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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 6/22/2023 - Breaking News - Election Press Conference in Lansing

Published June 22, 2023, 11:07 a.m.

Breaking News - join me live in Lansing at 10:45am! Press Conference in Lansing - Attorney General is having a press conference at 11:00am concerning their investigation of election signatures. I will be doing a live broadcast of the press conference and commentary on the outcome. The fight is still ongoing to restore our election integrity. We will continue the fight until justice is served. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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not here first you see it nowhere else smiled down on each is one it motivated i do not but ready watching brandenburg news in that work thursday june twenty second revenoit press conference the michigan capital attorney general office on so she's rerecording for a couple minutes now probably just been talking to myself a rat ringenberg news network press conference turning generals office and again look like she's trying owing as obsolete king and right well womenbathing you for her being here to day ah as you already know say we are analysing forges filed pursuant our investigations and in to be fraudulent signature petitions compelled bodincomagus hernician during the two and rineheart ay ay he permits chief apetitith mood i coold bureau sheath friend aspheterising who is having cases is pastand oferdyre is our chief of our investigation it is on in michigan candidates for state and federal office most egotistic on number of ballads signatures of registered voters in the state or county or district that your obiections and within the decinerescat and this measure requires candidates demonstrate that they have a significant basis as evidenced by their ability to obtain the requisite number of odors whispered their candidacy and the grass roots supported two colect the number of signatures for the financial support to detracted business it is so for down and this is no small undertaking nor is it lamention requires the deal of money the field sat for a service provider to place signatures and just as importantly since validated he ocentasit of the police signatures in this way michigan limits the field of canadas for our elected opposites that only those with demonstrated broad support and the capacity of land and this is especially important for a state wide office and in this case the highest constitutional alter in state michigan during this twenty twenty two lessons sicle the bar was set at fifteen thousand pallid signatures mode alfy the ballot erstwhile ancus it was a recent reduction from the previous threshold we shociety thousand mimember in the scraggling his from my between in the election cycle is as the changedonce from thirty thousand nineteenthousand madigan the members that but i so for a desert get and probate courts in idle and opening counties that ressaldar thousand so to this end most campaigns will seek in contract with venders a business and itis that served as experts on signature collection and validation sitefilled this essential onction and these businessdinna on the work or large sums of money epicampes pothecary go it requires a large operation in oversightsome to his shore at the signatures are balanuses satisfied the ballot legibility the parents we know how rates pinesses pervert the process and commit outright for i and forgery and going so swindled her clients out of tantereen hundreds of thousands of dollars he's bad actors must be held a countable and it came the criminal penalties should be singingand you want me here to ounce is that some i under arrest and rested yesterday mistrowen and jeanie wilmot could hit i hover arrested yesterday he will be a rein before the thirty seven district coriander defendants will breed has not yet been taken into custumarias are out there looking for him fondness he mastered he turned in her himselfperfectly as possible i am well say that i said well let me effectedconditions of his find to papeis naturehimself and i soon without lethality on this you know is at this point it is one the accusations are not for these three individuals that they defrauded the govenatore campaigns of therejansen sans prag at branford michael brown rinkeli and mikolka well as usual candidates the air he and john michael and the charges ledge that shine well and jemmie womboin i also will read committed crimes as part of a criminal conspiracy they will each face eight pounds of as pretenses counts of use of the computer dicitore accounts of election law fraud and one count of conducting criminal and prise she will not think and tolerable each additionally paste one count of artificers and other count of using computer to commit a crime shoneghostly cherished as a isolation third relieve these de tinens inducted criminal and replies be three business and space first choice else that douglass elise and petitions read else which defendants either on or worked for even his presented his businesses as providing the chiromancist gathering services litical campaigns rally vines through their companies noddingly and falsely miss represented there billy and ultimately their efforts to deliver nominating petition sinatures or knowing chincapins who paid hundreds of thousands of dollars or petitions with guaranteed ballad odor signature when the angle received them were hundreds of petitions chockful of thousands of fraudulent signature signatures and even knew to be fraught and these signatures ran began but from merely suspicious looking so flagrant forgery despite the obvious deficiencies and the position in dienstleiter them said the candidate no way if they were going to be submitted to the michigan girl election it is a direct resulted this fried seven kinds seven in the candidates were disqualified from the ballot one of the candidates and discovered the frog in decided not to submit that to the girl lections harness usenever seven under a thousand dollars in payments from the nine campaigns that were paid to these entities or signature gladstone and berfection one most isis with the explicit expectation on an in eateese cified lenity raised now the ongatons are that shown wilmot semibedridden and will breed knowingly and intentionally to see their pins that their money but in abcented petition signatures and deliberate donas the alty product of their company doing so they illuminated their clients campaign prospects for public office and in doing so denied michigan goldesby ability or opportunity to vote for any of these candidates some of whom i been campaigning for over a year for these posts in an ancient of the dependents cost five peoplethere candidates there five of the ballot as they sought the republican nomination for seeds and likewise he crossed three none person judicial candace arability to appear on the ballot open ammanuti's seven in his candidates were dispelled by the august twenty twenty two primary vallet de to insufficient studenters that nine candidates a six cangeford and forgotten rincelles with assipitti and after paying it defended fifteen thousand dollars he received absolutely nothing for his money zero signatures in fact while only the candidates who were deceived and subjected to prove were victims of the defense so you are mines of registered michigan volkers whether the ultimately cast their bolt elinore blican primary or not and he asked many of these are andsecretlyin about save with their aspiracin st our democracy and against the integrity of our system of elections against those voters whom he may have wanted to support these perspective cadets ernest easton began with miss importentest referred this paste of my partment yourelection received thousands of signatures from the victim campaigns in quickly concluded signatures were fraudulent as highlighted by both national and state media see here in a candle of some of the obvious pride that the bureau found as in he can ring samples are the tints of avis prather right dentified included in his felt mansionsit is similar in crumple signatures address errors odors he had moved and sometimes even me at the signatures of the seas folders marmansgrave assayer the matter to decline between general began our investigation sentent twenty throughout the correspondent gate when he spoke the candidates and representatives of their accompaigns is necessitates or employees of this three prendessero in the field of signature gathering at sir efforts and election cases he evidenced very clearly demonstrates that defendants almost on the inaniter all aware of and therectly responsible for the forge for product provided to the campaign which they knew what ultimately be filed the michigan department of state is the girl of let signatures contain and many of the petitions for obvious orders methods used to disguise the kine were soft march and transparent still we can take comfort and have faith in the purity and integrity of our elections no ing at the bureau of elections so quickly and easily detected fraud well it was certainly unfortunate but the candidates who were taken of vantage of these petitions were appropriately and summarily rejected no long horse made in sesherner with in how you hard work of art masticators a prospectors in a long course padoncaster with to secure their rest i am very confident these events will be held accountable for their actions and that they are likely to pay a very steep price the crimes that are less and at that i know i like to think o my investigators on in case income especially oblongs and hand former and especially spitalthor tirelessly on this case and i'd really like the bank and allen f and where sir signed sisting england also perishes and one thing passoires acquirement but was obstrepere handed shot will not and jamie women dining i and also if you use marshalseie asperities in he locates wildred in when he is located we will begin the process of extraditing characterher to michigan on hoohaehae in short order i'm for episode like to take a moment she cast active political candidates and their step for that your anders well into the people in campaigns you are trusting with the vital elements of your campaign with the many thousands of dollars you and your donors have pledged all there are many legitimate businesses and consults here are also bad actors drorignes and prasters in any and every arena where large sums of money are being put lepage little bull campaigns is public and regulated as they may be are no exception and charges in or discussing here to day i should be a clear warning sign to all who seek these servisses either as a candidate is a consulting a word a proponent of a ballet proposal you must be the necessary time and effort to do your do diligence and researches forms his peak candidates were consultants that they had previously worked for a night very much believe had the victims in these cases where their campaigns properly that did these renders the likely never would have hired these dependents or their forms in the first place so noble were present for money or reputation your little turner believe that michigan should view this as the cautionary tale as to widening better hence from the loss of the glosses proteins the sitaeresion for candide from helios now other saints were quite her petitions signature gatherers bee registered voters that stays ah some preclude people with previous convictions a from acting his canvassers i certainly am been convicted only he and fencesfloral or lacedomonians might toss on to consider requiring canvassers to be registered with the state here that soon as sergestion forms being likes and bodetthere are things that we can give no haveopportunities fast these generalised concerns with the sorcery state jostlement son it senator caremost of elections and ethics comensed as well as with the representatives arinbiorn rites committees in the house and he say that each of these officials is open to and very interested in legislation how protect our state i believe activities like those that are alleged in those icemaking every effort to learn on his investigation in order to insure never happens a gang or at least to make it much more difficult for bad actors soarin our state free are in fair election is predicated on every one in all coiterus and i clearly did not happen in the adiceris ances lesions to athens of the three defendants that referred to to day so fully a islesin initials or held accountable but also hoped the state of nithing will make efforts to ensure that nothing like this ever versagen and with that unhappy they in how or what your vise discovered in release antigone kitchen take inches twining stopped old worm to they have people doing that what we do well when you say whether or not it's the bread i will say this in it's not just that when it came to the final product we believe that these defendants acts solutely knew that they was submitting forgeries to these campaigns but we believe that they should have known when they took these fins on in the first place that what they were bowing to do with he had contracted for it was the first old impossibility and when he said from his erect you have five candidates for her the office of doctor e e prospective signature somehowas designs petitions canondesago so how are you getting get asteronotus number of individuals that you have to find and with bold proposes an onobusates rigularly aside as certainly in the twenty points you will action you might have a a a person whose gathering signatures were boldness carried five different proposals and they can do that and they can have a one person in signal three four five six of those in this nothing legal about that however when you talking about i can't hit for governor or any other office at one person can only put one agonising one of those and these firms had to know that when they were taking these clients on it and what we aliveandand is that you know this was is irresistible to people who wanted to commit fraud because we got to the point where these sinister lesson firms were now being paid nine ten eleven twelve dollars per son entre and then again there is nothing that stas he signature glechon forms forecaring people that convicted felons who really are incentives with that point right of every side to get as many signatures as possible and then force the have to have a beneaththe process when it comes to ensuring the validity of these signatures and it is no ardennoise that these three individuals absolutely knew that what they were receiving were reformateurs they encouraged that to happen and that he made no effort to warn the campaigns ordinate those signatures which they knew to be fraudulent before they passed them along to the campaigns no way exactly what the campaigns were conduit that which was worse to submit them to the bureau of lections you believe selves why he or were not rolling hat out hangsthe investigation is not going he is in the three principal actors for esther postigo panetelos and these are the ones that for his street in every thing there certainly are her lesser offenders who also committed crimes are investigation is not concluded at enewetakmarshall are charged in some of them be serves witnesses and with that was reimporting because these a signature collections inflectionfor that are bad actors i know they often will toofrom state to state it will frequently dissolve whatever there is eisenmenger as a entandre into a new election cycle without his very important that first of all eetteriaaltoihin and incidently beans with you is he rapturous here without side to day don't to make sure that will putting a lasandoli e so that we don't escandaloso that to happen sooner rather than later so yes i could have waited until we had you know charged and apprehended every single one of the the sinister collectors a weight was most important that we conclude the investigation as it pertained to the worst actor i who in what for that none o the in sorry none of his words do you think that all three of these people are our michigan resident the smash most and to speed is not in these but they all three you are in love in his again we were told that the attorney general officer that secretary state knew that they were problems with the signatures senseare and personally i didn't find out about it till may twenty three i am concerned that there weren't either was an advance notice not just for the candidates cause we could have collected different signatures if the secretary of state's office had acted quicker because this is a it's a threatenin security and why i'd like to know in the future world to be any notification so that its assets the candidates it was the against all the mission and voters for not finding out about this soon enough and we were pretty much i was pretty much ashausen the world law wasn't followed we had no there was no charges or anything and i'd like to know how that's going to be handled in the future so let there's no more people than he victimized by the i see now has to be questionfor miching departmentsay the bureau of lessons we don't even get this untilit's woodford to our office as a criminal investigation so we received it in song of twenty twenty two so and was questions would have the directed that ends or the you also sorry and i don't think i really understand your question to you retrace it may be has said he he over and he ended up has we didn't receive any complice but let me say that i am you know we believe that the others will show that there were ample opportunities i in terms of other campaigns nor in this the these particular defendants and their convicts were submitting a signatures at to agessinates were garbage i what happened is that some of the careless in their campaign committees just decided not to do some at all and did not submit them because they knew there was an issue with them i would say that there were poles some one into my speculation he informed his talking to me that the candidates and the committees i mean that so i can his foreshore of under the gun and that they didn't have much time and didst had to get these submitted his quickest possible and perhaps don't take the time maybe they didn't have his time too to propertythat them to ensure that there were no is used no forger is no nomeusi ious signatures and in others didn't have that that time in just now took these dependents at their word and can you know the guarantee that was made was that seventeen per cent of these are going to be accrington will be a part of evidence in this case likelythe he got up enter at their word that seventy per cent of those iron are going to be accurate a inhansing these what some of these candidates did but but others did take the time to review i and i think dominicis in showed that there was in fact that one sudivatandi date that is the ignited he met their signatures at all i just decided ly i guess i'm not going to be out in valley ohbecause i was so clear that there were some portraits he so in every single case where we have victims a who suffer financially on its upper financial losses we always ask for restitution to be part of any sense we will use to again here and even the we the canvas had fitted these what would the also what and the money well for the i i can't answer as you how the defendants spent there what i hold ill gotten gains am i i will say that no yes it is our belief that the way that some of these campaigns review the signatures and sowed their were obvious forgeries had all the champions had the opportunity to do that they probably would have seen the same thing i can't speak for whoever is working on this campaigner was conducting that review all i can say is that it was apparently obvious to the eye and obvious to are department when he looked at the and he soon as ours a that there were many many forgeries of ollersfeld often what he had the properly that eden and they had promising ossie i think that just coupling some of these individuals you would have seen things papa from other states one individual charges habitual offender for election on violations in another state and so in some desinences i think it would have been quite easy to ascertain that it was probably not a good choice for some day who was no part wondirly important funds billy again you know there are so many different people that you hid her during a course of a campionespecially state what candidate a i would say one of the most important is whoever is collecting our signatures because without them you know and i can make it on the out in first place now i'm sure this isn't the first election this has happened like fire in his mind the word is there reason why now it's more recognized or as his so horde is the sort of a process to find these or what it does get i essayhave mony a my suspicions this especulation but i will go ahead and spatulate anyway in we are like it is an for office in especially when you look at a in number of individuals that were running for governor and under banside on and antinous you know the number of people who have never run for office and there are some lessons learning i think by folks ones they run for office coletines or even once and you learn things that you really need to be careful about ah or concerns anything mustelo of these candidates got taken in because they were led with neophytesand they've never done this before and it ain't some of them privatly relied on consultants they had hiterdal them and another perhaps were isidorus to get peace signatures and at that the cheaper on the ballot i think that part of the reason that you sing so fries because he had so many candidates that were running in the first place in the gas when he candidates they didn't have the experience to know differently anything perhaps caseinates what are the reasons why i got so expensive persignar i had never seen you know signatures that now were so expensive and so i think it incentives the fraud cause there's a lot of money to be made when you were charging that much money per signature so i think it was one of the perfect storm for all of this soon in firstly shine in janiwary and secondly yes sedatine you have em a habitual offender i the amount of time to you can do this increased eyes resulted that in terms of the specific fences in which on desirelove them yeah i know but in my moose and right firstly outshouting the chronicle at her prie twenty year how many all pretense is a hundred thousand or more i is a twenty her twenty year pony possesess between fifty to a hundred thousand is often year follyas pretense is between twenty to fifty thousand larsson europe and using in puerto committed a crime is a the tenor polyandre is he there messer consecuto this not mentor that he concocted discretionary with the correct an election law forgery is pitiable year alesby conversion as for five year his right is ever in greeable to consecutive is not mandatory that its consecutive it's up to the judge shores discretion yet that each town can be consecutive to the other counts that run as the wonder miss earlier too of the defendants as oh and mister res not a mashie as manston these measure very do anonace it never penetentiaries at folkestone he has amagomori herenthage there is there can tolosato soothing biggest thing is that we were we were vindicated and that we were taken but there were other other questions than to start not answered that nobody's talking about like the fact they know if this is going on sensbach you can go into that and going to lost sigortcen go into the henteres of the problem and appeared to me more that they were defending the process rather than a critically looking at to saywithout problem with the process that we have and because it's not working so ungego some people worthinesses sons inthide in the life it oongooroo soigne yet this hint here s coveredheerutthe let's see it with saranoora into dry onostres wondering what he meanlook in love your publications i mind the way i am what i make of it i'm really glad that they did enough to show that there are so many criminals that are out there working in our elections for they didn't go far enough because there has been plenty of articles out there that there receded democrats who were working with some signature gathers and of the republicans that were paid signature gathers to not turn in signatures this is the real posenecks i don't think to conchologists round like downstairs out of the nothing that was okay so we're getting it here so there you go on true rains we're going to keep on lafenestre raids were so ganiselot because the younger cation isn't just for what happened there it's also it's the bigger process at large and i think we're going to sleep hammer in this because the process is not on which we rigoroso i think we're going to go through this step by step and point my pony with where i check i could never run you could never run a business that has this many canyon it for complete failure i mean go back to the point with sinton thousand my signatures miraculously the appear after i soanthe supreme court this was not this to this was so it was either attention it was gross snaggerroot er way bodadoes emery glad that this have bendthat to peel off the layers but i think that there's many many more layers to go on this and we describe the surf as silvering to keep going at this until we get every single question we have answered and every process work through until we get the answers and we have the elections that we want hangnation the editor one so etherealest happiness stancarns to diamines keep going and my happy their charges absolutely you know it's a i think that i think that if there's any if there are any problems are elections or any of a press this is an avowed you know this isn't about music candidate this is about every single one of us whose voice is worse silence because of of it processionwas and i'm going to come back to the point that the secretary or states office new there was a problem in march they never told us i never got warning i never got on the challenge in my signatures they basically avised me on on may twenty three and i had two days through days to put together to fence in fighting the turney to actually care to it so when i see that they can sit here and point all day want of the signore gatherers but the process has got so many so many cement that unless we deal with this as a whole were never going to have the thing straight now i could never run a copie with way that i seen this one you know and we we are there were people that said the signature gathers at fact that work for the state that said that the signature gathers that they used and they saw a lot of em so there was a lot of misleading going on in this whole this whole process and if a process can be hacked to this level the process is and so when when i hear that in when a hearer later eighteen aslepe and say that you know you got political you fights isn't this what america is about you should be able to run i should be led rivery body other should be able to run without having to dodge the garment like you know like fraud or on now get across the street and frogertha for the next card smash on the rod and knock out of the nakodo the game you know and cause that's exactly what it is and when i hear them say that the political neophytes were one that got knocked out well then i had no protection because basicthe the whole thing is set up for failure and only at their protecting the political class that is in this nation it is for protecting the people that are involved they have people coaching them through the sister they had people all were round and so when you look at the people that were that were there they had coaching staff they had all kinds of people around that were coaching them through this so if there is truly an outsider and i and i was you know i always hated politics i thought they were all a bunch of letters the and i still believe that and i'm not backing down on this when i say this is the girl rode there is not one of us that could conduct business the way that this state is conducting business without us getting in trouble for the things that they're doing they have completely if you look in you go back to the constitute they violated the so many violations of the constitution that happened in this state which is the highest law in the land and so are with that which they are you talking while you can you could go through and probably pick out of azilian names here and when you look at the violation of old office it's incredible and so if you like i bright a lot about it and i have written a lot on it and i haven't a names on thing so you know that's pretty easy find if you want to look it up but there there are there are the processes here are scot against lead the people and i'm very happy that they it's the first that because is like the first layer and i was really happy to hear that this is the beginning and that this is not the end of it so i'm hoping i'm praying to god the men this little omistajain this little gold rod held that we've got running this state is that it it becomes stream line you know i would support any one anywhere who wants to run for office in the state that's not a political inside do you believe the candidate any responsibility to onfonne don't even have access you have to follow the legal process to validate in the signatures it has to go back to the so she can have an opinion everybody can have an opinion but we hired that because the people alleged had access to the cub and in all the sort thing that we have access to and the processes if there's any question on any signatures it goes back to the local clerk for sportfor e comparison and i standing there on a board of elections meeting and i literally listened to this should be alarming to every single person out there i listened to a signature verifies he said is samsrahetuh board of elections astorthe fact i had no access to go in and heedthat because we were told it was closed we had no access to it but other people did he went in to the board of electionsno the sinecures because there was a challenge there and he said it right there in the meeting that they sent it to bankerian signatures that could already had which meant that they have information and our elections sitting in bangladesh that they were using to compare signatures against now doesn't the standard reason that that violates foreign interference in the elections there not voted its own prothoe thing is the problematic seasoningcoating answered to say no themanites do not have any responsibility we have so signaturethere no access to that's why i paid somebody who said they had access and would verify and deliver that it verified signatures that's why people do it because you i didn't want i hastly thought that i wanted a third party to be able to say yes in fact they were voted i don't figure anybody believe me in osoittivat a third you want it outside and in order to check and verify if it comes from it i mean that doesn't that's how you get account of ility you have to have oversight if any one you had access to it and had oversight to it it would have given us more protection than what we have right now if you overdevotion rothschildi did not i did not but i have the cat we as a contractual and obligation the contract was not fulfil and so i did not have any kind any interaction with the rod the contract knew what they were supposed to deliver and they did not deliver what they saw they were can you give us some insight into your process i mean her home dodecote approached you your thing you had to tietisin your own i mean how do you get in contact with the company like this and was there any sort of setting or was it being told by some one else this is the first idolater was somebody he went on and of course she loyolathe people around you and said you know to look to look through things and such and talking to people that are out there you know now being connected politically which is which is a big problem that means that only people within a system can in fact get in it stains and so you know we did talk me to do somebody nat we did talk around it we talked to people that we thought were insiders in the state that sad were with us in which seen a lot of this of their sect so that i have to go with some of them and this is another thing if there's no standard to hold people accountable and there's no platform to get really good information a work kind of off all sorted and the gold rio just continues as then as we really hasn't scullery you could you could you could find flaws if i went through this and it monothelite i would a come right if there's not one flaw here that was out there so much evidence out there there's the i just had i just had our colony oh are tohopeka went down there to get information on my voting rocker and they basely said that they got in and the letter from the board of elections the day before and said now to talk to anybody they took all of the evidence from our township in they sent it to the county and then the state we had to go to the board of elections it is if single process for the townships and the colonies to destroy a lection evidence and that she suggested we have nothing here except one gaseitsive and bring it back to the day i not just as to pay thing are you this is a big thing we can point is the one that there's a lot of problems no i mean there were almost eighty followers i give you any sort of solace that people are being held a guest i am i i think i think this is this was such a big deal to day to move things in the right direction to guarantee that every single of michigan citizen has their questions answered it feels that their vote counted it you know like i would support the i did it doesn't matter as long as the voice of re the people is heard i would support the outcome and get behind that candidate and to whatever it takes as first and foremost an american to make sure that the rights of all are defended and in this she seems to be a very good stepanitchhenceforth the torney general leslie this is not the end of the election that it's goin to continue and i hope that every single person who was guilty of financial crimes perhaps even treason in case i think that this is where he is going to go off it's fully fully investigated yobitsudohete like in other words for their able to want and you and the other candidates that ended he out for was just i will i can't i would be remiss in that trying to make a incessement of that you know i have my opinions on the course woltowe my opinion is as that of a from things i've heard there out there and such that that we have a lot of questions to ask and and i think it i think it requires i think it requires more investigation and who and what and why is this une party making it so hard for for true outsiders to get in because that that is truly it's truly happen don it's regulation you talk but more regulation regulation we can't even make the laws be half steps is there not following it no i never let him one of the campaigns to efforts so the intake divinethe i i would i think that it was mostly over the phone and such but i think there are there might have been some not answerthere i got there was some in clear what if anybody that persented for you yet i felt pretty confident of it he told me so called made to people that were you know on the inside so horsemen you can sit there and try to justify that there wasn't enough done but i may tell you what there's a lot of people out there that have been taken by criminal people and endless you know you could even say it you know that it was our failure in at but then i could look at anybody here or out there whose ever had criminal activity against him and that it was sure altenstein a ratethat it was their fault that they were raised because they didn't act the person they were with enough or if somebody jumped up from the outside and that it's kind o his kind of ignorant question really he said in the meeting of a simple but this god was was not are you frustrated with your staff for that that didn't oh no because i felt like when acetate le personally and such is probably better and he really believe anything you read on the internet i don't you know it's like i look at that there's so much pitching in pitching on out there on what's going on that you could i mean does anybody actually believe what they see on the internet i don't i think it's i think most of it is it is creative here there and the other a young it's like just like his hates me it's like dry believe it usually had it there's most totisesti these three to fiotto as it was wanted put him to towithout there if peace three fins are convicted in charge what if the punishment dobelieve ah well i honestly i believe it's treason they have they actually they interfered with our election this is not just a felony this is this is tampering with our election so with the punishment you believe is propos son them to get me and have them him figure it out down there earlier you mentioned on that there was already confused the ely there's already troubling forcing a onsiderations that at present what i think of some of the ages recommendation for the regular he can't make it work right now even with the things that the books so what's for the regulation bent just going to it in a further regulation does nothing it does nothing for this country except for his barrier fore and i can say that with confidence with a businesses that we work and most of the people at getting the regulations have no idea what they're doing on soever it's just another layer that takes the the freedom away from we the people and most attendantsand cost to our products and it's a great way to money and and you know in an industry so i'm not for it at all if you can't if you cannot keep things on the rails with what you have more it regulation is not going to help it it all you said this was a gildessathe that shines in your mind is it still don't rodioi think i've got a little bit we got lothberrie now because if we've got some supicion it sommers some by pretty positivethat but i want to go back to the fact that the election of repose mannosides in the selection in one we were the sector state asked who asked the to destroy the story the o of the elect lection i information wondered whom that i know all this but fighting it and refuse to obey to ostia as i can't say it's not a law he gets not ali it was it was an ass to do this sort of thing they found eleven point five per cent erromangan and her one township along in a few extrapolate that across the state that's eight hundred and fifty thousand on boats that are in posted so we've got a lot of questions there out there right now and if it has nothing to do with me winning at all because you know it's for me i want the will of the people i mean our happy enough i got great life i can go home and you know she works maerendo all these other things that i do you and on the farmer and sell besides economies and sell but i what i want is i want becomethat to see just to speech and every person that is out there so that they know that they're important that their voice is what matters an runningest it's not it's not that it's not coming down to special interests or that are elections are purchased and you have to have enough money to cevennian that's not what america was founded on is founded on the fact that each every one of us should be told the equal we should have an equal chance to run we should have an equal to say and how the electrons and the laws that are on the books and tell we count which that we're in trouble what is this this whole is yet what did you mean what oceans i i really i wouldn't have missed a minute of s and i think that as a trout sider who understands proper process oh in such i think what it did for me as to really be able to talk at length about the things that are wrong within our dogman and come up for ideas that how to fix he you know because i don't need an office so people think that need an office defects things every single person genesta and help fix this mess that were in right now because it is for and i just wanted to clear your leer he said that you were not winrod were produced they never get the response to have a challenge within a week of dropping them off i never i was the only candidate so felt he tootoosch i think it was an ambush they ambushed me without any charges on the twenty third of may the rest of the candidates had prior knowledge i did not and they knew it in march that sector states office knew it in march that they had fraudulent according to them signatures never said a word let us keep going side could literally dumped him in and taken another path and we would have i mean we would have found another way to get it done but because they refused and they they didn't put anything out not only was my hand ossetian independencetai states office for that but how many holy people as stated in ischiad their voices take when away i mean they had perseinio on people and not we find out that the information is gone to bankastraat i think every single one of us should be not just it'sit's great that we got a good stuff in that direction if heels wonderful for them to say that you know we have no we had no fault in this it were victims of somebody that really was pretty good at it high roman ality at right needs to go further than that and help we have bullet proof election where every single person is equal in our say of how its run and that the will of the people prevails and all times in an anal that's so i got the estrechando give the cross the pagani's i it's not a deal and that a friend in bird bear a n d n b u r g recristo a bethanienverein or i guess lorson her success piovuti think i think that that's really that's the my biggest thing you know i can go home i don't have to be a creopolis you don't yes i despise contemn and our neighbors you know we need to work together as a community and opisthotonos we got going on not one thank you as for much good fine thanksgiving desertions have stopped i'm conceited solder no sore to the twenty twenty two this there tapisseries corocondame while you not this hessoises sing it to im yet a whole the people here and now your hosteritta that words that keep going here as you guys offered me ran a pospischill here so statekeep filing on it hang on i can then become part of my process here ariosto has right dehonestation see taking hold it out give it on what your to yocolt that's as getting it in my number of god give you nonhostile davison right here and then the texan me it's six one six for three four for one old for three halfour for one of florentines is oh no it's much agitatorthe his money now to setting out in and who are you oh i'm freenesse so are escopetero doesn't matter which side toisiinsa all the grossnesses then begins perfect and he got your name in there is some love me to meet you thank you so much taghanic snollenbad one thirty nonostante ran to the see endlessness thank you so much that in cassinian all the reports ernestine thank you so much in where you colored oh that's cool very good thank you so much as serpolnica is in carnoth re as some here some quickly luncheon notes at taken well you know it's one of those things that this is great and in a victory to know that they basically absolved as stuff of rendering within a course not sell had to throw in their job that said it was our fall at for not doing the voting when on all that that would be great to say but then you could say that to any one who ever been a victim had of a crime is that you didn't do the batting so as your faults which i think is a bunch of missals and so and it's a distraction from the fact that the board elections the board of canvassers and the entireties is got so many flaws in it that they ought at it seems it seems to me to be a good thing but it's all so a very it is like a band and and after you've been hit by a hawser okay i mean that's what i feels like you know it is it abandoned its a bandage of the problem but we'll see how far this girl is but i think this is good but do you know what his hold they deflected so these with a put this whole thing out there to say this was the problem was signature gathers but what about all the proms within the board volitions board and secretary of state a aunt the whole cold the whole thing you know why is it that the point everybody else but there were few who is ix the problems in themselves and in their calling for more regulation i don't i don't i feel it is is like heaven having your hands smashed and then but having your pinky feel better that's discomodious it's argosmuch because we had an election that did not reflect the will of etheocles you know didn't get me thinke so so i can feel a little bit better but we have not gotten to the cracks of the pond right i noticed they were she was very quick to say we quickly detected and quickly concluded bordeville tions quickly detected fraud but she did nothing about it right away didn't inform all of the candidates the ancestry question of since march and i was the only one that didn't have the prior knowledge of this i had three days to put so you kindness some set ishido think this was intentional lad i asked the questions so on why this half end and how many people in in their how many i've got some questions about how many people have been threatened to do to ah hide information i have a pretty good idea that we've got people here that are being threatened to shut up and ah so that's that's a problem you know and i have the right as american to question that and i am going to cost because liquor to on to be the new office some day cause i'm the only one that has not conceded and am not going to conceive because this still that's great she can say that financial restitution i really didn't give a rap about that so much i want my country a and if like finance restitution would be nice but it's a bandage to the problem that's going on here the promises going on here is that we do not have rule of law that reflects we the people and that election twenty twenty two election did not whether one thing it happened to another it did not let people's voices be heard at trouble with that had really like a sutherly nothing to do with me me getting in the office you know it would be it would be nice if justice was served but the reality is is it wasn't and as it seemed to me like it's really really odd that you know all a sudden braider at the board canvassers for elections rather finds ten thousand of my last sentires only after i sir i see in the supreme court so tell me why did they jump when there was legal action in how many things have they done over the years that they got away with because somebody did japan in a legal fashion or otherwise to hold him accountable but it was real clear to me when she started talking about political novices out there then that they the system is rigged so that only those who are who have an inside track are going to get in or they're going to take you out through a convolutions like i don't know if i told you this but it took us took me and i'll say it was me alone that did this all i took me thirteen people approximately that i went through to find somebody that could do campaign finn because i had got out of the state his i couldn't find any one in the state that wasn't compromise and that's the truth ah more though i mean i had one of those more one's grand my hand at one point timeand i thought he's been break my hand next time he does that he's going to get a boot right in his behind but that's what he did he tried to break my hand and i'm like he does that again and he's going to hit the ground you know over and it's like but this is the way this is this is the way that so much of this is run it so is unfortunate but i think that all of us need be aware of it and just keep fighting for the individual rights of every person instead of only those who have the money or only those who are connected in hand a voice because that's what we're seeing there then the representation for every day of americans is pathetically lacking so i question for you she mentioned ryan kelly specifically at one month eh was it there traitorye ber looking through my once or quick was it that he specifically did not turn in signatures oh well since we had no access to go check the signatures as we wanted to go check on because we knew that they were all the candidates that used them even besides the five of us alike there were other candidates that used to sinister gathers and with tutor tutor had every single petition of hers should have been thrown out because she had wrong information on the top of the melonsthen made of decision that with that so cawering open the rules here we're going to bend the rules there now wherever we they don't stick with a lawful process so like even if we had crushed in signatures on the petitions the process has to go to the clerk either the township or the local clerks are signature comparison it they can't just make a rules as they go and not to be one ash what's that not to bangladesh well the tachechana as not only that there making a rules here as they go to fit their nerinean that's my problem with that i don't really care you know how how go i'd know i can answer that he there but i can find this side over here is the front so i found it it said on that she said that kelly paid fifteen grand but she but he got zero signatures ah so if he paperhangin nerses's campaign money for that sort of his own money cause i pretty extersaria that's what happened there where's the accountability on that just like like you know kelly docks the campaign and he goes into another after instead of fighting he should fought it catia more votes in one in one area he had he had lessons in one are the people who financially contributed to him that's not possible chanleresque des like two hundred quick before hand and never followed it through to the one so i mean there's so many questions here you know it's like this is like a spy novel trying to figure out who to what they did what the you know what the action indian which processes were violated i mean that's really that's really what what we have gone on here you know and certainly it was nice nice to be vindicated i'll tell you that too i mean i i was already i guess they don't really care because i knew what was going on but but i sure hope that it goes i sure hope that goes further because i want to know how or if this was a thatched to the political parties because we were told that that oh that they where pain sings or gathers so think about this thing about this if they were even rigging this to the point of eliminating saves or gathers and the actions for candidates even get on the bolt they were if that's true they were so now we've got even another prod that's kind of all connected like when you look at it that way we've got not one problem we've got a whole collection of problems out there it's it's jessestory to be a little little little bit too little to destroy after signature gatherers and tried to make our body feel grenvilles because i i i'm glad but on told the intoevery single ah every single issue is dealt with i shall not going to be happy with the answer right i've another question for you what do you think about the timing of this oh she said that they started their investigation in june of last year it's taken a year to get here and to day there making the announcement that they made to arrest yesterday and there looking for a third allthat seem what do would you think about the timing of that how long it's taken government they can get anything done in red longtime you know so i mean that's all i see it i i mean that's that's true i mean if the knownothing system takes the long time to work on holbein that were what will see as will see an investigation which really ties a lot more people and thus including perhaps people who are seesand sitting legislator legislators or people in the parties i have to believe that that that there all protecting me great it does seem like she was ah trying to like act as if he placated the perfect word placate the public we have this all under control onyou'll along now we're going to get justice and everything's going to be okaybut we need some more laws than we're going to go ahead and see that the political candidates were novices and they didn't see okaynow i guess i'm like a sad i throw it out there then i guess i guess it we're going to ply that ill there than we have to say that any one who has ever been victimized by a crime it was their fall because they made him mistake they were hanging around with the wrong people they didn't set them you know that that by itself is a statement that says that there's never a victim because the victim was responsible for the crime she yea and i want i wanted her her defence for the lack of her proper investigation of all kinds of election issues these things are so obvious and if you did it a little google search that's all you had five would not have been saying all along in these other things why are you talking about that that's true it's like to see to silliness it queenie queen grace you've got her squire now and you know and oh the court jester onceand out there running the state like gorodets and it's like in and making excuses for i and the deflecting to other people because they didn't do their jobs and and now you know and i monteseggione well i'm glad the got arrested but i want to see i wanted to see rescoghe i went on to see the rascal higher for the violation of the constitution that that nestle whitmer and benson were all involved in what did we talk about the things that are real let's look at the things that they'd done that are wrong and and not stop this and tell we get we get to the bottom all that in ammenehat means that that you know we we get what we go right to the bottom of the barrel the thought of the barrel top the mountain whatever you want to say and we cling this thing out top to bottom because it's the only thing that is the only way that we are argent have a process that actually works for us on service it it has to what we the people first and everything that's here in this there everything there serving us you know why is it you know i would love to see all of these buildings out here shock full of you know of lawyers and palatine and as tornaba into the house of red the people instead of lead the government who are here to beat on you take which you have we've never made anything or onything ourselves so what you would you make words going to take her that's the more he is it is it makes me wonder my thought on the time i mean it may be how government government works but in a kind of wondering if this timing is coming out right now because they are also trying to hide something else and i was slipping channels on mainstream media nobody was covering this conference life here locally and how surprised to hear that there is a couple of thanes that had reporters out there on looking it westheath ing the new starting at noon and every porter wasn't talking right away i knew there was something going on here in the capital nothing so that tells me that they're trying to hide there they tryin to hide while there also saying we've got this wonderful answer here that we got this wonderful answer got three people the entire lection process remaneo were involved in the holmans look at the locust standisti gation that's going to how many clerks have destroyed evidence which is direction of federal state law i mean i think this is something that we have to look at this and i you know i mean the there has to no one can be abovequoted the right as we the people to question or public functionaries there supposed to be here servingdon all i can see is the keep wanting to build bigger and bigger and bigger castles for themselves as they take more and more from the american people they they have their own assurance they have their own nowherewhat care they have their own omaha retirement they they they have they have even for and in its so extiterint and what we get because they've got open coffer to just go in and take wherever money they want to have the best life where we're all working i am absolutely post to i don't i don't see where any one and if ever looked the salaries that these people make he and she's talking about the salaries of signature gathers to their charge in their charge on around ten dollars a signature you kidding me and they didn't see this is a problem before well and they then new about the hour about it more the they knew about it marks the wide and they say anything and it wasn't and i i'm like it's not to me it's all of us there it is it is every single american because they didn't put i mean think about the thing out how quick they can get an alert out there if there is a threat of any type of any type but yet they don't see our elections new people's personal information grabbed you know by people they they know are or bad people and they never said anything so they just let us go on they were remiss and into every single person and now i know because the guide mitted it in bordelestun mean that they took those things masters to bangladesh and the board of elections to let them walk out the door with him he was personal information they walked out the door with them seven to bangladesh to two a compare against previous signatures which they had from previous years which misses been going on for a long thou i am happy that i'm happy that there is some rest of it feels good to get away from some of the constipation that's going on out there because that's what it is now used to the you look at this and go how much longer can this take home much more evidence do we need you know that her every single it day after day after de hoping something changes and it just keeps getting stupider and stupider and stupider and the deflection and the excuses in all ages stupider and stupider and to i am very much hoping that that nestle is kind of like a controlled on a controlled burn right now with a hinterfering possible that she sat a controlled burn ah so we'll see we we will see yeah i another question looking back at things i had started in my note book she had answered a question there was ample opportunities for other campaigns who discovered ah and chose not to use the ballets these other candidates and their campaigns could have spoke up to the government they could have spoke up to other candidates and said ithers are fraud they happening here miss is n't right and if they told the government of course the government didn't tell you they also had a responsibility to do what is right to do that i let the old body spoke up nobody oh this is all of the other candidates in other words were not interested in election integrity because if they were they would have spoken up for the rights of notesthe other candidates of you pointed out multiple times the to day everybody if they cared about we the people they would have said there is a problem here we need to address it immediately and none of them did but you know why it's because that mine said this within the political parties and our political establishment of wind at all costs a week got control so we can steal them all sets what it's about right and that of do the right thing for we the people just like you know like a real leader would do you know you don't you don't win at all costs you win because things are lawful and that you get your following a lotoses they don't follow one lawful process well we could just see that of ourselves is like well like you could see it widens back to the clerks for verification or for signature comparison they didn't and you know to the credit of the all the people that are working on the locus standi investigation out there i'm an to tell you what i absolutely have gotten more respect for those of the people that are working on locustthe pretty much anything i've seen out there thus far you know with with the elections because this is the group of people that is just tireless and they're doing a good job there in the taking it all upon themselves are not in pain for this it's just just like run like crazy trying to pull the stage together and find everything out that we can to show the criminalities hundnigonti not thereshe's going to just keep saying well you know you could go goitre you know you should have looked into this more really well made into our elections or maybe she should just cooled it and found out you know or put in that put something out there that there was there was a problem and if she didn't know what the secretary of state's office was doing because we don't have information on there from the secretary of state's really really that is the complete and totally dysfunctional organization cause nobody's talking then so one way or the other is a problem you know and things what are we to do we're going to get we're going to try to kick us candidates some some cash and think care you go where an to get the restitution for money and we hope you feel good about yet it's going to i'm going to be pleased you know i'm not going to be a not going to lie to you that it's like okay well at least we're going to the right direction and then i hope that goes fully but but i'm not going to be real happy about this intelliges the din tir the entire race you know what i mean until the this entire race is rough on it's not just a try to pay somebody off for money and and shot a opsonist talk at that in half an that's not happening that they can they that getting the money back is going to like i sought i'm going to say thank you however i'm going to really say thankful but be thankful when it when we see this this elections are electionsa secure that every voice is heard that there the air margin is zero and in hell we work to that into we work to a zero error we cannot be happy with the results right protecting his you've said the will of the people is a vital aspect of who are in america in if we don't fight for that we don't have the america that we all want to have yes then we dust have special interests that's trying to take control and the only reason to do that is to trois it's for the money and the power that had so we just we just need keep going guys i think the encouragement is as that yes word word he had a a good motion to day but let's hope hope what's hold that it go in that direction i sat in and in it before it sounds like you're going to rapping up here dona are you conceding yet ah i am not conceding i to peter who is as i can i get asked that to day are you to run again i'd like i haven't stopped for an an i'm i heard that once deathcriminal or criminal act clochettes wise cheeses why would i will can see the liers chosenthese not she you get your gay on face to day got your fighters face there is the smile if otopotee he still fightin it's the acounseill we can we can smile and all that man thing is is that you know we go into a fight with absolute unwavering resolve now you know it's the unwavering resolve in refusing to settle for less than what we know we are is the one and you know so in as the country we should never settle for lass ever ever ever she continued to strive to be better to you know at oono processes in helping each other out and i i really think that i really think i i was got on at falling just because of the financial eh the financial craft his going now more than that god is not going to blessinton that is rng in connecting business the way this one is currently and a not intelligere stored and i think it's going to be gone himself that resort um into a proper process and omnicient for god's kingdom and the america that we know and love and we were now were going to back down were never gone stop were never going to be a whenever a wave her were here to serve god we're here to do his good purposes whatever whatever that means and so like the world may see this is you know the campaign my campaign is the loss that i lost the election i see it is a wind i won i want information knowledge and information just by going through the process you know it's like whether whether you know we get there for herself we should be looking as abraham did abraham planted the tamers for shade and as in the bible and his western christians we quite often missed the what the significances tamers tree is the slowest growing tree on the planet and so abraham planted it for shape which he would never see nor will his children or preyas grandchildren he was planning that for generations to and i hear we need to be doing for a lasting ampic look at the founding fathers and what they put in place did they do it because while i want to love that more money for this or i want to go to this or that no they were building something that they believed in a purpose going forward something that was completely unique that he addressed his whole tyranny no that that truly treated all people is as equal under god but there's the key right there is under god indivisible with liberty and justice for off not just not just the the political class that's here not istar our poetical industry but for each and every course and no matter what you do we should be working together as one nation and ah that all every one's rights or being upheld in once again you know course now sold her i coutesse failed because she called it democracy and it's a constitutional republic rose and heard that to the though is it i'm glad i'm glad we're seen some motion i'll be really glad when it goes forth it will save for care and i'm not goin so dearely father than to so very very much for the fact that your guide you us through this whole process and that there is going to be justice because the justice comes from your hands i too defended protect each and every one of us and we think we're thankful for the stake were thankful that we can stand up in truth for the defence of others for just doing the right thing in all times and not plank games with people not changing what we say just as we want something but holding to a moral standard every step of the way so that the people were on us now that we are unwavering that we will not change our trajectory no matter no matter what because archearis to follow god almighty and that we will not waver from that worth thankful or thankful you're here with us and to you to you all the glory and honor be to jesus christ our lord and saviour or thankful for you and we love you and jesus named the man there go all right guys i'm all i'm going to have for home i i had half protein party each to day which no not a normal to meet but i'm going to go grab something and get a glass of water something like that and had for home and we're just going to keep what keep continental we get we went till we get this thing away it should be have great day to day love you all here i can't to heart hands cause i have to do to careercan god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america this fighting over it's not even it's not even remotely over and you know stand with courage we we we believe in this process we believe in each other and we're going to stand together with an unwavering loyalty and resolve to those things that god is put in our hearts in order to serve him with all integrity and oh for a purpose that is above anything that we have here on this ere long that your love that your special and that this is going to be a great adventure all to god schoolery cuculate