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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 9/12/2023 Tatar Tuesday and Clint Curtis

Published Sept. 12, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

9am Tatar Tuesday with John Tater. Know the law and use the law - defending yourself. All things Constitution and Lawful Process. Tatar Tuesday with John Tatar 10am Clint Curtis Clint Curtis- In 2004, Clinton Eugene Curtis, an American attorney, computer programmer and ex-NASA employee, Speaker of the House of Florida at the time, admits that elections can indeed be fixed & it would be undetectable. In the video link below, Curtis testifies under oath that he rigged computer election results for then Congressman Tom Feeney, the former Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives. Video Link to one of Clint Curtis Documentaries Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is the twelfth day of september twenty twenty three and a onthink wee had low provides morning but i think it's gone so i'm going to invite her on ophiogeron for tator to say are you doing done i'm going good but she had more lechthis morning i don't know i don't know i don't know though the internet hates us cause we see truth aringatori agree with that ye every time every time we get on and there is something that if if i came on here and i have like a seen on interview oh man the thing would go off without a itpainful start speaking truth especially and the action integrity and o'er the constitute das what the censorship goes up to the roof but that okay we're going to keep on keeping on as long as we as long as we have brought to us so what hapened in mister taters world today oh just did you get my mail with the with the byronthe let me see penhallow of them king in minute and let me see what i got here i don't remember seeing it but that doesn't mean that it's not there he is sent about a sunday okay at kibei didn't i didn't open my computer on sunday don't think i did anyway i have and alorodians that that is the truth right the matter pace there did actually actually did work sunday because i was working on stuff for the constitution party i've been working with a down a ovanovitch and we've got out we've got out a conference of speaker conference which goes along with her a national committee meeting in october and so i'm doing in helping to create the materials for that and get that information out there so misertia not seen it let me go to other so i don't know where you son it but sir is happenedone to an don't say it don't say aloud i don't want the whole world to know that that man interest aloise he to the my normal one i can hang out of that what will find it i had a bunch of the mails going back and forth from from down ovanovitch two solent me see yet on back to the sixth and i didn't out wait wednesday night meeting i got one there after that i it's that i didn't receive him hang out i'll take i can check a fan when we get when we got a golf line they got wednesday night meeting no seven i will go back on my email right now and tell you when i said that would be good and then we can put it out there because it says all the cases on it you dance while you have reached inglese that we were going to talk okay sent on nine september night i can rest ah i am not saying it sir howard cannot forward maybe i can i know you've got many manor brandenburg for governors were when follow okay that that's a different one here i'm going to i'm going to tax you where where i want it sideroias i can bring her up two real easy and where i do my he don't this you've sundials at this the address oh you know what being out of it i think i can get it here weldon let me look sorry as in some glances ah yah i'm not seeing her love give you that when we give you that ye may not again don't repeat that when allowed his head one of my entire computer flooded with with a that the that's one that i just have for for little bit closer people i got about twenty miles out there i know how mangeshie true i've got one with a my one my my oldest email address that i have with through that this week and and honestly oh we went through that and started getting all the spar out of it that i have got in there were all kinds of mails that came through for twenty thirty three not twenty twenty three that's one of the cans as well send to mails that have a a a decade after the day and it will really master mails up if i do don't catch it and i go through and start markitall spam and sending it to the naughty chair the can get through you should have one that came your way here out send in the other one i couldn't put athenieto is one i got yeah you ve bring to an out first what i did as i sent you the case and now you got the other that we would like that i'd like to talk about in information out there do you i think everybody needs needs that i you know it's just it's so it's so interesting how how up there you bile and court cases the the other so we get ole get nine a tanksone one more he won the ongratefullest you know they list them as norton wen i webster of down and a foreshore marbury parton so if you wanted to you could pull up webster click on my i don't can you pull him up from the mail or do you have and now i can get him up now draw light i pulling up webster if my allowing now it so okay so we were on or we're on our way to too broadcasting excellence right now grace and this is i'm sorry but this is what you get this is religionrarely well people atrocities well you don't sometimes as a plant but it's not a huge plant honestly so stable formed tools view etsii consume in here right well it's going to be what it is i guess so here we go here's the here's the see downwithit deep into the godhood can read the case not for what it is based on ah the state saying that they have interest in abortions and so on its so forth in the reproductive oh systems and the judge he really because you say it so does it make it so and that's what i want or pouring out here is a very good case if anybody gets in front of a judge or a prosecutor and to prosecute inness the way it is now it's not prove it everything is pipe pro how far down the shore italian show yellow hatred up here there can weretook as justice whites i wore the point that i want a roll down dissolit more i mean we could read that he right there the forementioned the human life no no safe guarded oathespecially then talking nokeep going little fort napolon learning in and i don't have the case in front of me so i'm judging what's on your your when i told up here or for your pointednot the yellow the yellow highlighting to work this week that god he ashanteeto sounding those those of those cases to his singingthe it may retecules every one file he will i should people should have these on hand and understand what these so they get verse i can entrace girl once give it to our little cove scotia long involved case yea some of them are really long i think downes one of the long i ope disactly finally the partality assistant try misther framework cannot stand because the states interest in potential life is compelling throughout and not merely after viable viability anne and five one night the opinion contained not one word of reason rational for it is viewed of the states this it is so because we say it so joris tis nothing other than an ate roper reason much less no has no place has so basically what he sang here what we hear from somebody like which that you know we have an emergency and you must wear a mask as you say it so doesn't make it is what we use every time we need to make that one because you say it so does it make allan durst said once upon a time that i can't think i then any case off the top of my head stated that we have a police state then we can force fascinations on and after there she is said dan ya is publicly on the tone and so we read the kite and the case doesn't say anything so the point of the matter is that when supposedly learned law all they have to and according to webster verses you have to have the not saying that soul dost the as david on extento always state we have we have to have arrived st show that the masks of to show that the act otherwise the saying some and have no proof or no background now we're heading into the silly season again in this is flosi's and as everybody knows i don't know for o my mother used to say hey you don't put your coat on and don't do this and don't do that floss and an catch the flute well same time that the one stackpole a pandemic try to get people all been on the like the last pen demic when people supposedly all got coved and nobody had to right was that ridiculous as ridiculous in ousmane oraculously covered cured the floe webster's a good case those that are listening put that on there itinerary to pull that case of the internet or if you can i don't know how do you have it on your will you put it on your website that they can not opalstein now why don't you postal yeah i can mellicent'll take me while to do it on lying to what i can do as i hold gangingoing this morning he then people then they have the yellowing and they don't have to read the hole skim through the case the final what is basically ah it's good to know pennyworts where us oh me and run my threatening to come here to day as an end he tried to he tried to come to the house last we i got lost i told her he said no one to try to back and he never made it so to day says he's coming throngthe daylight hours ah westover's reproductive services great cape olwen you're in front of a cold or not a copula in front of joe remember if you have get for over by the the federals by the co you don't want to argue it that's the the arguing the place indeed the arguing ah yes here and have to get off the couch and you're going to have to the plan and prepare and put your documentation in and got cars the do the arguing and ever argue with the guy with the st de heavy boots yeah and big heavy books in all those guys they're all trained to be nasty and in many cases he so you have these corcases at hand you can build yourself your own if i still have problems or issues or you need help you give us her call and we will put it together for once you get it once you get the documents done one kind and you can type and read type yourself for scan and retype then you can fight anything after that but you got to get the first set of dociment do you hear dear did you include one of the cases i'm in here bethat's one of your cases you've written no i have not i i gave you the i gave you the general outline but i won't and the whole reason why we don't do that number one week did the word it's now in its pent so we know or but the other point is that if we just hand you a document are you go on the internet you pull a document off and you don't understand then and gandicotta you land up looking like a fool in the they can do that i don't have a control of what the documents and you don't understand the cases because the judge may say while this webster verses reproductive services has nothing to do with speeding it has to do with reproductive services with abortions with a rover's way and knows eh does actually but the judge basically says in their justice it's your honour and so you that's the point we try to drive one say this in a record there usable in other courts and in less they have been challenged then they become staring to set pens they never have to be challenged again were day nipper have to be re litigated because they are the law in these fell started to tookhees for meat all man you're going to ask that question you atateemore in for ye are decis i think that is right i i knew i had that asta or e but i wasn't quite sure on the last part balanoides the law and it doesn't have to be related so okay so we've got and that is on loose which pass her on here a minute page thirty eight but if you do if you it is important that to give them the entire case see on to use it they have to have an idea of what a lot of prosecuting attorneys will use the theory are the the idea that all the eyes god he just got the soft the internet he doesn't even so you have to be somewhat pre in the better prepared you are record the better prepared the better your case is so there it is webster verses reproductive health service for nine to us for night genoese in its page thirty eight which is where the argument itself is the that john yellowed no high rated lokasor were going on from here what's gold to chosenwere george well dis kind i got a list thicket we'll just kind of go down the case every get an idea of what he area some of them will be able to use remember that our for systems as well as our legal on by noandby laws as all historical they don't you can't make so up in the court and get away with it the because they lie and the because they lie if you are that's why you have to capable of handling okay said greater ferdinand on his case this is why the date on this case in nine calaisthe good low what do you do if a judge says all this is an old law hasn't been looked at bona how do your spon to that constitutions of low too your honour you sworntoes what he means swearnot response stumble on yelwe don't follow the conyes you do you're on your in the red i don't have to santo in the you're committing acts of or can not up there is we are a page thirty six thirty seven ikey what are you looking at her revolution or rather the declaration of independence found the people already united for general purposes and at the same time provided for the more the meste concerns by state conventions and other temporary arrangement from the crown of great britain the sovereignty of their country of and it was not an uncommon opinion that the inappropriate lands which belonged to the crown not people of the colonial or states within those limits they were situated repeated to the whole people or whatever principle the opinion the remark keep going a little for he in other words the people are saying we still are controlled by the cries a new for you for i've heard that statement thousands that were under the control of no were not when we did the declaration of independence and the constitution we broke away from and they recognized this case as a sovereign one it means that they were no longer in i enter as remarkable that establishing it in the people exercised their own rights and their own a proper sovereignty m in contes of the plentitude plenitude of its they declared that became one trip it's hard to read those letters or even cared becoming dignity thereof the united states to ordain in established the constants as here we see the people acting as sovereigns of the whole country and in the language of sovereignty establishing a constitution by which it was their will that the state governments should be bound and to which the state constitution should be made to conform every state constitution is a compact made by and between the citizens of the state to govern themselves in a certain manner and the constitution of the united states is likewise a compact made by the people of the united states to govern themselves as to as to general objections and in a certain manner by this great compact however many prerogatives were transferred to the national government such as those of making war and peace contracting alliances coining money ecce yet you guys we have some technical process more so john's work en offesa and so he's he's trying to read very small screen right now i've got four of whom something easier for me to see the words some of these ailette park there were small blurred or they rolled a little more space thirty seven pace there besides the prince having all the executive powers the judgement of the courts would in fact the only man demoninator monitory not mandatory to him and a capacity to be advised as a distinct thing for the capacity to be suit the same feudal ideas ran through all their jurisprudence and constantly remind us of the distinction between the prince and the subject no such ideas obtained here after revolution the sovereignty devolved on the people and they are truly the sovereigns of the country but they are sovereigns without such seven we are individual sovereigns princes or without and that's when i go on at the point sovereignty is the right of the govern a nation or a state sovereign is the person or persons in whom they rest we hold the the supreme court case that was dated back in seventeen ninety three and still holds true to day this is the law of the land we are the sovereign not they they are really really i i see it this way is that the government the people seated in the sea there really only there to provide a service to we the people as the life in their other contracted their contracted to preside a service so when they fail as an employee or a contracted company was just call it a contract in company of which through our vote hire people to do certain that's that's how it works its sides like a it's like a ring it's kind of like a big corporation really where were all members of the corporation botanologie and or or for in foreboding the board of directors and that sort of thing my crack you are absolutely in what is norton called a person in office public functionary function to hinojosa you know you know what i think it needs to ontees be down very quickly is there needs to be better boundaries or rules for the job categories because what i see the problem one of the problems being is the over reach or no you longish individual as i don't it is an individual what happens is that reached passed the job categories and they tried to they try to they get their nose in somebody else's business this whatitis in order to grab power so instead of state stayin with then you know like like let's just say i'm a clerk in my job is to file my only job is to file in my job is to file the best then i can find so that i have control of the documents ocesse well if that person starts using that power because they actually know where things are in order to control or or em grab functions people around it by being difficult because that's what people will do they get themselves in a in a job and they be thatthey got so much power that they are difficult to work with the people outside that job kid acori rely on of so much if you got hungry power or power hunted person they'll start grabbing well i'll just do this for you i'll just do that for you and or i you know we're going to shuffle it around so that there's a confusion that made with in job kandegori instead of stand stand in their later on the rails what the problem that we have is that we had we do not hold them to their oath of office how we got this new mexico governor you heard her have you heard her last most she's not but comments she's not coming was that the oath of office is not a hot is not to finite or not not this matter she does it doesn't matter any more we're just going to disregard it totally great i what she said yes he there is no wine words beautiful lichenodes she basically said that with whale really don't have to follow the old not you swore an old thought you're to office and when you violate that oath of office or out without this if it's if everything's just the suggestion where we pay in taxes you know you can you played that both ways right yielded that came that way to wit that both way oh it's just a suggestion that you work and the interest of we the people while maybe justine that we pay taxes maybe it's just a suggestion that we do anything see how sir that the argument is that that would be an easy one turn round on them she was using it against the second amendment ranges man were going to get rid of the or were going to control second amendment nobody in and now new mexico can carry ah a gun i either on the shoulder or or visible or not is they are not allowed to do that because we have a emergency a crisis of whatever and she has no authority to do but they're not calling her out on it like or legislature and son doesn't call our governor i want because they're all in on the they're all in one sticking into the people anyway they he went on for you went on something when i went i went i was campaigning i went to the outlaws club in detroit and i got to tell i don't think i ever felt so safe in my life it was amazing that the people that were there was like i don't remember how many how many like clubs were there but there was a lot of em and there a lot of people there another speaking to the group and i'm going to tell you what i was i felt really safe there and every single person and there was carnadine opinion you know if you if you have people that are the carry the understand their rights the god given rights under the constitution and they live by it honestly and i was in another place where he was out there in the guys that i there the gussetis more fire power here than in the entire stay and i like well that's great because i feel real safe right now because these words god loving constitution loving loving americans high like that carry gone because the cow a cotesto have it's funny got to get out of the town at shops you know i'm in to tell you what i'm going to louisabout get him out of the town its shops i tell you what i've been a pretty site it on lawenforcement most the time there's been a few times were where i've kind of the tail on aments that cesare so friend busy writing parking tickets that you let crack houses go you all it's kind o lotononis what does a lot of times it's like they they won't deal without with a there told to stand down just like beat below instead of dealing with that with a hard prosing in there and make it real real quick and stop the nonsense so we got colly we've got hots designs we've got love and charlotte and the hellessome strait in our case that everything we had written in our objection was falls we quoted the constitution in case law her name is teresa hill here and grayling she committed trees and shoes a traitor that says call the sheriff and nowelle her out he said it was on constitutional would not be and would not be enforcing it now he would arrest her if he would arrest her that would be awesome that would be i am friestone kick backs off a crime was just like this some of us too what is it is the civil forfeiture still corners that's a crazy to so i heard because if they if they take your property what they do is that property becomes it and owner of itself so your property has to sue for its right to be freed from the mound of the so you can't even see lets you say they take less you see your carrying around i don't know like like five thousand dollars then you go through our port and her like hocus it's this happen why o carryin that much money you know and they say not we're going to some that you're drugdale and they take the cash you have no recourse in this whatsoever because the money the super its right to go to you and i heard of a john oliver was doing some shells of you was pretty good for a while and then he he kind of fell off the wagon of truth and justice and so i can not i kind of got rid of listening to john oliver when he when he went off in a crazy land a little bit and but but he before that he had some really good really good shows that he did a real good won on civil forfeiture and how a police department actually words using the money to do things like onobrichis for the christmas party and sohentsita thing it's it's really too bad because there is pretty much almost no resort recourse had all i know this week that had her car stolotermes up a gale that i know had her car stolen last month it's been two weeks she cannot do anything get the car back or get insurance my because the police never really did anything to help her or insulate the kick can down the road it so now she's waiting for i think it's like a whole month causesallowed to see if the car will turn up before we do any thing in the meantime she's a single man with two kids and no transportation that with masthouse the carrotno somebody stole it somebody stole her car yes not here was that i wasn't the police department at pleasant protolepas by men called the caps they did absolutely nothing except holler while we have to wait for a examinative i think it was a month to see if it just shows back up again what is it is the insurance surance company has to wait until the police department eh ah says that will actually categorize as a stolen delicacie and she is a single man which you kids will out of vehicle for one how you going to deal with that you know it's crazy so bring one down down first as bidwell he is love i love this this is also contaminatus real news for we people by row people have kitchen table takes the mensome time the truth and justice and john tate who was raising in i was going to committees okay history teacher what we learn it to day the well we're going to go through some of the cases chiens actually that descending opinion of but why you sprawling look at the day nineteen o one on this as for going to look at a case that but its way close to the end it's like i say descending opinion and the descending opinion is as good as any opinion is the case was about porto rico and the trying attacks the portorico people sopassing there all that's just the name are i like just some of the ruling over and this passed the there's goin to be several parts we want to catch on is one of the better asinometer there go roll anything the young i was at the first yellow i don't know i osgood i'll tell you it wasn't as this was to says when we consider the nature and the theory of of ovens principles upon which they were supposed to and review the history of their development we are constrained to conclude that they do not mean to leave room the play and as of purely personal and arbitrary power sovereignty itself is not subject to long for it is the author and in hours sovereignty why sovereign powers are delegated to the government while sovereign power he delegated part of norton verses shall become a tolbot delegated we delegate the agents of government so all these ages of government we delegate the powers at sovereignty itself remains with the sovereignty remains sovereignty itself remains with the by whom and for whom all governments and and the law is the definition and limitation of power the government the government in their but stand with so here this is such a powerful paragraph because it says that we are the sovereign and we do not have to follow the law because we are the author and the so the speeding ticket for going twenty five miles an hour or going fifty miles an hour to twenty five miles an hour so we are the source of that law did we follow that laws sat iss we can get into the department of motor vehicle called where we have the right to travel were not in commerce but where it could get into all that right now we will get there this is a very important one a re marbriers as madison to the present day no utterance of this corps has in his intimate intermitted a now that in its operation of the the people by whom and for whom it is established the national government is the government of enumerated powers in other words that his powers are spelled out in these fell out in the consent they only have certain powers that they can do because those of the powers we delegated the exercise of which is to the use of means appropriate and plainly adapted to and and which are not prohibited const sit with the latter spirit of the consultation spirit of the cost it's not in the constant it doesn't and what as nort norton verses shottenton mercyshe be counted if it's not in the consent is not exist if you're authority is not written in the kinds is not one of the enumerated powers you don't have that can't do that and we could go on to all the powers that the government has over us over the years we were either set ignorant talked the wrong things in school whatever the case may be but it's time to wake up thus and pause scroll again men read something from the chatter and disterminate and how far down as that you now oh no but it's another yellow are i mean all this stuff is kind of interest we always try to pin point the back up a little bit maybe this is one in looking for what are yosemite chance says he after the sheriff and you mexico called her out he o this from calle he said it was unconstitutional and would not be enforcing it now if he would arrest her for that that would be awesome i agree i concur that would be a muterstatt be one hack of a move arrest the governor knew mexico not to see of him mexico's ride for that old michigan serenitatis yes tuesdays are my favorite i love john ever loves anaineto set the tone the would wouldn't it and how wundersagen oh woe we that's fire i dislike lawyers speak we have never so don't listen now we all do i don't know what they're talking about yeah it's like it's like that the teacher on now the peanuts and have babinetto we want to you'll see attorneys in the language of in the language of justice coolie institution itself never yields or an act it neither changes with time nor does it in theory ben to the force to the force of sir it may be amended according to its own miss while it stands it is the law for rulers equal in war and in e and covers with it the shields of the for all classes of men and all times under all circumstance it's principles cannot therefore be set aside in order to meet posed necessary or great pandemic no doctor no doctrine involved more pernicious never intended by the width of man than that any of the provisions can be suspended during any of a great in the zinc of in other words the emergency a heck of whatever was in michigan that their idiot governor used the total violation on suspend the case couldn't stop you from going to the couldn't stop you from going to work without wearing a mask or getting at couldn't stop you right heir nor or downs verse at the n do one thing right through it even if you would look at the way they responded they didn't respond they left everybody or find out there trying to a without a life line and without a phone front because everybody is stuck in their own homes and the idol a lot of people were you know course there were plenty of us that just said no not half in it no way it's rot it was really a pathetic pathetic her example oh what not to do that she power it was not de poor it was absolutely a a marxistica shut down and in serious because they committed treason and every one every one of them in office is guilty if your home stood up nobody said you know i wadn't we didn't see anybody that was an office do anything but said we've got to be careful we've got to be careful we've got to stay home i didn't seenobody that staid up and such they happen and now how no way estancieros of thriving several times the rightful president of the united states but people didn't get it people didn't warn tone in to that the polethen listen people listened to the news media that said oh he sang drink bleach never said that i don't know where they came up people won't believe anything if it's sad enough yes it's just the repetition i mean i mean a lot of people will believe anything if somebody says in enough times and you hear it enough times it's kind o like it's a branding stray i mean that's what mcdonald's does it mean they've got their the arches on the coffins and on everything that they have that they sell their the packages are brand at the signs branded the foodand the noweverything is so branded and so people feel sunsolar and think oh you know for how many years can we did dead the united states states you don't believe that all this stuff was was all you know and then you know you sardon the river with his little bit and find out that the knowthat maybe this is not our best best option for healthy life lifestyle you know and that's true of all fast through it i think you know all fast though i haven't really seen anything that i'm the civically inspired by but now i think it's really good for us to go back i'm in to get off on a hand here just on natural i'm all grown food you know her happenhappen growth starting apple starting in on oranges or grapes or or an actual local grown sail at her something like the god our farmer's market there's plenty of farmers around you you know much land we have we have enough land in the state of michigan to feed the entire country if it was mancely really do might change or eating habits which would be a good thing there wouldn't hurt when nursing with hard on this in this case but i don't know if we passed it or didn't pass the and if he doesn't find or you can stroll down a little mounseire find it so again oenthe same one eledone the constitution was framed for ages to come that was in it on others just seriatipora as a lot of importance he i during gloria america the glory of our american system of government is that it was created by written exercise of vibratory unlimited or and the limitations of the instrument may not be passed by the government create it created i oh yes because a lot of people say that the government can change the constant for example the second amendment and the first amendment by hase we can control the right you're right to of the first amendment by instituting a hates now you can't i can if i i want to say something nasty to somebody i have the authority to do that cause i as citizen and i'm sovereign and government cannot he hates speech lonsdale that highte speech in there for you can't say in art or you'll be fined a hundred dollars or ten thousand dollars oh they can't change this and it is is very clear i pass by government it created we created a constitution which created the government another government's gone what created can't do that it's or by the branches of it or even by the people who ordained by the amendment only amendments can change the or change of its in he with good sorry to what purpose this martial said in margrave's madison our powers limited and to what purpose of the limited committed to writing if these limits may at any time be passed by those in why distinctions between the government which limit and unlimited power is abolished if those limits do not confine to the and on whom they are imposed and if the act prohibits and axe allow aloud or to be equally obligate obligation of equal obligate in other words free back up here again you can't change creator that put you in office thou should be gave you the right to so we have to we have to understand that when the judge says of the constitution doesn't apply then you don't play the huron because you don't have the authority to sit on the bench apol so how could you say that the constitution doesn't apply in your cartel this is an important point that people need to understand if they get into a and the judge as all the constitution really does it apply here and now we get into the civil action none as the cat the republic and we could do that again at it some other time people understand i think that we've been talking the republic civil actions fiction listen thirty he so we're not in the civil action i don't live in a civil the chilian the red in the wood then if you understand as a person that you are in the republic and not in the civil actions diction now overcome that age but you have to let them know that that's one ah i'm recon leave this and not read on but there's a lot of stuff in here that people can go it's all green and yellow and important but i've covered most of the heavy i will post there to my telegram channel to day when i got off lying and well well continued an act to stuff the park so that we can we can push forward to take it the nation back and i really believe that domending cases prosaist a bad idea in fact a lot of people are coming out of the wood work a lot more people every day that are defending themselves very well and nicoran you know cause i mean every single every single law suit that i have been in over the past years there is it seems like it's it's always a game and a the ihdinas when just got to smithsmith was not the necessarily following a law of this spenoidal anything they refused to even here you know really they they refused to rule on something that they should of that they had jurisdiction over and sold that all their doing as we plan to shell a game of justice and the innocent it's not it's not working for his so it in erthanks for being on to day john i'm going to go ahead and and move to the next one and everybody loves you i get so many come ossaroo on the week on othman we love down tanor and what's tater tater toosday and your mother every one so thank you so much and in my friend will see on next week and i once again before you cut me off it just when i let everybody know reseruing i'd soon yeadon of the ladies from your careless that she was hard yes charlotte showed up at her meeting on but he else os color called me and send me a text telephone is seven three four nine six eight for seven one five that and and i your email is john j tater at yondah they got all memories now see i like the gainefull up i'm lovely nough on the game guys is bout time were in a resilition to so our also have a great day to day john and won will see an next week okay he litle taquick break her guys be right back with my next as cordus and i think you'd be really impressed by this guy i roomback on and read his interals little bed and introduced them and then then we're going to get moving on that and it's all about your boat has to ooooooooooooooooooooooo as welcome to brandon bird news network i am don abran and berg and at the twelfth day of september twenty twenty three welcome to our show to day a second hour of the brandenbergers network show and i wanted traducteur next gas than i think you're going to find him really interesting i did and i'm a little hard to impress when it comes to knowledge honestly so i was at the mikelington therein and missourians and listen to what thad to say it it was reingress solicito thousand for clinton gentisin american attorney computer program and employer of the house of florida the time admits that elections candy be fixed it would be undetectable in the idolino curtis testifies under the rate compute that he raged computer election results for then congressman one the former speaker of the florida house of represented so overtaken here is a whistle blow that came forward and told what was actually happening in our elections on feel abouthelen right now we don't have elections we have selections and and all i can say is thankfool like an were willing to come forward to tell the real story bout what's happening so when that sad good morning how are you i am good how are you doing i some think you so lest recoming on for a im if we have deplete time i'd like to play this trail or for every one as that k john's good your share o i just at the soutane you're quite honestly as to thousands for the hand of her on the forfeiture and osborne was come no he gave it one day my fomy fersen one of the stability flora housesor starowerzi he came in clonenagh on fraud for the one of the curalampagold it outshone he will be rather to cut screen or no guide of black mass said street of van poppiting that none walk up and do some and he wanted the source code to the erthe such way that the manipulation was hidden even so sources lust began her latest hope a billion dollars federal act as now so over the little or no over foller dear old the old bolter had there's nothing worse wooder hack and honestly i haven't seen these kind of things that happen in twenty years and do you confer on the people the isis collaterals for by the so you have the independent perfection for posted their demonstration the table touched they inserted a boat lifting so the others war in or of problem that is for his wisitation for a reason being that you have teleconferencing me train everything to do with the wolsings partition was secretly all the companies of only to yes why the colligation of me take money to come back at first you know and then when he got to the point of volpellio different jobs i will give you the million dollar anyway they offer you a million dollar hal for he million dollars just let and globose your other offering you child i said million dollars how much were you making tell another operation are millions of quite a pricing something dillingworth still that's amazing and i'm going to go had and were we can make a place more of that later but that mansing story so it what what really prakteis how soloman as adenotrichia ordered sotasoudusta or compromised there's a lot of money in this so you know if you can actually decide who's going to run the government and who's going to basically move trillions of dollars around a million dollars is no money at all it's insignificant and if it keeps you from having issues then it's probably well worth it the key here is of a this was twenty years ago and it still going on to day nothing has changed if anything it's been more solidified i think overgathered an honest election and the history of the united states going back safe were for years oh probably yes i mean it was much harder to cheat before people kept getting caught at kit right and some people were successful the eye had the instances where a linen johnson would come in with sacks of ballots and you know his friends would help him count that right so he went and then you had in sisiami and chicago and you'd see republic and balls floating and like michigan for months after every election and it is kind of became a joke but in reality they were getting caught we didn't do anything about it but they were getting caught and now with computers all of the cheating can be done behind the scenes and it's done in such a way that you can't catch them you can see little antidotal things you know you can see statistical things that are wrong you can see you know more votes than bothers you know you can see stupid things for the computer might make a bit of a mistake but generally you're blocked out of sing everything and when i wrote the prototype for these electro machines of back in two thousand part of what i told them when i handed it to them as this shows you cannot ever trust the computers to count your books if you trust the computer account your boats you will get cheated if not to day definitor row cotherstone those that what was the response to that the response was this is an act for stopping a electronic machines and cheating men were going to do this down west combach that was a response you so i go and i complain to the democrats and think idon'tthink democrats with allow that anyway whatever the democrats allow a machine that they can't actually see how the boats are being tabulated and then their told whom whence it makes no sense oh so i back less play little game we play game re quicker gosfordia i'm thinking of number one or two what's the number wrong you owe me fifty bucks catolocus after electorate i wont you be paper ball to me write it to me more i wrote it down picking number one or two dollar nothing two you're wrong and i can't show you the paper cause it's proprietory i'd really like to show it to you but i can't show you anything right telescope completely hidden from me but that's okay cause you trust me right now now conchoidem rats with because for twenty years we had the democrats on board to fix the problem it was the republicans were dragging their feet now they come out like gang boss or now the republicans are really trying to fix it and now they've democrats or step from back well i don't know now it looks good to me right and this is why time to get your money back right got hunt you got a hundred bucks you in me right now i can you don't trust me but so you play wouldn't pay me but we're in play one more time one or two you're right now you trust me you trust this game because the game let you win and that's where people are on the democratic side nothing changed in the game the game exactly the same is still just a complete piece of garage where you say i'm number and i decide if i'm going olet you win or not that's what the game is but since you won't you're now motivating go ah well i guess it's okay and that's where the system has given us why we kind o lost the democrats to understand that one little cycle makes no difference so they don't want to invalidate their by gone but they should look further than that well we see fighting for the united states of america and you know let his letter the needlesandin stead of that wind when when at any cost were our sports because that's what i see political partings as being it's like rotifers resports seem to see wool when the game and they don't care if i and it's the populations falls is much as the people playing the game well we've been caught you know yea they will for you we'll make it easier for right you don't have to count these bows you don't have to show up to the polling both you have to do any of the stuff we will take care of it so since what we now have is a system like they have in russia where we go when we pretend to vote and they pretend to count in any telson because with computers vast really the way it works to the last tack got who hacks then went and democrats or stand it they can go against them just as easy as can be for so twice sixteen i was in a bit last night i ask your body did by an wan twenty twenty republican fit right is so tall that could the ways to get the wrong numbers dim did by men now right that cristene sixteen same exact system hacking from everywhere russians were getting caught shin was getting caught and they do it every year this wasn't like oh we'll twenty sixteen the russians are going to sperhawke people now they're going to try and hack people every time because if like a give you like a three ride you know they have a system there so stupid that anybody can hack it and yet we're going to put it out there so they're going to the hacked so twenty six teen did trump went well the asterion why samoris why he actually wanted twenty same you will never know either way he could at wantedwithout he could not have bin conwenient twenty but he could not we don't ever know because the system is so bad that no one has faith in no cantavano the branch has touched a computer will know that you don't want to blind me have faith in a computer point well met it's here is asolutely sessile true ther i don't i don't think we've over had an honest election all the way back to when i younowhere i was born if you really want to know the truth when i m going to be sixty to share if so i have very little faith in the look everybody tries to cheat a certain level i as you know but if much harder other probe less ways to effect an election back then but you know they have the levers for what right the levers were great until some one feared out you could cheat those by shaving a little often in every fifth boat would go somewhere else they'll always be people that are trying to fix the game we just have to stay vigilance and not just throw the game away which is what we've done wesoloski you tell us some one but then you end up with a country that no one believes her tis by this not your president right then i believe trump wasn't ours not because he didn't win but because we didn't know whether he went well i egetetenthe is that we all have to get rid of these political parties and start standing as the americans and had of his lochinware i would i were honestly uphold whoever the candidate is that god and if the system were honest and senkotsin if this is what we the people want we don't always get our way we have to come on mike and i honest let them i honestly think i'm rejecting that all political parties to myself and justinius peered to the american even though in vice president of the st caresomething the thing it is as the i don't i don't see much henny more because honestly agrafena lot of palaces on whole climes but none of them share in her way because it the bolides are wrong have i unimparting on right now and nobody nobody has accorded the market on how to fix his gonterassin ing together now the democrats or publicans that is american is how we got a fictioneuropean in was broken on out of that by the conocedores hercules but it's hard to get rid of political parties because you don't know everybody on the ballot you can make a choice at the top may be the top four if you really patentin but when you get down to controller of insurgency right you're going to pick a part in do your own the gas you never heard of him he doesn't have a billion dollars to spend in advertising which the only way you behave a chance to hear from him any more so who cabotfor for that's where the parties actually come in more than otherwise but i agree with more of a unitary because even though the democrats were complaining about for twenty years trying to get rid themhates the minute they have to validate that you know they're going on suddenly the machines of five in california their echo trying to pass legislation to force people to use these machines and to not be able to hand out which is crazy because he now officially taken away the citizen's right to ever see what's going on and you know we basically have russian elections which we kin have anyway of reconciledthe for before congress and twenty twenty and twenty of our all the people that were on that committee except for the people that have died of natural causes are still in office what is that tell you we had to be proudly northers problem rest and i have no motive to change to there there for life and a whore and on the money diterminatine a polenta it senseandthe last thay have billion dollars you know and i am tell you they told me how when i had they not which to corelli and dollars in order even be considered as a candidate for governor in michigan and i the more i saw that seasongood runs to the consolation outside as i hated politics all parts of it i fear they are all lies consenthe and donatian it's like when you get that much money and followed in the elections the are elections are bought and paid for it when my opinion is as that we have to get all money out of the elections have one central spot where people can go and anesthesine discussions so that there's no money involved in its special interest a corporations the dark might all that has to be gone and we need to we need to have a more seriousness put into his going to manage our assets that's what it is it's the contrary company the government as but even if you have a billion dollars with the elections the way they are now it doesn't really make that much a look at the carry like campaign in arizona she was a head by five points the day before the election how do you lose a bi point victory odeypore election you don't write that not even the possible never been done until the machines kicked up and then suddenly i did so she would like you know i was talking with michelangelo to the kessog we've got arizona we've got this wrapped up we're going to really make an impact of these machines and i said she's going to lose he says we can't lose her by went to her i said but she is not running against a candidate she's running against the candidate and the machines and the machines will decide the election and it did and now she spent another you know three poor million all trying to fight it in my pins never going to go any more cause the courts are kind of tainted against actually getting involved with anything so long we have elections to be we can't trust in we're just going to have politics as usual which nobody trusts that and so we have no rule regard for the government we have if bindersthe you don't care right i have slitely he's not legitimate correct i i don't care what he has to say because i don't need to listen to somebody who'd you know can't get his full sentencioso on a regular basis how can you take after anybody to censoriously no but together is going up into an air of plain and then jumps out like a kiss thou that seventy so hot here so i don't think so i've not by any of the so but would you care yes you knew that the people had chosen him the they have meristically wine because if if the people the chosen him i would stand where americaine with honest even if it was a choice i disagreed with i would i would get behind the canoe or the people that are running at and then letting my voice be heard because we have a republican out of democracy in order some of unassooming that in no disagreed without probably try to representation would insist throat and you'd get him next time maybe he hath the govment you're santhiago come fan cause we get him next time every year and lookedthis of the tigers i gave up on him was soon as the of many many years ago when very sanders left the lithostton within i am certiorationes on the last came against the chiefs so you know i godcreated there but i can't i can't get a onesprince forgetting rough what to do and i been doing this for twenty years right trying to tell her her boy the same thing over never republicans were not listening now there listening you know sixty five per cent of democrats do not trust the elections the lot right edify per cent of the republicans do not trust thee exists that's a lot ninety five per cent of the independence do not trust electos and yet politicians are making us use a system that nobody trusts then he say well i trust it well if you're putting you are trusted up tell population that doesn't trust it they need do not trust you they need to find any way possible to get rid of you because you were acting as the king and not as representative well that's where we are in now so what's the cricket but the quickest way to collredo well i think we probably can if we do it well em before they had an excuse of their well you can't possibly count these ballots were too big too many boats yaoorie and then they have some studies about you know high arrays and all this kind of thing the studies were gone with dronkerdes and middle of night de overrated on anything you know they could have stacked cards and they would have a race with them but anyway that's here pope so basely i put together system you saw it at the at the same and essentially what it does is he makes sure that you can count everything fast quick hundredpresent accuracy and it's all on camera so that every ballot and every cast everything camp you see it all so no one can cheat the only where they can see us ride stuff balance and since you have a camera over the system and you've brought all the boats of the precinct that becomes almost impossible as well beck can only happen in the transfer between the central and the precinct you should have you know everything pretty much secured that point see have a a good system to get it there they will contrast and there we can get trust back and once we get trust back we'll have elections doesn't mean we won't elect stupid people cause we will right we'll get the lay with things great and he's stupid is happens but at least we elected is if not so was selected for us and at least somebody we can trust and believe it now then i admit that some most important thing is that we have to have our votes once once we have our votes count in renown honest selection all the problems we down from that and the unkind to rovecester of all the cortical parties right now and you know i know sometimes you have to work with in the constructs that you have to get out of this idolotrous got himself into a concise we are right now i don't believe they all political parties should be abolished and that we should go to to a better system than what we have right now it has to be represented to and also the machine now what i whipt was really interpenetrated and private but we have to count and public and once that won mishinis involved in this ctenerpeton ing in private one and not only that the machines are foreign influence of our election and were seeing this all over the place weave in the other toisitte government is not supposed to be in charge of the election so we got all kinds of problems happening there but the whole structure in my opinion is wrong now when when you were talking about her your background in creating a system to rid the vol tell me about that well i was i wil prototype so i would have written programs for all big partments asserted all the big guys exooberates trucks ongoin they want something they come they go kai want it to do this i want to print those less so it's easy pretty good at that so i ranksteeped day the protective for they posted out feenished up he was speaker for house he was jesus running made to personent through so he was a bushy ah this was before bushes election in two thousand and so they came and he said we're prototype politicians there were not electronic bodington they want the protose bill so i built the prototype but part of the request is can you put cod in there but allow someone to actually look the boats since shows owen if the computer of course you can taste that like straight out asked you to do to do that and the lee with an casetry to see what you can fix on what you can hack and what you can break so i thought they were trying to say well do the computer roting may they heard about it somewhere and they want to see if it's going to be safe so i put it together it looks about fifty one forty nine whoever they choose the wind and at that point i handed a antedecent use is obviously this is why i gave the whole rule the whole reasons about how you goin to have programs here i can a programs condoned how you can have the ship set which by the way we give from china so all the chips basilicis or is they are programmable little pieces of shout they all have co every program i've ever written massa any place else you always have a back door always you have considerin do something stupid and you have to go in there affect it and you can't fix it not aback door do you think the chinese are so stupid that they don't have back doors on all their chips to make things happen that they want to happen it would make no separate nor france but that so you can't use that you can't use it handed in and he has had here you goin to sway can't use it as one said well we're going to use this in west pompey that was the tory so that was in two thousand right after that we have to hanging chat into the member that on a in the hanging chad but that will speak to there's a dan rather report out there the talks about how basically jem bush who was the governor ordered different paper i never had hanging chaps before flora right never order different paper that was thinner and ordered the cut to the different so basically they had hanging chose now they had a solution then they had a problem and then they rolled it out and then a roll this cross and susan's point billions of dollars to basically have their boats taken away from kept nothing better than we have in russia we basically have a russian system effective closer to russia now because before it was more control the state hacking little weird now if you check with your county you should actually do this checker the county see if they have a contract with d s for the security of their machines they probably do this has been offering this security program which allows for them to take over some of the ore of not all of it for the entire election system in every county free of charge and that i settle oh that's so nice seed whenever you see somebody said i worked for you know i work for free who is in office yet were oreodon tomkinson ask chistoso i don't tell you i'm working for free here too but i actually have a real job you know and this is my volunteer intreat gudinand on there's no money exchanged this whatsoever so but but when there's a lot of people in this can all i'm work interfeceris panes can pole for the first you know it economising them pardon what they do if you look at the contract though it gives dh s the right manipulates to alter the change to do anything they want with every piece of equipment boding system every one of them and it operates also the emergency call towers so it doesn't require any sort of connection to the outside row digiti ben haven on battering con anything you plug in of course you'll net work people think oh i must share lodeswell you think it will go on one morning back in the old days and we program we will set it right over the house where didn't even matter i have told einbettung we just send her signal a picket house wostrai copper self also too pretty to wifie because you have five hundred foot long piece of copper wire in your house its tis a really good thing you know i can set out to morrows i wanted to cadets where they are so now the government essentially has full control over systems all over the country which is a really bad idea so it wasn't bad enough that every man the dog could break in any way now we've given these who were a lie we would trust them cadeias full access and control over every system in the counties of sinon and so for every one whose dawn a searches for it has found out what one hold the county has signed on so in we ought yonder the sentooreahs contract deaths contract for security releases the two foot it read it you will be shocked it essentially says you have to place our tag which is the shell tag on every piece of boding equipment back comes the you have the calethetory the networking of this ever things there and were allowed to come and change it to anything we want to change it to really there or a working to make the hack you know you basically give him the keys of the kingdom another bad idea but if you get rid of the computer roving it's not hard to do the top ishonac if you i sent on the didothe the hand count you will say web site with the little clip on it i've got fodinis and here rootsay and look at the water and you see in an addison which is in dallas here's also chastisers he en county herethey were the hot there's the land is i can't count you say dot come i can accuse everybody can see it you can't call out he strolled on littleton you'll see a video of the adsotted out little that's the testament for congress that's the guy click on him do you and click on the one with all the pieces the paper alone cricket should go to viliter you go he longerhate alack for you can be every while you can remove motor only to the pinter postponed as to how that lot was recorded i propose screaming while it wolaitsa and came premierement wentworth ottaessaan of those aboard the descent would know that ever was counted as he and if it wasn't they would be able to ford it fix it so you would actually say of some one pressed the wrong button i was so you're not going to watch personally every boat the country but if you can and you didn't win and you want to find out either why you didn't win what precincts supportedly or you wanted to find out you want to find those extra three or four boats you can actually watch every precinct with your name in it that boded and actually count the boat yourself i love is either bear everything simple do cheap you know counties can build on themselves that they want to parseval amazonas all it is is a calculator it is a simple calculator that only adds and subtract but you don't have to do the thick marks and you don't have to try and face it because you see this big three inch to slay that shows a number so when you press a button you want to know that that number goes up by one if the number went at my two there's a problem right the brave and even better at the end of the count of tantor batch you tabulate it so essentially you say okay once i i have this candidate and you have just candidate and the over under we had him together and if that doesn't equal the number of balancing our batch we made a mistake we have to start over so every bath you checked every time a bath of fifty takes the bout two minutes while this reprieve through it the castigon in california and cause they had an election out there where they have they have voted to get rid of the dominie machines right an owl colford's trying to push them too actually forced them to use machines which i think would be rolled on constitutional once it gets the or will see without wings with hope at descolore forced to use machines you don't trust then we definitely have nothing better than russia we are russia pretending like or not and that's all aristot but essentially there's a band of election out there and they took three weeks ago on the machines we went out and showed how you would count it and one hour one hour so we by use in the boxes count in the present get him to hundreds and accurate you don't have to have any more foyot's to try to get access to the pallets because you see you don't mean ballot images there there tachera really beldenites there not to take palatinates you can make to bell images don't really exist what happened on a computer programmer owns right i owned that universe if i stick something through there and read it suppose we i then can reproduce that and make that into a jpeg or some sort of an image or i can change it cos i'm the one making it that is nothing the software is what makes things had happened so base have to put that page in a grid fine it romanlike sar and reproduced them to whatever leprie like into the balinese i don't like the way you voted i can change it it's not even of problem and i desire on through so we just got a tingentera as that on little to company and after twenty what you know it's like like programmers and people that are high on that tack they can hold of past tienpont in time and in all the side nothing works and had not one thing have some back up and the easy to do we just dies as one flies i show em i don't think i sent them to your press should it was so twenty twenty two election and in in eight different counties and congressional race twenty three at eight twenty three pm on that night in all those countries where i think there would in that congress district the democrat and the independent had exactly close but exactly the same number of in eight counties at eight twenty three p m with two separate venders back came only happened with computers that's not some one sneaking into the ballet with an extra motor that's not an illegal voter pretending to be somebody else cause that's still wouldn't happen people are that accurate there is nothing but computer manipulation at his blandam going to divide this up and then i want to cook the ballots out so at opticular time hour and a half after it ended the democrat and the independent had exactly the same number of does that mean the republican cheated no it only means he will select it because it was an our fine which means there's no way he could have lost anyway so they were manipulating this particular election a cut strange soso eight counties doing it they were nivelacion that they did not need to there was no way he could lose and the flowers all to several magtape was really strong candidate right severally happened right maybe was so more of the fine result for the flannel results was the republican had sixty per cent the deprecate thirty per cent made have been had like three per cent but yet at eight twenty three p m at that night he was tied with the democratic candidas in every exactly the same number as even in a county there was a county called loving county it has like no people in it sixty four i think people in the whole county so it had no boats so it could not have swayed an election ever right the congress election across a county in a it smaller than was present it followed then a prestiges time any you sing thing after loving county a twin three p m democrat independent save over rods or publican had the rest that's a computer pushing the number down and getting caught at that exact moment when they're doing epulation so like the when i wrote fifty one forty nine if some one had been actually in there and trying to show you now tried to reporting on the doubt of as you would have seen the same manipulation of mine because you have seen the numbers go down equal at the bite up which indeed in itstands to together and then divided by fifty one forty nine and gave the guy you wanted to win fifty one of the guy went to lose forty nine and it's over but if you would have caught me at that precise moment you would have seen fifty her fifty there which is what they had on the other you know it's really shocking to me is how simple how simple that is that doesn't sound like a real complex operation is something of very simple operation to rig a hole then if eve and adonis split second it selden your octogon forward well if we can get people to start doing the hand count and people we say it's too for two big as too hard back in two thousand and four when i first her presenting this germany got hold of me and they served working on it and they actually had lost sooth and found that counting with machines were the seasons could not watch the count was unconstitutional so they have not had machines in germany since titansthe have counted their boats by hand since the right germany has a larger population than were on michigan seriousness is larger than what berlin is twice the size of the largest tent is the largest city in texas it is about the same size as the largest city in the states which would be hilarity or almost identical in size and they count them by hand and they do it in one night we could do and we would know we wouldn't be up to three o'clock in the morning while the machines are manipulating you'l see never to get up in a number of come down and all the weird stuff and we would know instantly what who on and that they were legitimate only by ondervond the tape its repayment with check just to make sure they won't cause in a close race some one could make a mistake they could call fred and actually hit sally not to thee because cheating at one little booth usually will not make any difference but a close race it might and you want to watch it to see somewhat actually hit the wrong flies and you could and you wouldn't have spent a million dollars to do it and he wouldn't have to tell a boy on it would all be out there for probity to see any time of day where then are the thoughtreally good plan in very simple and acagine the mongoles the not only dollar wishimanitoak on le head with our votes not counting unaccepted have crossed the border and he he minkins that we've lost to child trafficking because reception to onesidenote willing to do anything to mount of perversit now you know my mom's and opacity in the end my dad was in telling your doors you're to half a go and you and he passed on as such but the moon of problems that we could fix if we had honestonce who learn involved in things like oinometer that sort of thing in offering programmers money or someone who's running for governor in the state of michigan because it's happening all the time if we had honest pepisteuke not not somebody interpolitical industries werewould fix all these problems that are finding us certes have a good running start at getting rid of them now in the mitigating the damage i think you would see that there be a lot of difference between this were always set out to divide a nation of fifty fifty nations it only became fifty fifteen nation after i wrote the program and two thousand it wasn't a fifty fifty nation before that so and now election of two thousand four with bush running where did he win swing states and how did he win them fifty one forty nine they did even bothered it changed the percent mason it's insane thing but you know that the great thing is as ethel are waked me out to this nonsense it's going on out there and i think that that's where holdest that people aren't then put up with this for ever and the canister and there's a lot of really good people working behind the scenes a cidery to you know to try to help write this name should i do believe that but we need ever want you know every one educated in every one ware of exactly what happened i got to say you know there i have not been inspired by any one in office on till i saw a president and president cried with reclination he he is his best friend was jeff k junior and so if you look at that there is less system will have when you have when you have far right or far left it doesn't work at because it is so to be something that asserts we the people is so that that mess why i think they sit was such a great i everybody hates and the republicans say them the democrats he had ever toeneche he was really throughout sideand i think that that was the beautiful and beautiful thing too it because you know when we're seeing we were seeing pretty much every one with being rough resided he understand stood held the terrorists the terror of custom in order to get me or county really strong kept gas prices concepceptions down everthing we have not seen any one in the sea oh that from either party the has a clue how on the nation because none of them have had actual gods they not know that can relate to us this we the people you know you know president tramp actually can relate to us and i got as ganaron what was really causing the problem to just average of to day people and what takes the survived and islamitisches people on our somepin to town i were goin to have to have a huge humanitomtity this is its etherin for there's a lot of living he says that cottoncotton the work all of the singing time in my opinion but it's it's got to go first towards skelwith the people and we can dine that if we commendatorship that were being on an incoherent one and estonishes the digital that present from forenoon a constitution party i had no hand in that in the night senhonteco sentation ere and he spoke in times about how you know that was the overwhelming from that i've kept here at mendologiri election burial was that the republicans that have really damaged this nantucas the democrats of already failed we've seen so much failure on that sir but what can happen in as the publicans walked on the mockaniste virtues signallin every one i how righteous they are and they stopped thinking and looking at a word what do you really what we really have here the bushes were finding both sides of the word world war two you know they really were as they own standard held that they were one that will run into the town down my cubewhen present cannody was was in office and i i say now president countywas amazing corotiacus was trying to bring bolton's crops corcoran assentation the contesting altaforte a president on one on the constitution party i don't think he really a party man i think he slept i think the woodanemones got to get in an office here that inafter use the tools and out of disposed or in order to write the nation yes the i think moses my opinion you know so i don't know what you otwithstanding publicans or come craterus constitutionals caldigate on the nation and get rid of these radical to lave well if you if you're a trump the forehandedness supporter anybody who doesn't have the blessings of the unitary so that lee then you better get your election square where you can actually count them if otherwise if the anever for he is going to be another curio at and there is no prayer so get back to a hand count paper ballot michigan important to the to the sling stay then i can't guarantee you when if you get done but you'll at least know and that is worth everything as it is werewater steps to take in your opinion to force their hands to get rid of the machine we finowhere doing in texas is we are tempting to git a resolution from all the counties that they want the option not mandatory but the option of using a hand count method like the one i just showed where it has cameras every one can see the ballots of compassionateshould have all those elements and there give that and then force the legislature and the the governor to actually accept putting that out there and having a special session to allow that to happen now i don't think any of this needs to be certified anyway because if they calculate if his lot or in fact is not even a follicular calculators or are actually already approved by the pens for elections and by most counties and as all this does peckit's better because you really don't want to calculate multiplies in divides cause of doing that that might be why you got leave texas counties doing it all the one right the contents axe what that computer doing of face pulling animero fatherdriving him in half but he got caught whence you catch em you're not going to catch him again cause they won't know what happened in a gold lock we got caught we're going to give you some lamiscus that makes no sense and will make sure that to lamia we'll simply hide that transaction we won't let it get well give a report at that point we'll give you a a database or something of that step could i go des disconnect your ban a base for second make your chance just connected back in you could do it live actually doing it lie the old to get i caught a presence still a microsecond cathalf right it's so fast but it just so happened he didn't do quick enough that one time and this is a county the supposedly have no connection each other two separate tenders hart and yasine and they all active exactly the same way isn't that strange yea it is it it would be it would be a crazy thing the armenian yes impossible then as sable and impastation less the computer is doing the math at the biting it it's a possible infecting all the say counties in order for that to occur the numbers have to be even because as you can't have the same you have you know i half of half a boat there but in it every one is even so not only do they have exact the same number boats and election were the independent five per cent and a wintry but you on some point i have almost thirty per cent but it had happened and you had have exactly the same number of voters which as you had to have a number with the visible like to and i had had an exactly eight twenty three p through eight different towns ever really got all stithian the world is not as good as those strange shops well i'm in put up here on this of their website you have boating lies not com oh is there not so then you come that's why there's a show more and so boatingboating the allies to camp is able takosamopoa about you and what with that yet if you want to get hold of me a try hand count you i say or email is click cursaturus dockon okay that's perfect so i yet i'm sorry for the leg it says sometimes it's like recropping over each other dosesthose lag in the odd ano sometimes that happens and i don't know if i don't think it contrictie like leer the over the wires and the fly so do you both to can so they wellsomething planetsceres and watches video is in such case i think you have esistimatine he's amazing guy me i saw him down at wendolowski while this is ethicshe was showing everybody how worked disdainingly worth look seen at so is there are there now and left word you want to say cause i was on and the stoneware do i hear the prayer found go erwidere havenly father thanking so much for clanconan he works sicans well as john tamerin all the wonderful brave people that are willing to step forward to save this nangganangga that you've called us to do we asked that you help keel this nation that you bring all of us other democrats republicans independence constitutional whatever whatever they want to nasindayi the only identity we really nearly this americans and our children goofers popes thank old that you've been with us they are always with us that you will never forsake us and thank you so much for everything that you gave it a fear in america the rights that we have given by you guaranteed by the constitution and we asked sit you would turn the hearts and minds of all other public functionaries to to taking care of business following their oath of office and doing a right thing even when doing the wrong thing is on seringales that they would decide to make good decision and always you think honest integrity really doing your work here grief more thankful to betwene can be here about the kingdom business your business and that you would guide directors every scopinaro our day and our thought is in a word and led and shall we sodalicious to doorhere you and for your children here on his otis a beautiful place and where some thankful for the sky and he and the beautiful water and warm weather at even the cold weather as i sensesthen in in the united states thank you so much for everything you've been a great friend of lissandrino to be wonderful friend to you all so thank you for your health and the precious name o jesus christ would pray an so they go out when elaine last words here are good i have people want to see them personally when schedule times when i can come show at the people of tanna you're nekoosa you know to animals so we can do i think that would be fun it would be really funny of you come up showing everybody up here in michigan how his words so i think i think the mastacciolo rapidly here so that kind of interesting to watch that all in all things over on the little bed so very very positive that that were going down the right path right now getting people agitated on what happened and also how howard to changes someone with a sad it's time to go to brandeburgensis i'm the best non concederetur not his nor ever not consumed in election and a knocking concentrate twenty twenty of the twenty twenty two electionsnames and fair et for the united states were winidae to be americans and first and foremost we were fighting for our nation were not fighting for political party or or anything we forhindret this commission as we stand on it one nation had noted undergone now that closed boss ever got one whom you love and god bless margocine great inkmakes girlsthere not throughness and with ours thoises so have a great day will see it to honor so had stanfordsilicon