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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 11/10/2022 - Live Karen the Riveter

Published Nov. 10, 2022, 9:01 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i'm donna brandenburg and it is but i get the date right to day to the keep screwing up as i'm tired i november ten thursday and i am going to have cerinthe riveter in to day so i actually think we're goin to his jump right and have care and otasite we'll go through the news updates together and what's going on he carrying good morning good morning to you and to all this again so start the day out with a bang here i've been i've been doing a little bit of a thank and shells this morning which is it actually think that's really funny you know because there are so many people who are planted in these chaps and subtle self styled brousse to know everything and and i was actually had a little bit of fun this morn i forgot yes i had a little thought on election day and then i just kind of gave up denistoun poked some of the miners in the complainers and and even people from around the centre the post where they were like two to dick and formation gotter of that grand went marning for tudor here and then the michigan people come out and go right and then what happens as they say something that's equally as loike that goes after he could really figure out who the plans are and so you of course we look at it in to tutor to out after all the counting even done it she did wait to the answer she cowardly bows out run and i like the fellatas we told you so designated looser part of the part of the unity sorry not sorry as to the way it is but but i got somebody on a couple of you on the chaps that want to show their infinite wisdom do splitting the voltarian are you yellow getting this yet this is one cruise that is working together clearly they don't matthew hunter to day said loading for group republicans is a votive vote for what you believe that's what this nation was founded on that also means we need to talk with each other more absolutely and more more than that out of inertron here more than that i mean there working together just because there's a label there you know that they made that whole rhino mantra popular but honestly the republican party the global is so is the democrat party only i really believe the republican party right now more dangerous than the democrat party because there it's like like i always say you know if you look off to the side you'll see where they're really manipulating you not with their trying to trying to sally but you it's just like looking at things for you don't look where they tell you to research pretty much always going to lead us in you look just off under you look off to the side docere going to look in the direction what are they trying to hide where are they what are they trying to deflect or get us you know get us to walk away from and that's probably were the truth is you know so it's interesting and this are infested morning lovely ladies i'll be nineteen fifty eight good morning good morning all of you a mandan they are at least with the dante are at least the downiest now kid what wine going to get off these labels and what is who is who are these people who are they really have they have they put themselves out there or are they they just standing on the package and i'll tell you what most marestang on the pack morning michael democrats tell you right to your face that there crazybrains there lying a stain the back that is so i you know working going into these republican circles i don't think i've ever seen a bunch of more i say fragment ungodly you listen to you listen to them go after people whether mountain the then they turned on the turn on their heels and they say you know but i i don't mind her and people go after issues to bring out the but when you hear them attack people at a personal level i think it an a personal level than the intenser then they lie in the sheet and then all these things are constantly manipulated pretty extra sure that if it looks like a dot quacks like out it's do these people are godless individuals and in their operating there really taking the lord's name in vain when they don't when they play these manipulation games and that's really that's all i saw them beginning from the republican party they were manipulating from day one that i showed up and and it's really an illusion of choice when when you look back at who was there and with an mainland or they had their five candidates picked out and the only reason why cried didn't stand to the end there was a couple of reasons first off they saw money behind perry that they wanted the tap into because their interested in you if you've got money that they can capitoline pockets like they do any promise from promised it with period that with rank to a certain degree anyhow a crag crawin was put in position in detroit under the emergency powers he was not beholden to the democrat mayor which all other cities that burned under belmore so they had to get him out of the way they could burn the state right to the ground they kind of curse him in a way to running or hijacked him i heard him tell the story myself into running and then as soon as they got him in position and then they prayed him out for a while they dropped him like like a happetite because he ended up quitting his job as chief of police which he really didn't want to do and he he sat it straight out and so so when you look at what happened they had to get the cawwas really uncontrollable out of the way in order to do what installed the one that they had it that they had chosen from the beginning the one that was chosen for the beginning as was truly turn she was a designated loser so the capture of the background for a while until they pulled her out of the pocket boom here here she has you know the tremendous power saint with that we can see how that turned out a house that work on for everybody by swearin to political parties rather than god almighty and voting conscious and i'm in just say this is some good to be a hard pill but if any one voted without you know as as a to the slaughter the blood of those babies on proposition three was is going to be in the hands of the people that voted in that direction and i'm just going to say it right out if you vote you stand in people who are who are traitors a as probably extra sure that you're guilty of of whatever their involved in so there you go there's the donas good morning happy have sunshine good more till i'm still a little annoyed about this hole there there is a lot of cheating going on to i'll give you that there there was definitely a poet she going on however they look at the right ratios of elections that were one across the united states were they fall there almost about daddy even which tells me that the entire thing was ragged hat to bottom the entire thing the between the unitary so that i can blame this guy and i could play this guy and you know godminster term for guide or go doesn't wear we were the first general gender neutral angus with the evening argus who cares it amused anyhow a yeah i you can you can tell that yeah leather was cheating going on for sure if you pay close attention to the life total you could absolutely but going into this anybody that thought this unearths going to be fair that they were their standing for america had had to have seriously be asleep this has gone on for so long how he can here and say anything about about this being you know being honest i mean this has been a train or accent probably nineteen sixty or before we have had a follower with with bitterest types of cheating a meeting it's a human nature saying but the degree and the type that we are experiencing now i don't know how long it's been going on but people need to to think about this i've been saying think tiger for several days it just seemed appropriate cause he had to keep in mind they know that this that our election information has been going to china and we we knew that with the twenty twenty but this year we know a little more about it with comic and such this is this is an international issue now this is definitely a war time kind of thing and i and we just preventing ah well a white satin john john got twice as many votes as you did john you know exactly john james are you kidding me i had the whole state that i was covering and in the last but last week i had over a hundred and one million engagements on line in that week you can you know that the totals of public tools were down but they couldn't read the behind the scenes totals so that's okay i'm going to go back to we have at all and now i believe that we even have more of it all because we were were seen were seeing the shells and orsino you know screaming how many people i saw yesterday you know you split the bolt usirtasen one clearly you are a product of public education because it would have the amount of both that they said that i got if you added it to tutors radiantly all of it you know he added to all of it that it wouldn't have made a different so so now the republican party ringed about with you and the tutor took off like the little cowardly rat she is and can see that before the election was sorry not sorry it's so anyhow a libyan very true down i'm sixty four a new thirty years ago tenawas going on i got really bad during the jimmy half a years you know this is kind of interesting i littleback ground on myself so i ate of my grandfathers was not really what you would call an outstanding individual and he was he had a construction in company during the during the depression and chicago and he was in the politicians of course he died by the time i was two years old having the outside ability to see how some of that work and and what a what how do i set a train of sad evidence basically damned my grandfather for being involved with things that he shouldn't have been volved in and i never never ever ever to any of the stories because when you see somebody who has done so much damage on a personal level to the people around you you get real real wise rule quick and at believing people for what they say things are and you know it's like you know really really having a zero tolerance for that kind of lying on its so don was a black sheep in a in the family who was who is probably the basis of the family was probably in that generation not the generations to come was based on things that shouldn't have gone on and i just said no tolerance for it right from the beginning so i just kind o spoke and said my mind was and which which nobody really liked the delicate that was the but he was in with the politicians in chicago so this stuff in that would be go back to to the turn of the century then the so this stuff had been going on for a very very long time and it sucks to be a person who and of having dementia when the older who has done evil things when their younger because that sort of thing actually comes out so for all of you shows out there who stood with the complicity republican party the there's a lot of people who stand in the parties that are plants give i don't know what you but i believe if i think we were really honest with ourselves that probably north of ninety per cent of the people that are in the political realm our guilty of trees i really believe that at least i'll be nice about this was as the one of the people what's funny i read in the caller going per cent of the people that are in office in government probably federal federal controlled perhaps agents look at what the i and the cia does in order to get involved in this and i think if we do some good checking we're going to find out that a huge amount of these people are actually plan so this has been going on for a long time this is nothing new but we have a chance to write something that has been in place for not a decade i maybe more than that and you can i have to do is look at the nobility that freneli the bunch in bread freaks that they are cross the cross the plan at the bunch and bread free and you can truly see you know jes look at look at the blood diseases they have this why they need to have a blood that's why they that honestly i who believe they started going to transfusions of young people's blood keep in their little as alive so anyhow leave us evil leather is cheating going for an odd for sure he paid close at i told you john got to it john dene's got twice as many votes as you did something had to be sure no hostess so he got don't want to see them i say the name brandenburg the only non establishment candidate that was running lebas very true down in sixty four new thirty years ago chet's going on got really bad during the jimmy half a year and then charlotte case as maladministration affidavits i have david's paper only joan said ovando know whose duty boisjorand what we have to do is michigan don't say fraud or steel that's absolutely true and i've been seeing that right from the beginning this is why we got in the weeds on twenty twenty everybody went also fraud fraud well that was one of the stupidest legal moves anybody could have done because it was in fact in all maladministration to give a tip to donald it was it was absolute failure we had fifteen for fifteen a margin a number of votes cast by compared to you registered voters right in the near that's an unacceptable air margie should have a deserted in one day so on we do be a legal wizards and and i'd like to say to you you'll notice that maternal stop down crowleigh away before the true called it i called it and called it forgetting that there was a big problem there huge problem i'm sorry but you got to wed attorney who's never won a case and very oh john teeter had twice as more detroit that i did across the whole state think there wasn't cheating there and a lot of it oh yes that the ratios the numbers don't don't make any sense i got to say i wasn't i wasn't a desperate from you know i gave the bounteous at the beginning but actually have a pretty good size i'll report together it's really easy for people to look into what the reality behind people if if people really want to get in involved and check it out but i call the right beginning then you know i you know i shot off a restaurant one time and there is depression the stand grand whole bunch other people this was way back near the beginning there were where he was calling out the establishment the stables and on like no not buying it i actually habitavit so to prove to prove the date time stamp in the whole town yards he was already sitting down castalia not an the rest of them at that point time one big un party and the people that say that now you know ah ah no these people are for real listen to what they say nellie what they say i am serious listen to what they say if they say things like oh i don't know i was going to throw something out there i want to look into it i not in this to win i'm only in this to create chaos and i heard it for with my own ears and i'm not going to tell you who said it but if you look around and if you might be able to see they thought i was one of them were could be bought off at the beginning so they were stupid enough say things insult me think that i was going to stand with that kind of nonsense absolutely not maladministration paper affidavits charlotte going on and mary i'm curious at the dominicans were not removed after twenty twenty it is outrageous for me to think algorithms could be used to change the results of a small community like the one i mean it and change a thing and then not half of them this is part of the law suit that i am that that i am involved in with deserting the machines and twenty twenty has to be in absolutely has to be desertions gamowini noise so now they still hand race dixon performed her job will absolutely with a clown face you or you are so over the target these people are installed actors and after all so called it tried to tell everybody but no we got to go like this and say whatever shall happen to us we've got a boat with a party well i don't really even believe that the numbers were what they were so so i'm not going to come down to an on everybody but but numbers were do you remember the in the lane ever watched the cartoon move the lion king a unsupported buster but oktibbeha the scene with the hyenas and their sad osage left and monmouth do it on a brandenburg there i colliedom gosh it's dan a brandenburg probably with the photo of deputies and a gratest rant it was kind of amusing because they didn't know it was going to be there it's funny you know it's really funny it's really funny how when god has a plan you are not going to stop it and anything that needs to be revealed will be revealed to those who are trustworthy enough to handle it who will not so in garrisons dictation saw the parker pole i showed the park polytheistic he i was there i thought it triteriteites the park a pole is amazing but i i think the park apollers change it at to the parker people and i think the dogmatic but yes the resort the parker people said that i was a good goodyer son of the vote so to the parker poll parties so i be says a man down a says john peter twice as more in detroit than you could cross the whole state eristic she dip his i don't know how to say that that probably a tabula he's the state i says that's so funny he and then charlie comes back with the joplin just had a show that you guys should he said to get all paper this time yet because that be good because i know that when my when when my ballot put in at the guy next to the voting machine that was you know they look at your little tad got a tomasha at everything matches and takes a little strip of of of the young the ballot some over to the machine but my my ballot inside puritan now it's going to say successful and so put it in never fly successful and all a sudden here my ballot jump into the dump into the the tray in the back and such iliane said successful i don't think i was successfully registered he's a maybe it was just too fast for you to see it i'm like i'm pretty torture that i was paid tension and i seem a pretty quick study on nice i have gone through oh i can't even tell you how much i ideative gone through over the years that not just before the isopoda ten coming so i used to see him things and fractions of a second and have it registered so i seem a pretty pretty quick at the uptake on being observant seeing things not that i see everything but i would say i've got a pretty train to pretty exposure that those things were dumped right in there in my belt went right in and there was no proof that ever had success sureness how do we how do we believe any of this and the rations are so often now we really have to look at the race shows and patterns ratios and patterns will tell you all you need to know every single thing you need to know that that's how you really get to the truth is not looking at what people say move that right out of the way because people are liars in their some people are good at it most people are lousy aditi your every situation with a little bit of scepticism and said all that interest what she rises on a play out but not to really believe or disbelieve anything but make people prove themselves and stand before you to prove what they said so be ourscamp ain got burned up speaking out the truth about these evil cloud ah i love arises pretty funny she gets right after so entrepot there i you have made me laugh more times than one because you're about as on unfiltered as i am maybe more so who knows bessy ballot got spit out in the machine wouldn't take my hogs either surprised the prize complete and other failed leontine how this is going to work out for them in an i still believe that there is a there's always a plan and that there is no incident and that i absolutely believe and trust i neglect that the number sold the people who were crying split the vote their still crying split the bout you know how clever lines will lend it the mass she added up all of the cane to beat besides dick sand and white and if all some had joined up to those numbers with tutor she still could not have been whiter numbers so what you believe you the numbers that their spitting out of us in the media then there was no wit developed no difference that's not an argument it never was dona and karen merit is split remained but the communistic and battle cry otasite bail cry the virtue signaling battle cry to manipulate an election interference i sure hope and i'm pretty much i peinture that once things are digital it lives for ever because we can go to the back way back watching but all those people who were crying and screaming split the boat as what you are standing dead sinner on the other side with what marooning yes they were saying you're going to cast your vote with well guess what you just did because we were tying the man a compact come party i was you need come a party your candidate that you put all your trust in that you said had to be the way to go the lesser of two evils or she's a good person and shall be better than whitman child what did she do yesterday doubt how he laid down she completely laid down before the fight even started what a coward and an so i mean i mean honestly that that is that in that path to just moving away from a fight as ever you know it's really funny we need a fighter an office sweetwater an office and then what oh she's a nice person she's a good person well what do you want you want a fighter or you want somebody in there that's going to just lay down at the first sign of trouble i think they got what they wanted not actually the geese honestly some people did that is voted with it but i think the numbers were of i don't believe any of this so oh charlie something i knew this was going to say causeway that they did you a callicolone to tell lay down too and antinomial be able to stop this not what i expected did donacia mean well you know what watchward jumped off to entombing dixon dead and sametini that john james did lay down before the fight was over in the last election water happened they tell tilly left the campaign he should he should he contacted it cause promised you will that he would fight right now netahwatee and then jumped right on the begging for money and wagon for money and again in order to start the new fund raising than in this seventeen billion dollar a year election funding scamp you are to call at camden the money and go to these elections as the scandal so am i but walk as any one remember president trump and a rally state in michigan as the most prostate you may slip the boat if all of you were crowned he said something i'm sure the somebody who remember less because i don't remember exactly what he said but he also said something about michigan being a great state he knows what we are about here he knows what we're going through heehaws this state is no fool he knew exactly what to teresa there's another discussion about the same time we can hit on to but she is not a stupid man in you know in a great people need is to to keep in like saying thank bigger think beggar i am not worried about these election results and this is so important for people who are so mournful their grieving their really angry they don't know what to do they feel bedloe emotional you and i like children everybody this is but much for those people you've got okay so you know with that i hold the you know was fraudulent why are you paying any attention to those numbers you know i go by i discoursed to me last night i felt the same way about once in quo i kept seeing stop payin attention and giving any credence at all to the cove case numbers that they're giving you because people knew that the tasting was false but they would still give credence to the numbers by saying well we have more or less here or there we know that it's all false so why even look at those numbers and give them an created people are talking about moving out of state bacon you know it's like i listen the bat and i'm like stand and fit yet you know it if we keep going somewhere else you know we had somebody in our family that would not when god and when present trump got an office the rightful president of the united states who i will never turn my throne matter what he they said we're going to move to canada so they moved to the absolutely i don't know god forsaken place of in canada was so far north the water cat freezing then it was it was so it was so far north to get as far away from possibly could as it was all about trustworthy were going to something if they were running from so they got there too to this as far north as they can with two little girls and a in a absolutely throws in frozen area and the dispose of the crazy person was absolutely miserable when they came back that person had like a tick like the train to train the trowth life not in a sea i believe that the kids were involved as a weapon to get away from trunkenheit the kids a type of thing i mean to say the range met that's going on so to leave the state if you leave the state your pall and attuned we're goin to do you're going to dixon anatha indigo to make that into a that iteration is just become a verbatim wait while i been saying for a while i superlative because twenty twenty when the working out for them and they moved to florida well you know what it is here corridor is deep stay and you've been fool bared to you where were you aanspreeker deserted island across the world that you can run to that is an infiltrated or as a scourge of pantofles on it so good luck with that stand and fight you cowards or or you're going to lose no matter where you go ahead do just keep going until until we run out of places to run to do not deal with it with with business i am sorry i am so done with that mentality i can't i can't so in a shoreless trump still says that and i know he's right about the car and yes they did their uncle so they lost they just gave up yet the dixon that's what they did but dick i won't even give john james that that honor i'm going to give it to dickie say depart has departed the same thing they did dixon and depart charles gaslight and the party sucks oh you know what the party would have to improve yeah i am i gave to james a little billy way because i thought to myself he would have such a battle at that time it would be an enormous cost and with me i was in and to so appetite that's what i that's why i was thinking well i disagree he should have bought it but i'm also not sitting in his shoes and i don't know what he's actually going through in life that's a huge battle and an o he probably would have lost it too at that time and on untiringly with that because you still stand up and scream like a band never shut off that he's going to be low at breast charlotte said right and the party stocks now like i said before it has to improve just to hit suckle a convention the commences a joke from for a half hour just a vote out divorcons no i'm pretty extra sure they voted in divorcons because you've got two sets of clouds there all of em are clowns they're all working together and they deceive the present delegates so all all all so am i boots walk you know and i give the people credit for standing up that's not what i'm saying here but they had no choice because the choice was picked these tis well defiled down so you know he's a clown you know and tutor dixon herself and she lay down so you didn't have any choice so i am i bothering as to be part of the smoke out spotlight on michigan that's right we're going to smoke all i don't think the amer like america first patriot i feel that for i think this is just this is become another way will because the infiltrate everything so doesn't doesn't doesn't mean they okay we've got to go to donald william as good morning and it's maladministration the word for the day his maladministration thank you donald michael michael comes on michael yes yankele was a joke he complains of other proposals but he never showed up at the board of canvassers they all can see it i'm not sure i didn't did competency gathered it he duran i think he might have discover showed up so mister mister i malamute proposals never showed up for the proposal as mister i've got i've got all kinds of odd you know is an audience builder solitary one he had he was a logger professional logger in not sure what else did there seems to be conjecture that on what is actually done in the past nobody seems to think that he really did some of the so he did but i know as a professional blogger even hold a microphone like on so anyhow we ought to give the domine name election suppression is all that's good both of em do i i wouldn't i wouldn't give that just to the dams the dams and the republicans were elections because they were involved in electioneering from day one started out with you for governor and then they took you out then back kelly now dixon said about three counselling the chinchona there i came to the light charlotte michigan holm stutter broglio dixon i like that dixon burn transitoriness think we can take that base word and i'm going to put out i'm going to do a video on changing the usage of the verb in an you know we can say he i was dixon i ween make a whole videttes this is give it's all about the money it was john james third run right i don't give john james introdooced quickly time yes so so why is he there guess in anybody that got in a plan i'm going to call it now guess who got in in this regulation the plain too just like the trump endorsement there there pointing to who was composed a thank you no john james this or admire i went i went message i once met massage him about a stance on the twenty twenty friday so be as i heard cremailliere you know what i like christina i actually i very much like i wouldn't come out before the election and endorse any one the only one that i was endorsed was john at like tater tates you know and and and such but i really like christina and your genasee who is actually in it to win by their actions lessons christina is still fighting then there's your test right there she also be to be a patriot go get him christina that you got any oyster she calls me an ally so we got you got any elisaveta i out o one side i'll take it on the other side were man and all props that proposal far o we're not happy we fought hard to get put down will ye because all the numbers are wrong so there have battestina did again people are upset as if they actually lost so to that person i wont say or that woman again don't let your heart be crushed rat now by the results that their trying to show you do you believe the results if you believe that their honest and true then they crush you if you don't believe it then don't act on that belief with your emotional response i think that's really important i just hold fast because we're not on heine when in a not everything we see is as it appears so doctor day by canadian with his most crown infiltrates your campaign yet i am familiar with that you know there is also a time where you look at people and you may not me make a decision to go in one direction you know you're going to get the gold that you need cousinenry's going to be there for so charles as yet she had millions a few times charles dixon did say second a public private companies through that through me now as causes and of in public a public private company partnership is fascism and that's been going on for a long time you find that all of these private companies now okay so i'm not look at it monima another call on alone i have a lot of us huge amounts this man never made money on his own zero zero she comes from a family that is a blatant satanic family so we have two ways to go with us he may be no playing a role or something like that the man made his money selling carbon carbon credits as well as was in these public private he was founded by subsidies and that till the man made his money it's not that he's a super genius he may have some things that he he knows i've got some serious questions about alone so he's going to have to prove himself out to have me standing on the side that he's on he may be like who knows a malison that moves the moves the line a little bit see if he stands or fails either way he may be moving the line right now but i i give nobody any any blind allegiance no one they he out over time but there's a lot of questions i have there a lot a whole lot of in a diden't come back to the how we cast in hand on the ear with barefooted hollowing costume had basements as maybe point is something i don't know is what came before that with his mother and his whole family and the fact that the man only made money off of subsidies he's clanmate government he didn't make it off to his by himself he didn't make it on his own son on power not at all so who is behind all of the someone who finds that to that degree who never made a business on his own without a private public subsidies is based on subsidies are you kidding me i am literally concerned about that and i just like i'm like i hope you chosen to write sintoists on because if he hasn't he is going to be part of the standing on the wrong side of history just like the republican shells that were telling everybody split the boat what the vote not none so i go back to read well i want manati if he's in control it in passing control of his own decisions or some one else's and control has one of those characters that people are kind of wondering about is that really lois he really is he controlled by party and i don't mean political party is the controlled by white hats as he controlled by dark hats as he is he just playing a role and it makes me think of pets keep pen has got a lot of black hesione old another office regardless i think but did he have i take had a role to play and he played it exactly as he was to me in january the rest of it i do not know and i have called him a professor snake before so you familiar i know i don't think he wore but people who are familiar with harry potter professor snake was always looked at as the bad died but it turned out that he was he was playing both sides in a very smart way so that nobody could really tell who he was we all thought he was a bad guy in a turn out in the end he was very smart and he was playing the role of a good guy now his pen it is pat spiritually is he a good guy i don't know but i know that i'm a neche exactly what he was supposed to do in such a way that it benefited the country whether he intended to do it for the benefit of the country or whether he had selfish ambitions i don't know but it worked out for esther's a lot of actors and actresses that have been inserted into and to the political all okay so an if you're running also think about this if you're running so i am fairly motherly unemotional individual so if i'm running a race and i see something or a a characteristic or a benefit or an asset in the sand i assessing all the assets around me without emotional a tap and i can see something that's going to move the line a long distance in the short may be a wise in the long term it may not be as makes you don't dance i'm asking you are familiar with the article yeah that toosday i am so in the careless corona's great he's a very very nice person too i got a wonderful picture of her and i together over at the detroit to show she is just as nice of a person smart as smart as you ever wanted me i really have a tremendous montsec for tremendous and she has a degree in christian apologetics you can win the top she's incredibly educated and she can back her faith with with a very academic discussion are really tremendous it's just a so charlotte as thirteen for benson right you mean by thirteen for bronson and then she says no what do you mean by for bandicote we are to pick off the proposals and at times unconstitutional through the court or through a common law process i think that there's a whole lot that's going to come out and seaward is anything we can do to help her chief a video on rumble but i haven't seen her on it i can get recall i've got it from a number nikita black rock and van garter still top shareholders of twitter and where did he get the funding is my question exactly my point where is the funding coming from all of this everything he's ever done has been through government subsidies so the elan brand is being controlled by white hands possibly i think i think that that's highly possible i think there's an awful lot guido believe that there's a plan in a good guy are in control is too much evidence that so that the good guys are in control we just those of us who truly did not fall in and in the pay of the devil on this thing who didn't who didn't stand for nothing in took a financial gain over it i was and just watch this battle is the lord's i'm going to tell you that this is the lord's and so i actually did not see those two door can think i did not i knew about that after melissa was running as lieutenant governor i did not know about her past as an actor before i asked her to run i denotes a person and i thought she was pretty good for the dominion or machines and that she got in ideal by a bunch of people but but after the fact of course i saw that said well that's interesting as that so i guess we're going to see where this one land so anyhow i do believe that sometimes that god hides things from us an order to moved a line in one direction or another another and that a really great thing about this election i think that we to when things outright we would be able to say oh look when i did and i've said this here this election is sally and totally going to be one by the lord god almighty by jesus christ himself is going to win this election and put the people in place that need to be there if we were able to see all the how greatly did look at the ads we place look at how we did it this way or that way instead following god almighty then we get the glory this is one in an unusual way that nobody sees coming with almost a weaving a weaving of things going like that then a god on this election and give all the glory to god all mighty and say yeah i kind kind of want it in spite of ourselves not because of ourselves and give the glory to god and that's what he would want to do that's what retorted and that's what we should do we should stop aside lay all over crowns all of the things that we achieve at the feet of god almighty and and say well it worked but it was you made it work god was in a just the only thing that we can take it take any credit for as may be said well guess i'm willing and i don't know where this is going to go but but it may be not even that maybe he put it in front of us and he prepares us for this time and now who is going to stand and who is going to fall say you it meaner such but regardless it all comes back to god almighty that wins every single battle that's a righteous battle and we are in a righteous battle right now and i believe that we are going to win i really do believe that we're going to win and i just put it out there i am i think in fact the only candidate who is not conceded and i won't concede because it was a lying miserable maladministration wrong a loan whenever you want to put to it a failure and everyone involved in it was as a part of a failed election and that two of them in a row twenty twenty twenty twenty two that we can we got enough evidence on it to choke and eleanor so i mean this is all going to come out it is going to come out so bennachie points overcomes what she i don't know have to see what christina as she smart we actually have the same attorney so and i know the attorney is a real smart night too so some attila i think this is going to have a real surprise on engine going to have good candidates and these proposals are going to be wiped away wiped is a strict this planet and on the usher fighters at don't backdown will live to see that day okay says look up sea when you talk about hollywood and politics a don't know that one done now as a strategic time for your camping this is where all the crocodiles quit yes they did your ambition the go perpetrated election is going to be exposed and you're the only one that's goin to be left standing i believe that you sir are over the target i all that out also and you are over the target eleven thirty seven p m i'm called the conical called to convention crystal gardens and how hope canoe there then the copies a convention coming up lingering a whole and we really go there are really got to do the swedes going to say you know the two party system is broken it is corrupt what's the next crumb they're going to throw at ivrybody to swallow whole and said this is where it registry from this even now even a president washington joerge washington said that that parties would be the death of this nation are we done with the aasen enough if we eat enough craft or are we just going to keep me you know like a dog that goes back to its vomit this alteration and do you hespana that your part of it a picture like peering through the windows of the decoration i think it's to night and i like with his look on my face like little little boys where they're looking in places where they shouldn't be titania's going on in there and there's a wailing and mashing ordeth and rending of clonarty avatar there is a shade if i stay in there i get this cool overturn oh and get this colenso overturn in the clown world yes i think that's supplanter and show us the yes that's me brian manasaputra are on the seventeenth and othe's cool elliott seniority letter of the alphabet it's amazing charlotte going all the way we the people have to be the chain little little tidbit for everybody distinction want to know i'm actually in the cups it anybody who wants to problem with that you can look it up and all my goodness it adds up to seventeen funny seventeen met with no more than that to set haskell number just like a passle of the alphabet how in as i ran for state son at an i ran my campaign the way out instructed got it i got a lot of flat but god comes first the primary was readjusting the general you are absolutely correct absolutely correct and then dolly attorneys i got a good one though the two party system the two part the two party system are in bed together they have solutely a though the wisdom here is just a man you know i love to we've got all these everybody here got it figured out and i think we just sit back wet or pop corn play with our trump when i play i have no choice but to tell you you are fit scenes that have to unpack them to do that so and watching this is amazing i'm going to read something you ninian punch a little bit this is going to be some not that i haven't already punched so the common after trump on all sides now the rhino elite the dumb the magallon even even another everyone he must if he were if he like me i can like that of the people go after me i think it's funny because it means i'm over the target right you had talking is exposing themselves so he galloped to the dance and there petrified of him what secrets are they hiding in a lantern what he got on the pretty much latticed all the way way past that so i want to read this quoth she because i think this is significant and just see now president donald j trump the rightful president of the united states there are those of us who in fact stubbornness suppose at birth because some of us come out to shoot with that keep back captain that would be grab the cat a second and have gobernacion the other that's how that's how i went just let in a real that's how it went at birth in pretty rosy so anyhow i marisco from samuel adams in seventeen seventy seven and this is a good day to read this too because and then on to get into some funny this is in fact the anniversary of the marine i know that he my monoplane men and women of the marines to the harassments going to start but it is the two hundred and he look it up somebody help me here what what what what year is it to hundred and fifty something let me look up sorry i'm not i'm not going to blow this because i respected the main hold and that a married the the creating marines out there sorry i'm going to say it i know my line here but i say anyway two hundred an come on can't look it up when i need to marine anniversary it is talk amongst yourselves to look this up to a man's peasants somebody an me out there which which years that is i hadn't looked up in a can't find it and my own my hard drive my brain is okay well while you're doing that are advancing out of it we're going to get the so years thank you so very much to two hundred forty seventh year for our savage wonderful beautiful brave amazing love all of you marines thank you so much for all that you've done and for the for the absolute a birthday a birthday of the marines years thank you so much for all your service i just wear out every single one of us is so proud of you and what you've done in the bravery and the sacrifice that you've made for this country and you know what i goodenow that governor don abandon burges going to stand behind you and not just a hundred per cent but a thousand per and the military will get thee be honor from this nation as well as law enforcement that is due to it so we love you guys now back to increase anyhow i think it's funny sorry so anyhow if what we were we going before that the marine and a outrageous president trump present trump here out there we love you i will speak for the entirety of the american population those who know what to talkin about in those who dissimulating that we love you we love you we stand with you and that i don't you know we know what we know what the attacks are and who they're coming from and and we will not turn our backs on you real america will not turn their backs on you you served his country with distinction in your smile than all of them so all the traps that you've laid out there just keep going welland we'll stand in back you for the service that you put that you that you put out there and you know we love you president trump we love our marines we love all the way hats that are standing out their fighting and and not not only are we not going to get in your way we're going to stand with you and putting this country back together no family no back and down unwavering stubborn resolve there you go well i'm dead something thank you for not dixie yes i didn't dixon did i i neither dixon or depart thank you for that he john says to two hundred forty seventh birthday a green yes totanus can how are lowering yes i actually have a whole bunch of means for this because i am her asking my friends that i think i pulled these of this morning to really her as the anisya if i get one that pretty fine to i can see it but i can't quite within your small on my little scream it says veterans day happy memorial day said marine corps birth day and they've got they've got the cat with a marine had on with with a nificent a cigar the full shots turned over and i'm pretty sure it kranath picture somewhere i would hear me this is maren corbury be the savage as we know you are i just like i love say nay now i just i love the taxman did you know that there was that there was a a king in ireland and i love the story i'll have to look up the details and read it to everyone i don't was generated conformable they go this is artis kicking in her and back and forth opened as agis is a great gift but any the king laughed and went to england to fight a battle and when i came back he had to pull his wife off of the retribution that she was exacting upon the traders in the country and she was bertalda she was like he finally said enough enough it had enough and she's like unpretty seashore they weren't at the haven i think it sounds a grand bird my sat anyhow samuel adams the at the mangled bodies of your countrymen and then say what should be the reward for such sacred if you love wealth better than liberty the tranquility of servitude than the animating contest of freedom go for us in we ask not your counsels or arms crouched down and lick the hands who which feed you may your chains chains sit lightly upon you and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen samuel go now back and down holding everybody accountable choose wisely i don't think i'd want to be in the trader cameraderie office which i expect going to happen the and dolittle started for okay i'm going to add i'm an anti screen to keep talkin your own nishadha here i want and a screen to share her so people has been really emotional across the board and it is reminded me a lot lately about jesus must have been experiencing when he told the pass things over and over and over they heard him with all his speeches to the variety of different groups of people and told all kinds of parables call them so much repeatedly they still i understand and he must have been frustrated sometimes but he had a lot of patience with them when he died on the cross they all mourned which is quite natural because they really couldn't understand the future they were just devastated three days later he arose and when he appeared before them and the holy spirit gave them what they needed then they all went oh that's what he meant now we get and then they went to work and i feel like not to be clear now that i'm suggesting to any one that dona is like jesus okay let's not an i'm saying but i feel like we're in that three days at where a lot of people are confused and sad or just sitting around wondering what to do next because they did that they did not know what to do with them and eventually the truth is going to come out the answers are going to be made clear and we will now exactly what we need to do now so i honestly he always does his sit in if you know god's god's character and how do we get to know god's character as by studying as word saying time and prayer listening to him letting him talk to us confirming it with the word god you know there's there's a way that you know we certainly can now we certainly can know god he's now he wants to be noble but you know you got you got to care enough to us in time into it and his character is always the same so right we've been taught about we've been caught like this gentle jesus with the land it now is foot i'm pretty extra sure that you know that that's what's been depicted in a lot of the lot of the art work in that sort of thing that so insult but there is there is that but he was also when you look at what jesus did when he was on earth he was absolutely a provocateur and he was a he brought the fight everywhere he went he didn't just sit there and wait for him he disliked shoved it in the faces of the scribes in the first it's really it's really interesting and in his as he was there to defend those who had no one to defend those who without not perfect people he sat with prostitutes and tax got it wasn't that he was looking for perfect people he was willing to walk with people to help the so ye like all beside jesus was not murdered for being a passive and i honestly believe that he wasn't a man straightway he wasn't murdered either he gave up his life willingly he willingly gave his life he chose that path to give up his life so that others may live to bring us to salvation if for eternity and the by the by the price that he paid because there was only one perfect and the only one perfect as jesus and the rest of us are saved by his substitutionary death in belief in him he paid the price we didn't have the ability to pay the price for for the things that we've done wrong and i'm sorry but every single one of us is in the same boat it's really funny to listen if you who want who want to pretend that their battered than every one else in the virtue are pretty extra sure we're all in the same boat here together and were supposed to be helping each other but for those that look like what we do but they aren't like to those people have already sold out you know to say and some of them may be they were always that way i don't know then it is we don't know we can't judge that right so marie was it de scripter says that jesus said he did not come to bring peace who performeth you know the bible sets some rules the people do not always honorary with but like you said do stay the common to make peace that's what he said himself sorry i didn't put the words in his mouth but if you had outraged point jesus if you read the four gospels when he was on the cross he gave up his spirit he was not taken from him like i said about the apostles and he had he must have been a low fresh faded with them i want people to look back to jesus and i go back to the gospels and read what jesus was going through in the garden to go back to genesis for you read is that an when he got caught by god and god asked earshot her and my brought brothers keeper god said his voice his blood cries out to me from the ground god is the great witness she's the great seas he knows what happens and when he told carathis punishment would be can said this is too much for me to bear look very carefully at that scripture he is not talking about punish me that's too great to bear being people might murder him the punishment was that he was going to be removed from the presence of god he had been with god he and his family from the beginning and he could not bear that distinction to that difference he could not barely idea that he could not be in the presence of god and then fast forward to the gospel jesus knew that the only way to do god's will to separate himself from god because you can't take on the sands on the entire world pass present future and still be in the presence of god because god's light shines in the darkness right he could not take on those in and less he left the presence of his father and that was almost too much for him to bear that's why he was dreeing regard he was a worried about having a crown for one where being be and flogged dragged in the street and barricading on the cross and suffering to die lots of people have died although posses had a lot of physical struggles and being beaten some of them died doing what they were riven sometime not worthy to be crucified you know right side up and was crucified upside down but jesus is the only one who had to leave the presence of god and he volunteered for that as one of the basilicas of the angels came to help him and yet he was still upset even with their help this was a very very big deal and so when people to day think that they can be okay without being in the presence of god well i'll read my bible to morrow all learn about that to morrow or it's okay to make to cast my ballot in a way that i don't believe it that's not what the scripture is told to you have to make all your decisions and face because even not doing something that you know is right is a sin we're going to try to be in the presence of god they must do it right and this is a struggle casement jesus like you said he wasn't looking for profitable it's a walk it's a daily walk to constant watch i mean pollyanna he said i do that which i shouldn't do and he knew it he knew he was a perfect in this is paul who was who was transformed now from soledad with tapes you know in the spirit and it is his transformation was amazing but he even said he tried and in that that really truly i think that when we struggle like that that that's when we really come to know god's grace and what it really means to be loved not not based on performance but based on god's love that i godlove it loves us no matter what i find that to be to be absolutely critical he got you know even to read something right now from joe and this my heart pound and leaps from its listen listen to the roar of his voice to the rumbling that come from his mouth he unless his lightning beneath the whole have on it to the end of the ends of the earth after that comes the sound of his roar he thunders with his majesty majestic voice when his voice resounds he holds nothing back god's voice thunders and marvelous ways he does great things beyond our understanding and were going to go to another somewhat he says the snow fall in the earth to the inter the rain shower be a mighty down for so that every one he has made may know his work this is important at the time that we're living in right now he stops all people from their labor the animals take cover they remain in their dens the tempest comes out from its chair the cold from the driving wind the breath of god produces from the broad waters and the broad waters become frozen he loads the clouds an oystery scatters the lightning through them at his direction they swirled around over the face the whole earth to do whatever he commands them he brings the clouds people or the water to or to water his earth and show his love listen to joe stop and consider god's wonders do you know how god controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash do you know how the clouds hang to those wonders of him who has perfect knowledge know who walter in your clothes when the land lies hushed under the south wind can you join him and spreading out the hard as a mirror of cast tell us what we should say to him we cannot draw her case because of our darkness should he be told that i want to when any one asks to be swallowed up no one can look at the sun bright as it is in the skies after the wind swept them clean out of the north he comes and gold splendor god comes and awesome majesty an almighty is beyond our reach or the almighty is beyond our reach an exalted and power in his justice and great right he does not oppress therefore people revere him for he does not have regard all the wise in heart this is significant do not be wise in you in your own eyes i mean not on to your honor understanding and all the ways acknowledge him now if he will make your path the passage proved three summon completely memories but we're going to read it as i want to my man came sometimes alone it you know so proverb three this is really important going into these times is to list the god talk to us on how to handle situations he's got a thing there that we need bryan said i read the book of job tuesday it was it was perfect for the circus absolutely it absolutely as my son if you accept my words and store up my commands within you turn your ear to his own in applying your heart to understanding indeed if you call out for insight and cry aloud for understanding and if you look for it as for silver and search for it as for hidden treasure then you understand the fear of the lord and find knowledge o god for the lord gives wisdom for his mouth not come knowledge and understanding he holds a store for the upright he is a shield or those who walk whose walk is blameless he guards the course the just in the way of his faithful remember that god god god an joke an rochepot then you'll understand i'm so this proves too then you understand what is right and just and fair every good path for wisdom will enter your heart and knowledge will be pleasant for your soul i will protect you and understanding regard wisdom will save you from the ways of wicked man for man whose words are pure who have left the straight paths to walk and dark ways who delight in doing wrong who rejoice in the perverseness of evil whose paths are crooked and his devious cordifolia political system to me i'm sorry but most of the world west inweave you all so from the adulterous woman from the way word woman with her seductive ways who has left the partner of her youth who ignore the covenant she made before god surely her house leads down to death her path spirits of the dead none who go to her return to artie the paths of life you will walk in the ways of good and keep the path of the righteous for the upright will live in the land and the blameless will remain in it but the wicked will be cut off from the land and the unfaithful will be torn proverbs it provides a really good a super good as for this time that we live in because we can have faith that god all might goes before us it is keeping us safe for number this is all about god this is nothing to do about it with us we are merely a vessel you know and i sometimes were cracked vessels that good because if you have water in a crack bolland you crank it you block long you may be wondering as you go along wyandot and then goeethe glory so that a good my son do not forgive my teaching but keep my commands in your heart for they will prolong your life many years and bring you peace prosperity let love and faithless number you bind them around your neck right then on the tablet of your heart then you will win favor in a good name in the sight of god and in the lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding in all your ways submit to him and he will make your path do not be wise in your own eyes fear the lord and shun evil the sobering health to your madaura to your bones honour the lord with your wealth with the first fruits of our then your barns will be filled to overflowing in your vatsohever now wi my son do not despise the lords i do not represent his deed not resent his review because the lord discipline those he loves as a father the son he delights blessed are those who find wisdom those who gain understanding for she is more profitable than silver and yields better return than gold she is more precious than rubies nothing you desire to compare with her long life for in her right hand and adelestan riches and honor her ways are pleasant ways and all her paths are a tree of life to those who take hold of those who hold her fast will be blest by the wisdom i wisdom the lord laid the earth foundations by understanding he suthen and my knowledge the watery depths were divided in the clouds let drop the dew my son do not let wisdom understanding out of your sight preserve sound judgment and descried they will be life for you in order that to grace your not then you will go on your way and save to your foot not stumble you will lie down you will not be afraid when you lie down your sleeve i be set have no fear of sudden disaster or the ruin that overtakes the wicked for the lord will be at your side keep your foot from being seen do not withhold good from those to whom it is due when it is in your power to do not say to your neighbour come back to morrow and i will give it to you when you already have it with you you not plot harm against your neighbor who lives trustfully near you do not accuse any one for no reason when they have done you no harm do not end by the violent or choose any other ways for the lord detache perverse but takes of the upright and his confidence the lord curse is on the house of the wicked he blesses the home of the righteous he mocks promoters but shows favour on to the humble who and the art the wise inherit honor with the fool gets only she that all day long it is keep read is that a thing that i think is really interesting is how important it is not to the verses out of contact when when we read or studied the bible quite often to one take out a verse and make it say what they want it to the way that my dad was in the bible every day as much as he could i mean this assist this was his thin right in one thing he always stressed in you when you know some who truly is a student of the bible as you don't necessarily just read one verse though that can be a good thing to your soul at the time but if you really want understanding you read the chapter before and the chapter after the context that is there give you true wisdom and understanding that just not just like laban little verses at things that there's nothing wrong with that but if you really want to know you you go into a little bit deeper and i will this morsel and i will execute great vendeean then furious reviews ambition now that i am the lord when i shall lay tendons upon them well now so i really think that watching the going forward to stick with the issues i mean the issues are it's kind of fun to pitou those people that are absolutely have a bitter actions damned themselves to be in put in the category of you servers and traitors to this nation because they have this is a process that we are going to have to sort out we are going to have to sort out those who have stood with the united states and those who have walked away because this is a real thing you don't just say oh you know let god choose this that man there is a point to that but there's also a point to looking at someone who has victimized children and has done red of horrific salt against human beings and you can't just just let that go that has to be brought to when you look at god's character too god does called the just and it is going to command is going to be swift and i think god's goin to lay it all out for so that we know exactly what to do i was a while i will let thing to you i did some cake and missus really interested so i mentioned to before we dared mister were called not to be fools either to be drawn into the schemes of fools so go ahead okay ah yes in them the pedro the phrase the only way is listed seven in seventeen dropped when i counted them and the reason i did this is because people have been saying military is the only way the military is the only way in the military is the only way the military is the only way as only lifted at one cut but and i the other truth is mentioned twice justice or accountability is mentioned eight times those are the same things one of them had justice minished accountability at a transparency seventeen times some pushed that word multiple times so there they were talking about how we need to know the truth we get a bypass the media what is the truth and then we need accountability for that truth the military is the only way but that's not the priority with a military is all ready the way that these things have been happening so that doesn't mean you and canadianised that the military at a store in with like like storm troopers with their guns and and come not anon our doors and make a stay home or whatever that's not what we need to be expecting or fearful of metaled theeself anything no matter how it goes you know that that that be overstated stock with a fear the fear drives us right off the cliff and discourage it comes you know we need to do what comes and do it with grace and honour no matter which way things go stand firm hold the line and don't waver so i think that i think it's import that led thee to none of the questions but someone asked last night when i reminded people it was going to be on here to day said let me know what you want me as our talk about one person posted how to come other people so the other friends are family they feel comfortable they're like as their child with their like how can i get the message across to them how can i help these other people than are all emotional to calm down the confidence in the fact that god and control god think control of all things always no matter what people are only put in place to accomplish his rule and when you look back to godly governance back through time if a ruler walked away from what god has already decreed as a righteous form of gay can look in again it judges and kings and it is a right to cormorant in their godlove is spoken about the bible and i've never made a count of that multiple and i mean multiple time so who is truly in charge god is and he will only let you stand so long before they will be removed and it will be god himself that removes them and then just wait the outcome of their lives of what's going to happen is probably going to be a little painful you know you only only my god in looking god face knocking him for so long and pretty extra sure not going to end out well so patient for atrocidad relaxed now that he can he can keep you safe he can keep you you know ten thousand could follow it and once in a apollon you doesn't make a difference and got keepsake in the middle of any storm or in the middle of any conflict can just sit there and be at peace and now that in any situation you can always call on god for peace at any moment time then his hands he's got her he has everything around us you know under control there's no reason there's no reason to go back to what her i see what our ears here and fall on that is you know that we have all the knowledge in the world doesn't work that way we don't have all the knowledge in the world the god does so we can sit quietly pray how each other make every minute of our lives cow no matter what we see around us we don't have to be chased around her case or tail around trying to wonder if you know whatever will happen to me while what's going to happen to you is a godsend anyway it's a you know it's not not necessarily ever in our hands you know we think we have control but we really don't truly an allusion so the question is as who enfolding control is a goin to be god or is it going to be some other idol or some other some other entity that we put our put her trust god with all our heart and even i even in this situation leontion understanding but in all our ways that i mean all our ways whether i go to rack he will make her pass stay now i truly believe that god is at work in this entire situation with our election i really do and he is you can watch it throughout a few years that god is in control he has been in control from the beginning and sometimes we have to go through a little bit of a darkness or trouble in order to get us out of the problems that we created got in cream we created the prose so guess what i'm pretty extra sure that he's going to let us feel the consequences of our actions for a little while so we never repeated again and we can go forward smarter and i think all of us are much smarter right now than what we were about four years ago were much smarter everything's been put out in the open for us to see and be able to evaluate i think our intelligence is gone of incredible and our ability to be awake and now it's going on around us and that intelligence comes with asking lots and lots of ask us one of the one of the questions that i asked people lot is when they go whatever shall happen to me oh no all the bad guys are in control all my quite often respond with us why there's the several generals in general flintily one of charlie flint and he has in fact was put in while he was in put in front of them in charge of the pacific command under president trump if i bisexually president we think that he would have been removed by now ah it's a logical so why is he there the beanpole the they absolutely hate the and it is that if the bad guys were pretty it were charge i'm pretty extra sure that general linwood already be dead as they were he a number one target and if if if the bad guys were in charge a general charles lamb pretexts would have been immediately removed so in is not there are he is in the pacific fleet that hasn't been lost immediatamente it and i am a man any news coming out from over there it's not a big overcome it's not i not afraid of that either but i think there's a reason why he's there much what we see you know people are really frustrated well when is it going to happen when is he going whatever is going to happen and i get that but time is everything i'm going to have to write about that later to day too because there's a lot of post with timing is everything in it what they're doing is all about keeping us safe and secure and and long into the future we don't know what they know we don't know what trump knows we talk about that sometimes so we have to be patient because they've got the long game run and in their keeping a safe and things that we be winner know about so while i would love for them to top out to day and say this is what we're going to do for you all and we're saving the day and not a bradamante it is he is going to have to be patient for i am praying to happen in the right time in god's time because it's his plan and you know we are a look at the kuropatkin of information of encouragement retreat i think it always about in teaching us to say for ourselves as well then i'll look at how many times there is scripture in there talking about unity and patriotism and we have to be careful and safe and peaceful and stand strong to gather that's it that's what we have to do whatever seems right to you because people want to know what i do now the election is over what do we do we saw twenty times or by turning yeah turndale we continuing to put all of our trust in to these human constructs why are we learned nothing have we learned nothing we were running around fearful before the election with the boat with the boat all my gosh we're we're going to die if we don't all vote republican republicans are just described to neifile complete and abysmal and driven by fear going forward i would go down on to go right back to this nonsense to putting our trust into human construct now this is a time to turn face to god exactly it's a perfect time to turn a face to go to lean not on our own understanding but in all our ways acknowledge human you will make our past stray no turning back no limping out no cowardly run or sitting in the feet of position and say oh gosh i wish i would have just monotone as job but i wish it wouldn't have gotten the job an i wish i would not complied with them have it we learned anything well i've often said this is kind of a cantharides commences we all have a role to play so for those who are looking for something to do what find you roll the play is it joylessly is it researching the assembly those would be two things that i would suggest but there's still an election fight going on if you want to join in on that day by all means we still need to know no matter in the desire or in the defect what happened slept that we can prevent things from happening in the future so if you want to look to that if that's your role of play then join up with that cause if you want to help find some lawsuit of karamaneh if done means assistance with other lawsuit that would be unloaded as i do miss the biennial statement he said that i am a billionaire because i'm not and when with one of her i have all pledged it to the pit but but seriously you know it's like its like in every one's a setback and go i just want to make sure that i straithwaite i want to be with a winter weather winter's crop is out you know that's how you win you you make things you decide which way you're going to go and then if you believe in something dead in there and make it succeed it's not well you know this is something i've done so some speaking in front of universities and such in the past and to look at my resume the things that i built on the i just know there throughout the same things you know cause i could really go down the line you will probably be laughing there had of you know it some of the stuff that that i've done or started or been involved in a people are like how did you do this you just do it and in the reality as it's not sitting there wringing your hands going oh i hope this ice you sit there and you go what do i have to do to make the what are the what are the sacrifices that i have to do a plan it's not about succeeding it's refusing to fail absolutely refusing to fail and in continuing to go forward no matter what gets thrown at you she refusal to fail that's what it's all about if you want to be a warrior that's what it's about to be a warrior you don't sit there and well i met count all the guys that i have in the pit you know and while i've got to a thousand guys i think we can take one if they will it see i got about three hundred cran eating beasts around me savages were burning the parts were borne the boats out there you know in the innate and gas what you got no option you're going to fight your way out of this there's no there's no turning back that's not even an option you know you can do that in business or anything else you know that's true the burn the boats they my course is charted that's the goal i'm not in a move off of it and an in i will i will fight in till it is in fact successful and we went but it is in about it really about that to the rob refuse fail they all that it eaverson at another another story that might be hearing the people if you haven't actually looked at up go look up the revolutionary war george washington crossing the delaware took up that story weather that in school is anyone ever teach you that story read about it why did they cross the delaware no ice storm terrible terrible storm what do they do when they got to the other side what was the plan how did they want to change where plantashon he leastways in the parentheses one back and they said oh my gosh we did such a good job crossing it that that they did it they went to a cottage parenthesised shall they went to the open gate and they put themselves in the slap yourself on the back clubs and told each other what a great job they did i mean it defeated in his lonely painting in one the friend of mine geneva patriots bible and it is not george washington standing up in the boat looking all proud and atlantic up with the other man and the groenendael alternating the boat get my beastesses now he was like a new theories yeah terrible and the same what was going on which is rather reason they did it because they could kindness sneak over but they were doing this or the bunch of boat wasn't dionetta it was all but a boat they had major arms they had horses crossing with look at how are sources they had with their uniforms were like and then compare that to what you're doing sitting at home wringing your hands they did not know how is going to turn out they lost a lot of battles and the revolution it is a just a single summer winter it was years of fighting that they did to save our fight is like jesus he was just dying for the people all around him this is the sacrifice for future generations so you sit i here but not doing anything have you homologues to do find something to help your neighbours find a way to help other people because you're going to be doing what god wants you to do find your old bed be productive find something positive something that encouraging other people instead of set in your butt and whining about how your candidate network out like you wanted it too whether it's done or decent or or demeanor whatever it is that fight is not over that was just one little front of a battle on one round to his coming and run to come is going to be the call we're going to have a another reassured is going to be kind of i got to read the simple isn't just about the united states this is the world wide it has to be very very strategic ye be very patient and enjoy the right and and i get involved in go go visit with your neighbors trust god it is all in his time a faithful and alert day says the cool kids all wanted throw in with a winter yet like a high school mentally asiaticks table because they want you to winter and send the ones that are actually doing anything so anyhow starbuck scoffed over roasted burnt beans to hide the fact that they they that they by they buy inferior cone sorry i spoke were they went on the old companies to hetherton who praeconis star box grampians cramboy overrode because they find the worst coffee that they could buy over i've seen the stuff that they buy it was in californy time and hawaii craigattan woke company so he desisted and she has lots o the he they got it probably got free college for their votes with starbuck and then then with all these little wopples there running around being in the wakeness they probably were not the list for pain for abortions i'd like to see that out of sabor philipoff and an abortion starbuck not yours all the war competitive the starbucks we my cracovian inferior coupeaus is anybody looked at state have been now some of the beans are are not up to par so we have to a roasted to hide the back yer etienne we are woice means you come to work for abortion every transportation for an abortion transportation i don't know there's there's a whole list of them a pretty sure that all who companies are honest though this is not just goes out to one company it's but one will companies at down brand so anyhow i timorous at least disruption from pink yes keep praying and trust god thank you jes thanks your talk down and that's what we need to fight against this ungodly regime and then pinky as gods rising up warriors yes it battle right a guy has to be barely every minute of your day there you go oh i can't the continuators last night i i he took with i saw it was the line to be a sometimes with a little bit of the news if you want to call that i entertained by the garbage they put out something worth telling us to day and i saw that they were going to have this country music words and then the like o anerley now you know what i tell you what i'll do i'll do a brandenburg poll i actually listen to country music in the barn because that's a thing you know how boots come what come me as he all good grandma apple pie all that good stuff i enjoy dogs the dog a big truck that sort thing and right on noteworthy to tow me what music i like so i am in fact and in charge of my own award sermon hoodlike and whose music i don't like and i don't need to see it as gardiston the back twothree doing this what why oh dear god why do we have to have a people tell us who's cool what's cool what we should like an what we don't like who should run shouldn't run which is a should listen to who should we confirm what i should do marechalle just walk away from all of this nonsense and say it all i will get a harmonica make my music when they only gennow i mean honestly there's got to be people to tiefenthal way i enjoy going as i like ellaline all music is there is the only kind i don't like it they don't like rip and to think that has bad lyrics and talks about hermione i like the cannonette you something so i have a hard dolorously there outdated outmoded and go away so anyhow it was a car i have a hammer dulcimer and i heard a word hardly i replied it but it's a seventeen seventeen which we indicate sent a seventeen strings and salabaetto me my mind is fully carmantic for you also players out there i have one of the first fully chromatic dulcimers and it's really and itinerant in seventeen while i love the seventeen seventeen but knowing nothing about dollarless that sounds maintain it's a big size and it's fully chromatic which is rare at least that it was at the time may be it isn't so much any more at no i haven't been playing with them for while i've had you know other things going on lately eliminator me no i haven't i was i was doing or orendain started in all of the art shows gutsho down and then face book dropped me because i was telling too many truths so i couldn't do my art channel any more honour or pay john face books i did one more piece of work that fall for myself and since i haven't done any and i just haven't had time for such a pleasure and i am in a kind of moral battle mode in fighting for my country that's a little bit more important but i am going i am very artistic and musically motivated in a musical thinker so when i do turn on music on like a music i missed you so much but i just don't listen to it very much my brain is working on other things and when i do i like i really should listen to music more because it will inspire and encourage me country music is not my saying but there is the same that i really like there's one o i'm not a big fan necessarily of carsbrook but there is a song that he saying oh probably about twenty years ago about try to think of the lyric wolcott you can't put out a fire with it's like trying to put out a fire with just a kiss why do you try to do your your making a small impact why do you keep doing it well i do it how does it ericson out there i remember this the shawanoe is not the world that i am changing but the wellbeing i do this so the world may know the eternal shame that flit and that you know the world is not changing karen too much i have changed i am doing my role to play making some silly names is ventadour people and help poliuto the their daily drudge then the nets wearing a to go if it you know i had a comment on my will this morning and beginning a lot more feedback in the last few days people really want to interchange more than they have been and one of them was responding to the substance of his had done indirect and she like all that was so information all or whatever and and i thought how people are still going back and finding encouragement and something that i wrote something informative something encouraging that has been my role to play aside from what i'm doing in the assembly to which is really important so everybody needs to find their role to play how can you help change the world for the better i can't answer that for you and maybe that's going to change maybe they'll change in a few days or weeks or months and do what you think i want you to do and not just with somebody else tell i like i like what you're saying about this is like the three days after jesus died and everybody walked around wondering what what was not times of in those times that we don't know necessarily everything i mean he told us before before you know he was crucified what was going to happen he did not told us he told everyone what was going to happen nobody believed him and they didn't quite maybe understand her they didn't they didn't they couldn't believe it because her eyes were so and what the world has to offer and is bound by that he can do whatever he wants and now this is our time and that in that waiting period like you said as a great analogy after he was crucified stop with worrying about what's happening in the world god does operate within that room he's not subject to it and he can do wonderful and amazing and miraculous thing that may be that may be we don't even we can't even relate to so going forward we just in the lord and watching a miracle the half because i think that's exactly what's going to happen we're going to see a miracle we're going to see miracles happen we were chosen to be here at this time it's not random there's no coincidence and we truly can walk forward in faith not in what we see not an outcome that we expect or what we want or whatever we think is best to walk in ways that we allow god to do fast without getting in the way bring the light a pot get one thing going to stick with to the onset through with all your heart like i haven't twenty twenty four and picotee to help change something yet he something so with that sad time to stop for the day is a great day god conversation thanks for the chaise because early asad a man caring like a plan that's exactly we're goin to fight like a plantation two tail like a brandenburg so the human so there you anyhow well every one have a wonderful day to our father here such an amazing time father god that we can come together there enjoying our time with you and time with each other talking about everything without any any filters but really bringing the things that are honour heart forward our hearts forward because i think that really needs to happen we need to be honest we need have honest being ourselves not being so package political action figure a plastic political action that or plastic political at because we sure as he oftener or fellow that we need to come forward i believe is your child with honesty to you with the things that are hurting our heart maybe a little bit of grief going on at the loss of the familiar things moving in a direction that may be we didn't think was away i should go but this day we turn all of our exasperations all of our desires oliver plans all of those things that we that we grieve over to you and this nation the state and ask you to intervene on our behalf your plan is per we are willing to follow you into whatever you ask us to do in obedience following the rules the laws that you put in play and we asked to day lord that you would help us to have each individual person out there to have your piece of paste understanding but also the purpose that you have created for each one of us in our lives we all have a purpose an don't get paused in reflection gets our purpose is not on past based on our emotions are based on what we see or anything like that we turn all of that over to use that we can't be manipulated and we can walk with courage with no fear into the future to do your will that your will may be done on earth as it is n't have i not just in the big things but even in the little things that we are to do to day just in our own individual lives around people that we love help us to watch our help us to say the things that are always honouring to you it isn't mean that we want to walk around as fools and falling in with those who speak foolish language and want to take us down the primrose path just that we agreed to get along an ungodly things but that we actually say what it is that you put on our hearts that you would speak through us that we would get out of the way and like you say what needs to be sad and sometimes that truth we know is a little painful but we desire your truth your wisdom your discernment the gifts of the spirit above all things or walk with you to be very close we can hear you that we cut out all the distractions and wife so that we are not deceived by our eyes or our ears so much for giving us your word calm in the piece that comes with knowing you and walking with you wonderful friends to walk forward together who are also your children we have the same father your father so it makes it a wonderful walk when we actually find those people like minded or like spirited as better i guess better poet that we can walk thankful for every single person out there who is your child of we ask that you would let them know that you love them there's nothing that we face we can't overcome uniting together behind you not behind some political party or or a group or anything like that truly measuring all things against what it is that you put in our hearts leading us by the holy spirit into all things and all knowledge and forward to the future and you know what we don't even care it's an unknown future matters not to us what matters it is that we put all of our faith in you because you are always good all the time you make ways when we don't think that there is a way there's always a way because you always have a way because everything has to obey you anyway so you know at the end of the day this world this world and the rules of this world are going to go in the direction that you wanted to go because you win all the time you always win the method of getting there might be by the path might take us in different directions but the end of the day you always win and were so grateful for that thank you for the provision for finding we every gift that you've ever given us with just gratitude and thank you for all you've done for for giving us salvation for providing that way on and darkness come your salvation and be able to live for ever with you and and in your kingdom come this is really a wonderful time to be alive and we we grab this adventure with everything we have in it you know that whatever comes were ready and we love you and this is always going to be fun walking with you is always a fun it's always fun always something new and we are in we love you in jesus name referring the man no so i guess we walk forward into to day may knowing it is good with our soul it's all good the rest and is supposed to be really nice to day and warm and cold to morrow so i plan to get outside a little bit to day i'm right to day what i'm going to do i'm so they go out of perspective of god a man a man godless he was berthe show he were going to do it diminution to brandenburg for governor not come i have not conceded i am still in the race in an election that is not been decided yet an ape doesn't get to decide when there so many things that were a hat maladministration a failed election so many questions that there is that there's no no words to describe it so guess what we're still it and when we're not conceited i am not conceiving a asistente times i sometimes bodies listing to you to you show yesterday a second time and i counted up i kept a tally and i heard the total of the word could see or something to that effect was forty two so you came pretty close before you valerie apply that yesterday organan then it so anyhow every one go to brainerd for governor not come or brandenburg news network i am up to an incredible amount of video on brandenburg news now wore a great now and as other people who are who are there i am going to uphold and defend the conservative voice we in fact that there are no babette it down because you know at this point time i only connection on whatever around it lest they come with a gun a blaze in the put a bullet my hat you know it stands and and that's the way it's going to be so at any rate that's cool go there render news network and tomorrow we have are in the river the uncompromising the wise the incredible carantonan jason jones from his arline pods to morrow show john tierney week tuesday tanerton's day and enjoyed the day is going to be a great day realized that everything we have comes from the hand of god be thankful and dismay miracles are on their way and if you don't think anybody's going to be prosecuted hold my beer it's come here god gables gables all those whom you love and god besmirch thank you for being an etagere and loving pieces nothing