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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 6/21/2023 - Redeeming Grace Church - Imprecatory Psalms, Part 1

Published June 21, 2023, 9:03 a.m.

Imprecatory Psalms - Do you think about this when someone speaks “truth” to you? We must consider the source but we can always trust God’s revealed Truth! Some think God’s Love is so “holy” that even He can’t or won’t speak words of judgment, curse or wrath! Nothing can be further from the Truth if we keep the elliptical nature of Truth and His Moral Law in mind. By definition, God’s Truth or Moral Law rejects all distortions or negations of that Truth! Please understand this point. It’s possible we never consider the following thought: If a thing is 1% true or pure, is it now untrue-and-impure? Does a mostly-true statement hold water or does it leak at the point of flaw? It’s impure to the degree of its flaw! Tim was in Church from the cradle, over 69 years ago. Two Christian parents left a strong Faith-legacy in his life. Church attendance does not ensure new birth but Christ’s Faith and Grace lives boldly in his soul. Saints love God differently; he primarily loves God with his mind as he provokes disciples to love and good works per Hebrews 10:24-25. He loves to evangelize and teach God’s Word – especially biblical Grace. After a 37-year career with Chrysler as a die maker, he pastored Smith Creek Bible Church for 4-1/2 years and now holds a doctorate in philosophical theology. He authored three books during his doctorate program. As an active part of St. Clair County We-The-County, he worked to abolish the Covid mandates, especially in the schools. He was an active part of the SCC Republican Party but divorced himself from their charade. His new desire is to provoke a renewed understanding of our founding documents so a truly Christian/patriotic church can free itself from unConstitutional government-infringement and be free to establish Christian roots everywhere in our Constitutional Republic. We discover true Freedom In Christ’s Gospel to live in liberty, above tyrannical control. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it's the twenty first day of june twenty twenty three welcome welcome welcome we are my handle the computer problem is one we are i was running out of space in my computer so had to have some little bit of rebel down over the last couple of days and the morning and i think we're kind of over the target because i'm noticing also it's not it's not the result that it a prop but i didn't promise with with getting the massa got steam hard and some of the other things that are not going on out there or appears that i'm getting tampered with as a good way to put it so that i can get out here and that i bring the truth because why there is something true that i'm going to be dropped in here in the next few there i think that we all are going to have to look at and with a unbiased mind and realize that their some really bad people out there and we've been infiltrated on so many levels we really are going to have to come to terms of the fact that that we are in fact being infiltrated and on many many levels in ways that we don't even realize we're being salvat i jist consthering out there and see what what happens because you know what we have to have transparency we have to have truth and we have to have accountability a first and foremost before god and but we've got to be faithful to each other americans we are america we are americans and we stand together before god almighty doing the right thing and every single turn and with that sad i want to bring on my body here more a heteredon i want doing pretty well to day dora yes asynthetic nicol difficulties there but a imitoit licked up several times and the then then the street then the stream kicked me out because i guess we don't want to we don't want to talk about this little spy out work that republican party is pushing right now and i don't mean the grand new party i'm getting a feeling that it's kind of all working together at this point time it really doesn't matter which side you're on they're all taken sorrow smite and at the republicans the democrats the amigo p the grand new party all on their taken their taken service money and there leaving the sheep astray mass mass of mass so i've got i've got some things of post later there's a supine out there for the entire board of the amigo as well as and and i think and i think that we we need ask some questions are they merited or are they just something to beat up on on the people that we really put our trust and i give everybody a chance i'll tell you what i will give almost everybody a chance and hopefully they'll make good to when something comes out that perhaps we didn't know we have to change we we can't have blind loyalty to any one we have to have a moral comes that will do the right thing even if make a few enemies along the way cause they don't like what we have to say and so my commitment is to re and doing of the right thing as i as i see it and if anybody says down at your off base i'm i'm on i want to see the proof i want to know what so that we can change the trajectory lit both and make sure that we're always you know we've always got the or or or compass is always pointed true in and is a calibrated true oh i i did it wadna couple of years ago and i thought it was kind of eros they were into nautical there in an oil so i used an example of the of the the king pin on a wheel on the on the wheel at a shop and that that's the pen that is if you look at the wheel it's a little bigger than the rest of the pins on his and if it's dark or stormy to captain can know by finding that pen despise him that he can't see anything else he can find that pen and in no where true senor is is is he going as he's going away as he knows his runners and we really need to have that all the time where are our the way we steer the ship is always focused on the king no matter how the wind blows no matter what information goes we've got to keep that focus on our heavenly father at all points no matter what happens we we can always trust him as long as we have that our navigations in the right direction in that's only on god on my ushers going to be things that are going to change we're going to find out here and i you know i'm a little bit of our obsesso for reset and i like a set all give people keep if people a chance but when i see tampered with evidence at the attorney general's level were they they tampered with evidence when i see financial crimes be and i don't give a rats rear on who is doing it they will they will absolutely have no protect am i any honor any any arms whatsoever it is it if somebody's committed truth they're going to get me there there there i don't care if i know them if they done something wrong that they had their chance to make good decision if they made a bad decision it's all on them and in that how we get truthcan ability and i think we're going to really see horrible things come out on the people that we were told to trust or that we thought we could the a great indodana a jest for people i know i was going to back up and hit the last point in the second peter before i got into the pectorals and as a matter of fact just this morning to get i saw i do have a i would call him a mente and nigeria the nigerian pastor and they said that nigeria is the number one for i mean number one country for killing and by just took them off of endangered less and it's just it's just pitiful what we do because you're talking about christian that are just being slaughtered to me this is what christians if we can't rise up for just god help us so kind of ties in the imprecatory psalms he ties in some of that massed peter last message so i just wanted to kind a circle back in pickle the last point it peter was made from last and and what he says is he after he had just given a tirade against the false teachers to show how they distorted and deceived by mocking the teaching of jesus and i think that they were really mocking what jesus had answered to the apostles may be they didn't even know that but essentially that's what they were mocking but but peter said don't overlook this one fact below that with the lord one day is as a thousand years and a thousand years as one day and i just put your prophecies rarely what we think is the the lord isn't slow to fulfil his promise but his patient towards you that still like one not wishing that any should perish but that all should reach repent he does give time in ah before even finished his i want to open up just as just a small tax in oenone if you want to turn her down on if you call up duteronomy saving were just got up like fly through some verses to give some back drop to what peter may be telling us and i want to before we even get there i'm going to throw out and put it on your radar screen god says that he is going to do right for a thousand generations give me the verse again yes odoratissima and we're just going to may be run from like one to a loving slide through it but when i suggested last week c that we could be in a young church now again i'm not here to say all we can take that very literally but if you think about less a sixty five hundred years if i were sixty five hundred years into you manitow some people would say billions i don't believe that but less say were sixty five hundred years and we're talking twenty years generations we're talking three hundred and twenty generations now does that mean it god's good i give a thousand generations of people i don't know maybe it's hyperbole but i just want at least throw it out here because i really do believe donna that we have as a church we've collectively sat on our hands may be mostly because of wrong teaching and i'm just saying as you were just talking about we have to rethink what we thought we knew yes we do and it is in it's got to be it's got to be a if he almost a painful process because it awards going to be a painful process we are trying to put their trust in tried to deter who is a good person who is a bad person and solder craving at their creed heroes and otomie and that's what the deep state wants us to do instead of looking things at things for their own merit when it's really it's really a crythe the bellies so so can i know even as we think about the imprecatory psalms that were going to move into a lot of people that an not know honouryou can you can't say that you can't think that you can't prey that and yet here is god if remember dinner out to me is the sense le the second giving of the law i know that was even in french to his dog ah so do neronis really an anomiais really that's the the loss of its second giving the low here got talking about the chosen people he says look i'm going to send you in the keen and and i want you to really i'm going to remove seven nations for you that were more numerous in my beer than you and and so what does he say to them look it in verse to the e says that you must devote dem to complete destruction wait wait away i isn't god as for you back consists you shall be nice dass that nice ah you shall make no confident with them or show them mercy ah you shall not intermarry with them castigatur your sons away from following me that's what happened not solomon particularly ah he says but here's how you heard to deal with them all seas sweet things to him tell him dear old ka god loves everybody everybody's meeting god's instow's not what he says he says down in first five tordona but here's a you should deal with him oh he says you shall break down their altars and dash in pieces their pillars and chop down their asherim and burned their carved images was fire why what a welcome in party that would be oh your head or you cannot we cannot co exist where the culture who burns babies alive to satan and the ideas been going on for for thousands of years has not changed and this combe real hard pelt for people to swallow but we have so much going on right now and i mean these people and it is allowed to tie back to i was watching a a a a video on the thefestival in china where there they tortured dogs and i'm sure it goes in things of the tpublic water they they kin at their neighbors dogs they start kidnapping pets from their neighbors and such and i think this is funny and they the more that they torture the animals the more a growndlie the blood becomes and then they they eat and the sounds horrific because its happening for a lot of people consortit because it's an animal to go in on for a long long but what happened when we realize this is happening to human beings we cannot co exist white people that think it so he tortured children to talk shorters or even animals and then to enhance themselves ah with longer life or sexuality or any of this i don't know what any of you but i may have solutely appalled in discs by these pre the sensalute we cannot co exist with it and and you know that this is so set against god that every single one must should have such a righteous out at over and over this that it's like an we're done with this kind yah and not you you mentioned on an i just pentaget you know when you talk about coexists you get ten bumpers stick to it bumpers stagewise coldest it's like that's absolutely the formula for just gross destruction that's what's going on today oh we cannot co exist with all these things i mean god never said for us to try to do that so he says go on first nine he says now therefore the de lord our god is god the faithful god who keeps confident and steadfast love with those who love him and keep his commandments and yet we have people to day that say we should not keep god's command and it claimed to be cursed oh my goodness i don't make ways make sure that you go along to get along don't annoy any one don't offend them from saying things like mutilating children it is wrong as her mass it's like that is no message and it's over and over you know you've dropped your kids off don't raise your kids and it will take over we'll do it for you you know don't stand pretty put the mass don't make waves the shell an old she don't speak up about the evil you see and again we're going to come full circle at the end to day and it says like and because you listened to these rules and keep in to them the lord our god will keep you keep with you the covenant and the steadfast love that he swore to your fathers he will love you bless you and multiplie that's thatoh just as a brand of a crass promised like the gothos could have bless you multiply you he says if you keep my commandments so if you follow what i want you to do that's when god will bless us and and we're going to the one we come full circle we're going to act you talk about i think that what we are living with to day dona we are living off of the currency of the blessings of people in our past i may because if it was up to what we have allowed in america and around the world right now i think god would cost us we'd be done i think i here would come the earth would be burned up but so unjust saying i think that we have an opportunity to stand up for god's justice and say no to the evil and fight against but everybody was soon no now we we got to act christowell excuse me so this was maybe a sewing to the imprecatory psalms god says here's a you deal with those people and so i just say we need to learn so when peter says ah since all these things are true and to be dissolved he says what sort of people ought you to be in lives of holiness and godlynes and esther caution i ask everybody that's that's like number one on me am i reflecting the righteousness sages and i guess with that don onis kind of of an introduction that i really had really planned by the it's like i think it's so critical but it might might help us to tie in all of the things so if you want to call up the one for the day the imprecatory so oh then be number twenty five so he commands us to love him completely and i would say reciprocally were commanded to hate the things that god hath and i again i'm not i don't want to start a message off by slapping the face but the question is do we hate the things it god hates you are just talking about that that when you see certain thing you are incensed and that is a good thing that we have righteous indignation against some of these things and i just think that much of the church doesn't it's like they don't you they have their righteous indignation and nere soul they don't express it and i think that's really what the imprecatory psalms the doebling i just like they did with the masks and the shut down churches were over all worthless there were some good ones out there and i have plowed them but over all they were more interested in taking the paoshan the moneys for the five to one before see trees then they were doing the right thing and serving god ward guard less what the outcome his god could provide any god will provide even if you even if you turn your back on the money god will provide if you follow him and they chose not to believe now but to go for the money that falls from the hand of our gore yeah en again i know that it's the talk guild to swallow and in the end of peter's letter which we can transitioning out of he really talked about it paul teaches some really difficult things but he said that in others a lot of people that twist the truth to their own harm in town i got to say that i think that there's so much of the church and again as sasebo brush thing the people go on ten men i wish you would say that but it will we have to think about these things i believe donations what we're talking about you ki can say yes to five oonseen three things but i think more than anything it's the sea ology that they have because there are a lot of people that believe a reclamose of government and therefore they require that we bow and submit to tyranny and you know that's only one thing but i think that you could look at a lot of people and you could judge how they act by that one thing do you believe that jesus is king and he doesn't banaster submit to tyranny or do you believe and this is part of even the enlightenment that i think it was satan's usurpation in america i believed that they thought that we should actually submit to tyranny and as pleasing to god and this is why sotocot of people don't understand our folly because one of the flags that could have been our national flag would have been that resistance to tyranny is be and i think that that is so perploca it's not funny so even when believewas what peter and john may be grasp and right now that were commanded don't don't preach any more and he said look you can judge a response to lessen we suppose to be man or god and they said no work were going to prep while an i think it for everybody to be open on this it's not that it's not the any of us are any better than anything body else at this point time but we've got to be we've really got to come to terms of the fact that we've all been taken camp to in one form or another by this mass psychoses that's going on so if we think that we know by looking at the world what's going on were so dense the there is so many voters so many balls up in the air that warlike this trying to keep track of the worldly thing and so they the basically taught every one that you know if somebody speaks out against something you do get a fendendo don't because you have that right you have the right to do whatever you want you do in the king of use and the kingdom of the eve in the kingdom of god you do not in it in its you do not have those rights to murder kill or or do the things that that god is as is to do till i a piece will moral life and you now goes back to tree another people away you want to be tried if you look at you know in this this igba goback to a borsenyou know a bourseul you want somebody to a more you no then maybe you shouldn't you don't put yourself in the other person's shoes you know and and take a look at editings from their perspective a little bit people the way you do want i don't have the right because it always hurts one yeah it's amazing sometimes the the lies that we buy into an isis part of what i really wanted us to hear from peter he he rely on no talked about don't don't buy into the de falsehoods and her other and there's thousands may be millions of them and yet you know a lot of people to i may even i do know what i talk about god's more a law we can say the ten but i would say any moral law even if we thought that all he gave six hundred thirty two i think there's minions of laws into days evil world that they want us to buy into and it's like wot you drag about tyranny that's tyranny and he do otherinfectious people just like the proposals that they had out there they try to confuse you by making something look good that is inherently bad and that's that's why we really have to question everything and every one that the then the amount of sips the fifth generation warfare were involved and can make things look really good but once you figure it out that something is wrong you have to say so yes and going right back to that down a we we were there and lansing just yesterday on coach stavely but if anybody does it now this this half that i do wear is that's cochlidid that's his main theme and at a daveney heard her enter owneven from ohio columbus ohio and at a word as yesterday there was a couple husband a life passed through his wife who were really leading the charge against the new abortion laws coming to ohadi thought on or represent what what are we do how did we get pastors and fall and in thinking oh my goodness it's like cause we've been there we were there i mean we could have squashed those bills before they ever got off the ground and with the exception of a couple of pastors and you and addie there was like a nobody there to speak up against the insanity that was getting ready to steam roll michigan and everybody got old man where we do now you couldn't done somethin down and i'm just you know kin i'm not here to a people with a whip but it's like i believe the church fell down a weetigo deck kirk came and recently bassy came on said that so impacted ah what does that mean ah where is to oursels to pray for or invoke evil occurs stoneful imprecation means the act of imprecating evil on somewhat now i'm going to tell people you're first thoughts are going to be if you haven't heard these you haven't studied him might be no that's shocking him in becoming of a noble person or of our god based on everything i've been taught in his me the creeps i don't know what you'll say but it's like you may say boy i got to think about i got the one at can kennebeckthe to god and i just would pray that we would open our minds and actions to some new and i think the imprecatory psalms might might help us in and here we might take as i say i have violated the wisdom like don't say anything if you don't have anything nice to say and yet we just went through that passage and duteronomy we just listened peter last few and i would say that it is right and proper to avoid something it violates goderis commands on the other hand we can learn valuable truth if we approach precatory maybe prayers with an open heart in mine now i might say i dare may be for the prayer close of but i think that there's a a real benefit for some of this to be in public and maybe i might say i'm not real big in de baby shock value but i understand that sometimes we do have to be shocked into alarm before we go oh my goodness and that up i doeslisten to eric metaxas talk about you know just some of the things that went on germany in a nineteen thirties and early forties in or he says this is what's going on in america to day christians or people who profess to be christians have closed their mouths and i think we have to be almost shocked into action so in i i know a lot of people that are standing in the political arena who throw who throw scripture and got out there but their actions don't match up and satan can quote bible is as in no better than any of us and so right now in you when i here taken the lord's name in vain that's it for me you know when i hear them quoting bible to lead sheep set you have the look at the fruits of their act and when they don't match up you know you've got a big and now do just reminds me of that point we had in a message last week at is so critical how we live ah and that's exactly to me i'm stressed that for years donetti command israel that we cannot take the name of the lord our god in vain and that really means more than anything it's not may be swearing yoke we could that's part of it but that's such a a grain of sand the mountain is when we profess to represent christ and we deny him either in our actions or in our silence well cried bravo and that i guess that's my point is that that there using their using things to two ah there wolves in sheeps close yes yes and you so if you go down but i think it you know what we were just talking about i think sometimes people have almost lost a hatred for evil that god displays i think the handing that seeing what's going on with binintiang no ile yah what is that just even by doneabout just the the insanity with with our food with our farmer suitcase know what's going on with bringing people across the border the child tickets just it's like oh my goodness when is some of this stuff gone and when are we going to really pay attention when or when or christians come stand up and say he we have a christian nation it may not look like you i do be to men we were founded to be a christian nation and i just i guess if it exhausts me trying to get people to understand our founding it's a a wish they would talk about it as it down on the table let's talk about some of these things because i think that if we talk we might go home my good so the imprecatory psalms the big ones as we said last week are thirty five sixty nine one neander's a whole soothers and as i say i can't find it god commands us to pray like this and some people use the regular tory principle that satest aif god doesn't command us we shouldn't do it oh i am probably not to a strict but i think the there's a real sense we have to look artisan in realized that god does it shame anybody that says these so first point standing up for god's truth may look differently than we were taught to ah and i got two teddy roosevelt cohere here was a man that sturley had so much money he now her ever ever needed to get into politics or to what he did but in some ways he was like a a teacher bonhffer if you will he said i i cannot let my riches standing away of my duty before god and i just i am placed everything that he did he get so many things and after him sassination he was actually the youngest president at the time but he said no nation deserves to exist it permits itself to loose stern envira virtue with no regard to whether that loss is due to growth of heartless all absorbing commercialism which we see to day to prolonged indulgence in luxury and soft affiled effortless ease or the deification of a warped and twisted sentimentality and will we talk about the narratives that step out such were talking about they have defied evil narratives today that's a great quali tanto for putting that in there i love that over these purgations take you teddy roosevelt because i mean this is stuffed that he said i mean i would encourage people if you've never looked at teddy roosevelt just just called up some of his case there is pretty one i really wanted to put in but it was made be love at long but he says i mean i say we have no idea how much we've lost in america or how cowardly silence in the face of pure evil brings god's and so he has a a soft easy life isn't worth living if it impairs the fibre of brain heart and muscle we must dare to be great and realized that greatness is the fruit of toil sacrifice and high courage for us said isaias specially new born once it's a life of action and strenuous performance of let us live in the harness and strive mightily let us rather run the risk of wearing out then rusty now and i i kind o italicized in the harness that's what jesus said step in the yoke with me and i think that's kind of what he was alluded to the step into the harness and let's get after it and done as for i love but you you get after it and and we need a lot of people like to there oh so i'm round horse as the last one comfortable that harness yes yes no that's good i do have to that tested you have the oklahoma a university women sought montereau of still nidicolae few ondakout so a little professes girls one of the national championship may be less than two weeks ago i watched some of their game i enjoyed i think they had a record of like fifty nine and one for the year i think they want like fifty one straight one and astral championship and i think point they would just be however i were the champions and yet if this a segment comes up in a few if even if it doesn't reply it because these girls give it most honour to the lord jesus christ camisated a little bit and the ones spinetoa and we left turned it up a bit sometimes when you play those that comes across low quite a bit less than no i can lessen take up on a down on you can any other type of joys actually happiness the couches the lord is really only thing that can keep you motivated of in a good miseno mother the outcome the forethought and success the sheer but if there was the other way around a george on the lord send it and all the himselfthat's really the only the only answer to that because such no other way i saw falconer you that of because the pouch failure come just how much of a rider i went through that my freshener i was so happy to win the caliphate so oh so happy that we won the cause roseris behind did it billot and i know what to do the next day not to do for that followed he and i had to find christian i think that is what the spore can show show his that were not afraid to lose because if it so in the world yes i sold soft be here we want a wind is not in the world because our life is inch i think a huge thing that we relate just slashed on to i up and you got set do in this one pointing out but were really like fixing our eyes on christ and that something were livesay you can't find tilmanstone whether it's good bad and oh i think that's why we're so steady and what we do and in our love for each other and i love like giving us the for i god and am i destine once we figured that how and that was our and every one was falling with that it's really changed so much crossed i mean i don't myself i in so much of a growth in myself once i turned to jesus her relics how he had changed my how look on life not just soft ball but understanding how much i have to live for in that look father kingdom and i think that brings so much freedom and of sure every one story is similar but we all have this great testimonies that he like shame how awesome it is to play for something he and i think that's just what brings me so much joy we don't matter the old come whether we get a trophy in the amer not this is our home and i think that sing about it so much more the even eternity of joy with our father and cited about that and yet i live in the moment but i know this is my home and on the matter what i hinoyossa haman to that do cry here ja manolessi etearchos the father's days she talked about or i mean i take and if you listen to that clip your several clips people can find them one of those girls literally preaches that the end it's just like o my god thank you jesus i mean so you know there are a lot of people i say i know see to take good nowadays listen to what those girls said there another girl that gave a thing she was the valedictorian of her class and sheep boy talk about a speech she lost her mother two years ago that rely letter to a forborne commitment to jesus christ and she gives such a testimony so their several things that we can see that god's truth the gospel is being proclaimed and i just i just hoped that we join them and proclaim it as loudly it is boldly as they do but boy if you want to be cheered carnos girl tsomass number two it says let's learn about our part in god's justice from salem solvent and so if you are you to call it up in his fine down its right dear it's as most saints now the reality and how i started off with sand is that god in habits the praises of his people but i believe that it's also true that god inhabits the justice of his people when we do justice god is so quick to live there and i won us to understand that you should we praise god yes but i think we praise him in our justice and i will say this i don't believe that god is pleased when we tolerate or allow injustice i agree with that one hundred per cent if if you do not step in the way of threat or danger your or or criminality your cold yes i agree and so the seventh saw miss stocks about as she goin oh it's a loment due to slander unfair criticism and associated persecution and he sang unto the lord concerning the words of cush the son of benjamin o lord my god i put it in the pot my trust save me from all that persecute me and deliver me lest he devoured my soul like a lion of terran pieces while there is none to help o lord my god if i have done this thing the day or accused to me of basically if there can be any wickedness in my hand if i have rewarded evil unto him that had peace with me ah he says then let thy enemies persecute my soul and take it yea let him tread my life down upon the earth and lay my honor in the dust but he says arise o lord in your wrath left up against the rage of my enemies awake for me according to the judgment to do has to point i down in eight the lord shall judge the o lord er oh let the malice of the wicked come to it oh because our god righteous god tries hearts and rain god judges him that condemns god every day except he turns to repent he wets his sword bends his bow and makes it ready ah i says his mischief shall return upon his own head and his cruelty so fall upon his own head and even fifteen i didn't bolded a tepeacans he made a pit dogget and fell into the pit that he made we see that i get in again in scripture and so there is nothing wrong with us pray and lord they made a pit may they fall in her own pit that's what happened with haman and ruth ah or esther i'm sorry he man ah with more to kenese so the third point is that god encourages or rugged war for justice and i and i got to say as i make that point i just want us to realize that god's been at war that was the name of my last book god's war for luck souls we think god does it war he still worse to day he's been at war since before he created humanity his otoweegie jagenal jesus of the land set on his food down do well we don't so kirk cavern recently said nosesomething just pointed up their cousins like it this is what i've said for long time christians failed culture since the early nineteen eighties any base beside i think they've a i think they this is my point i think they filled christ in culture since the eighteen seventies and as what i was sayin maybe a couple weeks go that's when ah the jehovah witnesses were basically founded and dispensational theology that embraces that rex lex government came into being and i think that that is where we have that idea that a while this is what kirk cameron said next basically said since early nineteen eighties christians have sat on the side lines waiting for god's art to take them out of this decline and i don't know how to make an excuse for that i do believe that that's what the church has done we have sat and said lord just come come get us the meaning what's that demoparties yes rather than say lord worse the fight that you want me to do and i would just encourage people again i put to sidethought thus with so big jonathan i love david's son johnson i think he is one of the most underrated typical figures here when when they had soared control laws from the fullest ines here him and his armor bearer were out just walking around and he said look in a common people do this but this is what i encourage people to do the masticador ah do you want to win a victory with us to day and a sow foisting garrison he said look if we call up and say so and so and they say this we won't go on but if we say that and they say something different than we're going up because god's goin to deliver them into our head and the scale the wall after it happened and he killed a whole garrison within about thirty five yards an an i just wonder and that there's a whole story yet because the israelites started roten the philistines and saul gave a curse against jonathan the people stood up as a lesser magistrates and sadedginenhies so jonathan and so what the point is do we do we get up maybe and say lord what a fight do you want me to take on to day i think most people not done i think you might do that but there's very few people that that do that ah that's called more gotson brain sometimes if it be cold portionwith what he got agothese and it's not just what we've got its where god's got solenoides it makes sense sometimes no i iniicere this story with jonathan in my hat and thinking about what it was like two guys sitting there looking up with that thing going so in an know as much as i loved jonathan his arm or peeresses cause she asked him what you know he said look johnson whatever you decide i'm with you there he gone there's somebody story for he is i guess what i feel like with you done at whatever you got with you so atreveis holcroft thing down that was one that was a little side there people so curses if you if he thought we got off we did donnelly think done i have been so high the last few week i don't know anybody catches that i do i can get a pretty excited about god's truth i just wish other people did so or maybe a finish up i think i just want to may be plentier much done with that ah sam but people could go through that and i say god ingweald about how he encourages are war so ah i would say in others i think care in river just put on a good pastandand i think one of the pictures was sodden amen say fifty people kneeling in the sand with their heads in the sand and i might say this inconsistent conservative bondage because again i was born away down when i when i read that comitatus son from this brialmont a hundred years ago ninety years ago anyway stick conservatives and sure the correction never and and so again i know i know everybody you know a lot of people say well i'm a concernedwith what are you conserving are you conservantes atus quarry you make consort correction does occur and and make you might say with me maybe we should not be used in that label for ours because i can see across the board with there's a lot of people that you sit back and basically done are the cohesive and cried a camelion for carens false was it on my chandle or hers i think it was on hers eh yet if you could find that picture we could we could put it up but stone one of the other keep looking at all to share in one of the other precatory songs of the psalms a love and and i might do sredni think it was seven verses in the lord i take refuge how can you say to my soul flee like a bird to your mountain for the wicked bend their bow they knocked her arrows to shoot in the dark at the upright in heart if the foundations are destroyed what can the righteous do now that dear is a verse that people often quo and i would say that about america if our foundations are gone what are we supposed to do and this is why i am offended when christian people who have the power of his don't get involved to maintain the foundation i don't know what that i'm trying going through your train to find that pitcher of them having hard time finding it i came were going to give up on that one o esconcer donor but so it says the lord is senis holy temple the lord's throne is inhabited his eyes sees is lids tests the children of man the lord tries the righteous his soul hates the wicked and one who loved iniquity or violence this might be you know can he have precatory solms people may say what he's always people say in this well some people rode it but this says that the lord his soul hates the wicked and one who love iniquity or violence so this would be david talk it may be but let him rain coals on the wicked fire and sulphur and a scorching wind shall be the portion of their cup for the lorde's righteous he loves righteously the upright shall behold his so when we think about god's patience ah i i really am blown away by his past i i think that his patience even to day and this is what i want people to to maybe get a glimpse of yes there is even a semblance of truth to what i said earlier that we are living on currency of the holiness of people in the past ah i won us the think about what kind of a legacy are we going to leave for our childer and again down i will say that i think there's a lot of people that have brought into that bad theology where they think ah you know our children are good had gone a krushieh s so we don't have to worry about what they endure but ah i i want us to think about it we have opportunity to be righteous to day to be holy to stand up for god's truth to correct his to do justice and i just want to say basically offer the deuteronomy a sevennight eleven passage if we roderer could somebody say absolutely not to god did promise thousand generations of people i can't say that and even if we used twenty years it might mean that humanity would be out for twenty thousand years when we got sixty five hundred years that's a lot future his there we have the opportunity to frame that his christian and i just ah you know down to sometimes it's like deal door you get no more of your body almost wants to quit work and i do think about what what am i going to leave for my grand do i want my grand kiss the some day say men grappled parker he fought for what we what we learned that's what i would like to it now otherwise they might think boy crambled parker didn't do anything for our fred he didn't do anything for the costs so indorsed i i just encouraged what what if we are in a young earth are we doing the gospel are we making disciples are we teaching people to obey the commands of i just find a lot of people i here done but but i want to do the and i know that you want to see correction in our land so number four intersecting the biggest correctionis they happen as within the church and this nonsense piety contested going on all the time instead of acknowledging that god is the only one perfect and hesthesis girls and you know the the the judgement is going to come on the church before it comes on any one else because in my opinion that it needs to because in that the message that this the message is out there is you know we're going to sit here and like a sedentery county in her own righteousness rather than in acknowledging the sovereignty of god almighty and said you know what we are we are we're just human being and if they were in were flowed so we need to be a diligently following god every step of the way and giving him the glory for leading us out of our own stupidity when we had cause we all get his smack in the face with it there's not one of us that outside of that you know oh i mean you kind o did explain that and i was just you said that quite a bit lately i was just curious maybe it may be to day isn't day to do that but i wanted you to some point of may be unpacked what you mean by the the piety contest and so why don't we leave that for another day maybe you can chew on it so the the next some were going to look at i think this is the last of the imprecatory songs were going to look at to day was sexualisation and david wrote to about dog maybe that's not the the hebrew pronunciation of this man's name but he was one when saul was king saul was hunting david down and david was on the run there was at least one point that he came to the city of nab and he the priest was there a havelock and david basically lie to him said that he was on a mission for saul but he asked him do you have any food and he said i i don't have anything here other than the holy bread indeed and so i guess he several of i guess i need that we ask of me nor your men a morally capable to do to take that and david said jos and i believed that jesus even made a reference to this in the new taste o but david for many in many things was really a picture of and so we sometimes are confused even with the history of david david did some things that were not good were not right there betrayed his relationship with christ but one on the other side he did so many majestic his so any rate when he was there talking to himlet dog was there so in versal twenty one savin it says now a certain man of sal servants was there that day detained before the lord his name was daw the ether might in a few remember the ether might were basically he saw it the chief of saul's herdsman and that's king's soul under way out of town david asked for a received goliath sort king saul was a tyrant on a mission to kill david no matter the cost while david never raised a finger against sale he called ahimelek to answer for what he had done that day and not and a lot of his men came elders of the town saul's guards were commanded to kill the priests and his family they refused but yet king saw most offered it to dog and he was too eager to kill he killed eighty five that day and then went in and basically did a genocide in the whole town he killed men women kids babies animals just annihilated the and david felt grieved he had a part in that so some people think that in in second samuel one opens basically the death of king saul and jonathan and so it says a young man came and told david that that he literally killed saul and now that jonathan was dead now i believe he lied but i think that some people think that this was axle gone if it was what happened to him was god's justice upon his he but he might have figured you know what i sold david out before but now i can get on his good side but when david heard this is how merciful and benevolent david was even though he knew he was appointed to be he was infuriated when he heard dog tell him that hee and basically david commanded one of his men and any killed dog on the spot but he says some fifty two was likely after dogs genocide that we talked about earlier but he's so wide do you boast of evil oh mighty now may be dogged was one of the mighty men of israel david had like thirty we don't know how many they were we don't know exactly who or what they were whether they were giants for there they were just just incredible warriors but i'm not saying that a mighty man means that he was one of the mighty men but all these say that he may have been but he says you love evil more than good and lying more than speaking what is right you love all words that devour o deceitful god will break you down for ever he was snatched and terry you from your pen he will uproot you from the land of the living the right or shall see in fear and she laugh at him i say well you o god says he laughs at the destruction of the wish you know that's one of ego who i don't know about that but any rate saying see the man who wouldn't make god his refuge but trusted in the abundance of his riches and sought re it is owned destruction but i am like a green olive tree in the house of god i trust in the steadfast love of god for ever and ever i will thank you for ever because you have done it and i would say justice sawyer martyred people will be vindicated i will wait for your name for it is good in the presence of the godly and i just as i started out to day's massage i do wonder and i in fact i haven't heard from my young man and the jury i won't mention his name but it's one ship omy tongue i would like to but i just may be for his pre you know i wonder sometimes i've often asked you know is that persecution of the killing people around you and i know they're so much there you know getting back to he he has been moaned and asked me so much because the health wealth and prosperity gospel is alive and well in nigeria you know he's his quest to me a lot about that you say otherwise and i you know basically that i ah i counsel him hold hold the line on the truth of god don't buy into that because they all was in prosperity gospel would say that you know you're not going to see persons i can't guarantee that so what do we learn from the imprecatory songs point number five here i got imprecatory prayers for god's justice may be proper i would say they are if we don't seek personal scuse me personal vengeance ah etty and of this i do i do talk about john pipers teaching here and i go in defferent rout i think that he probably buys in to what i talked about earlier that wrecks like government where we may submit to tyranny oh he doesn't quite say that but i think that's kind of worries going relief love paper over to years but i i won't say he's gone walk but i see some things that i do not like he wrote this and two thousand are the article was scuse me not do i not hate those who hate you o lord the verses we slept he says from a psalms one thirty nine all that you'd slay the wicked oak god men of blood depart from me they speak against you with malicious intent enemies take your name in vain don't i hate those who hates you o lord and don't i love those who rise up against you i hate him with complete hatred counter my enemies and it is i will say this we read from david before he could save these things after he would pray for these men he would pray that they would humble their hearts before god and and so i'm just say i think that we can learn from david we should pray for these people but i think sometimes we should pray these imprecatory because i do believe god's friend chance will come because he promises that it will sort o pray for him to bring what he has promised i think is good i think that if people could hear me say it that way do should we pray for god's promises to come i dictate or absolutely does that made even the imprecatory prayers i'd say absolutely so you may have to chew on that before you could say absolutely again we should be thinking about this so he said his verses like any lest the bunch of nar these are out of the imprecatory psalms and as for we were just out and songs one thirty nine ah they called down divine curses and express hatred for god's enemies so this article he was just basically gone through trying to explain the imprecatory songs as some one so i just used des article a little bit o de and so number two it says consider that in some of these psalms long for an enemy was pursued for a long time here's what he prayed and saw him thirty five they requite me evil for good when they were sick i wore sackcloth in return for my love the accuses me even as i make prayer for them so they were reward me evil for good and hatred for my love miss ansoms one o nine first rose out of samsori though unexpressed this may be the case for all these songs the wickedness in view resisted love hatred may be moral repugnant not personal vengeance so this would be a a qualifier if you will again are we supposed to seek personal vengeance no but if we have a moral repugnance he the evil which we should have don't apologize for that ah this is not the same as saying hate to send in love the sinner there's a kind of hate for the sinner viewthis morally corrupt and hostile that may co exist with pity and even a desire for their salvation you may eat spin its without opposing its good youth ah point for there may come a point when wickedness is so persistent high handed and god despises him that the time of redemption is passed and only irremediable wickedness and judge remains and i know the jew would understand that donna cause we've talked about there are people that are just so evil that to me justice in judgment exactly what is the there not we're not going to resiliate some people no matter what anybody thinks there are some people that their personal wiring is wrong or they lived within no i mean you can look at nero as an exile narrow was not going to be a person that changed to he kept on a tribe young young boys and he was using them he called them his cupies in is in his pool and we got sick of a ethrogim off the old and so am i tell you in any got new ones and so you know when we campicll look at said i think this is one of the biggest problem for people not to be open to sin as they there convicted in their own hearts already when i see somebody going you know get coming out against us in a strong way i all i see is there trying to justify their own son because they think it's pointed at them and so they're all ready admitting guilt i invigor sense when we see people who have thus cradle i incredible unredeemable in a way evil i mean you are we as you a god may be got can save any boy we cannot and in a we cannot save a some these people it is outside of our jersey and you know you're not going to take me or all in and it is the minute the throat is off of him for doing better behave if he's got to go right back to it just like a serial raves or serial murder they are not re there not going to be able to be rehabilitated the yea and i think that you know people are so so much to it we we have to love everybody and asses were on i was so glad that whoever ask that question a couple weeks going as able to answer that it was like he can we hate sin and love these oh you know you know this is why i think down whenever we talks about free bodies patente image of god and i cringe oftenand i just i would love to have people let's let's open the scripture and does the scripture address i think it and so yes i think we have people that our sole evil and yet people have such a maybe they don't i think they're low people that are ignorant the depth of evil that's in our land it is easy to may be say well i didn't see that but when we go i don't want to hear it or we don't want to believe may be what's right in front of our eyes where where at least to that level on in or i want people to understand an atagain i i'm not saying it to to be anybody down by like just for instance james white just as past week i listened the king had a thing like what's going on with the and and we've talked about it i think we we brought it up last week and it may be it was like well i you know that message came right on the heels of that because there a lot of people had say oh no not a week we shouldn't do capital the church historically always the catholic church even for most of the cheers taught capital punishment was requis recently the pope we know that the pope is working around the world a polish and i its like so it's like what what are we going to do all of these people are may be brought forward i just saw somethin i i don't know everything about the case but i guess there was a young man who literally took arrival and shot seven for it's like you i mean i watched the i can't remember what they call it but he was in court and there was like s part the trial i know they pulling a twenty million dollar bond on him but it's just like in one of the boys i guess actually escaped and he went out literally bonteck but that's that is like as grievous as that is down a we know that with the secret organ harvest sing it on in our world are his her red and again oh the right understanding of roman thirteen is that the state is commanded by god to wield the and i think that's quick for those that deserve we don't keep him in jail for the rest of their lives that's that to me in just and so it's like how do we educate our oven but to me it's like we rinoceronte the other no more three ability we were were prayed over that and go to the you know the declaration of independence people have to be removed there not they know what they're doing they willingly walked into this and we will not be able to rehabilitate the tent yes and i told you grieved on it being you have talked about this often and i i just think to will we ever get there is to churches and on board with that and i sometimes wonder where is the red are they out there said oh no we we got to forgive these we got to be nice to no from what we've read in these imprecatory soles and even if we know what god he has done this is what peter if you remember the four examples we went through last week even you know he ponders the angels he ponders the world in the time of no one and sodom and gomorrah and god will bring justice he will not be much to me when we fulfilled justice we are well as i listen think about that the ah the poem the snake that president trump is writ he read several times you invite the snake yet the snakes can bite you yet it's the nature of the beast it really is you're not going to change and in that that is a that is a the huge problem you know of and we have to deal with that is the first formal cosidos and to protect the children around us to get some room in richildren ah it's time to remove your children from that situation as our first duty is apparent we cannot go in oowhy would you care about the opinion of one who is to hastefound determined for the destruction of your own children or the people around you they want to have them do just as miserable as they are and and that's where we have some and i i think done what you talkin about it like when when we think about you now looking back i do have enough hers underneath the bridge of my life that you can look back we didn't we may have had things fretoque tion but when we look at the double torsion of our educational i mean you know there's been in the last may be fifteen years blatant evil that has been blatant demonic satan and i don't care and i would say yes down at that one id so i number five back to that just as jesus didn't avoid the prick imprecatory sold and is this where if we if we knew it oh it's down wonder down number five he actually we could say a wit too far going obac up the axe owned them and in fact the lot of you're you're run and passed the number of numbers or amended their not bold to death's landor now how like that the sub numbers i should have made the put letters but john piper a article was number so that at five right there sir jesus didn't avoid him in fact what we got to see about scripture in some ways when david speaks them he speaking them prophetically from the words of jesus so for instance what we see there ah from psalm sixty nine it seems to be one of jesus favourite sayings i says in his human nature he drew guidance encouragement and self understanding from these imprecatory words if we look at john fifteen twenty five we could almost say it's in equal some sixty nine four they hated me without cause john two seventeen equal song sixty nine nine zeal for your house matthew twenty seven twenty four batches basically some sixty nine twenty one they gave me gal my this same prise pour out your indignation on him and let your burning anger overtake the on sixth so when we realize that jesus voiced many of these imprecatory so even when he was on the cross he could have been praying imprecatory so oh it's just amazing what we can to john page per senonum er sixty apostle caquots the very imprecatory words of some sixty nine twenty two to twenty three in rome and the love nine do as having old testament authority this means the poor regarded the very words of impacted inspired and not sinful personal words number seven all red and precatory songs as christ word spoken prophetically by david i just went through it but some sixty nine nine is quoted as christ's words and songs of in roman fifteen the reproaches of those who reproached you fell on me the implied that david spoken the psalms as godsons pired anointed prefigure the coming messiah who had the right he pronounced final judgment on his and will do so the whole that's one point or a deer of people could chew on that point there cause i think i think a lot of people they look at david and watered day that how could you say some one and yet when we see jesus talk in the same way that david the messianic son two and one ten for for sure we see the david was basically speaking jesus speak how do we how do we reverberans around it how do we learn what we say that jesus was trying to mimick david i think we'd say no god put these words and david's mouth what he and again don and i know that you can say a man that when we look at our world in this is what grieves my heart this is what grieved god's heart he gave them as judgement and yet he wanted king fully represent if you talk about violating about taking god's name in vain i think it was it was pretty close dono to forty kings i don't remember the exact number but in the divided kingdom israel had about forty every one of them was and i think judah the two tribes i believe may be they had thirty nine and maybe twenty was evil and night were god but that all together basically seventy five per cent of their one evil totally in violation of what god wanted and this is what again when we look at america god wanted leaders to be godly he wanted the whole country to be but especially lead those that won't take advantage of the population but that would stand in front of the throat lead and and serve a servant's heart and he on an amen when i think about that that's what we have in our government now because generally people that want to get into government our doing it for personal gain and you know and and that's what we've come to see and an experience which is unfortunate but once the true leader of god shows up it's going to get real because i'm pretty exter sure if god's talking to them or through them there's going to be not one thing less standing because it's so and as if sassorolla ion twenty fifty prophetic execution of the imprecatory services it says baskewill be what will happen at the last day when god cast all his to the lake of i would say that we would do well to leave get into god's hands at one level but at another lovel i think that we ought to be locked for alex recks government were we are under god under the kingdom of ce under his rule and i believe if we could get back to that in any semblance we would say god's majesty again in a deed aroundthe sometimes i really think it we've gone too far and i don't want to give crestthat without understanding that i believe that we have so much history in front of us and god is calling us to the legacy of our late as we understand it to we have a lot we have a lawful way of making those changes and it has a low you know we have the laws on the books allows to make the changes that need to be we don't have to do it in an unlawful way it's just cause there's the ones that are the unlawful we too and we need to do it in the lawful way we have the path to the taking it into our own hands on an individual admission of vengeance is not a good one and a but what we will it we will do it through a lawful process and we do have that in that ability yes and i i love the way that you said that dona we have a lawful path in front of us and god will be pleased i believe he well live in the justice of his people if we seek to do what you just said and i do i do get frustrated with the people that don't seem we have the duty doty sole are our families are culture or township estates are government in that way and again god created i'll say it again we his instructed government to their no it's not argued in to wield the sword but i think it is our duty to tell the over here's what you should it needs support and i think i think sometimes down that's what they really they lack and they meet they might not say church commedite that's what the church needs to educate our goes church needs to be educated to to believe god's word and i think it really starts that's why it says judgement he when i call people i didn't call people god did do just when we understand that an old i think it will see that we espied nay more to do than what we had i want people as teddy roosevelt westart component harness with all your well said so i don't know if you want to go into different tenor we just run it down to hurry i guess in some ways that feel like a that's that's really what i wanted to say so i don't know you want it you want to go through more imprecatory solstice or what do that i think i think what we need to do is quite honestly you don't when your cans are our lazy and you say all right it were just going to you know weninge little more more face and hair and an you know and honestly talk about getting and alland you know quite pledge your life your fortune and your sacred honour get in the game do something you don't general plan saystill the time ocaciones national if we want to get something done we can't sit in these thesethesefirst ntly were words just talking to complain what's the work he and i loved those girls were seen in sopiting is that it's an opportunity to glorify god we have the ability every day not to flat onoto to idol swear an oath to all these distracting organizations i now what you but i'm i'm sold out for the kingdom of god what can on the sort as i believe and you know the come on earth as this in heaven that's god's kingdom so we're going to work in god's kingdom we have to be about the work of god whether that is some one it's not about a massing all these riches this is temporary this can be gone that far and so butbutwhat are we really working are we were working the said take care of you the spread love to do the point of the things that are wrong and to write the injustices or a west st nowwith remote control in our hand you know having going from one childish integraph ication activity to the next is because it feels good you know and it's fields good to to sit around and do nothing it's not not a good plan i don't think that there's going to be much reward and that because you just ate up all your reward now the you know it's like we we got it we got to know is your cap talk everybody to put to give him to the game and and not a lot of people that are missing here they're all ready and the game because their thoroughly canal right now and there listening to it there probably not part of the problem quite out fly the there probably in their hammering with us lection integrity ah you now restored thing calling out other the rightful president of the united states donald a tropus all stashed down de trop president got down jack donald j trump is the rightful president of the united states of america know negotiation as we had a absolute nonsense going on with or and thank you that admiral rogers and to general fanwort than for your service and every one standing with them if their friend of them their friend to me and in so were going to be standing on going forward with that i think it's great ideas so i don't close operate there and h and if you want to say a prayer we're going to do that that's a great place we will crow that over the target to day and i want i do want her incurs people listen to it if you can pick up those girls or outhitting the interest in tellwhat if if you want your heart to be warm listen to those girls listened to and when neck one girl closed i saw it it's like boy you talk about pre christmas and to me if he doesn't get your soul excited her now what to say i do go out here and do good things i read it i do herodias lake on the hundidale finished and peter it was like that's kind to what he was saying you know he talked about the the soldiers the pilgrimsthe girls i took two or three of maybe allsaints is our home we're just a pass in through at any rate let's close or have to father thank you for your truth thank you for your word thank you for your hoss take you that you said jesus this word to be the gospel to give the gospel to live and die to actually a redempion new lord be with everybody that listens invigorator souls help them in to be excited about your yes we live in wicked days but lord help us to learn how de do justice to fight the sin or land lord we don't want to be judged for that we we want to be a righteous and i i know that some people need to be challenged with that because somehow they think that we can sit on the side line and be pleasing to you i don't believe that so lord de encourages all challenges all as to get into your word and cheeses and it will end i just want a letter been no outthere that in most of the people that are listening to his i've so proudly you guys it's like it's like to know that you're out there fight on our day and you know so holely discretionor agent to you because all the enemies that have come against aston and this nation they go and down and it's going to be you know and when when god decides to to get her down it's going to be a gatheron's aporrton those that have done the wrong thing to this nation that have destroyed our families in the people we love god's notonto put off with and to the ones that that are may be not living you know not not doing the right thing you don't though the people that are in menapit hillary clinton for to her starters and that you know to the people that are doing that sort of love that that the call is as there's warning there you you will not have god's protection during these acts of a pure evil so we can be very encouraged knowing that that little punishments going to be swift in destruction from god and it's against all and guesswhat we're going to be nestled right up right up under his wings as he protects us and defends us we can walk with god on this earth i believe that with my whole heart though i says it is says that we have his protection do the right thing don't lie don't steel you know if you if you have anything in you that wants deceive some one else also full stop do just to the right thank god you know when you're doing the wrong thing i'll tap you on the shoulders a smarty pants or miss mary pants turned the other direction you're going in the wrong way and so we just have to focus on god keep keep out you know or are ship going in the right direction and and followed jesus and he held tellus are seor the way in and we will have his protection i completely believe that so with that such there you go biginnan go to brentford governor do come because i am the best non conceder who has ever not conceded made not like our thing i had to say may not like president the rightful presto the united states donald je trompe you may not like everything he has to say i love his men to eat i don't think they mean i just think he's accuratis telling the truth he isn't that friend that says everything that all of us want to say you know but any as it's as ro truths so so president the did her down just get her one we love you we support you and i we we we absolutely want the truth and an accountability out there so i just want to give a body encouragement you do a good you don't get keerweer this it's going to be a ka because our enemy is going to be removed so let's just let's live for god know the joy of living for god every day you know he is getting the outcome isn't god's hands a battle is the lord and we can truly celebrated so have a great day it is your choice we can choose every single day to live in the presence of god himself pray but serve him do something wonderful when reach out to other people who fill the holes in our own hearts and that's the way it is so it is says i will be with you you can't beat that you can't shake him you think that you can shake god i got another thought coming it a bit it on the hang on like a pit balnagowan you know he's he doesn't stand down so with that such god bless you god bless all those whom you love her hands they got so disavows and god bless america love ospirin i'll be back on to morrow faces were in mind with where the man who has a grief could have her think we're going to talk about how much all of us are grieving and that's a righteous grief grief right now in my opinion but things were seen are that is an appropriate read tolly broke so many of his mind to morrow and deeper on his he is a counsellor and a pastor and someone talking about grief and how we called and helped those other people around his coat as we're going through great loss or the change of the familiar tests the only thing you know you don't you you don't look back you go forward and you just press and so bothell get into it more so i'm not in your so have a great day gus love pieces as