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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 10/18/2022 - Live - Tatar Tuesday with John Tatar

Published Oct. 18, 2022, 8 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i'm donna brandenburg it's october eighteenth tuesday two thousand twenty two i've been off for a while and i apologize for this because we have been i was doing a tour of michigan and i tell you what for as many years as i lived in michigan which is later because i'm old i have never done an honest to goodness color to i can't tell you how beautiful it was as we went north we went up to the up we were in irons i mount rather and we were up in an however in an allemande were in the boy did we were in a piano we were en cataloging on travers city a hopin like we are not like glad glad we were all over the upper part of michigan as well as the up in it it was absolutely beautiful and phenomenal and i have a lot of wonderful memories i got to meet a lot of amazing patriots and i really think that we're going to have a great time putting the state back together because i tell you what the people of minor absolutely brilliant there's a lot of ideas out there there's a lot of expertise out there so when we the people get together we we are going to do some amazing and very great things our numbers are absolutely going absolutely crazy were above fifty million interactions we are engagements a week only just amazing the amount of people that that are done with these ridiculous political parties sorin and it just keeps getting bigger by the day so today morningtide we are going to do a short up bent i wanted to get back on here again and just talked to everybody kind of excited there's a lot of very very exciting things going on one of which is when i got kicked out you to a few weeks ago i decided that gestatoria replace you to so we a connection or fiber object line and we were with the help of an amazing programming staff put together a new outlet for uncensored information and it is in fact up and run we will be continuing to add improvement to it there are several people already on it i will be publishing a commercial which we put together for campaign but up and beyond that all of the inn s including other videos i've done are already upon brandenburg network dot com so this is going to be a lot of fun we've already given permission to several people to be able to post because we have to it's not an automatic an account of this point in time but i'm sure it will be eventually and so all you citizen journalists out there where were just getting started were getting the ingrain it is going to be a lot of fun so going to the news here just so really knows some crazy stuff going on looks like kansas going to acquire social network parlor and all so did you know that an average merit the average american is losing thirty four thousand dollars everything else on bianca this has to do with let's just let us take a look at her retirement accounts let's take a look at the inflation because i honestly think that their line through their teeth at to us about the inflation rate there is no say that we are at the inflation rate that their quoting not possible it's higher than that their lying to us go we i think also we need to talk about these political parties a little bit more in how panic they are the amount of panic out there is honestly so amusing i am every day i listened to this panic this nattiness that's out there and that the shock and all that's going on with watching them honestly lose a little bit of control because they should lose control they have all failed is is very very amusing to me i am having quite a bit of fun with us and we can go back and look at the culture revolutions that happen around me and hiller very it's very crazy but there's a lot of similarities here too the real goal was to break up the family cohesion and abolish any relationship that might compete with the government what it was all about it still but it's all about and and if spouse as came from two different class that your own the lower class mouse pressure to divorce that was in the time of mouth so watch watch what's happening in narration how much pressure there is to divide split up and with that with us said i and bring out john tate here this morning and we're on to talk about something before we got on line john was showing me a card that he got and i want to cover this salmeron right now but any one good morning to every one it's going to be a great day good morning jack hang out a wide got to do this thing and welcome to anyone so we've got our tater we have papa right there he's right shot gun and i am very glad to be back home and and back out brandenburger i'm going to quick posterial medusae me show everybody what you got at this meeting this is kind of shocking really these are his passing round to all of eight teachers and i'm not quite sure at what great level they always say it starts at the high school havelok at it down but i don't know that all i know is that i was handed his card by some one at the stand up michigan and what it is is it trying to partner the educational system with the alibi naturally i says any albucius on the back of a card which he probably can't read but anyway what supposed to happen is a teacher as to where this is not a little punch on their shirt and all i want i was a teacher i had to have a tag that said who i was and what school i was which i objected to but if you're going to work here you got to work i had the word the tag for a few years but this new one that's coming out as a cue you are on the back of the card and if you can that card then it brings up a whole bunch of regarding the sexual orientation people regarding i mean standing next to a woman handed this to a was almost blushing it was that bad they have laid they had pictures sexual pictures of all kinds of activities going on between men and women between men and miniaan this carelessly available for the teachers to wear an i don't know and i haven't been in the school buildings i don't know if they're using this or wearing the or whatever but this is a way of destroying again the youth in making them believe that they are not a man or a water boy or girl but that they are the word gender fluid that they can be today they could be a bore to morrow they could be a girl and so on the take a look and see if you can order this part if you want to to see what's it all about i got an order here that says email i'm here at any that all it looks like agitator and yet one of these cards and go through the process it'll scare the act of you what they're trying to do in the skull system to get this is beyond ridiculous while the problem that i see where it has once again trying to divide up people and to categories of its dividing people of an categories and i mean this this has no place and our school should be to have it just like everything in our government anything our government touches the screw it up right and and it is really about acting from having any type of return which affords us a future is so so basically it were waste time in this all this social social engineering nonsense we are taking away the rights of the individual to have a future because there wasting their time we we could sit there and have him have made a million different things but this is so far off base of what our schools should be containing the hat not get to get a job because you're studying this nonsense you're not going to be a better person because you're studying this nonsense it's a waste of time it is it's about destruction rather than helping a person a move forward into something that's productive and or that is going to contribute to their future and when you look at it anything that gets away from god does that it destroys it an absolutely destroys a people out every single time who knows at that age were talking about high school and less than i school who knows that that age what they want to be what they want to become what do you want to become when you grow up remember that's what you detest say of mother or whatever i reverence reseated there boy or a girl or or gender floodwater nonsense or or they would rather be callin it or shade rather or any rather than what their real genders there confused that it kids are confused that's why they that's why we go through learning prose when we grow up we start going through a process where we have to figure out what direction we want to go in life i mean i change my idea of what i want i actually went to pre law to become an attorney until i found out what attorneys were all about in the night decided at the i am that becoming an educator in godinot teaching field same thing with the military i actually join the reserves to dodge the draft in vietnam didn't want to go to bed i ended up stain in the reserves for thirty one years because i thought the military was a good place to but i didn't know that at the very beginning who would not that the bright and assist this is so sad i mean is proposition three is so sad because it allows children to be sterilized without without permission and i really can see how the laws of the things that the writing are honestly to leave children without protection and they can be influenced they can be influenced by people who have very very bad intentions for them and so i mean this whole thing has no place in our school whatsoever teaching them things and and because where predators go predators go to work children are so leaving them without protection giving them the ability to be influenced by people with very bad potentially very bad intentions is is so troubling it's just absolutely it's criminal remember many people in the ashes many people in the nazi party and many people that far for the germans and the russians back on communism was coming on board it is my got to do it because it's to my job so these teachers say heads my job if i'm told to wear this i got a war because it's mighty be i don't believe in it but i have to do it this brings us of it down to the police department that behave the way they do when they harass people on the street just just to harass or want pequots and and the government and the judges and all his land otherwise i'll be fire the nonsense that we have been brought up to believe that is the almighty dollar in it's the banking system that's created this problem let's go back to what what really caused the the banking system started it off by haltered you can't buy a car caused which has nothing to do with reality but the banking system has put us in this matrix and this little game that they've been playing and they've been pushing higher on it now they keep us separated against white and chinese against orientals in hiding white people and so on and so forth by keeping a separated they never give us a chance to come together and say hey the problem is to the people the problem is land singing was those people that think there in charge but remember when we started this several weeks ago we called in public functions they're not in charge of any they are functioning a specific duty in government that's all their doing to get back to real those people are get rid of them fire on whatever they are public functionaries not officials or leaders or authority there none of those things those that berlin our language says their public functions that's what we've got to get back to what is the primary function of the duty of government and i'm not put you on the spot in answer questions because all i think it's one thing and you're going to be like a weather horologer en is to protect our life our liberty and our proper a proper i failed miserably at that spectacularly the they failed spectacularly and you know what if i had a butler or a chef or a may fail that badly she wouldn't be or he wouldn't be in my house very much longer do remember that the i think it was one of the network used to have the agony of defeat and this guy wabanaki as it was on temeritas or experience right now the agony of defeat so we have to we have to return our country back to what it was originally remember we the people of the one that established this country the country we established the constitution which established the government and so their several steps below us somehow we have given them it just because we're afraid of a lot of people are afraid of it afraid come get me if you think so where is that we have to stand up as to who we are we are in charge we are the people that can control what's going on if we choose to do that to make me some of us take getting in front of the generating and corridor fighting in fighting against these people are standing up against the work or even running against them in office to get out because they are really lacking in the system we don't we don't we don't need em in there they have failed that their function to protect our life or liberty of our property and they need to be and with that i thought since we don't have time really to go over the entire the last one five amendments of the constitution i thought we'd go back and read you a couple of and as we're reading this i want not understand or one point out first of all a everybody out there should know who makes the law by now as alaric by legislature so you got that one right i'm just getting elegance no can the president of the united states which he incognito at the moment the resident of the united states make a an edict or an executive order that has any bearing on the people not proceed rally anyway can't do it all i can do is that vaticano change the lines in the white house that he can do change my my shirt from a white to a black man yondo but can he make a law that affects the people you and me in our society absolutely not he's not the legs all his job is to do is to carry on what the legislature wants in the of course the legislature so disjoined the right and the left the legislature can do know which hand is up withindoors what they're doing now nannette supposed to be doing not one area of our government is as following the lawful prose right so the executive branch is the function the function of the executive branches to carry out what the legislature was not to make laws not to make at ecloo in a kind of for law that has anything to do with you or me okay so let's get back to the first amendment which says congress shall make no law the lawmakers the legislature shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion so here we have cares not making the law they pass it on to the executive branch in michigan to what burr and what marks a law based on some sort of an act brought on back in tortured all for or no nineteen i think are somewhere around there that had to do with the emergency she has no thornton she has no constitutional authority to do that she has no authority as an executive to do that all she can do is carry out what the legislature asked her he can interpret the law he can't and that's why she has an a that it supposed to interpret the law is this what the law really or are you trying to twist the law made athens the switch to same with the secretary of state that's why we are in this morass that were in the conning that the age really is is supposed to only regulate business business i auntie and that the sheriffs are actually supposed to be the ones that interact with the people true yes i mean to i mean if we're really going to add to still it down to to the process i believe that that's a repress so the age even is over reaching that age offices way way way past a past over each remembrance not overreach as to surface rationalists the criminal act overreach me anyone just for the cross the table and wrapped the salt when you should ask for it now that's not only when i think you really good thing to talk about because because when people are talking are come and language is much different than the legal language and i see some value and bringing that up and then heaven discussion on it people need to understand that overreach is what we would probably say outline street but the legal term would be used or patient actually we need to get back to making that the language of the street to a surprise but i mean we need to talk about it so that we do have the cracked words that were using and i think there's some value in and discussing the you know the words that we use just in common language as opposed to to you know what we what we should be that the words we should be used in so that we all have the same understanding i don't disagree with you because a lot of people who hear the word usurpation that they don't they don't understand what that means out you have to define it i agree with that but we need to bring this government to our language to the language of the north of norton versus shall be county the a man important cases to hold a constitutional republic should operate so that's why in a litre tom those terms public functionary usurpations unsoft because they still a lot of people out there then are not connected have no idea what's going on on getting back to congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion except in an emergency no the constitution is never suspended ever under any severe never not during a war not during a pandemic as we have so called had here which came emancipation i would really rather not in any stretch of the imagination can the constitution be suspended so that were then to attend question then how was it that the religious people to the preachers and and the men of the law while the government to shut their churches did they ever have her you know for me it's like the word here it would be cowardice or the getting paid off that there there's no there's no other reason for this there was so much money going into organizations and entities to close down that i think shocking you know so you get the money because you fooling you did what you did what they told you to do and here's your dog beset for clothes and down your church or close and do you know your school or whatever i mean this there's no possible way that to any church should have closed down so all i can say is cowardice now according to i don't want to bring the bible in is we have to no tearing the bible and that's the exact this god the dollar now or corot the creator of the people and who should they preachers of their mental cloth i mean they are the supposed to be half a step between us and god and then following the dollar well and i disagree with you on that half a step between us and god because it's like we have the right to be and we should be connected to get ourselves rather than having to put somebody in front you know between us i mean even jesus said let no man be your teacher that means your order to do that that means that people need to spend time in the word and also pray to be connected to god but because people are flawed every person is flawed none of us gets away with with with that in that high position and so you know it's like you know you don't jump in between people and you know not you personally but you know nobody should jump and between and betweenwhiles father and have so i agree with you in that not i just use that kind of a and there is the counter it was with this going on they would have had to improve just a sock if they closed or church because a leader does not act out of fear and when have christians ever walked away from anything were the ones that are supposed to jump right in the middle of it when the sickness when there is when there's problems none of us should have had one ounce of fear in us for any situation i agree with that one hundred percent but here's what happened during the revolutionary war was the preachers or or the man of the cloth that helped organize the situation the revolution and in our country right now if you want to turn to somebody who do you turn to canter to the church because they're not doing your job they haven't been doing their job for a long time let's say they haven't been doing their job president johnson why during president johnson's time they took on this for five or one set three no can became a business than an absolutely became about money and a bus but i ear that to go back to the jesuit and some of the stone that he happened in history and they were you know he started looking at the banking system and some of the other nonsense it was put in place and you know to pay tribute and such and that's all but business that's right so they bought into the five one three program through fair and how can they be afraid they are supposedly the ones that really understand god and what's going on in the spiritual world and yet they were afraid to stand up against johnson by the way while i don't have any good thing to say about but none the less president john don't want to call the present go ahead ever so no law respecting an establishment of religion that means government has no authority to tax it government has no authority to regulate it government has no authority in any way to pass any law that has anything to do with at all so this but they're not following the obviously to constitute how about the free exercise thereof or abridging the free exercise thereof religion couldn't go to church because of this same demi and saw even if he wanted to sit in your car and he and the preachers talk through a megaphone to your car they were afraid that you get this so called fires that exists in the atmosphere and you'll get it by breathing on it nonsense nonsense the saw it move in abridging the freedom of sea what's going on right now with by the way freedom the speeches anything and the press will take together free tomobei the press at the doe with the means of communication at that particular time in history seventeen seventy six it was the newspaper or horsedealer that they passed on from person to person to day it's the internet government have any authority to abridge the freedom of speech and the press do not they have no authority to regulate what we hear what we say for the use of the internet by saying we're going to censor it because you are saying things that are what was the word hate at are you analytical little frog here was determined was to be hated that well that's the boy anybody that at that sensation power that we have put the minor that we have put there because he voted for selected than to be there those people are willing the freedom of speech and the freedom of press by not doing their job and saying ha you can't at the internet you can't sense the newspaper even though we know the newspapers are corrupt even though we know the task but you can't sense or the internet we have a right to and we have a right to be heard and we have a right to write notes back and forth if we so desired whether they follow the philosophy of that resident in the white house or congress or oar they have no authority because the authorities the constitution by the way they swore documents and when he swore out this document you have no choice but to follow what the document says you can't change it or a just to make your process work of the say that's not what the first amendment says i have no authority to senor the internet notoriety descent the or ability to write anything peaceably assemble we know that he destroyed that for two years from two thousand nineteen o two thousand twenty at four and may it was all made up they was made up the fire was made up the wearing of the mask standing six feet apart all made up they have no authority i'm hoping that the people that are finally sent the light says he let's go back to the first amendment second third fourth and let's make those things in concrete so we don't i violated by these government public functionaries who think that their charge they are not and the last one is redress agreement and that's a very important one because you got to be able to write your government you got to be able to write with and say with me i want the free in what you did and how and what authority you have to do this she had to answer but her in her position as executive she decided that all were not were going to suspend for you we are we're not going to answer any questions that you have regarding this she had absolutely no authority she was committing treason at that particular period of things should have been stopped immediately she had no authority to do that and get congress should have done well you know and i've got a real concern about this because i come up a lot in my travels people on to get information why is it that we have to pay to have a to these documents that you know is why is it because it nestles people out of being able to have the information which they freely own and should he have an excess but the inner keeping people out in a way from the truth of things basically by my money you know there's a lot of people that can't afford to have his information so they've made it just as difficult as they can to actually get the information so this is once again back to the money now we've already paid for all of this you can't get it without paying you know these or for the information i even heard of to sixty thousand dollars they are pritchard anything for for taciturnity want and keep that information from the which we pay for which we should have an absolute unencumbered access to away from me the people it is debasing the ability of we the people have power and so i've also have a real problem with this whole barocciaio and how our attorneys i mean don't get me started on that because that's a long dis you know renegades baritones and their paid what twenty five thirty thousand whatever it is for the outdated the updated law so that we have to go to an attorney all bring our to the judges i can't i can't even i probably wouldn't even go there because this opens up a whole can of worms on the bargain and and taking it away from common law and honesty you can't you can can't even have clear shot you know it having in a a fair trial right now i just tried to guy this week and i did the same he has to hire a whole bunch of attorneys for his right he doesn't have the money to do that so they made it cost prohibitive to have have a right you understand that the best way to deal with unless you're a corporation or corporation you have another problem because you're an entity physically doesn't exist but if you are an individual your best method is to find somebody out there that can write a brave for you and you learn the law and you find kick the eternal the attorneys are for the attorneys and the judges and their not for you you have to understand the law and you have to be able to fight the lot e's goin to take some learning something you should have been doing and especially if you he alone of the people that are over to forty fifty or old you should have been learning this right along i can now made we put this in the schools and actually empowered kids instead of doing all this this you know this i don't know sexual content put it into something like learning the loss they could actually defend themselves or i mean that that would be a much more a profitable time you know how can you be expected to follow the law if you don't know now either percent yes it's boring in some cases if you look at it that way and of course the attorneys aided in their legal legal legally and they you back statements and other ways of trying to say something that of saying at the easy way so we the people understand it they make it so only they understand or aesthetic really means really mean that that problem was reading court cases you have to have some background yet do just like everything else you have to practice you can't read a manual for a particular job well let's say i fixing a car let's say fixing a engine you can't read a manual in your and then go out and put the man in close analogous and try to fix the take the man who was to hand you go through it step by step may take two three times before you figured out i'll wilson to unscrew first then with the legal ah trewinnard just to keep you from knowing what the system is so you have to go out an iron attorney and some ridiculous amount of money he the keep chasing your tail and then you know get in front of the prosecutors of deciding what what gets brought before the judge i mean the whole is screwed up in kind of a fan of come and acquit honestly and i think i think we should be seriously considering going back to some form and or corporate aiding common law into our system but i just you know i am a judicial system is is a dumpster fire right now that part i agree however we don't have common law we have constitution a difference when in england when they had common law common law was was going on in the system on how people behave how people live constitution is based on common law but it is not common while we are constitutional law we are in writing and that god we are we were in common law than the way the attorney twist everything around they could twist that to so is it written down in hard black and white in the constitution under the constant then it's very difficult for for the well aimed they they do it because of the ignorance of the people the laws that are in the constitution for example the river establishing religion that kind of thing they can twist that well that means you can have an now you can be a catholic protestant chandmuni but you can't be a be as they can make up some name seven day advocate and you can't do that because our making the low sandy cat no you can't do that it is very clear can't change it can adjust it is supposed to be so that story we have to look at it when we're talking about our law in our country it's constitutional law which is good because have to study well how did they do it in england during this particular time no it's in the constitution you publication out your nonperishable become danvers's bidwell around which as no public functionary is abu no public functionary is immune export young and if they step outside their delegated duty than they can be then their strict naked of their duties and they have to face the consequence and so that's an that's all written down you can i can you just that how can you change at that that's why we are constitutional long and baudrons tation because the rest of the world wishes they had one the government can change their constitution and say it's not a right we never get you never got it at birth like the american people were giving it to you as a as a right but what we were because we've given it to you we can always take it away a different kind of system we don't want to be we don't want them to interpret common law it's in writing can you interpret congress shall make no law in any other way he he a pardon so that's why we are constitutional we are constitutional law based on common law but we are not common law that's what people need to really understand a patriots a lot of em out there go down these rabbit holes they go on the internet a look of something that sounds good let's follow them rather than doing the research and understanding as to what it really says or what it really means or a road they come off the side tracks and distract us from the republic our salvation we go back to the republic in the republic we the people are in charge public functionaries are the servants that's where we have to be but as long as we continue to chase after all it's all camp names all its contract oh it's the fringe on the flag at all of these side track issues we get side tracked from the real essence constitution and that's where we have to be we have to be with the constitution because that's what it's all about that when these followed functionaries sheridan must follow them the second amendment talks about the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed that mean that you can have a hyacinthine by the way most of our public functionaries in congress don't understand the difference between a clip and a magazine the showing teetered a job outside of politics no you know i think how would the understand anything about fire arms and i think that's the point you know they haven't had a job most of them have never had a real job most of them exist inside political echo chamber i'm pretty extra sure that that you know firearms training or anything like that is never been part of their lives because that's not generally what i observed is going on that is a tether lovers and bannon have good for asperity i remember finding saying one on television what's the problem in all when they use up the bullets out of their magazine that the tablets can i airily on my god so i actually was and when i first started running i was kind of strait you know a wild goose chase from the state and they said go to your county clerk because i have this paper work so i go down to the county clerk to the said to do with the pain and trying to get that figure out what kind of a bunch of nonsense so i got down there the county clerk and and i said well the state told me you would have the we've never had these so i asked for i said okay as is the state destroy under the bus here at the county and i steamer name and wrote it down and such that i could do him in all this and there was gustaving me turns out he was a local mayor and he started saying don't give her your name don't give me your name and i'm like whose business is this of yours near business so i said you can just you know go stand over there and tell my business is done because he was trying to get in the way i turned around and you know we was waiting for me to talk to me and he's like why didn't you get into politics because i was sick at the nonsense going on and i'm hoping to continue to move forward in truth he had the audacity to say to me what is and i'm like i can't even help these calabalaro dumb as a baron that that was his that was his comment to of course i was i let him have it but good i'm like if you can't you don't know a truth it's time for you to do something the garage they might hire you there may be you know i was in detroit and there was a lot of garbage over there may be some of our politicians spend a little time in a road crew actually improving improving our state rather than the just sitting there talking about it laughing at the rest of us as we watch the state you know go down the two then they don't even know true truth is the lazy they're stupid and they need to get out and do something ejus absolutely but you know part of the problem is we a people doing what we've been doing in expecting a fence insanity we keep voting the same people in over and over again and expect the different results whether running for congress or for the house of representatives or for the senate we keep putting them back in office right at somerset there good republicans there good down across their goodness that the other thing now they're not the criminals they managed to pay the full the fees a play when you become a democrat or republican in office you paid back to the party money for your position as a place of this so that so that brings us back to the second amendment without the second amendment we would a handsome serious issues now this brings about a very interesting question with mama that tried to push forth a order through the remember that they were going to confiscate guns and so on his solander going to come and take guns away from and people were unarmed some people at my group of the other on take your guns away first of all is the remember if we go and we will just jump ahead a little bit to article one of the of the constitution which is the legislative branch i can make treaties with nation okay that's very clear it doesn't say with quiet sodawater nations it says nations is the un anti certainly not it's a body of but a people that got together and said they were going to create a dangle of people here that are going to run the world with a note once so based on that they have to and has absolutely no authority in the american government and our constitution would not allow us to make a treaty with the nation that doesn't then they don't exist there are no money they have a building in washington are in new york and that's about as far as they go they have more against the constitution of the united states again can the cast petition be suspended and we've already answered that question no i cannot ever and so can the un pass a resolution to collect all the guns in the united states or to limit the type of gun that we used in the united states and one now and dislike with that with the mask mandates or the vaccine mandates or any of that they have there's no antitheta the right to dictate that to a person nor do they have the outer ones like the height to dictate policy to us as that is absolutely correct no authority not clearly in her weakened so i capacity magazines we could even say automatic weapons certainly some automatic weapons and what in the world is an assault with anything that you use against another person is an assault as i say so somebody asked the question as a hammer more deadly or go well i think the nostoi hammers and there are guns so we could open up that can worst and say say it's time to get rid of all vehicles because of vehicles that more people killed by my by vehicles in their horror so many you know so many about how at the back scenes how many people were killed with vaccine interactions appareled my mom yes very that poetaster good point well taken i i don't know you know i sure did the only reason that they want to take guns away so we could become a neutral so they do not adelaide and shoot at us and beat us up and we have no way to defend ourselves against these tyrants that or unjust following order i would i have to do in my job beating you up as part of the duty that i was required to do this is the nonsense that you know police officers are guilty as some are guilty because they don't understand their job at their duty same with all of the other public functionaries of the latter including but second moment and then a third and the third amendment talks about and i think we've already kind o spoke about the a little bit but i did want to run it by a again about quartering troops and homes why would you not want quartered in your home beside the fact that you've got to feed on men and clean after me exactly but you all run around with one of these things in your in your house and that's the big spire right there the old telephone that they talked a atheling then in villica coat we have to carry wherever we go and they know exactly where you are because they can track that they can now and if you take something on it or say something on it remoteness never go away and who knows whose recording what you're saying is the cause of a later date and they can change the boys and they can splice it make you say something you never really said that or never really meant to say anything like that but that they put the word and that word together and they come up with a new sentence and now your crime o yes we and why did we have the fourth because the the third amendment because people were quartering troops because they had no choice and because they were being spied upon they couldn't talk and if they would sit in the room together husband and wife and tried to pass information back and that the truth run back to his mat is master and say a anathoth a pension to him because there saying things behind closed doors that we don't know what they're saying and they may be they may be trying to overthrow a government this nonsense was put in place to stop them quartering of and the fort that bring ohohey done lahoma they dance to separate people from being able to from being able to get together i mean even though even a lock downs it stop people from talking and that's how business was done used to be done in the taverns and south where people would gather and get together and and really our right to assemble a right to assemble peaceably and your piece of it is huge when we when we all stand together that's when things work better you know what would happen had they not close the churches down and people were congregated at the churches jimmy next to me took his mask off and bobby down the road took his mask off and and i didn't get sick and then the next day didn't happen again and so it is of worth all of a sudden the mask last they would go out the window when a father quickly if everybody just stopped obeying these these unconstitutional orders not going to do it you know and try to wear a mask in the big drink but i was electronic people actually you know actually had a little hole cut so that they could eat through their masks on like i know that's what i saw once upon a time when this syncopated was her guy cutting his grass and he had a mason with a hole in it and smoke a cigarette at her perpetrating around in her car with her mask in an side their cars by themselves clearly more than six feet away from some one else so what will the fear why why so afraid because we are brought up to a lot of people are brought up that way to be afraid to be a epurulf the government to be careful of any kind of rules or regulations at might be pass forward olinto the fourth amendment had now much hereabout yet we actually can we kept this up next week or holdover to close because i really think the tattooed a thing is good by at about an hour to day i just really wanted to get back on because i had i was a wall here for about ten eleven days because a going out north i just didn't have the connective that i thought i needed in order to actually put you know beans a back i think to morrow i've got to be out of here about close in the morning because i'm supposed to be up to my skin such tomorrow's going to be a fail there is a will be anoother day there is day and friday i should be on both of those days as well as next week so entrato keep the going and now that we have brandenburg news not work on the internet not just on roulotte and face book which is wonderful but i'm hoping that we will i don't think we can live the stream yet form from brandenburg news now work but we will lose everything there too in the case archived episodes of all videos and and we're going to continue to add content there and will be able to add a video siskins but a process but but it's doing so let's go exterior menand then then will close out to day in the next tuesday will come back on again but anyhow i everybody out there john tater running for sheriff of lincoln and you know i think i think this guy needs to get it all right he knows his stuff and take a good look at take a good look at him that listens all his tater tuesdays and he's a wonderful educator nose the nose the process and i think he would he would serve with integrity so i really appreciate everything that you're doing in the fact that you were willing to stump up to run in order to restore constitutional governance and lawful process very much i shaped heavenly father were so thankful for you this day and all days that you walk with us you prepare our path before us you're were never alone were so thankful for the blessings you given us in the united states of america and all our brothers and sisters all the americans no division its one nation under you under god and were thankful for each every person please let every one know that who is out there who feels alone that they are certainly not alone that were all stand there's a lot of us fighting behind the scene for them and that all they have to do is open their eyes come to you and you're right there and the rest of the family of americans of brothers and under you are good father were so thankful for you that we we stand together you for the blessing on the nation this day and we just want to tell you how we father that we truly love you and we're here to serve you and your good purposes and all things for your honour and glory in jesus name would pray am right so everybody out here this is where we do this thing she damigella go to brandenburg for governor doom you can also now go go to brandenburg news not work we'll have an official official opening of it but now you guys snakeproof you who are who are a wonderful enough to be here you are you're going to be able to see see that right now before we do our official opening and but anyhow to see now we we love all of you were thankful to be here you're not alone we care about you i care about the things that you care about we care about those that you care about god bless you god all those whom you love and god bless america thinks john will see an excuse all right at