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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 9/21/2022 - Live - Barry Altman

Published Sept. 21, 2022, 9:01 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i'm donna brandenburg and it is wednesday september at nine o'clock in the morning well we have had an amazing amount of news coming forward and on distant a few headlines here but i know that the main topic seems to be melican once again and this peace article came out on thee the detroit news which i find to be a pretty worthless sight quite honestly because it definitely biased anyhow in order to create a somewhat of a hit job on the whole so i listened to miss melissa face book there was no endorsement of two to deacon she is basically speaking out of fear and you know what i stillinghast i believe that every one the aperit to vote the way that they want if their families are being threatened coerced and seed which her as definitely been threatened she definitely been threatened she definitely been coerced and it's really it's really too bad that our political his broken down to the pond oh absolutely absolute breakdown and in the ability to have an honest a fair election to the point where people are being coerced intimidated to affect what they say and what they do i do not appreciate this whatsoever he had a minute and so so at any rate there's a lot in the news right now but quite honestly i think that we need take a lot of the political stuff on around by this extreme news media is a little bit a little bit with a grain of salt because you're all spending at their spinning at noroe the puppets and doesn't matter which party it as he can be its let both the democrat and the republican party or she and i think i'm going to stand on that that i'm going to go ahead and a very manancourt or feed the morning and good morning time good morning how are you all good morning great how about to do i go doing good you see you've not good early start to the morning the morning i had to run to the airport this morning and came back and an interview all right because of course the news media are winged so division on every front which not there that they really were doing a good job of analyzing anything they would start talking about the fact that we have political candidates who are being coerced intimidated who are having our elections even rigged by the political maitre good idea to rain people's homes and threaten their children and their families so that and all her nonsense going out we want to talk about those things we want we want just keep the division going because that's what republicans democrats and i don't mean i mean the political establishment i don't mean people that are trying to do the right thing to save this nation i'm talking about people who are out there too absolutely so division and keep us fighting with each other as is amply i was watching at the cross all of the plant forms the other day and you can see it even even the patriot groups you can how had this was with them with the rigging rigging opinion and how many people are spared telling every one how to vote for their literally talented fo to vote for rather than have a consolin make up their own minds and what we told what to do i think it's a it's i agree to a you know what a desolate me really really at the core of it that to be effective you know i'm watching the cycle beat initiated you know you never really think about it so for example you and i probably have a pretty good flow of information and come inosculating intend information in general where the other a lot of people it it one narrative think that those story right and won't bother to go on the foot finger he why is that of what happened there to make a day occur or why is it how is happy in agitation a disappointed like we really want i like to see my family and friends an active role and balanced diet of information just being comfortable with one blow one stimulative no well that's you know like bidegarray job garrison i just demolition checking on the stuff justified or how how accurate it is i believe in prayer fairplay and wisdom and desire and a lot of people that i know will tell thee tell you the same thing to live that there the loitering on it seemed like the masses or so so overwhelmingly you and i in it and there is so much spinning going on out there i am i am shocked you know it's like i hate to say this but i'm kind of a bull hat and so you know it's like when i set my mind go in a direction i mean i i kicked off the ballot twice all illegally and then a green nominative and i just keep going you know it's like it's like we got into this to take the state back in of course whose puis going after me every one every one as you know and and people around me have been attacked and and threatened then cursed and all of the sorties the only one who has been receiving and coercion she's one person but in point onest i i did not hear her say she interested dickson at all even though that the offense to think that that was what was happening to his big news ere making crapulous their bother adroitness in the pocket of the republican party there telling people exactly what i think and order to rig that sight of the offing bird of communism that we've set got senlac of heart power and so you know honestly it's a matter of us all thinking for ourselves and i don't like the voter guides i don't like the poles i think pull should be illegal i think the voters guys should be illegal i think there should be a limited term of the campaigning to thirty days this is a job interview that shouldn't be a year to two landor name in chosen candidate if this is what we have we've got a year long cycle of indoctrination candidates to give them that much time to program the quinones i can speak about the last election or the correction were in right now what i saw is that she was in candidates that were on opposite the spectrum the state and boatheader they were chosen you can prove that by the electioneering pools that were out there and who is left standing and now those people that may be move out gone another way what did they do ignorant of them that were told and took a pay off mother or other organizations in order still stay active but it stopped down we need to look in all its not taking the final and not only the first so many more complicated in southern binaural all words and you know what like a sudden beginning if i can't win honestly until not goin to bend on the integrity and the morality that i believe it to have a proper process and place in our election and you know a enright now i'm over still thirty million interactions that's not even all of it that's just some of them we only are looking at two different measures and nose are real numbers in which we can judge our performance right i will look at the polls i can buy a poll that a adorned is one hundred per cent in the lead and splash it all over the place the news media won't carry the stuff anyway so it's like it's like we just keep going out there and tipped away at this and hopefully we will have some people that that actually decided that they want to take this nation back instead of playing politics read the election rigging the candidates backing their puppets because that's all we have if this were pronounced we only have one real boy out there and that would be me because he is of an armed orders acacias actually heard one point nixon was it was some one in the act there was someone asked her how's the republican party treating are they helping you she had her hand hers all the way round her i watched it and crag where they were surrounded with people and they weren't allowed to talk sat there and couldn't say a word you would like the which leads me to believe that she is also the threatened tours may be her children and nobody is looking into the stuff for saying any of this and i want to say what a governor i would be in there applegarth and finding out the true on what's going on you you do not have a candidate i can eat that surrounded by hamlet it clearly was so was crying crying always he might like it is a passion that was provided by republican party you could hear it an action of the tenant of they were to worse and they couldn't speak now i've got alison my lieutenant governor that they got to her she's got lawsuit from standpoints at the top of the republican party and standpoint he took it to a hundred and thirty thousand dollar pay off to step away from another race putting the piece this together and how corrupt people are that he find two hundred thousand dollars by naselton have now so you know finally for malediction and you would want you as in a guilty by that alone of tahiti for doing so and wrong he's the one that started the lawsuit there's four women the wings were being heard over on the east side of state why he only go after women i'd like to know that they are only women that you would have it that that that should that should be a question everybody ship ask why is it that what you dixon was founded by her little come and when she was asked to cut but when why is this not been odinistic the other day that there's a share of looking into the throats of marmoustiers are we have no constitutional sheriffs and their up to their eye balls and leanin launching you know in launching ustani got a question how many of those guys are threatened you know the kind of come after me to a certain degree and i'm like im like i don't hear alas i could care less not changing my trajectory we're going to continue to go forward in the same competence what anybody says why is it that all a sudden we are a sudden going up over there in the skin why is it that the tramp or any one retaliation who about for a canoe and now as letitia this so this will is absolutely so bad i mean i told you compel that i was offered a twenty thousand dollar trump endorsement and the person that told me that sad note twenty thousand for that trump indorsement you will not be on the ballot no white had a problem because i'm not going to pay this girl does paint so we have a big problem there and they looked raised a you know you're going to put all this time and effort and no one's ever going to remember you i like well i never wanted to be remembered so that's not part of my ma my amaist put our country straight not not any of this political non so anyhow i went from bad to worse after that and i honestly asked that person and there was somebody in her that listened the whole conversation i said i would even now ashamed atwood first said well three miles from mentone to say look she knows she needs you because the rest of the candidates are so bad she needs you to win so i'm sorry i'm out on both criminal political parties they all should be brought to justice including the people at set up there and lancing every single one of them with me manatorians this nation and i am not going on this and they come and they can threaten me they can threaten to raid my house good luck with that and anybody around me i have been followed by black as yves with windows blocked out so as some of the people and the states party this is what we're living under in this nation and either people decide to stop up and to be in power or this is going to end a pen to them just one step in the way of this happening to individuals who do not who do not fall in line and and follow at their cold to do so there maybe he even erthe hallblithe word i heard talk in the war i interact with the the energy around us i see so much fear we bid every one is afraid you know i think ontirely in the beginning when i went down to announce his candidate lack of fear that was one of the things that really really moved me to support him in the van and you know and i want to almost like a watching you now like it whole party was fighting a watching another bag and he had had to knock out one to remain standing become the nominee are and i hear he fought every every into the way the character you know so i could just see myself but i tired of hearing of i too disgusting like they think we're program they say that that i'm going to you know something substance to baghdad what you actually what was the detail lothario met the road god and country that but what does that really mean what is it let me you a god to me up you know a guy who likewise lying a guy who located with the guy who located a gudewife no tidings you know so much and so much of this but is going on i believe i saw somebody opposed to me social media they said the reason i'm not afraid they got a big old gigantic circle i got you know my grandpapa gave my copy of it just keep talking a minute keepsakes in solitario afraid is because of god so much of a your people talk about how you down trump wasn't really a godly man in so many respects and where i greediness in the service of guy as scripture but when it came to this that that being found he consistently all the side of of what the bible said even of course you can go back to something he said in a room guy and they were just talking to old mythologies came out intenerate he remembered it you know i got another ran here on this the connotative another ran here on the i have no respect for women that come forward after twenty years ago oh he did this rathah is a bunch of crap and i'm not buying any of this this is nothing more than a political hit to or somebody that says you know this guy said this o this kind said that i'm sorry every one of these people are probably watching a boat all this other nonsense acrabattene out in the athenaeum over stuff like this at me a for real break staircase and i could hear what anybody else does because people are going to say all kinds of things at different times and everybody needs to get over it because the person that's probably criticizing that the most first an that's probably said something thought was her stupid and last time minutes but they hide it so the waterman i excuse me you know excuse me this is not that this is not real life real life is very wrong it's very far real in the people make mistakes it's not our job to go after them and what i saw with melissa is how people jumped into this and made this into a political political the detroit news was guilty as however this the reputation at the melisande tuner dixon now she did he is a man who was literally protecting her children who felt her family brightened and i can tell you what though i don't agree with necessarily the method or it wouldn't have been to what i would have done i would have thrown it right in their faces and said said if you're going to come you better come off it hard because that little little tack isn't going to make it with me and i will go after them and comforted but not everybody has that the personality that i have when there's a threat involved you know to say it i don't backdown i'm just you want to go in this direction don't wittysplinter i anatolia now that the detroit news in the tritu detroit news as pebbles i don't even know where they now sorely got it every miscarried the photograph or or a story in oriente republican party and what their over lords in the republican party are telling them to put exactly what's happening there craig moder is part of it his stories are absolutely bit and if anybody listens to the these these ridiculous more anathema the news media across this nation there all complicity with every one of them start as started in fact now carry the election rigging the election regina showed to dickensen personae before the primary how come he came out on their is a tacit they had barbers somebody in the background was in putting numbers and how while it was that they were able to hit an almost dead on they were forty seven per cent and she came out in the lead why that was at they were programming this and we can make sure now the removing of the has to do with one which here which is tied to china tinsel right here in michigan and in de center of the globes crime syndicate in michigan partly up and bay harbor by patas partly in also partly in detroit you can you can follow this people you can see them how they sat together what they do and the connection we've got him in the us taxpayers party there there in every single party because i was up one night coincidentally with moisture for corruption on the one thirty in the morning and we on covered a lot of curtain a lot of names and i don't do avenue if i have i'm going to tell you what i'm going to i'm going to make sure that that stuff gets passed on to on and on and our people but if misconceiving that way why would she sit up on that late at night where she and i are sitting there rethought actual criminals within parties who have see upon bank escobar who have a brightly then laura litigation under different names or addresses and i enlist honest one person this person is in the tax the part the eprouvette behind us to get behind a candidate you can't get behind a party to get particulars as he has i cannot tell you how mean bankruptcy tell your home many a business she has a background and once again when you start really looking at me for an old in this home for not workaday i guess undiscovered now there's a whole career across the state and it also includes child care center when you've got kids being called little knock the many is much child trafficking is going on i think we should all be alcocer and the mother another in it across the state and in an adult foster care holsteiner in all in and of itself but to peacestead the cross of between bison individual makes no son it goes from bakeries that goes from bakeries that goes to child care sinners it goes to insurance and go to truckee it goes to it to adult adult care centers in such none of the men none of it makes any sense in business at titian had been filled and and revoked for a one degrades them and i don't mean one i mean a ten of them and i'm in the tundras too that they loved it and when you start really looking in people and really finding about them you can find out some real problems it is far studenten i found out an i talked to two people that her family one of them they stuck with thirty five thousand dollars logically and another one with ten thousand had they destroyed the foundery and dusty over and a norse no more voting for because the people that you think your voting for if we don't look into them a little but we cannot know exactly what we're doing it now one further peppercorns individual who was either either born into a situation or found themselves into a situation and now the children are being threatened and they can't not because the surrounded with people sought with cranston and you know i didn't see to distraught to a certain degree but i had a very good source that actually watched her given a negative non to something we should all be really concerned about that and i'm not going to stop talking about something that needs to be investigated looked into and an elected look at look at the late redon president trumps house on a mariage it's unlawful serches is on the whole thing was an icon happen to him if this can happen him if coercion threaten intimidation in the happened to most care if they can shut up our candidates and place them what are we voting as covenant but you can but the boy while now what why is it somebody as to opelousas why is the only answer that this going to be done a brandenburg well maybe and most qualified candidate out there may pearsall want to vote for equally candescent eofor put her in them that you know we're going to set the boat why is it they feel like were split in but my we ask it you exonerate actually have real change is forgot and i wrote a post a morning not one of the people up and landsmen then to help it during covenant amanda of any demanded they were the helpful on any acaiari whatsoever he sat there during an and crosier and ranted at every ronancour rings up there you've got you've got a hook or rings up there that we know of and we know that people are connected with them is provable all you got to do is look at how many people work during the lack downs you know where people were being transported or what would they were part of weinstein and you don't have to be a superficial their protecting each other because it is in fact organized crime that runs this the money wandering is incredible just incredible here then you know got let's just to just go to bay harbor and see what i found there this week end and was told that this is where you know pretty much every globe was billy in a haste the master and resolute organization you know how everything is so coordinated now and go to onorato a state sent as an independent the whole purpose of me you know i couldn't pay one hundred dollars just ran as a republican and i would have to go out and not on doors by dogs in doors lambasted and retention eunice in the best not going to be let do ask and in the process in the process you get a redolence of new you talking directly to that man he patentee hundred actually sixteen hundred sickness for four or perfunctory six thousand to but i'm not going you know maybe one or two or one one did like me one would say something like that you know a combination anyway longitudinal to people you really get a feel for they don't want to say really on their mind but but if you really got a courage a man in and give a sense of safety the old command to like a guy told me he said an i wasn't goin to talk to you to ithout you were black life matter and another one told me that you know that they were they were sure it it supported corona certain platform and liberal peccator anyway after you as we got a chance to give either real fears what the real frustrations you know i would never know any of that if i had to pay a hundred dollars whether as a republican i would have been on it would strain to the legs and it was no republican candidate and but as i'm talking to more people they are just pauline two parties i have some people when they are in a interest the reason of the colony to because i have together since on the ballot because i am an independent candidate is an o your independent giveing and may one design right away because he came keep going to some the more i talk to people the more moist i'm going to win this people are really supported it was some neighborhood may have wherewithal could just be you know and people were taking me to their neighbors out i'm going to call dodonaeus hitherto course there the people who didn't you know who who were at they really wanted to stay with the system as it is they will you know some would liberalism there's so many people that are so sick of the whole system than that demoralized to the point of not wanting to be involved in that at all and just at a watching like the twenty twenty legs wittiest taken at every say another disaster than the ascensional that opposes and here we are netherlander watching all that night as aleikam of the rushing callosities the foot the last to linger everybody everything to me is that everything a president to say came under attack you know that in this and you know like some i take anything he did it is it now become a mastoid the word presented the matter bellovaci don't matter and right the words matter not the police you know and then the the condition the tantalizing for the nation doesn't matter what matters is so one i easily one of the things i try to talk about to wisconsin when a time to talk to people about an issue or a challenge to the so easy to distract some one from you know and now i believe personally is that how spiritual matters were also we can be so easily distracted with pains that i that we think are important but i'm not the guy was talking he one time and i was about a church i was at and they had the whole church cora you know if he was white or if he was black like eager way that has some impact on myself ainsley has none so why benares in it why my spending energy time and energy address what color was jesus you know what grace was and i but what this is the type of distraction the thatirical almost all all of the nonsense controversy i don't know if you follow the first thing to ithaca to office was the line the finding for the historically black college and university there was a man there to office with a bothersome president of these historically black holes in university and they were all standing behind president choose and some kind of way telling in conway in on the sofa there as he had her shoes off black on the sofa now later on i heard that she was trying to get her out of the picture legacy from the so do you know almost nobody can realize or gave president to credit for helping the funding historically black holes and universe all of the carbonate jellicoe was sitting down either absolutely insane and that societatis disrespectful to all above people it was there because he it eases oh and don't you know a trump is a racist trump is a race i mean huerta non son he now and he was rooted that was supporting narrative about it about what that's why i really care about caesarion you know they don't really care about black people how did it stupid and that statement right there you went not you but that he situation went from point to point to many are atelutaion to have how did that happen there had to be some decomposition you have to be in order to make it very like the interior than historical retiarius doing without why don't bother and his eight years and you know and i this is another thing you accommodation and watch the confusion mount at what call did it why didn't nobody and why the testation it relies come out of everybody who who has stumpinghame it will be absolutely no no logic to it once over no common sense to it was so ever the just be a bunch of talking points known and at the and i know that my talk about focus on which i thought you were about the jupiterites is what you get what you get with live broadcast and that's okay then not in this is ever scrutinies gettin the morning is like i don't even know what i'm goin to talk about remounting i just saralie will god whatever you want me to talk about today's the day just make sure that i know you know now if you want me talk about as things come up head yeah and back to the political thing to it's like i actually received this from general fenleigh and he you know he said i received this regarding ohio tonight with the situation michigan and what he sat me was for your situation awareness in ohio there are seven point nine million registered voters one million of them are independent it is even this new phenomenon in the last couple of years and there has been a mass from both political parties in ohio so then he asked me dissimilar data and mean some are look that up to get exact numbers today but i think it inveterate to even a little bit that republicans and democrats are jumping like rats of the titanic there were watching honestly i think we're watching the destruction of the two party system the old guard the old guard is being changed up which has been committed to talliho to hoe their pickerin their tallow to vote this is so wrong the whole thing is so wrong it's incredible and i think people are waking up a little bit to their game and the game is that it is them against us and they in fact are tyrants who are gowhar in the global and us is nothing more the considerate that's all we are theaters to them were cast were crop and they can do what they want with all bussons the there's not that many of them roost fall it takes is just resisting enough and i mean we just need to take a stand that's it well if you let the inheritor i think about like that like you just say taken a stand because that's what i what my intending iridesence i said a begonia with these things so that the party doesn't own me and they don't they don't control the and so i call that taken stand and of course for canvas eneas a result and the author who is that we look he i want to go to that right there because i think that was really significant the board of canvassers denied you just like they did the republicans and the republican candidate it's anyone that they that they deem as a threat to their political crime family that they have gone on so aboard canters i denied matter if you were on republican or a few word independent there in a nakodo unless you fall in step sooth continued on well you know i chinoiserie to run for office represented be taken a stand and how other people while one who thinks i am we have been talked about that before about that in terms of our platform and going for when with the corelation and how people need to be educated as to the how finding but and county how all those big planter the money literally go you know as opposed to where we think goldoni allocated for you now and then but in the same process when our boats go with two or boswell go to at hallowell take his stand upon this if i'm not really willing to run for office i don't really have the and ornamentation goosie want to take a hand i know that one of the ways when we both governor is the one for one way of taking a tangential but in people who were or who actually like to live here and one about the lower what it was that he the potatoes artie i'm going to vote for damian and then how do we convince you know the typical conservative or the typical liberal state take the stand some kind of way in to break that moon leonardus talking about how in the listless coarse ah i do influence as they call it in corbo parapeted up against against the kind of i think the main thing is is that it starts with the job as governor is a when when you're looking at people who are running for office be treated now as a marketing commodity or popularity contest literally a job interview it's a job interview to decide if this person will adequately represent your assets the acts that you the governor's job is to hold the legislature or to carry out the wishes of the legislature to a certain degree but it's all such a whole accountability to the state make sure that he is the chief over operating officer of state is really the chief operating officer of these and there is a fiduciary possibility for the governor the governor is in charge of what is actually so i i said then you can talk budget budget budget but it really does matter because you don't follow in any way and so you have to look at what they actually found and we never give a to the accounting system to do any meaningful audit so like when you go back to nine eleven and rome fell said that there was like i don't know how malicious crazy about like a hundred you know billy and dollars that went missing her something like a look at all the money that's going to misinterpret and what were actually finding the we are funniest ruction of the ukrainian people this is not fighting russia this is this our country who has set up shop there who were funny by weapons and by absence they baboon of them over there and ukraine i've heard the numbers as much as three hundred and forty of these things that we have literally founded our country the united states is of america funded this across the globe because our country is the biggest drugs weapons and human trafficking organization on planet we are nation building we are finding nations we are wearing only the place in publicists to doing all over the world and anybody that step out against it and they get killed you know you look at who eisenstein lying over in africa there are several people at winstead lithe killed them they animated the leaders those because they will they would not be down those people are heroes when you when you look at the governor's should be looking at as a job interview at it when when you have candidates than than our own there there there there flirting with people who are her there using that any type of influence whatsoever in eaton because this is a person who is manipulating to get it off and i mean and i've seen a and really there were we serious as is not a high school no monetary asset that newman eluding how would this is a real problem so so for me first thing that i do is i start in lots of we have to be people want to curability then you better get so many and who can look for in order to hold people accountable abbreviation and so i mean to look at to look at what it is that does hold in fact hold people accountable and in crystals which actually which actually in still both responsibility as well as accountability i mean this is all needs to be done in a way of athanaton right now we have a band and our people there spending so much money doing favors for their friends in other other countries and other organizations and foundations in the senator own people are being put at risk every day when it comes to help care when it comes to a our elder population when it comes to the taxes that you know why is it that we have seen our citizens paying taxes double taxation they've already paid taxes on most of that metaxa and we won't have any representation there eroding themselves raises oh i don't know if you know this but what murdering the coast down and this brings me to another serious subject going on so during the obedstown cut down all of her staff as close the hours to thirty two hours but gave them a six hundred dollar payment a week and coverlet on that seventy five dollars an hour she paid her employees she gave them a ray you know where the retribution did anybody else get there get that one or do they use that within the government to to prohibit their body that's exactly what they did so yesterday or dairymen all was one that was talking about the sustainable food food sovereignty which i think is as a fantastic there should be no nothing that stands in the way of any one who creolin for themselves or fading themselfs period though those things all those rolston that's a going back to constitution is some kind of watching the building around here you know i'm in construction a little bit and i understand what i'm seeing when i'm looking at things that is that when it comes to equipment or scopes of pro this morning i was at the airport and why is it that the cat come airport his get this in huge and i mean it expansion going on there under that came from the infrastructure i did because now and i want to know who on the construction companies are getting these great big great big jobs is great big federally funded jobs because i'm pretty exposure that that's going to be a long one of us so i went past the school and then the area it after i was talking to allan i started i was watching how much money is going into the school expansion projects schools have got incredible expansion going the water in detroit they went thirty six million dollars given to one school district with a restive in the arearea were getting like one million dollars and covenanted why why would that be then shut down down but even mellower we giving them you know the million dollars in coin but money and that so there is motorists one out there the cattegat thirty six million dollars in the skin and they made a thirty two million dollar building expansion with that coin money now i'm lucky in another another school that you know it's probably within about i don't know five miles my house or last leaves than five miles from my house and i went past there and they have an absolutely enormous a building struction project going on and i start looking at this going how many of these things are going on across the were they put our small business out of business he started doing favors for their bodies in what in our in doctor nation pass where they are getting more and more gold to be taken away children from families and from their parents their building the huge monolithic leo a structure its huge castles as it were if her education republic education wanted does a school need the million dollar mansion when all the kids were being kept home does it give me an to me as to yes we play widowed watertight their bodies are the ones that all the construction come you exactly not and you we started out taking a sad across the state but i would argue across the country and had an even even up to an anatina basis you know is the come cover all kinds of people you know even even before coition see bill going up along my cotemporaries into very first one and they had put in portraiture in afghanistan might not be right on the country exactly but it was like oreillons dollars soon from and now you know that immediately that was a revelation for me from that point nothing but the politics raving blunderer contract and you know when gloaming when that old ben came out onthinkin okay who got a pad for the you know to lower your carpinchos going to pay for for in all the other countries do one of my relatives who claimed to be give well i percent of the scientist go beware you know lesson we need to do some about the woman climate change it is now a defined his climate can now well every country that says that is anticipating be pretty sad to the orator then i go in to see in either it that doesn't support the whole agenda the holloman long united states treasury the whole you know be the same like to call him the red the red the red but when that too many moment pieces but the average seven to allow they're not pining attention they don't understand what you know how does actually works so they hear this nineteen of the sciences but i think it true you know and then you know because they don't know what a sinister no better than anybody else who can be bought like diodotus essences whatever they can all be but a day rewolver undersea that's the growth and the more why i think that the case part of it is so is so important and why for example if i had my magic wine or whatever it is something to help the system it will be to educate or or i would like to see people pray like i did because i didn't understand so much what was going on god sedition that he leonetto you an abundant in operation when i didn't believe what god said of course i didn't believe it and then you don't know its inscription so you don't do it or you already think you why so you don't do it so we got a big partholan the fall to the antithetical as long as you know if we don't know we got to continue people don't continue to man this always is absolute nonsense the government is subordinate absolute destructive and to the world and to finance a spirit to help a fellow medill all i was going down the drive you know you know as a counsellor i was supposed to overtopple about the peak of a spiritual and it would give me the trouble from time you know what lay in temple you know god says and as as i tell help you with the wild you know so i understand people want the one government saying pray because some people just don't like to work prayer and they don't like anything to do god and now this note here you know a dissenter after the painters yes it can we can't let me be you need to pray you know can't tell him you don't gormire are you have do is call emotion that i just see if it works because you know i would never do to anybody that i considered myself acutely aware of the all the little government does it is it is just the randall of these programs have set you gave before before rush invaded you can with no iontos corrupt governments of the planning now it was coming if you had money to him gray you might be soonest you might want give it the tale and give he and a riding isself going to oregon harrington and i you can give a district roma was to give give fifty billion dollars in his last year in office and then right on his way out the door another hundred and seventy million dollars to palace and then we got like a year and a half later two years later aspiring literally millions of dollars a racine into you know nobody seems to be able to put his other wheatstone melanesian alicran i don't know which one outhouse one italy know you probably talking setosa dollars but each one and now they do thousands and thousands of them in israel and and oh but we have given as it epithet on these i israel is the whole land god worships custom you you know i understand that you know individuals can be individuals but the whole land is real israel and i i can an attack on them or the support of the jacobin in the course but upon you know and that's how i see it every time i hear about money going to ran palestine in the new matter is in the name of and the other are opened you and if we really think that money isn't going to the gates to the planet gate the coroner ukraine that and the bare of the sobrante i just can't i don't understand it but again i could detestation he i would understand much and leading me some money and in about was going on and so that was somebody like a information you have you know and we to do research you inhabit rose you know you are you in danger then i thought it but when even that is to give god has given you to dine the it does take take some damage to the understanding that you have so any way tables anybody who who really wants to know to you seeking to that you for the no give you that and it's true as the i just posted something on or on my telegram channel when we were talking about the about the in what's going on there if we think that any of this money or the support is there is helping the people they are calling their people in ukraine there kill missus what they do cross the globe i mean this is this has been common practice they'll tell you all we're going to go in and define the kind o know or not we're going to go in and we're going to massacres of people and thy by enabling their own cropthorne to massacre their own people that's what's happening and you know you can look at the year planetary america you seen that year plan to destroy america palantines the last fall with the graphic abominates really good graphic up there with their truly a sixteen year plant and when you look at how many people are actually like the valerie and you know you ethereal at you look at a whom amenities you are friendless and in they come at us where the bad ground in terrorist organizations so did so did they see so most of the actually come from terrorist organizations and their play within our government and in any it's like to see this and come to an understanding this is what this is all about this as about a global crime syndicate that parades under different names or they may be they may start out as you know is one thing and they moved to something else and then the commune and then there then the cultural marks is and then there you know i mean progressives or whatever setting same thing were just going to change the mask in real life semlin back at the names that change the winders weren't for england they came from germany and they changed their name so in the bushes the bushes came from germany and the change we're not we're not talking just democrats were talking all of them all that ere an it's like you know i hate to say it but a queen elizabeth died good riders good rites they have had so many things that they've been involved in globally that word just really bad why in the world would you put the wealth of a nation in the hansom one family while the people starve to death or or or suffering in the why would you do that because you're trying to tear him down from within the enemy is within any of these people to profit of her nation i were i were there drawing his huge salaries or privileges or whatever they they are they are the enemy with that our entire government is foliis like they're like reproducing cockroaches you couldn't you couldn't stand enough of montriveau they know they're so many more that just this homrigh and behind them and so but the question is do we give up do we cower and do we give up or do we keep going well my trajectory is to keep going and i'm not going to back out you know it's if someone if somebody omentum neither well you'll notice that with you if he had somebody that couldn't stand the heat or fail or they might have been placed her crotona and he continued to switch out in order to have the people that were riding to stand for this nation and it was a process that he went through his entire time he was in office he never stop switching people outward he finally determined that somebody was compromised and i'll do the same thing but i personally am not going to stop i'm on to keep going and it may be we moved the line we move all the taters down sick and doubt what you know we might be memorall or yeller passed the line but the question long along do we stand with standing plan as the spaniel spike this far on the amazon and we win or not in this just to go good enough it's like once i started down the steps now we're going to oregon to consortit this until every single laugh on these communists sitting in a seat elected or unelected or removed taking down a genoan tried for treason because that's what the guilty of and that doesn't and and i don't really care they can wind they can amble we didn't mean it yet he did they soothe met the two down the nation and they were part of it and an we've got to stop giving people excuse for the behavior but why toledo the gas lit and they turned it around and said oh look at what happened first of all they're going to threaten somebody and that person goes out to protect their kids and then they take that person to look this you know indorsed one of our establishment candidates even that person is establishing it yeah under coercion and threat and if they did i mean and go back to most grown she did not endorse tutor de she did it i want to tell you that is a name and with the outer out your now because i believe in truth and transparent for she went on face book she sent me a couple of taps and one of those tax or to both those that asked me to denounce talking about it and to denounce it probably denounced and i was like you've got to be kidding me who told her to lay the conditions on me she would basically do something that would be seen as damaging to our campaign and that the last i stood up and denounced the that i will no way shape form ever do not nobody is going to tell me what to talk about what i may talk about what i may not talk about what i may look into what i may not look into if i want to look into it i mean this is such a communist situation it's not even funny becomes won't let anybody look at bibles oh my gosh told you maganga your life is on the chopping block here we are right at the canteen up for the right thing you know whether i want to look into one source or another i looking all sources i said this in the yet beginning and to ask me to downy source is probably not going to work out well because i'm just going to tell the didon so you don't want me to talk about kou don't want you i met denounce you in distance talking about you and seventeen or whatever wherever esaias told not to i know a lot of a lot of us are you again i keep a albatrosses because really so much of disinfection out here now if i don't have to the time at any or resources to rest things aconite you know and people are masters of it is they are literally at the top of their game the magic and i however blame you know if all of you all of the news to have made as abe anderson that came out with rage the morning it's like i'm going to sit there and i read it any way do i believe everything i read not from any i i am estate do it stimulates me to ask questions i do not have an i do not have any anyhow do i put i do not have any blind allege to any one or anything that forgot all mighty and his word which is the which is the perfect word of god that's the only thing that i have allegiance to and it's not to a person you know a person as we know but it's to the person of jesus christ almighty the holy spirit how are you antiquitatis the only one that i am blind allegiance the rest is a malreward that we are dealing with when i look i look i personally think that fox news is unreliable i think the detroit news is completely unreliable i think that i think every source out there as human beings behind it therefore it has the possibility of failure wherever he being are involved there is a possibility of failure and to divide up you all this persuaded person that purses bad for this is a reliable source that's not a lie the reliable source i have is listening to god where he wants me to be and questioning every single source every single thing that comes across across in front of me and making in my own mind i am not much of a sheep or a loving you know and and you know it's like it's like a you know i do remember when we were kids because you and i roughly the same age and they say well if if somebody told did it to jump off a bridge would you do it during number that when we were kids i think that in estate would would you jump off a bridge of somebody told to thee to do that what about five years in our what about balls news source is what about the people that tell us not to talk about the bible or not to talk about above you or not to talk about a day or not to talk about her not to talk about anything he's not so too utter and complete and an moraines all of this collating woollaston news credit for a frame made haley would have a literal commentators on her so i always said well well at least they're doing more than other guys are the happenstances very compelling case these liberal lonesome you understand how it is to work i told you why will you he and i belonged as what i would think it absolutely in and he would make a compelling case for you know i may imogene i mean a visit is this you you know i look at it but now and then in one in my opinion it was just more reliable so the bonaparte thousand mules i i didn't mean to elsie that the leg ran i absolutely with already convinced the day of the day of the election results i was convinced that election when two meals come out i said well now there's nobody who can read now if you watch undeniable or because they have made because they have you know good information forfeiture to it and allow a referee that is insane in my opinion for anybody who had last as what are they what are they really up to or are they bear they it's just like the republican orator the two wings of the same bird yes they are i know you are if you are far out god fathers terminated in the movie i pointed to the talons of intangible latrines and neither what is gone bill the law it was the other gainst opulent streets all alone and and you have that is my favorite life from the pole i don't know to this day that was boiler situation we did know it was the same party all along it was the same clean you know we thought that a people or outside believe you know there are certain people that i believe or i committed to do metacentre better you know but i think that a lot of them don't really believe they can do it without their help the unity they don't think that they can do it as a great esteem but in calling thee to dislocation the parties the traditional two parties and then the network of support you know even truchen he ran in he was clearly an independent my my cigarette you know and i guess that the conventional knowledge was that an independent camp he decanter and ottawa i were publicans too i want really wish at this point time i would have just skipped over that whole little goat rodion gone into penance honestly i am an equal opportunity political hater because they're all cropstone i mean i mean i mean look at look at the whole thing the whole thing from top to bottom is just one big corrupt it's what it is and on to the people from the top to the bottom decided i'm not playing ball with these people walk away i think may we should do another walk away camping walk away from the political party to your candidate both the candidate both candidate the skinners you the because they are literally picking slate of candidates and telling everyone all they stand for this or that they don't stand for anything they stand as a bunch of puppet in line to carry out the wishes of their over lords that are setting up their s we are the republican party we are the democrat park that great now the republican party a convent and they started trying to take the party back that's great but for the twenty twenty two election it is we two too late and the whole system needs to be taken down the parties need to be taken down from tabarin because you know what we're doing they set them scallup as americans against americans this is no different than the soul marthereau had americans fighting americans and it was over economic reasons so now what are they doing in a democrat or republican i'm not going to talk with him that's a bad person because they believe will maybe they don't believe that but they've got everybody all labeled you know it's like it's like you know like our discussion on food yesterday and you know we had a huge section on food yesterday which was funny and on the differences in in tricking between people who cook that are white and cotanto at a black and always and you tell me about how you know you had a girl friend and a white girl friend she didn't choose her family the food was just awful it wasn't your used to what i'm like a town people cook i said the mayor just allows cook you know and and because i could tell you i spittings then to not keepsake know there's not enough garlic in any food for me or paper or anything like that you know she illusion to the way you know white people took her black people i think it's a lot of variation and there but they can surrender you it wasn't that it was so bad autochthonous you know it wasn't a bad quality it was just then i was taken about the but you you absolutely right in the side some people have cookies killed and some do not you know and i like you know people talk about other cut you know i have a some with the italian red he too i guess give it a choice of a i one probably you know somebody said where you want to go on i probably said the no you know i guess that's a that's my one race but while little widow no we yeah but i agree with you sometimes you know sometimes people what because part of my family was very doomiat on one side would fight and dutch suits couldn't understand him so we understood some of it but not all of it but but the different spices in different cooking but was really finished so this aristocracy dutch and that the west machineries primarily dot and people with her from different as it were within the other ones and they are very proud to be from you know said there from zealand or they were from you know because the states it had grown again and that sort of thing in another was and there was a distinct cultures in distinct dress between all the states in the netherlands and so you would see if you lived in the area he would see you very distinct differences even in a country the size of a post and and and he was still his pride and i'm better than them i'm a grown girl in better than soderini your looking at him going you leafy miles or less apart are you king stupid of discussion is this that we're having you know it's like last time that i checked we all blood ran you know we all be read and i just think it's kind of a it's a you can you can't get two people together that a wife had etcetera life exactly the same canto feel or black the celebrated exactly the same eleven is nonsense you know the whole thing is nonsense it's like you know start start looking for things that make us human that we agree on and the rest of it i don't care i could care less about the rest of it is kind of nonsense maybe some is just allows cook or they can't you know i don't know i think he just loves echis nothing to do with culture just lay a food though go to an indian restaurant that indian restaurant are tiresome acacias you know i adopted my one daughter from india and i was there and swear to you as god is my witness so i had my life was sitting in new doubly in the and that sitting the tears were running the running out of my eyes it was so hot and but what i say no no i endeavoured to perseverance whole thing and was sick in the bathroom and till noon the next day but it was worth it he i got to do those things you know oh yeah experiences were come on always you know i even like i said you know come in on that experience as it was only that one i mean i didn't every often but you know i don't remember the thinking about unsalted food after so i say you know we have an experience and may we think its culture culture relevant mayombe you know so i do think sometimes you know it is really any experience call it culturally ground you know because i go there and dispersing does did to popanilla and i go to some malapert go to and here the given and lo you know so it must be due to the culture different i nowadays and you know i talk about the black church you know going up and a little bit different now look more subdued but indissoluble backwaters pope some conscience and you awakened to move all the guy who played time hagen in the godfathers he started and i can't think any way it's galeasse it is absolutely of botetourt who is he you know rather from the law he killed this guy in an anger it in a child's got boat soon amounted to law and he goes to another town and billie and he's white and ah his congregation is black but it is it is one of the most moving films of ever that actually and i waited i will go to this little southern town flat broke he doesn't have a pity he really loved the lord but he lost his temper and killed his gunboat a bit of rag tennant but he you know he still finding in prison who he go down to ilion in some place in the south and i built this church up with all these black people and and he is love of god is so so compelling and so strong all the mean people rally around him and and you can see the regent come on to his tiens guy and at the enormous ahead and they let me hedonistic and the canal so then an admiration for they don't distriminate serves you know that to get on they got the light on murder you know and they got the right one last outside and they modified the serve and in the walk about really respect you know and it is just merely a really high artistry about god are dense consequence even though you can still see the red you know is really powerful story you came remained but the case jeanette no i'm not i'm not much move while there but but we'll see if i get some time to do that i don't like t v or movies really not many of them so that i'll put that on my list of possibilities you know for movies but thank you there's the sum that i think are really good and they do beauty what's going on because they do tell us a little bit of how to time what what the really up to some definitely siberian that so cool well now that we've had a whole bunch of subjects here i think what we're going to do to day is very and i are going to be talking about wellness and wellness issues and how we can how we can truly the people of michigan i talked to a lot of different people bury works within wellness he's a counsellor we're going we're going to take a great from being in here and then later on in the day we're going to be cutting some video that we can put out a short videos in short to you would like to weigh in and what i'm talking about over the next i'm going to cut a whole bunch of small ideas that we can get all over the place you know and on any subject everything is well we can talk about anything you want to talk about it doesn't make any diffrence and so in all of those objects were nobody wants to go there because they are controlled public politicians i in fact am not a plastic political action i will talk about anything and everything you that you are interested in that you would like to talk about i may or may not have the answer to everything because one person mayor cannot possess that much knowledge but we can certainly start a dialogue on anything that's important to you from tax to as to that position to the law to our unjust just the system which is absolutely a two or illegal immoral and unjust election system to the raids on president trump to the border to how we're going to deal with us or what ideas can we do for this or getting people back to work and why is the money going here and why is the money going there and how do we make our lives better how do we communicate better how do we how do we stand tough to get i think i think communication would be a great one you know i like the communication part of it and how you talk to someone who you disagree with without going into a durantaye of mind and trying to find the answer rather than just just going on the attack it seems like that's the moi don't know what you call it demons or whatever you want to call it but it's craziness at any rate moderate person or a person who has control of themselves does not react with emotional responses on things doesn't mean that you don't you don't always say things like gentile jesus with the lamb it now is feet which i categorically reject that wasn't his moat all he was very much a provocateur over the religious there is the keepers of the law clearly stated the woorali on the table over to get about and who did he go after he went after the religious when he when he was asked who do you stand with he mentioned a rabbi named hillel and hollows the raby this stood for love that was the love so when we treat each other with love and kindness whether we agree with people whether somebody says something against us or not the right not maybe the right reaction we can stand there we don't need to take a fence to stand there and let them say what they want to say and correct the record you know speak truth always i mean i've never back down for i mean somebody listens to me for five minutes they know that i will in fact then i will speak decisively sometimes a little bit you know sometimes a little bit o forcefully i rarely an angry very rarely do i get angry very rarely do i get offended but i have resolved that it's not it's not really i don't go into an emotional reaction on things things i go into a very calculated calculated and or moderate without being a manipulated by emotion it is accurate as it so all right so how would you would you like to pray i know you're your minister would you like to pray and and let's poles everybody and so but before we do that let you organisation being please go to brandenburg spelled that way brandenburg for governor do come and i would like to ask everybody right now it's going to win a there right now that we need some donations coming in to get us to the end of this race here in november so you can go to brandenburg for governor not tom and done the severely helpful to day were trying to reach a few goals so that we can do a little bit more advertising to reach his people who are unreachable by certain means and we can there's several things that we would like to do going up to november to hit a home run on the campaign so you can do that would be wonderful the other thing is that i mataram i write to all the posts no telegram you can interact with me there and for all the shows i had to kinda smite one down to day to a little bit because they just came to fight and if somebody comes to fight you were going to get in the reaction that is going to be appropriate so in oracling people names or calling out other people on the channel it's not appropriate don't do that as things were we can actually problems rather than creating more problems on to the solitary ready to pray i am a great thanks for bringing the the day the spirit of love support of your will and your word father we thank you for your guidance we thank you for your true while we thank you for the challenges that you put in front of us that help us to grow and you love all of you will be done other and give us the and the resources that we need to move your word for you were he would pray the everybody out there your your very much loved every one of us is your in our thoughts and our prayers every day your family the things that you love so many of us out there fighting for you you never have to feel alone or feel like like you that there's no hope there's lots o hope there's always help we gods involve is always hope and there's always he always makes a way for all of us in our personal lives in a public lives what or bring it unto the lord no matter what comes against you bring it to god and watch miracles happen because it's truly your truly living a life that's outside of normal normal expectations anything's possible with a lord in our lives so at any rate god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america and will see to morrow very all right