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Published July 22, 2022, 7:59 a.m.

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good morning every one welcome to brandenburg news network and i have a very special guests to day jason jones and i give you a little bit background here jason and i had been doing a podokesauri ay for bobino and it's got called his potestas called his hard line possum got to bring jason in the morning what we do as we go over news of the day things that are interesting and we we you things up and we just discuss on the telltale show we had going on here so i wanted every one to see who jason was and we might be doing a lot more bananas well as in his poetaster go bringing good morning how are you good how are you doing today a pretty good this kind of get my i'm trying to split windows here i have to re just talking about that owned screens because i got i got my laptop over here got another motion afraid i might need to install like another monitor like right above her so i so we bodymaster i can both we bought a motor it's a us monitor that i'll get a new monitor on on monday so that i can put into the spican take this and be ottermobile with it but by aware are we ever seen motion out there and in so many directions it's not even funny i mean oh you know it's a we get up in the morning and we usually have a call before we get on and just kind of each other off and see what each other seeing another is a lot going on it's it's incredible and go ahead the lock on on its hard to keep up i'm sorry it's really hard to keep up with it all so much yet we are something that really struck me yesterday this week is we've got the seventy six million dollar budget that witnessed and that that fairly concern is the largest budget that was ever passed in this state and were still states still fallen apart and on the far financially where it being probably one of them that this will states is nothing but a huge money laundering organization and you can see the lack of fiduciary responsibility the tax payers where the money is going and such and that you know i spend a lot of time tracking that sort of thing down as well as just you know general news as a sarser you know i could i could spend all day every day and night and never sleep and just continued to dig up more and more formation out there because you can't you can't even write this stuff in it it's unbelievable the length of criminality that people will go to in order to i don't even know why why they do do things that they do it it's pretty crazy but i found out that i don't know if you saw the video of leaden attack yesterday he is in fact a first contribution district from the first congressional district in new york with campaign and a guy just walks upon stage stabs in the chest and you know we look at this and half to say what in the world is going on in this in the nation i mean people are losing their minds i think i think it's a crazy time it really really is will ye now i didn't even see that video where did that take place that he was un stage he was a stage and parents parents in new york state at aye it's a it was at the vidame i don't know i said he he said that it was reported in want war veteran under the influence of alcohol but you know what i hate this when this comes out in a day that the first thing they do is they go to something that that's related to guns which is as a bunch of nonsense the leatherwood the military or guns in order to say that this is what is you know and i think that that the really crazy thing is why don't we just go to the fact that these people are any one that stab somebody a creation of you know conscious violence against another person we can safely assume that there are ready a little bit on the crease because sam people not commit violent you know it's you know talking is good using your negotiating voice and talking as good and violence is bad so so i see i see a connection there too with the fact that our men my mental health institutions are completely fallen down since they destroyed in the aids and then we wonder why we have we have more and more crimes you know that's a curious to me yeah yeah it's it you know in the throne thing to that kind of bothers me it seems like i mean regardless of if the story is true or not it seems like the media and i'm going to just move windows i'm talking here it seems like the media is also very quick to not only at quick to want to demonise veterans to because they are a very even though their retired they still have that skill set that they have in their mind still defended nation and that very much scared the hell out of oh yeah so nice to sit by a way i make you know i got i got from a close friend i don't know maybe my mother she's running for governor yeah yeah i may imitate makes so very nice so syringas pretty cool so the lathering wandering i think that there are it does get that takes a little bit of time to get used to put those pauses then where like when we're on the pond when we're on pocasset response so that's okay we're getting used to it and i had to concatenate lambert talking about the lashes going where they have proven due to whistle glory refusing to listen to two basins illegal orders to destroy to destroy the thumb rival and so there was in it was a good interview nouastre more areas that were chastened down right now an after this week end with convention with convention coming up the weentiest week is going to get real real quick because i believe that i think that instead of waiting to do something for we achranich we're going to go a positive on the cosey know i'm going to win all we have to start putting this together regardless every single one of building something store this nation so my attention as i continue on with these low i may have lost you hear me the are you there there you are yet like a rose there for a moment he can wear so we're going to continue this pressure is real pressure going on because there's there's an awful lot of it i think we've got about fifteen attorney state to come on brabourne's not work here to do a run down on what they're doing in their areas so people can actually keep track of the legal issues that are going on and how we are truly fighting this were not no one is just landowning things go there's a whole bunch of people behind umberto in the state who worked very very hard and we're going to oregon high light them and bring them before so that we're hearing actual attorneys rather than newspaper just really putting their opinions out there without any any backing on it and i think that's real important what what i learned through this entire process truly it's more about the fact that in my situation with with the ballot the signatures for getting on the ballot the republican ballot i have not heard one accurate story on actually what's going on in any source what sort at none of them the except except april maestro it from to the forefront she has the courage to say what's really truly going but other than that i haven't i haven't seen one article that didn't have some sort of a spin put on it and that includes the gateway upon it i was so disappointed and and there cebes i was hollowing out hoping that they were actually doing a good job but when they lifted me as billy and her downgrade not just once but multiple times it it was kind of like it might my husband was like dave how do you pull that off that's amazing i missed that report and my my oh daughter in law her response was well in my glad i married into this family you know and we were we all just been laughing about it because because ah it's it's just it's not it's not accurate in that that's a promethean a lot of but i think people have the idea that i'm sitting on a pile of money like screamed and the reality is is that we like to build tanks and we like to reinvest so our goal is always to we we enjoy building the world to both my husband and i is it a great big pile of my god to poor kids like to play with and built so we were more inclined to put to reinvest and to grow things and antique our families and to create new jobs than grandholm men were that kind of roulette running the loader cleaning stalls pulling weeds you know bringing food to people of that sort of thing a rescuing horses getting people howling other things i mean it it doesn't another personal level i'm not so inclined and we'd never been a line to give money to the big organizations because i always believe that they were they were probably involved in someone and the amount of the amount of criminal behavior these non profits have been guilty of and they are they're guilty of it you can see see that in the amount of blood that's actually being donated through you know what happens to an these are the questions we have to ask we can't immediately assume that a non profit is nothing more than a front for money laundry i mean we can't stothard good organization and he that comes down to all organizations even the grass roots ones that are out there there are several of them that that i can blow the lid off the things that i've heard from the leaderdemain first came out if i said you know you should run as a democrat because you can win and i'm like well it's not true so i would not do that because it's not true and that's a very large grass roots organisation that the leader asked me for another an put it out there that they were raised in switzerland and in an only child of an only child an only child basically did cocaine and a lot of that and also dated a whole bunch of models in new york city while that takes me immediately to thinking about less water in the connection to abstain island right there so at the people that were trusting we have to be very very careful and ask questions on other their validity to what their saying because we can be lateran be let us triall of us can be let us try if we don't stop and ask questions no matter what the head line is that's the key right there the headline look look at the ballot initiative that we have on rattleton's that there are that there pushing the the right to life one of freedom of choice on that's all about legalizing abortion and legalizing big began the other one is to protect the vote both of these validities i've got big questions on them because the freedom of choice and is all about legalizing abortion in this state period that's what it's about and protect the vote is about destroying its of absolutely about destroying the vote and let me i'm goin to pull us up a manand i posted i posted some of it yesterday and exactly exactly what we're dealing with there and what is actually legalizing ah well you're pulling that up it's interesting after that supreme court ruling actually happened i had to go to the second very state to renew my clean from my husband everything and so interesting melsungen this because a minute that was ruled over a couple of days later there's people outside in any way would on a push people to you know to know the sign of the bottiglie abortion now i'm good in the interesting thing was it was sombrely understand english like she had very very broken english not that that's a you know any you know we have legal immigrants all the time but it makes you wonder lifers of how did you get active is so quick push this out and why are you here at the secretary of state and unless outside their doors you know grand people you know people are in and out all the time in the act yeah if there's so really were things so so what this what this whole protect the vote a ballot in it and i've got another question on this too is that the signatures they were using i i saw amenothes on corners and they they were some of them would have twelve different petitions that they were running out there and i have a real hard time believing knowing how hard it was for candidates to get signatures i have a really hard time believing that they actually got i think we need to look into it let's put it that way so it makes the now infamous dubois permanent and distributed everywhere courtesy of the tax payer this will make illegal ballot harvesting about trafficking even easier than when billionaire might mark zuurberg finance do back as in michigan and content that a big deal restrict election add it to government entities only no independent audit by concerned citizens will be allowed let people vote without photo id allow funding of in thus control of elections by outside organizations directed by billions which i am not one of which amounts to bribery of clerks offices and now the bribery of clerks opposing promote infilitive issues are or one of the king pins of how there in fact regeneration we cannot we cannot continue on the way that we're doing so that that he protect the vote or promote the boat initiative is called promote the vote and it looks it looks on the on the outside like its promoting people evolution an it's just getting away in a round a lawful process in order to rathees once again and yet another way the registration was another way that they're doing it and something else i want to put on that i want to put out there i go down a lot of rabbit holes during my during my research times during the day and there's a go by it was the threat promoted by by into northing seat in the board of canvassers and his last name is house camp i did so digs yesterday and house camp and there is an awful lot that seems to be scrubbed from the internet on any background there and a lot of the web sites that he's attached to appear to me to be place holders and not actual website and when you see things like five million and revenue over and over and over again on one page website goes to know where basically it it raises a lot of red flags for me as well as how many employees we have here and there it it looks like it looks like we need to do much more investigation there rather than just except his nomination as a republican we know that we know that most of the people that are underneath that monica of republican are not only rhinos but i have i am really concerned about the i've heard estimates from other people that we have eighty or that we have sixty per cent of the people in our government are actually fads of bi not real people and i i think you know he will say oh it's conspiracy will it may be against piracy and that's not a conspiracy theory but an actual conspiracy to defraud you know to the frauds nation it is it's an interesting how can venientem to label things conspiracy theory to get us to think that this you know not now a valois when in fact it may be entirely a conspiracy but that's how they shot us down a sham usingen quiet and i'm afraid to ask the hard questions but those hard questions have to be asked and i'm not caring enough people question just on a base level this sort of thing like with it even with peoples even identity who they are what they've done it so easy to to blow up an identity on line with the with nothing there to back it and when i see somebody coming out and nowhere to sit on a board which with me is a proving as a republican only hold the phone here was his dominoes if she is given him you know a pat on the back just like i think the guys names an arena arena airplane was involved in the board of canvassers board elections before were the twenty twenty election i put his name out there too and all of a sudden workroom wood with them the hesitation of the election in twenty twenty forbidden all of us should be going hold the one she is giving praise to a republic an attorney for for certifying that twenty twenty election for benee have a big frog yes at that's a bit of an understatement though too i mean it's more than just a big problem people they have genius and systematically have taken over every branch of government from the federal all the way down to the county level and there is excuse so much not just a big problem there's so much there place all of his burnet and start off with new growth you're going to be able to pick out all the good ones for among all the bad ones because there it seems to be the ratios like boiled only may be may be may be i am being generous or maybe five per cent that still legitimate that because i'm sure there's some good people still in office from the federal on down but yet by and large it just seems like every every institute the alphabet agency to executive branch of legislative branch a judicial branch and you know to the county commissioner there all in on it no mother no matter if there's an r or almost all of them are in it's beyond a problem is i think a constitutional crisis when he boiled and you know and going back to that i've heard people wanting to do the convention of states for and i think that's one of the danaides i've heard in a long time that are actually really relies on a moral and interpose with integrity and we do not have that right now so we start we start messing around with a constitution and we will at this point time lose everything we have and and i listened as a woman talk about it and her behavior was so bizarre that i usually travel around with somebody that's that's watching in the background professional profile and such distance if we we see any crazy behavior at there and the woman dropped to her knees and at large though multiple times and it was so theatrical to shock people it was a look to me like it was trying to she was trying to set up trigger rather than to just provide information of people to decide on their own and speaking that this week you know you watch the caller's people where i was obsessed with milanais when she was when president trump was actively in office the rightful president of the united states can right now president donald j trump i will not that down on that and if he were at the outfits that malania war or dust in general this last week we had a tremendous amount of yellow coming out and the outfits are again its same exact kind of yellow it's not like a variation so i think that this is something that kind of look at i've got a list let me see we've got pose a place arthemise boma abana trump and can free all wearing the same yellow and it's just it's just an odd thing i did a lot of research on the crowds that were going on during the riots of elamite and if you watch the video and i would watch him for i can tell you how many hours i put in kind of watching the colors in those riots there's a repeated color and that's how they set up teams in order to communicate like olive like a team that works at pink and black or blue and black and if you watch the handle or hands will almost always be in a glove color and they move people around these riots it's really it's an orchestrated ballafayle organizations so anyhow the colour yellow is indicative of maritime so when you start watching some of these things there's the communications going on behind the scenes between groups of people are are significant and if we pay attention we can kind of actually see a second layer of communication going on but i did think that that was fairly significant so watch for yellow coming out here in the next week or so a significant people and realized that that's the color of maritime and could be could be really into i think we need to go over in your in the pod cast the budget the sensible budget the blood donations that are going on in a twenty per cent going to actual crisis and so i think that all these things so i would encourage every one to jump over his hard line pocassett the link out on telegram which should be out on everything else you want to give anybody else direction and how to get there and he were going to jump on a man and look over there yet in face i was trying to find some forgive me for being distracted was looking at terneuse there are something else i was trying to find me ethel find it while we're over a pot being but yet you could go to sharnall's you know sign up with whatever email you use and you know and it just kind of automatically lakes to it whether it's gemariah whatever but yet it is hard licked there's a potentate that there friday we typically do and we might change our up because now you know donisthorpe we might change the set a little bit to get to see where it can restructure this maybe a little bit later or maybe a different day i'm not sure i got to look at that but at the end of the brethren transitoriness my lord at situation happening here but i'm going to try to i've got a potboiler you're not supposed to be low to i know right and then what is the notice my own sins in making my own thirt and you know actually the we're doing this my canonically makes the teachers have got a teacher shot set all in the in the basement here and we've got a big peneranda that latest in a solitude is the best is it i asked her all as it the actual lingering i'm trying to actually type is in the comments it was well at mishearing now with sword at again no cold this because i can copy a right for more man okay one and he put one into an we'll see if other was on the mare that was in a private chair there took my dementat i just put out there because that that will that will people see where we're going she is that or i think that's great so i put the actual link like on your the private chat if it is a hard atossa bletter and characters he is this is what millionaires do we antip in these things in our low text solutions and you know sitting in our barn or you know wherever it is i got a new microphone by the way fraser that seemed there had not a shame my i do that's his is the it let i just got a microphone little protector on his i've got my sitting on the table next i have the fancy studio stand that you have you know with a fancy osteopaths things are only like these things are bucks guitar clearly here a billionaire this is amazing he were a my life a wife and love that then she missed the looks like it looks like that like it was as no about that money okay that since it erwin one young with an aether where the couple of them were a couple of the grassroots leaders catastrofe go back to which is going to be disturbing people watch who you follow because there's more to people don't listen to aveline because there are so misleading divining our big round a little bit absolute so he writ to do we will get the jump off here and i'm going to get set up requicken i'll jump off and i'll set up some alone about here for five minutes here you know because i just go get some audio tubuai miles thank you so much for being in on this morning this is great and i think we should explore those because it's really funny you and i will get after were an you know falsehood to go to jason she and on to be because he is he is so knowledgeable on the constitution and on the founding documents in history that i think that it is vile important for all of us to be educated is because we we missed out on civics most most people in america really missed out on anything that even remotely resembles the truth and how our government is supposed to run if you listen to his pad cask you have you have a bunch of them a name at the top of your head namelie top three or four i'm sorry we more time because it cut out just a little bit off an on the top three or four a year to three or four pot possesses the brantlock hour of course all that the educational ones that people should listen to for fundamentally antoinette triteness is three oh okay hopefully yet it's been in in and out and the audio cut in and out but yet we have so i have three shows there is sottishness in which typically a tuesdays and fridays and we go into deep discussion and he is part of the brain and brook or so those are the two days where we go into deeper discussion about different topics like general stuff but then on tuesdays on discussion that'll be the time where i'll go into a little bit more in depth like a previous shows i have talked about important one effect is one of the most downloaded ones because that was the first that was actually the first common law created under the disraeli usance eighteen sixty one so that's a very big important one in another one that i've got about as yes so it's the contempt yet it was the contempt of the constitution that was one of the most important shows that i have done common law and to her means you know original jurisdiction it's lawful it's what we're supposed to be at what we have in sthetic it's unlawful it's not valid it's in place but it's not bad and so the contempt of the constitution is something to talk about and i have actually a separate link to immediately on my website that you could find under the line called assembly which you learn more about what that is as well so there's the contempt of the constitution i talk about the will the united states peace lot of people don't know about this flag and how this is actually the true american flag the old glory which is a beautiful flag i fly i have it in my garage i love old glory it is that but a lot of people don't realize that's actually a military battle flag i'm so i talk about the that and statecraft top o my head i discussed maritime law we were talking about the yellow side discuss a little bit about maritime law and what that's all about and just different things like that the vintas another it one very important thing that pep no no a lot about and as the old reason why we're kind o in this miscreant present day and so those of the few things i talk about in the other two shows i have there is the his hard line excuse me there's one percent with him and that's where i do a daily bible reading where i picked a chapter out of the bible and then i do a little commentary in the reasons called one per cent with him is because we have a twenty four hour period in our day and one per cent of our time is roughly about fifteen minutes in it's my way to encourage people at least spend minutes at our lord savior by reading the bible you know by reading the bible spanks some time in prayer and we reflect on some words in the good book and then the third show i have is called to the due so that's where i will have less commentary on my own like less jason jones and more true readings like so for i'm going over the field training manual the army field training manual two thousand dash twenty five which was released and give me i'm going to probably but you this but either miss remember either it was released in ormoy says and it was basically a man annulated fifty five page manual that was that was made an and picked some of his special you know the brightest and brightest smartest special forces operators train the mouths manual as well as the constitute and basically what it is is it a man on how store america and keep it as a are and f r actually destroy that manual he to cease production of it and his reason for it because it promotes the idea of a republic and he does not like anything at that time that demons what you and exactly what it does because the republicans exactly what we hold so i do a reading out of that on the eve possessions i have in the okay so were where let's let's wrap it up here and amenche's he really quick charmante always and up your pocahontas rebut it when we do that selleth pray her mentor everyone and then we're going to jump off and then we'll come set up and people can get to polenka dear god that heavily father would thank you so very much for this wonderful day that you've given us a day at to day ahead of us you always give us a new start the next day and walk with us in every every step thank you for leaving us and guiding us i pray for every single person out there whose listening that we we know that every one carries huge burdens on on their back and were the things that were seen sometimes are hard to process but we know that you are in control that you have a plan and that it is the plan and we trust the plan the plan is your plan thank you so much for guiding first before watching over the united states of america we ask that hearts would be turned that you would it's not that you need to be in control because you've never left you always been in control but it's that we left you we walked away from being in under god and tried to the nation has had so many problems trying to be got in and were sick of it we want you to be in charge we want to be one nation united under god and i thank you so much for blessing us and here in our prayers and help us to live every minute of our day in a way that brings honor and glory to you in jesus name we pray a man morrison click of your body and then i'll see over on the other side here in polenka thank you thank you so much everyone for joining in brandenburg news not work will be coming to you again come on over to power jason and i and we're going to continue this discussion on usually it's about a two hour about a two hour show that we do and we may expand that some more because we do have a great time talking about taking all the things that are important to to all people out there there's not a subject we haven't yet and we'll talk openly and candidly about everything anyhow so you have a wonderful day to day thank you for joining us i guess i should put the senor i go to my telegram channel at brandenburg the number four is actually more communicating to them we also have we sternberg for governor do come in any of our other social media and feel free to reach out ask questions and if you want a thing as please let me now because i love to research into things thank you