from top to bottom and i bring melissa and to this end medicis messages popped out and so is crashing out of it were going to good morning let crewe re goin to let dan finish her amenti think he's background but in light you guys stay outa the line here while dan talk i lit if the patient entertained in the primary leaned and it poliomyelitis by ruminated to do sure when she was this so now he is represented sarissae concern because desperation than we have to take everything there that happen to think camiola as that their doing the signature verification he revealed that the estimate of insectology that has ever gone through the procurement process it meets the definition as being part of the election management system and it is a feringistan so he claims that that dictate it marchetto of the envelope indicates the poor to the corporal and i threw the stone where the signature would be automatically prepared and i understand from this technology has been research on the assemblage was like most agitation been approved of this omission so here you have the senior to selincourt's coming over on the freezing his seldom to handle the port ah trueman a teeterin and he was trying to say that the clerk then as the ability to bring the digital signature of tattooing on the valdarfer comparatively make the big illiterate interesting is that these stature quires that the mission secretary stay promulgate rules for friction to process in equal protection boarding the buchers requires the divestiture verification a standard and when the lower offered in the promulgation process of demonstrative procedures for sinister there is such a strong presumption of levitation markestan it is considered valid that the republicans objected and gossipin standards had never been adopted i should just to you would bonesetting in michigan without having a signature standard every absentee signature comparison is arbitrarily into at the women the clerk and now have machine and doing his and then instead of an assertion is putting a mark on the envelope for in an anastasis an indication of who did it than you do adjection you are a countenance you expedition on underproduction is you serenaded that and when i would just tell you a mathematician number to the besieged and they're not going imitation but we object to that intolerable coming days that was on the first assentation object to in the primary procedure that happened even before the ballots arrived to the incomplete to be a process generations about the you know the concern about this parisian process i have concerned about the entire process from top to bottom can you feel a hand on your perspective of that because i'm sure that a lot of people but i wanted to say that this knowledge is to entomology of auntie that was shared denticulations ten months we are not the sleeping citizens that we were on terriblement twenty a man so the sleeping on i am a little bit of training in reading statutes in the enable to turnham but that the entire pre protesting something that it is men at three and tarleton would be transparent now wantoning about transparency in we went to trying to observe the envelopes you don't understand that do it and all them the deacon present thirty seven a denial they were pulled it out and it will have a rubber band round eighty seven dollars in the beautify to have another road and then validity even in the bitterest stickered pepper and said presently seventy seven alone came procession in the right toward a look in the band and that pristine yellower and come on the different colors all have a collection do it or wielandstein from that actual physical present that the absence contemporaries to one used hastily fictioneer but as example prentit seven eighty seven pounds in the deerslayer and out he would take her to the piece of paper that had the attavanti they left out when they notice we are writing that information down then he disappeared on every table because what happened is as we were taking notes of things for buttonwood follow us around in anything that we observe they would then instantly it was like a witch would slip in all of the election workers which changed the process i mean it was unreal but now these papers that we were reporting a disappeared observe couldn't track sotteranea thirtythree sins and therefore was a paper he had been right there when they pulled up the piebald or you wouldn't see the paper because there was no longer left to trust it assortment upon the supervised the weather not as they would allow you to see it so that's that's a transparent for early how actually in happetite told he gathered and the pronunciation time as he used to larpent to open the seal palatinate to station on the one trincomalee unity is open in the participation between specified pitiable on which became clarionet of insular it portables that inform square to the home is the same set i stationed the single street with the computer station to is the single seat and in three and four and the end or share and one plugged in the glaciation one to the observer is allowed to look at the latonian only stand at the corners of the table detain me leonore throw you up you can walk past on it you were going to foreordination but you were to see the computer screen in a corner you can't watch the emblem and so in the interior and computer screen because this was the tomasite but and it was it had a version of software and when the persepolitan one would and the outside of the ball it would be up the voters information on the screen it would have the day they registered at the voters made or have the address of another tender which is kind of funny nowadays but he was undegenerate in as had it ostade pristinae were in and it also had the ewold show on the screen the ball that was sent to him the day force redcoat happened to one to stand he that awaiteth the top is the side order the goascoran to when they write the looters table thirty seven at boldero because i stand in the computers aonian then composed the ball secretaries the ballot in the secrecy be she had identified would see was not all the time at once to italianate would champion revealing the ballad it would put it into the secrecy humble inanimate ample was wise on one of the most amazing things that i might tell you that i saw i gotta others entertain voted i come past how imposing received a packet at home during the alienated ah the counterpoise in the door through the pipestem is going to put the sticker and says that i voted that into that ample would he press it wasn't just in the alamo it was in the secret so in just a just a weird anomaly because his son as the purpose secrecy on apart and a station three testicles would follow up a benefit that iamenus but anyway we like normal order behaviour that if he said you are sticking election geritur the sickroom that many times well and i think that we're talking about is is no i when when i read there and i know melissa we all were when here is a researchers when we research we looked for patterns and things that are outside of the norm and that detestable i mean who is going to stick a who's going to stick i voted sticker and a secrecy and beloikes absolutely no sense whatsoever and you you increases i mean so any way so weisbaum one is it is the secret of blouses that little tad that goes across the top the forgotten amaranthe baldomero that goonur is then stated out loud from station to station one in a gradooate you can confirm so in our example we use number thirty seven is the table number one number one when he passes over when they get it all protestants altogither the savallo zero four one and you can see the computer screen in the person i had not one confirmed that and he passed the ball it would be interesting as it is is a resident of significant number boats but it is the problem is that when that number did not match pretending to be a book gallantry and interlocking at a different ballintubber that's the problem you know judge returned somebody else to fall what they would then try to do it they would put the red flag up and they would trethowen received forty and i had received forty one of micheline then they would just change the callenders and i really put in white paper the top of the ballot number in the changing it from her on to zoroaster to allow the boat to be cast now a logical procedure not into place with a it would be the crisis after the re labeled in saint but the one they relate that ballad number he goes to the next station and what that person does as they were off to the care of the top with a outnumber and the quaint an atom and that so the that is not what i considered according to them a challenge ball he noted that dearman who voted at job number i have absolute first moderation for thirty seven i had the run number but my god cousin commingled it was a european and as to implicate the and so what happened in a board asrange and special is all peninsular required to be confidential because it is separated at moonagoona and then pushed him to a man were of assafoetida in until they get the fifty or dannemora ing set when he when the present is done so i want you to want to make sure you understand so i station by opens the bows would be harder inconstant them petitioners that the god the right balancing to what was belotto them or address as that station telemetered alienation embonpoint an antelope which they say that envelope pathological and then station again is all fifty potato a band raised and when they got on ladysmith on logs and then they will persecute not on a volcano and they put them up a prepossession which is that the net moover to detain he but i want you to picture in your mind is orson trying to as a tourist as in the precise point those tables or twenty five people and nation challenger i do want one antimacassar and the fact any problems in the process and how we were i wonder statements that we weren't able to watch it presentant governor much grown in sasnokee but the transparency were not located i should want to do if you were in a corner you could make an observation whether or not they had sonocutter the victor marchmont as a sidetable with poor every single one of those works in patient was taught to turn the envelope bayoneting consenting oh no what grass if it ran black onomatopoieia to them the black emblem and then when they were all done oh you reputation every employ daily agonised and in theory and you couldn't be if you place that once the person in demoniacal was not a bit was the testator making hideous do you bore to make a choice between managing on which is the issue and then running over in the sea i mean where opposite corner of the table between position one inside whether it was proceeded or not and if in reality it would be an ideal world where you would have one for literary table i mean that's the pipe dream but you can watch the body laying which in everything chansonette watch the table and we were watching because we were not we are writing down the number balance that war properly i passed into intonations to them of toothsome came over and said well and vigorous the attestation would think that complies with the state and we had an abuse so we started focusing on the ice the gods at the fishing and that is what the lord was doing and when we have in the envelope and the treaty to move over so that is a pretty interesting process but for the most part i go to pilate it was very efficient other than the fact that they didn't want us to trace many tales proprieter ought to be able to make comparisons to look at the envelopes was it was the tradition i'm goin in an it attains the grace of flag so pretty much what we were trying to do it responded red flags and we probably covered twenty five per cent of them because of the last volunteer well i could do elated or contained the plaster four thousand dollars came from the court office for then of course there was a whole hereupon of work who showed up well i did you have not after people got off work was there or there enough people there then or or was this i would were restolen her staff what i would joyous it was relatively understand so the next assassinated laugh in the ample they were then brought over to meredith hunted thirty tables and asticot boards in each of those boards was destined to go to a standing machine so the standing machine is where they would go at and so to any osteopathy seven of the another hypothetical let saladin to a standing position we had one person watching collaborators on one side of the rapport and one person at the twelve addison the other side of the person the platform when i dehortatory would do infinite they would literally or mountebanks or republican and a democrat satire and they would stand the intestine and if there was a siberian that tannhaeuser it it was there afore afore that presence obligation and a reptile in the woman muncaster but with the balloon then would have his hat that would have that repulsive that we sensation table to imitation we had one person of fortunate that she suabian table for twelve hours tuition go noothin that would have been as if a person titorelli and let a that i mean presentimental table certain of my own present and you are to look at a bonheur of the table thirty seven of my haven for fit and i said mentalities when they failed it out to the car of ore for twenty five the bell i inalterable stabilisation they would look for recitation or they would have a consolation superiority would transfer the whole over to the right all and but when they got done to horace would say consider to go to a logical process to antoinette by law where they are taking somebody gorontalo and the converting information it would be right alinement that was what they were doing and i don't know how many of those in valediction were there but there were a few of them we objected to the fact that the process i i a toinette disobey the way they had and opinion by any ingian so one first operations in the one person he sided in the literally going out the ballast and in one we watched the duplication of pentapolin and theatric critical type so infinite provision we immoralities because there's more school district to the most because the other orally fontainebleau at the duplication tables that now we were trying to make sure we're only going to be bored when the we tell a catherwood not a republican and some of those tables and then superiorities the idiologos you know it's a part forecourt you know i your bogota very few number of votes in the big stream but once again it is a ototachibana that not to be true because there were republican sinewing for aside ascends a leaper the policoro city and may be one of the reasons there were a lot of challenge was because the republicans about you to work and i don't know what i would just tell you that unintentional more at the next another was an interesting one we got all the way through where the ballots artisan and you know there's more to talk about the lady to have at the head how the attraction frostwork the legal issues there but we need to tabulator and you know tolerates unfortunately if we are content another time i'd like to know parsimonious i love that and a year always incredibly informative and thorough not only from being on the ground and also knowing the law in the procedure be inditing done and i think that for all of our viewers it's going to be the issue of the stuff is very painful to hear but the reality is is if we don't go to this process and expose what's being done we will not be able to fix it it is my opinion just listening to you to day that this is such a convoluted extraordinarily complicated mass and there are so many different points where there's there's an ability to to cheat commit fraud and have failure because it so complicated that we have got to simplify this process and and quite honestly i am against the absentee ballot eofor pontifexes for a military we we need to we need to cut the thing better because that in it as it is it is how the primary way that they are taking down are election system in my opinion is through the absentee ballot draws us but there's so much there in the discretionary power which unelected people have to change the outcomes of our election he can antiscorbutic wanted to reiterate one little thing here leatherface in better they had already sorted all the balance by treating all they needed to do was take to eighty seven ballots that went to table thirty seven for the present and bring it to the precinct and those at seven thousand could have been tabulated at the present heroes for them to be commingled with all the other present intonation portentous process if they're going to have the pre process in centre clerks office in the whereabouts aigre with you i'm against the absent balance for a lot of green that he had lacked of transparency we don't know initiation we don't know they throw some ballasted insensate ones i don't know what they spoileth but at the end of the day of determined they were going to have any even courteous to present thirty seven they brought it to the absentee when he could have just brought it to the present and instead of antelucanis process but you are right the very complicated in the added expense it would weaken the chances we had watched them prepossessions they could put him in a stall by taking it to the printing whether was large but montalban they could have careladen boats there and it wouldn't have been a big frame and said they got this good of buttesthorn fences if this was an elation serpentine process that was his welcome the lunatic rang out a great and level you can anonymous mitigation for her all these orders spend all this money in the really putting a big show on because as well to bridport where the magic happens where the really determine elections is what happens at petersham while gobardhan when you volunteered the different things that man the opportunity to heroes because i will tell you that having never been there and be invited to go down there on sunday i learned a lot and i want to share a soothing for somebody was to volunteer when they walk in the room they now little bit about what's going to be happier now i feel like somebody understands this is the sin process how the action unattainable a ready moveover to testament more than will talk about the time well i recreate you corinner to day dan and the time that you spent educating all of us and what you see in the legal tearful process that need be followed i thank you so much and i impressionist it now do we know where this processing center was was that for the men by christmas a grave were grand but it was when it was interpreted by people that are familiar they determined that that reprocessing center was at the city oblations wherever that holding persian when i will tell you as the balaenae to warehouse abstain through the honiton at thirty three thousand five hundred of he announced an artymobile the clock at that win monopolised so for the later ship arrived obstinately counted most of those ballads were the calls that would have derived in the godmother and she in the process that day and the last boat last process replacement and austerely between eight and nine o'clock and so the only thing i was left to count when i left it a but the last load from me in they were still process balls but there was the last load but gordon have been processed it course i leave right for a lot of the firework happiness i love to be afore an our drive home and at work the next one okay now this pre processing center that's interesting because that's the same building the detroit department of elections is the name of it that i was scheduled at to work before i actually worked at the top center because they wanted me to hearken a parking intake a shot in there and the third floor is known for this nobody's ever been on the third floor now bill bill you are talking about i know silvery well he was at the tessera he helped a lot and and bill will tell you about this this pre processing center in what has gone on there in the past as far as elections and its outrageous and it so it's still going on and so going on there and that should never have reinstatement i mean i understand the suction in the past but the reality is is it a gottliebin most securely wouldn't you allow people to seraphin there and to raise robesons when one so one i'll be really do a lot with my objections but their loud being to the happiness i was able to retain a hope and then the they betrayed the least wish to estrange time that i was there now i have got a lot of things going on there but i was it all i mean i only read the names i had met them and i did want to say that i'm for the process were repudiates there i think the real concern is what happens about the platform as well talbot next time did you notice who was up on that platform then yet we got no on everybody that was of the initiating there was where they present like they were the elementary who was in the platform or had the tabulator it antedated optical standards so it will talk about that but toyatte you having me on donations of you i wanted to see watercooler i'm oh jigsawed today display he began to tease good information of people need to know about it dan they really do so ye be my guest go head pray jeremiah when the state you would continue to bring like transparency and for life on goodhue would be able to remove corruption and that reincarnation in michigan apologist be informed of the process of participating and which has encouraged ermanaric to return to you lord and we just seraskier turned to you the would restore our country to the same with grey antinous much well god bless you to day and i know you got a busy day to day there's the few people that i have met in my life that work the schedule that you do and i'm thankful for that very much so let's have next week if you can temascal and will go through the whole thing again and make sure that everybody knows what's happening as well as how many people are actually working towards the behind the scenes is i think a lot of people think nothing is happening there's a lot happening we just antient make it to the news because of cathelineau on which is mandarin against all of us so or pickthank you so much and you have a great day an thank you okay so i rapped yet i was in i think that you know all the reports of every one who was on the ground there because you know i've been getting them from all over the state things that are happy from control from all over the state and it's it's jacky lock in the morning was there from eight in the morning until two o'clock because there's not enough people to work where it worsens all over in every part of politics right now people i think they feel abandoned and an a little bit hopeless to go forward but you know what we have got to get up and we've got to fight for this or else we are resting and and i mean that every single person out there has to be involved o yes every single person yes and this is going to take hundreds of thousands of people across michigan and this general election being there watching you know this is why election made me to be a holiday where people have the day of work anaesthesia so people don't have an excuse tattooings people don't have to vote absent and i think that so important an you know but but i i was heavily involved in this election i watched what the ranch did the ranch was massively behind they failed in this election worse than i've ever seen anybody fail an they've had two years to recruit challengers to train them to get all these workers running for this election they started a month before the election they started on monitors raining i got trained and i have had extensive training but they wanted me that retained when i just had another training session for terry's election and may which is the early training is not every time they tell you they want you to get trained every your credentials or year but you have to listen to what they say because they say i know what the rancho they are and they'll be like well you're just nothing to work the so they should have taken the most educated knowledgeable individuals and put them at their issue areas they wanted to put me in warren worn is a balearian warren i be don't have to cheat over there so i didn't want to be a more i honestly wanted to be and shall be to showcase i've seen a lot of cheating and shall become and i wanted to watch tears election they would not let me go there they would not i now the law is to have a a republican and a democrat challenger at average in the absentee countingroom the lies also that you can not have your your tabulating machines and adjudication and duplication process in a different room without challengers in matters you must have challengers and watchers well that's not the case at all and shall become and in that stand braeface stand right had the machines and a completely different room was no challengers no watchers he had and he was only allowing one challenger and the entire room legally i had not the other one he made he pushed me behind a rope and said now you're going to be a collator you goin t be a challenger now he's a republican and he has this is i can that it totally illegal i called the ancient times that there and i said what do misdoing are you going to do something about this what stand are you going to call him and inform him of the law so he lets me out of behind the spenserean i call my kids and make sure that my husband knows i'm not going to be home until probably ten or eleven at night because my husband thought i was working oligarchy you know he went let me do any of that he said you can use my phone he had somebody following me to the bath room that is harassment let's harassed that you are not to her as challengers he should be happy that people are there watching the election process and making sure that it is transparent not harassing them but the arc will not will not talk to him about his prose they don't care but one thing i did get done as i talk so much about those machines being in a separate room that he finally put academe room so he has those machines back in that room but this is a huge issue with the archey have failed the people are the republican party and always apart it's not our party i'm so used to saying that from being a republican but i tell you that they have failed this country they have failed everybody on there are plenty of workers i know plenty of workers that they didn't even try to put at certain places they didn't even want to schedule em so that was their doings i watched it happen this is a total stop and a total so from beginning to end and i don't want transparency because they're all part of it and you know even even you know you would think you know and you have a bank and when you have a bank or you have other organizations out there that have advanced surveillance why are we putting cameras where we could go through the camera flooding the the the laminated in fact the society for our surveillance on the drop boxes where did that go they that's a kind of been gone are they turned the camera off when they don't like that they peartest the footage and look with their doing it with concanen when they did rule that those troparia they went ahead and throughout a mobile drop box that's going around the city so on wheels to get around to get around the drop back and did you know that now as it was i think there's three hundred million dollars donated by scranton dollars on a madison wisconsin to drive an think about the that's in a university town which makes a lot of sense and you've transient population there so it's very difficult to do actually track and have any any actual accountability there that this this thing is failing ones many different levels that you could even make this stuff up if you try not on an you know here's another thing their train to make the process more difficult instead of instead of going back to the way we voted for ever in this country it is not rocket science just like just like everything else they're doing with these kids trying to confuse the hell out of them about what gender they are it does his simple this is the stuff as we who have thought that we would be questioning whether people are malema or whether as ourselves whether we are ourselves mallarme or we would have our kids questing that its dubbing down america its dubbing down in their genuine of gumming down the election process so so it's actually the ballots are counted at the precincts because when i was voting and when i had my son i say offices i had a mouth well now was there or nobody shot up i was number seventy and in why he had those people so here's a thing an argument though used with us here with our legislators they'll say michigan has paper balance we already have parmalee these people don't know what they're talking about because we do not on paper balance that's what they'll say now that's true we do vote on paper balance but as soon as we both on those paper balance we step in right into a machine to count it wineskin it into that machine when there is ten workers in that room in their all seeing around doing nothing why aren't they counting the boats why i chaunting our boats why does that even then you can't the vote at a present level you send the number over to county and the numbers are already there that is how to have a transparent election with get rid of these machines like you said the absentee had sixty per cent of our people and my primitive that laziness to me it's like a burned out in but we've always gotten out and voted you know it it changes it it changes the whole dynamic of the election process into into a non serious absolutely function of voting in the people to represent so like you said it it allows people to be extraordinarily uneducated and lazy and i think that we can see that you know with people being involved in even the campaign on a campaign love their some wonderful volunteers out there but by and large people sit back and look at those of us who are campaigning or trying to fix things and look at us and go how are you goin to fix our country you work for us in a foment them as as well first faultily i don't if i win the vote i am an infortune enough to serve this the stay then we've got a totally totally different situation but i stepped out just like anybody else could without me politician but business now to campaigning through the system and go you know what i'll do it if nobody else is going to do it i'll do it and one that i think no yet in what is it and every one out there growing you know it's like candy sad you know what water you can to do for this country rather than sitting back and nandie's a very childish mentality sitting back and ordering people around like a bunch runnin around the unlike a bunch a little tracks there's not enough people if there you know the american population at this point time are the telworthy owners of the nation let me be clear but we're only going to own this nation and he have elections and in and maintain this country is everybody decides to get in the game and act like they own it and hold people accountable and part of the process we were talking about donation as morning and i was with somebody else and the reality is as they have because the path chaced the packs in the big money acrid and bought and paid for our elections are paid for play there but paid for they are absolutely controlled by this michigan oligarchy which he has about forty families which are panteleone past and so somebody who will not take the packet money comes on the scene and you know i reasoning the dark money the pack money this is all problem for a state so somebody gets on the scene is like you know what ilettes i'm not going to take the pack my and everybody sits back and go and may not learn at the otherwise anathoth way because you know what you're going to need the pack money in order to run things forward well didn't you just complain about the park money and dark money it's like it's almost like sitting back in and not wanting to be right rather than wine to fix the nation we lattice we can sit there and complain and sob and expect somebody else to get in and fix all of our problems or all of us can jump in and go a we're going to figure this out as we go and and so far quite honestly were doing extraordinarily while we have we have so many people that are i was to utter by some who was watching social media and he's like oh my gosh he you are like everywhere out there as social media is i can't go anywhere to not see you to a post and such and and you know that's that's what i'm talking about that that is that is a beautiful way to contribute an jump outside the packmen absolutely hotfoot email call people get off in the biggest thing you can meinora thing taken to naples it is matafangatele and absolutely as an animate i hate when i what i was when i was running in a most house are i do not like asking people for money that the one i dedicate awful it is an every candidate that you talked to whose whose ran in the past will tell you of them will tell you that that is the hardest thing to do in a campaign it is now but with a state wide race i don't care what any race you need money with a state wide race going to take a massive effort from everybody in the to be sharing and social media to be promoting as much as possible talking to your friends in your family getting involved in the campaign volunteering we need volunteers we need them we need them everywhere i mean everywhere mostly in northern michigan and down in wyntoun by oisivete state ameliorating we if we if you are living and breathing your pure fear perfectly qualified and with us in an hour an american living breathing american or qualified or hannamanoo work full time and you you're very busy and your canoe running around and you know it's charnoc media saronia media go on you can do anything talk to your friend the work talk to you know women has to come we have no more of the donahue to run nobody else then but the noise all the money again like to add that saying that the road just as not at to be dealt with because our country have over anton stalled and there doing the same thing here in mister they are this is definitely the exact beginnings of a world war partly how they stare and then they take away our weapons and then then you know and dona what they are doing to you with the main stream media i would like to know how many a people picked up your press release we send out that while the us constitution party are us tax payers or sent out fortresses to the state of michigan and not one of those outlets responded and that's not even in that the taxpayers party a political party a minor party that at that actually put up presented and seventy of them went out and there was not one response this is a concerted effort so that the thing it is as we're just he haven't yet smarter and when you look at the numbers that are being reported to me at were that were achieving where cheviot million interactions on line a week that god that is a mile it hatmaking more happen because the main stream media the news outlets they refuse to cover this when when i was running in and for the republican party they would not even mention my name they wouldn't even a knowledge because they have their they had there the puppets the rubber stamp puppets who would follow orders and you know they sent people here to try to to concourse or payoff and got a good a good schooling from diana that that i will not pay to play i will not be coerced and i will not be told by a political party what do the i didn't make out any of it the only one i may not i made out one candidate a candidate for and it was because i knew the person i did it a personally i did it out of respect you know we get a stack of those you know candidate tatting forms everybody wants you to do that and they do that in order to own you instead of you know this is is a process to own the candidate by special interest and make no mistake in the patriot groups are part of it they've all been in philandered or or a good portion of them half when when you're in there and you start seeing people who are i had one person pretty exposure that manetho that name out there some time in just dockhouse they sit there and they snipe from the shadow most nanton order to attack candidates because the candidates are so lousy they can't they can't a formal in a good a good defense for there are good a good even an offense for the candidate so all they do as they sit they love they love a tax and other candidates in the infiltrate and such one person admitted to being a member of a hundred groups this is a person the moderator a person who is a moderator and a member of a hundred groups that is a paid full time position that this that is a professional provocateur and i think if we looked into these people a lot of animal must guarantee the lot of have connections to americans or prosperity which is the core brothers and never temporization or some of these other plane fedosia ly subversive cultural marks disorganization to derail the process there's no passway that it is any other way well do you know we americans for posterity to know their views dona and i only know it because my manager told me my old man enter then what more they are americans and support of open borders that's american morosity and you know who said on this word as very bizarre but you will look at who sat on those that bore for americans for prosperity and also look into their funding their funding is this devastations americans for prosperity and we go ahead i'm sorry oh well i just think it's funny that you know these people say they don't have time to each other when the tides are right there public to see and masanath daughter she said on that or for a year and a half well let's look at this and i know this is an uncomfortable subject for a rat to approach but i'm going to just throw one name out here and it's going to get me a little bit of slack i know that but i'm going to throw it out there michael for i was working for americans for prosperity and he was involved in an ant constant up michigan group and when you start looking at that that is a a patriot group now i met people that were in that group i think the people that are in these groups are absolutely wonderful patriots that are trying to do the right thing but they keep a better start looking at these people who are who are leading them in the direction you know i was asked by the head of the person that was in charge of stand up michigan to run as a democrat there when i first got in here but i know how you're going to win your novenas a republican so you're going to run as a democrat and i'm like well now because i'm satiate democrat and i am in fact not going to lie to people i say i am a democrat whatsamatter into that i don't know that was that was run armstrong and and so it was i was kind of shocked and you know you look at you look at the connections there by people that claim to be grassroots and i would have to say that some of these people were probably the same people that broke up the effort of the tea party and you know it's like the because there infiltrated you others infiltrates and every organization there's infiltrates and inane as american patriots have to be really wise and smart you know we've got to ask god for discernment to see who these people are you know and that something about his mither the ionian people went on his social medium page and soleil that this man post on his social media page it is amalia you broke up to go through that again some people need to go on his social media page a takes five seconds right when i met the guy i went on a social mediate britta i got the day i got home and it's full of its total garbage looks like under age women in that age to me he looks and he has a menacing if i have the daylight his bag and i am the adelantado the other i think that this goes to the point is that every one and then who is he standing with this is very very important to see who people when they show up at a fence or you know when they show it a veneer it just it may be the court issues that happen who are they showing up to or with you now look at the connections between people because that's going to tell you a whole lot now you might have to look at a time line too you know things can happen in over time that change people's perceptions as new information comes in because that does happen you know you find out that that one person or another isn't who they say that they are so you move on and you know we watch we watch president trumps a master at it he would have people in next to him and you'd watch or he moved people in and out around him because this swamp is so deep and so wide that it and he said it so you would not believe how incredibly vast that there are you know when we have people as i said before that worked for administrators as administrator school dissertatio twenty thousand dollar that was reported to take a twenty thousand dollar bonus for for for upholding the mass man dates in the school and yet i do we think this is one of not likely not as john maine said not hardly there's there's no possible way that he that this is a one off in any direction that this is this is a a very very large criminal operation that's going on to steal our elections to bertoni states of america on it in the past in a or in other instances when the communists of taken over and it's amazing i'm looking at something right now which i thought was really interesting is back in the back my early fifties and forty and i watching how honestly a secretary of state of the united states how annoint try think that i'm kind of honest something here because i've been very upset about this money going overseas but we have to determine whether the good guys are involved or the bad guys are involved because there is a war going on we are in a war between good guys and bad guys i am very upset with the amount of money going to the ukraine it looks like a horrific horrific case of money land or into the corporations they've sold this nation of one piece at a time they've sold off our farm lands they have deep base they have indeed base in our companies and corporations sense the sense before the seventies started in the sixties and even the fifty you go back far enough to see this this has been a long term plan but there is a secretary of state that was putting using think about this and i haven't gotten to the bottom of this yet so everybody has to give me a little grace because i dig down and multiple error as to try to find the truth i try to look at it it is an unbiased observer so that i try to remove my bias so that i see things without a preconceived notion what this what a secretary of state did as they realized after world war two that they had left in the wake of the war they had left many nations completely broken and they were they were absolutely riotous commenter the east of these are these are nations and in europe for the incoming the east and take it over due to economic weakening of these nations it happened all across the world it's not happened just in world war two what they do as they will actooally though use tells economic warfare to weaken nations in order for communists or communist dictator to install themselves now we're going to make it a parallel to what happened in the state of michigan the state of michigan this whole thing with a communist that we have the marks we have in place which would be you can go to the top and start with white nose and banishes are these are people who are marks us right and go right on down the line in all the people that are working for them that are making up a policies on the fly not following a lawful process maladministration is donald like to say down the cat here but what they did is the united states is used gone into these nations and or states which have been economically disadvantaged by the communists as a form of attack and they have they have launched a counter attack by helping the nations to kind of rebuild in the wake of a war that this is one of the things that charlie wilson's war and afghanistan outlines and what they did and what we did wrong is that we left we left a nation in the throes of war which was just what just ripe for somebody to come in as a dictator and take it over so i think when we look at michigan and the economic warfare that's been that's been launched on a state of michigan it is going to be on realistic of ourselves to think that we're just going to cart all the ties to to the monster the beasts that they have put in place with an in wash the hands roll in one day because there's going to have to be a transition transition point there and going back and looking at some of the most easeful ways to defeat a communist take over its by having a strong economic policy in place we're going to have to go in and work our way back out of what the marks as of don and it again going through all of their their points of taking the state and the nation down and we're going to have to and i like the work there is devolution is out there and i do like delusion i love i love the things that is being talked about through divination paternally and i like some things that they that he talks about but we are also going to have to back ourselves out out of these marks of structures going forward and that's going to require a very strong economic policy i do not see any one out there currently who has the ability to understand that but to put things back together because we're going to have to tear these structures down but we're going to have to have something in place in its great tayu know no mass mandates no vaccines and that an you know we're going to take we're going to take out the health department we're going to take out the a we're going to take out spwiled all of these things are absolutely on lawful entities they they don't even exist legally if you go back to the constitution that is true but it's going to take a little bit of alma one to move out of this i ween were were for all of us are for we can see and blame the politicians and yes there it fell but we are too because in actuality we the people have all the power and we let them take now we're going to have to get everybody involved an take it back and in a bitter in we are in a war and it's going to take every single person to get off their behinds care about this nation if your flying a flag and you believe in this nation then you know then then it's time to get involved you can't sit back and wine and sob and complain and have all the answers you know i've been in and so many different groups and and you know sometings and such which it's all good it's gait's astaing point but the end point is getting off you know getting off opinions and being able to lift the heavy lift lift and do the heavy work that it's going to take and the effort not only get not only given our time posting posting finding signs locations for signs that we can put up showing up to realisation a rally in the weekend one inner community people could be scheduling their own really going out on street corners with signs and standing there and creating all by themselves a you know a rally for you know downriver bannerlike for governor and lieutenant governor and getting out there and taking it upon themselves to put this forward yes and that's what we need on that is so important when you say these road the street rails is roses are very effective and the canaanites unconcernedly the people in a blanket upon ourselves and say you know what this is what i want to be involved in this i want to go down in history as a person who stood bravely against the establishment and in wind and such a one i am to get ten fifteen people that i know i'm going to pull the people for my church and say you know what we're going to go and meet in this location and were going to create a little bit of a absence and we have people over in the home that are already doing that on the weekends are doing rallies every weekend they show for the group of france and over passes on street corners as such and this should be happening in every single county in every community even even if it's an hour in the morning go out in the hour because many more of us in their art the fake republicans from the face republican party in the state democrat party the unitary that when we decide as patriots to do this in cathay know what every single saturday i am going to be i'm going to pick a new place and i'm going to stand here with signs and we have those signs we can give those signs out to people we can take donations for a sign he pay for things to increase or murder i don't care if people get a paper bag and right right on the brandenburg coroner governor and stand out there or a piece of post or board would be even better you know any one can do this we we can create our own materials we can stand out there or you know and please anyone who wants caragonan as i put a put my i've put our number out over an old over again actaeon six four three zero four four one one zero call six one six four three zero four four one zero we can help you get the shirts and signs we will do whatever it takes to help an able you to get out there and for moonlit little pass to take the nation back and stand on the corner to represent our values he ran over madison we we have to push it we do we have to everybody has to get involved it is so important it is so important this is a state wide race we saw which has happened in the primary i don't know if you heard tutoring her speech her victory speech but it did it wasn't impressive to me that was awful in i don't want to see therein gentlepeople i mean and i know i know loupart has to put in front of the voters are you kidding me i like i'm sitting here going arum so serious that this was amazing it will be interesting to debate at the age seaton debate though on i've heard that they won't debate the other party but this is so no entity won't even if it ottomi going inveterate them outside of the debate they can choose to go one way or the other but but the the pollen is going to start and i don't mean like this on me i had no clear fiesole going to get on as antagonists like no it's like the information pollen in a debate for ma is going to start whether they show up or not and it will be known when they don't show up and we will have people using to insure that mister does have if the debate without me i'm going to broadcast out of commenting on the debate and how stupid their aunt answers or because i know they're going to be stupid because ever heriot it's pretty it's pretty bad so a and that victory speech she did you watch it done there wareroom tutor now it was a waste of my time on equitation i decided is not part of the republican party to just go and ride horses that day and not hard and in the unlawful unpartisan of rigging election so i rode horses and and and i actually rebandaging and i sat there in washington doing something rather than taking part in this the same sampson go on he yes so it is really is so we turn it on last night i wanted to see if she had that necklace and and i don't i didn't see if she had a unhooded hear it was photostatic she had a pearl necklace on and he was she said she she introduces her childer and tells everybody about her kids and i then she thinks she thinks the canada her her opposition that was running against her she thanked every single person down to james gregg and here jane but she did not mention your name she did not mention it i'm thinking what is to what is going on here if these people are being told what to say then is totally obvious why didn't she mention done as name how do i would don't want to imagine on a brand in bergen this is kind of funny because you know that would listen boy the puppet show you know to pocotaligo real boys you know a real girl yeah i was like a key i think it's time to stop your staff like you know you just want the primary but she has a one even this is my case he knows that you're running she doesn't want to bring it i'll bet all that's probably she was he don't don't put brigantine i mean stream media that would be horrible aheethanaran keep your name as far away as possible right now on this enthusiasts is what's to happen much delicious the beegness well at weentiest canalboat it in a hole he did laugh and cry so i know it is very true especially like watching it so crazy with i don't even know where these people come up where they come up with us person she just appeared at another and then her head democrat i know she is i know she wasn't have any experience in the steel industry and idolather industries but not that one across an so i mean he's an actress that worked for mom and dad that's her steal into three you know and like you i believe that that's a little bit of a mess representation but you know if she wants to ride a proof and then then well we'll start packing but i i'm pretty erasure that she's never built company she's worked for amada where he yes absolutely you know so that it will do you eventuation people are in posting him all over to day i saw that there was intolerable that orontobates at their posting these numbers and these machines once again have pattern that would it's never it's not a natural pattern is what happened and between twenty elections while and you can see the pattern it is it would not be possible for this to happen the if i could find that i would show you but i think there's going to be a lot of i think there's going to be a lot of issues with that election i would love to see the number of people that would distant up and say yes we're not buying this done we no other word we know that this is not aperahama people would actually have the gods to say you know this is not accurate i refuse to stand and watch my contriving to and because we can actually see what's going on well they don't they want they want people starting that that's what they want and that's why they put in those results that they put out were actually extremely close to the primary election result i do not that the numbers were only off by a couple hundred thousand an i was goin to pull one up earlier i had seen it in this is this is canaanites is a league from from fox news which let me let me see if i can throw the supper menu work in this morning for only one cup of coffee that's always a bad situation a all right see if i the other name i got two phones that i work off of ye at initiate research groups that i that i am involved with and i use one frontier groups and i used the other one for campaign solicit the superman i so that was at seventeen and those were the leaked primary and monday july twenty five at seven thirty those are the weak numbers calling peterson and i am like a like are you i am so sure and this was one for outlet so he look at that that's like a million that's like a melanesian potestate said that they were in then there there three outlets and then all of a sudden facets on and says oh you know our state we were tasting this i i'm sorry but they were how did they taste by running a millionaire through the machine to task none of them democrats when he proved that they tasted the someone there and input numbers or did they actually put through a million bales if they did were those the balls that went through that pre process in one because the ratios looked the same and so what was the test will since we have no way to know because there hiding the entire process o foxes just became the excuse for a for all they jumped on to be an excuse like nourries didn't do the sisterly attacked we we we we knew what we were doing not not a problem here i mean that was like watching a little tin lie yet now i see it when have we ever done this in any election when hare everdean election before an election for what reason why are the numbers so close i mean you look at an kaliston but in the real results he wasn't second but yet glad that right that the person that was second him close to those numbers so there's a question kalaima bunch of hypotheticals or things that this is the way my mind works is that i want to ask you now when you look at the t stations working together where the candidates were in a saying where they were in together and the incurious yet you know i'm curious look at the illegal straw poll that they put together on meccanian and who is a scrape it was illegal it was lectionary it was electioneering and who was on that strangulat would be i do craig soon call and remain now who is who still standing at the end while not the guy that couldn't say the pledge of allegiance without pulling a cue card out of his pocket and couldn't heinie didn't make it so what did they do they put somebody they switched somebody else and for him and they went and looked at johnson first they thought johnson was going to make it and then they went to rankness as thistleton and by the party by the taste party and they put on another another election in straitest party yet no i've got i've got that all documented too and now it was mona i have to work that up but that was was that right after anything i was right after or was that was that saldanha with that out in ah the contaminate to find out alliteration you can just send it to me if i add post and i posted things like this because i'm like we need to be asking some questions because if political parties are involved in electioneering or manipulating the vote which they were the absolutely were they are outside of their legal their legal for miners it's going to take me antinomian will find them heather were three candidates left off of this one so they got they got a little more inclusive as time went on but the ones they eliminated were the ones they truly fear you know the fearless and they smeared who they fear tell ayes so this an election is so important because we are going to be recruiting people for our party we're not going to be working with the law with the republican party were recruiting people from within our encantadas republican poifect the unity of stealing will action now we're going to do it and in an organized way and actually train people correctly and that is so important because training although i don't really think that they do this on purpose but their training is not it's not it's not extensive enough it doesn't go into detail like it should and then if you're not if you don't have your credentials and your not training that's the first thing they say to you if there even a month expired as oh you can't work the election you have auvergnats well your credentials are don't mean anything anyway because anybody can figure the too you know it's not racially know i found i found this man in this as in the candidate's name one and it was sentiero friend i also have one of my own and they thought it was they rode in my name since i didn't didn't appear on this and this was from the day of my picture it made to but they got it before that that's just an take the picture of it sleet the up in front of everybody so here is here is the amigo michigan michigan governor strawpile and there are the candidates that they were elevating right there can you ride in the canadas to us though that is we can't see him my brown james cried to our decks and perry johnson cally a rank and seldon and then those are the ones on that that second illegal straw poll which left off actual candidates and you know that that is illegal that ahone world do they get away with that you the hoith world is that even happen because you must be romancing he but on an i don't understand why people don't question lay on one that when they tell you it's one per cent and that we the patriot or ninety nine per a man got to be obvious that he got quite a back they have staff and they have lots of it the granite lot of yeah i know that they palatinate and bamboos a corporation i can't believe that people think that this is a this is a social organization this is a big business corporation they have brainwashed people into thinking that this is working for social justice it is not and any other company a corporation would have to pay for the two billion dollars a damage that they did in their own communities and or where they came out of the thawed out of the cracks in the in the you know the conquered practice up here from from say chicago in grand rapids we we watched it happen we could hear it these are paid for marketers they are not in our community that they they shifted them in for the damage that was done in the there were the bosses surrebutters they are two groups of people the constantly for each and it's the same it's the same thing that they're doing right now the only difference is in the sixties ah we now republican or fighting for the same thing that they were fighting for back in the six all the party had set is it the big at the yet aldebaran wake up they do this the primary election showed me that if that is that's very true people have to wake up even though i don't believe these numbers and to be a hundred per cent accurate at all i i question them i have to question you know but when you have when you have the people still voting for the politicians that have done absolutely nothing for them absolutely nothing and they're doing it because they got they saw the name some and they figured all of this person as a republican and just going to go with this person i see this person's name everywhere will that's what's got to stop we have to stop that stuff because we're not going to change this country we're not going to change the state until we have educated voters and in order to get educated voters we have to bring the people we have to be able to talk to them and we have to educate them on what's going on in this country and you know and what we plan on doing to stop the stuff in the shenandoah come on as i put it where he read the text of smithereens though yeah i heard they took the movie of of amazon she came he made that sign interesting you know as in the entering education is our strongest too are our weapons we used to use and dundee weapon or the gun that will get us out of that and because he had decades of generations dumb down we need to to who was he something about that that's that's what i think are our best weapon ellis that it's got us through what though that i think we can win we can do that he and like to i guess it's a two and a half hours here and i gaseous all day quite honestly i mean there's we could start digging into information outside of election because there's so much going on but i'm hoboes and then christlike to have you back on again and go yourii know that we've talked to about many things including some of it of a written by the frowning fathers the the security and the street and general how how honestly the drug trafficking in the united states and what heaven where the cartels the durare going to have to face all of these issues the human trafficking issue this is a huge deal and i've been twined about putting a couple of videos of online because i really think that i've been pretty pretty soft about presenting reality and i really had to process very prayerfully and how much to put out there because i really think that everybody needs to know all adults need to start acting like it and realizing the problem that we have but i do think that some of it is going to be so difficult for people to actually deal with that i've been a little cautious about how much of this i put out there you know and researchers now there's a bunch of us out there and i'm talkin millions of digesters out there and people who are pure researchers who you know that's what we do in our in the research groups with you know with all of our promised that you know we've crawled down the to the depth of the amatolas we could possibly go but i do think that more people need to wake up and that may just be ripped the band at off this is what we have now you either get in the game or your complicity in the crimes against humanity which is going on you do not have a choice choose stay whom you will serve so anyhow nearabout that for me to see how how quickly that i know a lot of people on telegram are saying you know drop it drop it drop names and drop it and it's like we're getting there getting there a person is going to have a very difficult time to realize that this is an overseas this is in your community there isn't one community that has not been touched by this or that doesn't have somebody guilty of these crimes in it guarantee guaranteed almost every one knows some one who is engaged in this type of behavior there intendin their own in their own families because the good at hiding that cause they do they take it all and if they violate that old it's goin to be curtains so his sister playing for keeps so an let's say a prayer here and in the well say good bye and he will have christian moscione going to do this you know every day god willing and then once we're in office i really believe that we should do a morning of dayanand tell people what were actually seeing so that so that they don't have to go through a news no channel they go through us as it were going to talk directly to people we're not wasting money we're going to do it with all the lithe and the craziness of coming to you from our own kitchen table or from our phone is the work were moving around or whatever but but what we're going to do is we're going to be off tunicata you directly and you will be able to talk to us directly so that we can effect carry out your wishes and how you would love like to see the governante government carry out your thou so that her face mitannian that's what we're going for oh you won't you mean pray to day yes i greet dear how father thank you so much for bringing the incredibly committed patriots that you have a testator for this nation for the children the children that are being traffic the drugs and the weapons that are being traffic through our government which our government is guilty of and that are willing to step up to break the glass ones political sham and froth we've been sold for years for decades for decades potentially sentries we are we are so honored that you would have chosen us for such a time as this and we are ought to the task of stopping forward in doing what you call to do please give us the ability to walk those paths even if they're difficult to make the brave decisions going forward to reach out for those around us help us to have eyes to see ears to hear the truth in the realities around us the hurts that other people are carrying that we would step forward and say pick me i'll do it i'll i'll reach out and help these people it is it's my turn to stand there have been so many people that have gone on before us and we we thank you so much for every one who has served his nation in and in different capacities because there are so many just getting up and going to work every day and carrying out your job no matter what it is is a patriotic expression of patriotism your taking care of the nation your taking care of the people around or people are taking care of people around it's it's amazing and were thankful that you have you have motivated inspired people to do such things we pray for all those people that are in authority over us we asked if they would turn their hearts to you that they would get off this beast system and decide to do the right thing in and walking away from a totally tropinin helping us to restore this nation under you our heavenly father god almighty the creator and the savior of this world were thankful for everything that you've done were think for for you do at the cross for all of us we accept your salvation with humble and deep gratitude and ask for guidance as we go forward give us all the cement and wisdom going forward and bless every single person listening to the broadcast in all the ways that you know that they need your help even the cry the quiet means that are now re spoken were thankful for so much for being able to be a part of doing good works and good doing good things to your honour glory in jesus christ purchased me we pray am and i managed so so we will be seeing you to morrow melissa we have to morrow a shoot out to morrow's the brand and bird block hour scow that will be with with jason jones with elias heart line poncaser long time and typically what we do if we start out on either on his value and we switched to mine or resterons to his i cainlike we did last week where we started out at eight o'clock on a heshland then we switched over to my to the brandies not work and i think i'm going to encourage us to go in that direction because then i can see you know you want a pantomime to get my lamberton because she's got a lawsuit going right now for election integrity with adams township seanachie came forward but there's about fifteen attorneys that are working tirelessly at this criminal investigators as well as people who are who have put a lot of time and effort in the so so we will continue to move this forward so i'll let you know on my telegram channel and i give likewise so that we know what the time framshott every week day from eight o'clock until when we get sick a talkin noonday all began to morrow if if it you i want me on or if you are sure it be not but i think you can bring more than one person in a few yes i think we can load the thing up i would love to take to any one out there i don't you know i'd like to talk to wisconsin for signs so worthily yesterday i ran into his wife into a restaurant the other day enshrining for dixon and so when all there and i said to them i said to you to be on you know i just have the perspective of just any one not we don't need em societies telling us what to do or people that are in the spot like i want people who are voters systematise i love five ten minutes to ran on your channel it oscillates feel what the they believe in what their views are the issues they believe neediest that's what dona meets to her they have the right to be angry and out come to the table may be may be come to the table with really good solutions because where we're all in the same boat we all feel the same about this i saw you had a dominant oh no no he ran on i was just saying i can be on to morrow and i'm going to figure out here to day i'm going to figure out the how i can connect my stream lab to your string yard or so we can and so we can go by a afoot you know so i'll figure that out to that him i have a couple hours here where i can do some work i am i'm child free to you and then hopefully next week we can at christiania again we're going to have a revolving group of people on here i'd like to get scotoma in the criminal investigator he was creditor it and and you know i think we're going to continue to have just absolutely wonderful gas on here talking about all of the issues that ever is important everyone as well as educating people on the process i want to have all so continuing to have derived mansion here because he is our candidate for attorney general of the state and i am so on board with him been attorney general brereton have too many skeletons in their closets and in we have a real problem there and because the news media doesn't doesn't cover it they're not they're not letting people know that they're going to let these candidates who have compromised backgrounds run in order for the democrats to torpedo them at the last minute then take him down so that nalboon went more get back and that's what the unimportant may make no no mistake about it so what funeral you guys have a wonderful to day to day thank you so much for indorsement all the great things you guys do have a wonderful danilson all those monte i presume my donna