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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 1/19/2023 - Karen the Riveter

Published Jan. 19, 2023, 9:02 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i'm donna brandenburg at my kitchen table here it is january nineteenth twenty twenty three in the great state of michigan were experiencing right now the normal in january gloomy weather as far as lotsald cover and the general that michigan is the second darkest state in the there you there sir trivia for to day and that so but i'm so thankful we don't really any snow this has been really warm and to day i got up and it was once again in the thirties that high thirties and that started the day off and going and walking two miles to day and i tried to get myself i got my i got my ice cup here visit people co where were exploring all kinds of things that trying to find out the truth on all crazy stuff cause we're looking at everything as we living in a crazy world so i'm into bring care anon right now and we can do hanget started with what's going on in the world and i did post something to day which i thought was kind of significanthas alaballak good choices as well as pulled that open are what is an i'm no a prepared i had won no morning you can't like one worry both voice as it's amazing i told easing onyhow i passed this this morning and it's that hurt people her others but luckily he people heel others people shelter of spirits free others enlightened people illuminate others and love always wins a shiner light of love on all who who may cross your path and light because what you do matters and then i elaborated on that little that will mean that was out there was from the love to let's make to day count no matter what we get to choose how we react choose love chosen tigriti choose honesty he's carrying choose long suffer choose to never thus to walk with god on this earth he will guide you and you are never alone greatly served it's all it's all as how you look at this as how it is you know you can it's it's funny but but you can go through anything in life and his thesesuch us chose have a good good and to bolt no matter what cocachin most things sidoeis cotenant and salicon in huron world right now skunks were dogs anything like no but we have made progress with my gods really cold last year we got goats on that's a late in the summer of the fall and there a new species to us so they are kind of a mister reewere learning as we go which is what we've done with or chickens and rabbits a forgatherit we just dive in the figure in a well yeah yeah we did and they're so different to us so there are a little different to get used to in the carry choired and so on em with a mother and daughter per and became just get worn go then they have to be with companions like orchises and one heard animales he heard say yep at first they were really shy of our property because they had been in a flock in a herd and they maneere sure they didn't have bunch of vegetation around which is why one reason why we got them and so they are like there's a tiger on that hill i just know it you know they were scared of everything and now there there much used more used to things and part of that is the foliage is down so they can see but ah they also have started to let us pack them more freely in just the last two days so the daughter specially was a little timid one that foolscap to catch her and force her to let you pet her and she didn't free cow about it but she just didn't like it and now it appears she kind o likes being petted and that changes the dynamic a lock because now although sudden they're not just these strange creatures with awed eyeballs she toonow they've become the pet slashed livestock animal that we were hoping for it's really really cool set to be able to freely pet them and have them be relaxed about it that's very new but it's really rely on it now that's old that is really funny because her own if if people have never been around to herd animal before there completely different than the dog or cat the andthenthe know there are food sorts and so when for pomelire out riding a horse would never ever have the courage to do what they will do if they have an owner rider that they've got complete and you know that if they got that trust in you they know that you're kind o watchin all for this they consider you the scariest things a thing in the woods so if something jumps out at him like a you know a squirrel or something it's like a god the piget eaten right and reverendthe freak out a little bit i mean i've had horses jumped straight up in the ground and do a one eighth and land and just take off and and you know cause it's all reaction and it does take while to get them over that you get a horse as the one on the trails are that's you know they've seen everything it's i and oh there they have no the totintone down after a while and a friend that actually was out in the woods in a deer ran into her and her oh might now which normal horses wood absolutely free out over that who well that's cool i when do you think you're going to get milk out of these gods or are they already pre they are not we had them bread and i may be first week of april they'll be kidding ah and then we shall see the younger ones will be her first time so he don't know what to expect with all that that's another whole other new adventure he got to do that all the time so i called the hat tree yesterday too cause you know we got our new chicken coops up and running so ritratto a chicken baron you know we have we have a oarlock is doing well and so i think that we we've got six incubator i can incubate eggs out in the last round about we incubated at about somewhere around and the birds seventy or ninety birds on our most but i decided to call the hatchery and i want to get a little bit more diversity genetic divers so i called them yesterday and in fact if i order fifty more chickens i take it he mid march and was to get a cancelation and so she is a friend of mine that that owns his hat there and i suck so what what's going on in chicken and chicken world rightnow she is like it is absolute and that went well god that means that we're diversifying the foe i'm not buying anything about this bird flew nonsense you know there there killing chickens for me at a younger age but in the sand while it witsafe flocks he now the flax when they are older when it's like you know of the red get if you're going to get the flue they're going to get it at any age it doesn't it's not weighing and till they lay eggs right and then somebody came out recently said well you know people can't get birds and so like well they're going to get you're going to have socks certain things that come up but with here's no proof that this is even a hint i you know they can say whatever they want or are fakes stream media but i'm not buying any of it and on the tell you what or chickens are so healthy it's not even on so and and i know a lot of people that have small flocks around in their all stand these so honestly if we went back to on food sovereignty and there the right to farm mense all municipal law so honestly they really can enforce such so if anybody wanted to go out there and have you know in the back yard they really can't stop can they can say something but i'm pretty extra that you will win this in fact what we had put another horse sound yesterday pretty sad because she was a very very if any dust darling she she developed he answered and i she had a huge a huge legion on her behind and which had is usually well get it around in mother around their behind and and i'm i'm pretty sure we took her out yesterday and gave her her last meal of grass he can omoncon the grass a little bet that back out so we had it on it was really it was really sad and but we put her down before she got you know before she got really bad you know it was bad enough but but ah we had parted on yes but i was a going to say the if anybody really can half cicons infect most minicipal will say you can have three chickens or something like that but when the guy came to take her away after mary mary was on he was telling me that there is a it's from a pet solitary and yahwe have we create all over animals and it's it's a big deal as so ye he was talking about a chicken at the haven pat someter looking at our chickens and we brought one out from the hold and pat nat then there really friendly roosters are really friendly because we actually interact with him so he said that there's a chicken in the patent was actually i legally significant okay what happen if the other is a family in holland that wanted the and they went to core over it and were able to keep it and hollandand i like the the really the chickens the so you know can if it's one of those things that that is a a fightable i issue you know everybody had you we would have so many eggs out there that forget the supply line forget the fifteen dollar a dozen chicken eggs which i heard recently somebody takes fifteen dollars a dozen i'm like a hunter s time to keep building i think i think we're going to see this thing crossed over a buck an egg the way their little propaganda machine has got everybody all freaked out because they are truly controlling the price on everything from gas oil energy trying to push a soul into this electric everything non se oh i so that they can control the supply chain and cut them off at will while the answer to this is oh how now and she and justina just start sir you and things you're june do on your own self you know there's no reason keep fighting this and wringing our hands whatever shall we do will we shall grow chicken wesegrorap foot reel odontine out the old ways to do this which really isn't that de and the ancient the chickens there one of the easiest i tell you they're easier than gold the other a little noisy there a little mossy a good little stinking if you're not used to that kind of thing but if you want eggs it's a i share of video clip the other day about a a little girl is really really funny and apparently there is this sum this thing going around and were parrots we smear a little chocolate somewhere and tell the little child that it was and so his mother apparently she's on the toilet and their little girl comes up to her and she accidentally quoted put a little chocolate spear under daughter's arm and then tells her all i'm so sorry i got poopoo in neither i and she starts gagging she so upset about the whole fight and he thought to myself you know if he's little kids were around life stock clopold not be a pig so that he hewitsonia won't not only that i think the the bacteria and all the good stuff the good bacteria that's an when your own listowell lost so so i had it what am i so clothe other one some real chronic think they're actually might have got it down he cancer when he was younger and so on and in his is free of it now but there's there's all sorts of things that you don't you work with but what i noticed this when people get in the bar and the working round animals their health goes up in its and i and i think it's because of all the good bacteria and microbes that are in there it it can of a cool thing but how might my daughter and i will always be one daughter and i always laugh it's like you know you drop something on the ground and you look at it that's like an nawipe it off in wastesashes to be in a round and i kiss in their noses or your snuggling in the for pretty extra share that it's not the now we've got in segregation of ner off of their bodies that they roll in you know so doesn't really bother me no you see are farm cards and there hold other class of child you know kids at a raised on a farm were set out to do they're just they're so much there's so much wiser and on they know about the natural world they know about hard work come one time before we did the butcher in ourselves we had meat birds that we took to an omasha and as we pulled in there's these two little boys and they had the freckles on their faces sweet we thought they were head just the biggest grins sweet corns on their faces and we were legoito little kids well it turned out they had blood splatter of nickers because they had been part of the process and there just say beans can be but they had learned oh about life and they learned about death and they were cool of it you know em just having an idea where your food comes from that that concept builds a lot of good things and kits they know what life and death is about they know what care taking of their animals is about on his as cause animals animals come first when you're on farm you get up in the morning and and ah it's not like you're going to sit down i don't i my family doesn't too big breakfast as he now gran a cup of coffee you know or get to the barn grand a cup of coffee in his start work and then it might my family aren't good eaters anyhow we all all of us could go for days without eating no it's not is bigger deal its people hit that scandul and a but we we just you put the animals even her father water as they can they can't take care of themselves when there in a domesticated yet i think a lot of people have this vision of farmers is his cold hired and and i don't care about the life of their animal won't let's not with the bible says a righteous man regardeth the life of his animal and when a farmer loses an animal whether it's a horse that's a working companion parker or cow that gives the milk it's a hard ache and hardship when an animal is ill or injured on especially when they have to face loss early because they understand and animals will die whether you want them to or not and is not always in your time in which also helps for in cold with sudden changes because when the more live stock you have the more sudden changes you have all those sudden you've got a dead chicken and it's like what happened that chicken then you have to worry about the other chickens she to think about well do you know how old that chicken is as if you've got old bunch of em and they look a lot of like you might not remember in our flock we do i know cause i raised them all which ones with and how old they are we notice when they get sick as we have a small not bachman were looking at him in paying attention to them on a daily basis taking care of them every day multiple times a day specially in the extremes of winter and summer i kind of liked it when we were preparing for the winter storm because i felt useful about it oh i got to be outside and active and i could do something to help her par animals you feel like you don't have control over so much else going on in the world you do have control over how in shelter and prepare for the hard times with your live stock and you have control over there life and welfare and that's a little in powering too and people who don't have that to or or lacking then another opportunity to build her own self confidence in the iselford then these are really really basic concepts such you don't think a lot about la i got to put my goat twice over the last two helicha you that a daily solebat on or out and am i told my husband about it the first time and yesterday he was able to do it too and he rather stood then what i was saying i said she she feels like a pet got now whereas she she didn't want to be before she didn't have the trust took a long time to build and if you got a hundred animals like that or if you've got ten mammals that are trusting you it doesn't matter if he have children it doesn't matter if your friends are angry with you it doesn't matter what's going on in the rest of the world you can go out and take care of those animals and on afelele you but just trust and respect that de bill's good character and am well you're in adulter a child i'm seen a lot of mines with little children interacting with horses ah and that's really really cute and some of these horses are just the most gentle creatures when it comes they are really understand children and they will they will to they will let that child set up a whole obstacle course in order to climb on their back might classifying some horses like kids better than others and artist like tolly their totally enamored by and then there so he have won that that is every contenewaris in my barn its surface and you'll put his hat on and it is really he's got a big neck on him big you know and lots of i got a look else i had now real silver john hall and an absolutely just loves the kids you know it's one of my special needs daughter when she was younger i have a stallion that he is pretty high power i mean that this guy is not noted every one can lead him popinot he'll get up on his back legs happy his he is not being naughty it's out haltedone and a so haminess side one barrel and into the bar what you know horse and you know and if she got past me so fast it was and grabbed a hold of his leg and he as ikolik thus but any sister absolutely still and i was ready now i can got hold of her and i grabbed hold of her and then i started watchhe was doing and all a sudden does one of these now intestinalis down put his knows honor had and was like and then all a son he stood up and he just sat there boom he planted his straight ahead and he never meddled she is more an aside of sat back and unlikeliest a new day you know i was expected rout mass he is planted because i think you knew that she was as and her and he never moved a muscle after that period in time it in phisically pretty well behaved horse he really is but you're going to ram into a horse like that usually usually spring not good activity you know one of my daughters took a kick and and i and it wasn't it wasn't at radically bad check you know i think all of us have had a radically bad kick and a makes that's mithoefer heard she had to learn a less what is to the horses not so what an an i think that's another thing you can learn about being horn around animals they will hold their boundaries they have rules and you train them in horses have rules and if you break that rule your probably going to end on the bad side of the business end of the and which is kind which is kind of funny you know i've seen crowded in a mound and somebody is going to be a real smart alec is going to come behind that that horse and give it up give it a pop on the behind he thinks that their god throw the throw to the cap off the back of the hoe an i see so many people that that horse just runs back and to it he well say old kick em right in at and if you ever seen somebody kicked right in the face you are going to go down fast yes nagonabe well i got her on s going to be broom you're down and like while you got what you deserved you know on behind in the horses not get in negotiate with held oh they didn't mean to hit me on the behind an it's coldthe epithets and we now have them we don't have horses around here but i've learned some lessons with rabbits rabbits sir there are the easy most of the time really be the easy animals they are they don't and most of the time they don't bite it's it's pretty rare for a rabbit to come after you although mother sometimes well i'm always the one cause i'm it's just kind of how or out with our care that i know one handled a lot of the baby rabbits show any comes to weaning time about six weeks of age we ween them and on they get their own separate cage you give the arms a break and let means you've got to separate the boys from the girls unless you want more rabbits and it's not an easy job when they're young to determine if their boys or girls so but in it it can take more than two hands but i can do it with two hands cause i'm practice but i usually end up getting scratched when i'm handling the young ones oh nothing that i do keeps me from getting at least one scratch every time i coastthrough the and that the little scratches there like they're like paper cats but they last for such a long time so irritating no it's not a kick but that's my little story about getting her with is to it so i get paper gothon when i'm sorters when they kick they can they can pack a wall up in they've got sharp nails and they will use them against you yeah you want to know what's really weird is a like a we have getting hands too we've got about fourteen as artic mitigation program a part of it his guineas four thousand as down they pick all day long so we decided to separate the older genes were the newer and and oh it's a a the and and a banded them and some one on the side it ochs he likes the coherent out there he comes home and a hold his arm up like this and in his entire armes sech an ina apoduometha to go did you not think to put on a long lease i mean you know i would think you old that figured out i was i was on i whispered i wished but to two figure at the sack of like baby there there's one of the quickest ways of doing it is to look at their fathers on the end of the old and one of them has the same a father's and the other one has like staggered stage oh no in like up the female cone a has the varied the varied feather like so they gather a farm fare a qualification or farm thing is that you look for the very you know the staked the staggered em at the th and the wings of oconee as this are even and the girls are is this so just guineas where is his tokens are talked about cause that's the first time i heard it with chicken yes chickens the chicken and such that you can you look at that thought the father high and you can do it within about one or two days of handtools when that was my next question it's like it's so is as a river there yea and so you can you can usually get that's usually the best i know you're going to look at egento look at there the reproductive o john there and a little bit to tell yes sir in a not like operating really well it's not like they say hey i want to tell you i'm girl or boy there like get away from me i ossendogon he did chickens some breeds of chickens you can tell by really obvious means whether they are the boys a girls from a young age so you can get only laying hands they will sell them as only laying hens and some they will sell as mixed batch so you don't really know you can end up with roosters and your mixed and most of us don't want roosters because they're very noisy ah so there's all kinds of little here say wife tales stories about how you can pick them up or hold them and what they're going to do as can tell that's the first time i've heard that on and meat birds you aren't males if you aren't big birds because the males to be much much more mede than the females are we not soothe yea there just there that's the only difference the males or give me more mespeer but they probably eat more to honissier head on spurrier now i have it but now i am to one day that thought that was a good idea i walked in the chicken coop and wane hit me and he can be so hard on the i couldn't believe it he would he hit me on the back of my case and ah i turned around he was puffed out piece like okononak you you know you could walk that they get they get rowed they faced their the pastor where the nonsuch and so i turned round and i just held my foot off like this any just kept coming back and hit my foot hit my foot hid the bone might my thought and i just cotocachi for a while and like he tired yet i can do this all day havetosend there hollyfoote cones like a canton walked away the the other things you when they start doing nonsense what you do as you crabby described by the neck in the back portion down on the ground you don't hurt me just like hold them on the ground and the other chickens actually ostrich the they'll sit there and they'll be like oke big guy what you doin now and you'll just hold them there for a little while and all a sudden there like okay i'm down and you'll let him up and in the walk round and the sind then they they stopped its there there lies the you know once months you once they find out that ok if i step out a lie somebody is gone out polly oh by great down on the ground and till he decided that to be a better check and then it in a jerk and now you in the mede that a couple of times he actually any how scot the chairmen at some garrisons he can the pinhole so i insulthing went on there love good morning and marigold morning a fastigio morning america and in my experience horses the comfort people and responded cordingly absolutely they do and gerry they they don't don't they have pronouns yeah nothink that they there smarter than some than people in a lot of places they don't they don't they know what they are there is no question what it knows that is ethereal organ is male and excel based on ore and now her never usually won't roll quite often hold take out marolles lion we got we got one stallion that fane on the trails and he just you just got remember he just don't put the female in front of the mail now could end well probably the cold for this one this is prowling really good writing whether too you don't have flies it's not too cold as long as it's not raining too much o what out the one some of the most horses don't like right through mud but is it not it's nice otomes right in this code we as enough or flies spread the summer that it's not it's not hard so i wondered about that oh with horses do they have those flies rays are they like other kinds of chemicals that we have to deal with in life are they have a good fly sprays and bed for five sprays s far as the chemicals there plate yeah you know you don't want the best things for flies is is then a or so quite quite often in its really good to strip things out of the fire to that not ideal and so if you use like a mixture of vinegar and a a pisolite if you use a mixture of vinegar and water slingan ample cider type vinegerones of light one could you want to have that then at apple that that little bit of an apple smell and sprayed around we sprayed the feeders with it well sprayed them both it is also something that cools horses so you can use that and then what if it gets really bad we we do use a commercial fly spray and in such a generally though generally if you o m other methods it works really really well there's another product out there called predator and we put predator around on all all over the place of vice we get a shipment predator every single month as well as twice a month in in the biggest season for flies and we we've got bugs adversaryto kinds of things for it and a gas but what this predator is this kind of cool ityou get a bag full of cocoons and the real tie looked like about the size of a good sized green or rise and inciting to one of those is a little lost and the abode was that well i was thinking i had heard about that before predator so it's it's loss that go after flies yea and so so after about few days you leaving the bag and conwalh the bag and when you get several of them that start hatching now you start scattering these cocoons around and you scatter many fronts lines walk round the farm you know we throw me in the corners of the building on there's all kinds e each one of these was when he had to will actually kill twenty thousand well so what they do is they lay their eggs within the larva and as ther as their ah laying eggs they are they asked or killing flies so it's pinome i take this coralie then go ahead talk amongst yourself how can you locustic i be redback a good well he well folks if he were a learned more about chickens and rabbits and got you have two other resources righte learned from experiences then one of us knows about horses so he can not estate noted for horses and all these weird things to do fly control and and find its control that's another big thing with horse as it flung is control and a cause they get they get threshing they they can get thrush in their hoofs if you don't keep him dry enough we've got really great product from that that we use its called groom's hand and if you don't have gloves on when you're sprang around the hoof your hands turned spectacular color of purple and it's going to stay that way for about three secession of permanent with that kind of interest in and we also likes loco i don't know blood no blood is a spray of wheat for chicken injuries minor chicken in aries is like of antibiotics or to spread but it makes it turns the wound area blue so that the other tickets don't peck at it motherwater that red other like sharks if they see blood or anything like that they'll pick that chicken or each other into now it exculturn it like i sat a spectacular color of perle and about one treatment he got a little problem with thrush and it's gone and so a lot of times i'll use it tantave just sure that picking out half so freedom and make sure that clean and there we actually put things in the barn to sterilize the lottie clean we used it like a surgical grade sterilizer for the waters and we spray things that all kill at ninety ninety nine per cent of the microbes down the hall ways and such she if somebody's walking from one face to another they don't contaminate it so all these things with animals the comeliness part of it ah animals are very very so like you almost never find maner in our horses stalls cause we are right there said soon as they go to the bath from a clean it up because in the wild they never will stay around their own manure they will actually create a pile so they they like being so when people put him in stalls and they don't clean em and clean him enough they they that's not how they normally lives we try to make it as that prefer rather than what is easy we try to do what they would see so i articled you know it that for sonaske that is also something that is an amazing product that every one look into because it works and you know what we works and some different scenarios and that's that's a good product oh i was going to say when you were talking about manure i saw video the other day of a horse that was allegedly in astolfo ten years saint saw standing in mock without quotation then yours his hoofs i never seen anything like this the hoofs grew out on the toll and curled around so that when they rescued him and got him to that the show had started to wear against his skin only had a loon there when they pulled away em they had to do it in parts the first time they caught they had ten pounds of hoofs they caught off of hise and they had to give him a few days of rest i because just the conditions that he was in physically he couldn't handle all the care at one time and then they said they to him and they were able to trim a lot more and i make you more comfortable he eventually they got him out on to a field and he was able to be out grazing for the first time in years lower and unfortunately in his case the the story did and well oh he had he had gone down in the field that they did get into a vat but i think all the years of the muses and neglect and it am being too much for him so that was sad well thirteenbroke that the stress of the change on animals are even people when we get outside our comfort zone is quite often you know quite often probe because on it's when when i was doing now stuff with a breath man and advances and houses bremen that answer worked it i get to create materials to train brevement workers and you really get into the grief process or the change and horses i believe are the most like human beings of any and and as we are we are by our nature we are a herd type animal we hang together women are more selden man naturally we we haint got her you know we need a girl friends menorca in time or more portable than most men and he were made there like they come out into shoot of good gimme gimme my give me my i don't know my tools are many grades we we have we have other for in our family it kate like cochinese you know ah i did my space and it's like okay go by go by the bear that we know you are right now and crantor cave and have a quiet time and now i takes you don't it'sit's that quiet time in old that this when you take a horse at we've had our horses that were stuck in stalls that never saw the light of day and one of em he didn't even get to see any other horses and that horse and we i was it was different barn where he was and that horse scream and scream and scream and finally that when we had several of betterlike that so finally you know bottom and settle some for you sidelight the releasing and got got him so that he could see other horses dinner not handle it had another one for em outside and the stress was he just run on a rendering a runner on right it wasn't happy it is cause they it was too much of it was too much for changed so than he after yet to man as the stress oh now of even being out now i want you to think about that a relationship to children who were tucked away during this whole covenantsthe was going on and the ability to actually gained those conversations or those skills to relate in a group in a natural way now we've got some people that denise the light of day for almost two years without being absolutely in the middle of crazy paranoia you know and and it's really sad because the information that was out there and findeth was enteron and these and so now we've got kids that you know really really i'm going to say will probably have a little that of a probe copy i would expect that i were and a horse and a person react the same very very similarly so what in the desolator ing the little golden books that were out there or oh my gosh sis like i think i think it was and mary that posts to it and it was like you you got to be kidding me it's like they're pushing the call to personality right there they were all people like you know people who were pushing social social engineering marxists people who you know you want it we want to create a hero worship out of these first alsonow this is ah you know the depot is shy little kitten and poky little puppy or that he was a compositor was a total there on these beautiful little golden books that he to grow instead of taking on adult dish she was there not ruddy for and you know you think about it you think about how god created the world right we have o trees that drop eight horns not pretty much next to them sometimes he knew the gentle scattered but but you if trees that drop their their nuts and such and monospores pick pick em off the leetmen move round a little of it the ones have the best chance to survive all are going to take root as to that parent be as if parent tree has its nice long strong branches and a little shade and when the winds come they break the wind a little bit for a ford a shield for those smaller trees until you know they have some motion but not too much and in it helps her helps them harden all to the winds so that when they get bigger they have these to stand under one as the older tree to break down and that's the way it's supposed to work right no not not people what do we do with you you know people and i'm not going to say all of us do some of us understand the natural order of how god created the world big people at the hole at development and a that the all got to do in the bible says of it ses and nobody goes without eke we know i have do is look at i say like how wolfe and they have a very strong social and how that how that works and the trees now they protect jacquotte trees and that gives the little trees of best chance getting you to it harde ye not to the wind a little bit and all of a sudden they start growing and now you've got a big tree doing it stone i can ohain resting i find it back to the farm being ben an amazing weighed a grow up so i've been a den looking at ways too if these are idiots out there in in charge of our supply lines they decided to cut things off on you do if you calicoback to not and the dog i'm a little bit of a preparating way and i've done a lot of forging for food and growing food understanding how far far life works in that sort thingcan and freeze in and dehydrating you know all those as that that you now grew up more of a farm farm situation we know how to do all this i mean i was making jam from the time i was i was very very young and when i was sixteen i put up all the jam i went out picnics of strawberries at my driver's license on like haven't got on strawberries by myself and i've got it illyria home and i pick nightcaps of strawberries that year when i was and put it all up so soberana by myself and you know it's a hut you learn skills on your very young and so i've been looking into how do you create confidence and people so that they don't feel like they have no power going for or that they don't have to be afraid assessors make a plan and be prepared before things go to arrive right so i'm getting there to things like a pretensor de starter again have in get grains the grains are that hard on but ah chickens you can get grains to feet and that sort of thing and you just have to understand how to ah how to really make more chill or microbe are sprouting or growing on vertical of ercole substract or hydroponic a the exploring all those things more and also to be able to create a curriculum people basic life skills a lot of people are missing you know went when we see a you know it you know i have a bunch of ben come and so it's kind of crazy but when you're a landlord you see how people really and it's a it would be shocking quite honestly and how most people truly live and what skills they don't have in life till gives your unique what's missing in the life of different generation as the function very some hats may be fifty years old who rents a house or an apartment is radically different in their skill set that somebody who is the and when you look at that millennial what what they are what their amos are in what they know compared ah you don't difference that meals are actually red as far as in all their all bacon broad there doing you know they're doing stuff like that but the younger people preedy lost she sat and also staining of the ability to know how to take care of maintenance on on what they have it there there her struggling there that a worsening and were seen as nitre struggling just a normal normally skills for sesame chose whose made or or our age but it is i think we have an opportunity there to do a great deal of the and in that and that area with people especially those of us ouerthrowe et she loves us i've scared right after being bucked off and run into an electric oh then o'larkins do this we have to test out the electric did you want to know what you just got to know as a say to test out in electric found that he got a little bit of octodon or not not afraid is taken like a what piece of of of grass or we touch in fine like like necessarily you'll go get a good shock because that electricity old jump rate to that answered that what piece of grass and hit in the hand pretty all sidon that for that's not wilnoti got a story for he for the just like that so i was a kid went to make greenpier in tales and there is a pony ready cross the road and a boy we sure would like to put that pony but the pony knew about the electric fence the messias standing a little too far back to pet and we wanted to know was the fence on how do you chuck it and we are sceselle kid we didn't live on a fire sit i know i'll pick up one of these apples from the tree and i'll touch the fence with an apple which how that work for you well in or apples were made largely of water it would want other window in me other and course i jumped on my cousin the cottonlike theo you may that of sego had given later he did not he belle chose to believe me i was in college we with too they had a bough we went to a place where they were a garden and i don't know why we were in the garden to an elector and student dropped his note book he bent over to get the note book and a push his rear anders further back he not intouch the he jolting open the air with his life molsnian i think it was the only one to see him do it i burst selfinvited up and then he looked around and really cricket see anybody noticed and i did you can tocomocomo it for a little while but it was pretty funny i remember excite i grabbed a lot is really little is probably under tight and he had an idee remembered raving it and to show i was out somebody hed some cows and and he ended then of course you know there's the line there in your old kedani grab hold of it and that remember that he don't make that mistake towatishika that's a little tired of old its the poet in complete the case of magnolias different different faces have different now let up and you want one that has a broken current so you don't grave hold of it and sit there can't like colophonite if not the art so in all else we had at adversaria a stallion when i was a kid he was the post horse supper i loved stalinstanding are great they they just plant their brave there there much braver than mars mars are kind of red no little that they do think the at the crazy eyes and it's like now ah but our pelloocid of his stall to go to the bath room i guess unless he was locked in their actual low my former father in law could outtalk any woman i've ever no he had to be a lefty tell me he was a lofty left you may else talk more than writing mails i can tell you that i've got a son whose love he he is a a right these but also he is onagos do anythin with and says my son so it the storm of minnesota yesterday miss wood oh that's that's really sad so now we have an opportunity to change the world all you wonderful beautiful patriots everybody go out start right children dis make him a roll of as in a go woke go broke marget won't go broke the point is right to that thar that's a great thing about about the is more on her actually giving us the road map to eradicate while you do your a kimberly and i have you got kindlers so we got a we got a to one no i don't think we nobody collick on that this on an in how loud the fence with my fingers elam we had cows so not sure of the vote yes i remember the aphrahat when i was a kid and in case i had a couple of horses when i was a cape and cod dil it in and might do i grab your electric fence before something i'll never forget it it didn't feel too good now in ontil give you good joel you know see that's the first person out version of the respecting a teaser for farm kids rich i the bear told us to put a ah a wire up around our chicken coop gave us of a piece of a brochure something about that for honey oh for beehives he has never come to to our copethorn some of them he and there while she hot wire for a coup sorry what was it that hildrick a bear a bear at a black bear comes to an house of fu few years ago nay i think and in fact as yesterday i was talking to my husband about this weather i'm wondering if it's possible i don't i don't know whether we could see tears coming out of hibernation early because of this really really warm winter an compared to what what the norm would be this bear was french at hibernation and he wanted a york and organs he did not want to eat the rest of the cases with a lepicier had he was very very hungry he wanted fat and nutrients and tore open and crow coop in the middle of the night and grabbed bird took it to the back fence and when nothing happened he came back got a second one took it about three quarters to the back fence and the third the one he got half way in the tatar and by the force one may he then inarticulation gone now eve of the coast your turn in and to root he there and a right looks gave to colerain and not yea you're come in out so i got a show you something really cruel the right line so you know what we had bees for a while right erigeron were well so i rein roman so yet he had a peace years recreates and a problem because what happened is i got anson my high and at that it was that was the miserata high contenand that was the demise of my hide so i wanted a goin to do it again this year but i thought i would use the chickens and see if i can go the platform and put the hinds on top of a couple of roosters long is cut a peck around on the grass under the roses are amazing they will they will defend the just like just like eyes right it's god's order this is the way we're well and roosters will defend me through a rooster and with with bunch of hands and if something comes out of the trees like an owl or a orasmin like that they're going to they're going to get a fight on their hands with that with that rooster the rooster and so my thought was as well if i took a couple of roosters and built platform and put them underneath the the hive you'll probably take care of some of the bogs of the ants right and and naturally controlled the so i've we found this in this is really kind of cool it it's a different way to do a hive you know now that the classic wakes you know like i've got to be so and this is kind of net and i think i might just by one of these things and start a hive this which you don't really ever did the bees of the highest this is kind o kind o neet technologies if i can put renominated the tedious it is oh for those of us who have you ever had a bes mean i i don't know who we can if we're close enough to what they would need to survive ah i don't know how the dogs would be with them i just been canon and i don't know really a lot about him you can put on you can hold on if you like you know it's like i'll bring you like a piece of printthe sounds can crazy but if benaben like in they have different homes so there's obese that are happy have a happy home and you you can go out take the frames out and that they really don't want they really don't want to gatcho there they got better sense so in an you can tell when there are none the closer to get to august the more ordinary they get because for trying to put away one for the but check this out as this is really cool and and i actually think that i might this year go ahead and try the mouth it because it's really really different and you don't have to take the frames out in spin em which is what's normal normally of to spend on more you can do up you can do a floated this is a different way to do a floatane this is cruel you never have to pull the hive apart really soc esparto my cricketing state of michigan that father is figured in out of red yet they do smell smell fears and what be confident this could the one for last and to the the lilies lower we origin cortes yes so we end with that he as he broke the steps of the cell structure and then when he's done old harvesting the honey he puts it back in a place so he missed matches it just a little bit to break the solistice in the honey pours out and then he puts it back in place in the bees go round on building it with with awe the full honor it yes i would do to give it to a wax the work says in plate so any oetseira settled he had dispraised ho so the astral let resistence each third how you do to the highest three to four hours remedied i'll to her that's a lot of money is a highly to sigeroth even the stirling the bees ye is the cock yes i like that hossback i am too because he and how oversolicitous yes he just at that irelandsomething someone such the shales reno so the ape cat i haven't a cent the i like this kind so i'm kind of like a hammered with a system right right here because i tell you what it's like it's i that thing it looks like it's so so easy and i'm in a montego back can that i spend a lot of time like reed i can talk about politics into or blow in the face and what we really to me it's like its more important on hand or you know how to potier supposed the service in our life i but where were here to live with our families and stood a balancing out o the bit on the shady the sneck and a not less focus you know don't she part life he is out of these cut all these hives he and i i think i'm i think i'm going to try one of these on and put my foot my normal frames of to the try try one of these guys see see what we can do i mean you know you got a are two plus seven frame hive stand there is another guy that was building building on his system out of big bottles and that was really interesting how do you use like a tired a teare system and the beasts the bees kind up start building in wonder ection so you keep out of the direction you can go ahead harvest the hind the bontebok this look is always doing as he's break in the south structure so that the honeykin flow out so it wouldn't puts back together that honeycomb is still in place to like what you can you can buy frames that already have the honey cold in you know like that the wax honey come in place which makes it a little easier quicker such an old estate in the cells with when honen and as i think this is cool it is really cool also but that was he i don't want come to onything o i might not like about it is some some people really enjoy the lack i occasionally i like to get some work in with the honey and it i like to chew on it some and oh i know it's just kind of an enjoyable thing but make candles out of it that sort of thing to have done that before e or i guess is this that you could take those frames so and i you don't think about this you don't have to go pull your frames out you don't have to caught them wax of for the one side you don't have to put it in a spinners end the hontington it or do the flow method of letting it and then and it's going to be a lot a lot cleaner easier and to do it i des thought is really cruel as like any of the technology that ah you know any of us could throw a high than anywhere with this kind this kind of a technie ah yes arrowe are ibecause because these the bees have to get you have to stop taking honey out about august and because you want to have em have enough a honey and energy stain over winter a bees life cycles about and then then they die off they reproduced with the foe in a queen bee only makes one time her life and that's enough to give her everything she has in order to i lay you know to lay eggs and to a to reproduce and then the new the new ones come so but i thought this was really cool so i think that i think i'm i'm going to i think i'm going to buy one of these and see how well it works and a try this all out i want a cart you in a few videos to show people how to do courdistan and all those things that i may be in the spring i'll do some like nature walks and show him that you know jewel weed always grows next to poison ivy and it's the antidote to poison ivy you know them all of these all of these things that naturally grow around us so that khokhssin were we going to do easy peas either so many things that you can do it's incredible so nobody needs to be concerned about it we just need to get prepared to say you know whether you cut this supply line or not maybe we'll cut it for ye and i decide that he that all of these multinational corporations lately irrelevant we are to do it whether without a man same thing with politicians we can make them so irrelevant if we just decided to take you now take things you know back into our own hands and say well guess what no taxes do on self it were making for ourselves when to do can't takes for having to be high in our yard probably not and as this like millions of us to inathad you can make them force probably not if we ought to have for it masks i get in force probably not in all and and work capitulating to their nonsense probably that we all say no now we get to re tell now they're just as we used to make him eroles so i noticed something really interesting yesterday oh a lot of times we'll have w easy of thirteen news on about five o'clock because of chiefly for the weather sometimes i like to watch it because i'm i'm keeping up on what they are saying in faking sometimes to get angry about it so yes i get humored by it because it's such nonsense yesterday they did a report about how it is going viral they call it a stuffing envelope stuffed this is an idea it's been around for years and years and i know that day ramsay also popularized it many years ago so they did not give him any credit for it they did not talk about on his approach to it basically when you get your check you budget out all your bills based on what your check has in it you put whatever you have to in your digital payment so if you're right comes out of the irregular digital account transaction that's automatic all of your other expenses you take out cash for an you put him in envelopes and i had done that because many years ago i had learned about day ramses thing and i had a fast food money i had grocery money i had as i had a an envelope that he he called blow money which is anything the toes want to randomly get for yourself for your entertainment or whatever so you only blodgett so much per each envelope you put the cash in that envelope and you don't at any more each month or each two weeks or whatever it is than what you have in that envelope in that money is gone it's gone it's a visual in hand type of things so for the young people that you are talking about earlier this is a great way to manage your money rather than using cards because you just keep musing cards for payment if it is you don't feel it in your pocket book like you do within envelopes but very apt yea it is they were they were promoting this idea as if it was new and going violaniline this is not now what are they doing this for later in the day i found out that a bank over merica had had a major issue and i don't know if it was localized or all over the country but apparently people were going in the banks and could not or even on line whatever they couldn't access their account money it was as if they didn't have any and they were going to the bank they were calling customer service and they were getting any answers and there was a panic in this they also use a system called bello i think it is the painted processings its created by the banking system for the banking system so bunched ferent banks use this system for payments those that company has no security liability so if a payment doesn't process properly you aren't guaranteed you're going to get your money back out of it ah but that company there saying was how they had issue the articles that i found about it assured people that it was a delay that there wasn't money loss but that was just a delay in the transaction they were encouraging people to be patient and supposedly the problem was over but doesn't that make you think more about how you make your payments and putting those two stories together ours like is this a message of some sort is it is it just that the two happened to be in coincidence or are they indicating to us some way that having catched on hand it's going to be helpful for people repair absolutely yet it when that budgeting is so is so important so i can that in business where i do different so in this is really the way to state michigan needs to be wrong in easy run like a business a service is where with everything in there to catch concerns or what needs to be done but all of the money so broken in to supper fonseca not be used this general fond nonsenses were michigan has gotten into trouble and brilliant the mute the majority united states because we have people that do not understand how to manage it all and to day is day don't they they voting on the debts sealing to day and so an when we got we got absolute a train wrecks of politicians who do not understand how to budget in lovewith the rest of us at what we really need i i think that that's that's a brilliant way to do that i've not heard of that before but that's a brilliant way to do that millicent that because i'm kind of developing in account a little bit of life skills correct so that we can kells it may be they don't have you know and and to be able to help them it that's a great idea sufferssore accounts is a great icenatune in on a personal level and and i don't give out i don't give out nonsense kind of financial advice but you know this is going to make you whole lot of money quick now no not that navegando out of my mouth i might show an opportunity that if somebody wants to jump on it and some effort into it would work if if every one took there the money and its basic of the same thing as this is what i do when i may it i'll have those those expenses that i know are not going to like ah ah taxes and surance that that sort of thing was basic things that you know that you can you can put and i put that in a supper at count and it does not get on except for those it never gets and so ambuscades right now if everybody opened a separate bank account or had a supper an envelope and the antistite that i think i'd be it's a great idee put your quit your house payment put your insurance oh insurance money in there so that you budge it a hat a type so when that that bill is jew you are you pay all of those fixed costs and then then you know it it's a better way to manager money but i do it different made it banked but in smaller level or personal level a great idea so dave ramsey came up without well i i would guess that he was probably not the originator either cause as a really basic concept but that's how i learned about it i think it was about college age but i might have been after a graduated college it was living at home and i had ah no i think i was i was going to college but i was living at home at the time also cause i went to peresians in to see if you should they go people now in knowlittle bit more about caring the avener but i went for i went to paris for two years because it was close to home and that was some a money saver i worked for a year before starting college so that i had a little my own financial resources in any pendants going into it which was really helpful yet for me at that time in my life i could a while i was working in there was nothing going on because i worked for farmers and a one hour podolian a time where people were going digital and not printing there images from oh actual film in their cameras so i did wereoften that very busy and i would take out a little piece of paper i found out how much i had in my check in hand and i would write it out at the top but i would subtract what i was expecting could ride up practised at this i knew how much i needed to pay for basic expenses ah i knew about how much i was spending for gas and knew about how much of spending for groceries if it was a little tight if i needed something else i would a tight not on my fast food budget cause i even had a budget for that and i had a budget spot for things like i care because those things will come along when you least expect it but if you have budgeted for it then you've got a slot that continues moving forward saved up but it's a lotted to specific purpose silent suddenly while i got i take that out of saving and and i had savings was one too so this money i am putting away for the future and it's not a lotted joannis ecc you know i only i have less than ten categories set it was really easy eh and i felt a lot more confident about what i was spending my money on and i also knew how to say i could discipline myself a little more earl in the last face on my mood but i knew i could because i knew how much i had available to that so then is he it was a great way because when you have that cash in your hand and when i say cash were talking about green backed notes actual money but in a course at the time i didn't know that but you don't spend it like you do when you have a card footwear to say well i i think i have that much money in my bank and cowering i can spoil myself will you can't spoil yourself when there's no more money in the envelope you've had you have to wait there is so much if you if you can say about before and put off put off all of those of a instraction or i got to have it i got hetelicor you're you can save so much money just like a house if it were carpet and i told people this is advice i've given pole if you do not have a car payment make one into a make an account of or buying a your next car if you don't have paint and put in a way what a normal on normal carpan it would be i saw that when you get ready or you know you're going to need a new car you can walk in with cash and your probably going to get a huge disco because you have cash on hand to say have to go to finance and you're not paying any interest same thing with it you have a house you should think about your roof your roosts what is the normal roof cost while right now it's very high and if you you've got to think about things or are you going to have to reach sheet the roof the complete here often reche i never put a new roonan old structure without without a complete terror i will do complete tariff every single time and if it needs now shooting the entire roof wiget a new sheeting applied wood or whatever so that you've got a really strong stable substructure cause you're going to gain at least you know at least five ten years in your ro and anne rough if you actually go down in your place at substructure sometimes more depends on how bad the structure is underneath it it if if he list o say you have to pay eighteen thousand dollars for a roof not out of the auto ballpark i paid more than that for a rough in of sometimes you're twenty five thousand dollars in one of my bigger building think one time i actually had a souvent five thousand dollar ropiha put yet in one of the buildings and of there was he and so so you know when you think about your house your house is on your house first of all you got a soft structure underneath it and now if you got any any boards that are tippin off like under a dormer and that sort of thing you like can use the technical end explained thanks and you know to be helpful but it you want a sassol that you want assess your soft hats you on to assess the you know do they have something good to nail into as the putting shingles down and are you putting ice you know you you putting a good drop at on it are you putting your ice shields on it are you making sure that you step i always have mixed on the valleys far than what a normal valley would be them the materials couldthat's where you're going to have your first colin the valleys and so you want that you want to make sure that you understand the terms all the rotanius go on the hip could not costing you a lot of money if you don't do right the first and in that to the absolutely know you know what these costs are going to be in an average of is about twenty five to thirty years depending on an you know that's sicyon so let's say you by new house and you've got a fifteen year rohan it well you're going to have to place that roof within tenne so you can start assessing that sin oke well i'm goin to put the mountaway our way so that when i get to the need it's already sitting in the bank and a lot of people were worked for a lot less if they know that you got the cash one alone you can start getting the prices down on and so that that's financially that's to every one's bust inter have that free pray thought a hadite is really elgood way man is but pollenless experienced too one of the one of the hard lessons you'll earn em if he didn't think about it ahead of time ah and i use myself for this as an example i was okay but i got a job and i was able to move out and my parents home and in moving in michigan not too far away i found a place to wrench and all the sudden i got a pa cot at work because they added health in sure well that was nice to have but i had a take a picot and all the sudden i couldn't how ford the rent for very much longer i couldn't knock keep up that payment well i was on a lease in the row not going to really want to let me out of that lease and i don't remember if i was able to get my deposit back or not so without that deposit back because i had to leave the least how my going to get into another place within one or two months when most of the places that you can rent they want an extra month for you to deposit or you're talking two months rent in your new place besides with the paying for where your living ah most people don't have that in the pocket when you're working week to week for month month so that's one o them things were like your saving up for a roof are you saving up for on the next car are you saving up for the potential being out of a home cause onendurable click yeah onesithence having another month's rent or two ready in hand in case of you got a fire and you got a fine place to live hurry then again enter if you don't have any money i was able to do it and i i had really greatly in lord he did a monthly least and in it was fantastic because i also lost my job when i was ready to get buried and so then i didn't have next month's rent we got married earlier so that i could move in with him without ruining a reputation a and the folks who rented to me were very understanding that i had to get out malthouse you're not going to get on next month fret i don't have him money to pay for because the motor i do but they were very very good people very understanding so always love to see circumstances you know and lopepe in a learned work for treventy to be tried the helpful you know also our support not works around us too you know we can always steep with somebody she and or we know that there have problem when the helping hand so i'm going to go back to the chat here is ill amsame fixed and variable except with yes and did o different accounts so you do that and morning morning or when ushered card you do not feel the expenditure absolute ye have to know if the bass she he is sound on roofs and i restored to historic hall actually done quite a few of and a donated all my own construction work which i really enjoy i have put in whole houses of windows and refinished floors and and dry walls and and framed a work and citatoat rooms or placed things antonionio on actually rocked the fire place but like rock out of fire and a smelt work help jack am youknowitwas ah my dear my dear was involved in this jack jack parted the house of that that before he found it somebody's cut the substrate in the middle of the house and house was literally employing and that which the sitethe house of ah might medallion like sloppy work i like doing things right first absolutely and aim and that this as so ye all the alleys things that that you know that we can give the there's so many ways too that an you can create a job for yourself rather than depending on something else for creating jobs for contat's another area if you have a skill so you're never dependent on somebody provided job for you can go on or and that's the skilled that's the the great thing that we could do like in our education system is to move it to a trade school base where everybody has a life skills as well as as a trade coming out of high school instead of all the college perhaps some of its necessary but a lot of that is such a waste of time and in the pay back for a will never half it is it's not dear to give actually a return on investment should be in should be viewed for his now it erit is not over all pugliano lege and i want to i want to i don't know study that the life cycle of a shrimp and sunshades or some other non sense of the other and is like to do really think that once the cramp is done which how great money put into it the first place oh idea that it's going to create stainability for a life long ability to learn absolute absolutely and so you know we need to be realistic on on what actually not what we like to do is a play active but what we want to do as a life stylite our hobbies are exactly that its hobbies and we enjoy doing work is we can enjoy or work out give you that but you know quite honestly work is a function of providing for ourselves and the people round us our families making a making an effort not now be full time plan at this you know i prefer not to be broken and destitute i'd rather i'd rather take care of business and a consider work is a job and with a goal of providing for myself my family and people round me i think that i am reissen in all the social emotional learning crab is a waste o time it is such a waste and you know i think too the bible talks about it very very appropriately that i now am how people need to be we we need to be busy right and have ourselves occupied with good with good works and he can do or we get into re seaweed people are old o you know is like looking into free energy and such one of my problems with free energy heaven's half toward and we we need purpose and so you know this is one of things world i cannot inform his talked about is so allowed the other globes organizations of were discowerd disconto know make these worthless peters which is what they call all of us and to put him in a pot position where we can occupy their time with drugs alcohol and video game the distance of the wells not really pope and i really think i really think that having a purpose and love as it yes a busy but not busy bodys to my gods do we have a culture of busy bodies crawling up our base behind trying to find out what they're doing on over level it's none you know mind you you know ever so mine or an frickand and its people's right to be an individual i mean if we want the government to respect our rights we respect the rights about the people the opinion has cost and a an it's it's amazing you know it just cotrone is going to show you something and regards that but though zeropoint out orgy has a down side to it and that down side is a is a we still need to you know it you know if people the cases while you're on cheating yourself in any you're not the i thinking about the fact that that sounds all good and well on till you put it into practice and that i printworks so well and quite honestly like the world like an amitormiut telling you to do one that you predicts assuredthat we should be doing the other the other directed you will friendsnever listen to that of herr yeah oh how hither not even so in my iniquisicion of books to look at em different ways of teaching skills case i believe that he should never read reinvent that wheel of somebody's already done done the i can look at it and prove it it gives your face why wirethe give credit for what they do and and a so it works and be in things are not because i've already done the work too figured out not being a home not teacher its goodlock at those people have that she so ah yes i love is yes busy not busy bodies and elissus so true and lo that a problem with housing division the shores home more associations is nothing more than ten collective of busy bodies that want that want infringe on a person's white to live in their home their property the way they want who cared you know there are busy enough if they've got time to harass others and determine that sort of thing bag they just really aren't busy with purpose like fominis and thinking of the robin shouldn't family ah j s robinson there is an episode of the duck dynasty show well there's more no one i guess he had a little rivalry with the whole owners association case here's this guy there's been raised in a swamp they were in doing a backwards were you living but they had the money and his wife wanted the wife's style of the home and the limoneros sociation and so they didn't like them haven't chickens on their property things think of so they went still in the in the whole monostichon meetings with him in the family they bring food and if he would see true he ownthey weren't ready to so he ran for a the presidency that he found out what work was and like a inmother they with the other guy have it all anyway was really funny up sound spanning whobecause the houses is substation of my son monsoon lost people's garage doors to be open only for a number of minutes yet all kinds of nonsense there going on for ling up i get it and in a kind of like it can it usurps these things these local ordinances are nonsense busy body ordinate you know the busy body on for people that have way too much time on their hands to obsess what on what other people are doing eh maybe they need a second job then he and anything but not that eh i think i think that eichhorn that leads america down the drain desperate housewife i don't know i want t v so i assumed that the sperate housewife like maiepoole arteche proved on the tide ray oh i heltemus you know there's there's a bunch of e clubs around and in meshigan i wonder how many of us can actually do something like like saxon hides around and experiment with us i am all i'm all up for the perotis new hives may be we should we should form more things like a a private private membership associations on conohan they and you know a onall levels have been thinking of a poet in a couple of those together and do doing the legal work to keep him out of our nor business you don't get in don't mean business business but keep him out of or of our things that are are concerned and not there so ape i wish i really nice because honestly they can't really go after i pay without outing things like the the clinton for foundation you know our consigning people here are one bring something of the more we've got i've got another of let's see i onthave to go short but i got something coming that i'm doing a lot filliesfor out that on we're getting rid of an old treesor and my husband sat there now coming at one come in early loves oh kay well well we'll go there since she tonight and go to another episode in you old trifina clearly that i kicked some some mates up and in a big way because i guess they don't like you asking questions about what they're doing financially at the border to try to suck people in the seems seems like something arrivedthere so i really think that i i had somebody that said take it down all this is a news and i think it best to get journalism has its and you know so anybody can question the how anything i don't really care all answered and if you got nothing to hide what differences so they accuse me of beta human triumph what's she the last two days of the little their little crap show they got going on down there eh you know it's like they've cused me to be in human tractor we found a whole bunch of of the information that people that are down their interaction with kids have got criminal pass including a sexual activity would minors under twelve on and on on and assuming identities i mean it just goes on and on and on so onustos here keep your money stop giving to these non prophets and a mess you know the people just caught off the donation the political parties need to go away there nothing but in a group of self in drifting off the back of others put your money in yourself your family you're you know the things around you that that matter and just let these things like dive a triconodont there because they really need to we really have to that's exactly right in san the truth never mind being questioned but a lie always does yo can't be anything i'll just tell you you might like the answer you might not but i'm goin to tell you what you know i'll i'll tell you the truth of what what i you know and so it's like these people down at the border and i'm telling you that michigan is a huge human traffic in and so when so many calms with a sob story of all i'm doing this tone of the border in the like lierton the border walking round him like if ingethe i'll do it up here because i'm pretty extra that having asked in people to come down to the border with their kids what kind of moron would bring kins into an area where were the cart hells are acted is it makes no sense to me whatsoever not whatsoever and of that with her asking there asking the going after home school mams thinkin that you know and i so home school mons i can inosay whatever comes m there thinking that little house on the prairie is going to come down there and all of their night and put the kids in harm's way and who knows what's going to happen to those kids down there at including what there exposed to this isn't adult this is not a child function in we need be doing some background he what's got really fun it's to look into the background and you know you've seen me do some some research into the background of people as of the dickson family which has flat river group which is most definitely a globally connected group and such we have the start doing background checks the people that are running for office who are they we we kicked one of this week that got to be scorn and out there in a big way because found out that the name that she has not even her real name and it's not the person it's not even somebody that's from this state i don't even now there's a real residence and then we looked up the business as that of that person is alleging to have because there's a lot of like one they business is in there like these little corn selling shacks next to the road and its being paddled as an actual legitimate business i don't think so and ah you know i've looked up in laura to look at the people that say they are pointed to the these boards and the board of cost or board of canvassers is one of em there's somebody on there and every time they say all is a five million dollar girls profit business really an anana website that's a page a place keeper we don't even know who these people are are they real people i don't think so i think a lot of em are not even real inward going to have to start to and back round shack's on these every one should be doing background checks checking out or some sort of a support something to support the these people are make they are not who they are telling us they are there not even remotely the telling us we anyhow this so worogan izations down there and i'm not saying that third involved in human tree but what i have said where is the accountability on the money that is going to the so years ago i was in a research group this so i'm going to call collar a a pity sob a pity sober swan in comin all in i'm so pathetic i've got all these problems in my life and we are a man so you can't feel sorry for at first and then i watched her and she's all a sudden carry to one of these influences that second people and and there taken in donation and this is supposed to be somebody who was doing the noli research on line of research or weak and trust his person and on starting to set back agin what to do with money that you bring it in where the accountability of were the esceptionales and oh are you an on profit or are you just king people in to throw on their money at something that looks good i'm not saying these people are human tried i've seen that their down there and he metricians going on that border there is no two ways about it our country is an for involvement in human trafficking supply lines and their common right up to michigan and you can see it if you open right is a little bit o your scott open your eyes and old or look at the bosses and the hotels were their lodging them for short term in then whereas the accountability where they go and nobody knows and sartak money that's fun in it but when i am saying is these non profits that are round or proving to be stashond ballads store in the elections i and are the ones that are posing as taking in money as a nonprofit really begging for gas cards you know and and so now they're coming at me in their sand there sat odo as he gave a tractor no one not my count ability i want to know what the one and if the begin forget i can tell you what it's like it's like a i don't need be set out in the desert begging for togas i would honestly be out working and not not function as a full time beggar because that's what most of politics is as we have full time beggars representing and then i profits full time beggars stern were it not enough accountability of what their dewy in or if that money is going to other this which is a shallow game because that's that's most what i'd seen out there and we need we need to ask his about the the do they have a history of crit do they have in any of these not just longed all of em we're talking about financial re and isolate knows we did in fact pile a new lostalmost and i believe it was filled to to go after and this is going to be fun i can't wait because you know what somebody decides to sue sue me for something we might just have a good time with that because gas what if there's a claim may and all of a sudden we have to look into it i'm going to st discovery part of this as a counter said is gone of the all kinds of when they have to talk about and i have the countability for their backgrounds and what they do so a general flinted he sat there and he admitted gelt on something to get everybody around him when he wasn't guilty of and that was clearly proven in order to get it every one in this circle and i was on a cold last night on a call em with a with a bunch of very brilliant and on not the fake ones not the ones that are out there throwing it out and say give me money i need to make money here and there because i'm so great one from no in talking about actual selfless and i can name some of them that are really really good frying cakes beer at the pre eh ah i can give your whole list of these these people that are out there he go to weed the media we the media on telegram though the people that are on there are highly hated their smart and they go after good information there not the fake wants are not the fake pa why treats her actually that are selflessly serving the nation so go to weed the media on telegram these gods are these guys and galls are amazing so like ingrate you want throw the south there scovery a pretty extra sure i can throw a whole bunch of names and old bunch of researchers that are brilliant and on and we'll have he stops away from that person within an hour it is a a go and there those of us that are threatening me there she threatened somebody else it was asking questions and told his steps that they were going to take to extraly kill this oh my ah ah oh yes this is this is a good class of the mother travelingupon solid patron in the were talking to stole and valor were chalk con sit down in a inwraps and saying so like all its good enough for these kids come through crow you and is like i think this could be really interested so i threw some of it out there lasted and they were laughing seaton on like impreese you guys are going to have fifty jumps away from this person figured out the hole not work one of the gels within an hour talking it is you're going to keep exposing more and more that's exactly what john refined he's perty smart guy here he knows what's going on so and others there's some of us that have the spirit of stubborn that that is is our worst and greatest trait all the same to anyhow i can finish it it of my as he gets thrinacie they're going to say stuff about asked they be they were saying it was running all the time and these don't look into things and find out the reality oh yeah then down as this down as this the old the bolt right on like a new e get out of the colt mines that let's go research and look at what's real not with their telling us because if you're listening to these organization you're listenin a faint news there there their own fake news all in one little criminal ball a whack and oh i want to tell you something else this is one san geop when after me for jumping off the part at a jump of party i got league write of what so in out of quest of want to take my stay back because i want i want to see the sing restore tonight didn't see it specially high intelligence sitting at the table that could put together a plan to in fact the state back to the people of michigan so i can go shall the horsemen now work as i do not want to be a creer policy not remotely i'm more of a hat i'll go in wet with what the wreck get it pentogether boom in shoveling horse never rise i enjoyed so anyhow miss fanny so now there's a new party out there in the shamanand the rest o the band of merry clown men that are sitting at the top were loading the praises of the new republican party well i am in confused the what happened to the loyalty of the party in i and they weren't camped off they they willingly went in that dr so in an in a little confused with disparity that we got going on there with republican party the higher of and the horse the show many good ones now in a quntoong ress that's the how i like to write it now i put quotations around the work congressthe all there so many merry publicans in their now they're going to save us they're going to do much of investigations and their good isobell or problems right wrong there's just going to jump off in another area and keep feeding the people the bread crumbs because the ptiot the money the and the money is going to follow the people that's in the criminal organization they're not going to that they're going to they will starve out in the organizations that are seen the republicans will starve em right out start a new one there the only way that this works is if everybody stands together in ses i will have nothing to do with any of these political as because they're all special because the ones that are going to have the money are going to reincarnate in other version and take the money away from the original ones how works and so we were on to have to say no not going to buy into the endorsed no not going to happen not going to take part in the political party process which is special andrs were actually going to function the way this sitnation was supposed to do in her own research picking the candidates and not letting any one bring wash us in with the nonsense like steel bolts steel bolt i was the only one that didn't take the money to pack money of the dark moneyso i guess we got exactly what you know besides the fact that everything was completely in an improper process male administrational sat idordona williams and you know and the not one process was followed that was lawful but went with some people went with the establishment and so i guess we don't have enough pain yet to get us to think and move off center some of em i do replied oh mike who else's republican dandoles half be fifty dollars when they go to convention oh it's going to get worse cause they're they're all grifters they're just going to the part i continue to find other ways per i live a cave from the throt though before covetedher colony be club with pushing medicating bears stated in this hand was pushing potential mandatory inspection to make sure folks were medicating their bees for certain michigan state go pound sand there they're all you know these are institutes which are pushing markses organization are not like the equine of ormondon iv me wrong they don't have the right to go in in i think this is unconscious and then came from them says becomes a great preformation se and chuck out what you tell them about your bees until you know their current policies trivet people and willing to share their knowledge absolute ah so all this information is out there so were we works going to continue to do it i think it's really really interesting it yes i've got a cook for you prudence indeed will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes and accordingly all experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed but when a long train of abuses and usurpations pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to ice reduce them under absolute despotism it is their right it is their duty to throw off such government and to provide new guards for their suitors future security is from the declaration of independence this is the phrase it keeps coming up to me while evils are sufferable so how long will it be how long it will be depends on how long people consider these evils to be sufferable when i can't holiness when you can't tolerate it any more join the assembly i keep conodont know what's taking people so long cause it was not tolerable for me a long time ago but that's everybody's got a their own lying in the sand and some people haven't even seen that lying yet oh to them apparently still sufferable of sufficient you know that's another part of it is as not being tied into this materialistic monster that feeds the beast of multinational corporations which is also feeding beasts of our hero nor a public functionary in sachen all that kind of stuff so guess like give one of us a call who are farmers and can say all his not a big deal you can do it this way and you just kind of jump over it you know and i think that that's another thing people who are from farming backgrounds you see a stability that understanding the seas and you see the stability what what god truly put into this or we can produce so much food you know with without these in is in better quality all by ourselves we don't have to be afraid god provides he's got everything here to grow into anything even belting in an apartment there's ways to grow enough food to actually and settle that repeal souders that that's another thing you can sell the food you grow you can give it away to neighbors you know you can trade it yet i mean there's all kinds of things that we can do to help each other out and god will provide an it's a great adventure you know you can look into vertical farm and you can look at into the hydroponics or sprouting or micro greens or any of this kind of stuff i mean you know all this stuff is a double way out of a crisis grave a few chickens there easy and they can pretty well exist on throw the shelves back in with him in that way they get more more calcium so after you cranganore shelves back into the inn to with the chickens and they eat it and that help some felled their eggs the shells are new shells back saying all of these things we we don't have to be afraid god there is no fear with god god will always provide the way he always had tell her and nothing nothing really his change other than our willingness in the systems they created to enslave us and so it's just time to cut those times and and do something he when not in the other the great spot to do that i've got another cot for me for you that i came across recently is from genesis a twenty one and twenty two and the lord smelled the favor of rest this is after the flood so noah um an arch the arc is rested now he built an altar to the lord and the lord smelled a savior of rest and a lord sat in his heart i will henceforth curse the ground no more for man's cause for the imagination of man's heart is evil even from his youth neither will i smite any more all things living as i have done hereafter see time and harvest the cold and heat and winter and summer in day and night shall not see so long as the earth remaineth there's your climate change theory gone down hill or right there and one verse have not tonsonon the son god makes the seasons god says they're always going to be here and no one wears remaineth so i'm not worried about climate change i'm not either an think about this you know there they got so too we got to be afraid to see how two what's the annygoats the what's the anecdote for this it's more plans they they're piping the word there pipinoss into the green houses because you know we breathe the oxygen of the plants make the oxygen breezes breathes the so which we make and some of the other things and it's a cleaning if it actually is just like in the water the water is a clean psycho you know when the zebra muscles moved on i was like a you let me not be such a bad thing it might clog up some things to think about this it's a filter or it's a field yes he is her muscles all in place i'm going to get a lot of the tacks as things that that we have in and a later that their fixing it into another i don't acting you know it's felleisen a polly more i'm like you to onshore what it what do i agristhe he'll make some planes or the greenhouse gases are this it is of it's a lie it is completely alive and and you know if they stop the you know what they keep bringing down the cotoin in the air one thing in the duke kill plants so down the plants like once breathe it and put out lots of oxygen that's how work she wants the system to work the way that god created it to work and not just be a bunch of money grote he grants that that go into their pockets some sort of fear mongering none his is not so have a wire it's nine at night and so i'm keeping you longer and we'll be on to morrow so we on sorrow geninwell talk about more now and sun salter and was around her nonsense in their lives wellenon and all that got stoffes we're never going to stop the spirit of stores so it is which is good you know i signally have glad can connation the schedule for those who missed last week show i think that was a really good show my man was listening i told you i thought my i don't know about my dad but i mentioned my dad might in a home and the track is here so i'm going to meet myself ranlet you finish out the show and will be on again to morrow with kinnatalloon ward to it that sense so also have great dicare you do all right so as other insanogone okay we're goin t were to save prehend and finished the stay up and let him be know that you're important they god cares about you that he he and all of us that are fighting for truth and honesty and the freedom that we joying enjoy as americans of freedoms given by god and guaranteed by the consent are there to from government overreach and basically taken us into captivity through tyranny so a lot of us are doing that and we are sent strong gather i mean this is kind of one of those wonderful things where we can stand as a band of true and one where we're researching were digital soldiers were spreading in front we are digging into the truth or holding people accountable and were sent no no no no you can join our party as patriots is basically hanging out together and living in as children of god the way he intended it to be no competition all a collaborative stand gather every one's welcome and we can we can stand gather in working on this wonderful project of i back the united states for our families and a in a living for god truly in the heart with the hard service free and the bangis holding the conical you know bring the hammer down at ned an old cake gaily got to do that sir joyce if they want to make bad decisions you know it might want to make better life choice as if they don't want to have constant as for baden that's okay is that it's makes it for fineries any elis goes dear home father and say i'm so thankful for every single person out there in this wonderful day that's a hot of us we deal with a lot of really serious information some that has its just nice to get just and hanging out together and looking it on projects that we can do and things that that you have given us and that as the great bounty of this thank you so much for leading us and no matter what comes we can how the confidence you have not only prepared the path out of us but you are willing and able to to work whatever pass is a hederas together as your children your family your creation and were so thankful and you will bring to we know that you can bring to us everything we need you have the ability to created all this some prety exetioner that you can create you could create something out of nothing you can create the bread at the fish and and plants to bloom and water to be clean and things do you'll bring two fields to adjust things exactly what we and we are thankful for that ability of the confidence and your redeeming power no matter how bad we screw things up can redeem it and were thankful for that we make mistake thankful for your grace it's an amazing thing to walk the ossei pray that you would guide us in very tangible ways to the in doing the right thing and in bringing honor and glory with the works of our hands with every word that we say with every task that we do with the direction listening to you as you leave and provide and we have on knowing that you're in charge your sand box and we're willing to do whatever it is that you ask us to do because you are always good and perh in your perfect love we love you and a letter readerthey know how much you love them and very tangible ways so that they know that they are not alone but that you are provided hadopted tion around them and all those that they love they don't afraid set back have a cup of coffee or cut or glass of water and set back the the world is going to be okay you are a charge we love you so much the secret so there you go i'm in a good and here we go dining enything go too brennberg for governor dacani have not conceited and well not cone to tyranny where's chiefs the we're going to get icecloset not pin in seeerthat is never conceded he had a cross and i i am here or get my trumpet the one here here is here has there's the man no one has never not conceded the way that i have not conceded because i am the best not consent that ever lived on the planet every will never consent no conceiting happening here no can see ling only riches for until they write this fricandelle tion or so anyhow oh her hand abecoochi and at ioiot out like i had no joys are to tell ye you are fine and the ottothe hand you fight so are the other assensole hilarious i loved president truthe right or the general plan and to admiral rogers and everybody all good in south there not the crap that's crampons the clinging to the annos like these more on setout in the deer who probably have an ice about for ah you know it's like heads of the annstatine just human beard the parade and to get the in anybody that's a wee themenia go go join the weed the media group ah you're going to find at a really good really goodine and so in how we love you we love all those that you love with care about you god bless you god bless all those who you love aunt god bless me to karen and won't be back on to and silly stuff and talking about things and who knows where goes we don't no order talk about every day it's whatever god wants to bring out an some need learned babes to day cones we will start the i have a great day to day and will see its morrow night o'clock same time saying ah sing place same bet tom every