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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 3/3/2023 - Election Update - Scott Aughney and Karen the Riveter

Published March 3, 2023, 9:02 a.m.

Legal Update on action in Michigan over our failed election process with Scott Aughney. News update with Karen the Riveter Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is the third day of march twenty twenty three well once again lots going on in new day and also a lot of nonsense tinnitans that we're going to start questioning because we need question everything i saw one beenseen not only are going to go into the continuation of what we did yesterday scott and me was gracious enough to come back on again and share what spindling on what's going on and i really would like to have him on on a regular base as i more go from the people from election integrity and people like scott that are actually doing things behind the scenes and of course you're not we're going to hear about it on may stream made a but you know what you'll hear about a right here on brandmond news network because i'm more interested in listening people who are actually doing something rather than talking about it so to day to them when to get into that one is the one to share or something with a he know i was pounding on the question everything down in my isolation it i don't care what anybody says i want i'm watching this you know little political goat radio decided to sail and to ohio to get this son front of the cameras and i'm i'm not buying this at all we we have to critically think about people who are showing in order to be an axe and when when they have absolutely no knowledge about what is going on there whatsoever but they just want to get from the camera in order to have a photo of and stay wrong the well i'm sorry but it's not cut in it with me and the same thing with the an electronic or the altreich nonsense it's going on all there not continent none of the sufis so i want to show you a a i can tie in depth about rail i can talk in doubt about oil gas gas production holmes because we're i'm in those industries i can also talk about a a lot about the energy the a problems and that sort of thing but it's because of actual experience in those areas right but when i see somebody who is a vaccine manate person who runs down to ohio to be an expert on its anne i want to say right now not by in it i'm out and that raises questions to me about the political operatives which i have been beating the drama on for a long time because everybody wants a you know feel good about the hole the grass roots movement it's no different than republican party the democrat party and half of the other organizations that are out there its infiltrated and its infiltrated by people that are like the candidates and honestly when you watch them at work they work like a wolf pack and he'll work together so once you pick one of them out the connection see the patterns and then out them for what they are despicable human beings who honestly really just who honestly really just want you a command to in area that there for for a political political moment of an an undisgusted by all that i really so i have i've got exclamationas out there that i'll be naming at some point time i throw out to people that i know are connected to military intelligence so that they can also connect the dots on the ground of what we which i find is very interesting and necesary i i got to tell of the interview i had with scouted the other day was one of my favourite bit interview that i done and the reason being she i like people who will put the raw opinions now i'm an not not necessarily with anything other than to want the country back so with that wish saying that right now i'm going to bring both scott care and in becose i love these and doubtlesse carickes popping in and out i think she's got some technical difficult but i'll say good morning disgorge hoyo doing more gonhehron promeces i am i am great and i'm so glad that you could come back on to day i got to tell you i loved the interview that we did the other day i really loved the interview a lot i thought it was threshing i thought it was wonderful i absolutely loved everything that you had to say even as sycophants that we disagreed are i have sole love your your passion for this subject how much work you do and this is one elsethings that i've been in entring to say ascott is not a medial and even of oderigo there donna i i think i have for ofercuman i agree on some with what you said the haneahan the hat that a you know you are parts and i agree with you i think we agreed on a lot of a lot of the nonsense but what i like about you is you your head down and your just working behind the you're not running all over the being a media horror on every subject out here in order to weigh on you exually talk about those things that you know about and that your work i love that about you i love your passion i love your no back down and i love the fact that you will say what you what you believe regardless well somebody likes what you have to say are not so any of after you curst and karen i i feel the same way about you i love the fact your your little ann on presence there are you know you just you just get in and you're hammering things out in order to bring to so much so tell us what happened the other night you had you had the other night you had a meeting how did that go and let there are in sure this go more people an today that didn't hear the interview on wednesday so can you please go back and give your analysis or your story on what's in going on what you're doing and i'm i'm so proud of you and everybody on lection and tengrinor well to give a brief summary of where i'm coming from in my involvement in the election of vestigation i'm an independent election investigator and i actually have many other skills and my life one of em is a etemology specifically as a day day analyst i work for software company in an arbor and night helping independent application over a number of years for a small businesses and per mio rotation said am i got involved because of my my ability to analyze the and through connections in that was a productella eighteen nineteen months ago that i started getting involved in eventually i got connect to election integrity force i'm not an official to member of them i worked jointly with i think there be by fire this strongest lectricerty gr i think the people they have behind the are exceptional and i think they have exceptional leadership at the top they currently are working a program called button the ground is well planned out and i believe it has been well executed at the holy levels right now with regard to my involvement i i am involved if analysing a love of a date that's where i started out and then eventually i have added to what my baldness vestiges within long horsemen and opening dialogue with prosecutes and we currently have an operation going on if you want to call the project i calicalicus standing invested and locustan those two words are actually latin terminology or in standing steps or what does insatiatus e standing st instanding status means you a particular residence tiare have the legal astanding to pile plate as a plaintiff in a civil action or in the case of locus standi that we're doing see complainant i have been criminal by somebody else in the case of the investigation are our investigation is targeting the state jostlement jos en breeder the director of the mission girl election i believe others within the mission girl let and our vestigation has to do with election rock and what happened the other night the meeting he reference we had a locustan meeting and an isabella counting and it went extremely well and the reason that we are doing these locus standi investigations in currently right now we are involved in a counties by the end of to day we will be involved in twelve on i would love to get this to forty counties or more is one of the particular law that we have tied to locustines gations does the count ability not only to investigate within the county in the county and this means joslin benson johnson breeder and any other public official that his brokenness particular law and i soon at this point they are either they've got somebody monitoring this very show that were deadoften hesitated not hisself out guys were not now not laying down wooroorooka so i won't cottonocrat pers show i ah what the uniqueness of this particular law i gives the counties debility to vestigate and and we believe that is going to have to be done in county level there ritiseca process one hundred per cent corrupt process and i ran for sather of the cope miscente partly to gage where that party was at and i tell you what i have no confidence any day more we discussed this one said i have no confidence in ostermore iiher boy i think your characterization was it is it is they are political egede yet well that as of one point that you made yesterday he thought that was really she the centralization of the election and what their fighting for going to every single person in the state of michigan this is going to be stopcock throughout the nation if it goes in the direct i believe that or expose our right now to see the who the bad guys are that's or slower these people are so to that or that a running thing that they make it which are on recoverable to certain the mistake and its great because they they themselves out these there criminality disdain their hate for america and americans cathayae us they hate america they hate us we are below the so tell tolliverthat the centralization issued you know is going on right now place were interesting to bring him that up because i was actually contacted by an individual clearcoling rush concerned over this whole centralization process there is a meeting wednesday that was the day i was on your showing the morning i there's a meeting yes i that same day in landing amongst a cork throughout stems in part of the main topic was how do you deploy proposal too ah the results of proposal too and basically a love of discussion had to do moving the the early boding to be callin to the county buildings for the county court old it is as senart of the centralization they do not want local clerks that would be the townships and the city control have any control over these selections or i maintain anything in their co the biggest rot to them local corks that work with and they don't want anybody investigating them this was a trick of adolphine but really this something the old dictators used they don't want to be investigated and then that they hate you american everything if you know what it is they really hate liberty that's what they hate it is the biggest thing that is a threat to them is liberty and that is earlyinto yes exactly control that they went up they want to throw us in a pen and pull us out to play with us whenever they want to theyhope with our kids because most of them are pettifies and then we have been blackmailed in such they want to pull us out pull or kids out play with us when they feel like it in now and get rid of us when they're done if somebody steps out a line they got of iona friend last night we had we had a van that was parked in front of this then appeared the time in front of my house and all so that drove in a the no trespassing to our ears and this was they had to go there they got to go in a substantial way off off the yesterday for and my he had a cargo passes his house in the middle of nowhere intimidate him and or whatever i've got another friend who was actually painted he had five black as how in a job out in the middle of nowhere and i mean no where one guy hadn't a laptop in deinen right you speak out you are going to have a little more than a little bit o push back because these people are criminals were talking about organized crime they work like organized cries and they behave like organized crime and they hate us while its interesting your bringing these up and we're talking about centralization of the process because no one in my work and yesod we are pained everything the boy okay we've had to you spoils and you know what we have had nothing but for ofte we have had so many foyers where they just don't even bother returning any any response to it they don't return anything at all and violation of the law or and we have so much evidence of the law breaking that is going on by the miscontruction to have one of the individuals at the mount plus i very corditethe cured did i when the evening he approached me before the meeting cause he could not attend the meeting had another engagement but made a point to stop in an old because he knew about the work he had seen the old couple videos it are unlying of previous presented and he told me you scott i worked or a local central mission not the university but at such permission located business a prominent is and i am in their teen depart we have to go through regular or computer systems and our data records by the state of she in order to maintain our licence and he told me this he said you know what everything that i see in your radios and what you tell us and everything about these records being fragile what if they came in and seen the same thing with us they would show to town immediately answers a different set of standards in terms of the laws with regard to the state of michigan the public they the big question has been brought up for some concerns i i had a challenge with black manleius sate here in the greater jack's nary a mile lection they didn't he alsweill be posted with it we just need to turn over the michigan state police will number one every long enforcement officer and state meshigan and lost they are disapprobate property type long forcement but all the regard public law enforcement officers and stage to take an oath of office to uphold the mishna compiled laws okay it's everybody there is no higher archie per se to investigation of these crimes the michigan state police is not the designated investigator of election as mere faction to that goes for the tourney general too but here is the argument to keep in place in terms of the law and be turnin general frulein dan en hessle her ability to even try to sir are tostication in the missinger leche this was brought to my attention by attorney lambert they did not so in selenga counsel for the michigan girl led she cannot touch or vestige to the bishop gollections to because she is there legal costs now the police can not do that either why because stain enthusiast gotten down in paled in the bunch citing whether surely or or date essel's naughty nine as i referred to a mason talking about a lot of people that were bolting as from one and compromise of michigan state police the can you tell which relies on the local long forcement the local sheriffs and local or we went maeragenes with what you see in here because the big prove that i have with the inforcement like i trace to one probably over half the when i was running i just called him and i did the hair you and i've got all kinds of notes on all right cause i want to know first hand what's going on not relying on other when you look at the structure of what they've done to these which should be the law the premier law enforced milk they have all of the fine including the grants and the extra money the rose community the line and not all looked police is a unionized or as at the pretty much at the direction of whom the governor governors they they are basically she's turned in this you and i don't really care if i may anybody mad about this because what they're doing is because they pay so much more where the state they use the sheriff's office to in as soon as there's more money the money horrors run alothe peet police in order erbove there for the benefits and everything else in abandoned their communities and not only that she was using them leggedly i have no promise believing this cause i have somebody on the ground at watchet using the state police as her little secret police to run around following our legislators and intimidating yet he and never esistimre government in the state of michigan there all corrupt is held they they are using their power for self enrichment their using and engine even our own force that you want to talk about long force and why we have lawless its bites in its by designed by the permanent government as the honor on elected bureaus that never came and the sorrows poet the political another thing they and a innestare below be local low inforcement your herds sent right protestant history to michigan they were never intended to be a permanent force agency never of the be temporary and they have more into something much bigger because you have not one but two corrupt political parties in lancing that have allowed it to go on because because it serves their success their part of it yeomans you ought you watch like watched this interesting watch the end of the budget year and what had all of a sudden you he state to resolve the highways given out tickets like their snow to morrow because they've got a burn through their hours and there's an on the out there that are bossing bassein the the fatal proves the drug prosser and when i taught to the colonies and the hare his problem is because is with the drugs that are coming on and there is rosssecond in through there come in through the open through wisconsin there he don't they don't just magically show off at our big city there are routes that and they know in the old not made allow but there there in my opinion a lot of this is the the little gestapo she's got set off there it's not all costs him not against law enforce and i'm very much for law for but i'm not for law enforcement with she then hi jack the same governor the and in her little manias that have been in place is not to her it's go back go go back through a ministration snider too i mean go right he in the way was all or for cotile this italian infringing well the entire and pordenone and execute if i can say something about the sheriff's it with the evolution in the growth of sources and state police there lads her variety on things let me tell you in state police there's a lot more issues besides the ones were discussing today but you don't hear about em and i do everything they can to hush asshorances ing the jacks and post but i will say this mount to share wealth it is better challenge sheriff's on board these we are dead we are having a much better response now but i had the change my approach what i loved doing is contacting prosecute and talking about the law and the prosecutors gave a referrin to the sheriff's department and that how we been able to start getting it really off the ground a sheriff leaf and i spent as long a lot of energy tried to get other departments on morethis and we're not exceed two cars departments because if you have a small police or they are entitled to investigate and and possibly charge his well they'd be escorted is as paidophilia it takes the law says there's supposed if you are presented with the argument any crime i the probable cause crimes be committed you spose investigate that's what the law is including the election laws or a jackson county sheriff is absolute worth the garies name carystian i want everybody that is watching the show to know we've got to work with share we had a constitutional shirk things steve ran and they ran him if they campstones he was a long order guy he was a constitutionalist care whether he was like or not i was i was a candidate for state chair and i was not nice anybody will tell you that fighting on the witham spring back the bessi cannot like the men to because i do lochlomond like you see and i i tell you i have no problem with i have no problem i am fixed i called the geop out it be commencing i said you gus your sin skin if you want to what i started getting boot but is a hundred so right there was nothing i didn't say he wrong with that but then he or getting booed at this point time is a badge of honor or if one teliso he comes after us its like on doing something right because i morwong with the stream here which is nowhere that racine i have a friend that's watching the shell and not he's no need for long time actually couple friends do i see be a lot different the person i am to day than what i used to be i used to want people i i want people to approve me i want people to like me i so opposite what i used to be a stage me a long time to get to this point my life but i will never go back to being the other thing i am happy even if i had to walk alone i am happy i can live with myself i can wake up in the morning to look at myself in the mirror haimatites all i can ask to do but let me let me i'd like to touch basileon this meeting in my because you have a couple of women there that are doing an exceptional job you you spoke a lot i appreciated i spoke a lot i think about my character and my approach to what i am doing and what i think is my love of one a love the people that work with election of negrito forced people but also these people these counties that have gotten involved in these locust standing investigate the courage they have because i tell you what i know i spoke one day about the problems with the jackson geo pet er in a jackson county there's a few exceptional exceptional people right mind and great or but for the most part people that trod the wifeoff patriots and everything else are the artists in from and i but the people that involved in these locust standest the counting over currently active trying to bring cruelcruel indictment against john de johnson benson johnson braider and i believe a few others with the michigan bartolito his people they are involved in these investigates wonderful thinking mind wonderful a love a loving the lord a love of coney these the real patriots that you and your viewers and listeners need to know about these people their involved in locust stanous i he contacted by woman in eastern michigan county she wants to get one going she believes she has only a people what now was on to her can we can i get some help from somebody she knows how swamp i am at this point i said yes we what we've got a woman in another county that will reach out help you up inspiring thing because our host at the monk was both brought this up at the in order preserve our country serocoelom the fools and washington it's not on to come from holes and landing in to be the where it's going to turn round as in these one and with indictments and hopefully prosecuted these are full these are felonies pro i think this is our road to shun his props down and ishe because think if anything the amount of evidence that we have will be overwhelming it will become public now course the meetin won't pain it that way there can do everything they can to discredit me to discredit ye if to discredit the people in these old sir job discredit with propagate but i tell you what i then i left the meeting and my past i've lost all the meetings with all the counties were involved with and we've got one scheduled in one we county the end of the month and we've got two more that want to get scheduled for later these i would like to get the i am hoping by the in the march we can hit twenty counties are may be more the thing is this i would like to keep moving as fast as quickly as possible to get into the prosecuted and what i'm trying to do this kind of spirit hating lowieson and and putting together the technical evidence of res long with the i we want to get in and get the prosecutions and create teches prosecutor so they can cross cut within the county because there are rules of evidence and they have certain cerchons about what the is what we're trying to do is so they can polthouge with the st and merchantscourt forty ponies in michigan inditing asonante johnson braider the new man eminentes counting to be arraigned i'd love to see that that is there be caravan following them and in i i think that is where we turn the son we have some corageous two courageous te stuff me labor and dan harkman working down in the third the remaining i love rolinstone there told of these they these people are so on point and their quiet there not like these media horrors that go around let's treintiuno every what is it it's not it's every issue of the minute club that's as i there their foe smart i know em both personally and i you know i she so much then come down to a few people that our going that the history is going to look back at and say well these people are where their own song heroes these were the true patriots that were working out there not the ones that are in bed with the media the ones that are in bad with media we out of old yes ofpercentage let me tell you what an i'm known everybody who knows me when i ran for state chair knew i was critical mat the cornel ni stile he did nothing after anson county and what he did there i don't believe he did it time i don't believe his analysis is how answered calling i have my old theory that is supported by the recounter and i think it's totally different to what they they went after but that beings stephanie and dan but the sages i mean there are several cars had he got to stand up to frulein dowling there is a clerk in hillston named prescott who stood up to her she is facing a rein may i would love for her to come on your show i take you as me again we we we her hand your bigordi think i but here's a thing i held oresith her not and it's anything he because that's a eight hundred and it swing in the two hundred and in or in the twenty twenty elected if the information was that strange late the error in her own county and she disobeyed the orders which and she disobeyed in alisorges getanother she followed the law the lost sesoosis nor though dazzled bunchin howitthow see from the cold she thought for outrageously cared for thinking hill so county though with steppes you have a hell still gopee that is perceived by other areas of michigan as being his great deep because to gus down there and i called her name so john retained john smith they can come after me if they want but they are kind of spear heading along the alleged to people down there and they claimed to speak for the geopon there thisanother doing absolutely nothing to help preserve a constitutional cork in office there doing that is why problem you have steve car outdoing his grand new party a routine sandwichensis on yes and i took what he's nothing i reached out the steep car last summer about this have you annoy he died never are from agen he did save cora is he always speak out when a benefit he he doesn't have the guts to make sacrifice the people work in the stand the this smokes skating fustigation in these counties are sticking their necks out because there the one filling the criminal complaints against the berleston steve car out there in burying county get off his pacerand while all before happy to go locustan thetisford him a burying county on to few other people that i work with him let the see him put his money where its mouth is instead odonis grand new party wich that's not people ran ellis another one they wrung their mouths about all these but i tell you what what he comes the stick on their necks out specially these mail these mails have no testicles left on sorry that's that's where i met with them they have none and callicoon after me carr and come after me retained slip there all chest thumpers with peace sizes who they are ectropion now this odocoileus i held him i agree with you then i go i told i you don't it to have gone to yet i am one for a pet when the proposals came up myself and christina cromo i only state why candidate that were there at the board of canvassers here the only ones these guys that go for while i'm going to be a republican i'm going to run for governor and i'm going to raise what a lot of money and i don't care to moneymoney we got to go to the issue of the month club and i'm going to throw my head into that and i'm going to raise a lot of money but i'm never there when it met here in one the in and out but my gas just what the news media will jump into it the other polities in there and the same pig had with show up with the same that his ralston a pig pen together if like okay you pig one who pick one walks up okay pulled pig one back in co picktree pig three pulls out then they come back and they set the pig pod and the water while on a whaler and the swamp you know and and that's exactly what's happening and in and peoples this called the personality going oh i like this person i like that i watched two i watched the well i was all there and i'm just going to call it what it is because i find it else club with her little tiger beat group by women that were coming around them flirting without and its like and the same thing goes the other way to or club i like this one will let's form in a tiger be movie so you can put put the pitchers up on their walk or walls she of running this like a professional organization is the job interview running the company country which we are losing because of morons who have inserted themselves his opinion broke and in as oh i'm going to build this gr for that gabriel really the cornet here the genista a little faked a rose and then what the showed behold it right then that can howlingthe he was sincere conforte frenicol you know what she he could call he could call me he onne let's talk evidence you say you got some let's talk he never bothered to call me i left my information his office he was there i talked to him in his office let me tell you in the upper peninsula we have two working locust davuses and i tell you what there is an enthusiasm there is an enthusiasm because of a love of country that is the wonderful thing now is it everybody no but i tell you what the people that are doing it these are your leaders these well i had their doing a wonderful job and then the one stone in the lower pretence then a working this it is the same and we have people that want to know and i hope people reach out to you or wherever how to wake in locus standi vestigate i want to follow cripplin ages actors and because what people understand not flockdavid als better having the records it is all but is the whole process that there using they do not abide by the law with and i tell you what i will go back to proximately month before general election and is now with something that the pony republicans as he probably did us in they gave jasmeno to early days to preprocess absentee probably did assentatory you with their saying we didn't have enough money meant the pearl that was his excuse we don't have money we had no you had a bunch of phony republicans to republican party gave jostlement and no early days to preprocess absent that was enough to turn the closest in the senate and the house some had no atous make the delegates feel good oh yes oh yes i mean the aswinis going on there and an aunt in the meantime it's like look over here so we can screw you over here that's what they're donewhat and nothing of the lampingasan in bath the change and there not the same people now they're the same people because they were crokeford they got the old river dark we were fired up to that it's all lip service to what they say it's all lips their plan a game plain with people's emotions the telling people what they want to hear stop doing the research and find out what are they actually about the anyoneso that's pretty much across the board what i see terinaean and i and in asiki don't mean to doneupon it to tell me what's going on here and either do you and i don't think most certain mossoo yourself there there is ornery as you and i are about hooarra bear a great peeled people like a solanidine is the sassarese to it in your face you know it is like because because it's like we it's like the viewers that are off there for me i am telling you the people i can't be in told when i was triogonotreta poet as i was only speak to the population third greaters that's all the intelligence they have and this this was not one person over and over and over and i went out there on the king i do but you when i seen a lot of very educated people out there who are sick of the political non se and there really one ocean sake i can tell you something happen last night i'm not going to mention the name not yet cause i actually enjoy having names to hold over people for their stupid behavior in the first person so it somebody who's fairly politically involved call and want to he chuck my temper on the republican part and because of removing christina coram wonnot an now i want on everything about how many days is it been about its senseone and there's already talk about removing her case in doing and i i came right on said at her up for failure she fails in that office it's not because christina failed because the republican party and in the the grot they were doing well put a good woman in a position and then we're going to sit back there keep living bonds and keep torpeder o you know inserting these these ingsthe did the same thing to president or were going to keep doing a mine day instead of sand all of you are acting like he behind her and either either get behind view either support those few but so don't put him up in the five minutes later the bible even talks about the double mindedness is going on and the lack of loyalty it is anne in an in the north it is this is what this is not the party system does to the exactly what it does we're going to put somebody in place and see what they do service the problem see where place and then they set the and they start lobbing psychological things they don't want to none of them did and they their home as would delegate their messing with the population spreading dissension and lies and their doing it from the potman there in the they stepped back to the trap door spite of right they stop there and they come out and they said there underneath the trap door and they set the and the walk italiancant do more damage and then they come back and and i was really out there christina caro as have any promise or felt failures the hundred per cent of the republicans and republican party and the people in that failed cable organization i am so proud to be standing right now with a tax payers party which really is from what i talked to everybody really wanted to go back to the constitution and and all political part that's what i hear from pretty much everybody because they know how corrupt there stercorate see and i don't care i don't care who steps on the in those at they're going to distension so you know it's happy nights not one person it's a bunch of now they're all coming to me well we want you to come and to the republican and you want to know why because they couldn't get rid of me the first time or the second he i and i gave everybody warning shot you might want to have me an offer i'm going to be a bigger problem outside of office and i am in a hearing it the game in of the got to put up the site tattoothe if i not sighed it is that there was my swords drawn on my little white pony and laid them open the criminal dies in debate gets second robinwards on got big all this noted i'm talking about the to senecio nality states scott cold behavior from within that party and it hasn't stopped and i don't care what delegates all there we took the part of no you didn't they split the party off again to create further division establishment is going to sit there and subvert your candidate so hand i i think pristinis is a marvelous the fall of every republican out there republican party and the people drink in the cruel aide that have not been able to everybody's lion to on both the and the reality is it's going to take thinking american who don't give a rat's rear on what anybody thinks about us like there call him out and holding the conl there there's moorsmen no that's all right that's right but here's the end something drive discover in running for state chair against his i forschend also trying show public oil the lot the numbers at the back end of this do not match the self very are missing with the elections here's what i have discovered in the post many pass to present delegates will i believe the fall the bad ones tip in moved out it palled the bad ones that were in there and position had been moved out we brought a lot of bad ones in o ka release of gop has elected the lot bad ones to wantedwhat i bet who battled with down here and jack the religious the christians the new one because these are the ones that are so pope and so and i will say this i was the candidate time and time again pick up the cross and follow me gave you a choice to do that he emphasised the cross and followed me in other words the crowns and suffer like me i have suffered a great deal in my own personal life in my investigation i m an unpaved investigator if i charge for the kind of work to have done for eighteen months worth the work were looked at over two hundred thousand dollars i don't do that i love this country that why i am involved but my own personal work is ofemployed as suffered in the prose people there involved with election integrity for of all suffered the people involved in the locust standing now they are all safe there too many people in the goopes and you i have my shoes with christian i love christine is a woman i love her i think she's a wonderful woman her morality on the right place her wonderful thinking might my thing is this i think i was best candidate to tear down the party sep to be tore out all the way down both state and county because there's a lot of bad priests of delegates who don't know how to think i emphasises time an time again the dope has in thinking probus not just so to your point it's all the political or because they try to centralize the thinking post beyond the present delegate love and that's what people need to understand that why i am becoming a huge proponent of independence of mind a way to get into pendently it's not going to happen unless we get rid his selections okay the fact that their tempting to centralizes the way they are and trying to intimidate clerk in the not cooperating with us or for is there required by law to the foes i'm having a battle with a cork and jackson county right now over a piece of data which i am lawfully entitled and you want to know what the sectary state and johnson praters to gorleston are banking on then i can't afford to get stuff me lambert or dan harkenin polk potitus corked the court i should be entering is the rotten sheriffs department here in jackson county will not go there in the prostate jerry terence is a terrible prosecutor claims to be mister proli a jerry charneco take it my cake and and encouraged black milioni and on the sheriff's partetakn county persuades case he's got something there you guys need to investigate maybe we could have uncovered latter stuff back to red the summer and shut the stamping down he claimed to be the polite prose we now have proposal three because waiting yet this thing shut down before them jerry jaraca in jackson county is greatly responsible for that is a terrible prosecutor and i hope he sees oh i hold a torto and so the other thing that i believe there is no possible way that i believe that any of those had enough baled signatures get them on withinthey what the worser would know i know not buying this i'm not bodies the cheenales off in the treatment if this whole thing and i'm going to say it again so that every republican out there that because i've been a poet topeople and there are the republican party is looking for a way to sabotage christina and there they are yet and this is exactly what the happening the one now i want if i hev been asked to get involved on multiple times some i'm not hard to hold it you i tell you what cried the snow there is no about i don't have i don't have enough stupid in me to welcome that his that's all there the presentation in that party because the party will will torpedo and they're going to add the re tried it to cis and in an thathave been seeing this week i'm leo if you really want to save his i bowed it behind her because the ones that are up above you are going to try to make you feel good so that you vote for them well we don't want to split the party we've got somebody better she hasn't done a great job you know what home how many weeks has she been in to these i like it like that the other is stupid argument i hear over and over and and i can't ait i got to say the argument about it i don't know you know i i don't know who bought it up i don't i i really don't care but it's like with with present trono being able to say who did he have to those every one there there was about a hundred per cent criminality his onnetoin tone we then had less jesus christ sups on this planet wobbles the whole damn were going to have to have who are willing to get in there and peel this of late i layer by layer and if you have any more come of goodness in you you will stop up and be trait behind some who has any position at all find out their goter not and if they are good person get behind them and try to help them no i told you i tell you what a i believe i believe the party system is rather cold i think no he is so corrupt i believe we know the democrats were crop by i believe the goopes so corrupt i was i have my issue where is for i pay my issues with hesper's party a formerly being a member i have done with the party system myself i will vote for individuals and that is it because i gaged i looked in the faces of the people there were some wonderful people in some wonderful minds but the res also a lot of corrupt minds to re atocpan dates were state chairs and i don't care who the people like me hated my guts i prepared to die it's somebody wants to slip my throat let em i don't have a problem with that because i've got to stand behind my prince an i'm goin to die standing behind and he is yet and but i tell you what myself i think christina has a lot of things i tell you what i think he find us i the hero finest i'm not sure i will come in the goipeuse it is so corrupt i believe because it is so corrupt i believe it needed a slither like me destroyed town to face these corrupt individuals i myself that in such a wonderful person he hatepens i there's a lot of contrast between her and me by a in needed somebody to go with a sledge hammer yet the face of every republican in the state house and states at the low down as spies going to end now you're either going to stand behind the constitution or you're not going to be calling yourselves republicans the and that's what needs to be done you know what we got asked all of his church in hinclude horses where do you see if you're elected where do you see yourself i think april first as werquenis something along that line and i heard of my response was i will be hated by every republican in the state house its to because i would go in and get the face with i think i need to get the face type and i am your love people to like me because my have to oenone yes and an what the black honesteco name a few calves and county jobates my guts most of middle county joke probably hates my os i am most giangounte and onecount jo he probably hate my god and i do hounding egidio it's because you threatened there ah the other of both paler the social and i tell you what a water rat of her words egidio love warn you by that of a county i think they're losing a potis rapidly i have reached out to john gib and i've not heard back from him i tried to get on the agenda of the county board commissioners to go talk about the selection data because everything referred about on recounting the new born everything the grey the grey there concerned you know it let's see them so the sectors i genessaret rn my calls and you know what in losing i think they're losing that otis and we already have heard about one commissioner it is already tract and where she because she wanted to win the primary which she did and all the sudden i came livesay i discussed with another county resident she told me the woman's base cold turned away from being in america of her our commissioner by der we have you now several others but i make i will county people or are losing imposes and i think they're going looshai think they have been overhied and i you know what i'm available they want john gibson's return call and get me on the genda i'l go speak before the ottoborn commissioners will pack that thing with the public so the borecoles con see what the birleson is doing to the election day to of their residence but you aren't to what i have so confidence which can get his good return i calledthe that woman and i tell you what you want no who's backing up the words people do these voces standing invests that is those backing up the words your public means and and just appreciate the effort in in the county or were purely active in one locust stateinvestigations pursuing indictments her statement on john the braider maybe ven dated hessel i argue she's obstructed that beast it is who is backing up their work and and you what anybody can hold hot here i'm here in jackson we have the haddington past out there dear port and you know what anybody can blow hot here and it is different for somebody to actually back up that hot air with with a nice home cooked meal and you're a bad up with see cars with ring cut cry i don't call ratkilling morice crying tell but ah the chances on rohan down hillsdale i fedotitch's topers with peceis and you know what these chests uppers what to call me go ahead you call me you can yell at me and in cry all you want i don't care you are to put our money where your mouths are carrying callisitta rootin then you call me say one what do we do to get a locus standi investigation going in our county i'd like to do my part that's all they got to say but i don't think they're men enough to do it so an i'm sorry nayoyaneratye potisto me and we so have i woresomething from the chart here is like a i think we're simlins from another mother has we both go off on this nonsense and won't take an so garry smith hayohayo are and then loved within morning we've got a couple of other ones than lovesas what how can they remove her that's the it's out there in its gorgio pe leaders coralite love i talked with got john gibson he is weak he knew he was going to live as some questions when you look at somebody who says they were a minister missionary for japan walks right over and silicon valley on my you know i have a little tecopa i might be able to talk about that tis little bit too right that's lotnot that i know everything but i know enough to be dangerous and i know people who do know and the first thing that came out of the mammals waring the progression of the resume there surveillance he now when when you look at the skill sets in and this is what i am talking about with or you have to be in an indent in order to understand what you really looking at so you can or no somebody who is when you look it arasama and the direction that it went like that first words out of the highest level to people i know which are pretty high next developed languages to develope language as well as ah you know you hired to do us some cybersecurity type stuff from time to time find out where the flaws are and things when you have people that are that intelligent and high level and i don't put myself in that category i know enough to be dangerous and one of the talk about a variety objects within it but i i i took programming i when i went back to a school a later on i took enactin ering some a computer programming and estrabon so i can talk about a lot of different the the highest of high levels in programming is not me and i hate to diserens i hate and so that the first word looking at the background there is up he's a surveillance and i thought that was pretty to osirisalso was a security on silicon valley not on you can most connections to silicon valley let's not be native to the great words to be assarting if they came out of silicon is so convalle we have a problem as the connections there or one that every one be questioning not there words there's enough to look into i make everybody well well well in adding up and i'm sorry i'm not going to drink the cool ad until i've got every question in the rural and you know it's a like to our point it's like i got set of spectacularly by rintoul and johnson in in at one point i was done with him at that moment in i have yet garrison very bright else satisfaisante it was john oh and oh father cavor together erfore we have to do is look at the one now now we've got a connection or we've got something there that we can now let's go down other contacts around the a cartnave but i've got enough that i've got enough information and i don't ever hold it he asked the long to people something whether i'm here not because i am fairly you know in the grand scheme things i fairly insignificant i am a man in as shell tell you that and i'll come on and i'll tell you the but as far as to jump into a political offices so heaven title i don't need the rest i'd rather shave horse men and here than i look even then being benavenna in kind of relationship these absolute i see been hold the conversation with these people a quite honestly most of it never held a job they'd never they never done anything they'd never held a job there the holy very uninteresting the scope of what they talk about how much money they raised how much more money they're going to raise how they may raise money with the other people in the political there still no knowledge and their still no go and yet there is one one gun near the side of the state was asked about me and he's like the ill have what think about brandenburg well she's a woman really well her dethkin a kind of interesting and maybe one of cowboy boots that isn't afraid to take an you know kick your tail all over the little will you both his mail in the gale wordperhaps chatemal but many of them to thirty yet i have no respect the there's a few good males in the jackson gee and then there's some absolutely worthless though i can some practice with this which is really funny so years ago when i first started best and you know it's like it's like ah you know baptism by fire for me right i was pretty much alone i left home when i was shunted and put myself through college and really met renan really put the pot to the tithe on touched earth and just kind o did my own thing and never really i don't really have anyhow he was either either sink or swim right i go into a bank is to get along on my first computer and it was expensive back that the whole thing was an eighty megadore mega by hard drive maltash with laser printer lays or scanner in the software came up to about spies that sixteen thousand dollars you can all out with that through oregon and he and so i had i had all that stuff in it i had no experience whatsoever were any personal computing i worked on some main frames when i was in college but a limited and then you know later on i went back in act and from graminoso two level languages but enough to know he knows to oneproves so anyhow walked into the bank and had everything all sot you know i had a a donadea to get the whole deal down onto eleven thousand dollars she so at that was there was my negotiating in accapaccit that at watson the bank to get along and i tell you is god as my witnes as the words that were spoken to you know i give you that won't if you were a guy oh all i how are you going to eat those words and eat crow some day and on record where the out when elsewhere with my business and in a fairly successful right now i bet they'd like to have that conversation right now yes what burned men once you're down the ontoward out there in a somebody can't produce there's a million standing right behind it there's a lot of good people out there by burmese this girl is one and we will leave your hat to do it but it won't be including that you know it and i feel like i mean to put myself in in a position to constantly readability yes i will find somebody who acshally wants to to do things the right way and not waste my time with arguing when the more on who will never take scantlishin serial rage hose dancing missori's chronically a criminally complicit discoverment they all to go the only way to fix it the call son off to get more on ergeben lord cranworth and i and i i don't care so so that's that's exactly so anyhow well it is ten eleven and scot i want you on again i i really think that this is a great thing karananeran on issues to day so i think it were going to do with waitwell have came back on thursday as i was hoping she was on the dialogues she is a great question and so ask rope person peniques tions of all what you're talking about shales very very very intelligent and knowledgeable i would love you to come on next friday because ah i had be an ongoing thing where we're talking about not just one issue but all of the crop that those of us who have been involved in politics and loathes two hundred thousand dollars hold my beer on what i lost running through this you know people that gave money it was at and i'm not grateful for every dollar that came on but it is a and the ocean compared to what i put in personal and i would take no pack money cause i told him ready i would nor dark money and i didn't so it's like the whole pulled my beer here anybody that's then involved in election elections or speaks of we have paid and tremendous and it's an nowwhat i wouldn't change a thing it was and i'm going to continue to fight and boston in the chops every time that i get a chance because these people are criminals and and so these people in social media out there that are drinking the cruel and jumping on his thinking because you don't want their part of the problem it this only works would we stay and stupid bill and we continue to espie stupid no to the world because once it gets repeated enough times it becomes canonized and that's the problem so go back you now find somebody else to flirt with fine somebody else screw round with with with but don't but we need to get a governess we need to get the he carry out like slight that's exellythotes party everybody there they they pretty well cleaned all the communists out we and the people that are less standing are and believe in the constitution i give behind that and there also against the political parties most of s i'm also you know a standing with people that just will continue to say dare to be american in ontonagon dare to be american in that manner litotes as closed on insaniens of and the igive your last words they were going to go on dear hamletthe think you so very much for scott and all the truth tellers out there who are our brave and will tell the truth regardless how must push back they get regardless as of the army and we asked that you would give us all the boys to say the things that need to be to your honour and glorious were exposed corruption in the evil as a friend to a lottie and i that we throw it out there for you to sanative this with the light of so think for what we you've done please let her run in now how much is there there are love and that o very targeted shintoism of the people that are in a power of influence is public union please may show that everybody knows this does not go to our brothers and in the every day americans on there that i hope will stand and fight with us for your good purposes we thank you for everything that you've done to day and we want to say we love you and i and i we love what everything you do for us in jesus angiprt a so quick clothes and words here and then let's go out there and start beat in the hack out of of all the bad guys and exposing them for what they are well i just wanted to say again the work that these people are doing and i beat all my lot of males to day i we have some exceptional males shergold in the locust statist i doesn't man othe males or females that's tastelike evil or her work at the like came are doing it not because of their gender or anything else is because a love acts and i think that is the that is what inspires me because when i've got down during this investigation i found too my motions the thought of thee i have people he led there bawled to me of de locus standing vestigate they haven't spied me and they helped lift me because of the courage people don't know they have not been investigating these but they have sought out to understand that his people of all ages most seperately i don't say that there's a few young people to better bad this people who are in retirement and everything else and taken the time scott wolde do to learn about this what can we do to file or to get crippled charges that's what i'm really inspired by its just the courage of these people all works life on upper peninsula and lower peninsula and i i think we need to continue to recognize their efforts the efforts of maie the efforts of the lord to up to broiling joslin and fraulein dana i did to day and hartman and stephanie lambert o o demenoure becase take what they have had to do in just down because i all the other groups are loaded with money and loaded with the tourneys liberal attorney the end of the state of michigan is going after in all i i the corks and dated day have a toderers as well on the other into bury anybody you ceolheard on waterland for going on a love for deadfor get me in court can we for that day and you have no afterthought there i may give a challenge to both whiter and nousseiden i am the challenge to come on bradborne not work and let's have a discussion where i i won't molinathe people on brandlight see if they'll show up and have a set they can say whatever they want about me and i will say what i order at the he lets see how this lands i savingsaid rat here thinking her bradwardine dockhouse i have not conceived won't concede crimine and are going to continue to stand up for your rights and my because of any of our rights are violated they're all violated and so he igorotes you god bless all those whom you love and god gossamer ca git out there and fight we got a lot of work to will see guys money in great we even so the the sailor called the right