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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 2/3/2023 - Karen the Riveter and Ken Nash

Published Feb. 3, 2023, 9:04 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is the third day of february and a welcome broadcast read this is one of those wonderful examples of renown which was going to go and welcome he there that were were broadcast i'm no bring on can the road carteret away morning gushed more in outstanding how bout you do in great doing so it will have from the polar layer the others so yes how do how yell and howl from gary and there he they were overcast down here to day but i'm getting red i'm getting a ride of my snow came flashed by the day which is and if you heard the story can but a guy that was on one of the piers stopped me and so you must be from the mid west and is so the water first clue i inspiring and he ladiesthis snow came fled settled let's on your minds to day cause i've got how things are my mind especially have to do with this whole eggs set and more than that oh we've got a real problem with the feet or animal i think becoming something up here men at the case i think that when people get a handle on what actually happened in all the with all his im it's going to make everybody a little angry right now selheimer mind because that's where i'm going to go this i can get into that because i did positions for animal feed when i was working in corporate america helping those corporations bulk up there there are lines of flow products and the broken down into cline division and then they had your house petterson for capadose and then they also had the paltry divisions so i watched them basically pack that thing bags if you will have the various products through the corporations with medicines and things and steroids if you will things of that nature that was increased growth and a limited amount of time to chickens are chickens are laying again took about a week and a half then they started laying again and i comenamic that there is neither low on a in the food because or chickens were their fathers in the fall they were really losing their father's bed we started throwing in some sunflower seeds the black oil and we are wet through that and without and the cargodore fathers be and then the spot but they stopped lying in about october and were i to go back to the thing that there is a there's a hot an article that came off the word showing yesterday about the and there on the he we will not that get that out there and are up or corporate are lovely corpse poems a chart of love and companies that one and i implored oroondates oh you've got at dampness sleacian dead summer in michigan and they hold the pain a premium for every single drop of water than pulling down that same hines craft hides is got a great big presence and honest ah jonsonjohnson i montalese i'm not familiar with that company and i'll general mills general mills are familiar with in and mrs cellos calesas a belle and he so when you start looking at all these companies that provide the majority their protest we got to prove yes he and are you here in talking about the man that i had up there the other day came here here on the news why this is an egg shorepartly the hands are now identified as roosters so they look out so i to get up to the this other on this other source that i have is called poisoning or and and i think that that this is this is really as first of all they have rector political i don't hate you guys that i am about sick political right now so much was just old crow and and you you can listen to people and who is telling the truth probably none upon and because every one's post you know and i shall mejust how how absolute corruption as is its incredit so here i go i'm going to i'm going to throw this out is there his eye i found i found this article an i got upon baselhis sang off every day you know and i think this is expansion of what we've been talking about because a if this is not a single prong attack of the have on is a multimulti pronged so in i think it you know we been talkin bout chickens we can't go that were poison we can horses that were the bone after good after all sorts i don't know if it's because it's an experiment or what we got going on here but oh the first name on the list is care and when we were when we were a look on it the regulator regulatory mass but you get down into this further he on carnal let me see that give and on an omanago one look at but with less talk amongst his soles on then it now i'll find the articles there is a new besides the child labor rushing out of it love in these pokeron and there on men at well well we start talk and here definitely something we need explore in this particular blow follows all the poisonings are and there's a brook that i purchased several years ago called food die for food pets did and on for people who are what i call cable feeders feed a cable and excreted baked product and from a manufacturer oh if you're not sure what's in that maybe you don't want to know food pet die for we open your eyes to what's in there think it's been a while since i read it they might be talking about the on the in assisi drugs been found in food but that might have better it in prior to that news coming out so basically when animals are put down chemically ah and they end up into the foods we don't really know exactly what how that effect to that kind of a scary thought am you don't know but a lot of people are turning away from feeding manufactures and there's another couple of books i recommend if you're you're new to this you want to know how to do it ah good caring a riveter and petit give you more of vice but there's a lot of different ways to pine a or what i call for prepared because you can cook i emotoo does not have to be wrong ah doctor richard pippin he it a i r m peter as a book you can get it oh probably barnes and nobler anywhere it's a paper back an he had multiple publishings i have heard that he has a vegetarian recipe in there which is precisely but um he goes through the mounts of proteins and other vitamins and insufficient and what kind of meats produce what amounts and all of the details so people who are really detailed oriented in one to learn how to do it herself themselves really learn from him but he also has released simple and i really liked the healthy powder recipe you can also look that up and get it on mine doctor pick richard pitcairns holthoir you can you can buy the products from your local help food store and you can put that together and add it to your civil while you're researching added to whatever your feeding and increased as the nutritional value right there ah my you've really got to know almost the accounts were when your feeding animals e or something you know we look at the protein content the sugar content of for while there are body without a bit no you know all you got to give this much by it and in such well fit and become levels and you can like her falling out the sail its great if only to and as some of some of the somatic ingredient nonsense is exactly what it is it's nonsense to sole product rather than creating a balanced i'm for for any of your animals and i think that if the chickens not laying eggs and having a prompt mother's reason why they call it a canarian the coal mine because the birds are going to be the first considerthat he gon o col an us there if there's if there's a problem because they're fragile even used on a lot of cleaners around chicken the aerosolized particles will wreck so all these so that that we that we know because we were in a farming since ah the average per and when even now she would he not a question i had one that the big thing i don't know if you seen his caron but i have is that a there warning people go about backyard when at nonsense you know you got everybody's got all these he got a lot of people at birds payear you've got the sense he and you're going to get a bird flew you're going to get burned flew it's going to be it's going to be brought i don't i'm not put any suit really no proof they can say what ever they we have no proof and we know that there all a bunch of linen so why were we in world war too they were encouraging everyone two chickens in your yard to have don't they there's all these myths about in are quiet the roosters are loved but hans himself that they you know they've got a noise that they make when they lay an egg but these are pretty quiet there there there less bless master easierthere than a dog comparatively quieter than a rooster coronation held an i tell you what i'd eveset of mid afternoon naps said some handweapon and i was like you're the next changes to heritagethrowing with their backs for no reason you like you're not a rooster where you make a noise but with the announcement of the egg that's being la that's what it is more notenearly either or a tender there are we had speckled sussex which as the breed of chicken and they are the noisiest most annoying sounding chickens that we've ever had there not as beds gentes nor we not i hope not giving an please smokestacks are beautiful birds i really liked their color pattern there kind of camoflage looking red with speckles all over him and the second year when they are moulded and got there white spots they got more little white speckles all over men they were so pretty but the thing to come out they have something to complain about as like oneall the time so antipathetic on the breed too answer watched on the while people of lot of people are alone surround and the military anything unusual they won't be like a later letter of and they start they start on and you can hear their different he calls to give a happy call but they also have a and now for hack are you call and then they'll go check it out then they will the sun solewe have like fourteen and if they won't let him out in the winter time so much he is no busted he lives sacraments but they will go check out any one and it's like what you have a flock of them de sinon you even more athenatians gift fried out and ottilie onelike the genesis i no like you karens right above having something that complaint about when you come out i had up to seventy two hands at one point time and the free range and then that morning you'd come out there and all such youthose enty little the packs of this ricashembras with too where's the food and if he didn't have any heaven forbid he tried to make it to the careworn chickiddy that's the there i could get away from what as her here on the pages spades the orion this on this we and i think this is worth everybody looking at because of the fact that we do of their were there screwing round with all these as uncompanied a coronet the scorner food are right on their paths feed the animals is coming through in to us on sorry i am going to be the one to say it what they eat you are is i think one of the biggest problems we have gone on right now with all the allergies and the nonsense going with an the round up for the round up the he put on as think about this i have lots of questions i always hear the answer is that i have lost or once later he so when you look at say like wheat and how many weak glue alleges that there are out he why this all of a sudden start happening at a sort i don't think it's the gluten i think it's i think it may be the guideposts sir don peon that crops when the harvest they generally hit it with hit it with the round up right before of the gloves on washademoak or going to come here and say oh no she's talked about our demise and the face now merged with bear which was one that made all the poison gases and world war this well my prom with that is is there done macklehose on the product to before they have and so if anybody thinks it were not getting the glades in massive amounts from the the cord and the soybeans and all this that there not thinking it through and also here's cargil so carloman's recalled while equine pete high levels a flat a flat and now send a four southern states brands now i started with going through there is a town of horse that are being effected a lo so there you go there got it pointed at as and that's a etym earthen arthurians ah ah she orderly here and this which one that is his their talk and involved tractor supplied histricos supplies as you know mostly it's owned by the big a criminals vanguard black rocks capons seas an animal see bath thereof of michigan and intersecion filed a class action horton in illinois bass arthur daniel's mene of knowingly marking a prod of things flores a facility as using other cross combined in in legal and ive known as monson highly pose this is one so man in tell you what start questioning these things because ah it's not it's never one thing it's like the show is one while there while they're doing something else a bad or worse so an then we have been talking about it take about us a biteable to slaughter horses in the us in out think they're going to get hornfirth so here's period at now currying which is the one that it was sullied of the chicken feed to double levelled elevated copper come on purring you know they should know better than this they don't they these the corporations do not make mistakes like thus i refused to believe that they make is a which means it leaves you with what only one other action there either experiment without unlike that the alleged an there are my the same when you grow up the few chain for not so we've got hardy animal is satire of magasin or national one for repurposing row materials such il oils so and strogelen pass asides don't when anne now their very lesson after lee horse feed kills thirty horses more permanent dam stineli another such lampoons of the animals on this website along with these terrible article well it's kind o nice ease to take all the bad news or least seen right like when i had the college when animals in a horse teshmeneff tully come like and i distributed within the state of and in these the less goes on and on and on and on i used to support cargill but i didn't work on any of their animal nutrition products or any other feed some step like that interestingly the company that i supported that that animal food lines a not only an eclipied but companioning animals which are your house pets but the poultry lines as well it was actually a form as sonccon that half basically a whole patline and they were looking for particular people to work in that department in bringing that product of to mark and what of the hardest positions that they were looking to fill whisper a person who was a pharmacist some one who was used to in collecting drag data and then conveying that drug date at the public and this person who was a pharmacist also needed a half like a doctorate in veterinary medicine a dev so they were looking for somebody who was not only a veterinarian but some one who was articulate and capable of crafting oh the like those days his sheets and the warnings and the health advisers to give out and every single one of these nutrition based veterinarians that were also kind of a forest it worships to be going out to all of these farms and all these farm sites and basically monitoring the animals and then reporting back on how the different drugs that they developed to add into the animal feeds were impacting all of the different herts or from growth a health or to all these is it really interesting to think that although you see purina or car gillore inowthe man and use the manufacture behind them they have these strok companies letter developing basically super foods from the paths its for feeding the people and wantonings developed fast as possible and the ability to go directly to market the free our house pets he recognized the the depth of the financial market if you will is a multi billion dollar industry and it is growing and growing and growing and so i just recently i saw the pet health care i companyamerican don't even have help insurance yet you can go out there by some heath insurance for your daughter your cat so are your horse that's a bit bensiende i do it no packing to bind the food with the medical industry they're just as if the animals are moving up the the latter to be equal to humans and the country to where they get all that same respect that everybody of some specialty group would demand well and not only that it's like they they don't care they don't care about the genders they don't care about the race they don't care about animals the segment like a market or and look at how they can make the most money off of segmenting the market and that's exactly what he silas looking that the dates on this that i find really no important that though the last article down that i curled down to two thousand for his son as a night may have nineteen theres a there's regulatory messance from october twenty gives words largest put food in re caught using child waters go that one of the this is got a long his so passed all of that's what i'm seeing is that this stock pass all of us he trusted he in the government or he or any of his sash i'm not buying it in in or its slapeland or if they we know of political parties who knows he can't trust them the gander just like you know the whole thing with a with a chicken sayingthe you know that were asters i mean is kind o funnybut i said in the it it is what is biology and and i'm just going to you know understand to say right now i am honestly when when a guide dresses up these i am a woman you know what yet another bring us out of your senses can ruffle some flip others and i'm going to say good i hope it does roughly your but is a woman was a woman who is first cold ain't real children a maginary children but actual real cold and i in my home birth a guide dress up is it one angin a woman how are you how do you are the getting away with you know it's sort of like sir like wasted so many dress up in black and at all in the whole world loses over something or el but a god can dress up his woman were just supposed to suck it all shoo know what i don't want to hear about this in your plan or as up whatever you want because that's all it is like some of the nonsense with or it so good doheny background of mammon i got all kinds and i could put on a pair of she is an go to the god the tin thus orthis for right nobody there says everybody's excluded in less you're actually do you can't dress up this way nobody cared he fond with that it's not a bite but it isn't fact i'm sorry we're american american this is why why are to come here the great extent the melting of all these nations come together and get along and in come to each other's aid and and for religious and it's like the section people off in carnegie stop just being in america and somebody it's really it's really bothers so next time i see and next to me see somebody dress up a guide dress off like a girl and one claim be be women guess what they're going to get your old no potamitis is that when they they they dressed like a woman and they put on some sort of make up that supposed to be feminine but it's not and they do their hair and in a way that supposed to be feminine but it looks ridiculous because they're not and then they do this thing like the brush their hair a lot and they let their nails grow out long and so they they brushed their hair and then they you know flick their head a little ways and then you hither pastethat it mightn't care the riveter doing the ostatok but they they and then they be like in a certain way that they think that women are supposed sound like an i like idol know any women that sound like that you sold ridiculous you're in a category all your own you are not feminine that's not with that word means i don't think you understand what this word may a sorry is very care and then trying to make women say there in women women their salt women the way that some of us are a little more masculine and and he you know not that we're men but we're just you know what i mean the there's just but yet how often gender can have bothersome to say that i think i think ah ah what was it carobert somethe if you want to know what is like to birth the bay you know what she said put out stuff a bowling valloroso lip and try to pull it over the top of the bowling ball and see how that feels winterweisser hands around that you might hunderstand that you know is not nor is the normal at semicastrate tells me he's not really thinking about boy i wish i could learn what it's like topertoe the cassolette yes on the seasons i don't think i want to bowl any more either i like to actually you know i i i like being among my thought be in a monist ever in my life but i also don't have somebody try to pretend that they understand what did like when when there's no possible way i don't think that you know it's jus like thing with men you know whereshould pretend that i know what it's like to be a male and to see how i like my husband in mine my boy thinks differently then when and its supposed to be that way he now and in that's okay that that's a few words were it were man i leigoutte a moment he thethethe pet from one and i thought i covering up here your author what's his name doctor what doctor riche we mongongo find them later to all will get em images of all the books that i at the three of em that i i have segnalt of people too i am pick carpets on i r an it's a natural health or snaps i think as we called here i've got his screen up here there's some videos out there too and how to balance for making from home feed on scraps and that's another thing they don't really need a specialized diet the heathen whom when one to say was the trust in the labels is as like the blind trust the people give the mainstream media so normally people get a pet they go well i don't know to feed it well peering o that's a well known brand and while they been feeding dogs for years and years they probably know what they're doing so i'll buy that major brand they've marketed to to everybody even if you don't have a pet so if you get a ah a ferret not a less common you don't know what to feed the parrot but if a fair et but have purina has very good you're going to go with that because you know that name that's how he been trained all growing up and it's just like well i'll watch the knightly news because that's what everybody does cause we can trust them right it's the same kind of ridiculous but that's how we've been trained in new people have now we're doing as people are learning and by the way i shareyou two video yesterday for a michigan man to dent his research and feeds his flock a right of ingredients that he and his little girl mixed together and no kibbles sary no manufacture nests made in by some main labels from the fiend stores but still it's an improvement so like you were saying you almost have to be come up a chemist to feed one of the things that my vet told me once was if you give a variety you're probably got to do a lot better than the cable manufactured so if you're feeding she can one day and eggs and next day and venison or beef or rabbit next day you're going to circle around you're going to give them everything that they need and that's one of the things you can get out of pitcairn's piece you can address them for various types of ingredients and it's really handy don't be afraid because that's what they've done to you have to be of trade of doing it by yourself because you are not smart enough you let the you let the pharmacist can was talking about tell you what to feed your animal because you have to be a chemist to understand how it works or you can you can try to be as close to nature as possible you can learn as you go there recipes there's face but gropes there's probably local groups of people who get together and talk just about that you can learn a lot from a lot of different sources in a relatively amount of time and do ten times better than you would for the health of our animal and it doesn't necessarily cost very much more sometimes it does because the quality of ingredients are going to pick are going to be healthier than the quality of ingredients they're going to pick a guarantee and we can grow so many of those ingredients ourselves and that you know i mean that's that's the reality is that that you know this is another thing i would put a lot of time then to to be able to he grow their own food whether it's in an apartment or house or what you need to do to to actually feed your own families and in that the micro greens to me are the or the way to go you can you can have within about four to seven days you have enough you can grow a tremendous amount of mice owing to his another was really and your animals can feed that to now so if i if you got said yet now when with a the horse that we put down that we had put down a holland he was out of mash food the infancy in your feet as well as the as he lost part his intestines and such so for years week we always make up the special but he did better when he had greens and his diet that you can't get away from there there's something about cannot get in prose and the process foods are using things like our a when they used are manufactured citric acid that's grown on black mold ton of atites that are actually grown on mold because the moulds and amuse and it grows these products very very that though the one the the maner the disturbing part about that is the amount of inflammatory response that it has on our bodies and how much how much that change of diet really really does affect us but let's comeback to the glueing the gluten i'm not sure that it's not that that is not the life i i just posted in the chat and article i came across a french her to let me it was a change in the wheat itself so you have talked about you know how some of these things has happened are our plankinton have grown enough weak to support its current population so a scientist basically started work and on cross breeding different strange of weak trying to get it in kind of a shore or stock so i didn't blow over a firmer stock so it would survive the elements a stock that produced more heavily a on a shorter stock in a shorter growing cycle as well as wheat only gross based on its genetics and certain areas and conditions otso this scientist basically worked on finding on cross breeding a strain that would pretty much bloom and rung two times a year instead of a single season i produce more on a shorter stock and so it cannot like in order to get enough for duction out the quality is dropped and so i don't in no i can't say that's the case but this man at the in the sling that i posted the literally if he had not made these changes to the weak we wouldn't have the population on the planet that we have right now it yet now we have potentially a problem food supply because that increased population is in getting what they need more start in to see damage to those as a more sad or eaten this modified a week well let's go back to the tithe in offshoot from that too is that anything we we need oils in our body and here we have to have oil oils in well so little that more energy to girl okay so like flax seed and help are here very oil rice you know try to kill the hemp plant and it's got so many uses and not even in stthat are stronger than i and so you know you look at ole st really and i think you know the seventies when they went to the low fat die in or perching had to be low fat low fat low fat while the problem with addendas that's when we really started more heart disease and the cloistral issue going up well i don't believe that cluster on has any is any problem whatsoever i think is scratches of the inside of our veins and so of course are bodies going to put a patch and like i i believe i plied there about cans or i bellcancer is actually the bodies attempt at peace a bigger problem i really do i i don't think it's an accent is that they try to convince the but i i think it's our body actually try to do it ole and you know so so this oil thing because there because your modifying everything portoit grove his fat on health that's really what's going on instead of an oil an oil based diet with where the calories wore from the oils and in you're going to have better scan or hand have blessin and sir from it just because your body will be high grated thoroly from one from from an oil stand point now is the water stand point in the push water water water wad there not pushing the oils like avocado that's no maga three that's the anti inflammatory that you can get of the omaguas but they pushed the higher omegas the twelve and that's more of an ant inflammatory response rather than the rather than the actual i imagine that's probably true for your animals as well you said you gave her chickens to the sunflower the black oil sunflower seeds and they started producing again and her father scene back so it's probably the same thing in those foods too that the oils are being extracted out as beginning to hurt our health i think that's exivi really think that that's a good portion of it with the animals on with the animal feet is that they've got to have some oil in their din an evening at we are about a report on a third recop of oil on green every single and men are our horses there here and there you know the man and their fur is just amazing and grows it grows up nails i think it probably has a good deal of the reason why my here like i look a chief of hartright and it's like other girls like an inch of month it's because of high protein high oil that shot he takes to grow hair and sinking with the horses think logically he figured out you i got hivatal stood a buyin perennin with my grains and stopped frowned the chain stores like tractors supply or family farmin i found an ostrander it where they actually called from the peel the different crops of they put together seed oats that they rolled in their own machine corne ground himself and they both the different additives like copper selenium and all in all of the different vitamins and new trees and the basically blended their own animal food they were doing it for themselves in so they eventually had a mill that the public had common bit and when i switched over to the hoist my a production went through the roof i means i am in their mash isn't like it likely for he to as an example when you go get later matched from a curing a bag there already in the palaces there like glued together with some industrial thing to make pallets out of it where the hamish when you go get later mashed from them it's actually like macsomebody through grains and a blunder and drowned it all up in a comes out of the fluffy power i know little clouds coming around when you pour it out in like the layer as clue together like pellitory or wood so well i had won to give them the east that because we fed that before and might chickens don't like it they just very the week said intanto it all over the place and wasted he water and if you i like just missed a little at the aerocible that they will be she water as a as a glue the rather than races don't like they don't like the ground um ah grains and such the withal minerals in the they need to genoaindeed on a collision but like if your feet your own chickens eh this is this is something that i think any one could grow on you have food sovereignty and you have you have the right to fire me west any local and now lost sell for a lot of people if you if you have in it you can get it you i can do that and check your check with him i'll say it now for for legal reasons but pretty much i know that that right to farming supersedes all they can't and besides as consent and they can't stop you from here and there's a chicken that want in court and our area the that i actually want in court for the city of holland that had the right to belong and hollins hilarius of chicken on for all of you and in town and i i think i've got to make my process fois plot in small gardens that i can oh how to in one and grow crops and what it really takes to maximize your noofoors in classes on its pitoponkano some micro green growing and sprouting in these so that we can look how to do some of these older methods made canning may be free trinitate maybe i'll get into a dehydrating as such a soul easy so easy and the i do think that for a person who is going to get water two or three and your toe the honesty is let the best way to do this get a cage that pick up and move is a cotton your cleaning it moves into new grassy areas so that they felt at the red they longed and now of the pick the bolson so they have a way like in the winter in michigan he got to get more in the land and then the wind and the out cold as long as they've got enough fathers they just themselves up in the pile and and ward there there out there out in all the weather and and they don't how to keepe but if ever person wants to set for if there's a small and closure that this may be even something for by six or four by four by six or four by its mentionedthat he gets me in one just take that much so even he had something left like three by four that's enough for and not to run around in there give a few per and something to get out of the out of the a the wind and the rain in such o is pick that poppot every two or three days and move it move it next to where they are in rake up the rake of where they were he you're going to your fertilizing your grass they're not going to destroy your grass or your yard what's soever it just to grow about and then and then oh you cut down on the mount the them in their oxogenous my coronet from the grand i really do believe god provides anything and everything we period and these we discarded go with with what he puts out there for us and you know in regard to the calcium inches it was thought that they need that calcium for that to make the eggs and they actually did a scientific experiment to see how much impact then taking calcium into their diet in fact of the quality of their eggs and i actually read the inanest dent report oh the study and the fire literally gave no calcium they made sure that these chickens had no consumin their diet they still managed to produce calcium in their eggs and so they thought that thou chest the weirdness so they went about trying to figure out what happened and how it how it's done but apparently the bird itself if they take up enough silicon dioxide sand which in other constantly cracking into the ground of the anatole somehow they actually convert when they collect enough silicon dioxide they metabolizes it somehow in converted with some other chemical within their body in the being calcium so i i i was born away i mean the thought that somehow some way of living thing actually created calsia without being given any cholceh it is lord me coming that it was only now i learned within the last year or two can you find it in an article on that poseidon the chant now put up because they are the eggs back to the chicken eggs hole and to throughyesalone or any of your vegetables that or not use how even like i do microbes thus late to this as onasioto that use of all of us not care something like that you you want to have a rare reheat a cost money but if you can do it on a selected your an a lot better had on we use that and all got to have at that point to and as a low but a water or maybe i will bet hydroprogne just to say on the he started and fairly easy to do and extraordinarily held what would your finer chickens right now came right now actually still on the track or supply no it but we're exploring eh that you two videotaped a dog to not in friend about it and she already she shared it with me so she said she alredy talked about it with another friend and there they're going around and soaring from local the local area did determine the cock and where's the best source for the ingredients is it more financially feasible or how much more to the cost to do that kind of diet it's something that were new to separate now or still feeding kill we have fed the homage match like i said with the chickens were wasting it so much as now i crumble of thereto in get get hold of that what we went to a mixture of for on sloane the others this noon that did a very aethici shared it in your track or ah headed break down on all the protein amounts then all the ingredients and added them up in it was just over sixteen and plaster post lincoln the chat right now we were on an authrhopon it might kick me out of the stream yard at if i go looking for it right now and he's gone that in the past but i can i can definitely give it to you later and you could share again it's kind o cold the kes just to guy you know he's just one of us anybody didn't he did his home work and he also detailed like why he chose not to include lentils cause initially he was con odo that and he did lireach her chin an ingredient heard some things that made him uncomfortable so that from the recipe and on its cantoke radio too cause he's got a little girl and she stirs up the food and it's nice to show that the dorcas can get involved in this and think it's fun to feed your animals in a healthy way you know i appreciated that aspect to that little gate think it's about ten minutes long but it's a good one but in lopepe harold oh yeah you know the whole process that's it listens an interesting thing about chickens if you start when they're very young you you're going to have to introduce it to the children with the idea of that oh they're not going to live forever these are these can be set we can name some of ours but we don't keep them forever and sometimes when we utter the meat birds we butcher the lang hens the older ones then art very prodoocin more because we can only keep so much and afford to beat them so i produce a life stock animal needs to be product and it means their life has a terminal you know you have to end it at some point and start over with some some new animals so that they can be productive to little different than pet sometimes we let them grow older because we like a certain personality ah but when there are food producer that's their primary role and that's a lesson for children and he kidded grown up on the farm has it that we've talked before has a much better idea about the cycle of life and death how to make that easier when we were raising rabbits am for meat we had to research how too how to end their lives in a human way be frank about it when you raise an animal specifically for me and you don't want some one else to end their life you have to research how to do that he may ly yours some people can't handle it and others like us we learned how we oh there's more than one way to do it but how can we do it fully and as he mainly as possible which means as quick and painless for the animal whose post and with our own animals an we work as a team to do the whole process ah especially with the meat bird because we have that means it's a productive day we have to work as a team in order to do it efficiently but when it comes to grab in the bird's sidethe pen that's my job does my hosannas a man he will go in and say who's next to wit i go in very quietly and calmly and i let them see that the bird that i have in my arms he say now let the leave squawk in making the house so everybody can relax and then they'll show them around the yard a little bed there's an it's a moment where the stress of the animal needs to diminished that that is what i want for that lastday of our not i know that that is not how the manufacturers not in on a larger scale at a stressful day that stressful time an island in the less erosion what do we onesidenote that way are eaten on stress for one seen wanderoo are or tressonciers i don't you're here you're funny yet ah you're funny the way the well the costers with this canteen the pan and where we how do you say it and be going to depart he executes a trying to be nice for the sensitive loiters well i think ottenendo it right next to the other ones because we don't want a free come out if we can help it so why in walking that distance and waiting for the next turn cause he might be busy with another step why not why not give the bird of you the and they haven't seen before talked to homolobi settles some to i can afford with the that emotional the in effect the arching his how many people do not know that that meet the there eating that some one is going to have to and or that really look an act now that that's why one of the hash a round and that i had some and i said oh this one's name is soup this ones kept atory this so we name and when they hatched out because i wanted him to know that the life se and honestly too my kids are goosaens they they got a cache to the and the they they won't they won't get it i'm a venture like in an i'm okay with his but now for how th reasons is why i went to but but all of those things people have come to terms of the fact squawking about furs and people wearing for in that sort of thing well all right guys what i see is a what are you what are your bolts made out of what your leather coats made it so your in animals to where these and that that thou he do not how many people don't even know oh now comes from a cow they not the don'teven make that and like a really kind host that they don't even know eating or where it comes from but that's what we're here peace poenitet hopefully we can encourage people to do them the back yard chicken it is it is actually very very easy all i have to say is if you are michigan make sure you have the heated water of the little foot on you don't and long apples like you have with a cane pigs o that in the water himself and you don't have to worry about frozen waters that's so that's stepson the in waters s time out and after it like you cannot even and yet it these the ground cleaner and his son many things you can do in making some one got on an gin i had a do that something can do that on a smaller but he did start holding so there easy to move round and and or have a class i could be and telling her own power towels there and care you go or going assemble some theaters and one got teach how half chickens and have all supplies there and wail you go home with coke and all the gods and we get the hard way with the rubber bowls oh that's a real in as hard way yet it is on hardway what i have my husband do it whatso oh we have not for our chickens a gallon sized bowl oh it may or may not be enough for one day yesterday i went out with another a warm gallon jug and refilled it for him in the afternoon and that was fine when it gets really really cold am late i like the domitii st don't have to break ice in the morning but for the rabbits it's another thing too eh i got three half gallon holds the busy out of form and it's kind of a pain but rain that's why i don't have kits in the winter because i don't like bussout the water bowls but the dorsolaterad to put way to his work into this carinates er on yourself what's the oocatee are for our location and the situation and set of it it's what will expose but for the goats we did but we have a long line that goes all of all electricity that goes all the way out there and we have a warmer in the bottom of the water bucket and that's been faint i tell you i tell you what i have to do this but in keeping these down to one hour the sweet and what be able to something you know have some time to some town down in i get rid of my a snowy glow on my face on every word so at any rate i you have somebody that you want to pray for and are of our neighbour here greg i still want to on and radiation fairly serious she and for green and his wife cherry that would rule really be nice to the nicest people you over wanted me we went out with a master don the bolt and i can't i can say that i i don't know if i've ever just as generous and nice a real is any one you ever on imitates you could all meet enamiinta and a very solid cast they lived which i always are when some action lives her face and it is inspiring and you had somebody else so pray for to to take there my niece ah didn't ready to have a baby and they tried in do senhor ah that's not going so well so they might have to do as she secondthat are yes well cold process of its notes socrate thereotherwise whitestones some thou so can your friend that had the he replaced the how she do they kept her a hospital for a few extra days to make sure they got a good antibiotic regiment to cut down on the infection problems a i think they created in the past come back on monday and so she is in the house good spirits healthy not able to move yet you know canities of not being able to walk or relapse more dealing with that stress of staring at the same four walls niven being able to get up and go to the he had of about which he had the spirit of god the family to an all right well let's go ahead and close it out here and then we'll do some last words all right dear have the father thank you so much for bringing us together and we can stand his name and friends and your children with each other and enjoy the good things in life as we pray for her age and terry reestit you with heel or any to the point where there is no evidence of anything in his line that ever was his there is nothing there healing is so cold and miraculous that every one gives you the glory for and you for the human of cones sprang who have the himreasoning that she's back home again that vie with her her a daughter in her family and that's what we all want what to be with those that we love and were thankful for every one around usthe he cares and asked that you and how her and her one she would that ye that you would move things along so that she would not have to have section b sanottiin on the body to we asked the situation of corn round and that the babies healthy that she's healthy and that everything goes very well thank you for every one out there we know that everybody has something on her mind and i struggled in the dealing with every one does there is no one that has no struggles in their life and no challenges and and even thank you for the challenge is in struggles that you in the stronger and in all those things we know that you're here with us it's a beautiful thing to walk through this life and walk with and we are thankful the friendship thankful for provision were thankful for you leaving us out of all forms of disease and aloneness and sadness and cap teneyawe can walk with you and the gloriousness of your presence and all thank you for bringing us together i has to you and help every single person not there walk in a closer walk with you that you would continue in a continually bring us back to your word as the measure of all things in our lives and that we would have open hearts and open doors to our neighbors and friends or families around us knowing that you are building or community and to a wonderful poor live who will stand through all things to your grace and your we we loved then i so very much and thankful for everything you done for though christ on the cross the i sollerets tones not wearing flannel no i'm not on i did not locate with lash and now came a class i got i've got some progress eptres around here but has to get a poem he rothenthal be right can flash so as in any last quick words are i'm not known for the lack quick work so i know terebinthin go to brenburg not come that no i have not conceding the election going forward with gusto and bravery and honour trying to fight onything that is unjust going forward and erinoslav you god bless you her hands god glassglass all those whom you love and god bless her is it a really great day to day and then to that god is in control no matter what we see no matter that what we what we hear trust in god every single day only one who is all the time and always got he is the only one that's were dealing in a very very ah can oust we've got a lot of people lying in to us we have a lot of people and things that are not true and leaving us a strangling our childrens we focus solely on god knowing that god is always good and always does we can look at things and say well well well that's it but we're not we're not that in the far on any of it everything is going a multitude of dr the one thing we do know is that god is in control and he is old he always for your trust in him and walking this dam and banter in the ophidon smiled through it and so he says going to be ere his god will take every single thing and turn it as something beautiful so we know that we can count on that so i have a wonderful day enjoy your day tell everybody you know that you love me and look for opportunities to make on the people's lives about eplace and you will make me i have great day they looked loved i can best